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Friday, June 11, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/11 - Build a Body of Work in the Fitness Industry

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/11 - Build a Body of Work in the Fitness Industry


2021/06/11 - Build a Body of Work in the Fitness Industry

[NEW EPISODE] Build a Body of Work in the Fitness Industry

What’s it take to build a body of work in the fitness industry?

This will be the topic of conversation this Friday at noon with my guest Logan Mandeville.

His determination to help others led to the creation of Mandeville Fitness.

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the message of the week, “health equals wealth”, as well as introduces his guest of the week, Logan Mandeville, a personal trainer, model, and entrepreneur in the fitness industry. The two discuss West Virginia, where Logan is currently located, as well as Jeremiah’s time in the south. Logan explains his journey as a student athlete and how that led him to going into the fitness industry as a career. Logan explains how he first entered the industry through social media, where through his fitness page he was able to gain sponsors, where he was able to branch out into the modelling industry as well. The two discuss in depth Logan’s rise to fame on instagram, and how he realized he was able to make a full time career off of that. Jeremiah and Logan also discuss sponsors and sponsorships, and the blurred lines of fitness supplements and their sponsors.

Segment 2

Jeremiah and Logan discuss when Logan realized he was able to turn what he loved into a viable career. He explains that he realized this when he teamed up with a supplement company in Canada and went to a fitness expo to represent the brand. There he was one of the youngest sponsored athletes and many people recognized him even though at the time he had only around thirty thousand followers. Logan explains how Instagram is his main social media he uses for himself and his brand, and how he runs his instagram to keep his followers engaged with his content. Jeremiah and Logan discuss TikTok, another social media platform that Logan is also well known on. Jeremiah describes his journey through using TikTok, and how during the Covid-19 pandemic he pivote the content he created from just business related content to content about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which brought many people to his page. Logan explains how TikTok and Instagram has helped him make a mark in the fitness industry, allowing him to grow his personal trainer business. The two discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected in person gym training, and how because of this Logan currently only offers online training, but plans to open his own studio for in person training in the future.

Segment 3

Jeremiah discusses how recently he had another social media influencer in his restaurant, and they discussed how much work goes into digital marketing, and how he is excited to see someone as young as Logan already so successful in what he does. The two continue to discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the fitness industry, and how the pandemic was what started Logan’s decision to branch out and start his own business. Jeremiah explains how because of his posts he made on social media related to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on social media platforms like TikTok caused several people to reach out to him, now that so many people are getting vaccinated, to ask for private training sessions. Logan explains why he decided to become an entrepreneur in the fitness industry, and after getting help to clean up and polish his brand, he was able to successfully create a business. Jeremiah and Logan discuss Logan’s short stint working with a marketing agency before ultimately deciding to follow a career in fitness. The two discuss doing a hobby as a career, and Jeremiah explains how if you love doing something for nothing, when you start making money off of it, and you remember when you were doing it for nothing, you will be able to push through to reach success. Logan explains his personal training business, and how it operates, on a one on one level, as well as several preplanned regimens.

Segment 4

Jeremiah and Logan discuss Logan’s decision to move to Miami in the future to set up his in person training studio, to run by himself for a bit, but eventually add other trainers as well. Logan goes in depth on how he runs his personal training sessions with clients, and how he works with his clients restrictions due to it being virtual. Jeremiah explains the current environment for commercial leases, and how even though the previous tenants of these commercial leases during the start of the pandemic suffered from the shut down, the landlords are now bending over backwards to get new tenants. The two discuss how they both want to open up spaces in the future, and Jeremiah advises Logan to get a good Lease Attorney before he actually opens his studio. The two continue on to discuss how Logan currently wants to focus on the virtual personal training, as many people are responding well to it, instead of jumping straight to opening his own studio before he feels completely prepared. Jeremiah and Logan discuss the different avenues Logan plans to expand out to in the future, as Jeremiah brings up the quote “it is better to own 20% of 5 things than 100% of one thing”.


