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Friday, February 11, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/02/11 - Teen and Aids in 2021

Facebook Live Video from 2022/02/11 - Teen and Aids in 2021


2022/02/11 - Teen and Aids in 2021

[NEW EPISODE] Teen and Aids in 2021

Information about HIV stigma and how to break it.

Sarina DiBianca, started 26 years ago in the midst of the AIDS pandemic to help with the mind, body, and spiritual wellness of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. 

She is now an Executive Director with passion and support for those living with HIV/AIDS. She made the jump from corporate to non-profit 10 years ago. "I let my heart lead the way, not my head."

Org: Siloam Wellness Center 

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

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00:04:52.740 --> 00:05:05.010 Tommy DiMisa: Hello everybody good morning it's your boy the nonprofit sector connector Tommy D is in the attic that's not my song, but maybe I should make up a new song so look every single week.

00:05:05.670 --> 00:05:15.150 Tommy DiMisa: On Friday morning I get a visitor in the attic and it's so lonely up here in the attic so it's nice when people come visit me every week.

00:05:15.630 --> 00:05:24.840 Tommy DiMisa: I have a leader of a nonprofit organization that joins me to do two things tell their story and then it's my job to help them amplify their message and look.

00:05:26.010 --> 00:05:36.780 Tommy DiMisa: we're heading into like 60 episodes of something that was just an idea in my head, it was just something that I said I want to make an impact on this sector that makes an impact on so many other people.

00:05:37.470 --> 00:05:46.770 Tommy DiMisa: And the way I know how to do it is first of all I didn't know how to do a radio show or anything like that, but I knew I wanted to talk to people I knew I wanted to bring them on and have them tell their story.

00:05:47.370 --> 00:05:53.550 Tommy DiMisa: And that's what we do every week, we talked to another leader of a nonprofit organization there's a couple things I just want to point out.

00:05:54.030 --> 00:06:05.520 Tommy DiMisa: That you should be aware of, right now, if you are connected to a nonprofit organization that does any work in the five boroughs of New York City, it is today's February 11 2022.

00:06:06.600 --> 00:06:13.890 Tommy DiMisa: Actually, two times 11 is 22 so that's kind of fun to play with the numbers today see I just came up with that serene as I was looking.

00:06:14.610 --> 00:06:15.240 Sarina DiBianca: At the guy.

00:06:15.540 --> 00:06:25.050 Tommy DiMisa: pretty good right so i'm like i'm only a math magician So if you are listening to this currently and you run.

00:06:25.560 --> 00:06:34.770 Tommy DiMisa: sit on the board of work for a nonprofit that serves people in the five boroughs of New York City go to nyc imagine awards calm and fill out.

00:06:35.370 --> 00:06:43.980 Tommy DiMisa: The application form, if you want more information about that send me a note Tommy D at philanthropy and focus calm and focus is pH oC us.

00:06:44.760 --> 00:06:53.610 Tommy DiMisa: or follow me on tick tock and instagram Tommy D dot nyc the imagine awards is a second annual magic words in New York City is the 10th anniversary outing or long island.

00:06:54.180 --> 00:07:02.580 Tommy DiMisa: If you're listening to this sometime in the future, well then just disregard the last 90 seconds and let's get into today's conversation about what's going on, so.

00:07:04.140 --> 00:07:06.090 Tommy DiMisa: On the nonprofit sector connector.

00:07:07.260 --> 00:07:14.760 Tommy DiMisa: kind of a bold statement I guess my I should shut off my email again to did, that the other day i'm the connector that's probably a connection coming in that's what's going on.

00:07:15.450 --> 00:07:21.930 Tommy DiMisa: The I don't get where I am without people making introductions for me and my buddy Fred tapper.

00:07:22.890 --> 00:07:35.970 Tommy DiMisa: introduced me to serena de bianca So today we both have to capital letters in our last name serena has a capital D capital B and I have a capital D and a capital m.

00:07:36.510 --> 00:07:46.590 Tommy DiMisa: And because people well i've been telling me decent some like two years old, so it today it's serena D if you'll, allow me to and Tommy D in the.

00:07:47.340 --> 00:07:59.580 Tommy DiMisa: That okay all right all right so look what do we do on this show every week we find out about organizations, we find out about the history of the leader, the history of the organization, the impact the organization is making the programs.

00:08:00.360 --> 00:08:07.290 Tommy DiMisa: And my favorite part I don't know if I have a favorite part, but I think what really gets me juice, is the connections piece.

00:08:07.620 --> 00:08:13.590 Tommy DiMisa: Who do they need to know who are they collaborating with, and we know some there's some professional athletic stuff going on where to talk about today.

00:08:13.860 --> 00:08:20.520 Tommy DiMisa: But who are they currently collaborating with who they want to collaborate with and who may I, or people in other parts of my network connect with.

00:08:20.880 --> 00:08:24.060 Tommy DiMisa: And it's funny I we don't have to talk about it now, but I had invited serena to.

00:08:24.540 --> 00:08:33.870 Tommy DiMisa: A networking event and she connected with another friend of mine and that's going to turn into some connection that's what it's all about like this is the stuff and that's like happening, like in real time.

00:08:34.410 --> 00:08:39.960 Tommy DiMisa: shout out to Lisa i'll see you later on, but it's funny that's how this all works, we were talking about that in the virtual green room.

00:08:40.320 --> 00:08:45.330 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, so i'm going to read a little bit of background tiny, tiny bit because I don't want to tell your story I don't.

00:08:45.690 --> 00:08:51.000 Tommy DiMisa: I don't want anybody else to tell my story I don't want to tell your story, but I will give up just to kind of frame this a little bit.

00:08:51.390 --> 00:09:02.700 Tommy DiMisa: The organization was started 26 years ago in the midst of the AIDS pandemic to help the mind body and spiritual wellness of those affected by HIV and AIDS so i'm going to read this off the website.

00:09:03.120 --> 00:09:09.570 Tommy DiMisa: Okay i'm found in 1995 by sister Bernadette canary which, I might have butchered your name sorry sister.

00:09:10.710 --> 00:09:11.010 Sarina DiBianca: Mary.

00:09:11.190 --> 00:09:12.210 Tommy DiMisa: And I say it again.

00:09:12.900 --> 00:09:13.680 Sarina DiBianca: Tonight irie.

00:09:13.950 --> 00:09:25.620 Tommy DiMisa: irie can I agree, I look my half my family's Irish sister, so my apologies, I send you send you love i'm a Catholic school boy story for another day and father don Riley solo on right.

00:09:26.490 --> 00:09:27.630 Sarina DiBianca: Now still.

00:09:27.690 --> 00:09:28.800 Tommy DiMisa: The one below arm.

00:09:29.070 --> 00:09:30.150 Tommy DiMisa: I told you that today.

00:09:30.210 --> 00:09:44.430 Tommy DiMisa: So that's serena she's the executive director let's dive in this conversation because I told you, the other day, when we were talking that I had a Google the pronunciation of this and Google told me solo and then you told me silwan.

00:09:46.110 --> 00:09:49.200 Tommy DiMisa: Right so so it's Silhouette them.

00:09:51.150 --> 00:10:00.450 Tommy DiMisa: All right, we're gonna write it down again silwan wellness executive director serena D bianca is here today serena why don't we start with.

00:10:00.840 --> 00:10:09.960 Tommy DiMisa: The pronunciation of the organization let's start with that we just did that well start with I always say to my guests, I asked you, the other day when we had a quick phone call about this.

00:10:12.240 --> 00:10:19.590 Tommy DiMisa: Many of my guests are drawn to nonprofit work they're drawn to service work they've been involved with service work, maybe they didn't start there.

00:10:20.010 --> 00:10:27.210 Tommy DiMisa: But there's something that brought them there, can you tell me your story, how you got involved with nonprofit in general and then how you came to this organization.

00:10:28.020 --> 00:10:28.500 sure.

00:10:29.520 --> 00:10:36.000 Sarina DiBianca: um I am an accountant and I I did what you know accountants do.

