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Thursday, June 3, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/03 - Riding by Example

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/03 - Riding by Example


2021/06/03 - Riding by Example

[NEW EPISODE] Riding by Example

There are hundreds of coaches who tell us what to do - Iain shows what is possible, by doing it first.

Iain Whyte has participated in the Deloitte Ride Across Britain on 3 occasions. A tough near 1,000 cycle ride.

Then Imagine starting your first DRAB weighing in at nearly 450lbs. The change starts in the mind. Now having lost over 200lbs, Iain coaches, cajoles and inspires others by action before telling.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Today’s guest is Iain Whyte. When Iain and Graham met, Iain was a speaker with the title“Big Man Talking.” He is a mindset coach and has worked with hundreds of individuals in the last 20 years. Iain has participated in the Deloitte Ride Across Britain three times, a ride that is nearly 1,000 miles. His motivation for doing so was to challenge himself and make the trek at 20 stone. On some hills he reached the speed of 50 kph. After his first marathon Iain was presented with an award for his cheery disposition throughout the whole race.

Segment 2

To prepare for the Deloitte marathon Iain participated in other events like Ride The North, a two day hundred mile trek. During his rides, Iain has challenged the perception people had about his capabilities based on his size. It is assumed that a man his size would have issues with his health but Iain has never dealt with those struggles. He showed many that he was stronger than they thought.

Segment 3

Iain talks about how illogical people can often think and explains this through some of his weight loss and sales experience. He has witnessed people whose businesses are falling apart yet don’t have the sense to ask for help. We often get in our own way. It’s important to focus on what you do best and ask others for assistance. Iain emphasizes the importance of confronting your personal hang ups that prevent you from making progress.

Segment 4

Iain talks about the picture behind him and the importance of the people in it. He talks about the leadership skills of the famous football player and manager, Alex Ferguson. Even though he was not the best player, he was an incredible coach. His style was harsh to those observing but his team greatly appreciated his unique style.


00:00:40.020 --> 00:00:45.630 Graham Dobbin: Well, welcome to the mind behind leadership live here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:00:45.750 --> 00:00:46.590 Graham Dobbin: it's a new time.

00:00:46.920 --> 00:00:54.270 Graham Dobbin: it's a 4pm Eastern in New York and we're beginning to see daylight so it's a good to be with everybody a little bit earlier.

00:00:54.720 --> 00:01:05.550 Graham Dobbin: And it on this show sure we're really lucky to have a wide variety of guests in this program guests are different perspectives different backgrounds even different countries.

00:01:05.850 --> 00:01:17.490 Graham Dobbin: And, last week we had mark randolph the founder or the Co founder and CEO of netflix you can catch up with that here on talk radio dot nyc and.

00:01:18.360 --> 00:01:28.020 Graham Dobbin: let's go to this week definitely a different perspective different country we're going to speak quietly today and I speak to speak slowly rather I speak to lots of coaches.

00:01:28.380 --> 00:01:35.310 Graham Dobbin: and consultants who talk a great game they all have knowledge and maybe even read a few books but is that enough.

00:01:35.580 --> 00:01:44.520 Graham Dobbin: I today's guest has the knowledge and experience it walks the walk or, more accurately, he said equals the path to prove what can be done.

00:01:45.000 --> 00:01:53.760 Graham Dobbin: Before thinking of talking to others about it, I guess today is Ian quite who hails from Scotland, hence the reason we're going to speak slowly.

00:01:54.090 --> 00:02:04.950 Graham Dobbin: I know when I first met him, he was a speaker with the title big man talking, if I recall that correctly, is no longer the big man we'll talk about that.

00:02:05.490 --> 00:02:17.460 Graham Dobbin: And why that is in a moment in doesn't just talk, as I say, the cycles to in fact he's completed the Deloitte right across Britain which is nearly 1000 miles on three separate occasions.

00:02:18.060 --> 00:02:28.110 Graham Dobbin: What stands yellow which you know that's a great feat, but it was nearly 380 pounds on his first raid he's know under 200.

00:02:28.710 --> 00:02:47.340 Graham Dobbin: So in does know user a life coach and a mindset coach helping people and look at that aspect, as well as business and he's worked with hundreds of individuals over the last 20 years I am so looking forward to this Ian it's been a long time was good to see you.

00:02:48.390 --> 00:02:52.380 Iain Whyte: yeah good to see you Graham and thank you for having me on the show really appreciate it.

00:02:52.800 --> 00:02:54.630 Graham Dobbin: Now you're welcome and.

00:02:56.070 --> 00:03:08.700 Graham Dobbin: we're going to dig into whole different things, including that about picture behind you will dig into that a little bit later and we'll explain that to people who are just listening in cancer, but just give me an indication.

00:03:09.210 --> 00:03:28.410 Graham Dobbin: Of the Deloitte rate across Britain is nearly 1000 miles yeah it's arduous is for anybody that doesn't know it's from land's end to join a group said it was suddenly point of the of the UK up to the was not only point in Scotland is not i've driven it and it's not easy.

00:03:29.220 --> 00:03:29.760 said.

00:03:30.810 --> 00:03:34.860 Iain Whyte: claim higher than mount Everest is around 100 years.

00:03:34.920 --> 00:03:36.720 Iain Whyte: wow over the.

00:03:37.500 --> 00:03:44.670 Graham Dobbin: earth possessed you to do this talk us through it talk about the ride give us some background being.

00:03:45.180 --> 00:03:48.360 Iain Whyte: The demon drink, I think, comes into.

00:03:50.010 --> 00:03:52.770 Iain Whyte: it's amazing what you think you can do after a couple of.

00:03:54.030 --> 00:03:55.020 Iain Whyte: POPs of alcohol.

00:03:57.030 --> 00:04:04.110 Iain Whyte: I wanted to do something to challenge myself, I was determined to get myself fitter.

00:04:05.130 --> 00:04:12.330 Iain Whyte: And I thought, if I sign up for something like this, then i'll need to chain and only to do this not only to that of course.

00:04:13.680 --> 00:04:21.210 Iain Whyte: The best laid plans I didn't have any I just thought guy on bikes got busy on the walking so it will be.

00:04:23.160 --> 00:04:35.400 Iain Whyte: turned up at train he nearly 27 stone and sorry for those in cages and bones not sure, but heavy and.

00:04:36.570 --> 00:04:38.010 Iain Whyte: When I think.

00:04:39.780 --> 00:04:53.880 Iain Whyte: I didn't realize the enormity of what I was about to do until I actually got two lines and and saw all these really fit guys and girls and they're all kind of looking at me going who's the dude.

00:04:55.230 --> 00:04:59.040 Iain Whyte: Who, who is this guy and and who is he kidding.

00:05:00.840 --> 00:05:03.600 Iain Whyte: With you sleeping in tents, most of the time.

00:05:05.850 --> 00:05:08.550 Iain Whyte: back from a couple of nights on the right and it was.

00:05:09.720 --> 00:05:10.680 Iain Whyte: A deal.

00:05:12.240 --> 00:05:25.530 Iain Whyte: The night before we laughed at lines, and so I didn't sleep much, and I didn't sleep much Jamie week, as always, worried about what i've done so I go I on the line at seven o'clock which the earliest, you can leave I was forced to go.

