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Friday, July 16, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/16 - 60 Days of Service

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/16 - 60 Days of Service


2021/07/16 - 60 Days of Service

[NEW EPISODE] 60 Days of Service

Our special guest this week might sound familiar…you know him as #TheNonProfitSectorConnector.

In addition to amplifying the messages of Non-Profit organizations, this philanthropist has committed to doing #60DaysofService in the Nonprofit world, before the end of 2021.

When not hosting his show, or acting like a pillar of the community, this guest works with SMBs who are looking to be “employers of choice.”  He provides the knowledge and experience business owners and their employees need, to have the most successful employee benefits programs around.

We are joined by Tommy DiMisa, Director of Strategic Alliances with Vanguard Insurance Agency and host of the live weekly talk show “Philanthropy in Phocus,” which airs EVERY FRIDAY MORNING, 10:00am EST on TalkRadio.NYC, right before ALWAYS FREYDAY!

Tune in for this pragmatic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

This week on Always FreyDay Steven Frey shares the mic with fellow host Tommy DiMisa. DiMisa hosts “Philanthropy in Phocus” live at 10am on Fridays. DiMisa is also the Director of Strategic Alliances for Vanguard Insurance Agency. Steven shares Tommy’s achievements and mission through all the jobs he takes on. Tommy tells his story on how he got to where he is today. Tommy shares how he’s been working since he was 12 and both him and his family knew he would succeed in sales. Tommy tells how connection is key in all his work and is a large part of his passion.

Segment 2

Both Tommy and Steven prioritize connections in their work. The connections that come from networking and consulting with other nonprofit organizations and S&M businesses are what both individuals look forward to when working with others. Tommy tells his method behind the madness to his work. He tells how philanthropy is more then individuals writing checks, he shares that it is about the action of service. Tommy tells some of the organizations that he has seen blossom through his nonprofit work. He tells how by alignment of his passions with his other work creates an ideal work situation as he can continue to serve those in the nonprofit community. Steven talks about going online and the struggle behind it, the two share the process of Tommy starting his show and sharing his passion through that platform. 

Segment 3

Tommy shares his #60DaysOfService goal to serve for 60 days before the end of 2021 in the nonprofit community. The two men share their struggle with busy schedules and share how transferring online has changed their way of presenting themselves. Tommy tells how his business has grown even though no in person contact has been made. Tommy shares his story on how his work was moved into the attic and how the joke turned into a productive place of work. Tommy shares that his 60 days of service is to inspire and open people’s eyes to what they're capable of contributing.

Segment 4

Tommy continues to promote taking part in volunteer work and getting uncomfortable as it inspires and the service never goes by unnoticed, there is always an impact. Steven dives into his end of show questions that tells listeners a little more about Tommy. Tommy challenges listeners to get uncomfortable this weekend to make a more impactful Monday.


00:00:31.890 --> 00:00:38.370 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Well Hello out there Planet Earth and happy Friday, thank God it's Friday, you might hear a few times today just remember.

00:00:38.850 --> 00:00:49.470 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: it's always Friday with me Stephen fry your SMB guy I see why am I, which is in case you missed it SMB stands for small and medium sized business for the last couple of decades.

00:00:49.890 --> 00:01:00.300 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: i've been a voice and sounding board for SMB and their trusted advisors, so these days, one of my favorite things to do in the age of being able to produce the show from ones added her basement.

00:01:00.720 --> 00:01:10.380 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I like to offer what's left of my mind my voice to a live weekly talk show where I interview SMB leaders and their trusted advisors, I have to say.

00:01:10.680 --> 00:01:17.640 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I am in some great company on talk radio dot nyc if you're an entrepreneur, and you enjoy topics of interest surrounding the business world.

00:01:17.910 --> 00:01:28.140 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And you are a professional service provider, you should check out the focus here on Fridays at talk radio dot nyc you got Tommy dion philanthropy and focus before me and.

00:01:28.530 --> 00:01:36.720 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: right beside me today who doesn't love a double dose of Tommy D Jeremiah fox on the entrepreneurial web after me and Joseph Franklin mcilroy.

00:01:37.050 --> 00:01:47.520 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: On wise content creates wealth later today over the last 20 years i've noticed that some of the best thought leadership for SMEs happens on Friday when we feel the freedom of the weekend coming.

00:01:47.970 --> 00:01:56.970 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: However, we are so anxious to start the weekend these crucial pearls of wisdom they're often overlook their swept under the rug they're forgotten.

00:01:57.480 --> 00:02:09.570 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: in favor of fun weekend activities and our freedom from work on always Friday we take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity we discussed popular topics on the minds of SMB leaders and their trusted advisors.

00:02:09.900 --> 00:02:15.660 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And sometimes those folks are one in the same they're both coincidentally, my name means.

00:02:16.320 --> 00:02:23.670 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I last name means free in German, which is a nice fun fact for everybody it's not just a play on words I love plays on words.

00:02:23.850 --> 00:02:31.050 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I love alliteration I love all of that, but there is some deeper meaning here there's deeper relationship is for him there's deeper thought.

00:02:31.290 --> 00:02:38.100 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I just want to make sure you guys know that it's almost the weekend I got shades on let's get this party started today's topic of discussion.

00:02:38.430 --> 00:02:47.040 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: 60 days of service our special guest this week, you might sound familiar, you might know him as the nonprofit sector connector.

00:02:47.340 --> 00:02:56.460 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: In addition to amplifying the messages of nonprofit organizations this philanthropist has committed to doing 60 days of surface hashtag included.

00:02:56.850 --> 00:03:07.020 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: In the nonprofit world before the end of 2021 when he's not hosting a show or acting like a pillar of the Community, this guest works with SMEs who are looking to be.

00:03:07.410 --> 00:03:17.430 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Employers of choice, he provides the knowledge and experience business owners and their employees need to have the most successful employee benefits programs around.

00:03:18.270 --> 00:03:27.360 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Have you guys ever heard, the talk is cheap probably we're on talk radio that nyc that's where we chat that's where we commiserate we don't want this to just be talk.

00:03:27.870 --> 00:03:37.200 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: The goal here is let's use the inside, provided on the SMB landscape take it hardest it over the weekend use it to create more impact on Monday morning.

00:03:37.650 --> 00:03:45.990 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Far too often SMEs are focused on the product that's going to solve their problems, the shiny new mouse trap the magic wand, the new tech whatever it is.

00:03:46.380 --> 00:03:53.670 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: In my travels products change every single day and every other facet of our lives personal business your kids it doesn't matter.

00:03:54.180 --> 00:04:02.010 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: there's no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people first and keeping a focus on the process that's going to help you achieve your goal you do that.

00:04:02.340 --> 00:04:08.910 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I promise you people the right products will be there when you need them everything begins and ends with people so.

00:04:09.780 --> 00:04:18.000 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: In the spirit of surrounding yourself with the right people our guest today is none other than the one the only the incomparable.

00:04:18.690 --> 00:04:24.960 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Tommy to visa host a philanthropy and focus director of strategic alliances at vanguard insurance agency.

00:04:25.410 --> 00:04:32.280 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: National director at V networking group, which is a networking group, not just a clever name people.

00:04:32.730 --> 00:04:42.570 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: that's actually how I met Tommy D, a few years back now Tommy D tireless connector philanthropist employee benefits consultant sales and business development, professional.

00:04:42.840 --> 00:04:47.340 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: He brings many years of expertise and passion around creating strategic alliances.

00:04:47.640 --> 00:04:57.750 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: With business owners and their trusted advisors Tommy D is known as a selfless connector who consistently adds value to his networking partners clients and the community at large.

00:04:58.080 --> 00:05:11.910 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: tommy's work at adp try that co advantage honed his expertise and peo which stands for professional employer organizations everybody and HR outsourcing during his time at safeguard global.

00:05:12.510 --> 00:05:21.210 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Tommy help businesses tackle the global need for easy and agile global employment outsourcing solutions, a little different when you have folks overseas and in us.

00:05:21.750 --> 00:05:28.110 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: That through his variety of experience Tommy has become keenly aware of the options available on the HR benefits market.

