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Thursday, August 19, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/19 - Reclaiming Your Health Body Confidence and Fitness at Menopause & Beyond

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/19 - Reclaiming Your Health Body Confidence and Fitness at Menopause & Beyond


2021/08/19 - Reclaiming Your Health Body Confidence and Fitness at Menopause & Beyond

[PREMIERE] Reclaiming Your Health, Body Confidence and Fitness at Menopause & Beyond

If hormones are chemical messengers in the body, what message are they sending you?

The transition through perimenopause into menopause and beyond is a natural process, bringing many changes in a woman’s body, fitness and confidence. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, out of control and defeated, this is an opportunity to take stock of our lifestyle, nutrition and exercise habits, reflect, review and reframe our approach for long term health and fitness.

The old ways of eating less, and exercising more no longer work.

My guest this week, Maggie Fordham, is the founder of Cambridge Personal Fitness, a post-natal and menopause fitness specialist who will explain the changes happening and the essential strategies women can use to maintain health, strength and vigor into this next stage of life.

Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat starts the show with news about menopause all around the world. She reads from publications from Africa, India, and Australia. The topics focused on normalizing menopause discussion in the workplace and how migraines might lead to high blood pressure during menopause. Pat also spoke about a new study that claimed there were four distinct periods of metabolism. Pat read that metabolism differs for all people and doesn’t vary in men and women.

Segment 2

Back from the break, Pat and her guest, Maggie Fordham, discuss nutrition. Maggie has over 25 years of experience in nutrition. She manages Cambridge Personal Fitness serving women from postnatal to post menopause. Maggie has a BSC in psychology degree and is a qualified personal trainer. Maggie helps women regain fitness and confidence with her regime and guidance. Pat and Maggie discuss motherhood and life during COVID. Maggie talks about the benefits of having older children in the house to help with errands. Pat segways the conversation to Maggie’s humble beginnings into fitness. Maggie talks about being a mother of three and the struggles she faced with losing the pregnancy weight. At the time, she was working in the ministry with women with issues on self esteem, self management, and self discipline. The life long effect of those things along with my personal experiences pushed Maggie into personal training.

Segment 3

After the break, Pat and Maggie discuss why “eat less and exercise more” doesn’t  work after menopause. Maggie says women are in a hormonal transition.  Women at this stage need “radical self-care”. Maggie advocates for women to find a new routine that works for them for long term health. Pat urges women to support their bodies as their reproductive hormones reduce. Before the break, Pat and Maggie talk about how a poor diet can trigger menopause symptoms. Maggie discusses how women will need to develop strategies to help with the fact that their bodies are naturally in a fat storage mode due to the lack of estrogen and increase in insulin.

Segment 4

Back from the break, Pat asks Maggie to share her top tips. Maggie encourages the audience to read Pat’s nutrition book, Cool Recipes For Hot Women: How to Eat Your Way to a Healthy Menopause. She describes the book as covering a huge subject in an approachable way. Maggie also advises the audience to prioritize themselves and to plan. She says, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” She also adds for women to put themselves first in order to be their best self. Before the end of the show, Pat continues the conversation on planning and organizing your time.


00:05:27.120 --> 00:05:40.620 Pat Duckworth: Good morning, you you're good afternoon UK good evening, India and welcome to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause where did that we go another one that's flown past.

00:05:41.100 --> 00:05:49.110 Pat Duckworth: Here in the UK, the kids are still have school they might be going back into early September so we're still in holiday mode here.

00:05:49.440 --> 00:05:58.470 Pat Duckworth: I say that because I think a lot of American students are probably back at school and college by now and for you the summer is over we're still enjoying it here.

00:05:58.830 --> 00:06:09.720 Pat Duckworth: Which made me quite worried about doing the news reports this week because we're still in silly season here, where you don't get as much news being published as usual.

00:06:10.440 --> 00:06:19.140 Pat Duckworth: And my guest in the virtual studio today is Maggie fordham who's looking incredibly gland today for a personal trainer normally you know.

00:06:19.920 --> 00:06:35.010 Pat Duckworth: I am giving away secrets sweats and you know all of that, but you're looking fabulous Maggie so let's get on and have a look at the press, and I was really pleased this week, because I have news reports from all around the world.

00:06:36.060 --> 00:06:47.460 Pat Duckworth: i'm really pleased because that means that news publications all around the world are talking about menopause in a way that I think a year ago, two years ago we wouldn't have seen.

00:06:47.700 --> 00:06:57.630 Pat Duckworth: So yeah, I am pleased i'm seeing this okay let's get on and have a look at it, so my first news report comes from business daily in Africa.

00:06:58.260 --> 00:07:06.120 Pat Duckworth: excellent and it says normalized talk on menopause at the workplace, even better, this is a subject that Maggie and I.

00:07:06.720 --> 00:07:22.050 Pat Duckworth: Talk about organizations and is dear to our hearts, so the business daily saying menopause is rarely discussed, even though half the world's population experience or will experience this biological transition at some point in their lives.

00:07:22.530 --> 00:07:33.270 Pat Duckworth: It is not a medical condition or an illness, no it isn't but it's a natural component of the life cycle, yet this topic remains unspoken, especially in the workplace.

00:07:33.630 --> 00:07:41.370 Pat Duckworth: i'm kind of proud that here in the UK we're leading this as a topic of discussion and getting some support in place but.

00:07:41.820 --> 00:07:55.290 Pat Duckworth: let's read on culturally, we are slowly starting to have this conversation, especially in the E m E and a region that's Middle East and North Africa, earlier this year, the.

00:07:57.660 --> 00:08:03.570 Pat Duckworth: I thought this was going to be another abbreviation but it isn't tenor the worldwide leader in incontinence products.

00:08:03.870 --> 00:08:14.250 Pat Duckworth: launched a campaign to change the narrative around menopause in celebration of International women's day and, of course, in October, we have world menopause day coming up.

00:08:14.910 --> 00:08:29.040 Pat Duckworth: This follows research that revealed 82% of women in the region we're keen to use a new and more positive phrase to describe manacles now then wait this bit this took me by surprise, in place of.

00:08:29.670 --> 00:08:36.930 Pat Duckworth: Age of despair, a description for menopause in Arabic I am so happy they're replacing that.

00:08:37.320 --> 00:08:47.940 Pat Duckworth: As a result, the phrase age of renewal, has now been added to our my army, the Arabic dictionary as a new entry Thank heavens about.

00:08:48.300 --> 00:09:00.030 Pat Duckworth: This initiative has gotten support from the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations sexual reproductive health agency and it's a massive feat for women everywhere, yes, good.