00:00:31.530 --> 00:00:39.450 Jeremiah Fox: what's up everybody happy Friday welcome back you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah Fox and I need a ric flair.
00:00:39.780 --> 00:00:48.600 Jeremiah Fox: bow for today's show we're gonna have some fun before I bring my guest on message of the week it's short and sweet but powerful health.
00:00:49.140 --> 00:01:01.980 Jeremiah Fox: equals wealth, I think my guest today will likely agree with that will kind of peel That apart, as we go with that i'd like to welcome to the show Logan Mandeville resuming all the way to lewisburg West Virginia today.
00:01:02.640 --> 00:01:10.890 Jeremiah Fox: He is a personal trainer he's a model he's also a businessman, like my man ric flair both the hose.
00:01:12.210 --> 00:01:23.670 Jeremiah Fox: So we're gonna we're going to talk about the fitness industry which something dear to me on something that i've been involved in for quite a while as well and and business, to which I love so welcome to the show Logan thanks for coming on.
00:01:26.130 --> 00:01:27.990 Jeremiah Fox: gotta gotta unmute Logan.
00:01:29.640 --> 00:01:30.390 Jeremiah Fox: There you go.
00:01:30.570 --> 00:01:32.130 Logan Mandeville: So thank you, thank you for having me.
00:01:32.400 --> 00:01:37.290 Jeremiah Fox: yeah man yeah so uh lewisburg West Virginia born and raised.
00:01:37.920 --> 00:01:38.550 Logan Mandeville: Yes, sir.
00:01:38.880 --> 00:01:50.430 Jeremiah Fox: Nice awesome the those fancy hills, we were talking just before the show i'm a southern boy myself from nashville lived in Virginia for quite a while as well and have family from morgantown but i've never.
00:01:50.910 --> 00:01:58.770 Jeremiah Fox: The only time i've been i've been through that little pass on at one that cuts through West Virginia you're there for like five minutes.
00:01:59.730 --> 00:02:03.510 Jeremiah Fox: So I just always thought it was small State because it's just like you're in real fast.
00:02:05.340 --> 00:02:19.170 Jeremiah Fox: I used to when I would school for music and I used to play, like the College circuit in Virginia, so I was in like harrisonburg and lexington and blacksburg and all those towns, a lot, which is that's like just across the border from where you're at right.
00:02:19.560 --> 00:02:23.790 Logan Mandeville: yeah i'm literally like 10 minutes from the Virginia border yes.
00:02:25.620 --> 00:02:26.490 Jeremiah Fox: Beautiful mountains.
00:02:26.550 --> 00:02:28.650 Logan Mandeville: Really beautiful mountains this.
00:02:28.740 --> 00:02:41.580 Jeremiah Fox: Great stuff um so how did you get into first of all, just fitness now what was what was that that attracted you were you like high school avidly people in your family what brought you into the fitness world.
00:02:42.390 --> 00:02:54.060 Logan Mandeville: Yes, i've always been a sports guy I started playing football first grade and I played i'll whip 10th grade will actually suffered the other concussion adequate playing.
00:02:54.120 --> 00:03:01.890 Logan Mandeville: jazz club anyways my freshman year we are introduced to the weight room used to do offseason workouts with starting like January.
00:03:02.250 --> 00:03:07.620 Logan Mandeville: Our season started in August so we'd be in the weight room we worked at 5am for school it's not fun.
00:03:08.070 --> 00:03:12.780 Logan Mandeville: And I really didn't it was funny because I really didn't like fitness at that time I was just getting to it.
00:03:13.350 --> 00:03:18.750 Logan Mandeville: Our coaches were hard on us, I was kind of just going through the motions I didn't really I didn't really like that point.
00:03:19.740 --> 00:03:26.670 Logan Mandeville: And then we played our ninth period season, I was running back don't really small and we were AAA school what's that mean there's like.
00:03:27.330 --> 00:03:32.940 Logan Mandeville: West Virginia goes up to like four as we're like close ups, we were playing the bigger teams and stuff.
00:03:33.510 --> 00:03:40.980 Logan Mandeville: And I was just getting kicked around I was so small, and my been like four foot 1100 50 pounds at running back was not cool yes.
00:03:41.640 --> 00:03:49.290 Logan Mandeville: Media one of my friends, we decided after season, because we had like a three month period in between Tom that our team workouts sorted.
00:03:49.920 --> 00:03:58.800 Logan Mandeville: Through like I was just me and you get to the gym every morning before school, we started that we didn't still didn't really know we were doing we went on Google like put together a little plan.
00:03:59.580 --> 00:04:06.960 Logan Mandeville: And we started going stuck with that started seeing some results, so I was like cool not that's the point where I really fell in love with it.
00:04:07.470 --> 00:04:13.230 Logan Mandeville: And then my injury happened 10th grade year is like our third grade third game of the season and I had to quit playing.
00:04:13.950 --> 00:04:22.110 Logan Mandeville: But it's hard to tell me concussions i've had in the past, so that kind of gave me the transition and fitness I was like you know what almost started the.
00:04:22.650 --> 00:04:34.770 Logan Mandeville: instagram page dedicated to fitness, why did this for two reasons to i've never really told to me people that so I started posting my fitness results like Oh, my main instagram page Roma hospital peers followed me and family and stuff.
00:04:35.580 --> 00:04:45.030 Logan Mandeville: let's just say that people my hospital didn't like it too much they're calling me kochi economy do schrag sounds like all right i'm gonna start this page you ever can follow me if they want to follow me to follow me.
00:04:45.750 --> 00:04:54.540 Logan Mandeville: And I did that ascot really consistent with posting and I met some other like young fitness athletes on instagram we had like groups.
00:04:55.110 --> 00:05:00.570 Logan Mandeville: And they were starting to blow up on my page or just stuff like maybe within the first year I got two K three K.
00:05:01.290 --> 00:05:05.880 Logan Mandeville: And that was my second year there thing kind of popped off I got the 10 K 20 K.
00:05:06.570 --> 00:05:15.660 Logan Mandeville: And I actually got in touch with the team Canada they're hard Magnum Magnum nutri medicals supplement companies one of their canada's biggest.
00:05:16.410 --> 00:05:25.260 Logan Mandeville: And I got to travel the Expos with them just represent the brand was really cool so that was kinda I gave me the vision, I was like wow I can do a lot of stuff.
00:05:26.130 --> 00:05:45.060 Logan Mandeville: Then, after that I got some clothing sponsors in last year literally it would been this time last year I went to New York City for my first modeling agency, I met them that don't work outside Simone suffer bit now with new agency that's kind of how that went.
00:05:45.870 --> 00:05:57.030 Jeremiah Fox: And you wait did I see a picture post review on like gq or something like that or was that maybe was a Calvin Klein ad was that what it was.
00:05:57.420 --> 00:06:06.870 Logan Mandeville: No, I haven't got to do anything to big with modeling just yet i'm still in my first year and I had to work on a few things, especially as another thing.
00:06:07.530 --> 00:06:23.550 Logan Mandeville: Whenever I first signed, I was really I was a bodybuilder as well as doing bodybuilding yeah and they wanted me to be a fashion model because I like to look at some point and i'll school with that basically my chest was 45 inches and I needed to be 40 year under.
00:06:23.580 --> 00:06:24.090 Logan Mandeville: Because it's.
00:06:24.150 --> 00:06:35.130 Logan Mandeville: Not like the male fashion industry like guidelines, you have to fit the medium sized jacket that's just like everyone, so I spent like six months losing some size but i'm born again.
00:06:36.060 --> 00:06:45.060 Jeremiah Fox: I had this kid that works for me that was he was in the similar category, he was he was a little bigger and and they were constantly telling him he had to.
00:06:46.080 --> 00:06:53.970 Jeremiah Fox: shrink from modeling but he had like these fitness goals he was he was a high school football player to and wanted to he wanted to get big and.
00:06:55.530 --> 00:06:56.640 Jeremiah Fox: We like skinny girls.
00:06:59.010 --> 00:07:02.160 Jeremiah Fox: um did you ever wrestle to do any wrestling and in school.
00:07:03.030 --> 00:07:10.710 Logan Mandeville: Ever wrestled my sixth grade year I was not good, I was not let it get the time I was kinda like skinny fat and I remember, I did one meet.
00:07:11.400 --> 00:07:21.900 Logan Mandeville: I got my butt kicked I quit I was going to play, again, I was going to wrestle again I scoped out like my senior year to get them ah so bad side, not to its focus stuff on fitness yeah.
00:07:22.500 --> 00:07:31.530 Jeremiah Fox: um i've heard a more recently that that football players, probably suffer more concussions then like boxers in MMA fighters it's like.
00:07:31.920 --> 00:07:39.360 Jeremiah Fox: A really high percentage of guys that get concussions and like you said you don't even know like you don't even know how many times you've been can cost and it shows up much later in life.
