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Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/23 - Empowering Businesses Through Cyber Security

Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/23 - Empowering Businesses Through Cyber Security


2021/11/23 - Empowering Businesses Through Cyber Security

[NEW EPISODE] Empowering Businesses Through Cyber Security

Since many businesses are working remotely, companies must be aware of the cyber security issues and threats that can destroy their data, disrupt business, and otherwise disempower a company from achieving its mission.

How can businesses stay mindful and cyber-safe, so as to maintain their power to thrive?

In this episode, I will be speaking with Jessica A. Robinson (She/Her), Founder / CEO Of PurePoint International, about how to identify and protect against the unique cyber security risks that women-owned and minority-owned companies face during COVID-19, as well as some solutions to these challenges.

Tune in for this informative conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tonight, Eric introduces his guest, Jessica Robinson. The topic for tonight’s episode is empowering businesses through cyber security. Jessica Robinson founded Purepoint International which provides cyber security consulting, helping small businesses, women owned and women- led businesses, around the world and more. Eric asks Robinson how she got into cybersecurity and more. Robinson grew up being part of the safety patrol in school. She has always been interested in protection, security and how it all works. She felt like it was always her calling to be in cybersecurity and to help in this world of technology that continues to grow. Robinson speaks about some of the challenges that business owners face today working more from home in terms of cyber security such as protecting their supply chain securely, data protection (on the computer and even what’s printed), and more.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Eric and Robinson speak on the trends of cyber threats or breaches that relate to minority owned businesses. Robinson says that what we see is a need to focus on cybersecurity as part of their business strategy. She says that it’s important to be aware of . She works with communities such as with people of color, LGBTQ+ communities and other minority groups. She explains the cybersecurity threats among these groups. Robinson says that Purepoint International is there to help and support their needs. Robinson also emphasizes that these threats aren’t only risks for minority groups or small businesses but also it depends on the job that the business is doing as well. Some actions that help are updating the businesses’ website, and in general, Robinson says updating everything on our phones and other electronic devices such as apps. Keeping things up to date is crucial in protection for businesses and personally.

Segment 3

Robinson tells us that team and staff are important parts of cybersecurity as everyone plays a role in protecting data and an organization. She says that there are still a high amount of breaches that happen from within an organization from downloads , weak passwords, and clicking on links without knowing what may happen. She also mentions cost effective ways to help with cybersecurity such as a password manager or a cost for obtaining passwords (cost per user) depending on the amount of employees involved. Robinson says that this can vary in different situations and explains that there isn’t a bad investment. She also mentions having a VPN and explains more about this. Eric also asks Robinson about what “big step” that one can take for protection as well.

Segment 4

Coming back from the final break, Robinson talks about the process Purpoint International takes to help a business. She says that sometimes a company may want to help their own clients and step up to do whatever they can to keep confidentiality in various ways. There’s also an accountability for businesses no matter the size to counter data breaches and information. One example given was if a company is trying to purchase another company, one of the important factors that affects the value of a company is cyber security. They briefly discuss how this kind of protection varies for businesses and companies around the world based on laws as well. Eric thanks Robinson for coming on the show and helping break down this topic and why it’s important for us to know about cybersecurity personally but also for businesses. Jessica Robinson mentions her website where you can learn more about her company, their goals to empower business to create secure workplaces and communities, and you can also connect with Robinson via Linkedin.


00:00:37.080 --> 00:00:48.480 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Good evening, welcome to employment law today i'm your host erick solver i'm an employment law business law attorney and I host this show every Tuesday evening at 5pm Eastern standard time.

00:00:48.900 --> 00:01:00.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Where my guests, I discuss compelling issues that business owners face and these challenging times mainly issues involving employment issues involving business and we.

00:01:00.930 --> 00:01:19.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Speak to audiences of all industries and businesses of all stripes and sizes and tonight we have a special guest my guest is JESSICA Robinson JESSICA, is the CEO of pure point international I just welcome to the show.

00:01:20.010 --> 00:01:22.740 Jessica Robinson: Thank you it's wonderful to be here great to be here with you.

00:01:23.220 --> 00:01:25.620 Eric Sarver, Esq.: it's great to have you here as well.

00:01:26.730 --> 00:01:33.630 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I want to just talk about our topic a little bit and then i'll mention more about you, in terms of your properly fitting introduction.

00:01:34.620 --> 00:01:42.060 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Our topic tonight folks is empowering businesses through cyber security and JESSICA, I spoke about this topic, a little bit.

00:01:42.780 --> 00:01:50.820 Eric Sarver, Esq.: short while ago, and it seems that you know, in a world that we live in, now where so many businesses have their employees working remotely and align.

00:01:51.270 --> 00:02:01.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Companies have to be aware of all the different cyber security issues and the threats that can destroy the data can disrupt business can drain financial resources.

00:02:01.650 --> 00:02:05.760 Eric Sarver, Esq.: visibly another way that this and power company from achieving their main mission.

00:02:06.510 --> 00:02:13.590 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And so, in this regard, many socially conscious companies, as well as putting nonprofits and when they already own businesses.

00:02:13.920 --> 00:02:26.580 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And women owned businesses might find themselves targeted specifically for a cyber attack, so the question becomes, how can businesses stay mindful and cyber safe so is to maintain their power to thrive.

00:02:27.270 --> 00:02:32.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And speaking about this topic tonight in this episode i'll be speaking with JESSICA Robinson.

00:02:33.870 --> 00:02:42.960 Eric Sarver, Esq.: As I mentioned founder CEO of pure point international was talking about how to identify and protect against these unique cyber security risks.

00:02:43.560 --> 00:02:58.770 Eric Sarver, Esq.: That women owned and minority owned businesses are up against during covert 19 especially I want to offer some solutions to the general cyber security issues and challenges that business owners face now JESSICA has quite an impressive background.

00:02:59.910 --> 00:03:11.340 Eric Sarver, Esq.: In addition to founding pierrepoint international which I should mention help CEOs and help sea level leaders to bridge the gap among data security cyber risk and privacy.

00:03:11.820 --> 00:03:17.790 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And pure point international provides cyber security consulting and training for financial services.

00:03:18.390 --> 00:03:25.290 Eric Sarver, Esq.: For insurance and other Middle market global companies from startup to the mill millions use me revenue.

00:03:26.190 --> 00:03:37.050 Eric Sarver, Esq.: JESSICA vision is to create a different kind of security company and has earned the company Award for international affairs and women's security from gcs Philippines New York chapter.

00:03:37.500 --> 00:03:43.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And from the philanthropy company of the year Award for the 2021 ally of the year awards ceremony.

00:03:43.890 --> 00:04:00.660 Eric Sarver, Esq.: JESSICA Robinson is also on the board of the authentic authentication technology company net lock and the million dollar women fund, and she is the board, Chair of world posts tops excuse me so with that again JESSICA is very great to have you on the show tonight.

00:04:01.860 --> 00:04:09.000 Jessica Robinson: Thank you it's wonderful to be here, looking forward to this conversation and talking about cybersecurity with you and how businesses could.

00:04:09.390 --> 00:04:24.150 Jessica Robinson: Think about how to protect themselves, right now, we live in this world where technology is moving so quickly and more and more businesses, no matter what size, you are really have to focus on thinking about how we do protect our businesses.

00:04:25.500 --> 00:04:32.460 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think that's really some a point to begin with JESSICA, and you know in delving into that point I wanted to ask a little bit more first about.

