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Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/20 - Photographing the Smokies

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/20 - Photographing the Smokies


2021/07/20 - Photographing the Smokies

[NEW EPISODE] Photographing the Smokies

Today's guest of Gateway to the Smokies Podcast is Wayne Ebinger, an Award-Winning Photographer well known for his photos of local musicians, concerts, artists and festivals, as well the natural beauty of the Great Smokies.

He was a former professional musician and a veterinarian tech. Currently, he owns and operates a successful photography business in Maggie Valley, N.C.

Our host Joseph McElroy wand Wayne and will talk about career, passion and photographing the Smokies.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Today’s episode starts off with host Joseph Franklyn McElroy announcing special events and announcements in the Maggie Valley area, including wonderful festivals, eateries, and great gatherings for people to go to. Then special guest, photographer and former musician Wayne Ebinger gets introduced. Right away, he gives a short explanation of how he came to the career path he is in today, from high school back in the 1960s to now, he talks about how he engulfed himself into the love he had for the veterinarian career to his career as a professional rock drummer.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Wayne talks about how he transitioned into his photography career. He started off with a cheaper kodak camera and started taking photos wherever he could. He first was asked to be a photographer at a wedding, and eventually was asked to photograph weddings, musicals, music festivals and concerts. He continued his photography business for nearly thirty years before moving to the Smoky Mountains and shifting his business into more intimate and local weddings and events. Wayne explains a personal rule he has when he’s taking photographs, which is to be stealthy. Whether he is at a wedding or out in the wild, he tries to stay as stealthy as possible to avoid disturbing the photograph subjects. He also adds that it’s pretty important to dress accordingly, for him that means a black tshirt. He talks about the cameras he has used throughout the years, especially during the shift to digital photography and which lenses he prefers to use for certain situations. He also says that he tries not to edit the photos too much. Wayne talks about his favorite band to photograph and other memorable photographs that he has taken.

Segment 3

This segment starts off with the story of how Wayne ended up at Maggie Valley and why he chose to do so. Joseph asks Wayne for photography location recommendations. Immediately Wayne mentions a field where you can see a beautiful landscape and sunset. He also mentioned Waterrock Knob for wonderful evening photos where you can photograph the stars and see beautiful scenery. He talks about how in the winter time, the snow is so beautiful that it will always make great photos. He explains how because of the snow, it can be difficult to travel around so often he looks around where he is and finds a quiet place in nature to photograph. He gives tips for how to photograph elks. The biggest one being, to respect them.

Segment 4

For the last segment of this episode, Joseph starts off by asking Wayne for some of his favorite local spots in Maggie Valley. He gives a huge variety of places to go for nightlife, eating out, or just hanging out and dancing. They share stories about their experience at these different hotspots in Maggie Valley till the end of the show.


00:00:32.460 --> 00:00:35.640 Joseph McElroy: Thanks for joining us on this week's episode of.

00:00:35.910 --> 00:00:48.270 Joseph McElroy: gateway to the smokies this podcast is about america's most visited National Park great smoky mountains national park and surrounding towns this air so.

00:00:48.750 --> 00:00:59.790 Joseph McElroy: agent natural beauty deep storied history and rich mix metal servers that we that we explore with weekly episodes I am just a very good mcilroy man or the world.

00:01:00.330 --> 00:01:09.780 Joseph McElroy: with deep deep roots he's mountains, I families live in the great smoky just throw 200 years I business cynicism travel my heart heart isn't cold.

00:01:10.590 --> 00:01:16.290 Joseph McElroy: today's podcast really talk about photography in this most most first i'll give you a little bit of.

00:01:16.830 --> 00:01:26.820 Joseph McElroy: opportunities to experience mountain heritage, so, as you know, when we started this rocky mountain the metal dark smoky mountain heritage Center Maggie Valley.

00:01:27.420 --> 00:01:38.400 Joseph McElroy: The metal mark mark motels or unknown and on July 31 we have a great example a mountain heritage of this that we're having over the next few years.

00:01:39.810 --> 00:01:47.070 Joseph McElroy: we're going to induce people who have done is they've been around for a long time, or where did you sing to you our pod pod audience.

00:01:47.580 --> 00:01:55.290 Joseph McElroy: And would count as Charles Miller and are landing, who have roots firmly believe in them and i'm soaking the soil.

00:01:55.890 --> 00:02:08.550 Joseph McElroy: But women can trace their family tree and west, north Carolina back to the revolutionary war war error and both of the ancestors who fought in 1776 rutherford campaign a battle of cliff king's men.

00:02:09.570 --> 00:02:20.130 Joseph McElroy: Mostly these 21st century Renaissance men are passionate about story and art and have led extremely interested in a colorful lives.

00:02:20.730 --> 00:02:39.150 Joseph McElroy: They there were why liberty recognized for their expertise and 18th century history firearms at a cuckoo as well as well as low genealogy middle work and wouldn't and brawn sculptures and creating a life cycle of a mountain man to man, created by landing at the haywood county courthouse.

00:02:40.200 --> 00:02:55.170 Joseph McElroy: Both artists artists are renowned storytellers, which is a tradition in the mountains and have been feature to turn it into a magazine newspapers verse and the book colorful colorful characters of the growth, the mountain mountains, I bought.

00:02:56.250 --> 00:03:06.300 Joseph McElroy: The service metrics smoky mountain heritage Center in the middle or motel or on these two grid haywood county hardest historians, with an entire day on July 31.

00:03:07.650 --> 00:03:19.800 Joseph McElroy: Sub celebrating life by featuring traditional ballad singing and hundreds by will return editor and I saw I saw him a few weeks ago, and he is fantastic and then he's playing one of those.

00:03:20.850 --> 00:03:34.890 Joseph McElroy: are made by Orlando, there will be hand handcrafted moonshine still I Charles Miller other word, he is done and there'll be display of frontier dress and accoutrement join with a talk by hank.

00:03:35.610 --> 00:03:47.010 Joseph McElroy: They will display a classic guns and sculptures created by URL and it will come come in with a with an award presentations for lifetime achievement by the mountain meadowlark smoky mountain hand here.

00:03:47.700 --> 00:04:03.330 Joseph McElroy: Afterwards, there will be a dinner and world famous Dr steakhouses spaces, with women to go to the maillard motors COM i'm for reservations and then the rsvp for the detector, which are two different things you gotta you gotta make it to the event event at a fee for the year.

00:04:04.770 --> 00:04:09.870 Joseph McElroy: So it'll be fun there'll be seminars to say store storytelling books available.

00:04:10.920 --> 00:04:16.470 Joseph McElroy: fun things to do, guarantee it's a great great marriage event that i'm.

00:04:17.490 --> 00:04:29.010 Joseph McElroy: I want to tell you that you can find more about this podcast and get a game of smokies fun, most importantly, you can sign up for a newsletter there are we letting know about these kind of events and so on ongoing basis.

00:04:30.150 --> 00:04:37.530 Joseph McElroy: i'm going to totally it's about our sponsors, I want you to imagine a place evocative motor court sorts of the past year, modern environment.

00:04:37.860 --> 00:04:46.890 Joseph McElroy: With a chic appalachian video a place for data Center in for relaxation imagine a place where you can catch fish and a mountain heritage trash out.