00:07:39.780 --> 00:07:56.370 Logan Mandeville: Well, I can't there's some name some disease, a lot nfl quit and like I was saying how i've been running back for 10 years, and especially middle schooler them to get my head began every night it's hard to tell how much damage to my head so i'm happy I got out I did.
00:07:57.390 --> 00:08:04.740 Jeremiah Fox: And i'm one of the promo pictures I use for today's show you were you were you were in boxing gloves see you do some boxing as well.
00:08:05.250 --> 00:08:05.940 Logan Mandeville: Now it's true.
00:08:10.200 --> 00:08:12.570 Logan Mandeville: i'll punch the bag, sometimes for Cardio but.
00:08:12.630 --> 00:08:15.780 Logan Mandeville: yeah I mean on the boxing boxing gotcha.
00:08:16.350 --> 00:08:27.690 Jeremiah Fox: um so you this, this time for me we're talking where you really started to to blow up on instagram especially what what year was that, like 2018 2019 when we talking.
00:08:27.960 --> 00:08:42.870 Jeremiah Fox: That was in 2019 2019 yeah and was that really like the fuel for you, you know the kind of catalyst to say I think i'm going to pursue this and and you got to see like a little bit of the business side of it and you were like yeah this this could be viable.
00:08:43.410 --> 00:08:55.050 Logan Mandeville: yeah, especially after I got done with that team and we went to Donald Expo I was like one of the youngest sponsored athlete sounds like you know the school I got something going here and I just ran with it from there.
00:08:55.950 --> 00:09:06.120 Jeremiah Fox: And and what's your opinion on on companies like that, like i've been doing some brand work with fx the clothing brand i'm wearing now they do supplements and they do workout gear.
00:09:07.410 --> 00:09:12.600 Logan Mandeville: i'm honestly, like any supplement brand they're going to make a lot of stuff that.
00:09:13.170 --> 00:09:23.160 Logan Mandeville: Like fad supplements like they don't a lot of stuff is pointless like i'd say the only supplements is really the actually do anything it's going to be creating protein.
00:09:23.790 --> 00:09:34.650 Logan Mandeville: I mean, some of the other ones may have some aspects, but a lot of these companies are now going to do is our bellies companies have like this big claims, like all you take our fat loss filters you're going to lose.
00:09:35.310 --> 00:09:41.280 Logan Mandeville: Two pounds a week now it doesn't mean a lot of people, I mean it could help like a lot of them have like thermogenesis.
00:09:42.540 --> 00:09:50.610 Logan Mandeville: products and i'm, which is good it's gonna make you sweat more so if you put in the work you probably could, but a lot of people also think that they can just sit on the couch and take these pills.
00:09:50.760 --> 00:09:55.110 Logan Mandeville: it's not how it works so it's just I don't know it's a lot of blurry lines.
00:09:55.710 --> 00:09:59.340 Jeremiah Fox: And, and when you say protein you include like BC a's in that.
00:09:59.790 --> 00:10:03.420 Logan Mandeville: yeah I like I like BC he helped me stay cool.
00:10:04.320 --> 00:10:13.800 Jeremiah Fox: So personally for me like I started using them I wasn't really using supplements prior I would take you know I would do like anti inflammatory kind of things more from a holistic.
00:10:14.910 --> 00:10:22.770 Jeremiah Fox: angle not like I try to avoid like ibuprofen but I was taking magnesium just to help you know with recovery and to help.
00:10:23.190 --> 00:10:36.150 Jeremiah Fox: With sleep and then a couple holistic things for inflammation like arnica you know things like that, but when these guys reached out to me, I was, like all right, let me, let me give it a try because it's working out like every day, sometimes twice a day.
00:10:37.230 --> 00:10:46.230 Jeremiah Fox: And I found like the recovery stuff as i'm like i'm almost 45 years old, you know you know bounce back the same way you used to you know and and like.
00:10:46.830 --> 00:10:54.360 Jeremiah Fox: Some of those things like vcs and like oh my God like it's just like it doesn't i'm not getting any bigger, but I just feel like my energy.
00:10:55.290 --> 00:11:10.680 Jeremiah Fox: Is is there the next day and creates into I don't you know again i've gotten like jack because of it um but I definitely feel like oh okay like i'm running all these businesses i've got three kids and i'm trying to maintain like you know, a youthful athletic.
00:11:11.760 --> 00:11:17.850 Jeremiah Fox: You know regimen and and I did I do notice a little difference what they were I just like.
00:11:18.120 --> 00:11:28.470 Jeremiah Fox: To cover a little better i'm not as fatigued, especially with the soreness I do a lot of gymnastics bakes workouts as well, and you know if you don't do that all the time you come out after a couple weeks, and then you like you.
00:11:30.060 --> 00:11:42.570 Jeremiah Fox: can't lift your arms, you know, and so you, you would agree or advocated that that they will help with the recovery, at least, to an extent and it's not all about just like packing it on it's also about your ability to like.
00:11:43.110 --> 00:11:52.530 Jeremiah Fox: maintain your energy and continue go about your day if you have a job, it will be just a little bit easier to do your work if you if you've gotten some decent recovery stuff and you.
00:11:53.310 --> 00:11:57.660 Logan Mandeville: Absolutely yeah it's not some magic pill, but stuff like on the help you with do day to day.
00:12:00.300 --> 00:12:07.740 Jeremiah Fox: Very cool awesome we're gonna take our first break we'll be back in just a minute we're going to pick up and talk about like the real business of fitness.
00:12:08.070 --> 00:12:20.010 Jeremiah Fox: And what's what's possible for the future and also like what happened over the last year with fitness industry because it was not easy, but, but some people, some people pulled it off so thanks everybody will be back in just a few.
00:14:54.150 --> 00:14:58.800 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome back everybody if you're just tuning in again you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah.
00:14:59.130 --> 00:15:09.210 Jeremiah Fox: Today we are assuming to lewisburg West Virginia talking to Logan Mandeville key is a personal trainer he's a model, he started his own personal training company now.
00:15:09.930 --> 00:15:22.050 Jeremiah Fox: talked about his background coming up in you know team sports mainly football getting into being a little guy getting knocked around I know something about that about like 510 and 155 and.
00:15:22.680 --> 00:15:33.300 Jeremiah Fox: you're trading jujitsu and that's a grappling you know grappling sport if you're not familiar with it and wait definitely helps in in in jujitsu and I don't have it.
00:15:34.200 --> 00:15:41.130 Jeremiah Fox: My techniques gotta be on otherwise I just get smashed you're gonna have to unmute yourself again Logan before we hop back on.
00:15:41.880 --> 00:15:53.640 Jeremiah Fox: There we go yeah so I know I know a little something about that, but I just you know my whole life i've never been able to break like 155 i've just been tiny frame i'm okay with that a little more stealth little more cat like.
00:15:54.660 --> 00:15:57.240 Jeremiah Fox: But yeah that should don't work so well in football he's kidding.
00:15:59.730 --> 00:16:05.460 Logan Mandeville: me really fast, I mean, I had a little bit speed, but it just they would run me up the middle I don't know why.
00:16:08.520 --> 00:16:09.600 Logan Mandeville: You get knocked out.
00:16:09.780 --> 00:16:15.540 Jeremiah Fox: right there, like a boy just run it right up the middle there they were placing bets on how long you were going to stay away for.
00:16:16.620 --> 00:16:24.540 Jeremiah Fox: um so you work you teamed up with this supplement company out of Canada and started going i'm going to Expos and what was the real like.
00:16:26.010 --> 00:16:35.160 Jeremiah Fox: What was a real like Aha moment where you were like I want this is going to be a business and i'm going to do it like this is a good business, and I want to, I want to stick with it.
00:16:36.330 --> 00:16:47.970 Logan Mandeville: Well, one and, like I said I was among what the youngest sponsored athlete say, and this is only notes world's biggest sex feathers thousands of vendors there so that was one thing that I was like dang this is really cool.
00:16:48.540 --> 00:17:02.340 Logan Mandeville: The second thing was I had people like I think you have I was like 30 K for DK, I guess, I was pretty popular in the team fitness space i'd people coming up to me at the Expo like want me to sign their weightlifting belt and it just blew my mind.
00:17:02.370 --> 00:17:02.850 Like I was like.
00:17:03.870 --> 00:17:14.700 Logan Mandeville: This some small town kid from West Virginia, so that that really took I was like no like awesome influence i'm not gonna do something in the space so put my head down and I worked.
00:17:15.300 --> 00:17:33.180 Jeremiah Fox: And that's the beauty of digital marketing and social media is is your outreach in a way that you know you can just you can affect and get recognition from exponentially more people than you would, if you were just like working regionally, you know, like pre digital.
