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Friday, July 23, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/23 - Connecting with The Viscardi Center

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/23 - Connecting with The Viscardi Center


2021/07/23 - Connecting with The Viscardi Center

[NEW EPISODE] Connecting with The Viscardi Center

Founded by Dr. Henry Viscardi, Jr., who served as disability advisor to eight U.S. Presidents and became one of the world’s leading advocates, The Viscardi Center is a nonprofit organization that educates, employs, and empowers people with disabilities. It serves children, adolescents, and adults with a wide variety of disabilities, providing Pre-K through High School education (up to age 21), school-to-work youth transition services, vocational training, career counseling and employment placement, and assistive technology.

John D. Kemp, Esq. is President & CEO of The Viscardi Center. A renowned, global speaker and a person with a disability, he inspires others to achieve the impossible through knowledge, experience, vision, and persistence. He graduated from Georgetown University in 1971 and Washburn University School of Law in 1974. He has received two honorary degrees, the first a Doctorate of Law from his alma mater, Washburn, and the second a Doctorate of Humane Letters from the University of Connecticut.

In 1995, Mr. Kemp co-founded the American Association of People with Disabilities with Paul G. Hearne.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy introduces John D Kemp the President and CEO of The Viscardi Center. Tommy voices his appreciation due to his fascination and appreciation for all John has done. John shares his story and all his influences. John tells about his disability and how he has grown and lived through it. John shares the impact his father had had on his life and how he taught him resilience. Tommy talks about how important goals are to growth in individuals.

Segment 2

Tommy dives deeper into The Viscardi Center and it’s message behind the facility. John talks about his education and how although his disability gave him different obstacles he did not let them slow him down. John recognized the difference in his culture growing up where some were not as lucky as he was. Both Tommy and John voice the importance of service and how it adds to a person. Tommy talks about the evolution of service and inclusion from different organizations and individuals.

Segment 3

John tell about his disability and what others go through having disabilities. John goes into public policy and how different groups of people that are not with social norms are seen as different and as lower. John tells about his prosthetics and how he has to think three jumps ahead when doing many tasks. John speaks about how his father has been his ultimate supporter and has continued to encourage him to achieve whatever he wants despite his disability. 

Segment 4

John tells about how he has even spoke to congress appealing to certain disability related issues. He continues to point out how The Viscardi Center provides community and health services for individuals with disabilities. The goal is for all students with disabilities to graduate and create a plan for after school. Tommy and John talk about the future of the The Viscardi Center and how it will grow and help others.


00:03:11.400 --> 00:03:15.480 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And john is an incredible leader in the disability space.

00:03:16.140 --> 00:03:26.190 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: he's an advocate he's a leader he's he's made such an impact, and I do have some things i'm not going to just rip off the top of my head, I do have some things I want to read about john's background and bio but.

00:03:27.060 --> 00:03:31.740 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'm inspired john i've been watching videos and doing research last night and into the morning again.

00:03:32.100 --> 00:03:42.600 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And I must tell you, before I even read your bio I am appreciative of you spending time with me investing this time with me appreciative of the friendship and thank you for being here before we even get started.

00:03:43.110 --> 00:03:52.950 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: My my pleasure Tommy and i'm so proud of you, and the fact that you're bringing this information to the communities that are served and reached so thank you very much for having.

00:03:53.370 --> 00:04:05.550 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Well you're welcome and I appreciate your gratitude for sure um i'm going to just do a little bit of bio because I think it's important I don't I think nobody tells our story is better than ourselves, but I will read a little bit, if I can so um.

00:04:07.140 --> 00:04:18.840 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So john you'll talk to me about you know your disability and and what what you're working for you and what you've been working through food for your life but john graduated from georgetown University in 1971.

00:04:19.560 --> 00:04:25.170 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: received to honor it ready degrees doctorate of law from his Alma mater at washburn and a second.

00:04:25.620 --> 00:04:34.800 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: document humane letters from the University of Connecticut and 1995 co founded the American association of people with disabilities you've done work with.

00:04:35.100 --> 00:04:41.550 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Political leaders, you have a great affiliation with the whole family and the Foundation there I watched the video I was telling you earlier today.

00:04:41.880 --> 00:04:50.370 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: In 1991 I watched the video, it was a bit dated and and you know I wasn't I was around in 91 you know, I was born in 78 but I look at you know kind of the.

00:04:50.790 --> 00:04:57.900 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: The the video technology that they use in that video and you go wow that was only 91 I thought we had some more stuff going on in that, but.

00:04:58.380 --> 00:05:10.680 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: It was very funny to watch that, but it was it was pointed and a lot of what came up in that quick piece there when you would want the ratio alger association distinguished American award he became part of that association.

00:05:12.000 --> 00:05:19.620 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: It was a lot about your dad and I could tell and watch the other videos and listening, you know some discarding some other places.

00:05:20.220 --> 00:05:31.710 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And it was a lot about your dad so i'd love to I usually ask my guest okay cool tell me what got you started in service work and what drew you to nonprofit and things like that, but obviously your story.

00:05:32.910 --> 00:05:33.720 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: starts differently.

00:05:34.770 --> 00:05:49.560 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, it was um why don't you, what can we start there let's take it from there, I mean let's I know the story, but let's let's share with my my friends and the Community and people listening way back to you know 1949 if you want to start back there i'll kind of let you take it away.

00:05:50.040 --> 00:06:00.990 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Great Tommy Thank you my dad is my hero, and he passed away about 12 years ago, but it was a just, it was just incredible person.

00:06:02.220 --> 00:06:12.390 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: i'm the middle child of three i'm the only one that has a disability, I have a sister that's four years older and a sister that was born 11 months after I was born.

00:06:12.840 --> 00:06:20.820 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: But I was born without arms or legs off at the elbows and the needs, so my arms are off above the elbows so I have artificial arms and elbows.

00:06:21.330 --> 00:06:26.970 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And I have a left leg that's off just above the knee and a right leg off below the knee.

00:06:27.870 --> 00:06:34.920 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: But I can walk around on my knees, which is very helpful and I can drive a car with my knee time with my right leg, so I cannot break gas and brake.

00:06:35.910 --> 00:06:49.080 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: But that's really to say my dad started his life born in Montana, and his parents homesteaded and Government gave them my grandparents bland.

00:06:49.590 --> 00:07:00.840 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: in northeast Montana, where there were more grasshoppers than there were you know sweet stocks, it was just the most brutal land to be given for free, and of course it was free because nobody was moving.

00:07:02.850 --> 00:07:11.790 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: we're giving it to them my dad was the oldest of five children and they had one bedroom where his parents my grandparents live.

00:07:12.210 --> 00:07:22.830 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And slept and they the rest of that kids slept around the fireplace, and this is like a lowes me not story, this is about they didn't know how poor they were they didn't care.

