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Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/17 - Wildcrafting in the Smokies

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/17 - Wildcrafting in the Smokies


2021/08/17 - Wildcrafting in the Smokies

[NEW EPISODE] Wildcrafting in the Smokies

Today's guest of Gateway to the Smokies Podcast is Ila Hatter, a Renowned Naturalist, Storyteller, and Wild Crafter.

She has been featured on N.C. Public TV as well as in multiple magazines, books, newspaper and DVD projects and works regularly conducting programs and seminars for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Joseph and Ila will talk about wildcrafting in the Smokies.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Starting off today’s show, Host Joseph Franklyn McElroy, introduces special guest Ila Hatter. She explains her initial connection with the Smokies Mountain area and the outdoors from her childhood and family. Ila tells us about all the different places she lived in from Florida to Texas to even Madrid, Spain. She talks about the different cultures that she had experienced and what she learned from them over the years, particularly with foods and plants.

Segment 2

This segment starts off with Ila explaining her ancestry and connection with Pocahontas. She considers her home to be in the Appalachians despite growing up with the Smokies and moving around so much. And this influenced the area she chose to study and focus on the most. Ila moves on to explain what wild crafting is. It originates from England and essentially is using forest resources for other uses, such as medicinal or crafts.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Ila talks about the history of wild crafting. Hundreds of years ago, she believes that the different groups of natives shared information about the wild with each other and when the settlers came, she explains how it was a sharing between cultures. She explains how wild crafting evolved over time and in her career. Ila talks about how her career had led her to many opportunities and shares stories from them.

Segment 4

The last segment of this podcast starts with Joseph Franklyn McElroy giving special shout outs to Ila’s educational programs in the Smokies area that educates people about nature and surroundings. IIa tells the audience of upcoming events that are happening where people can get educated about environmental issues while enjoying themselves. Ila gives her personal favorite vegetables and plants from the Smoky Mountains area and tips on how to cook with them.


00:00:30.600 --> 00:00:42.150 Joseph McElroy: howdy welcome to the gateway to the smokies podcast this podcast is about america's most visit National Park, the great smoky mountains national park and surrounding towns.

00:00:42.540 --> 00:00:50.400 Joseph McElroy: This area is filled with a to natural beauty a deep story history and rich mountain culture that we explore weekly episodes.

00:00:50.730 --> 00:01:09.420 Joseph McElroy: I am just a Franklin mcilroy man in the world, but also deep roots in these mountains my family's lived in the great smoky for over 200 years my businesses travel, but my heart is in cold today's topic is wild affecting the smokies so we're having a major weather of it right now.

00:01:11.010 --> 00:01:19.590 Joseph McElroy: flash floods, a creek out back at the middle Arc right, I am right now he's up to the very tip of the to the to the to the top.

00:01:21.210 --> 00:01:21.840 Joseph McElroy: there's.

00:01:24.150 --> 00:01:28.320 Joseph McElroy: outages all over the area from whittier where our guest is to here.

00:01:29.340 --> 00:01:32.730 Joseph McElroy: So we might end up doing this in the dark with water around our feet so.

00:01:33.780 --> 00:01:37.440 Joseph McElroy: We hope to we hope to get through this and we have a little technical difficulties.

00:01:38.430 --> 00:01:46.740 Joseph McElroy: With phones and whatnot so, but this could be an exciting episode, because this is our guest is the renowned I had her.

00:01:47.100 --> 00:02:01.980 Joseph McElroy: who's a naturalist naturalist who's lived all over the world from Texas to Spain to the Caribbean, to the smokies to the southern appalachian but currently lives in whittier North Carolina where she leads hikes seminars and talks on while.

00:02:03.030 --> 00:02:16.020 Joseph McElroy: she's been featured on New York public television, as well as a multiple magazines books, newspapers and DVD projects and works regular conducting programs and seminar, so the great smoky mountain National Park.

00:02:17.520 --> 00:02:18.570 Joseph McElroy: hello, how you doing.

00:02:19.740 --> 00:02:21.750 18284210743: hi Am I unmuted I hope.

00:02:22.980 --> 00:02:24.180 18284210743: Can you hear me oh you.

00:02:26.790 --> 00:02:27.030 Joseph McElroy: I.

00:02:27.090 --> 00:02:28.290 Can you're doing well.

00:02:29.310 --> 00:02:30.870 Joseph McElroy: As all right well either you.

00:02:30.870 --> 00:02:31.830 18284210743: grew up in Texas.

00:02:32.190 --> 00:02:33.480 Joseph McElroy: yeah you're doing good can you hear me.

00:02:34.830 --> 00:02:36.300 18284210743: Yes, okay.

00:02:36.720 --> 00:02:51.480 Joseph McElroy: So you grew up in Texas, I live in my childhood, I actually lived a couple of years in Texas my dad went to you know got out of the mountains for about three years lived in Dallas with his family.

00:02:52.890 --> 00:02:56.070 Joseph McElroy: But that's a big city now you were part of Texas, where you from.

00:02:57.720 --> 00:03:11.940 18284210743: I was born in Houston but you're up in Austin I mean they when I was about five months old when I was always i'm always glad that they moved to Austin because I never really liked Houston, although I did live there for a while, later on, yeah.

00:03:12.480 --> 00:03:12.840 18284210743: and

00:03:12.900 --> 00:03:15.210 Joseph McElroy: But you lived in an area where you can learn to go hunt and.

00:03:15.210 --> 00:03:16.740 Joseph McElroy: Fish and stuff like that right.

00:03:17.850 --> 00:03:26.910 18284210743: Oh yeah oh yeah I handed my my parents were in hunting and fishing a lot and so and I never had babysitter so I went with them.

00:03:28.170 --> 00:03:30.240 18284210743: satin many a deer blind and.

00:03:31.320 --> 00:03:45.150 18284210743: shot a 22 when I was five for the first time and oh yeah I was a lot of experiences being outdoors and my father was a developer out light travels so I had a dual.

00:03:46.260 --> 00:04:03.600 18284210743: Childhood where it was you know half been out at the like, and in half in town, you know with piano lessons and that kind of thing, so it was a great way to grow up, they have you know both of those experiences is part of my part of my growing that was wonderful.

00:04:04.410 --> 00:04:06.840 Joseph McElroy: You know I it's not dissimilar from what I got to.

00:04:06.840 --> 00:04:20.730 Joseph McElroy: Experience a little bit, though, when we ended up back in haywood county that after that time we were more you know rural, but then it can then we got into Maggie valley and now the whole tourist so you know a little bit different experience.