00:17:34.200 --> 00:17:39.720 Jeremiah Fox: that's that's really amazing and then what would you say was like the biggest contributor to you growing your account.
00:17:40.200 --> 00:17:50.820 Jeremiah Fox: To that point because you're here I mean sizable numbers, right now, is it only on instagram I mean I know you're on Twitter and linkedin and Facebook is instagram like your your main.
00:17:53.310 --> 00:17:59.910 Logan Mandeville: ncr movie by main so i'm so proud of, I do have to talk i'm at 410 K so.
00:18:01.080 --> 00:18:09.360 Logan Mandeville: I was getting really I was getting really good on that I hit a block and i've been stuck on that blog for like six months i'm trying to get out of that but instagram stephanie my main one.
00:18:09.840 --> 00:18:17.670 Logan Mandeville: The biggest contributor, I would say we're probably be consistency and changing up the type of concept but I mean that's stay within my niche.
00:18:18.030 --> 00:18:23.400 Logan Mandeville: mom but people want to see by like to switch it up and get creative with it, especially with my modeling shots like i'll just.
00:18:23.970 --> 00:18:32.340 Logan Mandeville: Think out of the brain like not do what kind of it's hard for me here, because what I do it's funny from stuff like a tripod but the camera.
00:18:33.300 --> 00:18:43.950 Logan Mandeville: And just take a ton of me i'll take pictures like two hours a day and i'll get through pick the perfect one edited it it's really I mean a lot of hard work into it people don't think so social media like.
00:18:45.480 --> 00:18:50.790 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it's like a full time job so you're doing most of your own photography at this point yeah yeah.
00:18:50.940 --> 00:18:51.780 Logan Mandeville: For now, at least.
00:18:52.260 --> 00:18:55.020 Jeremiah Fox: A lot of underwear PICs I was like try.
00:18:56.220 --> 00:19:02.280 Jeremiah Fox: For like marketing and I was like I mean i'm i've got no shame I don't care, I was like.
00:19:02.520 --> 00:19:03.870 Logan Mandeville: kind of it that's the goal.
00:19:05.250 --> 00:19:08.610 Jeremiah Fox: yeah gotcha oh that's what that post was about that, and you were just.
00:19:08.610 --> 00:19:18.480 Jeremiah Fox: starting out in the universe good sometimes you just have to do that that's great and then i'm tick tock when did you get when did you get started on there.
00:19:19.080 --> 00:19:23.220 Logan Mandeville: I got started on tech talk two and a half years ago.
00:19:23.340 --> 00:19:25.290 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, so you've been at it for a while yeah.
00:19:25.500 --> 00:19:28.920 Logan Mandeville: I got lucky and got the one that whenever it was still in the beginning yeah.
00:19:29.160 --> 00:19:32.190 Jeremiah Fox: And when did you when did you really start to like escalate there.
00:19:32.940 --> 00:19:36.000 Logan Mandeville: Honestly, probably after a month or two of having it.
00:19:36.480 --> 00:19:48.930 Logan Mandeville: There was a point where I was getting 30 K followers a week for a while my all my posts are going bar also have a lot of them give our but it's definitely a lot less, and that was i'm trying to figure out like what the issue is there.
00:19:49.620 --> 00:19:53.640 Jeremiah Fox: Well it's interesting, so I started on tick tock i'm.
00:19:55.140 --> 00:20:06.090 Jeremiah Fox: Probably like the end of 2019 and I was mainly using it for business stuff so I you know we'd be at the restaurant, and I would do a video of like the bartenders and everything or.
00:20:06.480 --> 00:20:14.550 Jeremiah Fox: We have a wine store as well, and I would do cool stuff you know just do like these funny little videos, but I just wanted to music, because you know you can't rip that music.
00:20:14.880 --> 00:20:24.090 Jeremiah Fox: Like if I posted a video to Facebook and just like drop you know, a P diddy be you know in premier rush and then put it on Facebook they'd be like yo you can't do that.
00:20:25.560 --> 00:20:35.760 Jeremiah Fox: But when you do it through to tick tock there's there's no issue and so that was like the main attractive feature for me at first, and I just kept posting and posting and then, when we was once everything shut down.
00:20:36.450 --> 00:20:48.030 Jeremiah Fox: You know, like last March that's when I started to gain a lot of followers so nowhere near you, but like it, you know grew really fast, and it was because I was posting jujitsu techniques.
00:20:48.480 --> 00:20:56.430 Jeremiah Fox: Like I was, I was teaching and the school shut down and a lot of the students didn't know they were like I don't know what to do you know we can't go to the dojo and everything and.
00:20:56.760 --> 00:21:04.770 Jeremiah Fox: Like I didn't have time to like personally teach them all, so I was like i'm just going to start posting videos so my wife trains as well, so we just do it in our apartment.
00:21:05.640 --> 00:21:20.400 Jeremiah Fox: And like I noticed a big a huge increase in the amount of people putting fitness stuff on tick tock so that's likely what happened to you is like you were probably in an area where there was much less competition because prior to.
00:21:20.940 --> 00:21:27.120 Jeremiah Fox: Last March the average age, I think of a tick tock user who's probably about nine years old right and they're not putting up like.
00:21:27.720 --> 00:21:35.280 Jeremiah Fox: You know, impressive fitness stuff at least yours is probably like pretty impressive, but I just started to notice like a huge influx.
00:21:35.610 --> 00:21:44.370 Jeremiah Fox: of fitness people on tick tock um and and like if you went if you went to like you know fitness hashtag or workout hashtag or something like that it's just like.
00:21:44.700 --> 00:21:47.220 Jeremiah Fox: exploding, and all the sudden was like adults.
00:21:47.640 --> 00:22:00.420 Jeremiah Fox: That were that I was seeing in my feed and not children anymore, so that probably detracted from like your your captive audience, especially if you say it happened, like around six months or so ago, that was when like people like me started to like.
00:22:01.020 --> 00:22:04.200 Jeremiah Fox: get a lot of followers and so sorry but not sorry.
00:22:06.450 --> 00:22:14.790 Jeremiah Fox: And I find like tick tock is really funny because, even with my videos I would have videos that were hitting like you know 50,000 views like pretty regularly.
00:22:15.870 --> 00:22:21.420 Jeremiah Fox: And and working with like the you know hashtags like Brazilian jujitsu jujitsu so on and so forth.
00:22:21.780 --> 00:22:28.830 Jeremiah Fox: And then, like i'll go through these periods and even friends of mine who were who are more like in your realm where they have like hundreds of thousands of followers.
00:22:29.040 --> 00:22:38.850 Jeremiah Fox: And they were like every video they were posting was going viral all of a sudden, like everything dropped for them and then they would you know only get like a couple thousand views or whatever per per post.
00:22:39.090 --> 00:22:45.120 Jeremiah Fox: And then it shoots back up, so I noticed that it goes to these fluctuations I almost feel like it's tick tock kind of saying.
00:22:45.660 --> 00:22:50.100 Jeremiah Fox: change it up a little bit stop using the same hashtags as you were talking about an instagram like you know.
00:22:50.340 --> 00:23:00.120 Jeremiah Fox: they're they're rewarding a little bit more creativity, where if you're like you just keep doing the same thing over and over again and again yeah that's good people are people are checking it, but I feel like every now and then they'll just take a week.
00:23:00.420 --> 00:23:02.280 Jeremiah Fox: And they're like now we're cutting you off son you.
00:23:04.680 --> 00:23:05.700 Logan Mandeville: know this is hard to tell.
00:23:06.210 --> 00:23:10.260 Jeremiah Fox: Because it's funny like the hashtags that I often use won't even like show up.
00:23:10.890 --> 00:23:18.960 Jeremiah Fox: And i'm like that's weird and then like a week later it's all back again and i'm like okay they're just they're just fucking with me now, which is fine, I don't care, you know but.
00:23:19.410 --> 00:23:28.800 Jeremiah Fox: um and then, so how how did social media, how did like tick tock and instagram in particular help you start to like grow a business and fitness.
00:23:29.670 --> 00:23:45.060 Logan Mandeville: Well, to be honest man that's my company i'm just have some of the beginning of it i've trained people in the past i've never had like a legitimate business kind of on the side but, honestly just be influence like without value people like.
00:23:46.350 --> 00:23:52.140 Logan Mandeville: I was talking about the DMA we don't call We talked a little bit just decided to move forward with me work with me.
00:23:54.210 --> 00:24:01.530 Logan Mandeville: there's like Tom actually like legitimately don't get like don't want to get on a way bigger scale Downs from to do it right.
00:24:01.740 --> 00:24:15.390 Jeremiah Fox: So for you it's just like lead generation you're putting out videos I even saw one on on Mandeville fitness his account where you just were doing like a Q amp a you were like taking questions from people was it was it a we just doing like an instagram live.
