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Friday, May 28, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/28 - Recipes For Success

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/28 - Recipes For Success


2021/05/28 - Recipes For Success

[NEW EPISODE] Recipes For Success

This week I’m going live with the one & only Chef Lizette.

For sure we’ll hit on cooking, drinking, branding, podcasting, marketing, social media....

And whatever the hell else we feel like talking about!

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the message of the week, “we are always selling to 98.6 degrees”, which is the average body temperature of a human, and it is important to remember whenever you are trying to sell something, that there is a human on the other side of the transaction. Jeremiah introduces his guest for this week’s episode, Chef Lizette, a successful personal chef from NYC, who is often referred to as Chef by everyone from all walks of life. Chef Lizette explains the reasoning behind being referred to as Chef, that many people have difficulty pronouncing her full name Lizette Lopez De Arriaga, and that she used Chef Lizette for personal branding, to help others out, as she often cringes at how some people pronounce her name when they introduce her. She explains how even after she is no longer going to be a chef full time, she still wants to be referred to as Chef Lizette, to pay homage to her time as a chef. The two discuss Chef Lizette’s decision to go into the culinary industry, and she explains that the Sunday dinner she and her family had every week growing up is what inspired her to pursue cooking as a career. She continues to explain how she had a formal education in fashion, but even though she loves fashion, it never quite stuck with her as cooking did. She recalls watching Julia Child on PBS, which continued to inspire her to cook, and she went to UCLA for her culinary education. Chef Lizette also discusses her time working in restaurants and other formal cooking jobs, as she worked at the Ritz-Carlton and with Wolfgang Puck before she became a private chef. Jeremiah goes into his culinary career, and how even though he never had a formal education in culinary arts, he still gained a lot of knowledge through his experience.

Segment 2

The two discuss Chef Lizette’s move from Los Angeles to New York, and she explains how moving to New York was always the plan for her, that the city has always captivated her. Chef Lizette explains her transition in her career to being a personal chef. She explains when she met Julia Child at a book signing, where Julia Child told her to never stop learning and be humble. To Chef Lizette those words were incredibly important, and she kept those words to heart, and that because of that she wanted to create a large ranging resume, and didn’t want to be cornered into a niche within the culinary industry. She continues to explain that being a restaurant chef, while a good experience for her, was not something she would be able to do for the rest of her life, as she enjoys interacting with the customers when cooking for them. Jeremiah discusses how he also likes interacting with the customers, and how many of the restaurants he worked at were open-air kitchens, and customers were able to come up and interact with him while he was cooking. He also explains that at his restaurant Della there is an open air kitchen, and it is incredibly important to him to have this customer interaction with the kitchen. The two discuss wine, and how often wine comes up in Chef Lizette’s job. She explains that she had to take courses in culinary school related to wine, but more importantly many of her cousins and her grandparents loved wine. She explains that what made her realize how important wine was to a meal was when she went to Napa, where she had the a meal where the wine matched to the meal perfectly.

Segment 3

Jeremiah and Chef Lizette continue talking in depth on how Chef Lizette came to New York, with Chef Lizette discussing how in Los Angeles where she was originally based there is only a small community of people who needed a private chef. She continues to explain how for a long time she never thought she needed an agent, because most of her work came from word of mouth. But, in New York the environment for private chefs is an incredibly different environment, and many of the people in the community that needed private chefs tended to want New York chefs, and the supply and demand of private chefs and clients in New York is very different from the supply and demand of Los Angeles. Chef Lizette continues to explain that she had a client offer in New York, and the catalyst that convinced to make the move to New York was the death of her close friend. But, after she packed up and sold everything to move to New York for this new client, the client decided to keep the chef they already had. She explains how she was able to figure out how to stay in New York to be able to get a job with a client, with very little money and no home, until she was able to land a client by offering to work for free for two weeks. Jeremiah builds off of her story, comparing it to the life story of Tony D, his personal mentor. The two discuss their upbringings and how it contributed to their mindset going forward in their careers. Chef Lizette explains the importance of discussing the difficulties that come with success in one’s career, as people often don’t discuss those aspects.

Segment 4

Chef Lizette discusses the book Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuck, and how reading it has changed her life and her mindset. How everything that was included in the book spoke to her, and resembled her own life. Jeremiah and Chef Lizette discuss her attitude and successful use of social media. Chef Lizette continues to explain how Crush it! became so important to her, that she had to become the person ready to receive the information presented in the book for it to make the impact that it did on her. They discuss how no one knows when the magic moment when the information will click with a person, so it is important to include repetition of these ideas and facts so that the information is readily available to people when they are ready for this information to click with them. Jeremiah and Chef Lizette briefly discuss her upcoming podcast that she is working on Breaking Bread with Chef Lizette.


00:00:30.810 --> 00:00:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: Happy Friday everybody, yes, yes, it is that most glorious time of the week High Noon.

00:00:37.560 --> 00:00:46.350 Jeremiah Fox: wrapping the week up getting ready to kick the weekend off, you are listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox before I bring my guest on today, the message of the week.

00:00:46.560 --> 00:00:58.230 Jeremiah Fox: Something at one of my mentors Tony D says, all the time, we are always selling to 98.6 degrees, which is the average body temperature of a human.

00:00:58.620 --> 00:01:02.670 Jeremiah Fox: It is important to remember, regardless of what your goal is that.

00:01:03.540 --> 00:01:12.960 Jeremiah Fox: There is a human pulling the trigger at the other end of those decisions, whether your automated digital it doesn't matter there's still the buck kind of stops at least for now.

00:01:13.350 --> 00:01:21.870 Jeremiah Fox: The robots haven't taken over yet, with a human and that brings to mind, you know, the idea of personal brand, which is what we're going to talk about today.

00:01:22.260 --> 00:01:32.730 Jeremiah Fox: keyword person in that statement if you're dealing with humans it's best to treat each other, like humans, be a person with that, I would like to welcome my guests.

00:01:33.420 --> 00:01:43.980 Jeremiah Fox: To the show she is affectionately known as chef was that we'll hear more on that as we get into this welcome welcome, how are you doing today.

00:01:44.820 --> 00:01:46.020 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: hi how are you.

00:01:46.290 --> 00:01:57.240 Jeremiah Fox: Great so we, those of you listening we've done a bunch of clubhouse rooms together, but this is the first time we actually get to see each other, because it's always just the audio, so this is a pleasure how's everything.

00:01:57.990 --> 00:01:58.920 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: so good.

00:01:59.220 --> 00:02:08.040 Jeremiah Fox: Good so we're keeping it in New York, this week guys, we often zoom out to other parts of the world, but staying right in the nyc so chef is a.

00:02:08.490 --> 00:02:16.230 Jeremiah Fox: she's also just known as chef which is great like it's so funny that I was thinking about that earlier, I saw a picture and your instagram and you had a bag, but just said chef.

00:02:16.500 --> 00:02:23.880 Jeremiah Fox: And it's everybody refers to a chef and it's like within a restaurant it's easy to say like oh chef you know, but like you're known to the world.

00:02:24.240 --> 00:02:34.170 Jeremiah Fox: As chef you're a personal chef you're not house under a restaurant right now, and I think you've done a really great job when someone just says chef like you come to mind you kind of like core that word.