00:04:21.930 --> 00:04:22.710 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:04:26.850 --> 00:04:27.840 Joseph McElroy: Thanks very a bit.

00:04:30.690 --> 00:04:34.440 Joseph McElroy: More than understand native plants make food from native plants when you're in Texas.

00:04:36.270 --> 00:04:51.090 18284210743: My my parents had gone through two world wars and the depression, when people ask me well how did you happen to get into this and well and my parents were so much older when I was more and they were 17 years married before they had just me.

00:04:51.750 --> 00:05:01.410 18284210743: As the only child, so they didn't know if they'd be around the same me grown so like taught me everything they knew about you know hunting and fishing and wild foods and things that.

00:05:01.890 --> 00:05:13.980 18284210743: You know the site had to subsist on during those hard times so that's one of the reasons that I learned so much from my my mother, you know taught me a lot about.

00:05:14.790 --> 00:05:24.120 18284210743: Wild things one of my early memories, I was about five or six I guess standing on the foot of the station wagon reaching up into get the wild grapes.

00:05:24.720 --> 00:05:43.080 18284210743: And then taking those home and standing on a chair, with my mother's day for in China around my neck, and after making jelly out of them so yeah we were while things were just part of part of my you know growing up, it was just part of life, it wasn't anything unusual to me at the time.

00:05:43.860 --> 00:05:44.430 Joseph McElroy: No, I.

00:05:44.820 --> 00:05:50.760 Joseph McElroy: I remember, making Blackberry gravy with my grandmother nobody really knows about that much anymore, but it was.

00:05:50.760 --> 00:05:51.420 Basically.

00:05:54.000 --> 00:05:56.460 Joseph McElroy: You know, was regular gravy but she ended up putting.

00:05:56.460 --> 00:05:58.980 Joseph McElroy: blackberries and it was really good Blackberry.

00:06:00.510 --> 00:06:15.450 18284210743: that's a new word for me, I am my ancestors were out of Tennessee and the things that I found that were you know familiar to them in East and Central chances were things that you know got passed down the family and.

00:06:16.830 --> 00:06:22.560 18284210743: Because I want to have been moved to Tennessee then of course I found so many things that I was already familiar with, because.

00:06:23.100 --> 00:06:37.920 18284210743: Either the same plants or you know something in the same family was there in Texas so yeah there was a great connection with that, so it did come down from you know grandmother to my mother and then on down to me oh.

00:06:38.100 --> 00:06:38.760 18284210743: I go.

00:06:39.060 --> 00:06:40.920 Joseph McElroy: hey you know your bio says you lived in the.

00:06:40.920 --> 00:06:42.390 Joseph McElroy: Caribbean where'd you where'd you to.

00:06:44.160 --> 00:06:50.220 18284210743: Well, I was actually I was I stayed there some was stewardess with Pan Am.

00:06:51.690 --> 00:07:01.080 18284210743: After well I went to University of Texas obviously like 1000 women and awesome and then art school in Houston and didn't want to get married, although there was.

00:07:01.800 --> 00:07:14.820 18284210743: Great distinct possibility that I would do that, but I wanted to travel first, so I went with Pan Am and spend a weekend Puerto Rico where we traveled from there to the.

00:07:15.960 --> 00:07:30.060 18284210743: To the islands, so I did a lot of island hopping and then, when I had overnights and several I guess about five countries saw 19 but I actually got to visit five I did.

00:07:31.380 --> 00:07:33.390 18284210743: We stayed in Mexico City.

00:07:35.070 --> 00:07:38.010 18284210743: Nicaragua, Costa Rica.

00:07:39.720 --> 00:07:45.330 18284210743: that we can all I did go to Panama city got see the Panama Canal and we stayed overnight there.

00:07:46.350 --> 00:08:03.240 18284210743: Spent that week in Puerto Rico and San Juan, and did go to Rio into when osiris to art Buenos Aires, Argentina and so so at least I got to visit a few countries but I didn't really get to.

00:08:04.380 --> 00:08:06.360 18284210743: to live there, but I lived all over the.

00:08:07.440 --> 00:08:08.820 18284210743: South I did live in.

00:08:10.050 --> 00:08:17.460 18284210743: Oh well outside of taxes and I was in Florida based out of Miami for the airline and then.

00:08:18.480 --> 00:08:27.810 18284210743: lived in three different places, all the way up to tallahassee and in between that went to waller and Louisiana baton rouge and New Orleans.

00:08:29.730 --> 00:08:39.540 18284210743: Atlanta Georgia and then, of course, tend to say, but in between one of those times, I was in we did live a year from in Madrid, Spain.

00:08:40.590 --> 00:08:43.410 Joseph McElroy: Oh that's great yeah that's beautiful.

00:08:45.150 --> 00:08:53.850 18284210743: It was it was an incredible experience it really was it was a I didn't realize how far north, I was, I was kind of.

00:08:54.660 --> 00:09:05.460 18284210743: kind of strange that I really didn't look at a Globe or a map before I moved over there, I didn't realize how far north that we were until I was visiting a.

00:09:06.390 --> 00:09:18.930 18284210743: Parents have a friend of mine daughters that had lived in Germany and we talked about the cold winters, and so I was she said well you're in the same latitude is New York City and I went oh I didn't realize that.

00:09:19.590 --> 00:09:33.120 18284210743: And that's why it was so cold for so long, I remember it came Easter and they had a two week vacation from school and jobs and everybody took off and did you know special things and Easter so.

00:09:34.230 --> 00:09:40.200 18284210743: My husband said, where do you want to go, and I said far no South I can take off my coat.

00:09:42.510 --> 00:09:50.160 18284210743: that's exactly what we did is we were so tired of winter clothes, we weren't used to that been raised in the south.

00:09:50.910 --> 00:09:53.580 Joseph McElroy: I know the winters could get a little long I have experienced.

00:09:53.580 --> 00:09:55.230 Joseph McElroy: That so.

00:09:55.770 --> 00:09:57.420 Joseph McElroy: So when we went to all these places.

00:09:57.570 --> 00:10:02.520 Joseph McElroy: Did you did you continue your foraging tradition that you learned about native plants and making food.

00:10:03.120 --> 00:10:09.030 18284210743: I did yeah I was kind of a strange stewardess I will have a party and kind I was always asked and people.

00:10:10.200 --> 00:10:17.160 18284210743: You know about the names of plants and trees, and I would ask them what did you have for breakfast you know and have the ring me, whatever their.

