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Friday, July 30, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/30 - Phocus on the Arts with Pentacle's Clarissa Soto Josephs

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/30 - Phocus on the Arts with Pentacle's Clarissa Soto Josephs


2021/07/30 - Phocus on the Arts with Pentacle's Clarissa Soto Josephs

[NEW EPISODE] Phocus on the Arts with Pentacle's Clarissa Soto Josephs

Like many other professionals, performing artists value support in administrative disciplines which enables them to focus on what they do best “create art and engage with audiences.

With an unwavering focus on providing artists with individualized administrative support and tools to build their infrastructure, Pentacle’s hands-on programs and services each year directly serve over 300 companies and project-based artistic entities providing employment to more than 1,500 artists and providing work to more than 750 independent contractors; 350 youth are served through its Education & Outreach programs; and more than 1,300 audience members attend its performances and showcases.

By providing artists with the support, they need to make their high-quality work, Pentacle enriches the cultural landscape through cross-sector partnerships in multiple communities across NYC and the U.S. As a not-for-profit management support organization for the performing arts, Pentacle designs and provides unique and robust programs of support for artists at critical stages in their careers.”

Tommy D will meet with Clarissa Soto Josephs – Pentacle’s Executive Director and will discuss:

  • How Clarissa got involved in the arts and how she made her way to Pentacle
  • Pentacle’s history and how we have remained flexible and adaptive over the last 45 years
  • Clarissa’s new role as Executive Director, the first non-founding director in this position, and how she can pay tribute to Pentacle’s legacy while still bringing in a new vision for the company
  • Why the arts are important, now more than ever. How Pentacle plays a role within the arts ecosystem. We’re not the artists but we help the artists run their artistic entities as a business and help them find a sustainable business model.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy D is joined by Clarissa Soto Josephs, executive director of Pentacle! Tommy shares his love for the arts and his personal connections to the arts and how he has seen the arts change so many lives. Clarissa explains why she got into the arts non-profit organization and her passion for supporting those with artistic abilities. Clarissa explains how pentacle is focused on smaller artists and getting them on their feet and getting them experience. Tommy gives Clarissas background and how she got to where she is with Pentacle. Clarissa shares how the arts have given her confidence and given her a sense of purpose and passion.

Segment 2

Clarissa shares what her dreams were and her plan to make them a reality. She shares how her plans changed and adapted to be something greater then she thought. She turned to management and towards the non-profit sector. Clarissa shares how Pentacle formed in its early days. She tells how Pentacle has grown and flourished over the years. 

Segment 3

Clarissa explains the process of Pentacle and how artists can receive services from them. She tells how all services are internal so the artists do not have to outsource for anything to keep the process simple. Tommy questions how Pentacle can relieve some of the stressors from the artists and Clarissa explains how much of the administrative process can be taken care of by Pentacle so the artists can focus on their talent.

Segment 4

Tommy brings to light sustainability in the arts and Clarissa explains the philosophy behind the idea of sustainability in this perspective. Clarissa explains that although the idea of sustainability is there the journey is still developing. Clarissa tells about how Pentacle is focusing on expansion and diversification of the work place.


00:00:24.540 --> 00:00:25.860 #60DaysOfService: Gentlemen boys and girls.

00:00:25.920 --> 00:00:34.350 #60DaysOfService: children of all ages, just like the ringmaster and the circus, used to say, I still like going to the circus, in fact, what you might not know about your boy time is when I got married I.

00:00:34.770 --> 00:00:41.760 #60DaysOfService: I were a top hat and wasn't tales, but it was a cold like a morning suit or breakfast suit, I think it wasn't it had like the cut offs and.

00:00:42.300 --> 00:00:47.280 #60DaysOfService: I don't even know why i'm telling you guys that you don't even know what we're doing here yet it's your boy the nonprofit sector connector.

00:00:47.760 --> 00:00:56.070 #60DaysOfService: Coming at you from the top of my house above the second floor just blow the roof that's right in the attic in the attic now gosh a year and a half.

00:00:56.820 --> 00:01:08.430 #60DaysOfService: 2930 episodes of this program just it's flown by i'm super excited who am I what's planned to be in focus will on the nonprofit sector connector i'm all about amplifying the message for nonprofit organizations.

00:01:08.880 --> 00:01:19.230 #60DaysOfService: If you never heard of me before i'll tell you why I do this if you've heard me before they didn't know why I do this, I believe that nonprofits are here to provide incredible services to.

00:01:20.010 --> 00:01:29.100 #60DaysOfService: To us, as a society and they if it wasn't for these organizations, I really don't know who does the work if the work gets done at all, I believe these organizations are often overlooked.

00:01:29.520 --> 00:01:42.330 #60DaysOfService: Often unrecognized for the work they do, and as many of us who are serving or part of or adjacent to the nonprofit sector know these organizations are at times underfunded and that's something that we try to shine light on here as well.

00:01:43.350 --> 00:01:51.510 #60DaysOfService: So that sounds like a challenge, or a problem, so my answer to that is philanthropy and focus and philanthropy and focus is a radio show which then gets turned into a podcast and.

00:01:51.870 --> 00:02:00.990 #60DaysOfService: And it's really turning into a movement because some of the things I do hashtag 60 days of service, you know i've done 555 to go, so a lot of work to do as we sit here on.

00:02:01.740 --> 00:02:06.570 #60DaysOfService: On the 30th day of July 2021 before the ball drops in Times Square.

00:02:06.990 --> 00:02:19.590 #60DaysOfService: I love completed 60 days so that's a shout out to people who need me to do some service at their nonprofit let me know love to do it, I think i've five or six days already set out for all their stuff share those with you in the coming weeks so every single week we come here at 10am.

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00:02:33.090 --> 00:02:38.880 #60DaysOfService: While you're traveling and then check us out on the podcast platforms so every single week we'll be here live 10am Eastern time.

00:02:39.330 --> 00:02:53.340 #60DaysOfService: This morning you know we take a bit of a change and going a bit of a different direction, and then many of our programs, as we haven't had a lot of people I don't think we've had anybody from the from the arts or organizations that are involved in the arts and today we certainly do.

00:02:54.390 --> 00:03:03.360 #60DaysOfService: clarissa Soto, Joseph is here with me she's the newest executive director of pentacle and we're going to be talking to her in just a moment or two and.

00:03:04.170 --> 00:03:18.240 #60DaysOfService: i'll tell you I think in terms of from the arts, you know I remember growing up, and we would go see shows on broadway I do have four children, I will talk about the kids that much, but they have different talents and one of my girls she's got this incredible voice.

00:03:19.410 --> 00:03:27.900 #60DaysOfService: Maybe she'll be on broadway one day I don't know we'll see but the arts is so important to us and, and you know where I live here on long island just to make an example.

00:03:29.070 --> 00:03:40.770 #60DaysOfService: You know I know certain certain districts, you know, whether it be in the city or out on long island sometimes the funding when the funding is down the arts, or what suffers you know they take out the music programs they take out the dance they take out.

00:03:41.910 --> 00:03:44.250 #60DaysOfService: The instruments, the band and things like that.

00:03:44.670 --> 00:03:53.490 #60DaysOfService: And I you know I feel fortunate that in my schools here, where we are that hasn't happened, but I think we need to support the arts and we're going to be talking to clarissa this morning about.

00:03:53.700 --> 00:03:58.980 #60DaysOfService: How this organization has supported the arts for 45 years and let those in the arts really do.

00:03:59.310 --> 00:04:07.830 #60DaysOfService: What is most important to them, let me read you something even before I get clarissa in the conversation, but since 1976 pentacle has been a model in the arts administration field.

00:04:08.190 --> 00:04:12.150 #60DaysOfService: Enabling performer performing artists to focus on what they do best.

00:04:12.540 --> 00:04:17.430 #60DaysOfService: Create art engage with audiences isn't that what the artist is supposed to do, probably not supposed to.

00:04:17.700 --> 00:04:24.720 #60DaysOfService: be worried about fiscal things financial things right administrative tasks So how do you empower these people to do what they do best.