00:05:28.440 --> 00:05:36.180 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Which positions him as an extremely effective employee benefits consultant with vanguard insurance agency so.

00:05:36.810 --> 00:05:48.480 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: there's many things that this gentleman does folks anyone who speaks to Tommy for just a few minutes here becomes aware of is tremendous tremendous passion for the nonprofit sector, which has made him a beloved.

00:05:48.930 --> 00:05:57.330 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: philanthropic activists Tommy created philanthropy and focus a weekly live talk show, but also in my mind, and I know when Tommy deas as well.

00:05:57.750 --> 00:06:06.630 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: A movement that amplifies the message of nonprofits provide supports these undervalued underfunded, and sometimes under appreciated.

00:06:07.140 --> 00:06:12.600 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Organizations through networking opportunities thought leadership and at awesome podcast.

00:06:13.140 --> 00:06:23.730 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Tommy sits on the board boards of the bayside business association TSI cares the health and business alliance and PNG the networking group.

00:06:24.030 --> 00:06:34.020 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: As the chief culture officer and also the lindy Lou foundation which i'm going to tell you a little bit about shortly Tommy D lives on long island with his wife and four children.

00:06:35.070 --> 00:06:43.710 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Tommy D is the topic of the day, he is the 60 days of service it's not just you know clever name here people it is hashtag.

00:06:43.920 --> 00:06:51.000 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: As always, we will discuss my favorite questions, who is your favorite movie or TV show character, what is your favorite movie or TV show.

00:06:51.330 --> 00:07:03.090 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And what is your favorite musical instrument and who is the artist you'd like to hear play it from the basements of New Jersey, to the attics of long island Tommy D welcome know it's Friday great dad here.

00:07:03.270 --> 00:07:11.220 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Oh what's up brother i've been looking forward to this ever since I saw you start a show, I was like one day i'm going to be on that show someday he's going to.

00:07:11.490 --> 00:07:19.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: invite me the stars are going to align all come up to the attic with a basket of sunglasses i'll try on different sunglasses to see which ones.

00:07:20.310 --> 00:07:22.650 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: are the ones that I shouldn't wear on the show.

00:07:22.920 --> 00:07:28.650 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And I think i'm going with these Ray bans are just got to clean them on my philanthropy and focus T shirt i'll just clean up the shades the.

00:07:29.220 --> 00:07:39.540 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: it's always Friday baby and every Friday morning you'll find me here, and then you follow me up man so i'm psyched to be here thanks for having me from my added to your basement brother what's up kid how we doing.

00:07:39.870 --> 00:07:48.510 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I love it and thank God you've picked some shades Tommy D that are not polarized because it makes it very difficult to look at the screen, so in this part of the show tomi.

00:07:48.900 --> 00:07:58.140 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I really liked the guests, to talk a little bit about how they got to where they are today, not necessarily from the Book of Genesis but you've had some very interesting travels up.

00:07:58.590 --> 00:08:05.400 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Arguably, very close to some of my own, I want you to give everyone a couple minutes on how you got to where you are today.

00:08:05.790 --> 00:08:18.210 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Well that's I appreciate that and it's funny as I listen to you tell that bio you know I know i'm a big Tommy fan but, listening to you tell my story, I was like wow this guy sounds great i'd like to learn more about him, and then I realized, we were talking to.

00:08:19.260 --> 00:08:19.890 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You you're welcome.

00:08:21.450 --> 00:08:31.230 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Alright, so you know I grew up out here on long island and, believe it or not, I I started working I was just talking to one of my kids about this.

00:08:32.700 --> 00:08:38.970 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I started working when I was like 1112 years old man, I was, I was delivering papers and then I started washing dishes in the Deli and.

00:08:39.690 --> 00:08:46.290 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Believe it or not, you know you guys who know me might might not be so surprised, but I was bartender for many years, my uncle owned the store or.

00:08:46.650 --> 00:08:55.890 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: restaurant bar restaurant out in NASA county and long island so it's been a lot of years in the bar business, and you know thought I was going to be Sam Malone one day.

00:08:56.310 --> 00:09:06.810 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know Steve like actually I should have told you that was one of my favorite shows, I thought I grow up and and like on the bar and the whole thing, and fortunately I did, and that was that was probably a good mood nothing that but I.

00:09:08.040 --> 00:09:12.630 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, got a brother and a sister good parents good family whole thing a lot of cousins and all and.

00:09:13.830 --> 00:09:23.850 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: was talking to my uncle and they always knew every since I was a kid people would say Tommy do your salesman you know you're going to be a salesman one day that kind of stuff so we got a family function, I said, my uncle.

00:09:24.930 --> 00:09:28.020 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: yeah I graduated college and I said, you know I really want to sales.

00:09:28.500 --> 00:09:32.340 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And he said why don't you he had worked for a dp for many years, because why don't you go.

00:09:32.580 --> 00:09:39.930 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Why don't you come work at adp and I said I don't even know what that really what that's all about he says, when we do payroll it's a cool I still don't know what really we talking about.

00:09:40.410 --> 00:09:46.170 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So it kind of like make a long story short, I interviewed and you don't like sell me this pen kind of stuff.

00:09:46.230 --> 00:09:46.740 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: here.

00:09:46.920 --> 00:09:51.240 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Because I kind of part of the interview and stuff so I walk in, and I take an interview for that job and.

00:09:51.540 --> 00:09:58.410 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I i'm still like got the barn the back of my head, so I pretend I walk in like to this VP of sales at adp for the interview and i'm like oh dude.

00:09:59.190 --> 00:10:05.100 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Oh wow I really liked this mahogany bar like we're in this office and the guys kind of like caught off guard on role playing this whole thing, just like.

00:10:05.610 --> 00:10:15.360 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Assuming he's got For those of you not familiar i'm assuming he's got 35 and 40 it's weekly you know in Queens and that that's a nice account for back in the day and it's small and medium sized business.

00:10:16.110 --> 00:10:24.390 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So anyway, I spent about eight years at adp and to what you said up front did learn a lot about payroll and a lot about business, but what I you know.

00:10:24.990 --> 00:10:32.880 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What I learned about a lot even we'll maybe we'll talk more about this today is is about connecting and about relationships and when I got there they give you a box of business cards.

00:10:33.780 --> 00:10:38.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: To keep your box of business cards laughing it's some of the photo seeds button up there for me.

00:10:39.540 --> 00:10:52.260 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: When they said go find will find a quarter go find the number and he goes go talk to a CPA because, like as if the CPA waiting there for this, you know this fresh kid out of ATP university to refer him or her into their clients.

00:10:52.830 --> 00:10:53.400 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: yeah so.

00:10:53.490 --> 00:10:58.800 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So I learned, you know I that's a 2425 year old kid as a 43 year old man, looking back at it.

00:10:59.190 --> 00:11:07.380 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And I learned a lot about relationships and making an impact and adding value and and and reciprocity really inside of business, you know and.

00:11:08.190 --> 00:11:18.870 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: To this day, I know you know in in our relationship as friends, but also in your business, I know that you know CPA a's and guys, like me, brokers are important to your practice and certainly important to mind.

00:11:19.320 --> 00:11:30.600 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But it's not about hey Mr Mrs CPA you should be referring business it's hey, how do we how where's the strategic alliance, how do we help each other out where's that value, so I think that kind of takes you know another angle into.

00:11:31.800 --> 00:11:42.480 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: The philanthropy I do the volunteer work will talk 60 days of service, all that stuff today but it's just i'm really focused on making an impact and adding value and that's that sounds very maybe.

00:11:43.620 --> 00:11:52.560 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I don't know, maybe it's too general, maybe it's more fits but it's finding ways each day, where the people I interact with the better off for having connected with me that day.

00:11:53.610 --> 00:12:01.380 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: yeah I think you share a common set of into to myself, which is you want to leave the folks that you interact with better off than they were before.

00:12:01.920 --> 00:12:12.000 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And you're in a great position to do that, and I am as well and it's it's something that a lot of folks, especially if their label that sales strategy business development.

00:12:12.510 --> 00:12:18.270 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: They tend to forget that sometimes it that's how basic and how awesome that that thought can be is that.