00:10:17.550 --> 00:10:24.960 18284210743: local food was and learned a lot about you know the seasonings and plants and things that were you know right around there and.

00:10:25.350 --> 00:10:39.420 18284210743: Visiting markets, I would you know find the herb shops and things and ask questions, and you know I had enough Spanish that I can you know I can do that, and then in Madrid, it was interesting that they had they had a.

00:10:41.580 --> 00:10:49.470 18284210743: They had apothecaries and the head pharmacy so the for mafia was very white were sterile and people in white coats you know, and he had prescriptions filled.

00:10:49.980 --> 00:10:55.080 18284210743: And then down the street, would be a place that just smelled wonderfully earthy.

00:10:55.590 --> 00:11:05.040 18284210743: And it was an apothecary and that's where you went and you had an herbal things that were made up for you know, for the same kind of illness and they would be a list of.

00:11:05.520 --> 00:11:14.070 18284210743: illnesses on the window and you would check and say what it was she thought she had you go in and ask for whatever was appropriate for that.

00:11:15.240 --> 00:11:20.310 18284210743: You know, for that illness and that was pretty neat that that was something that was side by side and part of their culture.

00:11:22.110 --> 00:11:23.130 18284210743: They also had.

00:11:25.590 --> 00:11:41.610 18284210743: An issue, as I thought it was queen anne's lace, but it was anna's and Anna says one of their major exports as they need, and he said and even any set was used for stomach ailment so and there was Rosemary there was the only thing that I would.

00:11:42.660 --> 00:11:56.760 18284210743: say is in the pork with was Rosemary and that was Rosemary and grows wild over there and that's one of their major seasoning so that's you know, one of the ways that i've picked up some of the things from other cultures is by being aware and asking questions.

00:11:57.870 --> 00:11:58.800 Joseph McElroy: wow that's uh.

00:11:59.190 --> 00:12:09.840 Joseph McElroy: yeah that makes you know, one of the things they say about travel, this is, people are looking for memorable experiences and one of them is to experience the local you know, to really experience.

00:12:10.320 --> 00:12:12.450 Joseph McElroy: It creates great memories and I think that.

00:12:12.450 --> 00:12:23.820 Joseph McElroy: sounds like that's the colon Mary experience in the memories generated by local cuisine was one of your anticipated experiences to make travel local memorable.

00:12:25.350 --> 00:12:35.100 18284210743: And I remember send Salvador is the girl to bring me what you had for breakfast I didn't want to regular American breakfast and she brought me cold.

00:12:36.390 --> 00:12:41.250 18284210743: fry mashed black beans covered with cream and I wasn't.

00:12:42.360 --> 00:12:58.020 18284210743: I wasn't sure if she was kind of you know, pulling a trick on this white lady or if it's really what you had for breakfast and I went ahead and tried a little of it, so not to embarrass her and, finally, I said, I think, I would like scrambled eggs and.

00:13:01.080 --> 00:13:09.210 18284210743: and, later on, I found out from somebody who was from Central America, oh yes that's you know they would have leftovers for breakfast and you know the.

00:13:09.600 --> 00:13:18.720 18284210743: Black veins and cream is is you know it's cold is not uncommon that was you know very likely exactly what she did ever breakfast did get what she was.

00:13:19.860 --> 00:13:20.070 Joseph McElroy: A.

00:13:21.240 --> 00:13:23.670 Joseph McElroy: memorable experience alright, well, we gotta.

00:13:24.780 --> 00:13:25.830 Joseph McElroy: We gotta take a break.

00:13:26.340 --> 00:13:26.460 and

00:13:27.990 --> 00:13:29.730 18284210743: Come back on a.

00:13:30.180 --> 00:13:31.800 Joseph McElroy: little bit more about your heritage.

00:13:32.910 --> 00:13:34.620 Joseph McElroy: person your background that you.

00:13:34.860 --> 00:13:37.680 18284210743: i'd like to ask about right here.

00:15:55.980 --> 00:16:04.800 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcasts and My guess i'll a hatter either you there.

00:16:08.790 --> 00:16:11.430 Joseph McElroy: There you are, you have to to star six.

00:16:13.290 --> 00:16:15.720 Joseph McElroy: To unmute to do have to hit star six to get unmuted.

00:16:18.480 --> 00:16:21.240 Joseph McElroy: So uh so take a second but.

00:16:23.040 --> 00:16:28.140 Joseph McElroy: I understand that she is a descendant of a legendary.

00:16:30.450 --> 00:16:41.670 Joseph McElroy: princess called pocahontas I was gonna ask about that I like so you descended from pocahontas oh you're still gonna hit it you gotta hit the star six try hit the star six again.

00:16:48.630 --> 00:16:48.990 Joseph McElroy: and

00:16:50.820 --> 00:17:04.050 Joseph McElroy: You know there's a lot of a lot of people down south or sending from various you know various famous individuals, you know if you do your genealogy search and you'd be surprised, what you find out.

00:17:04.800 --> 00:17:13.920 Joseph McElroy: That I was just recently doing it and found out the man named he Rogers moved into the haven county.

00:17:14.400 --> 00:17:19.650 Joseph McElroy: In the early 1800s and he married a woman and Jane Washington.

00:17:19.680 --> 00:17:20.430 Joseph McElroy: there either.

00:17:21.480 --> 00:17:22.080 18284210743: i'm here.

00:17:22.200 --> 00:17:23.100 18284210743: Oh, there you are.

00:17:25.020 --> 00:17:28.080 Joseph McElroy: I was huge he Rogers and Jane washing got married.

00:17:34.200 --> 00:17:42.480 Joseph McElroy: He was a brother George Washington so than the surprise you know we might pass so you're you hear the direct descendant of a pocahontas Is that correct.

00:17:43.740 --> 00:17:57.270 18284210743: Yes, I am I kept asking if there wasn't an Indian that was any closer to friend the day and my mother said well at least it's an engine everybody knows be satisfied with that.

00:17:58.380 --> 00:17:59.460 18284210743: You learned about it when you were.

00:17:59.460 --> 00:18:00.180 18284210743: fairly young.

00:18:01.260 --> 00:18:04.110 18284210743: Oh yes, my family was into genealogy.

00:18:05.430 --> 00:18:07.410 18284210743: mother and her sister both they were.

00:18:08.520 --> 00:18:24.120 18284210743: Doing that for most of their lives, they were members of the doors republican Texas, and the Dir as well, and so they knew that they knew the history and I knew it from the time I was very small that we were descendants uh huh.

00:18:24.540 --> 00:18:24.810 that's.

