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Friday, May 21, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/21 - Marketing Your Podcast

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/21 - Marketing Your Podcast


2021/05/21 - Marketing Your Podcast

[NEW EPISODE] Marketing Your Podcast

What’s the hardest part about podcasting?

Most podcasters will tell you it’s marketing…..

This Friday at noon I’ll be chatting with podcast veteran, Nick Lozano. He’s built solid followings on more than a couple of shows, and this week we’ll hear some of the tactics he uses to build engagement.

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces his message of the week, “If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”, specifically on how this quote relates to marketing. He then introduces his guest, Nick Lozano, successful and well versed podcaster. Jeremiah discusses his past living in Virginia, where Nick is currently located, and the differences in climate between Virginia and New York, as well as the other places the two were located in the past, including Florida and upstate New York. The two discuss starting a podcast, and Nick brings up the point of being comfortable of not being perfect at the medium, as he explains the first few episodes one will make for a podcast will not be their best work, and for a while you will be the only person consuming your content. Jeremiah compares podcasting to creating music, as he participates in both of the mediums. He explains how in his formal music education, he was never taught how to market himself, and whether you are creating a podcast or releasing an album, you have to market yourself and your content the same as a brand. Nick agrees, saying that marketing and promoting is the most important aspect of creating a podcast, as discoverability is incredibly difficult. The two continue to discuss how many people are intimidated by creating podcast, but many of the factors that intimidate people the most, such as recording and editing, can be overcome easily over a couple of episodes, but if one doesn’t market themselves properly, they can be hundreds of episodes in and still have little to no following.

Segment 2

Jeremiah and Nick discuss the reasons why different people decide to start podcasts, with the main reason being people wanting to share information on a topic with other people. Nick explains that if one is not sure what to make a podcast on, that if they focus on a topic that they are passionate about, they’ll find it easier and more fulfilling to create their content. He also discusses the benefits of creating a podcast, as well as the importance of discovering and refining your target audience, as if one understands their audience, they’ll be able to share information through their podcast more effectively. The two also discuss how even if your following is small after discovering your target audience, it will be the right following for you and your content, and it will continue to grow. The two discuss efficiency in running a podcast, and if one is not outsourcing different steps in the content creation process, and are doing everything on their own, it is incredibly important to be as efficient as possible to get everything done correctly at high quality, including the marketing. Jeremiah brings up the importance of looking at data and statistics to see if your methods for marketing are working the way you want them to. The two continue on to discuss companies creating podcasts as a form of marketing in itself, and Nick says while it's valid to do this, it is also important to have substance to these podcasts, as no one will want to listen to an hour long advertisement. Jeremiah and Nick continue to discuss the editing process of podcasts, and Jeremiah explains how he edits his own podcast without headphones to better understand how it would sound in the space that listeners would experience it through.

Segment 3 

The two discuss how it is important to understand your goals for podcasting, so that it will be easier for you to understand how to run your podcast. Along with this, the two agree that podcasts should be fun and entertaining, and that running a podcast should not feel like a chore, and once it does you should reevaluate your situation, and figure out how to enjoy podcasting again. Jeremiah and Nick discuss how the idea that every second of a podcast should be filled with value is one of the most prominent elements that causes creators to no longer enjoy podcasting. Nick discusses how it is noticeable when someone has certain questions lined up that they want to go over during a podcast, and that they drive the conversation towards those questions. He explains that one of the aspects of podcasting and livestreaming that he enjoys the natural flow of the conversation, which is hindered by a curated question layout. While having scripted questions is fine, stopping the natural flow of conversation to stay strictly to the set of questions is not his ideal podcasting format. The two talk about online live streaming, and Nick brings up the potential of Twitch. He explains that Twitch was isolated to the gaming community only for the past few years, but more and more recently different kinds of content creators, like musicians and artists are also appearing on the platform.

Segment 4 

Nick explains his favorite way to market his podcasts, which is microcontent off of a longer episode. That he finds one or two sixty second sound bite, to use as a teaser on social media, to get people to listen to the entire episode. He explains that someone is more likely to listen to an entire episode of a podcast if they really resonate with the short clip they saw on social media. The two discuss Nick’s experience recently with Jiu Jitsu, and how he’s just got back into training after being out of training due to injury. Jeremiah explains one of his recent experiences while training against another competitor who was incredibly talented. The two discuss that having the expectation that anyone you compete or train against is better than you is helpful to you during the training, as you are on guard and won’t underestimate your competitor and get injured. They also discuss Nick’s most recent competition he participated in, and the differences in the sets of rules between different competitions.


00:00:30.780 --> 00:00:37.800 Jeremiah Fox: Happy Friday everybody welcome welcome, once again, you are listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah five zooming to you live.

00:00:38.100 --> 00:00:53.850 Jeremiah Fox: From brooklyn New York today we're taking a little trip to Washington DC to talk with the guest has been on once before, but before I bring my guests on today, the message of the week it's philosophical question or proposition that i've heard many times and kind of.

00:00:55.050 --> 00:00:59.910 Jeremiah Fox: enjoy i'm no philosopher, by any means I like its application to marketing.

00:01:00.390 --> 00:01:13.020 Jeremiah Fox: More than anything else, and it is if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it does it make a sound again as that applies to marketing that philosophy because suck at it, I took it in college and.

00:01:13.680 --> 00:01:19.860 Jeremiah Fox: My Professor very graciously gave me a see because I just was drowning the whole time but.

00:01:20.190 --> 00:01:30.840 Jeremiah Fox: I did walk away with that question, and it made me think about time so that's kind of something we're going to unpack today, especially as it pertains to podcasting my guest today, among other things, is podcast veteran.

00:01:31.290 --> 00:01:47.130 Jeremiah Fox: he's hosted several himself and currently does he's helped produce a number of others from multiple angles and he's got a really great take on how to get the word out and bring people in with that we're welcoming back Nick Lozano how are you today my man.

00:01:48.480 --> 00:01:55.530 Nick Lozano: i'm doing well, how are you today Jeremiah i'm actually downtown in DC today nice weather is super hot.

00:01:56.010 --> 00:01:57.960 Nick Lozano: i'm sure it's hot for you guys up in New York City.

00:01:58.380 --> 00:02:04.230 Nick Lozano: And i'm happy to be back happy that you asked me to come back and talk with you and your audience.

00:02:04.350 --> 00:02:10.620 Jeremiah Fox: Nice awesome man pleased to have you here today is kind of like this, this month has been rather beautiful in New York City.

00:02:10.920 --> 00:02:21.750 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny because I lived in Virginia for a while I went through middle and high school down there and by like you know, back then, this was in the 80s and 90s, and it was like hot in March.

