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Friday, July 2, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/02 - Fighting Against Suicide

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/02 - Fighting Against Suicide


2021/07/02 - Fighting Against Suicide

[NEW EPISODE] Fighting Against Suicide

Project Refit is a non-profit organization, focus and committed to combat isolation and change the negative connotation around mental health.

PR efforts are for military members (past/present) and first-responder along with their families. They have created a new strategy of the hybrid model, combine technology and in-person support to meet the modern military member and family where they are both online and off. They are confident that combating isolation will reduce suicide rates.

James Corbett, Co-Founder of Project Refit, will be meeting with Tommy in the attic.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy uses his skill as the non profit sector connector to introduce James Corbett the Co-Founder of Project Refit. James has helped other nonprofits get off the ground with the combination of his education and his passion to help others. James is drawn to nonprofit work because it provides hope, he has taken on himself to make sure he leads with a voice filled with hope. James describes Project Refit as a wake up call for those who need help. The non-profit is reaching to change the stigma around communication between the men that serve our country. James talks about Dan and Chris the other two founders of Project Refit and how they formed the non-profit.

Segment 2

The word Refit comes from the refitting of vehicles so they can be ready for another mission. Project Refit uses this refitting technique for life situations for the people who served. James tells his connections to Chris and Dan and how they formed Project Refit and really set in stone their plan to reach out to others. Tommy and James talk out about how these men come back broken and hurt but will not ask for help yet there is not a community for them to confide in for support.

Segment 3

Tommy and James talk about the process of how the men can reach help. James talks about the different programs that they provide to give the individuals a means of community. James told how the program even raises money for certain members that need financial help to alleviate some stress and pain. James introduces their app which helps the serving men and women keep in touch with each other.

Segment 4

James talks about the need for monthly donors and their program 1776. The program fuels the ability for Project Refit team members to show up and help others in need. James explains their plan to expand and how their different chapters will work locally and over zoom. If you need to reach out to James and his team go to ProjectRefit.Us


00:00:24.900 --> 00:00:27.780 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls children of all ages.

00:00:27.870 --> 00:00:41.610 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: it's your boy the nonprofit sector connected coming at you just below the roof above the second floor from I added this where I am every Friday morning, where I bring to you another executive leader of a nonprofit organization so you've already told me I tell you this all the time.

00:00:42.690 --> 00:00:52.080 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: nonprofits change our world each and every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year decade millennium, the whole deal right millennial millennial whatever it is here's the situation.

00:00:52.770 --> 00:01:00.240 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: If it wasn't for the work in nonprofits do if it wasn't for the vision of these nonprofit leaders and the hard work that their teams new.

00:01:00.690 --> 00:01:10.740 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: And the volunteers Do I really i'm at a loss, I don't know who would do this work I isn't the government who who doesn't work, so the deal for me is this.

00:01:12.090 --> 00:01:17.010 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I get a little cranky about it because I think this this sector gets overlooked.

00:01:17.670 --> 00:01:25.620 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: underfunded, as many of us know and often overrated and my answer to that is philanthropy and focus, so I get cranky and then I get answers, and the answer is.

00:01:25.920 --> 00:01:36.750 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I bring on these leaders to talk about their organizations to tell us their stories to tell us what they do, what their passions are and how they're making an impact today is no different than any other week.

00:01:37.170 --> 00:01:44.370 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: And I have James Corbett with me this morning, who is the founding director of project refit i'm going to read you a little something off my phone.

00:01:44.970 --> 00:01:52.140 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: James Corbett has helped launch various nonprofit programs in the past, before developing his own nonprofit project refit.

00:01:52.920 --> 00:02:02.850 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: James studied at Stockton university for his undergrad degree and Columbia University, for his master's eventually left Columbia, where he was studying negotiation and conflict resolution.

00:02:03.240 --> 00:02:11.190 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: To pursue building a business to help help solve problems, the world faces well, one of the problems the world faces is specifically in this country.

00:02:11.790 --> 00:02:20.880 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Is that our veterans who go and and sacrifice and volunteer and some done fortunately tragically pay the ultimate sacrifice.

00:02:21.420 --> 00:02:28.560 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: There they're not taking care of as best as they should be, and i'm not going to take anything away from James telling this story, but that's what I know about.

00:02:28.950 --> 00:02:35.310 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Our veteran Community James Corbett, I like to tell everybody when they come to the attic I say, welcome to the show.

00:02:35.640 --> 00:02:42.510 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: And I always say that even before I had a show me, ladies to go around saying, welcome to the show like I thought I was like running a show like my whole life is a show so.

00:02:43.350 --> 00:02:51.240 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: talk to me man like you know what were What was it what drew you to nonprofit what drew you to this cause just tell me the story man.

00:02:51.870 --> 00:02:52.590 So.

00:02:53.910 --> 00:03:01.890 James Corbett: You know the thing that really draws me as soon as you said that the first thing that came to my brain actually for the nonprofit trawling are being drawn to it.

00:03:02.880 --> 00:03:10.920 James Corbett: I remember when I was in I was actually at Columbia and always a part of this organization called wide Elf and.

00:03:11.550 --> 00:03:21.180 James Corbett: I had this opportunity to speak on my project actually did a program where I was helping with domestic violence, response and I was on to my sponsor response team and I actually.

00:03:21.840 --> 00:03:30.960 James Corbett: I actually had an opportunity to speak in New York allen's peace institute alongside of a was a diplomat from like things like Cuba or something.

00:03:32.160 --> 00:03:39.720 James Corbett: And, and the I mean no disrespect I didn't like the guy didn't like the way we speak, and none of that stuff I kind of got up there.

00:03:40.050 --> 00:03:46.770 James Corbett: And I spoke about my program but the reason why I didn't like that guys so much is because the hope wasn't there right and when he spoke.

00:03:47.340 --> 00:03:59.370 James Corbett: And whenever I hear a leader speak I expect that leader to instill something of hope right, no matter what the conversation is, and I mean down to the smallest.

00:03:59.970 --> 00:04:04.200 James Corbett: inkling of hope right like I mean something like hey I appreciate you.

00:04:04.980 --> 00:04:19.230 James Corbett: Right like even something as small as that that just gives an offer some hope, like i'm appreciate it okay cool so um you know I take the the role of being a leader and and and kind of stepping into that role very, very seriously.

00:04:20.430 --> 00:04:26.760 James Corbett: And even this fight that we're in here for veterans and first responders it's.

00:04:27.510 --> 00:04:39.870 James Corbett: it's one that I also don't take very lightly, because lives are literally at risk and what drew me to it is, I think, a couple of things men be honest with you, I also not only the hope factor and trying to give hope to those who.

00:04:40.530 --> 00:04:46.260 James Corbett: Really gave us the opportunity for me to even have that hope right but also.

00:04:47.340 --> 00:04:58.110 James Corbett: I think it's the challenge right the the actual the absolute challenge of what we're facing here isn't one that they're not taking care of because there's 45,000 other nonprofits out there to try to help.

00:04:58.710 --> 00:05:13.800 James Corbett: Those the va that tries to help I think it's actually Somebody needs to step in and say something different right so we're stepping in and we're bulldogs were bulldog ripples are chihuahuas whatever other shit you want to say northern you had dogs I don't know.

00:05:14.850 --> 00:05:15.630 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: What was last one.

00:05:15.990 --> 00:05:17.280 James Corbett: Northern you have dogs.

00:05:18.300 --> 00:05:21.180 James Corbett: They look like wolves they never see game of thrones.

00:05:21.240 --> 00:05:30.030 James Corbett: Sure yeah that's actually those are northern Kenya dogs they're asking say they're there they're not wolf dogs, but they look like their dogs that look like wolves anyway.

00:05:30.630 --> 00:05:35.370 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So this is a nonprofit with some swag, this is a bad ass nonprofit.