00:07:23.250 --> 00:07:28.590 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Everybody worked on the farm they had to figure out how to get to school by horse back.

00:07:29.460 --> 00:07:37.710 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And so my dad knew tough times and he knew what What challenges were and he knew what resilience and the power of the human spirit was all about.

00:07:38.520 --> 00:07:50.220 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And so, he ended up realizing that education was critically important to him and he brought that forward to us so he he ended up getting two masters degrees.

00:07:50.850 --> 00:08:04.860 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You know, served in the military and World War Two just a remarkable guy and then he married his love of his life my mother and 1944 and by the end of.

00:08:06.150 --> 00:08:13.320 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: December 31 1950 she passed away of ovarian cancer, leaving him with three kids and he was 32 years of age.

00:08:14.130 --> 00:08:20.250 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: 32 year old man three children just lost the love of his life, and he has a son, with some disabilities that.

00:08:20.430 --> 00:08:31.110 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: grit needed to be addressed but but had had had this resilience grinding it out, you know, on the farm what you know and and living that life one one do you see one room or one bedroom at back.

00:08:31.620 --> 00:08:33.870 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: bedroom and I in a small house.

00:08:33.960 --> 00:08:35.730 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And he was one of five children right.

00:08:36.270 --> 00:08:36.630 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Right.

00:08:36.750 --> 00:08:40.650 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, as I don't know funny is the right word but it's just interesting how.

00:08:42.330 --> 00:08:46.470 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Sometimes I get up on my soapbox and it's I know it's around here somewhere in the attic because I stand on it a lot.

00:08:47.640 --> 00:08:54.210 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So um gosh man I just wonder if we all had had grown up like.

00:08:55.500 --> 00:08:56.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know that sort of.

00:08:57.930 --> 00:09:06.030 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: challenge, if you will, but that was a lifestyle for people that vs I need new sneakers because i've only had these for three months, or whatever you know.

00:09:06.420 --> 00:09:12.480 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Now i'm sounding a little judgmental but guess what gang it's my show, so I sometimes I get judged but it's I think if we all.

00:09:13.080 --> 00:09:22.770 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I tell them correct me from wrong but somebody like your dad was knew what it was like to grow up to have to work hard and have to hustle and not have things handed to them, I mean.

00:09:23.220 --> 00:09:37.290 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I brought it up on this program before I think you know, I was 11 years old, delivering newspapers 12 years old watch 1213 washing dishes in the Deli my uncle owned and you know that was it haven't stopped grinding it out, ever since um something to be said for working for you get.

00:09:38.970 --> 00:09:41.010 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That lifestyle and his his youth.

00:09:42.090 --> 00:09:47.880 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Having not known that story until just now, but knowing the story about when when your mom had passed, and things of that nature.

00:09:49.470 --> 00:10:00.600 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What would you say, not that you could be prepared for that, but would just say he had been built up for that you know somebody who didn't have the background talk a little bit about that, if you could, I think you please all right into your story right.

00:10:00.990 --> 00:10:13.650 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Right, and this is, this is really the essence of who I am is because my dad had gone through such challenges and put himself through through college and graduate school, you know from that.

00:10:15.000 --> 00:10:24.870 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: incredibly difficult challenging life in northeast Montana, and with 50 below wins and winters and all that crazy stuff that people run away from today.

00:10:25.830 --> 00:10:38.760 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: He really just had the ability to flex and move and do what was necessary, and so, when I was born with and without my arms and legs fully extended there they were just missing.

00:10:40.110 --> 00:10:47.340 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You know, it was sort of like I can take this I can handle this we can figure it out we'll figure out what best to do you know and then.

00:10:47.820 --> 00:11:03.930 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You know my mother starts getting sick right after my little sister was born in in September of the following year I was born in October of 49 and my little sister was born in September of 50 so I guess we're Irish twins always we've always claimed it.

00:11:05.430 --> 00:11:07.020 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I got cousins like that yep I know.

00:11:08.760 --> 00:11:18.240 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You know my my my mother never got well after giving birth to my sister and they spent a lot of time thinking about you know.

00:11:18.780 --> 00:11:23.430 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Okay what's going to what are we going to do with john what's what's going to happen with john and she was still not well.

00:11:23.940 --> 00:11:32.490 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And she ended up going back into the hospital on thanksgiving day for exploratory surgery they found that she had just a lot of cancer and.

00:11:32.880 --> 00:11:49.110 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: She died on December 31 1950, and so my my dad was like okay got a child, with a disability and my my wife and the love of my life just died and i'm 32 years old, what i'm going to do, he gave each of us three kids to each of his three sisters.

00:11:50.190 --> 00:11:59.790 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And we spent three months and I don't remember any of this because I was too young with them and well he got his act together.

00:12:00.420 --> 00:12:10.650 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And he was a incredibly faithful person in terms of believing in God and he just happened to be a deep deeply devout Catholic incredible person.

00:12:11.070 --> 00:12:16.140 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So i've just got to say you know I think between faith and his resilience, as he grew up.

00:12:16.530 --> 00:12:25.590 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: He just you know, decided that I was going to live is good and normal life as I could possibly live, and that was the commitment that they made to each other.

00:12:26.280 --> 00:12:34.170 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: That I would go to public school, if possible, which I did I went to kindergarten with other kids and from then on, it was just like.

00:12:34.740 --> 00:12:43.800 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: i'm going to keep up and i'm not in my dad was never going to tell me that I couldn't do something I was going to have to learn it the hard way I actually taught me was going to be a pro baseball player.

00:12:43.830 --> 00:12:52.140 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I know I know and he never knew what I was listened to last night, one of your speeches he never said that's not going to work john never told you that.

00:12:53.250 --> 00:12:56.010 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: He did that oh man how awesome is that I love that.

00:12:56.580 --> 00:12:59.340 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You know that's exactly what happens if you.

00:12:59.940 --> 00:13:08.700 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: tamp people down and and put them in a box and say this is, these are only the dimensions of your life, this is all this is the narrow path way you're going to follow.

00:13:08.940 --> 00:13:18.900 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You never get to explore everything that you could possibly do so parents i'm just saying to parents best thing you can do is let your kids fly keep them obviously safe and sound.

00:13:19.560 --> 00:13:28.980 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: But let them try and let them, let them explore let them do things that they didn't think that they possibly could do, and not to be irresponsible but it's just really incredible.

00:13:29.340 --> 00:13:31.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like how far can a stretch right how and and the.

00:13:32.010 --> 00:13:47.010 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: The I think the opposite is is is in fact the truth had had you know let's say you but another john camp and your dad in another scenario, who, who said well my son has this disability and I have a friend who says i'm.

00:13:47.850 --> 00:14:03.960 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Disabled by the label is a way he's referred to it as a son, who who's on the autism spectrum, who is an adult and it's capable works and things like that, but has made comments, where you know I think he doesn't want to earn too much to lose out on his his.

