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Wednesday, May 4, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/04 - Ruffly Speaking

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/04 - Ruffly Speaking


2022/03/04 - Ruffly Speaking

[New Episode] Ruffly Speaking

Welcome Dog Gurus & Founders of Ruffly Speaking, Robin Bennet  & Susan Briggs! These two "Pet-trepreneurs" have a combined 38 years of pet professional expertise. Between the two of them, they have authored several books and have created this new tremendous resource for all dog parents.

There is so much to learn from these two powerhouse experts. We'll be asking about "reading dogs", training, health & wellness and so much more. Tune in also to find out about our latest legislative call to action and news in the world of animal welfare.

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy starts by explaining the purpose of the Professionals & Animal Lovers Show, which is to educate, advocate, and learn. Valerie gives an update that half of the New York state assembly members are co-sponsors of the anti puppy mill bill and encourages listeners to call for support. Valerie introduces their guest, Robin, who is a dog trainer and the co-founder of Ruffly Speaking. Robin talks about the lack of regulation within the pet industry and how important it is to get the right information to pet owners. She then talks about what to look out for when vetting places that will care for your pet.

Segment 2

Robin gives details on the ways that various pet care centers should be assessing pets. Listeners can find information on how to build a better bond with their pet through training methods and other techniques at Robin then talks about her journey to using fear free techniques and positive reinforcements with dogs. Tommy then tells a story about buying a dog from a pet store before he learned about puppy mills as a way to show the importance of learning and growth.

Segment 3

Robin talks about being able to turn her love of dogs into a career. She then speaks about what people get when they join Ruffly Speaking, which is a community of pet parents, a library of curated content, the ability to ask Robin and Susan questions, information on dog nutrition, product recommendations, and information on behavioral and training issues. She also talks about the importance of being able to read your dogs body language. Robin recommends looking for pet care places with people that are certified by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC).

Segment 4

Listeners can find Robin at or they can email her After Robin leaves, Valerie talks about an issue of indoor shelter cats being sent to a feral cat sanctuary in Maryland.


00:00:55.230 --> 00:01:03.840 Tommy D: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls reptiles amphibians canines felines mammals value me and other sort of speech.

00:01:04.080 --> 00:01:06.930 Tommy D: videos for soupy I always forget the.

00:01:06.930 --> 00:01:08.730 Valerie: marsupial ID and.

00:01:08.820 --> 00:01:17.820 Tommy D: I am sorry to all my marsupial friends out there it's, not that I I didn't forget about you, because I don't love you I love you all I don't even know Val what's the marsupial is that, like a kangaroo.

00:01:18.270 --> 00:01:29.910 Valerie: yeah it's it's an apostle most of them are indigenous to Australia I don't know why but kangaroos Koala bears basically the animals with like the pouch situation.

00:01:30.930 --> 00:01:38.130 Tommy D: Well, this is the professionals and animal lover show folks we should have done that front, but we get right into the meat of the conversation, and my curiosity.

00:01:38.370 --> 00:01:52.200 Tommy D: yeah i'm curious as a like a cat, as they say, you know sly like a fox sometimes carries like a cat your boy Tommy D, the nonprofit sector connector and host this year show somebody interrupting me right now, who is that.

00:01:52.710 --> 00:01:54.810 Tommy D: unifies Val who is that right there.

00:01:54.810 --> 00:01:59.310 Valerie: Baby of cat phoebe is now a regular she jumps on my lap.

00:01:59.370 --> 00:02:01.170 Valerie: She knows them coming in, for the show.

00:02:01.350 --> 00:02:03.930 Valerie: She calls all over me I can hear all over me.

00:02:03.960 --> 00:02:06.180 Valerie: She shows up before anyone else for the.

00:02:06.180 --> 00:02:06.570 Show.

00:02:07.980 --> 00:02:10.710 Tommy D: You know I tell you Robin hello, by the way, welcome to.

00:02:11.820 --> 00:02:19.260 Tommy D: The show happy to have you we get we get right into the silliness and shenanigans which is kind of part of the show it's not actually in the title of the show or.

00:02:19.350 --> 00:02:23.970 Tommy D: Maybe it should be, but what are we trying to do before we even get Robin really into the mix.

00:02:24.930 --> 00:02:34.380 Tommy D: we're trying to amplify the message that people who care about an advocate, on behalf of animals, want to hang out with other people who care about and advocate, on behalf of animals.

00:02:34.740 --> 00:02:50.130 Tommy D: We talked about three things that we do here on the show we talked about learning educating and advocating, and we believe that, as we build this compassionate network it's set up that we can support each other in business support each other and advocacy so that everyone wins.

00:02:50.880 --> 00:02:53.220 Valerie: Especially the animals.

00:02:55.230 --> 00:03:06.420 Tommy D: The animals, so we have a lot of fun here we bring on really cool guests that tell great stories and we try to get the word out on different legislation that's going on we're involved with.

00:03:06.990 --> 00:03:18.060 Tommy D: Really speaking, the politicians, when it's appropriate and getting involved with with that type of stuff about did you have anything you wanted to just update folks on the legislative front, I know we have a picture of another cat you wanted to show we'll we'll get to that at some point.

00:03:18.360 --> 00:03:31.320 Valerie: i'll be out for the end of legislative update that I have is very good news actually so Robin we have been heavily advocating for and we hosted a poll night, and we have another one scheduled.

00:03:32.190 --> 00:03:43.260 Valerie: In support of the anti puppy mill mill and rabbit mill bill and all rhymes i'm currently yeah in in you know the Assembly New York State Assembly.

00:03:43.680 --> 00:03:54.480 Valerie: um it's so important because New York is such a prominent stayed in terms of the amount of stores that resell these animals in the retail world.

00:03:55.020 --> 00:04:07.380 Valerie: And we now have 75 co sponsors, so if anyone doesn't understand the significance of this it's really simple there's 150 New York State Assembly Members, we now have half.

00:04:07.770 --> 00:04:17.580 Valerie: As co sponsors of this bill, and there are a lot of bills that that passed without this amount, not even close to this amount of support, so it is getting like.

00:04:18.240 --> 00:04:30.240 Valerie: It is so close we are so close one more we have majority, but it has to get out to the floor, so if you haven't called please call your New York State Assembly Member if you don't know who it is you can go to.

00:04:30.900 --> 00:04:44.580 Valerie: ny assemblies, I have, I believe, or just Google it and and call the other legislators who have not yet sponsored the bill tell them that you're in New York constituent and let's get this down this is huge.

00:04:45.030 --> 00:04:45.660 Robin Bennett: This is a big deal.

00:04:46.230 --> 00:04:56.280 Tommy D: So big deal, you know what's great about this is this is something that I knew nothing about six months ago, and now you know we're doing a couple call nights and things like that and we're getting out there, so you know I.

00:04:57.150 --> 00:05:06.030 Tommy D: I dare to call myself a junior advocate, or at least it an Ai te advocate in training and I see that kind of tongue in cheek but I say it, because.

00:05:06.450 --> 00:05:13.890 Tommy D: Look it's about learning it's about evolving it doesn't mean you have the answer so if you're plugging into this show professionals and animal lover show, for the first time.

00:05:14.460 --> 00:05:27.180 Tommy D: Welcome we're glad to have you here, because this is part of the movement make an impact don't be intimidated, nobody should be intimidated on this show or listening to us because I knew nothing Now I know a little bit more than nothing.

00:05:28.470 --> 00:05:29.520 Valerie: wrong way time to meet.

00:05:29.940 --> 00:05:35.820 Tommy D: Again it's about yeah but it's about it's immersion Valerie have fun, you know it's it's about being in.

00:05:36.240 --> 00:05:43.620 Tommy D: I could, I remember having a colleague of mine, when I used to work is to work for the big payroll company adp and I had a friend Michelle and she worked with chase bank at the time.

00:05:43.890 --> 00:05:47.790 Tommy D: And we would go out on these meetings together and after a bunch of months being together on these meetings.

00:05:48.090 --> 00:05:54.660 Tommy D: I listened to her and she was talking about products that I was selling and We walked out of the meeting that we had with prospective client.

00:05:55.050 --> 00:06:07.890 Tommy D: And I said what exactly was going on, that she thinks so she says you think i'm sitting next to you for six months on meetings and I wasn't picking anything I said me call you right i'm sorry, and that was that she she jack I got it.

