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Friday, October 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/08 - In Your Honor

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/08 - In Your Honor


2021/10/08 - In Your Honor

[NEW EPISODE] In Your Honor

The Dominic A. Murray 21 Memorial Foundation provides heart screenings for children, teens, and young adults for the early detection of risk factors and conditions that may lead to sudden cardiac arrest, training in CPR-AED, and life saving AED equipment to prevent sudden cardiac arrest and death in the young. DomHeart21 provides heart screenings for early detection, training, and lifesaving equipment in all communities, so no child is at risk for sudden cardiac arrest or death, no matter where they live, learn and play.

Melinda Murray-Nyack is the Founder and President of the Dominic A. Murray 21 Memorial Foundation, a 501c3 established in 2010. Melinda is on the Board of Queens Chamber of Commerce, National Board of Parent HeartWatch, American Heart Association volunteer, Member of the Bayside Business Association, Member of the Health and Business Alliance and is a certified HeartSaver CPR-AED Instructor.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

The interview began with a question about what drew Melinda to the non-profit sector. She shares a story about her only child, Dominic, who passed away after experiencing sudden cardiac arrest during a basketball match. After his passing, it was discovered that Dominic had a congenital heart defect that had gone unrevealed during his life. She shares that 23,000 young people die of cardiac arrest each year and 7,000 of these deaths are young people under the age of 18. She says the majority of these deaths are completely preventable and she stresses the importance of educating parents and school staff about how to spot the symptoms of cardiac arrest.

Segment 2

Melinda highlights that her organization provides training and donates medical equipment for non-profit and other organizations that can’t afford equipment. She emphasizes the desire of her organization to hear from members of the community who would love to get involved with her organization. Melinda also shares that she was a part of the lobbying effort in New York to make it compulsory to have CPR taught in schools and she emphasizes the importance of having this information.

Segment 3

During the third segment of the interview, Melinda distinguishes between a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest. She emphasizes the importance of knowing one’s family history and for parents and student athletes to take the time to accurately complete medical history forms. She also discusses the screening grants her organization provides. This screening is offered free of charge to students who may be at risk; to date the program has screened about 6,000 youth.

Segment 4

Melinda emphasizes the need for public and non-public schools to educate students on the signs of sudden cardiac arrest. She also highlights the importance of school coaches to be well informed about the signs of sudden cardiac arrest. She states that this knowledge should also be incorporated into their training along with the mandated concussion training. Finally, she announces that her organization is hosting a virtual fundraiser which will help raise funds for training and AED equipment. The details for this event can be found on her organization’s website under the “21 under 21” tab.


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00:02:03.120 --> 00:02:11.430 Tommy DiMisa: With the core certificate program for the Institute for nonprofit practice so really I put a put something out there on on linkedin and said.

00:02:11.790 --> 00:02:22.260 Tommy DiMisa: How are you sharpening your ax while i'm sharpening my axe because i'm going back to learn more about this sector, so I couldn't be more impactful for the sector so talking about impact, let me talk to you about this show this program.

00:02:22.740 --> 00:02:32.340 Tommy DiMisa: it's called philanthropy and focus and every single Friday morning I visit with a leader of a nonprofit organization sometime it's the Executive Director of the CEO.

00:02:32.700 --> 00:02:47.790 Tommy DiMisa: Sometimes it's the founder sometimes that's the same person, and we have a story time we learn about their organization, we learn about their mission we learn about their programs we find out why they're in nonprofits why they're in service work why they got involved.

00:02:48.810 --> 00:02:49.230 Tommy DiMisa: and

00:02:50.280 --> 00:02:58.470 Tommy DiMisa: Find out the impact they're making because that's what I am all about it's all about impact and it's all about any value so when I asked myself two and a half, three years ago.

00:02:59.160 --> 00:03:04.260 Tommy DiMisa: Where can I find an additional way to make an impact, where can I find an additional way to add value.

00:03:04.770 --> 00:03:11.580 Tommy DiMisa: And I said, you know what i'm going to do i'm going to start a show, I called it a podcast at the time, although this is a live radio show that, then it turned into a podcast.

00:03:12.420 --> 00:03:23.700 Tommy DiMisa: But I said I want to interview nonprofit leaders to help them tell their story and, as I say, all the time amplify their message i'm all about amplifying the message, because it's about telling the stories, I believe.

00:03:24.630 --> 00:03:29.190 Tommy DiMisa: And if you visit with me before if this is your first time i'm going to point it out to you again, or for the first time.

00:03:29.760 --> 00:03:39.480 Tommy DiMisa: nonprofits change your world every day they make impact they add value, as I said, now and what happens is I think they're overlooked underfunded for sure.

00:03:39.870 --> 00:03:48.600 Tommy DiMisa: And unrecognized and unacknowledged for the work that they do, and my answer to that challenge or problem is philanthropy and focus it's a show.

00:03:48.990 --> 00:03:54.150 Tommy DiMisa: But it's a movement 60 days of service i'm running around do nonprofit service when we may get into that today.

00:03:54.570 --> 00:03:59.070 Tommy DiMisa: Because Melinda I have some ideas about how you might be able to do some service work for your organization.

00:03:59.580 --> 00:04:08.310 Tommy DiMisa: And i'm sure you know i'll be maybe a middle aged guy i'm able bodied you could probably find some service work for me to do for your organization at some point.

00:04:08.580 --> 00:04:23.490 Tommy DiMisa: Before the ball drops in Times Square, because I finished day 16 and 17 this week, so the speak about sharpening your ax Tommy do a lot of work to chop a lot of work to chop before the end of this year, to make sure I hit my number it's 60 so let's get right into this conversation.

00:04:24.540 --> 00:04:30.600 Tommy DiMisa: Linda you and I actually i'm going to read some information, first let me do what I like to do, I like to say, welcome to the show and welcome to my attic.

00:04:31.080 --> 00:04:33.360 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Thank you for having me Tommy it's an honor.

00:04:33.630 --> 00:04:34.230 Tommy DiMisa: it's awesome.

00:04:34.350 --> 00:04:35.340 Melinda Murray-Nyack: To be in your attic.

00:04:35.430 --> 00:04:37.470 Tommy DiMisa: Well i'm glad to be sort of in your basement at the same.

00:04:37.470 --> 00:04:45.060 Tommy DiMisa: time I saw I saw a friend of mine last night hey Yolanda rubano gross from options and she said.

00:04:45.570 --> 00:04:49.470 Tommy DiMisa: she's been on the show, and she said she was at this event for one ounce like healthy and she said.

00:04:49.890 --> 00:05:00.720 Tommy DiMisa: Tommy I want to be the first person that actually gets to do a real live interview in the attic like not virtually she goes, I want to come to your House and go in the attic I said well listen i'll have to clean up the attic off the.

00:05:00.720 --> 00:05:01.590 Tommy DiMisa: street but.

00:05:01.950 --> 00:05:11.520 Tommy DiMisa: I mean that's a 22 situation talk to Sam leibowitz, on the other side of glass and we might be doing the show literally in the attic so we'll figure out all that all that out down the road guys, I will try to.

00:05:12.030 --> 00:05:17.130 Tommy DiMisa: get off of these topics and move into the topic at hand so Angela keratin Udo.

00:05:17.910 --> 00:05:26.790 Tommy DiMisa: rosen was the one who originally introduced you and I so she's listening what's up Angela, thank you for making the connections it's all about the connections right, this is it the nonprofit sector connector.

00:05:27.210 --> 00:05:34.560 Tommy DiMisa: that's what I do I meet people I say, I want to help, and then they introduced me to that friends who run organizations and when.