00:10:38.700 --> 00:10:50.700 Sarina DiBianca: an accountant in a heart, and so I would always start programs within the company that I worked for I was the corporate controller of a publicly held company and I started a program for.

00:10:51.450 --> 00:11:00.270 Sarina DiBianca: Returning citizens to get back to work, and so I always had my hand in people and how do I help them and.

00:11:01.380 --> 00:11:12.630 Sarina DiBianca: My uncle asked me to go to Ecuador and go to into the rain forest and it kind of correlates with your song that you have.

00:11:12.870 --> 00:11:27.840 Sarina DiBianca: That you play before we come on which is the people, the earth, the planet that everybody is interconnected so that's what we were going to Ecuador to learn about the rain forest and how everything is interconnected.

00:11:28.770 --> 00:11:28.980 it's.

00:11:30.000 --> 00:11:34.650 Tommy DiMisa: funny you bring that up, I want to give a shout out to our executive producer Sam leibowitz that's actually the song.

00:11:34.950 --> 00:11:44.880 Tommy DiMisa: That you're talking about is really it lets people who are listening, know that the live shows are about to begin, so it's it's a it's interesting if you listen to the lyrics if not.

00:11:45.390 --> 00:11:52.650 Tommy DiMisa: Actually, maybe kyle can give me the name of that song and we'll share it out i'll put it on Facebook and I i've asked for it in the past, and they took me up with it, but I forgot what it is.

00:11:52.920 --> 00:12:01.080 Tommy DiMisa: But it's funny bring this whole thing up, and especially the Ecuador thing I mean I got I got 1000 questions about that whole scene, but the.

00:12:01.890 --> 00:12:09.420 Tommy DiMisa: We are connected serena This is like what i'm passionate about we're supposed to be helping each other out like enough of this nonsense.

00:12:09.750 --> 00:12:18.900 Tommy DiMisa: You know, like Okay, yes, my hair is pulled back, but i'm a long haired hippie dude like we're supposed to be freaking helping each other, like that's the deal enough that it's nonsense.

00:12:19.350 --> 00:12:33.420 Tommy DiMisa: Fighting and you know there's a very small group of people who win, win we all fight and our on our adversarial but the rest of us are losing because of what we need to be aligned, so thank you for pointing out that song Sam leibowitz and.

00:12:34.530 --> 00:12:46.200 Tommy DiMisa: we'll we'll share that with with me Sam and kyle just so we can get that song out there for the people let's talk about it um let's talk about Ecuador, I mean you, your uncle invited you to Ecuador, like just why.

00:12:47.040 --> 00:12:56.400 Sarina DiBianca: Well, his wife was supposed to go and then there came a conflict with her schedule, he called me and said, can you go and, as we were it was.

00:12:57.270 --> 00:13:07.260 Sarina DiBianca: It came were to me very early on in the conversations that there were going to be these conference calls it was before the day of Facebook, so it was about 10 years ago.

00:13:07.500 --> 00:13:15.360 Sarina DiBianca: And we were going to have these conference calls with people from around the world, or I think 10 of us that we're going deep into the brain farce.

00:13:16.470 --> 00:13:19.860 Sarina DiBianca: And there were the billionaires from.

00:13:21.180 --> 00:13:31.650 Sarina DiBianca: from Australia, there were the millionaires from Malaysia, there were the millionaires from New York and then me and I said to myself oh I don't fit and.

00:13:32.370 --> 00:13:43.200 Sarina DiBianca: I said to my uncle how come you invited me why don't you invite your you know your business partner you're wealthy friends, what do you invited me for any goes I don't know you're the only person I thought you came to my mind, so I invited you.

00:13:43.740 --> 00:13:57.780 Sarina DiBianca: So, speed up we go and we stay with what is called the arch war Community so it's an indigenous community living steep steep in the rain forest and.

00:14:00.270 --> 00:14:01.620 Sarina DiBianca: We were all supposed to have.

00:14:02.370 --> 00:14:21.930 Sarina DiBianca: James Cameron who had finished Avatar and wanted to go on this trip, but he had a conflict and wasn't able to make our trip, so those were the people I was traveling with and I I just said to myself holy cow I don't fit in this group of fulfilling wealthy people so.

00:14:23.430 --> 00:14:31.380 Sarina DiBianca: After we were there for several days, we had a shamanic ceremony, and the shaman spent a few minutes, with everyone and their dream seekers.

00:14:31.650 --> 00:14:44.670 Sarina DiBianca: So when we were all done and everything had to go up three languages from English to Spanish and from Spanish the arch war and he got to me, and he said the spirit which, in my.

00:14:45.780 --> 00:15:00.930 Sarina DiBianca: mind how I think is God Mother Nature whatever you believe in, but this spirit brought my spirit here that's my soul, because the spirit wants you to go back and work with people.

00:15:04.620 --> 00:15:05.370 Sarina DiBianca: What does that mean.

00:15:06.270 --> 00:15:07.560 Tommy DiMisa: hold on a second I.

00:15:08.760 --> 00:15:18.360 Tommy DiMisa: What a trip, first of all right, and I don't just mean physically getting on a plane and going to the place, I mean a trip and another way, some people are picking up what i'm putting down but hold on a SEC this.

00:15:19.440 --> 00:15:28.830 Tommy DiMisa: Because you've told me this i'm remembering when we first met and you told me this story, but they going around like duck duck goose around the circle and the spirit, when he starts to tell that.

00:15:29.400 --> 00:15:39.690 Tommy DiMisa: he's a shaman I mean he's an elder the Ottawa right correct and he says he pauses over you as this conversation goes.

00:15:40.830 --> 00:15:44.100 Sarina DiBianca: Correct and then, and so we had to tell him on dream.

00:15:44.280 --> 00:15:45.630 Sarina DiBianca: So my dream was.

00:15:47.430 --> 00:15:49.050 Sarina DiBianca: Written raindrops.

00:15:50.220 --> 00:16:12.000 Sarina DiBianca: And butterflies and a rainbow and he said to me the raindrops are the spirit cleansing your spirit the butterflies are this spirit letting your spirit free and the Rainbow is your spirit is to go wherever the Rainbow takes you.

00:16:13.110 --> 00:16:14.730 Sarina DiBianca: To do the spirits work.

00:16:17.220 --> 00:16:17.490 Sarina DiBianca: Right.

00:16:18.900 --> 00:16:23.250 Tommy DiMisa: I mean right I don't know right, I mean it sounds right always and.

00:16:23.250 --> 00:16:28.920 Sarina DiBianca: that's not confusing I don't cry much and i'm bawling my eyes.

00:16:28.920 --> 00:16:29.700 Sarina DiBianca: out thinking.

00:16:31.830 --> 00:16:34.710 Sarina DiBianca: I don't know what this means what am I supposed to like.

00:16:35.400 --> 00:16:36.330 Sarina DiBianca: And I had no idea.

00:16:36.720 --> 00:16:41.310 Tommy DiMisa: What were you doing at the time professionally will you still kept practicing as an accountant.

00:16:41.880 --> 00:16:44.820 Tommy DiMisa: Correct so you go to this other part of the world.

00:16:46.020 --> 00:16:57.420 Tommy DiMisa: Where they probably you know not to be offensive, but they probably don't even know what county right like that's not a thing when you get deep into the rain forest like you know not that they don't know numbers but.

00:16:58.410 --> 00:17:01.740 Tommy DiMisa: You know you're not talking spreadsheets and debits and credits like deep in.

00:17:01.800 --> 00:17:07.050 Tommy DiMisa: In the rain far so so and you're like it must be like other earthly to be.

00:17:07.050 --> 00:17:10.410 Sarina DiBianca: There everything they do is going off nature.

00:17:10.620 --> 00:17:15.360 Sarina DiBianca: But you don't even know what a phone is, you know that kind of a so.

00:17:17.280 --> 00:17:22.020 Tommy DiMisa: So so you're coming back now right to whatever this other.