00:02:21.780 --> 00:02:23.160 Jeremiah Fox: You know, just like terrible.

00:02:23.700 --> 00:02:27.060 Jeremiah Fox: And, and I think you know the seasons have all kind of shifted a little bit, but.

00:02:27.120 --> 00:02:28.710 Jeremiah Fox: yeah up here.

00:02:28.740 --> 00:02:43.560 Jeremiah Fox: You know it's like it's still cool at night it's like in the 50s at night, even if it hits the 80s right now it's not humid yet it'll get there summertime here is treacherous it's just awful because you're like in a little armpit you know of the.

00:02:43.740 --> 00:02:48.600 Jeremiah Fox: yeah the coast and everything just gets stuck and it's just been.

00:02:48.750 --> 00:02:55.410 Nick Lozano: filled I lived in Florida for about 12 years and I can't do that anymore I just go back down there, and like this humidity.

00:02:55.860 --> 00:02:58.500 Nick Lozano: it's just too much I don't need to sweat at 11pm at night.

00:02:58.620 --> 00:02:59.550 Nick Lozano: When the sun out.

00:02:59.610 --> 00:03:05.490 Nick Lozano: You know, unless i'm doing some physical activity i'm Okay, with it, but if i'm just sitting in a lawn chair, I do not need to be sweating.

00:03:05.760 --> 00:03:13.410 Jeremiah Fox: right we my dad grew up in Miami and when we were kids we would go down there in the summers because that's when we had office school it's just awful.

00:03:14.190 --> 00:03:26.880 Jeremiah Fox: Is that was the only time I think one time, I went for thanksgiving it was the only time I went when it wasn't summertime and it was just like it's terrible you know you just wrote you go out in the sun for 30 minutes and you're just like destroy you know.

00:03:26.940 --> 00:03:28.470 Nick Lozano: Just like exactly no, thank you.

00:03:29.430 --> 00:03:45.390 Jeremiah Fox: yeah no it's it's it's interesting up here I mean I like it here, because you really get all four seasons, like the summers feel like it does farther down the coast, which I, you know i'm used to the winters can be similar to where I went to school, which is buffalo.

00:03:45.660 --> 00:03:47.520 Jeremiah Fox: And it's interesting there because.

00:03:48.570 --> 00:03:51.690 Jeremiah Fox: Just so you know guys I lied about the podcast thing we're just going to talk about whether.

00:03:53.250 --> 00:03:54.390 Nick Lozano: we'll get there we'll get there we'll.

00:03:54.390 --> 00:03:58.680 Jeremiah Fox: get there um you know buffalo man, you would have to have a winter coat.

00:03:58.710 --> 00:04:15.090 Jeremiah Fox: In the summer, because it was going to get below 50 like in the 40s in like on July in July, like at the night, you know people would like you go out and people would have like starter jackets on and i'm like growing up in the south, I was is foreign to.

00:04:15.090 --> 00:04:16.140 Nick Lozano: me, but what is this.

00:04:16.500 --> 00:04:20.940 Nick Lozano: But every now again it's a popular again now, are they started jackets are popular again.

00:04:20.940 --> 00:04:28.740 Jeremiah Fox: yeah Now this is this is 20 years ago, but they were there were still they were still in their first way, but everything is you know the style just certain cycles back constantly.

00:04:29.250 --> 00:04:37.350 Jeremiah Fox: um but yeah like you know every now and then you'll get like a couple weeks in New York in the winter that's like this is this is like buffalo we're not that far.

00:04:37.440 --> 00:04:37.830 Jeremiah Fox: I get it.

00:04:38.040 --> 00:04:50.700 Jeremiah Fox: I understand, but it's it's wonderful because you really just get the full spectrum, you know of seasons and fields and I like that I like I like change because it forces you to to think differently and.

00:04:51.720 --> 00:04:57.450 Jeremiah Fox: sodas like when you create a podcast and nobody's listening to a what a segue that was.

00:04:58.740 --> 00:04:59.610 Nick Lozano: Perfect segue.

00:04:59.910 --> 00:05:09.810 Nick Lozano: And that leads me to my advice you know I always give new podcasts or says that be okay, creating something that you want to listen to yourself, because in the beginning, you are going to be the one listening to it.

00:05:10.260 --> 00:05:15.180 Nick Lozano: i'm sure, just like you know with any piece of content, you create whether it's a podcast or a live stream.

00:05:15.630 --> 00:05:21.750 Nick Lozano: it's mainly you consuming it, especially if we're talking have a podcast we're recording it you're editing it.

00:05:22.530 --> 00:05:29.850 Nick Lozano: And, and the first few ones you do aren't that great right it's just like when we start anything new like when you started Jiu jitsu or riding a bike.

00:05:30.180 --> 00:05:41.550 Nick Lozano: or learning how to do anything playing the guitar anything you can think of right we all suck at it in the beginning it's it's that embracing the suck mentality and realizing that in the beginning, you know it's gonna it's gonna be lonely and it's gonna be tough right.

00:05:42.510 --> 00:05:45.990 Jeremiah Fox: lonely it is lonely well I liken it to.

00:05:47.130 --> 00:05:49.950 Jeremiah Fox: Creating music which that's what I studied in school and.

00:05:51.000 --> 00:05:56.070 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny because I didn't I didn't understand it at the time and and part of it is that a lot of.

00:05:56.490 --> 00:06:06.060 Jeremiah Fox: Like I have two degrees in music, you know, so I went through the university route and most universities, do not teach you how to market.

00:06:06.450 --> 00:06:14.310 Jeremiah Fox: yourself like as a freelancer or at least they didn't I don't know I you know I finished my masters almost 20 years ago so maybe they changed a little bit since then, but.

00:06:14.610 --> 00:06:27.660 Jeremiah Fox: i'm at the time, you know I think you know, schools, like Berkeley and maybe Eastman and some of the bigger conservatories they probably did but, but a lot of them, you know they just taught you, it was about the content, it was like creating.

00:06:27.660 --> 00:06:39.270 Jeremiah Fox: Music or learning how to teach you know what whatever you know occupation we're going to go that way, but not really how to market yourself as a freelancer or if say you created a band, you need to.

00:06:39.540 --> 00:06:49.950 Jeremiah Fox: You need to treat that like a brand and like a business that was not taught wholesale and so I I participated in and saw even more really amazing.

00:06:50.340 --> 00:07:00.540 Jeremiah Fox: Music get created and just crickets man, you know it just went nowhere and, at the time, we know we're all scratching our heads are like I don't understand it's funny.

00:07:00.540 --> 00:07:03.360 Nick Lozano: Because we go down to the world, the world right.