00:05:26.790 --> 00:05:32.970 Iain Whyte: And I got in to account and 107 miles later some eight and a half or 9000 feet of climbing.

00:05:34.020 --> 00:05:36.060 Iain Whyte: At 7:15pm.

00:05:37.290 --> 00:05:39.630 Iain Whyte: And I talked to God.

00:05:42.570 --> 00:05:46.950 Iain Whyte: This is like what have I done i've got another eight days of this.

00:05:50.310 --> 00:05:52.590 Graham Dobbin: I just eat half 9000 feet.

00:05:53.010 --> 00:05:54.720 Graham Dobbin: yeah just in day one.

00:05:55.170 --> 00:05:57.450 Iain Whyte: day one, they wanted to.

00:05:59.130 --> 00:06:08.850 Iain Whyte: Time in 2016 where the most brutal days and you're going in and out of Devon and Cornwall and you're just you're either going down or you're going up.

00:06:10.890 --> 00:06:20.940 Iain Whyte: And at that time I blocked breaks as well, so, by the time I finished the week it took two years for these hands to go back down again in our mouth.

00:06:21.600 --> 00:06:32.070 Iain Whyte: But there was hanging on dating the hell, you can imagine that tonnage container Hill, you know pick up speed and I was talking 50 miles and Arizona some of the hills.

00:06:33.660 --> 00:06:42.540 Graham Dobbin: really could genuinely they mean we'll talk more about the raider self the experience and what possessed you to do it again and again, and for.

00:06:43.680 --> 00:06:57.090 Graham Dobbin: 50 you go to on day one, when you realize that you know you've signed up to something that's kind of not what you thought it might be, or maybe you hadn't considered of the thing one of the two and is this just a big played at that point.

00:06:57.480 --> 00:07:09.810 Iain Whyte: Well, at that point i'd also raised somewhere in the region of 8000 brains for charity right and because I had kids later in life i've got three kids that I knew are going to join a group to see me.

00:07:11.970 --> 00:07:12.870 Iain Whyte: relax like.

00:07:14.070 --> 00:07:17.010 Iain Whyte: You you better find a way to do it.

00:07:18.390 --> 00:07:21.870 Iain Whyte: I mean i'm talking about i'm at the stage where.

00:07:23.070 --> 00:07:33.330 Iain Whyte: All the way on this road, and the last day actually was probably the best deal for me, because I think I lost about freestone on the road, but.

00:07:35.100 --> 00:07:37.050 Iain Whyte: I had to walk up the major hills.

00:07:38.610 --> 00:07:57.990 Iain Whyte: I couldn't I couldn't physically get myself up the hills on the bike right and so of course that's where you lose your time the minute you're off your bike that's a time where, as you fast forward to 2019 I took 37 and a half hours off the tape it to the right.

00:08:00.960 --> 00:08:03.870 Graham Dobbin: 37 and a half hours will get nine days.

00:08:04.560 --> 00:08:06.720 Iain Whyte: nine days are working week I saved.

00:08:07.890 --> 00:08:19.320 Iain Whyte: You know I always smile, because you know Dave brailsford head of any us know, but yet was teams guy and he always talks about marginal gains I think either slightly more in the marginal.

00:08:21.900 --> 00:08:32.880 Graham Dobbin: i'm talk us through so you've got to you've got to the end of that I can't imagine the depth so resilience that was needed to complete that first one.

00:08:34.170 --> 00:08:52.170 Iain Whyte: It was you know what if I hadn't been for the support that you get well no that's me no no shadow of a doubt about that threshold sports and Andy cuckoos with Andy kicks a plane he arranges the chaperones to help your the way if I hadn't been for these guys.

00:08:53.610 --> 00:09:11.370 Iain Whyte: I wouldn't have made it, I mean there's just not a chance they were hanging out late at night to help me in there were showing me the way that we're making sure that was Okay, you know these guys are absolutely brilliant and they could see that are really, really work to do it.

00:09:12.900 --> 00:09:13.890 Graham Dobbin: And they just said, you.

00:09:16.140 --> 00:09:17.100 Iain Whyte: Sorry sorry.

00:09:17.700 --> 00:09:21.150 Graham Dobbin: sorry to interrupt I think it's just a little bit of a lag there, so my apologies and.

00:09:21.870 --> 00:09:30.420 Graham Dobbin: Affordable says one of the things you said when when you kind of turned up other people, but all these fit people they trained for the plan for it, they were looking you're going wow.

00:09:30.930 --> 00:09:36.540 Graham Dobbin: yeah you've got support mechanism there that sounds like there was no judgment, there were just there forever.

00:09:37.200 --> 00:09:54.000 Iain Whyte: yeah no, I mean the the minute I mean and Andy said to me, you know, did you play rugby or something and I went yeah I used to put on a rant yet so obvious because you've got that resilience and you've got the the core strength is there it's just you're carrying two people.

00:09:55.770 --> 00:10:07.830 Iain Whyte: So the minute you've got an up the Hill and even though you're my up hills I don't have to get off and walk anymore, but you know i'm still still a big guy for for good uphill compare.

00:10:08.520 --> 00:10:26.580 Iain Whyte: Your lot of these guys in the silence attorney or 65 kg so that's there are ways, you know i'm certain about hundred so you, you get talking was a huge or or 95 or something like that, but you're 30 kg and your back is but mean I was carrying.

00:10:28.260 --> 00:10:29.580 Iain Whyte: A considerably more than that.

00:10:30.600 --> 00:10:33.630 Iain Whyte: At least get so many minute you're not the hell you're struggling.

00:10:34.530 --> 00:10:40.140 Graham Dobbin: sort of for Americans were talking about a kg you're rowing the boat so it's anywhere between 70 and 80 pounds.

00:10:42.300 --> 00:10:55.470 Graham Dobbin: Roughly and it sounds like i'm not built like a cyclist either i'm i'm in talk us through what was it like when you came into john Ross when you're done that's nearly 1000 miles.

00:10:55.800 --> 00:11:03.690 Iain Whyte: I even know our well because it was just number one I never thought i'd see it well known a bike anyone.

00:11:05.850 --> 00:11:13.650 Iain Whyte: At one part I think I thought, when I got to Hamilton imagine getting the how and and feeling happy anyway that's sort of those 35.

00:11:14.850 --> 00:11:14.940 Graham Dobbin: I.

00:11:16.290 --> 00:11:22.500 Graham Dobbin: don't think i've ever experienced that Hamilton in Scotland and being happy not know if we see i've never experienced that.

00:11:22.980 --> 00:11:37.080 Iain Whyte: And, but because we're that night we were at the race course remember getting in there and always come to see me and I thought you know, maybe I maybe I can do this now and then the next day was how about them to for it really.

00:11:38.220 --> 00:11:57.870 Iain Whyte: And that's hundred and 28 miles yeah and and you, but it was it was actually the funniest one was it was when we commit a Fort William to head to kind of sell on the next day for the can ultimately when I got past mute award.

00:11:59.220 --> 00:12:00.300 Iain Whyte: And it wasn't dark.