00:09:00.690 --> 00:09:16.710 Pat Duckworth: We like that age of renewal, with women now rising to senior roles and holding leadership positions, more than ever, we need to start valuing the conversation around women's health in the medicals well done business daily and well done for getting that new term into that dictionary.

00:09:18.120 --> 00:09:29.550 Pat Duckworth: My next report is from India, the times now news from India migraines linked to high blood pressure, after menopause says a neurology study now.

00:09:30.450 --> 00:09:36.180 Pat Duckworth: I know, women come to me and say they suffer with migraines that men are pores it's more.

00:09:36.720 --> 00:09:50.190 Pat Duckworth: it's more likely if you've suffered with migraines before, and particularly if you've had migraines during your menstrual periods so yeah, but this is about migraines and blood pressure, so it says.

00:09:50.790 --> 00:10:00.300 Pat Duckworth: menopause can bring a host of issues for women at a very crucial time in their age, now a study shows those that those women who suffered from migraines earlier.

00:10:00.570 --> 00:10:11.730 Pat Duckworth: should watch their blood pressure levels during post menopause researchers set out to determine if women who have had migraines were more likely to develop hypertension after menopause.

00:10:12.240 --> 00:10:22.830 Pat Duckworth: They looked at 56,202 pretty precise postmenopausal French women who were part of the French II three and cohort.

00:10:23.610 --> 00:10:37.020 Pat Duckworth: The tracking project began in 1990 with the objective to provide data for studies of lifestyle and disease, none of the women had blood pressure or cardiovascular disease at the start of the study.

00:10:37.500 --> 00:10:42.780 Pat Duckworth: The researchers are swimming in the series of surveys if they had migraine headaches or hypertension.

00:10:43.290 --> 00:10:54.330 Pat Duckworth: After controlling for migraine medications and lifestyle factors that could affect cardiovascular risk the researchers found that high blood pressure was more common.

00:10:54.600 --> 00:11:08.100 Pat Duckworth: In women who had migraines than in those who did not so it's important information if you're getting migraines postmenopausal good ideas get your blood pressure, checked out, just in case that's an issue.

00:11:09.810 --> 00:11:19.560 Pat Duckworth: So we're traveling further around the world now to Australia women's health Australia, a new study dispels the myths around aging menopause and metabolism.

00:11:20.010 --> 00:11:27.480 Pat Duckworth: As i'm going to be talking to Maggie today about what we eat and staying healthy I think something around metabolism is really important.

00:11:27.990 --> 00:11:35.490 Pat Duckworth: So this starts conventional thinking has it the past your 20s metabolism slows down, especially around middle age.

00:11:35.850 --> 00:11:43.800 Pat Duckworth: On top of this it's also believed women have slower metabolisms the men, which is why we have a harder time controlling our weight.

00:11:44.070 --> 00:11:49.200 Pat Duckworth: Certain things like menopause in your menstrual cycle and women's metabolism slows even more.

00:11:49.590 --> 00:11:59.280 Pat Duckworth: While it might be time to ditch such things as the article according to a new study published in science, it appears, our understanding of metabolism.

00:11:59.550 --> 00:12:09.420 Pat Duckworth: For all this time has been wrong using data from nearly six and a half thousand people ranging in ages from eight days taking their blood pressure, eight days.

00:12:10.020 --> 00:12:24.660 Pat Duckworth: To 95 years researchers discovered that there are four distinct periods of life as far as metabolism is concerned, they also found that metabolism really doesn't very much between men and women, if some factors are controlled.

00:12:25.290 --> 00:12:33.000 Pat Duckworth: so central to their findings was that metabolism differs for all people across four distinct ages up until age one.

00:12:33.270 --> 00:12:46.590 Pat Duckworth: infancy sees calorie burning at its peak I think we can imagine that accelerating till it's 50% above the adult range from each one to 20 metabolism grossly slows by about 3% a year.

00:12:46.920 --> 00:12:52.920 Pat Duckworth: From 20 to 60 it holds steady so don't start saying your metabolism slowing down.

00:12:53.550 --> 00:13:13.620 Pat Duckworth: After age 68 declines by about naught point 7% a year when researchers controlled for body size and the amount of muscle people have they also found no difference between men and women researchers found no decline in metabolic rate for women in their 40s or with the onset of metaphors.

00:13:15.060 --> 00:13:19.950 Pat Duckworth: Interesting i'm watching the time now because i've still got three articles go.

00:13:20.550 --> 00:13:31.050 Pat Duckworth: i'm going to include this one for Daily Telegraph again in Australia male menopause is real and we need to talk about it, it is a thing, even as a name it's called andropause.

00:13:32.040 --> 00:13:41.850 Pat Duckworth: yeah we could talk about this for quite a while, actually, and this is somebody who looked into his male friends being called grumpy as they got older and.

00:13:42.240 --> 00:13:54.540 Pat Duckworth: Then he found that there was this thing called andropause as the symptoms, there are no surprises depression, lack of self confidence changing libido poor sleep reduced energy and moodiness.

00:13:55.110 --> 00:14:02.760 Pat Duckworth: This is an element which affects men, both physically and psychologically, it has no visibility in popular culture.

00:14:03.090 --> 00:14:13.920 Pat Duckworth: I was on a BBC Radio show once and I talked about my own mental pores and a lorry driver rang him to say that he had hot flushes he was really grateful to hear me speaking about it so it's a thing.

00:14:15.150 --> 00:14:25.620 Pat Duckworth: Okay, the next one comes from America contemporary Ob gyn the title of this is low fat vegan diet may reduce fast summit.

00:14:26.610 --> 00:14:41.340 Pat Duckworth: fester Moses symptoms get that right, a 12 week trial found implementing a dietary approach using and low fat vegan diet could help reduce the incidence of moderate to severe hot flashes in postmenopausal women.

00:14:42.510 --> 00:14:59.760 Pat Duckworth: I talk a lot about food in these news reports and i've said, you know any food stuff that you could name there's probably a report saying that it's really good for you, even if it's really unlikely so so far we've had milk chocolate beer Curry.

00:15:00.780 --> 00:15:08.490 Pat Duckworth: Now now we're going vegan, this is a game changer for women aged 45 and over, most of whom we know.

00:15:08.790 --> 00:15:22.530 Pat Duckworth: can get prompt relief from most severe and troubling symptoms menopausal symptoms without trucks, we will talk about all of this in the show today, and now I couldn't I couldn't miss this one Homer news Alaska.

00:15:23.790 --> 00:15:35.520 Pat Duckworth: menopause rescue protocol reviews postmenopausal stop menopausal symptoms so men are pause rescue protocol is actually a brand for a particular.