00:14:05.100 --> 00:14:10.800 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: His support from government support and things like that, but but, but this young person is very capable of doing things so.

00:14:11.550 --> 00:14:22.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: there's so much mindset that goes into this let's not not to detract from the obvious that that there is a disability, and there is something that we need to work around, but what I mean i'm liking watching some more videos this morning on on.

00:14:23.220 --> 00:14:29.550 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Is a young man, I was going to reference this later on, but it's on your website it's on YouTube young man Chris Alvarez.

00:14:31.230 --> 00:14:34.260 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: From the basic art school, I mean watching his.

00:14:34.320 --> 00:14:35.430 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: him speak and I.

00:14:35.760 --> 00:14:37.950 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: See how you kind of lighting up so you know what i'm talking about.

00:14:38.640 --> 00:14:41.970 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: yeah yeah I mean I was, I want to meet Chris one day, he says.

00:14:42.150 --> 00:14:50.730 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, I was a shy kid and I turned into a wise outspoken young man, I was taught to have confidence and have goals you want to have goals.

00:14:51.090 --> 00:15:03.210 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: This is the place to be that's referring to the story and and scotty school, we at that point guys were to take a quick break, I will be back here in just about 90 seconds john camp and I so much to talk about john will be right back.

00:17:16.560 --> 00:17:17.280 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: My guest is.

00:17:17.340 --> 00:17:18.480 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: To get a kick out of.

00:17:18.480 --> 00:17:20.040 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: The lyrics the first time.

00:17:21.390 --> 00:17:32.670 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And I laugh at it only every single time I hear that song that's my buddy Brendan levy uncle brandon thanks for being the Jingle it's been a few weeks since I shouted you out for doing the song for me so i'm very appreciative that song.

00:17:33.840 --> 00:17:40.920 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: One of my boys, one of my son's calls me, Mr static right now no longer calls me Tommy he calls me, Mr static because it's in the attic and this whole thing so.

00:17:41.190 --> 00:17:45.570 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: If I ever leave the attic john I said, if somebody comes to me and says we're going to give you a showtime ED and we want to.

00:17:45.840 --> 00:17:53.880 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: there's a movie out a bunch of years back, and some people know it, some people never heard of it i'm sure young people never been wayne's world was a movie and they gave Wayne and garth get this show and they're going to.

00:17:54.390 --> 00:18:05.580 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Give him the show, and they create wayne's basement like in a studio so listen out there TV land you ever want me to do this, show in the real world, you have to create an addict in the studio and i'll come into the attic.

00:18:06.750 --> 00:18:12.390 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Otherwise, the song wouldn't make any sense so that's how it's gonna have to go so back to back to business as we say.

00:18:13.740 --> 00:18:20.280 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: john campus here you the viscosity Center and so much more john right before the break, we were talking about.

00:18:20.670 --> 00:18:29.430 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know you're growing up and the inspiration your dad was and I just started talking about Chris Alvarez over biscardi because I was inspired by listening to him speak on this video this morning and.

00:18:29.730 --> 00:18:36.240 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I brought it up, because it was to me, it was a mindset thing it was your dad in instilling and inspiring a certain mindset.

00:18:37.710 --> 00:18:45.510 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That the biscardi Center instilling in the school Henry biscardi school inspiring a mindset in the in the young people that come through the school.

00:18:46.980 --> 00:18:58.680 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And, and certainly you know i've been to the scars on tours Hello Laura Mars on my buddy so i'll be listening and lauren but Laura is taking me on a torn and I love that school and I love the story.

00:18:59.820 --> 00:19:01.590 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I want to get into later on just.

00:19:02.790 --> 00:19:13.890 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: This this story about Henry biscardi when we and and I and i'm guessing them have to imagine there's some some parallels between your story and His story and, if not let's make some up and create them on the on the spot, right here.

00:19:14.340 --> 00:19:31.950 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But I think there probably are some in knowing a bit about his story so let's go back so I let's fast forward a bit you're 11 years old, what what how did you get this opportunity that you had with with Easter seals to go around and be the poster boy 1960.

00:19:33.420 --> 00:19:39.120 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: To kind of tell the good news tell the story just take us there take it take us down down that road, if you could.

00:19:40.200 --> 00:19:50.130 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I went to a camp Easter and Easter seals camp in North Dakota where we were living and you know North Dakota like Montana has two seasons, they have winter and the fourth of July.

00:19:51.330 --> 00:19:52.230 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Right that's all they have.

00:19:52.860 --> 00:19:54.840 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I don't like reading I don't I don't like being called them.

00:19:55.680 --> 00:19:59.190 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: don't go there, but it's they're great people talk about hardy.

00:19:59.550 --> 00:20:06.630 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: yeah so I went to an Easter seals camp a six weeks residential camp those things don't exist anymore, but.

00:20:07.350 --> 00:20:10.440 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Six weeks, I went to this camp in jamestown North Dakota.

00:20:10.860 --> 00:20:22.080 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And I got there I realized that I always thought I was the only kid with a disability in the whole world, you know I never saw any other kids with disabilities, they weren't in my school they weren't in my community of Bismarck.

00:20:22.560 --> 00:20:28.470 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And I think this is true for a lot of older folks who grew up in a sort of excluded.

00:20:29.340 --> 00:20:38.970 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You know, we were exclusively they want only ones with disabilities in our in our communities that's not true, so I go to this camp and they're all these other kids with disabilities, like where have you been.

00:20:39.300 --> 00:20:42.690 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: There they're staying at home, getting educated at home or I.

00:20:42.810 --> 00:20:53.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: could do it because you had been to school you already been going to school you as early as kindergarten you said you've got in your talking to I mean what, what can you been talking about 5556 in that timeframe.

00:20:54.750 --> 00:20:58.680 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Young people with disabilities will not go into school that's your that's your point right.

00:20:58.920 --> 00:21:00.030 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: that's my point yeah.

00:21:00.270 --> 00:21:08.940 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And if they if they were, I mean it really took a federal federal law and the individuals with disabilities Education Act.

00:21:10.080 --> 00:21:19.470 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: In 75 that became effective in 78 to really mandate that kids with disabilities had every right to a free appropriate public education, so I was already living it so.

00:21:20.370 --> 00:21:37.860 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Now, now we fast forward to you know to when I was 11 years old, and I was because I had gone to an Easter seals camp in the state of North Dakota I could be nominated to be considered as a national poster child for Easter seals and they picked me I don't know why, but they picked me.

00:21:38.940 --> 00:21:48.300 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So i'm getting on planes with my dad were flying to Chicago we flying to New York, I was on today's show coast to coast go giving speeches.

00:21:48.930 --> 00:21:58.560 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: got invited to Australia went to Australia for 22 days visited lots of rehab centers and Community organizations.