00:12:19.050 --> 00:12:24.450 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: make a relationship how that, how can we best help each other, how do we help each other, get to our respective goals.

00:12:24.810 --> 00:12:29.520 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And that's something that that gets off often overlooked these days and that's why I get so hell bent about.

00:12:30.150 --> 00:12:37.410 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: it's about the people in the process before the actual product you focus on the people in the process you'll get the product you're looking for whether its.

00:12:37.740 --> 00:12:50.220 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Revenue a quota attained or utilization with a particular technology that you're looking at, but you know, give us a little bit on because you know you're a man of many talents and I like to think of myself that way as well.

00:12:50.640 --> 00:12:52.320 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I appreciate the compliment I don't know.

00:12:52.770 --> 00:12:55.350 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Maybe three, but all right i'll play.

00:12:56.010 --> 00:13:06.210 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: By the way, we are one of them is not being a train conductor, for any reason you guys hear the long island railroad Tommy D does live on the 51st state of long island so.

00:13:06.540 --> 00:13:07.290 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Yes, we're going for.

00:13:07.530 --> 00:13:09.600 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: The long island railroad go buy it is local to.

00:13:09.600 --> 00:13:11.940 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Most people in long island so just be aware of that.

00:13:12.150 --> 00:13:20.100 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know Steve to your point and you know I don't know if people know this, but you know when I was living in part of the island, you know I would go look for a house and.

00:13:20.700 --> 00:13:28.740 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: People say, well, you can hear the train or you're right by the anywhere you go on the side, and then the train is there, it doesn't really end, especially in my attic it's like oh come.

00:13:28.830 --> 00:13:31.950 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: On that's why it's called long island that's not.

00:13:31.980 --> 00:13:32.220 No.

00:13:33.300 --> 00:13:39.750 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: yeah I guess it is I guess man I you know so where we going to say i'm not a train conductor I cut you off I think it's my show for a.

00:13:39.750 --> 00:13:43.110 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Second you're not a train conductor, but there are other things that you do.

00:13:43.680 --> 00:13:53.310 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: There are yeah yes, yes um what you know the train situation man has become a big joke and it's actually become a guest on the show on my show and philanthropy.

00:13:54.330 --> 00:13:58.800 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Work sometimes you know you got to call it out when it shows up it's like a guest in hell well Hello train.

00:14:01.980 --> 00:14:08.790 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: So i'll pull it back here for just a second i'll give everyone a nice updated picture of the fire pit with my dogs and i'm sitting next to it so.

00:14:09.060 --> 00:14:15.420 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I met you at a networking group the networking group which is you know, one of the many logos you have on your resume.

00:14:15.870 --> 00:14:24.450 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: it's no surprise that you're a people person of people first type of personality you love to meet people you love to make the connections and to me.

00:14:24.780 --> 00:14:31.110 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: that's one of the biggest products there is out there has nothing to do with what insurance plans that you can connect folks with.

00:14:31.410 --> 00:14:41.490 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Through vanguard or just becoming a member of the networking group or being a guest on philanthropy and focus it's just it's making the connection with these people and having meaningful conversation.

00:14:42.000 --> 00:14:48.240 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You know, we are both notoriously I hate to say it loud and outspoken folks you know.

00:14:49.020 --> 00:14:52.350 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: We both decided to use those efforts and thank God for that.

00:14:52.680 --> 00:14:59.010 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: That you know for fun and productive use these days it's been a blast getting these shows moving in the right direction right around the same time.

00:14:59.250 --> 00:15:09.150 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: and exploring the process of having a weekly live talk show kind of side by side, which is it that's been an absolute blast but you and I, and you know correct me if i'm wrong.

00:15:09.660 --> 00:15:16.200 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I think we're both firm believers and working with employers who really care about their employees, I know you.

00:15:16.440 --> 00:15:25.050 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You always call it employers who are employers of choice, are striving to be employers of choice they care about their people, their people are the biggest asset.

00:15:25.860 --> 00:15:38.670 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: It just seems natural for you, especially, of all people that I know to work and really kind of cater to the nonprofit sector as the nonprofit sector connector because it's more about passion.

00:15:39.330 --> 00:15:45.210 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: than it is about products, we can both bring our favorite product to the table which.

00:15:45.540 --> 00:15:53.820 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You know I don't want to speak for you, but I really think it's the connection is our favorite product that we like to talk about and that we like to bring to the table so.

00:15:54.090 --> 00:16:08.670 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I want to dive into that a little bit deeper with you but we're going to take a quick break we're going to be right back with Tommy to visa director strategic alliances of vanguard national director of T amp G, as well as the host of philanthropy and focus stay with us.

00:18:26.910 --> 00:18:31.770 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Welcome back everybody it's Friday it's always Friday it's me Stephen fry your.

00:18:31.860 --> 00:18:35.100 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: SMB guy we're chatting with the one the only.

00:18:35.670 --> 00:18:48.870 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: nonprofit sector connector Tommy to be said, Director strategic alliances with vanguard insurance agency national director of the networking group the man, the myth, the legend the nonprofit sector connector so Tommy.

00:18:49.620 --> 00:18:55.560 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You know i'm so excited we're having finally having a chance to have this conversation I know we've been talking about it for a long time.

00:18:55.920 --> 00:19:05.640 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Before we kick off the the method behind the madness here, I just wanted to read something real quick from a book that's about philanthropy lots of books about philanthropy out there.

00:19:06.030 --> 00:19:19.110 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: This book that I that I that I found out out and about was called giving well doing good readings for thoughtful philanthropists edited by a lady named amy cast philanthropy and American society, it says in the book.

00:19:20.220 --> 00:19:22.680 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: philanthropy flirt fishing gear and.

00:19:23.850 --> 00:19:32.160 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Erica amounts of money, time energy in organized efforts to promote numerous civic goods, the scale of giving is unprecedented.

00:19:32.580 --> 00:19:38.490 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: As are the range of activities that flat that received philanthropic support at the same time, however.

00:19:39.030 --> 00:19:46.260 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: American philanthropy also faces unprecedented challenges in part the result of its ever growing importance and the changes.

00:19:46.620 --> 00:19:55.290 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: That have a company its success so a lot of thoughts come to mind there, especially with the pandemic that we just all live through and in theory are coming out of.

00:19:55.530 --> 00:20:02.910 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Little things getting a little looser rounds of golf you know are abundant bar visits restaurant visits they're happening for sure so.

00:20:03.300 --> 00:20:08.550 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Tommy the method behind the madness, the methods, the scientific part of the show what do you do, how do you do it.

00:20:08.790 --> 00:20:20.640 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: How do you go to market for it, I know that you're very focused on people, which is why I love you so much, you are a tireless connector you are the nonprofit sector connector lay it on us give us a little bit of the method behind this.

00:20:21.360 --> 00:20:29.220 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, first of all I love you back let's start there um you know I want to tell you a lot of stories, but since you're doing definitely.

00:20:30.060 --> 00:20:37.140 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Great picture I love that picture i'm not a big gene wearing guy but I don't really want my new balance sneakers there so.

00:20:37.530 --> 00:20:50.130 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: It were to be the desire to promote the welfare of others expressed, especially by generous donation of money to good causes so it says express them, especially by the generous donation, but it doesn't say philanthropy is only.

00:20:53.130 --> 00:20:58.050 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: rich people writing big checks its philanthropy can be much more so.

00:20:58.950 --> 00:21:05.910 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'll talk to you about kind of method of us as a firm at the vanguard agency, although you know what I really want to focus on with you and.

00:21:06.540 --> 00:21:14.640 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Is the idea of service i'm giving you kind of know the definition, I like remember used to start the paper Steve when the your high school and you write webster's defined service.

00:21:14.640 --> 00:21:16.680 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And it was like oh.

00:21:16.800 --> 00:21:18.930 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I got nine words I only got.

00:21:19.110 --> 00:21:25.320 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: 400 491 I always have that stereotypical picture of writing a book but says Chapter one with.

00:21:25.320 --> 00:21:27.960 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: The old school typewriter and nothing after.

00:21:27.990 --> 00:21:31.230 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: That and then you like, the thing moves and you got to push it back like.

