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Friday, August 6, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/06 - A Tale of Two Nonprofits

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/06 - A Tale of Two Nonprofits


2021/08/06 - A Tale of Two Nonprofits

[NEW EPISODE] A Tale of Two Nonprofits

Homes for the Brave has provided housing, vocational training, and life skills coaching to help individuals leave homelessness behind. To date, we have worked with nearly 1,200 men and women, most of whom are Veterans.

Robert Kozlowsky is a 21 year veteran with the Shelton, CT Police Department currently assigned to administration duties. Outside of work, he has been a volunteer basketball coach, involved with the Shelton Exchange Club, a member of the Knights of Columbus, and a money counter for his church. However, his real passion has been veteran related organizations.

Robert has been a board member of Homes for the Brave (HFTB) since 2015 and has served as chairman of the board at HFTB since 2019. He recently joined the board of directors for General Needs as well. He has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and computer science from Southern CT State University and a master’s degree in criminal justice management from the University of New Haven.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy is joined by two guests this week as he talks about Homes for the Brave. Tommy introduces Bob Kozlowsky, 21 year veteran with the Shelton, CT Police Department and board member of Homes for the Brave. Lonnie Sherman is Tommy's second guest on Philanthropy in Phocus and is the president of General Needs Ltd. Bob is also a board member of General Needs Ltd. and that is how he and Lonnie work together to make a difference for Veterans that struggle with homelessness and any other needs.

Segment 2

Lonnie shares the struggles he and Bob have seen throughout the years of their work, they explain what they do to directly help veterans and other individuals. The two share that they go directly to the source and will find ways to provide any needs that people may need. Lonnie tells a story of how a woman in need had lost her confidence and through the simple aid of helping her find appropriate apparel helped her feel better.

Segment 3

Tommy defines what Philanthropy is and tells what service is to him and what his goal is by participating in nonprofit service work. Bob tells Tommy about their Step Out For the Brave campaign and fundraiser that helps provide aid to the veterans who need homes and materials. Lonnie talks about their volunteers that are the heart of the organizations and how they couldn’t do it without them. Tommy asks the pair what they need for their organizations. Lonnie and Bob share that they need all the help they can get, whether that be volunteers, supporters, donations, or partners.

Segment 4

Tommy asks about the details behind getting the supplies for the veterans and how he could lend a hand to the cause. Lonnie and Bob share how donations help support the veterans physically and help keep their organizations flowing so no veteran will have to wait to receive aid. All the financial donations go straight to supporting the veterans and getting them what they need.


00:00:29.460 --> 00:00:30.360 #60DaysOfService: Good morning.

00:00:30.990 --> 00:00:33.510 #60DaysOfService: Good afternoon and good night like that will be the Truman show.

00:00:33.870 --> 00:00:41.940 #60DaysOfService: Is your body, the nonprofit sector connected coming at you for philanthropy and focus what is going to be focused i'll tell you in a minute, but let me tell you where I.

00:00:42.840 --> 00:00:48.780 #60DaysOfService: Just blow the roof above the second floor in my attic that's where we do the show we do the show live here every Friday morning.

00:00:49.200 --> 00:00:56.070 #60DaysOfService: And if you know my show, and you know who, I am, then, you know how passionate I am about the nonprofit sector, my name is Tommy D.

00:00:56.730 --> 00:01:04.380 #60DaysOfService: The nonprofit sector connector and I believe that nonprofits change our world all day, every day, they make an incredible impact.

00:01:04.860 --> 00:01:09.750 #60DaysOfService: And I believe, unfortunately, that these organizations are overlooked underfunded.

00:01:10.080 --> 00:01:19.200 #60DaysOfService: And unrecognized for the great work they do so, my answer to that challenge or problem is philanthropy and focus when it's being focused as a radio show with the podcast for more than more than all that.

00:01:19.710 --> 00:01:28.290 #60DaysOfService: it's a movement it's a situation where I am doing whatever I can to recognize the work and amplify the message of nonprofits how do I get to meet people well.

00:01:28.860 --> 00:01:35.220 #60DaysOfService: i'm a connector man I network, a lot So how do I, how do I get to meet my two guests this morning well how else I was connected to them.

00:01:35.610 --> 00:01:40.470 #60DaysOfService: woman named Deborah introduces me to Dean over le you know really from project purple.

00:01:40.860 --> 00:01:46.020 #60DaysOfService: Out of Connecticut came on my show we talked about that organization Dino said you got to meet my friend Bob keselowski.

00:01:46.350 --> 00:01:58.050 #60DaysOfService: Bob says Well, yes i'll come on your show today we'll talk about the great work we're doing for veterans but yeah I gotta bring my buddy lonnie Sherman to the show so listen man that's connecting that's what we do that's what this show is all about.

00:01:58.380 --> 00:02:06.120 #60DaysOfService: it's about amplifying the message it's about connecting those in the nonprofit sector and i'm not going to spend much time on my upfront shenanigans as I usually do.

00:02:06.660 --> 00:02:10.200 #60DaysOfService: I just want to say this, we we unfortunately.

00:02:10.800 --> 00:02:20.550 #60DaysOfService: veterans in this country we don't treat them the way, I believe that we should, for whatever the reasons are, but there are plenty of nonprofit organizations that are doing the work to make an impact for veterans.

00:02:20.970 --> 00:02:31.260 #60DaysOfService: I watched some videos on the on the homes for the brave website this morning and it touches me but it kind of makes me a little cranky and angry and we'll probably get into some of that today just.

00:02:31.740 --> 00:02:40.650 #60DaysOfService: It makes me cranky that we're not doing the right thing, but these organizations are answering the call they're doing the the service work that is necessary talk about service work check in with me.

00:02:41.070 --> 00:02:48.060 #60DaysOfService: hashtag 60 days of service, because that's what i'm doing five in two or three two or three scheduled, that is, for this coming week.

00:02:48.570 --> 00:02:55.680 #60DaysOfService: And a lot of work and in the sales game, we used to say, a lot of wood to be chopped Tommy, but a lot of work to be chopped in service work we're doing but I imagine.

00:02:56.070 --> 00:03:00.150 #60DaysOfService: we've been thinking about this for a week week and a half, about the conversation we're about to dive into.

00:03:00.630 --> 00:03:08.040 #60DaysOfService: I imagine we're gonna be talking data service out of this because I know a little bit of secrets about what these guys have going on, so we're going to jump right in, let me do this, let me read a little bit.

00:03:08.910 --> 00:03:19.590 #60DaysOfService: about each organization first before you know what Tony hold on i'm talking to myself, let me say hello to lani, let me say hello lani Sherman Hello Bob keselowski guys, welcome to the show welcome welcome to my attic.

00:03:20.460 --> 00:03:21.690 Bob Kozlowsky: morning thanks for having us.

00:03:22.380 --> 00:03:22.710 #60DaysOfService: Thanks for.

00:03:22.740 --> 00:03:27.090 #60DaysOfService: Being here you guys if you're not if you're not watching this on Facebook.

00:03:27.570 --> 00:03:34.200 #60DaysOfService: Because laskey has the stars and stripes behind them, which is a beautiful march to to the veterans into the conversation going house, I think it sets a nice.

00:03:34.500 --> 00:03:39.030 #60DaysOfService: piece, if not if you're not watching us on Facebook, you can imagine, you know what flag looks like it's right next to you.

00:03:39.570 --> 00:03:48.240 #60DaysOfService: it's over bob's left shoulder so i'm setting the scene for you, then, so let me read you a couple basic pieces of information we're not going to stay heavy on reading today it's going to be a great conversation.

00:03:48.690 --> 00:03:55.110 #60DaysOfService: going to start with homes for the brave homes for the brave has provided vocational training and skills coaching to individuals.

00:03:55.590 --> 00:04:04.440 #60DaysOfService: To help them leave homelessness behind to date, the Organization has worked with nearly 1200 men and women, most of these are veterans who have served our country.

00:04:04.890 --> 00:04:14.190 #60DaysOfService: So they have an emphasis on veterans and they provide housing and services necessarily to help these individuals return to a productive and more meaningful life.

00:04:14.580 --> 00:04:20.880 #60DaysOfService: that's an incredible feat and I love what they're doing we're going to learn more about it lani Sherman founded an organization.

00:04:21.510 --> 00:04:24.630 #60DaysOfService: called general needs, which is an all volunteer nonprofit.

00:04:25.380 --> 00:04:35.130 #60DaysOfService: That provides basic needs to veterans on long island we'll find out what basic needs actually means, but I think you can figure it out, if you read between the lines, some of the most basic needs that we all need as human beings.

00:04:35.550 --> 00:04:44.760 #60DaysOfService: They serve homeless veterans with dignity and they are always focused on improving the lives of the those who have served our country so serving those who have served.

00:04:45.090 --> 00:04:51.300 #60DaysOfService: So real quick let's let's just jump into i'm going to give you something on lani lani, as the President, founder of this organization.

00:04:51.660 --> 00:05:04.770 #60DaysOfService: has been in the insurance and financial planning industry for 30 years he has a devoted family who's devoted to the cause and devote to the organization and look like we're just getting to know each other, but I mean you're Yankee fan.

