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Friday, June 18, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 20210618-Connecting with Career Day Inc.

Facebook Live Video from 20210618-Connecting with Career Day Inc.


20210618-Connecting with Career Day Inc.

[NEW EPISODE] Connecting with Career Day Inc.

Career Day Inc.™ organizes a program that aims to change the lives of young adults by introducing high school students to the paths others have taken to reach their career goals. By working in partnership with a variety of professionals and school staff, Career Day Inc.’s program creates an atmosphere of acceptance and opportunity for all students at every academic level.

Beth Bucheister (Executive Director/Board Chair) is the founder and Executive Director of Career Day Inc., a not-for-profit organization created to inspire young adults to reach high and believe that with endurance and positive self-esteem they can achieve their goals. Beth is a Certified Professional Coach who has been advocating for those in need all her adult life. Her ability to identify, prioritize and plan a positive course of action is a strength she uses as a Life Coach. Her late husband, Arie, is the inspiration for the scholarship awarded to students who are inspired by Career Day.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy introduces Beth Bucheister founder and Executive Director of Career Day Inc. Going from protesting the vietnam war to being a life coach, Beth highlights her passion for reaching out to others almost her whole life. She credits her awareness to her mentors throughout her life. The two elaborate on how doing what you love is important and should be taken more seriously when considering an individual's career.

Segment 2

Beth explains how certain students take opportunities to meet with professionals that last their whole career. Students that take the time to understand the opportunities that will further them in the future are the students who take advantage of scholarships and networking. Tommy brings up the ripple effect that he mentioned last week and applies it to changing the trajectory of life. Beth talks about how she has seen the ripple effect in her work with different students.

Segment 3

Beth talks about Career Day Inc. and their achievements they have had this past year. Beth talks about how her non profit organization had to go virtual and the success that it had with the students. Beth and her team came up with sending the students to learn about jobs they may not have thought about before. Tommy admires how Beth had integrated flexibility into Career Day Inc with all that is going on in the world today.

Segment 4

Career Day Inc tells students about not only careers but about perseverance and learning to adapt to change. Beth tells her desire to get into more schools, expanding into New York City and to spread career awareness world wide. She tells her goals for Career Day Inc. of reaching more schools, more professionals, and more volunteers. Tommy wraps up the show by offering a hand to Beth for volunteering for any position she needs for Career Day Inc.


00:00:25.050 --> 00:00:30.870 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Ladies and gentlemen. boys and girls children of all ages it's your boy during mass of the nonprofit.

00:00:31.320 --> 00:00:47.880 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Sector connect they're coming at you from the top of my house above the second floor under the room in the attic baby Tommy coming at you from the attic every single Friday morning at 10am Eastern time that's when I talk so fast because it's Eastern time man.

00:00:48.990 --> 00:00:58.950 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Long island New York representative So here we go every single Friday I bring together a community of people to listen and learn.

00:00:59.400 --> 00:01:08.730 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: about another nonprofit organization, you know i'm passionate about this sector, nobody gives himself a name, like the nonprofit sector connector unless that's their deal and that's what they're about.

00:01:09.120 --> 00:01:16.740 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'm all about bringing awareness on the sector i'm about amplifying the message for nonprofit organizations, I tell you this every single week.

00:01:17.550 --> 00:01:30.720 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If it wasn't for the nonprofit sector, the leaders in the teams in this sector who does this incredible work I argue, maybe it doesn't get done that's the problem, the nonprofit sector is unrecognized at times we know.

00:01:30.990 --> 00:01:44.010 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: overlooked and often as a sector underfunded my answer to that question or challenge or problem is this philanthropy and focus it's this program, as I say, we go live every single Friday morning.

00:01:44.640 --> 00:01:57.660 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: From the top of the House in the attic maybe one day i'll leave the attic and do the show somewhere else, but right now 24 episodes in were in the attic today is no different than any other week I have an inspiring educated.

00:01:59.010 --> 00:02:09.690 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Future leader future not leader of the future that's a funny one but somebody who sees the future my friend beth and I have known each other for a couple of years, probably three years back at this point, I think, and.

00:02:10.920 --> 00:02:20.730 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: When I say future i'm thinking because career day Inc is impacting the lives of young people who might not know what their future is all about might not know what they want to do so.

00:02:21.240 --> 00:02:27.420 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Every week I get a question from one of my kids and they say who we interviewed on the show today who's going to be on the show today.

00:02:27.750 --> 00:02:35.040 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So that's fun, for me, because I get to tell the kids what's going on and they learn about another nonprofit organization they get a kick out of what i'm doing here.

00:02:35.820 --> 00:02:40.320 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And it's impactful for them so when one of my son's asked me it's wanting to interview him today on the show that.

00:02:40.590 --> 00:02:48.720 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And I said well it's my friend beth Bach heiser she puts on career days in schools and he goes what is a career day and I got the opportunity to explain to.

00:02:48.990 --> 00:02:54.000 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: My son what it's all about and the impact that career day has and is going to continue.

00:02:54.390 --> 00:03:00.720 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: To make going forward that's what we're going to do today we're going to discuss that we're going to teach you guys what career days all about.

00:03:01.050 --> 00:03:08.910 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I may go I make it bold today I may call people out right here on the on the radio show on the podcast on the Internet and say.

00:03:09.180 --> 00:03:15.180 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know what beth you know would be great as a speaker and upcoming Caribbean I might just drop a name and that's maybe it's a little bold.

00:03:15.480 --> 00:03:25.920 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But I feel like I have that leverage with some of my friends, because the work that career days doing is impacting people Hello long island railroad this is two weeks in a row, it shows up right at the beginning of the show.

00:03:26.400 --> 00:03:28.830 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'm you know i'm in the attic because the railroads right there.

00:03:29.130 --> 00:03:36.360 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'll be on that train later on today, in fact, that all keiser so let me do this before you even jumped in bath Let me read a bit of your background.

00:03:36.630 --> 00:03:45.450 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And let me get this conversation going so beth buckeyes, there is the executive director for Chair founder and ED executive directors, I mentioned of career day Inc.

00:03:45.780 --> 00:03:54.210 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Which is a nonprofit organization set up to inspire young adults to reach high to reach high and to.

00:03:54.690 --> 00:04:02.130 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: help them find opportunities to believe in the endurance positive self esteem, that they can achieve through their goals.

00:04:02.430 --> 00:04:07.710 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's incredible it's about gold creation look beth there's people that don't even know careers exist.

00:04:08.040 --> 00:04:13.920 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Right and then they find out about these careers through career day we're going to talk about that in a second, but I want to give you a little bit more about my friend beth.

00:04:14.280 --> 00:04:26.910 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: she's a certified professional coach who's been advocating for those in need all of her adult life or ability to to identify prioritize and plan a positive course of action is a strength, she uses as a life coach.

00:04:27.720 --> 00:04:37.230 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: or late husband already is the inspiration for the scholarship awarded to the students who are inspired by career day beth holds a master's degree in audiology from Boston university.

00:04:37.770 --> 00:04:55.800 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And is the President and founder of the knickerbocker avenue merchants association beth first before you say a word I had to say two things, welcome to the show and welcome to the ad hoc heist your career day i've been a young wow yeah okay.

00:04:57.150 --> 00:04:57.630 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: what's up.

00:04:58.080 --> 00:05:03.150 Beth Bucheister: time I shared with friends meet me at the attic tomorrow and a few.