00:05:35.430 --> 00:05:42.810 James Corbett: we're we're bad, so I would say that we're aggressive with the most aggressive we've been we've been nicknamed most aggressive nonprofit out there.

00:05:43.140 --> 00:05:54.690 James Corbett: And I really appreciate that, because that means we're in your face and we're saying hey stop doing what you're doing stop thinking, the way you're thinking get the help you need let's move.

00:05:55.200 --> 00:06:11.910 James Corbett: Right like it's like a wake up call um and but we're also able to sit back and just listen right and we're telling people, you can do that, you can just listen to each other, you are allowed, because the thing is i'm going to say this to you guys now.

00:06:12.630 --> 00:06:20.910 James Corbett: The thing you got to think about is ancient warfare okay let's think let's gentlemen take you guys back for one minute or so one minute worth of talking here um.

00:06:21.780 --> 00:06:25.170 James Corbett: Go back to Ancient warfare there's guys that sit around in a circle.

00:06:25.890 --> 00:06:33.600 James Corbett: You know in between, you know various fighting is fighting with last like 10 minutes, and then they would break take a rest and go back to killing each other, take a break.

00:06:33.930 --> 00:06:39.870 James Corbett: And then go back to killing each other right, and then they would go back to their camp for the night after a long day fighting.

00:06:40.860 --> 00:06:52.140 James Corbett: And what do you think these guys would do you think they would just sit there and and they would just be you know you just sitting there no they're talking to each other about the day of fighting it's obvious right like.

00:06:52.410 --> 00:06:53.190 James Corbett: you're not just going to.

00:06:53.370 --> 00:06:58.020 James Corbett: They used to have the reason why I say it's obvious because they even they even found them pompei.

00:06:58.770 --> 00:07:11.880 James Corbett: quotes and shit right they found plaques and quotes on it humans talk that's how we get to know that that's what we're doing here I mean like that's that's how you get stuff off your chest, and the fact that we keep on and one of the most.

00:07:12.960 --> 00:07:20.460 James Corbett: crazy things to me is that we keep telling people you know don't talk to each other, the worst thing you can do with the human population.

00:07:20.670 --> 00:07:34.860 James Corbett: To a human being in general is silence them right, so the fact that we're telling guys that they can't talk to each other to me is bonkers so we're trying to build up programs and applications and try to separate ourselves from the Pack.

00:07:35.160 --> 00:07:42.210 James Corbett: by telling people peer to peer support works and you should start making this a conversation when you talk to your buddy from the military.

00:07:42.510 --> 00:07:57.330 James Corbett: asked him how he's doing right like let him know you're on here for you brother like how are you it's like walmart man it's been rough cool tell me what's going on, or man i'm great i'm doing awesome awesome anymore, you know, like either way to.

00:07:57.390 --> 00:08:00.750 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Have the conversation away open them up right open each other all right.

00:08:00.960 --> 00:08:02.760 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: jack RON you know and listen.

00:08:04.890 --> 00:08:17.040 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: To some of this stuff is look i've never served in the military i've never you know, been a first responder and either, so what i'm going to say is from my own just my viewpoint and perspective on things like this, but I, you know.

00:08:18.660 --> 00:08:27.540 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: As a as somebody who, as a civilian who never served yeah I like to talk I like to learn, I like to speak to people, so why should we assume that somebody went over.

00:08:27.750 --> 00:08:34.560 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: who's another human being and serve why they wouldn't want to talk and open up to I or you know, maybe they I know and you're going to tell.

00:08:34.590 --> 00:08:35.340 James Corbett: me a little harder.

00:08:35.670 --> 00:08:42.480 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: To tell me that I don't want to hear all that, but what i'm saying is on the on the surface, as humans, they have the same need whether they want to, or they.

00:08:42.480 --> 00:08:44.100 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: feel comfortable doing it, but that's where.

00:08:44.100 --> 00:08:54.330 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: i'm going with that they have the need they're just they're a human being to they just went and did some things that a lot, most of us never will see and be involved with so my point is not that they you know.

00:08:55.020 --> 00:09:03.480 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I need to open up I need to connect with people i'm all about connecting right a call myself the nonprofit sector connect all that stuff because I want to learn right so um.

00:09:04.500 --> 00:09:15.510 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I just think they these individuals who've seen some things and needs to talk about things they want to, or have the need to open up as well, whether they see it or not, is that fair to assume.

00:09:15.630 --> 00:09:26.610 James Corbett: 100% man actually and the other thing too is it's I think it's hard because go back again ancient warfare those guys that always be they would always be around to the rest of their lives right they would.

00:09:26.610 --> 00:09:32.550 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: die it wasn't like it wasn't together and then you would right now, you serve and then everybody goes.

00:09:32.790 --> 00:09:41.310 James Corbett: Their separate direction yeah and yeah and it's and when they go and it's you know these guys back in ancient warfare they're 19 years old they're dead by their by 1920.

00:09:41.640 --> 00:09:55.050 James Corbett: Like some of them make it to 30 you know, but even still you know they they they go in, they fight they're together they're doing a thing and then they leave but nowadays when you leave you leave for 40 5060 years you're gone right.

00:09:55.110 --> 00:10:05.700 James Corbett: you're living like and you don't see those guys again they always say till about how another thing too is transportation right like Dan was saying he's like i'm i'm in Iraq or i'm sorry i'm in Afghanistan.

00:10:06.450 --> 00:10:13.200 James Corbett: and on back in the States and like 27 hours well what you were just in combat 27 really.

00:10:13.860 --> 00:10:15.600 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Just in combat and now you're like I.

00:10:15.750 --> 00:10:23.700 James Corbett: don't know seven hours ago you're in combat now your home okay that makes okay when did you talk to your boss about combat we just left.

00:10:24.060 --> 00:10:31.320 James Corbett: Right like they didn't have time and just you know they didn't have time to talk to each other, like in World War Two it took them four months to get home.

00:10:31.740 --> 00:10:42.780 James Corbett: that's like the last time that you had these guys together for an extended period of time, you know where they were able to actually actually have conversations with each other when they're on their way back.

00:10:43.020 --> 00:10:47.310 James Corbett: about their brothers at died about the combat that they were in about the shift that they saw.

00:10:47.460 --> 00:10:58.950 James Corbett: about the rats and they killed an eight to sustain life like like that you know what I mean like they had time to talk now it's you know 27 hours later, here I am i'm in my back.

00:11:00.600 --> 00:11:06.690 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: simulate right you're supposed to just go back into like what you didn't like you didn't just experienced that for months or years at a time right.

00:11:06.780 --> 00:11:07.770 James Corbett: yeah exactly.

00:11:07.800 --> 00:11:09.840 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: You mentioned dead so who's dead, because we.

00:11:10.620 --> 00:11:17.670 James Corbett: Were 10 is he's one of the co founders of Dan and Chris there that were the three original Dan Chris and myself.

00:11:18.810 --> 00:11:36.420 James Corbett: And Dan is a army combat veteran I he was 11 Bravo, which means infantry which actually if you go to our logo our logo the color black that's in it, yes, actually the color code is one B one B one B one B one see.

00:11:36.690 --> 00:11:40.620 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: The actual like when you go into like the listing of colors right.

00:11:40.950 --> 00:11:51.870 James Corbett: yeah yeah then even that blue that's in there's the infantry blue and it's also a ptsd it's also represent ptsd and then you have the no longer fight alone at the tip um but yeah we actually.

00:11:52.470 --> 00:11:59.400 James Corbett: Why, I made sure that when I was making this thing it was down to the down to the color code that we were on point you know.

00:12:00.930 --> 00:12:08.070 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: No one's gonna know that it's black right for you in your mind you knew for the for the mission of what this was you had to have that right yeah yeah.

00:12:08.100 --> 00:12:12.540 James Corbett: And the guy all the way up there is actually Bravo, so this goes into more of the story about.

00:12:12.540 --> 00:12:13.470 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Dan tell me.