00:06:08.490 --> 00:06:16.290 Valerie: I just I just have to say this quickly, I want to jump in Robin, but you have picked up more in six months, then I probably did in two years.

00:06:16.590 --> 00:06:18.060 Tommy D: So a teacher, I agree.

00:06:18.420 --> 00:06:21.060 Valerie: And I cannot wait for you to submit your first foil.

00:06:21.990 --> 00:06:24.720 Tommy D: Yes, yes aluminum is my favorite.

00:06:25.020 --> 00:06:27.300 Tommy D: um so I had to I had to I had to.

00:06:28.590 --> 00:06:29.490 Tommy D: I was watching like.

00:06:29.520 --> 00:06:29.820 Some.

00:06:30.900 --> 00:06:40.710 Tommy D: head on C span, but I saw the things and maybe he's watching us 12 here on long island and I just saw the inside of these meetings, and I was like you know what i'm going to be at those meetings i'm going to.

00:06:40.740 --> 00:06:41.160 Tommy D: Get.

00:06:41.280 --> 00:06:42.090 Having the conversation.

00:06:43.170 --> 00:06:44.940 Valerie: or voice for the voiceless.

00:06:47.160 --> 00:06:56.760 Valerie: And Robin just so you have an understanding, because this is really important for the show, but like we decided to do this because we want, we want to support.

00:06:57.510 --> 00:07:14.550 Valerie: animal lovers through whether it's through rescue advocacy and business, so all you know if someone is compassionate for the animals and they own a business I don't care if it's a pizzeria a jewelry store I don't care if they're a realtor I want to support those people.

00:07:14.640 --> 00:07:21.090 Tommy D: Can I tell you something can I almost we did a post, the other day, and it was actually a little nugget of our first ever episode.

00:07:21.570 --> 00:07:30.870 Tommy D: And I live not too far from where I live near several pizzerias but I live not too far from a pizzeria That was our first guest on the show joins gourmet pizzeria.

00:07:31.140 --> 00:07:40.800 Tommy D: And I will tell you in my old life, maybe I had a slicer to from this pizzeria in the last six months if we ordered a pie we're in 100 points i'm not kidding we eat a lot of pizza that's all know.

00:07:41.610 --> 00:07:49.770 Tommy D: We, like our pizza and like one of my girls, one of my daughters called me today just can we can we go to the pie from that place again I go which one she goes to.

00:07:50.040 --> 00:07:55.950 Tommy D: You know the one that was on the show the one you guys that don't you guys out with the pickle pizza the whole thing shout out to joanne's but.

00:07:56.340 --> 00:08:05.430 Tommy D: I don't even know Reno I don't even know the situation if it's not for this show so it's that and so, if you're looking for somebody who is supporting the animals and actually will take a Punch for an animal.

00:08:05.820 --> 00:08:11.550 Tommy D: vino de Maria of joy and gourmet pizza look back to that episode was, I think, September 1 2021 we can.

00:08:11.820 --> 00:08:22.800 Tommy D: Get you to, but what a pie, I mean I had actually three sizes that we've dug i'm trying to digress so I had three sizes of the other day, and what it is Reno and team is the sauce and this.

00:08:23.310 --> 00:08:34.830 Tommy D: is really the source is a little bit of a little too little not spicy but then you know it's a singer and I, I really anyway, I enjoyed that but we bought a whole bunch of those pies as a result, you know coming on the show so.

00:08:35.310 --> 00:08:39.750 Tommy D: I like the part two, so it's he's a dog guy and we, like the pie, so it kind of worked out well.

00:08:40.320 --> 00:08:45.240 Tommy D: yeah Robin when we get when we hook up and real world will get you some will get your pizza when.

00:08:46.320 --> 00:08:47.250 Tommy D: we're in the world, are you.

00:08:47.700 --> 00:08:51.900 Robin Bennett: i'm actually in Colorado just outside Colorado springs very cool.

00:08:51.930 --> 00:08:54.690 Tommy D: Very i've been to Denver very cool part of the country for sure.

00:08:55.380 --> 00:08:58.260 Valerie: So let's jump in i'm all excited always excited to talk.

00:08:58.260 --> 00:09:04.320 Valerie: To a petrol or what am I favorite things to do is pet working.

00:09:05.340 --> 00:09:08.280 Valerie: And you know we of course read your bio.

00:09:08.550 --> 00:09:11.820 Valerie: For those of you who haven't heard Robin is an.

00:09:13.200 --> 00:09:29.100 Valerie: Official dog trainer with an extensive background and experience she's one of the dog gurus and partnered with Susan Susan breaks, they have put together their brainchild called roughly speaking

00:09:29.970 --> 00:09:40.020 Valerie: And Robin you have to tell us about you know your background and and you have a lot of you guys, have a lot of background, with a pet boarding places.

00:09:40.020 --> 00:09:42.690 Valerie: Right right, what do you would equal pet care.

00:09:43.050 --> 00:09:43.800 Robin Bennett: Care right.

00:09:44.250 --> 00:09:48.870 Valerie: yeah and I have to tell you I know some people have thought about getting into that.

00:09:49.350 --> 00:10:04.020 Valerie: And you know, by all means, like what do you feel is important, what are the things that you feel like the must haves if you're going to be in that world right the things that you really have to lock down so that you attract the right customers and.

00:10:04.440 --> 00:10:07.530 Valerie: Keep it safe keep it clean, etc, for the animals.

00:10:07.980 --> 00:10:14.550 Robin Bennett: Yes, so that's really kind of why I got into what i'm doing I started out as a dog trainer I still am a dog trainer.

00:10:14.970 --> 00:10:30.990 Robin Bennett: And I love the message of being an advocate for the dog because that's really what it's all about, for us, we want to make sure that the dogs are well taken care of and, frankly, what most people don't realize is the pet care industry is completely unregulated.

00:10:31.440 --> 00:10:35.400 Robin Bennett: Most people don't know that when you go to a dog trainer or you go to find a.

00:10:35.610 --> 00:10:53.550 Robin Bennett: pet care service provider like a groomer or a dog boarding location or doggie daycare those places are totally unregulated, so it really is a buyer beware i've seen amazing facilities and i've seen facilities, where dogs are getting injured or even killed.

00:10:53.880 --> 00:10:54.780 Robin Bennett: Ah, so.

00:10:54.900 --> 00:11:05.250 Robin Bennett: My wanting to be the voice for the voiceless which you guys mentioned it's just really important to me that pet parents get the right information so that they can do what's best for their dog.

00:11:07.980 --> 00:11:08.820 Tommy D: fashion Valley.

00:11:09.420 --> 00:11:09.930 Tommy D: Like a jumping.

00:11:10.950 --> 00:11:20.190 Tommy D: shout out, you know Robin bennet has a couple books um you know all about doggie daycare and she collaborated in the book called off leash dog plate so like.

00:11:22.020 --> 00:11:32.100 Tommy D: let's just assume, I have a dog and I don't I let's say Valerie does so let's say Valerie and her husband want to travel and they love their little fur baby and.

00:11:32.790 --> 00:11:43.560 Tommy D: There, besides themselves that wherever they're going, they cannot take jovi which I don't even know where joby is his job he used to be on the show Rom and, to be honest with you, like every week or as the.

00:11:44.910 --> 00:11:45.630 Tommy D: Th.

00:11:45.720 --> 00:11:47.340 Tommy D: The means, to be honest, I learned that's a.

00:11:47.340 --> 00:11:48.570 Tommy D: texting but.

00:11:48.780 --> 00:11:57.750 Tommy D: To be honest, like I used to see jovi all the time I don't see him anymore I don't know if he and I are on the outs i'm not really involved my time and then the show comes on he's like dude Tommy.

00:11:59.010 --> 00:12:01.980 Tommy D: Know he's trying to get in the way he's always trying to take the the thunder.

00:12:01.980 --> 00:12:03.510 Valerie: make an appearance later tonight.

00:12:04.890 --> 00:12:12.240 Tommy D: So I thought i'd set up the story with details people love details it's very dramatic so so they're going to go like joby can go with them.

00:12:12.720 --> 00:12:19.230 Tommy D: What are they looking out for they go to check out a couple of these places that now i've just learned are unregulated which scares the heck out of me.

00:12:19.620 --> 00:12:21.210 Tommy D: But again, so they're there.

00:12:21.480 --> 00:12:25.020 Tommy D: What are the, what are the goods and the bads that they should be looking out for.