00:05:03.570 --> 00:05:14.310 Beth Bucheister: responses were What do you mean in the attic I said well Anybody who knows Tommy will know what that means we're in the attic whether virtually or in reality i'm happy to be here Thank you so much for having me.

00:05:14.880 --> 00:05:26.010 Beth Bucheister: One one correction is I was the past, President of the knickerbocker avenue merchants association and I was part of its creation, so that was a big part when we had our retail business in brooklyn.

00:05:27.690 --> 00:05:37.020 Beth Bucheister: The other thing is, is that advocating for people my whole adult life actually I realized the other day that it's actually been more than in my adult life.

00:05:37.740 --> 00:05:48.060 Beth Bucheister: Student that we were interviewing yesterday at Robert Moses middle school in North Babylon for a scholarship asked me what I was doing when I was 14.

00:05:48.510 --> 00:05:56.640 Beth Bucheister: And I realized that I was protesting the Vietnam War and working for presidential campaigns and thinking about.

00:05:57.540 --> 00:06:14.550 Beth Bucheister: A friend who was a deaf woman young woman and how I could help her so being involved, being aware of the world around me and and working towards helping people has always been a part of my life so thanks for bringing that up and thanks to the student who asked me that question.

00:06:14.700 --> 00:06:21.840 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So I have a question about that, but I would now I have an answer to why 15 people were on my front porch trying to get up to my attic this morning because.

00:06:22.410 --> 00:06:30.450 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You invited them to my attic my wife's like what are all these people that are trying that's a joke, nobody please don't show up in my house and try and get up to the attic there's only room for Tommy D in the attic.

00:06:32.940 --> 00:06:39.600 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Half the time i'm making myself laugh, but what that young young man or young woman asked you about you know that connection to service.

00:06:40.020 --> 00:06:48.990 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I find that most of my guests on the show were leaders of nonprofit organizations strike that all of my guests are on the show or lead is a nonprofit organizations, but I find that most of them.

00:06:50.040 --> 00:06:51.480 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: have been connected to service.

00:06:52.500 --> 00:07:03.750 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: forever was there was there something in your young days that you know, was it family thing what drew you what what gave you such an awareness as a young person that that service was important.

00:07:04.530 --> 00:07:13.260 Beth Bucheister: You know it's a good question because that was something I had to reflect on yesterday, and when we talk to students about career choices.

00:07:13.590 --> 00:07:19.050 Beth Bucheister: You know, sometimes your parents are the influence of what you end up doing and sometimes they're not.

00:07:19.500 --> 00:07:28.290 Beth Bucheister: And so I remind the students, that they can see things around them, they can be advised and then they have to find what's inside of them.

00:07:28.620 --> 00:07:40.980 Beth Bucheister: So sometimes it's struggles and sometimes it's triumph, but it's the resiliency of sticking with something as are used to say, do something do anything and and just moving with that so.

00:07:41.640 --> 00:07:52.620 Beth Bucheister: i'm sure I had mentors around me in school I my fifth grade teacher was a huge mentor and I think it was just me absorbing everything around me our business was in a kind of.

00:07:53.280 --> 00:08:06.660 Beth Bucheister: A lower economic neighborhood and myself, and then later on my daughter's got to see how people thrive, even in the face of some financial challenges and it's knowing that it's knowing that you can have a happy life.

00:08:07.380 --> 00:08:19.830 Beth Bucheister: surrounded by good people and and doing your best and that you know that led to career day from audiology to working in retail to becoming a life coach and now, as the Executive Director of career day.

00:08:20.580 --> 00:08:31.710 Beth Bucheister: The theme has always been helping and even at the store when I would get young people in system outfits for special occasions and someone would come in and say yo hooked me up like it did my friend.

00:08:32.490 --> 00:08:37.290 Beth Bucheister: You know that was the greatest feeling and then, I have a little math questions at the register and you know.

00:08:38.520 --> 00:08:48.900 Beth Bucheister: It was always it was always fun and and and now just interviewing the students as a great day and hearing the impact that speakers had who came to talk with them.

00:08:49.890 --> 00:08:57.570 Beth Bucheister: A young lady said to me yesterday, I always thought I wanted to be a marine biologist and then I learned about interior design.

00:08:58.290 --> 00:09:12.090 Beth Bucheister: And you know you know left and right, I said well you'll design an aquarium one day, maybe you know and and so that's the thing opening these students eyes two possibilities to understanding what's out there and manufacturing construction.

00:09:12.720 --> 00:09:19.470 Beth Bucheister: understanding how the aeronautics industry is going to be a huge need of employees and pilots.

00:09:19.770 --> 00:09:32.760 Beth Bucheister: As people you know start to retire and thing and no one's going into those professions so it's really exciting for me to to bring all these new ideas and and see the sparks and young people yeah.

00:09:32.940 --> 00:09:40.890 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, thank you for all that, thank you really setting a nice foundation for what we're going to talk about it, you know already says do something do anything I.

00:09:42.420 --> 00:09:47.070 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: We don't need to share a story, you told me one time, but I remember a story, it was like moving around like.

00:09:48.690 --> 00:09:54.900 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: A tractor or something like that and i'm just like one of these deals, it was like just friggin get it done like we'll figure out a way to get it done and.

00:09:55.950 --> 00:10:03.630 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Maybe on another episode of the show bring that story back, but it to me it was like it's inspiring like just just do something just kind of get out of.

00:10:03.960 --> 00:10:09.900 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, get out of your way get uncomfortable make something happen just do you know just staying still.

00:10:10.560 --> 00:10:17.520 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Is not anything right it's you might make a mistake we're going to trip up we're going to flow off it happens right but I love what you said to.

00:10:18.000 --> 00:10:25.830 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: They each individual must find out what's inside of them, you know my parents your parents people exposed us to things teachers, you know.

00:10:26.280 --> 00:10:35.850 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: clergy, whatever it is, we may learn about different things, but it's really what's inside of us, and as you were saying that and i'm just going to talk about me for a second because maybe this resonates with people.

00:10:36.450 --> 00:10:45.450 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I used to have this message that we play in my head like i'm a salesman i'm a sales man that's what I do I sell stuff you know also this always be in sales always be in business development.

00:10:46.200 --> 00:10:56.850 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: and never really considered myself a quote unquote creative, which is you know common nomenclature now right i'm a creative i'm a creative I was like that's not what I do you know I don't.

00:10:57.570 --> 00:11:03.210 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I don't even know if I ever say don't do that what I did say was I do this thing here called selling and.

00:11:05.640 --> 00:11:14.490 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, in the last handful of years i'm 43 years old, the last handful years I realized that's nonsense saying i'm a sales guy like putting myself in this one little box called.

00:11:14.820 --> 00:11:20.790 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's what I do i'm a sales guy so my challenge and excuse me, I didn't even know, I was going to bring this up, but.

00:11:22.230 --> 00:11:35.730 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Prior to coven you had asked me to speak a little bit of one of the upcoming career day events and that career day event didn't happen because it was supposed to happen if i'm not mistaken in March or early April of 2020.

00:11:36.330 --> 00:11:42.510 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But that's what I was going to talk about that was going to be the topic, because I, you know I wanted to just say.

00:11:43.620 --> 00:11:53.130 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Try stuff like try different things like you know you've got to figure out I like that or I really don't like that, or you know because I think people shoot very.

00:11:53.820 --> 00:12:00.300 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Very often people stay in a career or a job or a place or a business that maybe they don't love doing and i'm at a point in my life, where i've decided.