00:15:36.510 --> 00:15:51.810 Pat Duckworth: diet and it's about someone and go through menopause with great ease too many women have to deal with unpleasant changes which is putting it lightly, according to the multiples rescue protocol creators this discomfort may not have to do with estrogen at all.

00:15:53.100 --> 00:16:11.310 Pat Duckworth: They propose that consumers have a cell band in their body that multiplies at this stage of life and it's seven times more likely in American women they blame this band aid on weight gain hot flashes night sweats memory issues and even painful intercourse OK.

00:16:12.570 --> 00:16:18.900 Pat Duckworth: So the minerals rescue protocol is built on the idea that our compound found in my own wedding cake.

00:16:19.470 --> 00:16:34.650 Pat Duckworth: As tech tequila and the super fruit is the key to eliminating oxidative stress this stress is caused by the imbalance established, but the ingredient was found in the but the ingredients found in the shape helps replenish.

00:16:35.850 --> 00:16:40.320 Pat Duckworth: I can't get my words out stay I need another cup of tea, or perhaps I need some.

00:16:41.400 --> 00:16:59.550 Pat Duckworth: What was it some kind of tequila anyway, the aesthetic tequila is a golf a nectar I got a nectar may have natural sugars, but it doesn't have much of an effect on blood sugar this ideal does provide users with the necessary sweetness it improves the shakes taste.

00:17:00.690 --> 00:17:09.600 Pat Duckworth: The company's super fruit is marinca which comes from a tree and provides the user with nutrients that are hard to find in any other single ingredient.

00:17:09.930 --> 00:17:28.320 Pat Duckworth: it's the passes the protein in yoga exceeds the vitamin A of carrots and has about seven times the vitamin C that consumers get from oranges, so these things pop up and it's really good to have looked at them, but also to talk about what a healthy, balanced diet is.

00:17:29.580 --> 00:17:33.330 Pat Duckworth: Welcome Maggie it's really good to see you do.

00:17:34.440 --> 00:17:37.770 Pat Duckworth: You watch this kind of reports popping up in the news.

00:17:38.070 --> 00:17:48.480 Maggie Fordham: yeah they think they put a face, particularly Facebook, I find I look at my Facebook feed and you just get menopause after mentor boards, because they know what you're looking at don't they and.

00:17:49.290 --> 00:17:56.370 Maggie Fordham: You know and it's like gosh if we were all trying to follow those things would be running around like headless chickens wouldn't be knowing not knowing which direction to go in.

00:17:57.090 --> 00:18:10.740 Pat Duckworth: I think that's the problem that's why we're talking today because it's so confusing and you get so much conflicting advice, and if you click on menopause anywhere on the Internet, you start getting this stuff.

00:18:11.190 --> 00:18:28.110 Pat Duckworth: popping up on your Facebook group this supplement that shake this diet that and you think well I don't know and you can end up with a cupboard full of stuff yeah rattling around and not so we're going to clear the brain fog around good nutrition today.

00:18:28.470 --> 00:18:30.000 Pat Duckworth: Yes, but if.

00:18:30.690 --> 00:18:34.740 Maggie Fordham: Everybody wants that quick fix solution so that's why we're so tempted with them aren't we.

00:18:35.370 --> 00:18:52.950 Pat Duckworth: yeah they wrong okay sad news everybody spoiler alert quick fixes okay so join us after the break, we will be talking about being healthy and fit and while beyond menopause or metaphors and beyond we'll see you after the break.

00:21:08.550 --> 00:21:14.760 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at men couples and.

00:21:15.420 --> 00:21:31.470 Pat Duckworth: yeah I gave the game away we're talking about nutrition, today I have stopped saying we're talking about diet, because diet has so many negative connotations i'd really rather talk about nutrition and how we eat, to take care of ourselves.

00:21:32.010 --> 00:21:48.840 Pat Duckworth: And joining me in the virtual studio today is Maggie fordham and Maggie has over 25 years experience helping women learn how to honor and nourish themselves, and she runs Cambridge personal fitness serving women from postnatal to post menopause.

00:21:50.070 --> 00:21:58.350 Pat Duckworth: Maggie has BSC on psychology degree, is an nlp practitioner certified holistic coach and a qualified personal trainer.

00:21:58.680 --> 00:22:02.430 Pat Duckworth: she's helped hundreds of women regain their fitness and their confidence.

00:22:02.790 --> 00:22:13.830 Pat Duckworth: Maggie equips women with the tools of effectively investing in their physical and mental well being using nutrition physical training and lifestyle strategies.

00:22:14.100 --> 00:22:25.320 Pat Duckworth: As a mother of three Maggie understands the challenges of balancing work and home life, while still caring for oneself welcome Maggie how are you doing today.

00:22:25.770 --> 00:22:34.530 Maggie Fordham: Are pat it's great to be on your show Thank you so much for inviting me today and it's just great to have a chance to talk about this topic.

00:22:35.490 --> 00:22:45.330 Pat Duckworth: So, has it been a good summer I mean after the past 18 months I guess you've been homeschooling and still running a business and you've had all sorts of challenges.

00:22:45.390 --> 00:22:56.130 Maggie Fordham: You know I am so lucky, because my children are that bit older so bad homeschooling honestly my heart has gone out to every parent that is homeschooling or has been.

00:22:57.270 --> 00:23:08.520 Maggie Fordham: And I I was thanking thanking the stars, you know that my youngest child was doing her exams last summer, but that was the end of it and.

00:23:09.570 --> 00:23:22.920 Maggie Fordham: yeah no instead i've had children available to help out at home with things like dog walking and cooking rotor and things like that so actually it's been a little bit more of a blessing for me and that bonus time with them, I think, actually, that has been lovely for me.

00:23:23.310 --> 00:23:23.640 bonus.

00:23:24.990 --> 00:23:32.640 Pat Duckworth: yeah cuz we're a lot of people it's been about separation and for a lot of men as well, we know that there's been so much more.

00:23:33.570 --> 00:23:45.450 Pat Duckworth: I just didn't want to use the word burden but there's been a lot of work for women to do because of the homeschooling because of working from home because of trying to keep the wheels on the car really and.

00:23:45.870 --> 00:23:56.220 Pat Duckworth: So, having that time to take care of ourselves, has been a bit of a premium so Maggie how did you get into doing personal training 25 years ago.

00:23:56.250 --> 00:23:58.200 Pat Duckworth: What move in a direction.

00:23:58.650 --> 00:24:15.090 Maggie Fordham: To brilliant brilliant question so i've actually been personal trainer for 18 years and and previous to that I worked for 10 years in Christian ministry, I was, I was working alongside my husband and I was responsible for the women's pastoral care.

00:24:16.170 --> 00:24:28.440 Maggie Fordham: And then I had three young children, and it got to the point where I think I needed to make a change in my own personal life and.

