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Friday, July 16, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/16 - Restoring Our Youth Project Reclaim

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/16 - Restoring Our Youth Project Reclaim


2021/07/16 - Restoring Our Youth Project Reclaim

[NEW EPISODE] Restoring Our Youth - Project Reclaim

Project Reclaim is a leadership training program for youth who may not be ordinarily selected for leadership training. Their focus is to provide the involved youth with the requisite skills to become successful, contributing members of society by helping them to be positive young leaders in their homes, schools and their community.

Ron Anderson is the Executive Director of Project Reclaim of Minden, Inc. which provides:

  • Juvenile delinquency prevention programs for youth
  • Parental involvement activities and parenting training

His public service awards include:

  • The National Conference of Community and Justice “Brotherhood/Sisterhood Humanitarian” Award
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield “Angel” Award Finalist
  • First recipient of the Volunteers for Youth Justice “Ron Anderson Champion for Youth” Award
  • Louisiana Association of Educators “Human and Civil Rights Trailblazer” Award
  • Shreveport, Louisiana Bar Association “Liberty Bell” Award
  • Twice named “One of the 10 Most Outstanding Leaders of the Community” by The Shreveport Times

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

This week on Philanthropy in Phocus Tommy DiMisa welcomes Ron Anderson, Executive Director of Project Reclaim of Minden. Tommy starts the show by reminding his listeners the importance of the ripple effect and the long lasting effects it can have on individuals. Tommy shares Rons list of awards and achievements that he has gained throughout his nonprofit work. Ron tells his history and how that impacted his decisions to take part in his nonprofit organization. Ron talks about how important foundation is and how it was a major role in his life, he specifies how his foundation made him realize he had a choice to do better. Tommy mentions how leaders and educators are critical to kids' upbringing. Ron notes that children are able to notice genuine individuals and those are the people who will have the most impact

Segment 2

Tommy discusses different programs that Project Reclaim offers and their mission. Ron gives more of his history, how he struggled in school with violence and how he had to make the decision to reach out to someone. Ron talks about how he was an angry kid not a bad kid. It was the situation surrounding him that provided an unhealthy outlet. Realizing his rage helped him change his path, he now shares to educators and leaders the tactics that helped him turn his life around. Ron talks about how service work called him and drew him in to share his knowledge. 

Segment 3

Tommy recites the Project Reclaims mission from their website to remind listeners of Ron's mission. Ron tells of different programs he went through and worked for before identifying with Project Reclaim. Ron then tells the beginning of his work with Project Reclaim. He tells of the planting of branches and his work with the kids. Ron tells how he saw that all students should be given the opportunity to receive leadership training.

Segment 4

Ron shares about Project Reclaims programs and leadership training. There is an emphasis on leadership training as some leaders are bad leaders so through the program there are different trainings that can make more effective leaders. There are other programs that range from educational training to parental meetings to reach most of the community. For the community to support their youth gives them better opportunities. 


00:00:24.630 --> 00:00:25.800 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: The nonprofit sector.

00:00:25.800 --> 00:00:31.230 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: connector coming at you from the top of my house, you know, in the attic just blow the roof above the second floor.

00:00:31.800 --> 00:00:42.270 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: My buddy Steve fry who comes on after me always says tg if that's one of the ways he starts off, I was born on a Friday, it was a lot of years ago, myself, but I always like Friday it's a special day and.

00:00:42.780 --> 00:00:51.060 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: it's exciting to have my show start each Friday morning here on talk radio dot nyc I am Tommy Tommy Tommy to the nonprofit sector connector.

00:00:51.600 --> 00:01:00.960 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: On a little show I call philanthropy and focus and the focus is on the executive leaders of nonprofit organizations, I believe, and you know what if you listen to me before.

00:01:01.410 --> 00:01:11.130 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I believe that the nonprofit sector always makes an incredible impact, and if it wasn't for the sector, I really don't know who makes that impact, so I appreciate the sector, I believe that the sector on a whole.

00:01:11.400 --> 00:01:17.580 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: goes overlooked underfunded and unrecognized at times and my answer to that problem or challenge is this program.

00:01:17.970 --> 00:01:31.110 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: philanthropy in focus and it is my focus to amplify the message of these nonprofit organizations, help them tell their story and what's big for me is the ripple effect, I talked a lot about the ripple effect, I was.

00:01:31.950 --> 00:01:36.000 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I had the fortunate opportunity to be interviewed just yesterday on my friend.

00:01:37.260 --> 00:01:40.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Dino burrell his show he he has an organization called.

00:01:41.430 --> 00:01:51.870 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Excuse me project purple and they do a lot of work in the research and support of people dealing with pancreatic cancer, which is, which is a terrible tragic disease.

00:01:53.340 --> 00:02:00.300 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But you know Dino and his organization have found that light to really make an impact on people going through that had the opportunity to be on.

00:02:00.750 --> 00:02:12.210 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: On Dino show yesterday and we talked about the ripple effect, we talked about when we connect with people, and if you picture the pebbles in a pond and how far the ripples going and their trajectory.

00:02:13.260 --> 00:02:19.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Of people's existence and lives that are changed through relationships and connecting and the impact others make on each other's lives.

00:02:20.370 --> 00:02:34.080 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And i'm setting this off all, for we have on my show today because, when my guests ronnie Anderson and I spoke earlier this week doing a little final prep for for today's program I was just so touched.

00:02:35.220 --> 00:02:37.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'm sure we'll get emotional today on the show gang because.

00:02:38.880 --> 00:02:45.870 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What RON and his group are doing are literally changing the trajectory of individuals lives, you know we, we know that people.

00:02:46.200 --> 00:02:54.240 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: All come from different walks of life different socio economic conditions and oftentimes those conditions have the potential to influence.

00:02:55.200 --> 00:03:03.780 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: or impact the way we might go, for better or for worse, and when when it comes down to and RON and I are going to dive in the conversation soon, but when it comes down to that.

00:03:04.740 --> 00:03:12.270 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: it's it's those who are affected in a negative sense, through their socio economic where they were born with your parents are things of that nature.

00:03:12.780 --> 00:03:15.900 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That sometimes need to help the support the leverage.

00:03:16.500 --> 00:03:26.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know I think a Doc Larry Gruber came on my show a bunch of months ago, he was actually the second guest he's the CEO of TSI ny transitional services from New York here in New York City.

00:03:27.180 --> 00:03:33.750 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Serving 4000 vigils mental health, but he talked about on that program goes back and he's back in January at this point, but he was saying.

00:03:34.080 --> 00:03:40.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: We only support the only to help me, and you know you know different levels of hell brown right different opportunities we all have but.

00:03:41.610 --> 00:03:47.640 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: God man if we could just be if we could be compassionate and help each other out more and connect with people.

00:03:48.030 --> 00:03:58.710 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And and reach that handout and pull somebody else off I think we're better off a society, a society, and I think you know when I had this opportunity, just yesterday to be on Dino rally show for a project purple.

00:03:59.730 --> 00:04:07.320 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: It was more where I got to tell this kind of the tommy's story and philanthropy and focus and things like that that's not what we're gonna do today we're going to.

00:04:07.590 --> 00:04:18.300 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: learn about ron's organization project reclaim and he's going to tell us the stories the anecdotes and like we do every week, who is the individual that's on the show with us today what is their story.

00:04:18.720 --> 00:04:21.780 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: How maybe would they impact in and how they influence to.

00:04:22.290 --> 00:04:32.820 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: to become involved with nonprofits specifically in ron's case we're going to talk about the project reclaim youth leadership institute so without further ado, I just want to read a couple bullet points.