00:12:25.560 --> 00:12:32.250 Robin Bennett: I would say that one of the number one things is what How have they train their staff like what education is the staff have.

00:12:32.520 --> 00:12:39.330 Robin Bennett: To even be able to manage dogs and understanding canine by the language is probably the biggest thing they need to understand.

00:12:39.990 --> 00:12:45.960 Robin Bennett: But they also need to understand what's normal with dog behavior so that they can recognize if there's a health issue.

00:12:46.170 --> 00:12:55.740 Robin Bennett: They obviously need to have a lot of safety parameters in terms of the type of floor and the type of fencing and the type of enclosures they're using to make sure that dogs are safe as well.

00:12:56.190 --> 00:13:04.950 Tommy D: um So what should I be looking out for as far floors and fencing not I don't want to see like is it again, maybe i'm not in the know on this i'm just a guy who has a dog.

00:13:05.310 --> 00:13:16.020 Robin Bennett: I would want at least six to eight foot high fences, especially on the outdoors if there's an area outdoors that they have I would want a facility that separates by dogs by size.

00:13:16.050 --> 00:13:21.240 Robin Bennett: As well as by how they play so big dog should not necessarily be playing with really tiny dogs.

00:13:21.720 --> 00:13:23.490 Robin Bennett: I would also want them to match.

00:13:23.550 --> 00:13:29.070 Robin Bennett: My dogs temperament and personality with other dogs, so they should have some kind of a screening process.

00:13:29.310 --> 00:13:36.540 Robin Bennett: As opposed to just saying oh bring your dog in we'll put them in with everybody that's not necessarily the safest way to run a playgroup.

00:13:36.990 --> 00:13:48.600 Robin Bennett: And then they should have some kind of supervision either overnight staff or some type of safety fire alarm security measures to monitor things overnight if the staffs not there.

00:13:48.900 --> 00:13:52.200 Tommy D: All right, I gotta pause you right there, we do have to take a quick break part of the show is we take.

00:13:52.260 --> 00:13:55.800 Tommy D: Already yeah I know this is what happens oh my gosh.

00:13:56.010 --> 00:13:57.450 Tommy D: we've been doing this, a while it's not the.

00:13:57.450 --> 00:14:04.230 Tommy D: First showcase is what goes on, you should know better, when we when we when we come back, I want to key in on on that intake.

00:14:04.560 --> 00:14:12.060 Tommy D: If you will or that sort of interview, or like what does that actually look like because I thought there's and again.

00:14:12.510 --> 00:14:20.340 Tommy D: Not this Tommy D, but six months ago, six, seven months ago, how many do you like I instructed dog off, you know they got it they got an APP we can watch the dog and make sure it's all good.

00:14:20.610 --> 00:14:35.250 Tommy D: I want to know in your experience what that looks like so I as a dog father or mother, when I bring them in what I should be expecting so we'll be right back Robin vendors here, this is the professionals and animal lovers show and come right back 90 seconds.

00:14:35.910 --> 00:14:36.270 Valerie: mm hmm.

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00:16:48.780 --> 00:16:58.050 Tommy D: Back to pals and i'm your power and that's over there, as my Pal Val and our Pal Robin is here lots of parallels in my attic today I just had a Google.

00:16:59.040 --> 00:17:09.840 Tommy D: CP di T dash K, which is certified professional dog trainer knowledge assessed, which means there was an exam there, which means there's a certification there.

00:17:10.080 --> 00:17:21.840 Tommy D: So it's a breath of information that someone learns and is then able to to do to train dogs, but also to educate other people so Robin has that acronym behind her name got a couple of books under her belt.

00:17:22.200 --> 00:17:36.420 Tommy D: And what we were talking about right before the break is what does that assessment look like as i'm looking at leaving my doggy somewhere overnight for a couple days, maybe for a week and I was just asking about like he said matching temperaments of dog size of dogs.

00:17:37.500 --> 00:17:44.190 Tommy D: Robin in your from your perspective, they should really be interviewing my dog, as well as we interview them right.

00:17:44.550 --> 00:17:50.280 Robin Bennett: That is exactly true so they normally there's some type of a form that the pet parent would fill out.

00:17:50.670 --> 00:18:02.070 Robin Bennett: And then, depending on what activities, you want that assessment might look a little bit different, for instance, if your dog is just going to come in for overnight lodging because you're going out of town and it needs a place to stay.

00:18:02.520 --> 00:18:11.280 Robin Bennett: They probably want to make sure that the dog is friendly with other people, because obviously people will be handling your dog and taking them out for potty breaks and that kind of thing.

00:18:11.520 --> 00:18:21.990 Robin Bennett: They might want to find out what activities your dog likes does your dog prefer playing fetch or would they rather just sniff around would they want to take a walk like a nature walk whether they're.

00:18:22.470 --> 00:18:29.970 Robin Bennett: Or maybe they're going to be in a daycare environment and then daycare is a totally separate evaluation so that's that requires a little bit more.

00:18:31.020 --> 00:18:39.540 Robin Bennett: information from you, as well as in basically interviewing the dog as well, to find out if they actually do enjoy playing with other dogs.

00:18:39.780 --> 00:18:53.370 Robin Bennett: And then, they also want to make sure that the dog is comfortable being away from home and not every dog is some dogs it's better for somebody to be doing pet sitting or dog walking in your home as opposed to dropping your dog off at a facility.

00:18:53.550 --> 00:18:55.530 Robin Bennett: So it just really depends on the door, but they want to.

00:18:55.530 --> 00:18:57.030 Robin Bennett: Find out yeah.

00:18:57.150 --> 00:19:07.200 Valerie: I mean that's where we are, I we've never boarded joby and I I don't personally feel I don't I called around Out of curiosity.

00:19:07.770 --> 00:19:12.750 Valerie: i'm not so much for price, but like there was a new one that was highly advertised in our area.

00:19:13.230 --> 00:19:27.030 Valerie: And I call that a curiosity and I asked a million questions, and not only that we make our own dog food, so I was like can we provide you with the dog food, do you have a refrigerator if we portion it out all that stuff and he also gets eyedrops every day.

00:19:27.270 --> 00:19:28.950 Valerie: You know so there's a few things that.

00:19:29.370 --> 00:19:38.850 Valerie: are vital but also he sleep we sleep in the bed with him, he sleeps in our bag, I should say, and like it's it's something I feel like he would be sad.

00:19:39.300 --> 00:19:46.980 Valerie: You know if we just all of a sudden left him someplace and he was sleeping in his bed alone, no one at adobe Dave is probably going to sleep with our dog.

00:19:47.490 --> 00:19:48.690 Tommy D: Everything comes at a price.

00:19:49.170 --> 00:19:50.730 Tommy D: I bet you there's some.

00:19:51.150 --> 00:19:52.290 Valerie: premium plays like.

00:19:52.320 --> 00:19:54.360 Tommy D: Rich called in a doggie daycare.

00:19:54.570 --> 00:19:56.220 Valerie: Well, how much do you think they would pay us.

00:19:58.080 --> 00:19:59.280 Robin Bennett: There are absolutely.

00:19:59.280 --> 00:20:09.330 Robin Bennett: facilities that there's facilities that do cage free lodging so the dogs are actually sleeping all together and many times they do have an overnight staff that sleeps with the dogs.

00:20:09.630 --> 00:20:18.090 Robin Bennett: So yeah and there's there's literally been daycares where i've consulted, where I swear the dogs are staying and better enclosures then when I go.

00:20:18.120 --> 00:20:19.050 Valerie: back to my hotel.

00:20:19.440 --> 00:20:32.070 Robin Bennett: I mean there's some really nice ones, but I do think it does, I do think you have to look at the dog, because I do agree that some dogs are more comfortable at home, but then even with those pet sitters or dog walkers that you might have come to your House.

00:20:32.250 --> 00:20:33.480 Robin Bennett: Those people still need.

00:20:33.480 --> 00:20:34.980 Robin Bennett: Education and training so that.

00:20:35.580 --> 00:20:36.540 Robin Bennett: regulated either.

00:20:36.720 --> 00:20:45.960 Robin Bennett: So really make sure that those people understand and, for me, the biggest thing that we always tell people to make sure that people understand is.