00:21:58.980 --> 00:22:10.260 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Just went all over the place, it was like the most mind expanding period of my life, and I was just this kid and you know from North Dakota going to Catholic school and had never seen the world.

00:22:10.470 --> 00:22:21.060 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And all so are you taking did you feel like at such a young age, did you because you know all these 5760 years later, you know who you are and the impact you've made.

00:22:21.780 --> 00:22:30.030 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Did you think of that, I mean, I have an 11 year old and I and and she's sharp she gets in you know and i'm wondering as an 11 year old did you say.

00:22:30.900 --> 00:22:39.840 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: A while here there's something here like nothing I don't know that we can all envision 50 years down the road when they impact, we will have made but did you feel real like.

00:22:40.260 --> 00:22:46.620 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Oh wow, this is actually responsibility john like this is cool 22 days in Australia, but like there's something here i'm supposed to be doing something.

00:22:47.100 --> 00:22:56.730 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I was starting to make that connection to What impact do I have on humanity and it wasn't it wasn't for me it was for me wasn't clear.

00:22:56.940 --> 00:23:05.340 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Right I realized that there are so many other people who are in such need and they live difficult lives and my dad made my life so.

00:23:05.850 --> 00:23:12.870 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: comfortable and easy and unfortunate even you know you can say gosh North Dakota no arms no legs, you know going to school.

00:23:13.590 --> 00:23:25.470 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: What I never realized I had had a difficult time my dad always made it work for me and for my family, I mean I got I have responsibilities, I had chores I had I got spanked when I was with sassy I you know.

00:23:26.130 --> 00:23:27.930 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: it's not afraid don't get tough with me.

00:23:28.350 --> 00:23:29.370 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And it really helped me.

00:23:29.580 --> 00:23:38.370 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You know, be a good person, but what what I think the nonprofit part of all this is that I started to realize that there are so many needs that people.

00:23:38.880 --> 00:23:53.040 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: have even to today, and probably more so today that I began to create a bit of empathy and understanding that there are people who are not as well off not as well as fortunate.

00:23:53.460 --> 00:24:01.260 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: In in the circumstances into which they are born or being raised and they and there's a lot of suffering out there and I started realizing that.

00:24:01.920 --> 00:24:10.890 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: This is not what the life that I have, and I really want them to have the kind of life that I had and my dad was a government worker, we were middle class and.

00:24:11.250 --> 00:24:18.450 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You know, we never had lots of money didn't have pool in the backyard I shared a bedroom with my dad until I went to high school and.

00:24:19.260 --> 00:24:27.870 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Kentucky so it was not like it was me, but it was just like we were just ordinary people, but we never were felt we have never made to feel like we were poor.

00:24:28.260 --> 00:24:35.880 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And that we also had a responsibility for understanding other people's circumstances so we would help other people at holiday times and throughout the year and.

00:24:36.360 --> 00:24:45.510 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: My dad was just such a great thinker, and you know positioning us my sisters are both nurses, you know, so I mean if we're just all helpers.

00:24:45.540 --> 00:24:46.920 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: We might no surprise that.

00:24:47.040 --> 00:24:48.510 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: everybody's in service right.

00:24:48.870 --> 00:24:57.360 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Exactly I think everybody today listening is should commit themselves, because I think a lot of young people today really do commit themselves.

00:24:57.660 --> 00:25:04.650 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: To service and high schools now really say that that's part of your curriculum is service to your community, which is phenomenal.

00:25:05.130 --> 00:25:17.130 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And then you and I get here to biscardi which is just unbelievable place discarding school that biscardi Center abilities for adults adolescents and adults just a remarkable place we serve.

00:25:17.700 --> 00:25:26.790 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: With with 400 employees, we serve 2000 people, the most severely disabled students that you, you have seen, like a Chris Alvarez, who is one of.

00:25:27.300 --> 00:25:34.350 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: 12 people in the world with his condition and the longest living person in the world with his condition and when he speaks it's like.

00:25:34.860 --> 00:25:47.790 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Gandhi is speaking, you know, like some of the words that come out of his mouth are just so visionary and so whole and complete and he's just a remarkable guy you will you will love having him on the show.

00:25:47.880 --> 00:25:57.420 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I would love that moment sure i'd love to have have loved to hang out with them i'd love to get Chris, this is an invitation I when when i'm allowed to you know covert restriction wise and whatnot when i'm allowed to come visit.

00:25:58.410 --> 00:26:11.850 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: down and discarded let's hang out man because you're an inspiration what you know what I don't I do mention it sometimes on the show, but we have a family foundation my cousin Linda passed about nine years ago and Linda has special needs and.

00:26:12.870 --> 00:26:29.100 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know We grew up with when they're in our lives and We grew up i'm having an awareness, a keen awareness of what it's like to have a family member who has different abilities and I have another cousin who has some different abilities and.

00:26:30.330 --> 00:26:37.770 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know john I feel like as a society, I think we're more aware and you talk about young people in service um.

00:26:38.280 --> 00:26:48.960 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I guess there's such a you know there's so much history and like you said, even when you went to that camp and you realize oh wow look at all these other individuals with disabilities, where where were you guys kind of deal I.

00:26:49.560 --> 00:27:06.870 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: um there's certainly been an evolution, and I mean you've you know the the arc of change, you must have seen just in in your own 70 some odd years on, on this planet right from from 49 to 2021 I mean it's it's a different world so um inclusion.

00:27:08.430 --> 00:27:13.320 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: is something we talked about all the time and it's it's a big word and it has so many meanings but.

00:27:14.940 --> 00:27:23.610 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: From you know not to make it just a pointed question but we're moving in the right direction we're not there yet right, I mean we're going in right.

00:27:23.820 --> 00:27:26.880 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But we're going we're moving the ball is moving down the field right if we from a.

00:27:27.060 --> 00:27:35.850 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: past life is getting better right and just in broad strokes, life is getting a lot better for people with disabilities, but there are always new challenges.

00:27:36.240 --> 00:27:49.470 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: and new kinds of disabilities, and now we got the long haulers and cove it, for example, we don't even know what that's all going to mean but they these are going to be kind of newly created status of disability because of coping.

00:27:50.280 --> 00:27:58.710 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And people are going to have these kinds of conditions, so I do think that our sensitivity is raised and has been raised over my lifetime.

00:27:59.280 --> 00:28:07.710 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And people people don't go out of their way usually to say I don't like people with disabilities, because disabilities are us.

00:28:08.310 --> 00:28:19.830 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Everybody has a person with a disability in their family if it's not themselves so it's they know they and they know that one disability really well but they may not know the broad spectrum of.

00:28:20.220 --> 00:28:29.160 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: disabilities mental physical, emotional disabilities and so it's a constant and that you can acquire a disability in the middle of your life.

00:28:29.220 --> 00:28:31.290 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: By an accident or an illness.

00:28:31.470 --> 00:28:32.010 incredible.

