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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/08 - Food in the Smokies

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/08 - Food in the Smokies


2021/06/08 - Food in the Smokies

[NEW EPISODE] Food in the Smokies

This week, Joseph talks about food traditions and modern day options for food in the Smokies.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Starting off this episode, host Joseph McElroy talks about some of his favorite memories in the mountains and shares a poem. He talks about food traditions in the mountains and iconic foods in regions. Some examples include locations to find barbecue, buttermilk pancakes, and corn chowder.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Joseph continues his conversation on iconic and staple foods in the Smoky Mountains. He gives tips and reads out unexpected food combinations that people should try out.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Joseph looks up more highly recommended restaurants around the Smoky Mountains. Some are steakhouses and one is a blackberry farm called The Barn. He explains how each place is unique and why it is rated so highly. He continues by talking about fishes, specifically rainbow trout, that you can get fresh at Smoky Mountains. He talks about how there’s a lot of new fusion of cultures and foods that are introducing people to new culture and flavors.

Segment 4

For the final segment of the episode, Joseph talks about upcoming events for the next few weeks and gives shoutouts to many shops and restaurants.


00:00:38.160 --> 00:00:38.820 Joseph McElroy: howdy.

00:00:39.210 --> 00:00:43.350 Joseph McElroy: Thanks for joining us on this week's episode of gateway to the smoke.

00:00:44.370 --> 00:00:54.300 Joseph McElroy: This podcast is about america's most visited National Park, the great smoky national park and the surrounding towns, this area is rich.

00:00:54.840 --> 00:01:07.650 Joseph McElroy: With that ancient natural beauty deep story history and and and deep mountain cultures that we explore with weekly episodes I am Joseph Franklin MAC or.

00:01:08.010 --> 00:01:19.140 Joseph McElroy: A man of the world, but also with deep roots in these maps my family is living the great smokies for over 200 years my businesses in travel, but my heart is in mountain culture.

00:01:20.250 --> 00:01:32.130 Joseph McElroy: Today we're going to learn more about food and farm to table food in the smokies, which is a long tradition i'm gonna be the first time I do a little poetry, and then maybe some recipe so.

00:01:33.390 --> 00:01:40.710 Joseph McElroy: I was looking around looking for something that talked about Community because community is a big important part of.

00:01:41.910 --> 00:01:45.540 Joseph McElroy: of you know, farm to table culture.

00:01:46.680 --> 00:01:57.090 Joseph McElroy: And in the growing up in the smokies you know, having having a Community meals from food that you'd pick their yourself was incredibly important, I can remember.

00:01:57.510 --> 00:02:10.260 Joseph McElroy: The whole family going out and picking corn and picking beans coming back and check in the corn and cutting the beings and then can in the beans and you know cream in the corn, and then everybody sit around and have a meal eat.

00:02:11.430 --> 00:02:16.380 Joseph McElroy: and saving the rest of the rest of the year, so, for me, I.

00:02:17.430 --> 00:02:23.040 Joseph McElroy: I get intense feeling of home from the concept of farm food.

00:02:24.360 --> 00:02:30.660 Joseph McElroy: So I found this poem it touches on it a little bit it's called from blossoms by Leon lead.

00:02:32.130 --> 00:02:43.560 Joseph McElroy: From blossoms comes this paper brown paper bag of peaches, we bought from the boy a bend in the road were returned out toward signs painted peaches.

00:02:44.820 --> 00:02:58.740 Joseph McElroy: From laden bows from hands from sweeps fellowship in the bins comes nectar at the roadside succulent peaches will devour dusty skin and all and comes with a familiar desta summer.

00:03:04.440 --> 00:03:17.730 Joseph McElroy: Take what we love inside to carry within us an orchard to eat, not only the skin, but the shape, not only the sugar, but the days to hold the food in our hands adore it and then bite into the round jubilance of peach.

00:03:18.600 --> 00:03:33.570 Joseph McElroy: There are days we live as if death were nowhere in the background, from joy joy joy from wing to wing from blossom to blossom to impossible blossom to sweet impossible blossom.

00:03:34.650 --> 00:03:50.820 Joseph McElroy: No concept of taking the orchard inside of you, and just feeling it, I think, really, you know when you've been in the mountains long enough and experience, you know getting food from the farm and as part of your culture, you have that sense of unfortunately and inside of you.

00:03:52.020 --> 00:04:01.410 Joseph McElroy: You know it's it's a memory of picking strawberries and off the side of the road wild strawberries, you know, being in the back of a night.

00:04:01.950 --> 00:04:09.510 Joseph McElroy: I was leaving four or five or six years old, my grandfather would put put us kids in the back of a little trailer in this.

00:04:09.870 --> 00:04:19.260 Joseph McElroy: Take us along an old gravel road through the mountains along the side of the road, all the way around wild strawberries and so he stopped every.

00:04:19.530 --> 00:04:29.580 Joseph McElroy: You know 10 1520 feet we'd all jump off and scrambled pick whatever strawberries are and then put them in our little buckets and then jump back on the on the on the.

00:04:30.900 --> 00:04:41.520 Joseph McElroy: The trailer the trailer and go a few more feet, of course, the dust would be would be shifted up and it gives a little dusting the than that what you pick but you still ate it.

00:04:41.880 --> 00:04:49.050 Joseph McElroy: is still ate it, it was sweet, and it was just tasted great, even though there was a little dust and maybe even a little dirt and sometimes there was even a little.

00:04:49.710 --> 00:05:03.660 Joseph McElroy: little bit of bugs in there, but we were six years old, five years old, with a chair, we just love that taste, so you know it's it's a wonderful experience has been to tell you about some of the favorite.

00:05:05.130 --> 00:05:08.310 Joseph McElroy: favorite traditions of food in the mountains.

00:05:09.540 --> 00:05:21.330 Joseph McElroy: That that that I remember and some that I didn't even know about right there's a there is a tradition of lettuce and onion salads.

00:05:21.900 --> 00:05:33.990 Joseph McElroy: And it in here, you might think that that is sort of a scary name alright, so you let us and onions right but it's it's a it's a delicious dish.

00:05:34.650 --> 00:05:49.380 Joseph McElroy: it's a really refreshing starter, and something light for a one day, but you also add in some dry salt pork and there's some give me some a meeting flavor and then you have cornbread crew talks which you just you know really wonderful.