00:02:35.790 --> 00:02:39.750 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I mean I yeah my my goal is to.

00:02:40.800 --> 00:02:42.570 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: really be known for that word.

00:02:43.860 --> 00:02:46.410 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So there's a little like story behind that.

00:02:47.880 --> 00:03:02.370 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Is because my full name is Lisa Lopez that Viagra so it's a three part last name and my entire in I don't have a middle name, so my entire life.

00:03:02.880 --> 00:03:10.620 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Everyone has miss pronounce my name they've mispronounced words that and they've mispronounced Lopez every I go.

00:03:11.160 --> 00:03:19.650 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And I adore my last name like i'm deeply proud of my last name, but I just figured like when it comes to social media and branding.

00:03:20.370 --> 00:03:40.710 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Even when i've done speaking engagements like I cringe when I hear people introduce me because you know what I mean, and so I thought, how can I make it just easier for folks yeah no um, and so there was that and hopefully at some point i'm just known as chef to make it even easier right.

00:03:41.100 --> 00:03:49.530 Jeremiah Fox: Well, I appreciate that, because when I when I we connected I guess it was on it was either on Facebook or linkedin.

00:03:49.560 --> 00:03:50.940 Jeremiah Fox: And that guy didn't know your.

00:03:51.030 --> 00:03:56.340 Jeremiah Fox: I didn't even know you had last name I was like he was just born chef was that you were born, you were born a shot.

00:03:56.790 --> 00:04:08.820 Jeremiah Fox: And I saw your your last name and I was like oh my God i'm not even gonna try to say that i'm just sticking with chef was that so as a host I appreciate that is very good for site, because I would have butchered your last name.

00:04:10.620 --> 00:04:20.190 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Also it's so funny I mean i'm i'm grateful that I just had the insight like it did take years literally, it was also.

00:04:21.600 --> 00:04:30.210 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: More than like making it easier for folks it was about owning def lose that meaning.

00:04:31.530 --> 00:04:35.850 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: i've earned it i've earned that title and.

00:04:37.050 --> 00:04:48.090 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So I thought I mean like I have so many interests in my life, what happens when I evolve and i'm not a chef full time I still want to pay homage to.

00:04:49.020 --> 00:05:09.450 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: How I started my career being a chef, and so I figured maybe if I just started early enough in my you know branding career, I could just be known as chef in that way, it will always speak to my heart and soul of food and cooking and the love of feeding people.

00:05:10.080 --> 00:05:20.250 Jeremiah Fox: that's amazing so like your biggest competition, right now, a South park like I can't think of anybody else it just goes by chef, if you like, if you cross that that bridge you you own it.

00:05:21.330 --> 00:05:23.880 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: My whole life I think i've got my whole.

00:05:23.910 --> 00:05:24.990 Jeremiah Fox: Life you do.

00:05:25.500 --> 00:05:28.020 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: A one name, she would be.

00:05:29.460 --> 00:05:34.950 Jeremiah Fox: um so speaking of beginnings i'm curious to hear you know how you got into cooking.

00:05:36.030 --> 00:05:43.560 Jeremiah Fox: And and and becoming a chef and you know, did you go to did you go to culinary school, did you grow up in restaurants How did this kind of play out for you.

00:05:44.670 --> 00:05:48.360 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah so restaurants weren't my world.

00:05:50.310 --> 00:06:03.270 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: It all happened with Sunday dinners it was you know I come from a Mexican American family huge family and every Sunday, without fail, for you know, up until I was.

00:06:04.080 --> 00:06:21.030 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: A senior in high school, we would go every Sunday to my grandparents house, they were the bedrock and we just have these enormous gorgeous family meals and as soon as we got older, I mean, of course, it continued way after high school, but as we got older.

00:06:22.470 --> 00:06:25.170 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: All of the grandkids learned how to cook.

00:06:26.400 --> 00:06:39.120 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: week so then everyone started contributing their signature dishes and you know my grandmother with the epicenter and then you know the daughters, so my mother, my aunts and so forth.

00:06:39.780 --> 00:06:51.780 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And they're all just exceptional cooks I will say I am biased my mother is hands down the best cook on earth like on earth, she has just a.

00:06:52.500 --> 00:07:05.310 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Real talent, like a natural gift, not a trained chef she just cooks with love and so she knows how to you know go into any kitchen and create magic.

00:07:05.910 --> 00:07:18.330 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: But But more than anything you taste you taste love from her digits and so that's so that's like where the seed was planted of just you know because I was already graduated.

00:07:18.780 --> 00:07:28.320 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: or about to graduate from high school and i'm like what do I do with my life, you know, like there was so many things, I wanted to do fashion, primarily, being the first love.

00:07:28.830 --> 00:07:36.360 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I went to I went to you know fit me the fashion Institute of design and merchandising because I wanted to be a buyer.

00:07:37.500 --> 00:07:42.960 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: In the fashion world and it just didn't resonate with me like.

00:07:44.040 --> 00:08:01.230 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: But I continued my love affair, with fashion and and then I just saw Julia child on PBS and it was just like I don't even know like i'm trying to write, because it was so long ago I celebrated 30 years, this year the being a chef.

00:08:01.470 --> 00:08:17.340 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: awesome, and so I don't I don't know, like the spark the moment I was just captivated by Julia child and then shop at Ben and Jeff Smith and you know emeril lagasse ming tsai you know, like the early early crew.

00:08:17.850 --> 00:08:27.000 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: chuck but then, of course, Wolfgang Puck all of the early early chefs on PBS I was just locked in.

00:08:28.080 --> 00:08:41.340 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And so from there, and I said Okay, I want to really get serious about it, and I was shopping around culinary schools, I wanted to go to the CIA, the culinary Institute of America, being the best in the country.

00:08:42.450 --> 00:08:46.860 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I mean actually first first First is the cordon bleu and Paris.

00:08:47.220 --> 00:08:50.190 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: That was like that was where I really wanted to go.

00:08:51.780 --> 00:09:06.720 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And then second would have been CIA but it wasn't in my budget, and you know, I was young, and I just wasn't ready to leave home yet so UCLA had a great program and I went there.

00:09:08.430 --> 00:09:14.730 Jeremiah Fox: And you you grew up in California, I know you, you told me once that you moved here from California, but I wasn't sure that you grew up in La.

00:09:15.420 --> 00:09:32.400 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I was born in Mexico City and my brother and sister were not born in Mexico City, and so it was just due to relocation, with my dad's work that because i'm the youngest so he had a job in Mexico, and then we ended up moving back.

00:09:32.430 --> 00:09:32.880 Jeremiah Fox: And so.

00:09:33.780 --> 00:09:36.600 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So, like southern California is really where I was raised.

00:09:38.100 --> 00:09:44.460 Jeremiah Fox: Next, and did you do you think you said you did some stance in restaurants, you at least worked in some.

00:09:44.940 --> 00:09:45.510 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah well.

00:09:47.040 --> 00:10:06.090 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Like open some of the restaurant like not open some of the restaurants, but he do a lot of like pop ups and specialty events that premiered a lot of his signature dishes from his restaurants, the ritz carlton was my first job actually out of culinary school so that was not too bad.