00:21:32.520 --> 00:21:43.530 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like your Hemingway writing and book somewhere so so service, the action of helping or doing work for someone it, you know that to me i'll tell you the truth, I I was not very.

00:21:44.340 --> 00:21:53.940 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: philanthropic I was not necessarily service oriented I wasn't a bad guy I was just you know, a young guy selfish and whatnot and wasn't really focused on any of this about um.

00:21:54.690 --> 00:21:59.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: About five years ago, a lot of things came together, and you know it's funny when you look back to tell the story.

00:22:00.240 --> 00:22:05.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'm not sure if this is the exact way it went down, but you know this is how I remember it going down, you know so.

00:22:06.450 --> 00:22:14.310 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: We you know to partners amount in the vanguard insurance agency, we sat down and we didn't assessment about five years ago and said look um what do we like to serve.

00:22:14.790 --> 00:22:24.360 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Who do we want to serve more let's focus on a specific industry and nonprofit kept coming up for us and, at the time you mentioned earlier, the link the new foundation, you know which is.

00:22:25.290 --> 00:22:31.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Your quick got the pictures go and, ladies and gentlemen, if you're not if you're not watching the show just listening to he's got the.

00:22:32.400 --> 00:22:47.250 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: he's a visual DJ so yeah Let me move foundation my cousin Linda past way about nine years ago and my aunt my cousins founded Lindsay Lou foundation and memory of Linda really is a legacy to to find a kind of those rainbows you know what was that movie.

00:22:48.270 --> 00:22:54.570 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: silver linings playbook or something a couple years back yeah so to kind of find those silver linings you know and.

00:22:55.020 --> 00:23:04.860 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: lenny Lou foundation is just it's it's in memory Linda but every dollar that gets raised goes to nonprofit organizations doing work and my favorite part of one of the two favorite parts for me.

00:23:05.280 --> 00:23:20.070 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: On the nonprofit sector, but the intellectually and developmentally disabled and you know organizations that are doing surf camps for individuals with disabilities organizations that do employment, work and you know shout out the corporate source and best buddies in New York City and.

00:23:21.900 --> 00:23:32.160 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: surface way down in long beach long island and spirit Huntington art Center etc, etc, many of whom have been on my program plan three and focus, but you know to me it's, how do you align.

00:23:32.820 --> 00:23:37.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Those sort of passions and what what really gets your juices and gets you fired up and, for me it.

00:23:38.550 --> 00:23:53.730 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: it's watching these organizations blossom it's watching these organizations, make an impact so part of that's vanguard part of that Cindy Lou all of it is philanthropy and focus, you know I used to say this, it was like where does you know Steve I would say.

00:23:54.840 --> 00:24:07.560 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: don't actually know where my quote unquote philanthropy starts in my business and and my business starts in my philanthropy ends, etc, because it's all just one thing, so I think when we can figure out ways.

00:24:09.420 --> 00:24:17.280 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: to align our passion to what it is we do you know the old thing you know if you find something you love to do you never work a day in your life okay.

00:24:17.700 --> 00:24:18.180 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Yes.

00:24:18.390 --> 00:24:35.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: All right, I can dig that couple weeks ago on my show Genevieve tutorial came on talking about passion and and pajamas and things like that, and really aligning what we're passionate about so my deal is, if I can find a way you are quick, if I can find a way.

00:24:36.930 --> 00:24:50.130 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: to align what I dig doing, which is amplifying the message for these nonprofit organizations and helping them back to the vanguard side best serve their employees, I think, if an organization serves their employees.

00:24:50.610 --> 00:24:58.050 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: With a better benefits package with a better associate employee experience that I think those employees.

00:24:58.530 --> 00:25:08.580 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: are better position to serve the consumers, the constituents the stakeholders, whoever it is that that organization serving so, so I think that's that's kind of the method around it um.

00:25:09.930 --> 00:25:19.590 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: i've always been a big fan of the idea around with, especially with respect to employees trained them so that they can leave a treat them so they never will.

00:25:21.090 --> 00:25:26.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: know for a leader to hear that right, but some of the best leaders say exactly that right so.

00:25:27.390 --> 00:25:33.210 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And that's you know again like leadership is something that comes you know top down and it's it's something where.

00:25:34.230 --> 00:25:40.710 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You know it's it you got to practice what you preach a little bit, especially if you're trying to engage employees, you know, and you with the nonprofit sector.

00:25:41.040 --> 00:25:49.980 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: it's something that you and i've recognized for a long time, is that folks don't necessarily go to work in the nonprofit world because they're looking for a huge paycheck.

00:25:50.400 --> 00:25:56.190 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And to me a lot of times I equate paycheck and revenue and quota attainment with product.

00:25:56.970 --> 00:26:04.410 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Where it's more about to me in every aspect, not just nonprofits it's about the right people first executing the right process.

00:26:04.710 --> 00:26:11.280 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And, especially if you're going to work in the nonprofit sector, whether, if you're an SMB and employee or you're a trusted advisor.

00:26:12.000 --> 00:26:21.900 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You have to really embody some of that passion, because it's a very passionate driven type of industry and that's why I get so excited every time I talk to you about the nonprofit industry.

00:26:23.310 --> 00:26:26.010 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Well, I just get excited talking to you in general, so I.

00:26:27.810 --> 00:26:34.260 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i've been looking forward to this, since we decided to do this man like I was totally stoked I mean just happy to be here late for my sunglasses back.

00:26:36.060 --> 00:26:42.690 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: So you know there's many there's many aspects to your being as there is with me and a lot of folks these days, you know, especially with.

00:26:43.050 --> 00:26:54.990 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You know, with all of us going virtual the world of of conducting business and even just being the best virtual presentation of yourself and your business and your offering to people is difficult.

00:26:55.410 --> 00:27:04.980 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: talk to us a little bit about that you're you're an accomplished employee benefits consultant you're a serial connector serial networker These are all things that I know and love.

00:27:05.250 --> 00:27:11.790 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And I know you were kind of on the fence about getting going with your own show it all of that, you know talk to us a little bit about that.

00:27:14.160 --> 00:27:19.500 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: When you say you want to talk about doing a show like that and hesitation or what.

00:27:19.530 --> 00:27:22.530 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: What would you want to say I want it, I want you to talk about like just.

00:27:23.220 --> 00:27:30.420 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Some of the method behind what you're doing is you're a big connector you're a people guy right so you're in the networking group you're.

00:27:30.600 --> 00:27:35.340 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: you're the national director of the networking group which is again if added community of professionals.

00:27:35.580 --> 00:27:43.710 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Tommy D trivial trivial part started by Michael goldberg author of not counting networking you're all folks that really love the power of connection.

00:27:44.220 --> 00:27:49.380 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You love the power of connection I love the power of connection that's kind of what drew us together in the first place.

00:27:49.890 --> 00:27:57.270 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Now you and I have the fortunate position where we both love the group benefits industry i've i've spent a lot of my life dealing in the.

00:27:57.810 --> 00:28:11.160 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Retirement 401k side of things, a lot more on the group health benefits side and that's where you spent a lot of your time as well, so you know you and I always have a lot to talk about but somewhere in the middle, you know really lies.

00:28:11.880 --> 00:28:22.320 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: The process end of things, and you know i've you know i'm somebody who likes to shoot my mouth off, and so are you somebody likes to talk about things that are important to you because both of us are so passionate.

00:28:22.680 --> 00:28:31.980 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: So you know talk to us a little bit just what was the straw that broke the camel's back like you know I started the show you started one very shortly thereafter like we're both having a great time with this.

00:28:32.010 --> 00:28:44.010 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But let me tell you really quick because here's what I can tell you guy called Gary vee Gary van der chuck you probably heard of them I like to listen to Gary vee i'm punch him he you know a lot of what he talks about is very similar.

00:28:45.300 --> 00:28:50.040 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: One day, he said, though, if you're passionate about something whenever the heck it is if it's if it's.

00:28:50.370 --> 00:28:58.650 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: comic books from the 1980s, whatever if it's if it's magic tricks that people use, you know to start conversation whatever i'm making things up.