00:12:01.470 --> 00:12:06.360 Iain Whyte: And I was actually helping somebody else because he was struggling my mind and.

00:12:08.340 --> 00:12:16.410 Iain Whyte: It was just a sense of i'm going to do this now because the last day number one is slightly shorter and mileage, but it was not too much claiming and the last day.

00:12:18.900 --> 00:12:25.170 Iain Whyte: And it was only then, and also, if you have what they call two strikes, if you get picked up by the broom wagon.

00:12:26.610 --> 00:12:27.000 Iain Whyte: You don't want.

00:12:27.300 --> 00:12:29.700 Graham Dobbin: to lose the broom wagon.

00:12:30.480 --> 00:12:39.030 Iain Whyte: yeah So if you have a problem or you get picked up or if you're running we're over time we'll just pick up and take can relate to those.

00:12:39.960 --> 00:12:49.230 Iain Whyte: So I remember getting into the kayla solo and seeing that I can't have too many i've made it all i've got to do now is the next hundred and five miles that's it.

00:12:50.550 --> 00:13:01.140 Iain Whyte: And that night and there's a cheer when I will delay, I always convince them around a sweepstakes to see when I would go up I don't these ever owned up to this.

00:13:02.940 --> 00:13:06.120 Iain Whyte: I don't think that year was for me, I think, some people have one quite a bit of money.

00:13:06.120 --> 00:13:06.300 But.

00:13:10.830 --> 00:13:19.440 Iain Whyte: But that night they presented me with the motors in your work, because they said I was chilly and when I stood up I knew it appreciate.

00:13:20.280 --> 00:13:31.110 Iain Whyte: them because nobody nobody knows who you are, that are you know I didn't really know anybody in the room, I just stood up and said i'm not really used to public speaking, however, what i'd like to say is and.

00:13:32.040 --> 00:13:37.260 Iain Whyte: I got to know you all, as you can pass me so so thanks thanks, very much for your support.

00:13:38.940 --> 00:13:45.570 Iain Whyte: Because every day I go first and then there's this was almost like a taming your fears and i'm assuming talk i'm pastor and so.

00:13:46.920 --> 00:13:50.190 Iain Whyte: Are you doing guys good whatever whatever they will be got to know me.

00:13:51.240 --> 00:14:00.330 Iain Whyte: And, and the country trip was just like unbelievable i'm that kind of changed my whole goal on that you know what.

00:14:01.860 --> 00:14:05.730 Iain Whyte: And this is where it comes into business and it comes into Paris know.

00:14:07.170 --> 00:14:10.890 Iain Whyte: The actual hang ups that you think that others have are actually your hangups.

00:14:14.790 --> 00:14:20.910 Iain Whyte: it's interesting isn't it and that's the huge reality, all of this it's like you are looking in the mirror.

00:14:21.990 --> 00:14:28.290 Iain Whyte: and actually it's your your issues that are on the line here and on the bike.

00:14:29.820 --> 00:14:30.270 Iain Whyte: I.

00:14:32.700 --> 00:14:35.220 Iain Whyte: Was crying when when I smile in the next minute.

00:14:36.810 --> 00:14:39.690 Iain Whyte: Speaking to somebody mean there may be times that.

00:14:40.980 --> 00:15:01.740 Iain Whyte: I had emotional conversations with people on on different legs and people would stop and they were drained with me for a few miles and Angela will crack on, but we have chats and just that whole letting letting go is just incredible absolutely I mean.

00:15:03.060 --> 00:15:07.830 Iain Whyte: I can't begin to tell people what an emotional yet rewarding experience it was.

00:15:08.700 --> 00:15:11.580 Graham Dobbin: I mean we'll dig into it a little bit more after the break and then what.

00:15:11.940 --> 00:15:19.890 Graham Dobbin: possessed you to do a couple of things, one that we had a couple of times more one of the things I will say is I remember speaking with someone at the time you I knew and what with.

00:15:20.340 --> 00:15:26.760 Graham Dobbin: Who also did your very first race and I said, you know in white and I remember i'm just going on, I can't believe you did it.

00:15:27.630 --> 00:15:33.810 Graham Dobbin: I checked, he says, I keep tree in the release cycle and every weekend and when I just can't believe he did it.

00:15:34.230 --> 00:15:41.580 Graham Dobbin: i'm just a separate conversation, or what to do, we'll talk about the next to really talk What, then, spurred you on what what made you do that.

00:15:42.120 --> 00:15:49.800 Graham Dobbin: And I want to dig into these hang ups, because one of the one of the things I think people are somethings disappointed about is we're not all unique.

00:15:50.160 --> 00:15:55.800 Graham Dobbin: In that way, because we've got so many of the same things going on, regardless of background.

00:15:56.790 --> 00:16:12.210 Graham Dobbin: Whatever we are and you're listening to the mind behind leadership, where i'm delighted we've got Ian White today and we're talking about motivation mindset and resilience or in the first section will be right back after these messages.

00:18:46.230 --> 00:19:01.620 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back is talk radio dot nyc, this is the mind behind leadership and we are speaking with Ian White in I just just briefly what kind of preparation, did you do for that force right.

00:19:03.630 --> 00:19:07.770 Iain Whyte: I did some cycling, I did like.

00:19:09.000 --> 00:19:16.590 Iain Whyte: I, like my first Madison prefer like the farthest i've run was like six miles and then I went and did the Loch Ness monster but that's sort of us.

00:19:17.640 --> 00:19:21.750 Iain Whyte: And, and that was when I was the same size but.

00:19:23.010 --> 00:19:23.550 I.

00:19:24.810 --> 00:19:43.920 Iain Whyte: I did so I do, I did some events I did read the North, for instance, which is another great event up in my old world of Aberdeen we're Aberdeen sure, which was Tuesday hundred miler windy and hundred mile back the next day, so I did I did those types of events and it's quite funny because.

00:19:46.320 --> 00:19:58.590 Iain Whyte: Neil and, as he runs right the north event he went I went back to do it in 2019 is preparation for the route that yeah it's a beautiful Day and it was on longer right.

00:19:59.070 --> 00:20:06.240 Iain Whyte: Then they had done before and there was lots of people falling by the wayside, on the second day because it was quite brutal.

00:20:06.750 --> 00:20:16.950 Iain Whyte: And I got an airway the kind of change days, though yeah you bet because if that'd be me a few years, but you would never see me back at Castle freezer just not when.

00:20:19.050 --> 00:20:23.190 Graham Dobbin: I love for you just dropped in that you did the Loch Ness Madison Madison.

00:20:24.420 --> 00:20:27.120 Iain Whyte: And twice a day nice YouTube.

00:20:27.990 --> 00:20:33.420 Graham Dobbin: And I know for a fact that's one of the most difficult ones that's not a flat course.

00:20:34.560 --> 00:20:44.700 Iain Whyte: know to be honest it's not it's not a difficult one what's difficult is not to get carried away in the first 10 miles because you're dropping all the way and it's very easy.

00:20:45.300 --> 00:20:52.020 Iain Whyte: To go far to cook because you think Oh, this is great, and then all of a sudden you've got that brutal hill 18 miles.