00:04:47.220 --> 00:05:00.060 Joseph McElroy: grill grill catch a fire and unique company fine wine or craft beers imagine ups with old old time music and old work with cultural sounds, there is no no other place like the.

00:05:00.510 --> 00:05:08.370 Joseph McElroy: middle like mode motel and may valley North North Carolina your smoky mountain adventure starts with with where you stay.

00:05:08.850 --> 00:05:26.730 Joseph McElroy: we're also sponsored smokies adventure that smokies plural adventure services COM information and listing about listings about the smokies it features hiking bedding and been venues books and crumb trail Max and resources for experiencing the smoke outcomes.

00:05:28.830 --> 00:05:40.440 Joseph McElroy: And the emphasis of smokies adventurous outdoor recreation life events like wedding adventures last long provide information on the lodging family entertainment events conventions honeymoon we're.

00:05:40.860 --> 00:05:54.000 Joseph McElroy: going to go is has been to be the meeting information portal on the smoky mountains, I remind my nice weekend and I give its hillbilly jam right I my cousin and Betsy Randy and it's a beautiful to day to day it.

00:05:55.170 --> 00:06:05.040 Joseph McElroy: Is features glorious music crafts food vendors that have moved moved from the Disney Disney channel discovery channel card bike show and more.

00:06:05.460 --> 00:06:14.730 Joseph McElroy: And you go to the hillbilly billy jack calm to find to find out more now my guest today is way editor, who is a physical care for.

00:06:15.180 --> 00:06:22.800 Joseph McElroy: And here's a Florida native hours, writing and Maggie value North Carolina where he owns and operates as a successful but photography does.

00:06:23.250 --> 00:06:28.110 Joseph McElroy: Wayne is that very diverse and interesting career as a former veteran a veteran next and then.

00:06:28.860 --> 00:06:43.470 Joseph McElroy: technician a professional musician and currently an award winning photographer well well and for his photo local musicians concerts artists and festivals, as well as those the true beauty beauty of the great smoky elaine.

00:06:44.490 --> 00:06:45.840 Wayne Ebinger: And they're glad to be here.

00:06:47.010 --> 00:06:48.690 Joseph McElroy: i'm so i'm.

00:06:49.920 --> 00:06:58.410 Joseph McElroy: Lando Florida Florida and we're educated, the University of Florida Florida original to be written to veterinarian Is this something you got into.

00:06:59.250 --> 00:07:09.600 Wayne Ebinger: Well that's yes, I noticed from a young age, that I was kind of always leading I didn't notice it at that time, but i've always kind of gravitated to analyze any kind.

00:07:10.140 --> 00:07:16.890 Wayne Ebinger: But after I got into my more of a teens and adult thing I kind of said, this might be something to look into so I.

00:07:17.460 --> 00:07:25.410 Wayne Ebinger: I wanted to that after high school and started working with a local veterinarian in Orlando and that's where I started back in.

00:07:26.280 --> 00:07:39.780 Wayne Ebinger: 68 I guess it was right after I graduated from high school stayed with that program and stayed with him and you kind of mentored me, I appreciate it everything he did for me on those and then things just kind of evolved i've been very blessed for.

00:07:41.250 --> 00:07:43.320 Wayne Ebinger: Multiple things that i've been involved with.

00:07:44.700 --> 00:07:49.500 Joseph McElroy: Well, that that kind of career obviously takes a lot, a lot of a sudden, so when did it out of that field field.

00:07:50.730 --> 00:07:51.510 Wayne Ebinger: i'm sorry what was that.

00:07:52.200 --> 00:07:52.380 well.

00:07:53.580 --> 00:07:58.740 Joseph McElroy: You obviously had to be very, very committed be you know in any kind of dealing with medicine, whether it's personal.

00:07:58.830 --> 00:07:59.100 Oh.

00:08:00.120 --> 00:08:00.630 Wayne Ebinger: Absolutely.

00:08:00.780 --> 00:08:03.060 Joseph McElroy: You do have you ever I missed that.

00:08:03.840 --> 00:08:20.910 Wayne Ebinger: The absolutely the one when your your your hearts into what you want to do and you're in one of your dreams I just kind of engulfed in it was I was working something like anywhere from 50 to 70 hours a week at this clinic with this this this veterinarian.

00:08:21.330 --> 00:08:22.020 Joseph McElroy: And just do.

00:08:22.470 --> 00:08:31.530 Wayne Ebinger: lab stuff and doing helping the surgeries and all that and I just loved every minute of it, so I just engulf myself and saturated with my life with that.

00:08:32.850 --> 00:08:33.030 Wayne Ebinger: and

00:08:34.530 --> 00:08:34.830 Go ahead.

00:08:35.910 --> 00:08:37.560 Joseph McElroy: and choose a different career path.

00:08:40.320 --> 00:09:00.300 Wayne Ebinger: Because I started actually playing in a drums when I was in 1963 and so that was going backward retro from that so I was 13 years old and actually I was playing in bands and through the younger days and, of course, back in the 60s, you were you know, I was actually.

00:09:02.130 --> 00:09:11.340 Wayne Ebinger: playing in local lounges and log in and plus you centers and things like that, but I mean I was under the cloak of darkness, I guess, when I was doing that, under age.

00:09:11.820 --> 00:09:27.810 Wayne Ebinger: But I just music was another thing that just I just love doing it and so that's part of what I tried to do for the what all my life and that's what i've been able to do for the last 40 or 50 years all three of them that photography the music and the veterinary field.

00:09:27.900 --> 00:09:32.460 Joseph McElroy: yeah so you, you are you, you are drama right yeah.

00:09:37.740 --> 00:09:38.340 Wayne Ebinger: I do.

00:09:39.420 --> 00:09:54.750 Wayne Ebinger: i've changed a little bit over the years, with I switched from a drum set about nine years ago when I came up here to permanent live at our place and i've been doing the homes and the percussion stuff for about six years and.

00:09:54.780 --> 00:10:08.190 Wayne Ebinger: So I couldn't get out of it, but now i'm back at some some some issues that I couldn't use my hands and things so they're coming back so now i'm going back and do a drum set so i'm going to do that and play guitar and piano whenever I can get Ahold of.

00:10:10.980 --> 00:10:12.300 Joseph McElroy: musicians or bad.

00:10:14.190 --> 00:10:22.770 Wayne Ebinger: What we're doing currently with one of our businesses here in town just down the road the elevated mountain distillery has a we created a.

00:10:23.220 --> 00:10:33.330 Wayne Ebinger: Open jam night on Wednesdays, and we have brought in it's been going for almost three months now, and every week, we have different people coming in with with their instruments to come in and plug in there's no.

00:10:34.770 --> 00:10:36.060 Wayne Ebinger: fee or anything like that just.

00:10:36.180 --> 00:10:38.370 Wayne Ebinger: The camaraderie of the the Community.

00:10:39.720 --> 00:10:40.170 Wayne Ebinger: And it said.

00:10:40.290 --> 00:10:44.730 Wayne Ebinger: Good results and it's good for the distillery to for for Dave angel owns it.

00:10:47.460 --> 00:10:53.490 Joseph McElroy: we're gonna take a take a peek right come back I get into your photography career find out more about photographing.

00:10:55.230 --> 00:10:55.500 Okay.

00:11:33.930 --> 00:11:35.550 Joseph McElroy: in having a better relationship.