00:24:29.580 --> 00:24:42.780 Maggie Fordham: Having had three young children, always put on lots of weight needed to work hard to lose weight after each baby getting fit again and it just was a natural fit and I spent.

00:24:43.200 --> 00:24:51.300 Maggie Fordham: years in the ministry working with women helping them and so on, so often on issues like self esteem self management.

00:24:51.930 --> 00:25:01.920 Maggie Fordham: Knowing self respecting self discipline and the knock on effect of those things, and so, then combining that with my own personal experiences.

00:25:02.250 --> 00:25:13.230 Maggie Fordham: that's what led me to then retrain as a personal trainer and specializing in women, basically, so it was a topic, you know just very, very dear to my heart yeah.

00:25:13.290 --> 00:25:21.120 Pat Duckworth: yeah fantastic because that whole self esteem issue isn't it so much easier, though, to sort out other people's problems and.

00:25:23.610 --> 00:25:24.690 Pat Duckworth: be a therapist.

00:25:26.610 --> 00:25:29.400 Maggie Fordham: I had that conversation with someone earlier today it's like.

00:25:29.670 --> 00:25:44.490 Maggie Fordham: You know, yes, actually it's like we need to practice what we preach you know it's it isn't it we we all need it and it's just as hard for our clients as it's just as hard for ourselves to put those things into practice we're all in the same boat aren't we yeah.

00:25:44.550 --> 00:26:01.260 Pat Duckworth: Definitely so initially when you started out doing being a personal trainer did you immediately start working with women who had who were post nasal or prenatal where did you start.

00:26:01.650 --> 00:26:12.270 Maggie Fordham: yeah I saw I started so much working with women I knew that's what I wanted to specialize in that was my own personal experience and and.

00:26:12.810 --> 00:26:36.150 Maggie Fordham: So it was a combination of working with women who were maybe a little bit past the the baby phase, initially, and so busy career women they had families, they had careers and they they they themselves got a little bit lost somewhere in their self care got lost in the mix.

00:26:37.260 --> 00:26:46.860 Maggie Fordham: And, and then, then I also studied to specialize in the postnatal work and it just became very much about women's hormones.

00:26:47.940 --> 00:27:02.820 Maggie Fordham: And and really prioritizing that that taking taking care of self because it just think you know for us when we have our careers and family it's so easy to get lost lost in the next.

00:27:03.660 --> 00:27:18.810 Pat Duckworth: yeah and certainly a few years ago, there was so much pressure on women to lose weight after they've had their babies to like have a baby get out of hospital be the same size, you were before there was so many celebrity moms.

00:27:19.080 --> 00:27:27.870 Pat Duckworth: yeah The next thing you knew with jogging around the park pushing a pram and using a lot of pressure for somebody who's just had a baby.

00:27:28.350 --> 00:27:44.280 Maggie Fordham: yeah yeah and and the reality, but yeah so the US normal human mere mortals you know I mean for me when I had a baby I just was my body was in a terrible state.

00:27:45.360 --> 00:27:47.730 Maggie Fordham: And I was completely de conditioned.

00:27:48.810 --> 00:27:58.860 Maggie Fordham: put on weight and baby was up all night I had one baby with a colleague, you know, and you, you you just trying to survive.

00:27:59.160 --> 00:28:11.850 Maggie Fordham: And those first few weeks when you have a young baby you literally just trying to get through them and so any thought you know if if you manage to brush your teeth, it was a victory, you know.

00:28:12.120 --> 00:28:18.930 Maggie Fordham: So doing a workout you know and looking glamorous and gorgeous it's like in what world is that.

00:28:19.590 --> 00:28:23.340 Maggie Fordham: You know I used to dread people giving me flowers.

00:28:23.490 --> 00:28:35.040 Pat Duckworth: Because of the time it would then take to look after the flowers, I thought life's hard enough without having to cut stocks or flowers and arrange though I was so grateful.

00:28:38.010 --> 00:28:47.100 Pat Duckworth: So at that stage where you also working with the nutrition or did the nutrition come once you were doing the physical exercise.

00:28:47.340 --> 00:28:57.240 Maggie Fordham: And yes, I started doing nutrition straight away if nutrition had been something that i've been very interested in and just personally years previously.

00:28:58.380 --> 00:29:07.470 Maggie Fordham: I think, as a student at university when you start to sort of really explore your own values in life that was something that I got really, really interested in.

00:29:07.680 --> 00:29:23.430 Maggie Fordham: And so, then it was just great doing the personal training and being able to really build on that and include that and what I was doing and and over the years you just build a wider and deeper knowledge don't you all the time, so.

00:29:24.750 --> 00:29:28.530 Maggie Fordham: With nutrition, you can go as deep as you want to go basically pioneering.

00:29:29.520 --> 00:29:31.500 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely, there is no into it, I.

00:29:31.500 --> 00:29:32.940 Pat Duckworth: First, got interested.

00:29:33.720 --> 00:29:41.310 Pat Duckworth: In it, for men or pause when I was writing cool recipes for hot women with Jenny tissue who's a nutritionist.

00:29:41.700 --> 00:29:47.910 Pat Duckworth: She and I met when we were both writing our first books and I thought this is Sunday, I really need to talk to.

00:29:48.510 --> 00:29:56.730 Pat Duckworth: to dig deeper into what's going on for us at menopause because it's just so important and women, you know justice with that.

00:29:57.240 --> 00:30:10.680 Pat Duckworth: postnatal when you start seeing oh my body's not nothing great you get too many apples you go what is going on now, you know my my stomach's getting bigger my waist is expanding what am I supposed to do about all of this.

00:30:11.250 --> 00:30:19.920 Pat Duckworth: yeah so I know Leslie fetters who was on the show a few weeks ago was talking about how you helped her with her early menopause.

00:30:20.190 --> 00:30:26.310 Pat Duckworth: Was that your first kind of dipping your toe into the metaphors or had you already been working on that.

00:30:26.460 --> 00:30:37.050 Maggie Fordham: Do you know, actually, I think it was yeah um Well, no, actually, I mean within the only man, of course, that was my first experience of working with someone with early menopause and now I had worked.

00:30:38.100 --> 00:30:42.810 Maggie Fordham: With ladies before you'd come to me and and the typical age was 52.

00:30:43.320 --> 00:30:59.640 Maggie Fordham: And the answer to 5152 is that sort of often that postmenopausal or that brought that medicals year isn't it, and so I had several ladies come to me at that age and and it was what was really funny was.

00:31:00.780 --> 00:31:09.180 Maggie Fordham: People said the same comment and and they said things like I noticed it's I can't bend over to put my socks on anymore.