00:20:52.980 --> 00:21:01.980 Iain Whyte: Which is nothing on a bike, by the way you got that no problem paper on when you're you're rather than Europe at mile and you see that hill it's like.

00:21:02.370 --> 00:21:12.510 Iain Whyte: But I took I took to two hours of my time for the muffin was I was doing a look around there's two days and 19 taking pictures to the halfway.

00:21:13.680 --> 00:21:18.540 Iain Whyte: Because it was just like and while I couldn't believe that day was all these people that were still at amy.

00:21:19.560 --> 00:21:24.960 Iain Whyte: And the radio station we're still on when I finished as well it's like all these people were not there when I ran it.

00:21:27.180 --> 00:21:28.500 Iain Whyte: Was we put up a risk coming up.

00:21:30.090 --> 00:21:30.480 Graham Dobbin: um.

00:21:32.280 --> 00:21:32.790 Graham Dobbin: Why.

00:21:34.170 --> 00:21:40.560 Graham Dobbin: Why right across Britain why I think we tackle something like the what next Martin and.

00:21:41.850 --> 00:21:51.480 Graham Dobbin: I know that this is part of it yeah, and so this is one going to say why you do when you're like 27 stone 380 pounds for for us in the mindset there.

00:21:52.200 --> 00:21:55.890 Iain Whyte: I think it's the mindset of if you tell me I can't do something i'm going to do it.

00:21:59.820 --> 00:22:03.630 Iain Whyte: And big people can do stuff because.

00:22:05.100 --> 00:22:07.290 Iain Whyte: When we talk about hang ups there's.

00:22:09.600 --> 00:22:17.820 Iain Whyte: A situation with me that i've been far too healthy and that's pains like really ungrateful and I don't mean to be, but I think, had I had a problem.

00:22:19.260 --> 00:22:30.960 Iain Whyte: Like diabetes never had that hugely you know blood pressure, never now it's been a borderline this, because obviously i'm getting on, you know knocking on but.

00:22:32.010 --> 00:22:48.030 Iain Whyte: i've never had drugs for that i've never had any of those types of things and well I haven't been exactly wonderfully mobile i've always played golf and i've always got a random never hope to you'll get coaches i've never not been able to walk in agree or whatever.

00:22:49.290 --> 00:22:55.410 Iain Whyte: And I think there's an element where it's just like well you think big people can't do this i'll show you we can.

00:22:56.610 --> 00:23:05.370 Iain Whyte: And it's that purveyor as you think well that's fenian but really you'd be better if you weren't doing it, but actually that's part of the challenge.

00:23:06.390 --> 00:23:12.990 Iain Whyte: When I see these people are looking at all of these people, probably couldn't care in my head, they were looking and thinking mothers gay do whatever.

00:23:14.070 --> 00:23:16.080 Iain Whyte: But the reality is.

00:23:17.520 --> 00:23:27.450 Iain Whyte: I just wanted to prove them i'll do I will do, and so you see why did you do it again, and it was beautifully summed up by one of the.

00:23:30.210 --> 00:23:33.750 Iain Whyte: guys from threshold who chaperones.

00:23:35.250 --> 00:23:43.620 Iain Whyte: And I was coming up the hill towards your account and yet again, which is one of the most brutal hills, in the first day it just keeps going and going going.

00:23:44.550 --> 00:23:57.270 Iain Whyte: And then they throw in a junction that's like that, and you have to get across the junction and up another one like nice five star gas so just keep going and hope there's no cars coming you know but it's like.

00:23:58.350 --> 00:24:04.320 Iain Whyte: He said to me said, you know we're on the euphoria of last year, you remembered all the good, but you really haven't done enough.

00:24:05.640 --> 00:24:14.640 Iain Whyte: To be doing much for you, and he was right, it was hard to swallow, but he was absolutely bang on and I apologize to any kick and his team.

00:24:15.120 --> 00:24:26.640 Iain Whyte: In 2019 because I put them on to this when I didn't need to I knew how hard it was, and there was no excuse for me not doing something innovative, to make sure that it was much better.

00:24:27.090 --> 00:24:38.550 Iain Whyte: Which is why I did it the third time I say I have my goal on my birthday, on the first of August of 2018 right you're going to be 10 stolen.

00:24:39.180 --> 00:24:49.290 Iain Whyte: By by your birthday next year and this time you're going to make it happen and by the time I got to my birthday is next year I was 12 and a half stone light.

00:24:51.210 --> 00:25:02.100 Graham Dobbin: Which is just under 200 pounds yeah yeah i'm okay i'm curious, no, no, you know you got me really curious couple of things.

00:25:02.670 --> 00:25:13.110 Graham Dobbin: And from what you've said it sounds like you felt first time you got kind of free pass, but you needed to earn the right to be there, the next time because you're putting pressure on others, is that fair.

00:25:13.680 --> 00:25:20.700 Iain Whyte: yeah I mean it's it was a ridiculous I don't know what was well if you ever know what's going on in our heads, you know.

00:25:20.970 --> 00:25:21.960 Graham Dobbin: But probably not.

00:25:22.560 --> 00:25:24.600 Iain Whyte: And sometimes probably just as well.

00:25:27.930 --> 00:25:34.380 Iain Whyte: But yeah it was disrespectful and I said that there's on that, having said that empty space, it was disrespectful to the organization.

00:25:34.770 --> 00:25:51.420 Iain Whyte: That I would turn out knowing what I knew different if I didn't know that I didn't know and you and you talk about people make errors in our lives, that was a That was a CDC error on my part and disrespectful to an awful lot of people and it's something that can change that.

00:25:52.470 --> 00:25:56.610 Iain Whyte: apologize to those that need to apologize to, and then I.

00:25:58.290 --> 00:26:09.570 Iain Whyte: saw you this year, this is brilliant you know blah blah blah and that's fine but yeah it was wrong and we do that, and various stages of our life, you know we upset people we don't mean to Certainly not.

00:26:10.590 --> 00:26:17.850 Iain Whyte: Again, it was one of those I didn't really realize it until I was on the raid and thought, what are you doing that's just really silly.

00:26:19.230 --> 00:26:19.650 Graham Dobbin: and

00:26:21.150 --> 00:26:22.950 Graham Dobbin: we'll come to that as well because.

00:26:24.270 --> 00:26:26.010 Graham Dobbin: I can't imagine the thinking time you've got.

00:26:27.360 --> 00:26:29.100 Graham Dobbin: So this isn't you know this is.

00:26:30.240 --> 00:26:36.960 Graham Dobbin: What are the things I know from experience from the work that I do you'll notice, as well as the people almost avoid thinking time.

00:26:37.500 --> 00:26:48.450 Graham Dobbin: you're giving yourself, and in fact you innovation, reduce it like 37 and a half hours at one point, but you had still had a lot of thinking time we'll come to that a little bit later about kind of how we're getting ahead.

00:26:49.320 --> 00:26:56.730 Graham Dobbin: One thing I, I suppose, a need to touch on you said, one of the motivations that you had was big people can do this.