00:05:50.760 --> 00:05:56.130 Joseph McElroy: And so it's a it's a smoky mountain tradition and you don't want to miss that.

00:05:57.600 --> 00:06:00.360 Joseph McElroy: I think that you know there's a.

00:06:01.740 --> 00:06:14.160 Joseph McElroy: You can decide, you can search lettuce and onions and find a salad and find a good recipe online pretty good another iconic vegetable this it's all over the South.

00:06:15.180 --> 00:06:18.360 Joseph McElroy: But is really important, in the mountains is collard Greens.

00:06:19.980 --> 00:06:21.810 Joseph McElroy: lot of people in the mountain swear by doing.

00:06:21.810 --> 00:06:31.890 Joseph McElroy: collard greens and black eyed peas and new years but it's also just a big staple of you know, every every family unit and every every every.

00:06:33.420 --> 00:06:49.830 Joseph McElroy: You know holiday gift to go that we'd have we'd want to eat these these dishes so collard Greens you don't want to overcook but it's there, it was very important to have as part of the culture of being in the mountains.

00:06:51.180 --> 00:06:56.400 Joseph McElroy: Another is beef stew, and I have a little bit of a conflict would be stupid, then there was also a.

00:06:57.510 --> 00:07:07.980 Joseph McElroy: Yankee tradition which my grandmother on my mother's side was a Yankee, for she was also a big and the beach too, but it's a hardy comfort food that's important.

00:07:08.520 --> 00:07:22.620 Joseph McElroy: In the mountains and it's you know it's about cooking beef with canned tomatoes and stop and then you take your your spare vegetables vegetables that maybe you didn't use it other times.

00:07:23.520 --> 00:07:29.970 Joseph McElroy: Or you know what didn't get canned or didn't get us to whatever or just the end of the season, vegetables and you throw them in that.

00:07:29.970 --> 00:07:40.680 Joseph McElroy: stew and it's and you cook it for a while it's really part of a lot of smoking out meals there's a there's a version of it there's not beef stew and.

00:07:41.880 --> 00:07:47.760 Joseph McElroy: I think people call brunswick stew it's a games to where you know it's a similar recipe you go and.

00:07:48.420 --> 00:08:01.770 Joseph McElroy: You at the end of the at the game season people bring a lot of their game needs to go in the freezer point I think they did eat you know, maybe it's a new season coming up and you'll throw in rabbit venison and all sorts of stuff.

00:08:03.840 --> 00:08:12.960 Joseph McElroy: For a while and you through to vegetables and that you know these kind of long simmering stews are real part of a smoky mountain cultural tradition and.

00:08:13.650 --> 00:08:20.430 Joseph McElroy: Another thing is beans and cornbread you know every day that I went to rock hill elementary school.

00:08:20.910 --> 00:08:27.900 Joseph McElroy: I would go in and have beans and corn bread for breakfast or sometimes i'd have corn bread and milk I love.

00:08:28.620 --> 00:08:40.020 Joseph McElroy: beans and cornbread and corn bread and milk and those are sort of staples of breakfast and then you know, to make it lunch it had its own get some green onions, sometimes just sweet onions and.

00:08:40.740 --> 00:08:46.500 Joseph McElroy: It just I don't know it just feels it feels a real spot as a hearty it's a hearty meal.

00:08:47.280 --> 00:08:57.060 Joseph McElroy: It was it was for generations that's what people eat now I don't see it as much around here, but I do notice some of the old cafes you can go and some of the places like there's.

00:08:57.630 --> 00:09:13.080 Joseph McElroy: One right if I 40 Maggie validates if there's a CAFE in it in a and a gas station that's been around for 100 years, nobody really stops accept the local farmers, but if you go in there, you can get the best bowl of.

00:09:14.280 --> 00:09:17.310 Joseph McElroy: beans and cornbread with onions, that you ever had.

00:09:19.740 --> 00:09:22.620 Joseph McElroy: And then there's something called a dried apple stack cake.

00:09:23.760 --> 00:09:35.520 Joseph McElroy: Which is a it's a desert it's creative dried apples and flat take this and you got it you got to take some patience you stack it we put a lot of spices in it and.

00:09:36.360 --> 00:09:48.000 Joseph McElroy: And and sorghum and buttermilk you know and and the stack cakes and it's a it's a it's a real good mountain delicacy, in a sense.

00:09:53.670 --> 00:09:56.100 Joseph McElroy: I was expecting a guest to show on today.

00:09:57.240 --> 00:10:01.830 Joseph McElroy: And I think they're running late, we were talking about farm to table food.

00:10:03.360 --> 00:10:07.920 Joseph McElroy: Which is is an important part of our.

00:10:09.450 --> 00:10:10.560 Joseph McElroy: of our culture.

00:10:12.150 --> 00:10:21.810 Joseph McElroy: But I can mention some things that are you know some good places to go to get other kinds of food all around the smoky mountains and.

00:10:22.560 --> 00:10:34.230 Joseph McElroy: You know, one of the one of the favorites in the mountains is old fashioned buttermilk pancakes and you can get that at place for the pantry really great version of that pancake pantry.

00:10:35.490 --> 00:10:46.170 Joseph McElroy: it's been serving up since 1960s and it's in it's in the gatlinburg area, all these i'm only trying to gatlinburg area.

00:10:47.340 --> 00:10:57.540 Joseph McElroy: You can get now do you get some good stuff to it, what you might consider are not the best places to go get through, but you get some great kettle corn $1.

00:10:58.290 --> 00:11:04.020 Joseph McElroy: And dollywood has some really great entertainment, but it also has some of the best kettle corn, you might get.

00:11:04.380 --> 00:11:14.370 Joseph McElroy: it's fresh made there, and I know it's got that sort of slight sweetness and Kevin corn is a staple around here and I just recommend it highly and, of course, you get to go to see a wonderful.

00:11:15.630 --> 00:11:17.400 Joseph McElroy: amusement Park, while you're doing it.

00:11:18.930 --> 00:11:29.940 Joseph McElroy: Another another place is to get pit smoked Barbecue and there's several places I do that one is hungry bear, which is a gatlinburg, which is a pretty.