00:04:33.420 --> 00:04:47.970 Eric Sarver, Esq.: about you, it was a nice brief succinct intro, but if you can tell our audience tonight listeners a little bit more about yourself in terms of how did you get into cyber security and what experiences inspiring you to form your company pure point international.

00:04:49.980 --> 00:04:59.250 Jessica Robinson: Well, I was one of those kids growing up, where I was part of safety patrol when I was in fifth grade I read all that answer your books in.

00:04:59.640 --> 00:05:08.880 Jessica Robinson: My school library my eighth grade year and in a product of the 80s, I saw Matthew border war games and was like that is what I want to do, I want to be a hacker.

00:05:10.230 --> 00:05:13.440 Jessica Robinson: Those this is this commendation variances in.

00:05:14.490 --> 00:05:24.900 Jessica Robinson: But even before the fifth grade I just there was very deeply rooted in this in this thought in this area of protection and just knew that I came into this world and that this was the work I was meant to do in the world.

00:05:25.290 --> 00:05:37.050 Jessica Robinson: I didn't know how I was going to do it, or what I was going to do, but I knew it was meant for me to the point where like I truly believe, like in previous lives, security or some form of security, how, however, it was at that time was work that I did.

00:05:37.860 --> 00:05:49.590 Jessica Robinson: And, and I I got into cyber security specifically to kind of fast forward I did start off as a computer science and law security major in college, but it was I.

00:05:50.520 --> 00:05:54.000 Jessica Robinson: When I could spend nearly 10 years working in the private sector already.

00:05:54.330 --> 00:06:07.800 Jessica Robinson: That I was really thinking about what that next step would be for me and really thinking about my career up to that point, and what I was feeling called to do, which was really think about you know what does it mean to bring forward a new view of security.

00:06:08.100 --> 00:06:18.270 Jessica Robinson: You know, one that was really holistic, one that was focused on yes physical security and insider and like technical security net involve technology.

00:06:18.840 --> 00:06:25.200 Jessica Robinson: But what about one that centered women and then thinking about security more holistically one that bought an international.

00:06:25.770 --> 00:06:31.320 Jessica Robinson: which was what I was also really passionate about and focused on in school, and so, in part of this was really.

00:06:32.130 --> 00:06:38.640 Jessica Robinson: Calling calling in all of my skill sets an issue with passions around security, but it was also for thinking.

00:06:39.000 --> 00:06:41.730 Jessica Robinson: To the future going, what does the world need in the future.

00:06:42.000 --> 00:06:51.240 Jessica Robinson: And so, bringing in these other aspects of security or thinking about that you know, yes, physical and digital security is important, but so is emotional psychological and spiritual security.

00:06:51.540 --> 00:06:56.730 Jessica Robinson: And how do we really think about a feminine approach to security versus a masculine or militaristic approach.

00:06:57.090 --> 00:07:07.380 Jessica Robinson: You he definitely needed at times, but as someone who was a practicing Buddhist very active, particularly at that time, what I think I knew, is that they are needed to be in that away so.

00:07:09.000 --> 00:07:24.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: it's interesting I love asking again my guest like this first question about you know tell us more about yourself and what motivated you to five to found your business, could you learn some so many good things first off the practicing Buddhist one right here as well, so.

00:07:24.570 --> 00:07:30.330 Eric Sarver, Esq.: that's really fascinating I don't think we actually discussed that in previous conversations so it's interesting to note that you know.

00:07:31.320 --> 00:07:41.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: A couple things you mentioned, there first I think a lot of us like going to the you know the we get an idea taste for a certain field and, like when we when we're children we know it's right for us.

00:07:41.520 --> 00:07:51.750 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Even we don't fully understand what the field entails so with human wraps those board games with me perhaps like as a kid watching like certain legal shows on TV and then, as a young.

00:07:52.260 --> 00:08:07.950 Eric Sarver, Esq.: teenager watching want to learn i'm not highly log whether it before on la la came out on an NBC but, but then know to hear us talk about how you pursued your general that that purpose and that right that passionate for security for protection.

00:08:09.360 --> 00:08:16.440 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And this year that you're also bringing emotional and psychological safety philosophy towards the security.

00:08:17.580 --> 00:08:30.510 Eric Sarver, Esq.: it's just entering the interesting here that people are called to all kinds of fields, you know anything about people being called to like medicine, you know or ministry, but it can span the gamut so glad you're sharing that with us tonight.

00:08:31.140 --> 00:08:36.870 Jessica Robinson: yeah well you know talk about ministry, I mean ministry can wait.

00:08:36.930 --> 00:08:37.830 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Right and then you can.

00:08:37.860 --> 00:08:49.860 Jessica Robinson: You know in many different locations, and so I think the most important pieces, how are, how are individuals people to connect that passionate purpose to be able to do that work they're called to do in the world, and so, in my work.

00:08:50.400 --> 00:08:57.930 Jessica Robinson: I say i'm called I feel called to do this work, because there are people that I work with every day that are doing work through their own.

00:08:58.500 --> 00:09:04.710 Jessica Robinson: Their own passionate purpose, whether they're politicians their elected officials are in the process of running for office their head of.

00:09:05.250 --> 00:09:17.280 Jessica Robinson: profit or they're doing something else that puts their own lives were in danger or or makes them a target of fret and so, for me, my work is meant to support them so that they can live their own passion purpose.

00:09:19.470 --> 00:09:36.870 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But doesn't want to talk about that sort of Sub topic issue, our should say that narrowed issue with you to hear your thoughts about that vulnerability has specific strengths that minority owned businesses and social conscious companies feel or experience rather Enfield.

00:09:37.890 --> 00:09:49.620 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Can you tell us joy JESSICA just for some further context background, what are some of the most common you know cyber security issues that businesses have been facing since it started her coven 19 pandemic.

00:09:50.400 --> 00:10:01.350 Jessica Robinson: yeah I would say, probably the biggest one really just thinking about how do we work from home in this environment, how do we change our processes in a way, where they work for us, and that they really support our business and being saved.

00:10:01.890 --> 00:10:11.520 Jessica Robinson: And so, in thinking about how people can work from home and whether they're on their person their business laptops or their personal laptops how do they work on it.

00:10:11.820 --> 00:10:21.030 Jessica Robinson: and connect to an at home network, possibly if they don't have a business network, how do they think about using a personal vpn if they're not using a company vpn.

00:10:21.600 --> 00:10:29.970 Jessica Robinson: And then, how do they also do things like keep their team aware and up to date, interesting to training around cyber security.

00:10:30.540 --> 00:10:34.050 Jessica Robinson: These are all key things that companies have been struggling with.

00:10:34.560 --> 00:10:39.990 Jessica Robinson: And even for large companies that were they have their own network that their employees are logging into or.

00:10:40.290 --> 00:10:48.510 Jessica Robinson: They have vpn that they're providing to their employees at the end of the day, they're still taking confidential data and they're at their home with this confidential data.

00:10:48.750 --> 00:10:53.460 Jessica Robinson: And if there's a fair and employee that wants to print off something that needs they're printed off on their own printer.

00:10:54.030 --> 00:10:59.040 Jessica Robinson: So the question is, how is that information can be destroyed in a way that's in my company policy.

00:10:59.430 --> 00:11:09.690 Jessica Robinson: Or does their person there's is there a significant other other spouse who works at home with them today does that person work for a competitor or does that person able to overhear conversations where.

00:11:10.140 --> 00:11:23.490 Jessica Robinson: Could that could somehow compromised the information or the data that they're just so all of these are very, very real concerns that companies have been dealing with and it's it they've been big challenges for companies to try to figure this out.