00:05:35.730 --> 00:05:43.590 Tommy DiMisa: In 2021 this was like when I wasn't even doing a show here on talk radio, I was doing cause I doing a show here in the attic.

00:05:43.800 --> 00:05:49.590 Tommy DiMisa: You know, it was and you were one of my guests you and Angela Melinda came on the show, and it was a show the show was a little different than.

00:05:50.160 --> 00:05:58.440 Tommy DiMisa: Not much different, but it was just the three of us meeting and I recorded it and then I put it on YouTube and there was there was no radio there was not a lot of support.

00:05:58.770 --> 00:06:07.410 Tommy DiMisa: I didn't have a theme song with lyrics hinton you haven't heard the lyrics yeah you'll see here when we came back from the break it's usually a chuckle for for my guests, for the first time to hear the song.

00:06:08.280 --> 00:06:12.750 Tommy DiMisa: But, but this is you've been with me before so we're just going to have a great conversation.

00:06:14.220 --> 00:06:25.170 Tommy DiMisa: I know your organization is making an impact, I want you to share with my guests, I know, we need to talk about legislation, listen to me folks if you're connected at some levels in in government here in New York.

00:06:25.680 --> 00:06:33.510 Tommy DiMisa: And you have the ear of mythical, we need to talk, we need to connect with you and that's just a teaser but Melinda and I will get into that today so.

00:06:34.050 --> 00:06:43.380 Tommy DiMisa: Right, so let me read a little bit of background real quick and then Melinda this is your story, this is your show i'm just here to be the Navigator so that dominic a Marie.

00:06:44.400 --> 00:06:53.850 Tommy DiMisa: memorial foundation provides hard screenings for children teens and young adults, for the early detection of risk factors and conditions that may lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

00:06:54.300 --> 00:06:59.400 Tommy DiMisa: Training in cpr at ED and i'll help you out with the acronym cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

00:06:59.790 --> 00:07:08.490 Tommy DiMisa: automated external defibrillators so training is another thing to do is training cpr ad and life saving at equipment that they provide.

00:07:09.210 --> 00:07:20.130 Tommy DiMisa: For organizations and they do this to prevent sudden cardiac arrest and death in young people and we're going to learn really why that is so important to Melinda specifically.

00:07:20.490 --> 00:07:29.310 Tommy DiMisa: So Melinda Marina is the founder and President of the dominic a march 21 memorial Foundation, which is a 501 C three established in 2010.

00:07:29.640 --> 00:07:35.520 Tommy DiMisa: she's also a board member of the queen's Chamber commerce shout out Brendan levy shout out Tom Gretchen all queen's Chamber team.

00:07:36.210 --> 00:07:39.780 Tommy DiMisa: National Board of she's on the National Board of parent heart watch.

00:07:40.200 --> 00:07:46.260 Tommy DiMisa: The American heart association she volunteers there remember the base side business association where i'm a board member shout out the base I.

00:07:46.590 --> 00:07:51.120 Tommy DiMisa: If I got to pick a borrow it's Queens I got to pick a town it's based on the shore if i'm if i'm just going to.

00:07:51.690 --> 00:08:01.020 Tommy DiMisa: Listen i'm just telling you guys don't be angry with me i'm sorry if it if it bothers you she's a member of the health and business alliance which is an organization, I think we connected connected you to the hba.

00:08:01.380 --> 00:08:06.450 Tommy DiMisa: And is a certified heart savers CP our ad instructor Melinda.

00:08:06.750 --> 00:08:19.260 Tommy DiMisa: You have a story to tell, I want to give you the opportunity to tell it I usually say at this point what drew you to nonprofit work in this case it's a bit different it's a personal story, please share as best as you can and as much as you want to.

00:08:20.100 --> 00:08:21.540 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Thank you Tommy um.

00:08:22.590 --> 00:08:33.510 Melinda Murray-Nyack: What drew me to to the nonprofit world to be charity work actually has to do with the loss of my only child dominic in 2009.

00:08:34.770 --> 00:08:46.380 Melinda Murray-Nyack: My son was playing basketball at farmingdale state college he just been there for seven weeks 17 years old and playing the sport that he loved basketball.

00:08:47.010 --> 00:08:58.140 Melinda Murray-Nyack: In the middle of a routine layup dominic's heart stopped I he collapsed on the Court, but no one recognized that dominic was in cardiac distress.

00:08:58.650 --> 00:09:14.220 Melinda Murray-Nyack: So, no one started cpr right away, no one got the Ad right away to deliver that life saving shock and on October 5 2009 dominic time playing the sport that he loved.

00:09:15.960 --> 00:09:32.280 Melinda Murray-Nyack: It was not until his autopsy that his congenital heart defect was revealed, we had no idea that dominic had a ticking time bomb in his chest, he was playing sports every day.

00:09:33.480 --> 00:09:45.780 Melinda Murray-Nyack: He started playing at the age of seven he passed every pre participation sports physical and he was diagnosed healthy at every well child visit, how could we not know.

00:09:46.890 --> 00:10:04.560 Melinda Murray-Nyack: I wanted to ensure that what happened to my child didn't happen to another child, so we started with the help of family and friends dominic foundation that dominic day Murray 21 memorial foundation 21 is dominic's Jersey number and that's why that's significant.

00:10:04.920 --> 00:10:07.230 Tommy DiMisa: I just wrote it down on my paper I just wrote down 20.

00:10:07.620 --> 00:10:11.850 Tommy DiMisa: I think I knew that but I was about to ask you, you beat me to it so yeah.

00:10:12.180 --> 00:10:18.030 Melinda Murray-Nyack: wow and the time he played see ya oh AAU varsity in high school.

00:10:19.050 --> 00:10:26.940 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And that was going to be history see number at farmingdale state, but before he was able to start in the first game, he died on the Court.

00:10:28.080 --> 00:10:34.860 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And it wasn't until dominic that I even learned what sudden cardiac arrest was.

00:10:35.940 --> 00:10:44.190 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And that should not have been if your child is playing sports, you should know what the risks are.

00:10:45.240 --> 00:10:58.110 Melinda Murray-Nyack: What I also did not know is that 23,000 kids die every year from sudden cardiac arrest 7000 of them under the age of 18.

00:10:59.250 --> 00:11:12.360 Tommy DiMisa: let's let's let's just stay there for a second if we could so first of all, obviously, my condolences on the loss of your son tragic your candor I appreciate so much because.

00:11:14.040 --> 00:11:24.690 Tommy DiMisa: As painful, as it is for you to tell the story, I think it obviously needs to be told, and it needs to be told from an onset of a conversation like this, so we can set up the listeners to know what what the challenges here and how.

00:11:24.990 --> 00:11:33.480 Tommy DiMisa: How your organization and other organizations, and I assume you aligned with are working to solve these issues so give me those numbers again.

00:11:33.510 --> 00:11:37.590 23,000 23,000.

00:11:38.610 --> 00:11:55.980 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Years young people die from sudden cardiac arrest every year 7000 of those you are under the age of 18 sudden cardiac arrest and death and beyond, is not rare the real tragedy is it's preventable.

00:11:57.360 --> 00:11:57.870 Tommy DiMisa: So.

00:12:00.150 --> 00:12:12.510 Tommy DiMisa: that's that the numbers of tragic um, but what we have opportunities here right, this is an area of opportunity we can solve for this and what does it take it takes education.

00:12:13.380 --> 00:12:24.270 Melinda Murray-Nyack: and education on what sudden cardiac arrest is it signs symptoms and risk bringing awareness to it, knowing that it's preventable.

00:12:25.410 --> 00:12:29.160 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Screening young hearts, but underlying heart conditions.