00:31:09.720 --> 00:31:24.780 Maggie Fordham: You know, it was some physical thing they suddenly realized I can't do what I used to do before, and they will come to me because, yes, they had weight around the middle they noticed them ability had really lessened.

00:31:26.010 --> 00:31:41.430 Maggie Fordham: So, but at that point, I was working with them, and I was in my 30s and you know I wasn't I didn't notice any sort of perimenopausal symptoms, I certainly wasn't in that full on menopausal symptoms and so.

00:31:42.210 --> 00:31:47.760 Maggie Fordham: I knew how to help them because I just I knew that the key building blocks the foundations of health.

00:31:48.150 --> 00:31:49.500 Maggie Fordham: And that all works.

00:31:49.710 --> 00:32:02.370 Maggie Fordham: and goodness it all work did a good job they were very happy, but it's, as I have got older myself that i've really, really become ensconced in the whole.

00:32:03.420 --> 00:32:10.170 Maggie Fordham: You know issues around perimenopause and menopause there's nothing like needing it for yourself, is there to get you into it.

00:32:10.590 --> 00:32:22.890 Pat Duckworth: It does provide very good motivation, I have to say, looking and trying these things out for yourself, you know trying supplements Troy investments and going with that works that not so sure.

00:32:23.220 --> 00:32:36.090 Pat Duckworth: And, of course, for each of us were so individual that just because it worked for me doesn't mean it works for some deals yeah, but you can at least say, well, I tried that and actually I found that was really useful.

00:32:37.200 --> 00:32:42.330 Pat Duckworth: And, of course, you know, keeping ourselves fit makes us a good advert for other people.

00:32:42.990 --> 00:32:44.580 Maggie Fordham: yeah absolutely.

00:32:44.880 --> 00:32:49.110 Pat Duckworth: And, and one of my drivers is looking for it, otherwise we will look at me and think.

00:32:49.200 --> 00:32:52.260 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely i'll take any notice, no.

00:32:52.470 --> 00:32:53.160 Maggie Fordham: No, no.

00:32:53.430 --> 00:32:55.620 Maggie Fordham: I think you know we're not perfect and we still.

00:32:55.920 --> 00:33:10.980 Maggie Fordham: We know we were still working with our bodies and we can still experience symptoms it's just having the tools in the kit isn't it to help ourselves and then it's just helping to pass on those tools to others because it's you know we've certainly not you know.

00:33:12.330 --> 00:33:12.690 Maggie Fordham: we're not.

00:33:13.740 --> 00:33:15.030 Pat Duckworth: Getting pretty good, I have a.

00:33:15.030 --> 00:33:15.360 Little.

00:33:16.530 --> 00:33:18.510 Maggie Fordham: Yes, we are, we are, we are.

00:33:18.750 --> 00:33:21.540 Maggie Fordham: I think, as well, something i've been thinking about is the fact that.

00:33:21.900 --> 00:33:34.740 Maggie Fordham: I think we're of the generation that we're doing aerobics and we're going to go into the gym in our teenage years that's what you know, so we do have grown up with that expectation of staying fit.

00:33:35.370 --> 00:33:44.250 Maggie Fordham: So I think I do wonder if that's maybe one menopause is now so much an issue because that generation of people who were exercising have now reached that menopause face.

00:33:44.550 --> 00:33:58.470 Pat Duckworth: It could well be so we've just scratched the surface, when you when we come back after the break we'll be giving you some practical tips and yeah so much we can talk about we'll see you after the break.

00:36:29.160 --> 00:36:41.670 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and empowering women leaders at menopause and this week we're empowering you to be fit and healthy at menopause and beyond, with my guest Maggie fordham.

00:36:42.000 --> 00:36:48.030 Pat Duckworth: So before the break, we were just talking about the changes that our bodies go through, and why.

00:36:48.330 --> 00:37:01.350 Pat Duckworth: Well, we start kind of scratch the surface of wine nutrition is an important thing now if you have any questions I am monitoring the top radio dot nyc Facebook page if there's anything you want to ask Maggie.

00:37:01.680 --> 00:37:08.430 Pat Duckworth: And I know we all get horribly confused about what we should be eating not eating how much when.

00:37:09.240 --> 00:37:16.410 Pat Duckworth: So if you've got any questions just post them on the Facebook page so Maggie a lot of the women who come to see me.

00:37:17.070 --> 00:37:28.710 Pat Duckworth: they've been on diets before they've probably been on love diets before and they've always managed to lose weight and then put it back on them a little bit more, and then release it and a little bit more.

00:37:29.370 --> 00:37:40.140 Pat Duckworth: yeah and then they go but i'm trying to do the same thing again now and i'm not losing the weight what's going on why doesn't the eat less and move more work at medicals.

00:37:40.470 --> 00:37:51.300 Maggie Fordham: yeah absolutely in that so doesn't work and so we're we're in that hormonal transition with metaphors it's a natural transition.

00:37:52.380 --> 00:38:00.240 Maggie Fordham: Easter June is dropping progesterone is dropping progesterone is dropping quicker estrogen is boiler tile so there's you know.

00:38:00.810 --> 00:38:08.850 Maggie Fordham: physiological changes happening in in our body and our hormones aren't the same as they used to be so if we know, working with.

00:38:09.660 --> 00:38:28.650 Maggie Fordham: A different body why, why would what we did before work now that's the thing, and you know it's so easy to go back to our old ways and think we've done this before i'll do it again, but as we've mentioned before there's there's no quick fix solution there's no magic bullet and and.

00:38:30.030 --> 00:38:45.870 Maggie Fordham: what's needed now is actually radical self care and, in fact, what we need now is an approach of building new foundations for long term health and so it's not about going following a specific.

00:38:46.920 --> 00:39:00.690 Maggie Fordham: diet or program or whatever for so many weeks we really looking at you know what does my body need now and for long term health and it's it's a lifestyle change and.

00:39:02.460 --> 00:39:12.720 Maggie Fordham: And it's not just nutrition it's it's that whole lifestyle thing you know it is self care it's stress management its nutrition it's exercise movement.

00:39:13.980 --> 00:39:27.180 Maggie Fordham: And and now's the time when, hopefully, and maybe we actually do have a little bit more time to do that because hopefully those children aren't so young aren't taking up so much of our time.

00:39:27.630 --> 00:39:36.810 Maggie Fordham: And yes, we're busy in our careers, but now I think we spent years, taking care of everybody else, and now is the time to say I need to take care of me.

00:39:37.830 --> 00:39:38.220 Maggie Fordham: and

00:39:38.310 --> 00:39:42.810 Pat Duckworth: I think that's so cool I love that radical self care yeah radical self.