00:12:14.010 --> 00:12:19.080 James Corbett: If there's bravo you know he's a combat veteran purple hearts, just like Dan.

00:12:20.370 --> 00:12:23.910 James Corbett: And Dan was blown up twice the first time was the worst of the two.

00:12:24.990 --> 00:12:30.510 James Corbett: It was a 200 pound ideas pretty big explosion and long long story short.

00:12:31.470 --> 00:12:40.620 James Corbett: They I remember Dan saying when he talks about this dance like you know, in the movies, when ship slows down man it slows down you're blown up he's like I don't know.

00:12:40.920 --> 00:12:50.190 James Corbett: Because it's adrenaline so there's actually something happens in your brain with the chemicals with adrenaline that allows you like everything seems like it's going slower because you're processing shifts so fast.

00:12:51.930 --> 00:13:05.250 James Corbett: So so everything slowed down for him and he was trying to crawl out and he thought he was just like when he was like yelling is on fire he's like i'm on fire, he thought he was just doing it like that, like ah, but he was really soon.

00:13:05.280 --> 00:13:06.090 James Corbett: Blood curdling.

00:13:06.360 --> 00:13:18.330 James Corbett: screams that woke this guy this guy up bravo bravo with top there that's an actual picture of him, by the way, that I rendered out and then I put it in got it so we.

00:13:20.340 --> 00:13:30.540 James Corbett: We we he gets out of the vehicle is in the wadi which has not gotten a sense of riverbed the wadi and bravo jumps on top of him in case of ambush so.

00:13:31.050 --> 00:13:39.540 James Corbett: You know, it took them to cover and everything like that so Dan was able to get out of there, but it was rough you know i'm not worried again.

00:13:39.750 --> 00:13:49.200 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: yeah when we do such a good space we're gonna take a quick break everybody go what when we come back, I want to how did you hook up with Chris and Dan and this whole story, I want to know where that comes from will we're going to talk about programs.

00:13:49.860 --> 00:13:56.040 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: were talking about what the name means project refit because you shared that with me offline but I, you know let's let's teach everybody about that so.

00:13:56.310 --> 00:14:05.250 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Everybody it is philanthropy and focus it's your boy Tommy D amplifying the message for nonprofit organization James Corbett here with me from project brief, it will be back in two minutes meet us in the attic.

00:16:31.050 --> 00:16:36.180 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: static joining boy Tommy day in the attic every Friday morning 10am Eastern time 11am Eastern time.

00:16:36.540 --> 00:16:41.190 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Where I help amplify the message for nonprofit organizations, this morning, James corbett's here.

00:16:41.520 --> 00:16:53.400 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: For project refit we were just really talking about the logo, we were talking about the color design, we were talking about ancient warfare I don't know how we did all that inside of 14 minutes, but we did we got to a lot of topics man and we're back.

00:16:53.850 --> 00:17:04.440 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: And we're going to continue from where we left off so let's start with this, I want to know where you met or how you hooked in with Dan and Chris and then I want to you told me again offline project refit what it means things like that let's talk about that.

00:17:05.340 --> 00:17:21.870 James Corbett: So i'll start out real quick with the name refit because it ties it into that story, I was telling you about with Danny was blown up bravo grabbing them taking them to safety and that's why bravo has a place forever in our logo so.

00:17:23.640 --> 00:17:29.880 James Corbett: And that's that's literally a picture of him in Afghanistan, by the way, like i'm like Oh, I mean like that's an actual photo but.

00:17:29.880 --> 00:17:33.270 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So going somehow you whatever you do that, like you're like.

00:17:34.740 --> 00:17:36.000 James Corbett: The logos and all that stuff.

00:17:37.140 --> 00:17:39.000 James Corbett: i'm a jack of many trades.

00:17:39.090 --> 00:17:39.600 James Corbett: wow man.

00:17:39.870 --> 00:17:42.150 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: And I love that you might have to hook me up on my local.

00:17:43.290 --> 00:17:44.280 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: For this is it right now.

00:17:44.760 --> 00:17:49.860 James Corbett: i'll hook it up greater focus, I can look that up I love that.

00:17:51.180 --> 00:17:52.440 James Corbett: Though for a pocket.

00:17:52.680 --> 00:17:55.260 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I drew a picture I do so portraits man.

00:17:55.620 --> 00:17:56.730 James Corbett: I love that.

00:17:57.000 --> 00:18:01.020 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: People go oh wow you're an artist be drawing oh no I draw pictures of me that's it.

00:18:01.800 --> 00:18:07.020 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: It starts there it ends there my kids think they're like really dead like you draw yourself again like.

00:18:07.590 --> 00:18:10.170 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: outlook on we gotta jump in the business here but i'll tell you.

00:18:10.590 --> 00:18:24.030 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: My wife had made like she's making a box of pasta one night and apostasy spilled all like before it was coffee spilled all over the counter so I literally took all the little like a dd and I made a Tommy face out of this event so it's just.

00:18:24.510 --> 00:18:26.880 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: it's a caricature brother that's just what it is and.

00:18:28.110 --> 00:18:30.660 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: it's good i'm a big fan of me alright So what are we.

00:18:32.070 --> 00:18:33.810 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So what what's refit mean so.

00:18:34.020 --> 00:18:42.780 James Corbett: How does that well so uh so yeah so what happens is like let's go back to that story so dense blown up they got to go back to base.

00:18:43.020 --> 00:18:51.750 James Corbett: And when they go back to base at their combat mission that you have to do what's called refitting of the vehicles, so they refit their vehicles back in base to get ready for mission.

00:18:52.050 --> 00:18:52.380 James Corbett: So.

00:18:52.410 --> 00:19:00.630 James Corbett: For the next mission, and so, basically, what we do is we're trying to treat ourselves as the guys where you go to refit yourself right to refit what's going on, like.

00:19:00.930 --> 00:19:13.230 James Corbett: You know hey I need a mission I need something to do I need a little bit of motivation, I need to figure out what my passion is all that kind of shit we're trying to help guys we're not trying to help guys in a therapy Center trying to help guys in a life sense.

00:19:13.260 --> 00:19:18.570 James Corbett: Right so um get them connected their brothers and sisters again give them a sense of community.

00:19:18.780 --> 00:19:27.690 James Corbett: listen to them what they need, and then help them find and get into the places that need to get into either through our own connections through us, you know marketing their stories to the world.

00:19:28.110 --> 00:19:36.420 James Corbett: So people can get jobs and or they can meet the right investors, or whatever it may be, I don't care what it is like, I just want to help guys get in front of the right people you're.

00:19:36.930 --> 00:19:42.180 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: you're connecting them and you're like a hub you're a post where they can come through, and you know, some might need.

00:19:42.630 --> 00:19:43.200 James Corbett: will be there.

00:19:44.220 --> 00:19:52.350 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: But you're going and you stick with them, but again, it might be somebody might be somebody might not be challenged with within any mental health issues, but they need contacts and in hookups.

00:19:53.310 --> 00:19:59.190 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So you're providing that somebody else might need to hook up with the va you'll provide that right so whatever the the angle, whatever the.

00:19:59.460 --> 00:20:00.720 James Corbett: Whatever we can help them.

00:20:00.870 --> 00:20:02.430 James Corbett: We have right.

00:20:02.610 --> 00:20:03.060 James Corbett: So.

00:20:03.210 --> 00:20:08.880 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Just in case anybody's listening now and they don't end up finishing the show with us, how do they get in touch with you, if they do need help near those.

00:20:09.210 --> 00:20:25.110 James Corbett: Projects you can go there, or you can email me at J the letter J my first name is James J at project to you can message Dan at D at project we can message, Chris see at product we

00:20:25.290 --> 00:20:36.420 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I know we had a mistake when I send you an email yesterday it was like his email can't just be the letter J and I had to go back and like do research and everything like that so Jay at project refit and we said everybody has one tip.

00:20:37.080 --> 00:20:37.440 James Corbett: that's right.