00:28:33.060 --> 00:28:36.510 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: yeah it's all incredible and you know.

00:28:37.620 --> 00:28:47.670 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Not not to the risk of sounding kind of trite I we we all do things different we learn differently, and we have different ways to engage and you know.

00:28:48.450 --> 00:28:56.580 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Chris is getting a lot of play on our show today but Chris makes mention on that video and he goes, I could do what other people do it just do it differently, you know and.

00:28:57.090 --> 00:29:08.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Why can't that like be the thing like Why is that not like now i'm up on the soapbox I think i'm carrie i'm on two of them now, I feel it, but like white guys and I had Michael Kramer from the corporate source on a couple of months ago.

00:29:10.470 --> 00:29:16.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like what, why is this even okay like, why is this a thing like, why is it okay to to not treat people.

00:29:16.710 --> 00:29:28.050 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: It this this goes across this is not just people with disability I don't understand why we treat people have different colors and race it's the human race john isn't it it's not like different races and what right aren't we want human.

00:29:28.620 --> 00:29:35.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: race why can't I think this thing should be so passe like it's like we of course we don't do that anymore that's ridiculous like pretty.

00:29:36.000 --> 00:29:40.620 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: We don't mistreat people because they learn differently or their you ever dare different color skin like.

00:29:40.980 --> 00:29:46.170 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Oh gosh yeah we used to do that that's ridiculous we did in the past, but like something we would chuckle over that's what I that's like.

00:29:46.410 --> 00:29:57.510 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Maybe I see the future and I, you know i'm a visionary about that, but that's the world I would see and you know what I thought about what we're going to go to break into separate what I thought about this morning was, as you were working towards.

00:29:59.670 --> 00:30:03.570 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: As an advocate as a leader in this space for rights for people with disabilities.

00:30:04.290 --> 00:30:08.250 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I never thought of it in these terms of how closely to the civil rights movement.

00:30:08.580 --> 00:30:16.890 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, was that and maybe we could start with that one come back from this break, but I didn't even I never thought of it in those terms and shame on me, but just wasn't as obvious.

00:30:17.460 --> 00:30:23.190 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But there must be something there so, especially in a time periods that were going on at the same time, I mean when I looked at.

00:30:23.610 --> 00:30:36.270 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know the rehabilitation act of 73 and then 19 9088 the amendment and await and all that I was like these timelines are so kind of something here, so I love to talk about that, when come back, I also want to talk about.

00:30:36.780 --> 00:30:42.600 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Henry biscardi the man, the individual and then let's talk about the scotty Center and let's just dive.

00:30:43.080 --> 00:30:54.030 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: dive deeper into this me we'll get into programs and stuff like that, when we come back sounds good great awesome everybody will be back to manage philanthropy and focus your nonprofit sector connector I mean the attic i'll see you guys in two minutes bye.

00:33:25.470 --> 00:33:34.290 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: every Friday morning Eastern time where we talk about nonprofits but what I want to start with is we talked about the ripple effect.

00:33:34.830 --> 00:33:37.230 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What is the ripple effect, what is the ripple effect.

00:33:37.710 --> 00:33:49.260 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Of john camp, what is the ripple effect of Henry rescoring what is a ripple effect of you listening doing a day of service, we talked about service really for a tiny bit there and that segment Jonathan want to underscore quickly.

00:33:49.740 --> 00:33:55.380 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But i'm going to do 60 days of service i'm in the process i'm on a campaign today it's it's the July 23 i've done.

00:33:55.920 --> 00:34:03.480 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: For that leaves 56 everybody So if you run sit on the board or the executive leader of a nonprofit organization reach out to me Tommy D.

00:34:03.900 --> 00:34:11.430 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: At philanthropy and focus COM that's my email, I want to do a day service i'm doing one on Tuesday with an organization called little flowers which is in the foster care space.

00:34:11.730 --> 00:34:14.730 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: out in wading river i'll be out there, Tuesday doing some great work with them.

00:34:15.090 --> 00:34:23.640 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Not about me gang about about me doing service it's about me inspiring maybe a day or service, a month is appropriate for you, maybe a day of service, a year is appropriate for you.

00:34:24.090 --> 00:34:28.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: If you're a wild man or woman or kid you want to do 60 days of service hey join me I room in the car.

00:34:29.670 --> 00:34:33.810 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Take you out to do some service with me, but I think that's what's important and what's special.

00:34:34.260 --> 00:34:39.330 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: john camp is with me talk about service talk about the ripple effect, what is the ripple effect of one man.

00:34:39.690 --> 00:34:50.850 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Making an impact in this space, I think its massive and I think it goes on infinitely because we affect others lives and they affect others lives and they affect others lives and the ripples continue to grow right before the break john.

00:34:51.900 --> 00:34:59.610 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I asked about sort of a parallel and we didn't prep for this so let's just play around civil rights, civil rights in you know.

00:35:00.690 --> 00:35:06.300 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: In the black Community similar or different from from what what goes on, with disability, can you speak to that a little bit.

00:35:07.170 --> 00:35:18.390 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I can it's very, very similar, and yet there are some differences most most people with disabilities acquired their disability after birth.

00:35:19.230 --> 00:35:30.030 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So only 17% of people with disabilities started their lives with their disability and 83% acquired their disabilities after birth.

00:35:30.600 --> 00:35:41.430 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So i'm a 17% or But just think of all the people with disabilities, that you know, and most of them acquired them through accidents illnesses and the like so disability is always.

00:35:41.850 --> 00:35:50.850 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: almost always very new to the person and their family or their spouse high divorce rates after a an acquisition of a disability.

00:35:51.570 --> 00:36:02.340 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You go you actually get into a vortex us a spiral downward where, if you acquired a disability, and you have some assets to end up getting better benefits, you have.

00:36:02.430 --> 00:36:10.290 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: To spend yourself into poverty that you qualify for some of the other things so we're not we're not there yet, in terms of our advocacy.

00:36:10.740 --> 00:36:21.420 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: and getting things done right and done well and and forcing people basically to stay away from work and don't make any money to be able to live a decent life is just wrong that's not.

00:36:21.420 --> 00:36:23.490 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Count that's counterintuitive that doesn't make any sense.

00:36:23.580 --> 00:36:32.130 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Totally right that's what public policy is right now so we've got we've got to change those things, but I, this is not about being negative, I think the parallels that you were talking about.

00:36:32.820 --> 00:36:43.230 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: To the civil rights movement that's a difference from African Americans or Native Americans or any other group that starts their lives with their identity.

00:36:43.530 --> 00:36:54.630 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Some people change their identity gender identity in the middle of their lives, and they have to go through a transition, much like people with disabilities who started their lives as non disabled and become disabled.

00:36:55.020 --> 00:37:04.080 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So, in essence, we do track along the same kind of treatment, once we have our disabilities, like other people.