00:18:26.370 --> 00:18:26.850 18284210743: Out there.

00:18:30.540 --> 00:18:30.720 18284210743: yeah.

00:18:32.190 --> 00:18:51.060 Joseph McElroy: There was a lot of starts going out a lot, and you, and so you know you've moved around a lot right and sometimes I noticed you say you're in the smokies and other times you say southern appalachian what are you, what do you consider yourself now a native the smokies or southern appalachian.

00:18:53.670 --> 00:18:55.650 18284210743: I don't know how you separate them really.

00:18:55.980 --> 00:18:57.450 Joseph McElroy: yeah yeah.

00:18:57.540 --> 00:18:57.900 I mean.

00:18:59.100 --> 00:19:14.490 18284210743: i'm brand blanche, and now I think i've been here more years I used to say i've been in appalachia more years than I was all when I got here if that makes sense, of course, you know i'm i'm still climbing Texas, but.

00:19:15.720 --> 00:19:23.670 18284210743: i'm so much more familiar now with with appalachian culture and heritage and and teach it and classes at.

00:19:24.450 --> 00:19:40.350 18284210743: The Johnson Campbell folks school as well, and also about the cherokee so that's been I guess the last half of my life has been focused on you know the heritage of the region that I I have adopted or has adopted me if you want to put it that way.

00:19:41.010 --> 00:19:42.540 Joseph McElroy: Is that how you got here, as you came to.

00:19:42.540 --> 00:19:43.050 Teach.

00:19:44.760 --> 00:19:58.380 18284210743: No i'm kind of around about way my I was back in Texas, I was in tallahassee my mother was killed in an accident and being an only child and I ended up in Austin move back there.

00:19:58.920 --> 00:20:07.290 18284210743: But my daughter was getting married in Atlanta, and my mother was renting a room to a lady who was moving back back to Texas from.

00:20:07.740 --> 00:20:20.580 18284210743: gatlinburg and she was there, you know temporary while they were buying a house and she said that if I were to come by way of gatlinburg to Atlanta for the wedding.

00:20:21.270 --> 00:20:30.420 18284210743: That I could pick up the punch bowl and silverware and all the you know find things for a first class wedding.

00:20:31.050 --> 00:20:38.760 18284210743: and take it for the wedding for my daughter, and then back to Texas, and she wouldn't have to pack all those things, and I can take it, you know back.

00:20:39.510 --> 00:20:51.930 18284210743: home for her so that's How come we ended up in gatlinburg and thought about it and realized was a lot closer to Atlanta and to be near my daughter, and you know future grandchildren.

00:20:52.440 --> 00:21:01.260 18284210743: Then, to be 1000 miles away in Texas, so we backed out of some property, we were going to buy and build a house on and and Austin.

00:21:01.890 --> 00:21:12.720 18284210743: And decided that weekend that we were in gatlinburg and we found out that mother's house it's So while we were there so that weekend and we bought a rental chalet for.

00:21:13.980 --> 00:21:25.410 18284210743: income and our log cabin and went to the wedding in Atlanta and said no we're not going to be taxes ranchers we're going to be Tennessee mountaineer has.

00:21:27.330 --> 00:21:38.970 18284210743: It all changed in the space of just so you know that weekend really and I can try to come be part of the same here she's got up next.

00:21:41.220 --> 00:21:53.310 18284210743: But that's how I ended up here, so I was 12 years in gatlinburg and then then 94 moved over to with my second husband moved over here to North Carolina.

00:21:55.290 --> 00:21:56.790 Joseph McElroy: Finally, go on the right side as soon.

00:22:00.240 --> 00:22:05.640 18284210743: As I got it got it got too crazy and busy on that side, this is a quiet, so I didn't.

00:22:06.990 --> 00:22:19.110 18284210743: read it, even though my ancestors were Tennessee and you know and i'm happy to move there, the year of homecoming and I tell folks all it took five generations, but one of us finally got back home, and then the log cabin well.

00:22:20.400 --> 00:22:33.390 18284210743: But now it was worth we're delighted to be on this side and we actually came over this side because of my adopted cherokee grandmother she adopted me wasn't the other way around.

00:22:34.830 --> 00:22:36.390 18284210743: amanda sequoia swimmer.

00:22:37.980 --> 00:22:48.420 18284210743: We had been coming over Gary had been visiting with her for several years before I came along in his life and that's how I got to meet her and then she.

00:22:49.590 --> 00:22:58.140 18284210743: In and she and I then got to talking about you know how she had things that she had done, you know food stuffs and these things and wild things you know for.

00:22:58.680 --> 00:23:12.660 18284210743: Raising her family and so that's why we felt like come over the mountains and kind of you know, be near her and take care of things for her and that's, how can we can browse the north Carolina well, you are you're.

00:23:12.690 --> 00:23:27.780 Joseph McElroy: you're you know you're known as you're actually a well known world renowned naturals and I know that's for a fact because we were having a event here talking about to come in here and people like oh wow I really like impress.

00:23:28.080 --> 00:23:29.940 18284210743: yeah yeah.

00:23:34.140 --> 00:23:34.440 Joseph McElroy: well.

00:23:36.180 --> 00:23:42.540 Joseph McElroy: You refer to as wild craft like raw wild crafting what exactly does that mean what does it.

00:23:43.650 --> 00:23:57.780 18284210743: mean it means farming, the words, the word originally in England is wild crofting which, which again means farming, the woods, using the forest resources and, in some cases actually.

00:23:59.070 --> 00:24:02.040 18284210743: Like over there for crossing, they would actually cut.

00:24:03.240 --> 00:24:09.990 18284210743: trees in order to have firewood they would take trees cut back, and then they come back up you know with multiple sprouts.

00:24:10.440 --> 00:24:17.700 18284210743: And as those then got hard, then they would come back and they would you know the name, have a bundle of sticks, or you know for cooking fires that kind of thing.

00:24:18.090 --> 00:24:34.680 18284210743: So that was one of the forest resources and the word get changed into while crafting so it's it's not making crafts, out of things out of the woods, but it's how people you know would use the forest resources for food, medicine, you know rope.

00:24:35.760 --> 00:24:41.340 18284210743: All kinds of you know, ways that you know thing we shingle you know, for instance, all kinds of things that will come.

00:24:42.390 --> 00:24:43.170 18284210743: out of the woods.

00:24:45.030 --> 00:24:55.320 Joseph McElroy: cool and did you become an expert in this field through a study or experience or you know or did you did you go to any school for bought me or anything.