00:04:24.990 --> 00:04:31.740 #60DaysOfService: I mean, I come from a world about sourcing I sold payroll services early my career and you know a lot of what we do is around those areas to live business is.

00:04:32.730 --> 00:04:45.180 #60DaysOfService: Really thrive um let's let's bring clarissa into the conversation close to come on come in come off i'm you jump into the conversation, welcome to my show, welcome to my attic good morning what's going on.

00:04:45.660 --> 00:04:55.350 Clarissa Soto Josephs: The morning Tommy i'm great and I just want to say thank you so much for having me on i'm really excited to dig in, and also to be I guess your first arts nonprofit.

00:04:55.410 --> 00:04:56.760 #60DaysOfService: I was thinking about.

00:04:57.000 --> 00:05:03.180 #60DaysOfService: way on the way up the stairs it takes me two flights of stairs to get up here, so I have a lot of time to think it's about 40 seconds, but I.

00:05:03.540 --> 00:05:10.800 #60DaysOfService: i'm thinking i'm going I don't think i've had anybody from the arts, so we got a shout out a friend of ours, before we even dive into this conversation about pentacle because.

00:05:11.220 --> 00:05:16.140 #60DaysOfService: You know I call myself the nonprofit sector connector and I have a lot of connections, I know a lot of people.

00:05:16.590 --> 00:05:25.710 #60DaysOfService: And people are looking out for me people looking out for the show, and people are looking out I say all the time, so you know how you can help me out, you know what my specific ask isn't a networking meeting it's.

00:05:26.340 --> 00:05:33.000 #60DaysOfService: Who do you know that runs a nonprofit organization, do you sit on the board, are you involved with an organization you volunteered an organization.

00:05:33.570 --> 00:05:42.360 #60DaysOfService: that you would like me to have them on the show to help them tell their story and amplify their message so shout out to my buddy Matthew hayden, who is a board member of your organization.

00:05:42.690 --> 00:05:51.060 #60DaysOfService: he's the President of dashboard and dashboard ny, which is an outsourced CFO company probably not so you know different than some of the work you guys do internally so.

00:05:52.320 --> 00:05:59.640 #60DaysOfService: let's let's just think Matthew and let's let's dive in i'm thrilled that you're here i'm excited I remember the first time we met, which was like three four weeks ago.

00:06:00.030 --> 00:06:07.500 #60DaysOfService: I was doing a day service, and I was like dude i'm sorry, let me just sit on the ground and let's do the zoom call quick and I was like I hope you don't mind, and I was like.

00:06:08.520 --> 00:06:13.230 #60DaysOfService: sweaty and greasy because I was moving diapers around, but like yeah and you totally got it you got it I get it.

00:06:13.950 --> 00:06:26.280 #60DaysOfService: yeah so so tell me a little bit about like I want it, I have some information about you will read it in a second, but the arts, why are the arts before we even dive into more stop why the art so important.

00:06:27.450 --> 00:06:37.560 Clarissa Soto Josephs: that's an excellent question and you know I think the arts are just in so many ways right, what does that mean that's dance that's music that's theater that's.

00:06:37.890 --> 00:06:42.480 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know visual arts and it just you know it really transcends so many.

00:06:43.290 --> 00:06:54.720 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Different art forms, you know, a pentacle we do primarily focus on the performing arts, but you know, we are very big arts advocates across you know across the whole the whole sector and.

00:06:55.260 --> 00:07:01.890 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know I know even like my personal story, I think we all have those personal stories right, we all have those reasons of.

00:07:02.700 --> 00:07:11.190 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Music that makes you feel something or something that just makes you want to move around, or you know and so it's it's really a form of expression and.

00:07:11.460 --> 00:07:19.770 Clarissa Soto Josephs: What I keep saying now more than ever, is you know when we were in the midst of this coven 19 pandemic Oh, my goodness, you know, like.

00:07:20.190 --> 00:07:32.970 Clarissa Soto Josephs: The arts allowed us to survive, you know from from a mental standpoint from a physical standpoint being you know sort of cooped up inside and wow like what you know what a moment in our world where.

00:07:33.720 --> 00:07:42.810 Clarissa Soto Josephs: We all sort of went to that whether it was even ticked off right, I mean tick tock dances or you know streaming different shows and.

00:07:43.260 --> 00:07:57.150 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And all of that, because we couldn't even you know we couldn't go to the theater we couldn't do that, but we could go outside and move, and you know that in itself also is saving lives and it's helping people through really tough times.

00:07:57.360 --> 00:08:08.910 #60DaysOfService: You know it's it's interesting, you say that and and, as I was hearing you say it, they get like sirens and flashlights are going off in my head because i'm hearing mental health issues, mental health issues right.

00:08:09.360 --> 00:08:15.240 #60DaysOfService: And and i'm thinking as you're talking, you know broadway was shut down for such a long time and, and you know.

00:08:16.170 --> 00:08:23.040 #60DaysOfService: People look people the audiences look for for broadway and look for other forms of entertainment, but the performers.

00:08:23.250 --> 00:08:31.530 #60DaysOfService: Look, for that, too, because that was there, you know that is their way to to perform and tell their story and get their messages out right so there's so much that was.

00:08:31.980 --> 00:08:40.200 #60DaysOfService: That was challenged and lost and and you know, aside from the obviously try to check tragedies that people died and lost loved ones.

00:08:40.740 --> 00:08:48.900 #60DaysOfService: um there's so much to that, but I think you know there's a group I listened to the call revolution and they're like a reggae group out of.

00:08:49.500 --> 00:08:59.430 #60DaysOfService: California and the you know the vibes from the music my kid it's something that, like a lot of the music I listen to I probably shouldn't listen to it my kids around you know but.

00:08:59.610 --> 00:09:06.000 #60DaysOfService: But this particular group, you know, for the most part, you know, not for the most part, their messages right on you know.

00:09:07.020 --> 00:09:14.940 #60DaysOfService: And it's it's uplifting it's special it's good music and makes it, you know, music, especially you know, can make you feel good man, you know it can totally change.

00:09:15.450 --> 00:09:24.540 #60DaysOfService: You know, you can go back, I mean i'm 43 years old, but like there's tunes like that I that i've been listened to 30 some odd years since i'm a kid now like you could take you back right, you know.

00:09:24.960 --> 00:09:25.920 Clarissa Soto Josephs: or absolutely.

00:09:26.010 --> 00:09:27.300 Clarissa Soto Josephs: I can bring softly.

00:09:27.360 --> 00:09:41.760 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah and I think you mentioned it to it's about the message right and so pentacle in particular like we are supporting those artists, that really are trying to spread them a message, in a word that sometimes you know you can express through.

00:09:42.780 --> 00:09:53.640 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know just one way through words or through writing and and those are those artists that were really supporting even like beyond broadway right broadway is a well oiled machine is.

00:09:53.670 --> 00:09:56.520 #60DaysOfService: Not a big figured out it's a machine.

00:09:56.520 --> 00:09:58.500 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Exactly up.

00:09:58.590 --> 00:10:07.680 Clarissa Soto Josephs: they've got the budgets and all of that um you know and broadway broadway I love broadway but you know pentacle specifically we're really focused on those.

00:10:07.890 --> 00:10:15.540 Clarissa Soto Josephs: sort of smaller artists more emerging artists that have amazing messages to should give the world but they don't have.

00:10:16.350 --> 00:10:28.860 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know that support that you know some of the bigger entities like broadway and like you know, the more commercial work that you're seeing over in California and on TV and whatnot um but yeah.

00:10:29.100 --> 00:10:34.950 #60DaysOfService: So I want to give everybody, we did a little different we just jumped in the conversation, but I want to give who are we speaking to this one.

00:10:34.950 --> 00:10:35.310 Clarissa Soto Josephs: So let's.

00:10:35.370 --> 00:10:39.060 #60DaysOfService: let's do that i'm going to do a little background and then I want you to tell this story so.

00:10:39.450 --> 00:10:51.810 #60DaysOfService: So clarissa Soto, Joseph began at pinnacle in 2011 Okay, she had earned dual degrees and dance performance and entrepreneurship, with a concentration in legal studies from hofstra university right I don't strong island long island.