00:13:14.280 --> 00:13:23.280 Joseph McElroy: hey this is genesis of Franklin mcilroy back within the gay race focus podcast and yes Wayne finger the rain.

00:13:24.330 --> 00:13:27.450 Joseph McElroy: Today, you were then for your food photography.

00:13:28.650 --> 00:13:37.050 Joseph McElroy: And then that particular your shots of artists in concerts and festivals, so the smokies itself, how did you get started with her.

00:13:38.190 --> 00:13:39.990 Wayne Ebinger: There again, I kind of stumbled into.

00:13:40.110 --> 00:13:41.460 Wayne Ebinger: It back in the 60s, with the.

00:13:41.490 --> 00:13:50.100 Wayne Ebinger: codec instamatic 110 camera because that's all I could afford back then, in my early teens and there was back in the day.

00:13:50.790 --> 00:13:57.930 Wayne Ebinger: Dick Clark used to have a traveling show called the Dick Clark caravan of stars and.

00:13:58.410 --> 00:14:07.440 Wayne Ebinger: He would bring them into Orlando and it'd be outdoor concerts and things like that, and I would just take photos with that and plus the music was a big interest at the same time with me.

00:14:08.070 --> 00:14:15.450 Wayne Ebinger: And so it kind of tied in together, and so I was taking photos of like Paul revere and the raiders and you know debbie billing.

00:14:17.280 --> 00:14:18.390 Wayne Ebinger: Finally, evolved into like.

00:14:20.520 --> 00:14:26.460 Wayne Ebinger: Alice Cooper and things like that, but that kind of grew into that and then, when I went to college I.

00:14:26.940 --> 00:14:31.140 Wayne Ebinger: was doing landscapes up in the University of Florida area.

00:14:32.370 --> 00:14:43.590 Wayne Ebinger: And up there, they had in Florida, have a lot of sinkholes and there's one called the mill hub, which is right outside of the university, and so I would go there with my camera shooting like black and white, back then, and on film.

00:14:44.760 --> 00:14:47.040 Wayne Ebinger: Film days and so that's.

00:14:47.070 --> 00:14:47.970 Wayne Ebinger: kind of got me going.

00:14:48.720 --> 00:14:51.270 Wayne Ebinger: I had someone asked about a do I do.

00:14:51.300 --> 00:14:56.850 Wayne Ebinger: weddings or something like that, and I said no, but I do the camera so I did my actually my first wedding.

00:14:58.680 --> 00:15:00.570 Wayne Ebinger: From a request from college.

00:15:01.320 --> 00:15:01.920 Wayne Ebinger: But then.

00:15:03.840 --> 00:15:07.680 Wayne Ebinger: That worked into it that's another part of the photographer is i'll talk about to.

00:15:08.820 --> 00:15:09.120 Wayne Ebinger: But.

00:15:09.570 --> 00:15:11.010 Wayne Ebinger: The music in the.

00:15:11.040 --> 00:15:12.600 Wayne Ebinger: entertainers that I watched the.

00:15:12.930 --> 00:15:25.350 Wayne Ebinger: photograph was really planted in my mind that something that I wanted to do and I wanted to pursue that so that and i'll fast forward a little bit on some of the music and the photography thing.

00:15:26.820 --> 00:15:29.160 Wayne Ebinger: Back in the late 90s.

00:15:30.180 --> 00:15:31.230 Joseph McElroy: middle 90s and late night.

00:15:31.530 --> 00:15:41.640 Wayne Ebinger: There was a place in Orlando called the Plaza live Orlando, it was a movie theater a huge to theater store movie theater but they close it down and they opened it up.

00:15:42.210 --> 00:15:59.220 Wayne Ebinger: To stages and large stage it can hold about 1500 people in one would hold 400 people next door, and so I was a house, for they got these tog refer, and I know we're about four or five years, I did almost 400.

00:16:00.360 --> 00:16:02.580 Wayne Ebinger: shows concerts There we have people like.

00:16:03.720 --> 00:16:07.950 Wayne Ebinger: Our bands like kev mo we had Asia Kansas.

00:16:09.420 --> 00:16:10.710 Wayne Ebinger: Some some of the world, some.

00:16:13.980 --> 00:16:20.610 Wayne Ebinger: musicals get came in narrow do through but mostly it was all music music john oates was there with Paul notes and.

00:16:21.000 --> 00:16:23.370 Wayne Ebinger: It was a blast doing that and being there for those.

00:16:23.400 --> 00:16:28.140 Wayne Ebinger: That many years and meeting these people they're so generous music and having that connection with music and my background.

00:16:28.740 --> 00:16:39.120 Wayne Ebinger: Open Doors for me to get into with the players that are there and just like Tommy Emmanuel those are several times and as more current people if I mentioned the other ones.

00:16:39.180 --> 00:16:42.480 Wayne Ebinger: Most people will know who they are, but that was a.

00:16:44.550 --> 00:16:45.900 Wayne Ebinger: solidify that part of it.

00:16:47.070 --> 00:16:47.340 Wayne Ebinger: and

00:16:49.470 --> 00:16:50.040 Joseph McElroy: So so.

00:16:51.180 --> 00:16:51.660 Joseph McElroy: Essentially.

00:16:56.040 --> 00:17:00.300 Wayne Ebinger: Well, actually well yeah initially I think probably most people are.

00:17:00.900 --> 00:17:03.450 Wayne Ebinger: Especially ah like guy was, but I did.

00:17:03.810 --> 00:17:04.980 Wayne Ebinger: When I went to the.

00:17:05.040 --> 00:17:13.800 Wayne Ebinger: photography wouldn't let into the wedding's kinda I like doing that because it was a I had fun doing it the most people most.

00:17:14.100 --> 00:17:15.930 Wayne Ebinger: People say are your garden do weddings you.

00:17:15.990 --> 00:17:21.150 Wayne Ebinger: Most darren's I know get near that and I said well my wife and I.

00:17:22.650 --> 00:17:27.570 Wayne Ebinger: Say let's try this so we did, but I went to conferences and I was went to.

00:17:29.190 --> 00:17:37.680 Wayne Ebinger: and listen to the main wedding photographers back then, when I was Dennis reggie who did john john junior Kennedy Kennedy juniors wedding.

00:17:38.730 --> 00:17:54.870 Wayne Ebinger: Another fella named David sizer and also earn as well the, who was a hasselblad hasselblad books and I was shooting hasselblad wives doing weddings, and so we just had a great time that in that business, we had for like 30 years we had a studio as well, but.

00:17:56.010 --> 00:17:59.340 Wayne Ebinger: The the weddings were a lot of fun we just made it fun made it.

00:18:00.900 --> 00:18:06.120 Wayne Ebinger: enjoyable news that we did that, which helped me to when we moved permanently up here in the mountains.

00:18:07.380 --> 00:18:19.620 Wayne Ebinger: We did the small weddings that are located here with the appalachian farm weddings and some other country clubs around here and in those kind of venues were fun too, because they were small quaint and intimate if you will.

00:18:23.670 --> 00:18:23.970 Joseph McElroy: i've seen.

00:18:25.380 --> 00:18:25.890 Joseph McElroy: recently.

00:18:29.610 --> 00:18:31.530 Joseph McElroy: I just saw the photos.

00:18:42.600 --> 00:18:42.840 Joseph McElroy: say.