00:11:24.630 --> 00:11:28.560 Jessica Robinson: But I think one area of this that's really just kind of an overarching theme.

00:11:29.190 --> 00:11:40.650 Jessica Robinson: That again effects businesses of all sizes, but and is vendor risk, and so we all have companies that we work with that were either a vendor to them or and a partner or their vendor to us.

00:11:40.980 --> 00:11:48.720 Jessica Robinson: And so, particularly with large companies are trying to think about how do we keep our supply chain, secure and their idea their vendor who.

00:11:49.140 --> 00:11:55.260 Jessica Robinson: is providing them with maybe some really significant critical service to them is working bump their their own home, you know that.

00:11:55.920 --> 00:12:02.850 Jessica Robinson: security risks right for all the things that we just discussed and so it's really been a challenging time for organizations and.

00:12:03.240 --> 00:12:11.790 Jessica Robinson: And this has had a strong ripple effect that strong smaller organizations who have had to really think about improve their security posture to some of their ideal clients.

00:12:12.600 --> 00:12:13.020 um.

00:12:14.040 --> 00:12:16.980 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know, you made a couple several good points there but.

00:12:17.400 --> 00:12:26.700 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Which is interesting JESSICA is can be talking about cybersecurity and everyone says Oh yes, very important it's very important but, having those specific details to make us really think.

00:12:27.090 --> 00:12:35.250 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think is key, you know you mentioned people working from home and my mind went to Oh, I guess we're going to discuss, you know I think the answer is.

00:12:36.240 --> 00:12:44.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Non secure i'll say insecure and non secure laptop or computer and and sort of like like the online presence.

00:12:44.760 --> 00:12:49.470 Eric Sarver, Esq.: someone's home, but you also are you talking about like you know say data being protected.

00:12:49.740 --> 00:12:59.040 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Not just like on the hard drive or on someone's computer, but what happens when they print it and it's laying around someone's home, maybe they have you know, like teenage children to have friends coming over.

00:12:59.520 --> 00:13:07.560 Eric Sarver, Esq.: What happens if spouses work with a competitor or so the idea that protection of data it's not just like cybersecurity can also mean.

00:13:08.040 --> 00:13:14.370 Eric Sarver, Esq.: what's on the computer was printed off the computer was spoken about in on the zoom conference call where it can be heard throughout the homework.

00:13:14.700 --> 00:13:26.460 Eric Sarver, Esq.: there's somebody goes to like a small CAFE and you know as their computer by much I always find a little little bit annoying but to me you never know who is so I think that's an interesting point.

00:13:27.780 --> 00:13:36.600 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And just this idea that fed structured information new people have vendors right, I think a lot of companies like you said i'd like to say, because so.

00:13:37.290 --> 00:13:45.960 Eric Sarver, Esq.: they're focused on like Okay, now we have to get you know ours remote workers, secure and make sure they have a secure computers server you know encryption but.

00:13:46.380 --> 00:13:54.150 Eric Sarver, Esq.: What happens like if that person, then you know as the bookkeeper or the company and the bookkeeper who is working from an on screen network and entering in their data so.

00:13:55.530 --> 00:14:04.710 Eric Sarver, Esq.: it's it's interesting your mom's you have non disclosure agreements where you have a vendor party has to be balanced, a confidentiality because they're privy to confidential matters too, and so.

00:14:06.090 --> 00:14:11.940 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It is that must be a big topic, have you seen the vendor risk being a growing topic these days with companies.

00:14:12.420 --> 00:14:28.620 Jessica Robinson: Absolutely absolutely it's one of the more regulated areas within cybersecurity so we've seen an increase in regulation across the board and nationally and internationally, and this is one of those key areas, because this is where we've seen a lot of the different.

00:14:29.160 --> 00:14:48.510 Jessica Robinson: Different cyber incidents take place, and so, as a result of this i've seen six person companies whose ideal client is working with horizon to start to start to have to take on be strong intense vendors question to be able to work with them so it's a very, very impactful.

00:14:49.170 --> 00:14:49.590 hmm.

00:14:51.120 --> 00:15:03.540 Eric Sarver, Esq.: sounds like a good topic to delve more into and, believe it or not, JESSICA we're actually very closely to our first commercial break my makes sense, taking that rather than starting a new question.

00:15:04.380 --> 00:15:10.860 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So i'll just for those that joined us late America soccer host of employment law today, and if you're just joining us.

00:15:11.190 --> 00:15:19.530 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Our guest tonight is JESSICA Robinson, the CEO and founder of pure point international we're talking about cybersecurity what you need to know the business owner.

00:15:19.980 --> 00:15:30.600 Eric Sarver, Esq.: When we come back after the break we'll talk about trends we see in cyber threats and breaches and how to protect sensitive invulnerable businesses so stick around to talk radio nyc we'll be right back.

00:17:45.450 --> 00:17:54.000 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to employment law today i'm your host erick solver here tonight with my guest JESSICA Robinson cyber security.

00:17:55.320 --> 00:17:55.800 Eric Sarver, Esq.: expert.

00:17:58.680 --> 00:18:03.240 Jessica Robinson: Expert that is always learning right thing, since I was pretty always moving so quickly so we're always learning.

00:18:04.590 --> 00:18:07.920 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I know that, too, because certain fields have certain who can can.

00:18:08.430 --> 00:18:08.940 yeah.

00:18:10.050 --> 00:18:12.150 Jessica Robinson: I want to be mindful that yeah.

00:18:12.180 --> 00:18:14.640 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Certainly, certainly very, very knowledgeable.

00:18:15.030 --> 00:18:16.800 Eric Sarver, Esq.: and talking about.

00:18:17.850 --> 00:18:18.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: trudy and.

00:18:22.920 --> 00:18:39.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Business owned by you know people of color so first question JESSICA is can we talk about where some of the trends of cyber threats or breaches are issues that that relate more Stoughton minority owned businesses.

00:18:41.340 --> 00:18:58.410 Jessica Robinson: yeah you know what I would say, is when it comes to minority and women owned businesses what we're specifically seen there, or what I see, there is just this expanded expanded one learning more.

00:19:00.270 --> 00:19:12.180 Jessica Robinson: There has been a need, as different as as these businesses continue to grow and expand to just make really make sure that they're focusing in and include including cybersecurity as part of their business strategy.

00:19:12.630 --> 00:19:20.520 Jessica Robinson: As a result of this, for example, I recently been a part of a project with verizon where they created this startup.

00:19:21.210 --> 00:19:31.110 Jessica Robinson: training for women and minority owned businesses to be able to go through this training it's able to have a clear idea of how they can really start to incorporate specific areas into their business.

00:19:31.680 --> 00:19:40.470 Jessica Robinson: So if they're thinking about building a website what they should be thinking about for their for security, like an ssl certificate or they're concerned about.

00:19:41.460 --> 00:19:50.670 Jessica Robinson: Thinking about creating a strategy in their business or helping to ensure that their team feels comfortable around cyber security what they should be thinking about in terms of a policy.

00:19:51.450 --> 00:19:55.680 Jessica Robinson: A lot of times in the minority and women owned businesses.

00:19:56.190 --> 00:20:07.440 Jessica Robinson: may not be sure and depending on the type of business that they have what they can really start to incorporate so it's really ensuring that there's more accessibility around learning and training in this area, because at the end of the day.

00:20:08.310 --> 00:20:14.820 Jessica Robinson: Gone are the days, where business owners don't have to know about cybersecurity it's something that we all have to be aware of.

00:20:15.330 --> 00:20:19.650 Jessica Robinson: So that's what i'll just say first thing and over at overall personally.