00:12:01.200 --> 00:12:07.350 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I want to do what I love doing the majority of the time right, but if people don't take chances and learn different things they're not gonna.

00:12:07.830 --> 00:12:20.940 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: they're not going to see these other opportunities so that's my challenge is try different things you said absorb everything around me um it's got to be super inspiring to be just talking to young people and just get their perspective on that.

00:12:21.450 --> 00:12:28.290 Beth Bucheister: there's so much to talk about that, but you know I want to say, everyone is in sales time.

00:12:28.710 --> 00:12:40.170 Beth Bucheister: And what I say to young people is the ability to connect with others will take you far in any career, the ability to to connect to remember people.

00:12:40.470 --> 00:12:52.320 Beth Bucheister: And to to use that knowledge of others takes you everywhere, and I say doctors or salesman when someone comes down from the doctor and they say you know I started out this I really liked him.

00:12:52.800 --> 00:12:55.440 Beth Bucheister: Does that make him a good doctor no but he connected with you.

00:12:55.980 --> 00:13:07.560 Beth Bucheister: And, and maybe that does make him a good doctor, but what i'm saying is everyone is in sales in the sense that it's about connections, when we had tenants looking for apartments I said they were renting me.

00:13:08.160 --> 00:13:16.140 Beth Bucheister: Because I made them feel comfortable that I would always be there, that would they would have a safe place and that, if anything, went wrong.

00:13:16.380 --> 00:13:25.530 Beth Bucheister: I wouldn't be there to take care of it, and so I think that in any job is the most important thing, being a connector and knowing how to show your best self.

00:13:27.270 --> 00:13:28.440 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I mean i'm.

00:13:28.920 --> 00:13:36.150 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'm never at a loss for words but yeah you said it all there, I mean it's not what it's about it's about connecting it's about developing relationships have to look up the quote.

00:13:38.040 --> 00:13:51.360 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, people will only people will remember what you did for them they'll remember how you made them feel um I think it's it's it's like a famous quote sorry everybody, I know you probably seen how many of course it's a famous i'll find it at the break.

00:13:51.870 --> 00:13:52.620 Beth Bucheister: I know, Tom.

00:13:52.740 --> 00:13:58.980 Beth Bucheister: Another bubble burst or it's not who you know are used to say it's not who you know it's how many people, you know.

00:13:59.550 --> 00:14:03.270 Beth Bucheister: How many people, because we know in our nonprofit world.

00:14:03.810 --> 00:14:14.310 Beth Bucheister: Every time we talk to someone they tell us about three other people that they want us to meet and that's, the most important thing, and I say the same thing to the students sorry to burst that bubble it's not who you know.

00:14:14.610 --> 00:14:26.130 Beth Bucheister: it's how many people, you know because they know somebody who knows somebody and again that's the thing about networking and that's what you are remember when you said what should I talk about and I said you're a professional networker that's what you talk about yeah.

00:14:26.460 --> 00:14:36.630 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: yeah and and I do i'll let me put it out back at you i'd love to do that speech at some point soon in the future, when we get whether it's in real time on zoom whatever because I think there is something poignant to say there.

00:14:36.870 --> 00:14:43.110 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: and talk about relationships and networking and building that so um that's what we're gonna do is we're going to take a quick break.

00:14:43.530 --> 00:14:51.900 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: When we come back let's let's see if we can dive into a little bit about what what career day actually looks like what what's the opportunities that schools may have.

00:14:52.800 --> 00:15:04.050 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: What what's the run of show when you get into school and even beforehand how do we get engaged with schools, because there's schools that might be listening here there's educators, that may be listening that would want to potentially partner up with career day.

00:15:04.290 --> 00:15:06.030 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So exactly you don't we come back.

00:15:06.510 --> 00:15:06.960 Beth Bucheister: Yes.

00:15:07.170 --> 00:15:16.050 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: All right, very cool it's your boy i'll say it one more time for your nonprofit sector connected Tommy come back from the attic will be back in two minutes come back and visit with us, thank you.

00:17:40.590 --> 00:17:51.090 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's right cut through the static man join me in the attic man we've I wrote some new lyrics for your Brendan cut through the static every single Friday morning 10am meet me here in the attic don't show up on my porch that was just a joke.

00:17:51.420 --> 00:17:57.120 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: me a virtually in the attic I mean someday i'll i'll do something in the attic knock this out, it will have to get a bigger radical.

00:17:57.870 --> 00:18:11.790 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: philanthropy and focus party in the attic it was Maya angelou I screwed up i'm sorry I didn't know people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

00:18:13.530 --> 00:18:19.680 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Special very special think about that think about that relationship why shout out to my voice the fried who comes on after me.

00:18:20.370 --> 00:18:26.130 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Thank you for the compliment, he says Tommy some of the best people sit at the intersection of art, some of the best sales people.

00:18:26.610 --> 00:18:33.420 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: sit at the intersection of art and science, you are plenty creative well, thank you, you are plenty of creative my brother, I appreciate you and.

00:18:34.020 --> 00:18:40.320 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I always love listening to your show after mine always Friday right here on talk radio dot nyc so thanks for checking in Steve beth.

00:18:41.100 --> 00:18:46.020 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: beth podcasters here everybody executive director, founder of career day and I want to understand.

00:18:46.860 --> 00:18:55.950 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know I get that that you are connected to helping people and serving people, but what was the thing that you said oh that's the that's how that's what i'll create a.

00:18:56.310 --> 00:19:03.570 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Why was it a career day, why was that what was the need what presented to you, then you said Oh, I have an answer for this and I need to create this.

00:19:05.940 --> 00:19:09.510 Beth Bucheister: Tough question Tom it kind of worked.

00:19:10.770 --> 00:19:13.410 Beth Bucheister: In reverse, so we had this.

00:19:15.000 --> 00:19:25.950 Beth Bucheister: desire to continue our his legacy of just doing do something do anything and what i've come to realize recently was that everyone's success was as important as his own.

00:19:26.460 --> 00:19:40.050 Beth Bucheister: If you save the dollar it's like you've saved the dollar and he thought he was going to be a doctor he ended up being a PhD chemist who ended up owning a retail clothing store and and managing and building real estate so.

00:19:40.770 --> 00:19:46.020 Beth Bucheister: I think it was the turns of our careers that made me realize that there's no one path.

00:19:46.620 --> 00:19:59.010 Beth Bucheister: And it was wanting to continue that legacy and having this money set aside for the scholarship in his name, so it kind of started with how do we make this scholarship valuable to students.

00:19:59.460 --> 00:20:09.660 Beth Bucheister: And we said, you know what let's find a way to honor students who don't take the straight and narrow who don't just and i'm not i'm not belittling.

00:20:10.230 --> 00:20:20.460 Beth Bucheister: valedictorians or athletes or musicians, but who aren't the ordinary students who win awards who aren't the ordinary students who are recognized at school.

00:20:20.850 --> 00:20:33.480 Beth Bucheister: And, as it turns out, when we do our program and we bring in this wide range of professionals in every possible field that we can find chefs and and electricians and.

00:20:34.110 --> 00:20:43.110 Beth Bucheister: surgeons and judges and everything in between teachers and musicians, you know we've tried to find we do our best to find every profession.

00:20:43.410 --> 00:20:48.150 Beth Bucheister: So then, once we've presented this program and we asked students to apply for the scholarship.