00:20:37.770 --> 00:20:49.830 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I might have put to when I was writing down last night, you know, but when I see the logo, each one T so all right, so if you need help any sort of access to help if you're a first responder if you're a veteran and you serve this country.

00:20:51.120 --> 00:20:55.440 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: James and his team are here to serve you right back alright, so good.

00:20:55.710 --> 00:20:59.370 James Corbett: So, so how I met it's a good segue into how I met Dan.

00:21:00.480 --> 00:21:15.600 James Corbett: and Chris so first off Christmas simple Chris is one of my best friends actually he's a sergeant in the army he's one of my best friends, since we were like 716 or 17 or something like that you know he and I essentially grew up together.

00:21:16.800 --> 00:21:28.950 James Corbett: And you know we've just I was like dude want to help us and it's like is fuckin is a great idea and we'll get into the ideas, and I think that in a bit on the programs but that's basically what it was was simple.

00:21:30.060 --> 00:21:32.850 James Corbett: And Dan dancer simple to because Dan actually.

00:21:33.960 --> 00:21:44.910 James Corbett: He at the time I was coming up with these ideas and doing independent research dammit made a status he's like listen everybody i'm coming on Facebook he's like i'm coming i'm that damn like one of the time before before this.

00:21:45.930 --> 00:21:47.160 James Corbett: And Dan actually.

00:21:48.240 --> 00:21:55.110 James Corbett: He was just getting back from Afghanistan and one of my buddies girlfriends who's a friend of mine today.

00:21:56.070 --> 00:22:11.430 James Corbett: Is friends with Dan and she's like i'm going to go see my friend he's back home from Afghanistan and fighting and or whatever and we're going to go, you know see him as a cool i'm down i'm down to go out let's go, so we all went out and met on these really cool.

00:22:12.630 --> 00:22:20.640 James Corbett: Well, he was cool sounds good and he's a cool guy and he's hilarious he's one of the funniest students ever meet in your entire life actually.

00:22:21.660 --> 00:22:30.000 James Corbett: And I know that he pride is want me to say that that's a it's high thing to live up to, but i'll tell you what he never disappoints me to get to know Dan dude never disappoints so.

00:22:30.630 --> 00:22:44.490 James Corbett: You know that's that's where we we so he posted a status, then like a year later he posted a status that says i'm going to come back I have ptsd and if i'm an asshole i'm sorry, you know i'm working on myself.

00:22:44.820 --> 00:22:50.070 James Corbett: So he was really hoping, he was like no the right away like if i'm an asshole.

00:22:50.370 --> 00:23:02.670 James Corbett: yeah because I literally was blown up twice he didn't say that in the status but right after you got to know him that's a story i'm going to do is blown up using combat your shot and shot at people like I mean that's you go through a lot when you're in.

00:23:03.810 --> 00:23:05.970 James Corbett: combat so um.

00:23:06.990 --> 00:23:09.660 James Corbett: it's a sacrifice that you gotta respect you know.

00:23:11.160 --> 00:23:15.000 James Corbett: You must I mean if you really think about it it's something you must respect so.

00:23:15.660 --> 00:23:30.450 James Corbett: You know, he you know he put that up and I was like that's a Stat is the sign of a type of leadership right, not everybody can be that vulnerable and open and that's the that shit that we need in that Community and in.

00:23:30.930 --> 00:23:37.320 James Corbett: The community in general and in our modern world in general, this kind of vulnerability is important and huge.

00:23:37.500 --> 00:23:45.330 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: By by him coming out and doing that and putting that out there, right now, helps other people from you, you know.

00:23:45.960 --> 00:23:57.390 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Tell me if i'm wrong about what what i've heard over the years, you know there's there's pride with veterans day they don't they don't want to necessarily ask for things, and you know they certainly don't want to look vulnerable right.

00:23:57.450 --> 00:23:58.380 James Corbett: hello, you can I mean.

00:23:58.620 --> 00:24:04.230 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: No, I don't want to I mean you know what bro as I get older I try to be more moment, I really do I try to be authentic.

00:24:05.310 --> 00:24:06.870 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I think, and I think I do it on the.

00:24:06.870 --> 00:24:09.060 James Corbett: Show younger did you ask for help a lot.

00:24:09.120 --> 00:24:10.560 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: No, no, no.

00:24:10.620 --> 00:24:17.010 James Corbett: check it out so take your take your own experience in your own honesty just they're just veterans man yeah.

00:24:17.070 --> 00:24:18.330 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: No it's awesome it's just awesome.

00:24:19.080 --> 00:24:19.590 James Corbett: Men.

00:24:19.620 --> 00:24:22.230 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: it's really mad bad yeah yeah right on.

00:24:22.440 --> 00:24:38.850 James Corbett: And alright so like men or it's hard for us to ask for help and that's something that these guys have learned in the military they learn to constantly rely on the team to constantly ask for help, and then they come back to a society, you and I civilians who are constantly not a team.

00:24:39.960 --> 00:24:44.820 James Corbett: Can you imagine coming home to a society that's not a team, it makes no sense.

00:24:45.420 --> 00:24:47.490 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: And all they know is his team, your.

00:24:47.850 --> 00:24:54.930 James Corbett: team who can they trust when they come back to civilian says, think about that we're the ones that are broken.

00:24:55.290 --> 00:25:07.440 James Corbett: Right that's the thing i'm saying we're the ones that are broken, we need people who are like me and maybe even eventually like you have to blow your mind and like we begin to work more as a team to help these guys.

00:25:07.860 --> 00:25:18.570 James Corbett: Right it's there's something broken with us that's breaking them, I think, a reflection of your society is a reflection on your warrior right So if you look at.

00:25:19.380 --> 00:25:24.000 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Are you saying there's so much we can learn from the way they work as a unit.

00:25:24.000 --> 00:25:39.090 James Corbett: Point exactly is what i'm saying, and if you look at, if you look at ancient even native American society as well, these to fight and when they how they would welcome home they're there we're so there's a native American tribe out there, that would welcome home aware.

00:25:39.240 --> 00:25:40.170 James Corbett: By brilliant.

00:25:41.040 --> 00:25:49.380 James Corbett: By civilians piercing their their or the tribes men and women Pearson iron chefs with with metal not saying you should do this, but just listen to this it's fucking amazing.

00:25:49.920 --> 00:26:03.630 James Corbett: here's their chests with metal their skin, they would walk around a Pole, and then they would lean back with the warriors and it would obviously tear eventually through the skin, but they would feel the pain together, so the thing is we're.

00:26:03.630 --> 00:26:03.840 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Not.

00:26:04.020 --> 00:26:20.220 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: That connection that was that right, so now again we don't necessarily need to do that physical harm to when they combine some recognition of the heroism and the warrior nature of what these people are doing right just don't understand it right well.

00:26:20.430 --> 00:26:31.200 James Corbett: I don't understand, and I think, to the thing with the think about here is people say like thank you for your service, but some some people say it and they don't even know what they're centered is saying right.

00:26:31.260 --> 00:26:37.800 James Corbett: And I can tell when a person just saying that shit to say it, and then, when you but, instead, what if you're like hey man.

00:26:38.910 --> 00:26:44.010 James Corbett: I just wanna let you know that I really appreciate what you did, and I really appreciate the sacrifices, you made.

00:26:44.310 --> 00:26:44.700 That.

00:26:46.890 --> 00:26:50.760 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Well, because it's trite saying thank you for your service right it's like you don't even like you say you.

00:26:51.270 --> 00:26:54.420 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: know somebody sneezes you say God bless you right like it's a thing it doesn't.

00:26:54.480 --> 00:27:03.150 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Do it, but when you're what you just did the change, you made there in that second statement was it was engagement it when I see you brother i'm looking at you man.

00:27:03.210 --> 00:27:03.540 James Corbett: Thank you.