00:11:30.780 --> 00:11:47.280 Joseph McElroy: Famous joy is near to gatlinburg and and it's it's really great bar now really great places that new hazelwood North Carolina is part of waynesville North Carolina and it's called the hazel word smokehouse news actually listed as one of the top 20.

00:11:50.310 --> 00:11:55.170 Joseph McElroy: Barbecue places in the nation, and it has eight different kinds of Barbecue sauce.

00:11:55.800 --> 00:12:06.120 Joseph McElroy: ranging from very spice it's a very sweet and all the others in between, and they have different kinds of Barbecue they have pulled pork, which is a North Carolina staple and then they have.

00:12:06.480 --> 00:12:23.850 Joseph McElroy: brisket they have rooms that are just unbelievable Barbecue is just you know stapled smoky mountain tradition and there's a lot of we'll go around a lot of places you'll see the screen off courses, where they have the smoking smoking, you know grills and things like that just part of.

00:12:25.170 --> 00:12:26.310 Joseph McElroy: corn chowder.

00:12:27.480 --> 00:12:36.030 Joseph McElroy: Is a great stapled to get in the mountains of North Carolina and you get one in the smoky mountains and you can get it in.

00:12:38.190 --> 00:12:42.480 Joseph McElroy: You might get it at a place called the old mill restaurant and that's in pigeon forge.

00:12:43.860 --> 00:12:48.660 Joseph McElroy: And it's and it's a very rich home style.

00:12:50.670 --> 00:12:53.580 Joseph McElroy: porridge sort of thing it's really full.

00:12:55.500 --> 00:13:02.010 Joseph McElroy: And you know it's you know it's good to company things like.

00:13:04.350 --> 00:13:12.090 Joseph McElroy: touchy fried steak and sugar cured ham and those other things, so when we come back i'll talk to you more about the food in the smoky mountains.

00:15:42.660 --> 00:15:58.830 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast and I did have a guest, but they have they're having technical difficulties so we're going to try and we threw some interesting things i'm fine I could talk about food in the mountains.

00:16:00.270 --> 00:16:01.380 Joseph McElroy: You know I went to.

00:16:03.000 --> 00:16:07.110 Joseph McElroy: there's a great smoky mountains institute that tree mom, which is a really great.

00:16:09.420 --> 00:16:13.740 Joseph McElroy: About resource for venturing in the great smoky mountains National Park.

00:16:15.270 --> 00:16:21.750 Joseph McElroy: And you know, one of the things that they emphasize that you know you're going to have successful ventures in the mountains.

00:16:22.080 --> 00:16:29.220 Joseph McElroy: And you're you're hiking things you want to make sure that you have really good food when you go with the you need to keep your energy.

00:16:29.970 --> 00:16:38.400 Joseph McElroy: And so, a lot of their staff and people that are associated with have shared their secrets and and.

00:16:39.060 --> 00:16:50.670 Joseph McElroy: And and suggestions for favorite foods and smacks when you're doing anything from hiking the background free to do just doing a family pick so imma imma mentioned some of these because some of these are pretty good.

00:16:51.960 --> 00:16:57.030 Joseph McElroy: Emily Stein who's a youth programs coordinator record it recommends that.

00:16:58.200 --> 00:17:02.190 Joseph McElroy: she loves she loves the the food that trail food that.

00:17:04.560 --> 00:17:15.990 Joseph McElroy: You know that is fun to create right and that's new and tasty so she's got it she's recommending fried farmers you grip takes.

00:17:16.680 --> 00:17:30.180 Joseph McElroy: A grid cakes or you know and cheese grit cakes are always a good standard the mountains and and so you know you can basically write up some grit and put some cheese on some dried tomatoes, then you carrying cook it.

00:17:31.890 --> 00:17:36.660 Joseph McElroy: And there's a and then another one is you know you know the good old.

00:17:37.980 --> 00:17:49.170 Joseph McElroy: Raising the good old raisins and peanuts is always good at throwing some chocolate chips, so you can eat that breakfast lunch and dinner so that's a you know that that's some secrets to take you.

00:17:51.840 --> 00:18:00.720 Joseph McElroy: Sometimes people actually better on the trail, and when they when they when they're eating at home, and so you know you actually you can when you're planning ahead.

00:18:04.020 --> 00:18:09.810 Joseph McElroy: i'm going to doing something you got to take food with you can plan ahead, you can make a much better meal in terms of.

00:18:11.010 --> 00:18:23.220 Joseph McElroy: You know what you're going to take, and so Eric cantor the manager of the science military research recommends making marinated template sandwiches with saute kale and cashew cheese cheese.

00:18:23.670 --> 00:18:33.300 Joseph McElroy: And then you know takes a tupperware was kennel ships and throw in some Mandarin oranges and or an apple and, of course, always bringing bringing lots of water.

00:18:35.130 --> 00:18:44.550 Joseph McElroy: You know that's a different one that probably wasn't a traditional mountain the recipe, but it's probably a current one for people adventuring and living here now.

00:18:46.620 --> 00:18:50.040 Joseph McElroy: No, you know there's when you're hiking you can.

00:18:52.230 --> 00:18:54.030 Joseph McElroy: You can get.

00:18:55.110 --> 00:19:00.000 Joseph McElroy: You know, you can get a sweet tooth you can also because your exercise, you can take advantage of.

00:19:01.020 --> 00:19:16.470 Joseph McElroy: Things you wouldn't normally like I don't eat candy bar so one of the things I would always take is I would think about taken as a snicker bar because it's you know it's got it's got peanuts it's got carnivals got the protein it.

00:19:17.790 --> 00:19:23.970 Joseph McElroy: it's, it is a good thing when you're like culminating moment when you reach that peak you know, having something that.

00:19:25.620 --> 00:19:35.670 Joseph McElroy: rewards you it's a little bit off your normal path, but it's like you haven't had a long time can be pretty pretty pretty enjoyable.

00:19:38.640 --> 00:19:48.630 Joseph McElroy: there's a there's a sugary snack that luke's shucksmith who's the teacher naturalist recommends is called to be sprees I have.

00:19:49.350 --> 00:19:58.950 Joseph McElroy: I don't know what is it two weeks, free, so you guys will have to go figure that one out but i'm assuming it's some sort of commercial product that you can buy it it's a very sugary snack.