00:05:05.220 --> 00:05:07.230 #60DaysOfService: And I know a lot of people are Yankee fans.

00:05:07.260 --> 00:05:16.020 #60DaysOfService: Now i'm a met fan and that's my that's my cross to bear, as they say, you know my wife tried to set set it up, so we didn't make our kids met fans and then.

00:05:16.590 --> 00:05:26.850 #60DaysOfService: My son came to two games last night when we used to go before the pandemic and it was alonso's tying home run and then it was alonzo taking the record, and that was.

00:05:27.630 --> 00:05:28.710 #60DaysOfService: He was done after that.

00:05:28.770 --> 00:05:39.390 #60DaysOfService: And he was he was like determined to be a Yankee fan Prior to that, to be honest with you my mother in law, try to make him Yankee fan, and I think she was just doing nothing really to give me the business, you know that kind of thing but um.

00:05:40.500 --> 00:05:51.330 #60DaysOfService: I digress because we were just talking before this you were at reggie Jackson three home run game game six of the 77 world series so that's pretty exciting so that probably if you weren't Yankee fan already got locked you and I guess.

00:05:52.260 --> 00:05:53.580 Lonnie from General Needs: I was done before that.

00:05:53.640 --> 00:05:56.370 Lonnie from General Needs: Because some loving thurman munson and reggie and.

00:05:56.670 --> 00:06:02.280 Lonnie from General Needs: spock you allow the old 70 themes, but yeah that kind of that kind of cemented it for like.

00:06:03.840 --> 00:06:10.170 #60DaysOfService: Pretty special man pretty special stuff out and I just going to go real quick with you bob's bio and then we're gonna dive into this conversation.

00:06:10.740 --> 00:06:21.270 #60DaysOfService: So Bob because allows kids at 21 year veteran with Shelton Connecticut police department and currently working on administrative duties outside of his work he's volunteer basketball coach.

00:06:22.830 --> 00:06:32.640 #60DaysOfService: With the Shelton exchange club Member the knights of Columbus work does volunteer work in his church has been a board member for homes for the brave which are going to be talking about since 2015.

00:06:33.060 --> 00:06:43.590 #60DaysOfService: And since 2019 has been chairman of the board for homes for the brave and now, just to be the bridge Bob now you're a board member of lollies organization general neat right.

00:06:44.670 --> 00:06:56.280 Bob Kozlowsky: that's correct, you know our my tenure as board Chairman ended June 30 of this year, we have a two year limit, so I decided instead of taking it easy, why not take on more on my shoulders and.

00:06:56.820 --> 00:06:57.720 #60DaysOfService: My kind of guy.

00:06:58.290 --> 00:07:10.740 #60DaysOfService: that's my kind of guy man just pile more on you know that's it I love it so, how does it So how do you even let's start with how you find homes for the brave and then how you in lani hook up Bob and then let's let's dive into.

00:07:11.280 --> 00:07:19.410 #60DaysOfService: What these organizations are doing and how are you making an impact in the lives you're changing every day together, so why don't we do that Bob how'd you get hooked in with homes with brave.

00:07:20.190 --> 00:07:23.280 Bob Kozlowsky: yeah and I think it's going to be a great story to your earlier point of how.

00:07:23.280 --> 00:07:24.510 Bob Kozlowsky: Things just connect.

00:07:24.840 --> 00:07:32.430 Bob Kozlowsky: So I had a group of friends and we were going around and we were serving dinners at various locations, we kind of did it as like a monthly project.

00:07:32.940 --> 00:07:45.120 Bob Kozlowsky: And one day once someone in the group said let's try to find a place that you know focuses on veterans so I just did a quick Google search in the area, I came across homes for the brave I never heard of them before called up.

00:07:45.960 --> 00:07:54.780 Bob Kozlowsky: asked if we can come and serve a dinner, and that day pretty much changed my life at that point, the experience we had great experiences at the other nonprofits but.

00:07:55.080 --> 00:08:00.300 Bob Kozlowsky: The experience and the interacting with the veterans something in my heart just said, this is the place and.

00:08:00.540 --> 00:08:07.170 Bob Kozlowsky: I knew I wanted to get involved in nonprofits I didn't know where and I said, this is the niche This is where i'm going to go i'm going to go on the veteran angle.

00:08:07.950 --> 00:08:13.080 Bob Kozlowsky: To fast forward, as you mentioned Dino verbally I run with him he's part of my running group.

00:08:13.470 --> 00:08:22.650 Bob Kozlowsky: And there was a run in long island the Mike Murphy run around the lake and it's veterans related I was with homes for the brave and I said, you know, this is a race, I want to do.

00:08:23.070 --> 00:08:33.780 Bob Kozlowsky: And I went out there and I did the race and when I was done, they had all the vendors out there and booths, and I said hey i'm a member of the board of homestead brave I probably should network, a little bit and talk to somebody.

00:08:34.230 --> 00:08:41.310 Bob Kozlowsky: And I saw this very good looking girl with this guy that I go I can't believe she's with we turned out to be lonnie and Susan.

00:08:41.700 --> 00:08:45.960 Bob Kozlowsky: And I said, those are the people i'm going to talk to, and very quick I just said.

00:08:46.290 --> 00:08:54.450 Bob Kozlowsky: hey, what do you guys do I see it says general needs I don't know what you do and bonnie explained that they provide sneakers boots and clothing to vets and I said.

00:08:54.810 --> 00:08:58.380 Bob Kozlowsky: hey i'm with this organization homes for the brave and lani went to me and said.

00:08:58.800 --> 00:09:07.740 Bob Kozlowsky: You know we're going to come to Connecticut and we're going to drop off sneakers and you know, in the back of my mind i'm like yeah whatever you know people always say stuff they don't follow up so i'm like sure sure sure.

00:09:08.160 --> 00:09:14.730 Bob Kozlowsky: And a couple weeks later, I get a phone call, and it goes, I need sizes and the number of events that you guys have he's like we're coming next week.

00:09:15.090 --> 00:09:25.860 Bob Kozlowsky: And they came and now it's turned into I think almost quarterly that general needs is down providing your boots coats and all other supplies for our men and women in need that are at our facility.

00:09:26.700 --> 00:09:31.890 #60DaysOfService: what's the ripple effect, you know you're running around the lake so let's play about it a little poetically what's the ripple effect of.

00:09:31.950 --> 00:09:39.270 #60DaysOfService: Of you going out there for that run that day, making the connection between these two organizations, being the bridge right how many now veterans are served.

00:09:39.600 --> 00:09:48.090 #60DaysOfService: Because you know you've amplified the level of service that you can give by combining forces i'm big on collaboration i'm big on finding ways, whether it be.

00:09:48.360 --> 00:09:57.870 #60DaysOfService: Multiple nonprofits work together or or the for profit sector partner with nonprofits to work together, so I I think i'd argue i'm asking that kind of as a just a.

00:09:58.320 --> 00:10:09.090 #60DaysOfService: outlandish question what's the ripple effect, the answer to me it's it's infinite because you know now you change lives together and then those people whose lives are changed continue to change lives and it just goes out into.

00:10:09.690 --> 00:10:17.400 #60DaysOfService: into the ether infinitely so so let's say sneakers shoes socks basic needs long right like was known.

00:10:17.760 --> 00:10:18.660 Lonnie from General Needs: As a success.

00:10:19.080 --> 00:10:24.990 #60DaysOfService: Why, though, what why you know why not big deals like what what tell me what set this Foundation and.

00:10:24.990 --> 00:10:31.290 Lonnie from General Needs: So it's really simple I mean I got involved with generally is actually I was the underwear man.

00:10:32.070 --> 00:10:45.810 Lonnie from General Needs: I went one of my heroes Dr Ray mascolo is a dentist in East northport area and i'm working a trade show in New York City with when my financial firm at the javits Center and Dr Ray comes over he says it can have all the stuff on your table, you know the swag we give away.

00:10:46.440 --> 00:10:55.560 Lonnie from General Needs: yeah you need that, for he says why go up and feed homeless veterans at the north port va and i'm like what What do you mean homeless veterans it didn't register in my head.

00:10:55.980 --> 00:10:59.400 #60DaysOfService: What does that look, let me, I want to interrupt you, for a second because I want to.

00:10:59.400 --> 00:11:08.250 #60DaysOfService: underscore that because I think it's important like you know we would think that our veterans are taken care of and that they're not.

00:11:08.640 --> 00:11:19.740 #60DaysOfService: I actually had an incident recently with a woman out front of a 711 not too far from where I live, we have time i'll jump into the story, but i'm going to tell the story to tell a story right now and with my son and.

00:11:20.910 --> 00:11:27.720 #60DaysOfService: This woman is looking a little haggard haggard and close you know, like she's you know, unfortunately, it seems like she lives on the street.

00:11:28.500 --> 00:11:39.660 #60DaysOfService: And I just run out of a meeting here on a zoom call and I go out and and i'm with my son and i'm like I never do this but I took my shirt and tie off and I got like an under shirt T shirt on and i'm running out to grab some food and my son.

00:11:41.310 --> 00:11:44.940 #60DaysOfService: And I go in and I order some food and I come back out in this woman comes over and asked me for money.