00:17:22.470 --> 00:17:32.430 Sarina DiBianca: Well, actually no that's only half of the story, so we they were there for two weeks, and then they take us to the Andes mountains, so we can kind of.

00:17:33.300 --> 00:17:42.870 Sarina DiBianca: react made ourselves back to modern society to the modern world and and these mountains, is it you know more of a typical hope you know.

00:17:43.530 --> 00:18:05.970 Sarina DiBianca: hotel in Ecuador and we had a different shamanic ceremony with it absolutely different shaman who spoke a different indigenous language once again goes around the circle spends two minutes gets them a 20 minutes later he forbade them in a different language told the same exact.

00:18:06.960 --> 00:18:11.130 Sarina DiBianca: thing the spirit brought my spirit there.

00:18:11.700 --> 00:18:21.600 Sarina DiBianca: There was a now this shamanic ceremony was very different than the first one, but the message was the same I start crying again I look over to my uncle.

00:18:21.810 --> 00:18:29.940 Sarina DiBianca: He starts to cry and he said Now I know why I was the only person, you were the only person I thought of because I was just the conduit to get you here.

00:18:31.050 --> 00:18:32.010 Sarina DiBianca: Now.

00:18:32.520 --> 00:18:33.240 Tommy DiMisa: Hold I had.

00:18:33.270 --> 00:18:33.990 Sarina DiBianca: A close up.

00:18:34.050 --> 00:18:37.650 Tommy DiMisa: hold that thought, because my mind is blown people listening minds are blown.

00:18:37.920 --> 00:18:38.850 Sarina DiBianca: And we have to tease them.

00:18:38.880 --> 00:18:40.290 Sarina DiBianca: my mind was blown.

00:18:40.410 --> 00:18:52.140 Tommy DiMisa: What I get and we are going to keep them we're going to come back in 90 seconds we're in we're back in the Andes mountains second sort of shamanic experience right, and the same result.

00:18:52.830 --> 00:18:59.850 Tommy DiMisa: This is the nonprofit show but we're talking about connections at a much deeper level this morning.

00:19:00.270 --> 00:19:05.610 Tommy DiMisa: I want to get you that song the name of the song are going to get with Sam leibowitz in fact he texted me during the show just now.

00:19:05.790 --> 00:19:14.130 Tommy DiMisa: Get that because it is right on brand with what we're talking about and i'll get you all that song, this is philanthropy and focus on Tommy D serena D is here with me.

00:19:14.400 --> 00:19:20.010 Tommy DiMisa: And i'm sort of tingling and bug it out a little bit I gotta be honest with you it's a conversation where average we'll be right back.

00:21:18.660 --> 00:21:18.990 Now.

00:21:31.350 --> 00:21:36.990 Tommy DiMisa: i'm feeling a bit of static this morning conversation going, I mean i'm I mean this is so cool.

00:21:37.800 --> 00:21:39.630 Tommy DiMisa: I just texted our friend Sam leibowitz.

00:21:39.870 --> 00:21:49.950 Tommy DiMisa: It we are all connected and it's from the symphony of science is the song that we were talking about this serena was mentioning that sort of leads up it's a song that we put it here on the.

00:21:50.700 --> 00:22:01.230 Tommy DiMisa: On the network to alert folks that the live shows are about to begin and it's it Sam just had a commercial during the break there he's the conscious consultant, and I think he would.

00:22:01.590 --> 00:22:10.920 Tommy DiMisa: get a totally vibe I don't know if you're listening Sam but I was just texting him ask about the song, because what a trip, this is, like you, would you guys really need to connect but that's.

00:22:11.190 --> 00:22:14.280 Sarina DiBianca: that's all know that he just wrote this down on my sticky.

00:22:14.460 --> 00:22:15.690 Sarina DiBianca: Or do I believe with.

00:22:15.750 --> 00:22:18.720 Tommy DiMisa: You Sam leibowitz the conscious humanity.

00:22:18.960 --> 00:22:20.610 Tommy DiMisa: You heard him during the break right.

00:22:21.030 --> 00:22:21.510 Sarina DiBianca: yeah I didn't.

00:22:21.810 --> 00:22:30.450 Tommy DiMisa: that's our body so actually tell you a funny story about Sam I know Sam probably from a networking perspective, maybe like I don't know 15 years or something maybe 12 years.

00:22:30.840 --> 00:22:39.840 Tommy DiMisa: And he always told me I this radio station and for years, like I threatened that I was going to come down to the studio and like meet with them and life didn't happen that way so.

00:22:40.980 --> 00:22:46.020 Tommy DiMisa: I about I had this idea about the show and Sam and I networked together.

00:22:46.740 --> 00:22:57.660 Tommy DiMisa: And I said I want to do this, but I don't want to do the heavy lifting I want to have serena come on the show, and we have a conversation and everything else is taken care of and that's what Sam and his team do for me so.

00:22:58.080 --> 00:23:11.340 Tommy DiMisa: So that's where I started this show January 8 of last year of 2021 so all right so we're in the Andes back more of a developed area right we're not deep in the jungle anymore, and the rain forest.

00:23:12.420 --> 00:23:19.230 Tommy DiMisa: And the same message to you again So what do we do with this data, what do we do with this information to Reno.

00:23:20.940 --> 00:23:35.580 Sarina DiBianca: As well my head blew up for a solid year I I came home, I said to my husband Joe I have to change my career i'm going into nonprofit told him the story he's like follow your heart.

00:23:36.270 --> 00:23:37.800 Sarina DiBianca: So I.

00:23:38.280 --> 00:23:48.420 Sarina DiBianca: went to a couple different nonprofits and each step well I knew was a step in the right direction, but I also knew it wasn't where I was supposed to be, and then.

00:23:49.410 --> 00:24:04.800 Sarina DiBianca: And then I was offered the job at silwan I knew nothing about people living with AIDS, but when I walked in I knew it was where it was I was supposed to do, I knew this was the journey for me.

00:24:04.980 --> 00:24:08.820 Tommy DiMisa: I did you get there, because I know that even a story like it, not to write what was it.

00:24:09.870 --> 00:24:12.090 Sarina DiBianca: Well yeah they they.

00:24:13.920 --> 00:24:20.610 Sarina DiBianca: You know they offered me the job and because i'm an account, and I said Okay, I want to see the books, you know before I get into this.

00:24:21.210 --> 00:24:33.690 Sarina DiBianca: And they were $250,000 in debt they didn't even have enough to less than one operating year and I said heck no I can't do this, this is like insane.

00:24:34.200 --> 00:24:46.290 Sarina DiBianca: So I turned the job down and then for the next three weeks I couldn't sleep so after three weeks, I was running I worked at the Salvation Army at the time, and I was running a three day.

00:24:47.220 --> 00:24:54.510 Sarina DiBianca: event for 900 kids with the 70 sixers but basketball team and I called up sister Bernadette and I said.

00:24:55.350 --> 00:25:05.280 Sarina DiBianca: Can I come in my head and my heart, are not aligned and I need help and she said sure, and I like she said come in today, and I said no, no i'm running this event i'll be in.

00:25:05.880 --> 00:25:12.060 Sarina DiBianca: So I went in and we just sat there for an hour and I said look I know you've already offered the job to somebody.

00:25:12.450 --> 00:25:21.600 Sarina DiBianca: But maybe I can volunteer i'll come in, once a week i'll sweep the floor you don't ever have to tell the ED that you offered me the job I just feel that I need to be there, somehow someway.

00:25:22.320 --> 00:25:35.340 Sarina DiBianca: I said, and since I always would say ra put me where I can be the most where I can do the most good and then I turned the job down I said, did I not have enough faith in.

00:25:35.820 --> 00:25:45.990 Sarina DiBianca: God did I not have enough faith in myself did I not have enough faith in both of us together, and I said, but this is where I need to be and.

00:25:47.190 --> 00:25:54.900 Sarina DiBianca: She laughed and she said, well, the executive director was going on vacation for three weeks and.

