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Friday, July 9, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/09-Long Island Select Healthcare

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/09-Long Island Select Healthcare


2021/07/09-Long Island Select Healthcare

[NEW EPISODE] Long Island Select Healthcare

Long Island Select Healthcare

In 2014, the clinics of three Long Island Human Services agencies: Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI), Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE), and United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Suffolk Inc. (UCP), formed Long Island Select Healthcare, Inc. (LISH). Our first day of operations providing low income medical services in Long Island, NY and the surrounding area as Long Island Select Healthcare, Inc. was on August 22, 2016.

Long Island Select Healthcare provides services to all of those who are in need of medical services, regardless of their ability to pay or if they need uninsured primary care services in Long Island, NY. The uninsured are charged for services on a board-approved program for sliding scale health services in Long Island, NY and Suffolk County, NY, which is based on a patient’s family income and size and we are also financed through a mix of Medicaid and Medicare. A large portion of our 6,000 patients served include Intellectual/Developmentally Disabled (ID/D) individuals, we provide primary, behavioral health, dental, specialty services and OT/PT/speech therapy within our organization. We are a Patient Centered Medical Home that places focus not only on what our patients’ medical needs are but focus on the whole patient experience, seeking what barriers our patients may face that may negatively impact their outcomes. Through screenings such as PRAPARE, we will work with patients and assist with any linkage to resources that they may need to support their overall well-being.

Dr. James R. Powell, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer for LISH. Dr. Powell is a board-certified Internist as well as the Medical Director for both DDI and UCP of Suffolk.. He is currently on staff at Mather Memorial Hospital, St. Charles Hospital, and Peconic Bay Medical Center.

A former board member of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry, Dr. Powell has presented lectures nationwide in which he has championed the healthcare needs of the underserved. Thanks to LISH’s experience with a pre-COVID-19 telehealth program he has been quoted in journals and lectured on topics regarding virtual care and the need for long term sustainability.


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy introduces James R. Powell Jr. Chief Executive Officer for LISH. Tommy gives Powell’s background and James shares how he was lead to the non-profit profession. He tells how he thought he knew about patience but he realized that he had so much to learn. He shares his passion to take care of others and share his knowledge and learning experience through his work. Powell tells how his passion to help others led him to go from private practice to non-profit organizations. Tommy connects that Powell’s passion may come from the feeling of helping others who need it most.

Segment 2

Tommy gives the background for LISH and all the organizations it is connected to. James tells how LISH came to be. He tells about the three health centers that were in need and how they came up with a separate entity that could serve all three companies. James talks about how important the board was in creating this new organization. He talks about how the changing of dynamics and different cultures played into forming a unified organization. James talks about being conscious about where their care comes from and the quality of care the patients get. James further explains how they do not stop showing concerns for their patients as he explains how they prioritize after care.

Segment 3

James explains how they collaborate with bigger health care providers. James explain partners and how they set up programs to keep connected to services outside their own organization. Tommy explains how reaching out helps organizations keep connections with other organizations for support. James tells about an in person event to celebrate five years of growth, to showcase the partners efforts in making a difference in the nonprofit community. The nonprofit organizations deal with budget strain and James explains his goals in aiding that process towards growth for the organizations to make the process easier. Tommy talks about the change and ingenuity that James and his organization have come up with over the years and how the changes they have made have helped so many.

Segment 4

Tommy asks how James reaches out to other companies to receive support and partnership. Tommy reaches out to see different ways to connect with other organizations to network and share support. James shares he wants his organization to gather more donors and solidify their partnerships. James shares contacts for organizations and individuals who need care or want to be apart of James nonprofit organization. James shares the partnerships the company has now and how that supports and expands the outreach his organization reaches.


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00:00:44.760 --> 00:00:49.530 #60DaysofService: All the time you'll find me in my attic because that's where I am all the time, these days a year and a half in the attic so.

00:00:49.980 --> 00:00:57.000 #60DaysofService: it's always nice to have visitors in the attic and Dr James Powell, is here so thanks for visiting James will jump in that conversation a bit, but.

00:00:57.360 --> 00:01:10.740 #60DaysofService: It gets lonely here and i'm so lonely sometimes and i'm not going to sing guy it gets lonely here in the attic I always love bringing my friends in the nonprofit sector i've told you this for 2627 episode 2627 Fridays in a row that.

00:01:11.760 --> 00:01:23.850 #60DaysofService: I believe that the nonprofit sector makes incredible impacts every day i'd be gone i've gotten silly about it, and I say every second of every minute of every hour of every day, but I believe that's true and not the challenge for me is.

00:01:24.960 --> 00:01:30.630 #60DaysofService: I don't believe that the nonprofit sector gets the light shone on it that it deserves okay.

00:01:31.440 --> 00:01:43.410 #60DaysofService: there's social services organizations there's charitable organizations these organizations, I say this, who does the work if the nonprofit sector doesn't I don't think the work is done, and this is what i'm passionate about so I believe.

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00:02:16.500 --> 00:02:26.880 #60DaysofService: i'm really without further ado, what I want to do is i'm going to read a bit of background on my guest today i've learned something in the last few weeks and it's listening to other shows and other podcasts and.

00:02:27.510 --> 00:02:33.390 #60DaysofService: You know, and I do a lot of networking, you know the nonprofit sector connector right, so I do a lot of networking and.

00:02:34.560 --> 00:02:43.740 #60DaysofService: Reading someone's long bio he's not, I think the best way to have that story told I think it's best home from that person so i'm going to do a little bit of basic stuff for Dr Powell.

00:02:44.040 --> 00:02:49.470 #60DaysofService: And then i'm going to have him really tell us the story, you know how the segment works, you know we we talk about the.

00:02:49.800 --> 00:02:58.590 #60DaysofService: The Leader the nonprofit leader what their background is how they got involved in the sector, what some of their interests are in the sector what's really what they're passionate about.

00:02:58.800 --> 00:03:09.150 #60DaysofService: We go into the programs that the organization is running and then, as always, as my favorite is, how can you all who are listening, how can we all help through our relationships, how can we help these organizations, where they need board members.

00:03:09.660 --> 00:03:17.250 #60DaysofService: Volunteers different things like that and more to come on the volunteer side hashtag 60 days of service i've decided if you haven't heard it yet between now.

00:03:17.520 --> 00:03:24.150 #60DaysofService: it's July 9 i've done one of 60 so 59 days of service and go I got one coming up tomorrow at the book fairies out on long island.

00:03:24.510 --> 00:03:29.700 #60DaysofService: Next week is the allied foundation and we've been working with heather edwards both of those organizations been on the show been working with heather.

00:03:30.570 --> 00:03:35.730 #60DaysofService: Putting pallets of diapers together, so my kids are out of diapers but i'm going to be surrounded by diapers.

00:03:36.450 --> 00:03:42.960 #60DaysofService: Next Thursday and i'll record and take some photos of that because i'm really trying to drive home the importance of services for you all and i'm.

00:03:43.590 --> 00:03:50.490 #60DaysofService: You know it's not about me while with a comedy doing 60 days service it's like wow, what can I do what could what could be the impact for me getting involved with service so.

00:03:50.730 --> 00:03:53.550 #60DaysofService: 60 days service will talk about volunteers, but back to what I was saying there.

00:03:53.850 --> 00:04:00.690 #60DaysofService: You know what is the organization need maybe it's donors, maybe its volunteers we'll get into that later today so i'm going to read a little basic information here, if I can.

00:04:01.050 --> 00:04:14.940 #60DaysofService: And then, Jim i'd like you to really take it away of your background so before I even read this I haven't done this yet we're four minutes into the show I like to do two things at this point, I like to say, welcome to the show and welcome to the attic Jim how are you.

00:04:15.390 --> 00:04:22.320 James Powell, MD: Well, great it's a pleasure to join you in tropical storm milestone this wonderful Friday so thanks for joining guys.

00:04:22.590 --> 00:04:29.010 #60DaysofService: yeah I appreciate it man listen let it go let it go well, so because also put two inches of water in our basement that that we got a good deal with after the show.

00:04:29.460 --> 00:04:36.660 #60DaysofService: So my wife's down there with the broom and and four kids trying to figure out that whole thing so um you know my my daughter loves frozen and.

00:04:37.080 --> 00:04:41.100 #60DaysofService: You know she was excited about Elsa coming to visit, but you know a little messy down there right now.