00:04:33.240 --> 00:04:39.840 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: about my new friend ronnie Anderson national conference of Community adjusted brotherhood sisterhood humanitarian award winner.

00:04:40.350 --> 00:04:52.380 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Award finalist in the blue cross Blue Shield angel award he was the first recipient apropos I guess the RON Anderson champion of youth award so that for volunteers for youth justice.

00:04:52.830 --> 00:05:03.690 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: The Louisiana association of educators, human and civil rights trailblazer award the liberty bell award from shreveport Louisiana Bar Association and twice named.

00:05:04.260 --> 00:05:08.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: One of the 10 most outstanding leaders of the Community by the shreveport times.

00:05:09.060 --> 00:05:17.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: shreveport Louisiana for everybody right it's, this is a zoom universe gang you know what were you know RON didn't have to drive off where I didn't have to drive now we're meeting.

00:05:18.150 --> 00:05:25.290 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: we're meeting virtually and although I did sort of tell RON that you know, one of these days, I want to get down there and get some home cooking and.

00:05:26.790 --> 00:05:39.240 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And and learn about what you're doing in the Community, you know I if shreveport was around the block, we would have met in person already but RON without further ado, if you can jump in first I like to always say to my guests, welcome to the show, welcome to my attic virtually.

00:05:40.350 --> 00:05:54.570 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: tell us a little bit tells your story, and you know just the let's let's kind of break it down for people, because I think the stories are what tells the mission, or what talks about the impact so take it away, please run dmc and project reclaim of mindy.

00:05:55.800 --> 00:06:05.670 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: happy to do so Tommy, thank you for having me on your program as a teenager living in dire straits poverty around violence.

00:06:06.630 --> 00:06:14.040 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Those prediction, for me, a couple actually that I would either diamond streets or end up in Angola state penitentiary.

00:06:14.790 --> 00:06:25.290 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And the circumstances in my life at that time Tommy were so dire that I believe those predictions I believe them and the thing that delivered me if you will.

00:06:26.010 --> 00:06:31.320 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Is that I came across individuals that had a vested interest in me that didn't have to.

00:06:31.860 --> 00:06:41.340 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: They were educators, they were concerts in our schools, they were assistant coaches and coaches and assistant principals and people that really, really cared.

00:06:41.790 --> 00:06:51.300 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And as oftentimes say they saw things in me that I was blind to I remember one of the assistant principals Mr grove St Louis and absolute principal man.

00:06:51.720 --> 00:06:58.260 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: He told me, one day, he said Anderson Have you ever noticed that your leader and Tom I had not.

00:06:58.770 --> 00:07:03.900 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And he said, have you ever noticed when you're standing on campus people tend to congregate around you.

00:07:04.500 --> 00:07:09.840 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And it was just happening, it wasn't anything that I was really cognizant of when he pointed that out.

00:07:10.290 --> 00:07:18.480 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And the thing that helped me as well to my dear mother may she rest in peace, one of the things that she created for me was as a foundation.

00:07:18.930 --> 00:07:23.520 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Is that when I was a little boy four or five she taught me the joy of reading.

00:07:24.090 --> 00:07:33.870 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: So she would read to me, and I can remember those days, just very vividly of sitting next to her and her reading to me and it's one of those times that I valued and I bring that up for this reason.

00:07:34.320 --> 00:07:37.710 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: That gave me a foundation that when people reached out to me later.

00:07:38.190 --> 00:07:50.550 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: and tried to get me to turn around with some of the behaviors that I was exhibiting some of the violence that I was exhibiting you see the adaptive skill that I learned is that you responded to frustration with aggression.

00:07:50.970 --> 00:07:59.190 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And, is what I learned and that's what I started what was modeled for me, and it was what was acceptable in the neighborhood where I grew up.

00:07:59.610 --> 00:08:06.750 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And when people reached out to me to get me to change some of those behaviors I had a foundation, it was a choice for me Tommy.

00:08:07.020 --> 00:08:20.010 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: In school, you know I had a choice to do well, I could make down a role if I wanted to, so there was something there to work with, and these individuals in my life they saw those things in me and they help to delve into.

00:08:20.610 --> 00:08:31.620 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: My psyche into my soul actually and get me to see those things as well, so those people delivered me from the circumstance that was so dire that I thought my demise was imminent.

00:08:31.950 --> 00:08:39.360 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I thought that my potential was gone, I thought that I would end up in prison, and I believe those predictions, but they also.

00:08:40.440 --> 00:08:52.050 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: placed within me a spirit of service that later on in my life I would delve back into and resurrect, if you will, in order to help young people that come from circumstances similar tomorrow.

00:08:54.930 --> 00:09:01.770 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Thank you for your candor I mean you know it's the stories that you know some of us.

00:09:02.910 --> 00:09:15.300 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: may not share or might be, you know embarrassed by, but this is real life, and this is really what goes on and on, so I mean I mean that fully, thank you for being so candid with that, but you know you say adaptive.

00:09:16.740 --> 00:09:23.640 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You became you are adapted, but you looked at frustration you or yet your frustration translated into aggression.

00:09:24.210 --> 00:09:31.140 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And that was like how you sort of act it out, and then you said you know that's what was modeled for you and that's what was acceptable so.

00:09:31.590 --> 00:09:41.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: If you're if somebody is in that sort of environment that that's what they're seeing that's what they're hearing, maybe even their allotted for doing that sort of thing.

00:09:41.790 --> 00:09:51.840 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Exactly, then what the heck do you do you do that stuff right like whatever, that is if it's acting out if it's clowning if it's violence, as you say you know.

00:09:52.590 --> 00:10:01.650 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: paradigm that's the paradigm you're in that's an individual is in, whereas if you're in a completely different element 180 degree difference from that and.

00:10:02.040 --> 00:10:11.310 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And you know good grades and and proper behavior and and being respectful is is larger than you, you know the individual does that so.

00:10:11.700 --> 00:10:19.110 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: it's you know, I guess, I mean i'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist but I guess that's human nature right what.

00:10:19.380 --> 00:10:25.830 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What we think we're supposed to be doing from the people who are bigger than us larger than us older than us, we look to them for.

00:10:26.220 --> 00:10:34.200 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: for ways to learn what to do, how to do it right, so you know I want, I want to do so much here, I want to talk about you know the fact.

00:10:34.800 --> 00:10:44.160 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That you were drawn to service, and you know I want to get back to the books to what your mom's because I have a I did a day of service with the book fairies just last weekend.

00:10:45.150 --> 00:10:50.490 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: out here in long island and they've given 3 million books to other organizations who need books so.

00:10:50.970 --> 00:11:00.360 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Literacy is at the core of a lot of you know, the the the injustice and and crime and poverty and all that i'm sure we could talk about that, but.

00:11:00.870 --> 00:11:05.490 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Why did, why do you think i'll tell you a quick story to what, when I was in.

00:11:06.240 --> 00:11:15.600 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Many, many years ago, you know I started working for a major payroll company adp and I was in sales and I, similar to what you're saying about being tapped as a leader.

00:11:15.930 --> 00:11:18.180 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know where I not that I didn't realize it, but I would.

00:11:18.660 --> 00:11:27.210 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I was asked to manage teams of sales people and I always said no, I don't want to do it, and for a long time I I always said no, it wasn't something I was interested in.

00:11:27.660 --> 00:11:38.250 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And then, a senior manager came over to me he goes look, because I was kind of acting, I was in my 20s I was kind of a wise guy and you know, like prima Donna sales guy right making some money, the whole deal where you know.