00:20:00.540 --> 00:20:12.570 Joseph McElroy: And, and of course I you know, a different kind of trail mix that I like and he recommends, as well as walnuts almonds, Dr kimberly's cranberries along with dark chocolate you get those.

00:20:13.140 --> 00:20:22.710 Joseph McElroy: Special health benefits from dark chocolates, but yeah you have to like dark chocolate milk chocolate little bits a little bit more sweet.

00:20:26.760 --> 00:20:44.130 Joseph McElroy: And then there is a meal, that you can make this is interesting there's cutlets he calls it, the back packer ramming alright, so you mixed together a pack of spicy ramen our the pouch of today, and you, and then you have a and then you can have that.

00:20:46.650 --> 00:21:01.800 Joseph McElroy: was a one bowl of super easy and then you can include bell peppers onions saracen scallions broccoli chicken even a fried egg you can fry an egg on the trails very possible and carrots and cheese and.

00:21:02.340 --> 00:21:16.320 Joseph McElroy: crackers, and that makes that sounds like to me a sort of a decent meal, you know, being able to make a quick soup is and those ramen noodles are really good to be able to carry and stay in a very light in a in a pack.

00:21:17.490 --> 00:21:18.600 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:21:19.980 --> 00:21:27.390 Joseph McElroy: And you know and makes for a great experience now you could also to get adventurous and have a little time, you can take some potatoes with you.

00:21:27.930 --> 00:21:36.840 Joseph McElroy: And then you could cook boil them and mash them up and put that in the soup instead of ramen noodles and that sort of a back country shepherds shepherd's pie.

00:21:40.260 --> 00:21:43.620 Joseph McElroy: course it's a little odd with tuna, but you know what the heck.

00:21:45.210 --> 00:21:45.750 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:21:48.600 --> 00:21:56.610 Joseph McElroy: JEREMY Lloyd manager a few programs a collegiate studies recommends Earl grey tea and wells kicks.

00:21:57.690 --> 00:22:01.320 Joseph McElroy: that's an interesting combination right, but you know what.

00:22:02.010 --> 00:22:14.340 Joseph McElroy: tea would be a great thing you know I liked you know it's got that calming effect that you know it can help release you know all wet adrenaline that you've built up in the evening when you got to go to sleep with you know you.

00:22:14.880 --> 00:22:20.400 Joseph McElroy: Probably don't get any hot drinks during the day, so you take the time to make one coffee would not be the right thing.

00:22:22.260 --> 00:22:22.710 Joseph McElroy: and

00:22:24.000 --> 00:22:24.360 Joseph McElroy: and

00:22:26.040 --> 00:22:26.550 Joseph McElroy: And then.

00:22:28.260 --> 00:22:41.550 Joseph McElroy: That that that that I think is and then, if you're boiling boiling water is always probably a good idea, except in the mountains here, you can drink the water out of the spring so yeah you don't really have to worry about that.

00:22:44.160 --> 00:22:44.820 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:22:45.840 --> 00:23:02.010 Joseph McElroy: If you're going on a picnic the tradition here is always take country fried chicken and corn on the cob so if you're taking the family, out of the day, then you know that's what you gotta do you gotta do that that.

00:23:04.680 --> 00:23:14.250 Joseph McElroy: makes it a little you know a little a little this gets back to you know so fried chicken point on top of a biscuit sounds like I just went to kfc.

00:23:15.660 --> 00:23:26.880 Joseph McElroy: But it's a, it is a traditional picnicking thing here in the mountains now if you were taking going to a family reunion in the mountains, it was sort of picnic you'd also bring something like.

00:23:28.020 --> 00:23:30.870 Joseph McElroy: A sweet potato pie, you might bring some.

00:23:33.030 --> 00:23:53.520 Joseph McElroy: Some red velvet cake, you might bring some you know some they beans course you bring that that that collard Greens, you know, so it depends upon the extent of your your your picnic but the fried chicken is a staple of all those kind of events.

00:23:56.100 --> 00:23:57.240 Joseph McElroy: Now joey.

00:23:58.290 --> 00:24:06.240 Joseph McElroy: tr lizzie a teacher naturalist recommends bringing a block of cheese you don't even need a knife anything you just eat it right off the box.

00:24:08.370 --> 00:24:18.360 Joseph McElroy: I imagine, some people look at you weird as you're walking a big block of cheese down the wall down the wall, if you meet some other papers, but you know what sometimes when I go home and I.

00:24:18.720 --> 00:24:30.270 Joseph McElroy: I see that block of cheese and even when i'm up in New York City i'll grab it just take a big bite out of it because i'm hungry and i'll slice it off put it back in the in the refrigerator or my wife don't see it.

00:24:31.590 --> 00:24:34.980 Joseph McElroy: If you're listening don't worry about it i'm not doing it anymore.

00:24:40.830 --> 00:24:50.970 Joseph McElroy: So Elizabeth Davis the field program specialist recommends bread cheese apples and chocolate I sort of like.

00:24:52.410 --> 00:25:03.840 Joseph McElroy: Four food groups of backpacking we just say more, I don't know it's it's a it's a starts there's a protein there's a fruit there's a sweet I guess it's all we need right and I guess the chocolate as a little fat is.

00:25:07.710 --> 00:25:24.780 Joseph McElroy: also recommended by Scott Moss is a black teacher nationalist as a block of cheese he picks Wisconsin Chandler he also recommend cheez its and Snickers so he's he's he's on board with the Snickers thing for when you make it to the destination so that's a that seems like a good tradition.

00:25:26.400 --> 00:25:30.480 Joseph McElroy: And finally, Mary Kate brown teacher naturalist recommends.

00:25:32.730 --> 00:25:33.960 Joseph McElroy: block of cheese.

00:25:37.170 --> 00:25:48.030 Joseph McElroy: I would, I would I would you know I would I would love to be able to take on it type type type type is ice cream, but I haven't figured out how to do without it without it getting totally melted.

00:25:50.220 --> 00:26:05.700 Joseph McElroy: And you know you know another thing I like is this leftover Barbecue right you could do after you've cooked up the bbq gets leftover Barbecue wrap it up to the grill take it out that's kind of Nice to.

00:26:07.530 --> 00:26:18.600 Joseph McElroy: And this, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention you know you want to bring plenty of water floating water, but when you reach the enemy this nation, you might want a Snickers bar but i'd also want a bottle of wine.