00:10:06.510 --> 00:10:09.900 Jeremiah Fox: yeah about it all I am I have a lot of.

00:10:11.790 --> 00:10:21.450 Jeremiah Fox: Just history with the culinary institute itself, I never I never studied cooking formula i'm sitting in my restaurant right now just.

00:10:21.480 --> 00:10:21.960 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: love it.

00:10:22.290 --> 00:10:23.550 Jeremiah Fox: The brick wall in restaurant.

00:10:23.820 --> 00:10:25.200 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: likes it I can't wait to visit.

00:10:25.290 --> 00:10:27.540 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I know we're gonna we got we got stuff to do.

00:10:28.860 --> 00:10:45.330 Jeremiah Fox: One of the first the first guys I worked for was a code and to grab this was like 9495 and I was whatever I was like 18 1718 and he was maybe like 22.

00:10:45.780 --> 00:10:55.470 Jeremiah Fox: And he had just gotten out of the corner school because the two year program back then, I guess it still is um and he he he went to Florence.

00:10:56.130 --> 00:10:59.730 Jeremiah Fox: For a semester, or something like that he was Italian he was from philly and.

00:11:00.480 --> 00:11:09.510 Jeremiah Fox: It was an Italian restaurant and that kind of like began my love for the place and then it just continued on even so, like 10 years later, when I first moved to New York City.

00:11:09.990 --> 00:11:20.370 Jeremiah Fox: The first job I got was as a sous chef in a kitchen in brooklyn and he was also a culinary institute Grad from the same exact time frame, but they didn't know each other, which was pretty wild.

00:11:20.880 --> 00:11:25.830 Jeremiah Fox: And they used to sin there in like it was like an apprenticeship, and you had in the summer, you know.

00:11:26.460 --> 00:11:30.540 Jeremiah Fox: They would send them in for brunch and it was funny because you know back in the day.

00:11:31.500 --> 00:11:36.540 Jeremiah Fox: Like around the time you wanted to go there, they had this requirement that you had to have two years experience.

00:11:36.960 --> 00:11:46.290 Jeremiah Fox: In some kind of food service establishment, it could have been like you know scooping ice cream on the shore in the summers you know, but you had to have like two years experience.

00:11:46.650 --> 00:11:53.040 Jeremiah Fox: And like been through some fire and they got rid of that at some point, by the time you know they were sending me these apprentices.

00:11:53.280 --> 00:12:00.000 Jeremiah Fox: And so there was these kids like straight out of you know straight out of high school right into college never worked a day in their life that made.

00:12:00.570 --> 00:12:08.580 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it was a rough and they, this is a jam and restaurant and they would say they would come in for brunch and you know that it was just chaos, you know, like nothing's ready yet.

00:12:09.120 --> 00:12:18.840 Jeremiah Fox: And he would say if they can't you know they can't handle it just send them home and sit every one of them at the kitchen that's just like get out here, it was awful but then.

00:12:19.290 --> 00:12:21.360 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: At the 10 hour conversation on that.

00:12:21.390 --> 00:12:30.480 Jeremiah Fox: yeah right and then, when we opened when we open della the gentleman we hired to to you know design and then you and staff, the kitchen.

00:12:30.780 --> 00:12:37.200 Jeremiah Fox: was also a culinary and Sue grabbed from that same time period and again they didn't none of them knew each other, they all went to that school.

00:12:37.440 --> 00:12:49.050 Jeremiah Fox: Within the same like three year period, and like none of them knew who each other, were it was kind of strange, but I just keep having these reoccurring relationships with the school i've never even visited it, I really, really like to go up by.

00:12:50.460 --> 00:12:53.790 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: What I mean I don't want to start interviewing you.

00:12:55.440 --> 00:12:56.220 But what's.

00:12:57.270 --> 00:12:58.980 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: what's fascinating is.

00:13:00.060 --> 00:13:01.260 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: culinary school.

00:13:02.370 --> 00:13:15.360 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Absolutely gives you a great foundation for a lot of skill set, but then there are those chefs who probably grew up with grandmothers and aunts and mothers.

00:13:15.900 --> 00:13:33.660 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: who knew how to cook and that's where you get the chefs who just their whole different level yeah like it can't just be about technique, because you get thrown in the deep end and you got to figure out how to swim without a manual on day one.

00:13:34.770 --> 00:13:40.860 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: You know so it's you know there's it there's a lot it's a lot about using your senses.

00:13:42.960 --> 00:13:51.510 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And, and I mean, in fairness to schools you can't teach that that's something that you can't teach that's where experience comes in, so.

00:13:51.990 --> 00:13:53.220 Jeremiah Fox: Have you ever visited the school.

00:13:54.420 --> 00:13:57.240 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: India I should I mean to me, I have not.

00:13:57.570 --> 00:13:58.860 Jeremiah Fox: will do a field trip one day.

00:14:00.990 --> 00:14:03.420 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Like that would be more fun than to go alone because.

00:14:03.420 --> 00:14:07.020 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Absolutely point you know so that would be awesome yeah.

00:14:07.620 --> 00:14:12.540 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we're gonna take our first break hang tight we'll be back in a minute all of you, hang tight we'll be right back.

00:17:13.380 --> 00:17:24.300 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome back everybody you're just tuning in once again you're listening to the entrepreneur web i'm your host Jeremiah fox we're keeping it tight and close here in New York City this this Friday this magnificent Friday.

00:17:24.900 --> 00:17:38.190 Jeremiah Fox: talking to chef was that she's a personal chef originating out of Mexico City and Los Angeles, and at a certain point you migrated to New York, how did that come about what was what was the draw here.

00:17:38.610 --> 00:17:40.050 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: It was always the plan.

00:17:40.380 --> 00:17:40.680 It was.

00:17:42.180 --> 00:17:51.810 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny I was same exact way like as a kid I just remember saying i'm going to move to New York like as a little kid so it was it was the same for you.

00:17:52.620 --> 00:18:09.000 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Even before I knew I wanted to be a chef like New York yeah I was always enchanted by New York like you know between Martin scorsese and Woody Allen and you know all of Robert de niro the gangster movies.

00:18:09.090 --> 00:18:09.570 Jeremiah Fox: Oh, you know.

00:18:10.440 --> 00:18:19.470 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: New York just captivated me like from childhood Frank Sinatra you know, like you name it lies minnelli yeah.

00:18:19.860 --> 00:18:27.120 Jeremiah Fox: i'm with you 100% that's great so, then you know you said you did some you worked the ritz carlton some work with Wolfgang Puck.

00:18:27.810 --> 00:18:37.410 Jeremiah Fox: How did you transition from that to really like honing into I want to be a personal chef and then transferring when did that happen in New York and that happened in the west coast.

00:18:37.470 --> 00:18:38.610 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Oh in Los Angeles.

00:18:38.670 --> 00:18:41.730 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Oh yeah fabulous it's interesting I don't know that.

00:18:43.140 --> 00:18:46.710 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I don't know that I said Okay, I want to be a private chef it just.

00:18:47.880 --> 00:18:50.070 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: It just happened, I mean like In fact I.