00:20:48.600 --> 00:20:56.010 Beth Bucheister: that's how we find out the impact that we've made and that's what keeps it going, because the students who receive the scholarship.

00:20:56.430 --> 00:21:02.220 Beth Bucheister: are exactly that students they're, the ones who take the effort to let us know how the program impacted them.

00:21:02.700 --> 00:21:13.770 Beth Bucheister: And they're generally the ones that maybe aren't the most popular or aren't the best student but understand that this connection this opportunity to speak, one on one with the professional.

00:21:14.040 --> 00:21:21.540 Beth Bucheister: and have that professional say listen, let me know as you move through your career in college, if you want an internship or, if you want a tour of where I work.

00:21:22.320 --> 00:21:35.070 Beth Bucheister: that's an opportunity that doesn't exist oftentimes for, especially for the students who who use this opportunity to stand out, and again I say you know we know what our parents do we know what our parents friends do and our relatives.

00:21:35.820 --> 00:21:45.540 Beth Bucheister: But that's not everything and, for example, a student whose parents was sure she should go to Medical School sure that she should be a doctor because that's the way to success.

00:21:46.050 --> 00:21:56.220 Beth Bucheister: And you know what it turned out that being a doctor wasn't for her and she ended up being a pharmacology researcher who is now in charge of a marketing division for a major pharmaceutical company.

00:21:56.520 --> 00:22:13.380 Beth Bucheister: With a background in science, from my Alma mater Boston university or a young woman who has found a way to success and pride and now her parents understand that they can be proud of her even when she went her own path and so that's a very long answer to it.

00:22:13.380 --> 00:22:15.720 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But ya know it's but it's an incredible answer because.

00:22:16.950 --> 00:22:18.420 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, we really.

00:22:20.340 --> 00:22:27.570 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Look, based on different religions different philosophies i'm just going to say this, I think we got one run at this game, and you know.

00:22:28.290 --> 00:22:35.520 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The deal is this you can't live someone else's life, you have to let you can't leave your parents live you can't leave your you know your.

00:22:35.820 --> 00:22:45.990 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Your 11th grade teachers life, you know your grandparents it's got to be your game man it's got to be you're running i'm speaking to my own for kids well i'm having this conversation, you know I might want certain things.

00:22:46.440 --> 00:22:55.590 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: For my kids but it's not my life to live man i'm living my life so so you have to do what's right for you, you have to take your path and um you.

00:22:55.620 --> 00:22:56.580 Beth Bucheister: Know Tom yeah.

00:22:56.610 --> 00:22:58.620 Beth Bucheister: I had the pleasure to meet billy joel's mother.

00:22:58.980 --> 00:22:59.190 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: What.

00:22:59.220 --> 00:23:02.970 Beth Bucheister: Did you may she rest in peace and she didn't want him to be a musician.

00:23:03.930 --> 00:23:07.020 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But she she might have wanted them to be billy Joel though I mean just you know.

00:23:08.040 --> 00:23:15.540 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, like, if I had a choice of my kid just being like you know, a musician or being billy Joel i'd say yeah i'd like you'd be billy Joel that would be pretty good right hey billy.

00:23:16.470 --> 00:23:25.410 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Be up in your neighborhood later today actually i'm billy if you ever want to come on the show and then do a song with Tommy do i'd love to sing it it'd be great if you sing the theme song with me billy Joel so.

00:23:26.310 --> 00:23:29.580 Beth Bucheister: don't forget we did a program in hicksville high school his Alma mater so.

00:23:29.910 --> 00:23:41.220 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know what you know, I was gonna I said we're going to shout some people out and kind of put them on on on the you know, on the warning list, I think, God come on and do a career day, what about getting billy Joel to speak a Curry day how about.

00:23:42.420 --> 00:23:42.630 Beth Bucheister: If.

00:23:42.660 --> 00:23:42.960 Beth Bucheister: You.

00:23:43.200 --> 00:23:59.130 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If you guys are connected to billy Joel or any entertainer celebrity that would really impact the lives of these young people reach out to beth podcaster career day Inc or reach out to me and i'll make sure you get to connect with with beth beth that what i'm hearing, though, is.

00:24:00.690 --> 00:24:08.550 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: ripple effect, I talked about it, everyone died in my buddy from last week, I was so touched by the conversation Aaron and I add, I don't know if you guys will have a chance to listen to it but.

00:24:08.970 --> 00:24:15.630 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: refer back to that one sandwich out of time incredible incredible conversation I think I cried once on that show.

00:24:18.810 --> 00:24:25.200 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The ripple effect, what is the ripple effect of exposing this young lady who was going to.

00:24:26.490 --> 00:24:34.890 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, said, I wanted to be a marine biologist but realized she wanted to be an interior designer because she was exposed to it, changing the trajectory of her life and then i'd argue.

00:24:35.550 --> 00:24:48.900 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Changing the trajectory of the people's lives, she comes in contact with you know and and again and ripple and ripple and ripple so you're changing lives bath what i'd love to if we could talk anecdotally about.

00:24:49.440 --> 00:24:55.350 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know another story give me a story about somebody who maybe came out of their Shell, maybe was like you know I.

00:24:56.190 --> 00:25:08.010 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: was exposed to an unusual career and is now just totally digging what what they're involved with whether they're in secondary school focusing on that, and then I have a million more questions to talk to me about that if there's one story.

00:25:08.670 --> 00:25:19.380 Beth Bucheister: So a few things come to mind our first scholarship recipient back when we weren't even an organization and we tried out what a career day program with look like young man.

00:25:19.860 --> 00:25:27.270 Beth Bucheister: single parent family, the thousand dollar scholarship made a great impact to him Alex milstein if you look sitting and.

00:25:27.660 --> 00:25:37.500 Beth Bucheister: He went to pilot training school in Florida, the thousand dollars really made a difference for him being able to get there, he is now a commercial pilot.

00:25:37.920 --> 00:25:47.370 Beth Bucheister: Cargo pilot mostly he lives in the Midwest children family home, you know quite successful very, very good income.

00:25:47.790 --> 00:26:05.190 Beth Bucheister: And he came virtually to our career day program this year, but he also flew in for one another time and so to hear him tell his story, and of course that's one of the reasons I know about the need for people in the air air arrow industry that's not the right word.

00:26:06.300 --> 00:26:09.000 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I don't think you said aerospace before you said a different era, but.

00:26:09.450 --> 00:26:10.680 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Anyway, pilot.

00:26:10.890 --> 00:26:12.240 Beth Bucheister: to fly planes and work.

00:26:13.590 --> 00:26:14.310 Beth Bucheister: And so that.

00:26:14.370 --> 00:26:25.560 Beth Bucheister: that's a story scholarship applicant this year road, I hope that I can come back to a career day in program in the future and inspire students, the way everybody hi students.

00:26:25.590 --> 00:26:33.180 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Yes, that's what i'm talking about you that's I hairs on the back of my neck love it, this is what that's the stuff I live for bath.

00:26:34.560 --> 00:26:36.000 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: ra ra.

00:26:37.080 --> 00:26:42.840 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: ra his legacy lives on right and makes an impact on the lives of these people and.

00:26:44.160 --> 00:26:44.730 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know you.

00:26:45.120 --> 00:26:45.750 Beth Bucheister: Sorry, Tom.

00:26:46.260 --> 00:26:51.120 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Lives are changed because of what you're doing beth and it's not, this is not a joke, this is not a.