00:24:56.610 --> 00:24:59.220 18284210743: I was, I was a week away from.

00:25:00.240 --> 00:25:03.330 18284210743: Signing up for a course in escrow botany at.

00:25:04.470 --> 00:25:11.520 18284210743: The University of Florida so Sam was in tallahassee so that would have been if I you.

00:25:12.540 --> 00:25:14.700 18284210743: know if I am fish you.

00:25:16.530 --> 00:25:29.280 18284210743: And I was just I was close to getting a course, and that was when I got word that my mother killed and I had to move to Texas, so I didn't get and that has caused by regard so an actual botany course, but I have.

00:25:30.330 --> 00:25:37.020 18284210743: You know, young people who've actually experienced that I have had very good friends who were botanist.

00:25:38.040 --> 00:25:51.060 18284210743: One of my main teachers for some 30 years was Murray manager, he was one of the first riders and fox fire for Elliot wigginton and she and her husband had been.

00:25:52.080 --> 00:25:53.040 18284210743: botanist for.

00:25:54.240 --> 00:26:00.810 18284210743: Most of their lives, and she had started a group called the incredible edibles club there in North Georgia and acquaintance where she lived.

00:26:01.470 --> 00:26:11.250 18284210743: And I studied with her went to that group meetings we met from April to October one weekend a month and everything we ate for the weekend.

00:26:11.730 --> 00:26:20.730 18284210743: had to have a wild edible in it, and of course you can talk about you know food without you know any plant without talking about its medicinal properties.

00:26:21.300 --> 00:26:30.690 18284210743: Food is medicine and medicine is food, so we learned both of those you know, while we were out with her so she was my, I guess, my main mentor.

00:26:31.320 --> 00:26:40.920 18284210743: And then coming up here, then I learned a lot of you know, the cherokee things and how they used different things from you know from grandma mandy but yeah that was.

00:26:42.360 --> 00:26:59.070 18284210743: It I wish I could have had a button in class and one of my good friends son was taking button a ut and I was telling him I said, you know I wish I had had some classes, he said, I always said, but you know the fun stuff he said.

00:27:01.230 --> 00:27:11.190 18284210743: He said that's what people want to know you know they want the stories about it and how people use it and so that's the fun part of, and he said you get the botanical names out of a book that's no problem.

00:27:11.880 --> 00:27:23.340 18284210743: And so I kind of said oh okay all right, I guess that's Okay, then, so I I stopped being concerned about it yeah well, you can answer you can, if you can answer a question.

00:27:23.340 --> 00:27:27.570 Joseph McElroy: For me, I had a mood shiner I think somebody in the.

00:27:27.630 --> 00:27:32.130 Joseph McElroy: liquor space, and it was talking about, you know moonshine It was mentioned that.

00:27:35.190 --> 00:27:48.900 Joseph McElroy: But really simple recipes you know medicinal you know recipes in the mountains for curing all sorts of hills, but they said it wasn't activated lets you put a little bit of moonshine and it has moonshine necessary to make mount remedies work.

00:27:51.180 --> 00:27:55.830 18284210743: Well, actually for some things, yes, because some of those plant.

00:27:58.110 --> 00:28:17.790 18284210743: chemicals that you, you want, that are the medicinal part, some of them are only soluble in an alcohol and you know, some are fine and water and you make tea out of it, but others you wouldn't get the benefit of it unless you actually did so good, you know for hall So yes.

00:28:18.840 --> 00:28:20.160 18284210743: Congress stuff was true.

00:28:20.160 --> 00:28:21.180 Joseph McElroy: that's fantastic.

00:28:24.150 --> 00:28:33.870 18284210743: You did after you didn't have to have it, and some of the moonshiners in knowing how to do things I could also once the season was passed for.

00:28:34.380 --> 00:28:48.030 18284210743: Making shine then like it just still herbal you know the extracts and things you know because I knew how to make the distillation process, so they were you know they were good you know, make an herbal remedies as well.

00:28:48.690 --> 00:28:49.800 Joseph McElroy: So we're going to take another.

00:28:49.800 --> 00:28:51.810 Joseph McElroy: break when we come back.

00:28:52.320 --> 00:28:57.180 Joseph McElroy: love to talk about some in Devon business beliefs and learning in your work.

00:28:59.040 --> 00:29:00.480 Okay guys.

00:29:02.670 --> 00:29:04.350 18284210743: informed about manacles and.

00:31:32.430 --> 00:31:33.930 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph.

00:31:36.960 --> 00:31:50.970 Joseph McElroy: Well heck with the gateway to best and my my guest, I have a header, who is a renowned naturalists specializing and wild crafting to explain to us earlier i'll show you their.

00:31:53.940 --> 00:31:54.450 Joseph McElroy: To.

00:31:55.500 --> 00:31:59.220 Joseph McElroy: Their hope you're still you're going to hit the star six again.

00:32:01.380 --> 00:32:17.130 Joseph McElroy: You have to start 16 we are we're having technical difficulties we're in the mountains here and we're having a huge storm with flash flood warnings so we've had to work out how to get here, and I still not still trying to get another star six yeah.

00:32:19.140 --> 00:32:31.200 Joseph McElroy: And so the the we put together a way to do this, but it does have a little bit of a hiccup in terms of how we get the mute unmute color coming back.

00:32:31.380 --> 00:32:32.850 18284210743: Coming back on me.

00:32:32.970 --> 00:32:34.560 Joseph McElroy: There we go hey.

00:32:36.480 --> 00:32:38.760 Joseph McElroy: There you go there, we go.

00:32:39.180 --> 00:32:39.870 So.

00:32:41.070 --> 00:32:44.100 Joseph McElroy: You have some deep native American you have any yeah.

00:32:44.580 --> 00:32:54.630 Joseph McElroy: So you have deep native American roots right, and you, you actually told me told it told us, you know, a big part of the reason you ended up in North Carolina decided, so please.

00:32:54.990 --> 00:33:02.220 Joseph McElroy: Is your mentor cherokee mentor so would you think that do you find that indigenous beliefs and learning is deep in your work.

00:33:05.490 --> 00:33:08.880 18284210743: Very much so now, especially you know here living in.

00:33:10.200 --> 00:33:12.210 18284210743: In the smokies and appalachia edge.

00:33:13.320 --> 00:33:16.650 18284210743: I think in the beginning, that as they.

00:33:17.880 --> 00:33:24.690 18284210743: White settlers moved in, and you know many times were saved by what the.