00:10:52.440 --> 00:11:05.040 #60DaysOfService: In 2016 clarissa earned her MBA from quinnipiac university and was named the New York Hispanic coalition's 40 under 40 rising stars that same year in 2016 congratulations on that.

00:11:05.400 --> 00:11:12.360 #60DaysOfService: And for the last 10 years you've been working with in fiscal and education, as well as the outreach departments.

00:11:12.630 --> 00:11:20.370 #60DaysOfService: Here at pinnacle, we would, I said to you before I mean this is been your this is your career, this is where you've been you came out of school and, and this is what you've done.

00:11:20.700 --> 00:11:31.950 #60DaysOfService: So before you even comment too much more, let me just say it just now in July of 2021 you've become appointed the executive director and and to underscore that.

00:11:32.280 --> 00:11:40.470 #60DaysOfService: The first bypass woman and First Non founder to hold this leadership role this organization as a 45 year organization, so you and I talked.

00:11:40.980 --> 00:11:48.600 #60DaysOfService: You know, last week weeks ago texting, what about legacy and the importance of that and how that's going to translate and where you, you know where you see.

00:11:49.080 --> 00:11:59.130 #60DaysOfService: The opportunity to take the the the organization further so first of all congratulations I usually say where did you like, how you started like how to get to the nonprofit sector like.

00:11:59.130 --> 00:12:06.720 #60DaysOfService: What are you to nonprofit like I think that's a little different here so tell us your story, you know where you did you perform or you dance or like what's.

00:12:06.720 --> 00:12:11.820 Clarissa Soto Josephs: The hair yeah no that's a great question, so I was a dancer my whole life.

00:12:13.020 --> 00:12:20.700 Clarissa Soto Josephs: I you know I you know dance as a kid I was like one of those really shy kids like shy, to the point of.

00:12:21.120 --> 00:12:30.120 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know, even in school like was too afraid to raise my hand, you know so extremely shy and so dance was a way to really get me out of my shell.

00:12:30.360 --> 00:12:36.570 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know it's like in class I was like this little quiet girl, but then like you put me on a stage and I like.

00:12:36.960 --> 00:12:42.810 Clarissa Soto Josephs: All of a sudden, I could play any character, I wanted you know so that was a big part of my life as I got a little older.

00:12:43.560 --> 00:12:57.300 Clarissa Soto Josephs: I you know I you know, did the whole dance competitions and you know did some theater stuff did all you know all the things that you do, and so, then in high school, I decided, I wanted to go to school for dance to be a professional dancer.

00:12:58.320 --> 00:13:10.740 Clarissa Soto Josephs: For my parents that was probably not the best news that you know i'm a first generation, so you know as immigrants, that the American dream is not really for their their child to be a.

00:13:11.220 --> 00:13:25.620 Clarissa Soto Josephs: starving artist, you know, for lack of a better word, but they were luckily very supportive and they were the ones actually said okay we'll support you, but you need another major you need a backup plan and so that's why.

00:13:25.680 --> 00:13:28.350 #60DaysOfService: it's something that find some business find something to link.

00:13:28.350 --> 00:13:44.490 Clarissa Soto Josephs: up exactly exactly and so so that's how I had my two degrees, so I was a dancer all through college and then the way that I got involved more on the administrative side was that I did an internship my junior year of college when.

00:13:46.050 --> 00:13:49.080 Clarissa Soto Josephs: I know it was actually with one of my dance professors.

00:13:49.350 --> 00:13:50.850 Clarissa Soto Josephs: That was my supervisor.

00:13:50.910 --> 00:14:11.070 Clarissa Soto Josephs: At that internship that worked at pentacle so it was just aligned in the stars that upon graduation my Supervisor was actually leaving her role, a pentacle got me an interview, and I was just very fortunate I moved to New York City July 3 I started working at pentacle July 5 of 2011.

00:14:11.250 --> 00:14:16.980 #60DaysOfService: wow I love it all right so listen if we can the thing about my show is we got to take breaks.

00:14:17.010 --> 00:14:17.430 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And yeah.

00:14:17.760 --> 00:14:20.850 #60DaysOfService: And I got to find creative ways to do it so guys we're taking a break.

00:14:22.110 --> 00:14:33.540 #60DaysOfService: we're gonna do clarissa is here with me on the show of lesbian focus chemicals, the name of the organization where we're at the point where you got the new place to live you got the new gig total new organization.

00:14:34.020 --> 00:14:37.680 #60DaysOfService: guys will be back in 90 seconds a couple commercials clarissa Tommy D in the attic.

00:16:38.490 --> 00:16:38.790 Now.

00:16:50.370 --> 00:16:59.340 #60DaysOfService: Through all those day join me in his attic my one of my son's when my boys cause Mr static right now I told john camp last week on the show.

00:16:59.940 --> 00:17:14.340 #60DaysOfService: My kids usually call me Tommy day once a while they call me dead, and you know I just I have clarissa in the chat clarissa Soto, Joseph says here with me from pentacle and I just said, are you a singer because we're talking about the arts, she said Definitely not.

00:17:15.360 --> 00:17:20.700 #60DaysOfService: Some people would probably say Tommy, we wish you didn't think you were a singer because you don't really saying that well but.

00:17:21.030 --> 00:17:28.320 #60DaysOfService: Look that's that song was written by a friend of mine Brendan levy that he wrote that Jingle I think we wrote it together but i'll give him the credit, he said he's the singer.

00:17:28.770 --> 00:17:36.060 #60DaysOfService: And every time I sing it on a video he tells me Tommy do you can you stop singing that song, because you know, like it was a great song until you started singing, all right back to the show.

00:17:37.740 --> 00:17:45.060 #60DaysOfService: Every week I bring on another nonprofit leader tell their story talk about their organization talking about the impact they're making talk about their programs.

00:17:45.570 --> 00:17:51.810 #60DaysOfService: clarissa Soto, Joseph says here the newest executive director a pentacle we were just getting into how you got the pentacle.

00:17:52.140 --> 00:17:59.760 #60DaysOfService: And, and I have a million questions but let's start that you, you graduate you get this internship somehow that hooks you in I call that networking somehow.

00:18:00.210 --> 00:18:08.040 #60DaysOfService: into something else somebody leaving pentacle July 3 you get a new place in city July 50 start this new gig where do we go from there.

00:18:08.580 --> 00:18:17.970 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah, so I think you know right out of college like I said, my goal was to be a professional dancer you know, so I wanted to be in a touring dance company.

00:18:18.240 --> 00:18:24.840 Clarissa Soto Josephs: I thought that I wanted to have my own dance company and being artistic director all those things that was the dream.

00:18:25.290 --> 00:18:38.760 Clarissa Soto Josephs: i'd always dreamed because I grew up in Connecticut so my dream was always to be in New York City right, and so, so I still went in with that you know, but I knew I had to support myself financially somehow.

00:18:40.050 --> 00:18:50.400 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And so I knew to me this job at first pentacle was just a way to make money, it was just a way to and also, I felt like it was still at least involved in the art.

00:18:50.400 --> 00:18:58.530 #60DaysOfService: connected to the arts right like cool This makes sense and I get it and i'm hanging out with people that that are in this space right, maybe, maybe we're thinking to build new.

00:18:58.530 --> 00:19:01.890 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Relationships exactly thought networking opportunity it's just.

00:19:01.890 --> 00:19:05.580 #60DaysOfService: my place to be and then give me a paycheck and i'm learning stuff yeah not bad.

00:19:05.700 --> 00:19:11.850 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Exactly exactly and so that's what it was in the beginning to be totally honest with you and.

00:19:12.900 --> 00:19:21.810 Clarissa Soto Josephs: But from there, it just kind of kept building a little bit you know I sort of learned a little bit more about this nonprofit business model within the arts.

00:19:22.230 --> 00:19:28.290 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And, and, over time, I just over a couple years I really saw that I had a stronger voice.

00:19:28.680 --> 00:19:38.100 Clarissa Soto Josephs: On this side of it on the management side of it, rather than as a dancer I kind of saw that as a dancer I just was a little bit more limited, and so I did.