00:07:03.900 --> 00:07:11.610 Jeremiah Fox: I really thought that you know that I also grew up in restaurants and it was a little different with food, you know it is.

00:07:11.670 --> 00:07:22.140 Jeremiah Fox: kind of like you know you you you you build it you open it, you know and people will come in, you know you get a pretty decent audience, you know what you do with that audiences, you know really determines.

00:07:22.950 --> 00:07:35.430 Jeremiah Fox: You know your your your long term success, but with something like not necessary, like food is necessary, you know people have to eat people don't have to listen to music.

00:07:35.460 --> 00:07:36.120 Exactly.

00:07:37.320 --> 00:07:40.590 Nick Lozano: And there's a buzz with the restaurant right to because I worked in the industry, for a long time.

00:07:40.620 --> 00:07:46.020 Nick Lozano: Right, like a neighborhood start seeing a restaurant popping in and people start talking about it when.

00:07:46.110 --> 00:07:57.180 Nick Lozano: yeah Oh, have you seen this coming in, so it kind of builds a buzz on its own, just because people are interested in what it is and then like you said you then you as a restaurant tour have to maintain.

00:07:57.660 --> 00:08:03.690 Nick Lozano: That that excitement and that drive to get people to come with it, and the same thing happens with podcasting right.

00:08:04.050 --> 00:08:09.840 Nick Lozano: You create your first few episodes and a lot of information, you see, on podcasting and looking on the Internet.

00:08:10.230 --> 00:08:17.070 Nick Lozano: it's all audio based right it's like Oh, which microphone should I use like what service should I used to record the show use zoom should I use.

00:08:17.790 --> 00:08:28.620 Nick Lozano: You know squad cast were one of these other multiple tools um but, in my opinion, the hardest thing is is a marketing right, I can make the show that's easy I can edit the podcast that's easy.

00:08:29.190 --> 00:08:33.210 Nick Lozano: You know, at a certain point of time I get a workflow and I just have my workflow down and I forgot how to edit it.

00:08:33.900 --> 00:08:40.830 Nick Lozano: But the hardest part is always you know, promoting, how do we take these smaller bits of these chunks of these episodes.

00:08:41.310 --> 00:08:48.870 Nick Lozano: And package them in a way that you can utilize them on social media or somewhere to get people just interested in finding it because.

00:08:49.830 --> 00:08:54.480 Nick Lozano: The one thing with podcasting this discover ability super difficult, even if you.

00:08:55.290 --> 00:09:01.560 Nick Lozano: Have what you think is a lot of listeners you're still going to be competing on mostly the iTunes store right, this is.

00:09:02.100 --> 00:09:06.720 Nick Lozano: march of 2021 iTunes is still the big behemoth when it comes to podcast discovery.

00:09:07.410 --> 00:09:22.650 Nick Lozano: What people are going to see when they land in that list is they're going to see the Joe rogan's the jock owes the nerdiest and you will be buried way way way way somewhere down in the list, no matter how niche down you think you are and discover ability stifel.

00:09:23.550 --> 00:09:32.550 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and and again tying it back into the music industry same ways, just like so much available, so if you're like trying to promote you know, trying to.

00:09:33.030 --> 00:09:43.290 Jeremiah Fox: create an album distributed through whoever you decide it lands on iTunes you're like yes i'm on iTunes now, this should be great you know you start waiting for the checks to roll in and you're just mixed in, there with.

00:09:44.850 --> 00:09:57.900 Jeremiah Fox: Every bad assets ever lived you know I mean at least podcasting is like a little bit younger, but in music it's like everything that was ever recorded you're still like you're still fighting, like some of the country artists that were recorded in the 50s.

00:09:59.460 --> 00:10:00.840 Jeremiah Fox: There were no podcasts in the 50s.

00:10:00.870 --> 00:10:01.800 Nick Lozano: Johnny can you still.

00:10:03.000 --> 00:10:04.140 Nick Lozano: need and even alive anymore.

00:10:05.070 --> 00:10:14.940 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it was probably a few dead podcasters dave's people are still competing with but that's a very good point you know it's like podcasts are are I mean there's a lot of smaller distributions but.

00:10:14.940 --> 00:10:24.360 Jeremiah Fox: they're not they don't really represent a big market share, where, at least with music, you know there's a ton of different ways, I mean you still got I guess there's radio, this is talk radio so.

00:10:24.780 --> 00:10:26.160 Jeremiah Fox: it's still like a little bit of a.

00:10:27.750 --> 00:10:35.820 Jeremiah Fox: Competition, but it really is like your that's what you got to focus on, and you know a lot of people are intimidated by.

00:10:36.300 --> 00:10:40.140 Jeremiah Fox: Just starting a podcast they're like oh my God like you said, like what micro I get it.

00:10:40.530 --> 00:10:56.850 Jeremiah Fox: Like you get in and that's like super duper easy you get you knock the dust off of that and, like a couple episodes but you could be 5070 100 episodes in and still have no following and I feel like that's when the real beatdown comes in, you know to tie it into jujitsu.

00:10:58.620 --> 00:10:59.280 Nick Lozano: I would say.

00:10:59.370 --> 00:11:00.360 Nick Lozano: You know I say.

00:11:01.320 --> 00:11:14.520 Nick Lozano: it's just like anything else right it's you don't really want to compare your journey with somebody else's right thinking of you, as someone as a small pet podcaster and then comparing it to Joe rogan's Machakos who have millions of followers.

00:11:15.660 --> 00:11:22.590 Nick Lozano: it's just not the right thing to do right because they're on a different journey there you're beginning this not their current point in the journey.

00:11:23.130 --> 00:11:26.700 Nick Lozano: Like most people are not going to get on and instantly hit that success.

00:11:27.330 --> 00:11:36.840 Nick Lozano: Sometimes it's not about the number of people that are listening or watching whether it's a live stream or or the radio or a podcast it's about being in front of the right people.

00:11:37.620 --> 00:11:44.310 Nick Lozano: that's The way I see it, those like what good is being in front of 1500 people every time if that's not the right audience you're trying to connect with.

00:11:44.820 --> 00:11:52.290 Nick Lozano: And the great thing when you're starting this podcast and your small podcaster is that it gives you an opportunity to engage with your audience.

00:11:53.250 --> 00:11:59.400 Nick Lozano: On a more intimate level to find out what they want, what they need, they can get to know you more as a person.

00:11:59.790 --> 00:12:07.470 Nick Lozano: And those are the things that you can leverage as you're beginning is to reach to that smaller audience and engage with them find out what they want to listen to.

00:12:08.280 --> 00:12:22.590 Nick Lozano: find out if they're listening to your episodes where they found it, you know ask them questions there's lots of things you can leverage that you have an advantage as a small podcaster over somebody who's you know, a big time or who doesn't have that advantage whatsoever.