00:11:39.630 --> 00:11:45.870 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Maybe drink it a bit too much at that point in my life I haven't had a drink in case you're listening showing you never know before I haven't had a drink in.

00:11:46.290 --> 00:11:59.430 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: September be 11 years but at that point in my life I was drinking I grew up in the bar business, and it was a wise guy you know, and I had its guy pulled me aside and said, you know what listen, what do you want to be a leader or you don't want to be a leader you're a leader.

00:11:59.580 --> 00:11:59.910 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So.

00:12:00.000 --> 00:12:02.940 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: He said something to the effect like this wrong, could you stop acting like a jerk.

00:12:03.600 --> 00:12:12.570 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like it was like that kind of point blank like hit me square like between the eyes, he was like could you stop it, I don't think use the word jerk, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I did you call yourself now.

00:12:12.870 --> 00:12:21.540 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But the point was like clean it up kid like clean it up, but it was, why do you think those those those educators those leaders in the Community.

00:12:22.410 --> 00:12:32.520 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know why do you think they reached down to run Anderson specifically you Have you considered out you think about it, that they will like this guy's got potential he's going somewhere, we got to help them out.

00:12:33.180 --> 00:12:35.460 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I better say Tommy I think about that Bailey.

00:12:35.730 --> 00:12:36.270 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Do you really.

00:12:36.360 --> 00:12:46.830 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: yeah because it was the salvation for me, you know, I think that, at that time in the 70s, there was a cultural difference where people cared.

00:12:47.460 --> 00:12:52.980 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: about what happened to young people in the Community and it wasn't this this driven thing about.

00:12:53.250 --> 00:13:03.840 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Money and and hoarding and an eagle it was genuine this in and what they were doing as a matter of fact, I put together a workshop I call it window.

00:13:04.140 --> 00:13:15.390 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I provided it to various educational groups in parishes we have parishes in Louisiana relative counties and i've gone all around the state, and I would do this, and what I will try to to.

00:13:15.870 --> 00:13:22.470 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Have the educators understand is the strategies that people used in order to reach me.

00:13:23.010 --> 00:13:32.970 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And one of the basic things, and it may sound trite to a lot of people because we're not getting into brain science and endorphins and brain structure and we're not getting into that.

00:13:33.330 --> 00:13:42.990 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: But what it came down to is these people were genuine they were real and when you grow up in an environment, such as the one that I grew up in your hyper vigilant.

00:13:43.440 --> 00:13:45.840 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I mean you watch everything, because you have to be.

00:13:45.900 --> 00:13:46.710 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: survival right.

00:13:46.890 --> 00:13:47.580 Exactly.

00:13:48.780 --> 00:14:04.770 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Exactly, and one of the things I point out to those educators, is that when i'm looking at those people that Joe turner's the already memes the grover see lewis's the mini be anderson's the beverly johnson's all of those educators, I could tell by their not only their demeanor.

00:14:06.390 --> 00:14:16.560 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: They weren't writing the off they weren't dismissive of me they wanted to see better for me and they were genuine about that you know I mentioned to you when we prepped earlier.

00:14:16.860 --> 00:14:21.900 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You know, you and I can pick up on somebody that's disingenuous but not as fast as a child.

00:14:22.470 --> 00:14:30.750 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: A child will pick up on that immediately and that's been in my 30 years of experience in working in the Community and working in the streets and working in the hood.

00:14:31.050 --> 00:14:37.440 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Is that they're hyper vigilant they're checking out you're scanning your environment for threats and when you can view.

00:14:37.740 --> 00:14:47.550 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: In someone's body language and their demeanor you know they're not rolling your eyes when you mentioned something that's painful to they're not looking at their watch when you're mentioning something that that's harming you.

00:14:47.850 --> 00:15:03.030 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: What they're doing is they're all in, and I think that there was, it was a cultural feature to that it was a time when and i'm not saying people don't care now but i'm saying and i've mentioned this to my wife, if I came through education today, I doubt if i'd make it.

00:15:03.840 --> 00:15:04.530 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: So so.

00:15:04.590 --> 00:15:09.450 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So you may have those those self fulfilling prophecies will would have fulfilled themselves yeah.

00:15:09.480 --> 00:15:09.840 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Have you.

00:15:09.870 --> 00:15:19.200 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Had yeah you remember, on one and you got you got some years on me, so you know you grew up in a different time I mean I grew up in the 80s and 90s.

00:15:19.650 --> 00:15:24.630 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Again white guy long island different you know different environment for sure.

00:15:24.930 --> 00:15:34.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: um but like I said, you know when we prep last earlier this week to it's like I know what I know right like we can only know kind of our path, and then we can reach out and learn all the things, but like.

00:15:34.800 --> 00:15:41.010 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I remember hearing things like you know I still see I saw somebody post something on social media yesterday, it takes a village.

00:15:41.520 --> 00:15:47.910 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like it takes a village, but like I don't know if that's like where I live, I feel like we got some real Community where I am you know, like.

00:15:48.270 --> 00:15:51.000 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: When you're dealing with something people help you out people.

00:15:51.450 --> 00:16:06.720 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know what i'll grab these kids and i'll take them over here, and you do this and you know somebody's sick in the Community and and people are like I got you man like I feel that, where I am right now um I don't know, though, that I might my expectation is.

00:16:08.130 --> 00:16:17.100 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: it's a different time and and I don't know that I would see that everywhere, not that people aren't good not that people aren't compassionate and don't care because I think people do.

00:16:17.490 --> 00:16:31.500 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But I think some of the comments you made there's people get caught up in doing the thing getting the money getting the stuff putting this stuff on a shelf going out and get more money, putting more whatever that all is and maybe that's a you know, a.

00:16:32.730 --> 00:16:39.570 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Because of how challenging life contend, to be from a financial perspective, right now, you know.

00:16:40.470 --> 00:16:52.560 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: If it's a if it's a family with a husband wife, maybe both people have to work to get by to make it all happen, whereas you know, maybe, only one person out of work, back in the day, you know, although I don't know what it is, but I don't think that that that.

00:16:53.190 --> 00:17:00.750 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That that community is there, like you're talking about, and again I I try not to sound so negative, but I just think.

00:17:01.770 --> 00:17:13.530 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: When I tried out underscore on this show is, we need more of that we need more of the names I mean, these are relationships with these people that looked out for you, what are we talking about run 40 years ago.

00:17:14.400 --> 00:17:22.110 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And you're rattling off these names, you know, and my expectations getting to know you a little bit you probably still have relationships with some of these people so you're able to.

00:17:22.680 --> 00:17:28.860 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: say these names, although some of them are probably passed at this point, but they would that influential I just wonder.

00:17:29.820 --> 00:17:41.580 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: From a Community perspective, did you have you seen a difference, like in your own little microcosm of the world where were educators and the people who did this in the past are not as inclined to do this type of work now.

00:17:42.180 --> 00:17:56.340 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: you're mentioning that cultural feature that mentioned that there was a sense of community that people, adults in the neighborhoods would look out for the children in the neighborhood and it's a difference now don't say anything to my child, you know your.

00:17:57.060 --> 00:18:02.880 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Decision even a teacher right like where where the educator was right before now it's like.

00:18:03.210 --> 00:18:13.560 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know i'm trying not to sound judgmental everybody, but now it's like where the parents, come to a their child and the educator is wrong right and any come to decided is that what you're talking about.