00:39:42.810 --> 00:40:07.020 Pat Duckworth: case because sometimes women say to me well yeah i'm getting some symptoms but it might be over in a year, I can you know or i'm taking my hrt I don't really have to worry about it, the decisions you make now are setting these foundations for your world is for the next 30 4050 years.

00:40:07.350 --> 00:40:08.430 Maggie Fordham: Yes, yes.

00:40:08.520 --> 00:40:09.000 Pat Duckworth: i'm being.

00:40:09.600 --> 00:40:14.070 Pat Duckworth: i'm being firm about this because I just think it is so important.

00:40:14.310 --> 00:40:25.350 Pat Duckworth: That if you're not eating the right things now so if you go on a diet and you're depriving your body of the nutrition, it needs, you might lose some might.

00:40:26.250 --> 00:40:32.880 Pat Duckworth: You might look better in the short run, but in the long run what's it done to your bones what sit down to your heart health.

00:40:33.360 --> 00:40:51.480 Pat Duckworth: You know at this stage of life as our reproductive hormones are going into decline or reducing that's producing sounds nice that doesn't it as they're reducing, we need to be supporting our bodies, I just got on my soapbox so he would go back to you.

00:40:54.060 --> 00:41:00.870 Maggie Fordham: That that is such a great message that you're saying I hate this thing is that you know hormones are chemical messengers in the body.

00:41:01.260 --> 00:41:11.130 Maggie Fordham: And they're they're sending little messages all the time, but our hormones are also a messenger to us, there are there are body's innate intelligence and so.

00:41:11.640 --> 00:41:22.530 Maggie Fordham: I suppose the question is, what are our hormones trying to tell us so when we're experiencing symptoms what's what is it that they're trying to say and sometimes they're whispering it.

00:41:23.010 --> 00:41:37.110 Maggie Fordham: And then it gets louder and then it gets louder and then it's there shouting and then that's when we will turn to hrt or we looking for that magic bullet and and.

00:41:37.650 --> 00:41:44.910 Maggie Fordham: And there's a place absolutely hrt and, but what we don't want to do is mask the symptoms.

00:41:45.840 --> 00:41:49.290 Maggie Fordham: We want to look at what the root cause because.

00:41:49.680 --> 00:42:00.030 Maggie Fordham: Those menopausal symptoms are actually a gift and now they don't feel like a gift at the time when you're having your hot flush you know and you're awake between two and four in the morning, you know because he can't sleep and.

00:42:00.720 --> 00:42:08.430 Maggie Fordham: You know you've got that weight going around the middle and none of your beautiful lovely clothes look Nice on you anymore, you know that doesn't feel like a gift.

00:42:09.570 --> 00:42:16.200 Maggie Fordham: But they are a gift because they're telling us there's something going on in our body that actually we need to pay attention to.

00:42:16.830 --> 00:42:24.630 Maggie Fordham: And in terms of our long term health but also our immediate health and mental and physical well being.

00:42:25.050 --> 00:42:33.900 Maggie Fordham: there's something going on, that we need to pay attention to so it's really getting down to the ground roots of how are we taking care of our body and how we.

00:42:34.410 --> 00:42:39.900 Maggie Fordham: nurturing and nourishing our body and, as you say it's not about diet, it is about nourishment.

00:42:40.770 --> 00:42:54.540 Maggie Fordham: And at this stage our bodies need nourishment we have digestive system, it does change it's less able to absorb the nutrients, as well as it did so, we need even more nutrients now than ever before now's the time to be.

00:42:54.930 --> 00:43:03.600 Maggie Fordham: upping our quality nutrient content not filling up on cake and chocolate and alcohol and you know things that.

00:43:04.140 --> 00:43:05.130 Pat Duckworth: yeah I know.

00:43:05.760 --> 00:43:22.230 Pat Duckworth: I get I get a lot of very sad looks when I talk about this to women's groups I get this slide Oh, but I really enjoy my glass of wine every evening so yeah do you get a hot flash at night, do you wake up during the night, are you getting night sweats how's your weight doing.

00:43:22.620 --> 00:43:31.890 Pat Duckworth: yeah and you know it's bit like being the grinch at Christmas, I think, but if you know that these things are triggering your symptoms.

00:43:32.490 --> 00:43:39.060 Pat Duckworth: As you're saying, these are important chemical messengers assigned to something needs to alter here.

00:43:39.570 --> 00:43:48.030 Pat Duckworth: Yes, it's saying to you and not everybody gets the same symptoms, not everybody has the same triggers, but if you find that.

00:43:48.480 --> 00:43:55.050 Pat Duckworth: You have a lot more hot flashes over the weekend and that's when you normally have your glasses of wine.

00:43:55.620 --> 00:44:05.640 Pat Duckworth: They might be a bit of a message in there, or if that's when you eat your chocolate, or perhaps you have a steak on a Saturday night and then you're hot all night and through the next day.

00:44:06.060 --> 00:44:12.000 Pat Duckworth: These things are trying to tell you something and I say you know, like the universe gives you a little tap.

00:44:12.900 --> 00:44:27.870 Pat Duckworth: And then, it gives you a bit more of a slap and sometimes it's like a two by four around the side of the head tell you it's time you paid attention to it yeah so day today what what, what are we doing while we're adjusting.

00:44:28.920 --> 00:44:35.250 Maggie Fordham: Okay, well, I think we can just sort of backtrack a little bit and just look at what's happening with the hormones in terms of.

00:44:36.060 --> 00:44:47.730 Maggie Fordham: Our estrogen is dropping now estrogen and helps is extremely pedestrians together a fat burners and as Eastern drugs, we become less sensitive to insulin now insulin.

00:44:48.960 --> 00:45:02.340 Maggie Fordham: and helps lower blood sugar levels and, but when when there's a lot of insulin being released we're in fat storage mode because it wants to get the sugar out of the blood, so our bodies in fat storage mode.

00:45:02.910 --> 00:45:11.280 Maggie Fordham: When we come less sensitive to insulin it means our body needs to pump out more insulin to have the same effect so basically then with estrogen dropping.

00:45:11.820 --> 00:45:27.180 Maggie Fordham: we're more insulin is being pumped out we're getting more and more into that fat storage mode and so, and so this is this is, we need a strategy to help us deal with the fact that our bodies naturally more in a fat storage mode now.

00:45:28.440 --> 00:45:41.190 Maggie Fordham: um and then on the another aspect to look at is the effect that stress hormones have in our body, and this is where I talk about the triangle of hormonal health so we've got our sex hormones.

00:45:41.580 --> 00:45:50.580 Maggie Fordham: A one point of the triangle we've got our blood sugar hormones, including insulin and we've got our stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

00:45:51.000 --> 00:46:04.290 Maggie Fordham: And it's like having a three legged triangle, a three legged stool, and so, when one leg of the stool is off kilter it puts more pressure on the other two legs, so our sex hormones are naturally.