00:18:51.330 --> 00:18:59.820 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I knew without anyone telling me well that's not true Julia child actually told me, I went to one of her book signings.

00:19:01.080 --> 00:19:16.320 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I was just starting my career and she said, always keep learning and be humble so that always keep learning really stuck with me like this was even before the ritz carlton, and so I knew that even being at.

00:19:18.510 --> 00:19:30.900 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: The premiere you know ritz carlton which, in my mind was my favorite job of all time that was like the real university, I was there for four years, and that was my university.

00:19:31.620 --> 00:19:51.420 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I knew that I wanted to learn as many different ways of being a chef meaning, I was, I was on location catering where you'd set up shop from scratch from one place to the other that's like the real boot camp of being a chef like that's hardcore.

00:19:52.590 --> 00:19:53.250 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: hardcore.

00:19:55.230 --> 00:19:55.740 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: You know, be.

00:19:55.920 --> 00:20:08.100 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: A little taco truck and being having four people and, at the end of the day, you cooked for 500 to 1000 people on a set doing you know photo shoots and studios and all of that.

00:20:10.260 --> 00:20:19.830 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And so I knew I wanted to experience as much of a wide ranging resume I wanted to build like a wide ranging resume I never.

00:20:20.580 --> 00:20:24.660 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And it's interesting because at the ritz carlton you know, there was a fine dining restaurant.

00:20:25.290 --> 00:20:33.960 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Like so it was a massive kitchen and it was all section dog in new course the private dining restaurant had its own section.

00:20:34.440 --> 00:20:48.600 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And I love that like I adored the meals that were coming out of there and I was able to experience what a restaurant environment look like, and it was great and i'm thankful that I was able to you know help whenever they need to tell.

00:20:50.940 --> 00:21:05.100 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: But I don't know I just didn't want to be locked into one space and so catering really resonated to me because everything changed locations change the client change the atmosphere you're cooking styles changed.

00:21:05.850 --> 00:21:21.630 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And then even another layer deeper I was asked to do a party and then I went into someone's home and i'm like Oh, this could be even more intimate so you you take like from a restaurant experience to a catering experience to now.

00:21:22.740 --> 00:21:27.600 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: You know, being a private chef and now you have real access to the client.

00:21:28.740 --> 00:21:35.040 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And so that was the thing that that I didn't like like it didn't work for me, being a chef in the back.

00:21:35.340 --> 00:21:42.900 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Because what I loved the most was serving the meal and seeing the reaction and talking and exchanging like.

00:21:43.680 --> 00:21:50.640 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: that's the kind of chef I am so to just be pumping out meals and not have the connection with the customer.

00:21:51.060 --> 00:22:02.880 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: was so painful for me yeah so that's why I could never be a restaurant chef unless I own the restaurant, and you know part of it was going to the front of the House and talking to the guests um.

00:22:03.810 --> 00:22:13.200 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: But yeah so I love that I was able to bounce around and I did that intentionally and you know one client became another client and then I was recommended.

00:22:14.490 --> 00:22:28.590 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: But you know, at the same time, I was still doing catering work, so I mean you know, like at any point, you could have five six different jobs they total, you know that end up totally one full time job and I like that I like that.

00:22:29.490 --> 00:22:32.310 Jeremiah Fox: That was a beautiful tie in to the message of the week.

00:22:33.030 --> 00:22:41.520 Jeremiah Fox: The whole thing, are you talking about you know becoming being intimate you'd like always getting back to the human, yes, like that's it we're done, that was a great show.

00:22:43.890 --> 00:22:55.350 Jeremiah Fox: Fantastic that's, that is what it's all about leg So for me, a lot of the kitchens, that I worked in were open air kitchen so everybody can see you and I really, really love that some people do not like that at all.

00:22:55.800 --> 00:23:02.220 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I it always just really stuck with me because of that, because people could come by and say.

00:23:02.790 --> 00:23:15.150 Jeremiah Fox: They would talk to you, you know they would you got that human interaction, even while you were cooking so when we open, I mean della wait till you see the kitchen here I mean most apartment kitchens in New York City are bigger than our kitchen and it's open.

00:23:15.180 --> 00:23:22.560 Jeremiah Fox: Love so everybody, I mean if you're at the bar eat if you're at the bar and you order food literally it's being made five feet away from you, you know.

00:23:23.010 --> 00:23:31.020 Jeremiah Fox: tables we almost had tables right up against it like almost like a sushi kind of setup but the space just wasn't big enough for it um we had to.

00:23:31.110 --> 00:23:34.770 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: We did a full blown out hundreds of meals from there, I guess you'd like.

00:23:34.800 --> 00:23:35.190 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah I.

00:23:35.250 --> 00:23:47.760 Jeremiah Fox: Know it's great yeah like you said, I mean I did a lot of those pop up things too so you're always working under stressful situations and we had cooks that would that would come in we've hired they did come into look at the kitchen for a job and jack I can't work here and.

00:23:48.210 --> 00:23:50.190 Jeremiah Fox: right here the right person for this.

00:23:51.330 --> 00:23:53.970 Jeremiah Fox: But I totally agree it's like go ahead.

00:23:54.750 --> 00:24:06.600 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: No, no, like there's a lot of different tiers to different chefs like there's very fancy chefs who, like everything beautifully set up and they work really well in that environment.

00:24:07.770 --> 00:24:10.470 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Then there you know, like the pirates like.

00:24:11.370 --> 00:24:11.820 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: You know, like.

00:24:13.020 --> 00:24:14.130 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: We just know how to figure it.

00:24:14.130 --> 00:24:14.340 Jeremiah Fox: out.

00:24:14.910 --> 00:24:18.360 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: We could build a restaurant from scratch and served by the end of the night.

00:24:18.390 --> 00:24:21.240 Jeremiah Fox: You know, yes, yes, I like that i'm gonna get a little parrot.

00:24:25.980 --> 00:24:28.980 Jeremiah Fox: I did notice you Rock in the rocks happiness shirt.

00:24:29.130 --> 00:24:29.580 too great.

00:24:30.630 --> 00:24:32.190 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah it's like so.

00:24:33.270 --> 00:24:41.070 Jeremiah Fox: My kids lost mine I bought the sweater and the sweatshirt and the shirt and they like one of them more the T shirt one day and it just disappeared and i'm like.

00:24:41.430 --> 00:24:43.890 Jeremiah Fox: Goodness bring my happiness happiness.

00:24:46.710 --> 00:24:48.240 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: he's still likely.

00:24:48.390 --> 00:24:49.260 Jeremiah Fox: No, no, I know.

00:24:49.320 --> 00:24:53.940 Jeremiah Fox: I know yeah I know yeah he's actually been on here a couple times great dude.

00:24:54.030 --> 00:24:57.750 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Oh it's been to the restaurant he's fantastic and he likes food.

00:24:58.050 --> 00:25:01.920 Jeremiah Fox: I The other thing we're gonna take a break in a minute, but we can I wanted to ask this real quick before we go.

00:25:02.190 --> 00:25:04.350 Jeremiah Fox: You post a lot you post a lot about wine.

00:25:04.500 --> 00:25:14.310 Jeremiah Fox: um I also came up like big time in in the beverage seen as well how much it will part does that play into to what you do just out of curiosity.