00:19:38.880 --> 00:19:49.050 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Ultimately, make the decision to kind of switch over and really prioritize my time for the on the management side was around then when I decided to go back to school.

00:19:49.080 --> 00:19:55.680 #60DaysOfService: that's when you went back to let me ask you this, so what I want a stronger voice meaning, you know, on behalf of other people.

00:19:55.710 --> 00:20:00.300 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Like What do you mean by that no, I think, on behalf of the arts as a whole, I think.

00:20:00.360 --> 00:20:07.170 Clarissa Soto Josephs: As a dancer I was feeling a little bit um it was almost like too much about me.

00:20:07.860 --> 00:20:09.960 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know, like it was a little bit more, it was just about.

00:20:09.990 --> 00:20:16.620 Clarissa Soto Josephs: auditions and like how good of a dancer I am and all of that it was very sort of self centered and the way I was viewing it.

00:20:17.040 --> 00:20:25.350 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And so, whereas like, on the other side of that was like I get to advocate for hundreds of artists, on the other side I get to actually.

00:20:25.710 --> 00:20:35.430 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Be maybe be part of the decision making, one day, and that was really exciting to me and yeah and then you know just certain realities around.

00:20:35.880 --> 00:20:47.910 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Stability financially, you know that harsh reality as a young in your 20s living in New York City trying to pay that rent there's you know some realities that definitely came through as well.

00:20:48.150 --> 00:20:58.350 #60DaysOfService: yeah, and so I talk a lot about in my life and on this show we talked a lot about the ripple effect and impact and what an impact, people are making and how far I say how far the ripples go and you know you.

00:20:59.520 --> 00:21:08.280 #60DaysOfService: People might want to argue with me, but I think the ripples go infinitely I really truly do because of the amount of lives you touch in your own lifetime and then those lives that are toxic etc, etc.

00:21:08.610 --> 00:21:11.340 #60DaysOfService: So I see those ripples kind of going out internally but.

00:21:12.210 --> 00:21:23.730 #60DaysOfService: We you know what is that what's that ripple effect of this young woman deciding i'm going to now impact, all of these lives versus you know be just trying to make it on my own and and and like we all know, not an I am.

00:21:24.030 --> 00:21:37.530 #60DaysOfService: All about empowering people and making people push and try as hard as they can, but there is a limitation there's only so many people that actually are going to get on onto the stage and whatnot and and it is, it can be a grind right, I mean you.

00:21:37.590 --> 00:21:39.870 #60DaysOfService: know so so, how does.

00:21:41.130 --> 00:21:59.040 #60DaysOfService: Being at this organization for 10 years, give us some background story only Why was this organization even found it, so why why someone like what comes up I understand it, some regard what it does, like what was a catalyst, where where somebody says we need something to do this thing.

00:22:00.870 --> 00:22:13.110 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah well, so you know back in the 70s, this concept came about because there is actually five original artists that ultimately became pentacle.

00:22:13.500 --> 00:22:21.150 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And so what it was, is that, back then, those artists, they were all looking for administrative needs right one of them had like a really good.

00:22:21.600 --> 00:22:25.980 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Financial person, one of them had a really good like marketing person, one of them had a really good.

00:22:26.670 --> 00:22:35.850 Clarissa Soto Josephs: booking manager right, and so the idea came about and I believe pentacle is sort of one of the first to introduce this business model to the New York City.

00:22:36.660 --> 00:22:46.500 Clarissa Soto Josephs: arts community that have bundled services is what they called it, and so, instead of each of those five companies going out and hiring like.

00:22:46.950 --> 00:22:55.140 Clarissa Soto Josephs: A full time this a full time that are a part time person that's more expensive and so instead they came together as a group.

00:22:55.530 --> 00:23:05.790 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And they share those administrators, so they shared the same booking agent they shared the same you know marketing person they shared the same financial person.

00:23:06.060 --> 00:23:17.310 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And so that brought about this new business model that ultimately became political and you know founded by Ivan Skoda emeril greenberg man who has you know just until.

00:23:17.820 --> 00:23:30.150 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Very recently was our director they they were there from the beginning and so that the bundled services concept has certainly shifted over the years, but it.

00:23:30.690 --> 00:23:38.970 Clarissa Soto Josephs: But it honestly really remains the core of what we believe it's you know, because at its core, we still that's what we're doing it's outsourcing.

00:23:39.030 --> 00:23:52.080 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Right we're we're providing we have our team of fiscal administrators who are helping you know now 100 artists, instead of each of those 100 artists going out and trying to find their own person.

00:23:53.220 --> 00:23:56.640 Clarissa Soto Josephs: So yeah I mean that's really going all the way back.

00:23:56.910 --> 00:24:07.050 #60DaysOfService: that's so you know, and I don't know again I i'm 43 so I don't know what was going on 45 years ago I don't know if I know what was going on 42 years ago either kids but.

00:24:08.610 --> 00:24:12.270 #60DaysOfService: That is certainly something that we become has become very common.

00:24:12.600 --> 00:24:20.190 #60DaysOfService: The outsourced CFO the outsource general counsel right, you know the outsourced bookkeeper right that's a these are things.

00:24:20.580 --> 00:24:25.320 #60DaysOfService: That like our common place in in the world, but i'm imagining that they probably weren't as commonplace.

00:24:25.920 --> 00:24:32.430 #60DaysOfService: years and years ago so talk to me a little bit about programs, what is it like look like, so your artists, they.

00:24:33.210 --> 00:24:50.190 #60DaysOfService: They come to you with specific needs they're probably referred in from another somebody else in a different part of the Community, I get take me through that like who they are like is it a is it a solo is it you know 1010 years ago clarissa Soto, Joseph running around trying to.

00:24:50.310 --> 00:24:50.610 #60DaysOfService: You know.

00:24:50.760 --> 00:24:58.680 #60DaysOfService: Make it in the world and going like I need other people to support me, is it that artists or is it the the choreographer who may have their own company.

00:24:59.040 --> 00:25:07.950 #60DaysOfService: But they're still like very tiny and only infrastructure with who is it so big and I asked you this because people who are listening to go Oh, I could use those services right.

00:25:09.420 --> 00:25:14.130 #60DaysOfService: Or maybe somebody is listening says, I have different resources that I could bring to this organization so.

00:25:14.820 --> 00:25:17.250 #60DaysOfService: I want to play around with who we can connect you with and things.

00:25:17.280 --> 00:25:24.390 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah, so I would say, we have two primary targets right, and so the first is sort of the ladder of what you're speaking about.

00:25:24.690 --> 00:25:39.600 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Is it is the choreographers it's the choreographers, the ones who have their own artistic entity, not so much the dancers themselves were going around auditioning and all that it's really more about the ones that hold the artistic entity.

00:25:40.770 --> 00:25:49.290 Clarissa Soto Josephs: They are more emerging So although are we range right we have really tiny, tiny artists in terms of budget sides up to you know.

00:25:49.680 --> 00:25:58.950 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Probably around like two to 3 million, but we really stay like under that 5 million budget mark so we're not working with say like.

00:25:59.400 --> 00:26:09.900 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Maybe some of these bigger companies, you may have heard of like Alvin ailey or anything like that we really are sort of the smaller organizations music entities.

00:26:09.990 --> 00:26:13.200 #60DaysOfService: are used to cut becomes a point when it's more efficient it's more.

00:26:13.770 --> 00:26:14.640 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah they'll go in.

00:26:15.210 --> 00:26:16.350 #60DaysOfService: Just bring this stuff in House like.

00:26:16.350 --> 00:26:19.350 #60DaysOfService: We We thank you we've gotten to this point, and now we.

00:26:19.350 --> 00:26:20.010 Clarissa Soto Josephs: need actually.

00:26:20.130 --> 00:26:29.760 #60DaysOfService: move on, so somebody give me an example, if you could we don't have to speak pipe person's name or company name what happened somebody comes to you you've seen this for 10 years so give me.