00:12:30.180 --> 00:12:39.960 Melinda Murray-Nyack: With an ekg or an ECHO, because you and I both know we spoke in the past, at a stethoscope cannot detect heart disease in a child.

00:12:41.070 --> 00:12:48.150 Tommy DiMisa: And is that so so let's talk about that so you're saying in a typical physical that's that's the check is is a.

00:12:48.690 --> 00:12:55.530 Tommy DiMisa: stethoscope and I didn't think I was when I heard you say it, I didn't think I was going to pronounce it correctly, I think that's the first time i've ever said it the right way i'm not.

00:12:55.530 --> 00:13:02.760 Tommy DiMisa: telling you to try the second time but that's not going to be accurate enough that's not going to give the information you.

00:13:03.030 --> 00:13:19.560 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Know look look in dominic's case i'm many children, like dominic all over the world, he passed every pre participation sports physical and he was diagnosed healthy at every well child visits stethoscope yeah.

00:13:20.100 --> 00:13:28.920 Tommy DiMisa: So, so when we when we talk education we'll get into programming in our next segment or the one after that, but when we when we talk about education.

00:13:30.480 --> 00:13:44.550 Tommy DiMisa: Is it is it schools, is it the boy scouts is it different sports leagues like Where are you trying to access people i'm guessing and say yes to all that time ED like right obviously but we're.

00:13:45.060 --> 00:13:56.490 Tommy DiMisa: Like it the folks who are listening are it's a diverse group of people that are listening to us on the network here, and then I don't know who listens to be candid with you, after the fact, so the people that that this information falls upon.

00:13:57.600 --> 00:14:03.180 Tommy DiMisa: Who are they who well you don't know who they are, but the ones you want me to connect you with and who the ones that we need to meet with.

00:14:04.140 --> 00:14:11.370 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And I will say all but let me break it apart for you and just tell you why is significant, when you think about the schools.

00:14:12.570 --> 00:14:19.710 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Students are in school, they participate in sports activities school related activities.

00:14:20.340 --> 00:14:31.470 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Parents get you know information from the schools when information is sent home to them, which is a key point to our legislation, which is what I will talk about a little later when we get on into the show.

00:14:32.400 --> 00:14:42.960 Melinda Murray-Nyack: information provided to the students and their families on what sudden cardiac arrest is it signs symptoms and risk is critical.

00:14:43.740 --> 00:15:05.760 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Parents don't know what they need to know if no one educates them on this and that's why it's important that the schools school district schools public and non public schools, all my son played in youth organized youth organized sports basically AAU see ya oh different leagues.

00:15:05.850 --> 00:15:14.430 Melinda Murray-Nyack: yep they need that information as well, their parents, sometimes parents run those programs, you know you'll see why oh coach could be that parent.

00:15:15.210 --> 00:15:29.310 Melinda Murray-Nyack: They need to be made aware that's why we go out there and we talk to organizations, we show up we train and cpr and how to use an ad because those to life saving measures will save a life.

00:15:30.210 --> 00:15:42.960 Tommy DiMisa: So thank you for that and first of all, I have four children of my own, and I do not know the signs of sudden cardiac arrest so shame on me, but I am I tell you that and i'm full transparency here on the show guys, you know that already but.

00:15:43.650 --> 00:15:46.830 Tommy DiMisa: Probably most people aren't aware of the signs and so with.

00:15:47.100 --> 00:15:58.230 Tommy DiMisa: So when we come back, maybe we could discuss the signs bit and so people if they never get this programming in their school, at least from from what they should be aware of, we can talk about that we're going to take a quick break we'll be back in about 90 seconds.

00:15:58.590 --> 00:16:02.040 Tommy DiMisa: When we come back we'll talk about some of the signs we're going to talk, I want to talk about the schools.

00:16:02.340 --> 00:16:08.340 Tommy DiMisa: I want to talk about how we get you into those programs, and obviously the legislation, so this show is called philanthropy and focus.

00:16:08.580 --> 00:16:25.260 Tommy DiMisa: It was a seedling of an idea, it came out of my imagination and now it's year olds 40 episodes into this program we go live every Friday morning Melinda Murray nyack is here with dominic dominic a Mari excuse me dominic a Murray memorial foundation, Dom.

00:16:27.480 --> 00:16:30.450 Tommy DiMisa: we'll be right back Tommy the in the attic with Melinda Thank you.

00:16:31.200 --> 00:16:31.500 Okay.

00:18:39.990 --> 00:18:42.420 Tommy DiMisa: Know it's pretty funny when I go out I leave the attic and.

00:18:42.420 --> 00:18:52.890 Tommy DiMisa: People go, what are you doing here you're supposed you're supposed to be in the attic man and then like people say call through the static join Tommy in the attic like this isn't about thing like even my.

00:18:53.610 --> 00:19:03.060 Tommy DiMisa: One of my boys caught, one of my sons, but he calls me, Mr static sometimes because of this guy in the attic, so we are back in the attic your boy the nonprofit sector connector tardy.

00:19:03.480 --> 00:19:10.980 Tommy DiMisa: Here, with Melinda Mari nyack shout out to Facebook shout out to my buddy mudd college always checking in MIC I always know I got you my corner, listen to the show.

00:19:11.370 --> 00:19:19.110 Tommy DiMisa: makes sense, on Facebook very sad so very sad for you Melinda you're an inspiration to take this tragedy and turn it into a positive, so thank you.

00:19:19.320 --> 00:19:19.920 Tommy DiMisa: for checking it.

00:19:20.340 --> 00:19:27.030 Tommy DiMisa: And and that's the thing Melinda you know I, we have a family foundation in memory of my cousin Linda and.

00:19:27.660 --> 00:19:35.100 Tommy DiMisa: You know, I was having a conversation about this last night is and I actually brought up your name and your story last night with the organization, I was at because.

00:19:36.030 --> 00:19:49.140 Tommy DiMisa: To find the opportunity and the grit and the heart, it takes to to do this, you know, out of tragedy comes your own greatness to create something to change the lives for so many other people.

00:19:50.340 --> 00:20:02.250 Tommy DiMisa: I hope you know how important it is what you're doing really and yeah you're welcome, because sometimes I know we don't always realize the impact we're making, and I would say, as somebody watching you do it, thank you for what you're doing.

00:20:02.700 --> 00:20:04.110 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Thank you, thank you.

00:20:04.470 --> 00:20:05.280 Tommy DiMisa: Welcome um.

00:20:05.580 --> 00:20:07.440 Melinda Murray-Nyack: I would say that I had.

00:20:08.850 --> 00:20:13.110 Melinda Murray-Nyack: little choice, I did not want to ball up in a corner and doing nothing.

00:20:14.520 --> 00:20:15.420 Melinda Murray-Nyack: On that day.

00:20:16.500 --> 00:20:19.860 Melinda Murray-Nyack: October 5 and just on Tuesday.

00:20:20.310 --> 00:20:21.600 Melinda Murray-Nyack: 12 years that dominic.

00:20:21.600 --> 00:20:39.360 Melinda Murray-Nyack: has been gone 12 years but on that day, I was suddenly thrust into becoming a widow, and a parent who lost her only child because three years before Dom and it collapsed into sudden cardiac arrest his father had a massive heart attack at the age of 42.

00:20:39.840 --> 00:20:57.060 Melinda Murray-Nyack: So in three years I lost my entire family and when it happened to when it happens to an adult use the sort of big, even though dominic's father was not gentleman he showed no signs he had a heart attack, because there is a difference between a heart attack and a sudden cardiac arrest.

