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Friday, June 25, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/25 - Finding Your Equilibria

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/25 - Finding Your Equilibria


2021/06/25 - Finding Your Equilibria

[NEW EPISODE] Finding Your Equilibria

This week I'm excited to welcome best selling author, podcast host & Equilibria CEO, Alicia Butler Pierre, to the show. 

Alicia's expertise resides in her ability to help businesses scale & build infrastructure in sustainable fashion.

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the question of the week, “what’s the most common problem preventing entrepreneurs from scaling?”, as well as introducing this week’s guest Alicia Butler Pierre, bestselling author, podcast host, and the CEO of Equilibria. Alicia goes into her background of engineering, and her transition into the business and entrepreneurship world. Alicia explains that she went back to school after her first job out of college, and after getting a new job in a smaller company she gained her appreciation for entrepreneurship and business operations. She retells the story of how and why she started her own business over a decade ago, so she could create her own job opportunity that fit her credentials as well as what she wanted to do in a job. The two discuss what Equilibria started as, as well as what it has evolved to in the present day.

Segment 2 

Jeremiah and Alicia continue to discuss Equilibria, and what aspects of organization that Alicia focuses on when she is working with clients. Alicia also explains how she was able to grow and scale her business after starting it. She also goes into an anecdote about how she worked with a local District Attorney, and how that made her realize that all kinds of businesses on all levels need help in organizing at times. The two discuss the differences between entrepreneurship and just running a business, and Jeremiah brings up the point of how many entrepreneurs love solving problems. He explains that solving problems and finding solutions and creating order out of chaos is what many entrepreneurs have built into their DNA, and Alicia agrees saying that her entire business is helping people and empowering them through the organization. The two also discuss media exposure, specifically through television, and the power that that kind of media exposure holds.

Segment 3

Alicia explains why organizational infrastructure is important for businesses, and how it helps businesses to continue to grow and expand. The two discuss entrepreneurship education, and how while people don’t tend to get a formal education in entrepreneurship, people often learn on the job on how to best grow their business properly. Alicia continues to explain the importance of an organization structure, and how that can make or break one’s business, as one of the most important aspects of growing one’s business is to properly be able to supply the demand a new audience brings. Alicia as an example says if someone is featured on Good Morning America for two minutes, which brings a lot of traffic to their website, is good exposure, but if their website crashes because they were not prepared for that kind of traffic the entire experience was all for naught.

Segment 4

The two discuss what a lean six sigma blackbelt is, which is process improvement quality framework certification leveling system. Alicia goes in depth on what lean six sigma is, and what each of the certification levels mean. Jeremiah compares the certification leveling to the leveling of his formal martial arts training, as well as the lessons that he’s learned from his entrepreneur mentors, saying all three are interconnected in messages. Jeremiah and Alicia discuss what factors are the most prevalent in preventing entrepreneurs from scaling.


00:00:31.440 --> 00:00:37.170 Jeremiah Fox: Happy Friday everybody welcome welcome welcome you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah thoughts.

00:00:37.500 --> 00:00:46.770 Jeremiah Fox: let's kick this weekend off right it's the end of the school year for parents and teachers, I live with both students and teachers so it's a it's a big.

00:00:47.220 --> 00:00:53.310 Jeremiah Fox: tumultuous changing but exciting time so i'm pumped today i'm in a good mood i'm also pumped for my guests and.

00:00:53.730 --> 00:01:08.040 Jeremiah Fox: The discussion we're about to have before we get started, I usually give you a message this week it's a question this comes from my dear friend, Dr lance naba was question he dropped in the comments my linkedin promotion for this show.

00:01:09.030 --> 00:01:17.820 Jeremiah Fox: And we're going to kind of dissect this throughout the course of the show and his question is, by the way, lance is quite.

00:01:18.420 --> 00:01:24.090 Jeremiah Fox: The business coach and consultant himself he's a really phenomenal guy So if you are not privy to lance check them out.

00:01:24.360 --> 00:01:33.330 Jeremiah Fox: Dr lance knob on on all social platforms his question is what's the most common problem that you find preventing entrepreneurs from scaling.

00:01:33.720 --> 00:01:49.680 Jeremiah Fox: With that, I would like to welcome to the show equilibrium is CEO she's also a best selling author, she has her own podcast alicia Butler Pierre, all the way in Atlanta Georgia, how you doing today you gotta unmute can't hear you yet oh.

00:01:50.850 --> 00:01:51.300 Alicia Butler Pierre: Sorry.

00:01:51.810 --> 00:01:54.930 Alicia Butler Pierre: sorry about that Thank you so much for having me Jeremiah.

00:01:54.960 --> 00:01:58.290 Jeremiah Fox: My pleasure welcome welcome Atlanta Georgia correct.

00:01:58.410 --> 00:02:01.170 Alicia Butler Pierre: Correct nice peach states yeah.

00:02:01.290 --> 00:02:05.430 Jeremiah Fox: i'm a i'm a southern boy originally so.

00:02:05.550 --> 00:02:07.470 Alicia Butler Pierre: yeah I saw from Chad and.

00:02:07.710 --> 00:02:09.000 Jeremiah Fox: Know nashville nashville.

00:02:09.060 --> 00:02:11.580 Alicia Butler Pierre: nashville i'll be there in a couple of months Nice.

00:02:11.610 --> 00:02:19.710 Jeremiah Fox: it's a great place great place so yeah let's jump right into it um you know I don't want to spend a lot of time and you want to give you like a whole bio but.

00:02:20.040 --> 00:02:30.600 Jeremiah Fox: It you came from an engineering background ground correct yeah so, can you kind of just described how one comes from like a background, such as engineering where you're going on this certain career path and then all of a sudden.

00:02:31.800 --> 00:02:41.100 Jeremiah Fox: you end up as like you know, a jet setter like kind of front runner entrepreneur and helping businesses grow, how did that transition occur.

00:02:42.090 --> 00:02:49.320 Alicia Butler Pierre: So my first job when I worked as an engineer chemical engineer, I was working at a company called Monsanto you're.

00:02:49.800 --> 00:02:50.790 Alicia Butler Pierre: Sure you're familiar.

00:02:52.620 --> 00:02:53.790 Alicia Butler Pierre: don't judge me Jerry.

00:02:56.610 --> 00:02:57.930 Jeremiah Fox: You notice I left that out of the.

00:03:02.670 --> 00:03:12.960 Alicia Butler Pierre: let's just say I was, I was very, very young and I it's funny because I didn't I learned more about the company once I left, then when I actually work there.

00:03:12.990 --> 00:03:15.810 Alicia Butler Pierre: Because you're you know it's so large you're in a silo.

00:03:16.170 --> 00:03:27.360 Alicia Butler Pierre: But what happened with me Jeremiah so as a chemical engineer, I really worked as what they call a process engineer, so we were making Roundup, the the weed killer.

00:03:27.930 --> 00:03:41.910 Alicia Butler Pierre: And there's a certain there are certain raw materials that go into making Roundup, and so I have I happen to work in one of those units that made the raw material that eventually becomes round up and.

00:03:42.750 --> 00:03:49.350 Alicia Butler Pierre: Each business unit within that particular manufacturing plant was assigned an accountant.

00:03:50.040 --> 00:03:56.790 Alicia Butler Pierre: And that accountant would come and meet with you, and everyone else who worked within that unit at least once a month.

00:03:57.570 --> 00:04:04.350 Alicia Butler Pierre: And I have to be honest with you when I remember this one lady, in particular, I don't remember her name, but I just remember her.