00:12:23.280 --> 00:12:39.420 Jeremiah Fox: yeah again to tie it into music it's like seeing that amazing artists, like in a small venue where you're like close to them, and you might even like you might even get to meet them and talk to them where if it's a big arena there's no chance you're like.

00:12:39.480 --> 00:12:40.080 Nick Lozano: Her yeah.

00:12:40.230 --> 00:12:48.420 Jeremiah Fox: And that's that's a party all in itself, I get it like i've been to plenty of them, but like these days, these days, because there's not much like music but prior.

00:12:49.590 --> 00:12:58.170 Jeremiah Fox: To last March, I always really enjoy like I was almost like the smaller the venue the better, you know, because you, you get that intimacy and that's just.

00:12:58.590 --> 00:13:01.620 Jeremiah Fox: became the focus for me in so many things over the years, but.

00:13:01.800 --> 00:13:11.010 Jeremiah Fox: You know you brought up a really good point it was like what's your goal what's your point and we're going to take our first break here, but I want to I really want to pick up with that will, when we come back on because I think that.

00:13:11.430 --> 00:13:17.190 Jeremiah Fox: will really give you a clear path in terms of how to market, you know, like you said.

00:13:17.520 --> 00:13:27.840 Jeremiah Fox: You could have like a bunch of people on, but if nothing's happening what is that you know is that your point is that your goal, what is your goal, and then you can start to think more about.

00:13:28.410 --> 00:13:35.880 Jeremiah Fox: About like strategic marketing, because nobody got time and it just be like putting energy into stuff that doesn't work right.

00:13:36.540 --> 00:13:39.120 Nick Lozano: Exactly or wasting money on Facebook right.

00:13:39.150 --> 00:13:41.730 Nick Lozano: Right I i've done that myself I wasted.

00:13:41.730 --> 00:13:43.680 Nick Lozano: sharp guys because I didn't know what I was doing.

00:13:43.890 --> 00:13:46.350 Nick Lozano: yeah just what everybody wants to hear this.

00:13:46.470 --> 00:13:47.520 Jeremiah Fox: But that's how you learn.

00:13:47.580 --> 00:13:52.710 Jeremiah Fox: You know you like you gotta you gotta waste a little money, I mean think about those early days of Jiu jitsu it almost.

00:13:53.730 --> 00:14:02.250 Jeremiah Fox: Like like i'm paying you to kick my ass every day and I come in and i'm worse than I was a day before actually no less because I learned more.

00:14:04.860 --> 00:14:05.820 Nick Lozano: It feels exactly.

00:14:06.150 --> 00:14:10.020 Jeremiah Fox: Exactly all right we're gonna take our first break everybody hang tight we'll be right back.

00:17:11.550 --> 00:17:20.520 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome back everybody again you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah Fox, today we are zooming to downtown Washington DC talking to Nick Lozano.

00:17:20.760 --> 00:17:35.100 Jeremiah Fox: he's been a guest for he's back today to specialize in a conversation on podcast marketing and before we move on, I gotta give a shout out to T lock he already has happened in the comments on linkedin he said i'm in feels like old school radio haha love it.

00:17:36.450 --> 00:17:37.440 Nick Lozano: gotta like travis.

00:17:38.010 --> 00:17:39.690 Jeremiah Fox: Do coming from him and because he you.

00:17:39.870 --> 00:17:42.300 Jeremiah Fox: know he knows a little something about radio and music.

00:17:42.690 --> 00:17:43.380 Nick Lozano: He does.

00:17:43.440 --> 00:17:43.950 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:17:44.040 --> 00:17:45.990 Nick Lozano: Very well, thanks for listening travis appreciate you.

00:17:46.230 --> 00:17:47.130 Nick Lozano: Stopping by.

00:17:48.120 --> 00:17:50.910 Jeremiah Fox: He was on not that long ago, he was on a.

00:17:50.910 --> 00:17:51.690 Nick Lozano: month ago right.

00:17:51.720 --> 00:17:56.640 Jeremiah Fox: yeah like six eight weeks ago, something like that great show really great dude that was awesome.

00:17:57.150 --> 00:18:02.400 Nick Lozano: yeah he's a wealth of knowledge, when it just goes to anything marketing or Community building.

00:18:02.970 --> 00:18:05.760 Jeremiah Fox: And like video and podcasting.

00:18:06.180 --> 00:18:17.430 Jeremiah Fox: Which is really great so going back, why would Why would somebody start a podcast what could be some of the reasons for those listening that are just like oh man I don't know about this.

00:18:18.150 --> 00:18:33.150 Nick Lozano: So you know I feel like a lot of people have this sense of they have something they want to share right and it's it's about finding a topic that you yourself are interested in and, at least for me it was it was a matter of discovery.

00:18:34.230 --> 00:18:40.200 Nick Lozano: I have this passion just for leadership in general, and I was like I want to explore this topic more myself.

00:18:40.620 --> 00:18:47.250 Nick Lozano: And one of the great things about it, you know outside of you know, getting an audience and fans is podcasting gives you access to.

00:18:47.640 --> 00:18:50.790 Nick Lozano: People that you probably couldn't have a conversation with normally.

00:18:51.210 --> 00:18:58.380 Nick Lozano: Right it's like we always talked about this on linkedin sometimes it's like people like hey can I pick your brain right it's like I don't know I don't have time for that, but it's like hey.

00:18:58.620 --> 00:19:08.610 Nick Lozano: You want to be on my podcast you want to be on my show oh yeah sure no problem sign me up what what time what day, do you want to do it, it can help you expand your network, especially if we're talking about a business professional.

00:19:10.020 --> 00:19:21.240 Nick Lozano: It can expose you to to other people who maybe have similar audiences, or maybe there's certain demographic you want to reach and that person has the demographics that you're looking for.

00:19:22.050 --> 00:19:31.680 Nick Lozano: It can be a great way for exposure and and just learning in general there's different routes, you can go in, and I think what the point you made right before we went to the commercial break.

00:19:32.430 --> 00:19:44.190 Nick Lozano: Was that you know find out who you're trying to speak to and then try to figure, a path, when you go that way doesn't have to necessarily be set in stone, but that can kind of help get you started.

00:19:44.610 --> 00:19:47.310 Jeremiah Fox: yeah that's great advice I was actually on.

00:19:48.510 --> 00:19:51.840 Jeremiah Fox: Another show on Wednesday it's called the B2B our.

00:19:52.650 --> 00:19:54.270 Jeremiah Fox: Ryan geraldo he's also.