00:04:41.700 --> 00:04:49.890 #60DaysofService: So i'm glad you're here so i'm going to just kind of read directly off of off of the website, which is Li sh

00:04:50.280 --> 00:04:55.410 #60DaysofService: Long island select healthcare's the organization, Dr James Powell jr is chief executive officer for lish.

00:04:55.950 --> 00:05:05.970 #60DaysofService: Dr Powell is board certified internist as well as medical doctor for both ddi and you CP of Suffolk So those are organizations involved in the IT space which dive into today.

00:05:06.840 --> 00:05:12.630 #60DaysofService: he's been a member of options for community living in the options for Community livings incident review committee.

00:05:13.230 --> 00:05:18.990 #60DaysofService: you'll launder about a gross was on the show about a month and a half ago, so we're listen, we got a lot of friends in common that's for sure.

00:05:19.770 --> 00:05:26.400 #60DaysofService: And he's been on that committee since 2012 and he performs a critical role, helping the organization review and monitor series events and trends.

00:05:26.670 --> 00:05:31.710 #60DaysofService: it's also currently on the staff of Mather memorial hospital St Charles hospital and connick bay.

00:05:32.580 --> 00:05:38.670 #60DaysofService: Medical Center born and raised here on long island, I want to know where I grew up in Franklin square living Glenn had now but.

00:05:39.000 --> 00:05:44.910 #60DaysofService: i'd love to know where you're from attended binghamton and made it back to to strong island fan of the metsys like you buddy is and.

00:05:45.330 --> 00:05:55.680 #60DaysofService: And, and has has a wonderful family here as well, so Jim why don't you kind of tell us the real story, you know we all put these beautiful bios together and they're appropriate, because we need to have them but.

00:05:56.010 --> 00:06:01.740 #60DaysofService: How do we get to know who you are and what drew you to the service work in the sector that that you're involved with.

00:06:02.820 --> 00:06:16.860 James Powell, MD: Well, thanks I guess i'll start with my my trip back to New York starting private practice in early 2000 seems like a long time ago, and that was a wonderful one for practice private practice at the end of that three year period, I was up for partnership.

00:06:18.030 --> 00:06:27.030 James Powell, MD: And I wanted to see what else was available, so I fell into a job, like dumb luck becoming the medical director of ddi at that point in time, they had health centers that provided services.

00:06:27.390 --> 00:06:34.020 James Powell, MD: Throughout long island and I thought I knew about patients with intellectual development disabilities, I thought I.

00:06:34.350 --> 00:06:39.510 James Powell, MD: I knew about people who had obstacles to take care of but you realize how little you know until you're really.

00:06:40.020 --> 00:06:47.850 James Powell, MD: You know, throwing in this, and one of the things that was really exciting as I love patient care it's really what am I called my fifth child I love love, taking care of patients.

00:06:48.600 --> 00:06:59.700 James Powell, MD: But the opportunity to take care of people at teach and train and have more of an impact, you know became really more the fire to kind of get things going and what I tell people is one of the first.

00:07:00.960 --> 00:07:11.760 James Powell, MD: Aha moments for me was probably three months into treating a patient with autism young man 21 years old came into the Office for earpiece non verbal unable to communicate and tell us what's going on.

00:07:12.330 --> 00:07:19.440 James Powell, MD: So you know I went in there with my metal auto scope but I said, let me just take a look at your year any hold off and hit me in the side of the head.

00:07:19.590 --> 00:07:21.180 #60DaysofService: This is an all right.

00:07:21.270 --> 00:07:23.430 James Powell, MD: Oh yeah great shot.

00:07:23.460 --> 00:07:33.240 James Powell, MD: really nice shot so and I was happy that I didn't fall on my my down i'm still on my feet, but that was my little I have them like you know, he did the right thing.

00:07:34.860 --> 00:07:35.250 #60DaysofService: Right.

00:07:35.550 --> 00:07:41.040 James Powell, MD: Right, he was he's got to your pain i'm going to show this mental instrument in his ear where is already paint so.

00:07:41.610 --> 00:07:49.650 James Powell, MD: It was at that point that I said well how do I look at the way I deliver care, the way I look at care, the way I look at the people who need care.

00:07:50.100 --> 00:07:56.460 James Powell, MD: And kind of revamp my thought processes and revamp the way I was trained in and help.

00:07:57.090 --> 00:08:02.550 James Powell, MD: Train others to do that type of stuff so I got heavily involved with trying to figure out who the experts were the field and.

00:08:02.910 --> 00:08:13.620 James Powell, MD: As you can imagine, in the ID world they really are no experts there's people have experience, so I quickly had to become an expert, or at least more knowledgeable in the field, you know through experience.

00:08:14.250 --> 00:08:19.710 James Powell, MD: got very involved with an organization called the American Academy of development of medicine dentistry.

00:08:20.310 --> 00:08:23.730 James Powell, MD: Which is national groups, I was on their board i've got a lot of lectures.

00:08:24.180 --> 00:08:31.710 James Powell, MD: I decided to lecture on things I didn't really know about, because I figured by time I did the presentation, it would give me the experience of the knowledge to talk about.

00:08:32.220 --> 00:08:39.930 James Powell, MD: Issues related to individuals with intellectual development disabilities, so that was kind of the the way things kind of more for me, and you know real love, where I was going to.

00:08:40.290 --> 00:08:55.890 James Powell, MD: Do this position, maybe for three years until my restrictive covenant was up in my private practice and go back in and tackle the the private practice well, but you know I fell in love with the nonprofit world I fell in love with the idea of doing more than just treating a patient look.

00:08:55.920 --> 00:08:57.060 #60DaysofService: What does that mean holistic.

00:08:57.390 --> 00:09:04.650 #60DaysofService: yeah i'm sorry a holistic, but what does it mean still doing more than just treating a patient, you know I find a lot of my nonprofit friends.

00:09:06.870 --> 00:09:07.170 #60DaysofService: You know.

00:09:09.210 --> 00:09:15.990 #60DaysofService: In a vacuum, most people don't go into nonprofit work to get rich period like that's it again that's just a blanket statement doll making.

00:09:16.410 --> 00:09:25.680 #60DaysofService: that's not I didn't get that out of the journal everybody that's something I said so, you know if you're going to check my my stats that's just the Tommy do you think you know but it's I think it's true in a lot of cases but.

00:09:26.490 --> 00:09:39.990 #60DaysofService: I in hearing what you're saying I feel you're drawn to this work, because you're making more of an impact quote unquote maybe then just serving patients, not that that's not an admirable profession, but you're making more is that what you're saying.

00:09:41.010 --> 00:09:41.730 James Powell, MD: yeah you know.

00:09:42.750 --> 00:09:54.510 James Powell, MD: We never you know most training, whether whatever field you go into it it's not an integrative approach to care, and so, you know as we morphed into our new organization outside healthcare.

00:09:55.080 --> 00:09:58.800 James Powell, MD: We really change our thought process about really thinking about wellness so that.

00:09:59.310 --> 00:10:07.290 James Powell, MD: The meadow who comes into my office or into our centers that were conscious of their their financial there's social their medical and their behavioral wellness.

00:10:07.950 --> 00:10:19.620 James Powell, MD: And they're all integrated they're all connected and just because I give someone a blood pressure pill i'm not fixing a problem i'm putting a bandaid on the wound and I may not have paid attention to what the cause of all this is.

00:10:20.400 --> 00:10:31.440 James Powell, MD: You know I can they can they can they pay their bills do they have access to the character, they feel safe, you know what are the other obstacles who's who's the caregiver that supports them so we've had to.

00:10:32.100 --> 00:10:46.800 James Powell, MD: Luckily re evaluate how we deliver care which is open up our eyes to other opportunities and how we create partnerships and look for growth models for us to really change the Needle for quality yeah.

00:10:47.010 --> 00:10:53.550 #60DaysofService: Thank you for all that, and I just like waving my arms if you're listening, I was like excited with what Jim was saying there because.

00:10:55.020 --> 00:11:02.310 #60DaysofService: Look i'm not a medical professional I didn't stay at a holiday INN express last night so i'm I can't fake that i'm a medical professional, but the thing is i'm.

00:11:03.360 --> 00:11:15.900 #60DaysofService: i'm on this could get me in trouble, but i'm i'm not always keen on the fact how how things are done where we just as you say kind of put a bandaid I use that term all the time, but how we don't really address the underlying.