00:04:04.950 --> 00:04:17.190 Alicia Butler Pierre: Having these meetings with us, and it was it was like she was speaking another language talking about equity and liabilities and balance sheets and cash flow profit versus revenue, it was like whoa wait a minute why.

00:04:18.870 --> 00:04:30.330 Alicia Butler Pierre: And so I didn't realize the importance of understanding the language of business, which is is accounting and finance until it started to affect the way that we were.

00:04:30.840 --> 00:04:39.450 Alicia Butler Pierre: Producing product literally every single day, so there were these business decisions driving our production schedules.

00:04:39.900 --> 00:04:44.550 Alicia Butler Pierre: But me just having the technical knowledge and expertise I didn't have an appreciation.

00:04:45.000 --> 00:04:52.830 Alicia Butler Pierre: For those business decisions driving the production schedule, so I wanted to go back to school, so I I enrolled in an MBA Program.

00:04:53.190 --> 00:04:57.240 Alicia Butler Pierre: Where I was attending school at night working full time during the day.

00:04:57.720 --> 00:05:05.880 Alicia Butler Pierre: and eventually I did leave Monsanto and I started working at an engineering consulting firm and it was a family owned company and that's where.

00:05:06.240 --> 00:05:17.340 Alicia Butler Pierre: I was reading the description of your show you know talk about being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug that's probably when it first started, for me, because it was such a smaller company.

00:05:17.910 --> 00:05:25.710 Alicia Butler Pierre: The opportunity to do lots of different things came, you know came up for me and so being able to have.

00:05:26.220 --> 00:05:41.670 Alicia Butler Pierre: A little bit of experience and seeing the true mechanics of operating a business on a day to day basis, combined with what I was learning in school at night, it just kind of set the Foundation, I would say, for when I eventually started my own company so.

00:05:42.900 --> 00:05:44.550 Alicia Butler Pierre: to shorten this story.

00:05:45.870 --> 00:06:01.200 Alicia Butler Pierre: You know, I was living in New Orleans which is flood prone, as we all know, and I had this I remember being stuck in my house Jeremiah this was around late August early September 2004.

00:06:02.010 --> 00:06:16.080 Alicia Butler Pierre: And it starts flooding and the water just kept rising and rising and rising, and let me tell you that, so if you've never been in a situation like that it's a scary feeling because you're literally stuck you can't go anywhere, I was living alone.

00:06:16.860 --> 00:06:23.670 Alicia Butler Pierre: And I just remembered having this thought i've got to get out of here I can't do this again and fast forward.

00:06:24.480 --> 00:06:33.390 Alicia Butler Pierre: I finished I finished up school finished up my MBA program that December, the following January 2005 I put my house up for sale.

00:06:33.840 --> 00:06:42.000 Alicia Butler Pierre: And I relocated to Atlanta Georgia, where I knew one person I actually wanted to go to New York yeah but that's a whole nother story.

00:06:42.780 --> 00:06:48.960 Alicia Butler Pierre: So I ended up in Atlanta instead and six months later, Hurricane Katrina happened.

00:06:49.470 --> 00:07:01.050 Alicia Butler Pierre: But when I came here to Atlanta, I really thought I was going to work at Coca Cola they're headquartered here, I had the engineering background I understood processes.

00:07:01.650 --> 00:07:16.110 Alicia Butler Pierre: But I also had a very strong interest in marketing, so I thought Okay, I have an engineering background the nba who wouldn't hire me, but there are a lot of really smart talented bright people here in Atlanta.

00:07:18.030 --> 00:07:30.660 Alicia Butler Pierre: And so, after two months of what seemed to be endless job searching I just decided, you know what maybe I need to create my own opportunity and that's literally how equilibrium came to be.

00:07:31.230 --> 00:07:32.670 Jeremiah Fox: And what year was that.

00:07:32.970 --> 00:07:43.230 Alicia Butler Pierre: That was 2005 so I started the company around April may of 2005 so it's been 16 years yeah yeah.

00:07:43.680 --> 00:07:48.810 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny I well almost ended up in Atlanta as well right out of Grad school.

00:07:48.870 --> 00:07:53.910 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, that shifted and New York was always the destination, but my.

00:07:53.910 --> 00:07:57.900 Jeremiah Fox: One my wife's almost pulled us to Atlanta it didn't happen.

00:07:58.860 --> 00:07:59.640 Jeremiah Fox: And and.

00:07:59.670 --> 00:08:03.780 Jeremiah Fox: The thing I appreciate about New York and similar to Atlanta like which we talking about is.

00:08:05.250 --> 00:08:06.960 Jeremiah Fox: You know you really have to step up.

00:08:07.440 --> 00:08:10.230 Jeremiah Fox: Right there's there's like so much talent.

00:08:10.440 --> 00:08:12.690 Jeremiah Fox: Right, where sometimes you can be in some of these.

00:08:12.690 --> 00:08:28.440 Jeremiah Fox: smaller cities and quickly like established yourself and it's very easy to get comfortable and that's like the demise for a lot of people who who might have a ton of potential, but if there's no resistance like why, why would you push.

00:08:28.500 --> 00:08:30.090 Alicia Butler Pierre: You know, but it's so true.

00:08:30.120 --> 00:08:39.150 Jeremiah Fox: Like some of these bigger cities are so scrappy and you get in you're like I have all the credentials, I like I should be a perfect candidate and it's just like oh man I gotta make something.

00:08:41.820 --> 00:08:50.520 Jeremiah Fox: But then it seems to me that you're the kind of person like you said as soon as you kind of saw the inner workings of it, you were like Oh, this is i'm interested in this and.

00:08:50.880 --> 00:08:58.950 Jeremiah Fox: it's been similar for myself, I worked for a lot of very small family owned businesses when I was you know quite young starting out like 1617.

00:08:59.280 --> 00:09:06.900 Jeremiah Fox: And I was just intrigued by every aspect of it, and I think there's just like there's a certain personality type that just they're they're like into it.

00:09:06.960 --> 00:09:08.190 Alicia Butler Pierre: And they just definitely and.

00:09:08.190 --> 00:09:16.140 Jeremiah Fox: that's you know a lot of people ask like well how did you become you know this and that and it's like some sometimes you're just it's just in you, you can't help it.

00:09:16.470 --> 00:09:17.340 Alicia Butler Pierre: I agree.

00:09:17.430 --> 00:09:18.690 Jeremiah Fox: you're totally born with it.

00:09:20.220 --> 00:09:26.520 Jeremiah Fox: And so, when you when you first started equilibrium what was what was the mission, what was the goal.

00:09:27.600 --> 00:09:35.190 Alicia Butler Pierre: Well, you probably would never guess this but it actually was a professional organizing company Jeremiah.

00:09:35.250 --> 00:09:42.690 Alicia Butler Pierre: Okay, so I was through a period of introspection trying to figure out what what do I want to be when I grow up.

00:09:44.580 --> 00:09:48.300 Alicia Butler Pierre: You know how it's funny how the universe can put into your path.

00:09:49.350 --> 00:10:02.460 Alicia Butler Pierre: Things that you need to see or read or listen listen to right when you need to receive that message and that's that's literally how it happens so every book that I happen to read around that time early 2005.

00:10:02.790 --> 00:10:11.910 Alicia Butler Pierre: magazine articles blog blog articles videos that I might watch on YouTube everything was was kind of preaching this message of.