00:18:13.830 --> 00:18:21.360 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Exactly, and you know, one of the things that I noticed is that when you meet individuals that are still Community minded.

00:18:21.990 --> 00:18:28.650 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: That still have that that that vision of someone else reaching their full potential i've mentioned that people are.

00:18:28.920 --> 00:18:38.130 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Frequently these individuals they were Community minded and being so when they looked at me they saw possibilities as opposed to liabilities.

00:18:38.400 --> 00:18:46.110 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: These individuals knew what I was going through minton is very small town or two things they didn't judge me based on that.

00:18:46.620 --> 00:19:00.660 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And another thing Tommy that was vitally important they helped me to the same standard that they help kids that have a dad and a household that had electricity that had three meals, a day that had a car in the driveway I had none of those.

00:19:02.010 --> 00:19:08.610 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Excuses we're like all right, we understand your situation so on but we're going to push you you're you have to still don't use those excuses.

00:19:08.640 --> 00:19:09.480 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Right exactly.

00:19:09.660 --> 00:19:21.120 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I know I would have resented that if they would have cut corners for me yeah you know you know poor little black boy from the project, you know we understand and i'm gonna make it easy I would have resented that.

00:19:21.240 --> 00:19:26.820 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Right and that goes to that kid that goes that kid looking at this and it's disingenuous again right.

00:19:27.120 --> 00:19:28.590 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Exactly I gotta stop.

00:19:28.620 --> 00:19:34.470 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: We gotta stop one SEC RON I I told you coming up that we're going to run out of time and we constantly run out of time on my show because we bring.

00:19:34.710 --> 00:19:39.030 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: We bring great guests and juicy topics we gang it's Tommy do philanthropy and focus.

00:19:39.180 --> 00:19:48.270 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: RON innocent and I were chopping it up here, we got great stuff I hate to take a break, right now, so that means you all got to come back we'll be back in two minutes RON please we'll be right back two minutes game.

00:22:00.000 --> 00:22:05.640 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: that's right come through the static join Tommy in my attic every single Friday morning at 10am Eastern time.

00:22:06.870 --> 00:22:18.930 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Where I amplify the message from nonprofit organizations so ronnie anderson's executive director of project reclaim of mending couple programs, that we will get into shortly juvenile delinquency prevention programs for youth.

00:22:19.410 --> 00:22:30.750 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Parental involvement activities and parenting training the mission of this organization is to operate high quality programs of integrity and fidelity designed to reclaim the promise hope.

00:22:31.380 --> 00:22:43.950 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: and full potential of youth and families RON and I were just talking in the first segment about how his life was changed and impacted I love that word impact RON I talked about a long time or your life was impacted affected.

00:22:44.370 --> 00:22:52.530 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And, and I, you know not to be so bold, to say, this is what i'm hearing, but that changed the trajectory of your life.

00:22:53.400 --> 00:23:02.100 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Certainly, certainly, you know the the counselor That was really interesting instrumental this is June see Turner may she rest in peace.

00:23:02.910 --> 00:23:11.310 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I went to her, I didn't engage in an act of violence at school, and it was pretty bad is it was pretty ugly and I went to her.

00:23:11.850 --> 00:23:27.720 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Because I realized I needed help, and the reason I realized that is because the principal threatened that if I didn't have the boys Dr bill paid that I heard that he was going to have me expelled from every school in the parish I wouldn't be able to go to school anywhere in the Parish.

00:23:27.990 --> 00:23:29.580 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: How all right at that time.

00:23:30.030 --> 00:23:31.770 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I must have been about 16.

00:23:32.070 --> 00:23:39.360 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So, so now, so now, if that didn't get taken care of it it's only getting worse for this young 16 year old boy now he's not even can't even go to school right.

00:23:39.390 --> 00:23:46.380 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Exactly so now i'm going to be out of school, so I realized, then you know that I really need to reach out to someone you know there's a.

00:23:46.650 --> 00:23:55.200 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: That machismo is that you know you don't share you don't divulge you don't talk about what's going on with you, but I remember going to a relative.

00:23:56.070 --> 00:24:07.830 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: and explaining to her that the boss, Dr bill needed to be paid, and she said I know that's why you came to me, she said, I already paid it, but one thing I need you to understand is I won't pay another one.

00:24:08.310 --> 00:24:13.410 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And i'm tired of you, and if you don't straighten up we're going to have you placed in a home somewhere.

00:24:13.830 --> 00:24:25.230 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I realized, then you know i'm about to lose I have nothing and i'm about to lose even more so that Monday I went to her, and this is what was so foundational and turning me around.

00:24:25.950 --> 00:24:30.210 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: She went to a file cabinet miss Turner did, and she pulled out a Manila folder.

00:24:30.900 --> 00:24:39.570 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And she went through it and she looked at me and she pointed in the folder and she said, your grades were really good until right here.

00:24:40.230 --> 00:24:54.300 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And then she said this, what happened that was like an Epiphany for me, because when everything around you is crumbling the only common a common denominator is you, so you begin to think that it's me.

00:24:54.690 --> 00:25:05.580 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: But what she was expressing to me, and what I heard was that you know it was it was the things going on around me and then she said this you're not a bad child you're an angry child.

00:25:06.120 --> 00:25:15.120 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And she said i'm going to work with you, she went to all my teachers Tommy and she said this young man ever needs to talk released him from class, we can come see me.

00:25:15.330 --> 00:25:25.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What does that mean for a second run I mean, I think I know what it means you're not a bad child you're angry child Does that mean to me a bad something that's bad is bad and it's going to stay bed and.

00:25:25.410 --> 00:25:25.680 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Next.

00:25:25.710 --> 00:25:36.120 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: backwards right but angry, is something that can be changed and evolved from for a lack of me being ready to say something else, but it can be involved from a change and transition right.

00:25:36.360 --> 00:25:45.420 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Exactly and that's why that was so foundational and powerful, for me, because I thought it was me yeah but what she illustrated to me is that there were factors around me.

00:25:45.660 --> 00:25:58.230 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: That was making me behave and think the way that I was and when she told the teachers, that I could come to it anytime Tommy I respected that so much, I never abused it yeah never just said, well i'm going to get out of class.

00:25:58.290 --> 00:26:00.510 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I have to hang out with right yeah yeah you know.

00:26:00.810 --> 00:26:04.770 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I never did that, and then I recall this my junior year in high school.

00:26:05.790 --> 00:26:14.550 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: The schools were integrated at the time, so all the juniors at Webster high school where I went and all the juniors that men in high school took some kind of test.

00:26:15.120 --> 00:26:24.420 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I remember the class aka walking across campus and we cross paths he looked at me and he said test results are back you made the highest score.

00:26:25.650 --> 00:26:31.260 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I random his turn his office, and he showed me the test results and i'm going to tell you something.

00:26:31.650 --> 00:26:44.340 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: When I mentioned this don't think overnight I just turned and became an angel I mean that anger and rage stayed with me through my 20s through my college years so it's always you on the precipice of it.

00:26:44.580 --> 00:26:58.080 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: But it began to put me on a path, as you mentioned, to change the trajectory of my life so that I began to see the possibilities within myself so i'd give those people so much credit, and I hope I don't disrespect.

00:26:59.250 --> 00:27:06.780 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: The audience in saying this, but I fully believe that God puts people in your path that and he works through them for you.

00:27:07.170 --> 00:27:19.650 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And those people, they were I wouldn't be talking to you now had it not been for them and I tried to replicate what they did for me, and when I do my trainings around the state that's what i'm doing i'm.