00:25:14.460 --> 00:25:15.840 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Huge huge it.

00:25:17.640 --> 00:25:25.320 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So in connery school, you know you had to take courses in in that my cousins actually.

00:25:25.950 --> 00:25:39.030 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: were the ones like they had a love affair, with spirits and they're so good at you know they like to be mixologist, and so they got me, and I mean, I would say it started with my grandparents, because of course those Sunday dinners.

00:25:39.390 --> 00:25:51.240 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: My grandfather just every detail, was love he picked the wine carefully, and so it started with my grandparents and then you know, as I got older and hung out with my cousins.

00:25:52.740 --> 00:26:02.100 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: We got into wine and food and just geek out over it, and and then I started, then we went to napa we went to the French laundry.

00:26:02.160 --> 00:26:03.390 Jeremiah Fox: In fact wow.

00:26:04.020 --> 00:26:07.080 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And that just elevated my whole level of.

00:26:08.130 --> 00:26:25.710 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: In fact, it was Bobby stuckey, who was the sole Yang at French laundry at the time, and it was, I think a six seven course meal and it was perfection what he curated with the meal and that just I was.

00:26:26.910 --> 00:26:30.060 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: It was like a religious experience it just was and.

00:26:31.080 --> 00:26:37.200 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Thomas Keller wasn't there, but the kitchen was very gracious and gave a tour, and all of that.

00:26:38.550 --> 00:26:47.910 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And then I after that napa trip I started googling wine, and you know searching more and that's how I found Gary by googling the word wine.

00:26:49.500 --> 00:26:57.810 Jeremiah Fox: that's that's funny it was similar for me, I was it was like 2006 and I was working at this Italian restaurant in Manhattan.

00:26:58.200 --> 00:27:04.710 Jeremiah Fox: And they had a great great almost exclusively Italian wine list and I I learned wine through Italian.

00:27:05.220 --> 00:27:12.540 Jeremiah Fox: Culture first I you know I went on to you know get get a better understanding of French and Spanish and new world stuff but um.

00:27:13.020 --> 00:27:24.000 Jeremiah Fox: I was just super into this list, and it was some really obscure stuff and you couldn't get your hands on it and i'm the kind of person like I wanted to know how to how to describe and sell everything I just so into it.

00:27:24.420 --> 00:27:29.400 Jeremiah Fox: And so, my friend was like oh you got to check this guy out he talks about everything, so if there's a wine you can't find.

00:27:29.670 --> 00:27:36.450 Jeremiah Fox: Just just listen to him go check his YouTube channel out and he'll he's bound to have like it it on one of those episodes.

00:27:36.990 --> 00:27:47.400 Jeremiah Fox: And I pulled it up, and I was like this, and I remember him saying you're gonna love this guy and I pulled him up and he was just like off the chain and my wife's in the background going.

00:27:48.480 --> 00:27:57.540 Jeremiah Fox: Is this like making stuff and i'm like at now there's even more fuel to like watch this guy and I would come home like late at night I get a bottle of wine.

00:27:57.840 --> 00:28:02.490 Jeremiah Fox: On my way into work, because I would get out late and you couldn't get a bottle afterwards So then, when I got home at night.

00:28:02.850 --> 00:28:15.570 Jeremiah Fox: i'll crack it open, and you know we didn't even have like headphones for our computer you know, so it is played, and she had the air no not again, you know he's like snap into a slim Jim and and it really like he gave me.

00:28:16.260 --> 00:28:17.760 Jeremiah Fox: Joe yeah.

00:28:19.050 --> 00:28:22.200 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny because he really gave me wings, in that way because i'm.

00:28:22.680 --> 00:28:34.470 Jeremiah Fox: Not long after I exclusively sold wine for about six years, maybe even longer like I was exclusively wine and spirits, I would still do pop up food things, but it was it was centered largely around.

00:28:34.920 --> 00:28:46.290 Jeremiah Fox: beverage sales and like that was it he just like like like a like picking the bird up and just saying go fly, and I was like I can talk about this, however, I want, I can even curse Thank you.

00:28:48.180 --> 00:28:56.160 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: love to see I truly like almost a show created of how many sommeliers you created.

00:28:56.160 --> 00:29:00.000 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah like across the country you know what I mean.

00:29:01.260 --> 00:29:08.250 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I I wish that somehow he would just bring back wine library TV because I would geek out over it all the time.

00:29:08.310 --> 00:29:16.620 Jeremiah Fox: me too, so I watched it for like six months, maybe, and then that's when we really started like opening things and I got really busy, and I would just wasn't on any.

00:29:16.920 --> 00:29:27.690 Jeremiah Fox: social media or YouTube or anything like that you know we were having kids as well, just like all all pistons were firing and it was it was over 10 years later, someone sent me a some incentive video.

00:29:27.750 --> 00:29:29.310 Jeremiah Fox: They were like well, I think you should watch this, I think.

00:29:29.310 --> 00:29:35.670 Jeremiah Fox: you'd like this is just a couple years ago and we just had our third child, so I had a little baby at home, so I was like.

00:29:36.060 --> 00:29:49.230 Jeremiah Fox: Had a little more downtime so i'm like sitting on my phone like okay i'll watch this video and in the feed after it Gary van der chuck and i'm like oh what's this guy up to and I click it, it was like a whole new world I was like wait well he's not selling why.

00:29:51.210 --> 00:29:51.480 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:29:52.560 --> 00:29:58.980 Jeremiah Fox: And it's literally, the reason why we're doing this right now, like it just keeps like channeling.

00:29:59.340 --> 00:30:13.260 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So many people don't know that delicious world of wine library TV, but you know you have to be like people like you and me the geek out over food and culture and wine and yeah yeah.

00:30:13.710 --> 00:30:16.230 Jeremiah Fox: and entertainment, because it was fucking entertaining.

00:30:18.330 --> 00:30:21.720 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: it's still to this day, my favorite thing he's done yeah it's really.

00:30:24.060 --> 00:30:28.200 Jeremiah Fox: cool let's take another break we'll pick back up in just a minute everybody hang tight we'll be right back.

00:33:19.200 --> 00:33:26.370 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everybody welcome back if you're just tuning in again you're listening to the entrepreneur web today we're hanging in New York City talking with chef was that.

00:33:26.730 --> 00:33:37.020 Jeremiah Fox: known across channels that shuffles that or even just chef sometimes, which is just an amazing amazing feat, now we get to jump into the nitty gritty got a good foundation Labor how she came from.

00:33:37.770 --> 00:33:45.420 Jeremiah Fox: The West Coast New York as well, you never you never said what how you came to New York, what was the thing that like that finally just said boom.

00:33:45.450 --> 00:33:46.290 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: you're in New York.

00:33:46.320 --> 00:33:50.430 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I wish I had known you I mean like I wish I had known industry people.

00:33:50.550 --> 00:33:57.630 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah I had like no connections of you know, catering restaurant.

00:33:57.720 --> 00:33:58.500 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: hopis.

00:33:58.590 --> 00:34:00.150 Jeremiah Fox: it's a better story that way, though.