00:24:15.750 --> 00:24:27.900 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, and people were dropping questions in the in the comments and you were answering them so for you, it turns out, it turns into like lead generation and then people will follow up through DNS or whatever, and then um are you doing.
00:24:28.350 --> 00:24:40.200 Jeremiah Fox: Are you doing some in person, but we're going to take another break in a minute so I don't want to go too far down this rabbit hole, but I do want to talk about like how cove it impacted especially personal trainers, are you doing a mix of like virtual and in person.
00:24:41.040 --> 00:24:49.110 Logan Mandeville: Now just virtual for now I plan on maybe to Miami at the end of the year or towards this time next year i'm on too big for us.
00:24:49.590 --> 00:25:00.360 Logan Mandeville: But the goal is eventually open like a studio of their training person as well there but definitely training person just where I live, our gym you can't even try anymore in there, like they won't let you.
00:25:01.080 --> 00:25:11.520 Jeremiah Fox: yeah so what's it like in terms of just the regulations, where you're at like King, can you go out to eat without a mask on can you go to the store data mask on or is it still like kind of harsh and.
00:25:11.790 --> 00:25:29.580 Logan Mandeville: West Virginia only really shut down for like two months, last year, like the beginning, I mean we so we had to wear a mask mask at the gym for a while, I may have three skill base resigned lifted that up right like a month ago, so I was really happy about that I hated working out get sweaty.
00:25:29.820 --> 00:25:30.750 sucks.
00:25:31.950 --> 00:25:35.610 Jeremiah Fox: It sucks you need to breathe, to work out it's hard to breathe, I mean.
00:25:36.180 --> 00:25:40.890 Jeremiah Fox: Here here it's still pretty harsh they're just starting to lift things, but like.
00:25:41.280 --> 00:25:47.040 Jeremiah Fox: You know at work like when i'm at the restaurant for eight hours you just have to have it on you know and the wine store to.
00:25:47.340 --> 00:25:51.960 Jeremiah Fox: Now they're they're saying you know for for people vaccinated if the business.
00:25:52.260 --> 00:26:01.110 Jeremiah Fox: chooses to allow vaccinated people do not wear masks it's up to them, but it's at least allowable now, but I think here they're about to live everything they said the governor said.
00:26:01.590 --> 00:26:13.170 Jeremiah Fox: Once the vaccination rate is 70% they're going to live the regulations and they're like 69 point something right now, so it could happen like this weekend, but yeah man it's hard to work out like that it really sucks.
00:26:13.470 --> 00:26:19.110 Jeremiah Fox: um so so things have been been like cause I normal there for a little while now.
00:26:19.140 --> 00:26:21.210 Logan Mandeville: Are you getting in contact with this.
00:26:21.360 --> 00:26:22.380 Logan Mandeville: small town.
00:26:22.770 --> 00:26:33.180 Logan Mandeville: I mean I traveled I went to like I said New York City and Lord and stuff so i've seen like how strict you guys were there does like here that there was nothing.
00:26:33.600 --> 00:26:36.060 Jeremiah Fox: So you were you were here once things were shut down.
00:26:36.600 --> 00:26:41.250 Logan Mandeville: yeah I came up there, this time last year you guys are like the hot spot.
00:26:42.090 --> 00:26:46.920 Jeremiah Fox: We have riots and shit you got the real deal, you know.
00:26:49.500 --> 00:27:03.660 Jeremiah Fox: it's how we party we set police fans on fire that was like it's crazy because that was exactly a year ago this week and that she was like 10 blocks from my house there's like i'm like yeah you're out of your mind, it was not there we're.
00:27:05.550 --> 00:27:05.850 Logan Mandeville: Not.
00:27:06.180 --> 00:27:11.910 Jeremiah Fox: crazy they were helicopters overhead like all the time, and I would watch them and if they turn towards my neighborhood i'd be like.
00:27:13.380 --> 00:27:14.640 Jeremiah Fox: y'all need to go the other way.
00:27:15.960 --> 00:27:21.870 Jeremiah Fox: We got through it somehow just crazy really crazy all right we're gonna take another break we'll be back in just a minute everybody hang tight.
00:30:13.770 --> 00:30:23.100 Jeremiah Fox: Alright folks welcome back again you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox today talking to personal trainer and model fitness guru Logan Mandeville.
00:30:23.700 --> 00:30:32.820 Jeremiah Fox: we're talking about leveraging social media using that as a lead generator he's a great example, if you want to you know kind of study how to do that, where.
00:30:33.300 --> 00:30:42.480 Jeremiah Fox: You know just do is post doing Q and a's through instagram live and and regular kind of fitness videos and tips he's he's.
00:30:43.050 --> 00:30:52.530 Jeremiah Fox: created a steady stream of lead generation where he's getting direct messages people asking mainly for virtual instruction right now and i'm.
00:30:52.980 --> 00:31:04.830 Jeremiah Fox: guessing you you've monetized at this point, you like charging money for this service nice that's fucking amazing um I was, I had a another very legendary social media.
00:31:06.060 --> 00:31:12.810 Jeremiah Fox: person at my restaurant, the other day, and we were talking about how like we're in this business where we constantly have to like.
00:31:13.200 --> 00:31:23.190 Jeremiah Fox: buy product and make stuff and do all this stuff for in exchange for the money that we get in at the end of the day, there's just not that much leftover and I was like man, we just got to sell information this point I agree.
00:31:23.580 --> 00:31:34.230 Jeremiah Fox: You know, again we're not getting any younger um and it's it's really great to see somebody your age taking that on and in seeing those opportunities already.
00:31:34.890 --> 00:31:46.320 Jeremiah Fox: Because it is much more profitable than you know, like if you were like a an apparel company or a supplement company, you are not saying don't do it, and those are good, you know there's a good.
00:31:47.580 --> 00:31:58.410 Jeremiah Fox: offshoots potentially have a brand I think you know you'll see like a lot of a lot of fitness guys that will like partner up you know, like Joe rogan partnering up with like own a you know and i'm.
00:32:01.950 --> 00:32:07.080 Jeremiah Fox: Just endorsing their product, but like not being pot committed to all that production it's rough.
00:32:09.240 --> 00:32:23.490 Jeremiah Fox: And, and we were just starting to talk about um you know covidien its effect on the fitness industry um were you were you had you started this process prior to last March, or is this something that kind of kicked off for you in the time frame.
00:32:24.420 --> 00:32:30.510 Logan Mandeville: This is something just kicked off like the whole idea of like take it to this like right, three months ago, so.
00:32:31.530 --> 00:32:31.800 Jeremiah Fox: Well, the.
00:32:32.430 --> 00:32:45.870 Jeremiah Fox: interesting thing about the the you know the shutdown and what it did you know I mean she's his frickin jujitsu I mean it's the complete opposite of social distancing we're like we need to get as close to you as possible because that's the best way to strangle you.
00:32:47.070 --> 00:32:57.090 Jeremiah Fox: that's what we like to do um so you know, like the school that I was training and teaching out of you know, they just got the harsh shut down, no.
00:32:57.570 --> 00:33:09.180 Jeremiah Fox: timeline on like when you get open again um you know they ended up losing the their their space, because they weren't making any money you know and it's something is very, very difficult to teach virtually.
00:33:10.020 --> 00:33:19.410 Jeremiah Fox: It certainly needs to be like predominantly hands on, and so they ended up vacating and leaving and and you know it hurt me in a number of ways, because emotionally, it was.
00:33:19.860 --> 00:33:25.710 Jeremiah Fox: An amazing place like my entire family training, it was a real Community Center but also made like really good money teaching.
00:33:26.760 --> 00:33:28.320 Jeremiah Fox: You know I missed that it's such.
00:33:29.070 --> 00:33:36.990 Jeremiah Fox: it's starting to come back and it's funny for me it worked on kind of Similarly, I don't you know and i'm near the REACH you do in terms of instagram and tick tock.
00:33:37.260 --> 00:33:50.550 Jeremiah Fox: But I was just like regularly posting those videos and posting like my workouts just to kind of inspire people and it took a while, because here, people were like really freaked out with people still like there's still like a lot of people walking in the park with masks on.
00:33:50.670 --> 00:33:53.520 Jeremiah Fox: And i'm like nowhere near anybody, like you, but whatever.
00:33:54.480 --> 00:33:55.140 Jeremiah Fox: i'm not your mama.
00:33:55.530 --> 00:34:00.300 Jeremiah Fox: um but, but people once people started to get vaccinated big time here people started to reach out and say hey man.
00:34:00.330 --> 00:34:07.200 Jeremiah Fox: You know i'd like to start training with you i'd like to start doing like privates with you, so I started to get like one on ones were before we were doing all class instruction.