00:26:57.540 --> 00:27:14.070 Graham Dobbin: Just because it doesn't mean to see what unhealthy so let's see things that if we don't tell me, I can do these things, and then there was a target of not being big of do some know what was behind that which I just kind of a natural progression from what.

00:27:15.540 --> 00:27:16.200 Iain Whyte: I think.

00:27:17.670 --> 00:27:23.430 Iain Whyte: I don't ever remember being small grammys you understand, Sir i'm still not small yet, but I.

00:27:26.220 --> 00:27:36.270 Iain Whyte: Just always been big and I think I just got good Scottish where they got Scott, I just got really just gonna do the whole time and paid up to there was.

00:27:36.840 --> 00:27:37.830 Graham Dobbin: A story, I was gonna say.

00:27:37.860 --> 00:27:47.070 Graham Dobbin: How do we define the word on earth um yeah fed fed up kind of annoyed with ourselves just hadn't had enough of it yeah and.

00:27:47.310 --> 00:27:55.740 Iain Whyte: Regardless overhead you know good people who said, you know it's going to be genetic so it's best for this that whatever you know, and I just said, well.

00:27:56.580 --> 00:28:05.100 Iain Whyte: And I remember a list I couldn't even tell you it was I heard somebody speak one day and they said, if you have a pet or car and you put these on it wow.

00:28:09.420 --> 00:28:20.520 Iain Whyte: yeah you know industry, I thought, well, maybe i've got a diesel engine and i've been prepared on it, I don't know, but the bottom line is i've got stop looking for the boy I was always looking for the why.

00:28:21.210 --> 00:28:25.200 Iain Whyte: Why did they do this because I knew it was wrong, I mean if you look at anything logical.

00:28:26.700 --> 00:28:35.820 Iain Whyte: You wouldn't do the things I was doing myself, however we're not wanting to go that's for sure, and so I just said right have to actually think about it and I read an article about your.

00:28:38.850 --> 00:28:39.960 Iain Whyte: relationship with alcohol.

00:28:41.250 --> 00:28:49.290 Iain Whyte: And I read it, and so i'm going to do that, so I did it for a month that was between the first of July and first of August that yet.

00:28:50.730 --> 00:28:56.220 Iain Whyte: And so I think that whole reading that got me to go on.

00:28:57.750 --> 00:29:12.720 Iain Whyte: Because I dropped a drink, I mean it was just like it wasn't even an issue and I, if I can do that will drink, then I can do it with fruit, I can change my relationship with food, and then I can start making things happen, and that was doing.

00:29:13.830 --> 00:29:28.290 Graham Dobbin: we're just going to go to break when we come back let's look at those relationships let's look at how this brings it back into business and i've still got my eye on that poster behind you that picture behind you, because we want to talk about that because it's probably one of the.

00:29:29.550 --> 00:29:38.670 Graham Dobbin: To me it represents one of the one of the greatest leaders that we've ever seen spit certainly in sports but probably ever over Scotland and.

00:29:39.690 --> 00:29:44.970 Graham Dobbin: And, and where this is taking, you know so we'll kind of talk about that, after the break.

00:29:45.900 --> 00:30:00.600 Graham Dobbin: i'm still not sure that I completely understand fire earth you did it second second time but i'm sure that will cover we're talking with the way on the mind behind leadership life here on talk radio dot nyc we'll be back after these messages.

00:32:53.340 --> 00:33:06.720 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back we're talking with Ian White here on the mind behind leadership Ian has done the Deloitte right across Britain which is nearly 1000 years of the arduous cycling's done that three times.

00:33:07.350 --> 00:33:20.580 Graham Dobbin: And he's done the Loch Ness Madison twice and one of the things you mentioned beforehand that kind of got we got a bit of an understanding of your motivation of why you wanted to do it.

00:33:21.870 --> 00:33:33.990 Graham Dobbin: So that personal thing you mentioned earlier that we don't think logically, or we don't always act logically and talk to me how does that show up what did you mean by that.

00:33:35.040 --> 00:33:41.550 Iain Whyte: Well, for instance, I was in sales in my early part of my career and.

00:33:43.380 --> 00:33:56.640 Iain Whyte: A lot of syllables people it said i'm not saying this is true, which is saying it's been said, is that they're motivated by money our cars that's that's the thing, so if you offer them a car or your for the money to get excited.

00:33:57.060 --> 00:34:04.290 Iain Whyte: I never did I got I got more excited by giving the customer what they wanted, and yes, I enjoyed making money.

00:34:06.090 --> 00:34:08.430 Iain Whyte: But it was going the other way, if that makes sense.

00:34:09.450 --> 00:34:09.990 So.

00:34:11.610 --> 00:34:12.960 Iain Whyte: To me, I think we get.

00:34:14.130 --> 00:34:15.360 Iain Whyte: We get confused.

00:34:17.160 --> 00:34:32.310 Iain Whyte: by looking at things, logically, so I know if I don't eat X, Y and zed then i'm likely to lose weight if I exercise a bit go for a walk or for psycho whatever i'm going to lose weight all of that is completely illogical.

00:34:34.350 --> 00:34:45.240 Iain Whyte: What is illogical is that when you go into the kitchen at 10 o'clock at night and there's no debate, and you know where the biscuits are and you three or four four you're making your coffin and three or four when you have your coffee.

00:34:46.260 --> 00:34:47.880 Iain Whyte: Why would you see in Paris and do them.

00:34:49.770 --> 00:35:05.250 Iain Whyte: yeah the same as when you're in your business, and you know it's falling apart, you know, ask for help, because it's seen as a weakness, so that, seen as this brother can't do that on a field this you employ people.

00:35:07.170 --> 00:35:18.330 Iain Whyte: Who actually will help you, but what do you do it's your baby, so the can't be as good as you and you're not them doing it every opportunity, you get instead of actually going, this is brilliant they're smarter than me.

00:35:18.780 --> 00:35:25.080 Iain Whyte: Let them crack on this will be good and and we get confused and we get in our own we're.

00:35:26.970 --> 00:35:35.580 Iain Whyte: Constantly constantly constantly constantly getting our own way, and then we beat ourselves up we're at so I mean I was actually really have been in tears.

00:35:37.110 --> 00:35:41.670 Iain Whyte: I pay my way about this i'll go do something about it, and then I don't.

00:35:42.840 --> 00:35:51.990 Iain Whyte: know, let me go for a fresh server and let me go and get some more drink, and let me wallow in my own party and then everything will sort itself.

00:35:53.280 --> 00:36:00.930 Iain Whyte: And, of course, then you wake up and go what and it just becomes this whole, to the point where you don't think you'll ever succeed at it.

00:36:02.460 --> 00:36:07.470 Iain Whyte: And I remember he had a lady see a long time ago she'd never had.

00:36:08.670 --> 00:36:11.670 Iain Whyte: An after picture she'd lots of before pictures.

00:36:12.840 --> 00:36:17.970 Iain Whyte: But she never had her after picture I went back home to me is that.

00:36:19.650 --> 00:36:27.270 Iain Whyte: You know i've tried many, many times, I mean I was 31 and a half stone, but I mean I managed to get the accolade is actually been over 30 stuff.