00:37:04.920 --> 00:37:17.670 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: from other protected class groups, we are excluded on arbitrary conditions and it and we are thought to be less intelligent, we are thought to be less capable.

00:37:18.090 --> 00:37:28.080 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And like Chris Alvarez would say I can do it i'm just going to do something differently and that's really the message that I think is getting out there right now.

00:37:28.590 --> 00:37:39.270 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know in in in that Chris Alvarez piece you mentioned your voice comes on after and you speak about just the creativity that comes out of people with disabilities, out of I guess just plain necessity to put it.

00:37:39.300 --> 00:37:40.770 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: bluntly right but.

00:37:40.800 --> 00:37:47.220 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But to to do things differently, you find other ways to make things happen, but you know what does that created creativity inspire.

00:37:47.610 --> 00:37:58.170 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: greatness to write like great things happen out of the need to this doesn't work going at it this way, I gotta go around it So how do I figure out how to go around and what's the most efficient way right.

00:37:58.620 --> 00:38:06.540 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Exactly timing, you know we're natural born problem solvers or we are problem solvers and i'm just going to hold up my my blessing.

00:38:07.020 --> 00:38:13.950 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: These are old school prostheses, by the way these are old school, these are hooks that they're prehensile clamps open and close.

00:38:14.820 --> 00:38:21.570 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I have to figure out if i've had fried chicken or something The night before, can I get a door knob twisted and that's why you see.

00:38:21.900 --> 00:38:28.890 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: lever handles now, instead of shiny around door knobs because more people can use that kind of equipment.

00:38:29.190 --> 00:38:40.350 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: To we you know how do I dial that phone, how do I carry my stuff to the car I do I drive a car yeah i'm going to schlep stuff in and out so it's we're always thinking like three jumps ahead.

00:38:40.830 --> 00:38:47.490 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Of what we're going to need So if you ever see somebody in a wheelchair that just has like bags and stuff you know stuck on their chairs.

00:38:47.850 --> 00:39:03.960 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: it's because they need their stuff within reach, and they can get to it it's not that they have a briefcase and they can make me put a you know, a way you know their stuff away someplace they need to be able to reach their things their phones their paper their books, what did we to.

00:39:04.020 --> 00:39:14.580 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: be accessible need to be accessible stuff needs to be available, so you know we're in this incredible space now where the built environment by law is required to include.

00:39:14.940 --> 00:39:22.980 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: People with disabilities as part of the human condition that has to be met so buildings now rarely are ever built without.

00:39:23.310 --> 00:39:30.990 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Consideration for physical access that's moving into the information communication technology space and we're really starting to look at.

00:39:31.410 --> 00:39:41.850 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Why aren't videos always captured why, why are we not offering multiple access points and methodologies to digital information.

00:39:42.660 --> 00:39:57.780 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Because, as you said earlier, people learn differently everyone's got a unique learning style and so when we go to our school and our kids have severe disabilities and they're medically fragile we basically are customizing education for every every student.

00:39:58.170 --> 00:40:01.200 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Now every parent out early customized individually.

00:40:01.560 --> 00:40:09.660 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: individually and, and this is what i'm going to say to all the parents out there, this is what you want, for your child to with it without a disability.

00:40:10.140 --> 00:40:23.280 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You want someone to understand how your child best processes information you probably know, as well, or better than anybody, so your input as to how my child learns is really incredible about.

00:40:24.360 --> 00:40:44.580 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: How the how the how the teacher in the school can customize that learning process for that student individually so every kid in the world should have in a customized individualized education plan and program and yet it's mandated for kids with disabilities right.

00:40:44.700 --> 00:40:51.120 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: that's where you're if i'm hearing correctly john you're saying that every student should have some sort of IEP.

00:40:51.510 --> 00:40:59.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Absolutely individual education plan some right program everybody should have like there I I don't disagree with you man I you know I.

00:41:00.540 --> 00:41:02.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: districts my history with us, but you know.

00:41:04.470 --> 00:41:05.160 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: For to do it.

00:41:05.220 --> 00:41:08.880 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Well that's the reason right and I guess if they had the money they wouldn't disagree with us it's it goes.

00:41:09.510 --> 00:41:10.800 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: further up the food chain than that.

00:41:11.130 --> 00:41:11.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: that's not what.

00:41:11.880 --> 00:41:24.120 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I want to move to a different topic because you know, unfortunately, a time in life is limited, so when I want to draw this parallel I think tell me about Henry biscardi tell me the story, did you know him before you knew the scotty Center.

00:41:24.510 --> 00:41:26.490 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Yes, Okay, can you tell us that story.

00:41:26.790 --> 00:41:34.530 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: This is this is sort of like incredible that i'm here and i'm on the fourth President and CEO of the biscardi Center.

00:41:35.400 --> 00:41:42.570 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Here I am in 1960 the national Easter seal poster child being introduced to the public in Chicago with my dad.

00:41:43.200 --> 00:41:58.050 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And i'm sitting in the audience and soon i'm going to go up and doing just meet everybody and it's a you know, probably 500 to 1000 people in this, you know big ballroom and the keynote speaker at the luncheon is Dr Henry discard.

00:41:59.130 --> 00:42:08.970 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And i'm like I don't know this guy from Adam at all, not at all my dad sitting there and he's he's listening to Henry biscardi give this kick butt speech, I mean.

00:42:09.870 --> 00:42:18.210 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: hellfire and brimstone he was he was so upset about the poor treatment that people with disabilities we're getting in the employment area and then education area.

00:42:18.540 --> 00:42:25.500 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And so he's going he's just he literally took a speech and ripped it in half, and says, I gotta I gotta get this off my chest and i'm.

00:42:26.280 --> 00:42:34.020 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: curious, and you know at the system that people with this which we're living it so and he's talking about how he started day.

00:42:34.830 --> 00:42:48.870 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Care Center abilities, he called it abilities that ability still is here and and so, in the middle of speech my dad puts his arm around me and says, you can be like him someday and it was just like there's your role model, you know.

00:42:48.900 --> 00:42:50.460 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You said something in one of these videos.

00:42:50.520 --> 00:43:02.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That you know, one of these some of the folks that go to the school come to your office and you tell them and somebody commented on how they love your office and wow and you so what I just heard you do in that video now going back an hour and a half ago was.

00:43:03.510 --> 00:43:16.440 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You were living with Dr Henry and scotty was started living through you his messaging you're continuing there's the ripple effect that we talked about so much so, did you did you say i'm going to be the CEO of his place, one day, like we as an 11 year old.

00:43:17.190 --> 00:43:25.620 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Not at all, but it stuck with me and by the time I got to through high school and and to georgetown university.

00:43:26.130 --> 00:43:32.760 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Easter seals came back to me and said we'd like you to join the Board of Directors and National Board of Directors of Easter seals.