00:20:20.430 --> 00:20:32.760 Jessica Robinson: I work with vulnerable communities that happened to be a lot of people that are women and people of color and a lot of times it's people that are in specific roles, so they can be in a position where they're creating a documentary film.

00:20:33.390 --> 00:20:40.230 Jessica Robinson: they're doing they're a movement leaders so they're leading a movement in the country or another country and they're focused on.

00:20:40.950 --> 00:20:51.480 Jessica Robinson: A specific issue, whether it's human rights or another type of focus there an elected official they're interested in running for office stuff The statistics show that people who are under.

00:20:52.980 --> 00:21:04.260 Jessica Robinson: The bypass Community black indigenous people of color or LGBT Q plus Community have high rates of threats, they have higher rates of incidents of concert of.

00:21:05.370 --> 00:21:12.960 Jessica Robinson: stuff cyber security but also physical security concerns this can mean also physical physical security concerns in their home.

00:21:13.350 --> 00:21:24.870 Jessica Robinson: and compete against their family, it can mean threats online via social media, and so the work that we do and I mentioned earlier, is that part of the work with pure point international is that we.

00:21:25.500 --> 00:21:35.580 Jessica Robinson: That we were built for these vulnerable communities, we were created to really serve this Community, and a lot of times, these are individuals and organizations, where.

00:21:36.090 --> 00:21:46.470 Jessica Robinson: they've already gone to law enforcement, law enforcement, has not been able to help they've already gone to another security company security company has not been able to help so somehow they have found their way to us, and so we are here.

00:21:47.010 --> 00:21:57.720 Jessica Robinson: For us to support their needs, so that they could live their own passionate purpose, even though that requires a bit of increased risk risk on their own life or their family's life and so.

00:21:58.320 --> 00:22:05.760 Jessica Robinson: do a lot of really, really, specific and catered support to them to ensure that they are getting exactly what they need in this holistic way.

00:22:06.330 --> 00:22:18.660 Jessica Robinson: Because, at the end of the day, if you have an increased risk just do the type of work that you do, you can imagine the type of the type of impact that can have on your physical health and also your your your mental health so.

00:22:19.560 --> 00:22:33.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: yeah so they sure I can really damage, although the Thank you very much distraction, the the drain on one thing, mental you know faculties and the stress and being excited witchdoctor having social media hacked it's it's it's interesting to me it's it's quite.

00:22:35.130 --> 00:22:44.430 Eric Sarver, Esq.: phenomenal to see that you know bypass often own businesses and LGBT Q I businesses can inflict face those extra threats so that's.

00:22:44.970 --> 00:22:46.140 Jessica Robinson: not always business it's.

00:22:46.140 --> 00:22:50.850 Jessica Robinson: not always businesses but it's now but it's depending on the type of work that they're doing so definitely don't want.

00:22:51.150 --> 00:23:00.060 Jessica Robinson: All businesses are facing this but, depending on the type of work that they're doing that was within their work and within their field that would definitely increase risk.

00:23:00.510 --> 00:23:09.210 Eric Sarver, Esq.: that's there's importantly right there, yes, because I mean say like you know quote unquote more neutral like owning up you know not only Tony can you store.

00:23:10.050 --> 00:23:18.600 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Certainly, a local business in itself but might not meet the same level of a public attention and perhaps like you know, be in the crosshairs of a polarizing.

00:23:19.470 --> 00:23:25.950 Eric Sarver, Esq.: faction society that say as somebody who's in a political movements like you mentioned or say you know social cause are elected official.

00:23:26.220 --> 00:23:35.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So doesn't want to mention that part also seems that and I imagine that you might overlap a lot right because often I mean you'll certainly find people who are not in those communities who were.

00:23:35.850 --> 00:23:45.990 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Who were not perhaps by Bach LGBT Q, who are involved in certain certain causes but for sure I said overlap people in those communities have those causes.

00:23:49.680 --> 00:24:07.470 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Cancer yeah it's interesting and I wonder, you know how do we, how do you say break down some examples of like security action so like, for example, they say, you know that take that bypass craps you know owned or they say i'm firm that.

00:24:09.210 --> 00:24:22.500 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Legislative lobbying or activism, or you know runs a movement as an organizer, how do you break down like the website let's say and the server being safe, is it piecemeal, or is it all done at one time or.

00:24:23.730 --> 00:24:25.980 Jessica Robinson: Well, it really depends, everything is situational.

00:24:27.000 --> 00:24:34.380 Jessica Robinson: And when it comes to this type of work and and also, it can be very holistic it really just depends on how we're engaging with them, depending on the concern.

00:24:34.740 --> 00:24:45.990 Jessica Robinson: But let's just take let's just even take that business owner that has a candy store ago and we can look at what we would want to do for the website, the security concern we want to make sure that if we were.

00:24:46.800 --> 00:24:53.280 Jessica Robinson: To have a website and you do have security for that site, so that is called an ssl certificate.

00:24:53.730 --> 00:24:59.220 Jessica Robinson: And that's something that you can get from whoever perhaps you purchase the domain from that website from.

00:24:59.670 --> 00:25:12.870 Jessica Robinson: And this is also just important to keep in mind, because at the end of the day, Google rankings are important and those that don't have an ssl certificate will get lower rank on Google that's one of their ways of trying to really encourage business owners.

00:25:13.170 --> 00:25:14.580 Jessica Robinson: To ensure that they're focusing on.

00:25:14.580 --> 00:25:16.140 Jessica Robinson: Security within their own business.

00:25:16.680 --> 00:25:17.190 and

00:25:18.210 --> 00:25:27.930 Jessica Robinson: Then just having a website overall really ensuring that you're updating it on a regular basis, so, for example, if you have a website wordpress website, ensuring that.

00:25:28.380 --> 00:25:35.490 Jessica Robinson: Again, are updated on a regular basis, and that you have a website person that can help you with different things and.

00:25:36.090 --> 00:25:40.980 Jessica Robinson: And then there are sometimes there may be options for extra security for a website, just like their.

00:25:41.670 --> 00:25:48.360 Jessica Robinson: options for extra security with your email and depending on you know, depending on what's going on, on your risk level.

00:25:48.720 --> 00:25:55.740 Jessica Robinson: I do suggest that, but it may not always be needed, and they wait, you know may want to wait till the business gets a little larger but.

00:25:56.160 --> 00:26:05.820 Jessica Robinson: but either way always being aware of these different options is always important to do, but the biggest thing is always just really ensuring that everything is up to date.

00:26:07.050 --> 00:26:17.010 Jessica Robinson: also be the same thing with any Apps that we have on our laptops in our phones, you know updating those Apps on a continual basis are always important from a from a security perspective.

00:26:18.390 --> 00:26:32.340 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So it's updating and protecting Apps on the phone like it's a website it's email it's occasionally I guess I imagined it could be all those things and could be done at once a piece of mail press pending upon someone's resources financially.

00:26:33.570 --> 00:26:39.990 Eric Sarver, Esq.: perspective on how their company or business or fermenting he runs is that fair to say.

00:26:41.250 --> 00:26:42.750 Jessica Robinson: yeah we can be done piecemeal.

00:26:43.830 --> 00:26:50.010 Jessica Robinson: In one way you know, depending on how you're looking at it a lot of times, it can be gotta pee smell, if you have a specific concern.

00:26:50.310 --> 00:26:54.720 Jessica Robinson: But if you're someone who's thinking and just wanting to be proactive about something having a penny working with.