00:11:45.330 --> 00:11:53.490 #60DaysOfService: But the place didn't take credit cards, I forget what the deal was where I was so I was like fumbling in my car trying to find a few bucks to get something for him and the woman says to me.

00:11:54.120 --> 00:12:00.870 #60DaysOfService: She goes Can you help me out, you know, with some money to eat I said, you know what I don't even know if I have any cash on me to buy my son something.

00:12:01.200 --> 00:12:09.660 #60DaysOfService: Not realizing I meant like I have access to money but I didn't have this woman goes, let me help you and I said holy cow and so.

00:12:10.620 --> 00:12:17.160 #60DaysOfService: Like she's trying to help me, but she was asking me for money, but now she's going to help me out and I, so what happened was.

00:12:17.700 --> 00:12:25.110 #60DaysOfService: I said i'm good look, let me come talk to you in a couple minutes long story short, my son was a little scary honestly have this interaction.

00:12:25.950 --> 00:12:32.940 #60DaysOfService: And I said, you know what who I am with the big mouth and all that stuff I do and nonprofit and stuff, so we need to get what we're doing and go over and talk to this woman.

00:12:33.210 --> 00:12:38.100 #60DaysOfService: And we went over and engage this woman and I tell you this story guys and everybody else listening because she's a veteran.

00:12:38.550 --> 00:12:45.330 #60DaysOfService: And she sleeps on the steps in front of a church here we're not too far from where I live, and that's not right it's not No one.

00:12:45.870 --> 00:12:56.460 #60DaysOfService: Now here comes i'm going to start getting ranting everything I feel it already it's not, no one should be sleeping on the streets it's a problem it's it's ridiculous that this is what goes on in this country.

00:12:57.930 --> 00:13:03.210 #60DaysOfService: it's ridiculous that it goes on this island, but then you say our veterans who have served, who have done gone through.

00:13:03.540 --> 00:13:14.100 #60DaysOfService: got into the front lines and serve to protect us, so I think lani most people might not be aware that there is a homeless crisis in the veteran population, because it seems.

00:13:14.550 --> 00:13:25.440 #60DaysOfService: It doesn't make sense, so you didn't realize that, so you had so I tell that story, because I was so we went over I spoke to the woman, we had a really nice conversation I gave him my phone number, I said there's anything I can do to help kind of deal.

00:13:27.180 --> 00:13:33.420 #60DaysOfService: What was that that eye opening piece for you that you learned from Dr what was his name, Dr.

00:13:33.870 --> 00:13:34.950 Lonnie from General Needs: Dr Ray mascolo.

00:13:35.100 --> 00:13:35.580 he's knocking.

00:13:36.840 --> 00:13:37.170 Lonnie from General Needs: and

00:13:37.560 --> 00:13:38.460 #60DaysOfService: shout out Dr Ray.

00:13:38.940 --> 00:13:53.820 Lonnie from General Needs: The minute I joined them and I did those monthly dinners to kind of the same thing that happened to Bob you know, and I said wow this is amazing, and the veterans were you know, we should be thanking them and they were thinking us, and I think Bob said the same kind of story it's it's.

00:13:54.900 --> 00:14:02.310 Lonnie from General Needs: We get back so much more than we give working within this Community, and I said Okay, I need to find a better way to help.

00:14:02.820 --> 00:14:10.080 Lonnie from General Needs: And i'm not really good at, maybe you know serving dinners or picking up the dishes and what can I do that's more, and this is back in 2008.

00:14:10.890 --> 00:14:24.720 Lonnie from General Needs: And a lot of younger vets populations change a little bit kids coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, and I sit and i'm talking to them kind of can do that, and the first thing they said to me, is I don't have underwear I don't have socks.

00:14:24.960 --> 00:14:26.430 #60DaysOfService: basic needs needs.

00:14:26.490 --> 00:14:33.870 Lonnie from General Needs: All we all donate clothes all the time you got that really nice white shirt on you're going to be done with that at some point and you're going to put it in a box.

00:14:34.320 --> 00:14:49.830 Lonnie from General Needs: But we don't put our old underwear socks and T shirts in the box know we started doing that, firstly my wife myself and my kids for years, and when I have enough to bring up least some socks and underwear and some T shirts all brand new, which was my rule, from the beginning.

00:14:50.040 --> 00:14:51.240 #60DaysOfService: that's your rule so let's so.

00:14:51.570 --> 00:14:52.890 #60DaysOfService: let's wait for them, because.

00:14:53.130 --> 00:14:56.400 #60DaysOfService: You know what we talked about, we talked about dignity right and.

00:14:56.490 --> 00:14:57.510 Lonnie from General Needs: everything's brand new.

00:14:57.900 --> 00:14:58.710 #60DaysOfService: brand new brand new.

00:14:59.970 --> 00:15:09.060 Lonnie from General Needs: You would want or I would want it that's kind of cool we look at it, this is something I would want to wear and I would be proud to wear and that's the stuff we do is amazing.

00:15:09.480 --> 00:15:12.540 Lonnie from General Needs: yeah based on the supporters, we have, but we met them and.

00:15:13.020 --> 00:15:20.490 Lonnie from General Needs: I was the underwear man for three or four years you know underwear man when you coming back with some underwear I go to serve dinner one month and I didn't have enough every month to do this.

00:15:21.240 --> 00:15:29.760 Lonnie from General Needs: And underwear man when you coming back it's kind of like the joke, I heard at Yankee stadium when when the popcorn came back and said hey popcorn man go get the beer man and bring them back up here.

00:15:31.230 --> 00:15:35.190 Lonnie from General Needs: I was the underwear man and like how to come up with a better name.

00:15:35.910 --> 00:15:42.900 #60DaysOfService: So let's let's pause I don't even want you to tell me a better name we're going to teach everybody he's going to make them come back in 90 seconds we're going to do a quick.

00:15:42.900 --> 00:15:47.010 #60DaysOfService: break, so the underwear man and Bob keselowski and Tommy D.

00:15:48.120 --> 00:15:55.980 #60DaysOfService: Five K, Mr underwear and Mr static one of my son's calls me, Mr static and when you guys here lyrics my you hear the lyrics to my Jingle in the secular watch.

00:15:56.460 --> 00:16:09.030 #60DaysOfService: It is your boy the nonprofit sector connected philanthropy focus amplifying the message of to veterans organizations that are doing the work that are in the field, making the impact come back and see us in 90 seconds to boil Tommy be right back.

00:18:10.320 --> 00:18:10.680 Non.

00:18:23.640 --> 00:18:25.080 #60DaysOfService: All this Daddy.

00:18:26.730 --> 00:18:31.530 #60DaysOfService: Daddy if you show up and often watch this show and listen in tune it, I promise i'll stop singing.

00:18:32.070 --> 00:18:40.320 #60DaysOfService: So that's that's something I probably won't stop singing I love to sing even if i'm not great at it i'd love to do it, my friend Brendan levy I call him uncle brandon wrote that Jingle for me.

00:18:40.740 --> 00:18:45.150 #60DaysOfService: I think we really co wrote the lyrics, to be honest with you but i'll give him the credit for most of the song, I mean.

00:18:45.420 --> 00:18:56.670 #60DaysOfService: It was it was like a Lennon and McCartney thing, I think, but that's why Jingle that's my show here in the attic one of my sons called me, Mr static right now he's calling Tommy dino's Mr static, I just want to say it's been focused.

00:18:57.810 --> 00:19:04.620 #60DaysOfService: Checking in on the Facebook, I see from folks out there, if you have any questions for lonnie Bob and myself feel free to just post those on Facebook i'm happy to.

00:19:05.250 --> 00:19:13.590 #60DaysOfService: answer those questions if you're listening somewhere else you can always check in live 10am on Fridays Facebook talking alternative broadcasting or on the website.

00:19:13.920 --> 00:19:19.680 #60DaysOfService: Talk radio dot nyc Bob kozlowski lonnie Sherman we're talking veterans with talking needs today.

00:19:20.160 --> 00:19:32.070 #60DaysOfService: So we teased right before the end and then I won't bother to tell me story, but but we teach before the and Mr underwear was kind of not the name, he wanted to be known by many Sherman so so what happened, what does that evolve into.

00:19:32.760 --> 00:19:42.690 Lonnie from General Needs: We started expanding so we got a call and cold rainy November day I was planning on bringing underwear that that follows up on Tuesday it's probably going to be a on a Friday.

00:19:43.140 --> 00:19:49.290 Lonnie from General Needs: During an underwear and I got a call from the director at the time and said listen some of the guys are still walking around with flip flops, what can you do.

00:19:49.740 --> 00:19:50.220 In.

00:19:51.330 --> 00:19:52.080 #60DaysOfService: December and.

00:19:52.560 --> 00:19:52.980 November.

00:19:54.150 --> 00:20:00.780 Lonnie from General Needs: And we went to costco and brought all the sneakers we can buy and we came up and we did sneakers so that was kind of distorted sneakers.

00:20:01.860 --> 00:20:14.160 Lonnie from General Needs: Then, on a snowy winter, we got a call and said, you know it's pretty snowy out there, these guys still don't have the right gear and met with a buddy from from Rotary which has been a great supporter of organization of ours and.