00:20:59.070 --> 00:21:09.390 Melinda Murray-Nyack: When it happened to our only child three years later that's when I know this can happen and i'm.

00:21:10.680 --> 00:21:23.310 Melinda Murray-Nyack: trying to figure out and find the answers what is sudden cardiac arrest, I mean you read this on the autopsy you like what, especially when you're trying to digest that your child had underlying condition that was never revealed until that time.

00:21:24.840 --> 00:21:42.420 Melinda Murray-Nyack: going to find out information from organizations like pair heart Watch and the American heart association and learning that you can do something finding out that one in 300 children are born with an underlying heart condition.

00:21:43.740 --> 00:21:48.060 Melinda Murray-Nyack: to know that my son is now one of those statistics, when it could have been prevented.

00:21:49.650 --> 00:22:08.730 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Really championed me and really pushed me to want to do something about it, not just say something, but really do something and that's why dominic's Foundation was born to to to train to date, we have trained 21,000 people.

00:22:09.780 --> 00:22:17.190 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And cpr and how to use an ad for lives have been saved so far, three of them during coven.

00:22:18.000 --> 00:22:26.850 Tommy DiMisa: So for people are alive, who potentially would have passed away from sudden cardiac arrest had this education, not been done and that.

00:22:27.420 --> 00:22:38.340 Tommy DiMisa: So, first of all, obviously applies to that bigger, though not bigger than a lifetime me but, but even equally as important as 21,000 people are now trained.

00:22:38.850 --> 00:22:50.010 Tommy DiMisa: To act quickly notice the signs use the Ad I mean I I grew up you know when we you know it was like the compressions and you know, like.

00:22:51.210 --> 00:22:56.910 Tommy DiMisa: This is different now right, this is a different world how we do this with with the electronic devices right well.

00:22:56.970 --> 00:23:10.110 Melinda Murray-Nyack: it's it's sona same doing compressions the cpr it's very important um it's what's different now is people are more prone to taking action they're not afraid to use the day.

00:23:10.530 --> 00:23:17.460 Melinda Murray-Nyack: They now know more, that you just turn on that that's very smart device you turn it on and it prompts you on what to do.

00:23:17.760 --> 00:23:18.060 Okay.

00:23:19.290 --> 00:23:25.920 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And then, not only do we provide the training, we do also donate and help place a bs in.

00:23:27.060 --> 00:23:30.030 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Youth serving organizations businesses.

00:23:31.410 --> 00:23:32.340 Melinda Murray-Nyack: gems.

00:23:33.480 --> 00:23:34.530 Melinda Murray-Nyack: places of worship.

00:23:35.640 --> 00:23:43.110 Melinda Murray-Nyack: For those nonprofits that can't afford them, you know they don't have that that funding we outright donated for those who.

00:23:43.440 --> 00:23:58.620 Melinda Murray-Nyack: who want to place it we and they can afford it for profit organizations were able to to direct them on the right path, help them develop their emergency response plans, because that's really necessary needed we donate them to schools.

00:23:59.910 --> 00:24:08.190 Melinda Murray-Nyack: But majority lately, we have donated them to youth serving organizations and so we've donated 37 so far.

00:24:08.580 --> 00:24:18.360 Melinda Murray-Nyack: We don't know if they have been used to save a life because it hasn't been reported back to us, but those units are out there and we've trained.

00:24:19.020 --> 00:24:31.440 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Students young people, those who around the same age as dominic was when he when he collapsed and even younger on how to provide life saving cpr.

00:24:32.550 --> 00:24:35.940 Melinda Murray-Nyack: To help sustain someone's life emergency responders arrive.

00:24:36.330 --> 00:24:47.490 Tommy DiMisa: I mean that's the critical moments right, I mean if if somebody makes the call you know the the empties are going to be there, but it's it's what happens in between, how do you bridge that gap of time.

00:24:47.820 --> 00:24:55.590 Tommy DiMisa: and act quickly, I love the fact that you're saying young people can do this, and can be trained in it, so you know something you talked about.

00:24:56.130 --> 00:25:08.880 Tommy DiMisa: And it's resonating so i'm going to bring it up, but I just heard the commercial break and and this station here is all about uplift educate and empower and you're empowering young people and older people to.

00:25:10.050 --> 00:25:22.170 Tommy DiMisa: help save someone else's life, I mean what's more impactful than that you're doing incredible work the organization is doing incredible work, how does somebody who's listening to this now.

00:25:22.920 --> 00:25:36.570 Tommy DiMisa: follow with the organization is doing get involved with the organization is doing if they are on a PTA pto troop leader pack leader den leader if it's scouts or they run the local soccer League, how do they get in touch with you.

00:25:37.860 --> 00:25:42.990 Melinda Murray-Nyack: We are go to our website, Dom heart 21 dot org.

00:25:44.280 --> 00:25:55.200 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And you know contact us we love volunteers volunteer with us and also you can follow us on social media on Twitter at Dom heart 21.

00:25:55.800 --> 00:26:09.060 Melinda Murray-Nyack: instagram at dawn part 21 and on Facebook and linkedin the full name of the Foundation dominic amory 21 memorial foundation, we want to hear from people it takes a village to save a child.

00:26:09.900 --> 00:26:27.480 Melinda Murray-Nyack: So we welcome volunteers, we we can provide trainings we want to teach others how to save lives and we, in order to make an impact, you need to have a community of people who care and who get it and want to do something about it so.

00:26:27.780 --> 00:26:42.120 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you for all that information to so people know how to it so get in touch with Melinda if if you sit on one of these boards if you're involved, I mean listen to all the people I know need to know about this information, I want to know is there two questions.

00:26:43.590 --> 00:26:44.520 Tommy DiMisa: Who is the.

00:26:46.320 --> 00:26:56.940 Tommy DiMisa: In in sales business, sometimes we call a champion like, who is the champion inside of a school that would be you need to align with or that you need to connect with and.

00:26:57.690 --> 00:27:04.890 Tommy DiMisa: Do you see that you get pushback from schools, when you want to bring this information in so there's a couple of questions wound up in there.

00:27:05.970 --> 00:27:15.090 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Well, I would say the most certainly the school nurses, the principal athletic directors, because they're all over the sports programs.

00:27:15.570 --> 00:27:33.780 Melinda Murray-Nyack: um but it doesn't stop there also you know your PTA but most critically to be able to get into the schools to urge them to help to to implement programs, such as cpr ab training at their schools.

00:27:34.890 --> 00:27:53.940 Melinda Murray-Nyack: There was a bill that has been passed the cpr schools bill in New York state was passed a little over six years ago it's a requirement for all high school students to learn cpr and how to use maybe before they graduate and it's what we call hands only cpr compression only.

00:27:55.200 --> 00:27:57.840 Tommy DiMisa: cpr in school, schools, that was a New York State law.

00:27:58.350 --> 00:28:01.080 Melinda Murray-Nyack: about six years ago, yes, and I help lobby for that.

00:28:01.170 --> 00:28:14.550 Melinda Murray-Nyack: So it took many years to push that bill through and it finally passed about six years ago many states have passed it before but New York was lagging behind and New York should be in the forefront.

00:28:16.260 --> 00:28:16.590 Melinda Murray-Nyack: But.

00:28:16.920 --> 00:28:17.940 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Many of the school.

00:28:19.080 --> 00:28:19.500 Tommy DiMisa: Just know.

00:28:19.890 --> 00:28:20.670 Tommy DiMisa: That please continue.

00:28:21.060 --> 00:28:32.730 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Oh yeah many of the schools are required to implement it and it's at the high school level, but they have not fully executed it yet that the kids are going through it.