00:20:46.260 --> 00:20:58.980 Robin Bennett: Just how to read your dog how to understand what your dog is saying, because if you can see everything through that lens and understand when the dog is happy when they're not happy when they're stressed you're going to be the best advocate you can be for your dog.

00:20:59.010 --> 00:21:00.090 Valerie: Just because you understand.

00:21:00.330 --> 00:21:01.440 Robin Bennett: What their body is saying.

00:21:01.980 --> 00:21:19.410 Valerie: Oh yeah hundred percent so Is this the type of content and information that people can find at your your new website and company, roughly speaking, roughly speaking dog, are you FF Li speaking dog calm is this.

00:21:19.650 --> 00:21:30.780 Robin Bennett: is absolutely we Susan brings an eye, the other co founder of the dog or was we've been working in the pet industry for years and we actually have staff training programs for pet care professionals.

00:21:31.020 --> 00:21:42.150 Robin Bennett: Well, we finally said, we need to take that knowledge and get it out to the pet parent, because the pet parent needs to know all this stuff so that's what we've done with roughly speaking is we're really trying to educate.

00:21:42.480 --> 00:21:49.740 Robin Bennett: pet parents, not just on training situations, and not just on keen on body language but just overall how to build a better bond.

00:21:50.040 --> 00:22:00.450 Robin Bennett: between you and your pet all of our information is all based on positive training methods so we're big advocates for using fear free and force free methods.

00:22:00.780 --> 00:22:13.740 Robin Bennett: To just build a strong relationship and there's so much information out on the Internet now, it can be overwhelming so we're trying to really say look This is proven stuff that we've used for years and years and years with pet professionals and we can help you.

00:22:13.770 --> 00:22:16.080 Valerie: As well I love I love that so.

00:22:16.080 --> 00:22:21.420 Valerie: Much and for anyone who doesn't know fear free is actually a certification also.

00:22:22.260 --> 00:22:35.430 Valerie: But you know, during coven I did some pet sitting, because I was just I was bored out of my mind, and I was, like all right well locally, maybe there's some people that can help out and I obviously i'm a big animal lover.

00:22:35.760 --> 00:22:49.230 Valerie: And one of the things that I struggled with was the fact that you know I would go to someone's house for meet and greet and I had certain people who you know they use shock collars they use.

00:22:50.310 --> 00:22:58.890 Valerie: The electric thingy and they used also prong a prong collar and I.

00:22:59.520 --> 00:23:07.020 Valerie: broke my heart, I was like oh my God I don't think I can do this, like I had this one couple they had to larger breed dogs and.

00:23:07.410 --> 00:23:16.230 Valerie: They had the electric collar thing on them, and I was just like I don't I don't know they wanted they wanted to hire me and I basically made pretend that I was booked.

00:23:18.030 --> 00:23:23.160 Valerie: But that's the truth, because I felt so torn about it, I couldn't I just couldn't be part of it.

00:23:24.060 --> 00:23:24.840 Valerie: yeah I might.

00:23:25.290 --> 00:23:37.920 Robin Bennett: I totally understand that i'm what is considered a crossover trainer which means over 25 years ago when I started I use those tools, I use phone callers and chill collars because I didn't know any other way to train my.

00:23:38.010 --> 00:23:49.080 Robin Bennett: eye and as i've learned and grown as a trainer so for the last 20 some years I haven't I haven't used any of those and I really think it's about off making sure people know there are other tools out there.

00:23:49.410 --> 00:23:50.520 Robin Bennett: yeah you know.

00:23:50.760 --> 00:24:02.640 Tommy D: Is there a fall Robin in your experience i'm assuming not but is our fall off and efficacy of using the The more I don't know you told me the word, but the the less fear inspiring or.

00:24:04.020 --> 00:24:04.170 Tommy D: The.

00:24:04.980 --> 00:24:06.630 Tommy D: Worse yeah well like.

00:24:07.860 --> 00:24:08.220 Tommy D: That.

00:24:08.430 --> 00:24:18.360 Robin Bennett: yeah when you're using my experiences when you're using positive reinforcement you're really working on building a better bond with your pet when you're using methods that.

00:24:18.870 --> 00:24:29.100 Robin Bennett: are more unlikely to scare the animal or cause fear they I won't say they don't work they absolutely work, which is why people use them, but they work at the.

00:24:29.640 --> 00:24:39.300 Robin Bennett: risk of scaring your dog or intimidating your dog and that inherently doesn't help you to build a bond with your dog, not the kind of bond that we really want.

00:24:39.540 --> 00:24:41.460 Robin Bennett: So, and the end you can get the.

00:24:41.460 --> 00:24:42.480 Robin Bennett: same goals.

00:24:42.480 --> 00:24:49.500 Robin Bennett: using other methods it's just they haven't been they're not as widely known they've become much more common.

00:24:49.680 --> 00:24:52.320 Robin Bennett: In the past decade, which is wonderful due to.

00:24:52.500 --> 00:25:06.450 Robin Bennett: You know a lot of trainers, who are out there, promoting positive methods and then fear free, who is also promoting positive methods as well, so but it's still there's still a lot of people that don't know how to use those methods effectively, and so they fall back on you know.

00:25:06.660 --> 00:25:07.770 Valerie: Some of the ones that.

00:25:07.980 --> 00:25:10.590 Valerie: are a little bit I don't I don't begrudge.

00:25:10.620 --> 00:25:17.580 Valerie: You know, a person, such as yourself just like 20 years ago I didn't know anything about puppy mills I had never ever.

00:25:17.730 --> 00:25:28.740 Valerie: Exactly made that connection I when I walked into a pet store ones to kind of kill some time I remember in lynbrook I was waiting for a friend who was running late for pizza.

00:25:29.130 --> 00:25:39.060 Valerie: And I just walked in because, of course, I want to be around the puppies you know, but now I mean I haven't set foot in the pet store sells puppies and I don't know 10 years but yeah we evolved, you know.

00:25:39.270 --> 00:25:42.180 Tommy D: that's the compassion Val I mean that's the compassion, of what we're trying to.

00:25:42.180 --> 00:25:53.550 Tommy D: Do here like you know, no one on our show well, certainly not you know us in the approach to the world with the show is we try to scold anybody for anything it's a matter of learning it's a matter of I mean my.

00:25:53.550 --> 00:25:54.660 Valerie: Friends right.

00:25:55.800 --> 00:26:00.750 Tommy D: I think i've shared on the show but i'll say quickly, our first dog whose name was Michael of light because.

00:26:01.980 --> 00:26:07.050 Tommy D: I used to drink maple of light which is ironic, because he was a two hour, so we probably should have been corona.

00:26:09.870 --> 00:26:11.040 Tommy D: or don't SEC East but.

00:26:11.400 --> 00:26:18.690 Tommy D: I at the time had three or four earrings in my ears and I was going to get another earring and my girlfriend at the time is now my wife.

00:26:19.740 --> 00:26:24.810 Tommy D: This is like 22 years ago something where we go into roles don't feel more here on long island.

00:26:25.170 --> 00:26:33.060 Tommy D: And I never knew they had a pet store and i'm not sure they had a pet store 90 minutes after we bought the dog, I think I think they saw to suckers they sold them a two hour and they close the door and then.

00:26:33.270 --> 00:26:37.380 Tommy D: It was like when George jetson used to put his whole office into thing I think they shut the whole store up and.

00:26:38.100 --> 00:26:43.620 Tommy D: walk away, but we did buy a two hour, not only did we buy one we finance that you our mom.

00:26:44.460 --> 00:26:52.710 Tommy D: But when we got Mickey which is named became because, why would and then then became a global because, why would you call it gave them to begin with, we don't even do that with people right so.

00:26:53.250 --> 00:27:00.870 Tommy D: um he so I did get my ear pierced later after we bought the dog, but he was like a pound and a half, like he was tiny.

00:27:00.930 --> 00:27:01.410 Valerie: He was like.

00:27:01.830 --> 00:27:05.010 Tommy D: You know, and we, he was around for about 1415 years.

00:27:06.120 --> 00:27:11.880 Tommy D: And you got to like eight pounds like a big big and he had like the attitude or somebody who was like 128.

00:27:14.100 --> 00:27:16.290 Valerie: He was a baby all day all the time, oh my.

00:27:16.500 --> 00:27:20.670 Tommy D: God, you know, but he didn't you know he didn't know I literally was I did, but he.

00:27:21.870 --> 00:27:25.410 Tommy D: You know what at the time we didn't know we weren't even in the store to buy a dog.