00:20:15.180 --> 00:20:33.540 Lonnie from General Needs: We brought up 50 pair of boots the amazing part for us at the time, which was how we've kept we keep evolving is to 50 pair of boots that we handed out that one December really bad winter probably like five six years ago, got five of the veterans their jobs is that a pair of boots.

00:20:34.110 --> 00:20:37.140 #60DaysOfService: Because they had a so so talking about ripple here we go.

00:20:37.530 --> 00:20:37.890 #60DaysOfService: Because.

00:20:38.550 --> 00:20:48.990 #60DaysOfService: They didn't have boots they get the boots and because now, they have boots they're more applicable to to fill certain roles and get jobs that they may not have gotten before.

00:20:49.170 --> 00:20:53.970 Lonnie from General Needs: Right it's amazing that's the report and we said hey wait if it's cold out what do they need, you know.

00:20:54.600 --> 00:21:09.270 Lonnie from General Needs: How do we change them and or how do we do what they need seasonally so let's do brand new coats and so i've heard vets come up and say you know we got a pair of boots we got a coat we're feeling so good, we went out and got a job so became a job creation factor.

00:21:10.650 --> 00:21:14.760 #60DaysOfService: So the clothing, the clothing that you provide becomes a job creator.

00:21:15.870 --> 00:21:24.210 Lonnie from General Needs: it's it's simple it's really simple things you tick tick you know what I was insane opens at a shelter sure we're talking about a couple women today Bob.

00:21:24.540 --> 00:21:29.520 #60DaysOfService: va va is not too far from from insane opens over there, like off.

00:21:29.580 --> 00:21:35.190 Lonnie from General Needs: There is a va and say hello, and so we, there was a shelter run for homeless veterans at the va shelter.

00:21:35.640 --> 00:21:43.110 Lonnie from General Needs: And as a woman standing in the corner or sitting in the corner and she's been very shy we're doing our regular distribution, we have some bagels and donuts.

00:21:43.620 --> 00:21:53.880 Lonnie from General Needs: we're all kind of we kind of make it fun when we go to these these locations and have a good time, but she wasn't walking forward and it turns out, she was a big woman and she didn't have a bra.

00:21:54.990 --> 00:22:05.610 Lonnie from General Needs: And not having a broad day for no confidence to even talk to people so to have our female volunteers to her out to a specialty store so wasn't something you can even buy at a walmart.

00:22:06.210 --> 00:22:16.140 Lonnie from General Needs: How we got this young lady to bribes and to brush changed her life so it's things that you just don't normally think about its general needs.

00:22:17.610 --> 00:22:27.750 Lonnie from General Needs: And Bob Evans come to us we're learning a lot from him he's got that look in the eye, which is you know succession planning is everything I understand it, in in the financial world.

00:22:29.190 --> 00:22:37.020 Lonnie from General Needs: He said well how do we keep making things better about four years ago, we got a call that you know veterans go to visit program called hunt fish.

00:22:37.470 --> 00:22:49.050 Lonnie from General Needs: And this does get subsidized housing for veterans and long island, it might pay $800 towards your monthly rent and the monthly rent might be 1400 dollars, leaving 600 coming from the best pocket.

00:22:49.590 --> 00:22:56.940 Lonnie from General Needs: But they might only have an income of 1000 a month total so, at least in what 400 living on long island that's just not going to enable you to get by.

00:22:57.480 --> 00:23:09.090 Lonnie from General Needs: So they get these apartments in is nothing in there zero the first that we met about five years ago, was a Vietnam vet went to a really hard time limit on the streets for years of doing this car.

00:23:09.810 --> 00:23:18.600 Lonnie from General Needs: And finally got this apartment we met him, he was sleeping on a Cot get caught a cold it's all we had we said we got to get them a bad we got to get them everything he needs.

00:23:19.260 --> 00:23:27.420 Lonnie from General Needs: And that was the start of our bed project we've got the bed the glasses, you know the pots and pans the stuff you needed the pencils the towels.

00:23:27.720 --> 00:23:36.150 #60DaysOfService: I wanted to ask one quick question if I cookies I gotta I want to give you said Rotary so shout out to really to me that you're talking about, because even been supportive of you.

00:23:36.570 --> 00:23:44.340 Lonnie from General Needs: rock my Rotary club has been awesome support of general needs it really takes us to another level would be with district 7255.

00:23:44.970 --> 00:23:46.290 #60DaysOfService: With us, thank you for having out.

00:23:46.320 --> 00:23:47.310 Lonnie from General Needs: There, and some people.

00:23:47.880 --> 00:24:02.010 #60DaysOfService: yeah I know the Rotary Rotary folks are great in fact i'm going to shout out a friend of mine Jackie blue she just became one of the youngest presidents of the Rotary and 103 years down in in asbury park and i'm going to be down there next Saturday doing a quick day service.

00:24:03.210 --> 00:24:07.320 #60DaysOfService: You know, for their one of their five K one walks so the Rotary is great rotary's and crowd.

00:24:07.320 --> 00:24:07.500 Lonnie from General Needs: yeah.

00:24:07.980 --> 00:24:11.370 Lonnie from General Needs: Well, if it wasn't for Rotary Bob and I wouldn't be so you're talking about the ripple effect that.

00:24:11.370 --> 00:24:12.210 #60DaysOfService: It goes back.

00:24:12.270 --> 00:24:20.250 #60DaysOfService: Right yeah so I want to get into I want to talk more about donors and where the money comes to go by beds and hats and shirts and underwear and all this stuff.

00:24:20.550 --> 00:24:27.000 #60DaysOfService: But I want to go back to the story, I told in the first segment there because it sparked something in the chat between Bob and I so Bob.

00:24:27.450 --> 00:24:35.790 #60DaysOfService: I talked about that female veteran that I ran into what what did that kind of bring up for you from from a home of the brave perspective or general needs.

00:24:36.810 --> 00:24:47.430 Bob Kozlowsky: I think, specifically from a homes for the brief perspective is the fact of female homeless veteran and it's often that we overlook the female veteran population that is struggling.

00:24:47.910 --> 00:24:54.570 Bob Kozlowsky: And at homes for the brave you know we took a big step to address that in 2011 we opened up.

00:24:55.020 --> 00:24:59.190 Bob Kozlowsky: A transitional house specifically for female veterans and their children.

00:24:59.550 --> 00:25:09.840 Bob Kozlowsky: Female soldiers forgotten heroes program and we were the first and we are currently the only transitional house in the state of Connecticut exclusively for female veterans.

00:25:10.170 --> 00:25:22.170 Bob Kozlowsky: and their children and we thought it was important because statistically, a lot of the female veterans from other issues also dealing with being victims of sexual assault so having so being around only females.

00:25:22.560 --> 00:25:28.860 Bob Kozlowsky: And not having in to help with their recovery was very important and i'd also like to bring up another topic because.

00:25:29.370 --> 00:25:43.770 Bob Kozlowsky: i'm going to name them connecticut's hardest working CEO he's been santoli of homes for the brave, who I know is listening on the 1200 men and women that we've helped a date that you got from our website has not been updated we're narrowing in on almost 1500.

00:25:43.920 --> 00:25:44.790 Bob Kozlowsky: that's also.

00:25:45.360 --> 00:25:48.390 #60DaysOfService: Now is events you go by vince were many people.

00:25:48.900 --> 00:25:54.450 Bob Kozlowsky: We have a lot of nicknames for when he would call me late at night with problems I have names that I can't say on the right.

00:25:56.760 --> 00:25:57.960 #60DaysOfService: Words we're going.

00:25:59.100 --> 00:26:09.390 Bob Kozlowsky: we're going to call them vince but he he I do want to give him a shout out he definitely I can at least say for the state of Connecticut is the hardest working CEO and.

00:26:09.870 --> 00:26:20.580 Bob Kozlowsky: out going to segue to where you were talking about money when you know I became on the board approximately 75% of our budget was from state and federal funding from the government.

00:26:20.910 --> 00:26:32.310 Bob Kozlowsky: And it's under 50% and with that big drop and with the leadership events in the team, and you know the fellow board members, we have not cut any services we've actually added services.

00:26:32.310 --> 00:26:33.270 Bob Kozlowsky: So what let's do.

00:26:33.840 --> 00:26:39.720 #60DaysOfService: I got to understand what it because i'm not clear, if I understand it, so, then the dollars that were coming in, have decreased.

00:26:40.620 --> 00:26:42.870 Bob Kozlowsky: From from this from the State.

00:26:42.900 --> 00:26:54.780 Bob Kozlowsky: And from the Federal Government they funded nearly 75% of our budget when I first joined the board, and it is under 50% However, we have not had to cut any services and we actually expanded.

00:26:55.290 --> 00:27:01.680 Bob Kozlowsky: We have we opened up a veteran service Center in 2010 and i'll explain more about that, and we also have our own.

00:27:02.130 --> 00:27:05.340 Bob Kozlowsky: Clinical program on site, because we thought it was important, so.