00:19:54.780 --> 00:20:07.590 Jeremiah Fox: Pretty active on linkedin he's got a couple of a couple of live shows, and it, the whole thing is under the auto conversion umbrella like his thing, and the whole thing was on omni channel.

00:20:08.850 --> 00:20:16.890 Jeremiah Fox: omni channel marketing, for your podcast and then we were in another classroom the next day, he was in there and a couple other people and.

00:20:17.910 --> 00:20:25.830 Jeremiah Fox: You know picked up the conversation, the same way and it was funny because that came up like this lady was like talking about getting her business started she's got a successful.

00:20:26.340 --> 00:20:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: podcast as well, related to the subject, it was coaching you know coaching and consulting and someone asked like who's your you know potential client and she was like well everybody and it's like well yeah.

00:20:36.900 --> 00:20:38.490 Nick Lozano: But an ideal work yes yeah.

00:20:40.020 --> 00:20:52.830 Jeremiah Fox: And it like in the food industry it's the same way it's just like everybody eats but that doesn't mean everybody's going to resonate and be into what you do you know, like if you if you're a Barbecue place you're not going to get vegans you know if you sell.

00:20:53.310 --> 00:20:55.410 Jeremiah Fox: If you sell pork you're not going to get you know.

00:20:55.800 --> 00:21:06.690 Jeremiah Fox: Muslims and people that that don't eat pork, you know, so if you really have to like hone in like you said on who who's your target audience, who are you really like trying to connect with.

00:21:07.500 --> 00:21:12.090 Nick Lozano: And that's that's a great example right initially when you start you might not really know.

00:21:12.120 --> 00:21:22.020 Nick Lozano: Yet right, you might just have an idea saying like hey I just like talking about this specific subject and interest me and, over time, you might find.

00:21:22.920 --> 00:21:33.780 Nick Lozano: You know your audience by doing that and that's a good way to sit down and just kind of evaluate saying okay well what am I talking about here and using platforms like linkedin and Twitter and.

00:21:34.170 --> 00:21:40.680 Nick Lozano: And tick tock and everything and seeing if there's an audience for that right there there's so much.

00:21:41.280 --> 00:21:48.960 Nick Lozano: Community now, especially with the Internet, to be able to go find an audience real time and find people who are talking about specific topics.

00:21:49.650 --> 00:21:58.470 Nick Lozano: If you can think of any topic, you can probably find an audience for it, so I would say, get it down as narrow, as you can, especially when you're talking about podcasting.

00:21:59.490 --> 00:22:03.900 Nick Lozano: realize that you might not have a humongous audience, but you will be talking to the right audience.

00:22:04.590 --> 00:22:09.780 Jeremiah Fox: And, and your point about you know social media and Internet is great, because you can get analytics.

00:22:10.260 --> 00:22:17.400 Jeremiah Fox: In a way, that you never would be able to before I mean think about people doing print material and billboards and radio commercials and.

00:22:17.400 --> 00:22:19.050 Nick Lozano: cost per million right yeah.

00:22:19.500 --> 00:22:23.580 Jeremiah Fox: This this gotta listen to neighborhoods that sees these roughly my age.

00:22:24.600 --> 00:22:32.280 Jeremiah Fox: he's in he's been in in marketing and mainly on the digital side, through a network like a big cable, you know.

00:22:33.150 --> 00:22:44.700 Jeremiah Fox: Network channel and his father was in marketing, but he was you know for this his career like when when my friend was growing up, and so, back then, it was just like radio print material TV.

00:22:45.090 --> 00:22:45.750 Nick Lozano: don draper.

00:22:46.050 --> 00:22:50.010 Jeremiah Fox: In and his dad used to say, like when he first got into marketing.

00:22:50.040 --> 00:22:58.770 Jeremiah Fox: You know, we know 50% of it works, we just don't know which 50% know and it's interesting because this guy ended up in the YouTube specific production.

00:22:59.940 --> 00:23:09.600 Jeremiah Fox: team for this network and he was like we got so much analytics you know from YouTube especially so if your podcasting and you're putting it up on YouTube.

00:23:10.140 --> 00:23:23.760 Jeremiah Fox: You get especially I think if you have, the more premium service, you really get detailed analytics on, you know how many people are tuning in how long they're tuning in for When are they dropping off so they realized, they were you know they were doing a bunch of 30 minute.

00:23:24.810 --> 00:23:28.530 Jeremiah Fox: shows for YouTube and they realized everybody was dropping off 15 minutes.

00:23:29.100 --> 00:23:41.880 Jeremiah Fox: Well let's just make 15 minutes and for the same creative budget, we can get two episodes instead of one, so it really worked out and you know, going back to being efficient and not just like going shit against the wall to see if it makes it sound like no.

00:23:41.970 --> 00:23:44.160 Jeremiah Fox: Time that's another one of my favorite clothes.

00:23:47.400 --> 00:23:55.800 Jeremiah Fox: Then you have to be efficient, otherwise you're going to burn out because if you're trying to produce it, you know if you're like the host and you're like you know.

00:23:56.130 --> 00:24:04.710 Jeremiah Fox: Getting guests on and coming up with topics and everything like that's a lot of work in itself if you're marketing as well and you're not outsourcing and you're trying to edit and do all this stuff.

00:24:05.040 --> 00:24:11.490 Jeremiah Fox: You need to be super duper efficient so as you start to market you can't be wasting time and money on Facebook ads.

00:24:12.810 --> 00:24:13.050 Nick Lozano: i'm.

00:24:13.080 --> 00:24:14.010 Nick Lozano: guilty i'm guilty.

00:24:14.640 --> 00:24:15.000 Nick Lozano: too.

00:24:15.060 --> 00:24:22.590 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I think everybody needs to waste a little bit of money on instagram and Facebook ads just to see you gotta just that was in one of the rooms to.

00:24:22.860 --> 00:24:32.700 Jeremiah Fox: They were like I just don't know where to start like I put money into this thing and it nothing happened is like we all need to experience that, so you stop making that mistake, unless you just have endless money like.

00:24:33.480 --> 00:24:39.270 Jeremiah Fox: knock yourself out, but like if you don't you need to make that mistake, so you learn to not do what you did.

00:24:39.870 --> 00:24:49.260 Jeremiah Fox: And they, and I think it's very it's still can be very effective you just really have to focus in, and you know kind of, as I mentioned in the last segment I think strategy is a big part of it so.

00:24:49.500 --> 00:24:58.830 Jeremiah Fox: One of the suggestions I gave this lady in the clubhouse room yesterday was, I think you need to look at it from one of two angles, at least to start like to echo what you said about you know.

00:24:59.100 --> 00:25:02.760 Jeremiah Fox: You have to start somehow like pick a path and then like.