00:25:55.110 --> 00:26:06.030 Sarina DiBianca: She called the psychologist brother Bob Thornton and said I can't believe she turned the job down and he said gene we haven't had an ED for six months, go on vacation when you get back we'll start the search.

00:26:06.330 --> 00:26:13.560 Sarina DiBianca: And then burn looked at me and her you know true sister burn and you know way, instead of just giving you three weeks to get your act together.

00:26:15.930 --> 00:26:17.160 Sarina DiBianca: Oh, my God i'm here.

00:26:17.280 --> 00:26:19.980 Tommy DiMisa: I mean it's just a barn still involved with the organization to.

00:26:19.980 --> 00:26:22.950 Sarina DiBianca: This day absolutely is she just had her 80th birthday.

00:26:22.950 --> 00:26:24.390 Tommy DiMisa: Last week, last week.

00:26:24.840 --> 00:26:33.450 Tommy DiMisa: Happy Birthday sister again it gets shown that out high school class in 1996 good Catholic high school boy I wasn't always that was a public school kid before that, but.

00:26:33.780 --> 00:26:38.910 Tommy DiMisa: But I always like to point it out when it when I think it's relevant I look forward to meeting with the team, I want to come down.

00:26:39.570 --> 00:26:56.250 Tommy DiMisa: To meet everybody so stubborn, I look forward to break into bread, with the, as they say, so this is an incredible story and, obviously, it was a calling right in in in that way, where we get drawn to a mission and call this something.

00:26:57.810 --> 00:26:58.170 Tommy DiMisa: So you.

00:26:58.500 --> 00:27:00.240 Sarina DiBianca: call it a leap of faith.

00:27:00.420 --> 00:27:02.610 Tommy DiMisa: leap of faith okay tell me about that.

00:27:04.710 --> 00:27:09.960 Sarina DiBianca: It was a leap of faith, because they had no money I didn't know if, in six months, I was gonna have a job.

00:27:10.110 --> 00:27:10.410 Sarina DiBianca: Right.

00:27:10.440 --> 00:27:10.950 Tommy DiMisa: You know yeah.

00:27:11.580 --> 00:27:13.920 Sarina DiBianca: We had like how do I fix the finances.

00:27:15.150 --> 00:27:23.850 Tommy DiMisa: So tell me about the organization, you get there it's you're supposed to be there right we both agree about that and.

00:27:24.930 --> 00:27:33.570 Tommy DiMisa: Why were you supposed to be their first actually before you answer that you said something and I want to under underscore and shout out to a guy who have not yet met my life, although.

00:27:33.960 --> 00:27:42.870 Tommy DiMisa: I imagine that I will meet Dr Joe dispenser Dr Joe dispenser talks a lot about heart and head coherence and when you said that.

00:27:43.110 --> 00:27:49.260 Tommy DiMisa: You know, you said, my heart and my head are not connected I don't think you know you said something to that effect that made me think of Dr Joe.

00:27:49.620 --> 00:28:00.000 Tommy DiMisa: You know, going inside and the quantum field, and all these different things which I, I would say, a student of and and maybe that's saying a lot, but I i'm constantly trying to learn more about this stuff.

00:28:00.810 --> 00:28:13.590 Tommy DiMisa: So you are looking for that alignment right, you are looking for that sort of connection so was there something like can you think of something like tangible that drew you to the programmatic work of the organization, aside from.

00:28:14.820 --> 00:28:15.930 Tommy DiMisa: The the just the.

00:28:17.160 --> 00:28:24.630 Tommy DiMisa: attract something the attraction of it was there something specifically if you look back that you could say this work is important to me because.

00:28:28.110 --> 00:28:30.540 Sarina DiBianca: I instantly knew.

00:28:32.220 --> 00:28:40.620 Sarina DiBianca: I didn't know if I would get the job, but I instantly knew this is where i'm supposed to be I don't know how I don't know why I.

00:28:42.510 --> 00:28:43.380 Sarina DiBianca: Just knew.

00:28:44.130 --> 00:28:45.120 Tommy DiMisa: How many years ago, is that now.

00:28:46.230 --> 00:28:51.000 Tommy DiMisa: For four years, so let me go back on and tell everybody again the organization was founded.

00:28:51.450 --> 00:29:08.070 Tommy DiMisa: By sister burn sister i'm not going to try and name your last name I screwed it up once Riley I can get so Father don Riley and what 1995 really an approach to support people in the Philadelphia community living with HIV and AIDS.

00:29:09.360 --> 00:29:17.760 Tommy DiMisa: By supporting people I shout out my friend, Dr Larry grumblers CEO of transitional services for New York TSI and why because he's my second ever guest on this program.

00:29:18.420 --> 00:29:28.260 Tommy DiMisa: And I always shout them out when we talk about support because serena we all need support at different times at different levels of support, whether it be mental health issues, physical health issues or.

00:29:28.650 --> 00:29:43.050 Tommy DiMisa: You know, not to be silly but sometimes we need a hug you know and sometimes more than OG but to support folks this organization growing through mental emotional physical and and supporting their spiritual well being as well, so that's.

00:29:44.190 --> 00:29:44.940 Tommy DiMisa: silwan.

00:29:45.930 --> 00:29:46.920 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, yes.

00:29:47.430 --> 00:29:48.060 yay.

00:29:49.140 --> 00:30:04.440 Tommy DiMisa: All right, Guy if you don't know i've been trying to say the word right for like a week so that's it so google's wrong serena's right now to say it now so that's setting the stage for a big picture of the organization, what does it look like, day in and day out the work that gets done.

00:30:06.150 --> 00:30:16.980 Sarina DiBianca: Well, the work is very different today than when we started out, and I think we have to remember that when we started, we were deep in the pandemic the AIDS pandemic.

00:30:17.370 --> 00:30:30.900 Sarina DiBianca: And Father don would get a phone call saying hey we have a gentleman who probably has 48 hours to live we're going to send them home where there is no home can we can he come to silicon.

00:30:31.230 --> 00:30:43.890 Sarina DiBianca: Father don we bring them put them in front of a fireplace get him a hot cup of tea and then try because he was either gay God forbid.

00:30:44.730 --> 00:30:55.710 Sarina DiBianca: Or could have been a former drug addict or whatever the person's you know story and journey was hey nine times out of 10 they were ostracized from their family.

00:30:56.160 --> 00:31:06.270 Sarina DiBianca: And so, Father don would get on the phone and try to connect the family, with their loved one before you know he died, and they were very, very successful in doing that.

00:31:06.660 --> 00:31:21.390 Sarina DiBianca: So that's how they started putting in programs for people who you know this was they were given a death sentence and what did that look like and how do we keep people you know emotionally and spiritually well during that journey.

00:31:22.290 --> 00:31:32.070 Sarina DiBianca: Today it's not the death sentence, we have many, many people with us, who have lived through that pandemic have been long term survivors.

00:31:32.520 --> 00:31:48.030 Sarina DiBianca: And this is a disease, where every day they live one day longer is one day longer nobody ever expected them to live right, so we deal with what we call survivors, but really they're thriving right.

00:31:49.110 --> 00:31:59.130 Sarina DiBianca: Because a survivor to me is somebody that's just getting by just surviving and these people are taking the world by the reins and saying.

00:31:59.820 --> 00:32:14.790 Sarina DiBianca: Look i've made it and there's something for me to to show and tell so we run on a complete volunteer staff our volunteers are the backbone of what we do it's not me, it is all of us.

00:32:16.020 --> 00:32:17.520 Sarina DiBianca: Have amazing people.

00:32:17.610 --> 00:32:21.030 Tommy DiMisa: Like on a monthly basis how many volunteers are involved with the organization.

00:32:21.300 --> 00:32:23.790 Sarina DiBianca: Well, we have about 25 volunteers.

00:32:24.810 --> 00:32:28.980 Sarina DiBianca: yeah we have you know, three reiki masters, we have.