00:27:05.790 --> 00:27:20.070 Bob Kozlowsky: definite shout out to the leadership team with vince the board, because what we did is we saw the money was going out and we just really increased our fundraising so big thanks to all our donors and all our supporters that really stuck with us.

00:27:20.190 --> 00:27:27.180 #60DaysOfService: it's a thank you sorry to interrupt it's a visionary right it's a visionary leader but it's a team it, you know most nonprofit leaders that I meet with.

00:27:27.660 --> 00:27:34.290 #60DaysOfService: You know they're not all excited about themselves in the work they're doing they're excited it's about the team, because they can't nobody's an island, nobody can do this stuff alone so.

00:27:34.650 --> 00:27:44.070 #60DaysOfService: let's I think this is a good point in the show where we can, how does somebody get in touch with homes for the brave Bob what's the best way for somebody get in touch with homes, with the brave.

00:27:44.850 --> 00:27:51.930 Bob Kozlowsky: Well, the easiest way you can go to our website, which is homes for the brave org and why we are talking about fundraising i'd like to bring up.

00:27:52.170 --> 00:28:02.670 Bob Kozlowsky: We have one of our major fundraiser So if you want to help veterans in need male and female veterans in aid there's a great way starting tomorrow, we have our step out for the brave challenge.

00:28:03.390 --> 00:28:12.750 Bob Kozlowsky: We put a goal of taking 40,000 steps in the 40,000 number comes from the average of 40,000 homeless veterans that are on the streets each night.

00:28:13.260 --> 00:28:19.770 Bob Kozlowsky: You can go to homes for the and still sign up you do your steps from August 7 to August 15.

00:28:20.070 --> 00:28:31.830 Bob Kozlowsky: And whether you take four steps or 400,000 steps it doesn't matter it's about supporting the cause and helping us help veterans in need and getting us to help these male and female veterans that need.

00:28:32.040 --> 00:28:41.760 Bob Kozlowsky: return to productive lives and society because they they sacrifice for us, they volunteered for us, and now they need some help and I can't turn my back.

00:28:41.970 --> 00:28:49.770 Bob Kozlowsky: And we have some great supporters and again other organizations like General needs that don't turn their back so let's give them to do that they deserve.

00:28:50.100 --> 00:29:02.250 Bob Kozlowsky: come out again support our fundraiser you could do it from home you don't have to go there, you can sign up it's the easiest thing to do, on there and help us and you know what challenged me and beat me on my steps.

00:29:02.340 --> 00:29:02.820 #60DaysOfService: I gotta.

00:29:03.240 --> 00:29:03.720 Bob Kozlowsky: guess what.

00:29:04.080 --> 00:29:08.970 #60DaysOfService: we're going to talk to you because i'm very competitive so now, you said you're putting a goal when.

00:29:10.260 --> 00:29:20.820 #60DaysOfService: We come back from a cordial we're going to talk about that, but lani before we sneak to a quick break How did we get in touch with general needs if somebody if somebody knows a veteran in need, how do they get in touch with you.

00:29:21.690 --> 00:29:36.870 Lonnie from General Needs: Well, again website is general and it's info at general needs August, the general general email account or whiny Sherman at general, but if you wanted something to happen, it needs to go to Susan Sherman.

00:29:39.450 --> 00:29:40.710 Lonnie from General Needs: bonnie Sherman a general needs.

00:29:41.970 --> 00:29:43.560 Lonnie from General Needs: An idea it's not going to work well.

00:29:43.860 --> 00:29:51.780 #60DaysOfService: yeah I understand I behind you know team I don't even want to say behind in successful guy it's a team it's teamwork man, this is what it is.

00:29:51.810 --> 00:29:56.580 Lonnie from General Needs: we're all part as well you know, a real yes it's kind of a family and i'm probably going into commercial time but.

00:29:56.640 --> 00:29:57.720 Lonnie from General Needs: meeting a lot of meetings.

00:29:57.750 --> 00:30:15.240 Lonnie from General Needs: To work at homes for the brave they became part of our family, and it really is a special organization that when you see how the men and women are treated there and help to get to the next steps in their lives it's really it's amazing and i'm proud to be associated with this organization.

00:30:15.690 --> 00:30:27.000 #60DaysOfService: I love it so homes for the everybody and general needs i'm looking at way to make sure I get it right in general we're going to take a quick break we'll be back joining us in about 90 seconds flat to be in focus will be right back.

00:32:57.540 --> 00:32:57.900 Party.

00:32:59.550 --> 00:33:08.520 #60DaysOfService: Through that static man get here join me why because nonprofits change the world every second of every minute of every hour of every day month year the whole deal.

00:33:08.880 --> 00:33:16.440 #60DaysOfService: Because nonprofits change our world in the work they do not just executive directors and CEOs of nonprofits.

00:33:17.280 --> 00:33:22.980 #60DaysOfService: philanthropy is not just writing big checks philanthropy is going out there.

00:33:23.490 --> 00:33:33.360 #60DaysOfService: And sheet rocking somebody's home who needed, you know who had mold damage out in long island I seen a lot of that in fact money, I want to talk to you about some of that if we can, if it doesn't happen on the show we'll talk offline.

00:33:33.870 --> 00:33:34.680 #60DaysOfService: But there's another we're going to.

00:33:34.890 --> 00:33:37.920 Lonnie from General Needs: rebuild a bathroom for a Korean War vet who needs.

00:33:39.270 --> 00:33:46.410 #60DaysOfService: To answer there it is so it's it that's philanthropy gang you know if you if you're a plumber or your sheet rock guy you know you're a carpenter.

00:33:46.920 --> 00:33:49.680 #60DaysOfService: that's that's philanthropy that service i'm.

00:33:50.280 --> 00:34:02.610 #60DaysOfService: Collecting books for the book fairs collecting food for the local pantry that service so think about that consider that you know, on this whole campaign 60 days of service it's it's going to be fun and it's i'm learning a lot and.

00:34:03.390 --> 00:34:13.200 #60DaysOfService: i'm excited to inspire other people to do service so Bob kozlowski homes for the brave lani Sherman general needs they're here in the attic right before the break.

00:34:13.560 --> 00:34:22.980 #60DaysOfService: Bob kozlowski sort of dropped the gauntlet and he said, try and beat him in steps now I don't know what like what's this time period, how many steps are we talking about like.

00:34:23.550 --> 00:34:30.000 #60DaysOfService: i'm not I don't run, like you, Bob but I mean I might walk for 24 hours straight just to catch up to you, man so like.

00:34:31.980 --> 00:34:32.850 Lonnie from General Needs: throw down guys.

00:34:33.090 --> 00:34:38.580 #60DaysOfService: I don't know man I don't know what i'm gonna get myself in trouble here, I feel it already I already people are listening.

00:34:39.120 --> 00:34:47.100 #60DaysOfService: What what is this program about 40,000 steps and then I got another number we're going to talk about 1342 that i'm gonna ask you about what are we talking about the steps again.

00:34:47.160 --> 00:34:57.510 Bob Kozlowsky: How is this word, yes, so starting tomorrow August 7 all the way through August 15 is our step out for the brave fundraiser one of our major fundraisers that allows us to provide.

00:34:57.870 --> 00:35:02.730 Bob Kozlowsky: You know the transitional housing and services to get our veterans back to a productive lives.

00:35:03.090 --> 00:35:15.900 Bob Kozlowsky: And we set the goal of 40,000 because the average is that there's 40,000 homeless veterans on the streets of the United States on any given night but you don't have to take 40,000 steps now I know you're a competitor i'm a marathon runner so i'm going to have my.

00:35:17.400 --> 00:35:18.060 Bob Kozlowsky: game on.

00:35:18.570 --> 00:35:18.870 #60DaysOfService: i'm in.

00:35:21.570 --> 00:35:25.260 Lonnie from General Needs: General needs team so we're we're gonna sign Tommy on the general.

00:35:25.380 --> 00:35:26.640 #60DaysOfService: teen or any.

00:35:26.820 --> 00:35:29.040 #60DaysOfService: Good I need a team, I need because i'm gonna need some so.

00:35:29.520 --> 00:35:32.370 Lonnie from General Needs: we're going to be connecting this team in the next 24 hours and your.

00:35:32.550 --> 00:35:35.940 #60DaysOfService: times I get winded coming up the stairs idiotic I gotta tell you, so I don't know.

00:35:39.150 --> 00:35:50.910 Lonnie from General Needs: What you're doing is really what what what philanthropy is all about, we we love doing this right we love going and going to the shelters and handing out the sneakers are handing out the jackets and and actually.

00:35:52.110 --> 00:35:59.070 Lonnie from General Needs: it's almost addictive, because you just love to do something good and we've been out to dinner after we have.

00:35:59.880 --> 00:36:08.340 Lonnie from General Needs: that's why we love going to Connecticut and see involved, we go to dinner when we're finished and we have great times it's the only time in my life I think we've had lobster rolls to deserve this.

00:36:08.460 --> 00:36:12.840 Lonnie from General Needs: We have lobster dinner, and they say what are you up for dessert more lobster rolls wow oh man.

00:36:13.590 --> 00:36:15.570 #60DaysOfService: I can party with you guys man yeah.