00:18:46.170 --> 00:18:47.880 Joseph McElroy: things about your.

00:18:51.240 --> 00:18:51.930 Joseph McElroy: best.

00:18:55.980 --> 00:18:56.730 Joseph McElroy: You already.

00:18:58.380 --> 00:18:58.800 Joseph McElroy: there.

00:18:59.910 --> 00:19:07.320 Joseph McElroy: So very intimate invisible how people are two things either approve your car promised.

00:19:08.520 --> 00:19:12.090 Joseph McElroy: To be, how do you get to them to be in a life like that.

00:19:15.990 --> 00:19:16.620 Wayne Ebinger: From what I can.

00:19:16.740 --> 00:19:21.660 Wayne Ebinger: hear from you about being in the background that we're saying is with photography.

00:19:39.960 --> 00:19:41.820 Wayne Ebinger: that's that's a little bit better right there.

00:19:43.830 --> 00:19:45.810 Wayne Ebinger: let's let's go with that, I think.

00:19:47.940 --> 00:19:48.240 Joseph McElroy: Okay.

00:19:48.930 --> 00:20:01.620 Wayne Ebinger: Well, what am I rules in my personal roses, to be like all being very stealthy i'm going to be on notice at any function, whether it's a concert or or or a wedding or whatever or.

00:20:02.760 --> 00:20:07.560 Wayne Ebinger: Especially if i'm doing landscapes and tracking the elk down a cattle lucci or something you gotta be quiet.

00:20:07.560 --> 00:20:13.710 Wayne Ebinger: Not healthy there, but because we have all that which is reminds me a little bit of side the candle lucci here.

00:20:14.730 --> 00:20:26.280 Wayne Ebinger: Valley, where the elk live come right over into Maggie valley very regular basis, and they come up into our yards they hang out, you know and they're just they're part of the.

00:20:26.940 --> 00:20:38.670 Wayne Ebinger: Maggie valley family, which is a great draw for people to come here and for things to do here and Maggie valley so plus with mega Valley, just an awesome little place because the.

00:20:40.260 --> 00:20:53.610 Wayne Ebinger: distillery with moonshine like a good mentioned mentioned earlier, with the moonshiners coming in from TV shows I do a lot of work with them when they're in town, the hillbilly JAMA is this weekend up the festival lobby they're both things photographing that festival.

00:20:55.050 --> 00:20:55.740 Wayne Ebinger: it's a.

00:20:56.970 --> 00:20:58.590 Wayne Ebinger: The just being.

00:21:00.150 --> 00:21:09.030 Wayne Ebinger: Quiet and not in not dress accordingly to that's one of my bugaboos about what i've seen photographers in this shorts on and white church or T shirts.

00:21:09.780 --> 00:21:10.140 Wayne Ebinger: I like.

00:21:10.440 --> 00:21:16.020 Wayne Ebinger: black, you know that helps you but that's an interesting thing for me.

00:21:16.800 --> 00:21:17.370 cool.

00:21:21.540 --> 00:21:26.250 Joseph McElroy: Technology and software for stuff he has to do photography.

00:21:27.420 --> 00:21:28.020 Wayne Ebinger: I use.

00:21:29.550 --> 00:21:35.970 Wayne Ebinger: On the cameras will cover that for a little bit now get into the computers and what i'm doing with that, of course.

00:21:37.080 --> 00:21:51.870 Wayne Ebinger: What are you talking about I was doing hasselblad but it's once the digital age came in and when I switched into nikon 35 millimeter or the digital 35 would call it digital modes and i'm shooting that.

00:21:53.550 --> 00:21:55.380 Wayne Ebinger: that's my go to set up with a.

00:21:57.090 --> 00:22:05.550 Wayne Ebinger: Like normal lenses a 2.8 lens, which is a 17 to 55 millimeter which is for like or I could do close ups and group photos and my other one is.

00:22:05.880 --> 00:22:08.130 Wayne Ebinger: 70 to 282.8 lens.

00:22:08.550 --> 00:22:13.440 Wayne Ebinger: Which is great for low light both lenses are good for low light for concerts and what I do.

00:22:13.980 --> 00:22:21.030 Wayne Ebinger: And you can, if i'm doing landscapes and wildlife in the long lens of 80 to 200 gets you closer and then.

00:22:21.720 --> 00:22:27.180 Wayne Ebinger: So you get some nice shots of the elk and wildlife for the eagles that we haven't like juneau Alaska nearby.

00:22:27.870 --> 00:22:49.320 Wayne Ebinger: And as for post production what I like to use is, of course, computer by use photoshop and light room and I have my system of upgrading uploading those and and i'm fortunately I don't have to do much manipulation in the what I call the the dark room on the computers like.

00:22:50.670 --> 00:22:54.990 Wayne Ebinger: What what I shoot I tried to make it as best as possible, so I don't have to go in and spend a lot of time on that.

00:22:56.220 --> 00:22:56.640 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:22:57.870 --> 00:23:00.900 Joseph McElroy: Every photographer, no, no, no, and.

00:23:02.040 --> 00:23:06.210 Joseph McElroy: I see that in years is it will say something with their photos photos.

00:23:07.500 --> 00:23:10.050 Joseph McElroy: So Hello hit that into your photographs.

00:23:17.430 --> 00:23:20.910 Wayne Ebinger: Oh, the men wouldn't be where I think the photograph.

00:23:21.780 --> 00:23:29.910 Wayne Ebinger: there's no my my I what I see he's trying to say you're saying yeah a lot of it's there and I have a.

00:23:31.290 --> 00:23:40.650 Wayne Ebinger: Second sense I guess you will when i'm doing a concert, like the one we just did here with Darren Nicholson and his group for the smoky mountain heritage.

00:23:42.720 --> 00:23:43.050 Wayne Ebinger: Group.

00:23:44.670 --> 00:23:57.720 Wayne Ebinger: there's just certain angles, and you have to see what what the lighting is and where the people are and other said so, all that is going on in my under they were stopped and thought about it, but these things are all going on simultaneously.

00:23:58.620 --> 00:24:04.620 Wayne Ebinger: And I pick an angle, or the MID upper left or right and zoom in or out it just those days.

00:24:05.190 --> 00:24:09.030 Wayne Ebinger: I can see that, and then, when I when I see that capture that moment.

00:24:10.440 --> 00:24:13.950 Joseph McElroy: cool so some of your subjects.

00:24:17.130 --> 00:24:18.420 Joseph McElroy: That you've uploaded.

00:24:20.370 --> 00:24:22.530 Wayne Ebinger: Oh, the favorite oh gosh um.

00:24:23.700 --> 00:24:32.700 Wayne Ebinger: Well, I i'll do this first there's actually my favorite group is because they're the ones that when I moved up here they they actually started me into the.

00:24:33.240 --> 00:24:39.150 Wayne Ebinger: Music and photography area with local musicians in western North Carolina here.

00:24:39.840 --> 00:24:53.220 Wayne Ebinger: And that would be the balsam range, which is a some of the Members are daring Nicholson and mark pro tips or hailed Smith and buddy melton and they kind of took me under their wing and brought me into their recording studio and I got to meet.

00:24:54.480 --> 00:24:55.560 Wayne Ebinger: musicians there.

00:24:56.790 --> 00:25:01.080 Wayne Ebinger: And it might list of people just grew exponentially just because.