00:11:16.740 --> 00:11:28.230 #60DaysofService: Problems or dis ease in our bodies, but we just put these band aids with these pills, or whatever it is to make the symptoms go away, while our body might be saying, and I know you're speaking holistically not just about the body but hold us a black that person's.

00:11:28.590 --> 00:11:33.930 #60DaysofService: whole environment and I appreciate that there was a picture I pulled off of the website that we'll talk about in a second but.

00:11:35.220 --> 00:11:39.930 #60DaysofService: it's that sort of you correct me if i'm wrong engine, but you know that sort of.

00:11:40.530 --> 00:11:50.580 #60DaysofService: That holistic that Eastern medicine look at things versus just that Western medicine traditional Western medicine, where we either remove a piece of the party, where we where we you know put a pill in there, you know.

00:11:51.780 --> 00:11:58.140 James Powell, MD: You have to you have to be willing to to constantly change and grow and challenge yourself, and I think that.

00:11:58.920 --> 00:12:06.810 James Powell, MD: You know, for physicians and healthcare providers, we we have blinders on because there's barely enough time to learn the medicine and learn your fields.

00:12:07.680 --> 00:12:22.830 James Powell, MD: And yet, at the same time now i'm asking you to be involved with looking at variables that you never even considered or even trained in understanding so it's it's scary sometimes for us to say we don't know what to do, or we don't know how to help, but we don't have the answers.

00:12:24.240 --> 00:12:35.340 James Powell, MD: But it's also excited to figure out how I maybe I can get someone to the right solution or or identify a problem that was not there or understood before yeah.

00:12:36.660 --> 00:12:40.260 #60DaysofService: You open up my eyes, even in just that brief answer that because.

00:12:40.590 --> 00:12:51.330 #60DaysofService: You know I can get up on my high horse on my soapbox you know because I didn't go to Medical School and I can just kind of say things right look I I I go, this is my show, I can say whatever I want like but like kind of is but it's.

00:12:53.220 --> 00:12:59.100 #60DaysofService: But I can say, those comments, but then you open my eyes to be more thoughtful about that conversation and say yeah and you know.

00:13:00.240 --> 00:13:06.780 #60DaysofService: medical professionals and learn so much on the medicine sides and you to your point you can't maybe can always fit in the extra.

00:13:07.170 --> 00:13:13.920 #60DaysofService: expertise and exposure and not to mention, you know what involvement of whatever malpractice and on and on, that can be involved with with you know.

00:13:14.880 --> 00:13:19.440 #60DaysofService: You know the cost of medicine and things of that nature but um you know I find that all.

00:13:19.740 --> 00:13:31.290 #60DaysofService: An interesting dialogue to have where we can continue to evolve and continue to grow and continue to learn as as those in your field and those of us who are really just the customers and clients of that so.

00:13:31.890 --> 00:13:43.020 #60DaysofService: Where we I told you this last night, we spoke Jim this the brakes are going to go quick garner the show is going to go quick and before we know it i'm going to be like we please come back on another shelf because there's so much more to talk about so.

00:13:43.440 --> 00:13:48.540 #60DaysofService: That kinda is my way to say we're about to take a quick break when we come back where I really want to talk about.

00:13:49.020 --> 00:14:00.030 #60DaysofService: Is I want to understand what was the catalyst that these other organizations said, and you involved, obviously in in this formation of this group and i'll read something quick when we come back about English.

00:14:00.420 --> 00:14:10.410 #60DaysofService: But I want to talk about how that happened what were those dialogues and who said, you know what we actually need this integrated Center separate and apart from our organizations.

00:14:10.950 --> 00:14:16.350 #60DaysofService: to handle the needs of clients, so we can talk about that, when you come back that sounds good.

00:14:16.710 --> 00:14:30.570 #60DaysofService: that's great all right good it is tell me your boy the nonprofit sector connected comaneci who I love when I say that, coming at you from the top, it out in the attic having a good time and rainy day Jim Palace here from lunch we'll be back in two minutes, they would us.

00:16:43.650 --> 00:16:44.160 #60DaysofService: static.

00:16:44.310 --> 00:16:48.510 #60DaysofService: that's my that's my call to action cut through the static join me in the attic every Friday morning.

00:16:49.170 --> 00:17:00.180 #60DaysofService: we're philanthropy and focus goes live and we amplify the message for nonprofit organizations, I love I freakin love my wife told me stop saying freakin on the show I freakin love this Center it doesn't.

00:17:00.480 --> 00:17:06.270 #60DaysofService: You know the changes in the world don't happen, I mean, even in just in that first segment Jim saying how is it individual he he.

00:17:06.510 --> 00:17:15.570 #60DaysofService: committed himself to learn and change and evolve and now is so committed to the nonprofit sector specifically we're going to talk a bit about ID I know that coming up soon so.

00:17:16.200 --> 00:17:30.270 #60DaysofService: Long island select healthcare was founded website scripted my there it is i'm in 2014 long island select healthcare was founded by three agencies three other nonprofits ddi.

00:17:30.750 --> 00:17:40.110 #60DaysofService: known as developmental disabilities institute free family residence and essential enterprises Robert Bud hello, Robert Roberts on the show a couple months back.

00:17:40.860 --> 00:17:49.500 #60DaysofService: and united cerebral palsy of greater Suffolk these three organizations came together and said, we need to form this other organization.

00:17:49.920 --> 00:17:59.790 #60DaysofService: On the first day of operations, they started providing low income medical services in long island New York that's my hometown and as well as to the surrounding area.

00:18:00.420 --> 00:18:09.210 #60DaysofService: On August 22 2016 Jim Powell, is here, Dr James Powell, but we call them here on the show Jim because that's what he told me I could call and so Jim.

00:18:09.660 --> 00:18:19.380 #60DaysofService: What what I said in the first thing what was what happened, what was the catalyst where did you know you were involved with these other organizations, where did you guys kind of get together or how did you get together and say.

00:18:19.890 --> 00:18:30.720 #60DaysofService: We actually need to do a separate thing here, there needs to be a separate entity at separate agency, how did that all happen because that's super interesting for me as other organizations evolve and grow and Evan flow.

00:18:32.400 --> 00:18:32.760 We were.

00:18:34.290 --> 00:18:43.560 James Powell, MD: The credit to the board the executive directors of the agencies to kind of get this up and running, which was alone on the taking you know 2014 2016 to actually see the first patient.

00:18:43.950 --> 00:18:50.190 James Powell, MD: So we had three health centers that we're actively working so we close the doors on the Friday we open them on Monday, under the new organization.

00:18:50.970 --> 00:19:02.190 James Powell, MD: But the reason for it had to do with the funding and support and longevity that the state has programs in place what's called Article 28 that they give enhance dollars for those with.

00:19:02.670 --> 00:19:07.440 James Powell, MD: with disabilities knows with medicaid but it's not as consistent and reliable.

00:19:07.950 --> 00:19:14.400 James Powell, MD: As the Federal Government and the Federal Government has federally qualified health centers, and so we came under the umbrella of sun.

00:19:15.060 --> 00:19:29.670 James Powell, MD: river health, which is now, which runs all the county clinics and we're what's called a sub recipient and federally qualified health Center there's actually 1400 in the country and 26 million people actually receive care from a federally qualified health Center so what that means.

00:19:29.670 --> 00:19:30.030 #60DaysofService: Is let me.

00:19:30.510 --> 00:19:31.200 #60DaysofService: Let me stop you once I.

00:19:31.260 --> 00:19:37.740 #60DaysofService: Do work, you know just hundred fq he is federally qualified health centers across the country, what was the number of people that are served by these.

00:19:37.770 --> 00:19:43.020 James Powell, MD: Community one in 12 in the country and about 2627 million people are served.

00:19:43.680 --> 00:19:51.150 James Powell, MD: Through health centers like ours that are federally qualified health centers they could be in a rural area they can be in our city, they could be on migrant.

00:19:51.660 --> 00:19:59.610 James Powell, MD: Farms they could be all over but it's pretty significant and what's what's really nice about the structure of these health centers is that.

00:19:59.970 --> 00:20:05.850 James Powell, MD: there's accountability, so we actually have to report our data on what our blood pressure scores are are diabetic scores are.

00:20:06.240 --> 00:20:16.830 James Powell, MD: To the federal government so there's oversight, so this quality built into the way a federally qualified health Center runs so in terms of you know longevity in terms of quality in terms of.