00:26:19.800 --> 00:26:29.520 Joseph McElroy: And there's some good wine now in the mountains there's a there's a couple of wineries you know the bill moore's the biggest is the biggest visited winery in the world.

00:26:30.270 --> 00:26:44.220 Joseph McElroy: So you go out to the biltmore estate get yourself some bottles of wine and then head out to go to some of the hiking trails around there, along with your cheese cheese block and you're a snicker bar and you're going to have a hell of a night.

00:26:48.210 --> 00:26:48.780 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:26:49.860 --> 00:26:59.910 Joseph McElroy: One of the things you do want to remember is if you're doing anything and you stop anywhere, you want to make sure you bear proof good food that means hang it up, so they can get to it all right.

00:27:01.140 --> 00:27:10.620 Joseph McElroy: yeah it's it can be don't don't don't have the food in your tent if you're if you're sleeping in a tent because they'll come in there, so it's better to.

00:27:11.070 --> 00:27:26.280 Joseph McElroy: put it in a way, so they can't get to it, it also doesn't put them in your vicinity so it's always important to remember that when you're here in this this part, so we come back we'll see if we got a guest back here, or if we talk about other things happening about.

00:30:16.950 --> 00:30:31.170 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast and i've been i've been talking about the various foods and things that you can do in the mountains.

00:30:31.950 --> 00:30:41.970 Joseph McElroy: And it's been fairly Nice we were going to have a discussion about the farm to table experience in the mountains, but.

00:30:42.720 --> 00:30:57.330 Joseph McElroy: our guests is having technical difficulties, so I am talking about various you know various aspects of food in the mountains, I can do i'm not i'm not an expert but i'll do my best.

00:30:58.590 --> 00:31:03.300 Joseph McElroy: But i'm a look for now is you know some some great.

00:31:05.220 --> 00:31:09.090 Joseph McElroy: You know, farm to table restaurant, you can go visit.

00:31:10.770 --> 00:31:13.410 Joseph McElroy: And you know there's a number of them.

00:31:14.460 --> 00:31:16.440 Joseph McElroy: In in the mountains here.

00:31:19.050 --> 00:31:21.930 Joseph McElroy: asheville has gatlinburg saver builds.

00:31:23.550 --> 00:31:37.470 Joseph McElroy: there's i'll mentioned some that i've i'm finding online and if I recommended me i'll recognize them there's one leader near these are near gatlinburg Tennessee and it's called the local goat.

00:31:38.730 --> 00:31:52.290 Joseph McElroy: And it looks like it's a burgers American type food, but it has a high rating and it looks pretty good after would farmhouse rest but i'm i've heard of that.

00:31:53.460 --> 00:31:56.970 Joseph McElroy: And you have to it's a great place for breakfast.

00:31:58.260 --> 00:32:01.260 Joseph McElroy: And it's the does southern appalachian comfort.

00:32:03.360 --> 00:32:06.150 Joseph McElroy: there's the greenbrier greenbrier restaurant.

00:32:07.680 --> 00:32:17.820 Joseph McElroy: you're getting near near gatlinburg and it's called and it's a steakhouse and it also has top status and small place now there's the five oaks farm kitchen.

00:32:18.840 --> 00:32:24.540 Joseph McElroy: Which is going to America traditional and so it's really it's really featured for breakfast and brunch.

00:32:25.980 --> 00:32:27.120 Joseph McElroy: it's very farm table.

00:32:28.560 --> 00:32:39.360 Joseph McElroy: there's a restaurant called the appalachian and it's a steakhouse southern steakhouse and it's in the middle of the smoky mountains it's it's in the gatlinburg area.

00:32:41.130 --> 00:32:44.700 Joseph McElroy: there's the old mill pottery house CAFE and grill.

00:32:46.080 --> 00:32:56.970 Joseph McElroy: it's a it's a it's i've got bakeries chocolatiers got shops it's got all sorts of places to go visit and it's a grill.

00:32:58.650 --> 00:33:02.310 Joseph McElroy: there's the host and kitchen, which is another day.

00:33:06.240 --> 00:33:12.780 Joseph McElroy: seems pretty good look some near to the somerville Tennessee, which is another gateway to the smoking stout.

00:33:14.910 --> 00:33:15.300 Joseph McElroy: and

00:33:16.500 --> 00:33:18.390 Joseph McElroy: there's a place called the barn.

00:33:19.980 --> 00:33:26.370 Joseph McElroy: it's it's a it's actually the Blackberry farm and if you guys haven't heard the Blackberry farmers this huge resort.

00:33:27.630 --> 00:33:39.750 Joseph McElroy: That is farmers or and there they do have a lot of farm to table food they also you know yeah I think the Blackberry cobbler is highly recommended there.

00:33:40.620 --> 00:33:50.340 Joseph McElroy: So I that was that was something worth looking up because it's a it's a real five star resort it's a it's a huge place and it's definitely.

00:33:51.540 --> 00:34:07.050 Joseph McElroy: You know, some somewhere not coming now, you know that, in the mountains, the smoky mountains were famous for rainbow trap, and so you can get rainbow trout right off the grill that's basically when caught that de.

00:34:08.190 --> 00:34:14.610 Joseph McElroy: facto my place which I have is the metal or motel mag Valley, we have a place called.

00:34:15.840 --> 00:34:16.530 Joseph McElroy: The Maggie.

00:34:17.910 --> 00:34:26.730 Joseph McElroy: Maggie Maggie valley restaurant right next to us and that restaurant has been around since the early 50s and one of the first restaurants here in.

00:34:27.090 --> 00:34:38.640 Joseph McElroy: In Maggie valley and what they've been famous for this whole town town town distress trap that gave a big sign on there's a rainbow trout and you go there and they grew that perfection.

00:34:39.600 --> 00:34:51.060 Joseph McElroy: But some others there's one in the in the same area, called the English mountain trout farm grill and that one's supposed to be really good great place to travel, you know, and I like it.

00:34:52.170 --> 00:35:00.990 Joseph McElroy: You know grilled I like personally to put it, you know I like to put it in a bake it with a little lemon in between it.

00:35:02.340 --> 00:35:14.220 Joseph McElroy: Like season, because it's a very I find it very delicate fish other people like to to fry it up with a little bit of the light reading and they're both with a really, really good now in asheville.