00:25:03.210 --> 00:25:12.450 Jeremiah Fox: Review like get some kind of analytics anything like are people just calling you or texting and be like hey I like that that's really cool you know, like just any kind of analytics you can get.

00:25:12.690 --> 00:25:22.320 Jeremiah Fox: So I was basically saying to her think of it in in one of two ways either you are, you know everybody's your target and you're just going to like scoop them all and you're just going to take everybody.

00:25:22.560 --> 00:25:27.870 Jeremiah Fox: And you're going to assess what's going on and do that for six months, like really commit to like a six month.

00:25:28.140 --> 00:25:38.100 Jeremiah Fox: You know, Pat i'm just going to i'm going to answer every phone call i'm going to meet with every person and, at the end of six months i'm going to take a step back and i'm going to document everything i'd be like okay these people.

00:25:38.820 --> 00:25:48.990 Jeremiah Fox: they're not my target audience, you know, these people are are this is how i'm going to be efficient, with my time, you know so just like a data collection kind of approach versus.

00:25:49.890 --> 00:26:00.150 Jeremiah Fox: I want this to be hardcore lead generation on a specific person, a specific type like in like some of the masterminds i've been in they call it the Avatar I don't know if you've heard that word around around.

00:26:00.420 --> 00:26:02.010 Nick Lozano: yeah yeah and I.

00:26:02.250 --> 00:26:08.400 Nick Lozano: Think you're right it's it's it's about like I know a lot of businesses use podcasting as as a lead gen tool.

00:26:08.610 --> 00:26:15.900 Nick Lozano: But they're also still needs to be a value in there right if if you tune in and it's a 3045 minute commercial.

00:26:15.990 --> 00:26:17.160 Jeremiah Fox: nobody's gonna listen to it.

00:26:17.190 --> 00:26:30.060 Nick Lozano: Even if you have the perfect Facebook ad campaign perfect YouTube ads if it's a giant commercial you're not going to get anybody listening to it, if you want to sit down and listen to it yourself don't expect somebody else to do it yeah.

00:26:30.510 --> 00:26:31.050 Nick Lozano: that's it's.

00:26:31.140 --> 00:26:37.470 Nick Lozano: it's just what when you create anything right i'm sure you went through that with your music career you're right like like if I wouldn't listen to this.

00:26:37.500 --> 00:26:39.450 Nick Lozano: Why, why would I ask anybody else do.

00:26:40.020 --> 00:26:45.690 Nick Lozano: And that's the same thing just just start somewhere, but then also like you said it's important to take a step back.

00:26:46.110 --> 00:26:52.620 Nick Lozano: After you created something look and say Okay, are we still going in the right direction yeah is my audience actually who I think my audiences.

00:26:53.340 --> 00:26:57.570 Nick Lozano: Because in the beginning, we make a lot of assumptions right because we just don't have.

00:26:58.050 --> 00:27:05.910 Nick Lozano: The data in front of us to say I know for a fact that this is my audience when the beginning we don't we're just making an assumption, we take a guess we throw a dart.

00:27:06.270 --> 00:27:19.680 Nick Lozano: And we find out Okay, you know that that was nowhere close my audience is actually here and I enjoy speaking about this so as you analyze that data, you know your shows a perfect example 15 minute one you were just talking about a second ago.

00:27:20.070 --> 00:27:24.750 Nick Lozano: You know they looked at the YouTube this 15 minutes oh perfect let's make this 15 minute episodes.

00:27:25.140 --> 00:27:31.740 Nick Lozano: And that's that's the way it should go, so I think it's very important to always look at that data that you have access to take a step back.

00:27:32.310 --> 00:27:36.000 Nick Lozano: And and stop and think for a minute is this going the right direction, I want it to.

00:27:36.570 --> 00:27:46.320 Nick Lozano: And even if you're gaining traction somewhere else, maybe it's somewhere you don't want to go where you can't produce content that invigorates you earn inspires you.

00:27:47.220 --> 00:27:58.410 Nick Lozano: So maybe it's time to pivot in that into something else right, I always think that creating content for somewhere where you're not passionate about will show over time so don't don't try to force it, I would say to.

00:27:59.010 --> 00:28:02.610 Jeremiah Fox: yeah that came up in the the B2B our the other day it was like.

00:28:02.970 --> 00:28:15.060 Jeremiah Fox: If if you're not really passionate and you pointed out, already it's like pick something you're really passionate about because it's only going to be you for a little while Plus, you have to edit and like if you don't like talking about motorcycle engines.

00:28:15.630 --> 00:28:17.550 Jeremiah Fox: don't do a show on motorcycle engines, because.

00:28:17.580 --> 00:28:26.700 Jeremiah Fox: you're going to hear a lot about it, like and you got to be like I don't know, maybe, maybe you're better about this than me, but like I don't always use headphones when i'm editing.

00:28:27.060 --> 00:28:36.390 Jeremiah Fox: And my family is like bro if I have to hear you say that line, one more time, you know because i've just like going back like i'm going to cut here and i'm gonna cut here so.

00:28:36.480 --> 00:28:37.530 Nick Lozano: trigger words the trigger.

00:28:37.530 --> 00:28:48.090 Jeremiah Fox: yeah be nice to it's funny it's like you know for the YouTube version of this I cut out the commercials and so it's always hear me saying like welcome back everybody.

00:28:48.870 --> 00:28:59.610 Jeremiah Fox: Over like every week they're like can you use headphones i'm like oh sorry, you know, or like i'll do it early in the morning and I turned the volume way down i'm the first one up, but like someone still here yeah.

00:29:00.540 --> 00:29:03.480 Nick Lozano: that's that's a musician and you're right you got your monitors.

00:29:03.480 --> 00:29:03.750 Jeremiah Fox: If.

00:29:04.050 --> 00:29:05.040 Nick Lozano: you're listening to it.

00:29:05.250 --> 00:29:10.830 Nick Lozano: that's a musician and yeah yeah you're like I need the high fidelity studio monitors right there because I need to hear what.

00:29:10.860 --> 00:29:11.340 Nick Lozano: sounds.

00:29:11.370 --> 00:29:17.190 Jeremiah Fox: like thank you, I was funny because I couldn't pinpoint it now i'm going I got my rebuttal because i'm always like oh sorry like you know.

00:29:18.090 --> 00:29:18.480 Totally.

00:29:20.520 --> 00:29:24.390 Jeremiah Fox: sitting back with the K arcades and be like oh Nice.

00:29:25.140 --> 00:29:30.540 Nick Lozano: Because you need to hear what it sounds like in space, the way somebody would enjoy it and in a spatial environment.

00:29:30.630 --> 00:29:32.910 Jeremiah Fox: that's right because almost everybody listen to.