00:25:02.610 --> 00:25:09.060 Wayne Ebinger: One group of people will see my work and then it would refer to other band members of other groups and so.

00:25:10.260 --> 00:25:13.980 Wayne Ebinger: I owe a lot to them and they're always fun to.

00:25:14.430 --> 00:25:16.320 Wayne Ebinger: photograph i've been with it was nine years.

00:25:16.920 --> 00:25:20.580 Wayne Ebinger: After that, and then some other well as an individual.

00:25:21.750 --> 00:25:32.700 Wayne Ebinger: I know Tommy Emmanuel is very electric on stage with his guitar playing and but there's there's there's so many and it's hard to pinpoint on that, but.

00:25:34.830 --> 00:25:36.330 Wayne Ebinger: Any any musician is fun.

00:25:37.230 --> 00:25:37.860 Joseph McElroy: Never shot a.

00:25:39.600 --> 00:25:40.200 Joseph McElroy: musical.

00:25:42.000 --> 00:25:44.790 Joseph McElroy: tastes, have you got the time to take a few of them.

00:25:53.790 --> 00:25:55.230 Wayne Ebinger: I could I couldn't hear.

00:25:56.220 --> 00:25:56.520 Joseph McElroy: Can you.

00:25:56.910 --> 00:25:57.840 Wayne Ebinger: hear me now.

00:25:58.170 --> 00:26:08.640 Wayne Ebinger: Okay yeah the musical heroes, yes, actually, when I was the Plaza live in Orlando theater Steve gadd now Dr Steve Steve gang the drummer.

00:26:09.780 --> 00:26:10.410 Wayne Ebinger: He was playing.

00:26:10.590 --> 00:26:11.760 Joseph McElroy: In there twice, he was with.

00:26:13.830 --> 00:26:20.430 Wayne Ebinger: Bob James and his group of the jazz things and so he was there that one night and I got him to be signed a.

00:26:21.270 --> 00:26:31.800 Wayne Ebinger: drum head for me again and he put it on there and i've got that on my wall but Steve gadd as far as a musician it's just because it doesn't mean being the drummer and kind of thing is just amazing.

00:26:32.580 --> 00:26:42.090 Wayne Ebinger: To have met him and he played there three or four times and every time was great to walk in and and they know you when you walk in it's very comfortable it's like walking into a friend's house yeah.

00:26:42.510 --> 00:26:43.500 Wayne Ebinger: rosie Steve gadd.

00:26:44.580 --> 00:26:46.200 Joseph McElroy: All right, it's good.

00:26:47.520 --> 00:26:55.320 Joseph McElroy: To find out more about what you do what you know what you're sharing your experience in the smokies and the value is and things like that that.

00:26:56.370 --> 00:26:58.320 Joseph McElroy: Somebody relocations for photography.

00:26:59.790 --> 00:27:00.780 Wayne Ebinger: Similar locations.

00:27:06.810 --> 00:27:06.960 i'm.

00:29:32.520 --> 00:29:47.130 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is to Franklin mcilroy back with gateway to the smokies podcast so my again way of injured so Wayne what caused us to to relocate to make the valley and better business here.

00:29:48.300 --> 00:29:59.310 Wayne Ebinger: And i'll try to make it as short as possible, but when we were when I was doing the things back in Orlando, I was working two to three jobs, one of them was the veteran anything four days a week, and weekends were open.

00:29:59.880 --> 00:30:10.830 Wayne Ebinger: Because of starting way back because I was on the road, being a musician on weekends and so after I got off the road touring and stuff.

00:30:11.400 --> 00:30:20.190 Wayne Ebinger: I kind of had some with the photography and developed into the what is the weddings so we did that on the weekends and still do the veterinarian a week.

00:30:20.760 --> 00:30:30.510 Wayne Ebinger: But during that time we were coming up to Maggie valley in the mid 80s, to my wife and I before we had our children and would stay up here and just.

00:30:31.140 --> 00:30:39.480 Wayne Ebinger: rent different places that lake juneau Alaska, which is a Methodist headquarters at the time and which would come up twice a year just for that.

00:30:40.800 --> 00:30:50.220 Wayne Ebinger: And I just from there with the scenery the mountains, is it just fell in love with it because the in Florida you get nothing but flat land and.

00:30:50.790 --> 00:31:02.070 Wayne Ebinger: Hot and humid and things like that, but after why we decided to we bought some property and Maggie value then we paid that off, and then we build a house and then use it as a.

00:31:02.970 --> 00:31:12.540 Wayne Ebinger: short term rental here in just for the summer and it turned out to be a blessing, as far as having a rented and taking care of itself.

00:31:13.140 --> 00:31:21.840 Wayne Ebinger: So after about 15 years we had the crunch and all that and 80 and 8090 was in 2008 so anyway, we figured well.

00:31:22.380 --> 00:31:32.190 Wayne Ebinger: Though we're going to do so, I got the time where I could retire from the from the veterinary thing, so I said let's my wife and I said, well, maybe we should go up to the House or something, but our kids said.

00:31:32.970 --> 00:31:35.940 Wayne Ebinger: Once you go up to the mountain house and live, so we do that full time now.

00:31:36.750 --> 00:31:45.900 Wayne Ebinger: 2013 but being here, in the meantime we come up visit the blue Ridge parkway is just around the corner from us it's like from Maggie value to five miles.

00:31:46.860 --> 00:32:00.960 Wayne Ebinger: West on soco is so good roading they make a left in your another five minutes you're up on top of the water rock now and then you can take that take blue Ridge, all the way to asheville and beyond, or he made a right hand turn you end up in Tennessee.

00:32:01.350 --> 00:32:05.940 Wayne Ebinger: So there's a lot of see so much CDs in the in the graveyard.

00:32:07.380 --> 00:32:14.940 Wayne Ebinger: area there's waterfalls through there and it's just and it's a great day to hike they've hiking up their bike riding.

00:32:16.380 --> 00:32:21.930 Wayne Ebinger: So the things to do up here just just unlimited, especially if you're outdoors type.

00:32:23.670 --> 00:32:34.260 Wayne Ebinger: Of course, like, I mentioned the catalog the valley is always great to do with the with the history that's there and the old churches Baptist churches that are up there from the 1800s and lot of.

00:32:35.940 --> 00:32:41.100 Wayne Ebinger: Beautiful mountain views from here to sunsets or just killer.

00:32:42.090 --> 00:32:52.770 Joseph McElroy: If somebody if somebody was was coming through the mountains grabs Where would you recommend the best photographs to be.

00:32:53.910 --> 00:33:00.360 Wayne Ebinger: I prefer because our House actually looks from West, although we're a North facing towards Catalonian mountain.

00:33:01.890 --> 00:33:07.320 Wayne Ebinger: The sunsets are just just amazing kind of i'm looking at your background, right now, this is.

00:33:07.320 --> 00:33:08.070 Wayne Ebinger: What it looks like.

00:33:08.220 --> 00:33:18.060 Wayne Ebinger: Almost every night, especially in the fall with when the cooler temperatures in the clouds and i'll come in, but that is just that's my go to place it's then take much time to get there.

00:33:18.660 --> 00:33:23.730 Wayne Ebinger: And you get great results, and also a friend of mine was into astro photography.