00:27:03.630 --> 00:27:09.600 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I am I freakin appreciate like I really do, and maybe like even the next level as what do you need me.

00:27:09.900 --> 00:27:14.040 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: And I think that's what you got, if you like, what do you need for what do you need So how do I help you.

00:27:14.310 --> 00:27:25.020 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: You know I love man i've been saying, my brother, but I can say that it's talking that way since i'm a kid and watch some of the videos you guys had on on the radio check and stuff like that it all down brother brother brother like.

00:27:26.400 --> 00:27:27.990 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: that's look man.

00:27:29.370 --> 00:27:37.290 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I I get cranky about a lot of things i'm cranky about mental health issues in this country, which will probably dive into you know in this next segment here but.

00:27:38.310 --> 00:27:51.900 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: it's that compassion, is that connection, like that's the stuff that's missing that's where we know and I don't mean just to your point listen, I appreciate you challenge in my own head on this man, because I was thinking i'm sitting here going wow the fact that.

00:27:52.950 --> 00:28:00.990 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: When these folks are are are engaged in the military their unit they're solid they got the guy next to them, you know that, looking out for each other and then and.

00:28:01.260 --> 00:28:11.610 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: How maybe there's some in civilian life, maybe it's too much of a rat race and people are not looking out for each other, I will tell you this, though, in my experience in hanging out with nonprofit people, I find that there's a lot more.

00:28:12.270 --> 00:28:16.830 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: use the word camaraderie there's a lot more looking out it's less competitive, but.

00:28:17.430 --> 00:28:25.890 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I think you're telling a great story, as far as we need to do something to change, not just the change for for veterans and when they come back, although we certainly do that as well.

00:28:26.130 --> 00:28:32.670 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: But the change in general, the changes in society that gives a shit about each other and I never curse on the show maybe you got me all fired up right now.

00:28:32.940 --> 00:28:40.350 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: But that give a shit about each other and then making that connection, on the human level dude how are you, what do you need, how can I help you so.

00:28:40.860 --> 00:28:41.490 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: follow.

00:28:41.970 --> 00:28:45.390 James Corbett: Right what's that for you, and when they answer i'm fine, as in the.

00:28:46.020 --> 00:28:47.220 James Corbett: search bar.

00:28:48.060 --> 00:28:54.750 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Right yeah yeah cuz it's easy to say fine I say sorry to my wife when i'm cranky about something right but it's he asked again, you know.

00:28:56.490 --> 00:29:04.050 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: you're making an incredible impact I we're never going to finish the whole story today because it's kind of part of the show we never finished the whole story on the show so you'll have to come back at some point.

00:29:04.320 --> 00:29:07.530 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: But when I come back we're going to everybody wouldn't take a two minute break it's time ED.

00:29:08.850 --> 00:29:11.190 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: fired up more than normal on the show today um.

00:29:11.880 --> 00:29:20.310 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: When we come back change, I want you to tell us programmatically what actually happens so somebody comes to you, they have a need and what it actually looks like what you know we'll talk about.

00:29:20.550 --> 00:29:32.250 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: The eventualities of mobile based we'll talk blue skies we'll talk radio check right, we can jump into some of that we come back sounds good sounds great all right Tommy data James Corbett project refit will be back in two minutes stay tuned.

00:32:16.920 --> 00:32:29.370 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Friday morning 10am 11am just a quick shout out a couple months, maybe more than half ago I heroes heroes foundation on the show which James if you don't know heroes, the heroes off okay up with that group, but they do some work with.

00:32:30.270 --> 00:32:41.250 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: veterans were experiencing moral injury and ptsd and they they do a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and they've had a really incredible impact and it's nondenominational.

00:32:41.700 --> 00:32:48.270 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: they're really just doing the work that those who needed, so there might be some connections for or certainly what you guys do in a project refit.

00:32:49.050 --> 00:32:57.030 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: You know, complementary to what they're doing you know look individuals come back you know, and I really only learned about that term moral injury.

00:32:57.570 --> 00:33:08.460 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: On that program, but if you want to if you guys are want to learn more about that as a heroes heroes foundation, but I did an episode, you can go to talk radio dot nyc go to Facebook talking alternative broadcasting you'll find the video that.

00:33:09.600 --> 00:33:20.580 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Judy isaacson had joined me on that show so moral injury ptsd lack of connection right, this is some of the stuff that happens when when folks are coming back.

00:33:21.150 --> 00:33:34.380 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: And, and they find you or or one of their brothers brings in senses, you know what check out my guy James check out check out Chris what happens once is there, you know what's the process is there an intake how do they get to some programming let's let's talk about that.

00:33:34.890 --> 00:33:47.520 James Corbett: No real a real intake process that we do because it's pretty natural it's usually the first step is going into our radio check, but he checked in program which we're going to be expanding really soon actually.

00:33:47.760 --> 00:33:50.880 James Corbett: Worse, and so, basically, what that is is.

00:33:51.900 --> 00:34:05.550 James Corbett: Every Monday Wednesday Friday, we have a radio check buddy check in program where guys come in the hangout they shoot the shit they need to talk, they can talk codes, a place to come and hang on online just to talk to each other and not be so alone, even at night.

00:34:06.720 --> 00:34:11.370 James Corbett: And it helps some guys sleep like we i'll give you a great example this past Wednesday, with two new people in there.

00:34:12.450 --> 00:34:22.950 James Corbett: You know, as a police officer and it was a veteran veterans experiencing some anxiety and just wanting to tire himself out, you know before he was just that to get to sleep.

00:34:23.640 --> 00:34:35.460 James Corbett: And you know he accomplished that within an hour of talking to us he always laughing so hard and everything and and he's like God i'm tired now i'm going to go to bed now and it's like okay cool buddy go get your dress you know.

00:34:35.970 --> 00:34:42.390 James Corbett: um and then you know the other, the police officer actually came in, she was dealing with some some shit.

00:34:43.470 --> 00:34:51.960 James Corbett: You know she's been going through a lot, you know she actually her step son died of a self inflicted wound to his neck.

00:34:53.340 --> 00:35:06.060 James Corbett: And, and then her brother who's a 80% brain damage so he's mentally handicapped I he had a psychotic episode, so he he almost died as well.

00:35:08.010 --> 00:35:16.980 James Corbett: But the steps on like I said he is he passed away and then her roof in the same week three days started to collapse it on her.

00:35:17.280 --> 00:35:24.450 James Corbett: So right now we're trying to raise money for her to give her 6000 to get her $6,000 and then.

00:35:24.900 --> 00:35:32.490 James Corbett: we're going to actually travel down there with our truck we just purchased, which is a part of our mobile as we're building the trailer it's a it's a second Program.

00:35:33.000 --> 00:35:42.210 James Corbett: So we can actually show up on missions directly to our know officers are veterans and be there with them when they're going through shit and help them in any way we possibly can.

00:35:42.930 --> 00:35:55.140 James Corbett: So in this case she's you know needs her house, you know built in repaired so raising the money we're going to travel down there, and you get some volunteers, we put a team together and we're going to help rebuild her roof.

00:35:56.640 --> 00:36:01.320 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: don't don't tell me where she is or obviously anything like that, but when is that something you're doing soon.

00:36:02.010 --> 00:36:02.730 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Well, thankfully.

00:36:02.850 --> 00:36:04.290 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: We had down there yeah so.

00:36:04.740 --> 00:36:06.360 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: What do you need there you need you need the money.

00:36:06.930 --> 00:36:12.480 James Corbett: yeah we need we need 6000 so we have volunteers, so we don't have to worry about Labor costs.

00:36:13.350 --> 00:36:26.850 James Corbett: So we need materials and the materials permitting and and dumpster that you need to have there at all costs about $6,000 we're looking to raise 8500 right now simply to cover our own costs, maybe some additional costs that.

00:36:28.080 --> 00:36:33.480 James Corbett: You know, are associated with her so that's that's the whole trip mission to go down there so.