00:28:59.040 --> 00:29:10.200 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Because if you're passionate about something there are other people that are passionate about it you'll find your audience and you can go out and create content for two and a half years, I went around saying i'm going to start a podcast where I interview nonprofit executive leaders.

00:29:11.640 --> 00:29:15.090 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And for two and a half years I didn't do that I went around thing.

00:29:15.810 --> 00:29:28.830 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So so 2020 rolls around pandemic and i'm locked away in my attic not always locked away in my attic everybody who's listening it's just kind of stick thing they let me out for coffee and to use the facilities, but then they put me right back up in the attic.

00:29:29.250 --> 00:29:30.690 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'm not telling me my attic.

00:29:30.720 --> 00:29:35.670 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Summer 2020 and I said, you know what i'm going to do this thing I got zoom I got too much monitors on my desk.

00:29:35.940 --> 00:29:44.850 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'm going to do it, I asked a bunch of my friends who executive directors nonprofits hey can I interview you on my podcast they don't we didn't know you had a podcast while you're the first interview so.

00:29:46.260 --> 00:30:04.200 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I would you know, so we get on with you a couple of days I just record them on on zoom put them on my YouTube page and that's where it ended and I realized Steve i'm good at a handful of things, and you know more of a starter less of a finisher I got a lot of ideas like lots of ideas.

00:30:04.320 --> 00:30:12.600 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: yeah I need an implement or on my team, I need a finisher I need somebody like that right, so in this particular scenario shout out to Sam leibowitz and his team here talk radio dot nyc.

00:30:12.990 --> 00:30:27.840 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Because honestly I didn't want to do the other technical stuff I wanted to show up like we're doing now do this show have the conversation my guest and literally leave my show at 11 o'clock and go shoot a video about the show I just did not have to worry about the technical stuff.

00:30:28.170 --> 00:30:34.740 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So, so the thing that kind of I don't know if it helped me back or whatever, but it was like I just had to make that commitment and.

00:30:34.800 --> 00:30:35.340 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: January.

00:30:35.730 --> 00:30:47.460 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I did, that I made the commitment to them all in, but it was, I think the idea really came out of my passion, as you say, for the sector, but then something that I wanted to do and and just kind of leaning in and doing it.

00:30:47.820 --> 00:30:56.730 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: yeah aside from a commitment, though I think it's something you put out there to the universe is i'm actually going to start doing this now and i'm going to not do it myself i'm going to partner with people and it's.

00:30:56.940 --> 00:31:01.380 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: similar to the road I traveled we're going to take a quick break but we're going to talk about.

00:31:01.980 --> 00:31:11.460 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: A little bit about another thing you put out there to the universe, which is the actual 60 days of service you're going to accomplish 60 days of service, before the end of 2021.

00:31:11.910 --> 00:31:18.090 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: In the nonprofit world we're going to talk more about that we come back with Tommy to be so the host of philanthropy and focused stay with us.

00:33:51.210 --> 00:33:59.250 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Welcome back, though, is Friday, with the Stephen fry your SMB guy we're chatting with Tommy the vsa director of strategic alliances vanguard insurance agency.

00:33:59.940 --> 00:34:06.990 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: hosted philanthropy and focus national director at the networking group we were starting to encroach on the madness that is mine and Tommy deas life.

00:34:07.260 --> 00:34:12.150 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And I want to go a little bit deeper there since that's the idea behind this segment of the show is.

00:34:12.390 --> 00:34:20.460 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: The madness, the artistic observational part of the show stories that you have from the field things that you see out there no subject to taboo anything goes.

00:34:20.730 --> 00:34:29.010 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Obviously we don't necessarily want to compromise client confidentiality, we were talking about getting the podcast started just a little bit before the break and.

00:34:29.250 --> 00:34:36.390 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You know one thing for me is this past year and a half i've been busier than i've ever been before and it's something that I always wanted to do as well.

00:34:37.230 --> 00:34:46.860 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And I just felt like there was there was kind of it was rough to do it because I was so busy, but there was no better time than the present, because every conversation I was having.

00:34:47.340 --> 00:34:55.200 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: was similar to a podcast and then I think of you, in addition to committing to doing the 60 days of service, which I definitely want to talk about.

00:34:56.070 --> 00:35:09.510 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You committed to doing this podcast at the beginning of the year, you have four kids you have more than full time hours as an employee benefits consultant you're building a national networking organization you sit on the board of multiple nonprofits.

00:35:10.140 --> 00:35:12.990 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Why not throw a weekly live talk show in there, so.

00:35:13.080 --> 00:35:14.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: he's a service on top of it.

00:35:14.970 --> 00:35:18.540 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: 60 days of service, I thought, between now and the end of 2021.

00:35:18.930 --> 00:35:19.830 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: So Tommy day.

00:35:20.100 --> 00:35:20.460 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Yes.

00:35:20.670 --> 00:35:23.970 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: tell us a little bit about the madness that's going on in your life right.

00:35:24.270 --> 00:35:32.310 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: here's the deal man look like I said it on the front front of this segment the back of the last segment whatever it is, before I let me just say like I said before, like.

00:35:33.720 --> 00:35:47.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I realized like to do this podcast I needed people around me who knew what to do, where I was weak, you know i'm a snob about, in my opinion, and I think this goes to a lot of your background my background in in outsourcing, whether it be human resources payroll benefits.

00:35:48.570 --> 00:35:58.680 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: God man stick to your core like do what you're really good at, and like from from the madness perspective don't drive yourself mad doing things that you're not good at so like in my case, it was like.

00:35:59.010 --> 00:36:05.970 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: let's get somebody else doing the things that I just not only that it wasn't good I could I figure out the technical side of it i'm sure i'm not like you know.

00:36:06.330 --> 00:36:17.910 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Relatively intelligent I didn't want to Steve I don't want to do certain things that's what I know about myself there's a whole bunch of things I don't want to do and there's like three things I want to do all day long you know and that's.

00:36:17.970 --> 00:36:20.580 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: that's kind of it and part of it is looking at this beautiful.

00:36:20.580 --> 00:36:25.020 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I mean growing my hair, I mean I don't have a lot of work for that, but that's the thing I like to do.

00:36:25.770 --> 00:36:39.840 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: which by the way, part of the madness of my life I was talking with somebody earlier i'm wearing a hat right now, from Bay own country club which, for some reason, every time I wear it anyone I see asked me if it's from bethpage, which is where Tommy deas located.

00:36:40.050 --> 00:36:40.590 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Are yeah.

00:36:40.980 --> 00:36:46.050 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: They own is in New Jersey, which is where i'm located, so I just figured it was very appropriate for today.

00:36:46.440 --> 00:36:58.440 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: But you know Tommy the madness behind what you do you know pre pandemic, the subject of dealing with small, medium sized businesses nonprofits employee benefits networking groups.

00:36:58.980 --> 00:37:10.140 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: it's a force to be reckoned with all in and of itself, but then you add the complexity of everybody being virtual and homeschooling are occurring in the same place as living and occurring in the same place as working.

00:37:10.560 --> 00:37:16.590 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And all of the above, and I know you've been banished to the attic which I hope they feed you there once in a while, which I know you want.

00:37:17.400 --> 00:37:18.000 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: times a week.

00:37:18.840 --> 00:37:26.100 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: But yeah it's it's definitely create a little bit of a different playing field which a lot of you know a lot of it revolves around.

00:37:26.370 --> 00:37:35.640 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Putting forth the best virtual presentation of yourself not being afraid to put yourself out there, whether it is a podcast like philanthropy and focus or it's just.

00:37:36.330 --> 00:37:51.750 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: talking to folks that are 1000 2000 3000 miles away from you that you might not have been talking to in person, so talk to us a little bit about some of some of what's been going on in your in your daily that might be a little different than than it was before the pandemic.

00:37:51.990 --> 00:37:58.200 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Oh man listen, is it fun to talk about I haven't worn dress pants in a year and a half and start there, but I don't want to.

00:37:58.830 --> 00:37:59.640 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Waste no pictures.

00:37:59.730 --> 00:38:08.550 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: No, no picture yeah I mean listen I I will tell you our business is growing at a pretty a pretty nice clip the last year year and a half, two years.