00:28:33.840 --> 00:28:40.500 Melinda Murray-Nyack: bystander cpr triples the chances of survival it's critical for these students to learn it so if you have.

00:28:41.130 --> 00:28:56.430 Melinda Murray-Nyack: thought about if you have already instituted that but you haven't executed contact us, we can show you how we can help you lifted off the ground, the kids need to know this life saving skill and it's a requirement before they graduate.

00:28:57.120 --> 00:29:02.190 Tommy DiMisa: So if, when we come back we're going to take a break in a second here, but when we come back, I want to say.

00:29:02.820 --> 00:29:14.190 Tommy DiMisa: Now i'm connected to the PTA here in my neighborhood In fact I when I was downstairs I left the attic again I sneaked away from the attic when I was downstairs about an hour ago, I overheard a phone call here now house.

00:29:15.300 --> 00:29:26.040 Tommy DiMisa: My wife is on the phone call a friend of ours who's involved with the PTA here, in fact I think she's the President and if I wanted to do some kind of fair if I wanted to have.

00:29:27.570 --> 00:29:36.000 Tommy DiMisa: The organization come out and do something is that something I can set up with the PTA I can just play connector and make that happen and yeah.

00:29:36.870 --> 00:29:41.490 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, so when we come back and want you to tell me what that would look like if we do something like that, because i'm being.

00:29:41.910 --> 00:29:45.570 Tommy DiMisa: Totally real is wanting to do this for myself, but I know there's people out there listening and say.

00:29:46.080 --> 00:29:49.110 Tommy DiMisa: I should probably do that I have kids in this district, I need to.

00:29:49.350 --> 00:29:55.410 Tommy DiMisa: You know, be an advocate and empower these these young people and really the administration to know what's going on as well.

00:29:55.590 --> 00:30:01.260 Tommy DiMisa: So when we come back let's talk about that, and I promise soon we will be getting into the legislation that is out there in New York state.

00:30:01.560 --> 00:30:11.520 Tommy DiMisa: And how you all can help us get it yeah I get it passed in and potentially using your networks to get us to the governor we'll be right back Tommy in the attic with Melinda thanks.

00:32:45.150 --> 00:32:53.190 Tommy DiMisa: You are listening to talk radio dot nyc and I would encourage you to stick around after my program Plan B and focus for my boy.

00:32:53.850 --> 00:33:02.970 Tommy DiMisa: The SMB guy who's checking in on Facebook shout out Steve he he said when I said we'll have a fair he spelled fair on Facebook pH a.

00:33:03.300 --> 00:33:09.690 Tommy DiMisa: I are because that's how we spell things here in the attic everything starts with a pH even Tommy did the pH is silent and Tommy date.

00:33:10.320 --> 00:33:16.770 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know what i'm talking about Melinda i'm just trying to entertain so some of it just comes out and I don't even know if it's good when I say it, but sometimes.

00:33:17.340 --> 00:33:21.630 Tommy DiMisa: works out so stay tuned for Steve fry after this always Friday the SMB guy.

00:33:21.990 --> 00:33:31.950 Tommy DiMisa: And then, after that, the entrepreneurial web, we are philanthropy in focus right now and let's focus on this let's focus on the fact that 23,000 young people die from sudden cardiac arrest each year.

00:33:32.580 --> 00:33:42.930 Tommy DiMisa: preventable 7000 of those people are under the age of 18 again preventable congenital heart defect is what unfortunately took the life of young dominic a Marie.

00:33:45.180 --> 00:33:53.100 Tommy DiMisa: Linda give me this solution here man let's just like enough love being professional let's break it down man like, how do we, what do we do, how do we fix this.

00:33:54.000 --> 00:34:01.470 Melinda Murray-Nyack: I always say hard screenings, we need to see what's going on and what's going on inside stethoscopes are not enough.

00:34:02.190 --> 00:34:12.780 Melinda Murray-Nyack: cpr knowing how to provide those life saving compressions at eds making sure there were youth congregate actually we're all people congregate.

00:34:13.110 --> 00:34:23.940 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Make sure that it's within distance that you can get to that a bm back to that victim within three to five minutes, knowing what to do and doing something.

00:34:24.840 --> 00:34:43.050 Melinda Murray-Nyack: and educating all our youth young adults, all it mean it's just a no brainer it's just that simple, knowing what started moment, knowing that sudden cardiac arrest is the number one killer of student athletes in the United States.

00:34:44.160 --> 00:34:53.340 Melinda Murray-Nyack: But it just doesn't affect athletes and athletes alone, it affects it can affect anyone it can happen, while you're sleeping.

00:34:53.880 --> 00:35:04.890 Melinda Murray-Nyack: It could happen, while you're just sitting in the classroom it could happen, while you're playing sports that's why it's critical to recognize the signs, we talked about that a little bit.

00:35:05.040 --> 00:35:16.860 Tommy DiMisa: And we didn't really, though, so what, what are the signs what should if i'm if i'm if i'm the science teacher and I have 19 kids in my class and all of a sudden somebody is experiencing an episode what what am I looking for.

00:35:17.580 --> 00:35:32.190 Melinda Murray-Nyack: A sudden cardiac arrest them will start gasping gurgling have seizure like symptoms and immediately if they they mainly just collapse because what a sudden cardiac arrest is.

00:35:32.910 --> 00:35:51.630 Melinda Murray-Nyack: it's when your heart abruptly stops and then your vital organs begin to shut down, whereas a heart attack many people could tell you they feel pressure on their chest, and they able to speak to you a bit and let you know that they're going through some signs of able to speak to you.

00:35:53.130 --> 00:36:02.160 Melinda Murray-Nyack: a heart attack can lead to a sudden cardiac arrest when your heart then just stops so a heart attack is more like a plumbing problem you know.

00:36:03.330 --> 00:36:06.870 Melinda Murray-Nyack: of your arteries and cardiac arrest is more of an electrical.

00:36:08.070 --> 00:36:08.670 Tommy DiMisa: plumbers, I know.

00:36:08.790 --> 00:36:13.350 Tommy DiMisa: A lot of plumbers that listen to the show, so we always like to go on a quick plumber analogy so that's the.

00:36:13.770 --> 00:36:20.160 Melinda Murray-Nyack: way so it's like apples and oranges, but a heart attack will lead to a sudden cardiac arrest.

00:36:20.340 --> 00:36:32.070 Tommy DiMisa: wow so we you know, we have only one say I mean listen as a guy in his 40s anytime I get chest pain I go to the emergency room that's just that's a policy, I know, and I know i'm probably in the minority of.

00:36:32.940 --> 00:36:46.920 Tommy DiMisa: I you know get some guys just go out you don't know, but I would encourage you, if if you are having chest pains, please go get get it checked out right away, but it sounded it with the sudden cardiac arrest I can't tell you i'm in pain my heart just stopped.

00:36:48.390 --> 00:36:48.690 Tommy DiMisa: Right.

00:36:48.930 --> 00:37:00.270 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Now, when i'm a student athlete you know they compete they push themselves, they drive themselves to the limit, they may be experiencing.

00:37:01.110 --> 00:37:13.350 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Some symptoms, in advance, basically, it could happen gradually fainting during or after physical activity there startled and and it causes them to to fame.

00:37:13.890 --> 00:37:27.000 Melinda Murray-Nyack: If they feel dizziness fatigue different things, there are different signs that your child may not tell you about because it's normal or they they just don't want to really alarm their parents to to look out for this.

00:37:27.690 --> 00:37:39.300 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Family history is also critical know your family history if there was a sudden death under the age of 50 if heart disease runs in your family.