00:26:55.050 --> 00:27:03.540 Jessica Robinson: It help you really take an overview of your business to really look at help you look at well what where are the biggest risk or to actually only say.

00:27:03.900 --> 00:27:09.360 Jessica Robinson: If you are going to pick two areas, but I tell people be bulletproof into areas, you know by bulletproof I mean.

00:27:09.720 --> 00:27:16.380 Jessica Robinson: That just be great in those areas, you know there's so much to do, and it can be so overwhelming to think about what to do from a security standpoint.

00:27:16.620 --> 00:27:23.010 Jessica Robinson: But talking with some to really find out well, what are the most important areas for your business, whether you have a restaurant or you have a candy store.

00:27:23.280 --> 00:27:32.100 Jessica Robinson: Or you have a consulting business or you have a bakery whatever that happens to be if you just focus on whatever those two main areas are.

00:27:32.520 --> 00:27:37.620 Jessica Robinson: In say there's 10, but if you focus on the first two you could always focus on reinforcement later later time.

00:27:37.890 --> 00:27:50.190 Jessica Robinson: Just be great at those two things, and so that if something happens within the business at least you can say that you focused and you have great routines around those two things and even doing that you'll be far ahead of so many other businesses.

00:27:51.780 --> 00:27:52.890 Jessica Robinson: it's a great place to start.

00:27:54.390 --> 00:28:01.770 Eric Sarver, Esq.: If they say that, too, I mean it's I think about employment law often right where you know so many areas of compliance and again to.

00:28:02.670 --> 00:28:18.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: up to date with the lie in speed with it in lockstep with a lot and a lot of business owners get overwhelmed overwhelmed by that and it's like if you can sort of focus on like the main key areas, right now, and also where you might you know see a fire that potentially could start.

00:28:20.040 --> 00:28:26.640 Eric Sarver, Esq.: metaphorical fine, of course, on the actual fire, but that would be more of a safety property damage type illegal.

00:28:30.870 --> 00:28:48.510 Eric Sarver, Esq.: yeah I mean it's interesting, you say that because I think like I think about some of the obstacles that business owners sort of either they they see it, or they perceive it to be real, and I can see how getting overwhelmed i've been up feel like it's cost prohibitive.

00:28:50.130 --> 00:28:56.190 Eric Sarver, Esq.: In fact i'm wondering if that might be a good you'd be a good a good topic to discuss after the commercial break.

00:28:57.270 --> 00:29:10.680 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Talking about maybe like see what are some of the obstacles that you know business owners proceed whether they're real or not Oh, this is too expensive, or this is going to take too long, and what are some of the responses so maybe we can.

00:29:11.070 --> 00:29:13.410 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Talk about it after the break does that sound like a plan.

00:29:13.590 --> 00:29:15.270 Jessica Robinson: Fantastic would love to dive into that.

00:29:15.750 --> 00:29:19.680 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Excellent I can see your excitement right JESSICA your passion, I love it you.

00:29:21.180 --> 00:29:22.440 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Know really I really do so.

00:29:23.280 --> 00:29:24.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: you're already getting some valuable information.

00:29:24.930 --> 00:29:39.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Tonight so folks you're listening to and watching employment law today i'm your host erick zahara and here tonight with JESSICA Robinson co founder pierrepoint international so talk me to nyc so stick around we'll be right back.

00:31:49.980 --> 00:32:00.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: lot business law attorney and here tonight with my guest JESSICA Robinson, the Co founder of sharepoint international JESSICA handles all things cyber security security in general.

00:32:01.110 --> 00:32:12.270 Eric Sarver, Esq.: breaches and helping businesses and helping also organizers and firms and just entities to protect themselves check their data and so just again really great to have you on the show tonight.

00:32:13.320 --> 00:32:17.370 Jessica Robinson: yeah wonderful to be here thanks for having me i've been so enjoying this conversation with you.

00:32:17.790 --> 00:32:23.280 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Say gears a bit for sure you know it's it's like interesting because I think you know, there are a lot of parallels I know we talked about.

00:32:23.760 --> 00:32:32.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I talked about on the show we talk about issues of employment law and also employment employer relations but also business issues that face.

00:32:32.490 --> 00:32:38.760 Eric Sarver, Esq.: That employers face, because if you're having trouble with cyber security or video or marketing or you know your financial well being.

00:32:39.570 --> 00:32:50.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It can really impact your employee relations and could really you know, be a challenge to the business as a whole, so I think it's all kind of tied in you know very much so, and.

00:32:51.090 --> 00:33:00.300 Jessica Robinson: We I mean i'm you know and we team team and staff are just such a huge piece of cybersecurity as well, I mean everyone plays a role in it, and I think that.

00:33:01.200 --> 00:33:10.470 Jessica Robinson: You know, I think that there are so many different issues that can reach out to the human piece and and how we can protect her our data and how we protect our organization, so I.

00:33:11.190 --> 00:33:20.070 Jessica Robinson: So i'm glad that you brought that up because I feel like we haven't talked as much about that, but I think it's so it's so incredibly important, it does lead back to.

00:33:20.760 --> 00:33:29.850 Jessica Robinson: The question around trends that you asked just in general have of the role in place to play in an organization and a lot of times what we really do consistently see is that.

00:33:30.090 --> 00:33:30.600 employees.

00:33:32.460 --> 00:33:40.410 Jessica Robinson: A source of a breach and still the number is above 90% as humans within an organization and are the cause for breach.

00:33:41.370 --> 00:33:41.880 hmm.

00:33:43.200 --> 00:33:48.390 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Did you see that number is 90% that the breaches are either currently is that.

00:33:48.420 --> 00:33:59.400 Jessica Robinson: yeah yeah that's still that's still a general number, it is still very much a general number now the different types of breaches and how they happen, you know goes down to about 40% we start to break all that down.

00:34:00.000 --> 00:34:12.180 Jessica Robinson: But at the end of the day, if someone's clicking on a link, and that is resulting in a ransomware attack or if it's resulting in any type of malware be downloaded or if someone didn't create a strong enough password.

00:34:12.900 --> 00:34:22.500 Jessica Robinson: that's a password is breach and that's one of the concerns that that happens as well within an organization and that yeah I mean humans play such a such a huge role in this.

00:34:23.820 --> 00:34:28.410 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think that's an important point to make us like a bit I think a lot of people don't realize that that their employees, they might.

00:34:28.950 --> 00:34:33.510 Eric Sarver, Esq.: inadvertently erroneous Lee and perhaps sometimes maliciously or with intent.

00:34:34.440 --> 00:34:44.040 Eric Sarver, Esq.: compromise the company, the businesses security cyber security, I think you know, like we think about cyber security threats it's the Russian box or it's some.

00:34:44.640 --> 00:34:50.220 Eric Sarver, Esq.: External you know evil hacker or somewhere some some entity and yet.

00:34:50.850 --> 00:34:58.320 Eric Sarver, Esq.: that's what that number is prize minute, but I imagine a profit surprising, some people in the audience listening on that are watching at home tonight, the thing wow.

00:34:59.100 --> 00:35:06.750 Eric Sarver, Esq.: My employees, it could be as much about a major data we just by clicking there are lincoln's I think something worth noting there yeah.

00:35:07.320 --> 00:35:13.710 Jessica Robinson: Absolutely, and you know we think about what we were talking about earlier before the break about the cost they go into.

00:35:14.160 --> 00:35:20.640 Jessica Robinson: cyber security for an organization and what organizations can be thinking about from a cost perspective as they're putting a budget together.