00:32:30.000 --> 00:32:36.600 Sarina DiBianca: A TAI Chi Kong master we applaud ease we've got we've got it all sister burns still does.

00:32:36.930 --> 00:32:50.460 Sarina DiBianca: spiritual retreat with people she does you know spiritual guidance, with people we call it healthy living because, even though we were started by a priest in and on we're non religious and we take anybody from anywhere.

00:32:50.670 --> 00:32:56.670 Tommy DiMisa: healthy living I like that I like that I just think through you know it's just a barn i'd love to talk to you soon, because i'm.

00:32:58.170 --> 00:33:04.710 Tommy DiMisa: Just the evolution that you've seen in in the Catholic Church in the Church in in all these years, you know.

00:33:04.710 --> 00:33:06.390 Sarina DiBianca: Like you're going to get her in trouble.

00:33:08.520 --> 00:33:10.140 Tommy DiMisa: i'll probably get myself in trouble right now.

00:33:10.350 --> 00:33:13.290 Tommy DiMisa: know what i'm hearing again issue renegade.

00:33:14.100 --> 00:33:14.910 Sarina DiBianca: that's for sure.

00:33:15.060 --> 00:33:19.440 Sarina DiBianca: Oh, you know, think about it, they went to the church and they said, you know.

00:33:19.620 --> 00:33:24.570 Sarina DiBianca: We want to do this and the church at the time didn't support being gay.

00:33:25.170 --> 00:33:32.850 Tommy DiMisa: yeah yeah no I mean i'm certainly i'm not going to get you in trouble sister, I mean you have a connection to somebody I that you're you're definitely connected probably closer.

00:33:33.240 --> 00:33:42.870 Tommy DiMisa: than I am, but I will shout out my friend sister Theresa Fitzgerald as well who runs an organization in long island city Queens gold our children each Oh, you are.

00:33:43.290 --> 00:33:57.150 Tommy DiMisa: And it's representative of the the hour when a mother is becomes incarcerated and loses that relationship with her children it's the hour, that the mom gets to see the child, while she's incarcerated and then it's the hour.

00:33:57.630 --> 00:34:02.910 Tommy DiMisa: That the mom is released, and they have they do incredible work with these women.

00:34:03.990 --> 00:34:06.660 Tommy DiMisa: And they you know they.

00:34:07.770 --> 00:34:15.090 Tommy DiMisa: Transitional housing and educational assistance and they're actually a client of ours, we we do some either insurance work.

00:34:15.660 --> 00:34:32.460 Tommy DiMisa: But it's it's a really, really special organization and again another renegade I mean system, it was a CNN hero number years ago, so I you know I look forward to just kind of like I say chatting it up with with sister burn and and folks because I want to learn.

00:34:32.640 --> 00:34:36.090 Sarina DiBianca: A lot of energy, I see a lot of work, we can do together with.

00:34:36.450 --> 00:34:46.530 Tommy DiMisa: yeah I love, though yeah we could set that up, I mean you know Philadelphia in Queens are not so far apart, to be honest let's be honest let's be honest here, you know we do for different teams, but but not so far for.

00:34:47.610 --> 00:34:51.120 Sarina DiBianca: Everything you do now is on zoom so really not that far apart.

00:34:51.450 --> 00:34:59.310 Tommy DiMisa: So true, I mean I haven't left an attic in two years, this, I do have to leave the show for a minute, so we can go to a quick break, but we will be back.

00:34:59.640 --> 00:35:10.500 Tommy DiMisa: And I want to like learn about the day in the life, I mean you said reiki healthy living with sister burn that should be like a show Chester maybe you should do a show for healthy living with sister Burt.

00:35:13.020 --> 00:35:16.200 Tommy DiMisa: i'm Tommy the show's called philanthropy focus will be right back.

00:37:17.910 --> 00:37:25.200 Tommy DiMisa: funny stories arena, the gentleman who wrote that song singing that song it's very good friend of mine Brendan levy and.

00:37:26.640 --> 00:37:37.140 Tommy DiMisa: I love this man, so I I call him uncle Brendan and i've called him uncle branding because I care about him and he's older than I am so I was like well you don't look anything like me, so I can't call it that, so i'm going to call you uncle Brendan right.

00:37:38.340 --> 00:37:48.240 Tommy DiMisa: So i'm on a phone call with uncle Brendan the other day, and I said I have my one of my son's with me who actually it's his birthday today and I had.

00:37:48.990 --> 00:38:00.000 Tommy DiMisa: I had him in the car with me and I go hey say hi to uncle Brendan so he says he said, and he goes up it goes, are you really are uncle like what's the story like are you are uncle so.

00:38:00.780 --> 00:38:05.220 Tommy DiMisa: I had to tell he's not our uncle but he's like family so Randy wrote that song for me.

00:38:05.910 --> 00:38:15.210 Tommy DiMisa: I I sort of say it's like a Lennon and McCartney thing we sort of wrote the lyrics together, you know, because the whole rhyming static with attic I think we played around with that for a little while but.

00:38:15.450 --> 00:38:20.250 Tommy DiMisa: So that's pregnancy and song and he actually was the one who introduced me story comes full circle.

00:38:21.330 --> 00:38:30.780 Tommy DiMisa: To sister to sister tisa Fitzgerald over at our children again so kind of this all interconnected piece of things i'm looking at the website so I have a couple questions look at the website.

00:38:31.170 --> 00:38:42.900 Tommy DiMisa: And the website is s H I ll O am all right, because if I said it you wouldn't know how to spell it anyway, so I figured i'd spell it out for everybody si.

00:38:43.440 --> 00:38:57.570 Tommy DiMisa: elo am and i'll also share it on the Facebook, the Facebook as well, I was gonna say the Facebook link so it's the Facebook link um the HIV stigma, I mean you know, I was born in 78.

00:38:59.700 --> 00:39:16.140 Tommy DiMisa: So I remember being scared growing up about what this was, and I think a lot about probably an entire generation of people were scared of of what this was, I mean people were dying, many people, people are sick.

00:39:19.260 --> 00:39:22.230 Tommy DiMisa: is still a stigma around this this conversation.

00:39:23.280 --> 00:39:24.090 Sarina DiBianca: Absolutely.

00:39:25.230 --> 00:39:26.970 Sarina DiBianca: We have a gentleman.

00:39:28.350 --> 00:39:53.610 Sarina DiBianca: Who right before coven came to us in hysterics straight from the hospital he had gone to the hospital because he was sick wasn't feeling well was in his gown and when they er Doc walked in with a nurse, he said, get your effin sh it stuff on and get out of here I don't see your kind.

00:39:54.660 --> 00:39:56.070 Sarina DiBianca: Now, my friend.

00:39:56.730 --> 00:40:00.000 Tommy DiMisa: So coven this, this is just me.

00:40:00.600 --> 00:40:09.120 Sarina DiBianca: right before coven so two years ago right before coven and so he said, why not because he didn't hear him but because.

00:40:09.540 --> 00:40:16.290 Sarina DiBianca: Like it couldn't set in and the doctor repeated and said get your F and, as I cheat on.

00:40:16.740 --> 00:40:25.800 Sarina DiBianca: and get out of here I don't see your car so who humiliated, you know if you look back it's easy for us to say I would have said, get me another Doc i'm not doing that, but when you're the one.

00:40:26.010 --> 00:40:36.810 Sarina DiBianca: Who has just been humiliated, who has just been you know ostracized and just put down your first reaction is, let me get my stuff and come.

00:40:37.170 --> 00:40:49.500 Sarina DiBianca: Out of here well and immediately the doctor I mean the nurse cold and apologized you know, and he has a doctor's name, he and I are going to do a segment about what happened to him.

00:40:51.390 --> 00:40:59.250 Sarina DiBianca: But the that still happens in two years ago, you know so 2020 that happened to him.

00:41:00.060 --> 00:41:00.330 Tommy DiMisa: So.