00:26:29.910 --> 00:26:43.860 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah yeah so we so we kind of a cut we sort of separated into different programs one being our roster so the roster is you're pretty much your typical booking agent so.

00:26:44.790 --> 00:26:54.300 Clarissa Soto Josephs: they're the ones that are booking all their engagements throughout the country anytime they're teaching performing during residences so we do have a roster of artists.

00:26:54.930 --> 00:27:03.090 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And the way it works is an artist comes to us they're pretty much like signing up or inquiring about our different services, so one being the roster.

00:27:03.510 --> 00:27:04.140 #60DaysOfService: So they don't want.

00:27:04.200 --> 00:27:05.130 #60DaysOfService: me to stop you one second.

00:27:05.160 --> 00:27:12.150 #60DaysOfService: it's just like a cafeteria like I need the booking stuff but I don't need the financial management, because my my dad's a CPA.

00:27:12.300 --> 00:27:17.520 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Exactly that's exactly how it is so it's like you kind of we kind of have we call them the buckets.

00:27:18.300 --> 00:27:24.060 Clarissa Soto Josephs: always have the buckets and artists can choose from that we also definitely get the artists and status.

00:27:24.420 --> 00:27:31.050 Clarissa Soto Josephs: I need help, but I don't know what that is right, and so a lot of times we'll meet with them all kind of doing an assessment and go over like.

00:27:31.290 --> 00:27:41.040 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Okay, like it seems like right now, your priority is this let's get you, you know into this bucket in financial management or let's get you in this other bucket that's.

00:27:41.490 --> 00:27:55.320 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Like helps you get administrative personnel and so will kind of guide them everybody's different we also get artists that come to us in times of emergency right, so my executive director just quit.

00:27:56.070 --> 00:28:05.970 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Or you know I just I don't have any help, and you know you know this thing just happened, and so they come to us a lot of times for some of those emergency moments as well.

00:28:06.810 --> 00:28:17.010 Clarissa Soto Josephs: But yeah in addition to our roster we also one of our biggest services is our financial services, which is bookkeeping payroll sort of all of the accounting that.

00:28:17.280 --> 00:28:24.960 #60DaysOfService: You need yeah i'm sorry to cut you off I just I want to know more about this like and and i'll just set it up because we're gonna take a quick break, but I want to know is it.

00:28:25.470 --> 00:28:34.470 #60DaysOfService: Are these resources all internal resources or are you in then kind of you don't have the answer now, but just to kind of set it up because i'm sure people are listening going.

00:28:34.800 --> 00:28:44.580 #60DaysOfService: So, are you getting gonna like make a referral and introduced me to a dp or are you managing this for me, or you can introduce me a CPA firm so i'm curious about that when we come back we'll talk about it.

00:28:45.180 --> 00:28:52.530 #60DaysOfService: clarissa soda justice is here with me newest executive director of pentacle will be back in two minutes i'll see you guys soon thanks for.

00:31:21.810 --> 00:31:28.320 #60DaysOfService: Monday morning 10am join me in the IT I think that's what you should do that's my request, but I think it'd be a great idea if you did it because.

00:31:28.800 --> 00:31:34.140 #60DaysOfService: Every single Friday morning i'm here to amplify the message for nonprofit organizations, you know.

00:31:34.530 --> 00:31:41.040 #60DaysOfService: How passionate I am well if you just started listening i'm telling you really freaking passionate about nonprofits I love with nonprofits.

00:31:41.790 --> 00:31:51.480 #60DaysOfService: changing our world today is no different clarissa Soto joseph's here from pinnacle I want to read a couple things off the website right off of the site so that's why i'm looking away if you're watching me.

00:31:51.840 --> 00:32:00.240 #60DaysOfService: particles hands on programs and services each year directly serve over 300 companies and project based artistic entities providing employment.

00:32:00.510 --> 00:32:14.820 #60DaysOfService: More than 1500 artists and providing work to more than 750 independent contractors and 350 youth are certain through the education and outreach programs we're never going to get through everything today, I know that so um.

00:32:15.210 --> 00:32:23.040 #60DaysOfService: What I would encourage people to do is check out P and ta si le dot O rg learn more about the organization.

00:32:23.310 --> 00:32:33.060 #60DaysOfService: clarissa and I still have time together today, but we won't cover it all, so you guys have to go look at it, if this makes sense to you um let so right before the break we talked about buckets we talked about.

00:32:34.290 --> 00:32:39.240 #60DaysOfService: How pentacle provides these different services and an outsourced scenario basis, really.

00:32:39.780 --> 00:32:46.650 #60DaysOfService: For the artists that that the organization serves so let's let's play around with it so somebody comes in, and they say I need all these.

00:32:47.010 --> 00:32:57.660 #60DaysOfService: Things all these buckets I need you know you call them buckets I need to fill them all, like I got all the needs in the world, what does that process that intake that they could call that signing up.

00:32:58.110 --> 00:33:04.770 Clarissa Soto Josephs: What what does it look like sure so, to this day, the way that most people hear about us is word of mouth.

00:33:05.940 --> 00:33:15.360 Clarissa Soto Josephs: which you know I see it's a good thing, because it means the artists, that we do work with obviously have a good experience so they you know spread the word, but when.

00:33:15.870 --> 00:33:21.900 Clarissa Soto Josephs: i'll go through sort of an example of artists comes to us, they say, I need help i'm not sure i'm not sure what I need.

00:33:22.560 --> 00:33:30.540 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Can I talk to somebody to figure out what buckets that you know I need help with, and so they would probably meet with me or one of my senior staff members.

00:33:30.870 --> 00:33:37.350 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And we would just have a phone call or an in person meeting and we talked a little bit about what are their goals.

00:33:37.590 --> 00:33:45.540 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know, do they have a budget set aside for these type of services, where are they right now, and also Where do they hope to be in the next you know.

00:33:46.020 --> 00:33:52.680 Clarissa Soto Josephs: One year three years, five years, and all of that, and based on that will usually make some sort of recommendation.

00:33:53.250 --> 00:34:07.170 Clarissa Soto Josephs: We have the way we set up our buckets and programs, is that you know we have those programs for those artists who are still sort of figuring it out right, so we might put them in what we call our ISP program because it's more customizable they can.

00:34:07.230 --> 00:34:09.510 #60DaysOfService: put up what Asp.

00:34:10.170 --> 00:34:19.980 Clarissa Soto Josephs: It it's called the administrative support program Okay, and so it's just a really great way to get their their toes wet to customize it themselves.

00:34:20.310 --> 00:34:24.420 Clarissa Soto Josephs: It doesn't require a big like a big cost up front.

00:34:24.810 --> 00:34:31.080 Clarissa Soto Josephs: So you know we have programs like that, whereas we have some of our other programs that are a little bit more for established artists.

00:34:31.320 --> 00:34:48.510 Clarissa Soto Josephs: So we can sort of gear them in the right direction, but I know you had asked it do we then outsource it again like do we recommend them to a dp and then the question is now or the answer is no, we actually do keep it mostly internal because you know the resources are there.

00:34:48.660 --> 00:34:53.580 #60DaysOfService: Right, so you have payroll professionals accounting professionals like to.

00:34:54.930 --> 00:34:56.040 #60DaysOfService: bring these services.

00:34:56.580 --> 00:34:57.780 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Yes, exactly.

00:34:57.870 --> 00:35:05.460 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah we have our staff, and you know, sometimes we'll work with some independent contractors, but it's mostly all internal within pentacle.

00:35:05.520 --> 00:35:13.410 #60DaysOfService: got it so then Does that also mean that that your organization can, and we need to grow as your client roster grows.

00:35:13.950 --> 00:35:21.810 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah absolutely and so that's something that we've seen in the last couple of years, actually, for a long time, I think there was.

00:35:22.350 --> 00:35:28.260 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know there's ebbs and flows right there is yours that we're busier years that they weren't but kind of always even now.

00:35:28.650 --> 00:35:48.210 Clarissa Soto Josephs: i'm in the last couple of years we've seen our fiscal services, our financial services really skyrocket and so that our our financial team is actually our largest team on the whole staff now and so we've had to you know increase staff increase you know everything in that in those regards.