00:35:21.060 --> 00:35:31.290 Jessica Robinson: There is one of those things can be training, you know how are we focusing on training within the organization and really supporting our employees and being aware and there are some really wonderful.

00:35:31.740 --> 00:35:36.330 Jessica Robinson: Solutions out there that don't they don't cost a lot of money, but you can.

00:35:36.870 --> 00:35:43.590 Jessica Robinson: With a have a security partner come in and do something that is very tailored to your organization to ensure you're getting exactly what you mean.

00:35:44.040 --> 00:35:54.420 Jessica Robinson: Now, but either what options can really help support you and have an exponential impact with your team actually gaining clear knowledge and knowing the role that they play in cyber security.

00:35:55.380 --> 00:35:57.150 Jessica Robinson: So it's always a wonderful thing to do.

00:35:58.110 --> 00:36:06.900 Jessica Robinson: But you know I mean when we also talked about the put in a budget together and thinking about the cost of the financial impact of cyber security, you know and kind of a proactive way.

00:36:07.290 --> 00:36:16.410 Jessica Robinson: You know, there are some very, very basic things that every organization can do from a very simplistic perspective, and one of them is having a password manager.

00:36:16.830 --> 00:36:24.660 Jessica Robinson: And so, depending on the size of your organization having a password manager and you if you have three people you have 100 people.

00:36:25.110 --> 00:36:30.960 Jessica Robinson: You can get one that it's where there's a cost per user and duplicate that cost per user decreases.

00:36:31.650 --> 00:36:42.600 Jessica Robinson: per user with the with the larger than number of individuals but it's a great way to really ensure that they're that your passwords are being created in a way, where they're strong.

00:36:43.260 --> 00:36:46.980 Jessica Robinson: that you have a tool that helps your employees to remember those passwords so that.

00:36:47.490 --> 00:36:55.980 Jessica Robinson: They don't have to do that and that that tool can authenticate for the organization to whatever tools that they're using, and so I would.

00:36:56.730 --> 00:37:04.350 Jessica Robinson: I now if you and i'll give you an example of maybe how much does something like that would cost so if you let's just here you have a.

00:37:04.920 --> 00:37:20.310 Jessica Robinson: Love six to 10 people right let's say let's just say it's you know let's let's just save $3 per user anywhere from three to $5 per user well let's say you have 10 people and let's just say we'll take the highest number there it's $5.

00:37:21.450 --> 00:37:23.640 Jessica Robinson: All that's going to be dollars right.

00:37:24.360 --> 00:37:31.140 Jessica Robinson: So it's so that may not be as bad and so, and it could and again that can vary in multiple different ways.

00:37:31.380 --> 00:37:37.830 Jessica Robinson: But at the end of the day, sometimes we think that these things are a lot of money and they may not be as as much as they as we think.

00:37:38.100 --> 00:37:49.860 Jessica Robinson: And you know, there may be an initial there may be an initial investment cost to it so let's say it's $50 and there's an additional $50 even still that's $100 so that's not a that's not a bad investment amount.

00:37:50.610 --> 00:37:59.430 Jessica Robinson: And then there's also a vpn a virtual private network so to ensure that we're connecting to our local network or home network in a secure way.

00:37:59.700 --> 00:38:14.430 Jessica Robinson: That can be really important if there isn't a organizational network, but for organizations that do you have an organizational network having a virtual private network where where your team can log in from home in a secure way to your home to your to your business network is important.

00:38:15.120 --> 00:38:17.250 Jessica Robinson: That can be that can run anywhere from.

00:38:17.250 --> 00:38:30.660 Jessica Robinson: 65 to 85 per person, but again, the more people that are added then that can that can decrease that individual amount, yes, there are a number of different tools like that that can actually be very.

00:38:31.860 --> 00:38:36.780 Jessica Robinson: That can be very useful and may not be as expensive as people think so.

00:38:37.680 --> 00:38:46.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know it's it's really something there, I think, because we're talking about two things right we're talking about like the like the cost benefit analysis in terms of how much something costs.

00:38:46.530 --> 00:38:52.080 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And of course the benefit the other side of the scale, if you don't spend the money on the cyber security what is some of the.

00:38:52.440 --> 00:38:56.940 Eric Sarver, Esq.: potential loss, but I also think what's important is when you look at a cost benefit analysis.

00:38:57.480 --> 00:39:07.050 Eric Sarver, Esq.: In any situation, you have to know the actual for your class, not the imagine costs, you know, and so, like, I have to admit I didn't know that a password manager be so cheap.

00:39:07.320 --> 00:39:14.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I didn't know the rough prices for the the rough cost will say to the vpn the virtual private network, as you mentioned, and maybe we can even.

00:39:15.090 --> 00:39:24.480 Eric Sarver, Esq.: tell us a little bit more about like how that works in a moment, but I would say that to you that you can have a password manager, set up a manager set up for three to five hours per person.

00:39:26.250 --> 00:39:34.590 Eric Sarver, Esq.: In that could help so that you know you're extending your partners are your employees are not putting in you know the password 1234 or.

00:39:35.220 --> 00:39:40.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: 12345 I think it's a password that somebody can guess it's I think it's really.

00:39:40.800 --> 00:39:48.810 Eric Sarver, Esq.: A good thing to talk about on the show tonight so i'm glad you kind of raised brought that up and I was going to ask that same question like let's talk about some numbers.

00:39:49.230 --> 00:39:59.280 Eric Sarver, Esq.: let's talk about the cost of the audiences and think Oh, this is going to be thousands of thought you know 10s of thousands of dollars and using some things might, but basically precautions.

00:40:00.630 --> 00:40:11.730 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Can you share with us like say one more example of a basic precaution that business owners might not realize it actually pretty inexpensive and pretty pretty pretty proficient.

00:40:12.180 --> 00:40:20.850 Jessica Robinson: yeah, of course, so we talked earlier about the ssl certificate the secure socket layer ssl certificate for our websites.

00:40:21.600 --> 00:40:37.440 Jessica Robinson: Those can I believe those were maybe about 100 maybe 129 year something like that to me, and all of this will vary on the provider right, it will vary on you're working with all of that, but, generally speaking, these are, these are the.

00:40:38.310 --> 00:40:43.500 Jessica Robinson: What I recall, and how the services that i'm using with the clients I work with.

00:40:43.740 --> 00:40:51.300 Jessica Robinson: So know is is whether it's you know $99 you get it on sale or $250 for the year is that there's, this is still.

00:40:51.810 --> 00:40:57.480 Jessica Robinson: reasonable to be able to get to be able to secure your website and to feel confident that.

00:40:58.290 --> 00:41:11.430 Jessica Robinson: That your site is secure that when you have clients that come to your site, they will see that the lock icon they will know that your website is secure and and that, if anything, were to happen that.

00:41:12.450 --> 00:41:25.470 Jessica Robinson: you're also the provider that you have will be able to help support you with resolving concerns, I mean, I can tell you, for sure that, for me, one of the things I do notice is whether a site is secure denied and sometimes I get a block up like a pop up.

00:41:25.560 --> 00:41:28.620 Jessica Robinson: Sign no he's up that tells me that it isn't a secure site.

00:41:29.250 --> 00:41:42.930 Jessica Robinson: Right it isn't a secure site and i'm just not going to go i'm not going to continue say i'm going to accept the risk and go to the site i'm just not going to win so it's something to keep in mind for people that don't have this and are inviting clients to go to their website.

00:41:43.170 --> 00:41:44.940 Jessica Robinson: Because, whether you realize it or not, you can.

00:41:44.940 --> 00:41:46.590 Jessica Robinson: send a very different message than you and.