00:20:17.460 --> 00:20:24.270 James Powell, MD: ability to really meet the patient's need in our Community really ended up being a no brainer just took time for all to come together.

00:20:25.980 --> 00:20:39.120 #60DaysofService: And what what was what's a child, like when you do that, and you go from three organizations into one or not not going to have these three I don't know the right terminology so correct me as I, as I trip over my words but are they.

00:20:40.050 --> 00:20:49.710 #60DaysofService: Was lish sponsored by that the other three organizations to and did some of the board members mobile barisan brand new board like what did that look like.

00:20:50.190 --> 00:21:06.030 James Powell, MD: it's good question, so the formation of a whole brand new board, we were fortunate to have the Robert buzz the genre swords the step friedman's from the legacy agencies join the board as well as bring on other Members in the Community, which was great.

00:21:07.200 --> 00:21:10.530 James Powell, MD: To help kind of get things going so our own tax ID number our own board.

00:21:11.250 --> 00:21:17.520 James Powell, MD: But coming together as new organization, when you have three different mindsets of how things are supposed to be done, whether they're right or wrong is definitely.

00:21:18.000 --> 00:21:31.440 James Powell, MD: A learning experience about blending culture to our you know, maybe trina same patient population and have a lot of similarities in our day to day function treating a new patient population and respond to different rules and regulations to the Federal Government.

00:21:32.550 --> 00:21:36.120 James Powell, MD: creates some interesting dynamics and in change management yeah.

00:21:36.270 --> 00:21:48.390 #60DaysofService: Sure does yeah um but exciting, you know listen i'm like I say these organization, I know, make incredible impact, but I think there's also we realize as individuals and organizations.

00:21:48.960 --> 00:22:00.540 #60DaysofService: That we have limitations in our own environment and it's it's enhancing and creating something new that makes that and yeah there's gonna be bumps and bruises a friend of mine ginger Johnson told me something recently and it came up for me while you're speaking there.

00:22:01.890 --> 00:22:09.180 #60DaysofService: We don't really want to hang out with people who call me while my for doing my podcast we don't really want to hang out with people like that.

00:22:09.720 --> 00:22:13.650 #60DaysofService: We don't want to hang out with people who are like minded.

00:22:14.100 --> 00:22:21.330 #60DaysofService: You want to hang out with people who are like valued and that was sort of a I love to learn these things you know, and I keep learning because, like minded means.

00:22:21.630 --> 00:22:26.790 #60DaysofService: bunch of yes men and, yes, women around the world and say same thing and we're going to be excited because we're all saying the same thing, but.

00:22:27.330 --> 00:22:31.620 #60DaysofService: But where's the growth there you know so like that was coming up from you, when you mentioned, you know how.

00:22:32.100 --> 00:22:41.280 #60DaysofService: Change management that dynamic of of having all these different organizations what what what is the what's the user experience feel like because I was I.

00:22:41.730 --> 00:22:54.180 #60DaysofService: drew a quick picture of this is something I pulled up your website it's got like a draw a stick figure but it's got like a picture of a person and then it's hospital labs patient imaging physician therapy holistic again um.

00:22:55.770 --> 00:23:01.530 #60DaysofService: What what does that feel like to somebody who comes to visit one of the center's one of the locations.

00:23:04.320 --> 00:23:09.390 James Powell, MD: I think it starts with the understanding of what we're capable of doing, you know how.

00:23:10.290 --> 00:23:16.710 James Powell, MD: Many services, we can provide so, for example, we have about 16 different services, so it can be medical dental PT ot speech.

00:23:17.400 --> 00:23:23.280 James Powell, MD: Allergy dermatology there's a significant amount of services and one of the things that we we are.

00:23:23.970 --> 00:23:30.450 James Powell, MD: very clear about is regardless of your ability to pay, we will see you, so the sliding scales based on poverty levels.

00:23:30.990 --> 00:23:43.920 James Powell, MD: medicaid is our most common insurance that we accept medicare and a lot of the medicaid hmo has so it's a it's a welcoming environment that regardless of your ability to pay or your insurance you're going to get the same care.

00:23:44.520 --> 00:23:48.690 James Powell, MD: Now there may be some different rules in terms of privatisations and where you're allowed to go for services.

00:23:49.050 --> 00:23:58.830 James Powell, MD: outside our Center but we try to keep everyone the same so they feel welcomed and embrace regardless of language or immigration status access I think that's the first piece, that we do.

00:23:59.550 --> 00:24:10.890 James Powell, MD: And then we try to pay attention to you know where what I call the triangle of care where you have the patient, you have the provider and then you have the caregiver and who supports them, so it could be a husband, it could be a wife, it could be.

00:24:12.240 --> 00:24:22.980 James Powell, MD: An agency, like a ddi are you sleepy are free, or it could be some other shelter a church group, but if we're conscious of who the players are that help provide the care to facilitate care.

00:24:23.850 --> 00:24:30.150 James Powell, MD: outcomes can be a little bit better because you're conscious of where the needs are and who the facilitators or obstacles are.

00:24:30.660 --> 00:24:38.310 James Powell, MD: And in providing the services so that's that's kind of our foundation and then it's also about bringing the care that each individual needs.

00:24:39.000 --> 00:24:49.530 James Powell, MD: And I think the pandemic has brought this to light more about that there's no one size fits all so we really pay attention to patients in different buckets me that we have our idd pocket.

00:24:50.040 --> 00:24:56.130 James Powell, MD: We have our own each bucket which is is there, we have our Community based patients and we're also very good.

00:24:56.880 --> 00:25:00.120 #60DaysofService: If we could just underscore that for office of mental health gang this week.

00:25:00.150 --> 00:25:01.080 James Powell, MD: Yes, i'm sorry yes.

00:25:01.170 --> 00:25:04.140 #60DaysofService: Oh it's not your fault, we when we live in these worlds, we just say these things.

00:25:05.130 --> 00:25:06.840 James Powell, MD: If I don't say 100 acronyms a day I.

00:25:06.840 --> 00:25:08.400 James Powell, MD: can't go to sleep, so I have to.

00:25:08.520 --> 00:25:09.120 #60DaysofService: Be all doing.

00:25:09.180 --> 00:25:19.110 #60DaysofService: That jargon happen so i'm always like I tried to just under sports and we people they're not googling so they're paying attention let's talk because i'm as i'm babbling they can Google it right now on each.

00:25:20.400 --> 00:25:25.080 #60DaysofService: side of the idd intellectual developmentally disabled bucket boy meeting and was there, another or.

00:25:25.320 --> 00:25:36.090 James Powell, MD: So the indigenous community based patients but and also substance use disorder patients, which is also a smaller subset but a really you know large need based patient population, so if we can think about.

00:25:36.450 --> 00:25:46.320 James Powell, MD: All our patients in the care and the models of care that we deliver and then it's also you know what someone needs, because you have everything from telephone to video to.

00:25:46.890 --> 00:25:51.420 James Powell, MD: brick and mortar structure to chronic care management is it's a continuum of care.

00:25:52.110 --> 00:26:01.860 James Powell, MD: And we want to really think about more quality touches as opposed to frequency of services that's not you know healthcare is not supposed to be transactional, although it is.

00:26:02.250 --> 00:26:08.700 James Powell, MD: supposed to be value based and you should have value based propositions or value based opportunities to really get to someone.

00:26:09.030 --> 00:26:11.520 James Powell, MD: And I used to think that I was, and I still think i'm a good doctor.

00:26:11.880 --> 00:26:18.750 James Powell, MD: But I still like you know they're listening to my advice boom boom boom, but the reality is is that 30% of what I say is really retained.

00:26:19.020 --> 00:26:29.790 James Powell, MD: So I can tell you about your your blood sugars and get your your salt levels and and what we need to do an exercise and then, when you come back in three months you forgotten 70% of what I said.

00:26:30.270 --> 00:26:36.480 James Powell, MD: that's three months have gone by, but if I can upsell reach out to you in a couple weeks and and follow up in a month doesn't have to be me.

00:26:36.690 --> 00:26:37.410 #60DaysofService: or somebody.

00:26:37.860 --> 00:26:39.210 #60DaysofService: On the team somebody on the.

00:26:40.020 --> 00:26:46.470 James Powell, MD: team based you know care is really where it should be not supposed to be a funnel where everything goes through the funnel I really more of a.