00:10:12.480 --> 00:10:22.170 Alicia Butler Pierre: we're all born with natural skills talents and abilities, but through this period of and i'm going to use the word indoctrination because I can't think of anything better.

00:10:22.590 --> 00:10:34.800 Alicia Butler Pierre: But it's it's almost like a period of indoctrination that we go through in our educational system when you think about it because we aren't trained to be independent, self sufficient that you don't go to school, to become an entrepreneur right.

00:10:36.840 --> 00:10:46.410 Alicia Butler Pierre: But you do go to school to eventually get a J O B working for someone else, and so I started thinking well, what is it that i'm naturally really good at.

00:10:47.250 --> 00:10:57.750 Alicia Butler Pierre: And it happened to be organizing I thought, whether I was flipping burgers as a teenager or working retail you know through as I work through cut work my way through college and then.

00:10:58.050 --> 00:11:03.000 Alicia Butler Pierre: Eventually, working as an engineer What was it that always made me an excel.

00:11:03.420 --> 00:11:13.470 Alicia Butler Pierre: In any of those jobs, and it was the fact that I was organized, not that I was the brightest star in the sky or the sharpest knife in the drawer I just was very organized, so I thought.

00:11:14.160 --> 00:11:18.720 Alicia Butler Pierre: Okay i'll start a company, where I organize I organize people.

00:11:19.260 --> 00:11:31.170 Alicia Butler Pierre: And I discovered through an online search there was this organization called the National Association of professional organizers and it was also around that time when TV shows were starting to feature.

00:11:31.620 --> 00:11:43.440 Alicia Butler Pierre: Organizing things like a hoarders, which is still on to this very day, so it was that idea was starting to gain traction and that's really what my company started as.

00:11:44.430 --> 00:11:54.090 Jeremiah Fox: And when you say organizing do you mean physical layout or and or financially or it was just more of a physical layout.

00:11:54.630 --> 00:12:17.430 Alicia Butler Pierre: First it's funny you ask that because that's a great segue into how the company evolved into what it is today, interestingly, most of my clients were entrepreneurs operating home based businesses so it wasn't that they were I wasn't going in organizing someone's garage or closet.

00:12:17.520 --> 00:12:17.850 Jeremiah Fox: Right.

00:12:17.910 --> 00:12:27.570 Alicia Butler Pierre: It was it was mainly home offices and here's what I noticed, you could make things look tidy and this isn't a dig at Marie kondo but.

00:12:28.770 --> 00:12:36.450 Alicia Butler Pierre: When you're talking about a business a business being operated in a Home Office or any Office, for that matter.

00:12:37.230 --> 00:12:44.580 Alicia Butler Pierre: You can't necessarily look at an object or a piece of paper and ask yourself whether or not it brings you joy, or does it spark joy because.

00:12:45.060 --> 00:12:49.980 Alicia Butler Pierre: We all have to deal with the irs that doesn't tend to spark joy, with many people.

00:12:50.610 --> 00:12:57.330 Alicia Butler Pierre: But we know we have to deal with it right so that's where things start to become challenging because you're trying to you're trying to.

00:12:57.810 --> 00:13:11.100 Alicia Butler Pierre: fulfill customer orders are you trying to make sure you answer the phone you're wearing all of these Heads usually, when you're in your Home Office so it's very easy for things to become chaotic physically.

00:13:11.550 --> 00:13:22.590 Alicia Butler Pierre: So yes, it involves making things look good or aesthetically pleasing but you're right there was another missing piece they needed those processes.

00:13:23.040 --> 00:13:32.880 Alicia Butler Pierre: And those systems, to make sure that if things got chaotic again they at least had a process that they could revert back to to get things back in order.

00:13:33.840 --> 00:13:42.480 Alicia Butler Pierre: So that's eventually it shifted from this is more than just professional organizing this is really helping to.

00:13:42.810 --> 00:14:01.260 Alicia Butler Pierre: put in place an infrastructure, where you're connecting the people, the processes, all of the different tools and technologies that you need to to operate on a day to day basis and not just infrastructure business infrastructure so that's kind of how that evolution took place.

00:14:01.800 --> 00:14:07.800 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I have a hunch, which is why I asked that had this conversation last week on clubhouse and.

00:14:08.280 --> 00:14:21.450 Jeremiah Fox: person I was talking to the same exact thing and often what we find is like that that physical layout is just scratching the surface of much bigger underlying you can call them issues or or opportunities.

00:14:22.020 --> 00:14:22.890 Alicia Butler Pierre: yeah for.

00:14:22.920 --> 00:14:27.540 Jeremiah Fox: For growth later on down the road i'm curious do you use clubhouse much at all.

00:14:27.990 --> 00:14:33.390 Alicia Butler Pierre: I and it's funny because i've been listening to your show and i'm like he's a big fan of clubhouse.

00:14:35.040 --> 00:14:36.630 Jeremiah Fox: I didn't mean to be just happened.

00:14:38.550 --> 00:14:46.320 Alicia Butler Pierre: So you know i'll say this clubhouse I first got on back in January, and it was great yeah.

00:14:46.890 --> 00:15:01.020 Alicia Butler Pierre: But here's the thing I don't know if it's gotten better, but I remember being listening in on one session and don't get me wrong, it was phenomenal information I was glued to my CP entire time it went on for three hours and.

00:15:02.220 --> 00:15:07.170 Alicia Butler Pierre: that's a short one only reason I was able to do it was because it was it was on a Friday.

00:15:07.170 --> 00:15:17.910 Alicia Butler Pierre: afternoon and I just had my schedule happened to be clear, but I was like I can't do this every week definitely not every day, so I.

00:15:19.470 --> 00:15:28.080 Alicia Butler Pierre: And then the notifications, so that, for me, you know the notification so as you start following people, especially who are very active on clubhouse.

00:15:28.470 --> 00:15:30.090 My phone and notification.

00:15:31.530 --> 00:15:32.490 Alicia Butler Pierre: oh dear God.

00:15:32.550 --> 00:15:34.200 Jeremiah Fox: So i'm.

00:15:34.860 --> 00:15:35.700 Alicia Butler Pierre: There in a while.

00:15:35.820 --> 00:15:44.940 Jeremiah Fox: I asked me because I was curious if you come across my guide Tony D on clubhouse he he hosted in number of pretty big rooms and and he.

00:15:45.000 --> 00:15:48.810 Jeremiah Fox: Can you, he says a lot of the same things processes and procedures.

00:15:49.230 --> 00:15:55.050 Jeremiah Fox: And kind of that he was one of my first bosses in Virginia, when I was 16 or 17.

00:15:55.260 --> 00:15:55.920 Alicia Butler Pierre: Oh wow.

00:15:56.070 --> 00:16:06.900 Jeremiah Fox: he's now franchise he's got to eight figure businesses and and but he This is all this is the bread and butter of what he talks about and it's the cornerstone of his success so.

00:16:07.320 --> 00:16:15.630 Jeremiah Fox: wow well we're going to take our first break, we can pick back up with that and talk about the transition from Bolivia as a physical organizational.

00:16:16.290 --> 00:16:28.530 Jeremiah Fox: You know service to getting into finances and and processes and procedures that really help help people grow and hopefully we'll get to answer lance's question before the interview show so everybody hang tight we'll be back in just a minute.

00:19:01.110 --> 00:19:08.580 Jeremiah Fox: Alright folks welcome back if you're just tuning in again, you are listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah thoughts today we're zoom into Atlanta Georgia.