00:41:00.360 --> 00:41:08.490 Sarina DiBianca: So this is where people go to dinner for thanksgiving and everyone gets China and you get a paper plate a paper fork and a paper Cup.

00:41:08.850 --> 00:41:12.510 Sarina DiBianca: This is, if you eat on this in this day and age.

00:41:14.460 --> 00:41:18.390 Tommy DiMisa: You know that she's I the word is coming for me up is ignorance.

00:41:18.810 --> 00:41:20.370 Sarina DiBianca: I correct, you know.

00:41:21.300 --> 00:41:23.880 Tommy DiMisa: Where it where's the education on this, we should.

00:41:25.050 --> 00:41:27.690 Tommy DiMisa: 3540 years into this we're still.

00:41:27.720 --> 00:41:28.350 Sarina DiBianca: me listen.

00:41:29.040 --> 00:41:35.670 Sarina DiBianca: When I first took the job I get so many people say to me aren't you afraid to hug them what what no i'm not afraid.

00:41:37.080 --> 00:41:40.800 Sarina DiBianca: Anyway, the signal is real true and horrible.

00:41:41.190 --> 00:41:57.330 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, my God, so I just I was looking through I was on linkedin early this morning I mentioned this to you before we started the show today with 2022 Philadelphia award tell me about that, and I mean you guys are in philly proper outside of philly where exactly.

00:41:57.420 --> 00:41:59.910 Sarina DiBianca: Is the organization were in philly proper.

00:42:01.320 --> 00:42:04.890 Sarina DiBianca: we're on 11th and parish the award was.

00:42:06.150 --> 00:42:09.240 Sarina DiBianca: Just blew me away had no idea about it.

00:42:11.010 --> 00:42:11.910 Sarina DiBianca: we're proud.

00:42:13.440 --> 00:42:28.620 Sarina DiBianca: Because of the programs we do the programming we do is wonderful, one of our major agendas now is educating teens the largest age group contracting the virus right now is 13 to 24 and that's your eighth grader.

00:42:28.980 --> 00:42:35.280 Tommy DiMisa: and say that again because I don't think people realize that and I knew it because I asked you last week and I did a quick video about it, but that.

00:42:35.730 --> 00:42:36.510 Sarina DiBianca: yeah I saw.

00:42:36.810 --> 00:42:40.980 Tommy DiMisa: yeah let's let's talk about that 13 babies were talking about.

00:42:41.850 --> 00:42:42.750 Sarina DiBianca: Eighth graders.

00:42:44.040 --> 00:42:54.120 Sarina DiBianca: So it's your eighth graders your high schoolers college and Grad students 13 to 24 it's it's everybody who's invincible, as we know, when we were that age.

00:42:54.210 --> 00:42:55.230 Sarina DiBianca: Right we're invincible.

00:42:56.340 --> 00:43:06.870 Sarina DiBianca: And nobody talks about aids anymore, nobody talks about HIV, so the young kids don't even know about it don't even think about it, and then we can give you some statistics.

00:43:07.500 --> 00:43:24.690 Sarina DiBianca: Philadelphia is five times the national city average So if you live in philly the HIV and AIDS rate is five times higher than la Detroit Manhattan now Pennsylvania on a whole is low, but Philadelphia it's off the hook.

00:43:24.810 --> 00:43:34.770 Tommy DiMisa: Is that is that is that it from your assessment or from what you know is that drug use is it promiscuity is lack of protection in you know.

00:43:36.120 --> 00:43:37.650 Tommy DiMisa: What is it if you can.

00:43:37.830 --> 00:43:40.020 Sarina DiBianca: it's all of it yeah it's all of it.

00:43:41.100 --> 00:43:49.170 Sarina DiBianca: So, and nobody also realizes that it's a sexual network, so if you're having unprotected sex, for the very first time.

00:43:49.770 --> 00:44:01.590 Sarina DiBianca: But the person you're having unprotected sex with has had unprotected sex 10 times, then you just extrapolate those numbers and you're now having unprotected sex with 100 people.

00:44:01.830 --> 00:44:14.400 Tommy DiMisa: So I remember growing up, and again growing up so born in 78 so i'm 10 1112 in 8889 90 becoming aware of the world, I remember the commercials like that that would kind of.

00:44:15.030 --> 00:44:22.890 Tommy DiMisa: I don't remember them specifically, but the idea of that and maybe was just education in school at the time to that i'm recalling, but it was like.

00:44:23.520 --> 00:44:26.850 Tommy DiMisa: Two people and two people in two people like that was that, like.

00:44:27.630 --> 00:44:37.140 Tommy DiMisa: that's not spoken of anymore that those sort of things are not educated on unless it's an organization i'm asking i'm not really saying that i'm asking you and your experience.

00:44:37.500 --> 00:44:47.280 Tommy DiMisa: that's that awareness is not there and and when the organization comes in, is that these are types of conversations you'll go into the school systems and have.

00:44:48.330 --> 00:44:55.680 Sarina DiBianca: yeah so when so we put on sporting events, because I was interviewed and somebody asked me what do you want for so long.

00:44:55.890 --> 00:45:05.280 Sarina DiBianca: And I said i'd love still wanting to go out of business, not because we don't have any money, but because the disease has been eradicated and then I thought to myself how do I do that, how do I be part of.

00:45:05.280 --> 00:45:05.940 Sarina DiBianca: That change.

00:45:06.060 --> 00:45:07.320 Sarina DiBianca: How do I be a change agent.

00:45:07.380 --> 00:45:11.400 Sarina DiBianca: In that so going into a school and talking to kids about.

00:45:12.060 --> 00:45:13.170 Tommy DiMisa: HIV they're just going to.

00:45:13.170 --> 00:45:16.800 Sarina DiBianca: Go click they're not going to listen to the word I have to say so.

00:45:16.830 --> 00:45:32.490 Sarina DiBianca: I have teamed up with some pro athletes, so I have former 70 sixers jermaine Jones and he helped me and and coach phil Martelli formerly of St joe's he's.

00:45:32.490 --> 00:45:33.630 Sarina DiBianca: Now, with Michigan.

00:45:33.870 --> 00:45:35.850 Sarina DiBianca: And we put together this.

00:45:35.940 --> 00:45:42.420 Sarina DiBianca: This thing called full Court press for awareness so it's a three point shootout age groups.

00:45:42.720 --> 00:45:55.230 Sarina DiBianca: Get the kids their film have fun bring pro athletes talk to them and then educate them on HIV, but most importantly you're not only talking to the kid but you're talking to their parents.

00:45:55.560 --> 00:46:02.250 Sarina DiBianca: And the most important person to talk to is their coach because they you know teenagers think the parents don't know anything.

00:46:02.640 --> 00:46:19.350 Sarina DiBianca: Anyway, think their parents are dumb, but they do admire and listen to their coaches, so when the coaches get that information and that's the coaches Aha moment like holy cow I should be talking to my students about this, then conversation just continues to build.

00:46:19.680 --> 00:46:20.130 wow.

00:46:21.180 --> 00:46:30.450 Tommy DiMisa: Excuse me, I mean you know, deputising the coaches as as these change agents right, giving them any information that they need, because to your point, you know the.

00:46:31.530 --> 00:46:40.110 Tommy DiMisa: You know they're going to look to the coach and again having being a father I realized that my children think I don't know much of anything and I.

00:46:40.920 --> 00:46:51.540 Tommy DiMisa: expectation is as a turn in teenagers they'll probably be pretty confident that I don't know anything so that's but that's that's really, really important, and you know the.

00:46:52.350 --> 00:47:07.140 Tommy DiMisa: Word i'm going to use might have a negative connotation, but the angle of utilizing and leveraging the athletics, I think it's genius you know it's kind of my buddy mcallen just put a basketball here in the chat on Facebook, you know shout out the MIC big supporter of the show.

00:47:08.280 --> 00:47:17.730 Tommy DiMisa: You know I, I see that and I during cove it, you know I see the opportunity with the athletics.