00:26:46.950 --> 00:26:58.560 James Powell, MD: spaghetti strainer type of approach where your knowledge and information just flows through that everyone can have access to it and I don't have to be in charge of it, but I have to just be on the team and and help facilitate that.

00:26:58.860 --> 00:27:11.040 #60DaysofService: I love that yeah so you're still as the CEO you're still seeing patients, I know that for a fact because last night, we were running late for a call for you or me ah so that's as the CEO you're still clinical.

00:27:12.450 --> 00:27:25.260 James Powell, MD: As I said earlier, it's like my fifth trial seeing patients I love it I don't think i'll ever give it up and it gives you an opportunity to stay grounded, you know to it's wonderful to be involved with the vision and the growth of where your organization's going.

00:27:25.800 --> 00:27:30.990 James Powell, MD: But to get your hands dirty, so to speak, understandable world it's it's still exciting.

00:27:31.260 --> 00:27:32.730 #60DaysofService: Of course yeah and.

00:27:34.080 --> 00:27:41.940 #60DaysofService: You got into the patient care not to be an executive right that's how you started doing this thing right I love that whole triangle of care, I think that's great.

00:27:42.570 --> 00:27:55.980 #60DaysofService: When we come back and what we're going to take another break everybody when we come back we're going to talk more about you kind of the user experience what it's like to be a patient, I mean, and I would love to know you know, if appropriate, how do you collaborate.

00:27:57.240 --> 00:28:05.220 #60DaysofService: With the larger health systems is you know you know, obviously being here on long island mean you know we know Northwest the big one, and is there collaboration there.

00:28:06.180 --> 00:28:06.990 #60DaysofService: And then really.

00:28:07.590 --> 00:28:19.200 #60DaysofService: I definitely want to talk, as I said to you last night and earlier on the show now is talking about the growth of the organization, you mentioned growth to you said you one of the things you guys talked about as a team and think about is is grow growing the organization so.

00:28:19.650 --> 00:28:25.980 #60DaysofService: um I want to know what you mean by growth like Does that mean more patients, does it mean growth in in employee population things like that so.

00:28:27.330 --> 00:28:38.790 #60DaysofService: When we come back we'll talk about growth Future of the organization, a little bit more about what Jim and his team at long island's like health care providers Tommy do you plan to be in focus will be back in just about two minutes i'll see you guys you.

00:31:14.550 --> 00:31:29.790 #60DaysofService: i'm speaking and i'm on mute so i'm not on mute anymore, thank you, Dr Powell, I was saying, for bopping around the my theme song, I sometimes asked my guests to sing the theme song, I will not put you on the spot, you tell me next you know if you're up for it one time I.

00:31:29.790 --> 00:31:31.020 James Powell, MD: Might my break dancing the.

00:31:31.020 --> 00:31:32.130 #60DaysofService: next thing I love.

00:31:32.400 --> 00:31:41.310 #60DaysofService: love to have a break, you know, I was on a call Yolanda in summer team over at options options community living couple weeks ago and it was like a business meeting I get on a call.

00:31:41.820 --> 00:31:49.380 #60DaysofService: And she goes I miss being in the attic and I miss your song so like I started the business singing my theme song like that's this was like hanging out with Tommy do you guys.

00:31:50.040 --> 00:31:57.930 #60DaysofService: All right, long island select healthcare provide services to all those in need and medical services, regardless of their ability to pay we just talked a little bit about that in the last segment.

00:31:58.260 --> 00:32:13.530 #60DaysofService: But a large portion of their patients as we've been playing around with are a large portion of the 6000 patients include those with intellectual developmental disabilities behavioral health issues as well, so um I set up a lot in the last segment for us to talk about but.

00:32:15.150 --> 00:32:22.590 #60DaysofService: talk to me more if you know I kind of threw this out there, how does an organization like yours you serving 6000 patients, how do you engage.

00:32:23.010 --> 00:32:32.400 #60DaysofService: If that's even the right way to say it, you know kind of with the larger health systems, I mean I read earlier, you know you're with Mather you personally in St Charles peconic the whole thing.

00:32:33.360 --> 00:32:39.420 #60DaysofService: Can you talk a little bit about those relationships and how they're you know there's advantages and benefits to that sure.

00:32:39.450 --> 00:32:44.340 James Powell, MD: So actually we've even grover over 7000 so after update our website I.

00:32:44.340 --> 00:32:46.740 #60DaysofService: guess all I screwed up the number of my bed.

00:32:48.090 --> 00:32:49.950 James Powell, MD: No thanks yeah so.

00:32:51.000 --> 00:32:59.280 James Powell, MD: You know growth relationships are really tied together and one of the things that we try to figure out is how do we assess our needs and then figure out how to.

00:33:00.060 --> 00:33:11.700 James Powell, MD: get involved with partners who can help us with those needs, and so one of the really exciting programs that we have right now is is actually with a company called ambulance and for those are on long island, you may see these Teal blue Angela.

00:33:12.360 --> 00:33:13.650 #60DaysofService: Yes, yes I have.

00:33:14.250 --> 00:33:21.720 James Powell, MD: And so, last year we set up a program where we realized that because the pandemic and the lockdown issues and concerns, we wanted to deploy those.

00:33:22.350 --> 00:33:29.460 James Powell, MD: Those TEAM members that paramedics to the House to do rapid covert testing to do flu shots for us to really provide care at home.

00:33:29.940 --> 00:33:37.440 James Powell, MD: To kind of rethink the hybrid model of care that what can be done, you know virtually what can be done deliverable and what can be done on site.

00:33:37.950 --> 00:33:46.680 James Powell, MD: And it's more to the point now what we do is actually we we supply them with the telemedicine, a virtual care equipment so it's bluetooth enabled technology.

00:33:47.250 --> 00:33:54.420 James Powell, MD: Where they go to the House, so instead of a patient colon nine will want to go into the hospital urgent care Center they call our special number.

00:33:54.960 --> 00:34:02.550 James Powell, MD: We deployed the ambulance team to the House, and then we can you know, listen to them diagnosed and ammonia is their their rashes ear infections.

00:34:02.910 --> 00:34:08.250 James Powell, MD: And then actually give first dose of antibiotics IV fluids, and actually even avoid going to the hospital.

00:34:08.790 --> 00:34:11.370 James Powell, MD: So that people only go to the hospital when they need to go to the hospital.

00:34:11.940 --> 00:34:23.760 James Powell, MD: And that programs really going very, very well for us we're very excited about that and it's it's really ship is blossom you know, such that we're actually going to honor them with our five year anniversary coming up this October, because of.

00:34:24.210 --> 00:34:31.380 James Powell, MD: The great work that they're doing because, as you know, in the nonprofit world it's its purpose and profit, you know we can't.

00:34:31.890 --> 00:34:36.660 James Powell, MD: survive on purpose and you can't just survive and property, you have to have that blend of purpose and profit.

00:34:37.080 --> 00:34:42.660 James Powell, MD: is to have an organization, you know, working with us to see the needs of where our patients are and and how important.

00:34:42.990 --> 00:34:49.050 James Powell, MD: The work is and how we can really make an impact and they get back to that value based opportunity that we talked about a little bit earlier.

00:34:49.350 --> 00:34:59.130 James Powell, MD: is really a win, win, and then we hope that we can work that into the other organizations like you stony brook seeing Northwest that we really are need a lot more integrated, so people aren't just go Dr for something.

00:34:59.730 --> 00:35:04.860 James Powell, MD: We really are conscious of the relationship of the discharge and the appropriate admissions.

00:35:05.220 --> 00:35:12.480 #60DaysofService: So now, you mentioned and realize that they're there for profit entity that you're you're having a relationship right like with with that.

00:35:12.720 --> 00:35:13.440 #60DaysofService: Okay, so yeah.

00:35:13.530 --> 00:35:17.190 #60DaysofService: So if you're listening out there, you know I talked about this, all the time, I talked about that.

00:35:17.460 --> 00:35:24.030 #60DaysofService: Where does the nonprofit sector in the for profit sector meet where the strategic alliances this isn't type of stuff we're talking about you know, a couple.

00:35:24.690 --> 00:35:35.910 #60DaysofService: Actually, was our last in person nonprofit executive leadership Roundtable and it was it was at options for community living in the big old borden when they got like 35 seats and I love that for you, because if you put a lot of people yeah.

00:35:36.450 --> 00:35:37.380 #60DaysofService: And yeah.