00:19:09.030 --> 00:19:18.270 Jeremiah Fox: talking to equal every a CEO alicia Butler Pierre she was just describing in the first segment developing her company coming out of the engineering.

00:19:18.750 --> 00:19:26.610 Jeremiah Fox: background with Monsanto working for a small mom and pop business helping them kind of understand better how to.

00:19:27.030 --> 00:19:33.870 Jeremiah Fox: operate and seeing the back inner workings of the small business have what it takes and then dive in headfirst into her own.

00:19:34.230 --> 00:19:42.870 Jeremiah Fox: Business where she was helping people with their physical infrastructure but quickly learned, as we most as most of us do once we get into business that there's.

00:19:43.110 --> 00:19:54.510 Jeremiah Fox: that's just the top layer and that there are so many layers to your infrastructure and why being organized and and and declaring like your brain.

00:19:54.990 --> 00:20:04.800 Jeremiah Fox: To, to a large extent, is what really helps businesses grow survive, first of all, but then set the foundation for for potential growth so.

00:20:05.040 --> 00:20:16.110 Jeremiah Fox: Can you describe kind of what were the key indicators for you, when you were working in this physical space with these companies, but you quickly realize oh there's something deeper here how did that transition play out.

00:20:16.860 --> 00:20:24.540 Alicia Butler Pierre: Well, I knew I knew that they needed a method in place to make sure that whatever was.

00:20:25.020 --> 00:20:32.850 Alicia Butler Pierre: was put into place again from an aesthetic standpoint that they would be able to maintain it so i've always been very big on maintenance.

00:20:33.360 --> 00:20:41.820 Alicia Butler Pierre: I didn't I wasn't the type of organizer that might put you on a quote unquote maintenance plan, where they come every two weeks or or once a month.

00:20:42.120 --> 00:20:57.120 Alicia Butler Pierre: To make sure that they can maintain whatever they put in place to begin with it's always important to me, to leave whoever I work with empowered so that they can keep it up and not have to become dependent on me.

00:20:57.780 --> 00:21:06.540 Alicia Butler Pierre: So that's where the process piece came from, and I would put together these little reports nothing fancy nothing long and drawn out.

00:21:06.900 --> 00:21:19.710 Alicia Butler Pierre: But it would just be a page in the report that would say Okay, this is how I recommend you maintain the systems that we've put in place in your Home Office step one do this step to do that.

00:21:20.340 --> 00:21:27.330 Alicia Butler Pierre: And, and what happened Jeremiah I did a lot of bartering my first year in business, because I was in a brand new city.

00:21:27.660 --> 00:21:40.050 Alicia Butler Pierre: I didn't work here previously I didn't come here to have a job working for someone else I didn't go to school here didn't have family and like I said I knew one person literally when I first moved here.

00:21:40.560 --> 00:21:54.060 Alicia Butler Pierre: So I just started networking I hit the networking scene really hard and I started bartering and what I would ask for an exchange for let's say organizing your Home Office was a strong testimonial.

00:21:54.690 --> 00:22:04.860 Alicia Butler Pierre: That I could include on the website and the ability to be to be able to take before and after pictures that I could use as part of a portfolio on the company's website.

00:22:05.550 --> 00:22:13.830 Alicia Butler Pierre: So after about a year of doing that I was I happen to be featured on a local TV program here in Atlanta.

00:22:14.580 --> 00:22:24.240 Alicia Butler Pierre: And it first aired in October of 2005 the theme was or the topic was organizing your life and beyond, or something like that.

00:22:25.110 --> 00:22:38.250 Alicia Butler Pierre: And there were a few people that contacted me, but then it re aired in January of 2006 right around the time of year when people are setting those new year's resolutions with aside from dieting.

00:22:39.360 --> 00:22:50.220 Alicia Butler Pierre: Another popular resolution for people is getting better organized and someone contacted me it was it turns out, it was she at the time she was.

00:22:51.300 --> 00:22:57.180 Alicia Butler Pierre: The district attorney for the cab county which is for those who aren't familiar with Atlanta Atlanta.

00:22:57.720 --> 00:23:07.050 Alicia Butler Pierre: Atlanta, the core of the city of Atlanta really consists of two counties fulton county and to cab and then there's the metro area which is like 28 plus counties.

00:23:07.650 --> 00:23:15.600 Alicia Butler Pierre: So she contacted me herself, she said her name so quickly in her title, and all I heard was her title and I thought I was in trouble.

00:23:15.990 --> 00:23:28.650 Alicia Butler Pierre: My oh my God i've only been here for a year and the district attorney's office is calling me, what did I do now, did I did I illegally parked somewhere, what did I do, but it turns out, she had actually seen that Program.

00:23:29.310 --> 00:23:39.750 Alicia Butler Pierre: And she was interested in having me come in and work with her executive assistant to develop a better system for organizing case work.

00:23:40.560 --> 00:23:49.200 Alicia Butler Pierre: For all of the different attorneys and that's when the light bulb went off for me share my like oh wait a minute, so it isn't just.

00:23:49.740 --> 00:23:55.110 Alicia Butler Pierre: Small companies, small little you know mom and pop home based operations that get disorganized.

00:23:55.680 --> 00:24:09.000 Alicia Butler Pierre: Larger organizations are disorganized to and that just that really feeds into how naive, I was at the time, because I came from an engineering background where there was always structure and process you you couldn't.

00:24:09.720 --> 00:24:16.530 Alicia Butler Pierre: You literally could not function at all if you didn't have a process because something might literally explode.

00:24:19.440 --> 00:24:20.520 Alicia Butler Pierre: Like truly.

00:24:21.630 --> 00:24:23.910 Alicia Butler Pierre: And being that you're in the restaurant business.

00:24:24.660 --> 00:24:35.370 Alicia Butler Pierre: You can I know you can appreciate this I was listening to another one of your episodes with chef was that I believe in and you all were talking about recipes and best best really all processes are.

00:24:35.790 --> 00:24:46.260 Alicia Butler Pierre: Our recipes right there may be a dish at your restaurant that is absolutely phenomenal that I fall in love with and if I try to go home and replicated.

00:24:46.860 --> 00:24:57.420 Alicia Butler Pierre: I wouldn't be able to So even if you told me the ingredients, even if you told me the steps, I still might not have the right equipment there's all of these different factors and.

00:24:57.690 --> 00:25:14.670 Alicia Butler Pierre: that's all the information that goes into creating a well crafted process so that whether someone in your restaurant prepares that meal or I prepare it myself at home, it should come out roughly the same and so.

00:25:15.900 --> 00:25:25.800 Alicia Butler Pierre: Having that that opportunity to work with this da his office it literally changed everything that's when I realized this is more than just organizing.

00:25:26.190 --> 00:25:45.240 Alicia Butler Pierre: This is business infrastructure and it just led to all of these other opportunities, not just working with small businesses, but also nonprofit organizations certain government entities even much larger companies like Coca Cola, where I eventually did this some work for them.

00:25:45.450 --> 00:25:55.260 Jeremiah Fox: whoo awesome so it's great when you set that goal and it's like it doesn't happen the way you expected, but you meander and you get.

00:25:55.320 --> 00:25:57.510 Alicia Butler Pierre: Exactly you go in through the back door.

00:25:57.510 --> 00:25:58.020 yeah.

00:25:59.280 --> 00:26:10.050 Jeremiah Fox: it's got to be sneaky sometimes so a couple really great things you said, I just wanted to kind of point out first of all, you were talking at the beginning of the segment about you, you want to empower.