00:47:18.750 --> 00:47:26.130 Tommy DiMisa: Will you limited with during Kobe to what you were able to do to to access the athletes and get that information out there, did you have to change things a bit.

00:47:27.570 --> 00:47:35.850 Sarina DiBianca: um well, let me step back when march 15 happen in the world close down as we knew it due to cove it.

00:47:36.270 --> 00:47:56.730 Sarina DiBianca: within four days I had every one of our program our reiki our polities every group class that we did our TAI Chi we were up on zoom doing that, prior to coven we were a little you know holistic mind body and spiritual wellness.

00:47:56.730 --> 00:47:58.380 Tommy DiMisa: Center in philly.

00:47:59.280 --> 00:48:06.720 Sarina DiBianca: But with that and breaking that open I now have people that join in from Rwanda Africa from Germany.

00:48:06.930 --> 00:48:25.020 Sarina DiBianca: And all over the United States, so silwan instantly became global because of the pandemic so not that i'm happy that there's a pandemic here but it's certainly broadened the you know spectrum for who can come and seek still moms.

00:48:25.290 --> 00:48:25.770 Tommy DiMisa: help.

00:48:25.830 --> 00:48:27.660 Sarina DiBianca: it's now to anyone.

00:48:27.690 --> 00:48:28.620 Sarina DiBianca: Who has a phone.

00:48:28.710 --> 00:48:33.870 Tommy DiMisa: or a computer you know I, of course, neither one of us would would applaud that there's a pandemic.

00:48:33.900 --> 00:48:34.710 Sarina DiBianca: Right that's correct.

00:48:34.980 --> 00:48:43.620 Tommy DiMisa: obvious statement, but there are i'll even take i'm going to go out on a limb, because this might sound a little bit incorrect but there's some silver linings right.

00:48:44.250 --> 00:48:53.700 Tommy DiMisa: Maybe that's a bit much there's just some things that have changed some opportunities that have come out of that, I mean I know it from a business perspective I know it from the fact that, as it.

00:48:54.000 --> 00:49:00.300 Tommy DiMisa: kind of made a joke my car was over on the mileage and then it wasn't because it didn't leave the front of my house for here.

00:49:01.650 --> 00:49:11.790 Tommy DiMisa: But but strategically from a nonprofit perspective I see it in a lot of ways, where Gal is now a lot of either the hybrid Gala which has become you know very.

00:49:12.660 --> 00:49:24.150 Tommy DiMisa: ubiquitous term right hybrid but also just the the programming, that is now done through zoom or otherwise, as you said, I mean, as far as Rwanda, you know you.

00:49:24.780 --> 00:49:31.260 Tommy DiMisa: Since the burn for the don couldn't have dreamt about how are we going to serve these people in Rwanda, unless we get on a plane and go there right and now.

00:49:31.920 --> 00:49:45.090 Tommy DiMisa: The whole thing and the impact is big impact the people served by the programs and the organization are much bigger we actually have to take one last break when we come back, though I want you to share with me.

00:49:45.420 --> 00:50:01.170 Tommy DiMisa: Some of the upcoming events, if you have anything going on with jermaine Jones or or any of the other stuff you know the athletes or coach Martelli or end or who can we connect you with who are you looking to meet serena who are the right people, whether they be philly or otherwise.

00:50:02.790 --> 00:50:08.520 Tommy DiMisa: Alright cool this is philanthropy and focused on your buddy Tommy D, the nonprofit sector connector we'll be right back.

00:51:37.980 --> 00:51:45.900 To talk radio nyc at www talk radio dot nyc now broadcasting 24 hours a day.

00:52:05.940 --> 00:52:07.290 Tommy DiMisa: a bunch date on zoom.

00:52:07.290 --> 00:52:07.830 Tommy DiMisa: I was like.

00:52:08.400 --> 00:52:15.060 Tommy DiMisa: i'm on zoom all day serene and i'm like looking to go to the share screen in the chat box when I really wanted to unmute button so.

00:52:15.810 --> 00:52:21.510 Tommy DiMisa: very confusing I you know 15 do meetings a day for two years you think you'd figure this stuff out but.

00:52:22.080 --> 00:52:25.770 Tommy DiMisa: i'm just a work in progress, like all of us alright, so this is philanthropy and focus.

00:52:26.400 --> 00:52:40.050 Tommy DiMisa: serena D and Tommy D in the attic, this is the the lightning round portion of the show what's going on with the organization going forward who can I or my network connect you with and what does the organization need.

00:52:41.700 --> 00:52:54.360 Sarina DiBianca: Well, what the organization what is a stumbling block within the organization is what we do is holistic mind body and spiritual wellness now, we do have two psychologists.

00:52:54.600 --> 00:53:02.220 Sarina DiBianca: who run trauma support group and brother Bob who's been with us for the from the onset who runs our HIV support group.

00:53:02.550 --> 00:53:16.140 Sarina DiBianca: But they work for the Church, so they don't have medicaid ids, even though they are psychologists, you know he's an August in and brother, so what we do, even though we see people.

00:53:17.340 --> 00:53:27.720 Sarina DiBianca: And, but because they don't have a medicaid ID we can't be built, therefore, we get no federal or state funding for what we do.

00:53:29.820 --> 00:53:36.540 Sarina DiBianca: So then there's this stigma and people don't like to donate to something that they see.

00:53:37.110 --> 00:53:55.320 Sarina DiBianca: Is with our own lens of email possibly being narrow minded you know so they see this disease different than somebody who has cancer or somebody who has diabetes, because there's the blame and the shame that goes along with it, that being said, we never have enough money so.

00:53:56.460 --> 00:54:12.510 Sarina DiBianca: We put on programs to educate and everything still on does runs off of donors and grants, so what my ask would be for today is obviously we need donors.

00:54:13.290 --> 00:54:25.620 Sarina DiBianca: But we also need I would love to hook up with other former athletes who believe in this mission, we have hooked up with football and we've.

00:54:26.070 --> 00:54:36.630 Sarina DiBianca: Last year I was involved in what is called legends football camp, and it was run by Isaac redman, who was a former Pittsburgh steeler and.

00:54:37.560 --> 00:54:47.400 Sarina DiBianca: Kevin Ross, who is with the Tampa Bay buccaneers he's their quarterback coach and they ran this program 300 kids I was there, help them, you know.

00:54:47.730 --> 00:55:10.680 Sarina DiBianca: run it and be able to talk to those kids so we've got football we've got basketball what other sports what other pro athletes or local teams would love to get involved in what we do and how we can educate kids and the last thing that I would ask for is there is a.

00:55:11.730 --> 00:55:15.990 Sarina DiBianca: contract in Philadelphia called a Community partnership act.

00:55:16.410 --> 00:55:17.220 Sarina DiBianca: Where.

00:55:17.460 --> 00:55:26.880 Sarina DiBianca: It is meant for insurance, health insurance companies to partner with small nonprofits so because we can't get.

00:55:26.880 --> 00:55:28.170 Sarina DiBianca: paid for what we do.

00:55:28.170 --> 00:55:29.250 Through the city.

00:55:30.510 --> 00:55:30.930 Sarina DiBianca: If.

00:55:31.320 --> 00:55:33.990 Sarina DiBianca: We keep someone living with HIV and AIDS.

00:55:34.080 --> 00:55:38.160 Sarina DiBianca: Healthy and we get them to be emotionally healthy.

00:55:39.300 --> 00:55:41.790 Sarina DiBianca: They will follow their medical protocol so that.

00:55:41.820 --> 00:55:44.640 Sarina DiBianca: blend of eastern and western medicine.

00:55:44.970 --> 00:55:53.010 Sarina DiBianca: Is the collaboration that everyone is looking for, because if I feel i'm not worthy of getting better because I was.

00:55:53.010 --> 00:55:53.760 Sarina DiBianca: a drug addict.

00:55:54.090 --> 00:56:03.240 Sarina DiBianca: or society tells me, based on my zip code i'm no good or because I am in the LGBT Q, you know.