00:27:20.400 --> 00:27:26.010 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Teaching those individuals those educators, the same strategies that those people use for me.

00:27:26.280 --> 00:27:36.450 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You know, being mindful of the what was causing my behavior of not calling me bad i'm not judging me because of the circumstance that I lived in.

00:27:36.690 --> 00:27:47.400 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And, as I mentioned, they didn't cut corners, for me, they held high expectations for me just like anyone else, so when I graduated from high school and then trip to everybody out went to college.

00:27:47.910 --> 00:27:59.130 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I recall, when I went to a dorm room at Louisiana tech after class one day just kind of hanging out and this guy never said this to me at the time, but he said it to me later after he graduated.

00:27:59.460 --> 00:28:06.690 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: He said when you came in the dorm room everybody just hanging out, he said, you went and sat in the corner and pulled out a book and started reading.

00:28:07.260 --> 00:28:23.610 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And he said I had always thought, what is this dog doing down here on campus so there were still people for men that had that impression of me, but they hadn't seen the change in me, so I graduated from college and I was able to pursue a career and I was I don't think that.

00:28:24.750 --> 00:28:30.900 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I was, I think service called me I didn't say this is what I want to do, I think he called me.

00:28:31.200 --> 00:28:45.120 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I think that it's enabled me to utilize what the those individuals did to reach me to reach out and to try to help and embolden and empower so many youth that live in circumstances, similar to the ones that I grew up in.

00:28:45.480 --> 00:28:55.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I think that's a perfect time to just take a quick break again because when we come back, I want to really so you're coming out of college service calls you, I want to know what that looks like and then, so I want to hear.

00:28:57.090 --> 00:29:00.480 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: How does this project we claim star, how does this become a thing.

00:29:00.660 --> 00:29:07.320 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, obviously, like everything else i've been talking about lately I say everything we look around look around the rooms were in everything came out of an idea.

00:29:07.500 --> 00:29:14.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: This came out of some ideas, so I want to know about that, I do want to know about the programs when we come back and who were impacting how how the.

00:29:15.330 --> 00:29:25.680 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: How the organization is impacting people so let's do that it's Tommy the philanthropy and focus, Mr RON Anderson is here from project reclaim of mending okay that's Louisiana and.

00:29:26.220 --> 00:29:40.710 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Just for those folks who might not know like I didn't know before we became friends so so we'll be back in just about 90 seconds RON will be telling us about how service called him and how he is being that servant leader for people who really need that we'll be right back.

00:29:43.980 --> 00:29:46.860 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: uninformed about metaphors and how it impacts on your life.

00:32:07.980 --> 00:32:16.020 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: The data and actually today you have y'all are not last commercial break supposed to Tommy de France be focused run instance here project reclaim amended.

00:32:17.190 --> 00:32:22.050 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: return that commercial break you might have heard my commercial might have heard my buddy Steve Fries commercial so.

00:32:22.410 --> 00:32:33.900 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I see Fries always Friday in, just in case you don't get enough Tommy here on this program we got a double dose of me after this, I will be on Steve Fries program always Friday and he's gonna be interviewing me and letting me tell my story.

00:32:34.320 --> 00:32:44.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And how that really impacts and is resonating with the world so looking forward to that that's going to be exciting, so if you're listening now and you want to listen to more of me and Steve fried just stay tuned on network.

00:32:45.300 --> 00:32:50.880 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Right anderson's here, I want to read something again a project reclaim project reclaim is a leadership training program for youth.

00:32:51.360 --> 00:32:57.390 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: who may not ordinarily be selected for leadership training, our focus is to provide the involve youth.

00:32:57.900 --> 00:33:09.960 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: With the requisite skills to become successful contributing members of society by helping them to be positive, young leaders in their homes, schools and their Community so RON Anderson is here he's he's.

00:33:11.070 --> 00:33:16.230 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: he's an inspiration to me for sure, I appreciate your being here appreciate this conversation.

00:33:16.710 --> 00:33:20.070 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: you're you're you said on the last segment before we took a break, you said.

00:33:20.460 --> 00:33:28.590 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Service called me I might be misquoting him something to the effect that you didn't necessarily say i'm going to go do service but I remember you set up in the first segment.

00:33:28.980 --> 00:33:38.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: you're talking about service, even from your mom with reading the book and all that when you for five years old So what does that mean service called you like what's that what did that look like what happened there.

00:33:39.390 --> 00:33:45.480 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I was teaching in a mental health mental retardation program at southern University in.

00:33:45.480 --> 00:33:53.370 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: shreveport and there was a program in Liberty heights the bottoms in shreveport rife with a with a gang.

00:33:54.210 --> 00:34:03.570 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Violence, a lot of drugs and they had a program they're called lighthouse and that program was trying to salvage some of the lives of young people in the Community.

00:34:04.230 --> 00:34:15.870 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I learned about that program and I was approached by people that work there and I don't recall how they've met me a new of me, but they offered me an opportunity to come to the bottoms to.

00:34:16.440 --> 00:34:24.870 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: be the Executive Director of that program and I accepted it, and there were people that they didn't understand that time me they said, you know you're here teaching.

00:34:25.320 --> 00:34:31.170 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You know, you could be here and be comfortable, but there was a part of me those call to not be comfortable.

00:34:31.620 --> 00:34:34.650 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: But was called to go down and to make a difference.

00:34:34.920 --> 00:34:43.380 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: So I went down there and work there for about 15 years and we were able to send a lot of kids off to college were able to do help a lot of kids become gainfully employed.

00:34:43.620 --> 00:34:54.120 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We just did a lot of things that were helping youth and families, then opportunity presented itself in my hometown amended, which is about 30 miles east of shreveport to do something similar here.

00:34:54.450 --> 00:35:03.990 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And so we started project reclaim project reclaim actually started, where we rented out the minute civic Center one Saturday morning early.

00:35:04.650 --> 00:35:09.960 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We recruited boys from around the Community to come out of seven that morning i've loved breakfast.

00:35:10.200 --> 00:35:22.650 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And to hear some men from tree poured in from competent Louisiana that were former gang members that were trying to turn their lives around and we wanted to help these young people, these young men get on the right track, I never forget it.

00:35:23.250 --> 00:35:29.490 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: That morning I saw a boy boys on their bicycles at seven o'clock in the morning.

00:35:29.940 --> 00:35:36.720 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Coming and crowding that huge room at the minute civic Center Tommy they were ready for somebody to say.

00:35:37.110 --> 00:35:47.310 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You know I want you, I want you to do and be better, and so, while we were doing this, I looked up and outside of the glass doors, there were girls out there.

00:35:47.760 --> 00:35:57.180 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: wanting to get in clamoring to get in so we let them in, and so I was still doing the lighthouse in shreveport and you know we did that project reclaim here and.

00:35:57.450 --> 00:36:04.620 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I said, you know it'd be wonderful if I could do that in my own hometown so doors were open to do that, we had a grant from a.

00:36:05.190 --> 00:36:18.030 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: juvenile justice and in Louisiana to help kids prevent kids from getting in trouble, and we did that grant for about three years with fully funded we had after school programs we work with parents.

00:36:18.510 --> 00:36:30.060 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We did a lot of different things with the kids and they took our funding after three years, someone made the decision that they're going to take that prevention money and put it into juvenile secure facilities.

00:36:30.360 --> 00:36:40.890 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Oh hold on a second, Sir, so instead of instead of preventing the activities, instead of being a good influence in the lives of these people you're they took that money to detention centers.

00:36:40.980 --> 00:36:43.650 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That will come up and come on right.