00:26:11.160 --> 00:26:19.680 Jeremiah Fox: Your your clients, so that they're not reliant for you long term, I mean sure we'd all love to have you know just like a long list of people that just always been given us money.

00:26:20.010 --> 00:26:36.060 Jeremiah Fox: But I think it really speaks to the essence of entrepreneurship and that's we want to help right, but we also and we'll get to this a little later because I have another question for you um we we often we often get bored with order.

00:26:37.740 --> 00:26:47.640 Jeremiah Fox: We often we often are like okay I got this good and that's why that I think that's why we're entrepreneurs, because otherwise we would just get our one business.

00:26:47.940 --> 00:27:01.410 Jeremiah Fox: and be like okay i'm just a business owner like I have my shop I got my brick and mortar and i'm i'm okay with this, but like we really like to solve problems we really intensely like to help.

00:27:01.980 --> 00:27:09.090 Jeremiah Fox: And so, when we don't have to anymore we're like okay I gotta go find somebody to help because it's just like, as I mentioned really I think it's really.

00:27:09.360 --> 00:27:17.010 Jeremiah Fox: deep inside of us in our in our fabric and it took me years to realize this, I mean, I think I realized this like two years ago.

00:27:17.640 --> 00:27:29.280 Jeremiah Fox: And I thought I bought I loved chaos and I I, I am a student of martial arts mainly Brazilian jujitsu and my instructor the time.

00:27:29.700 --> 00:27:44.340 Jeremiah Fox: Looked at me he said you don't like chaos you like order, and I was like what are you talking about bro I like kfc you love to make order out of chaos and as soon as something is order then you're off to the next thing, and it was my brain was like that emoji where it's like.

00:27:46.380 --> 00:27:49.890 Jeremiah Fox: Like I was like you're right man my sock drawers impeccable oh.

00:27:53.910 --> 00:28:04.260 Jeremiah Fox: And I got that from you as soon as you said that you were like I really not that you just want to empower but you really enjoy the process of helping people, and I think.

00:28:04.950 --> 00:28:11.880 Jeremiah Fox: For people that are like you know I want, I want to become an entrepreneur like you have to ask yourself that hard question.

00:28:12.210 --> 00:28:27.720 Jeremiah Fox: is how dedicated are you to the process of helping people and if if you really relish only when things are good like maybe you need to dig a little deeper and and and see and then the other question was you know you were talking about.

00:28:28.950 --> 00:28:33.210 Jeremiah Fox: The thing that really helped you I guess it was this media exposure.

00:28:34.710 --> 00:28:50.190 Jeremiah Fox: Through through this show and it yeah it's a big testimonial for how important some form of media you don't have to be instagram famous you don't have to have like 10,000 followers on linkedin or be like on clubhouse 10,000 hours just for.

00:28:51.510 --> 00:28:56.520 Jeremiah Fox: Media goes a long way right, I mean that is scale in and of itself, because.

00:28:56.970 --> 00:29:06.690 Jeremiah Fox: With a single action you get exponentially more exposure than you would, if it was just us standing on a street corner somewhere with a sign like hey, this is what I do.

00:29:07.020 --> 00:29:20.880 Jeremiah Fox: When you get when you get the media help it really just like catapults short your your name and your your service all across the universe, so that was that was key to to that that big gig that you got.

00:29:22.170 --> 00:29:22.980 Jeremiah Fox: With the government.

00:29:23.460 --> 00:29:34.080 Alicia Butler Pierre: Absolutely, you know TV is such a powerful medium, because not only can people hear you, but they can see also and there's something.

00:29:35.070 --> 00:29:44.580 Alicia Butler Pierre: there's something about our our brains as human beings, where if we see you and we hear you somehow we think we know you, and if we know you.

00:29:45.270 --> 00:30:01.020 Alicia Butler Pierre: We almost instantly trust you so if I see you on TV oh champ oh yeah chair my knees on YouTube yeah i've seen them i've seen this channel and and he's there every week, you know is consistently out there, so yeah I know I know it's like no you don't.

00:30:03.120 --> 00:30:16.200 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny because in New York that happens all the time because there's so many famous actors that live around you know the city and you'll you'll see somebody on the street and you're like Oh, I know that guy what's up and they wave and you're like cool when they walk.

00:30:16.200 --> 00:30:16.320 On.

00:30:20.040 --> 00:30:21.180 Jeremiah Fox: I actually don't know and but.

00:30:21.180 --> 00:30:23.670 Jeremiah Fox: You really feel like you do, and it is.

00:30:23.670 --> 00:30:24.000 Alicia Butler Pierre: yeah.

00:30:24.060 --> 00:30:33.000 Jeremiah Fox: It is a testament to how powerful it is um The other thing you said was um oh my God I just you, you know you were talking about coming in.

00:30:33.810 --> 00:30:44.250 Jeremiah Fox: To this world and you're seeing all of these things you're seeing that these these companies and businesses all are kind of lacking, and I think most of us are like.

00:30:44.610 --> 00:30:50.010 Jeremiah Fox: Absolutely not that many businesses that come in, like an engineering department like an engineering, but like you said.

00:30:50.400 --> 00:31:05.670 Jeremiah Fox: It things that there's huge liabilities were with that you mentioned earlier, there is no entrepreneur class, you know now some colleges are starting to talk about it, but like yeah well, we were going out there wasn't a thing and and and we get the metaphorical explosions.

00:31:07.770 --> 00:31:14.670 Jeremiah Fox: And it's not a really safe environment, but I feel like all kind of come in that way and which makes a service like.

00:31:14.670 --> 00:31:18.840 Jeremiah Fox: Yours so necessary because there's so many people now starting businesses.

00:31:19.230 --> 00:31:29.400 Jeremiah Fox: I mean all the people that got laid off or realize that their job was actually not that secure and they have that edge man i've always wanted to start that baseball card company or whatever they're just like all right let's try it like they said no, they don't.

00:31:29.820 --> 00:31:35.310 Jeremiah Fox: have no idea, the catastrophes that lie ahead, but so we just go in, because we're like well that guy didn't he was successful.

00:31:35.520 --> 00:31:37.230 Jeremiah Fox: he's on YouTube he looks happy.

00:31:38.760 --> 00:31:39.420 Alicia Butler Pierre: And then you get there.

00:31:39.540 --> 00:31:40.380 Jeremiah Fox: You get the real look.

00:31:40.590 --> 00:31:52.110 Alicia Butler Pierre: You know that's i'm so glad you mentioned that, because it is very easy to look at you, for example, oh, he has he has these restaurants he's been doing this for the past 25 years and.

00:31:52.590 --> 00:32:02.790 Alicia Butler Pierre: he's also involved with with this, you know all the wine your wine adventures i've been reading up on you Jeremiah and so it's very easy to look at you and say Oh well, okay.

00:32:03.720 --> 00:32:11.370 Alicia Butler Pierre: He did it, why can I well we don't have an appreciation for what's going on behind the scenes.

00:32:11.760 --> 00:32:22.380 Alicia Butler Pierre: And that's where operations is best that's operations what's going on underneath the hood what's going on behind the proverbial curtain it's not sexy stuff.

00:32:22.740 --> 00:32:34.380 Alicia Butler Pierre: it's not top of mind for most entrepreneurs, but we still to your point, we still have those landmines, even if you aren't working with in an industry that has.