00:56:04.560 --> 00:56:10.350 Sarina DiBianca: Community society gives you these negative connotations and civil arms there to tell you.

00:56:10.920 --> 00:56:23.520 Sarina DiBianca: that's all baloney and that's society's issues and that you were made exactly how you were meant to be and how do we honor your journey, so your journey.

00:56:24.000 --> 00:56:42.510 Sarina DiBianca: That was yesterday, you may have been a drug drug addict but look at you today, you clean your sober and you deserve to be honored for who you are today and how do we make your tomorrow, better than yesterday, so in doing all of this, you know i've got temple.

00:56:43.980 --> 00:56:57.720 Sarina DiBianca: Einstein Jefferson those three hospitals send me their HIV patients that they know are emotionally and spiritually broken i've got the nonprofits in the city that do clinical work.

00:56:58.350 --> 00:57:05.520 Sarina DiBianca: send me their people, but then I have no way to get reimbursement for that, so this partnership act if I.

00:57:06.300 --> 00:57:23.010 Sarina DiBianca: partner with, and we have a contract with United healthcare so united healthcare will send me their people and say they have a diagnosis of HIV, diabetes, cancer anxiety depression.

00:57:23.910 --> 00:57:33.210 Sarina DiBianca: substance abuse smoking cessation all of these things they'll send me their people, because, if I can help make them emotionally and spiritually whole.

00:57:33.960 --> 00:57:51.690 Sarina DiBianca: They will follow their medical protocol, which then keeps them out of the hospital and keeps them in our exercise classes in our you know trauma support groups in our HIV support groups in our TAI Chi class for exercise and then you're a healthier more rounded.

00:57:51.690 --> 00:57:53.730 Sarina DiBianca: Individual that you.

00:57:53.760 --> 00:58:00.360 Sarina DiBianca: are proud of yourself and you're going to stay out of the hospital, a lot more than when you didn't believe in yourself.

00:58:01.380 --> 00:58:20.370 Sarina DiBianca: So we have been working with other health care providers to try to get a same contract and then they would I would build them, they would build a city, the city would reimburse them and they pay me so it's a pass through for someone like.

00:58:20.970 --> 00:58:29.490 Sarina DiBianca: United healthcare keystone health blue cross Blue Shield at nah you know it would be a pass through for them it wouldn't cost them any money.

00:58:30.900 --> 00:58:32.280 Sarina DiBianca: For us to help so.

00:58:32.430 --> 00:58:34.080 Tommy DiMisa: We only have the one contract.

00:58:34.170 --> 00:58:35.670 Sarina DiBianca: Of united healthcare, and I would.

00:58:35.700 --> 00:58:45.540 Tommy DiMisa: love to have more oh alright, so I don't talk too much about what I do professionally but we own an employee benefits agency can call the vanguard insurance agency i'm currently studying for.

00:58:46.080 --> 00:58:50.730 Tommy DiMisa: Registered employee benefits certification right rbc certification.

00:58:51.270 --> 00:58:57.240 Tommy DiMisa: In the space we talked i'm learning more and more about wellness and these types of programs that are similar to what you were referring to.

00:58:57.540 --> 00:59:05.460 Tommy DiMisa: We are going to run out of time before we run out of stuff to say which is sort of a policy on the show here but yeah what I want to there's precedent, though, what you HC here.

00:59:05.790 --> 00:59:06.510 Tommy DiMisa: It is it's already.

00:59:06.570 --> 00:59:18.240 Tommy DiMisa: it's already happening so so programmatically corn, like the thing exists it's just a matter of bringing this thing to some of the other carriers and in something right.

00:59:18.660 --> 00:59:22.950 Sarina DiBianca: yeah and it's all and, just to clarify it's only four people.

00:59:23.130 --> 00:59:41.700 Sarina DiBianca: On medicaid and Silhouette clientele 91% live below the poverty line so everything we do it was for free, because we need to get in front of that population that doesn't have anywhere else to turn to.

00:59:42.630 --> 00:59:51.090 Tommy DiMisa: Again, something else you said about certain populations, based on your zip code, I mean there's so much here to really dive into and we're not going to be able to do it today, but.

00:59:51.450 --> 00:59:52.290 Sarina DiBianca: i'll come back.

00:59:52.440 --> 00:59:55.950 Tommy DiMisa: yeah that's don't don't trust me what a good time serving a date don't do it all right.

00:59:56.880 --> 01:00:05.760 Tommy DiMisa: here's the thing about it, though I would love for you to come back and we will work that out, and you know I told you this morning before we got we went live I had this other idea for a whole nother show and it's um.

01:00:06.510 --> 01:00:16.290 Tommy DiMisa: it's called important conversations with Tommy it doesn't even exist yet, but neither did philanthropy and focus a bunch of years back, so, and these are important conversations that we're having so.

01:00:17.370 --> 01:00:23.220 Tommy DiMisa: I want to talk to you more about the carrier thing I want to talk to you more about the insurance thing we'll do it offline we'll talk about that I want to give.

01:00:23.790 --> 01:00:33.780 Tommy DiMisa: You know, just a quick announcement next week on the show renee and Andy van heel from every swipe benefits charity will be here, which is a 501 C three.

01:00:34.320 --> 01:00:43.530 Tommy DiMisa: That gives businesses a philanthropic arm, while providing a fundraising platform to charities through credit card processing my friend Mike Collins he's a big fan of the show good friend of mine.

01:00:43.950 --> 01:00:50.040 Tommy DiMisa: is always checking in and helping me out behind the scenes here like when I don't know, an answer to something Michael put the answer in the chat MC is a.

01:00:50.250 --> 01:00:57.300 Tommy DiMisa: representative of this company, and he has this awesome opportunity he gets to go around the country giving out the big checks to nonprofit organizations.

01:00:57.660 --> 01:01:09.810 Tommy DiMisa: we're going to hear about how business aligns with nonprofit when Andy and and renee are here with me in the attic next week, every week we do this from 10 to 11am.

01:01:10.470 --> 01:01:21.420 Tommy DiMisa: serena I can't say thank you more than like I just i'm so appreciative of you being here shout out to Fred town for because it's not for my buddy Fred making this connection none of these things happen.

01:01:21.720 --> 01:01:38.790 Tommy DiMisa: sister burn I am thrilled to meet you in person, very soon as soon as I get down to the brother sister wow excuse me, the city of sisterly and brotherly love, I will be down soon, I have two daughters so make sure you got throw that sisterly love in there to not just brotherly love serena.

01:01:39.090 --> 01:01:40.710 Sarina DiBianca: I love being in the attic.

01:01:40.860 --> 01:01:43.560 Sarina DiBianca: I thought i'd say that but I love being in the.

01:01:43.560 --> 01:01:46.590 Tommy DiMisa: I welcome you to my attic and you're always welcome back see.

01:01:46.680 --> 01:01:48.030 Tommy DiMisa: What else you got to say before we go.

01:01:48.360 --> 01:02:01.770 Sarina DiBianca: i'd like to say thank you to all of our volunteers who put out their time their love and their goodwill to help our teachers, the people that are living with HIV and AIDS, so thank you to all of them.

01:02:02.160 --> 01:02:08.940 Tommy DiMisa: To their trust, thank you to all the volunteers volunteering is critical, I appreciate we're going to end the stigma around this disease.

01:02:08.970 --> 01:02:20.580 Tommy DiMisa: Turning Thank you sorry we're gonna end this stigma around HIV and AIDS right and it's still a stigma around mental health issues i'm here to do whatever I can, I think I got 50 years left to go so i'm going to work on the best I.

01:02:20.580 --> 01:02:21.630 Sarina DiBianca: Can I made them.

01:02:21.900 --> 01:02:25.050 Tommy DiMisa: i'll see you all later on kyle thanks for doing a great job.

01:02:25.470 --> 01:02:26.070 Sarina DiBianca: Thank you.

01:02:26.490 --> 01:02:27.060 Tommy DiMisa: bye everybody.

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