00:36:17.040 --> 00:36:25.860 Lonnie from General Needs: it's just such rewards to what we do and the family that we've all created the volunteers that help with general needs events and homestead a brave events all the time.

00:36:26.280 --> 00:36:38.550 Lonnie from General Needs: These are the heroes, the boy scout who who collect socks for us and Okay, once you connect collect those shopping bag of socks he comes with a minivan have maybe 1000 pairs of socks brand new packages and collect over a weekend.

00:36:39.570 --> 00:36:48.840 Lonnie from General Needs: it's the special volunteers that nobody ever talks about that really makes up who all organizations are and even a volunteer organization like General needs.

00:36:49.350 --> 00:36:56.460 Lonnie from General Needs: We have wonderful volunteers from treasure is like Linda to people that organized the inventory like Judy and everybody else, so that even.

00:36:56.910 --> 00:37:04.680 Lonnie from General Needs: forgetting about it and Bob teaching me hey you know ilan you got to do this technical stuff this I don't know any of that stuff and I listened to him as as the.

00:37:05.130 --> 00:37:12.870 Lonnie from General Needs: As a board member it's really it's a blessing from and don't want to get religious because i'm not but that we're able to do this.

00:37:13.980 --> 00:37:28.380 Lonnie from General Needs: Susan and I sat with a female event at I you know at home, so the brave at one of the luncheons that we had, and this this veteran apparently had nothing and was really going through a hard time and really had nothing for herself and which was sitting with her and talking.

00:37:29.400 --> 00:37:43.230 Lonnie from General Needs: And she commented to an old beetle T shirt I had on, and this was disabled shirt with a little hole in the corner over here that i'm going out and seeing people with, and she said that's a really nice shirt and I have to tell you Sue and I left that that evening.

00:37:44.310 --> 00:37:48.000 Lonnie from General Needs: Heading over to hotel over in Connecticut this can't get back up on a Friday night.

00:37:48.900 --> 00:37:57.420 Lonnie from General Needs: To long island and we sat there and cried and wasn't cries of sadness of prize of joy that we can work with an organization like home of the brave and say.

00:37:57.810 --> 00:38:09.570 Lonnie from General Needs: How can we help you guys with this stuff you can't do this you're doing so much already it's it's really for us to little thing I think two or three weeks ago home sort of brave needed some shirts.

00:38:10.860 --> 00:38:22.110 Lonnie from General Needs: For the veterans that were there, so we you know we immediately responded to that we met Bob and we kind of met in the mid point we met in when we meet in Connecticut Bob or when new Rochelle we met with.

00:38:23.430 --> 00:38:27.150 Lonnie from General Needs: The same restaurant the Mariana goes to the dinner all the time, so we're working on the hook up there.

00:38:27.600 --> 00:38:27.900 #60DaysOfService: Oh.

00:38:28.230 --> 00:38:37.230 Lonnie from General Needs: you'll have to step out of my car and put it in bob's car and was able to get some you know some underwear and T shirts and things that they needed foam spring as quickly as we could.

00:38:37.800 --> 00:38:49.950 Lonnie from General Needs: it's a route it's people that do that, and you have them on your show every week, so we are both honored to be here with you guys and and keep spreading the cause and see what we can do to help on every corner there's no way.

00:38:51.300 --> 00:38:59.430 #60DaysOfService: yeah I totally agree, no one is more important and that's that's sort of the compassionate word i'm trying to drive home on when I have people on the show what.

00:39:00.870 --> 00:39:03.930 #60DaysOfService: So you talked about a boy scout who collected 1000 pair of socks.

00:39:04.290 --> 00:39:17.550 #60DaysOfService: What do you need lani aside from checks, we all know, everybody needs to check, but what how Can somebody really support you like what's on your shortlist i'm going to talk about general needs 1342 in a second, and what that 1342 represents.

00:39:17.970 --> 00:39:22.560 #60DaysOfService: Which is well we'll talk in a second about that, what do you need and then seeing Bob I want to go to you.

00:39:22.710 --> 00:39:25.080 #60DaysOfService: What is it supplies IT services is it.

00:39:25.080 --> 00:39:26.010 #60DaysOfService: Just bodies.

00:39:26.550 --> 00:39:31.290 Lonnie from General Needs: it's all of that it bro it's less body, since covert was many more bodies before coven.

00:39:32.400 --> 00:39:41.010 Lonnie from General Needs: But it is you know it is that boy scout again saying that we don't have to go spend the thousand dollars on socks that will do a sock collection of really good quality stuff it's.

00:39:42.330 --> 00:39:49.380 Lonnie from General Needs: Somebody that might ultimately one of the projects that both the the county executive of Nassau county and Suffolk county reached out to us to do is if we can do.

00:39:49.890 --> 00:39:56.010 Lonnie from General Needs: A vet repair program to the vet to just really can't afford to fix the faucet in our House, I met one, a year ago.

00:39:56.520 --> 00:40:05.250 Lonnie from General Needs: And it was during the heat wave that needed an AC AC was broken in his house and Korean War vet and it was 95 outside and 110 in his house, because he had no AC.

00:40:05.790 --> 00:40:13.830 Lonnie from General Needs: And we brought a couple windows AC over 24 hours and we hear from his neighbor who's been taking care of them, that is sink hasn't worked in six years.

00:40:14.460 --> 00:40:23.130 Lonnie from General Needs: he's reached out the organization our organization, can you fix my sink, and then they give them like this long list, well, we need to know why you need your sink prepared and how did you get in this place in.

00:40:23.130 --> 00:40:27.120 #60DaysOfService: The body right, I need my sink fixed well you're me feel like okay well.

00:40:27.390 --> 00:40:28.680 Lonnie from General Needs: we're gonna we're gonna do that.

00:40:29.070 --> 00:40:33.660 Lonnie from General Needs: Right general need established program within the next six months to a year that have something called.

00:40:34.440 --> 00:40:34.890 Lonnie from General Needs: veteran.

00:40:35.160 --> 00:40:38.100 Lonnie from General Needs: Read, on the other, look what it's going to be called the better repair something.

00:40:38.370 --> 00:40:43.770 Lonnie from General Needs: we're going to do it, Bob knows me, I mean leads us to the 1342 1342.

00:40:44.160 --> 00:40:52.140 #60DaysOfService: let's talk about it because I I know about it, I mean Bob told me about it, I love ambition lonnie what is project 13 for war.

00:40:52.170 --> 00:40:53.010 #60DaysOfService: or it's called general.

00:40:53.220 --> 00:40:54.510 #60DaysOfService: 1342 what is that about.

00:40:54.930 --> 00:40:56.820 Lonnie from General Needs: we're gonna get Bob to talk about this one, a little bit.

00:40:56.910 --> 00:40:59.850 Lonnie from General Needs: Oh, these wheels me in a little bit fierce of mine.

00:40:59.880 --> 00:41:07.110 #60DaysOfService: I, and I did hear that I like when we talk, when we were talking we prepped earlier this week I knew guide Bob take it away tell us the story.

00:41:07.680 --> 00:41:21.450 Bob Kozlowsky: So lat Lon he just comes up with wild ideas and he just said hey I have an idea, he goes, you know, our main outreach a general needs is New York with long island New Jersey and Connecticut he's like we're going to stretch that out.

00:41:21.930 --> 00:41:28.710 Bob Kozlowsky: And he brought up that you know the Stat that on an average 22 veterans commit suicide a day.

00:41:29.010 --> 00:41:34.500 Bob Kozlowsky: So he said in a month in of November and December I really want to bring some awareness to that number.

00:41:34.770 --> 00:41:54.930 Bob Kozlowsky: And maybe by providing these veterans with boots we can help do our small part and reduce that number so they're 61 days and those two months, and you know times the 22 gets us to that 1342 number, and we, the original plan from lani was we're going to go from maine to Miami and I said.

00:41:55.770 --> 00:41:59.310 #60DaysOfService: you're not the entire the just the whole east coast right now.

00:42:00.120 --> 00:42:00.960 Lonnie from General Needs: 95 structure.

00:42:02.130 --> 00:42:03.480 #60DaysOfService: In 61 days.

00:42:03.960 --> 00:42:18.750 Bob Kozlowsky: And 61 days with dealing with the ripple effects of coven where it's hard to get vans and transportation and basically I brought up 30 reasons why we can't do it, and he said well now you're in charge of the project welcome, so I learned don't open your mouth.

00:42:19.020 --> 00:42:27.300 Bob Kozlowsky: Why, but I was able to talk them down a little bit, and we are going to get to Miami but that's going to be in 2022.

00:42:27.540 --> 00:42:37.650 Bob Kozlowsky: But with this year, the project is going to go from maine to Washington DC we are going to deliver those 1300 and 42 boots to veterans of throughout.

00:42:38.130 --> 00:42:53.670 Bob Kozlowsky: That stretch, along with 8030 pairs of socks that's 22 a day times 365 so we're they're going to get socks they're going to get boots and we are going to be out in November and December from maine to DC.

00:42:54.030 --> 00:42:59.520 Bob Kozlowsky: And again if somebody wants to help out with that project if you go to the website general

00:42:59.730 --> 00:43:06.150 Bob Kozlowsky: there's a button right there you can learn more and there's also a link if somebody's gracious enough to donate to help us fund this project.