00:34:07.590 --> 00:34:13.710 Jeremiah Fox: But you know I don't care at this point like you know as money on the table and it's absolutely love it.
00:34:14.610 --> 00:34:23.130 Jeremiah Fox: So what I noticed is that so many places so many gems whether it was martial arts, whether it was like boxing whether it was strictly fitness.
00:34:23.460 --> 00:34:32.580 Jeremiah Fox: A lot of them closed or have temporarily closed and having open back up and it's created a big opportunity for anybody that was like thinking about.
00:34:32.970 --> 00:34:43.440 Jeremiah Fox: doing their own thing and just getting into it and it's almost like green pastures, because they were not equipped for any kind of virtual instruction.
00:34:43.800 --> 00:34:48.600 Jeremiah Fox: And for someone like you, it was probably inherent in your business plan Am I correct.
00:34:49.590 --> 00:34:54.930 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I mean you were just that every the whole world was on zoom you were just like Oh, this is what we're doing now.
00:34:55.350 --> 00:35:03.930 Jeremiah Fox: So, can you kind of kind of talk about that process and, like what was what you're what we were you're thinking wise and your approach for getting started in the whole thing.
00:35:05.490 --> 00:35:16.590 Logan Mandeville: um well i've always wanted to get into entrepreneurship, I tried a couple other things before that try the marketing agency that's an hour hired a couple coaches at Delaware.
00:35:17.700 --> 00:35:26.310 Logan Mandeville: And then I really just dug deep mama doing all this when I were like i've done fitness forever, I know I know fitness more than anything.
00:35:26.730 --> 00:35:41.340 Logan Mandeville: it's my passion, I love doing it so that's really when that spark that started working with you know Isaac master master to see helped me clear up my brain stuff and we just built a business up and it's ready to go now yeah.
00:35:41.400 --> 00:35:54.780 Jeremiah Fox: he's been on the show great he's really great with personal branding and i'm curious about the marketing agency thing you, you went after so you would like you were trying to start like a an agency for for like digital marketing.
00:35:55.560 --> 00:36:05.760 Logan Mandeville: Yes, I was really just learning Facebook ads and all that I was going to work with real estate agents I just I couldn't figure it out there was something I didn't know.
00:36:06.210 --> 00:36:14.700 Logan Mandeville: I mean, maybe in the future if I wanted to do that I could learn it but i'm gonna stick with fitness I know it, I love it I don't even know why I think the problem with that.
00:36:15.660 --> 00:36:24.120 Logan Mandeville: i'll see a lot of people on YouTube me have like drop shipping marketing agencies, and I was like cool like they're just these Doers you know.
00:36:27.150 --> 00:36:29.370 Jeremiah Fox: And and you're just like i'm going to try that out.
00:36:32.070 --> 00:36:42.750 Jeremiah Fox: yeah well if that's something I think that takes it most of it i'd say most businesses anything you want to get started it's going to take a lot of commitment um.
00:36:43.530 --> 00:36:51.300 Jeremiah Fox: What I what I admire about you is that you've chosen to do something that you're really passionate about that's really like part of your fabric.
00:36:51.780 --> 00:37:01.980 Jeremiah Fox: um that's that's almost like a necessity, these days, because it's so tight it's so hard, there are times, where you're not making a lot of money where where you just really feel like.
00:37:02.610 --> 00:37:08.250 Jeremiah Fox: The weight is the waves are coming in heavy and you just don't know you know it's like you sink or swim you know.
00:37:08.520 --> 00:37:16.350 Jeremiah Fox: And if if you're passionate about if it's something you're really, really dedicated to and as part of your lifestyle, it makes the test a mess and easy, but just a little easier.
00:37:17.040 --> 00:37:19.950 Jeremiah Fox: You know if it's something that you would do for nothing.
00:37:20.850 --> 00:37:29.010 Jeremiah Fox: When you start to get paid for it, it does make it that much better, you know the payoff is that much better, and if you and if it's something you started doing for nothing.
00:37:29.310 --> 00:37:36.450 Jeremiah Fox: When it happens in the middle of your business life cycle, where you're like oh shit we're not making any money you're like well, I remember when I did this for nothing.
00:37:36.720 --> 00:37:43.950 Jeremiah Fox: Whereas, you know starting something like a marketing agency, where it's not like part of your life if you didn't grow up with marketing and you weren't like a marketing geek.
00:37:44.220 --> 00:37:53.100 Jeremiah Fox: In like high school and you're like oh i'm going to give this a try, you know all that all that resistance comes at you and you're like I don't really love it that much I really don't I think i'm gonna go back to work.
00:37:53.130 --> 00:37:56.610 Jeremiah Fox: Now so again good on you, for like recognizing that.
00:37:57.630 --> 00:38:05.910 Jeremiah Fox: Early on, I still think it's a good move because again it's it's a it could be potentially a high profit industry because.
00:38:06.330 --> 00:38:15.120 Jeremiah Fox: You know you're not you're not preparing you know you're not buying raw materials and preparing goods, you can do it on kind of like a skinny staff, if you really smart with it.
00:38:16.230 --> 00:38:28.740 Jeremiah Fox: And really like you know provide results for for clients you'll you know you start raking in some pretty good cash, you know it's it's high margin which is nice and I think like the real big lesson from.
00:38:30.390 --> 00:38:43.530 Jeremiah Fox: everybody's like self assessment during coven was like there was a lot of inefficiency, I mean I found it in even in my own businesses and I kind of pride myself as like an efficient business owner and i'm like shit man we're wasting a lot of money in these places.
00:38:44.880 --> 00:38:53.910 Jeremiah Fox: And I think that's why you saw a lot of people tank like gyms you know they were just like man we're barely making any money as it is and then all of a sudden, you know.
00:38:54.300 --> 00:38:59.790 Jeremiah Fox: You get this constraints put on you and you're like there's no way we can survive that's you know.
00:39:00.780 --> 00:39:10.710 Jeremiah Fox: You kind of made your own bed in that way in that regard um and I think it was industry wide I think there were a lot of industries that just did certain things, because it was like industry standard.
00:39:10.890 --> 00:39:19.980 Jeremiah Fox: And it costs a lot of money, and it was kind of useless So if you can avoid that going forward, but again I think it's great for like guys in your position because there's no there's no rule book.
00:39:20.460 --> 00:39:25.260 Jeremiah Fox: written on this right now it's like does that excite you are you the kind of person that's excited by that.
00:39:25.470 --> 00:39:27.000 Logan Mandeville: i'm really excited about that.
00:39:28.230 --> 00:39:37.770 Jeremiah Fox: that's great I mean that's like that's when you know, like someone's got entrepreneurship in their DNA when they're like what everybody's like man I don't know what's going on and they're like all freaking out and you're like I don't either.
00:39:37.830 --> 00:39:39.540 Logan Mandeville: But we're gonna go and have something to go we're gonna.
00:39:39.840 --> 00:39:50.790 Jeremiah Fox: we're gonna yeah that's that's a real recipe for success um so at this point how many like how many clients, would you say you work with like on a monthly basis, are you doing like.
00:39:51.300 --> 00:40:04.080 Jeremiah Fox: How are you setting up your your your program are you doing like one offs with people are you trying to get them to sign up for like recurring like subscription based kind of instruction.
00:40:05.040 --> 00:40:15.360 Logan Mandeville: Well, like I said i've trained in the past, I kind of dropped that and like this is when I was really focused on modeling and stuff so i'm just not picking it back up, so I only have a few plants at the moment but.
00:40:16.530 --> 00:40:23.310 Logan Mandeville: i'm going it's like ready like i'm back to it, so it should be back up soon, but yeah i'm gonna offer one on one.
00:40:24.540 --> 00:40:34.110 Logan Mandeville: And that's the main ones, one on one number i'll have some pre built plans for people to just get into fitness i'm also gonna have some freebies because you never know people a lot of people are.
00:40:34.920 --> 00:40:43.860 Logan Mandeville: iffy about the whole fitness subject and getting started so they'll kind of give them like a boost of motivation, I feel like but one on one stuff like the main focus for sure, because.
00:40:44.790 --> 00:41:00.630 Logan Mandeville: I was just people can succeed, but plans like succeed with something they can just do their own boss like it's a lot more beneficial, especially these people that want to lose hundred 50 pounds over time, like they need more hands on they need more accountability more guidance so.
00:41:01.440 --> 00:41:09.450 Jeremiah Fox: So, have you kind of like narrow down who your ideal client is in terms of that are you are, you are you.