00:27:25.710 --> 00:27:30.360 Tommy D: Is cute couple who was like dogs right, and so you know we got a dog.

00:27:31.500 --> 00:27:31.740 Valerie: But.

00:27:32.370 --> 00:27:33.810 Valerie: The education comes in and.

00:27:33.810 --> 00:27:34.830 Tommy D: to learn.

00:27:34.890 --> 00:27:37.590 Tommy D: advocate that's what this that's What this shows about right so.

00:27:37.590 --> 00:27:39.900 Valerie: Kevin was there.

00:27:39.960 --> 00:27:40.650 Valerie: I believe.

00:27:40.710 --> 00:27:51.060 Valerie: Recently pet smart or a pet co one of them recently banned prong collars there no no longer selling prong collar and electric whatever.

00:27:51.930 --> 00:27:57.360 Robin Bennett: yeah I believe that yeah one of the two bigger stores did actually do that just recently right.

00:27:57.420 --> 00:27:59.220 Valerie: i'm gonna have to look that one up because.

00:27:59.490 --> 00:28:03.390 Tommy D: let's find out who that is Val because we got to give me a shout out because that's a big that's a big deal that's.

00:28:04.140 --> 00:28:06.540 Valerie: A big we should get them as a sponsor already.

00:28:07.980 --> 00:28:11.040 Tommy D: do that as well let's give him a shout out and then we'll and then we'll send them an invoice.

00:28:11.070 --> 00:28:11.430 yeah.

00:28:12.750 --> 00:28:27.000 Tommy D: So we're going to take another break in a second or two here but Robin when we come back, I really want to talk about um you know this community that you're building and and how i'm like are you still training, do you do one on one training, right now, at this point, yes.

00:28:27.360 --> 00:28:32.730 Robin Bennett: I do not do that much of it most of what I do now is helping pet care facility staff.

00:28:32.910 --> 00:28:34.050 Robin Bennett: learn how to train.

00:28:34.200 --> 00:28:36.870 Robin Bennett: So I still do some training on in that.

00:28:37.170 --> 00:28:37.650 Tommy D: More like.

00:28:37.680 --> 00:28:39.480 Tommy D: So training their staff so it's.

00:28:39.480 --> 00:28:49.440 Tommy D: My correct me if i'm wrong but consulting with these organizations that do the pet care and you're behind the scenes you're like oh I don't know their guru behind the.

00:28:49.530 --> 00:28:55.500 Tommy D: Exactly helping them kind of do this stuff and facilitate the training that they need alright, so I want to learn how you.

00:28:55.710 --> 00:29:05.370 Tommy D: You know what the Community actually provides to somebody who wants to become a member, as you say, the pet parents, you want it i'll say empower them with the same information.

00:29:05.520 --> 00:29:06.420 Tommy D: So they can take your.

00:29:06.510 --> 00:29:07.080 Tommy D: stuff at home.

00:29:07.380 --> 00:29:13.380 Tommy D: I want to talk about a bit about that Community roughly speaking when we come back this is past professionals around the lover show will be right back.

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00:31:16.890 --> 00:31:21.930 Tommy D: Welcome back the pals and professionals and animal lovers show alright so here's the thing.

00:31:22.410 --> 00:31:41.700 Tommy D: I think, is the coolest and i'm still sharing your website which you all can check out if you're not seeing it right now on Facebook, but I shared it on Facebook, for you later roughly are you F F l y es speaking by actually not speaking, but, roughly speaking check it out.

00:31:42.090 --> 00:31:42.780 Tommy D: later on.

00:31:43.770 --> 00:31:56.400 Tommy D: I love a play on words I love, a good play on words anytime so that's always fun, but I think Robin what is cooler in the world, then doing something you totally dig haha like digging like a dog.

00:31:56.670 --> 00:31:58.200 Tommy D: Well, what is it what is cooler.

00:31:58.440 --> 00:32:06.240 Tommy D: than just kind of totally reviving all day and being a world in a world that you just love and you're able to turn that into a profession is there anything cool.

00:32:06.900 --> 00:32:17.700 Robin Bennett: It is pretty amazing actually and 20 some years ago, when I got started almost 30 now I didn't know that's what was going to happen, I started training dogs, I was in the marine corps and.

00:32:18.900 --> 00:32:19.740 Robin Bennett: snide.

00:32:19.950 --> 00:32:21.150 Robin Bennett: And didn't realize.

00:32:21.150 --> 00:32:23.730 Robin Bennett: People would pay me for that, so no.

00:32:25.230 --> 00:32:25.800 Valerie: problem.

00:32:26.040 --> 00:32:27.450 Robin Bennett: That, if things are welcome.

00:32:27.900 --> 00:32:38.010 Valerie: I have, I have to say I get it now because i've always been an animal lover but now that we're doing this podcast and everything, this is hands down my favorite hour.

00:32:38.310 --> 00:32:43.830 Valerie: of every week, and I say that to everyone, because it's it's the absolute truth and i'm sad when it's over.

00:32:44.670 --> 00:32:55.470 Valerie: But, so I wanted to also just get back to roughly speaking because um you know for anyone who is listening, I mean we all, we all Google for information for our paths.

00:32:55.860 --> 00:33:09.480 Valerie: And you're right, you know there's so many things that come up on any given search and you don't know what to listen to what not to listen to and so, if you want to talk a little bit about like maybe 10 i'm interested in being a member, what do I get what is it.

00:33:09.960 --> 00:33:19.800 Robin Bennett: So when you join, roughly speaking, you get first of all, you get access to another Community of pet parents so that's always fun, because we always like to share what we're doing with our own dogs.

00:33:20.130 --> 00:33:28.380 Robin Bennett: So other like minded people you get access to our entire library of curated content so every month, we have a certain focus.

00:33:29.040 --> 00:33:35.970 Robin Bennett: This last month we talked about to safety when you take your dog out for a walk we're going to talk more about that how to break up.

00:33:36.240 --> 00:33:46.650 Robin Bennett: You know situations, how to read your dog's body language so you can tell if he wants to be at the fireworks or the picnic that you might want to be taking into so every month there's a certain focus and you get.

00:33:47.100 --> 00:34:01.830 Robin Bennett: blogs and videos and PDF downloads to based on that focus and then you also get access to asking any questions you have of me and Susan so you can go into our Facebook group and ask us questions anytime which will answer.

00:34:02.160 --> 00:34:08.340 Robin Bennett: live or will jump on a zoom call with you or Facebook live with you, within that protected community.

00:34:08.790 --> 00:34:18.360 Robin Bennett: So it's a safe place to talk and learn, and then we also do product reviews so products that we know work that are sold by companies that are.

00:34:19.020 --> 00:34:28.800 Robin Bennett: have good values and we've seen them tested in daycares all across the world, so we know they're going to hold up, so we have a lot of ideas on that and then just information about.

00:34:29.100 --> 00:34:37.830 Robin Bennett: What to feed your dog how to find the right foods for your dog or what to do if you want to do a homemade food, you know is that an option, because we talked a lot about that kind of thing.

00:34:38.040 --> 00:34:54.780 Robin Bennett: And then obviously answering questions on behavioral or training issues as well, so you really get all those questions that you might be googling you can go into our site and find those answers, but you have it all in a one stop shop and all information that's been bedded.

00:34:55.020 --> 00:34:56.040 Robin Bennett: That we know is going to be.

00:34:56.100 --> 00:34:59.370 Robin Bennett: Positive and helpful and help you build a better bond with your pet.

00:34:59.670 --> 00:35:03.750 Tommy D: I think you're saying you know the bigger part for me that's coming out obviously the access is.

00:35:04.860 --> 00:35:12.210 Tommy D: hands down the access to you and Susan in the Community, but yeah I can find a lot of stuff on Google, but I can also find the exact same opposite.

00:35:12.810 --> 00:35:20.550 Tommy D: point of view on the same topic and it's like Well now, I have access to great to two points of view that pushing me in the opposite direction, now, what do I have.

00:35:20.880 --> 00:35:32.190 Tommy D: So I want to leverage the smarts of other people who have been down this road, and whether they be yourself and Susan, but I would you're probably going to say, admittedly, the Community is just as important, because these people know things right.

00:35:32.550 --> 00:35:34.350 Valerie: Exactly absolutely.