00:46:05.790 --> 00:46:16.140 Maggie Fordham: transitioning that little bit off balance, things are shifting around there so that's off kilter that's the legacy triangle, the stuart's dollars off kilter so we've got our.

00:46:16.590 --> 00:46:26.940 Maggie Fordham: Stress hormone leg we've got our blood sugar hormone leg, so we now need to really try to take care of those two legs, to try and get a little bit more stability in the.

00:46:27.780 --> 00:46:33.570 Maggie Fordham: In the store in the triangle and and so, if we look at our blood sugar.

00:46:34.470 --> 00:46:41.790 Maggie Fordham: Hormones though that's something that we can absolutely control sex hormones might be able to control a little bit all over the place.

00:46:42.060 --> 00:46:48.450 Maggie Fordham: Stress hormones, yes, there are things we can do to help ourselves, but you know there's a lot going on in life so.

00:46:48.840 --> 00:47:02.040 Maggie Fordham: let's make it easy let's start with the thing that we can actually do something about and so that's where I look at blood sugar hormones, with my clients and that's where we focus with the nutrition on stabilizing the blood sugar blood sugars.

00:47:03.180 --> 00:47:10.710 Maggie Fordham: And because, if we can stabilize blood sugar levels, then we can help the body get much more into fat burning mode.

00:47:11.250 --> 00:47:27.360 Maggie Fordham: And it will also have that knock on effect of helping to actually stabilize the stress hormones, the sex hormones and just bring a bit more hormonal balance into our lives, so it comes down to looking at stabilizing blood sugars and so.

00:47:28.110 --> 00:47:44.130 Maggie Fordham: This is where we have 21 opportunities, a week to stabilize blood sugar levels we have 21 opportunities, a week to help our hormonal balance and those opportunities to help.

00:47:44.820 --> 00:47:56.250 Maggie Fordham: manage and reduce on menopausal symptoms, those are opportunities for us to be building long term health and It all starts with stabilizing those blood sugar's.

00:47:57.540 --> 00:48:02.220 Pat Duckworth: We all want a healthy story sorry that didn't come out right.

00:48:06.390 --> 00:48:09.090 Maggie Fordham: movements, I wanted to say yes, we want those to.

00:48:10.260 --> 00:48:12.270 Pat Duckworth: Be so healthy stores all around.

00:48:15.750 --> 00:48:18.750 Pat Duckworth: So this is really important, and.

00:48:18.960 --> 00:48:31.290 Pat Duckworth: When we come back after the break we'll be talking about the one thing that you could do it might be all seems a bit overwhelming but there's always a one step in the right direction that can set you on the right track.

00:48:31.500 --> 00:48:37.230 Pat Duckworth: So join us after the break for more information and more great tips see that.

00:49:40.920 --> 00:49:41.340 poster.

00:51:07.380 --> 00:51:18.060 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the final part the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause and to my guest Maggie fordham where we're talking today about nutrition.

00:51:18.390 --> 00:51:25.620 Pat Duckworth: I can tell you that there is so much, we want to talk about we could probably keep going the rest of the day, if we were allowed to.

00:51:25.950 --> 00:51:39.840 Pat Duckworth: And you know I run online courses or menopause live courses five weeks two hours a night, and I think at the beginning, the women thing, what are we going to talk about for 10 hours just tell me how to avoid the hot flushes.

00:51:40.080 --> 00:51:54.120 Pat Duckworth: And, by the end they're saying it's another week to go because there's always so much and because everybody's experience is so individual anyway let's crack on so Maggie what can we be doing.

00:51:54.720 --> 00:52:12.960 Maggie Fordham: Okay, so I do have a tip to share, but I did want to say that I love the books that you've written and and I want to say at the beginning, and so I know we're going to talk about a tip now, but I have an extra tip which would be to say read pat's book.

00:52:14.010 --> 00:52:25.980 Maggie Fordham: So I love I love the book that you do with joanie on nutrition, I think it absolutely really sums up everything that somebody needs to know, and it does it in such an approachable way and and a clickable way.

00:52:26.970 --> 00:52:38.670 Maggie Fordham: It is a huge subject it can seem very complicated you've made it very straightforward and you have covered all the bases, so I definitely you know I love your book love it.

00:52:40.200 --> 00:52:41.280 Pat Duckworth: Even paid you.

00:52:43.770 --> 00:52:44.820 Pat Duckworth: know your address to say.

00:52:46.950 --> 00:52:49.350 Maggie Fordham: Okay, I don't have a new baby so flowers are fine.

00:52:51.930 --> 00:52:53.640 Pat Duckworth: Okay let's see your tips.

00:52:54.510 --> 00:53:09.180 Maggie Fordham: So my my tip is, as I said it begins that radical self care so to do that to prioritize stuff, we have to plan and if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

00:53:09.690 --> 00:53:20.370 Maggie Fordham: And so, and the key is to is to plan, because if we don't it just all seems overwhelming will never get started, we feel like life is too busy.

00:53:21.270 --> 00:53:30.120 Maggie Fordham: You know I just haven't got the headspace of the time to think about this or make any changes to it takes creating space to do that.

00:53:31.050 --> 00:53:39.870 Maggie Fordham: So we need that that prioritizing self make some time, we need to plan our food so that means we need to plan.

00:53:40.230 --> 00:53:48.960 Maggie Fordham: What meals we're going to have we need to find a shopping list, we need to plan to do window shopping going to be done, done regularly so there's always food in the cupboards.

00:53:49.200 --> 00:53:54.540 Maggie Fordham: Because if it's not if you don't have the great stuff day you're going to reach for the crap and then you're going to feel crap.

00:53:55.890 --> 00:54:07.590 Maggie Fordham: And, and we need to plan our times for self care, we need to plan or time for, and by that I mean our restorative work, whether it's yoga Epsom salt bath, we need to plan our exercise.

00:54:07.920 --> 00:54:20.760 Maggie Fordham: And we need appropriate exercise, which is an old whole other conversation and but to that that's my tip is this is time for radical self care and to prioritize yourself.

00:54:21.960 --> 00:54:30.390 Maggie Fordham: And I think as women, we are sometimes we can be our greatest saboteurs and we.

00:54:31.200 --> 00:54:40.650 Maggie Fordham: Put everybody else first or We feel it just a huge sense of duty over giving performance, we keep going going going we feel exhausted.

00:54:40.980 --> 00:54:53.190 Maggie Fordham: And we are at the bottom of our own list, and so my tip is put yourself at the top of the list, and it goes against the grain, but if you want to be, you know if you want your family to have a nice.