00:36:28.020 --> 00:36:44.010 Iain Whyte: And that was what I got I know it with our friends and the Scottish Government actually spoke to them about speaking to people about a week in a week, and this is all about business it's speaking to people about what their issues are not what you think the solution is.

00:36:46.380 --> 00:36:51.930 Iain Whyte: console there's plenty of sales, people will tell you this is what you need, how do you know you've never even listened to me.

00:36:53.430 --> 00:37:12.090 Iain Whyte: yeah I love that expression, most people, listen to the client not to understand yeah and people constantly do that, so I was told what qualifications that I have to go to the Scottish Government and talk to them or weight loss or try a half my body weight.

00:37:13.800 --> 00:37:14.850 Iain Whyte: and sustaining.

00:37:16.020 --> 00:37:24.960 Iain Whyte: But not by doing any magic potions not by doing this by actually using food and starting to realize that i'm not afraid of food.

00:37:26.220 --> 00:37:41.580 Iain Whyte: And I think business owners and other seen the free to ask for help, what will people think you know people are gonna think i'm stupid I should have known about this, especially that and they forget that actually started the business in general, because they were passionate about some.

00:37:42.930 --> 00:37:43.710 Iain Whyte: passionate about something.

00:37:45.180 --> 00:37:52.920 Iain Whyte: and actually all the accounts, and all this and all the other stuff that wasn't their bag it wasn't what they would have bet it's not what they wanted to do.

00:37:54.090 --> 00:38:09.750 Iain Whyte: So they get themselves all tied up in being better at that when actually know just be really good at what you do and get other people to cover that and that's when things start to happen and that's why I got a good group of people around me I sat my wife day and said listen.

00:38:11.310 --> 00:38:14.970 Iain Whyte: I love you very much about her really do need your help now do not.

00:38:15.990 --> 00:38:20.370 Iain Whyte: Feed me do not feed me anything out with what I need to be.

00:38:21.540 --> 00:38:32.760 Iain Whyte: Because that we do that i'm going to upload sorry this weekend and next weekend and then i'll just be playing catch up, this is serious, so i'm a way to get serious thing because i'm already to do some.

00:38:33.690 --> 00:38:39.480 Iain Whyte: silly cycles again and so that's why I was at the night before the radio show such a relief for a while, so you're.

00:38:39.510 --> 00:38:40.050 Graham Dobbin: doing good.

00:38:41.220 --> 00:38:42.750 Graham Dobbin: Just a 20 mile cycle.

00:38:43.050 --> 00:38:46.320 Iain Whyte: Great my ass all i've not defeat a claim that as or not.

00:38:47.640 --> 00:38:47.880 yeah.

00:38:49.140 --> 00:38:58.620 Iain Whyte: And so it's your and i've got and I said to value the deep seriously come Monday it's this just got serious.

00:39:00.090 --> 00:39:08.730 Iain Whyte: And you know i've actually even can't believe i've done this, but I went and got heart, monitor and because i'm between into specific requirements now.

00:39:09.180 --> 00:39:21.630 Iain Whyte: Also because i've been told that I will get skin surgery, because I do have quite a bump going on here from access can I don't want to take full advantage of that so I want to wait another couple of stone and then take full advantage of.

00:39:22.920 --> 00:39:24.780 Iain Whyte: The searching it.

00:39:25.020 --> 00:39:33.570 Graham Dobbin: it's an interesting thing a couple things you've said that and I hear my family saying this to me it sounds like you've had a tough day gonna treat yourself and have a beer.

00:39:35.280 --> 00:39:45.000 Graham Dobbin: And like i'm at the stage, no but it's only quite a business that's actually not a tree that's not how it should be so I don't know if there's a bit of a scarf your site psyche and that.

00:39:45.450 --> 00:39:45.660 Will.

00:39:47.250 --> 00:39:48.750 Graham Dobbin: Be here or something like that.

00:39:50.280 --> 00:39:57.270 Iain Whyte: We had this discussion as a family dinner table just the other night grandma's sweaty and I said we give treats the dog.

00:39:58.770 --> 00:40:02.400 Iain Whyte: Not human being and how is it a treat.

00:40:03.450 --> 00:40:15.210 Iain Whyte: yeah and and get slandered no but how is it cheap i'll just use the word fast food, why is it a treat it gets the fast food restaurant I don't understand that yeah that is anything but a treat.

00:40:17.250 --> 00:40:23.310 Iain Whyte: But we use that language So you see, you have a hard day you're in is that entitlement entitled have that because I took this.

00:40:24.090 --> 00:40:32.940 Iain Whyte: Class away did that is poison, you know that the body tries to reject it, and I can't knock it kind of you know, I had knocked quite a number of them back in my day.

00:40:35.520 --> 00:40:36.660 Iain Whyte: But it doesn't do you any good.

00:40:37.380 --> 00:40:43.770 Graham Dobbin: It doesn't end when we come to this logical and when we look at business and we're looking at personal say because I, I think that.

00:40:44.760 --> 00:40:58.710 Graham Dobbin: instinctively that intertwined because I, we are, as a person matters, how we, when we go to work or how we run our business or something that we know as you see, when all logically what to do we know if it was that easy we don't sell books.

00:40:59.190 --> 00:41:05.820 Graham Dobbin: Yes, we just sell books and say to read the book and do it read the book and do it, but that's not how that's not how the brain works now.

00:41:06.000 --> 00:41:14.550 Iain Whyte: that's not where we are and we've got good so many hang ups, from what I can understand myself, my aim was to please my mother, but.

00:41:15.180 --> 00:41:26.610 Iain Whyte: The only thing I can actually work out because it made her happy I had an empty plate or and she thought was valid really brought it to my attention my wife, because she said.

00:41:27.390 --> 00:41:41.820 Iain Whyte: your mother was always prayed that the two, three or four months you up somewhere in the Highlands and she was sharing the webinar you could Polish off three bottles of milk, you know and then have some more race Britain or whatever, whatever and it's like.

00:41:43.980 --> 00:41:57.690 Iain Whyte: You know, see you're constantly fighting that I went to please my mother and you think hates out logical, no, no 42 or i'm a 58 Why am I trying to please my mother God rest of sorts me dead since 2014 so it's like.

00:41:59.220 --> 00:42:09.480 Iain Whyte: Why don't, we are not, of course, all of these subconscious things are built up or repeated we've all got something that we stay away from because of something that happened in the past.

00:42:10.500 --> 00:42:10.620 Iain Whyte: and

00:42:11.850 --> 00:42:12.180 Iain Whyte: So.

00:42:13.020 --> 00:42:14.130 Graham Dobbin: we're going on, so I.

00:42:14.520 --> 00:42:18.840 Iain Whyte: was just gonna say I don't express years ago, which is can't remain there and I see.

00:42:19.980 --> 00:42:27.900 Iain Whyte: making decisions today, based on things that have happened in our past that have absolutely no relevance to do and I was making hundreds of.

00:42:29.400 --> 00:42:31.260 Iain Whyte: But doing them subconsciously.

00:42:32.100 --> 00:42:42.300 Graham Dobbin: How does that translate into business, for if you seen with other business owners i'd like it, I know that you've been on the speaking circuit, for a long time you've spoken to.