00:32:34.860 --> 00:32:42.090 Alicia Butler Pierre: to your point very high liabilities, there are all of these threats that loom that lurk.

00:32:42.540 --> 00:32:52.530 Alicia Butler Pierre: That can take your company down, it could be something as simple as not having your book your records in order and God forbid, if you are audited.

00:32:52.980 --> 00:33:00.690 Alicia Butler Pierre: And you can't produce or prove and this happened to so many people last year when they were applying for those PPP loans and.

00:33:00.990 --> 00:33:08.310 Alicia Butler Pierre: And now the chickens are starting to come home to roost and we were seeing all of these cases of fraud because they can't prove.

00:33:08.640 --> 00:33:14.310 Alicia Butler Pierre: That they are who they say that they are that they made what they say they've made in that they've used the money.

00:33:14.820 --> 00:33:24.540 Alicia Butler Pierre: For how it was truly intended to be used so never underestimate the power of record keeping whether it's through you know department of Labor.

00:33:25.020 --> 00:33:43.650 Alicia Butler Pierre: Whether it's for the internal revenue service, we all have some elements of our business that if we aren't careful if we aren't making sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed it can certainly take us down even if we're successful oh yeah big time.

00:33:44.370 --> 00:33:52.230 Jeremiah Fox: All right, with that would take a step back, take a break, you did you give me a little agita you say ppm icon.

00:33:55.620 --> 00:33:55.920 Jeremiah Fox: here.

00:34:02.100 --> 00:34:03.450 Jeremiah Fox: Everybody will be right back.

00:36:56.340 --> 00:37:10.770 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everyone welcome back once again the entrepreneurial web we're talking today with alicia Butler Pierre out of Atlanta Georgia, she is the CEO of equilibrium and helps businesses grow helps them scale helps them build infrastructure.

00:37:12.030 --> 00:37:19.380 Jeremiah Fox: And, and you know kind of alluded to it, but I just want to get like this short from you, why is infrastructure so important for businesses.

00:37:20.400 --> 00:37:31.830 Alicia Butler Pierre: It sets the Foundation, it sets the foundation that allows you to be able to grow and repeat the growth and sustain the growth profitably.

00:37:32.760 --> 00:37:41.040 Alicia Butler Pierre: You can grow but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to grow profitably you can also grow by accident.

00:37:41.670 --> 00:37:51.540 Alicia Butler Pierre: Meaning it's it's not planned there isn't a structure, and if there is no structure, you may as well, have built your business it's like building on a house of cards or building something.

00:37:51.900 --> 00:38:01.950 Alicia Butler Pierre: on a foundation of sand and not a foundation of concrete, so it sets the stage that allows everyone to be on the same page in your company.

00:38:02.250 --> 00:38:14.760 Alicia Butler Pierre: And it connects your people, your processes and all of the different tools and technologies that you're leveraging to make into a cohesive framework that you can replicate over and over and over again.

00:38:15.840 --> 00:38:34.380 Jeremiah Fox: Great great answer one of the things that i've discovered over the last few years talking to so many entrepreneurs is that arm in general, entrepreneurs are pretty creative and and are not risk averse and we often just wing it.

00:38:36.450 --> 00:38:49.170 Jeremiah Fox: they're like hey like a lot of us have gotten knocked around you know and so you're just like whatever man I don't care, whatever the situation is and you may survive like your first round in your business, but when you're talking about growth.

00:38:49.680 --> 00:39:02.010 Jeremiah Fox: and doing it profitably oftentimes you know entrepreneurs will say well we'll just figure it out the same way we did like through step one and it doesn't always translate that way.

00:39:03.090 --> 00:39:13.260 Jeremiah Fox: And I think it's even more other reason why, like services like yours are so important, especially at that that transition from like okay we've got like.

00:39:13.530 --> 00:39:25.620 Jeremiah Fox: headquarters or flagship and now we're starting you know we're thinking of expanding things are going good you can easily just blow money out the back door, and not even realize it if you're not if you're not really.

00:39:26.430 --> 00:39:32.640 Jeremiah Fox: paying attention to everything or have somebody that that's doing it for you have you have you seen that, like that is that.

00:39:36.750 --> 00:39:48.210 Alicia Butler Pierre: Yes, spot on you know we may not go to school to learn how to become an entrepreneur, but we definitely go through the school of hard knocks right you get beat up and and truthfully.

00:39:48.780 --> 00:40:04.980 Alicia Butler Pierre: I don't care how much planning, you know business, you know writing the business plan, when you when you first have this idea, you want to start up this new company, you can do all the research in the world, but it's not until you actually start roll up your sleeves get out bare.

00:40:06.000 --> 00:40:07.350 Alicia Butler Pierre: butt naked it all.

00:40:08.910 --> 00:40:09.510 Jeremiah Fox: feels.

00:40:10.590 --> 00:40:11.190 Jeremiah Fox: feels.

00:40:13.230 --> 00:40:18.030 Alicia Butler Pierre: an atmosphere of sure those are listening, who are in the trenches, we all know that feeling.

00:40:18.540 --> 00:40:26.730 Alicia Butler Pierre: But you have to just you have to just get started and get out there and get knocked around it's like throwing spaghetti at the wall, you know, using another cooking.

00:40:27.510 --> 00:40:36.960 Alicia Butler Pierre: Reference here, but it truly is because you won't know what will work until unless you try and to your point Jeremiah i'm so glad you brought that up.

00:40:37.740 --> 00:40:47.130 Alicia Butler Pierre: we're creative we think of new things we think of new ways to to promote our products and our services and we put it out there now what happens.

00:40:47.490 --> 00:40:56.760 Alicia Butler Pierre: If one of those efforts that you're just kind of experimenting with again we're just throwing spaghetti at the wall, what if something actually sticks, are you ready.

00:40:57.930 --> 00:41:09.570 Alicia Butler Pierre: What if you have an appearance on this radio show right now and, for some reason there's something you say and all of a sudden there's a flood of traffic going to your website will it cause your website to crash.

00:41:10.110 --> 00:41:20.670 Alicia Butler Pierre: What if you get featured on good morning America for just two minutes two minutes, but that two minutes alone can make or break your business.

00:41:21.120 --> 00:41:28.350 Alicia Butler Pierre: So that's when operations starts to become so important, because if you, you can bring in.

00:41:28.770 --> 00:41:42.720 Alicia Butler Pierre: You can generate all the demand that you want, for your business, but if, at the end of the day, if you can't meet that demand if you can't supply it you're in trouble we're dealing with that, right now, because of the pandemic think of how many you know, I was.

00:41:43.770 --> 00:41:59.460 Alicia Butler Pierre: What made another quick starbucks run this morning for myself and my husband and lately, for the past several weeks they've been out of oatmeal they had it today, but but I mean the alternative has been okay starbucks doesn't have it let's go to mcdonald's they do have oatmeal.

00:42:00.210 --> 00:42:12.810 Alicia Butler Pierre: yeah so it's we're all being challenged it with our supply chains, especially the restaurant industry and my gosh the price of produce and meat it's it's it's out of control.

00:42:13.320 --> 00:42:23.040 Alicia Butler Pierre: So it's all interconnected, and if you aren't prepared, if you don't have some of these basic core foundational things in place.

00:42:23.550 --> 00:42:42.810 Alicia Butler Pierre: When something like a pandemic happens you'll just be caught off guard and if you haven't been keeping up with the latest technologies, the latest trends and, whatever your industry is it will it will come to rear its ugly head and sadly your company may not be able to sustain the blow.