00:43:33.660 --> 00:43:41.130 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: i'm 18 years old and and they put me on the national board with 24 business men and women, mostly men white men.

00:43:41.700 --> 00:43:51.510 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And i'm there and i'm watching everybody and I keep watching the executive director, the Henry biscardi of Easter seals yeah she was just incredible force she was powerful.

00:43:51.990 --> 00:43:59.220 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And, and I started thinking you know you know this, that wouldn't be a bad life, you know that would not be bad life to have service and and.

00:43:59.610 --> 00:44:08.430 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: make adequate money and make it a profession and I was always looking at her and thinking about Henry biscardi and you know.

00:44:09.330 --> 00:44:16.290 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So be it, I started guiding my career in that path of working for nonprofits worked for Easter seals.

00:44:16.800 --> 00:44:33.090 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: ran into Henry biscardi numerous times along the path and and he was a force of nature, you just cannot believe this guy no wonder, he started this place from nothing yes and did social enterprise as a nonprofit.

00:44:33.630 --> 00:44:36.660 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: When there was no such thing as social enterprise right yeah yeah I.

00:44:38.190 --> 00:44:38.490 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Guy.

00:44:38.790 --> 00:44:50.940 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: remark absolutely and if, and if you are on long island and, when appropriate, learn more about viscosity you got to check this place out, you know and again coven and obviously some that gradually.

00:44:51.570 --> 00:44:59.640 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: health issues with the individuals at the school, so we obviously have to take that in mind don't start showing up at biscardi folks that's not our that's not what i'm telling you do, but.

00:45:01.080 --> 00:45:08.280 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That we talked about connections, when we come back from this quick break about what the school needs do with the whole biscardi program needs and who you want to connect with.

00:45:09.060 --> 00:45:12.660 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I want, where I take quick break when we come back what I really want to talk about.

00:45:13.500 --> 00:45:20.610 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Is if we could just dive into that relationship, when you get this opportunity 10 years ago to take on the role cocktail become the CEO.

00:45:21.060 --> 00:45:34.710 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And then, some of the programs and things like that we got it we got one more segment of my time with Jon kabat flies every weekend, you know that it's Tommy the plants being focused john camp current CEO of the viscosity Center will be back in two minutes everybody.

00:46:39.240 --> 00:46:39.780 booster the.

00:47:50.880 --> 00:47:51.180 Now.

00:48:02.700 --> 00:48:04.380 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Is no other questions.

00:48:04.470 --> 00:48:06.780 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Maybe maybe I just come by the attic.

00:48:07.170 --> 00:48:13.770 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Every now and again visit with me listening to me talk to visionary leaders and nonprofit organizations on my show philanthropy focus.

00:48:14.670 --> 00:48:25.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I like to go up and down john be dramatic with my voices, I think it is for effect, I think people get excited about yeah you agree me john camp agrees it's it's a given now where it's were locked in ups and downs, ladies and gentlemen, i'll do stuff like that.

00:48:26.400 --> 00:48:38.970 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So so john you meet Mr excuse me, Dr Henry biscardi over the years, and you didn't say like one day that's going to be my office kind of deal, but it, but it is, it is your office currently and.

00:48:39.810 --> 00:48:49.830 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: talk to me about when you got the opportunity and then let's roll right into programs the school, the whole thing, so people know like let's give them a a kind of a tour an audio tour of discarded.

00:48:51.480 --> 00:49:01.530 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I was in my law practice in Washington DC disability legislative practice trying to influence Congress to do better and do better and do better.

00:49:02.310 --> 00:49:08.280 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: and out of the clear blue comes the CEO of then of abilities biscardi.

00:49:08.760 --> 00:49:23.460 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And he said, would you ever be interested in this position, I said no, I got my partner here at work, my way up in the partner i'm all good and he said no, he said, I just wanted to wonder if you just come up and look at the place and I said sure got on playing game and.

00:49:23.490 --> 00:49:24.720 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Have you been prior to that.

00:49:25.110 --> 00:49:31.500 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I had been once and I had this vague memory of going in the gym and there was a conference going on in there and.

00:49:31.860 --> 00:49:32.550 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So just along.

00:49:32.670 --> 00:49:33.390 It wasn't anything.

00:49:34.800 --> 00:49:35.640 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: 20 years ago.

00:49:36.930 --> 00:49:42.660 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So I come in and I start moving around and then kind of like you Tommy you start start drinking the.

00:49:42.750 --> 00:49:43.230 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: You know.

00:49:43.350 --> 00:49:47.670 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: He knew exactly what he was doing getting you up there, and he said, if I get him in this building, we got right.

00:49:49.170 --> 00:49:57.720 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So we say it's like, if you want to get somebody to really understand what's going on, and they have to feel it yeah and and you do feel it when you come in and you see the.

00:49:58.080 --> 00:50:08.730 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: How dedicated the staff, the teachers and the therapists and just the administrators just everybody is focused on just helping these kids.

00:50:09.120 --> 00:50:17.820 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And we live by our three e's education, employment, empowerment, so we have high expectations for our students and we talked to him all the time about.

00:50:18.300 --> 00:50:25.230 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: you're doing this because you're going to go out into the Community and you're going to live in independent life and it's going to be a good life for you.

00:50:26.220 --> 00:50:32.580 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So it's all about taking really severely disabled kids who are referred by school districts.

00:50:32.940 --> 00:50:37.890 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: To us, because the school districts aren't accessible, or they don't have the support services they need.

00:50:38.190 --> 00:50:51.630 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And the alternative for these kids going to school here would be to stay home and have two hours of instruction Max a day or go live in a hospital and have two hours of instruction a day so that's not acceptable to us.

00:50:51.810 --> 00:50:53.610 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: So you're able to take care of them and.

00:50:53.640 --> 00:50:58.140 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Take care of their medical needs and their education leads in right that's what i'm hearing so.

00:50:58.650 --> 00:51:08.070 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: They get they can get as much of the full day as possible versus trying to you know, do you bounce around to different places right you bring it all together.

00:51:09.210 --> 00:51:18.660 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And there's technological and human supports as well, sometimes you need somebody to assist you in going to the bathroom where we're handling papers, or you know just handling stuff feeding.

00:51:19.380 --> 00:51:31.500 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Eating that's that might need somebody to assist you with that so it's a wide spectrum of of those kinds of things, but the students are all and we intend for our students to graduate.

00:51:31.950 --> 00:51:38.790 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And to go out and get continuing to college or get a job and we create that expectation early on.

00:51:39.540 --> 00:51:45.390 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: federal law says that at the age of 14 disabled students have to start putting together a transition plan.

00:51:45.930 --> 00:51:51.630 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: That says so that, when they get to 18 or 19 and the graduate they're not shocked like what am I going to do now.

00:51:51.990 --> 00:51:58.050 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: they've already started at 14 we start ours in kindergarten so when somebody says, what do you want to be when you grow up.