00:42:43.140 --> 00:42:59.100 Graham Dobbin: Some very, very, very big audiences, how do you see that we've got a couple minutes to the break, we can continue us afterwards as well, what do you see how do you see this translate and How has it changed your perspective about business and coaching and mindset that type of thing.

00:43:00.660 --> 00:43:12.210 Iain Whyte: I think that the realization is just what you said you can't give somebody a book and read that because that's the answer to the world you've actually got to understand the person and.

00:43:13.380 --> 00:43:17.850 Iain Whyte: i'm quite actually fluid cerebral because we're all different be some people listeners can.

00:43:18.150 --> 00:43:22.950 Iain Whyte: Stick your break where ever you know ingest it and so and that doesn't matter it's not about.

00:43:23.220 --> 00:43:34.920 Iain Whyte: A bike it's about getting your passion it's about getting the thing and that's why you're good at Gemma, I couldn't think personally i'm more boring but those loser love it and I salute them brilliant, because if that's your thing it's your thing.

00:43:36.120 --> 00:43:39.870 Iain Whyte: And there's no point in time, manufacturing of thing it will manifest itself.

00:43:40.530 --> 00:43:52.050 Iain Whyte: You know my daughter was telling me what she's going to be when she grows up I said i'd love to know what i'm going to be when I grew up because i'm not I don't know what i'm going to do, yet you know, because you just.

00:43:53.340 --> 00:43:58.260 Iain Whyte: it's that and I think people are told, if you do this, the world will be fantastic.

00:43:59.550 --> 00:44:08.100 Iain Whyte: And that's just not true, and so what i've seen as lots of people being given false promises by many different people.

00:44:09.450 --> 00:44:17.400 Iain Whyte: myself included, and it seems a wonderful you think Oh, you know what and you're in so much pain you thing yeah let's let's grab on and then, of course.

00:44:17.970 --> 00:44:28.800 Iain Whyte: It doesn't because actually all comes back to it is about action, and it is about taking small steps, and it is about being scared and is about coming out of your comfort zone.

00:44:29.850 --> 00:44:39.390 Iain Whyte: And, most of us are scared to come out of our comfort zone and yet great of a comfort zone it's when we develop that's when we get excited and it's rain things move forward and as.

00:44:40.590 --> 00:44:42.090 Iain Whyte: We preach at Eric room.

00:44:43.140 --> 00:44:53.760 Iain Whyte: I make no mistake about it it's in Africa couple years where I haven't done some i've done so many things in my life absolutely brilliantly and other areas of my life.

00:44:54.810 --> 00:45:01.860 Iain Whyte: i've struggled a bit with self confidence, I think we're losing the weight I lost my identity and that scared me and there's all kinds of things.

00:45:02.370 --> 00:45:17.550 Iain Whyte: And it seems ridiculous because they're always going oh it's fantastic but i'm going i'm not me your people and seeing on the ground, you know and they're like no you're not that big ago like I know you know I get really upset because people didn't see me it's a big guy.

00:45:20.160 --> 00:45:29.010 Iain Whyte: The main is just so weird because you're searching to that clear, I mean it was a big big shield for me big field.

00:45:29.580 --> 00:45:38.430 Iain Whyte: And he said he talked loved when I was talking but didn't want to do with it afterwards so it's about understanding that that's what's going through.

00:45:39.150 --> 00:45:54.600 Iain Whyte: Lots of people's heads about different things, and a mutual acquaintance of ours, he said to me, he said, you are worried about what people thought about your size and changing room at the rugby club, I was worried, a little bit because I was called skinny.

00:45:56.430 --> 00:45:59.400 Iain Whyte: Right, you know so when you say they're like we've all.

00:45:59.400 --> 00:45:59.610 Iain Whyte: got.

00:46:00.180 --> 00:46:06.810 Iain Whyte: It it's just different different one mine was my size, because it's obvious, but other people's it's not so obvious.

00:46:07.980 --> 00:46:08.370 Graham Dobbin: we're.

00:46:09.210 --> 00:46:20.970 Graham Dobbin: Real to them absolutely and after the break we'll talk about that shield what shields do we see that business owners up and we will definitely we've got to, yet we are definitely going to talk about your influences.

00:46:21.390 --> 00:46:27.660 Graham Dobbin: In that team in the background and you're talking you're listening to the mind buying leadership with with the white.

00:46:28.950 --> 00:46:29.760 Graham Dobbin: will be back shortly.

00:46:31.980 --> 00:46:33.870 Graham Dobbin: Listening to talk radio.

00:48:51.450 --> 00:49:00.600 Graham Dobbin: you're listening you're welcome back you're listening to the mind behind leadership will within right, and this is one of the shows that just absolutely flies and I can't believe we were the last part of it.

00:49:00.960 --> 00:49:07.320 Graham Dobbin: And we're talking about big shields about what people build around us, and maybe identity wise, etc.

00:49:08.430 --> 00:49:13.200 Graham Dobbin: What have you seen in business owner know that that was a realization to you.

00:49:14.550 --> 00:49:22.080 Graham Dobbin: That that was kind of your shield, regardless of whether you're happy or not, with it, that was yours, it was your identity, what do you see the business owners do Ian.

00:49:22.950 --> 00:49:33.750 Iain Whyte: And it can to take everything on their shoulders obvious reasons, because I feel it's fair responsibility cetera you know I got myself and those tiny to get myself out of it.

00:49:35.340 --> 00:49:35.970 Iain Whyte: But they just.

00:49:37.170 --> 00:49:37.740 Iain Whyte: it's like.

00:49:39.660 --> 00:49:41.820 Iain Whyte: Spencer Johnson who moved my cheese.

00:49:43.020 --> 00:49:43.200 Iain Whyte: But.

00:49:43.230 --> 00:49:45.720 Iain Whyte: You can see that they're running out of cheese.

00:49:47.340 --> 00:49:55.290 Iain Whyte: But they're just not prepared for whatever reason, not doing a better it's just like it's that Ying and Yang they knew all.

00:49:55.860 --> 00:50:12.180 Iain Whyte: But if you touch the subject they go mad and that aggressive and defensiveness is that the new you know anybody ever says anything to you and you get a bit touchy you know they've had an hour yeah and the end in general, the telling the truth.

00:50:14.340 --> 00:50:21.420 Graham Dobbin: is interested when we challenge we're taught to defend someone challenges us rather than listening to the challenge.

00:50:23.910 --> 00:50:29.340 Graham Dobbin: Okay that's what we do there i'm going to ask you about your who's your influences when we think about leadership.

00:50:30.960 --> 00:50:35.640 Graham Dobbin: i'm not i'm not going to make a leading question, but are we going to be going towards that picture in the back then so.

00:50:35.820 --> 00:50:37.320 Graham Dobbin: Talk us through for people to.

00:50:37.440 --> 00:50:45.990 Graham Dobbin: So people will be in catch up here they wouldn't be able to see Facebook or see the video just talk us through what that represents to you in the bank.

00:50:46.650 --> 00:50:54.120 Iain Whyte: So that is legends of Old Trafford is actually the the potluck there and.