00:35:48.300 --> 00:35:53.730 #60DaysOfService: that's that's incredible what what is that would you feel like when an artist comes to you um.

00:35:54.960 --> 00:35:57.090 #60DaysOfService: You know not like.

00:35:58.440 --> 00:36:08.760 #60DaysOfService: Your background to study entrepreneurship and dance and then go back to the nba that's probably not your typical dancer that that's out there, doing it, and not because that not not a black of interest.

00:36:09.090 --> 00:36:13.590 #60DaysOfService: But you know if you watch what's going on right now with the Olympics, right now, these these young people that are in the Olympics.

00:36:14.010 --> 00:36:21.510 #60DaysOfService: You know, often they are so they're in the gym or or they're on the ice or whatever the or on the Court super early in the morning until late at night so.

00:36:21.870 --> 00:36:38.610 #60DaysOfService: You know, to get to that high level to perform at that peak level it's most of the time it's all or nothing right in So do you find, like many of the artists, just because they want to succeed it at the highest level, they just don't really even know some of what they need is that.

00:36:39.660 --> 00:36:46.470 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Absolutely, they just don't have you know some of that education or business skills, because they went to art school.

00:36:46.530 --> 00:36:57.750 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Or you know that's what they spend their time on or some of them if they do have the skill set that's not the reason they started their their company, you know they started their company to.

00:36:58.410 --> 00:37:08.250 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Be choreographers and artistic directors and they'll come to us and they'll say listen i'm spending most of my time doing administrative work and i'm never in the studio.

00:37:09.660 --> 00:37:10.980 #60DaysOfService: is not why I did this.

00:37:10.980 --> 00:37:11.550 #60DaysOfService: Right like.

00:37:11.850 --> 00:37:18.210 #60DaysOfService: I know this, like in my own world in my own business there's certain things I don't want to be a part of I don't want to do, I want to do this stuff that I really.

00:37:18.510 --> 00:37:32.280 #60DaysOfService: That kind of gets me gets my juices flowing and I want to like I think all of us if we can find ways and that's why I was actually talking to a buddy mine this morning, who is working on his boat and I was just saying like I if I had a boat I would have somebody else working on it.

00:37:32.580 --> 00:37:34.980 #60DaysOfService: yeah I don't work on boys it's not like a thing I do.

00:37:35.010 --> 00:37:35.550 #60DaysOfService: Like yeah.

00:37:35.760 --> 00:37:41.670 #60DaysOfService: I don't know how to do my own taxes i'm sure I could find them my way through it, but my CPA does it that's his game right so i'd rather.

00:37:42.330 --> 00:37:53.100 #60DaysOfService: So I think if we all can can find ways to do the push the things out that we're not not only we not good at or not we're not knowledgeable about that we're not interested in.

00:37:53.460 --> 00:38:03.660 #60DaysOfService: It isn't like we're limited with how long we're going to be here and let's just I think if you can be in kind of in that Tony robbins and say, like in state like if you could be in that really cool zone or.

00:38:04.710 --> 00:38:17.520 #60DaysOfService: Not that everything be 100% of the time, but to the point of your artists, I think, and i've seen this a lot with business owners and I dropped the name, when we talk about payroll adp I grew up working at adp and payroll sales for many, many years, and I think.

00:38:19.230 --> 00:38:30.960 #60DaysOfService: I guess it's probably, I guess, I always knew about outsourcing because I didn't want I didn't want to do certain things and find somebody else to do and paying to do it way before I was selling payroll services, but I just think there's things we can we should hand off to somebody else.

00:38:31.020 --> 00:38:31.530 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Because yeah.

00:38:31.620 --> 00:38:34.590 #60DaysOfService: So that's that's a that's a home run for these these folks.

00:38:34.800 --> 00:38:48.660 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah and I think what distinguishes us from you know we keep using http service as a as a prime example is what distinguishes us is that we are a nonprofit also, so we are offering these services to them.

00:38:49.260 --> 00:39:03.360 Clarissa Soto Josephs: very, very subsidized rate some of our programs or even pro bono so there they have an access now because that they didn't have before, not all of them can even afford you know the adp payroll service.

00:39:04.230 --> 00:39:14.520 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And so, so there's that and I also like to think of ourselves as we're also educators and we're communicators for them, because we can speak artists.

00:39:15.150 --> 00:39:31.680 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah, we can also speak business and that's not and I always say actually every time I hire a new staff person I always say I can teach you the business stuff I cannot teach you necessarily how to communicate with artists in that way because it's a very sort of special skill set.

00:39:31.920 --> 00:39:34.980 #60DaysOfService: So do you look for people with some background in the arts.

00:39:35.160 --> 00:39:45.060 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah absolutely it's actually a requirement like there needs to be a connection to the arts in some way or another, it doesn't need to be dance it doesn't need to be theater they don't need to have.

00:39:45.330 --> 00:39:55.170 Clarissa Soto Josephs: been the performer, but if you are not passionate about the arts, I know they're not going to last long you know this you're working here because of the mission.

00:39:55.530 --> 00:40:08.640 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Number one and then of course number two you know, for all the other things as well, but it is something I really focus on, you know because we're a small team we're actually we do all this with a team of 12 employees.

00:40:08.640 --> 00:40:13.050 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Okay yeah well 300 companies are serving with the team and 12.

00:40:13.110 --> 00:40:19.170 #60DaysOfService: So well well oiled machine, so what while we're on that topic of team and talent and things like that.

00:40:19.530 --> 00:40:33.570 #60DaysOfService: Are there any I usually leave leave this for later in the show, but are there openings right now, are there, certain things you need or their job because I keep hearing and I talked to a lot of people in business and in nonprofit and it's tough to recruit right now.

00:40:33.780 --> 00:40:34.260 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah.

00:40:34.290 --> 00:40:39.660 Clarissa Soto Josephs: No, thank you for asking, because actually we do have a job opening right now it's actually a full time.

00:40:40.140 --> 00:40:57.090 Clarissa Soto Josephs: booking associate position um it's we're actually interviewing for it right now, so if people want to check it out on our website it's up there, but it's yeah a full time position you'd be working with a roster of artists and helping and actually booking their performances.

00:40:57.120 --> 00:41:05.070 #60DaysOfService: What is that is there, you know what if somebody CV look like for that for a role, like that you know it's i'm assuming it's not entry level it's got to be somebody who's got.

00:41:05.310 --> 00:41:20.220 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Experience I think it's a little bit more not entry level somebody with a few years of experience a nice solid foundation in arts management, but with the intention of it becoming a management position down the line.

00:41:20.520 --> 00:41:23.160 #60DaysOfService: Very cool and and what's the best way to just go to the website.

00:41:23.580 --> 00:41:33.870 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yep would be the best way we have it right there on our homepage and on our blog you can also find information on it on our social media on Facebook and instagram as well.

00:41:34.080 --> 00:41:39.900 #60DaysOfService: awesome cool what's the what is just Pentagon on Facebook and instagram and all that stuff is it fun.

00:41:40.140 --> 00:41:41.970 Clarissa Soto Josephs: it's at pentacle dance.

00:41:42.240 --> 00:41:50.610 #60DaysOfService: pentacle dance everybody out pentacle this and it's Tommy did I didn't want see if you want to check my stuff on alright So where does.

00:41:51.630 --> 00:41:59.820 #60DaysOfService: It come into this organization you've been here now 10 years you've worked your way through it you've probably seen a lot if not all of it yet.

00:42:00.240 --> 00:42:09.450 #60DaysOfService: you're the executive director congrats that's a big deal i'm thrilled to have met you and i'm glad Matthew hagen love you Matthew appreciate the introduction i'm glad Matthew put us together.

00:42:09.960 --> 00:42:22.230 #60DaysOfService: what's your vision for this organization, you know it's not like you know it's not a not a grassroots thing here it's not brand new there's there's history there's legacy I know you've used that word it's on the website that word legacy, it has meaning talk to me about that.

00:42:22.800 --> 00:42:31.890 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah so i've been here for 10 plus years and i'm trapped in that so i've had probably almost every single job there is to have at the organization.