00:29:35.820 --> 00:29:37.080 Jeremiah Fox: me that's just me.

00:29:37.440 --> 00:29:38.160 Nick Lozano: yeah that's.

00:29:38.190 --> 00:29:48.660 Nick Lozano: It it's it's the holding the right take a step back and make sure you listen to it, and I even had my own thing when I edited my own podcast I noticed works that I would say, all the time.

00:29:48.810 --> 00:29:56.730 Nick Lozano: yeah I would ask somebody questions they would answer Nicole awesome and it took me for ever to get that word out and editing it was a perfect way to get.

00:29:57.600 --> 00:29:58.440 Nick Lozano: Like i'm tired of.

00:29:58.710 --> 00:30:00.150 Nick Lozano: Hearing myself say that.

00:30:01.980 --> 00:30:05.820 Jeremiah Fox: very good point i've been there myself a few things where I was like I say that.

00:30:07.710 --> 00:30:14.610 Jeremiah Fox: All right, speaking of which we got to take a break so i'm not gonna say anything for about 60 seconds everybody hang tight and we'll be back.

00:33:05.610 --> 00:33:13.050 Jeremiah Fox: Alright folks welcome back you're listening to the entrepreneurial web we're talking to Nick was on today a podcast about podcasts.

00:33:13.200 --> 00:33:15.180 Nick Lozano: podcasting about Meta.

00:33:15.450 --> 00:33:16.560 Nick Lozano: Yes, yes.

00:33:17.010 --> 00:33:27.210 Jeremiah Fox: um so all really great stuff just like why you should start a podcast be passionate think about your approach the you know the.

00:33:27.900 --> 00:33:42.600 Jeremiah Fox: travis actually brought this up on on the show, he was on it's like you know you could go the route of like I just want I want tons of listeners, and I want to generate ad revenue, you know, like that's okay you gotta hustle those people.

00:33:42.750 --> 00:33:43.470 Nick Lozano: nothing wrong with that.

00:33:43.500 --> 00:33:44.370 Jeremiah Fox: It ain't easy.

00:33:44.820 --> 00:33:56.970 Jeremiah Fox: And then the other The other option is like, I just want to connect with very specific people, and I agree it can't be a 45 minute commercial it should be entertaining it should be fun to.

00:33:57.030 --> 00:33:58.830 Nick Lozano: write yeah sure definitely fun right.

00:33:58.830 --> 00:34:03.360 Jeremiah Fox: you're on a podcast and you're like oh like it once it becomes like work.

00:34:04.440 --> 00:34:13.260 Jeremiah Fox: You know it's like it's funny everything associated with it i'm on this is episode like 83 I think for me we've been going straight, like every week for.

00:34:14.010 --> 00:34:22.590 Jeremiah Fox: Almost two years and I just I every week i'm just like so excited when it's like the buzz up to noon.

00:34:22.890 --> 00:34:31.320 Jeremiah Fox: You know, like oftentimes like today i'm running to my restaurant with my daughter, like the person that's gonna watch her is like meeting me and she's late and i'm like.

00:34:31.710 --> 00:34:40.410 Jeremiah Fox: it's like you know, being in a in rush hour traffic and and sit in the seat and it's always just like once we hit it man it's so much fun it's almost like a blur.

00:34:40.650 --> 00:34:51.570 Jeremiah Fox: And if that's not what it's like maybe you should reassess what you're doing or what you're talking about or how you're talking about it, because it should be fun and it should come across so that it doesn't sound like an infomercial right.

00:34:51.600 --> 00:34:55.140 Nick Lozano: Exactly never everything doesn't have to be completely filled with a value right.

00:34:55.290 --> 00:34:57.780 Nick Lozano: You said fun entertainment is value right people.

00:34:57.840 --> 00:35:02.850 Nick Lozano: I want to be entertained you know and it's it's easy to forget and think that when you're creating a package like.

00:35:03.240 --> 00:35:13.650 Nick Lozano: Every second, this needs to be completely filled a value one time I did a podcast and I had a guest, and we just want to talk about hot dogs and baseball because it's like you're like we just can't wait till we can get back to a baseball game so.

00:35:13.650 --> 00:35:13.890 Jeremiah Fox: What i'm.

00:35:13.920 --> 00:35:15.210 Nick Lozano: Talking about that for an hour.

00:35:16.050 --> 00:35:18.150 Jeremiah Fox: Like talking about whether, for the first 10 minutes.

00:35:18.180 --> 00:35:19.530 Nick Lozano: yeah I mean the entertainment.

00:35:19.560 --> 00:35:30.570 Nick Lozano: is valuable to you, and it helps bring over your personality, as an as an individual people get to see who you are as just opposed to the you know the show host yeah.

00:35:30.840 --> 00:35:37.320 Jeremiah Fox: I it's it's interesting you bring that up because that that like that term value can became like a buzzword you know.

00:35:37.560 --> 00:35:38.940 Jeremiah Fox: I know I know kind of what.

00:35:39.300 --> 00:35:40.560 Nick Lozano: Energy yeah.

00:35:41.010 --> 00:35:49.290 Jeremiah Fox: I know what it meant, you know 20 years ago like working in restaurants, it is different, you know different, as you know, connotation.

00:35:49.740 --> 00:35:54.870 Jeremiah Fox: And you know, at a certain point, just like don't bring value gotta bring value to your customers and i'm like.

00:35:55.260 --> 00:36:05.220 Jeremiah Fox: What does that mean like discounts like what are you talking about, and then I realized, one day, because just I interact with people lot like a smile is tremendously valuable.

00:36:05.610 --> 00:36:17.970 Jeremiah Fox: Like if you can make somebody smile if they're whether they're you know coming into your brick and mortar location, whether it's it's this kind of thing where where they're consuming you know something that you created I mean think about music, the way that that.

00:36:17.970 --> 00:36:18.720 Jeremiah Fox: is like.

00:36:19.290 --> 00:36:31.470 Jeremiah Fox: All you're trying to do is elicit an emotion and people you're either trying to get them like pumped up to like marsh or like do jujitsu and break each other or you want them to like make love, or you.

00:36:31.920 --> 00:36:46.950 Jeremiah Fox: You want and like that's what it's all about and like that's value, so it doesn't you're right it doesn't have to be super well thought out, they don't have to leave the show being like oh my God i'm gonna go start a business now i'm going to hand make unicorns now I get it.

00:36:46.980 --> 00:36:48.330 Jeremiah Fox: You know, like.

00:36:48.360 --> 00:36:52.800 Jeremiah Fox: That shit was funny man, I want to go, you know I thought too and it's.

00:36:54.270 --> 00:36:55.800 Jeremiah Fox: About hot dogs.