00:38:09.900 --> 00:38:18.720 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And i've not been on one in person meeting, whether it be networking client prospective client any of that stuff we've we responded very quickly.

00:38:19.350 --> 00:38:28.230 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: march 11 we were our seventh 2020 we were in our last meeting at an enrollment or open enrollment meeting for a client, we had a second meeting on march 18 and.

00:38:28.620 --> 00:38:33.150 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know if you're checking your calendar by that point, the world was kind of shut down or at least it was up here in the northeast.

00:38:33.480 --> 00:38:40.710 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So that meeting was was in bayside Queens on the 11th and that was in the attic On the 18th and ever since it's kind of been that way and.

00:38:41.130 --> 00:38:49.470 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: it's been very efficient so what's changed, you want to laugh I don't even know if I should just kind of put this out there, but I will because we're kind of just open it's what we do and.

00:38:49.470 --> 00:38:49.620 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: they're.

00:38:49.920 --> 00:38:53.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Just between us girls here, you know yeah and thousands of other people.

00:38:53.760 --> 00:39:00.600 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: here's the deal man it's funny how I become sort of like a prima Donna, in that I don't want to leave the House.

00:39:01.290 --> 00:39:14.430 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like I don't want to leave to go to meetings for like like opportunities and stuff where i'm like I can't we just do that over the phone I cant cannot be a zoom meeting like it's really hot and like I don't really want to sit in traffic on the expressway.

00:39:16.110 --> 00:39:18.120 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: If I lived a long ago that I have the same attitude.

00:39:18.150 --> 00:39:28.380 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Oh well, again, the you don't want to sit in traffic on the turnpike you know, whatever I mean for me look I love being with people I love being out with people um.

00:39:29.070 --> 00:39:35.280 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But it's funny how this has become so efficient and Steve, to the point earlier about being home and homeschooling, and all this kind of stuff.

00:39:35.910 --> 00:39:48.420 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, we were fortunate out here in the district calm and our kids in the back to school, since September masks and plexiglass and you know prl everywhere shout out to prl if you want to sponsor Steve show my show we'd love to have you thanks.

00:39:51.690 --> 00:40:07.860 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But all that stuff mask URL gloves all that kind of stuff you know they were they were in school so wasn't as challenging and and you talk about being balanced to the attic which is really become kind of a funny joke being in the attic I I made it into a hashtag hashtag in the attic.

00:40:09.780 --> 00:40:13.530 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Wake up in the basement hashtag all you got one there you go see just.

00:40:14.310 --> 00:40:19.260 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: don't you need to hashtag help call us up you know the idea, the idea behind it was like.

00:40:19.950 --> 00:40:25.230 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: In March or April, I guess, I was like oh i'm stuck in the attic like it was kind of cute funny thing here's the story by.

00:40:25.770 --> 00:40:34.170 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: February of 2020 I get a phone call from my wife and tells me hey listen i'm thinking of moving you out of your we have four bed moving you out of your bedroom and one of the girls.

00:40:34.830 --> 00:40:42.240 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: into that room, so they could split off and i'm in the room, and I thought we were negotiating about it when I didn't realize was all my stuff was already in the act.

00:40:43.020 --> 00:40:47.220 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I thought it was like a thing like we were talking about like oh hey i'm thinking about doing the same thing.

00:40:47.280 --> 00:40:48.420 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: In fact, what had happened.

00:40:48.990 --> 00:40:56.010 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I was in yet so what a blessing in disguise, because I didn't know, I was going to be stranded at home working this whole time like none of us knew right.

00:40:56.220 --> 00:41:08.070 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But I know other people have had challenges hey man i'm trying to do my business from the dining room table where sonny boys, on the other side of the table, you know, like doing a zoom call doing gym like doing calisthenics gym in the.

00:41:08.310 --> 00:41:09.630 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: been extremely extremely.

00:41:10.830 --> 00:41:18.960 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Effective of a superhero like like the picture on your website and lending your voice to the efforts to the nonprofit community and you morph that.

00:41:19.440 --> 00:41:28.560 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: into doing 60 days or service before the end of the year so talk to us a little bit about that, like how are you going to do it Where are you going to do it like.

00:41:29.790 --> 00:41:31.530 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Is it just a paint by numbers.

00:41:31.620 --> 00:41:37.530 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I just have all these numbers and I just have to keep using them like this is to this one's an eight.

00:41:38.460 --> 00:41:44.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And I just have to keep going until I run out in the numbers that's how it works so here's i'm going to do it man look.

00:41:45.060 --> 00:41:50.310 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: To me, it was a it was kind of a funny idea, like most things start out of is just like anything right like a.

00:41:50.850 --> 00:41:58.110 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Look around your basement right, you know you've heard this look anything you look around, and it was all an idea, you know kind of a figment of somebody's imagination, you know I don't know why.

00:41:59.220 --> 00:42:03.690 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: tesla's coming into my head, right now, or Einstein right but they just ideas right.

00:42:04.740 --> 00:42:08.520 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: funny how I threw myself into the mix we Nikola tesla.

00:42:09.090 --> 00:42:11.220 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Albert Einstein and Tommy absolutely.

00:42:12.480 --> 00:42:14.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: almost as if I play that one out so.

00:42:16.140 --> 00:42:23.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: genius so I came up with this idea and I was like I want to go do 60 days of service and I didn't really know what it was, but I started saying I was going to do it and.

00:42:24.120 --> 00:42:32.790 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: here's the deal see i'm trying to inspire in other people my own for children, first, I mean I told you earlier in this conversation that you know I wasn't like.

00:42:33.450 --> 00:42:39.960 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I wasn't out there, doing service on the weekends growing up, you know I wasn't philanthropic I wasn't service oriented was a good dude, but I just wasn't.

00:42:40.290 --> 00:42:53.730 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So, and then having children and i'm sure you can can I can reflect this as well you're some there are people looking up at you like this for guidance for vision for insight for just ways to live and.

00:42:55.320 --> 00:42:59.610 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know what started out as an idea is now a thing, and like people are calling me like.

00:43:00.240 --> 00:43:08.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know what about if you did something where you're going to do a service and and a business puts their corporate team involved or has their corporate team to Bob and do the day service with you.

00:43:08.640 --> 00:43:19.230 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: friend of mine sent me a picture similar stuff you like to do, I made a comment, the meeting about Forrest gump and I remember that scene in Forrest gump but forest is running down the street and like there's nobody with them and then.

00:43:20.130 --> 00:43:29.970 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like a whole bunch of people with them i'm like that's what 60 days and services, and maybe it's only me running the whole time I don't run very well so it'll be a long like a kind of a brisk walk.

00:43:30.030 --> 00:43:30.900 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Either a passport.

00:43:30.960 --> 00:43:39.510 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: yeah so you can walk next to me but here's it was more about let's show people for some people, whether it's based on ability scheduled geography.

00:43:40.050 --> 00:43:49.680 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Maybe you can't do 60 to his servants, because it's kind of bonkers right, but it could do Maybe you can do a day service a year or day service, a month and what do I mean by service i'm.

00:43:50.340 --> 00:44:03.330 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Last weekend, the book fairies we were out there sorting books upcoming in September i'm going to be working at a golf outing for an organization that very close with here on long island going to be, you know look Steve you want to play golf outings all the time and.

00:44:03.480 --> 00:44:04.800 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: enjoy the occasional golf outing.

00:44:04.860 --> 00:44:14.070 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: hundred percent right but i'm not going to play that day i'm going to work that day i'm going to be selling raffles i'm going to be moving baskets around the table, I don't know, maybe i'm on the golf cart like.

00:44:14.460 --> 00:44:19.260 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i've taken pictures I don't know the point of it is this goes back to what I said earlier today.

00:44:20.370 --> 00:44:30.150 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: The philanthropy service it's not just about writing big checks man, you can make an impact right my friend was on my show a couple weeks ago I know you want to say something, but this is how it's going to be with you and me on the show.

00:44:32.490 --> 00:44:39.510 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: So my friend, my friend Aaron dying and shout out Aaron kick wow dude that's faster than I was even how did you do that.