00:42:32.310 --> 00:42:35.220 Clarissa Soto Josephs: I see that as what i've been calling my superpower.

00:42:36.090 --> 00:42:45.840 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Because you know i'm the first non founder, so our founders have only ever been founding directors, you know they never knew what it was like to be a just a staff person.

00:42:46.170 --> 00:42:57.450 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And so i'm trying to my goal and my vision is to take the legacy that pentacle has built the mission of helping artists and you know being.

00:42:57.750 --> 00:43:09.990 Clarissa Soto Josephs: Ever adaptive with how we help the artists, you know, keeping that keeping that organic informal feel but also looking to the future, to establish a little bit more infrastructure.

00:43:10.380 --> 00:43:18.540 Clarissa Soto Josephs: grow it up a little bit more as well, so that we can impact more artists more train the next generation of arts administrators.

00:43:18.960 --> 00:43:27.150 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And do it in a way that is going to make the organization sustainable in the long term, you know, being the first non founder it's sort of.

00:43:27.540 --> 00:43:39.300 Clarissa Soto Josephs: brought into this this concept of yet pentacle will survive its founders, which you know I don't even know if that was actually part of the original intent way back it was that for.

00:43:40.050 --> 00:43:49.320 Clarissa Soto Josephs: So just really looking at how we can create that infrastructure sustainability for a pentacle and then trickle it down to our artists like I really want to think.

00:43:49.620 --> 00:44:00.300 Clarissa Soto Josephs: creatively about how we can bring true sustainability, to the arts it's a very interesting time with coven and in all of that it's brought up a lot of.

00:44:00.660 --> 00:44:12.420 Clarissa Soto Josephs: issues in our fields, but I see it as an opportunity for for real change because you know artists deserve to get paid they deserve to live a financially stable life and we don't need to be.

00:44:12.450 --> 00:44:19.980 #60DaysOfService: starving artists oh it's all right, and you know you know now we're gonna go to break in a second everybody, but you know that I get up.

00:44:20.670 --> 00:44:30.090 #60DaysOfService: I get up on my soapbox because nonprofit in general, you know let's talk nonprofit nonprofit professionals, need to be paid and that's a whole nother topic for another day but.

00:44:31.140 --> 00:44:37.920 #60DaysOfService: People provide great services or great art, they should be compensated for that work it's it's incredible that.

00:44:39.000 --> 00:44:46.530 #60DaysOfService: we're gonna take a quick break it's time ED in the attic fumbling my notes, because I have like 10 million questions to ask you and we got we don't have that kind of time.

00:44:46.980 --> 00:44:50.580 #60DaysOfService: 10 millions, a lot of questions anyway so we're taking a quick break when we come back on a talk.

00:44:50.910 --> 00:44:56.040 #60DaysOfService: That we could talk a little bit more sustainability, how you talked about a day you kind of teased it a little bit and then also.

00:44:56.490 --> 00:45:05.490 #60DaysOfService: where's this organization going we you know what do you need, what do you need who do you want to connect with is there an event is there a Gala, how can we get something going who do you need to me.

00:45:06.060 --> 00:45:18.990 #60DaysOfService: that's a lot that's not 10 million, but does a lot of questions but and also is there an opportunity, maybe I can help through a day of service we'll talk about that when we come back Tommy the nonprofit sector connector with clarissa Soto, Joseph right back.

00:47:46.770 --> 00:47:53.340 #60DaysOfService: i'm like singing along to my song it's so funny my kids go around the House sing that song sometimes so since 1976 pentacle.

00:47:53.640 --> 00:47:59.370 #60DaysOfService: has been a model in the arts administration field, I read this the up front, but I want you to hear it again if you're just tuning in.

00:47:59.790 --> 00:48:10.320 #60DaysOfService: Or if you if you're not just tuning in, but I want you to hear a way they enable performing artists to focus on what they do best create art and engage with audiences, which is what those individuals should be doing right.

00:48:10.890 --> 00:48:20.400 #60DaysOfService: Management support for these organizations such as fiscal services booking administrative support education outreach.

00:48:21.090 --> 00:48:26.760 #60DaysOfService: So really empowering i'll use the word the artists to focus on what it is that they do best so.

00:48:27.300 --> 00:48:38.040 #60DaysOfService: clarissa sona joseph's the newest Executive Director of the organizations here with me we've had a great conversation so far you talk about sustainability, to the arts, I wonder what that means I mean, are you going to.

00:48:38.910 --> 00:48:52.140 #60DaysOfService: As the as the organization and as an individual you consider yourself and the organization advocates, on behalf of the arts, aside from just we're going to give them some services right it's going to talk about sustainability perspective because that's what's coming up for me.

00:48:52.950 --> 00:49:01.320 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah absolutely I mean, by definition, being an arts organization, we are always advocates and ambassadors for sure.

00:49:01.680 --> 00:49:15.750 Clarissa Soto Josephs: um you know i'll kind of take a step back, one of the reasons that I went back and got my MBA actually has to do with this whole philosophy I get asked a lot of times, why didn't you go back and get an arts management degree.

00:49:16.050 --> 00:49:24.690 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know why did you get the nba the nba you know more corporate for the corporate America, and the reason I made that decision was because.

00:49:25.170 --> 00:49:31.710 Clarissa Soto Josephs: I knew like I had been in arts management right like I had been in the I had experienced, but I feel that.

00:49:31.980 --> 00:49:43.770 Clarissa Soto Josephs: We need to be a little bit more creative as an industry around our business models and how we can can reach sustainability we're definitely not we're not there we're on our way we're not there.

00:49:44.220 --> 00:49:49.650 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And so I felt that why don't I go get my degree focused on some of these.

00:49:50.190 --> 00:49:58.320 Clarissa Soto Josephs: For profit sort of concepts and principles and what can I take from that you know what can I take from that and bring into our world.

00:49:58.530 --> 00:50:14.850 Clarissa Soto Josephs: without losing the essence and the mission behind our you know the nonprofit sector and so i'm still on that journey that is a both personal and professional journey, for me, of how can we really find something that works.

00:50:15.750 --> 00:50:25.080 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And so I want to also pass that down to the artists, too, and I want to really focus on thinking outside the box and not just the standard way.

00:50:25.470 --> 00:50:44.940 Clarissa Soto Josephs: That we sort of learned to do everything and that's everything from programming to how we fundraise you know the philanthropy concept behind there um but yeah so it's it's just a really big part of of my mission, and you know i'm still I think i'm still baby steps in the picture.

00:50:45.120 --> 00:50:47.610 #60DaysOfService: sure it, which is, but again that's awesome because I.

00:50:48.000 --> 00:50:57.570 #60DaysOfService: You know the thing about you know when I make new friends is I end up staying connected these people forever so i'm excited to watch your journey and the impact you personally, the organization yes.

00:50:57.960 --> 00:51:02.520 #60DaysOfService: But you're personally going to make on the arts because you're so passionate about this you're fired up about it you're talking about.

00:51:02.790 --> 00:51:09.900 #60DaysOfService: You know, needs and issues, but you see them as opportunities you're talking about infrastructure, you know these are things that you know our business concepts right.

00:51:10.380 --> 00:51:22.560 #60DaysOfService: Every third the fourth Thursday of every of every come on tell me the fourth Thursday of every month, I put on a nonprofit executive leadership Roundtable with the collaborative mind Christine desk.

00:51:23.040 --> 00:51:32.700 #60DaysOfService: And we bring together a community of nonprofit leaders, and you know it's concepts like this just this past week, last week we had a friend of ours, Melissa greenberg from pro bono.

00:51:32.700 --> 00:51:37.500 #60DaysOfService: Partnership, which is a nonprofit organization that provides legal services to the sector.

00:51:37.920 --> 00:51:42.330 #60DaysOfService: it'd be great for you to become part of that community and if you're listening and if you are part of a nonprofit.

00:51:42.630 --> 00:51:49.770 #60DaysOfService: organization and you're looking for those types of resources it's it's a community we make sure everybody gets an opportunity to talk about what they're doing what they need.