00:42:43.860 --> 00:42:48.630 Jeremiah Fox: right and it can go both ways, it can come with excessive over demand.

00:42:48.930 --> 00:42:50.160 Jeremiah Fox: Or, as we saw.

00:42:50.220 --> 00:43:01.590 Jeremiah Fox: With restaurants in the pandemic as soon as the tide receded people were quite overextended and it took no time to create just a long list of casualties.

00:43:01.800 --> 00:43:02.370 Jeremiah Fox: So I.

00:43:02.430 --> 00:43:05.010 Jeremiah Fox: feel like you always that Needle has to be able to move.

00:43:05.010 --> 00:43:13.470 Alicia Butler Pierre: yeah that's why that's why my company is called equilibrium yeah it's all about being playing that balancing act, you know, think about those companies that.

00:43:13.860 --> 00:43:23.700 Alicia Butler Pierre: That were those restaurants, for example, that said, you know we're not going to just have our restaurant we're going to also kind of experiment with food trucks will also make sure that people can order online.

00:43:24.150 --> 00:43:33.390 Alicia Butler Pierre: Those are the companies that were able to sustain that blow last year, but for those that were purely brick and mortar they may not have had the sing luxury yeah.

00:43:34.320 --> 00:43:35.520 Jeremiah Fox: Definitely saw it happen.

00:43:36.480 --> 00:43:42.720 Jeremiah Fox: Unfortunately, all right we're gonna take one more quick break and then I have my My big final question for you.

00:43:42.750 --> 00:43:43.110 Alicia Butler Pierre: Okay.

00:43:43.200 --> 00:43:43.710 All right.

00:43:46.080 --> 00:43:46.920 Jeremiah Fox: we'll be right back.

00:46:08.850 --> 00:46:19.980 Jeremiah Fox: So I mentioned earlier in the show, I am a student of martial arts melee Brazilian Jiu jitsu and when I saw this, I was very intrigued and and a couple of things you said alluded to it.

00:46:21.060 --> 00:46:23.370 Jeremiah Fox: Throughout the show what is it lean six.

00:46:23.370 --> 00:46:24.780 Alicia Butler Pierre: Sigma I knew it.

00:46:24.840 --> 00:46:25.470 I knew.

00:46:26.550 --> 00:46:26.880 Jeremiah Fox: i've been.

00:46:26.910 --> 00:46:29.220 Jeremiah Fox: Always I mean I can't wait.

00:46:30.060 --> 00:46:31.110 Jeremiah Fox: To ask this.

00:46:31.890 --> 00:46:34.710 Alicia Butler Pierre: And when I saw when I read about your background I was like.

00:46:34.770 --> 00:46:36.210 Alicia Butler Pierre: Oh, I have a feeling you're going.

00:46:36.510 --> 00:46:36.960 Jeremiah Fox: For it.

00:46:37.020 --> 00:46:37.860 Alicia Butler Pierre: No coming before.

00:46:38.880 --> 00:46:49.590 Alicia Butler Pierre: Okay, so lean and six Sigma or two different we can let's just call them to keep it very simple process improvement and quality.

00:46:50.100 --> 00:47:01.920 Alicia Butler Pierre: frameworks that are out there over the years, they were combined lean comes from Toyota six Sigma is a framework that comes from motorola they've been combined.

00:47:02.520 --> 00:47:18.270 Alicia Butler Pierre: And so there's a certification program that you can go through where it's it's all about process improvement eliminating waste minimizing defects and errors, especially if you are producing physical tangible goods.

00:47:18.870 --> 00:47:29.940 Alicia Butler Pierre: They have different levels of the certification so there's some there's one even called I think a white belt where it's just basic like hey Jeremiah let's just teach you some of the lingo of this of this.

00:47:30.360 --> 00:47:39.120 Alicia Butler Pierre: Of this lean and six Sigma world then there's the greenbelt where you you're learning a little bit more about what it actually is.

00:47:39.720 --> 00:47:47.820 Alicia Butler Pierre: Why it's important and how to maybe frame a project within your business or if you're if you work for a larger company.

00:47:48.180 --> 00:47:58.380 Alicia Butler Pierre: How to create an initiative, a project, you may see something that you think needs to be improved and maybe at the green belt certification, which is where most people land.

00:47:59.040 --> 00:48:15.750 Alicia Butler Pierre: Black Belt is where you start to really get into the math and the statistics and the data analysis of it all, so you may have a hunch that a certain process needs to be improved, or to allude to what you mentioned earlier.

00:48:16.650 --> 00:48:22.740 Alicia Butler Pierre: You see, something that you know as a problem but it's still very surface level when you start getting to that black belt level.

00:48:23.130 --> 00:48:28.590 Alicia Butler Pierre: I would, then, if I were working with you, Jeremy I would say okay well, let me start looking at some of the data.

00:48:29.160 --> 00:48:36.840 Alicia Butler Pierre: So we think is this but what's truly the root cause and it's not until I start looking at the data.

00:48:37.200 --> 00:48:50.100 Alicia Butler Pierre: Making observations actually being in your restaurant and we were talking about getting in the trenches here getting rolling up our sleeves getting into the trenches with you to really figure out, what are the root causes.

00:48:50.670 --> 00:48:57.240 Alicia Butler Pierre: And now that we know the root causes or once we know those root causes, how can we develop a plan of action to actually improve it.

00:48:57.480 --> 00:49:05.730 Alicia Butler Pierre: Sometimes it might mean the implementation of a new software technology, sometimes it might need invest investing in a certain piece of equipment.

00:49:06.000 --> 00:49:17.490 Alicia Butler Pierre: hiring certain types of people, providing certain types of training, it could be a number of things and that's the black belt level and, of course, the highest level is the master black belt level.

00:49:18.120 --> 00:49:32.760 Alicia Butler Pierre: And that's where you've done several projects on the books quote unquote and depending on where you get the certification, you may even take an exam but that's that's the highest level, it has nothing to do with martial arts.

00:49:34.680 --> 00:49:43.590 Jeremiah Fox: Well that's the thing i've said this many times is that my my experiences and lessons learned in martial arts is what.

00:49:44.220 --> 00:49:54.180 Jeremiah Fox: saved my business many times, even pre pandemic, so that by the time the pandemic kid I was like oh it's just this again it's just my adversary looks different um but.

00:49:54.870 --> 00:50:01.320 Jeremiah Fox: But the martial arts is that it's layered as well, so you see the surface level it's about fitness it's about self Defense.

00:50:01.590 --> 00:50:10.920 Jeremiah Fox: But you get deeper and deeper into it and it just really becomes a philosophy and a mental state, and it is like the actual definition of the martial arts is making order out of chaos.

00:50:11.520 --> 00:50:19.110 Jeremiah Fox: And so the two I think are very you know if you go to like a high level martial arts class and, at the end they're giving you.

00:50:19.980 --> 00:50:24.690 Jeremiah Fox: Just like the thoughts of the day, for you to go and be successful, and then you listen to like.

00:50:25.080 --> 00:50:37.710 Jeremiah Fox: Tony robbins or something like that here, this is personalities, the message is exactly the same i'm like I wonder how much How much are those guys took and they're like that sounds good i'm going to tell that to like.

00:50:39.210 --> 00:50:48.570 Jeremiah Fox: Because it it works and I always love to see people enter lay the two because they're they're both very good for your life.