00:33:24.270 --> 00:33:37.770 Wayne Ebinger: And so I was going with him and I learned a lot with him with telescopes and just amazing stuff way beyond my capabilities of photography but up there, you get the stars and he would we would actually find the planets and photograph them but.

00:33:38.790 --> 00:33:47.040 Wayne Ebinger: it's great for for evening photography is a what a rock knob is great, because you have the option of shooting towards can't count cherokee.

00:33:47.910 --> 00:34:00.870 Wayne Ebinger: which you can actually see from what a rotten where the Indian reservation is and Paris hotel and all that and gambling, but that's a really nice place what recognize my favorite is nearby and a lot of things to do they're.

00:34:01.920 --> 00:34:03.810 Wayne Ebinger: hiking biking and geography.

00:34:05.040 --> 00:34:07.110 Joseph McElroy: And what are the best winter what's.

00:34:08.400 --> 00:34:09.390 Wayne Ebinger: The best winter months.

00:34:10.500 --> 00:34:12.240 Joseph McElroy: Winter slots, the best the best winter.

00:34:12.480 --> 00:34:13.560 Wayne Ebinger: spots well.

00:34:14.910 --> 00:34:22.320 Wayne Ebinger: The whole the whole place changes because you don't see leaves anymore it's all empty branches and will every year we'll look over the mountain and say.

00:34:22.950 --> 00:34:28.740 Wayne Ebinger: wow look at how many houses are there, we didn't know where they're you know we started up here 20 something years ago, you can.

00:34:29.310 --> 00:34:38.550 Wayne Ebinger: count on your hand kinda like, how many were across from the from you, but now it's like and you can tell by the lights and Center on it, but it's it's the people have come in here and there.

00:34:39.630 --> 00:34:41.130 Wayne Ebinger: But I would say that.

00:34:42.450 --> 00:34:44.640 Wayne Ebinger: In the winter time that the snows are.

00:34:46.350 --> 00:34:46.590 Wayne Ebinger: aren't.

00:34:46.650 --> 00:34:51.750 Wayne Ebinger: Really too bad we have maybe two or three weeks out of the whole season, that you have to, we have to walk down and.

00:34:52.320 --> 00:35:01.890 Wayne Ebinger: They get the car at the at the farmer, the Lewis farm to get our car, but we have to walk about three quarters of a mile to get down to it, and go up to our place to get back, but.

00:35:03.540 --> 00:35:16.020 Wayne Ebinger: But the scenes, for that get like you to Las Vegas is nice to go through when it's in the winter in the snow because they have the Cross that's there on the lake and as it's lit up and with a snow it just makes a beautiful scene there.

00:35:18.210 --> 00:35:25.740 Wayne Ebinger: And even the places that well you can't go on the parkway we when it's snowing and I, so you can't really say go to in parkway in the wintertime because you're not.

00:35:26.160 --> 00:35:37.950 Wayne Ebinger: it's not safe and they close it down so you're limited there, so you just have to kind of look around and some of the streams are nice when he had the snow on the side on the Moss and the trees and you've got those running.

00:35:40.410 --> 00:35:51.510 Wayne Ebinger: waters in the streams or the rivers there Jonathan creek which is just grabbed behind the metal Ark motel here is always moving here that water in the stream it's just like put you in another.

00:35:54.360 --> 00:36:11.730 Wayne Ebinger: Quiet solid solitude place and it's just it's nice to do, but this streams are fun to do and experiment with the you see photographs with the waterfalls or streams and it looks like they look like milk looking look to with all the water is kind of whiten and soft.

00:36:12.510 --> 00:36:29.610 Wayne Ebinger: Learning that technique is simple to do but doing that once you accomplish that it's like look what I can do kind of thing is show people to be but it mixed up the photo look so much nicer simple technique, but it's it's I don't know how to do that just yet, maybe next time.

00:36:30.540 --> 00:36:38.820 Joseph McElroy: So I know you mentioned elk fest and so you voted for that, and it is for tips for help.

00:36:40.170 --> 00:36:52.860 Wayne Ebinger: um well, the main thing is to respect them, you know they are they're wild that although they come up here and they'll like they'll come right up you know within 10 feet of you, if you just.

00:36:54.120 --> 00:36:59.370 Wayne Ebinger: Keep your distance willingness to be saved use your common sense don't feed them don't do anything like in which people do and then.

00:37:00.000 --> 00:37:06.570 Wayne Ebinger: You know that they're huge animals, I mean they're they're not they're bigger than horses and they that you never know what they're going to do we.

00:37:07.050 --> 00:37:15.360 Wayne Ebinger: And there's usually a male one male about and he's we have one quick story about it coming up our driveway actually cut a little video of it.

00:37:15.840 --> 00:37:26.790 Wayne Ebinger: He was coming up the driveway and he has beautiful antlers which they lose every year but they're very lightweight because they're just hollow basically but he was coming up drawn up in.

00:37:27.990 --> 00:37:33.780 Wayne Ebinger: Our driveway, which is about a 33 degree the mountain thing is i'm watching them photograph.

00:37:34.290 --> 00:37:42.090 Wayne Ebinger: doing a video, and I say my wife, when I saw her coming around the corner get ready to come up the MIC a little turn to go up the driveway and she see your stop because.

00:37:42.570 --> 00:37:51.960 Wayne Ebinger: it's not you know we see them all the time, so he came on up it walked on up through through me after the driveway and walked around I named Elvis the elk.

00:37:52.020 --> 00:37:52.290 Joseph McElroy: Which is.

00:37:53.910 --> 00:38:00.180 Wayne Ebinger: Not original, but it was nice it's a great video to view that and we've had some of the males come up and.

00:38:00.960 --> 00:38:14.460 Wayne Ebinger: One day we were looking over our porch just say you're on your porch and there's 15 feet down you look over the porch and there, it goes for females is walking right in front of us going around the back of the House and about three minutes later.

00:38:15.540 --> 00:38:26.400 Wayne Ebinger: Here comes here comes the boy, you know it is a male the because they're kind of like in the rut season stuff as it comes right by right in front of us and walks up there and they they look at you, and they just keep walking through.

00:38:26.910 --> 00:38:36.150 Wayne Ebinger: But you know you get photos like that, but the best place is in the in the fall when they get into the right season, they start viewing.

00:38:37.200 --> 00:38:45.960 Wayne Ebinger: Which is a beautiful sound that they make the calling the near the females, and with a long telephoto lens you can go to the cat lucci valley that's where they.

00:38:46.560 --> 00:39:03.150 Wayne Ebinger: hang out in the end for food and and where they like to live and there that's where you get your best photographs and in that that area because it's good to a point, now that we've maxed out they've been here 27 years now 22 years.

00:39:04.710 --> 00:39:05.220 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:39:05.640 --> 00:39:12.990 Wayne Ebinger: When they move they used to be here, and then they brought him in from that MIT from out West, and this is the group and then keep going.

00:39:15.030 --> 00:39:15.270 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:39:15.990 --> 00:39:23.580 Wayne Ebinger: You can be driving i'm driving home here right on so go road here in front of the middle Arc motel and here comes.

00:39:24.180 --> 00:39:32.400 Wayne Ebinger: You know anywhere from six to i've kind of 18 at one time the elk walking on the sidewalk coming up, they were crossing through the course.