00:33:25.770 --> 00:33:35.460 18284210743: Indian neighbors knew, you know to heal them and then, of course, they you know picked up the information from them, and I think there was a lot of sharing originally.

00:33:36.660 --> 00:33:38.730 18284210743: Between mountain people and.

00:33:39.990 --> 00:33:52.620 18284210743: In cherokee and even in you know some of the other cultures that were you know shawnee and Qatada and you know different states that were you know in southern appalachian I think they learned from each other.

00:33:54.120 --> 00:33:57.870 18284210743: They when the when the settlers came here they had the.

00:33:58.950 --> 00:34:05.310 18284210743: They did have herbal knowledge from Europe and they added they knew about.

00:34:08.340 --> 00:34:09.840 18284210743: Like they knew quite a few.

00:34:11.460 --> 00:34:27.510 18284210743: You know, herbal remedies, but they added about 252 the pharmacopoeia from the from the Indian neighbors that we still use some of those today i'm sure they're they're part of the pharmacopoeia so it was it was a good sharing, I think, between the cultures.

00:34:29.340 --> 00:34:33.000 Joseph McElroy: fabulous um you know you know the.

00:34:34.170 --> 00:34:35.610 Joseph McElroy: I want to sort of dig deep.

00:34:36.690 --> 00:34:43.890 Joseph McElroy: A little bit here after you calling it wild crafting right, what was the what was the name, what was the.

00:34:44.400 --> 00:34:57.930 Joseph McElroy: What was the nature of your work at the beginning, and then, how did it evolve over time, what I know you do a lot of learning and a lot of experimenting but how does it manifest itself in the things that people enjoy or people learn from.

00:35:00.150 --> 00:35:01.470 18284210743: started with the food.

00:35:02.880 --> 00:35:15.570 18284210743: And I started I started teaching in tallahassee and I got involved in the Florida native plant society and they didn't have anybody that knew that much about the wild foods.

00:35:16.590 --> 00:35:30.930 18284210743: They were you know botanist and they were a lot of aquatic botanist and I went in and tell them what I did, and I said, do you have anybody that's you know teaching that here and they looked at me and they said, we do now, so I started, then.

00:35:32.250 --> 00:35:36.870 18284210743: The same when I came up here to the to gatlinburg and I started going to the.

00:35:38.340 --> 00:35:44.520 18284210743: The smoky mountain sales school and the wildflower pilgrimage and Dr ED collab.

00:35:46.110 --> 00:35:55.530 18284210743: Who was Professor emeritus of botany for ut there in knoxville and he was one of the main leaders.

00:35:56.130 --> 00:36:06.570 18284210743: And he would they talking about you know the different plants and identifying and you know and so i'm a lot of hair and tail people would eat this and they would cook i'm not sure how they would cook and how they prepare it and.

00:36:07.050 --> 00:36:18.930 18284210743: I would be raising my hand and groups and well I I know and eventually after a couple of years, when he left to on a sabbatical to start is 90 plant.

00:36:19.620 --> 00:36:28.920 18284210743: nursery the university said well your classes are so popular who who you know, would you suggest could take them over and he suggested me.

00:36:29.790 --> 00:36:44.460 18284210743: Like surprise me because I didn't have a botany degree and they told me they said that's not important you just have to know the subject, and he feels like you know the subject so at that point, then, because it was including so much in the medicinal that's when I began actually studying.

00:36:45.780 --> 00:36:53.430 18284210743: To you know, be sure that I can add enough of that you know into it and so that that's how that started, and I really you know.

00:36:53.850 --> 00:37:03.660 18284210743: thanked him so many times for getting me started on what became a career, because my background actually for 27 years before I moved here was in graphic arts.

00:37:04.440 --> 00:37:14.820 18284210743: But I decided that, since I was going to have to you know learn how to do all that on computers I didn't want to be in front of a computer for eight hours a day, I wanted to be with people and, as my.

00:37:15.870 --> 00:37:24.150 18284210743: husband Jerry had said well as for something you want to do to Michael lemon, what do you like to do the most and I said talk.

00:37:26.640 --> 00:37:42.150 18284210743: This is it got it well, as it turns out i've got I was joking about this when I do my my charity classes you don't necessarily want to ask for an Indian name I didn't ask for one, but I got one anyway.

00:37:43.260 --> 00:37:51.000 18284210743: We were with grandma mandy one time, and she was talking about her grandchildren and the names that she'd given them she always gives them an Indian name at birth.

00:37:51.780 --> 00:37:58.020 18284210743: And he said well Rambo you keep saying that I would you know, is one of your daughters well if she'd actually been born in your family.

00:37:58.800 --> 00:38:07.200 18284210743: What name, would you give her without matt and and, as she said Uli that you Li and I said oh grandma what's that mean, she said.

00:38:07.740 --> 00:38:18.570 18284210743: locust and I thought well i'm a naturalist you know name for locust tree that's pretty neat she said no, not that trees that little bug that comes out every seven years and won't shut up.

00:38:24.840 --> 00:38:25.950 18284210743: talker was.

00:38:32.670 --> 00:38:36.420 18284210743: talking to Michael Evans for the last 30 years or more.

00:38:39.240 --> 00:38:41.550 18284210743: toward that he's also written a book did.

00:38:43.980 --> 00:38:55.770 18284210743: The the incredible animals group put together and part of its mine and Barbie illustrations are mine and Marie gave me the rights to it roadside rambles is a cookbook.

00:38:56.820 --> 00:39:04.050 18284210743: With 390 wild food recipes in it and they then I did DVDs we have.

00:39:06.660 --> 00:39:12.510 18284210743: Wild edibles and decimals of appalachia and then I did three.

00:39:13.530 --> 00:39:27.330 18284210743: folkways programs with you and say TV, which is our in a local PBS with that with David whoa and I did three programs for our state as well, so yeah so.

00:39:28.710 --> 00:39:34.590 18284210743: i've been in a lot of magazines blue Ridge country, and recently garden and guns and.

00:39:35.970 --> 00:39:38.310 18284210743: any number of publications and things and.

00:39:39.510 --> 00:39:42.030 18284210743: was actually on CNN one time that was.

00:39:45.750 --> 00:39:46.950 18284210743: Was that a good experience.

00:39:48.360 --> 00:39:49.530 18284210743: That was fine.

00:39:50.730 --> 00:39:58.470 18284210743: Going into going into a billion homes worldwide is a big sign as you walk in and she looked at me and said anything, well, I went oh my.

00:40:03.570 --> 00:40:04.710 18284210743: I had a I had a.