00:44:40.290 --> 00:44:41.460 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: yeah dude that's I.

00:44:41.670 --> 00:44:48.120 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Erin diane was one sandwich out of time, we were like really connected you meet one sandwich out of time here and comes on the show.

00:44:49.380 --> 00:44:57.900 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Incredible story, but, but the idea is she's making sandwiches she's she's making an impact hundred sandwich challenge you I challenge you to 100 same challenge you and the kids.

00:44:58.140 --> 00:44:58.950 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Maybe I didn't.

00:44:59.130 --> 00:44:59.580 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: know what.

00:45:00.330 --> 00:45:00.840 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I can do it.

00:45:01.080 --> 00:45:03.750 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Different you know they're not, for you know for other.

00:45:04.860 --> 00:45:05.730 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Other people oh.

00:45:06.630 --> 00:45:15.030 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: yeah no I can do that I love the idea I am actually a very articulate sandwich maker, it might take me a little longer than the others, but it'll be good I brought.

00:45:15.060 --> 00:45:19.110 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: up an interesting interesting way to talk about making a sandwich I didn't articulately make it.

00:45:20.790 --> 00:45:22.170 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: A little OCD I like it a lot.

00:45:22.230 --> 00:45:23.610 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: here's the deal, though you, you can.

00:45:24.630 --> 00:45:30.420 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: want the better promotion would be let's watch you eat 100 sandwiches and like raise money for that that I like better.

00:45:31.440 --> 00:45:32.850 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: With Aaron and hur thing it was like.

00:45:33.210 --> 00:45:42.000 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: let's just make an impact and let's make 100 sandwiches if I challenge you and you and your family you guys make 100 sandwiches right and you remember that ice bucket thing I was.

00:45:42.030 --> 00:45:52.830 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I didn't know much about anything with finance be back down, but that had that went viral like what did we challenge each other to make 100 sandwiches and then you take those sandwiches and you bring those sandwiches um.

00:45:53.970 --> 00:46:01.830 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know out to a shelter there's so many what's the We talked a lot on that show and check it out here on on talk radio dot nyc you can see that show with there and.

00:46:02.160 --> 00:46:07.470 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: One sandwich at a time, but we talked about the ripple effects the what is the ripple effect of you making 100 sandwiches.

00:46:07.710 --> 00:46:15.810 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: and your your children, seeing that and does not change the trajectory they're like what's the ripple effect meeting 60 days of service and people getting impacted now.

00:46:16.410 --> 00:46:17.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Oh great man it's about.

00:46:17.820 --> 00:46:18.450 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: it's about helping.

00:46:18.780 --> 00:46:31.440 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: It has a lot to do with what you have written on your shirt and a bunch of these pictures that i've been flashing around which highlights be the good be the miracle be just have that mindset it doesn't be like how to.

00:46:32.730 --> 00:46:43.950 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: be a saint or anything like that, just a day or two it's not 60 days it's you know it's something that's on everybody's to do list is yeah I want to donate this charity that they given effort here.

00:46:44.370 --> 00:46:53.820 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: But just actually do it and that's that's to be, and I think you said a great there is just motivating people to do it it's just at least once not 60 days, but just one day of service.

00:46:54.030 --> 00:46:59.910 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: and see what works for you do freakin 60 and 120 120 I don't know but but make an impact man.

00:47:00.030 --> 00:47:12.540 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Just do from weekend inside today, in fact, you heard it here first with me and with Tommy D, the Director of strategic alliances a vanguard, as the host of philanthropy and focus we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back stay with us.

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00:49:46.200 --> 00:49:47.610 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Welcome back everybody always.

00:49:47.610 --> 00:49:55.440 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Friday with Stephen fry your SMB guy we're chatting with my good man Tommy Tommy Tommy D founder.

00:49:55.800 --> 00:50:02.220 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Of founder of philanthropy and focus host of glad to be in focus national director of the networking group.

00:50:02.550 --> 00:50:09.420 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: As well as employee benefits consultant, with the vanguard insurance agency don't forget people, if you like, SMB discussion entrepreneurial talk.

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00:50:16.650 --> 00:50:25.170 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Listen to the entrepreneurial web with Jeremiah fox bound to pick up some pearls of wisdom we're going to bring things home with Tommy D here and get into the messaging part of the show.

00:50:25.530 --> 00:50:37.080 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: What weekend insight can folks take away to make a Monday impact, and you know I always think of you as a massive people person Tommy D I look at myself that way, I think we're cut from similar cloth you know not to.

00:50:37.950 --> 00:50:40.470 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: put myself in the same category as you but.

00:50:41.130 --> 00:50:51.090 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I just love hanging with you man i'm so happy we were able to do this, but strive to work with people who are looking to be better people folks who are looking to bring forward the best version of themselves.

00:50:51.540 --> 00:51:00.540 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I think that's one thing that really kind of unites the both of us things that we're looking for, but bring it home for us here what weekend insight can folks take away to make the Monday, in fact.

00:51:00.870 --> 00:51:13.620 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: yo man friends will you know as much as like the comedy fan, that I am and I do say that because I love the character Tommy I know that sounds crazy folks I know it's something stats and egomaniac it isn't that it's.

00:51:13.980 --> 00:51:17.940 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'm just like it, I like this, this character and the guy the whole thing.

00:51:19.080 --> 00:51:31.470 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: for you to say like you're not in the same class it's ridiculous you're making an incredible impact I hate I hate that you even think that i'm just a dude distracting three can make the world a little better than love you here's the deal, though I have this for you.

00:51:32.640 --> 00:51:40.470 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know what get uncomfortable is what I have to say, like get freaking uncomfortable back at the beginning of this year I was asked to shoot a video it's like.

00:51:40.890 --> 00:51:45.150 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: We have to do a video, for you know colleague of ours, I think you know him as well victory john.

00:51:45.810 --> 00:51:53.190 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, for the network friend of ours P amp G everything like that video socials phone blogger, and his gang asked me to do a video about you know.

00:51:53.790 --> 00:51:58.980 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What are you going to do for the New Year well how do you make an impact and again we're coming out of 2020 going into this year.

00:51:59.700 --> 00:52:02.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And I, and I did this video, where I was ranting I was up like this, I.

00:52:03.330 --> 00:52:07.800 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Get freakin uncomfortable like that's what I kept saying, because I was like get you know what.

00:52:08.100 --> 00:52:20.490 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I have this this poster above that like next to my bed, and I actually had all my kids printed out my wife printed out and I made everybody sign it, even when they couldn't sign your own name and put it up on the wall, it says life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

00:52:20.550 --> 00:52:21.840 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And I believe was Eve.

00:52:21.870 --> 00:52:29.760 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I freakin believe it suck sometimes and it's scary as hell and I gotta tell you I do my show every Friday.

00:52:30.690 --> 00:52:33.660 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I was still anxious coming on your show today man and they don't want.

00:52:34.110 --> 00:52:41.670 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: But he's, not because I guess you know I remember like celebrities talk about that isn't it because we care, I guess, not because, and I will tell you this funny part so.

00:52:42.060 --> 00:52:48.060 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: My friend and I are considering putting another show together and and network and about four years ago she invited me to come on her podcast.

00:52:48.270 --> 00:52:57.300 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And I said absolutely not and i'm still the same character still Tommy the whole thing right, but I was so freaked out to hear my own voice, like in recording.

00:52:57.600 --> 00:53:08.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: And I love my own voice, but it was still freaking me out because i'm like what if I say something stupid and now i'm you know four years older I guarantee i'm going to say something stupid so it's.

00:53:09.870 --> 00:53:11.760 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: considered a very likely event with.

00:53:11.760 --> 00:53:17.790 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: 100% I mean, I can only imagine somebody I hope somebody keeping track how many stupid things I said, the last 58 minutes.

00:53:17.790 --> 00:53:17.970 i'm.

00:53:18.990 --> 00:53:30.060 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Like who cares the point is isn't that how we grow, you know stretch yourself grow get uncomfortable so when you come out with you're listening to this today, on Friday, and you get back to the office on Monday.