00:34:00.510 --> 00:34:01.860 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I know we did I.

00:34:02.040 --> 00:34:03.330 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: scratched and clawed.

00:34:03.330 --> 00:34:06.270 Jeremiah Fox: Again same here, no it's a much better story that way.

00:34:06.930 --> 00:34:10.350 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So it's a great story i'll tell it in one minute.

00:34:13.290 --> 00:34:22.770 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So as a private chef you know, regardless of La or New York it's a very exclusive private small group of people who need that kind of service.

00:34:23.220 --> 00:34:41.160 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And in Los Angeles, I didn't even think of having an agent, because it was all word of mouth, like, I was very blessed having the ritz carlton and Wolfgang Puck and along came Mary and deluxe catering you like, I was already in like the Hollywood industry.

00:34:42.300 --> 00:34:55.410 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: environment, and so it was just easy to get referred right or even the catering companies they'd have clients who wanted a private chef you know what I mean, so it was just like a natural evolution.

00:34:56.430 --> 00:34:58.830 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: New York it's a whole different animal.

00:35:00.480 --> 00:35:05.760 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Which again like you can't read about there's nothing I could have studied to figure that out.

00:35:07.530 --> 00:35:15.840 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And so I shopped around got agents, knowing nothing, and there was a there was a.

00:35:17.010 --> 00:35:32.760 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: an agent, who said okay there's a client who's interested in you and you know it was so hard just to get that because they wanted New York chefs right and New York has a plethora of great great chefs.

00:35:34.170 --> 00:35:43.650 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Like the supply and demand here is, you know I mean like overwhelming of how many great chefs you can have come into your home and cook you a meal.

00:35:45.210 --> 00:35:54.480 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And so, when I just heard older interested in you, I packed a bag like very little I started selling my stuff like you name it.

00:35:55.110 --> 00:36:05.430 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And I didn't have any savings nothing big like i'm coming with thousands of dollars, and so I came and i'm here with my bag and.

00:36:06.360 --> 00:36:22.890 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I you know I had an appointment for Thursday so i'm calling my agent just to verify okay i'm already here, you know i've paid my own way, and let me know where i'm supposed to go and they said Oh well, they decided to keep their current chef.

00:36:24.750 --> 00:36:28.890 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: i'm already here look i've already had going away parties.

00:36:31.710 --> 00:36:32.550 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Like so much.

00:36:37.440 --> 00:36:37.740 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Like.

00:36:38.880 --> 00:36:43.530 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And I gave my family very little notice, you know i'm.

00:36:44.550 --> 00:36:57.030 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Like the the breaking point my grandfather passed away, he was my best friend and, like, I know that I stayed in Los Angeles longer because I wanted to be near him in my grandparents.

00:36:58.110 --> 00:37:00.270 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Then, my best friend in the world.

00:37:01.290 --> 00:37:02.520 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: She passed away.

00:37:04.680 --> 00:37:07.500 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: In a very unfortunate way and.

00:37:08.610 --> 00:37:25.830 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And then, that was the real catalyst, it was almost like the movie rudy when you know his best friend dies, and you know he's wanted to go to Notre Dame his whole life like I rudy truly and so when his best friend died when my best friend died i'm like waiting for like.

00:37:27.540 --> 00:37:28.110 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So.

00:37:29.880 --> 00:37:37.320 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So I just you know called and when she said yeah you've got an opera to me that was yes like I just heard, yes.

00:37:39.540 --> 00:37:48.150 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Like you could see on my Facebook I I sold everything like I I did have a storage, so I put most of the stuff in storage and.

00:37:48.960 --> 00:38:00.570 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And I just had one little bag, because I knew that I had no budget and I, and I knew that eventually my mom could send me stuff little by little right, so it wasn't urgent.

00:38:01.110 --> 00:38:09.780 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And I was only looking for the live in for me to be a living private chef so I didn't have to pay rent so it doesn't have to worry about furniture and all of us.

00:38:10.920 --> 00:38:29.190 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And so, when I heard that they changed their mind no i'm in New York, what do I do I have less than $500 in my pocket no job it's getting to be the fall it's getting crisp in New York, I have a little jacket, I mean I can literally show in fact hold on one SEC.

00:38:35.160 --> 00:38:42.390 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I have to do this for a fact, because this is the only little thin jacket, I had with me in the fall.

00:38:42.900 --> 00:38:44.310 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: When i'm from Los Angeles.

00:38:44.310 --> 00:38:48.060 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Right so appreciate how cold, I was.

00:38:49.200 --> 00:38:50.070 Jeremiah Fox: Absolutely.

00:38:50.970 --> 00:38:51.480 So.

00:38:53.760 --> 00:38:55.800 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And I don't know i'm just a very.

00:38:57.360 --> 00:39:03.360 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: stubborn proud woman meaning like I wasn't going to tell my family what I was going through that I heard know that you know.

00:39:04.590 --> 00:39:13.020 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: would have killed me like my mother would have killed me if she's known that I sold everything on the whim, without like a contract letter and all that.

00:39:15.240 --> 00:39:25.380 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And I said okay well I don't know we'll figure it out i'll find a job, like this, I was pounding the pavement and $500 in New York goes super quick.

00:39:25.500 --> 00:39:27.690 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah liking, it can go in 30 minutes.

00:39:28.800 --> 00:39:29.370 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: You know.

00:39:30.930 --> 00:39:41.340 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So I found myself homeless literally for five days have never been homeless in my life in you know, so I staggered it out, I stayed at hostels.

00:39:41.910 --> 00:39:55.890 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Thankfully, you know one allowed me to stay one night for free and so like for almost 40 days I just try to figure out how can I stay here, you know how can I just stay long enough for a client to.

00:39:56.520 --> 00:40:02.130 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: To get me because i'm here now and here's where you need to be for the interviews and all of that right.

00:40:04.320 --> 00:40:18.360 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And nothing works and after literally like almost falling asleep on the streets, because I was just walking around so so scared like being homeless, you know, and I wasn't going to call or tell my family any of that.

00:40:19.950 --> 00:40:35.280 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: So I just knew like close to 40 days it was getting cold I knew I had to go home like you know I, and that was really hard and I had to move back in with my mom because I gave up my apartment my car everything.

00:40:37.560 --> 00:40:46.710 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And, but I was determined i'm like no i'm going back like i'll figure out, you know, at least from my mom's house i'll figure out how to work with another agency.

00:40:47.220 --> 00:40:59.430 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And, and no one came out with anything creative I finally just said, I will work for free for two weeks, you know in in fact i'm so glad that i'm wearing it's like a full circle moment.

00:40:59.670 --> 00:41:06.690 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah, this is the rock shirt and you know the story of the rocky or early on offer to work for free.

00:41:07.800 --> 00:41:09.900 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And so I remember that episode.

00:41:11.160 --> 00:41:21.930 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: In that time on the ask Gary vee show and it just it just hit it just clicked and I have done work for free so many times in my career.

00:41:22.530 --> 00:41:30.000 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And I didn't even think about it, for some reason but hearing do the rock story It reminded me yeah just offered to work for free so.

