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Friday, July 9, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/09-NYC is Back!

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/09-NYC is Back!


2021/07/09-NYC is Back!


NYC is Back! 

With nearly all restrictions lifted the city is poppin’ & this Friday at noon I’m welcoming back Compass Real Estate broker, Tyson Lewis, to discuss the scene on the street 

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the message of the week, “the obituary of New York has been written many times, but it has always been wrong”, and Jeremiah explains how this quote had been his fuel throughout the pandemic. Jeremiah introduces his guest for today’s episode, Tyson Lewis, a Compass Real Estate broker, an alumni on the show. The two discuss a few anecdotes about the state of the pandemic the last time Tyson was on the show, and Tyson then explains his transition from the last company he worked for to the company he currently works for, Compass. The two discussed how surreal it was to Tyson to switch companies in the middle of the pandemic, and how meeting all of his coworkers while the offices were closed over zoom was unprecedented in his life. Jeremiah brings up how even though real estate typically is more slow during the summer time, and how this was impacted by the pandemic. Tyson explains how even though most of the city’s real estate market was negatively impacted by the pandemic, Brooklyn’s real estate surged throughout the pandemic. Tyson explains how the seasonality of the real estate business was turned on its head recently due to the pandemic.

Segment 2

Jeremiah and Tyson discuss where in New York Tyson works in the real estate business, which is primarily Brooklyn, though he does branch out to other boroughs and Connecticut. Jeremiah brings up the point that real estate agents play an interesting role in the cityscape of New York, and how real estate agents have to know and understand all of the different neighborhoods and sections of the city to best help their clients. Things like: where the closest gym is, what supermarkets are close, where people get cheap food, where they get expensive food, and many other important aspects of choosing a place to live. Tyson explains how he isn’t just selling or renting an apartment or townhouse, he is selling a lifestyle and the area where the residence is located as well. Jeremiah and Tyson discuss how Tyson goes about selling residences compared to two years ago, and how his techniques were impacted by the pandemic. Tyson continues to explain how the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic change all the time, so he is often cautious about what he tells his clients as the restrictions and amenities can change halfway through the transaction, but how this isn’t confined only to Covid-19 pandemic, but also things like nearby schools, as the department of education can change the school zones, and has been impacted by this in the past.

Segment 3

Jeremiah and Tyson discuss the different restrictions that are going to be or already have been lifted in the near future. The two continue to discuss how because of the pandemic people whose only income come from being a landlord were impacted negatively by their tenants not being able to pay their rent because of the mass layoffs that occurred during the pandemic. And because of this widespread inability to pay rent, landlords now are being cautious about bringing on new tenants, and are requiring more and more documentation from their prospective clients. The two also discuss the future for live music and other live entertainment industries, and the many recent changes that have occurred. They continue to discuss how people's demeanors have changed because of the pandemic, and how Tyson has noticed that many more people have become more kind and tolerant of other people, as well as the increase in traffic and traffic collisions. More people have purchased cars during the pandemic because of the lack of people within the city, which has caused an increase in traffic in the current day.

Segment 4

Jeremiah and Tyson discuss Tyson’s recent decision to start partaking in Muay Thai, and how he decided to do it because he needs structure in his exercise schedule to actually partake in it. He explains that it felt like a fresh start, and it made him feel much better about his health. Tyson goes in depth about his new focus on his health and wellbeing has helped him in his professional life. The two continue to discuss Tyson’s strategy to do things in moderation to reach where he wants to be in his life, with Tyson giving the example of having one last glass of wine and then going to bed a half an hour earlier. Jeremiah explains his own strategies he employed to better himself throughout the pandemic, and how he won’t be able to reach his goals and make use of opportunities that arise if he eats pasta and drinks martinis every night. Jeremiah and Tyson discuss martial arts and how that it helps them and motivates them outside of the sphere of martial arts.


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