00:43:06.390 --> 00:43:11.640 Bob Kozlowsky: Because I want to reiterate general needs is 100% volunteer we don't have paid staff.

00:43:12.030 --> 00:43:24.180 Bob Kozlowsky: At this organization, so that money that you donate is specifically going to go to buy boots for those veterans that are in need and help us raise awareness and hopefully reduce that number of the veteran suicides.

00:43:24.420 --> 00:43:26.220 Lonnie from General Needs: What what Tommy I was not.

00:43:26.220 --> 00:43:33.120 Lonnie from General Needs: supposed to go political and i'm going to talk about another reason about the boots that we did the first 50 pair of boots and then I went to a.

00:43:33.630 --> 00:43:42.330 Lonnie from General Needs: politician event and all the politicians and got up in front of a group of 300 people and they said, well, we declare that there's no more homeless veterans on long island.

00:43:43.680 --> 00:43:49.470 Lonnie from General Needs: And that is basically the presentation we've been hearing for years and actually that's taken away a lot of our funding.

00:43:49.920 --> 00:43:55.020 Lonnie from General Needs: This i'm on your show and i've seen this homeless veterans you say okay i'm going to send you a check for $25 to buy a pair of boots.

00:43:55.530 --> 00:44:05.940 Lonnie from General Needs: Then you hear a politician, say that hey there's no homeless veterans you're gonna call me a liar and people have and I went to the politicians, I say, well, who did I hand the boots out to.

00:44:08.100 --> 00:44:16.650 Lonnie from General Needs: and had a straight up the only thing I mean I started an argument with them and I wasn't winning this the definition of homelessness in New York City, for example.

00:44:17.190 --> 00:44:24.750 Lonnie from General Needs: Is if they're doing a homeless count the veterans on on a December 2 date and you're in a mcdonald's at two o'clock in the morning.

00:44:25.110 --> 00:44:35.430 Lonnie from General Needs: And you're having a cup of coffee you're not considered homeless, because you have a roof over your head if you're on a park bench in New York City and you're homeless as a vet and they're doing a homeless count this is New York City.

00:44:37.080 --> 00:44:41.670 Lonnie from General Needs: And you say I don't want to be counted, you know you don't give them any information they don't count you.

00:44:42.810 --> 00:44:49.440 Lonnie from General Needs: I consider homeless my definition of it might be called liberal So if you don't have your own refrigerator you're homeless.

00:44:50.280 --> 00:44:55.770 Lonnie from General Needs: You can't if you can't step one or two fights down from where you are right now Tommy day and go open up refrigerator.

00:44:56.250 --> 00:45:02.430 Lonnie from General Needs: Because it's somebody else's house your couch surfing because you're a female veteran and you're putting yourself, subject to a whole nother set of.

00:45:03.270 --> 00:45:07.110 Lonnie from General Needs: uncomfortable circumstances or you're just going from shelter the shelter.

00:45:07.710 --> 00:45:16.890 Lonnie from General Needs: To shelters in New York City with 250 guys living in a warehouse and the veterans with with metal detectors you're homeless, so the boots have a bigger meaning for me.

00:45:17.520 --> 00:45:24.450 Lonnie from General Needs: were given those boots out to veterans in need i'm just i'm not finding Tommy in a corner and say you want a pair of boots buddy we're vetting right now.

00:45:25.620 --> 00:45:33.270 Lonnie from General Needs: Right now, Bob is an eye and two other Members of vetting shelters that we're going to arrive at sometime in November, December and say hey.

00:45:33.570 --> 00:45:45.120 Lonnie from General Needs: We need the sizes of your veterans because we're going to bring you a pair of boots and we want to check you out to make sure you're being one properly so we're the money that you're donating and everybody's donating to us as being spent probably.

00:45:46.830 --> 00:45:46.980 Lonnie from General Needs: A.

00:45:47.430 --> 00:45:48.420 #60DaysOfService: lot I won't know you're not.

00:45:49.800 --> 00:45:54.060 #60DaysOfService: you're not ranting and i'm sorry to step on your words there I we got to take a quick break and then we're gonna come back and.

00:45:54.060 --> 00:45:54.270 Lonnie from General Needs: do that.

00:45:54.720 --> 00:46:05.430 #60DaysOfService: and talk more but let's take a quick break, I want to talk about the shelter's I want to talk about vetting I want to talk about what it costs to put a pair of boots on somebody she will be right back, how many philanthropy focus Bob because last geelani sure we'll be right back.

00:48:09.210 --> 00:48:11.700 #60DaysOfService: At www talk radio dot.

00:48:30.450 --> 00:48:30.870 Tommy.

00:48:34.470 --> 00:48:38.280 #60DaysOfService: And this is like the speed round, we are going to wrap the show in about seven eight minutes.

00:48:38.280 --> 00:48:39.630 #60DaysOfService: What but here's what we're gonna do we're gonna.

00:48:40.140 --> 00:48:48.630 #60DaysOfService: I got a million more questions so that means, like every week you guys are gonna have to come back on the show maybe vince until he joins us on the show shout out to vince who's checking in on Facebook.

00:48:48.930 --> 00:48:58.290 #60DaysOfService: My friend Stacey checking in on facebook's deep fry and show comes on after mind checking it on Facebook brooke Moses I don't know your book, but thanks for checking in and seeing what we're doing here look.

00:48:58.800 --> 00:49:04.680 #60DaysOfService: lonnie i'm with you brother i'm with you man you're fired up come i'm freaking with you, I.

00:49:06.060 --> 00:49:15.630 #60DaysOfService: let's let's will will table our soap boxes will put them in a corner for a second what does it cost of a pair of boots on a woman or man who is a veteran and.

00:49:16.140 --> 00:49:23.190 #60DaysOfService: Like can we sponsor a couple pairs of boots 100 pairs of boots what does that look like tell me those numbers and socks, what does that mean.

00:49:23.370 --> 00:49:29.040 Lonnie from General Needs: boots with around $25 they might be a couple dollars more this year and a pack of socks around five bucks the.

00:49:30.000 --> 00:49:30.990 #60DaysOfService: How many sounds like.

00:49:31.140 --> 00:49:32.250 Lonnie from General Needs: it's a mess so.

00:49:32.550 --> 00:49:33.240 Lonnie from General Needs: up the whatsapp.

00:49:33.930 --> 00:49:41.910 Lonnie from General Needs: what's my chicken giving the supply chain and we've been getting the coats were ordering coats now we're ordering boots starting next week it's hope we just get them all in in time.

00:49:42.630 --> 00:49:47.910 #60DaysOfService: So 25 bucks and then five bucks or socks, how many pairs of socks to get in that $5 Pack.

00:49:48.540 --> 00:49:48.870 Lonnie from General Needs: six.

00:49:49.380 --> 00:49:51.060 Lonnie from General Needs: Six pairs expect.

00:49:51.510 --> 00:49:56.070 #60DaysOfService: So yeah so basically for 30 bucks somebody gets a new pair of boots and six pairs of socks that's.

00:49:56.190 --> 00:49:59.640 Lonnie from General Needs: The hand out to veterans that will do that 1300 and 42 times.

00:50:00.090 --> 00:50:04.590 #60DaysOfService: I wonder if you can and maybe you guys have already thought of this, but I wonder if you can play around with people just saying you know what.

00:50:05.160 --> 00:50:18.900 #60DaysOfService: i'm gonna write you a check for 300 bucks because that 300 bucks I know and i'm going to do that, personally i'm saying it right now so just put me down for the 300 so that that will be 10 pairs of boots and 60 pairs of socks if i'm doing my math right, so what.

00:50:18.960 --> 00:50:24.840 #60DaysOfService: What I don't know what 1342 divided by whatever what I just said tenants, maybe 230 people or something like that.

00:50:25.050 --> 00:50:36.150 #60DaysOfService: What have you did some game like that, where it's just like hey that you do that, and then I I know personally and my children know that 10 veterans now have something they didn't have, but they do have now so.

00:50:37.290 --> 00:50:41.940 #60DaysOfService: Again um is there a program like that have you thought about If not, when when.

00:50:42.090 --> 00:50:43.110 Lonnie from General Needs: They bought it right.

00:50:44.070 --> 00:50:53.520 Bob Kozlowsky: yep that's that's why the general needs website is up when you go to general it says the blue program you click on there, and you can donate and that money specifically.

00:50:53.700 --> 00:51:00.240 Bob Kozlowsky: is going to this project in November and December so if you give that money all those that money again we're completely.

00:51:00.480 --> 00:51:07.830 Bob Kozlowsky: You know 100% volunteer organization all that money, specifically when you go to the website will go to this project that's upcoming.

00:51:08.100 --> 00:51:17.760 Bob Kozlowsky: And you could follow along, we also encourage you know ways, you can help out both homes for the brave and general needs, we have a presence on Facebook, we have a presence on instagram follow us.

00:51:18.210 --> 00:51:23.760 Bob Kozlowsky: For homes for the brave you're going to get updates on to step out so if you follow us you'll start seeing it you'll see vince and I.