00:41:30.780 --> 00:41:48.840 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I propose to one of my agents just tell anyone i'll work for free two weeks, they just have to fly me out pay for my housing on there and then give me a shot and then that's how I ended up coming someone said yes and I dazzle them and.

00:41:50.160 --> 00:41:51.600 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: In the end, i'm still here.

00:41:52.950 --> 00:42:09.780 Jeremiah Fox: amazing that's such a great story because that's really how it's how it's done right like you have to dazzle it, you know you hear people talk about um like value what is value or added value, you know that's how like you get ahead like that's fucking value that's like.

00:42:11.160 --> 00:42:12.420 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Not even value.

00:42:13.440 --> 00:42:14.310 Jeremiah Fox: Beyond.

00:42:14.640 --> 00:42:21.240 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah like you have to leave such a mark yeah that they can't imagine not having you.

00:42:21.240 --> 00:42:21.510 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Right.

00:42:21.900 --> 00:42:28.230 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I mean and and I know that most of it was just God and that it was the right time and.

00:42:28.830 --> 00:42:45.360 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: In and I really believe that when you put an effort, like if you put in enough constant effort and you show that you're relentless like there was no option like I wasn't gonna all of a sudden and it wasn't because I was too proud like to move back to Los Angeles like.

00:42:46.710 --> 00:42:53.490 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I was already emotionally ready to move, you know, and there was just no way.

00:42:53.670 --> 00:42:56.220 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Right, give me a shot and.

00:42:57.630 --> 00:42:58.860 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I promise you.

00:43:00.570 --> 00:43:01.530 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: You will hire me.

00:43:01.680 --> 00:43:02.100 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah.

00:43:02.640 --> 00:43:03.420 Jeremiah Fox: I get it it's like.

00:43:04.890 --> 00:43:12.990 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, I hear you it, you know I mentioned Tony D at the beginning of the show he's he's one of my lifelong mentors he also restaurant tour.

00:43:13.290 --> 00:43:21.810 Jeremiah Fox: he's franchising right now he's open probably 20 restaurants he's I think he's down to maybe like a dozen right now but he's about to launch a bunch of other ones.

00:43:22.140 --> 00:43:30.180 Jeremiah Fox: And, and you know same thing I was just a kid when I worked for him, and so, as he was like 23 he opened his first restaurant and I worked for them right, then you know and.

00:43:30.540 --> 00:43:39.450 Jeremiah Fox: we've been really close all along, but um you know we he says it all the time, like you learn when you move when your back is against the wall like when it's.

00:43:39.450 --> 00:43:48.090 Jeremiah Fox: Not there's no there's no like effort there's no there's no like real motivation, but when there you realize like this is it you have to make a move.

00:43:48.420 --> 00:43:50.940 Jeremiah Fox: And that was that that was that moment for you is like.

00:43:51.000 --> 00:43:52.530 Jeremiah Fox: I love that that's just such a great.

00:43:53.010 --> 00:44:10.620 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I mean, I just want to note this you know for who to add value to whoever's watching is that i'm deeply blessed in between my grandparents God parents and my parents like I middle class, so you don't mean like i'm a princess.

00:44:15.900 --> 00:44:23.130 Jeremiah Fox: I resonate with that too i'm a princess also, and so it took that it took like stepping out on your own and really like.

00:44:23.730 --> 00:44:27.030 Jeremiah Fox: No, but realizing there's nothing behind you know the.

00:44:27.270 --> 00:44:36.450 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: The thing that actually psychologically did affect me for a long time, like and it's it's worn off its where's.

00:44:37.140 --> 00:44:48.450 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Was those five days that I don't have housing because i've never experienced that in my life with like, no one to call, can I stay sleep on your couch you know, like that was scary.

00:44:48.960 --> 00:45:02.310 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: It was really scary I don't recommend it, you know because here's the thing, like many people here, these triumphant stories and so you get young people or people of all ages were fed up with their lives and they're like.

00:45:02.940 --> 00:45:17.820 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: i'm gonna do is i'm going to have the most erratic behavior to make it happen and sometimes it can actually be harmful yeah so I don't necessarily recommend it unless you have the grit to follow through.

00:45:18.540 --> 00:45:25.890 Jeremiah Fox: And that's what the show is all about that's why we do these interviews, because people need to hear the nuances like you said it's like.

00:45:26.280 --> 00:45:31.380 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: great to hear this story, but like what are the What about the the moments where like you.

00:45:31.440 --> 00:45:44.610 Jeremiah Fox: Almost didn't make it, you know it's like people need to hear that, and they need to understand why and how to like hopefully not get quite to that point like I think pressure makes diamonds, but like for sure also smashes cars.

00:45:46.290 --> 00:45:47.190 Jeremiah Fox: know that.

00:45:48.030 --> 00:46:10.620 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: No one was there with me, except for gun when it was raining in I had no soaking wet and no place to go like it's it's so hard to see success stories when no one sees how lonely how depressing how scary how dark, no one there to see that.

00:46:12.660 --> 00:46:23.670 Jeremiah Fox: All right, that was that was really great we're going to take one last break and come back and I want to talk about like really talk about personal branding and your podcast marketing all that stuff before we have to go okay so everybody can take it back let's go.

00:48:43.800 --> 00:48:51.840 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everybody we're back talking with chef zach here New York City got all kinds of great.

00:48:53.160 --> 00:49:10.680 Jeremiah Fox: Stories for her about how she ended up in New York very, very pertinent information, but what has attracted me to the most is our conversations and clubhouse centered around personal brand marketing social media, I mean you're kind of like a year like good at that stuff how to.

00:49:11.100 --> 00:49:11.910 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I mean who's in.

00:49:12.840 --> 00:49:31.830 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: That year Gary really comes into my life because, aside from war, you know watching wine library TV, which was my introduction to him, he then wrote crush it crush it changed my life and it only took 14 years like actually put it into words.

00:49:32.190 --> 00:49:38.400 Jeremiah Fox: What did they say what i've heard him say before I yeah I was an overnight success it took me it only took me 20 years to get there.

00:49:38.760 --> 00:49:39.600 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah i'm like that.

00:49:40.620 --> 00:49:57.300 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Like we were absolutely like we were just meant to me, I was meant to read that book, because everything he said in there is how I grew up like it it it made so much sense to me it totally resonated me to me.

00:49:59.820 --> 00:50:06.210 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: You know my grandfather, and my mother were star entrepreneurs in my mind my grandfather had.

00:50:07.020 --> 00:50:21.840 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: His business for more than 56 years you know T literally died one week within working at 92 years old, like he you know, was the hustler hustlers my mother built her commercial cleaning business with literally $100.

00:50:22.860 --> 00:50:23.310 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: and

00:50:24.810 --> 00:50:40.590 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: made millions of dollars took care of so many people created so many jobs in 26 years all started with $100 and cleaning supplies and an ungodly amount of sweat equity put into it with her and her husband and.

00:50:41.730 --> 00:50:49.950 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: You know so everything that was in crushes it just spoke to me, but I didn't have the self confidence I didn't have like.

00:50:51.120 --> 00:50:54.480 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: The mechanics so like putting it into action.

00:50:55.410 --> 00:50:56.310 Jeremiah Fox: Will you do now.

00:50:56.790 --> 00:50:57.090 Jeremiah Fox: I do.