00:35:37.710 --> 00:35:48.810 #60DaysofService: They hosted us there and cancer rainy my buddies reunion associates that long I would imagine awards New York City manager awards had spoke at that event when we recorded it so reach out to me Tommy.

00:35:50.310 --> 00:36:01.650 #60DaysofService: Tommy Atlanta being focused pH O C U if you want to access that video it was all about strategic alliances strategic partnerships with between organizations organization between business or organization, the whole thing.

00:36:02.370 --> 00:36:11.760 #60DaysofService: So we can you know just remember that, as a as a good opportunity to share, about that information, because I think it's critical it's critical for the.

00:36:12.300 --> 00:36:22.140 #60DaysofService: sectors to get together, you know and support each other, you, I want to give you an opportunity, because you mentioned that and I want to get to it any way you mentioned October.

00:36:23.700 --> 00:36:28.500 #60DaysofService: Is that a, dare I say, an in person Gala is that what you're talking about.

00:36:28.830 --> 00:36:30.930 #60DaysofService: Dr Powell, is that what you're saying like.

00:36:30.930 --> 00:36:32.520 #60DaysofService: People in a room together really.

00:36:34.020 --> 00:36:35.070 James Powell, MD: very excited to.

00:36:36.630 --> 00:36:39.240 James Powell, MD: serve our event in October for an in person.

00:36:40.320 --> 00:36:49.890 James Powell, MD: Rather than 250 people may go up to 275 depending on with the feedback has been tremendous we have a lot of people to support you know five years is a long time.

00:36:50.610 --> 00:36:55.290 James Powell, MD: It took a while, for us to to get where we are today we're very excited about where our growth is and.

00:36:55.740 --> 00:37:07.410 James Powell, MD: In all the partners, and you know, hoping that that many of those partners that we take care of we'll continue with celebrate with us so lands and and save the October 7 I should know that date off top my head angel yell at me if.

00:37:07.920 --> 00:37:10.800 #60DaysofService: I thought, maybe, she was there, I thought he was looking at you right now, like.

00:37:11.640 --> 00:37:13.650 James Powell, MD: what's her birthday it's your birthday, we gave her you know the.

00:37:14.280 --> 00:37:15.360 #60DaysofService: Special Oh well.

00:37:15.390 --> 00:37:16.980 #60DaysofService: Happy Birthday amy thanks for making.

00:37:16.980 --> 00:37:22.680 #60DaysofService: sure we set this whole thing off, I appreciate you happy birthday, to you, we don't want me to sing and if you do want me to sing calling myself.

00:37:23.910 --> 00:37:24.060 #60DaysofService: But.

00:37:24.270 --> 00:37:28.800 James Powell, MD: I wanted, if I can just you talked about some of the partnerships, and specifically the nonprofit the nonprofit.

00:37:28.800 --> 00:37:39.600 James Powell, MD: Parties yeah and you know so with ddi and you CPS ny ght cells and the options and one of the things that we've realized is the burden that they have on health care.

00:37:40.020 --> 00:37:45.360 James Powell, MD: Meaning that you know if someone goes to the hospital, they have to transport that patient, you know, through their bands.

00:37:46.110 --> 00:37:52.650 James Powell, MD: That individual may mistake programs, they lose a billable date there's overtime, the transportation costs and so.

00:37:53.430 --> 00:38:01.680 James Powell, MD: What we've thought about it when I talk about the triangle of care that that caregiver maybe the options that may be ddi maybe free me you CP So how do we help facilitate.

00:38:02.460 --> 00:38:09.330 James Powell, MD: and understanding and awareness of how they can benefit from some of the relationships that we've done so for that deployable model with ambulance.

00:38:09.600 --> 00:38:14.310 James Powell, MD: If I bring everything to their house if I get the end biotics delivered as the X Ray done on site.

00:38:14.640 --> 00:38:21.030 James Powell, MD: I had the team there they don't have to leave the House, then they have to worry about you know schlepping them to my office and central islip or riverhead or hop org.

00:38:21.420 --> 00:38:31.620 James Powell, MD: And it's a staffing issue it's a program issue it's it makes it makes a big difference, so you know we're all in the nonprofit world unfortunately always dealing with our p&l sheets and.

00:38:32.040 --> 00:38:37.080 James Powell, MD: You know how we're going to pay our bills and whereas the funding of it come from and what budgets, going to be passed.

00:38:37.470 --> 00:38:47.790 James Powell, MD: it's just something that we unfortunately have to deal with, but if we can be more integrative in our approach, so how can I help you, and how can you help me, and then we could talk about you know more quality than everyone was.

00:38:48.270 --> 00:38:51.990 James Powell, MD: The most important person actually is, you know, is the patients and the consumers that we support.

00:38:53.220 --> 00:38:57.660 #60DaysofService: I love all of what you saying there because you know there's this.

00:38:59.010 --> 00:39:02.220 #60DaysofService: I think there's this thought pattern, and certainly old school about.

00:39:03.690 --> 00:39:14.490 #60DaysofService: But we're fighting over the same dollars, but but really like really is that are we, like or can we be strategic and work together and begin Look, we know you we can as a sector, we know we can work together and be strategic.

00:39:15.150 --> 00:39:21.330 #60DaysofService: To do so, and when I see these little ambulance things in my head now i'm seeing them, I see them around my neighborhood sometimes and.

00:39:22.470 --> 00:39:24.390 #60DaysofService: It what i'm hearing, I don't think he said it this way.

00:39:25.110 --> 00:39:36.990 #60DaysofService: I don't talk about this much on the show, but if you don't know we we own an employee benefits agency vanguard insurance agency, we we sell group health insurance and ancillary benefits with a major focus and nonprofit sector we've been doing that for over 20 years everybody.

00:39:38.190 --> 00:39:42.180 #60DaysofService: But it we taught all talk about on our enrollment meetings around.

00:39:42.480 --> 00:39:51.690 #60DaysofService: Go to the urgent care first like you know if you're having chest pains go to the er but if you're not you know if you go to the urgent care I almost feel like what you're saying with this ambulance it's um.

00:39:52.080 --> 00:40:06.180 #60DaysofService: it's like an urgent care on wheels right like it's showing up, and you know, can do and then you're doing some sort of level of tella Doc you and your team from headquarters, so to speak, so you can you know triage if that's the right word or get a lot of.

00:40:07.230 --> 00:40:17.490 #60DaysofService: A lot accomplished without to your point free or ddi or options getting their employees in the band moving folks around it's game changing that it's I mean.

00:40:18.450 --> 00:40:28.200 #60DaysofService: So I see it as almost an urgent care on wheels and correct me if i'm wrong, I mean maybe it doesn't have everything in urgent care has but also a is.

00:40:29.310 --> 00:40:46.620 #60DaysofService: Can you and your colleagues, and maybe you've done this already really look at the numbers about that you know, in the hard and soft costs on a you know ABC agencies, not having their employee doing certain things and then still having their consumer.

00:40:48.030 --> 00:40:59.250 #60DaysofService: In different day programs, etc, and like all the stuff you're saying how they're not getting pulled away and money dollars are not moving away from the agency or not just salary dollars, that the Agency is not spending on that activity.

00:40:59.700 --> 00:41:04.800 #60DaysofService: Have you done any like studies or can you guys do that have you sort of tried to break that out.

00:41:05.220 --> 00:41:17.370 James Powell, MD: It was so we're looking at data for multiple levels so you know just a little bit of background data so we're part of an accountable care organization, I was just going to say co op so you know what let me use the words.

00:41:17.400 --> 00:41:18.300 #60DaysofService: yeah right on.

00:41:19.080 --> 00:41:24.900 James Powell, MD: So it's it's a medicare shaped shared savings program so we're involved with a couple different organizations similar to ours.

00:41:25.260 --> 00:41:36.810 James Powell, MD: And so, our medicare patients, we are conscious of the total spend at the dollars and for 2020 our 2000 plus patients went to the er 1500 times in 2020.

00:41:37.800 --> 00:41:49.080 James Powell, MD: Now the cms came back and the government said, the data showed that 72% of my patients went to the er that should have been preventable so that 72% of the cases.

00:41:49.170 --> 00:41:49.500 #60DaysofService: Okay.

00:41:49.770 --> 00:42:02.730 James Powell, MD: So that's that's just that huge in terms of the costs, I don't know the actual figure, because our patients with disabilities, go to the er for variable reasons, but for argument's sake we're talking at least $1,000 cost for someone to.