00:35:14.940 --> 00:35:27.300 Joseph McElroy: There is a place called jargon and I went to last time I was there, which is a really nice restaurants it's small intimate place and there I had smoked trout.

00:35:30.480 --> 00:35:39.360 Joseph McElroy: Like a pat tag that was served on some crackers and it was really incredibly delicious and smoked trout here in the mountains it's like.

00:35:40.020 --> 00:35:47.220 Joseph McElroy: A real delicacy and you don't want to leave the smoking balance without getting smoked trout you can also get trout row which is like a.

00:35:47.790 --> 00:35:54.240 Joseph McElroy: sort of Sam I mean it's sort of like a caviar that's really great on test.

00:35:54.990 --> 00:36:01.770 Joseph McElroy: So if you want to be looking for those kind of things when you come up here, because you can get all that really fresh you know we.

00:36:02.190 --> 00:36:07.470 Joseph McElroy: With the men like we're on a mountain heritage trout farm a trout stream belt with Jonathan creek.

00:36:07.950 --> 00:36:16.200 Joseph McElroy: And it's during the winter during the summer protections stop and so it's easy to come here and catch yourself some rainbow trout.

00:36:16.530 --> 00:36:28.680 Joseph McElroy: And then cook it up on a grill and we have this if you want to try it yourself and feel welcome you can do that in several places in the mountains, a lot of places that fireplace and not right on right on a trout spring a trap spring.

00:36:29.910 --> 00:36:33.960 Joseph McElroy: creek and you can catch it and cook it and really have a nice evening.

00:36:35.910 --> 00:36:42.810 Joseph McElroy: Also, near see reveals a place called the dancing bear appalachian beast true and it's a new American outdoor dining place.

00:36:43.950 --> 00:36:47.040 Joseph McElroy: And it's got a lot of great recommendations.

00:36:48.990 --> 00:36:57.210 Joseph McElroy: I I enjoy the food that we get in in all these places, you know in this actual area has become a real food in town.

00:36:57.990 --> 00:37:11.250 Joseph McElroy: So you get your getting a lot of mcs well you know, like that jargon place well they're good they're really developing a cuisine that's a mix of all sorts of world cultures, but with an appalachian.

00:37:11.910 --> 00:37:19.620 Joseph McElroy: twist to it now with the appalachian based to accept takes appalachian traditional dishes and and you know adds in.

00:37:20.700 --> 00:37:23.310 Joseph McElroy: A lot of different kinds of.

00:37:25.080 --> 00:37:38.130 Joseph McElroy: World touches to it and it, you know those kind of collaboration and fusions are tremendous in my book, but you know that's not when I travel around the world, I look for fusion.

00:37:38.520 --> 00:37:54.120 Joseph McElroy: And when I remember when I was in Japan, I went to a Japanese restaurant that fused Japanese traditional sushi pipe cooking with the French cooking and I can't describe it, but it was incredibly creamy and incredibly fishy and it was really good.

00:37:56.640 --> 00:38:02.910 Joseph McElroy: So, so those are those are some some recommended recommended.

00:38:06.480 --> 00:38:10.410 Joseph McElroy: In terms of the the fever bill area.

00:38:12.390 --> 00:38:17.430 Joseph McElroy: I was going to look and see if I can tell you some farm to table restaurants.

00:38:18.660 --> 00:38:25.200 Joseph McElroy: restaurants international because I think that is where it's going really.

00:38:27.900 --> 00:38:35.580 Joseph McElroy: to another level and national national now has like 38 breweries and distilleries wineries.

00:38:36.930 --> 00:38:37.830 Joseph McElroy: And you know.

00:38:40.230 --> 00:38:49.950 Joseph McElroy: And it's become you just it's probably as is as good as you can get anywhere on the east coast, a lot of ways anywhere you go.

00:38:51.390 --> 00:38:53.670 Joseph McElroy: there's a there's a great place called the sauna.

00:38:55.110 --> 00:39:06.810 Joseph McElroy: Which is a contemporary fiber table in the heart of downtown's actual historic park squares and it serves local seasonal sustainable Christine it's also 100% gluten free.

00:39:07.290 --> 00:39:19.200 Joseph McElroy: And they have some great cocktails, by the way, that please jargon, they have to tell you about this cocktail they made they made it something that was similar to an old fashioned I don't remember the Dave up but.

00:39:20.010 --> 00:39:28.410 Joseph McElroy: That was what was cool is they actually made the ice was around giant giant round ball that was hard that was hollow.

00:39:28.830 --> 00:39:38.010 Joseph McElroy: With a hole and they they put the ice in the glass and they they for all the mix into that that hollow ice ball right.

00:39:38.460 --> 00:39:48.630 Joseph McElroy: And then they brought it up to you put it on their thing and then they took out a spoon and they cracked it boom and the ice ball shattered and then you've got the drink the drink, so it was a very dramatic.

00:39:49.170 --> 00:39:57.630 Joseph McElroy: presentation to have a drink and I could tell you it was really a fabulous drink I guess i'm really selling this jargon place but you really got to go to.

00:39:59.190 --> 00:40:01.890 Joseph McElroy: Another another great restaurant is called the.

00:40:03.060 --> 00:40:18.150 Joseph McElroy: The blackbird in nashville and it is it's cooking ground and the traditions and ingredients of the caroline's with a modern southern seasonal farm to table menus and it has fresh cut catches so it's got a lot of.

00:40:19.440 --> 00:40:27.450 Joseph McElroy: seafood from all over the carolinas and it's got micro brews and the Nice wines and very inventive cocktails.

00:40:29.010 --> 00:40:37.800 Joseph McElroy: One that claims to be the original farm to table restaurant is the marketplace and it's a it's a downtown fixture since the 70s.

00:40:38.280 --> 00:40:48.900 Joseph McElroy: And it offers a seasonally driven menu featuring organic ingredients from area farms and artists and producers and has extensive wine that craft beer and cocktails.

00:40:49.980 --> 00:41:07.680 Joseph McElroy: there's a fence grease Joe called thesis French bistro and instead of executive chef Peter croc crockett and he brings a real coronary finesse to the table and it's it's seasonally inspired French cuisine with the link local twists like I said a fusion.