00:26:51.450 --> 00:27:00.780 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's not playtime folks, this is it people's lives are being changed so if you're in a career and you think you can impact some young individuals by coming through and one of the career.

00:27:01.200 --> 00:27:05.610 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: path, how do they get in touch with I know you have a comment, but how do they get in touch with you when they want to speak in an upcoming event.

00:27:06.240 --> 00:27:17.400 Beth Bucheister: So very easily I have, I think a simple email beth at career day that's easy the website is career day I nc, of course, and.

00:27:18.000 --> 00:27:27.900 Beth Bucheister: The story, I want to share with you is about our scholarship winner from last year, we had a very abbreviated program at hicksville as you as you noted all virtual.

00:27:28.620 --> 00:27:35.220 Beth Bucheister: Just whoever could come and check for students could come we just scramble it together right as schools closed, it was.

00:27:35.640 --> 00:27:40.680 Beth Bucheister: The rug couldn't have been pulled out, for me, any more than that, just two weeks before the program was to run.

00:27:41.190 --> 00:27:55.560 Beth Bucheister: Just on a side note fast forward to this year all virtual program in hicksville 1700 and 30 students 75 speakers, the guidance counselors work tirelessly to help us get it programmed, and it was a fantastic Program.

00:27:56.220 --> 00:27:57.720 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Before you tell the story before we tell a story.

00:27:57.930 --> 00:28:09.960 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: 1700 students were impacted by and 75 adult professional human beings came and spoke to virtually spoke to impact these these kids.

00:28:09.990 --> 00:28:19.290 Beth Bucheister: And you know what was amazing at the end of the program my phone rang off the hook my texts exploded emails with the professionals thanking me I couldn't believe it.

00:28:19.560 --> 00:28:31.290 Beth Bucheister: thanking me for the opportunity to come and speak to the kids that this day meant so much to them, I was thinking i'm imposing do you mind coming, can you give me a day and, and yet they all have this.

00:28:31.950 --> 00:28:37.770 Beth Bucheister: empowerment this joy of telling their story to students and their struggles and their triumphs.

00:28:38.130 --> 00:28:46.320 Beth Bucheister: And it reconnects them to what they're doing and why they're doing it and it's fantastic for everybody, so that teachers get academic support.

00:28:46.800 --> 00:28:54.360 Beth Bucheister: In their curriculum the professionals get not only to feel good about giving back, but to feel good about why they doing what they doing.

00:28:54.690 --> 00:29:02.670 Beth Bucheister: And then the students get to hear from this variety professionals, that they would have never been able to meet and have the ability to keep in touch with them all right two.

00:29:02.880 --> 00:29:11.400 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: quick points first thing can you remember that story, you were going to tell it was a story that we were setting up for a whole nother so hold it because we're gonna be back in a minute, but I want to say that can you gotta have to remember it and then.

00:29:11.640 --> 00:29:19.410 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: we're always gonna run out of time it's part of it should be the theme song, we will run out of time we Tommy and yet a because we have too many things we want to talk about.

00:29:19.740 --> 00:29:24.870 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: All right, when we come back, I want to talk about that, but I just what I want to ask you, I want to challenge you beth is this.

00:29:25.500 --> 00:29:29.430 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I believe that life is about deposits and withdrawals.

00:29:29.790 --> 00:29:38.760 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And you know you might have felt that asking a professional to speak at an event would be a withdrawal, but I think the fact that your phone was blowing up and ringing off the hook.

00:29:39.060 --> 00:29:47.310 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: shows that it was a deposit because of you know somebody impacted those people somebody said something somewhere in their lives, and they want to give back so.

00:29:47.520 --> 00:29:55.110 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If you want to give back folks if you have an interesting profession or if maybe it's just an ordinary profession it doesn't matter.

00:29:55.440 --> 00:30:01.560 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If you can impact, young people and and make them aware of your career, make sure you hook up with beth.

00:30:02.100 --> 00:30:06.660 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: For an upcoming career day I will give you a best contact info only come back to me i'm in the attic you know that.

00:30:06.960 --> 00:30:13.170 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: beth beth heiser see your career day and we're going to go to a quick two minute break we'll be back come back because we got really cool stuff to talk about seeing two minutes.

00:32:59.490 --> 00:33:00.270 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Last week I tried to.

00:33:00.420 --> 00:33:13.890 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Be I did a video after the show beth I was like trying to be like an opera song I look I love singing I don't know that i'm very good at it, I mean it's great because my ears are over here so by the time I guess my ears sounds pretty good and then.

00:33:15.570 --> 00:33:24.180 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I listen to the recordings it doesn't sound as great that buckeyes there is with me your boys nonprofit sector connected Tommy D in the attic plans being focused every single week.

00:33:24.900 --> 00:33:31.710 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: We shine a light on and amplify the message for nonprofit organizations and today it's career day Inc I actually didn't mention this yet, but uh.

00:33:32.340 --> 00:33:42.390 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I was honored maybe six or eight months ago and asked me to join the board of Korean day so i'm i'm actually a member of Korea, a member of the board of directors for career day Inc and.

00:33:43.530 --> 00:33:50.880 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's a special feeling when you get to really see what's going on and understand what an organization is all about from the inside, looking out so.

00:33:51.330 --> 00:34:00.000 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: let's talk about this, I think you had one more story I kind of teased it a little bit, I want to hear that story, but I want to also understand if i'm if i'm an educator.

00:34:01.920 --> 00:34:04.200 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If i'm a principal if i'm a superintendent.

00:34:05.430 --> 00:34:14.130 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And I want to engage with career day maybe we could talk about the logistics of what career day looks like in my school and how I can you know.

00:34:14.850 --> 00:34:22.050 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I know I know this is a small organization, but how how many can you do I mean what's your pipeline like you know, maybe we could talk a little bit about that.

00:34:22.830 --> 00:34:37.950 Beth Bucheister: You know i'm when I sent the invitation to people in our in my community to listen in this morning, I wrote, listen to the amazing achievements of career day and from this past year, so we actually had the busiest semester.

00:34:39.030 --> 00:34:46.470 Beth Bucheister: Ever working with three different schools and you're right it's a small organization, certainly the in person.

00:34:47.460 --> 00:34:56.790 Beth Bucheister: programs take a little bit more work a little bit more moving around pieces when we're in person, we take over the school for the whole day.

00:34:57.210 --> 00:35:03.510 Beth Bucheister: We have a breakfast for the speakers, we have a lunch of the schools not too big, we have a lunch for everybody, including the students.

00:35:03.810 --> 00:35:12.360 Beth Bucheister: And the students have an opportunity to move classroom to classroom speaking or listening to speakers and small group settings I love that approach.

00:35:12.960 --> 00:35:25.950 Beth Bucheister: pivoting to what needed to be done this year for virtual like we said before hicksville high school, I think it was 1700 and 30 students 75 presenters teachers, you know over 2000 people participated in the day.

00:35:27.030 --> 00:35:34.530 Beth Bucheister: We did a problem for the eighth graders at Robert Moses middle school great great staff they're really interested in bringing the Program.

00:35:34.860 --> 00:35:44.580 Beth Bucheister: 35 speakers all virtual just eighth graders we had a number of students apply for the scholarship I interviewed five yesterday, each one better than the next.

00:35:46.110 --> 00:35:57.720 Beth Bucheister: We did another program at West Babylon high school pre recorded seven presenters fielding questions from the students that were placed in advance and responding.