00:39:32.850 --> 00:39:43.620 Wayne Ebinger: Where people stop you know they watch and look at it and just let them go let them baby, so a lot of English, we have cell phones not unleashing the pictures on cell phones I drive a camera you can do that.

00:39:44.160 --> 00:39:44.910 Right.

00:39:46.230 --> 00:39:47.970 Wayne Ebinger: stealth, and just don't get too close.

00:39:50.190 --> 00:39:51.870 Joseph McElroy: let's let's I mean I think it's the society.

00:39:52.980 --> 00:40:05.280 Joseph McElroy: is coming back here but we'll be back next year yeah yeah that's I think that's a great festival celebrating the meal and all the culture and all the things that you can do around here to grey sale.

00:40:05.760 --> 00:40:08.700 Wayne Ebinger: yeah That was a great festival they had their unfortunately because of.

00:40:09.180 --> 00:40:12.480 Wayne Ebinger: The Cobra Tang yellow couldn't do that this year.

00:40:13.440 --> 00:40:18.540 Joseph McElroy: They couldn't get it, but they couldn't get skin scheduled for this year so we'll be there next year.

00:40:19.890 --> 00:40:26.220 Joseph McElroy: They do I was wondering wondering, do you have permits or fees and do photography photography and the snatch national.

00:40:27.720 --> 00:40:27.960 Joseph McElroy: Like.

00:40:28.170 --> 00:40:28.890 Wayne Ebinger: we'd be getting it.

00:40:29.790 --> 00:40:38.220 Joseph McElroy: You have to have to any permits or fee required to do do say commercial photography in the mountains smoky mountain Park, the national heart.

00:40:39.090 --> 00:40:39.930 i'm.

00:40:40.950 --> 00:40:42.270 Wayne Ebinger: Not that i'm aware of.

00:40:43.770 --> 00:40:51.750 Wayne Ebinger: All, although I found out because I am in the senior group I was able to get a lifetime membership for national parks.

00:40:51.930 --> 00:40:57.210 Wayne Ebinger: For $10 okay that's good, so my wife and I did that and fishing, too, but uh.

00:40:57.810 --> 00:40:58.170 Wayne Ebinger: Not.

00:40:58.770 --> 00:41:01.470 Wayne Ebinger: The photograph I don't believe you need to have anything like.

00:41:02.460 --> 00:41:05.910 Wayne Ebinger: That I do real estate photography to when i'm asked to do that, but.

00:41:07.050 --> 00:41:07.470 Wayne Ebinger: Now.

00:41:08.490 --> 00:41:21.750 Joseph McElroy: Okay cool all right, when we come back, but yeah you're you're well known for for knowing about the venues and events and things like that some of your favorite place in different kinds.

00:41:22.890 --> 00:41:23.250 Joseph McElroy: I will be.

00:41:24.480 --> 00:41:25.890 Wayne Ebinger: Looking forward to it okay let's do that.

00:44:00.210 --> 00:44:10.500 Joseph McElroy: out is Joseph the Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcasts and my my good yes Wayne and so away ways you've done so much.

00:44:11.370 --> 00:44:21.570 Joseph McElroy: photography of musicians and artists this in this era, been to a lot of places so imagine we got a tourist that's coming here and we're going to talk, talk to them and we're going to.

00:44:22.440 --> 00:44:39.270 Joseph McElroy: pick some places that you have types and you can tell us which might be the best variety, for example, if somebody is looking for a regional music venue the where you can like my heuristic music or an artist performing where we go.

00:44:40.770 --> 00:44:41.730 Wayne Ebinger: To Actually, I would say.

00:44:42.750 --> 00:44:49.380 Wayne Ebinger: Especially if there were coming into this area of the Maggie valley area, if I had mentioned the elevated mountain distillery which is just.

00:44:50.520 --> 00:44:53.040 Wayne Ebinger: down the road from from metal motel.

00:44:54.180 --> 00:44:58.740 Wayne Ebinger: With Dave angel he has a entertainment, there are five nights a week now.

00:44:59.760 --> 00:45:03.420 Wayne Ebinger: different things Wednesday night we we opened up the.

00:45:04.710 --> 00:45:14.490 Wayne Ebinger: We started a open jam for musicians on Wednesday nights Thursday night, they have karaoke and there's some great local talent and people coming in here with karaoke I was.

00:45:14.970 --> 00:45:25.260 Wayne Ebinger: Always worried about what karaoke but there's some great voices out there, that are not in groups days, then Friday or Saturday, they have bands and it could be anywhere from.

00:45:27.180 --> 00:45:29.070 Wayne Ebinger: bluegrass to jazz to.

00:45:31.980 --> 00:45:40.950 Wayne Ebinger: Just rock band to there's a lot of that going on, too, but that's on Friday Saturday, and sometimes on Sundays you'll have other events to with music related there that's right here in the valley.

00:45:42.000 --> 00:45:54.510 Wayne Ebinger: The other place was places would be closest would be in asheville I do a lot of photography at a place called ISIS music Hall, which is an on the West side of asheville and they have.

00:45:55.560 --> 00:46:03.570 Wayne Ebinger: A stage area where I had we can have dining the great food great food there and then they also have a lounge upstairs and they can have.

00:46:04.680 --> 00:46:15.450 Wayne Ebinger: lounge shows first like from six to eight and downstairs that with the dinners eight to 11 or so so two things can be going on there, and they have big band stuff they have.

00:46:16.770 --> 00:46:17.910 Wayne Ebinger: bluegrass they've had.

00:46:18.960 --> 00:46:19.380 Wayne Ebinger: Any.

00:46:21.150 --> 00:46:31.290 Wayne Ebinger: Any any of the event and what I like about the ISIS ISM because he he does a great genre of different types of music there the other ones that are around.

00:46:33.120 --> 00:46:38.670 Wayne Ebinger: would be they trying to get the name they just changed the name of it least open one up it's called the.

00:46:41.040 --> 00:46:45.780 Wayne Ebinger: hazel Robinson amphitheatre what you said nashville, which is an open theater which is normally.

00:46:46.080 --> 00:46:47.430 Joseph McElroy: was for Stage productions like.

00:46:47.430 --> 00:47:00.840 Wayne Ebinger: Shakespeare, and they have anally bed balsam range opened up this year in April, when when the first thing that the coven opened up, so we did the first concert down there out there and outside perfect stadium seating the outside.

00:47:01.740 --> 00:47:05.370 Joseph McElroy: they're doing outside of their do i've been concert now are.

00:47:06.450 --> 00:47:10.290 Joseph McElroy: The pandemic this concert concert right.

00:47:10.350 --> 00:47:13.230 Wayne Ebinger: Yes, right right here at the festival ground where they have.

00:47:14.460 --> 00:47:14.760 Wayne Ebinger: Where the.

00:47:16.200 --> 00:47:23.550 Wayne Ebinger: hillbilly jams, going to be this weekend in the winter clothes, like in the 20s and 30s but they have they invented the thing where they had the.

00:47:23.940 --> 00:47:31.800 Wayne Ebinger: drive in concerts when you come into your car you stay in your car you don't get out in the bands, playing on stage, and you can.

00:47:32.400 --> 00:47:40.560 Wayne Ebinger: You know X amount of dollars to get in with a with a carload of people and you bring your own food, but it was our House sets right above.

00:47:41.040 --> 00:47:46.680 Wayne Ebinger: The festival grounds, and I can see the stage from my house were 3500 feet up and we can hear it was.