00:36:35.970 --> 00:36:41.520 James Corbett: That that's just one example for the mobile base the mobile base, we also we just got this truck we just.

00:36:41.520 --> 00:36:43.350 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Again, I know you're putting on social media.

00:36:43.980 --> 00:36:53.040 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Months ago you and I spoke and you told me about the mobile version that was more of like a you know it was like an idea, like a future thing but, but you got the truck now right.

00:36:53.190 --> 00:36:55.140 James Corbett: yeah the trailer to you and.

00:36:55.410 --> 00:36:56.670 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Are you guys rock.

00:36:57.150 --> 00:37:09.480 James Corbett: yeah we're building the trailer right now Okay, once the troll is completed being built, where we have a full base, we have a full vision of the Community feature which is a vfw American legion on wheels.

00:37:09.630 --> 00:37:09.810 James Corbett: Right.

00:37:10.470 --> 00:37:13.800 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So your role your role into a Community maybe you'll roll into.

00:37:13.860 --> 00:37:16.170 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: You know when guys and gals are coming back you know.

00:37:16.200 --> 00:37:18.090 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: mates and things like that so other than.

00:37:18.330 --> 00:37:19.680 James Corbett: That is correct yeah.

00:37:20.820 --> 00:37:31.980 James Corbett: And you know, give them kind of like the Community feel and we're also one of the biggest problems, though, that we're trying to solve this is how the whole nonprofit started this program okay.

00:37:32.640 --> 00:37:41.940 James Corbett: there's a huge problem in the military of when they leave to of staying in touch with your buddy right stay in touch with your your battle buddy.

00:37:42.210 --> 00:37:53.970 James Corbett: Which is the guy that's right next to 18 hours a day, and you know you checked on each of these see how each other doing you stay in each other's heads and lean on each other when shit gets tough right so.

00:37:55.800 --> 00:38:06.630 James Corbett: Essentially, what we what we did is we made that outreach process easier, so no matter where you're at you can download our APP called Blue skies project refit blue skies.

00:38:06.840 --> 00:38:14.160 James Corbett: At the top of a button you check in on your buddies right at the tap of a button no need to make a call call call call call.

00:38:14.400 --> 00:38:14.940 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Right you're trying to.

00:38:16.440 --> 00:38:24.990 James Corbett: download this APP we're going to make it known that when you download this you're downloading this with a purpose that you're downloading this with a mission.

00:38:25.230 --> 00:38:34.020 James Corbett: And when guys say to you i'm Okay, you really do the follow up are you sure bro like come on like let me know what's up don't be afraid to ask the follow up.

00:38:34.560 --> 00:38:48.960 James Corbett: Right, this is a serious help with buddy checks this isn't for therapy this isn't for emergency calls this is for the friends that check in with each other and it's so that they need that therapy if they need the emergency help they can help guide them to it.

00:38:49.260 --> 00:38:51.210 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Is this APP this is live now where this is.

00:38:51.210 --> 00:38:58.230 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Coming Okay, because I I showed a video on the website who's to do it with the long hair that was like yelling about the APP and stuff.

00:38:58.620 --> 00:39:03.000 James Corbett: name is trip he's also the author of smoke pit fairy tales, that is a yeah.

00:39:03.150 --> 00:39:06.300 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: yeah there was a logo smoke fairy tales yeah yeah.

00:39:06.390 --> 00:39:07.650 James Corbett: he's a marine.

00:39:07.920 --> 00:39:11.280 James Corbett: Then author and artist he's a friend he's a great guy.

00:39:11.430 --> 00:39:15.750 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: looks like a badass dude don't to man seriously, you know, like I love.

00:39:16.440 --> 00:39:19.110 James Corbett: yeah he's cool so trip is.

00:39:19.380 --> 00:39:19.710 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: A trip.

00:39:21.000 --> 00:39:23.670 James Corbett: he's simple simple as what he loves us.

00:39:24.300 --> 00:39:26.130 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Close that's close it's simple yet.

00:39:26.370 --> 00:39:29.580 James Corbett: yeah so he he's great.

00:39:30.930 --> 00:39:42.030 James Corbett: And you know the APP is really it's dedicated to solving that problem for the brothers and the sisters, to be able to easily check because life gets in the way man that's why even like.

00:39:43.230 --> 00:39:49.680 James Corbett: So that the problem is, I actually didn't even get to the problem statement, yet the question that we asked here project refit that's very unique.

00:39:50.160 --> 00:40:01.980 James Corbett: is how many people served in World War Two as opposed to serving today 9% of the US population 9% of US population serves in World War Two.

00:40:02.310 --> 00:40:16.860 James Corbett: As opposed to approximately point 5% of the US population serves today so active duty that's fucking crazy man, so you know, like overall if you include National Guard everybody else, it is.

00:40:17.430 --> 00:40:30.060 James Corbett: Like 1% just about 1% of US population serves, so what that means you come back for more you come back from conflict, you are very likely, the only person in your entire town or city that serves.

00:40:30.780 --> 00:40:46.080 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So there's so there's that right, so that these the rest of us who didn't serve have no comes concept of what you've been through right, you know, have all the things we've been talking about the last 40 minutes you don't understand it right, so what you're.

00:40:46.980 --> 00:40:47.520 James Corbett: Making it.

00:40:47.850 --> 00:40:51.420 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: creates, though, but the APP is creating that connection, because there's.

00:40:51.750 --> 00:40:57.390 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: there's so few of these individuals you're not going to run into them in your neighborhood and and you and I talked about something to like look there's a.

00:40:57.720 --> 00:41:07.320 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: there's a legion down the block from my house, you know vfw etc, but you know our our young or younger veterans you know really dig and go into the American legion so.

00:41:07.920 --> 00:41:10.770 James Corbett: They want to do it not places they want to do things and that's why.

00:41:11.670 --> 00:41:14.010 James Corbett: They want to do things with their families to right.

00:41:14.340 --> 00:41:27.150 James Corbett: that's why we, we will go take our mobile base wherever they want to go we're gonna we're actually a thing that we're going to do that's really cool I actually talked about this, aside from like going to concerts and like local fairs and something bring guys with us yeah.

00:41:28.800 --> 00:41:38.310 James Corbett: We actually really want to host so we just did our first one retreats right, so we just did our first one in Colorado springs was also the ending of our first major mission.

00:41:39.000 --> 00:41:48.570 James Corbett: Where as soon as Greg Williams he's a legit war hero um and you know he's going through a rough time is 402 pounds we helped kickstart is weight loss journey.

00:41:49.140 --> 00:41:55.860 James Corbett: we're actually releasing that video soon talking about that and talking about this journey and we completed a Spartan race with this with this guy with it.

00:41:55.890 --> 00:41:56.040 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I.

00:41:56.190 --> 00:41:56.970 know you guys.

00:41:58.770 --> 00:42:02.520 James Corbett: Did that you know what I mean, so we got that shit done and.

00:42:03.780 --> 00:42:19.410 James Corbett: You know, we we also, at the same time, had a retreat where we brought people together at from all walks of the country, every coast King to converge on Colorado springs to run this thing and Spartan race right together and we paid for all the tickets and stuff like that we got.

00:42:19.440 --> 00:42:20.670 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: A pretty how big was a crew.

00:42:21.270 --> 00:42:24.090 James Corbett: I cooked for everybody, I think it was like 1516 of us.

00:42:24.150 --> 00:42:25.050 James Corbett: yeah um.

00:42:25.140 --> 00:42:27.330 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So tell me about your cooking what's that about.

00:42:27.660 --> 00:42:33.390 James Corbett: I that's all I want to get into more important shift so that we're trying to do is we're trying to.

00:42:34.440 --> 00:42:48.150 James Corbett: we're trying to create reunions for military guys around our basis what that means is a lot of these guys wait until valhalla till about our brother no stop that Why wait until they're dead let's all meet each other again.