00:54:54.870 --> 00:55:11.790 Maggie Fordham: Money or sister you actually have to put yourself at the top of the list for that radical self care and plan to put things in place that are going to help you and to have helped healthy nutrition, we have to plan yeah.

00:55:11.880 --> 00:55:19.470 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely, I say to this to any client who comes to me because they want to get back to a healthy blake.

00:55:19.890 --> 00:55:27.270 Pat Duckworth: you've got a plan for a healthy way you can't just go to the cupboard and mysteriously things appear, but are going to be good for you.

00:55:27.720 --> 00:55:35.700 Pat Duckworth: You have to have thought about it, you know if you want to be eating salad during the week or you want to have a protein breakfast or.

00:55:36.030 --> 00:55:43.710 Pat Duckworth: You know, you want to have a stir fry one night, you could have the ingredients yeah yeah so it's really important.

00:55:44.460 --> 00:55:51.150 Pat Duckworth: To take some time so when we say make time there's only so much time, this is about prioritizing.

00:55:52.050 --> 00:56:10.470 Pat Duckworth: Back to that radical self care where you decide that if you plan, and if you do plan it saves you time during the week you're not going oh I better hop out to test goes off sainsbury's or where would they be in America well food or something foods.

00:56:11.250 --> 00:56:12.240 Pat Duckworth: or trader joes.

00:56:12.270 --> 00:56:19.830 Pat Duckworth: or whatever you know this isn't you know if you do that you're going to get into trader joe's and go all that ready beyond looks good.

00:56:20.400 --> 00:56:36.090 Pat Duckworth: And you're going to pick it up and put it in your basket and then, when you look at the ingredients slicer you're going to think I don't think I should have eaten there but you're hungry you haven't got much time, so planning is really important yeah what sort of things.

00:56:36.240 --> 00:56:37.650 Pat Duckworth: I know we haven't got much time.

00:56:38.130 --> 00:56:54.900 Maggie Fordham: Okay, every meal protein healthy fats that extra virgin olive oil avocados NUTS oily fish things like that and non starchy carbohydrates, so any vegetables grown above the ground.

00:56:55.890 --> 00:57:10.590 Maggie Fordham: eyes are non starchy carbs feel hot your plate with that palm size of protein thumb size of your healthy fat and then, if you're looking to get starchy carbohydrate we're looking at a couple handful and that.

00:57:11.310 --> 00:57:22.770 Maggie Fordham: includes fruit so they're going to spike your blood sugar levels, so we need to be mindful of how much for having those cut handful or something like sweet potato keen wild rice new potatoes.

00:57:23.730 --> 00:57:34.260 Maggie Fordham: So what we're doing is to stop spiking this blood sugars, we want to have less of those starchy carbs and we're looking at just a cop time for with each meal, maybe we'll always.

00:57:39.840 --> 00:57:51.030 Pat Duckworth: Think mikey has frozen a bit now I hope that's not me that's frozen, I hope you can still hear me but mikey is frozen a bit so it's about prioritizing those vegetables.

00:57:51.480 --> 00:58:09.000 Pat Duckworth: The above ground, vegetables and when you look at the healthy plate that the government recommends, in the UK it's normally about a third of a plate you don't need that much carbohydrate, so this is really about looking at your play and thinking, what will keep.

00:58:09.000 --> 00:58:10.980 Maggie Fordham: It healthy and.

00:58:11.340 --> 00:58:12.180 fit for you.

00:58:13.380 --> 00:58:13.530 Maggie Fordham: I.

00:58:14.100 --> 00:58:26.190 Pat Duckworth: Thought I saw many coming back, but I she didn't come back then so really thinking about your plate and planning to have those vegetables have that lean protein also some healthy fat as part of your meal.

00:58:26.520 --> 00:58:37.440 Pat Duckworth: Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer so it's good idea to eat some protein at breakfast time because then you're not going to feel so hungry.

00:58:38.100 --> 00:58:54.990 Pat Duckworth: When it gets to coming towards lunchtime so protein good keeps you feeling fuller for longer Now I know that Maggie has a giveaway for you, she has a hot flash fairy menopause webinar recording.

00:58:55.590 --> 00:59:03.090 Pat Duckworth: I will put a link to it when I post this recording up in the hot women rock radio.

00:59:03.930 --> 00:59:14.550 Pat Duckworth: Sorry i'm getting distracted because mickey's disappeared off the call but don't worry, so I will put a link to that, and you will be able to see the link to maggie's webinar.

00:59:15.180 --> 00:59:27.630 Pat Duckworth: Maggie I just been filling in the blanks here, I know you're going to give me a link to your webinar recording so I can put it up with this recording Georgia say where it is.

00:59:28.860 --> 00:59:41.460 Maggie Fordham: And no I think if people could contact me via my my my website or my my website email address Maggie at Cambridge personal and I will be sending them that recording link yeah.

00:59:42.210 --> 00:59:45.930 Pat Duckworth: lovely i'm sorry you got cut off at the end there, I hope you.

00:59:48.570 --> 00:59:57.210 Maggie Fordham: Say sorry about that we work on the street on the Internet, and I, and they were meant to finish yesterday, and I was like no.

00:59:58.530 --> 00:59:59.220 Maggie Fordham: Doing this.

01:00:00.270 --> 01:00:01.770 Pat Duckworth: don't worry it happens.

01:00:01.770 --> 01:00:03.390 Pat Duckworth: we've had all sorts of things happen.

01:00:03.630 --> 01:00:08.280 Pat Duckworth: Maggie Thank you so much, I agree with everything you say even about my books.

01:00:08.430 --> 01:00:11.250 Pat Duckworth: So you're if you're looking for a book about nutrition.

01:00:11.280 --> 01:00:22.440 Pat Duckworth: cool recipes for hot women, if you go onto Amazon and type in packed up with and look at my books cool recipes hot women is one about food hot women call solutions.

01:00:22.770 --> 01:00:34.860 Pat Duckworth: tells you all of your options for looking after yourself at menopause Thank you Maggie and now stay tuned to talking alternative broadcasting talk radio dot nyc.

01:00:35.550 --> 01:00:51.600 Pat Duckworth: Where the next program is with the lovely Reverend Dr tlc talking about dismantle racism this week's topic is through Jen zinio eyes and her guests on Ruby avery and sage fortune so always powerful conversations.

01:00:52.050 --> 01:01:03.000 Pat Duckworth: Thank you to my producer this week kyle and if you need any more help with your mentor paul's go to pat and there is loads of information there.

01:01:03.300 --> 01:01:11.370 Pat Duckworth: Thank you join me next week, when I will be talking to my Canadian colleague Lisa dad have a great week see you next Thursday take care.

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