00:35:35.610 --> 00:35:37.770 Robin Bennett: there's so much information out there and it is.

00:35:37.800 --> 00:35:39.660 Robin Bennett: Very can be very conflicting.

00:35:40.080 --> 00:35:49.950 Valerie: And a lot of it comes down to also your gut as i'm imagining any kind of parent human parent tab parent or dog parent, you know but, like, for example.

00:35:50.430 --> 00:36:00.540 Valerie: Robin was talking about, there are very much a lot of people and traders who use, you know prong collars shock collars etc.

00:36:00.840 --> 00:36:16.590 Valerie: And they'll make the case for why it works and why you should do it, etc, but in your gut I know this, I don't want my dog to be afraid of me I don't want my dog to fear me you do what i'm saying now, you may not always listen to me that's true can hear God wants to say hi.

00:36:18.030 --> 00:36:18.570 Tommy D: jovi.

00:36:19.050 --> 00:36:22.680 Robin Bennett: Well, but that's also Valerie that's also why one of our biggest.

00:36:24.300 --> 00:36:30.960 Robin Bennett: Discussion points in one of my biggest beliefs, is that if you can teach the pet parents, how to read their dog.

00:36:31.170 --> 00:36:40.620 Robin Bennett: They can make every decision in the best interest of their dog, so if you're in a training class and your dog is suddenly looking fearful or backing away or hiding.

00:36:40.920 --> 00:36:54.120 Robin Bennett: Then you know that whatever is happening in that instance that is not something your dog likes same thing when you take your dog to an hour an outing somewhere, you know, maybe you take it to the beach my dog happens to love the beach but i've seen dogs.

00:36:54.120 --> 00:36:59.250 Robin Bennett: That are scared of the waves and don't want to be there fireworks same thing or.

00:36:59.250 --> 00:37:01.920 Robin Bennett: CEOs that are fine and other dogs are scared to death.

00:37:02.070 --> 00:37:13.500 Robin Bennett: But if you tell you know how what your dog is saying, or you can make the best decisions for their dogs and that's how I want more biggest points of education is body language.

00:37:13.590 --> 00:37:20.430 Tommy D: yeah I gotta ask you that Robin because that's like that that seems like you know there's hundreds of books put out by like CIA.

00:37:20.910 --> 00:37:25.470 Tommy D: CIA operatives and things like that how to read a person like a book all these types of things.

00:37:25.860 --> 00:37:35.100 Tommy D: working, how do we direct folks aside from the obvious like you just said, the dog is barking where they're not digging what we're doing you know that's kind of an obvious one but.

00:37:36.030 --> 00:37:47.400 Tommy D: When they're cowering in the corner or the tail and whatnot you know so are there is there, certain resources that you direct people to, whether it be through your Community or otherwise, about how to learn how to read our pets and thinking.

00:37:48.360 --> 00:37:57.540 Robin Bennett: There are we actually have a program in the dog or was called knowing dogs, which actually helps to teach canine body language which pet parents can take that program as well.

00:37:57.750 --> 00:38:06.840 Robin Bennett: we're going to be doing a version of that for specifically for pet parents as part of roughly speaking, though, as well we're in the process of recording that right now.

00:38:07.050 --> 00:38:15.900 Robin Bennett: But we've got a lot of information that's out there, the book off leash dog play which you had mentioned earlier, has a lot of those canine body language signals signals in them.

00:38:16.200 --> 00:38:32.850 Robin Bennett: In it, as well just to learn some basic understanding and and you're right people know the really obvious ones, whether the dog is happy or sad they know those really obvious what we would call green behaviors versus red behaviors but there's yellow, which is in the middle, which are.

00:38:34.110 --> 00:38:37.380 Robin Bennett: more subtle signs that most people totally ignore.

00:38:37.680 --> 00:38:40.050 Robin Bennett: And if you can understand those yellow signals.

00:38:40.260 --> 00:38:43.800 Robin Bennett: you'll have such a better relationship and understanding of your dog.

00:38:44.130 --> 00:38:50.520 Valerie: hmm now I now i'm like Oh, I have more to learn the more I learn more I realize, I have a lot more to learn.

00:38:50.700 --> 00:38:51.150 Valerie: I think.

00:38:51.780 --> 00:38:52.860 Robin Bennett: I definitely think that's true.

00:38:54.180 --> 00:38:55.740 Valerie: I mean, who doesn't love learning about this.

00:38:55.770 --> 00:39:14.400 Valerie: I know for us when we took jovi to the beach in long beach one night she not supposed to because there's no like dog friendly beach in long beach but anyway um, so it is really easy to figure out that he doesn't like the beach because he just stopped walking he's like nope.

00:39:15.360 --> 00:39:17.880 Valerie: And I can go anywhere, you know and and.

00:39:17.970 --> 00:39:26.520 Valerie: I mean, sometimes he'll do that too, if we're out on a walk we've been walking like an above average length of time, sometimes he'll just sit down he's like i'm done.

00:39:27.540 --> 00:39:30.270 Valerie: You know, and then we have to pick them up and Karen buddy.

00:39:32.190 --> 00:39:35.040 Valerie: there's a lot to learn thankfully he's only 22 pounds.

00:39:35.070 --> 00:39:37.020 Tommy D: Exactly now.

00:39:37.050 --> 00:39:38.190 Robin Bennett: Do you have trouble, though.

00:39:38.400 --> 00:39:41.070 Tommy D: He is is he wearing a bow tie today.

00:39:41.130 --> 00:39:42.990 Valerie: Or is that just a little bit down on.

00:39:44.250 --> 00:39:46.950 Valerie: I will come up from his nap for you Tommy to me says.

00:39:46.950 --> 00:39:48.270 Valerie: he likes.

00:39:50.760 --> 00:39:58.410 Tommy D: jovi i'm glad you're here but, but I will just point out, she woke you up for me so i'm kind of the bigger deal dog.

00:40:01.410 --> 00:40:13.560 Tommy D: So Robin this is so fun, so what What would you want to direct people to to kind of like learn more I shared the website for roughly speaking, although I totally butchered the way you spell it all out, but it is rough like.

00:40:13.590 --> 00:40:14.400 Tommy D: Are you FF.

00:40:14.430 --> 00:40:20.430 Tommy D: Lee and why speaking, but tell us a little bit like what are some of the takeaways that people really need to know about.

00:40:21.600 --> 00:40:26.820 Robin Bennett: I would say really learning learning learning about like you guys talk about education about your dog.

00:40:27.120 --> 00:40:39.030 Robin Bennett: Some of the biggest things in terms of reading your dog is looking for those like I said yellow signals which are yawning can be one lip licking where you're the dog lick lick their lips, a lot.

00:40:39.990 --> 00:40:49.980 Robin Bennett: is another one that's more subtle that a lot of people don't recognize and Stephen sniffing and scratching that's outside the context of the dog actually being itchy.

00:40:50.430 --> 00:40:55.620 Robin Bennett: you'll see a dog that sometimes will just stop and just feel the need to sniff something or scratch something and there's nothing.

00:40:56.100 --> 00:41:09.480 Robin Bennett: wrong with the dog sometimes those are displacement behaviors, so I would be looking at things like that, if you take your dog someplace and they're hanging out in between your legs or under your legs are under a picnic table that's probably a sign they don't want to be there.

00:41:09.780 --> 00:41:12.210 Robin Bennett: So I would look at those things in terms of.

00:41:12.390 --> 00:41:17.040 Robin Bennett: Reading our dog and then in terms of looking for a facility or pet professional.

00:41:17.640 --> 00:41:31.500 Robin Bennett: asking about their education how they've been trained do they understand canine body language I would look at staffing, so if your dogs in a daycare environment I would want the staff to be at least one staff member to every 10 to 15 dogs.

00:41:32.070 --> 00:41:44.400 Robin Bennett: And then space I would look at for daycare as well, so making sure there's enough space, which is essentially for a group of dogs you want at least 50 to 75 square foot per dog, as in terms of spacing.

00:41:44.610 --> 00:41:46.200 Robin Bennett: So those are things to look.

00:41:46.200 --> 00:41:48.780 Robin Bennett: For when you're actually looking for a daycare provider.

00:41:48.900 --> 00:42:07.320 Valerie: For your pet you know it's amazing Robin mine's old yawns I like 20 minutes before it'll it'll start raining with like a thunderstorm you'll start yawning he knows and and doing he shows us his signs of stress feel you on he'll shape a little bit.