00:40:04.740 --> 00:40:06.960 Joseph McElroy: brief see and experience it wasn't nothing major.

00:40:06.960 --> 00:40:13.320 Joseph McElroy: But I got interviewed on the street New York City about some sort of thing and I got excited I know.

00:40:13.350 --> 00:40:16.440 Joseph McElroy: My mom told her, I was going to be on the show, and this on the on the.

00:40:16.620 --> 00:40:24.210 Joseph McElroy: On the news show, and she watched and then she called me screaming and switches fever and she said, your boss your board I shaved my head that.

00:40:29.040 --> 00:40:30.090 18284210743: impressed you the most.

00:40:30.150 --> 00:40:32.310 Joseph McElroy: yeah was it a shot shop.

00:40:32.370 --> 00:40:34.890 Joseph McElroy: So she did you know I done that, so it was like.

00:40:40.830 --> 00:40:41.730 18284210743: Oh, my.

00:40:42.750 --> 00:40:42.930 Joseph McElroy: God.

00:40:45.450 --> 00:40:50.100 Joseph McElroy: So another fine naturals on the show Adam bigelow and.

00:40:50.730 --> 00:40:52.380 Joseph McElroy: I know I know you're familiar with others.

00:40:52.380 --> 00:40:52.560 Joseph McElroy: Like.

00:40:52.620 --> 00:40:55.560 Joseph McElroy: hotels and Dan Dan.

00:40:56.280 --> 00:40:56.520 18284210743: Dan.

00:40:56.550 --> 00:40:58.980 Joseph McElroy: pitch low, but how's it how's your.

00:40:59.820 --> 00:41:00.930 18284210743: how's your wild crafted.

00:41:00.930 --> 00:41:01.890 18284210743: different from what they do.

00:41:03.780 --> 00:41:11.460 18284210743: i'm probably most similar to annum, since he does the you know the walks and talks about you know and i've given him some.

00:41:11.970 --> 00:41:24.870 18284210743: While he tells stories about plants, you know and things that he's experienced with them, then i've occasionally when we've crossed paths i've given me some stories and said you're welcome you know, to the stories, because you know we see each other as a.

00:41:26.280 --> 00:41:47.040 18284210743: couple we 90 plan conference over at Western Carolina, and so we were pretty similar Dan and I are good friends to and Dan is just an incredible botanist and we've done walks with oh and Joyce kilmer and you know various thing we see each other every year it's a wildflower pilgrimage.

00:41:48.510 --> 00:41:59.250 18284210743: And I guess mine is different because I actually serve food to people I gave everybody a taste of the while, so that they have some idea of how they can incorporate some of the.

00:41:59.730 --> 00:42:08.910 18284210743: Things that are growing outside in their yard, or something that they that's come up in their garden that they might want to actually include is you know part of their.

00:42:09.660 --> 00:42:17.610 18284210743: harvest before they've even planted anything so I want them to kind of know you know how good these things are and so every class I always.

00:42:18.240 --> 00:42:27.180 18284210743: Prepare something that's appropriate to the season back when I lived in gatlinburg and have the log cabin I was close enough to the park that.

00:42:27.540 --> 00:42:46.740 18284210743: I would bring them home and we had a full course meal, it was from appetizer to you know to dessert the whole meal was was while but I haven't done those in a number of years I just do a taste of the while now, I think that's how I differ, is that I actually prepare food for folks.

00:42:47.460 --> 00:42:49.080 Joseph McElroy: Well, it seems to be the the.

00:42:49.140 --> 00:42:50.610 Joseph McElroy: The your homework from the.

00:42:50.610 --> 00:42:56.250 Joseph McElroy: Beginning right from this class as you were doing that Professor raising your hand to say I know how to make.

00:42:56.250 --> 00:42:57.300 Joseph McElroy: It today.

00:42:57.600 --> 00:42:58.710 Joseph McElroy: So there's a.

00:42:58.740 --> 00:42:59.970 Joseph McElroy: there's a tactical.

00:43:00.000 --> 00:43:05.970 Joseph McElroy: there's a tactical expertise that you have you got to get your hands and actually produce right it's that's the art.

00:43:06.900 --> 00:43:07.410 18284210743: The art.

00:43:07.920 --> 00:43:08.760 Joseph McElroy: Right yeah.

00:43:10.530 --> 00:43:18.240 18284210743: Like what we were out but i'm charging around my cabin and somebody said, so why don't we think and for the salad I said you're standing in it.

00:43:23.040 --> 00:43:25.020 18284210743: All right, we're gonna take our final break down.

00:43:25.020 --> 00:43:30.390 Joseph McElroy: Come back and finish up with little some of the programs that people can experience with you right now.

00:44:36.030 --> 00:44:36.570 Most of the.

00:46:04.770 --> 00:46:14.610 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my game, yes, I had her, I know, are you there yet.

00:46:16.170 --> 00:46:24.540 Joseph McElroy: he's we begin as saying we're in a big storm and sometimes that happens in the smoky mountains and flash flood work possibility and things like that.

00:46:27.420 --> 00:46:29.940 Joseph McElroy: yeah I think you have to hit star six again.

00:46:34.980 --> 00:46:39.150 Joseph McElroy: we're dealing with multiple technologies here to same time you know.

00:46:43.740 --> 00:46:54.090 Joseph McElroy: Sometimes the mountains, I was having a hard time a little bit of wireless going around trying to get a cell phone you got to find the right spot to stand in.

00:46:55.110 --> 00:47:05.220 Joseph McElroy: Oh, you don't get in the don't get any service at all, but then other places, you get beautiful clear service so it's like claiming your spot here and understanding what you got to do we've been talking about.

00:47:06.090 --> 00:47:20.460 Joseph McElroy: Wild crafting which is you know exploring the the natural wonders of food in the mountains and and you know recipes and medicinal plants and natural as naturalist is a big.

00:47:21.240 --> 00:47:32.880 Joseph McElroy: is a big industry here in the mountains, I don't know if you've been seeing our previous programs but it's been dancing you there ALA ALA know you still got to travel more time star six.

00:47:35.190 --> 00:47:39.750 Joseph McElroy: yeah so she had to call in or phone so she's got to do this.

00:47:44.490 --> 00:47:49.110 Joseph McElroy: zoom needs to do something about it so in turn people back on there yet.

00:47:50.820 --> 00:47:51.510 Joseph McElroy: not yet.

00:47:52.740 --> 00:47:59.130 Joseph McElroy: Well, I love does a lot of a lot of programs with the great smoky mountains National Park.