00:42:03.000 --> 00:42:04.740 #60DaysofService: be visiting yeah.

00:42:05.940 --> 00:42:13.800 James Powell, MD: So if we can prevent that er visit and even the urgent care visit, because even urgent care visits are more expensive that a primary care office visit.

00:42:13.980 --> 00:42:20.580 James Powell, MD: and minimize that that it makes a difference so so we're looking at that that data now and then to your point about the agency's.

00:42:20.820 --> 00:42:28.740 James Powell, MD: we've had some conversations about how do we track that so that we can look at you know what are their spend what is their transportation costs to overtime cost.

00:42:30.300 --> 00:42:37.560 James Powell, MD: Because that'll help to facilitate the growth because we actually have to change the mindset that people think they go to the er.

00:42:38.040 --> 00:42:41.460 James Powell, MD: And they're going to get everything no may wait for six hours but they'll get their extra they get the labs.

00:42:42.210 --> 00:42:51.150 James Powell, MD: And so it's a perception that care is is better or everything will be done, but this model actually is, you still getting the same services.

00:42:51.660 --> 00:42:59.970 James Powell, MD: And the benefits they're really sick, which we have we've sent people to your front of these services, so it gives us an opportunity to say, well, no you're too sick in fact.

00:43:00.420 --> 00:43:13.650 James Powell, MD: The visit you alluded to yesterday, I said that individual to the hospital you suspected pneumonia not doing well had abnormal vital signs more appropriate to be an emergency department, so we know where are we are, we will houses.

00:43:13.890 --> 00:43:21.870 #60DaysofService: So, but again had that person yesterday presented differently, and you don't need to send them to the ED now i'm being acronyms emergency department, then you then you could.

00:43:22.200 --> 00:43:30.240 #60DaysofService: Then you would then you just that changed the cost factor of that that whole thing that changed the billable and all that involvement insurance game changing stuff.

00:43:30.750 --> 00:43:34.500 #60DaysofService: um what, believe it or not, we were going to take another quick break right now and minute guys but.

00:43:34.860 --> 00:43:44.790 #60DaysofService: What when we come back and really want to talk about so we know the events coming up, we already shout out to you happy birthday, but October seven, he said, what was the name of the place, I wasn't from insane what was the name.

00:43:44.850 --> 00:43:45.600 James Powell, MD: Islands end.

00:43:45.810 --> 00:43:52.680 #60DaysofService: land's end in sayville and they can find out about that event with if somebody wants to be a sponsor somebody wants to attend the event right on the website.

00:43:53.100 --> 00:43:54.630 James Powell, MD: that'd be great yeah okay that'll work.

00:43:54.750 --> 00:44:08.100 #60DaysofService: place you care Li se Th care dot O rg or you can reach out to me and i'll get you hooked up with amy and Jim and the team over there as well, I want to make sure on the database we're going to take a quick break we'll come back we'll close out with a couple things we close out with.

00:44:09.390 --> 00:44:13.710 #60DaysofService: kind of your big picture vision you're like well how big can this thing get.

00:44:14.910 --> 00:44:23.640 #60DaysofService: And how do you how can we help you How can people help you i'm not saying I have all the answers, but I know people who do and i'm as i'm sitting here and listening to you and i'm talking about data and.

00:44:24.030 --> 00:44:30.180 #60DaysofService: And how to break out these numbers and i'm a sales guy so i'm thinking like, how do you create So how do we figure this out where.

00:44:31.020 --> 00:44:33.180 #60DaysofService: This thing works, he proved that it works.

00:44:33.600 --> 00:44:43.440 #60DaysofService: How do we bring that to other agencies, how do you bring that to the other acronyms around long island that we would benefit, and both parties benefit, and obviously the consumer benefits as a result of that the consumer their.

00:44:43.800 --> 00:44:59.820 #60DaysofService: Their client depending on the Agency calls it, it is Tommy D philanthropy and focuses his show amplifying the message amplifying the mission as well for nonprofits in from my attic Jim is here with me, Dr James power of fish oils like healthcare will be back in two minutes thanks.

00:47:28.410 --> 00:47:28.740 and

00:47:30.120 --> 00:47:40.830 #60DaysofService: through all the static one of my kid one of my boys me stop calling me Tommy D and every evening my kids call me Tommy teach him so that's a whole nother thing we can talk, but one of my.

00:47:41.220 --> 00:47:44.640 James Powell, MD: They get older they start Connie other things for me well now he calls me.

00:47:44.700 --> 00:47:46.500 #60DaysofService: You know, he calls me I call me, Mr static.

00:47:46.740 --> 00:47:53.490 #60DaysofService: Because it says culture, all the static during Tommy and is it, Mr static he, like you know, and then, when you yeah when when.

00:47:53.760 --> 00:48:03.300 #60DaysofService: When he's been disciplined and told he's not allowed to be honest advice he calls me to other things that a six year old should not be calling it that but that's a whole nother story all right tell me just we're just riffing here we're just having fun.

00:48:04.410 --> 00:48:10.890 #60DaysofService: Jim this has been an incredible conversation with you, I joked that before, but I will ask you to come back, I would ask you to.

00:48:11.430 --> 00:48:17.010 #60DaysofService: Like find ways, where we might be able to do some stuff in the real world together because I see so many opportunities from.

00:48:17.400 --> 00:48:26.310 #60DaysofService: From panel discussion opportunities to me just putting together a dozen nonprofit leaders in a room and you guys finding ways to collaborate like because that's the stuff I live for in fact.

00:48:26.820 --> 00:48:33.870 #60DaysofService: A shout out to my friend, a lot of shout outs today katie McGowan founder executive director horse ability.

00:48:34.410 --> 00:48:42.510 #60DaysofService: threaten the universe threatened katie with a good time we're going to we're going to do an event out at the Forum on suny old westbury campus or bring together a whole bunch of nonprofit people.

00:48:43.380 --> 00:48:54.120 #60DaysofService: At one of the places on this planet, that I go to mellow out and come down, and if you believe that Tommy he needs to come down that's the place, you can find me chilling out because I do need to come down certainly sometimes.

00:48:54.420 --> 00:48:58.950 #60DaysofService: I want to make one other quick comment before we dive right back into our conversation here I mentioned.

00:48:59.790 --> 00:49:05.910 #60DaysofService: Robin has been on the show with free all of the old episodes of my program if you're if you want to learn more about these other organizations.

00:49:06.840 --> 00:49:11.910 #60DaysofService: Robert was on the show, and after that you'll land was on the show the week later, you a lot of Roberto grows from our.

00:49:12.120 --> 00:49:18.600 #60DaysofService: Community living all this stuff can be found talk radio dot nyc just Google my ship not Google, but find my show on their philanthropy focus.

00:49:19.020 --> 00:49:31.920 #60DaysofService: Obviously, on podcast platforms as well philanthropy focused on MISA and you'll see all the other episodes of the show, so you can know what's going on, I mentioned the allied foundation i'll be there, next week on Thursday and.

00:49:33.240 --> 00:49:43.440 #60DaysofService: there's a lot of great content that you guys can plug into if you haven't listened to these episodes on a week by week basis so Jim let's jump into it and kind of close with a couple things.

00:49:44.760 --> 00:49:50.850 #60DaysofService: These are a lot of big questions, so we can always do an email or you and I can have a call after this because he's a big stuff and it'll give you something maybe.

00:49:51.150 --> 00:49:57.750 #60DaysofService: You may think about this after but who do you want to meet who does your organization need to meet, is it board members is it donors.

00:49:58.410 --> 00:50:07.200 #60DaysofService: Are their vendor type relationships or other agencies, like other agencies like I won't bring up the one I just dropped it in the chat there too, but.

00:50:07.710 --> 00:50:21.840 #60DaysofService: I know a number of agencies, specifically around the IDB space that can benefit from knowing you, you and your organization I think they benefit your organization and you'd benefit from knowing them so that's what I call the win, win, win So is there.

00:50:23.430 --> 00:50:29.160 #60DaysofService: I know i'm asking a lot of questions in one way, but who like if you had kind of a wish list, what would you like to meet, what are you looking for.

00:50:30.180 --> 00:50:35.430 James Powell, MD: Well, no one ever turns down donors in the nonprofit world So those are always welcome.

00:50:35.580 --> 00:50:40.890 James Powell, MD: Always I think for us is is solidifying the partnerships.