00:41:11.130 --> 00:41:18.780 Jeremiah Fox: As a pilot kind of in discerned yet whether it's like i'm going to help like people that are way out of shape to get in like decent shape or.
00:41:18.990 --> 00:41:29.820 Jeremiah Fox: Is it more like i'm going to help guys that are in good shape that want to get to elite shape and be more like fitness model kind of material, what have you have you spent much time thinking about that yet.
00:41:30.300 --> 00:41:37.920 Logan Mandeville: haven't done that yet i'm kind of sick and with general for a bit just going with because, like you know a lot of people and surround myself too long to be trained, so I kind of have that.
00:41:38.250 --> 00:41:45.210 Logan Mandeville: influence are you coming over eventually I do plan on touching down and future I think I want to work with other entrepreneurs.
00:41:45.600 --> 00:41:47.010 Jeremiah Fox: Death that's.
00:41:47.100 --> 00:41:47.850 Jeremiah Fox: Like good.
00:41:48.900 --> 00:42:03.930 Jeremiah Fox: Now the it and what I was gonna say too is like when it when it really comes down to when you're when you're really like landing clients is the interpersonal connection, you have with them so like you might have like the best technique and everything, but if they think you're an asshole.
00:42:05.460 --> 00:42:10.260 Jeremiah Fox: It won't matter you know they're not going to stick longer it might be like oh he's cool for a minute and then they're out but, if you like.
00:42:10.470 --> 00:42:20.010 Jeremiah Fox: If they really connect with you on that level, so I i've noticed is a lot of the people that i'm starting to work with are both entrepreneurial and fitness.
00:42:20.550 --> 00:42:29.820 Jeremiah Fox: oriented, and like that really it really gets me pumped up and they are out there, I mean it's funny how like the two go hand in hand, often because, like.
00:42:30.120 --> 00:42:36.090 Jeremiah Fox: A lot a lot of people that are really going after it on entrepreneurial side they're also they have these other goals they have these other fuels.
00:42:36.330 --> 00:42:40.890 Jeremiah Fox: and fitness is just one of them, and I don't know if you listen to Joe rogan much but he's always talking about like.
00:42:41.580 --> 00:42:48.570 Jeremiah Fox: That endorphin release you get where you get up in the morning and you just put yourself, through your routine you know you you hit it you hit it hard and then you're like.
00:42:48.840 --> 00:42:53.370 Jeremiah Fox: i'm ready to go man, and those are the people that are the tend to be more of like the high flyers.
00:42:53.580 --> 00:43:00.570 Jeremiah Fox: And are not afraid to go out and branch on your own, so I think you're definitely on to something in terms of like ideal client with that whether they're.
00:43:00.900 --> 00:43:05.250 Jeremiah Fox: Out of shape and want to get in shape or already in good shape and want to get in better shape, but just if you.
00:43:05.640 --> 00:43:10.680 Jeremiah Fox: kind of like pitch it that way and kind of market to those people, I think I think everybody.
00:43:11.100 --> 00:43:18.720 Jeremiah Fox: gets a lot more value out of it yourself included, you know, because you want to receive something, you know as well as like the business owner Besides, I mean we all want to get paid.
00:43:19.020 --> 00:43:25.800 Jeremiah Fox: For sure, but like it's that it's that feeling at the end of the day that you're like you're helping people in more than one way.
00:43:26.250 --> 00:43:34.320 Jeremiah Fox: And my understanding about entrepreneurship is just like we're problem solvers you know, like we assess the situation we recognize like there's a problem.
00:43:34.710 --> 00:43:44.100 Jeremiah Fox: And it needs a solution and we offer it and, like it's no different than fitness you know so it's it's funny how a lot of fitness people i've noticed are starting to flip to like.
00:43:44.490 --> 00:43:52.410 Jeremiah Fox: Business consulting you know and coaching because you're already in this market of like helping people often with their physical needs.
00:43:52.920 --> 00:44:02.880 Jeremiah Fox: But once you realize like oh there's other things they need help with, and if you have the solution you plug it in and then boom you get the entrepreneur T shirt not a T shirt.
00:44:03.480 --> 00:44:04.440 Logan Mandeville: zach zach.
00:44:05.040 --> 00:44:08.670 Jeremiah Fox: we're going to take one more quick break and we'll wrap this guy up hang out everybody will be right back.
00:46:30.090 --> 00:46:44.190 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, welcome back last last portion of the show let's make it our best, so we talked about your past talked about current situation now let's talk about the future, you alluded to earlier your aspirations to move to Miami.
00:46:45.510 --> 00:46:46.560 Jeremiah Fox: what's in Miami.
00:46:47.010 --> 00:46:49.800 Jeremiah Fox: And Miami is great my dad's from Miami we used to go there all the time.
00:46:51.240 --> 00:46:52.950 Jeremiah Fox: yeah what's the connection to Miami for you.
00:46:54.150 --> 00:47:02.700 Logan Mandeville: I go down there get bit for modeling and I just I really love the culture, I love the warm weather i'm sick of lender the cold yeah.
00:47:03.510 --> 00:47:13.350 Logan Mandeville: I know a good bit of people down there are other models entrepreneurs I just really want to switch it up make myself uncomfortable get out of this small town small town.
00:47:13.770 --> 00:47:14.790 Jeremiah Fox: very nice.
00:47:14.820 --> 00:47:24.270 Jeremiah Fox: keyword get make yourself uncomfortable that's a big that's a big part of the journey that's great and so you created you created you know you got your brand which I think is a really good brand.
00:47:24.600 --> 00:47:40.830 Jeremiah Fox: Mandeville fitness it's it's you got you know you got a good thing, going on decent you know good logo and everything you were saying you know you're working virtually now, but you have interest of starting some sort of studio and and getting in person.
00:47:41.880 --> 00:47:47.640 Jeremiah Fox: What are your what are your preliminary thoughts on that how what's your vision for like how it would operate i'm curious.
00:47:49.710 --> 00:47:54.420 Logan Mandeville: may not always said sorry all by myself for a bit wouldn't be a big studio.
00:47:56.220 --> 00:48:13.440 Logan Mandeville: So i'll eventually bring on a couple more trainers potentially Congress operate like a small jammy i'll see personal training studio so soft will be like jam we haven't, I would like to open a gym of his studio yeah just run it by myself for a bit and then bring on some other trainers.
00:48:14.610 --> 00:48:25.680 Jeremiah Fox: And then what's kind of the you know the backbone of your your training like what what kind of apparatus, where you know how do you how do you approach fitness with clients.
00:48:26.640 --> 00:48:32.850 Jeremiah Fox: or like what's your vision, I guess, because right now you're doing it virtually so you're like you got to work with what they have wherever they're at right.
00:48:33.150 --> 00:48:41.970 Logan Mandeville: yeah so me i'll start off asking or saying what kind of equipment, you have available guys mostly nobody like a lot of people's gems are still shots.
00:48:42.660 --> 00:48:52.200 Logan Mandeville: They have vans good or bodyweight good now just to run through like their goals what they've done in the past and motives are for hitting this goal here is just dig deep with that.
00:48:53.220 --> 00:48:53.550 Logan Mandeville: Right.
00:48:53.760 --> 00:49:05.310 Jeremiah Fox: So, then, for your like your your space like your studio what would what would be the main thing that you would have an air you more of like a you know barbell dumbbell kind of guy or more like kettlebell and like rings and ropes.
00:49:06.510 --> 00:49:07.410 Logan Mandeville: let's say pray about that.
00:49:08.220 --> 00:49:14.880 Jeremiah Fox: yeah okay um and you want to focus mainly on like one on one at first just build a good client base.
00:49:15.990 --> 00:49:17.940 Jeremiah Fox: Have you ever had a commercial lease before.
00:49:19.020 --> 00:49:19.620 Logan Mandeville: i've not.
00:49:19.920 --> 00:49:26.820 Jeremiah Fox: yeah they're not terrible especially right now I mean again if you're situated nicely so what's happened.
00:49:28.770 --> 00:49:41.790 Jeremiah Fox: Over the last year is that landlords realize their their leases were not very friendly to situations like this and everybody lost a lot of money where prior you know landlords maybe.
00:49:43.080 --> 00:49:48.060 Jeremiah Fox: Had kind of the upper hand at the situation just depending on on the nature of beliefs and what was written in on it.
00:49:48.480 --> 00:49:55.680 Jeremiah Fox: um but, but now they're allowing like crazy amendments and they're just you know really bending over backwards for new tenants.
00:49:56.160 --> 00:50:05.580 Jeremiah Fox: Which is odd, because a lot of them just screwed the previous tenants So if you were a tenant you know in March of 2020 they were kind of like a sucks for you Fuck you pay me, you know.
00:50:05.850 --> 00:50:06.780 Jeremiah Fox: And now they're like.