00:50:57.630 --> 00:51:05.340 Jeremiah Fox: Even my buddy lance the night we were I can't remember, we were talking about NF Ts and you know he's he's a very successful entrepreneur as well.

00:51:06.510 --> 00:51:13.560 Jeremiah Fox: And you know, at the end he kind of he sent me a text he was like wow man like she's she's on it and so.

00:51:13.950 --> 00:51:18.540 Jeremiah Fox: You know this is this guy I mean he has he has his own consulting company and everything and.

00:51:18.840 --> 00:51:28.260 Jeremiah Fox: He hosts his own rooms is really fascinating but like it's impressive, so you know what I what i'd say is like you have a certain clarity to you when it comes down to it, because a lot of people read.

00:51:28.950 --> 00:51:38.760 Jeremiah Fox: You know, things like crush it and listen to the podcast and stuff, but when it comes time to discuss it and really put it into into some form of action it gets kind of clumsy and I even myself.

00:51:38.790 --> 00:51:45.240 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Well, but here's the thing and I literally am i'm totally going to write this book, and that is.

00:51:46.620 --> 00:52:04.110 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Information prepares you right like it builds that framework it it injects the ideas but it's not until your life your DNA you're literally ready, you know I mean so, for example.

00:52:05.070 --> 00:52:28.740 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I think you've heard my story I survived domestic violence, you know 10 all of my 20s I dealt with that and that was absolutely an anchor in my it continues like it's been an anchor in my life, and you know oprah just heard, Dr Perry recently wrote this book and it's, and I say this because.

00:52:30.180 --> 00:52:36.390 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Information is information but it's not until you're ready to truly not just receive it, but actually.

00:52:37.350 --> 00:52:46.080 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Let it marinate in your system so much that it becomes a part of your DNA, I mean like the reason why i'm so good at social media now is.

00:52:46.350 --> 00:53:05.580 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: i've been studying gary's work for 14 years every speech every content he's asked Gary vee daily be reading his books like when you dissect someone's work on that degree the same that i've been doing with oprah who helped me with the emotional side of dealing with domestic violence.

00:53:08.310 --> 00:53:20.220 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: All of those seeds were planted but I had to rise to the occasion I had to be ready to receive it, and so that's why you know books literally can live in your life.

00:53:20.790 --> 00:53:30.480 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: But it's not until you become the person ready to receive it that books actually become meaningful or information, like a great podcast or whatever, even this.

00:53:30.810 --> 00:53:40.110 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Even this right now there's someone right now, who is going to watch this and I guarantee you they're going to be gung Ho and motivated and.

00:53:41.010 --> 00:53:46.230 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And then next week, then we'll be ready they'll forget this they'll forget about this and.

00:53:46.620 --> 00:53:58.050 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: But this is the thing that both oprah and Gary understand, and that is repetition when you are consistent with the same message with the same learnings with the same blueprint.

00:53:58.530 --> 00:54:01.200 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Regardless if you have you know people.

00:54:01.830 --> 00:54:13.560 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: naysayers saying that oh my God you just you're you're like a broken record you keep saying the same thing, but it's that repetition, because you never know when the person is actually ready to receive it like.

00:54:14.190 --> 00:54:19.080 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I don't I don't know anyone who's listened to Gary stuff more than me but I wasn't ready.

00:54:20.010 --> 00:54:28.680 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: You know, and you have to be ready, so I appreciate that kind of repetition, I mean you want to talk about mental health there's a lot of people who are broken.

00:54:29.310 --> 00:54:48.600 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: mentally and so you just don't know when that magic moment will be for them, so if you could be repetitive and consistent with your work and have the confidence to like drown out the noise and continue your cause, you will affect that person who's ready.

00:54:49.860 --> 00:54:53.910 Jeremiah Fox: Great advice in martial arts, they say repetition is the mother of all skill.

00:54:54.720 --> 00:55:01.200 Jeremiah Fox: gap get your REPS and there's no substitution for it, what is it like 10,000 10,000 REPS for mastery.

00:55:01.260 --> 00:55:15.180 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Something like yeah I mean Malcolm gladwell his book is it's an absolute fact like you do need either 10 years or 10,000 hours to really say that you're articulate and something I agree with that.

00:55:16.050 --> 00:55:24.150 Jeremiah Fox: me too I like it, we got just a couple minutes left, I want you to tell everybody where they can I mean you just dropped on me, the other day, you have a podcast I didn't even know that.

00:55:25.110 --> 00:55:32.400 Jeremiah Fox: So any last like two minutes podcast social media where's the best place to like learn more about you reach out to you if somebody.

00:55:32.760 --> 00:55:34.200 Jeremiah Fox: Has employees or whatever yeah.

00:55:34.980 --> 00:55:35.760 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: yeah so.

00:55:36.990 --> 00:55:45.360 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: My podcast is under construction, but the name of it is breaking bread with chef said I have many shows in the can i'd love to have you as a guest.

00:55:45.450 --> 00:55:45.810 Jeremiah Fox: Now it's.

00:55:46.140 --> 00:55:47.400 Jeremiah Fox: My pleasure my pleasure.

00:55:48.240 --> 00:56:05.220 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: But it is shuffle event on Facebook on instagram on YouTube and then on Twitter it's chef underscore was that Li Zi E TT and so that applies to tick tock Twitter.

00:56:08.310 --> 00:56:12.630 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: And clubhouses shuffles that so pretty much shuffles that everyone.

00:56:12.690 --> 00:56:13.950 Jeremiah Fox: Right it's pretty easy to find.

00:56:14.310 --> 00:56:17.490 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I tell you I tell you trademark just chef.

00:56:18.450 --> 00:56:19.050 Jeremiah Fox: chef with it.

00:56:21.360 --> 00:56:28.140 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Is when I see someone doing a search for me like on their phone and I pop up right away i'm like oh i'm doing a good job.

00:56:28.200 --> 00:56:33.690 Jeremiah Fox: yeah no definitely it was easy to find everywhere, thank you, and do you have a website as well.

00:56:34.440 --> 00:56:46.500 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I do it's clunky because a lot of the links don't link into, but it is shuffles that calm Okay, so you know that's a great place to read my bio and a lot of articles and stuff they're.

00:56:47.100 --> 00:57:00.390 Jeremiah Fox: Beautiful awesome well Thank you so much, I really, really a pleasure, having you on, and I look forward to, like many more conversations through clubhouse and wherever we may find each other and then chocolate chip cookies.

00:57:00.930 --> 00:57:04.170 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: I want it, yes they're coming they're coming like.

00:57:04.470 --> 00:57:06.600 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Breaking bread with you.

00:57:07.020 --> 00:57:10.290 Jeremiah Fox: yeah me too me too yeah what Thank you so much.

00:57:10.290 --> 00:57:10.830 Lizette Lopez De Arriaga: Thank you.

00:57:11.250 --> 00:57:14.370 Jeremiah Fox: All of you, thank you have a wonderful long weekend.

00:57:15.690 --> 00:57:23.280 Jeremiah Fox: enjoy some extra time if you haven't enjoy some family and then Tuesday let's go get it done alright everybody have a good one peace out.

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