00:36:43.800 --> 00:36:51.000 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And this is what like what now i'm going to get on my soapbox, ladies and gentlemen, so get ready, here it comes seriously is that we're doing like that to kind of work.

00:36:51.480 --> 00:36:58.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like politicians are making those sort of decisions on this is the stuff that makes me kind of crazy on you know, like you know we can.

00:36:59.400 --> 00:37:11.670 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: We can go in and we can try and address and fix a problem be the catalyst for change right or we can we can find ways to lock young people away in a penitentiary and put them in the system we're getting jammed up right that.

00:37:12.180 --> 00:37:21.150 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: that's what and that's I don't get that like you know listen if you if you think i'm not aligned and you listen to my show call me up let's figure this out, I don't understand that, like what How does.

00:37:21.840 --> 00:37:29.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And again, yes i'm not naive probably businesses tall there's money somewhere that's that's moving hands and that's part of the problem, but.

00:37:30.540 --> 00:37:37.860 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: God man if we could just do the right thing and figure out how to get people what they need, you know people wouldn't we wouldn't have to put people in a penitentiary I have.

00:37:38.160 --> 00:37:45.000 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: run I have this new friend angel Rodriguez and in the last 10 minutes i'm thinking about how I can connect you he's up here in New York and and.

00:37:45.630 --> 00:37:52.470 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Founded an organization called avenues for justice and they advocate so out of the lower East side, probably the same time, you know, in the 70s.

00:37:53.520 --> 00:37:57.150 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: The lower East side in New York City as i've been told that wasn't there, but as i'm learning.

00:37:57.540 --> 00:38:05.040 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Was was in distress was a war zone and i'm using that word I don't know if that's appropriate but that's what I wanted when i've been told about it was pretty bad maybe.

00:38:05.370 --> 00:38:08.850 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: similar to the dire straits you're talking about some of the communities that you.

00:38:09.570 --> 00:38:14.430 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You were involved with like would they they advocate for these young people in court.

00:38:14.730 --> 00:38:22.020 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Young people who who who, as a product of their environment in society, similar to earlier in our conversation they get jammed up.

00:38:22.260 --> 00:38:29.850 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: They get jammed up because that's what they saw right, you said that's what was modeled and that's what was acceptable so that's you know.

00:38:30.270 --> 00:38:40.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: gang life, you know robbing and doing bad things right, you know inappropriate violence, whatever that's that was they were you know that's what you did you know, whether it be.

00:38:42.330 --> 00:38:45.000 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: selling drugs being involved with whatever all that is.

00:38:45.510 --> 00:38:58.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And now, and sometimes like when talking to angel angel is and I can't wait to meet him in person he he's like a celebrity down there in the lower East side of New York City because he's impacted the youth it family generations of people.

00:38:59.400 --> 00:39:10.920 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, he refers to much kids and needs somebody men are 50 years old, he goes this kid came in with that or this kid came in with that and but but he's he's been down there but he's he's in the Community, and like.

00:39:12.360 --> 00:39:28.830 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I look i'm not going to solve all society's problems we certainly are going to do this morning but probably not even on this program am I going to do that that's kind of funny but it's it's influencing these things, so you lose the funding i'm sorry I call us back and going to be.

00:39:29.310 --> 00:39:40.020 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But it gives me kind of gets me a little crazy what you lose the funding, did you have to go find new funding, what did you do, how did you how did you reclaim project reclaim how did that happen.

00:39:40.620 --> 00:39:49.920 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Well, I re I readjusted our focus, I had to narrow it I couldn't do the after school programming anymore, but I would go make home and school visits and.

00:39:50.820 --> 00:39:54.210 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I served as a volunteer for several years didn't get paid a dime.

00:39:54.780 --> 00:40:03.630 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I was blessed to have the kind of wife That said, I support you i'm behind you, because she really believed in that vision, so I was still working with the same kids and then.

00:40:04.080 --> 00:40:14.370 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: made an arrangement at men and housing authority to use their huge gymnasium to meet on Saturdays is our flagship youth leadership academy day I want to back up a little bit.

00:40:14.820 --> 00:40:21.810 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You mentioned something that I really want to emphasize, to the audience, I was doing some youth leadership training for an area parish school.

00:40:22.200 --> 00:40:30.360 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I noticed that I work with kids in that Parish, but I was there all day and kids were rotating in and out of our rooms to learn about leadership.

00:40:30.750 --> 00:40:39.060 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: and not one of the kids that I work with came through those rooms, so that was a where I started begin to think that you know what we need to do.

00:40:39.450 --> 00:40:43.410 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We need leadership training for the kids that don't get selected for leadership training.

00:40:43.650 --> 00:40:55.620 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Because usually it's A and B students that you start your star athletes that they select so I went out and I started reaching out to kids with this criteria they're performing below academic potential.

00:40:56.070 --> 00:41:05.370 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: tendency to be disrespectful to disruptive in the academic setting in the classroom living in a high crime neighborhoods and maybe a single parent household.

00:41:06.000 --> 00:41:13.920 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And they're free and reduced lunch, which means poverty and i'll tell you something Tommy I was in Florida speaking about project reclaim a couple of years ago.

00:41:14.400 --> 00:41:19.980 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I was going through my notes night before and I was looking at the referral criteria everything i've just mentioned to you.

00:41:20.490 --> 00:41:34.140 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I saw something that had never occurred to me before and I called my wife and to look at the screen and discuss it with her when I looked at the referral criteria, you know what I had done, I had created a program to serve me.

00:41:34.920 --> 00:41:36.930 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: When I was a teenager don't RON Anderson.

00:41:37.110 --> 00:41:37.620 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Yes.

00:41:37.740 --> 00:41:45.600 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I never I swear to you, I had never consciously said okay i'm doing it for this reason.

00:41:45.630 --> 00:41:49.290 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You didn't say here's what I needed, let me make something that looks like that yeah.

00:41:49.470 --> 00:41:49.920 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I know.

00:41:50.040 --> 00:42:02.250 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I just did it and that's why I mentioned that service called me and i'm a just a full proponent that sometimes something calls you because you're needed and i'll tell you something that happened to me that was.

00:42:03.300 --> 00:42:08.790 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Years ago, that that just it brings me to tears today, one of my vehicles.

00:42:09.510 --> 00:42:16.650 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: was needed repair, so I drove it over to shreveport and i've got a loaner they had a vehicle there for me.

00:42:17.040 --> 00:42:25.410 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: So I had on a suit and tie and I hadn't a briefcase because I had meetings that day and I was walking up this inclined to go into the service department.

00:42:25.920 --> 00:42:36.330 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And, as I was walking up the incline to my left the walls of that automobile dealership are mirrored so as i'm walking up the incline I looked to my to my left.

00:42:37.350 --> 00:42:41.700 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I saw the reflection of the man that I was looking at and it's done me.

00:42:42.720 --> 00:42:47.760 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And it hit me at that time that's why those people did what they did.

00:42:48.630 --> 00:43:03.150 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: that's why they invested in me so that one day I could be dressed honestly I could have the automobiles that I have, I could go out and serving the Community and I stood there several minutes of people in the dealership probably thought I was NUTS I don't know.

00:43:03.450 --> 00:43:05.670 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: But I stood there because I was stunned.

00:43:06.000 --> 00:43:15.750 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: and the first thing I said was you know, thank God that people were placed in my path to help me and the next thing that I had because this moment was truly an Epiphany.