00:41:08.700 --> 00:41:14.340 Joseph McElroy: Which is you know I think really great and it's what's happening a lot around the smoky mountains now is that.

00:41:14.760 --> 00:41:24.090 Joseph McElroy: People are you know we're mixing a little bit of world cultural into the traditional and so we're not losing our traditional culture it's just getting new different.

00:41:24.600 --> 00:41:33.360 Joseph McElroy: flavors in fact i'm thinking about bringing fried shrimp to the middle art motel but it's going to have a it's going to have a trinidadian twist to it.

00:41:34.830 --> 00:41:38.040 Joseph McElroy: And and multiple sources that are that.

00:41:39.240 --> 00:41:42.480 Joseph McElroy: come from different mountain mountain cultures of the world.

00:41:44.220 --> 00:41:44.760 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:41:46.050 --> 00:41:54.750 Joseph McElroy: it's a it's a you know it's fun to experiment with your culture and mixing with other cultures, without getting the appropriation and things like that.

00:41:56.160 --> 00:41:59.760 Joseph McElroy: They have this this eases French pre show has great.

00:42:01.050 --> 00:42:07.890 Joseph McElroy: dishes like as cargo and bone marrow yeah oh it's got steak tartare scallops Oh well.

00:42:08.970 --> 00:42:18.510 Joseph McElroy: I can't say it i'm sorry about that steak treats lamb chops salud salud salud salmon this new swan adapt to their own.

00:42:20.160 --> 00:42:24.510 Joseph McElroy: So i'd go there there's another restaurant called homegrown.

00:42:26.280 --> 00:42:41.280 Joseph McElroy: it's got locally sourced ingredients, it has got chicken biscuits and cheesy Chris catfish PO boys yeah PO boys around here really good I mean I know Louisiana has no form but people down here really know their come through and they've made him pretty good too.

00:42:42.780 --> 00:42:53.580 Joseph McElroy: there's the corner kitchen, which is a Victorian house, which is very charming historic built more and it's a breakfast lunch dinner weekend brunch is cool and comfortable.

00:42:54.810 --> 00:43:04.110 Joseph McElroy: And then there's rhubarb, which is a with an award winning the James beard chef and it's a service farm to table American.

00:43:05.820 --> 00:43:20.400 Joseph McElroy: There, and it pays out how much homage to the bounty of regional and American cookie it has a wood fired oven, and it kind of grill to complicate the compliment the rustic creations so we'll come back i'll finish up with some.

00:43:21.060 --> 00:43:35.490 Joseph McElroy: Some shout outs and things coming up and and hopefully you've learned a little bit about food and we'll talk more with another guest in some future thing about the real farm to table we have that culture that's going off period amounts.

00:43:42.300 --> 00:43:43.050 Education.

00:45:54.630 --> 00:46:07.860 Joseph McElroy: This is Joseph Franklin mcilroy host of the gateway to the smokies podcast and been talking about food and we had a nice discussion that what I could.

00:46:08.550 --> 00:46:19.770 Joseph McElroy: remember from my past and current existence i'm going to tell you a little bit about what's coming up in the area in terms of festivals, I am a focus.

00:46:20.400 --> 00:46:36.150 Joseph McElroy: On the you know Maggie valley wayne's very particularly familiar, but there you know the mountains, the smoky mountains and all the towns all around the scope mounts and all of Western North Carolina basically yes Eastern Tennessee celebrate their culture.

00:46:38.070 --> 00:46:57.720 Joseph McElroy: Their culture cherokee culture know indigenous cultures African culture Scottish culture German culture so many cultures that mingled together here in the bounce to create all sorts of festivals there's the Highland games out in the.

00:46:59.460 --> 00:47:03.390 Joseph McElroy: out in the grant I think grandfather mountain area.

00:47:04.590 --> 00:47:16.410 Joseph McElroy: or Scottish games and you know charity has lots of different cultural celebrations and festivals now they're like fishing festivals, so you know going when you come here, you should look to see.

00:47:16.800 --> 00:47:31.800 Joseph McElroy: What kind of that festivals are going on there's a lot of resources just searching, you know festivals in North Carolina or festivals and Tennessee festival smoky mountains and you come up with a lot of festivals and and for the for the.

00:47:32.910 --> 00:47:33.510 Joseph McElroy: For the.

00:47:34.620 --> 00:47:48.600 Joseph McElroy: For the you know, for I consider it almost a prerequisite of your come here to get at least one festival and there's all sorts of music festivals and arts festivals and and you know and then there's you know.

00:47:49.080 --> 00:48:04.110 Joseph McElroy: there's there's a road cultures is it's been an important part of the smoky mountains, since its beginnings really it's one of the largest parks it's the most visited that are.

00:48:05.910 --> 00:48:21.210 Joseph McElroy: In you know range of a large amount of population was like eight to 12 million people, you can see we've got national, international Atlanta it's a Western eastern part of North Carolina you got Alabama Georgia.

00:48:22.770 --> 00:48:36.780 Joseph McElroy: South Carolina all within a half days driving distance the smoky mountains, it makes you a highly visible place ironically, though it's maintain a lot of wilderness so it's got both the.

00:48:37.950 --> 00:48:48.750 Joseph McElroy: You know the excitement of a tourism very but then you can lose yourself in in in you know in to the wilderness, and you know and peacefulness.

00:48:49.440 --> 00:48:57.900 Joseph McElroy: So I mentioned so road culture people coming and going from the mountains and then utilizing their vehicles to explore, it is.

00:48:58.410 --> 00:49:12.150 Joseph McElroy: A very important part, because we have a lot of wonderful winding roads and back roads and gravel roads and some of you don't even know about I just discovered, one that to tell me about about I don't remember the name of it right now.

00:49:12.390 --> 00:49:19.080 Joseph McElroy: But it starts near Maggie valley and the boss of road it's roading it's like a 28 mile road but.

00:49:20.130 --> 00:49:33.390 Joseph McElroy: It takes like two hours to go to the end up in cherokee and it's a winding road that show me pictures and it's beautiful and it's essentially one way out of gravel road but to driving people take.

00:49:34.500 --> 00:49:37.890 Joseph McElroy: Their cars and things on this, and this happens, a lot of places.