00:35:57.750 --> 00:35:59.070 Beth Bucheister: To specific students.

00:35:59.130 --> 00:36:05.340 Beth Bucheister: To specific careers and then also general questions my favorite question, how do you keep your work personality.

00:36:06.000 --> 00:36:16.290 Beth Bucheister: separate from your outside of work personality and our friend, Melissa greenberger said that she was talking to her daughter, one day, and her husband said, what do you cross examining our because she's a lawyer and.

00:36:17.190 --> 00:36:18.330 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Somebody asked that question.

00:36:19.140 --> 00:36:19.530 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: How do you.

00:36:21.030 --> 00:36:22.350 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: How do you keep your work personnel.

00:36:22.560 --> 00:36:25.470 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Let me give you my answer you don't it's the same person man.

00:36:25.680 --> 00:36:28.350 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Like exactly that's the answer to that question.

00:36:28.380 --> 00:36:37.770 Beth Bucheister: Exactly exactly that's what my daughter carly and my nephew Sam same thing you know you, you have to bring your outside of work personality.

00:36:38.310 --> 00:36:52.830 Beth Bucheister: To work and that's the energy and that's the benefit of it so we're able to do a variety of different programs from a full blown day to you know, a 90 minute program that is as impactful.

00:36:53.520 --> 00:37:05.130 Beth Bucheister: As it can be, and all those speakers who came to the pre recorded program, for example, but their emails upset to the students keep in touch with me, let me know and without even a face to face so.

00:37:05.460 --> 00:37:18.360 Beth Bucheister: Each way we fine tune the program for specific schools and the needs of specific school, so we can do a short 90 minute program we can do it first in person or virtual, so now we have all the tools.

00:37:18.630 --> 00:37:28.560 Beth Bucheister: And I I know it's best when the students can pick their professions and that's how we started out That was our strict guidelines, let the students pick what they want to hear from.

00:37:29.010 --> 00:37:41.760 Beth Bucheister: And then hicksville it and the staff there and we talked about you know what What if we surprise them what if they end up hearing from someone whose career they didn't know about and wouldn't have chosen Nick Oh, you know that's.

00:37:41.970 --> 00:37:42.480 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That sounds.

00:37:43.680 --> 00:37:53.970 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Like that sounds like even better, because if you go back to the example of a young lady who wanted to be marine biologist she might have been drawn towards things in the sciences, or you know she might not have been like.

00:37:54.900 --> 00:38:03.090 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Thought to be exposed to the interior design piece so so isn't that even a cooler way to do it have a kind of a lottery because yes.

00:38:03.750 --> 00:38:16.650 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Some of us know early on what it is we want to do or think we know what it is we want to do when we get older and have a career, but I remember being so so i'm 43 so I went to school in the 80s 90s and.

00:38:18.330 --> 00:38:26.130 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I remember it like somebody came in, to speak at one time and they said, based on the way things move and how quickly, things will change in the future.

00:38:27.120 --> 00:38:32.460 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The people, young people, you students here will change careers five times over your lifetime.

00:38:33.150 --> 00:38:39.390 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And I was that that wasn't, a thing that happened, you know, in the generation before you know you took a job, took a career.

00:38:39.960 --> 00:38:46.560 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know you 30 years with the company pension maybe they send you a watch or something like that you know you got medical benefits the whole deal right.

00:38:47.370 --> 00:38:56.340 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Obviously that's not how the world works anymore, and that was the generation to generation three generations after me it's even way different right like that you know folks will.

00:38:56.850 --> 00:39:04.170 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know if there's not the right social causes focused on by an organization they leave the organization go work at another company because that's that's how passionate.

00:39:04.920 --> 00:39:12.780 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: folks are, but I was taken by that you know that you would change so many times over, and have to sort of I guess reinvent.

00:39:13.770 --> 00:39:23.490 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I like that idea, though, that it's What if there was a way and there isn't a way because you guys are so flexible already, but where when a couple things one of these way where.

00:39:24.600 --> 00:39:33.300 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: They maybe they're able to pick for right like maybe they're able to see four sessions I don't know what the numbers are you tell me, but what if two of them were chosen for them.

00:39:33.690 --> 00:39:44.340 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Right or one was just random one was chosen by their their educator one of their guidance counselor somebody who saw something in that student that might be reflected in that Program.

00:39:44.790 --> 00:39:49.680 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: In that career and then they pick two on their own so yeah I want to, I want to be a chef.

00:39:50.340 --> 00:39:57.930 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I i'd like to be an accountant maybe you know, and then the guidance counselor says no, you know you should be a production assistant in.

00:39:58.350 --> 00:40:06.720 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: In hollywood's I don't know making up things but but that could be fun and one more thing I want to say i'm going on now, I want to I always let my guests off i'm like I want to talk today.

00:40:07.530 --> 00:40:22.020 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: so bad, I am incredibly impressed about the flexibility that's happened here because, like we know there's been some silver linings in this cloud called pandemic and is cloud called colby 19 coronavirus um.

00:40:23.070 --> 00:40:34.350 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But there's been some silver linings and I think just the ability and the word has been way overused but will say the ability to pivot the ability to be flexible, the ability to change adapt I think is a better word.

00:40:36.210 --> 00:40:46.140 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Maybe just because i've heard as much as different pivot but I like that word adapt you've as an organization, has been able to incredibly adapt and you may never maybe you wouldn't have thought of these things all virtual.

00:40:46.980 --> 00:40:53.790 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: had there not been the need for it, I think all of us are like that, what do you I gave you a lot, so I know yeah I want.

00:40:53.850 --> 00:41:07.650 Beth Bucheister: I want it, I want to go back to what you said about the marine biology interest and then learning about interior design, remember that was an eighth grader and what I hope her takeaway was I don't know.

00:41:08.610 --> 00:41:18.420 Beth Bucheister: I like this and I like that and let's see what happens, we have another student who was going to major and she wanted to be an x Ray technician.

00:41:18.840 --> 00:41:29.520 Beth Bucheister: And then she spoke to a physician's assistant and then she heard you know from the medical director at a hospital it's okay yeah she was going to NASA next year perfect.

00:41:29.760 --> 00:41:38.400 Beth Bucheister: Thanks porpoises see what interests you great that you have a goal and great that you also know that your goals can can go a little bit like this.

00:41:38.640 --> 00:41:40.920 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's always college you mean NASA Community college.

00:41:41.130 --> 00:41:45.450 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Yes, I graduate from NASA Community college folks don't under a Community college man.

00:41:45.810 --> 00:41:53.610 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Get out there, you know don't get yourself under debt, you know you get an associates degree name figure out what you want to do after that it's nothing wrong with it, I mean 18 years old.

00:41:54.120 --> 00:42:07.500 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'm 43 i'm figuring out what I want to do right, I mean that's a joke people say that tongue in cheek but it's true so at 18 to go get yourself into that debt when you can you know go I don't want to say, steel and associate degree, but you can really you know it very a.

00:42:09.030 --> 00:42:12.030 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Budget wise it's very budget friendly to get a Community college.

00:42:12.090 --> 00:42:18.570 Beth Bucheister: And you can go anywhere from there, the story that you told about when you were in school being told you're going to change careers five times.

00:42:18.840 --> 00:42:25.050 Beth Bucheister: When my daughters were in school, they were told there's more than half the careers that are going to be when you're.