00:50:49.290 --> 00:51:01.200 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, like whether you're just trying to get fit and and have like good physical health or you want to be successful at your job at your company like company you work for or if you're in business for yourself both.

00:51:01.980 --> 00:51:06.630 Jeremiah Fox: Will will benefit you because it's just brain works for success like yeah.

00:51:06.660 --> 00:51:07.080 Alicia Butler Pierre: And i've.

00:51:07.320 --> 00:51:09.930 Alicia Butler Pierre: i've always been interested in taekwondo.

00:51:10.200 --> 00:51:14.130 Alicia Butler Pierre: don't ask me why of all of the martial arts, for some reason I keep gravitating.

00:51:14.160 --> 00:51:20.370 Alicia Butler Pierre: toward that one so maybe once things fully open up again, I can I can start taking some classes.

00:51:20.460 --> 00:51:29.700 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it's it's actually it is always recommended and i'm you really you will really find that it's it's 80% mental.

00:51:30.960 --> 00:51:40.140 Jeremiah Fox: 20% physical now the physical work was hard at first, but after a while that you know it becomes it becomes easier and then it's really you know you're dealing with yourself.

00:51:41.760 --> 00:51:47.190 Jeremiah Fox: Which is a great segue to lances questions we bring in get get some feedback.

00:51:47.220 --> 00:51:48.360 Alicia Butler Pierre: Running you what yeah.

00:51:48.450 --> 00:51:51.600 Jeremiah Fox: amen problem you find preventing entrepreneurs from scaling.

00:51:53.700 --> 00:52:03.690 Alicia Butler Pierre: Not having those processes not paying attention to their operations and that's it's something we've talked about throughout this this interview, and it really is true.

00:52:04.320 --> 00:52:09.780 Alicia Butler Pierre: i've we always when whenever I see these small business statistics about the failure rate.

00:52:10.560 --> 00:52:19.350 Alicia Butler Pierre: they're usually talking about it from a startup perspective oh out of every for every 100 businesses that started in 2020, you know as a result of the pandemic.

00:52:19.980 --> 00:52:29.130 Alicia Butler Pierre: 70% of them will fail, you know within the first three years, but what we don't talk about are those businesses that have been around for a while.

00:52:30.000 --> 00:52:36.510 Alicia Butler Pierre: They have a different type of problem they have more business than they can handle they can still fail.

00:52:37.380 --> 00:52:47.250 Alicia Butler Pierre: Because they haven't taken the time to get the right people the right processes and the right tools and technologies to make it sustainable.

00:52:48.120 --> 00:52:55.980 Alicia Butler Pierre: So again, what good does it do you to invest in all of this, marketing and branding and PR and and being on clubhouse for 10 hours every week.

00:52:56.520 --> 00:53:05.910 Alicia Butler Pierre: If you can't fulfill the orders, if you can't deliver your your your goods and your services consistently if the quality, if the value isn't there.

00:53:06.390 --> 00:53:17.910 Alicia Butler Pierre: Then it's all for nothing, and you can still fail, that is what prevents people from scaling is also mindset, not everybody can handle scaling because oftentimes.

00:53:18.960 --> 00:53:39.930 Alicia Butler Pierre: Going back to your the martial martial arts reference you have to contend with yourself, you have to really look at yourself in the mirror and say cannot Okay, I took it from here to here, but can I take you from here to there, and you may not be the person who can do that.

00:53:40.980 --> 00:53:52.710 Alicia Butler Pierre: And and being honest with yourself that's that we're talking a completely different mindset now for you to be able to say you know what I know this company can go even.

00:53:53.280 --> 00:54:03.840 Alicia Butler Pierre: Further, but i'm not the person who can get it there, why don't I step down, maybe become part of an advisory board or the board of directors or or have some type of.

00:54:04.170 --> 00:54:18.960 Alicia Butler Pierre: position within the company, but I can no longer be the CEO maybe I become the CEO or the CFO, so I would say, those two things Jeremiah and to you, Dr lance that mindset.

00:54:19.950 --> 00:54:25.440 Alicia Butler Pierre: You have to want to scale and then, once you've made up in your mind that you're serious about scaling.

00:54:25.800 --> 00:54:40.170 Alicia Butler Pierre: You have to get serious about your operations there's just no working around it Facebook didn't become Facebook by accident Amazon didn't become Amazon by accident, I mean Jeff bezos is an engineer that's not an accident.

00:54:41.280 --> 00:54:56.160 Alicia Butler Pierre: Like he's wired that way to think in terms of process and operations, so if you don't like getting into the weeds digging into the details, making sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed get somebody on your team, who is that way.

00:54:57.180 --> 00:54:59.610 Jeremiah Fox: Exactly and then focus on what you love doing right.

00:54:59.760 --> 00:55:01.110 Alicia Butler Pierre: Right so that's right.

00:55:01.230 --> 00:55:11.040 Jeremiah Fox: The passion still there and yeah I i've always said it's like your it's not your external competition it's it's you yourself your internal monologue and.

00:55:11.430 --> 00:55:21.930 Jeremiah Fox: What you tell yourself, and you know that the mindset, as you said that that really it starts there just like you're just the way your business started, you know.

00:55:21.990 --> 00:55:26.190 Jeremiah Fox: that's right this second level Level two Level three.

00:55:27.330 --> 00:55:27.630 Alicia Butler Pierre: That.

00:55:28.410 --> 00:55:34.950 Jeremiah Fox: it's still it's still the same it's still the same trick but it just has a different face, and you have to adjust.

00:55:35.790 --> 00:55:51.240 Jeremiah Fox: To that um we're gonna have to wrap up here in just a moment I want to take this the last minute or two free to you know, let everybody know like where they can find out more about you, if they want to get in contact with you, your your best reference for for your brand go ahead.

00:55:51.630 --> 00:55:59.640 Alicia Butler Pierre: Sure, thank you, thank you so much for that the best place is to go to my website my personal website, because it serves as a hub for.

00:55:59.880 --> 00:56:10.350 Alicia Butler Pierre: The podcast my book, as well as my consulting company and all of my social media links and that is Elisa Butler Pierre calm so that's a lie CIA.

00:56:10.770 --> 00:56:21.900 Alicia Butler Pierre: b ut le ar P like Paul I, II ar ar and just link up with me there i'm also very active on linkedin and Twitter.

00:56:22.470 --> 00:56:34.170 Alicia Butler Pierre: If you want to get on clubhouse let me know I am on clubhouse just search for me again on any of those platforms under Elisa Butler Pierre and that's how we can link up awesome.

00:56:34.230 --> 00:56:39.030 Jeremiah Fox: Well, thank you so much you've been really, really awesome talking to you and just tons of valuable.

00:56:39.630 --> 00:56:50.250 Jeremiah Fox: Information and you know that I guess that I see so many people wanting to make this step now and, and if you are in that position, like take.

00:56:50.670 --> 00:56:58.200 Jeremiah Fox: Take her advice, all these things that she's talking about it, will it will save you so many headaches and sleepless nights and probably some money to.

00:57:01.380 --> 00:57:02.400 Jeremiah Fox: Go little more.

00:57:03.900 --> 00:57:06.000 Jeremiah Fox: it's really been a pleasure, I really appreciate your.

00:57:06.030 --> 00:57:09.690 Alicia Butler Pierre: Time Thank you so much this, this has been great I had a lot of fun.

00:57:10.020 --> 00:57:15.090 Jeremiah Fox: All right, well, you have a great weekend rest, you have an awesome weekend we'll see you next week peace out.

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