00:41:48.000 --> 00:41:58.770 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think that's an excellent point two, so you think about the benefit not just being to your data and your website let's say to your company, but also to your I guess your brand but you know.

00:42:00.840 --> 00:42:10.020 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Your reputation, you know, and that I think people because people do want to see that the site secure, I know I won't go to website, it says no warning of big red mark exclamation mark.

00:42:12.900 --> 00:42:24.570 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And people don't always realize that even when somebody does decide to go to that site says i'm sure it's probably saved it leaves a bit of a mark you know in their subconscious and their psyche that associates this.

00:42:25.680 --> 00:42:31.980 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Business or say or organizer or movement or that's official like with with with caution and danger, you know.

00:42:33.000 --> 00:42:43.050 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So I think that's very important point you made there too it's all part of that cost benefit analysis I imagine right that look at what your cyber security is costing you look what it says, helping you turn to achieve and.

00:42:44.370 --> 00:42:54.000 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Those are great examples I mean the vpn and then the password management, you know the the website, I thought you given us a lot of good information so that's really you know concrete stuff is always good to hear.

00:42:55.680 --> 00:43:01.740 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm curious is there, like a big step, you talk about some of the small steps, is there, like one big step that people where they want to say you know what.

00:43:02.010 --> 00:43:10.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: We need to invest money to get JESSICA on the phone or email me to call pierrepoint say this is a major overhaul we're ready to do it like what would that look like.

00:43:11.190 --> 00:43:21.360 Jessica Robinson: Absolutely, we do have clients that absolutely are interested in that and that's part of our signature service that we offer it's called our virtual see so chief information security officer service.

00:43:21.810 --> 00:43:34.470 Jessica Robinson: And we do have companies that are absolutely interested and really looking at their entire business and and really thinking about their business strategy and what their cyber security strategy can look like with that business strategy.

00:43:35.010 --> 00:43:45.000 Eric Sarver, Esq.: hmm you know that's a good top I think perhaps to get into after the break it actually is leaving I think our last commercial break we'll come back and we'll we'll be talking about 15 minutes or so, but.

00:43:45.780 --> 00:43:56.670 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So you're watching or listening to you employment law today i'm your host Aaron saw over here on talk to me to nyc with my guest JESSICA Robinson stick around we'll be right back.

00:45:56.220 --> 00:45:58.110 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to apply a lot today.

00:45:59.640 --> 00:46:11.160 Eric Sarver, Esq.: employing a lot there's a lot attorney for small midsize business owners here tonight with another professional service provider JESSICA Robinson that's really the expert in cyber security.

00:46:11.850 --> 00:46:15.600 Eric Sarver, Esq.: affecting companies to her company pierpont international.

00:46:16.290 --> 00:46:17.520 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So JESSICA you, I think.

00:46:19.110 --> 00:46:29.040 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Some of the bigger perhaps measures that before the great that a company can take, and I think that might be a nice segue into my last question for you, which is what are some other ways that.

00:46:32.070 --> 00:46:38.220 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Work with businesses to overcome all those different challenges that we were speaking about over the last 45 minutes.

00:46:38.910 --> 00:46:48.600 Jessica Robinson: yeah so we'll come in and spend time with the business really find discreetly learning about the business and finding out where their biggest challenges are and where we can help and.

00:46:48.870 --> 00:47:03.090 Jessica Robinson: Depending on how this happens, a lot of times we come in with to an organization after they've had a major incident so that's kind of the major point of entry, but a lot of times companies are being very proactive particularly nowadays it's really a bit a.

00:47:04.530 --> 00:47:14.280 Jessica Robinson: kind of a big change point of change over the past three years, specifically of companies really being proactive and knowing that there's a concern in their business or that they're not meeting.

00:47:14.760 --> 00:47:21.870 Jessica Robinson: Their own expectations for security and wanting to increase their own maturity level and so will spend time with an organization, the leadership team.

00:47:22.680 --> 00:47:28.290 Jessica Robinson: And the also the it team, or if they have six people on a security team there to really under.

00:47:28.800 --> 00:47:39.360 Jessica Robinson: How we can best support them and then help them with a strategy that they can create a roadmap that can help them really think about how to embed cybersecurity into their business in a very.

00:47:39.720 --> 00:47:50.520 Jessica Robinson: holistic way, but also in a way that really supports them where they are and where they want to be so it's not something that's going to be completely overwhelming but it's going to help them to reach their goals.

00:47:50.940 --> 00:48:00.990 Jessica Robinson: And then, a lot of times this is important, specifically because they're meeting regulatory compliance concerns that they have to meet, particularly if they're in a certain industry, so if they're in financial services or health care.

00:48:01.830 --> 00:48:06.240 Jessica Robinson: They they know that they have to do this and want to do it, who are also seeing consulting companies.

00:48:06.810 --> 00:48:15.330 Jessica Robinson: Companies companies that aren't aren't necessarily in these maybe high compliance areas but it's possible but again they're serving clients that are in those areas.

00:48:15.510 --> 00:48:25.650 Jessica Robinson: So, though their clients have a high expectation of them to meet some of the same requirements that they have, and so, and these companies want these clients, they want to serve these clients and.

00:48:26.100 --> 00:48:33.360 Jessica Robinson: continue working with them so they they there are a lot of them early are stepping up and to really ensure that they're doing everything they can.

00:48:36.000 --> 00:48:45.960 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I guess it's sort of like the vendors right that was asked earlier this evening you know you have to make sure that your vendors are also practicing safe cyber security policies and practices and procedures.

00:48:46.950 --> 00:49:01.950 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I could definitely see that you know, impacting attorneys business consultancy of fractional CFO is for sure, along with like the companies and business owners themselves so so you sit down you sounds like I hear you say you're proactive, you know you.

00:49:03.120 --> 00:49:17.070 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Companies come to us some practice some France panicked and so these two categories like to joke about in many areas, especially in employment Labor law to like some plans to come to me, you know, like, for your point very practically they want to.

00:49:18.150 --> 00:49:27.570 Eric Sarver, Esq.: protect their business from employment Labor law issue the violations and get ahead of the curve before something bad happens, others will come when they serve that lawsuit when they were when they have say.

00:49:28.800 --> 00:49:35.160 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The Department of Labor on investigation we're finding with stiff penalties and judgments against them so.

00:49:35.790 --> 00:49:41.730 Eric Sarver, Esq.: it's definitely interesting, I think, is to see how companies very but because you're that you could help.

00:49:42.180 --> 00:49:50.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know, business owners out there and firms that maybe they're coming to the table correctly or maybe they're not, but you can still help them I managed to get things straightened out.

00:49:51.240 --> 00:50:03.420 Jessica Robinson: yeah yeah absolutely absolutely and that's what we're here for and, at the end of the day, business owners you're in and you're not to be the expert in security, but you are an expected to know.

00:50:04.260 --> 00:50:15.090 Jessica Robinson: that something needs to happen within your business to actually have a strategy and so having the right partner there to really help you along the way, is is important it's critical but we're also just.

00:50:16.110 --> 00:50:24.750 Jessica Robinson: to your point earlier about visiting and going to a website and having this pop up sign in that, and knowing that you just don't want to go to a site that that isn't secure.

00:50:25.290 --> 00:50:29.430 Jessica Robinson: customers and clients are much more aware now than they were five years ago.

00:50:29.970 --> 00:50:38.220 Jessica Robinson: Then one of the things that they're looking for us to know that their data is secure right that there, they are going to websites that are safe and that they can have competition cuff.