00:51:58.470 --> 00:52:02.760 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And you say, I want to be a firefighter you say, well, what do you think it's going to take to be a firefighter.

00:52:03.420 --> 00:52:09.750 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: What are you going to do what what, what do you think you're going to need to know to be a firefighter so it's just about creating the expectation.

00:52:10.230 --> 00:52:22.860 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I will give you one factoid that is so impressive to me, and it should be to your audience 86% of our severely disabled medically fragile students who graduate go to college.

00:52:23.280 --> 00:52:36.450 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: He this is 86% good college of our graduates and that is far above what public school is and about 25% higher than disabled students across the country.

00:52:36.810 --> 00:52:49.170 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And who are graduating from high school, so we are doing something incredible for very severely disabled students and they are and they're going on to big schools, including my Alma mater georgetown and then law school and.

00:52:49.560 --> 00:53:01.200 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Judge rob rob appear on our board of directors went to our school last law school and Albany you know now is an elected judge in Nassau county just incredible guy.

00:53:01.530 --> 00:53:07.470 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What great stories and, obviously, he sits on your board, so we still involved in the Community and I love the comeback stories when.

00:53:07.890 --> 00:53:15.510 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, and because of this institution, I grew and did this, and I want to be part of it going forward so so let's talk about where.

00:53:16.260 --> 00:53:27.510 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know kind of the future, the future for john camp, the future for the biscardi Center I mean you know what what I this is kind of part where I talked about connections and things of the organization might need but talk a little bit about the future.

00:53:28.800 --> 00:53:34.050 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Well i'm you know, obviously family is extremely important to me and.

00:53:35.130 --> 00:53:47.280 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I married this beautiful beautiful woman who's got the biggest heart in the world loves biscardi as much as I do, and she came from from Birmingham Alabama and her kids and spouses.

00:53:47.700 --> 00:53:59.370 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And our five grand sons, who are all teenagers and all live in Birmingham Alabama so eventually and sooner or later, I will be in Birmingham Alabama and we will be in Birmingham Alabama.

00:53:59.880 --> 00:54:07.830 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: i'm in my early seven days i'm not done yet, not by not by a long shot, but you know, sooner or later i'm going to be in Birmingham.

00:54:08.370 --> 00:54:16.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Very cool very cool, what do you when we talk about regarding the future viscosity if there's certain things that biscardi needs are there, certain things that.

00:54:17.160 --> 00:54:29.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: My people my my connections to people listening in you know, aside from john we'll talk in nonprofit yeah we love checks Tommy I get it, I know, but past that what sort of connections Is there something going on is there an event, you want to talk about.

00:54:29.850 --> 00:54:38.010 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I do, I thank you for allowing me, I will i'll just give you two quick ones, one is, we have a golf event on Sep tember September 20.

00:54:38.640 --> 00:54:43.890 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And a golf outing and it's at the mill river club here on long island beautiful place.

00:54:44.250 --> 00:54:55.200 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And we'd love to have any of the golfers out there that want to participate, please let discarding know you can go to our website biscardi Center dot orgy and you can find our golf.

00:54:55.740 --> 00:55:07.800 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: outing right there and just send send a note, and we will follow up with you right away, about a month later on October 19 we have a REACH for a star luncheon that supports the after school programs of our school.

00:55:08.430 --> 00:55:19.620 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: And this is incredible because we have an independent living home on our property here a free standing home that is fully accessible, including technologically accessible so.

00:55:20.160 --> 00:55:30.540 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: kids who can barely move one finger can operate their cell phones and answer the door answer the phone learn how to cook learn how to you know get along with the other.

00:55:31.200 --> 00:55:41.070 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: Students over there juniors and seniors will spend one or two nights a week just learning how to live independently in the independent living home so it's it's just fantastic.

00:55:41.370 --> 00:55:43.050 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: REACH for the stars, give me the date on that again.

00:55:43.590 --> 00:55:45.600 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: October 19 at the crest hollow.

00:55:45.840 --> 00:55:47.460 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And the golf outing is.

00:55:47.550 --> 00:55:48.480 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: A temporary 20th.

00:55:48.870 --> 00:55:58.530 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I will tell you how I know that because, ladies and gentlemen, it is blocked out the entire day on my calendar, because it is a 60 day of service that i'm doing Thank you lauren marzo for giving me that opportunity.

00:55:59.010 --> 00:56:12.630 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Tommy I do love to play golf, but I think you know what when I got a I got a quarter of 60 days john I got to make an impact I going to start working out now number, I do not want to spend the entire month of December 31 to get it all in.

00:56:14.820 --> 00:56:23.550 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'm glad you're helping me too, and I guess what i'm saying, too, is like if you're looking you know lauren said there might be opportunities for other volunteers so contact me if you want to be part of what what i'm.

00:56:24.030 --> 00:56:29.040 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What I am doing what you might want to be doing it from a volunteer perspective, and you can run that through me Tommy D.

00:56:29.430 --> 00:56:40.860 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I philanthropy and focus and focus, you know by now it's pH oC us john I gotta wrap up the show in a second year, so what I want to do is, I want to thank you for your friendship, thank you for your leadership, obviously biscardi but for your leadership.

00:56:41.490 --> 00:56:54.450 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: In this space for all you've done for all you're going to do I say this, I get mushy and emotional at this point, but thank you for what you're doing you're making an incredible impact the ripple effect is infinite, thank you for being here, I appreciate you.

00:56:55.020 --> 00:57:10.890 John D. Kemp, The Viscardi Center: I am getting over clump myself I gotta tell you I am so proud of you and i'm proud to call you my friend and your friend scarred for life, thank you and thank you for educating all of us about the power of philanthropy and nonprofit world Thank you.

00:57:11.190 --> 00:57:17.940 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Thank you, man, I want to give you a hug but we can't do that because i'm in an attic and you're not so I will come by to Center and give you all of you soon as I can i'll give you a quick.

00:57:18.390 --> 00:57:22.260 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Virtual hug right now man Thank you so much, thank you, everybody else thanks for being here.

00:57:22.620 --> 00:57:28.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Every single Friday morning we do this, we amplify the message for nonprofits you want to get in touch with me check me out on the tick tock.

00:57:28.770 --> 00:57:34.740 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: check me out on the instagram i'm dancing Tommy D dot nyc on tick tock and instagram email Tommy def lamp being focused.

00:57:35.310 --> 00:57:42.210 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Watch us on Facebook stay tuned for the program coming up Steve fry has a friend of ours ginger Johnson it's always Friday Jeremiah fox right after that.

00:57:42.780 --> 00:57:50.970 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Joseph Malcolm really rounds out the the four block here on Fridays on top rated MC john can make it a great day, have a great weekend everybody else, making a great day i'll talk to y'all soon bye no.

00:57:51.750 --> 00:57:52.080 No.

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