00:42:25.680 --> 00:42:42.960 Beth Bucheister: In the workforce don't exist yet yeah so we, I thought I grew up in the industrial revolution, and then the Internet happened and then technology happened so that's how old I am so um So the idea that there are careers and don't exist yet is is really important.

00:42:43.020 --> 00:42:46.350 Beth Bucheister: And why we talked about keeping your eyes and ears open.

00:42:46.620 --> 00:42:59.820 Beth Bucheister: When we were on break I got a text message from one of our friends That said, I met somebody really interesting that you should have come to career then just going to call it out, because this is the example he's a Vice President at New York Atlantic and railway company.

00:43:00.420 --> 00:43:02.400 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I was, I was on that meeting.

00:43:03.630 --> 00:43:06.750 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Was I met, I met that gentleman yesterday actually.

00:43:07.020 --> 00:43:07.170 Beth Bucheister: and

00:43:07.230 --> 00:43:14.250 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Somebody and somebody said um I know who you're talking I know it's a friend of ours he's a gentleman who you're referring to just texted you because.

00:43:14.640 --> 00:43:27.030 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That meeting this this man, because I made a joke with that man, we were actually were involved with another nonprofit organization, who is a second episode of the show tss CSI, and why transitional services for New York, and I know who you talk about.

00:43:27.060 --> 00:43:27.960 Beth Bucheister: Just texted you so.

00:43:28.380 --> 00:43:31.710 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: We have a break in a second so let's go tell me what you want no we're gonna come back.

00:43:32.040 --> 00:43:41.310 Beth Bucheister: In the time left, I want to to bring that point forward that you said about schools, you know career day Inc is only as powerful as the volunteers.

00:43:41.610 --> 00:43:55.140 Beth Bucheister: And the schools that we work with, in addition, of course, to our board and volunteer employees, but in order for our impact to be as far reaching as we would like it to, we need to be able to be in the schools and that's really.

00:43:55.320 --> 00:43:56.250 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: you mean.

00:43:57.270 --> 00:44:00.090 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: When you say in the schools you mean non virtual you mean in.

00:44:00.570 --> 00:44:04.620 Beth Bucheister: I don't mean non virtual a virtual I mean connected with schools, bringing our Program.

00:44:04.710 --> 00:44:07.200 Beth Bucheister: is always a shape or form good.

00:44:07.230 --> 00:44:13.710 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So listen folks that's the need, the need is a connection to schools okay um we're going to come back in a minute.

00:44:14.100 --> 00:44:23.580 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Two minutes Min and a half, two minutes we'll be right back here with beth let's talk about that need when we come back, I want to talk about the future of the organization really your big vision for what career day can be and will be.

00:44:23.880 --> 00:44:24.780 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Artists comedy.

00:44:26.190 --> 00:44:27.420 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: To be focused in two minutes.

00:46:43.800 --> 00:46:53.940 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: command request, I just want you to be here with me so just join us here because it's a good story every week shout out to a Paul rubin camp good morning and checking in on Facebook i'm.

00:46:54.930 --> 00:47:02.280 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: camp Good morning, Paul and I are working out the details to have Paul come on the show, but I can't good morning morning mo you are and I n g.

00:47:02.670 --> 00:47:11.790 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: provides bereavement camps for children who have lost a parent listen to this statistic, by the way, one in seven Americans lose a parent or sibling by the age of 21 in seven.

00:47:12.210 --> 00:47:19.890 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's an awful lot man and it's and it's an it's tragic so Paul we work out the details, Paul actually has a pretty cool event that I will be attending it's a.

00:47:20.490 --> 00:47:30.150 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: cornhole event, you know throw the bean bags in the in the whole event, and in fact shout out to my parents, because i'm bringing Italian ICES from their tiny nice store to.

00:47:30.630 --> 00:47:39.930 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: donate the polls organization so beth let's jump right back into it, I just oh one last thing i'm seeing the polls checking in with us on Facebook, so if you ever want to communicate with me during the show.

00:47:40.170 --> 00:47:48.570 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: ask a question to me or my guests, you can always do that right on Facebook during the show 10am and that you find that by talking alternative broadcasting on the Facebook.

00:47:48.900 --> 00:47:57.240 Beth Bucheister: So let me send a message to Paul go ahead, just note that my daughters were 14 and 17 when their father died.

00:47:57.690 --> 00:48:08.940 Beth Bucheister: And it was shortly after 911 and I was looking for programs for them, and the only programs for for children who had lost parents to either cancer or at 911.

00:48:09.330 --> 00:48:19.980 Beth Bucheister: And there was no place for them and i'm really grateful for camp morning and all they do, because I think is very important, especially for younger children yeah.

00:48:20.070 --> 00:48:27.030 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: yeah and and Paul just you know, Paul sore and opening, he said, there was there was no camps serving that this this population of young people and.

00:48:28.950 --> 00:48:36.090 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: can imagine what it's like to lose a parent as a child it's got to be tragic so let's um let's go back to career day if we can.

00:48:36.870 --> 00:48:43.920 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If you had a quick story, you want to tell me that I really want to talk about how maybe you know my audience, the people I know can get you more connected to schools.

00:48:44.910 --> 00:48:51.060 Beth Bucheister: So um so to answer that first question, I even started with the superintendent's and that.

00:48:51.510 --> 00:48:59.010 Beth Bucheister: Okay that's pretty normal the superintendent says, I heard about this great program career day Inc let's get it into the school and.

00:48:59.640 --> 00:49:14.580 Beth Bucheister: For example, the assistant principal at West Babylon was the one who reached out to me or a guidance counselor at North Babylon so it can be anybody who has the passion for bringing these programs to their students for understanding.

00:49:15.270 --> 00:49:20.100 Beth Bucheister: it's not you know I hate to say it, but it's not like oh yeah we have career day too it's not that.

00:49:20.700 --> 00:49:32.730 Beth Bucheister: it's not going around the cafeteria and getting a flyer or having a two minute conversation with somebody who, whatever it is that they do sorry for state farm, but I always use that as an example, you know getting fired from the state farm guy.

00:49:34.020 --> 00:49:45.840 Beth Bucheister: And, and the same thing if you had a college fair, you know if you can have a time to sit for 40 minutes with somebody from school you get a lot more out of that meeting than walking by their desk.

00:49:47.040 --> 00:49:50.970 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: to table and getting the flyer and getting the mouse pad or whatever right that's.

00:49:51.000 --> 00:50:03.960 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: right and it ties with their logo on it, this is really you get access and i've sat in these classrooms and I, you know, one of our board members, Dr Michael goldberg was I sat in his session a couple years back and it's just you know.

00:50:05.190 --> 00:50:10.620 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's impressive you get access to folks yet students will get access to people have real conversations.

00:50:11.580 --> 00:50:17.490 Beth Bucheister: In the program that we did for West Babylon Michael Cobra who's the director of long island Jewish hospital northwestern.

00:50:17.970 --> 00:50:21.360 Beth Bucheister: spoke to the students and he answered a question.

00:50:21.810 --> 00:50:35.580 Beth Bucheister: wrapping up and I thought, well, that was the best answer ever heard and then my matt Thompson and Melissa everybody had a better and another great answer Michael goldberg said his mentor told him two things when he was hired for his job.

00:50:37.890 --> 00:50:44.610 Beth Bucheister: You have to do two things one do the job, and the second thing is make everything better.

00:50:45.450 --> 00:50:48.840 Beth Bucheister: And I thought i'm going to be repeating that, for the rest of my life.