00:42:48.300 --> 00:42:51.090 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: let's get you guys guys that they served with.

00:42:51.120 --> 00:42:51.900 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: you're saying right you're.

00:42:52.380 --> 00:42:59.340 James Corbett: served with or that their own companies and units listen it's a brotherhood it's a family that like they just want to see their fellow brothers again, you know.

00:42:59.550 --> 00:43:00.030 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So when you.

00:43:00.210 --> 00:43:04.230 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: feel attaining that stuff like in real time, I mean forget colby we're coming out of that.

00:43:04.980 --> 00:43:13.470 James Corbett: Time but we're also looking to bring these guys to like locations around the United States to meet and converge almost like a high school reunion, but it's actually the military.

00:43:15.720 --> 00:43:26.280 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: All right, we got to take a quick break, but when we come back, I want to talk about events that you have coming on fundraising events things like that I want you to tell me when we come back what you need not just checked, I know everybody's going to get you know it will not.

00:43:26.850 --> 00:43:33.330 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: want any more money, what do you need, what are the connections and things like that Tommy day with James Corbett plants being focused will be back.

00:43:40.080 --> 00:43:41.220 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Education in.

00:45:46.620 --> 00:45:47.250 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Friday morning.

00:45:48.060 --> 00:45:58.020 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: This morning is James Corbett logic refit founded the organization with his boys Chris and Dan we've been talking about the reunions that he intends on doing.

00:45:58.440 --> 00:46:09.540 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Spartan races and retreats and you know the give me the APP again blue skies is the APP right how they how they download that it's like you just go to the store the apple store and and you put in blue skies.

00:46:09.750 --> 00:46:12.750 James Corbett: apple and android project refit blue skies type project great.

00:46:12.750 --> 00:46:18.270 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: fit blue please guys that's out there check that out let's talk about some stuff let's talk about right before the break I said.

00:46:18.480 --> 00:46:26.820 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: You know all organizations tell me, we need checks on you, we need money, and I know that I know what the nonprofit space is about But aside from from the obvious what about connections and.

00:46:27.270 --> 00:46:40.110 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: and volunteers and maybe there's corporate you know sponsorships and things I noticed from your site you got a lot of sponsorship down in in your neck of the woods from from locals and stuff like that, but tell me about the need, where can we make some connections for you.

00:46:40.500 --> 00:46:51.540 James Corbett: yeah we've got some got some sponsors, but uh I am going to say that we need monthly donors, because I have to say that alright so that's incredibly important, because our missions are about showing up and.

00:46:51.840 --> 00:46:56.070 James Corbett: being the most aggressive boots on ground nonprofit out there that's that's what we're doing or creating.

00:46:56.340 --> 00:47:00.840 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So tell me 1775 1776 what tell me about that promo.

00:47:01.020 --> 00:47:08.280 James Corbett: know we have a we have a program going on the 1776 program where, if you actually donate $17 and 76 cents.

00:47:09.300 --> 00:47:13.950 James Corbett: And you cover the fee, so one it stands for, obviously, the founding of this country.

00:47:14.220 --> 00:47:25.560 James Corbett: And 7075 is when the armed forces were founded in 2017 is on projects free if it was found, but if you become a donor 1776 and cover the fees it actually increases your donation because.

00:47:25.920 --> 00:47:32.850 James Corbett: you're covering the fee, so we get the 1776 and then transaction costs taken care of to 1875.

00:47:33.240 --> 00:47:41.520 James Corbett: Now what happened in 1875 the Civil Rights Act, so that means all men and women are made equal here in the eyes and that's when the United States.

00:47:42.240 --> 00:48:00.270 James Corbett: Really became a power and its diversity right and we overcame some hard times in our country's history so that's why we have it to be 1776 and then you cover the fee, it becomes 1875 per month and that's again when everyone became equal.

00:48:00.450 --> 00:48:07.560 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: to hang on a SEC i'm gonna share my screen for everybody who's watching on Facebook, this is actually the donation page I went to.

00:48:08.610 --> 00:48:18.840 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I went to project and you'll see 1775 Now this is this is how you set it up you set up as a month I I took my credit card out as we were doing this because I was like I got it just look this up.

00:48:19.260 --> 00:48:30.420 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: But um you do this right here on the website and then it's a monthly recurring I mean got 17 bucks a month, you know it, it it's not a lot of money, but it makes an impact when it.

00:48:30.720 --> 00:48:41.550 James Corbett: When it really accumulate honestly makes a tremendous impact yeah to be completely honest with you it's allowing us and feeling us literally fueling our base to show up directly to these guys.

00:48:41.760 --> 00:48:47.520 James Corbett: The thing that they that they know most of what's called a foxhole mentality, the foxhole mentality that we came up with.

00:48:47.790 --> 00:48:58.890 James Corbett: Is the one where you show up you look to your left to your right, and you see your brothers and sisters literally right next to you and we're ready to help you out right there so you're fueling a nonprofit that's actually showing up.

00:49:00.120 --> 00:49:07.500 James Corbett: And, and the other thing too is we do need volunteers, of course, we're actually looking to expand.

00:49:08.190 --> 00:49:19.410 James Corbett: Our our we're looking at chapters we're going to have our chapters are going to be different zooms actually where they get to host like once or twice or however many times, a month, they want to do this they build their own.

00:49:19.770 --> 00:49:29.340 James Corbett: Community on zoom and then they can actually go out and do they can do it locally have it guys hopefully joining the zoom and then they can go and do stuff together on weekends, or they can and then.

00:49:29.880 --> 00:49:38.130 James Corbett: they're going to be raising $10,000 in a year 25% of that money is going to come back to us, hopefully, so that we can.

00:49:38.700 --> 00:49:45.120 James Corbett: host these reunions for these guys and then bring all the chapters together, you know four times a year.

00:49:45.870 --> 00:49:50.550 James Corbett: that's our goal was eventually hit four times a year we're probably going to do it like two or one in the beginning, but.

00:49:50.880 --> 00:50:04.650 James Corbett: four times a year to be able to be together and attract as many new guys we possibly can to get them into the hands of other nonprofits will have resources at these different events so that these guys can see what the hell is out there for them dude.

00:50:04.680 --> 00:50:13.950 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I want to be a part of what you're doing, I want to help, I want to serve I said this in the chat I put it up as a hashtag I decided that i'm doing 60 days of services here before the years out.

00:50:14.310 --> 00:50:24.330 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: You know, and you know so tell me what you need me plug me, and if you know, and maybe it's just think I don't know if I can go back I don't mind going on somebody's roof, but I might be able to help when you go down and.

00:50:24.780 --> 00:50:26.760 James Corbett: we're having a Louisiana for that, too, so don't.

00:50:27.630 --> 00:50:34.560 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Listen what i'm gonna do my gopro camera the whole thing what a good show that would be to tell everybody what we're doing and I will make an impact you.

00:50:34.560 --> 00:50:44.340 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Know ancient it's not about me i've said this for weeks now i'm not doing this to say i'm great Tommy D is it's not, that is to inspire other people to do the service for nonprofit organizations, we talked.

00:50:44.700 --> 00:50:52.440 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: About service, and it has a bunch of different meanings in this conversation today, obviously, but I just feel like you know volunteering.

00:50:54.300 --> 00:50:59.460 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: A lot of people who do volunteering do a lot of volunteering and there's a lot of people who don't do any.

00:50:59.790 --> 00:51:04.290 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: You know and i'm not this is maybe not sound judgmental and I don't mean it to be judgmental but.

00:51:04.680 --> 00:51:18.390 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Maybe a day, a month is right for you, maybe a day year is right for you, whatever it is, get out there, do something, make a friggin impact man because organizations like james's organization need help, they get yes monetary help it also volunteers, they need bodies.

00:51:18.480 --> 00:51:22.020 James Corbett: To help out would like to also say something about that it's not even.