00:43:16.080 --> 00:43:27.150 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I mean it was perfect clarity at that time understood why those people did what they did my next thought was this I want some of the kids that I work with one day to have that same Epiphany.

00:43:27.690 --> 00:43:35.010 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I want them to have that same experience, this is why I missed, and this and cared so much about me because he wants me to live this kind of life.

00:43:35.310 --> 00:43:44.550 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: So we're teaching kids leadership and socialization skills we're doing podcasting we're doing television production, and these are the kids that some people are saying.

00:43:44.820 --> 00:44:01.440 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You know I can't work with them, I was in a meeting yesterday and somebody brought up something that is just anathema to me to mention that you know this kid can't learn and i'm thinking whatever you're seeing out of this kid he learned it somewhere.

00:44:01.620 --> 00:44:09.900 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Right, he learned some he can learn you're just not teaching you you're having trouble getting into him right right all of this stuff is learned right.

00:44:10.470 --> 00:44:11.730 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Learn exactly.

00:44:12.000 --> 00:44:14.130 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Right, he might just be learning the wrong stuff.

00:44:14.280 --> 00:44:24.990 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Exactly, just like me when I learned violence people helped me to unlearn that yeah So when I learned to be frustrated and, to this day Tommy I don't know how to argue.

00:44:25.710 --> 00:44:26.640 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You don't know how to argue.

00:44:26.880 --> 00:44:32.610 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I don't know how to never argued, where I grew up people didn't argue, I mean there's one word and another word and.

00:44:33.690 --> 00:44:40.620 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You know, as fireworks and, to this day I don't understand how two people can become that emotional and not become physical and.

00:44:40.620 --> 00:44:41.940 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: not become physical yeah.

00:44:41.970 --> 00:44:46.680 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Go arguing is not a part of my repertoire I think my wife is eternally grateful.

00:44:47.460 --> 00:44:50.130 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: I don't know how to argue and it's just something I don't do.

00:44:50.310 --> 00:44:57.330 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And some people would say, well, you need to learn how to but i've got to keep that genie in the bottle you know, to have 100 years old yeah.

00:44:57.390 --> 00:44:58.800 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: But I still wrestle with the.

00:44:58.800 --> 00:45:02.760 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: same things I don't want your audience to think well you know it's magical and all.

00:45:02.760 --> 00:45:03.180 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I like he's.

00:45:03.360 --> 00:45:11.970 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like he's like he figured it out and it's all good no, these are the demons are the challenges, or whatever these character traits that we that we live with, but we keep them at bay right.

00:45:12.270 --> 00:45:14.550 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: If you wrestle with it every day.

00:45:14.700 --> 00:45:27.330 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You know of learning how to keep things, how to deal with things and it takes a lot of emotional and cognitive effort to not return to some of those ways of not being how you used to be.

00:45:27.600 --> 00:45:29.250 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: i'm just so thankful you.

00:45:30.210 --> 00:45:37.260 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'm sorry to cut you off, so you can tell that story, because you live it so when there's a young person whether he's 2616 or six year old.

00:45:37.590 --> 00:45:43.020 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Right I get it man like I feel you I know what you're living with I get it, I was.

00:45:43.530 --> 00:45:50.730 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And it's not I would you one day I still am like I, and I, you know to compare it I mentioned today don't mention a lot and just kind of came up but.

00:45:51.060 --> 00:45:54.660 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know I quit drinking, because it was the right thing for me to do for my life right.

00:45:54.990 --> 00:46:01.590 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: People battle with this stuff all the time and it's not something you necessarily figure out it's something you just kind of live with, and you know.

00:46:01.860 --> 00:46:05.910 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know you don't you don't it doesn't go away or these kind of things with mental health issues.

00:46:06.180 --> 00:46:09.360 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, whether it be substance abuse, you know you just got to battle that i'm going to.

00:46:09.540 --> 00:46:17.130 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: we're going to take a quick break again where to come back around and we come back, I want you to spend a minute or two just tell me about the programs what it looks like in the organization and then we'll talk about the future.

00:46:17.550 --> 00:46:22.950 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: of project reclaim a minute and really maybe some things you need as an organization that will bring it to close so.

00:46:23.250 --> 00:46:31.380 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I will come back programs, where the where the future this organization is going to tell me the in the attic philanthropy and focus every Friday morning 10am stay tuned we'll be back in two minutes.

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00:48:47.460 --> 00:48:47.760 Now.

00:49:00.060 --> 00:49:02.040 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Data join me in the attic one of my boys.

00:49:03.300 --> 00:49:07.830 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Were my son's who's signing stop calling me Tommy he calls me miss the static right now for you so.

00:49:09.210 --> 00:49:16.050 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So so look RON anderson's here where to draw this show to a close, but I want Ryan just if you could so project reclaim.

00:49:16.770 --> 00:49:25.950 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: At a minute in Louisiana RON tell me what exactly is a user experience for these individuals these young people when they come through the program what does it kind of look like for them.

00:49:26.640 --> 00:49:34.260 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Well, we have provided leadership training for them, we want them to learn what leadership is we talk about leadership styles.

00:49:34.980 --> 00:49:42.990 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We just make the distinction between good leadership and bad leadership, some people are incredible leaders, but it's they're bad leaders.

00:49:43.380 --> 00:49:51.180 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: gang leaders are incredible leaders they know how to reinforce behavior they know recruitment they know all the strategies to get people to do things.

00:49:51.450 --> 00:49:58.980 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I want these kids to make the differentiation between good leadership and bad leadership and their challenge the challenge with our creed.

00:49:59.340 --> 00:50:09.450 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: to become the best leader, that they can and also we teach socialization skills we teach conflict resolution skills you got to know how to handle conflict in the proper way.

00:50:09.810 --> 00:50:20.040 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And then we also have some academic support we use the ascend math platform that was donated tools and we were recognized as a gold medal school.

00:50:21.300 --> 00:50:22.140 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Today yeah what.

00:50:22.170 --> 00:50:23.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What tell me about a sense tell me about that.

00:50:23.790 --> 00:50:30.930 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Well it's a program that's mathematically based and the kids log on, and they have their own password and ID.

00:50:31.170 --> 00:50:39.270 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: they're giving pre test to test their basal levels and different types of mathematics and then they're giving activities to in order to show.

00:50:39.630 --> 00:50:56.310 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Help them to increase their skills in mathematics and we were one of the programs not only nationally, but internationally that was recognized as a gold medal school in a small town in the Northwest corner Louisiana with about 13,000 people and i'm very proud of that.

00:50:57.090 --> 00:51:06.210 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We have a pants organization called packed they named it parents and children together, because one of the things that I found Tommy and doing this work.

00:51:06.750 --> 00:51:09.390 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: you've got to impact the dynamics of the household.

00:51:09.930 --> 00:51:13.350 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You can't just work with the child in the household and then send them back.

00:51:13.590 --> 00:51:23.820 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: there's got to be something that helps to change the dynamics in the household or reinforce the things that are going on good and household so we have parent meetings we have parent involvement activities.

00:51:24.270 --> 00:51:33.630 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We involve them in some parenting education, and then we asked them to be a support of one another as you managed and be a part of that village that's raising children together.

00:51:34.230 --> 00:51:40.140 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We recently started podcasting we bought our podcast equipment and we're getting ready to launch that.

00:51:40.440 --> 00:51:49.110 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We have a professional videographer this work with us, Mr Lloyd Davis who teaches kids about using I mean state of the art video equipment.

00:51:49.350 --> 00:51:59.100 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And also, we teach interviewing techniques, so they can do some of the things, similar to what you're doing, but I want you to look back at the kinds of kids that primarily we're working with.