00:37:39.870 --> 00:37:49.980 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Family history is critical, knowing your family history don't just check the box when the pre participation sports form comes home don't just.

00:37:50.760 --> 00:38:03.120 Melinda Murray-Nyack: You know breeze through and and check the box assuming everything's okay really read what those questions are and think about it and sit down with your child and go through that pre participation sports form with them.

00:38:03.540 --> 00:38:05.340 Melinda Murray-Nyack: So I need to check the box.

00:38:05.430 --> 00:38:10.650 Tommy DiMisa: No doubt such great insight, because I think people do just go over good you feel good move on and.

00:38:11.520 --> 00:38:21.510 Tommy DiMisa: So when you talk about screenings let's go to this this fair that now Steve and me on the Facebook, have created an entire thing it's like that's what I do creating things in my head and then they actually happen in the real world so.

00:38:23.070 --> 00:38:32.070 Tommy DiMisa: What what does this look like, if I pull this off like what is it like who do I need to be involved, what is the day i'm assuming it's like a Saturday morning, you know.

00:38:32.460 --> 00:38:33.240 Melinda Murray-Nyack: it's not a fair.

00:38:34.140 --> 00:38:36.510 Tommy DiMisa: I know I know I don't know why i'm going in now, but we can.

00:38:36.810 --> 00:38:40.290 Tommy DiMisa: We got to get them there, so we might have to might have to call it a fair to get the people.

00:38:40.620 --> 00:38:48.630 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Basically i'm work with the schools like we we have a program that's called heart screening York it's it's a it's an affiliate Program.

00:38:49.830 --> 00:39:07.950 Melinda Murray-Nyack: That our foundation and another Foundation partner to to do and it's twice a month October and in March and we go, we have them in the schools, because you want the athletic directors sports teams to be involved so they're carefully planned, we have a waiting list, so we have school.

00:39:09.150 --> 00:39:13.320 Tommy DiMisa: So this is not so this is not something like plug and play like if I want to.

00:39:13.890 --> 00:39:18.210 Tommy DiMisa: plan my plan alright so so there's a waiting list.

00:39:18.870 --> 00:39:26.340 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Right, so will will will connect with the schools and actually provide them a presentation, let them know exactly what's involved.

00:39:28.080 --> 00:39:35.640 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And we provide the screen it's good to go for 400 kids that we can screen, and let me tell you the magnitude of the heart screenings.

00:39:35.760 --> 00:39:54.750 Melinda Murray-Nyack: yeah what it basically is is a $1,000 grant per child that's basically given to this child because they do not pay for this screening the foundations absorb the cost of the screenings that's why our foundation relies on fundraising to provide the programs, that we do.

00:39:55.110 --> 00:40:00.120 Tommy DiMisa: What is theirs, I want to challenge is for saying, if what if there was an alignment with.

00:40:00.390 --> 00:40:10.560 Tommy DiMisa: sponsors or insurance companies or different things like that again it's you don't really have to give me an answer because it's more me thinking and united should talk about another time but i'm just wondering how.

00:40:11.190 --> 00:40:15.750 Tommy DiMisa: You know, because it's hard screen New York is another organization that you partner with.

00:40:17.130 --> 00:40:17.940 Tommy DiMisa: that's the Program.

00:40:18.660 --> 00:40:19.500 Tommy DiMisa: right but.

00:40:19.800 --> 00:40:22.830 Tommy DiMisa: No that's $400,000 to to that is that.

00:40:23.460 --> 00:40:26.970 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Right, so we have sponsors and also fundraise for it.

00:40:27.510 --> 00:40:30.030 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Now, when you think about that, when you think about.

00:40:30.360 --> 00:40:33.570 Melinda Murray-Nyack: The thousand dollars i'm going to tell you what it is and why that's considered a grant.

00:40:33.750 --> 00:40:37.050 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Okay, because what the student receives his.

00:40:38.610 --> 00:40:44.070 Melinda Murray-Nyack: heart sound physical so it's a physical, they also get.

00:40:45.300 --> 00:40:59.940 Melinda Murray-Nyack: A ekg, which is an electrical cardiogram which monitors the electrical activity of the heart of an ECHO if it's needed, you know if something is triggered if it's needed and they see.

00:41:00.960 --> 00:41:10.050 Melinda Murray-Nyack: A pediatric cardiologist and the cardiologist and i'll tell you the importance of a pediatric cardiologist when it comes to a child who is screen.

00:41:10.590 --> 00:41:19.770 Melinda Murray-Nyack: We screen between the ages of 12 and 25 what a pediatric cardiologists will recognize and a child to a young adult.

00:41:20.610 --> 00:41:26.040 Melinda Murray-Nyack: They would recognize when an adult cardiologist may miss, and that is why you focus on on that.

00:41:26.760 --> 00:41:34.980 Melinda Murray-Nyack: i'm also part of the program they learn cpr and how to use a the end they they they are also provided information on sudden cardiac arrest.

00:41:35.370 --> 00:41:46.830 Melinda Murray-Nyack: To date, the program has screened over it's actually close to 6000 youth and 102 have been identified at risk and we've been doing this, since 2011.

00:41:47.100 --> 00:41:56.760 Tommy DiMisa: So so you've literally you know you talk about saving for lives through the other program but we countless lives have been saved through this other program by by uncovering.

00:41:57.120 --> 00:42:08.040 Tommy DiMisa: These things that that now can be addressed that, as you said earlier in dominic's case was ticking time bomb you didn't know you knew nothing about this, and unfortunately passed so.

00:42:09.180 --> 00:42:25.620 Tommy DiMisa: How, for those types of programs, how does a school qualify see i'm on the mindset like how did so let's just say the money's not there, like Is it fair to assume that you have a waiting list because, is it budgetary or okay so.

00:42:26.280 --> 00:42:31.470 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Basically um it's actually being opened in the school, so we really go to the high schools right.

00:42:33.210 --> 00:42:35.010 Melinda Murray-Nyack: mind, which I will you know talk.

00:42:35.610 --> 00:42:38.340 Tommy DiMisa: To do that, but look, but you really focus on the high school specifically.

00:42:38.880 --> 00:42:45.630 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Right, because the high schools and middle schools, but we go into the high school basically because they have you know majority of students.

00:42:46.170 --> 00:42:59.010 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And that's basically where we've always done it within within the schools, because you need the buy in from the principal athletic directors all involved, and they have access to the kid.

00:42:59.100 --> 00:43:03.840 Melinda Murray-Nyack: stuff you know and it's it is always done on on a Saturday.

00:43:05.670 --> 00:43:20.010 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And the waiting list is because we have schools that we that that have already like reached out to us so it's not like some school would not be in it, because it's something budgetary that's not the case at all it's because we have it twice a year.

00:43:20.250 --> 00:43:20.640 Tommy DiMisa: Right it's.

00:43:20.760 --> 00:43:28.440 Melinda Murray-Nyack: manageable we have volunteers from medical students to nurse practitioners to cardiologists.

00:43:29.640 --> 00:43:40.140 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Many different reputable hospitals and organizations that have been with us since 2011 and they've fallen tear their time they are amazing went.

00:43:41.370 --> 00:43:42.060 Melinda Murray-Nyack: twice a year.

00:43:42.330 --> 00:43:44.940 Tommy DiMisa: Is there, what did you say October, if you give me the data.

00:43:44.940 --> 00:43:47.730 Melinda Murray-Nyack: tolbert and March Those are the two months that we have it.

00:43:47.910 --> 00:43:50.790 Tommy DiMisa: Now, has October happened, or is it not happening because.

00:43:50.820 --> 00:43:54.360 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Over has happened October 2 we were at Salem high school.