00:47:47.610 --> 00:47:54.900 Wayne Ebinger: It was it was too cold to go there do one of the shows guys i'm not going down there, but we sat out on our port on our own thing with the.

00:47:55.350 --> 00:48:03.450 Wayne Ebinger: Fire pit and and that and just listen to the music, it was grace potter was plan and they've had Sam Bush there this year grace potter and.

00:48:04.440 --> 00:48:20.880 Wayne Ebinger: Young career has been there and Keller Williams and just like five five of those concert servants, but the concert thing was a great invention I don't know if it's going to work when we get back to normal, things are not because people want to get out and.

00:48:21.510 --> 00:48:21.840 That.

00:48:24.270 --> 00:48:28.560 Joseph McElroy: sounds like it might have a remote chance to live to live to see that's kind of quick coffee.

00:48:29.760 --> 00:48:38.160 Joseph McElroy: hey What about truck traditional thing I know that there's something ground has been a long, long time but yes, yes Saturday satellites.

00:48:39.330 --> 00:48:41.670 Joseph McElroy: places that are good around the area.

00:48:44.070 --> 00:48:51.990 Wayne Ebinger: yeah the stomping grounds, been a mainstay here for you, for clogging that's what it's all about there and they're yeah they're open just in the fall.

00:48:52.590 --> 00:49:09.510 Wayne Ebinger: The summer and fall and it's a Saturday nights at eight o'clock and the great a lot of room for parking and clogging if you've not seen it or into it it's a wonderful place there's a huge like an antique looking barn but huge huge place.

00:49:10.740 --> 00:49:18.390 Wayne Ebinger: For entertainment but stomping grounds Greg until, of course, one of the legends was here is hometown was.

00:49:19.260 --> 00:49:25.680 Wayne Ebinger: Raymond fairchild and he had a place right across from the distillery and called the Maggie valley opry.

00:49:26.190 --> 00:49:38.400 Wayne Ebinger: And he would play every Friday and Saturday night and i'll go down there and photograph em and sit with him and and be talking but unfortunately lost him two years ago coming up this year, and what a character, David.

00:49:39.480 --> 00:49:48.750 Wayne Ebinger: David fairchild was um but so you get you know that kind of desert there's I think they're starting now to have dance clubs or something like that.

00:49:49.290 --> 00:50:01.620 Wayne Ebinger: In waynesville which is just around the corner from Maggie valley and but I haven't looked I just heard about that, so I think that's a place where people get out which, I might have ballroom dancing I think we're going to do that waltz.

00:50:02.790 --> 00:50:03.180 Wayne Ebinger: Whatever.

00:50:03.570 --> 00:50:08.610 Joseph McElroy: method, they have the they have the streets as a part of the nights nights do angel.

00:50:09.030 --> 00:50:16.860 Wayne Ebinger: They do yep that the chatelet wayne's will kind of shuts down after five o'clock that's one of the reasons we like to move up here but.

00:50:17.580 --> 00:50:23.400 Wayne Ebinger: They have one coming out, I think I think Darren Nicholson and his band is going to be there in about a week or two with the Friday night.

00:50:23.970 --> 00:50:29.070 Wayne Ebinger: street dance and they've really incorporated this year with the focal mood coming to town.

00:50:29.910 --> 00:50:44.430 Wayne Ebinger: that's been on hiatus too, and that, but they they close the street down, and you have live bands and entertainment vendors and local entertainment local music and it's it's a great thing it's free you know people who go down there and just have fun with that.

00:50:45.000 --> 00:50:50.340 Joseph McElroy: So, so you know I bet you never thought about tools which, which are the best from the area for suffer some become.

00:50:51.510 --> 00:50:52.290 Wayne Ebinger: The festivals.

00:50:53.190 --> 00:50:58.440 Joseph McElroy: festivals Wilson that Western North Carolina that are at our annual the best ones to come down.

00:50:59.220 --> 00:51:05.790 Wayne Ebinger: Of course, well, the hillbilly jams, has been a mainstay this is their 10th year i've been involved with them for nine.

00:51:07.590 --> 00:51:19.110 Wayne Ebinger: The lake Logan, which is a the Episcopal church owns that which is a beautiful place there for recreation, a big for boating and camp camp camp i'm not sure what.

00:51:20.970 --> 00:51:26.850 Wayne Ebinger: That is, they have the outside concerts as well in the summer, usually around July.

00:51:29.340 --> 00:51:40.080 Wayne Ebinger: The festivals there's there's the in hendersonville or down South in regard they have the white squirrel festival and there's all kinds of festivals just.

00:51:41.160 --> 00:51:45.300 Wayne Ebinger: You know there if you have an idea, it could be an acorn festival, if you have a.

00:51:46.830 --> 00:52:00.540 Wayne Ebinger: doesn't matter people going to go because it's fun and music but there's around the asheville area oh there's another place a new venue that's been out it's called the barnett paint fork which is nearby here up above Weaver bill and they're.

00:52:02.220 --> 00:52:05.100 Wayne Ebinger: they're having the group called the outlaws, which is a.

00:52:06.210 --> 00:52:11.220 Wayne Ebinger: well known rock group, if you will, and balsam range and they bring people in there, but there.

00:52:11.970 --> 00:52:25.980 Wayne Ebinger: it's a beautiful place and venue for live entertainment and that's about a 45 minute drive from Orlando from Maggie valley and but that's a that's one of the newer venues but music, you can find it up here and that's.

00:52:28.140 --> 00:52:30.330 Wayne Ebinger: When I got here, it was like Oh, my goodness.

00:52:30.720 --> 00:52:32.640 Wayne Ebinger: All these young kids and their.

00:52:32.790 --> 00:52:36.510 Wayne Ebinger: They learn to play music instruments wonder five years old.

00:52:38.190 --> 00:52:40.590 Joseph McElroy: Oh, we got to come to in here so so.

00:52:41.610 --> 00:52:46.170 Joseph McElroy: I want you to tell people how they get Ahold of you how they see your work.

00:52:46.560 --> 00:52:52.230 Wayne Ebinger: Okay, what right now I don't have the web page, excuse me anymore.

00:52:53.370 --> 00:53:03.060 Wayne Ebinger: When I moved up here, I just want Facebook was doing well, so I just kept you can catch me on Facebook Wayne avenue that's the name and then you'll see what my recent.

00:53:03.810 --> 00:53:12.930 Wayne Ebinger: photographs are and the people i've been photographing and actually the what the concert I did here just last this past weekend will be on there starting tomorrow.

00:53:14.130 --> 00:53:17.340 Joseph McElroy: They want to do work with you know to hire you for some work, what would they do.

00:53:17.700 --> 00:53:20.100 Wayne Ebinger: They can contact me through the messenger on there it'd be fine.

00:53:20.760 --> 00:53:22.380 Joseph McElroy: Okay, you have a Jersey.

00:53:24.870 --> 00:53:36.570 Joseph McElroy: Well, thank you for being on the show, at the end of it, I want to talk, talk radio.ny network it's a fabulous network for all sorts of blog cast we're here every Tuesday night from six.

00:53:37.860 --> 00:53:51.900 Joseph McElroy: records as one about it and exploring the city so i'd love for you the variants all that all that a New York and the smoking gun have to have, and then the next week same time same.

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