00:51:59.400 --> 00:52:05.520 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: His kids that other people saying we're having these difficulties with year to year our outcomes of this.

00:52:06.210 --> 00:52:15.690 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Over 90% remaining in school, most of the time 100% 90% 100% remaining free from involvement in teen pregnancy.

00:52:16.260 --> 00:52:25.890 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Also, promoting to the next grade level and remaining free from involvement in juvenile court, we fail if you stay in school you promote for one grade level to the next.

00:52:26.640 --> 00:52:34.380 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: We keep you out of becoming a parent before you equipped to do so and we keep you out of court and juvenile delinquent behavior you can make it.

00:52:34.650 --> 00:52:47.370 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: So you have to year outcomes 90% or higher and i'm very proud, because if you look at the population that we're working with people sometimes look at them and say well you know what are you going to do well, we do it.

00:52:47.700 --> 00:52:48.120 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: we'll get.

00:52:48.960 --> 00:52:50.100 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You establish.

00:52:50.130 --> 00:52:52.920 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: here's the obstacles that are in the way right, you know.

00:52:53.340 --> 00:53:00.480 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: in pregnancy regressing not advancing to the next grade let's get those obstacles out of the way.

00:53:00.750 --> 00:53:05.970 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Exactly and support from from from project will claim but also support from the home.

00:53:06.390 --> 00:53:07.020 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Right exactly.

00:53:07.080 --> 00:53:15.480 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: How you're giving these folks what they need to to survive to to forget survive, I mean that that is not just survival it's to thrive right.

00:53:15.780 --> 00:53:23.880 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: yeah it's to advance it's to move the ball down the road but down the road move the ball down the field to so you can really become.

00:53:24.240 --> 00:53:27.840 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That individual that is making an impact, give me one quick story, if you could before we.

00:53:28.350 --> 00:53:39.960 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: kind of wrap up i'm an individual we don't have to use names, but somebody who, who was kind of maybe you know the RON Anderson of this generation that you impacted that your organization and back in and maybe what he or she is doing now.

00:53:41.070 --> 00:53:47.820 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: wow i'll tell you what there's so many I remember being on a local walmart we do have a walmart in men.

00:53:48.210 --> 00:53:49.950 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I remember being that shopping.

00:53:50.010 --> 00:53:50.550 and

00:53:51.630 --> 00:53:56.220 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: young lady walks up to me and she's got on a military officers uniform.

00:53:57.240 --> 00:54:07.050 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And she came through our doors and came through our program and I hadn't seen her in years, and she just says those two words and no bank can hold she says, thank you.

00:54:07.590 --> 00:54:13.470 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: i'm going to bowsher to do a life skills class at the butcher core for juveniles.

00:54:13.830 --> 00:54:26.820 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And i'll get out of my car and i'm dragging my computer bag rolling it rather than get ready in a police SUV pulls up in front of me says bolger city police department pulls up directly in my path and.

00:54:27.510 --> 00:54:36.360 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: They just sitting there and i'm thinking well you know what do you know what's going on here, and then the window rolls down and the young lady says you remember me.

00:54:37.350 --> 00:54:44.760 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And I look at her and she came through our doors years ago and when she was a teenager she always said she wanted to be in law enforcement.

00:54:45.000 --> 00:54:53.550 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And now she is or the young person that I see when i'm in the Community and i'm sitting and i'm having lunch years ago and and.

00:54:53.850 --> 00:54:59.400 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: Then the waitress comes by and so i'm ready to settle my tab and she says well it's already been taken care of.

00:54:59.670 --> 00:55:12.900 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: And she points across the restaurant and, as a young man that you work with years ago is sitting there with his family and you didn't see them and he comes over and we reminisce and talk and he says, thank you and there's just so many stories, I mean.

00:55:13.110 --> 00:55:15.600 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: legacy Brian Anderson that's legacy man that's.

00:55:15.600 --> 00:55:26.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Mr Turner that's all games that's all those people that reached out put that hand out to help you on RON Anderson and now your legacy is just again that's that's the ripple effect man that that's it.

00:55:27.090 --> 00:55:39.210 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I I wish we had a few more minutes, but this just means we got to hang out more i'm I have to figure out how to get down at pandemic aside when I can come down to do you said, the Northeast corner of Louisiana right.

00:55:39.240 --> 00:55:39.810 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: it's all the way.

00:55:40.260 --> 00:55:47.430 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: North i'm sorry Northwest corner Louisiana well, you would give me directions I don't think i'd end up in the wrong corner and then go RON Where are you.

00:55:48.570 --> 00:55:55.860 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I figure we I want to just send a quick some gratitude out to to my friend and business colleague lisandro Scott.

00:55:56.070 --> 00:56:02.430 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Who introduced and made this connection is all about networking I call myself the nonprofit sector connected, but without the sondra.

00:56:02.730 --> 00:56:08.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Making this connection to RON Anderson and this incredible organization, then this conversation never happens and then you all never heard about.

00:56:08.970 --> 00:56:15.540 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: This organization what RON is done right, I appreciate all the work you've done I use that word legacy, because I believe it.

00:56:15.810 --> 00:56:22.710 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I believe that you've created a legacy, but it's only because people created you know their legacy, by helping you out right and I.

00:56:23.220 --> 00:56:28.230 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So if we all could just reach out help people out be collaborative the things i'm working on.

00:56:28.590 --> 00:56:33.780 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: hashtag 60 days of service i'm doing 60 days of service for nonprofit organizations day three is in the books.

00:56:34.020 --> 00:56:39.540 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: We wrapped up 18,000 diapers to go to those in need, yesterday, that was an incredible experience with the allied foundation.

00:56:39.840 --> 00:56:47.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: If you run a nonprofit sit on the board of a nonprofit or like a know nonprofits reach out to me i'd love to do a day service with a nonprofit.

00:56:48.240 --> 00:56:57.660 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: RON will have to figure out how, when I do come down, I can do some service with you guys as well, and I mean that wholeheartedly not could run a radio show here, I want to come down and meet you and and see what impact.

00:56:58.170 --> 00:57:02.220 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know I can witness and and maybe be a part of helping some folks myself.

00:57:02.490 --> 00:57:03.450 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: let's make that happen.

00:57:03.960 --> 00:57:13.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I love that, thank you for being here, thank you for your friendship, ladies and gentlemen, I will tell you, if one dose of Tommy he was not enough for you this morning stay tuned here I got my basket of sunglasses.

00:57:13.740 --> 00:57:17.370 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Steve fried show is coming up i'm going to figure out which pair of shades i'm going to wear.

00:57:18.000 --> 00:57:22.560 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I look forward to connecting with Steve on that sure I look forward to connecting with you off of this show with Stephen I.

00:57:22.860 --> 00:57:32.580 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You can listen in here Jeremiah fox with the entrepreneurial web Joseph Franklin McElroy brings us home with why why it's maybe it's wide content to be wise content.

00:57:32.880 --> 00:57:39.720 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: creates wealth stay here talk radio dot nyc connect with me Tommy D dot nyc on instagram same on tick tock.

00:57:40.500 --> 00:57:56.040 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: tick tock yes my kids think it's funny comedy dot nyc on the tick tock Tommy D at philanthropy and focus calm that's the email address and focuses pH oC us RON and just and I appreciate you I appreciate our new friendship thanks for being here have a great day.

00:57:56.400 --> 00:57:57.060 Project Reclaim of Minden, INC.: You do the same.

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