00:42:07.350 --> 00:42:08.340 Valerie: You know and.

00:42:08.760 --> 00:42:15.930 Valerie: But I mean they can sense it way before us, but yeah the yawning thing is is definitely one of our yellow signs for him.

00:42:16.020 --> 00:42:16.770 Robin Bennett: he's probably.

00:42:16.830 --> 00:42:18.300 Robin Bennett: Better recognize that.

00:42:18.540 --> 00:42:21.750 Tommy D: Sorry he's probably better than than like the local weather.

00:42:21.810 --> 00:42:23.040 man or woman who can.

00:42:24.930 --> 00:42:25.710 Tommy D: get a gig.

00:42:25.950 --> 00:42:26.700 Tommy D: On the news.

00:42:26.760 --> 00:42:28.860 Valerie: yeah between between my dog.

00:42:28.890 --> 00:42:29.790 Valerie: And my hair.

00:42:29.880 --> 00:42:31.080 Valerie: We are 100%.

00:42:34.680 --> 00:42:39.420 Tommy D: So we learn we educate and we practice meteorology right here on the Program.

00:42:39.420 --> 00:42:49.590 Tommy D: Every week for you, that that's funny i'm Robin I want to ask you a quick question we got to go to another break and I know you got to leave us in a short time so we'll come back and then we'll let you go, but I just um.

00:42:51.120 --> 00:43:01.710 Tommy D: I don't know if you do this already and and i'm wondering if your background and the REACH, you have nationally, if not we didn't ask, but maybe internationally with the consulting work you've done and the guru work.

00:43:02.250 --> 00:43:10.590 Tommy D: But like if I was looking in a certain Community is there a way to you have a cherry picked vetted list of these providers that I can go.

00:43:10.770 --> 00:43:17.400 Tommy D: hey look i'm going to be out in Colorado I live in Colorado springs short that's home that's home turf for you well, like you, don't want them going like.

00:43:17.490 --> 00:43:18.030 Robin Bennett: You have the.

00:43:18.150 --> 00:43:19.950 Tommy D: ones that that kind of check the box.

00:43:20.100 --> 00:43:29.820 Robin Bennett: We, we have a list that we can provide to people who email us, but what I would do there's another organization similar to see PDT which is my training organization.

00:43:30.180 --> 00:43:35.850 Robin Bennett: That i'm certified through there's an organization called pack the professional animal care certification Council.

00:43:36.420 --> 00:43:48.870 Robin Bennett: Pack certifies individuals and who work at pet care facilities, so I would be going to that facility and saying are any of your providers or managers or owners certified through Pack.

00:43:49.620 --> 00:43:50.280 Tommy D: For me again.

00:43:50.670 --> 00:43:56.580 Robin Bennett: PA PA CCC and it's the professional animal care certification Council.

00:43:56.850 --> 00:44:00.180 Tommy D: love it, so I would want to say, or any of your folks pack certified.

00:44:00.360 --> 00:44:03.840 Tommy D: Exactly we go ha well I gotta go man.

00:44:04.650 --> 00:44:08.400 Robin Bennett: Exactly, and you can do a search on packs website as well.

00:44:08.670 --> 00:44:09.030 Tommy D: yeah.

00:44:09.150 --> 00:44:10.380 Robin Bennett: I certify providers.

00:44:10.500 --> 00:44:11.250 Tommy D: that's awesome.

00:44:11.280 --> 00:44:11.850 Tommy D: i'm glad I.

00:44:12.060 --> 00:44:13.680 Valerie: nation, yes, well cool.

00:44:14.010 --> 00:44:23.940 Tommy D: we'll come back we'll give it another minute or two or Robin because I know you have somewhere to be right after this, so this is professionals, an animal lover show dylan take us a break jovi's here robbins here is valid Tommy.

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00:46:23.160 --> 00:46:27.630 Tommy D: And we're back, so thank you for being here, everybody thanks for coming to the show.

00:46:27.930 --> 00:46:37.320 Tommy D: Thank you for coming to the show I just made that one up right on the spot wasn't even prepared for it alright, so I did just share something Robin thanks for being a resource to us, you just shared the.

00:46:37.710 --> 00:46:45.750 Tommy D: PA CC er so I just put that on Facebook I tagged you as a quick Thank you so if you're listening to us on.

00:46:45.960 --> 00:46:52.650 Tommy D: Facebook talking alternative broadcasting, you can check all that out so Robin we know you actually have somewhere to be right after this so we're gonna let you.

00:46:53.280 --> 00:47:02.520 Tommy D: kind of cut you loose, as they say, but where leave us with something that you want the people to know about how to follow you how to connect with you and even another tidbits you want to share.

00:47:03.510 --> 00:47:13.500 Robin Bennett: Sure, well, I just want to help any buddy who's out there interested in learning more about their dog and building that stronger relationship can reach out to me they can find me at.

00:47:13.920 --> 00:47:26.370 Robin Bennett: Roughly speaking dog calm, or they can email me at Robin R Ob I n at the dog gurus calm as well and i'm always happy to just talk to people about their pets so definitely reach out to me.

00:47:26.550 --> 00:47:37.350 Robin Bennett: If you are interested in opening a pet care business, I can help with that as well, so i'm appreciate you guys bringing me on I love what you're doing and I love helping you to be a voice for the voiceless.

00:47:37.650 --> 00:47:38.460 Tommy D: yeah thank.

00:47:39.270 --> 00:47:41.730 Tommy D: You so much, I will tell you, you know.

00:47:41.850 --> 00:47:52.260 Tommy D: Because I can't help myself as this show is continuing to go on, I thought of an awesome place to put a pet care facility in your area where you know people cannot bring their dogs, but they.

00:47:52.290 --> 00:47:56.700 Tommy D: may need them somewhere so because I have zero hours left and every single day.

00:47:56.850 --> 00:47:58.500 Tommy D: I come up with more and more ideas.

00:47:58.620 --> 00:47:59.430 Tommy D: So let's.

00:48:00.600 --> 00:48:03.780 Tommy D: Talk about that, if I can anoint somebody to do it if I.

00:48:04.140 --> 00:48:14.520 Tommy D: Have the idea and do that stuff so Robin so cool to meet you thanks for being here, where we're going to have you as part of this Community, and I, you know you're going to do your own show right now, so I.

00:48:14.520 --> 00:48:16.080 Valerie: Know Robin.

00:48:16.530 --> 00:48:17.130 Robin Bennett: Thank you.

00:48:18.990 --> 00:48:20.130 Tommy D: All right, Thomas.

00:48:24.480 --> 00:48:30.480 Tommy D: What are we gonna do, what are we going to do we've never been in this predicament, where we have time and we have no one to interview.

00:48:31.320 --> 00:48:31.770 Valerie: yeah.

00:48:31.920 --> 00:48:32.940 Tommy D: Oh let's do something guys.

00:48:34.410 --> 00:48:35.820 Valerie: Remember that picture I sent you.

00:48:36.240 --> 00:48:42.600 Tommy D: Yes, yes, I do why why don't you I will find it it's on my i'll share it, you can you talk how about that.

00:48:42.840 --> 00:48:49.500 Valerie: Okay perfect so this week, I want to highlight a story that's very, very near and dear to my heart.

00:48:50.790 --> 00:49:07.140 Valerie: Because through my animal advocacy and I had kind of stumbled on to this pattern of behavior as a town of Hempstead animal shelter, which is, since at least 2017 that's how far back my oils go.

00:49:08.460 --> 00:49:09.570 Tommy D: Help them with a foil what does that.

00:49:09.570 --> 00:49:19.140 Valerie: mean okay so oil is just a request that you're legally entitled to it stands for the freedom of information law, so if you have a question, it can be anything, it could be about.

00:49:19.590 --> 00:49:28.080 Valerie: You know if there's liens on a home that you're interested in buying you can be if you I filed so many things, but most of myself is animal shelter related.

00:49:28.560 --> 00:49:36.870 Valerie: So the point is this beautiful cat right here her name is gina was almost a victim of the towns.

00:49:37.560 --> 00:49:45.330 Valerie: In my opinion, cool pattern of behavior which is they periodically and systematically.

00:49:45.900 --> 00:49:56.970 Valerie: pick 10 cats at their shelter and they send them off to a Feral, this is a very important word here a Feral cat sanctuary in Maryland okay.