00:51:22.560 --> 00:51:32.820 James Corbett: Making it's also just good for you it's good for your brain it's good to add it's good to be a part of the society it's actually good for you it's good that's what humans need.

00:51:33.150 --> 00:51:41.640 James Corbett: we're pack animals that's why we love dogs and shit right like like there's a there's a reason why we fight better on a team that's why we do better, as a team.

00:51:42.660 --> 00:51:49.260 James Corbett: And I think that's something that's a message that's missing right now in the United States, and when you're when you're doing service you're a part of society.

00:51:49.620 --> 00:51:58.950 James Corbett: Making this country even more beautiful and you can play a part in that promise, and yes it's of course it's helping nonprofits but go out and can do shoot on your own.

00:51:59.250 --> 00:52:12.840 James Corbett: Or you literally go out on your own and give guys socks, if you want, because we do think about clean socks club your fried chicken where we go out and we had socks out the homeless people and whatever else we possibly can we do it, like every week we give something we give.

00:52:12.840 --> 00:52:13.860 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: them listen I want.

00:52:14.850 --> 00:52:24.120 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: I want to do something I have a friend of mine who was on the show a couple weeks ago Aaron diet and founded an organization called one sandwich out of time and they make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and they bring them out to folks who really need them, they may.

00:52:24.120 --> 00:52:26.640 James Corbett: Only let's go on to what's a city near you.

00:52:26.910 --> 00:52:29.640 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: i'm on long island man there's a big city called New York City your.

00:52:30.570 --> 00:52:36.750 James Corbett: city you and i'll come up one day will create a whole thing out of it and hand out some socks the homeless people in New York City gun.

00:52:36.810 --> 00:52:40.320 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: that's like you don't have to like don't threaten me with a good time kind of deal man let's just.

00:52:40.350 --> 00:52:50.460 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Like I said it here, I said it on the show James and I committed to it will put up on your are you interested in that gang you want to be part of that 60 days of service that'll be one of the days, where James and I go out.

00:52:50.850 --> 00:52:57.540 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: that's what we're supposed to be doing friends like that's it that's the deal we're supposed to be making an impact we're supposed to be helping other people that.

00:52:57.750 --> 00:53:05.160 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: were not supposed to just work hard to make money to buy more shit James i've never cursed on the show and James Corbett Scott me cursing like crazy today it's.

00:53:05.160 --> 00:53:08.610 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Incredible but that's not it man it's not buying more materialistic.

00:53:08.610 --> 00:53:21.180 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: garden that's all nonsense it's overrated right it's nice to have nice things, but you know what other people here's James you know what drives me absolutely crazy you talk about New York City talk about Philadelphia whatever right.

00:53:22.290 --> 00:53:28.620 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: That somebody is inside a restaurant eating $150 steak.

00:53:30.060 --> 00:53:40.350 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: And 10 feet away there's somebody eating out of garbage pail that's a problem okay that's a problem in this country there's a lot of problems in this country we're not going to solve more inside of 60 minutes on my show.

00:53:40.350 --> 00:53:42.270 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: What have you tweeted but what's a.

00:53:42.570 --> 00:53:44.220 James Corbett: lot of beautiful in this country to.

00:53:44.490 --> 00:53:50.580 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: The on you know what, thank you for doing that, but i'm the reason i'm doing this is i'm trying to make a point i'm trying to get people pissed off.

00:53:51.030 --> 00:53:59.520 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: over here, you know I i'm with you, I like there's a great it's a beautiful place man, but there's there's the haves and have nots as a problem in this country um.

00:54:00.000 --> 00:54:02.550 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: that's that's the deal, you and that's it we're committed.

00:54:03.240 --> 00:54:08.550 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: You may we're gonna put together a bunch of people if they call it the hundred sandwich challenge all right somebody makes.

00:54:08.910 --> 00:54:17.790 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: You know challenge somebody they make 100 PV and J sandwiches and then you and I go hand them out with socks socks and sandwiches maybe that's a website socks and sandwiches That would be a good one.

00:54:19.980 --> 00:54:22.770 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: When can where exactly you guys located.

00:54:23.430 --> 00:54:30.270 James Corbett: And wow so there's a word for his New Jersey, we don't really have like a location, though.

00:54:30.360 --> 00:54:30.690 James Corbett: All right.

00:54:30.960 --> 00:54:32.070 James Corbett: very, very remote.

00:54:33.240 --> 00:54:37.680 James Corbett: And we like being remote, because it gives us the flexibility to drive to Louisiana.

00:54:38.760 --> 00:54:43.590 James Corbett: And it also gives us the flexibility to go to Colorado springs, it gives us the flexibility to go to Atlantic city.

00:54:43.830 --> 00:54:50.790 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: What, though, when when you do like I know you don't car shows right you've done like did you do cornhole was that one of your deals like what.

00:54:50.850 --> 00:54:57.120 James Corbett: What did yeah we're actually we're hosting i'm going to be launching that out today we have a cornhole tournament coming up in August.

00:54:57.450 --> 00:55:03.810 James Corbett: We have a we have a core cruise that is being held on our behalf and November down in North Carolina South Carolina.

00:55:04.680 --> 00:55:13.110 James Corbett: or no i'm sorry North Carolina my apologies North Carolina and we're having a hopefully our own car cruise i've been trying to find a location for it because.

00:55:13.500 --> 00:55:23.520 James Corbett: There was a police officer that took his own life for this year we help the family raised over $35,000 and i'm trying to bring it back to that Community that is hard drive past that officers house.

00:55:24.090 --> 00:55:37.590 James Corbett: whoa the widow we're still here, we have not forgotten about you and we hope you're doing okay and raise some money and awareness, even for the police department and firefox to know hey hey we're here we're ready for you, whenever you need it.

00:55:38.610 --> 00:55:42.600 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: So, so we got to bring to a close, really quick I, I just want to know about.

00:55:43.680 --> 00:55:44.130 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: what's that.

00:55:44.430 --> 00:55:45.960 James Corbett: Gala to that's being held in.

00:55:47.760 --> 00:55:48.780 James Corbett: September 18.

00:55:49.110 --> 00:55:49.620 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: where's that.

00:55:50.070 --> 00:55:51.390 James Corbett: it's in South Jersey.

00:55:51.690 --> 00:55:56.190 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: All right, so listen, if you want to learn more about project refit go to project

00:55:56.520 --> 00:56:01.200 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: The letter J at project is how you get in touch with my buddy.

00:56:01.440 --> 00:56:09.990 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: James Corbett we haven't even met in person bro I can't wait to meet you give you a big hug I love what you're doing I freakin love it you got me fired up right now i'm going to like my head's going to explode in the attic.

00:56:10.320 --> 00:56:15.900 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: it's your boy, this is the end of the show for today it's the nonprofit sector connector coming at you from the attic every single week.

00:56:16.110 --> 00:56:20.760 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: i'm going to bring in another leader of a nonprofit organization to tell their story, so I can help them amplify their message.

00:56:21.030 --> 00:56:30.060 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: Stay tuned to the network Steve, for I will be here with all these Friday, followed by Jeremiah fox on the entrepreneurial web and after that it's Joseph Franklin McElroy.

00:56:30.390 --> 00:56:39.330 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: talking to you about why wise content creates wealth my boy Sam leibowitz, on the other side of the class executive producer extraordinaire thanks for the work Sam.

00:56:39.450 --> 00:56:48.990 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: James Corbett, I appreciate everything you're doing, and I mean that that's not me saying thanks for your service brother i'm saying thank you for what you're freaking doing you're making an impact, let me know how I can help.

00:56:49.350 --> 00:56:59.580 Tommy D #60DaysOfService: 60 days of service, I want to be part of what you're doing down there to hashtag 60 days of service watch your boy get out there and try and help you inspire others to do some work, make it a great day i'll see you later bye.

00:56:59.610 --> 00:57:00.420 James Corbett: let's go.

00:57:00.990 --> 00:57:01.590 let's go.

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