00:48:00.660 --> 00:48:04.320 Joseph McElroy: You know, various various of the major major.

00:48:06.360 --> 00:48:06.990 Joseph McElroy: Major.

00:48:09.090 --> 00:48:14.280 Joseph McElroy: Schools and systems, schools and whatnot here in the in the mountains.

00:48:15.600 --> 00:48:21.780 Joseph McElroy: To the guests instructor for the great smoky mountains to treatment, the judge john C to Campbell folks school.

00:48:22.260 --> 00:48:41.010 Joseph McElroy: The mountain retreat Center snowbird mountain launch or she's a member of the yellow attire member of the yellow creek botanical Institute and a storyteller for elder hospital hospitals in three states in three states so there's a lot of education, often opportunity.

00:48:42.810 --> 00:48:43.500 Joseph McElroy: had about.

00:48:46.530 --> 00:48:52.560 Joseph McElroy: botanicals hey I i'll you back there some reason the star six is not working quite as well.

00:48:54.420 --> 00:48:57.600 Joseph McElroy: So, as he still does a lot of programs evolve.

00:48:59.550 --> 00:49:02.190 Joseph McElroy: And they're very worthwhile programs to go to.

00:49:03.570 --> 00:49:09.630 Joseph McElroy: She was going to do one here at the maillard motel we just had a we just had a naturalist weekend.

00:49:11.010 --> 00:49:16.020 Joseph McElroy: and personal circumstances dictate that she couldn't make it but everybody was there.

00:49:16.380 --> 00:49:19.050 Joseph McElroy: wow really hopefully anticipating.

00:49:19.440 --> 00:49:20.310 Joseph McElroy: Either didn't work.

00:49:21.150 --> 00:49:22.590 18284210743: I think your work, this time.

00:49:22.710 --> 00:49:25.200 Joseph McElroy: yeah there you go there you go so.

00:49:26.820 --> 00:49:28.200 18284210743: I was just bragging about you.

00:49:32.730 --> 00:49:33.870 18284210743: programs that you're involved.

00:49:33.870 --> 00:49:40.860 Joseph McElroy: With the and you've done some students have programs with the great smoky mountain national park for years, what kind of.

00:49:43.260 --> 00:49:46.770 18284210743: match with you to the smoky mountain field school.

00:49:47.220 --> 00:50:05.490 18284210743: And it's a new TV program and the links are on my website, which is while and there are links there to the classes and there's a myriad of of programs and things that people can you know be part of mine are foraging and folklore.

00:50:05.970 --> 00:50:12.900 18284210743: And i've got one coming up October 9 which is on cherokee foods and folklore.

00:50:14.250 --> 00:50:18.120 18284210743: that's going to be on this side of the park and cherokee and then.

00:50:19.110 --> 00:50:28.260 18284210743: I have the genesee Campbell folks school coming up in May 1 of next year, which is.

00:50:29.550 --> 00:50:32.130 18284210743: A title after my favorite quote from.

00:50:34.410 --> 00:50:47.130 18284210743: From thermo, which is the woods and sales are a table always spread is the title of the program to those are the next the next two coming up of the vehicle that.

00:50:49.380 --> 00:50:49.980 Joseph McElroy: Which one of the.

00:50:50.280 --> 00:50:51.690 rooms would people get to taste.

00:50:54.390 --> 00:51:04.860 18284210743: Oh, and anything anything that I do any of the programs that I do, I always bring a taste of the while so you'll get some cherokee foods.

00:51:05.460 --> 00:51:17.550 18284210743: On October night will actually probably make some cherokee chestnut brand probably and and have seen matt lemonade T most people don't realize that the.

00:51:18.390 --> 00:51:29.970 18284210743: Quality reservation quality is actually the word for saying bad quality and quality or the words for saying back then they'll tell you was poly because.

00:51:30.390 --> 00:51:42.660 18284210743: polly's farm is where they started the survey from but there's no P, and the cherokee language so they call her quality and so it's actually the same back reservation, if you really want a.

00:51:43.890 --> 00:51:47.880 18284210743: Specific translation anyway that's that's what they'll have for.

00:51:48.180 --> 00:51:54.150 18284210743: October and then we'll actually have origin cook things that the Campbell folks go because it's a week long class.

00:51:55.560 --> 00:52:01.320 Joseph McElroy: cool what's what's your, what do you think is the tastiest wild plants in the mountains.

00:52:03.570 --> 00:52:10.710 18284210743: who have got several um one of my favorites as far as vegetables guys is lambs quarters.

00:52:12.030 --> 00:52:16.890 18284210743: Because you can use that any way that you use Spanish any Spanish recipe that's one of my favorites.

00:52:18.210 --> 00:52:27.570 18284210743: As for and then ramps, of course, if anybody is you know from appalachia there you know they know about ramps which is industrial strength onions.

00:52:28.320 --> 00:52:41.040 18284210743: I call a lot of ways to use those that not many things that you would you know, a raw elderberries, of course, that they have to be cooked but elderberries are you know I made.

00:52:41.640 --> 00:52:49.440 18284210743: i'd one third prize in Florida state prayer for elderberry wine, so that tells you how good it is and then.

00:52:50.220 --> 00:53:03.030 18284210743: We have what I call mountain wasabi do for which has horseradish flavor and i've been able to take a roast beef sandwich and put the two for it leaves in it for the condiments and.

00:53:03.690 --> 00:53:15.570 18284210743: And for the little Elvis quote unquote for the sandwich So those are you know and then there's five Bush I use that a lot spice Bush is use the limbs.

00:53:16.410 --> 00:53:34.140 18284210743: For tea learned that from the cherokee and then the the berries are dried and use like a 90 volts five and I keep those grind them up use them in all kinds of pastries and cookies and things well, thank you for joining our show.

00:53:34.920 --> 00:53:38.460 Joseph McElroy: And people can find out more about your wild crafted COM correct.

00:53:39.210 --> 00:53:46.140 18284210743: Right, yes, and right well or they can email me at iowa at wild yes.

00:53:47.250 --> 00:53:47.550 18284210743: hmm.

00:53:48.690 --> 00:53:50.040 Joseph McElroy: So thank you for being a show it's.

00:53:50.040 --> 00:53:54.390 Joseph McElroy: been a wonderful show, and I look forward to tasting some of your stuff in the new near future.

00:53:55.620 --> 00:53:57.900 18284210743: Oh really that okay.

00:53:57.930 --> 00:54:00.450 Joseph McElroy: cool I know a message from our sponsors.

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