00:50:07.260 --> 00:50:18.810 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I know if you know let's right into the least you know some amendment that if the government shuts you down you don't have to pay rent or you these only a partial rent, so I would say, definitely get like a good.
00:50:19.860 --> 00:50:27.510 Jeremiah Fox: Like a good Lisa attorney before you sign anything, especially in a city like Miami like if you were you know, in your town, you probably do some handshake deals.
00:50:27.750 --> 00:50:37.290 Jeremiah Fox: And it's crazy I just got I in in this building i've had a music studio for like the last eight years, and another room opened up in in the basement and.
00:50:38.130 --> 00:50:41.100 Jeremiah Fox: it's kind of like perfect for what you're talking about it's small.
00:50:41.400 --> 00:50:50.010 Jeremiah Fox: And so I took it on and i've been teaching down there because it's like completely closed off from everything, nobody can see it, you know or isolated were by yourself, so people that are not ready to see.
00:50:50.340 --> 00:51:03.030 Jeremiah Fox: Like people working out together, yet you know they don't see it any kind of just get to like operate freely the rents cheap, which is really good I would definitely try to negotiate, like the cheaper the rent the money goes goes in here pocket.
00:51:04.560 --> 00:51:12.360 Jeremiah Fox: And yeah it's just worked out to be this kind of like ideal scenario I don't know if it'll turn into something bigger one day but that's what i'm asking all these questions because i'm in a similar boat.
00:51:12.690 --> 00:51:22.560 Jeremiah Fox: And i'm like I kind of would like to open some kind of facility one day that deals with like fitness in martial arts and just wellness in general um.
00:51:23.730 --> 00:51:29.760 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it's cool but like i've also signed a bunch of leases and, like last businesses because leases so i'm like.
00:51:30.150 --> 00:51:32.880 Jeremiah Fox: i'm like tiptoeing in, but I would definitely say like.
00:51:33.240 --> 00:51:47.400 Jeremiah Fox: And you know if you're doing it in Miami like find a local attorney you know somebody that's like right in there that knows, like the nuances of the local regulation and everything like that um and then you know you have to get insurance to sucks there's no way right.
00:51:47.940 --> 00:52:00.810 Logan Mandeville: Now, so the that's gonna be a bit far to studio thing i'm more focused on the very slowly building that up as good as I can, and then do that yet maybe a year or two or even take action on that.
00:52:01.020 --> 00:52:05.130 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I think that's a good move because everybody's so responsive to it, right now, you know.
00:52:05.580 --> 00:52:16.920 Jeremiah Fox: in so many ways it's it's been a benefit and helped a lot of people, I mean even for me at the restaurant, you know we never did any kind of take out before is definitely like kind of place for you come and sit for like a couple hours.
00:52:17.250 --> 00:52:32.190 Jeremiah Fox: And like you know it's just wasn't part of our program, and now it is even though we're pretty much back open and it full steam, people are still just like placing online orders and stuff like that and it's just extra money and we don't have to do much work for it's.
00:52:33.120 --> 00:52:34.140 Logan Mandeville: becoming the new.
00:52:35.340 --> 00:52:49.230 Jeremiah Fox: yeah i'd say you probably would be able to continue even once you have a space doing some sort of virtual or at least like um Have you ever done any kind of like webinars or any like pre recorded videos where it's just like a workout thing that you can put put.
00:52:49.470 --> 00:52:52.110 Logan Mandeville: On what do I did one for an APP on Tom like.
00:52:52.140 --> 00:52:57.690 Logan Mandeville: yeah Dave you do it, this was a while back did like an ab exercise say something like that.
00:52:58.470 --> 00:53:06.210 Jeremiah Fox: um I again, I mentioned the last segment, you know, in a number of like classrooms and masterminds and things like that and.
00:53:06.750 --> 00:53:15.960 Jeremiah Fox: it's all based on entrepreneurship and a lot of these guys are coming from the fitness space and coaching space, but dealing, you know, some of them are pts.
00:53:16.590 --> 00:53:27.270 Jeremiah Fox: You know, some like some are PhDs in physical therapy and you know the the squeeze was put on them last year, you know it's hard to see clients, they all had to go virtual.
00:53:27.990 --> 00:53:35.250 Jeremiah Fox: And again, a lot of them are kicking into like more like business coaching and stuff right now but um the feedback i've heard from a lot of them lately is like.
00:53:35.880 --> 00:53:46.710 Jeremiah Fox: they're a lot of them are getting away they're getting more away from one on one and private, I mean, some of them, they can't completely but they're subsidizing with these kind of like digital offerings so whether it's like.
00:53:48.120 --> 00:53:49.950 Jeremiah Fox: You know, an exclusive kind of.
00:53:51.600 --> 00:53:58.110 Jeremiah Fox: webinar or or pre recorded video that they would not necessarily get just working one on one with you.
00:53:58.500 --> 00:54:02.310 Jeremiah Fox: They monetize it and it's kind of Nice because you just record it once you know you put money into your.
00:54:02.610 --> 00:54:07.800 Jeremiah Fox: Production and everything like that, but then it just archives that houses and people can continue to purchase it.
00:54:08.190 --> 00:54:13.590 Jeremiah Fox: Like you don't have to update it you don't have to do anything you just make sure that it's available and that the download codes are available on.
00:54:13.860 --> 00:54:23.430 Jeremiah Fox: And it's just extra money for you so something else to think about as you're like building, you know have like I always tell people, and this was advice that I was given a long time ago.
00:54:24.600 --> 00:54:27.750 Jeremiah Fox: is better to own 20% of five things in 100% of one.
00:54:28.350 --> 00:54:38.250 Jeremiah Fox: So you can do that, even within your own brand like chop it up and have like these different components and you'll see like there'll be a time where like your online services is like making you a shit ton of money you know, like oh wow that's great.
00:54:38.280 --> 00:54:39.660 Jeremiah Fox: And then there'll be a time where like.
00:54:39.660 --> 00:54:45.180 Jeremiah Fox: In person is making you a lot of money and online is down it's like, but if you have those multiple components.
00:54:45.840 --> 00:54:50.670 Jeremiah Fox: You just always kind of have money coming in and see you know the world's all fucked up and changing and flip it on its side, all the.
00:54:51.120 --> 00:55:04.770 Jeremiah Fox: Faster these days so like it's better to just go with it, you know make that like kind of make it part of your business model than being like i'm going to do this and that's it and that's all I want to make money that's that's usually like like I say like stiff branches crack you know.
00:55:05.280 --> 00:55:14.430 Logan Mandeville: branch has been wanting to do a only do subscription model for sure near future i'm trying to build up a little bit more months are going really hard on YouTube so.
00:55:15.510 --> 00:55:19.320 Logan Mandeville: You have been neglecting YouTube youtube's such a great platform.
00:55:20.670 --> 00:55:32.040 Jeremiah Fox: And Facebook to like you have you have the business page on Facebook utilize that not so much a personal account, but I think it's even easier to monetize on Facebook than it is on YouTube these days so.
00:55:32.370 --> 00:55:33.540 Logan Mandeville: Really, I looked into.
00:55:33.810 --> 00:55:39.990 Jeremiah Fox: It was when I talked to this guy he was like blowing my mind we'd like how quickly you monetize on Facebook compared to YouTube so.
00:55:40.800 --> 00:55:48.690 Jeremiah Fox: we're gonna have to wrap it up before we go once you to let everybody know where they can get in touch with you, if they want to, they want to solicit your services or just learn more.
00:55:49.860 --> 00:55:51.840 Jeremiah Fox: what's the best way to contact you where can they find you.
00:55:52.440 --> 00:56:07.980 Logan Mandeville: yeah absolutely it's almost socials are Logan Mandeville altogether my last name is spelled ma in the VI ll E and, if you want to check out my personal training pages they're all Mandeville fitness except for twitter's means will fit.
00:56:09.150 --> 00:56:10.650 Logan Mandeville: For me, based on every platform.
00:56:11.220 --> 00:56:12.540 Jeremiah Fox: And do you have a website yet.
00:56:12.870 --> 00:56:14.400 Logan Mandeville: I do mental fitness COM.
00:56:14.670 --> 00:56:23.520 Jeremiah Fox: Beautiful awesome man well Thank you so much for coming on really, really enjoyed our conversation and i'd love to check in and like a few months and see see kind of like your progress and where you're at.
00:56:23.970 --> 00:56:24.810 Logan Mandeville: Absolutely, thank you.
00:56:26.040 --> 00:56:26.430 Jeremiah Fox: Great.
00:56:26.460 --> 00:56:32.010 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, well, you have a great weekend rest of you have a great weekend we'll see you next week peace out.

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