00:51:24.300 --> 00:51:35.400 Bob Kozlowsky: Tomorrow, on Facebook, as we set the launch off I know vince is listening and for general needs when this project comes, we are going to update you you're going to see us, you know at different States.

00:51:35.670 --> 00:51:36.450 #60DaysOfService: handle on that.

00:51:36.480 --> 00:51:38.040 Bob Kozlowsky: You know I gotta focus.

00:51:38.310 --> 00:51:39.060 #60DaysOfService: I want to be with you.

00:51:39.390 --> 00:51:40.500 Lonnie from General Needs: need help with vehicles if.

00:51:40.500 --> 00:51:41.400 Lonnie from General Needs: anybody's out there with.

00:51:41.460 --> 00:51:42.090 #60DaysOfService: No support.

00:51:42.420 --> 00:51:43.110 Lonnie from General Needs: that's going to be big.

00:51:43.440 --> 00:51:46.530 #60DaysOfService: Vehicles they need guys here's what i'm gonna i'm going to call out a friend of mine.

00:51:46.980 --> 00:51:59.130 #60DaysOfService: Co founder project refit James Corbett James I don't know if you're listening in anywhere but i'm going to reach out to you I texted you about this already, this is an organization you're looking for another mission you guys are looking for another project, it sounds like right online.

00:51:59.160 --> 00:52:03.060 Lonnie from General Needs: We just have wonderful people and i'm going to do a shout out, you know we just put this.

00:52:03.390 --> 00:52:14.280 Lonnie from General Needs: On live I guess two nights ago when we got the website going in and our wonderful treasure, so do you want a nice number to donate is 1342 when she was the she is always the first and most wonderful person supporting us so.

00:52:15.030 --> 00:52:15.720 #60DaysOfService: know your.

00:52:16.830 --> 00:52:18.090 Lonnie from General Needs: numbers, you know yeah.

00:52:18.330 --> 00:52:20.190 #60DaysOfService: he's always saying yeah it's cool I like that to.

00:52:20.580 --> 00:52:22.680 Lonnie from General Needs: Make it awesome multiples that we need to create yeah.

00:52:23.070 --> 00:52:25.710 #60DaysOfService: figure that out good, I have a lot of fun with it and i'm willing to.

00:52:25.740 --> 00:52:35.130 #60DaysOfService: When you do figure it all out of moving share it on the show, and all the stuff i'm doing on social media what i'd asked you guys you don't have to do it now Bob I know you want to talk about a veteran service Center will do that quick, but what I.

00:52:35.940 --> 00:52:45.690 #60DaysOfService: I want to do a day service with you guys, I want to do a day service with he organizations, I want to come out, you know, and obviously I want to figure out a way to impact that 1342 number and I don't mean just writing a check, I mean.

00:52:46.170 --> 00:52:55.020 #60DaysOfService: You know how do I put a bunch of socks and boots in the back of my you know the family SUV and and you know help hustle around what you guys.

00:52:55.200 --> 00:52:57.570 Lonnie from General Needs: Well, look no don't say that this i'll have you picked up some boots with me.

00:52:57.570 --> 00:52:58.290 Lonnie from General Needs: At the warehouse and.

00:52:59.940 --> 00:53:05.520 #60DaysOfService: threaten me with a day of service lani talking about addicting yeah I know a bit about addiction man yeah so.

00:53:07.020 --> 00:53:12.900 #60DaysOfService: I get just as fired up as you do man so Bob tell me about the veteran service Center before we draw to a close.

00:53:13.560 --> 00:53:21.630 Bob Kozlowsky: yep and it's according to their homes for the bravest and not just a place for veterans to sleep there's more to that you know we provide vocational services, education, training.

00:53:21.840 --> 00:53:27.300 Bob Kozlowsky: And we have this veterans Center and the veteran centers not just open to residents of homes for the brave.

00:53:27.540 --> 00:53:38.460 Bob Kozlowsky: So any veteran that's you know in need can come to the veterans Center and use our facility and take advantages of our services, so we don't just limit it and you know we provide everything so.

00:53:38.850 --> 00:53:43.170 Bob Kozlowsky: And we custom fit the needs for for the veterans so if someone needs help with.

00:53:43.830 --> 00:53:52.290 Bob Kozlowsky: Job prep writing a resume we have lani will attest, with a beautiful computer lab you know when we teach computer courses will teach the basics, we will help.

00:53:52.560 --> 00:54:02.490 Bob Kozlowsky: Our goal at homes for the brave is to help these veterans you know return to these productive lives and to get them back on their feet for the sacrifice that they did for us.

00:54:02.760 --> 00:54:10.080 Bob Kozlowsky: And again, I think that's what separates homes, from the brave from a lot of shelters we're not just a bed we're a bed plus and we do a lot.

00:54:10.320 --> 00:54:24.600 Bob Kozlowsky: And Tommy I challenge you to come down and I got hooked by cooking dinner, I challenge you come down with us come cook a dinner with us our board we get together and we do that, we do it, so I know vince is sitting there listening saying.

00:54:24.630 --> 00:54:25.590 Bob Kozlowsky: came down and.

00:54:26.070 --> 00:54:30.450 #60DaysOfService: i'm reading right now vince I know you're watching me on Facebook i'm looking right at you i'm in this.

00:54:31.680 --> 00:54:33.240 #60DaysOfService: will work out the details on the date.

00:54:34.380 --> 00:54:45.570 #60DaysOfService: I love to cruise up to Connecticut and do some way you guys it's done it's just a man I got guys I got a quote I got 55 more days to do it's not like I can't say no, we gotta get this done there's a lot of work to be done, and a lot of impact me so.

00:54:45.630 --> 00:54:49.320 Lonnie from General Needs: They bought we put that together we comes down, for we do lobster rolls for dessert I would join.

00:54:52.650 --> 00:54:54.300 #60DaysOfService: Oh, my God, I have to wear sweatpants.

00:54:54.330 --> 00:54:56.730 #60DaysOfService: going out to you so.

00:54:58.050 --> 00:54:59.670 Lonnie from General Needs: You bought this mansion shape these good.

00:55:00.510 --> 00:55:12.540 #60DaysOfService: So what i'm what do we, what do we need give me Bob top two items that that you would ask for, if you have you have this platform, right now, people are listening what at home so great, what do you need.

00:55:13.170 --> 00:55:26.940 Bob Kozlowsky: yeah I think right now is one thing that we need is people to follow us so go on our Facebook page go on our instagram, this is obviously the non financial needs, you know spread the word of the great work that's being done on a daily basis at home, so the brave.

00:55:27.420 --> 00:55:36.360 Bob Kozlowsky: get it out there if you're so inclined to do so, besides a financial donation on our website homes for the brave or there is a list of items that are veterans specifically need.

00:55:36.570 --> 00:55:42.960 Bob Kozlowsky: So you could start at your office, maybe you guys can start something and pick up some of those you know collect those items do an item collection.

00:55:43.230 --> 00:55:56.640 Bob Kozlowsky: With your church with your school with anyone and pick those things up, and again I go by the thing of many hands make light work, so you know, by getting a lot of people involved just everyone doing the one little bit will really help and make an impact on these veterans lives.

00:55:56.880 --> 00:55:59.400 #60DaysOfService: Thank you, Bob lani same thing wrap it up for me quick.

00:55:59.700 --> 00:56:00.510 Lonnie from General Needs: He just said.

00:56:00.900 --> 00:56:01.230 #60DaysOfService: He said.

00:56:01.320 --> 00:56:02.130 #60DaysOfService: same thing.

00:56:02.220 --> 00:56:02.580 Lonnie from General Needs: Right so.

00:56:04.050 --> 00:56:10.980 #60DaysOfService: follow them on social media follow the movement follow what you're doing and find out how you can serve those who have served us and I.

00:56:11.370 --> 00:56:19.140 #60DaysOfService: How do you get me because I will help you if you can't get in touch with these guys Tommy D at philanthropy and that's the email focuses pH.

00:56:19.440 --> 00:56:24.180 #60DaysOfService: Oh, see us for a lot of reasons, but just it just is philanthropy and

00:56:24.690 --> 00:56:30.810 #60DaysOfService: Tell me D dot nyc on instagram Tommy D dancing on tick tock cami D dot nyc on tick tock stay tuned.

00:56:31.140 --> 00:56:41.280 #60DaysOfService: To talk radio dot nyc talking alternative broadcasting on Facebook I freakin love this show I can't i'm actually just going to rip I love this this is incredible learning about what you guys are doing.

00:56:41.550 --> 00:56:52.890 #60DaysOfService: Thank you, both for your service, thank you for what you're doing stay tuned as I was starting say on the network Steve fry always Friday coming up Jeremiah fox at right after that did you when you guys was going to say something real quick before we.

00:56:52.920 --> 00:56:54.000 Lonnie from General Needs: quit our what.

00:56:54.360 --> 00:56:55.920 #60DaysOfService: I call like that every week right.

00:56:57.720 --> 00:57:06.450 #60DaysOfService: Then, thank you for what you do, thank you for what your organizations do I appreciate your friendship and I look forward to doing some work together have an incredible day thanks bye bye guys.

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