00:51:50.220 --> 00:51:56.040 #60DaysOfService: And then we have a subject matter expert and Christine desk interviews that person, so if you're looking for more information about that.

00:51:57.240 --> 00:52:07.320 #60DaysOfService: To those listening Tommy D at philanthropy and focus is how you get me on email focuses pH oC us for a lot of reasons, but it just is so we'll just tell you that, for now, for the interest of time.

00:52:08.640 --> 00:52:13.980 #60DaysOfService: What, what do you need what's coming up is there other certain connections you're looking for, we talked about.

00:52:14.310 --> 00:52:24.000 #60DaysOfService: This booking associated opportunity that you have an opportunity for a role there, but what else tell me, you know, in the next couple minutes what's coming up for the organization and maybe, how can we help.

00:52:24.330 --> 00:52:37.470 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah, so we are actually we are celebrating our 45th anniversary this year we actually had just our first event of many earlier this week it was a virtual trivia night, which was super fun.

00:52:38.070 --> 00:52:49.080 Clarissa Soto Josephs: But we have a couple events coming up the next one is Monday November 29 and it's going to be a great event where we're bringing in artists from different generations.

00:52:49.950 --> 00:52:55.350 Clarissa Soto Josephs: That pentacle has served and just have an open conversation and discussion around sort of.

00:52:55.800 --> 00:53:05.580 Clarissa Soto Josephs: You know where they were how they started where they're at now the different types of services that they've used and just how it's helped them and that's going to be our kickoff into our.

00:53:05.940 --> 00:53:17.040 Clarissa Soto Josephs: year end appeal and sort of a big art Gala in the spring, so we do have a lot of our 45th anniversary sort of celebrations that are going to be coming up.

00:53:17.730 --> 00:53:23.490 Clarissa Soto Josephs: But in addition to that, I think, for me personally, as a new executive director, one of the things we're focusing on.

00:53:23.700 --> 00:53:32.790 Clarissa Soto Josephs: is really building our board of directors right, so if there is anybody out there, that is, you know this sounds interesting to them, and would like to be a part of it.

00:53:33.120 --> 00:53:40.320 Clarissa Soto Josephs: We are looking to build our board diversify our board in every regard we want all different types of voices.

00:53:41.250 --> 00:53:57.510 Clarissa Soto Josephs: And, and we have an amazing board right now, but we don't they're all you know we all sort of agree, we want to add to that group because you know we just want to be able to we want those ambassadors as advocates to be out there, spreading the word just just like matt hagen you know.

00:53:58.890 --> 00:54:18.240 Clarissa Soto Josephs: He connected us so that is something we are going to put our focus on, and you know, I will say, especially for me as a bypass woman it's important for me to make sure that you know we have different different people at the table and so that is something i'm focused on.

00:54:18.480 --> 00:54:24.060 #60DaysOfService: So i've taken a lot of notes, so we got to go, I need you to connect with you, are you connected in nonprofit New York.

00:54:25.590 --> 00:54:27.210 Clarissa Soto Josephs: i'm a little bit sorry.

00:54:27.240 --> 00:54:36.630 #60DaysOfService: We need to talk about that we can take that offline but my friend, I sat in his has been on the show with me and they're an awesome organization and I support it, a campaign they had four.

00:54:37.440 --> 00:54:46.410 #60DaysOfService: They were trying to raise $10,000 to give away 102 year memberships to bypass led organization so by you saying that it resonated for me.

00:54:47.070 --> 00:54:59.040 #60DaysOfService: I had you know sent over a couple dollars for that, but i'm nonprofit New York is somebody should certainly know about i'm like i'm forgetting them on my show and i'm like networking right now, like so, ladies and gentlemen.

00:54:59.550 --> 00:55:08.520 #60DaysOfService: is what happens when you have the connector guy so board of directors so, certainly if there if people looking to become a member, or at least a volunteer they should can contact you directly.

00:55:08.760 --> 00:55:09.960 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah absolutely.

00:55:09.990 --> 00:55:10.560 #60DaysOfService: I do that.

00:55:11.340 --> 00:55:18.990 Clarissa Soto Josephs: um so the easiest way to contact me is probably through my email, which is clarissa

00:55:19.560 --> 00:55:33.750 Clarissa Soto Josephs: we'll make sure, to put it on the socials and whatnot but pretty much like I said we're a small team, so any inquiry form that you fill out on our website I pretty much it kind of like I see it, so it'll it'll get to know.

00:55:34.380 --> 00:55:35.490 #60DaysOfService: Your level, this is not.

00:55:35.520 --> 00:55:37.020 #60DaysOfService: You know a lot of big hierarchy here.

00:55:37.080 --> 00:55:38.250 #60DaysOfService: yeah exactly.

00:55:38.700 --> 00:55:39.450 Clarissa Soto Josephs: I love that.

00:55:39.810 --> 00:55:50.160 #60DaysOfService: I love that that's that's a lot of nonprofit right that's how it everybody's involved we're in all mixed in together alright so November 29 Monday is what does the fundraiser.

00:55:50.250 --> 00:55:53.160 Clarissa Soto Josephs: artist event or this event Okay, it has to be virtual.

00:55:54.360 --> 00:56:05.100 Clarissa Soto Josephs: yeah right now it's planned virtual just because we're unsure how things are going we're trying to stay flexible, as we see, you know how things cool phase out.

00:56:05.160 --> 00:56:13.680 #60DaysOfService: I love that and then the Gal is in the spring, more details on that state follow them on social, political dance on instagram pinnacle you're on tech talk to, or no.

00:56:13.980 --> 00:56:14.610 Clarissa Soto Josephs: We are not on.

00:56:15.750 --> 00:56:16.350 #60DaysOfService: instagram.

00:56:17.190 --> 00:56:17.310 Clarissa Soto Josephs: or.

00:56:17.400 --> 00:56:21.240 #60DaysOfService: Even on tick tock i'm an old man i'm on tick tick that we'll talk about later.

00:56:21.330 --> 00:56:22.470 Clarissa Soto Josephs: We gotta get on there yeah.

00:56:23.760 --> 00:56:33.090 #60DaysOfService: Actually dance, I mean you know that all right anyway listen I gotta we gotta bring it home closer Thank you so much for being here, thank you Matthew heck Am I love you my brother appreciate the introduction, this is so great.

00:56:34.500 --> 00:56:40.590 #60DaysOfService: we'll talk again about maybe you know I come out and do some service, if appropriate, and you can actually use me for something to do.

00:56:41.310 --> 00:56:46.560 #60DaysOfService: Thanks, for being here, I got to close the show now, ladies and gentlemen, this is why it's being focused on the nonprofit sector connect your.

00:56:46.830 --> 00:56:52.890 #60DaysOfService: Tommy D dot nyc instagram Tommy D doesn't want it see on the tick tock I just told you that tick tock baby and.

00:56:53.460 --> 00:57:00.690 #60DaysOfService: emails Tommy the philanthropy and focus pH oh see us next calm next week we actually have a twofer next week.

00:57:01.230 --> 00:57:15.630 #60DaysOfService: Bob kozlowski and lonnie Sherman are coming on from homes for the brave and general needs, which is an organization serving homeless veterans homes, excuse me homes for the brave and general needs foundation it's going to be an incredible conversation.

00:57:16.710 --> 00:57:29.190 #60DaysOfService: You know, James Corbett if you're listening, yet you know we got to talk to these organizations about doing a day service James Corbett these director of founder and director of project refit doing a lot of work in the veteran space, you know veterans are very, very important.

00:57:30.960 --> 00:57:42.360 #60DaysOfService: And underserved and we need to rectify that in this country so checking with me stay tuned Steve fry is on the on the network next always Friday Jeremiah foxy entrepreneurial web stay tuned close the thanks for being here.

00:57:42.420 --> 00:57:43.890 Clarissa Soto Josephs: i'll talk to you Thank you so much Tommy.

00:57:44.010 --> 00:57:44.460 #60DaysOfService: You got a.

00:57:44.640 --> 00:57:45.300 #60DaysOfService: Great day everybody.

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