00:49:38.880 --> 00:49:52.440 Joseph McElroy: And so you know road cultures important that's why there's so many you know vintage and chic motels in the mountains, but tell resorts which the middle Arc is a motel room to work because people yeah we're driving one stop.

00:49:53.400 --> 00:50:04.710 Joseph McElroy: yeah stay the night and then move on to explore spirit something else you know and that's that's still part of it so i'm going to mention some of the road events coming up.

00:50:05.970 --> 00:50:19.320 Joseph McElroy: We have on June 11 and 12th at the Maggie valley festival grounds, you go to Maggie valley festival grounds calm to find out about this, and most of these events happen every year, so if you're listening to this in some future time.

00:50:19.650 --> 00:50:31.110 Joseph McElroy: it's it's probably happening again, we have the Western North Carolina jeep fest jeeps groups of jeeps traveling around has become very popular and they have a whole culture of jeeps and.

00:50:31.650 --> 00:50:47.310 Joseph McElroy: I was saw some of the story, so they got jeep little sections where people can buy jeans T shirts and G pads and it's a real sort of solid community and so they're going to have a festival benefiting as possible.

00:50:48.780 --> 00:51:05.850 Joseph McElroy: An animal rescue foundation and there's going to be vendors and lots of music great food they have a show and shine competition, they also going to you know, have you know some some some entertainment I have.

00:51:07.080 --> 00:51:10.230 Joseph McElroy: yeah you're also welcome to bring your pet pets things like that.

00:51:11.580 --> 00:51:21.210 Joseph McElroy: Now the next week in June 17 to 19th they're going to have the Maggie valley swap meet camaro and fire show now swap meet is where people come.

00:51:21.510 --> 00:51:34.050 Joseph McElroy: And they swap parks, sometimes swap cars, they come, you know to do some old fashioned horse trade so it's got that sort of old the you know meeting them at the crossroads.

00:51:34.650 --> 00:51:43.800 Joseph McElroy: flavor to people come to you know do a little horse trade exchange anything but again they'll have things set up to make it enjoyable for the whole family yeah.

00:51:44.610 --> 00:51:52.560 Joseph McElroy: They usually they usually do things like celebrate veterans have some music that have some yes about you know places to go.

00:51:53.010 --> 00:52:04.140 Joseph McElroy: You know, go do you see arts and crafts or shops, or you know or any number of things and then you're right in the middle of Maggie Valley, so you know walk around this wonderful gift shops and.

00:52:04.530 --> 00:52:16.470 Joseph McElroy: And souvenir shops and restaurants and things to go experience it's easy to walk up and down Maggie valley it's like a two mile flat sidewalk you can visit all sorts of things.

00:52:16.860 --> 00:52:28.230 Joseph McElroy: Now that we can, after that is June 25 and 27th and we have thunder in the smokies motorcycle rally it's the oldest and largest motorcycle rally and Maggie Valley.

00:52:28.740 --> 00:52:38.820 Joseph McElroy: And it's like a it's like a three day event, and they have they have tour rides and vendors and bike shows and games and prizes concerts and.

00:52:39.090 --> 00:52:49.290 Joseph McElroy: Fire dances and you know, the latest bikes and products and and stuff and you know it's it's it's an elaborate event is worthwhile come into and.

00:52:49.860 --> 00:53:04.080 Joseph McElroy: that's a big one hey now July 4 we're having our fireworks celebration will actually be on July 4 on the Sunday July 4 so come for the weekend and then culminates your weekend with a big fireworks display.

00:53:05.460 --> 00:53:14.820 Joseph McElroy: And you know this town he actually has like four or five different fireworks displays wayne's will have a big event the night before so it's a great place to come and celebrate.

00:53:15.240 --> 00:53:24.360 Joseph McElroy: The holidays, and of course they're going to have you know, have a you know all sorts of things balls and hula hoops and games and you know and.

00:53:25.170 --> 00:53:42.090 Joseph McElroy: Other things like that there, we do have an arts and arts and crafts festival in July 10 11th year and Maggie valley so artists from all over southeast come to sell handmade arts and crafts items I recommend highly that we can we're also everything here.

00:53:43.260 --> 00:53:59.220 Joseph McElroy: You know the, on the other, Ninth and 10th it's the plot best we can, and plot test is you know is celebrating the state dog of North Carolina, which is a, which is one of the first hunting dogs brought to America.

00:54:00.630 --> 00:54:03.840 Joseph McElroy: And it was a bear dog so and then.

00:54:06.000 --> 00:54:19.590 Joseph McElroy: And then to natural that we're going to have a wonderful concept everything else, so you know to Maggie about a festival grounds COM, to see that or you go to the mental aren't motel calm see all sorts of great events that are coming up now, I want to mention.

00:54:21.300 --> 00:54:25.860 Joseph McElroy: The shout outs now, so you know when you.

00:54:26.910 --> 00:54:29.970 Joseph McElroy: want you to imagine.

00:54:31.320 --> 00:54:42.840 Joseph McElroy: A place evocative of motor courts of the past yeah modern environment with the sheep appalachian field, a place for adventure and for relaxation.

00:54:43.620 --> 00:54:53.100 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place where you can fish in a mountain heritage trout stream real the catch on fire and eat accompanied by fine wine to craft beers.

00:54:53.640 --> 00:55:06.480 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place with old time music and world profile sounds, there is no other place like the middle of motel back about your smoky mountain adventures starts with where you stay.

00:55:08.160 --> 00:55:20.490 Joseph McElroy: sponsor is smokies adventure that's plural smokies singular venture smokies adventure calm the emphasis of smokies adventure is outdoor recreation.

00:55:20.940 --> 00:55:30.960 Joseph McElroy: Along with providing information on logic family entertainment events conventions honeymoons and more The goal is to become the leading information portal, the smoking now.

00:55:31.650 --> 00:55:45.030 Joseph McElroy: You can find more about this podcast at gateways to the smoke gateway to the smokies fun or slash face gateway to the smokiness podcast we're on the talk radio dot nyc network.

00:55:45.600 --> 00:55:52.500 Joseph McElroy: Which is alive podcasts and station, whose mission to empower inspire up with an educated worldwide audience.

00:55:52.830 --> 00:56:04.800 Joseph McElroy: After this show is one about New York and exploring New York, I recommend you listen to it and it's worthwhile show i'll see you next week with another great guest gateway to the smoke pot.

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