00:50:49.200 --> 00:50:57.780 Beth Bucheister: Because isn't that isn't that what it's about and isn't that what we're talking about So yes, career day Inc programs tell students about careers.

00:50:58.080 --> 00:51:06.420 Beth Bucheister: But it also tells them about perseverance, about being aware that things can change about how challenges, sometimes become triumphs.

00:51:06.690 --> 00:51:12.690 Beth Bucheister: So, yes it's a career day program and I firmly believe, and I i'm glad to hear you support that town.

00:51:13.110 --> 00:51:22.320 Beth Bucheister: Is it's much more than that, and so, when I get to talk to administrators in schools principles assistant principals guidance or superintendents.

00:51:22.740 --> 00:51:38.880 Beth Bucheister: They understand and and the accolades and the testimonials that we've had from other schools, particularly Ray Williams of principal and hicksville high school what a fan i'm a fan of his he's a fan of ours and and you know so on down the line.

00:51:39.570 --> 00:51:40.710 Beth Bucheister: For guidance.

00:51:40.950 --> 00:51:49.050 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's the point right like that's the partnership piece here, where you know you say you know, schools, may have their own version of career day but you're bringing a self contained.

00:51:49.440 --> 00:51:58.320 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: you're bringing in the professionals it's not falling on the school side to find the people you're bringing this is kind of career day in a box to through the schools.

00:51:58.470 --> 00:52:00.060 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So superintendents principals.

00:52:01.020 --> 00:52:09.600 Beth Bucheister: Two other very important points with that Tom we do reach out to the Community, we reached out to the Chamber, we reach out to connections through teachers and other.

00:52:09.810 --> 00:52:21.720 Beth Bucheister: Businesses throughout the Community, to add that into our speakers so that there's connections to work and life in the Community and and PTA parents and all.

00:52:21.810 --> 00:52:24.840 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And all that can contribute South reaction like is it is it.

00:52:25.110 --> 00:52:26.490 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That they get pretty engaged those.

00:52:26.790 --> 00:52:27.930 Beth Bucheister: Great question.

00:52:28.080 --> 00:52:28.800 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: yeah yeah.

00:52:28.860 --> 00:52:44.010 Beth Bucheister: it's great and you don't know what people do or who people spouses to or family members yeah the head of the superintendent Dan ramin at West Hempstead his his brother is a detective so he came into time you know.

00:52:44.640 --> 00:52:52.170 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You you and I have a friend who who we know for business and and his wife is a doctor and she spoke, and you know.

00:52:52.560 --> 00:52:53.100 Beth Bucheister: Yes, yes.

00:52:53.400 --> 00:53:01.710 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So very special again so that's networking beth well that's where we're gonna run out of time which is kind of the policy here on the show we run out of time, every week.

00:53:02.310 --> 00:53:08.940 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: What is what's the future this organization and aside from schools, who do you need to meet is a board members is it more speakers.

00:53:10.080 --> 00:53:11.280 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: top three on a wish list.

00:53:12.270 --> 00:53:30.090 Beth Bucheister: So you know I forgot what my other second thing was before, but top three on my wish list is connection to schools, schools, who want to bring our program throughout long island and us before about my vision New York City New York state, you know when we go virtual we we go without borders.

00:53:30.090 --> 00:53:31.350 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Easy man it's pretty easy.

00:53:31.500 --> 00:53:38.100 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: To look from a group we run this this networking group this national networking group that we run the call to networking group we're everywhere man.

00:53:38.130 --> 00:53:39.480 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Because we can be yep.

00:53:39.600 --> 00:53:53.190 Beth Bucheister: And that that career awareness is is worldwide that need for career awareness and connection, so I believe firmly in that we're a global community now, and you can work anywhere virtually so.

00:53:55.050 --> 00:54:05.010 Beth Bucheister: The big ask is connections to schools connections to professionals and connections to volunteers who want to work with career day to help us put that program out.

00:54:05.280 --> 00:54:22.320 Beth Bucheister: As many people on listening in today no, I am not a social media guru and boy, but I love to have some people help out with that so everything that an organization needs career day needs, and I am reminded to always say career day Inc because we're not.

00:54:23.610 --> 00:54:24.360 Beth Bucheister: Just occur, they.

00:54:24.750 --> 00:54:25.890 Beth Bucheister: Were organization.

00:54:26.010 --> 00:54:37.530 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: organization I love that it's you have some marketing people on the team that want to make sure you spell that out for you today ink so so schools professionals and volunteers here's something I want to share with you all in.

00:54:38.760 --> 00:54:43.200 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: who are listening to my show who may be listening to my show in the future, I decided today's.

00:54:43.710 --> 00:54:54.210 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: June 18 2021 i'm making a commitment that i'm going to do 60 days of service before 1231 of this year, so if you run an organization and i'm going to get a gopro cam.

00:54:54.450 --> 00:55:00.420 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And i'm going to do and i'm going to come out and i'm going to do days of service and it's not to show everybody that i'm so great doing data service.

00:55:00.720 --> 00:55:10.680 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's 60 days and the next hundred and 80 some odd days and inch to inspire people to do work in this sector and it's it's to inspire people to learn about nonprofits that they may not be aware of so beth.

00:55:10.950 --> 00:55:17.850 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, aside from being on the board if there was going to be a career day and I know there will be between now and 1231 of this year 21.

00:55:18.600 --> 00:55:25.170 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If I have to hand out flyers if you need me to whenever you know, like, I want to be there, you know if i'm checking people in because i'm.

00:55:25.800 --> 00:55:27.480 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: expecting to be doing this in real time soon.

00:55:27.780 --> 00:55:38.070 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So that's 60 days of service look for more that i'll be doing some social media stuff and look sometimes people are going to show up and stand next to me at the soup kitchen and sometimes i'm going to be by myself and either way i'm going to dig it.

00:55:38.370 --> 00:55:50.190 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But if you're inspired to do some work with me just let me know how do you get to talk to me tell me D at philanthropy in focus calm focuses P H O C U s so philanthropy and focus calm on instagram.

00:55:51.210 --> 00:56:03.540 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Tommy D dot nyc next week I have Genevieve pictorial from the pajama projects, who will be joining me here in the attic another special conversation beth before we.

00:56:03.810 --> 00:56:10.590 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Before I sign off here, I want to say thank you, I appreciate your friendship, I appreciate all the work you're doing Thank you so much for being here today.

00:56:11.400 --> 00:56:16.260 Beth Bucheister: philanthropy and focus fun fantastic and looking for the future.

00:56:16.500 --> 00:56:19.080 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: right on the pH going forward.

00:56:19.440 --> 00:56:29.880 Beth Bucheister: Fantastic supportive career day Inc and i'm grateful to all the students, teachers administrators and volunteers who join us and looking forward to the future.

00:56:30.210 --> 00:56:38.310 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: let's do it alright, but thank you for being here, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls children of all ages nonprofit sector connector is leaving the attic for a little while.

00:56:38.850 --> 00:56:44.190 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I want you to stay tuned though Steve, for I will be here, always Friday was his birthday yesterday Happy Birthday Steve.

00:56:44.520 --> 00:57:00.750 TommyD #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Then we have Jeremiah fox coming on the program with the entrepreneurial web rounding off our for block of powerful shows is Joseph Franklin McElroy wise content creates Well, this is talk radio dot nyc I am the nonprofit sector connector make it a great weekend thanks bye.

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