00:49:57.570 --> 00:50:06.990 Valerie: These cats are indoor cats, they do not have the ability to survive, they don't they've never done that, before they've never lived tooth and nail.

00:50:07.410 --> 00:50:15.840 Valerie: they're used to, by definition, even if they're just at the shelter you're used to being in having heat in the winter air conditioning in the summer.

00:50:16.380 --> 00:50:35.190 Valerie: getting fed every day fresh water they're used to having their space and they're used to having you know litter, and everything being done for them so for years, the town has been shipping out an average of 40 cats a year to a Feral outdoor sanctuary.

00:50:35.250 --> 00:50:48.420 Tommy D: and wait a minute they've been treated, let me stop you, because this is me trying to figure out what the heck is going on, so you're saying that these animals have been kept inside Okay, and then in the facility for months, or sometimes longer than that.

00:50:49.110 --> 00:51:00.720 Valerie: yeah and sometimes sometimes I mean it's heartbreaking there was a cat there are two cats have bonded pair one was six one was nine auntie and sister were the names, the owner died.

00:51:01.350 --> 00:51:09.750 Valerie: According to the town's notes these cats live, they were born inside the home and they lived there for their entire lives.

00:51:11.070 --> 00:51:12.300 Tommy D: So the domestic cats.

00:51:12.390 --> 00:51:24.810 Tommy D: They get picked up by the cat counter or whatever right there in there and then they get they get this they won the lottery like like you know the hunger games and now we're going to send his indoor animals.

00:51:25.200 --> 00:51:31.680 Tommy D: out to make it in a Feral community but it's a nice federal community but they're not outdoor animals, so they know.

00:51:31.920 --> 00:51:36.030 Valerie: No such thing actually as a nice Feral Community because.

00:51:37.200 --> 00:51:38.190 Valerie: It is a very.

00:51:39.360 --> 00:51:49.590 Valerie: stressful and traumatic thing whenever cats change their environment in general, like everyone who's a cat lover is completely against they don't think that's why you when you T and are.

00:51:50.100 --> 00:52:03.360 Valerie: You are released you're returning the cat to their environment, because they know how to survive there okay so just think of it like this, imagine if you as an adult who has lived your entire life with a house, you know.

00:52:04.110 --> 00:52:10.140 Valerie: You know where to go for food, you know where to go for shelter and all sudden someone drops you off in the middle of the Amazon.

00:52:10.380 --> 00:52:12.990 Tommy D: yeah it's like that show you ever see that you're naked and afraid.

00:52:13.830 --> 00:52:15.210 Valerie: No, thankfully, but but.

00:52:15.630 --> 00:52:16.230 Tommy D: contest.

00:52:16.290 --> 00:52:17.670 Tommy D: But it's like that it's like.

00:52:17.700 --> 00:52:19.620 Tommy D: it's like yeah i've never seen the show but i'm telling you.

00:52:20.490 --> 00:52:25.860 Valerie: skills we don't have this i'm dead in the Amazon, so are you so so, is it.

00:52:26.580 --> 00:52:28.740 Tommy D: I mean, I would last for like 30 minutes.

00:52:29.850 --> 00:52:30.150 Valerie: Like.

00:52:30.870 --> 00:52:32.730 Tommy D: RON and then after I can't run anymore it's all.

00:52:32.760 --> 00:52:36.150 Valerie: Your analogy of the hunger games is very good.

00:52:36.210 --> 00:52:39.750 Valerie: And I will tell you, so this cat getting back to gina.

00:52:40.440 --> 00:52:56.190 Valerie: She was slated as they referenced her in an email, which I was able to foil that she was going to be on the list of cats to be shipped off to this Feral cat sanctuary okay so she came from a home, it was a boarding house.

00:52:56.880 --> 00:53:05.370 Valerie: They got her to the shelter the shelter then was looking to dump her two months later to a Feral cat sanctuary.

00:53:06.090 --> 00:53:16.080 Valerie: I don't know what happened but somehow she escaped that moment just by the grace of God by luck, maybe it was an oversight by staff member, she was still at the shelter.

00:53:16.710 --> 00:53:22.710 Valerie: When we realized that this cat had basically a target on her back, we started.

00:53:23.250 --> 00:53:31.260 Valerie: kind of planning behind the scenes, what can we do to save her Okay, so we got someone who was a very experienced foster for cats.

00:53:31.650 --> 00:53:45.420 Valerie: To go to the shelter she wanted to for us to her, she was talked out of it, she basically was told that this cat's really Feral and also she she might have been exposed to ringworm okay so fast forward.

00:53:46.170 --> 00:53:57.600 Valerie: And to make a really long story short, this poor cat had a vein had evaded ringworm twice she didn't get sent to the sanctuary by stroke of luck or God.

00:53:58.350 --> 00:54:05.010 Valerie: And then, in April blessed month another rescue decided to pull her from the shelter.

00:54:05.520 --> 00:54:14.010 Valerie: Which rescues do rescues will go to shelters and say we'll take this animal will take this dog and they'll work on getting them adopted gina was adopted.

00:54:14.460 --> 00:54:27.750 Valerie: Like that yeah she's friendly she loves being pet she does figure eights around people's ankles this cat never should have been slated to go to a Feral cat sanctuary she never would have survived.

00:54:28.170 --> 00:54:33.900 Valerie: And I for 1am speaking directly right now to the town of Hempstead board specifically.

00:54:34.200 --> 00:54:49.860 Valerie: supervisor don cleaving he has the ability to issue an executive order saying cease and desist from this practice because it is cruel and obviously there's no real discernment involved when determining which animals are going to be sent in which ones are not.

00:54:50.310 --> 00:55:02.310 Tommy D: Well, maybe there's a reason for this, maybe Mr claiming and folks want to explain what's going on, and if you ever do it's called the professionals i'm loving show, we welcome you to come on the show and have a discussion, maybe my co host shouldn't be here that day, but I.

00:55:03.930 --> 00:55:06.300 Tommy D: And i'll conduct the interview, but we do it all.

00:55:06.390 --> 00:55:07.860 Valerie: In all seriousness, I welcome that.

00:55:07.860 --> 00:55:08.970 Tommy D: opportunity we would welcome.

00:55:09.150 --> 00:55:12.120 Tommy D: This is that there's a nonpartisan show this is nonpartisan.

00:55:12.390 --> 00:55:17.340 Tommy D: conversation, these are important things that need to be discussed, and I would say, sometimes these politicians, because I give.

00:55:17.370 --> 00:55:23.220 Tommy D: People the benefit of the doubt might not even know that this stuff is going on hold the value that might not even know some of this stuff is going on.

00:55:23.430 --> 00:55:30.810 Tommy D: And we would welcome you into this conversation at this point I would like to just say one quick thing which we will look into because our producer.

00:55:31.230 --> 00:55:42.690 Tommy D: dylan just shared an article with me about a human rights, excuse me, a non human rights product project is an organization stage to rally at the bronx zoo trying to release a.

00:55:43.620 --> 00:55:49.500 Tommy D: an elephant name happy from her small captive enclosure, we will look into this deal and I appreciate to share what.

00:55:49.530 --> 00:55:50.880 Valerie: I know the lawyer involved.

00:55:53.220 --> 00:55:54.840 Tommy D: So who's a lawyer, can you.

00:55:54.960 --> 00:55:56.160 Valerie: have less time.

00:55:56.370 --> 00:56:00.600 Tommy D: Ladies we'd love to get you on the show and talk about happy, you know they're an elephant's I like elephants I didn't.

00:56:00.600 --> 00:56:05.220 Valerie: Down Cleveland does know, by the way, i'm just gonna say that it doesn't mean he can't do anything about it.

00:56:05.310 --> 00:56:10.800 Tommy D: don we would still love to meet with you i'm kind of a big deal here on long island just asked me i'll tell you all about it.

00:56:11.070 --> 00:56:25.830 Tommy D: All right, so listen, this is the professionals and animal lovers show we leave you as we do each every single week with this from Mahatma Gandhi, and we say the greatness of a nation and his moral progress can be judged by the way.

00:56:26.190 --> 00:56:33.810 Tommy D: it's animals are treated, I say this let's be greater than we have been shout out to Gandhi, give me yeah Gandhi.

00:56:34.380 --> 00:56:38.310 Tommy D: Gandhi all right we'll see you guys next week does your House Tommy about bye.

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