00:50:55.770 --> 00:50:59.760 Iain Whyte: That ranges from matt busby to Alex Ferguson.

00:51:01.980 --> 00:51:06.450 Iain Whyte: All the players some who are no longer with us George Best exactly exactly.

00:51:07.620 --> 00:51:23.070 Iain Whyte: And I was fortunate enough to be pathology and in the early 80s and Aberdeen who were nothing team and manage perhaps to go back there at the moment it seems, but anyway, we.

00:51:24.120 --> 00:51:32.550 Iain Whyte: We had this guy turn up and he told us we were the best and everybody in Glasgow haters and we need to do something about this.

00:51:33.150 --> 00:51:48.990 Iain Whyte: And he got those claims motivated and there's literally team, nobody paid more than 500 times a week, no one was paid more than 500 plenary and we're all local and fat so local and so young, some of them, they didn't even have a passport when we started European football.

00:51:50.220 --> 00:51:50.700 Iain Whyte: and

00:51:52.050 --> 00:51:54.360 Iain Whyte: They go and they beat Real Madrid.

00:51:55.470 --> 00:52:04.140 Iain Whyte: Then the beat by Amina I mean it's just like European cup winners Cup which is know the whatever did he covers and.

00:52:05.190 --> 00:52:14.040 Iain Whyte: The supercop 1983 Gothenburg buying European cup winners cup few months later superga and you're like.

00:52:14.790 --> 00:52:30.510 Iain Whyte: How does that happen you got us to win league titles goes to win Scottish cups many went to man, united and they want to get rid of them, and if he hadn't beaten arsenal watch him and and got through and won the FA Cup.

00:52:32.610 --> 00:52:37.200 Iain Whyte: He probably would have been history but he's the most successful premiership manager.

00:52:38.370 --> 00:52:57.240 Iain Whyte: And it's all doing to he believed in his people and made sure they knew where they stood nobody was in any don't have really stood without various he made it abundantly clear, he also made it abundantly clear, if you want to play for this team, you need to do what I asked you to do.

00:52:59.130 --> 00:53:04.740 Iain Whyte: Is you need to be changing by capturing bars many used to gang all the bars and Aberdeen players up.

00:53:05.910 --> 00:53:07.320 Iain Whyte: And if they were caught the refined.

00:53:09.420 --> 00:53:27.030 Iain Whyte: You put them on the bench no one's bigger than the team, we are a team, and we need to be a part of that team, and I, you know, some people say Oh well, you know, he was a bit aggressive he was this but everybody knew where the student I was lucky enough to briefly meet him at St.

00:53:28.080 --> 00:53:29.160 Iain Whyte: tail and Manchester.

00:53:30.510 --> 00:53:38.580 Iain Whyte: To which I had on my kilt new and then, when I said it was a McGregor he said hear them are going to walk off with a bit of fun, but that was.

00:53:39.750 --> 00:53:43.110 Iain Whyte: That was a year of won the League and.

00:53:44.520 --> 00:53:49.050 Iain Whyte: He just his whole demeanor and focus, he was absolutely committed.

00:53:50.310 --> 00:53:57.930 Iain Whyte: To the football club that the manager is absolutely committed to the players and all he asked for and returns them to be committed to the cause as well.

00:53:58.770 --> 00:54:12.030 Iain Whyte: And there's a lot more that you could talk about in the rear but his mind management and understanding individuals and their needs, and if you ask all of these players they'll tell you it was like a follow up to them, and still is.

00:54:13.140 --> 00:54:23.910 Iain Whyte: They will go and speak to him about things that they wouldn't speak to other people vote because that so well, he was brutal to them on occasions that would appear there it's a world the respective that because they needed it.

00:54:24.750 --> 00:54:27.030 Graham Dobbin: it's really interesting because it wasn't the greatest players.

00:54:27.600 --> 00:54:27.930 No.

00:54:31.020 --> 00:54:39.540 Graham Dobbin: It wasn't the greatest players, but he managed to show and leadership and that kind of takes us almost all the all the way around we don't need to be the perfect model.

00:54:40.770 --> 00:54:46.920 Graham Dobbin: We need to know how to do for others, yes, where you've actually just triggered or maybe you're sure at some point, because.

00:54:47.550 --> 00:54:56.880 Graham Dobbin: of God and for anybody that doesn't know we're talking about proper football, which is played with a brown ball, which is soccer to maybe a lot of listeners here, which is good.

00:54:57.300 --> 00:55:10.860 Graham Dobbin: But there is a there's a movie out the moment about Alex Ferguson he's done several talks at Harvard University he seen as a leading light with certainly and sports leadership, but in general, just leadership methodologies.

00:55:11.280 --> 00:55:18.300 Graham Dobbin: here's somebody who's come from a working class of blue blue collar background in Glasgow and just so thick law school.

00:55:19.230 --> 00:55:30.150 Graham Dobbin: Probably the three of the greatest managers, that the Games, have a hard as throughout the world is Shankly must be in steam or block all and kind of similar backgrounds.

00:55:31.050 --> 00:55:35.760 Graham Dobbin: I wish you have only got a couple of minutes left I wish I really wish we had time to kind of dig into that.

00:55:36.570 --> 00:55:48.240 Graham Dobbin: Just bought what the psychology but just in a nutshell, would force us if we've got a minute what what's your thoughts about those for that we've just spoken about in their backgrounds and how they motivate others.

00:55:48.840 --> 00:55:50.550 Iain Whyte: I think, to me.

00:55:51.660 --> 00:56:05.580 Iain Whyte: disrespect and they want they've got that I want to help, they want to help the players get better they wanted to help the players forget about all this stuff going on in the background and money in.

00:56:06.060 --> 00:56:18.300 Iain Whyte: drink and women that whoa we concentrate on this, you have a good short career, we need to get you focused on this and I think it was the genuine and totally genuine about being honest.

00:56:18.690 --> 00:56:29.400 Iain Whyte: With the players and wanting the best for the players, but at the same time don't mess with me i'm here to talk to see you important but you're not any more important than anyone else around here.

00:56:30.210 --> 00:56:44.370 Graham Dobbin: And that's probably a great thing to for people to be thinking about great leaders thinking about others and everything for the for the seniors tough sinners brutal sinners argumentative seen as anything else it's because they believe it's the right thing for all of us in.

00:56:45.570 --> 00:56:52.830 Graham Dobbin: The end i'm so sorry is been is gone so quickly after the show we have frank about health and after that.

00:56:53.190 --> 00:57:03.210 Graham Dobbin: We have panic pick a law coming up, and thanks to some live events for producing today and making sure that everything went smoothly in the background in way.

00:57:03.600 --> 00:57:17.160 Graham Dobbin: you're an absolute star Thank you so much for sharing your story and giving us some insights into what you're doing, but also where we should be focusing as leaders really appreciate it great to speak with you.

00:57:17.490 --> 00:57:18.720 Iain Whyte: Thanks man appreciate it.

00:57:19.710 --> 00:57:26.580 Graham Dobbin: i'm join us again next week on the mind behind leadership here live on talk radio dot nyc bye.

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