00:43:55.380 --> 00:43:55.800 Melinda Murray-Nyack: island.

00:43:56.070 --> 00:43:59.310 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And that was our first screening since coven.

00:44:00.810 --> 00:44:05.160 Tommy DiMisa: Right yeah obviously things are on old guides everything's different world, so we know that.

00:44:05.520 --> 00:44:11.070 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, so let's let's tease the audience a little bit when we come back we're gonna do another break when we come back we're going to talk about.

00:44:11.370 --> 00:44:18.810 Tommy DiMisa: What the legislation is how how how it's taken you to get here and really, this is what I need you all to pay attention gang.

00:44:19.170 --> 00:44:24.270 Tommy DiMisa: What we need, how we need you to help us out through your relationships, through your connections through people you know.

00:44:25.200 --> 00:44:31.890 Tommy DiMisa: To get what I need and i'll tell you what it is what will in the 90 so when we get back we'll talk about what it took you to get through this legislation that's out there.

00:44:33.720 --> 00:44:41.610 Tommy DiMisa: And how to how to solve it, how to check that final box so Melinda and Tommy D in the attic plants being focus we'll be right back.

00:46:39.630 --> 00:46:41.940 Tommy DiMisa: cut through all this dad a joint.

00:46:41.970 --> 00:46:45.330 Tommy DiMisa: Tommy and all right i'll stop saying is that all right, your.

00:46:45.720 --> 00:46:47.130 Tommy DiMisa: voice, I do.

00:46:47.190 --> 00:46:47.850 Tommy DiMisa: Do it.

00:46:48.240 --> 00:46:49.800 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, my goodness that makes me so happy.

00:46:50.190 --> 00:46:58.140 Tommy DiMisa: You know what maybe i'll have to well that's actually my friend Brendan levy from the queen's Chamber of Commerce who's doing the lyrics there he wrote the song he wrote the music he wrote the lyrics the whole deal.

00:46:58.590 --> 00:47:04.680 Tommy DiMisa: And every time I sing it and put it out there and social media he tells me that I should stop singing it, so thank you Melinda for.

00:47:04.680 --> 00:47:06.750 Tommy DiMisa: telling me that I should continue singing it.

00:47:07.170 --> 00:47:12.960 Tommy DiMisa: You know what Brendan if you listen to and maybe you're not going to get to sing my song anymore i'm going to be the new singer song, this is philanthropy and focus.

00:47:13.380 --> 00:47:22.800 Tommy DiMisa: I am Tommy D and I want to ask you one last thing before we jump into legislation Linda we're talking about cpr a DS we're talking about certain cardiac arrest.

00:47:26.010 --> 00:47:29.070 Tommy DiMisa: While it takes some time to get a school on board and your do these.

00:47:29.820 --> 00:47:43.140 Tommy DiMisa: These days, in March and October educational resources to educate young people give me some other places to go, whether it be your site or somewhere else, because i'm like well I want this in my district, but if I can't have it right away, what can we provide.

00:47:43.980 --> 00:47:54.420 Melinda Murray-Nyack: All the information Doc the heart screenings are planned, I do welcome the opportunity to come into the schools go into the school districts, to educate and talk about sudden cardiac arrest.

00:47:54.750 --> 00:48:04.380 Melinda Murray-Nyack: provide the cpr at trainings for the students, I mean I actually I welcome back if I can get into the school districts, to provide these trainings.

00:48:04.920 --> 00:48:17.460 Melinda Murray-Nyack: To provide this information to ensure that they have at eds that are that are strategically located throughout their schools and readily accessible, that is something that we can do every day.

00:48:17.880 --> 00:48:30.480 Tommy DiMisa: And I think I took two ideas and most of them together like I tend to sometimes do sort of break it apart getting you access to districts and people and programs who need this education is another piece, that we can do regularly.

00:48:31.920 --> 00:48:39.810 Tommy DiMisa: Totally get it now all right so listen hard screenings in your school districts that can happen in March in October, if this information is valuable to you and.

00:48:40.140 --> 00:48:47.670 Tommy DiMisa: If you like young people being protected it's valuable let's be real here then reach out to you know Melinda or myself if you can't get through to Melinda.

00:48:48.510 --> 00:49:02.910 Tommy DiMisa: Tommy do philanthropy and focus calm and we can make that happen all right let's get to let's get to the most important part of this top of this conversation, or at least the top two, what do you need, how can we help with this situation that's going on right now.

00:49:03.570 --> 00:49:24.090 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Right now we're waiting desperately for life, saving legislation to be signed into law, it took us 10 years to get to the point that the dominic aim that that dominic Murray sudden cardiac arrest prevention act dominic's law passed through Assembly and Senate unanimously.

00:49:25.230 --> 00:49:31.980 Melinda Murray-Nyack: For the first time in 10 years we worked hard on it, the gist of the bill is this providing information.

00:49:32.640 --> 00:49:43.680 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Schools public and non public schools, providing information to students and their families on sudden cardiac arrest it signs symptoms and risks.

00:49:44.550 --> 00:49:56.730 Melinda Murray-Nyack: As part of every permission consent form to prevent to participate in physical education in gym to participate in sports parents will have this information as part of that package.

00:49:57.210 --> 00:50:04.770 Melinda Murray-Nyack: They will be educated on the signs and symptoms that it's a one cheater at least they'll be made aware parents don't know what they need to know.

00:50:04.800 --> 00:50:06.720 Melinda Murray-Nyack: If we don't tell them what they need to know.

00:50:07.740 --> 00:50:15.120 Melinda Murray-Nyack: What also entails as coaches are also going to be trained, similar to the concussion act that passed in all States.

00:50:15.690 --> 00:50:26.280 Melinda Murray-Nyack: on how to recognize the symptoms, that the child exhibits this within play so they are removed from play, and they can actually go and see you know the required to see.

00:50:26.550 --> 00:50:39.630 Melinda Murray-Nyack: A cardiologist so you know the family physician, who would lead them to a cardiologist to ensure that they're clear to participate before it's too late, we worked 10 years on this it finally passed this last June.

00:50:40.950 --> 00:50:50.550 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And we're waiting for the governor to sign it into law, this is a life saving information budget neutral no financial dollars attached to it.

00:50:51.240 --> 00:51:00.510 Tommy DiMisa: Oh gotta pause you right there, this is just information all we're asking for we're not even trying to pull this out of somebody's mind item and move money around or anything like that.

00:51:01.020 --> 00:51:11.220 Tommy DiMisa: Which which would be worthwhile anyhow, but we don't even have to have that discussion you're saying that this is just what you're asking for what dominic's law would be is just require the education.

00:51:11.880 --> 00:51:29.070 Melinda Murray-Nyack: and information part of that pre participation and also those consent forms parents need to know also educating those coaches on what to look for they're already going through the training of what to identify as far as a concussion they're also already receiving cpr.

00:51:30.090 --> 00:51:36.060 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Training, this is added on to that to recognize the signs pull that kid from play.

00:51:37.680 --> 00:51:47.460 Tommy DiMisa: So here's here's where I asked here's my specific ask for you listening to this show and we don't have a lot of time to get this done, in fact, if this doesn't get done by the end of this year.

00:51:47.940 --> 00:51:56.550 Tommy DiMisa: We have to we the organization, not to put myself in the organization I didn't do any work for this i'm just trying to help you, but the Organization has to start from scratch.

00:51:56.730 --> 00:51:57.960 Tommy DiMisa: After 10 years of work.

00:51:58.170 --> 00:52:01.110 Tommy DiMisa: Getting a unanimous decision by.