00:50:38.700 --> 00:50:46.350 Jessica Robinson: conversations that they know will be confidential, and so the currency on trust is just becoming so much higher for.

00:50:48.930 --> 00:51:03.000 Jessica Robinson: there's really this this kind of accountability that's there for for business owners to that that in some cases, that does not matter what your size, you are that user certain things just from a social contract perspective that it's important that companies are meeting.

00:51:04.410 --> 00:51:07.050 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Right it's the whole sort of point of community.

00:51:08.070 --> 00:51:12.750 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And the idea that I know these issues of cyber security and data breaches and data safety.

00:51:13.560 --> 00:51:19.500 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Can impact the business so many different stages, whether you're starting up a business, whether you're going public with let's say you have a plan.

00:51:19.920 --> 00:51:28.320 Eric Sarver, Esq.: to sell your business one day right I imagined that if you're assigning a business that has not the most updated standard cyber security measures in place.

00:51:29.400 --> 00:51:36.810 Eric Sarver, Esq.: and has had some issues of breaches to really drive the value of the company, whether in actuality or in the mind of the potential buyer.

00:51:37.890 --> 00:51:51.600 Jessica Robinson: Absolutely absolutely I was working with an insurance company through a merger and there's no doubt that, when a company is thinking about selling their business that cybersecurity maturity has to be one of those areas today today's.

00:51:52.980 --> 00:52:04.200 Jessica Robinson: That area of the business is it proven to be a play isn't proven to be up to date, then it's very easy for a company who's trying to purchase another company to immediately start to lower.

00:52:05.100 --> 00:52:16.050 Jessica Robinson: The price that they're that they're willing to pay for that company, and they would have the right to do so because, because at it, because security is doesn't carry such a high financial value to it.

00:52:16.770 --> 00:52:25.530 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Rain right it's like you know you have the security is key to the value of the company for so many reasons and that's I think an interesting point to note.

00:52:26.820 --> 00:52:32.370 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Absolutely, do you work with current clients and say are your customer have other clients or customers JESSICA, are they.

00:52:33.810 --> 00:52:40.710 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Well, I guess, there is international that with an income from sharepoint internationally of the countries and or.

00:52:41.190 --> 00:52:56.010 Jessica Robinson: Mostly Korean yeah I know we work with clients all over we weren't mines that are in other parts of the world that maybe have a part of their business in the United States, so they're concerned about the US laws here and then so they need to have someone here in the.

00:52:56.010 --> 00:53:04.290 Jessica Robinson: us about that we work with organizations that are here in the US, but maybe thinking about our international because.

00:53:04.770 --> 00:53:12.810 Jessica Robinson: they're also then thinking about the many depending on where they're going what the laws are there and just need some support and thinking about all the things they have to do.

00:53:13.320 --> 00:53:27.060 Jessica Robinson: Which is from a data transfer standpoint they're taking in personal data from another country let's say or from another territory, like the European Union, what do they need, you know about and so helping him to prepare for that.

00:53:28.560 --> 00:53:37.710 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think that's really interesting point you raised that the international law and standards in different communities can be different so company might the same, for example, be.

00:53:38.130 --> 00:53:42.720 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Acquiring data are doing business in Europe and there's the gdpr right the.

00:53:43.590 --> 00:53:52.410 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Protection rule that applies for how you rate your protection story of personal data and then there's of course laws that impact in California, in the states so.

00:53:52.800 --> 00:54:04.500 Eric Sarver, Esq.: good to remind our audience, that this is about protecting your your business and also your image and your brand and following the law you're you're sort of compelled to do so.

00:54:05.460 --> 00:54:13.620 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think it's like most definitely a very crucial topic for these times, especially with everyone, as you mentioned, with a lot of people I should say that i've learned a lot of people.

00:54:14.040 --> 00:54:26.700 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Working remotely and so kind of like you know we're breaking down like hey this is really important, and it's not important it's not okay just give it lip service itself, if you want to have to save screw business.

00:54:28.020 --> 00:54:41.040 Jessica Robinson: yeah absolutely and you really have to do it because people know people are in individuals and clients they're interacting with companies that are doing these things, and so, when they come to your business and maybe you're not asking them to.

00:54:43.500 --> 00:54:47.820 Jessica Robinson: Things or like in order to share data there doesn't seem to be a very secure way of.

00:54:47.820 --> 00:54:48.390 Jessica Robinson: doing that.

00:54:49.980 --> 00:54:51.660 Jessica Robinson: Really wanting to ensure that you're.

00:54:51.660 --> 00:54:54.390 Jessica Robinson: Following all practices is is really important.

00:54:56.100 --> 00:55:03.480 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Absolutely for sure that's I think it's crucial point to make there, and you know, really, I think, getting some key topics tonight.

00:55:04.350 --> 00:55:15.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And I also want to thank you for bringing this all natural chance because people who are always aware of the different roles in and have new things, how to.

00:55:16.320 --> 00:55:29.550 Eric Sarver, Esq.: approach the topic i've seen yourself, I guess mysterious to them so spring in it, you know back to the basics some simple steps, a more comprehensive steps right we talked about the need for data security.

00:55:30.870 --> 00:55:45.870 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think it is a house House and you have no security no locks you know and, by the way, read it, two minutes and mark this point in the show I just like to know for with you and say you know tell us how we meet you any upcoming webinars or books, like the floors yours.

00:55:46.740 --> 00:55:54.840 Jessica Robinson: yeah hey well what I would definitely say it's connected me on linkedin I would love to talk with you there, and you can also direct messaged me there.

00:55:55.170 --> 00:56:03.870 Jessica Robinson: You can also visit our hyphen pure point P Q R EP oh I empty calm.

00:56:04.560 --> 00:56:11.850 Jessica Robinson: And one thing I want to say in closing is you know, this is also about love love, is one of our values in our company, and this is about loving.

00:56:12.180 --> 00:56:18.030 Jessica Robinson: Your data enough loving your systems enough loving your team enough loving your clients enough.

00:56:18.390 --> 00:56:27.030 Jessica Robinson: And also loving yourself enough to now put you in a position that could have easily have been prevented, so we talked about some things today that you can easily implement in your business.

00:56:27.390 --> 00:56:37.680 Jessica Robinson: So I would encourage you to do that, then of course you can always direct messaged me if you want to have another have a longer conversation that can really help you and thinking about security in your business holistically.

00:56:39.930 --> 00:56:51.240 Eric Sarver, Esq.: interesting point there about the sort of the act of love it for one fitness oneself and acknowledging the importance of taking care of their own safety and security threats.

00:56:52.440 --> 00:56:53.190 Jessica Robinson: Really powerful.

00:56:53.520 --> 00:57:00.480 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I feel like we could, if we had more time into them, you mentioned the feminine versus management approach, unfortunately, that.

00:57:01.290 --> 00:57:07.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Or maybe, fortunately, we had a really good hour together and work towards close and on that note I wouldn't know that we're about.

00:57:07.800 --> 00:57:15.060 Eric Sarver, Esq.: minute off i'd say folks you're watching listening to employment law today i'm talking to nyc stay tuned for other great programming on the station.

00:57:15.900 --> 00:57:26.280 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You can reach up JESSICA Robinson, for your security needs and join me urine Tuesdays 5pm and talk real nyc or their Facebook page, you can have a great.

00:57:26.610 --> 00:57:33.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Discussion great conversation learn a lot, so thank you i'm wonderful thanksgiving JESSICA Thank you again happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

00:57:34.350 --> 00:57:35.400 Jessica Robinson: Thank you, you as well.

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