00:53:30.540 --> 00:53:36.570 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: What is that thing what's that chicken list what's that thing you didn't try isn't a marketing thing is it a call as a prospect.

00:53:36.960 --> 00:53:48.570 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: You know, but you're kind of reaching for the you're not sure your firm conserve that level of business freakin doing like freaking do it it's a mindset thing so push through take those challenges and get uncomfortable.

00:53:49.830 --> 00:54:00.060 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: A mind is a terrible thing to waste, I think we heard a 30 our childhood and I agree, most of it is mindset it's if whether you has been watching a lot of boss baby as a way with.

00:54:01.350 --> 00:54:01.710 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Obviously.

00:54:03.600 --> 00:54:08.760 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Just here it's like whether you think you can, or you think you can't you're right so that just.

00:54:08.790 --> 00:54:10.440 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: kind of really well we love the boss baby.

00:54:10.830 --> 00:54:11.250 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: yeah.

00:54:11.340 --> 00:54:11.700 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: i'm on it.

00:54:12.300 --> 00:54:17.250 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Before we close this out here and Tommy I want to share with everybody the answers to the three questions.

00:54:17.490 --> 00:54:28.260 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Who is your favorite movie or TV show character, what is your favorite movie or TV show and, what is your favorite musical instrument who's the artist you'd like to hear play it so without further ado.

00:54:29.040 --> 00:54:39.510 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Your favorite movie character, and this was shocked me Michael corleone from the godfather Michael you're a big Al pacino fan apparently according to your answers.

00:54:39.930 --> 00:54:49.890 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: But yeah Michael being portrayed by al pacino twice nominated academy awards wise youngest son of Vito corleone Sicilian immigrant builds an empire here in the US.

00:54:50.160 --> 00:54:58.560 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: But upon his father's death sorry spoiler alert for people i'm sure you've all seen the movie by that but you know, Michael succeeds, as the daughter, the leader of the family.

00:54:59.370 --> 00:55:11.400 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: In 2003 I don't know if you know this Michael corleone was recognized as the 11th most iconic villain in film history by the American film Institute, although.

00:55:11.910 --> 00:55:22.890 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Some critics consider him to be a tragic hero, which I kind of agree with actually but, as you well know, I do like to join the guest in the pictures here so there's be as Fabrizio right there.

00:55:23.220 --> 00:55:25.560 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Oh that's apollonian when the car blows up the whole.

00:55:26.250 --> 00:55:28.830 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Exactly you don't want to spoil everything for everybody.

00:55:29.460 --> 00:55:34.890 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Listen, he kept being spoiler when the movie came out from years ago if you haven't seen these movies, yet.

00:55:35.100 --> 00:55:36.930 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: I don't know you got to get a TV or something.

00:55:38.310 --> 00:55:53.250 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: But my Tommy do didn't hold there he gave me another answer, which was actually two weeks in a row, a favorite movie character big Tony Montana scarface Al pacino once again Tommy do you look phenomenal is both.

00:55:53.610 --> 00:55:54.810 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: One yeah but.

00:55:54.900 --> 00:56:07.260 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: embodying the rise from the bottom, to the top and Tommy did and and I can both relate to working for other folks out there and starting to try to build something and build your own following and messaging and all of that it's.

00:56:07.680 --> 00:56:13.320 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: it's just it's the perfect storm of everything all at once, all of us have a story to tell as people.

00:56:13.620 --> 00:56:23.850 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: And as business owners and even as employees of these businesses like everybody's got a story to tell yeah but you got to have the right, the right people by your side, to be able to tell them, so you know.

00:56:23.880 --> 00:56:26.160 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Tommy D folks like myself Tommy days.

00:56:26.340 --> 00:56:29.940 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: yeah you make a phenomenal phenomenal Tony POPs out of.

00:56:30.180 --> 00:56:39.120 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Michael corleone God, I used to tell people I know we've got a draw to a close, but I used to tell people like when I grow my beard really long that I was going to be in the prequel for circle that I was like.

00:56:41.400 --> 00:56:47.400 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Seeing people I would say that I just did two episodes of sbu all this was not real but I thought it was funny at the time.

00:56:49.650 --> 00:56:58.920 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: Oh of sbu to order by Saturday so it's something that's always been big for us number two favorite movie or TV show we went with blow yeah.

00:56:59.130 --> 00:56:59.490 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Look at that.

00:57:00.960 --> 00:57:09.420 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: story of giorgianni along with the 50 and cartel headed by Pablo Escobar establish the American cocaine market in the 70s and the United States.

00:57:09.690 --> 00:57:18.540 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: yeah it sounds like it might be a little risque but there's a lot here that's you know good analogy for folks that do you know the things that Tommy D does that we do, and all of that.

00:57:19.380 --> 00:57:29.520 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: there's it's an adaptation actually to a Bruce porter 1993 book blow how a small town boy made 100 million dollars, with the median cocaine cartel have lost it all but.

00:57:29.640 --> 00:57:36.810 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: it's based on the real life story once again the film's title, you know slang for the term cocaine, obviously, but you know there's a.

00:57:38.190 --> 00:57:39.510 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: there's you with Derek for real.

00:57:39.660 --> 00:57:40.470 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: Eric for real.

00:57:43.650 --> 00:57:55.110 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: rock star among rock stars, I had a hard time putting me in a picture with you, but you know before we say bye bye bye bye bye as Diego Delgado said it could be your favorite instrument and artists you'd like to hear play it.

00:57:55.590 --> 00:58:04.080 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: You didn't really give an instrument but i'm going to go with the human voice, because that's what you and I like to shoot off, but the artist, you said you wanted to make sure you saw yourself as.

00:58:04.440 --> 00:58:15.270 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: was none other than James Douglas morrison and I can't believe he's been gone for 50 years at this point songwriter a poet lead vocalist of the rock band the doors.

00:58:15.510 --> 00:58:31.890 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: dude is wild personality poetically or its distinctive voice on predictable erratic performance dramatic circumstances surrounding his life early death, he is regarded by music critics, and you know real music fans at large, as one of those iconic and influential front men in rock history.

00:58:33.780 --> 00:58:40.350 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: there's the rest of you, at some point but yeah it's funny because he's got so many occupations, just like all of us, do you.

00:58:40.740 --> 00:58:48.090 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: owe it lyricist vocalist all of that, just a master of words and master of his craft so love the answer.

00:58:48.510 --> 00:58:56.640 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: But you also gave me another one, which was revolution, which is something I gotta check out a reggae music band that's for did Isla vista California.

00:58:56.940 --> 00:59:08.250 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: The current members of revolution, you know group of folks that had attended and completed school at uc Santa Barbara so definitely something that I got to get into even though there's a picture of being a new jamming together as.

00:59:09.030 --> 00:59:17.250 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: I saw them at red rocks out in Colorado man just and the vibes the stories that they're telling you so good, so I know we're running out of time man, but.

00:59:17.580 --> 00:59:30.090 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: For that I am jealous because I am dying to see a live show at red rocks I have been there, but not with live music is there, as well as the gorge out of George Washington, so if we can make that happen together or separate I don't.

00:59:30.210 --> 00:59:32.820 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: know I don't really care, I just want to make it happen it's up boy.

00:59:32.970 --> 00:59:33.360 #60DaysOfService Tommy D: let's go.

00:59:33.810 --> 00:59:47.460 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: that's all but we're going to rock out here coming up next week we're going to be talking about a touch of ginger we're going to be speaking with ginger Johnson speaker author coach purveyor of crazy energy with ginger Johnson llc mutual friend of Tommy to be sad.

00:59:48.000 --> 00:59:56.190 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: But until then Tommy D Thank you so much for being here once again love you brother, and I know we've been looking forward to this for a long time is just phenomenal.

00:59:56.280 --> 01:00:03.030 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: let's, thank you for, thank you for joining us once again it's always Friday we hope you get some weekend insight to make a Monday impact have a great weekend.

01:00:03.270 --> 01:00:11.730 Steven Frey #TheSMBGuy: we'll see you next week at 11am Eastern time, right after full had to be in focus with the one the only taught me to be so thank you, I see you soon thanks guys.

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