00:50:42.780 --> 00:50:54.750 James Powell, MD: In the Community with a lot of the organizations, meaning that, for example, we have a couple hundred thousand dollars of telemedicine equipment that we want to give out to patients into agency, so we have tablets with.

00:50:56.100 --> 00:51:08.100 James Powell, MD: wi fi access that we pay for cellular service, so we actually pay, in fact, at one point we were paying $13,000 a month now it's been down verizon was nice enough to renegotiate the contract with us at $6,000 a month.

00:51:08.610 --> 00:51:15.540 James Powell, MD: But just because we wanted, anyone who needed access to care whether it was on site or off site to have it, so we can give out free.

00:51:16.050 --> 00:51:25.290 James Powell, MD: hundreds and hundreds of tablets with loaded with our information, you know loaded with some some of the partners that we have, so the pharmacy could be on the tablet that we've loaded up.

00:51:25.830 --> 00:51:41.400 James Powell, MD: A vendor that we support you know this way care can be brought to those individuals, so there are organizations that have patients that need services with their church groups or shelters or and they want free technology we'd be happy to meet them and help them help their.

00:51:41.730 --> 00:51:51.480 #60DaysofService: Patients are the caller who's their call point is i'm assuming we don't want them to call you so who, on your team is the right call point for that, because I think people who are listening, you know.

00:51:51.900 --> 00:52:01.020 #60DaysofService: Whether you're an association of charge, an organization and other nonprofit for the call Jim is it go just go to the website, or can we give them a little bit more direction.

00:52:01.350 --> 00:52:15.510 James Powell, MD: Sure, no, I can, I think, probably the best way would be to start public with amy I think amy is a great facilitator of these programs for us, and I can have a nice email address and contact numbers up and give me a second.

00:52:17.520 --> 00:52:25.320 #60DaysofService: You know what I do I shut shut my outlook off during these meetings so it's not been booming the whole time we're on here, so we one of us will get enough information.

00:52:25.650 --> 00:52:27.000 James Powell, MD: But but amy's phone number is.

00:52:27.180 --> 00:52:33.720 James Powell, MD: 631-650-2111 and if you call to give her Happy Birthday wish.

00:52:35.520 --> 00:52:36.600 #60DaysofService: Give me one more time reads me.

00:52:36.600 --> 00:52:42.030 James Powell, MD: 631631650 to 111.

00:52:42.360 --> 00:52:49.920 #60DaysofService: So if you have an organization or association and you have people individual needs that can benefit from having a tablet to access the care.

00:52:50.340 --> 00:52:58.620 #60DaysofService: That licious offering reach out, thank you for that that's that's it and you know I will tell you something i'd run these roundtables and every single month when amy comes with meaning, she would always say.

00:52:59.130 --> 00:53:06.120 #60DaysofService: She rose, let us know, we have colby test, excuse me, we have Cobra vaccines development we have coconut vaccines and that's a great resource that.

00:53:06.450 --> 00:53:12.870 #60DaysofService: You know, especially originally when she started telling us that it was about we have Colvin vaccines available if you have.

00:53:13.200 --> 00:53:19.830 #60DaysofService: idd population and, as the months went by she was like we have colgan vaccines available period like, and that was.

00:53:20.490 --> 00:53:35.820 #60DaysofService: What a great resource you guys are um how about the future of this organization how big the use like you know from a visionary perspective know you serving 7000 patients now, is there a goal to serve 20 25,000 patients annually, you have a number in your mind.

00:53:39.300 --> 00:53:43.800 James Powell, MD: Not a number as much as as a as a growth model based on.

00:53:44.430 --> 00:53:53.520 James Powell, MD: What our vision is and where we want to take the organization that, in theory, you know there's no reason why we couldn't provide services from Antoine to Manhattan in terms of.

00:53:53.940 --> 00:54:02.610 James Powell, MD: access to care work we're heavily involved in Suffolk county we have a little bit of a bomb and and NASA county we have some great partnerships with other organizations have very similar to us, they do great work.

00:54:03.450 --> 00:54:10.560 James Powell, MD: But to your point areas, I think that somehow we have to figure out how we partner with them together, and it may be formal or informal.

00:54:11.250 --> 00:54:21.600 James Powell, MD: Maybe mergers and maybe some, but there has to be some sort of growth model that role, like my other organizations are actively involved in value based propositions.

00:54:22.050 --> 00:54:35.670 James Powell, MD: and quality metrics patient safety and then the comprehensive approach to care so so that's kind of our vision of really kind of expanding our outreach efforts and think a facilitator, or being actively involved with it on the day to day basis.

00:54:35.940 --> 00:54:40.950 #60DaysofService: I want to be part of that growth and I don't say that because we're live on a show, I mean that you know, and if it's.

00:54:41.340 --> 00:54:50.550 #60DaysofService: Not doing 60 days of services, I kind of alluded to earlier i'll read up really quick before we close the show, but as a, for instance, my friend, Dr Larry Gruber second episode of the Program.

00:54:51.150 --> 00:55:01.050 #60DaysofService: CEO of TSI ny transitional services from New York action so early meeting this morning there, there are mental health agency basis or 4000 individuals.

00:55:01.590 --> 00:55:09.120 #60DaysofService: With mental health issues in the in the borough's you know how like here, here comes my arrogance, but you know how easy it is for me to make that introduction very.

00:55:09.540 --> 00:55:17.550 #60DaysofService: Like the three of us can just get on a meeting and you guys can discuss where that opportunity lies Jim this has been absolutely a pleasure, I.

00:55:18.000 --> 00:55:30.300 #60DaysofService: am excited to meet you in person i'm excited to see in October seven i'll talk amy's find out other ways I could support the organization i'm going to draw the show to a close I just say thank you for being here before I floated off oh.

00:55:30.390 --> 00:55:33.630 James Powell, MD: Thank you so much about you know, unless thing is is interns and I know we talked about.

00:55:34.080 --> 00:55:34.260 James Powell, MD: That.

00:55:34.830 --> 00:55:36.330 James Powell, MD: You don't see if students want to.

00:55:36.390 --> 00:55:38.130 James Powell, MD: get some exposure to healthcare.

00:55:39.540 --> 00:55:42.930 James Powell, MD: we'd love to have people involved and train and.

00:55:44.310 --> 00:55:52.950 #60DaysofService: got a bunch of colleges, you know in long island right cool all right, so you heard it here, first of all, if you have additional questions for Jim you can run through me Tommy.

00:55:54.060 --> 00:56:01.680 #60DaysofService: what's my email Tommy D at philanthropy and focus, you know focus is spelled P H O C U s because I grew up in the 90s, used to say fat plus I like alliteration.

00:56:02.010 --> 00:56:09.690 #60DaysofService: I always say it's my favorite grammatical tool, but I think it's the only grammatical tool actually know anymore so philanthropy in focus Tommy do philanthropy focus calm.

00:56:10.500 --> 00:56:17.640 #60DaysofService: You or find me on instagram Tommy D dot nyc Facebook just Google my name Tommy to me, so the aim is a and you know linkedin, and all this stuff.

00:56:17.970 --> 00:56:27.030 #60DaysofService: hashtag 60 days of service, I even doing 60 days of service before the ball drops in Times Square before the year ends i've done one number two is tomorrow with book fairies.

00:56:27.600 --> 00:56:35.430 #60DaysofService: Number three, four and five are all next week i'll share them with you but follow the hashtag 60 days service linkedin Facebook just reach out to me and i'll tell you about it.

00:56:36.660 --> 00:56:44.010 #60DaysofService: Next week, on the show RON Anderson from project would claim out of mindy in Louisiana will be on the show, thank you very much, my friend Masonic for making that connection.

00:56:44.700 --> 00:56:53.910 #60DaysofService: give you my contact info what i'd like you to do now is stay tuned on the on the station here for this for block four pack of great shows i'll put mine in there as well, so.

00:56:54.300 --> 00:57:09.210 #60DaysofService: You just experienced philanthropy and focus Steve fry it's always Friday he's shining up his shades he's getting ready to go he's the SMB guy he's coming up next Jeremiah Fox and and Joseph McElroy stay tuned talk radio dot nyc Jim power thanks for being here appreciate you.

00:57:09.600 --> 00:57:10.140 James Powell, MD: We appreciate.

00:57:10.950 --> 00:57:11.250 Everybody.


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