00:52:02.460 --> 00:52:06.060 Tommy DiMisa: By New York state without the Governor, yet we need the governor so.

00:52:07.380 --> 00:52:15.060 Tommy DiMisa: governor local I don't know you you don't know me, but if if somebody can get this information to you what is it what do we need will in the, how do we get.

00:52:15.630 --> 00:52:21.390 Melinda Murray-Nyack: What we need to reach out to her, we need to email her right to her parents need to.

00:52:22.320 --> 00:52:35.580 Melinda Murray-Nyack: let her know that this is important to them guardians parents, whether you have a child, you don't have a child, this was pushed as a mother who lost her only child who did not want this to happen to someone else, how do you reach.

00:52:36.690 --> 00:52:47.040 Melinda Murray-Nyack: The students, how do you reach the parents going into the school system and by passing this legislation new by unanimously Assembly and Senate.

00:52:47.550 --> 00:53:06.750 Melinda Murray-Nyack: It showed that New York state cherishes their students all students athletes non athletes on because you and I both know we've talked about in the past we've talked about it today sudden cardiac arrest does not discriminate it could happen to anyone at any time.

00:53:08.070 --> 00:53:21.510 Melinda Murray-Nyack: oftentimes without warning, but this information if this information came home to me, I would have known Okay, maybe his family, history is assigned to look for what dominic has exhibited that maybe that's something to look for.

00:53:22.530 --> 00:53:23.460 Melinda Murray-Nyack: But I didn't have that.

00:53:23.820 --> 00:53:26.040 Melinda Murray-Nyack: I just a you're healthy.

00:53:26.670 --> 00:53:29.340 Tommy DiMisa: Are I don't really even need to know.

00:53:30.360 --> 00:53:34.140 Tommy DiMisa: Where their signs when you look back after you knew what a car.

00:53:35.100 --> 00:53:45.150 Melinda Murray-Nyack: I look back when he said, you know, he was a little exhausted, or he felt pain after you know after working out, but when you think about athletes you like Oh well, you know just rest relax.

00:53:45.210 --> 00:53:46.260 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Right yeah.

00:53:46.710 --> 00:53:48.630 Tommy DiMisa: yeah yeah right yeah again we.

00:53:49.290 --> 00:53:52.950 Melinda Murray-Nyack: won't tell you, because they don't want to wear the pants they want to go up and play that.

00:53:52.950 --> 00:53:54.930 Tommy DiMisa: They don't want to worry, but you also don't want to sit.

00:53:55.140 --> 00:54:07.770 Tommy DiMisa: Right like that that's The other thing you get it, they don't want to take a chance and relax yeah I get it, I learned so much on this program every single week and and we had Elisa seager on a couple weeks ago, who.

00:54:08.910 --> 00:54:10.290 Tommy DiMisa: Had legislation passed.

00:54:11.700 --> 00:54:13.710 Tommy DiMisa: In memory of her son aiden to have.

00:54:14.820 --> 00:54:27.480 Tommy DiMisa: Infant testing for and she's doing an incredible in fact um maybe maybe she'd be a good connect for you to talk to you just about how how things have happened and how.

00:54:28.320 --> 00:54:33.390 Tommy DiMisa: How, you might be able to collaborate so let's make that actually i'll make that happen, will make that connection to do like.

00:54:34.560 --> 00:54:41.460 Tommy DiMisa: an email or text intro for you, so I would ask you all to reach out to Melinda Belinda how do they get you directly, if they.

00:54:41.460 --> 00:54:41.790 Tommy DiMisa: Have.

00:54:41.910 --> 00:54:44.490 Tommy DiMisa: A connection to have a way to get to what we need.

00:54:45.180 --> 00:54:53.010 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Dom heart 21 dot org and click on contact us and the your letter will come directly to me.

00:54:53.520 --> 00:55:00.990 Tommy DiMisa: Dom heart 21 dot org Melinda Murray nyack founder I set it up front i'm going to say it again.

00:55:01.500 --> 00:55:07.470 Tommy DiMisa: I appreciate your friendship, I appreciate the work you're doing, I appreciate your candor on telling this story and.

00:55:08.160 --> 00:55:17.910 Tommy DiMisa: You literally are changing lives of other people by the work you do, which is what fires me up to get up here every Friday morning and do this and have this conversation, so thank you for being here and.

00:55:19.470 --> 00:55:22.260 Tommy DiMisa: If you have do you have an event or anything coming up that you want to share.

00:55:22.800 --> 00:55:45.120 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Well, unfortunately, in response to the coven 19 you know epidemic that's still going on, we were forced We actually had to postpone our red Gala this year would have been October 23 but our life saving mission is not on pause so we have started our virtual fundraiser it's called the.

00:55:46.290 --> 00:55:58.680 Melinda Murray-Nyack: For 21 opportunity during funds raised will help us continue our youth heart screenings place life saving a DS and youth serving organizations that's critical and.

00:56:00.240 --> 00:56:08.280 Melinda Murray-Nyack: This opportunity to join, we have great sponsors Jet Blue airways breeze airways veteran from rousseau's on the bay, as well as.

00:56:08.940 --> 00:56:16.890 Melinda Murray-Nyack: A Doc Dr curtis Johnson, and by just entering this opportunity, drawing 21 being dominic's Jersey number $21.

00:56:17.670 --> 00:56:33.960 Melinda Murray-Nyack: You have a chance, an opportunity to win great prizes but in addition to that, we have an opportunity to help stabilize, this is the red Gala was our one and only fundraiser major fundraiser every year, and now we are resorting to our virtual fundraiser it's on our website.

00:56:34.410 --> 00:56:34.650 Is.

00:56:36.510 --> 00:56:39.000 Tommy DiMisa: 21 for 21 and you can find it right on the website.

00:56:39.900 --> 00:56:54.870 Melinda Murray-Nyack: And also, on all social media but go to our website under special events and you'll see it just click on learn more under 2121 campaign we you know this support will help place a these where they're needed and it'll help us screen more hearts.

00:56:55.230 --> 00:57:03.030 Tommy DiMisa: Linda I we gotta leave it there, because my buddy Steve Fries putting this sunglasses on right now he's ready to do the show the SMB guy will be here soon.

00:57:03.360 --> 00:57:04.560 Melinda Murray-Nyack: Having me, I appreciate that.

00:57:04.590 --> 00:57:10.380 Tommy DiMisa: I appreciate you, I appreciate your friendship, I hope to see you again in real life in real person soon very soon.

00:57:10.770 --> 00:57:15.450 Tommy DiMisa: Thanks, for being here this show is called philanthropy and focus it started out as an idea.

00:57:15.870 --> 00:57:23.100 Tommy DiMisa: And now it's a reality, like most things in life but here's what I want to tell you, if you want to find me Tommy D dot nyc on instagram Tommy D dot nyc.

00:57:23.820 --> 00:57:32.100 Tommy DiMisa: On tick tock we have a Facebook page, you can just track us down if you're looking for me, you want to get me on an email Tommy df lengthy and next week on the show.

00:57:32.400 --> 00:57:42.090 Tommy DiMisa: Another friend of mine Shannon boil from new ground, I know shout it from many, many years new ground works with struggling veterans and families to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

00:57:42.450 --> 00:57:51.390 Tommy DiMisa: Another important topic, right here, we will talk to Shannon we will find out how you all can help Melinda thanks for being here thanks everybody checking in everywhere Facebook and.

00:57:51.930 --> 00:57:59.670 Tommy DiMisa: and live here and then checks out a podcast platforms Sam leibowitz you do a great job, on the other side of the glass, thank you for your leadership, everybody make it a great weekend see you later.

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