00:36:56.970 --> 00:36:58.050 Nick Lozano: It just became one.

00:36:58.110 --> 00:37:03.930 Nick Lozano: yeah and it was like he said I can always tell when I listen to podcast and.

00:37:04.590 --> 00:37:16.800 Nick Lozano: People have like a list of questions they want to get to and they always drive the conversation that way, and I mean you can probably tell you, because you've been hosting this for a while, you can tell when a conversation is being driven.

00:37:16.920 --> 00:37:19.500 Nick Lozano: one direction, instead of it just be natural and free.

00:37:19.500 --> 00:37:27.210 Nick Lozano: flowing and that's where I enjoy about podcasts or live streaming or anything like set long form content that long dialogue where.

00:37:28.110 --> 00:37:37.230 Nick Lozano: we're in such a media driven world now we're like tick tock things are 15 seconds and new segments 90 seconds and radio bites are 60 seconds it's hard to get a.

00:37:37.530 --> 00:37:48.360 Nick Lozano: Full thought out and that's where that long form content like podcasting and and this radio is perfect for a live stream because we get to have long drought conversations and develop our thoughts folio.

00:37:49.200 --> 00:38:00.240 Jeremiah Fox: And and that's a really great you know question that I think people need to ask themselves is do you want to go the more curated and edited route where you're pre recording.

00:38:00.750 --> 00:38:13.980 Jeremiah Fox: versus live and you're super intimate and there are no edits like I just want you all to know all this amazing this is happening, this is live there's no edits This is natural organic non GMO.

00:38:14.280 --> 00:38:15.180 Nick Lozano: I was about to say.

00:38:16.440 --> 00:38:17.220 Jeremiah Fox: Sorry yeah.

00:38:19.110 --> 00:38:19.350 Nick Lozano: yeah.

00:38:19.440 --> 00:38:23.340 Jeremiah Fox: No GMO yeah and there's you know.

00:38:23.490 --> 00:38:30.660 Jeremiah Fox: You really have to bring your a game, you will make mistakes don't worry about that and the tech issues happen, and you don't get to cut them out, you get to just be.

00:38:30.690 --> 00:38:31.230 Nick Lozano: Natural.

00:38:31.530 --> 00:38:41.520 Jeremiah Fox: You know what I love is there was a one or two episodes of rogan it was sometime last year when when like somebody in his staff test positive and they weren't able to be.

00:38:41.580 --> 00:38:46.050 Jeremiah Fox: In the studio together and he did he did a remote interview with Matthew mcconaughey.

00:38:46.320 --> 00:38:53.250 Jeremiah Fox: Who i'm like not particularly fond i've got a mind limited, though I wasn't like it wasn't like john danaher where I was like listening to every moment I just.

00:38:53.610 --> 00:39:05.490 Jeremiah Fox: I wanted I wanted so watch it just to see what happened in terms of the tech issues and they had them still and I was like yes not like i'm not wishing you bad, but it just I wanted to feel like I was in good company, you know.

00:39:06.690 --> 00:39:16.050 Nick Lozano: it's it's one of those things you know, like in jujitsu perfect example even, at times, where you think you've got something nailed down perfectly stuff's going to happen it's just gonna happen.

00:39:16.410 --> 00:39:24.780 Nick Lozano: Like in, especially when you get into the world of live and you're doing live streaming or live radio like this it's going to happen and you just kind of deal with it and.

00:39:25.320 --> 00:39:35.820 Nick Lozano: Go on, in the audience doesn't normally care that much about it, you know some sometimes it creates some of the best moments, especially in live streaming when stuff happens, I mean i've had you on my livestream.

00:39:36.390 --> 00:39:38.070 Jeremiah Fox: The guy that was ripping his shirt.

00:39:39.720 --> 00:39:40.950 Nick Lozano: He did that all by himself.

00:39:41.010 --> 00:39:42.630 Nick Lozano: He ripped two shirts okay.

00:39:43.740 --> 00:39:51.210 Nick Lozano: yeah it's just it's the the one of the things with live is great it's like you can just have this unscripted moments.

00:39:51.570 --> 00:40:00.390 Nick Lozano: And the interactions with your audience real time, or like sitting go to curated route like 99% of visible have these highly produced shows.

00:40:01.320 --> 00:40:08.190 Nick Lozano: With great sound design it's it's not that one's better than the other it's like find what fits your personality.

00:40:08.760 --> 00:40:22.230 Nick Lozano: Where you feel comfortable and and go that way you and I are pretty comfortable doing this live because we've been doing it for a while now, we got lots of practice so so just give it a shot test both of them and see what works for you.

00:40:23.070 --> 00:40:29.400 Jeremiah Fox: And in terms of live streaming I know you're doing a lot with linkedin I think was linkedin and Twitter Is that correct yes.

00:40:29.610 --> 00:40:31.020 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, like your main to.

00:40:31.080 --> 00:40:32.400 Nick Lozano: Those are the main two yes.

00:40:32.460 --> 00:40:33.960 Jeremiah Fox: I knew and you multi stream.

00:40:34.020 --> 00:40:36.300 Jeremiah Fox: to both of those at the same time right.

00:40:36.390 --> 00:40:55.140 Nick Lozano: I do, what I really like about twitch well when we get into this, so a lot of people are starting to hear about twitch but it's been kind of isolate the gaming world for for maybe like the last six or seven years, and what i'm starting to see is that's where live streaming is happening.

00:40:56.310 --> 00:40:59.280 Nick Lozano: musicians are starting to pop on their do whole sets.

00:41:00.330 --> 00:41:11.970 Nick Lozano: there's people you know, drawing on their painting real time live it's a really interesting art form or or I guess i'll call it an interesting medium right because it's live streaming.

00:41:13.170 --> 00:41:23.850 Nick Lozano: That has lots of potential, you know no longer are we dependent on having you know, an old school TV station pick up our show or or you know, relying on.

00:41:24.510 --> 00:41:29.220 Nick Lozano: Was it cable access, you know the public access channels and paying them a ton of money to let us run.

00:41:29.730 --> 00:41:38.160 Nick Lozano: Five shows or something like that we can just turn up on the Internet and see what happens, but it's the same thing happens with that too is, as we do the podcasting right you got to promote it.

00:41:38.910 --> 00:41:47.250 Nick Lozano: You got to be willing to listen to yourself, because you're going to be there by yourself a lot so it's it's a great medium and and i've had you on it too.

00:41:47.520 --> 00:41:54.240 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and it was it was great fun and and that one of the things I like about live streaming is that it becomes content as well.

00:41:54.540 --> 00:41:59.670 Jeremiah Fox: You know, and we kind of brushed on this and we can talk more after our last break about it.

00:42:00.630 --> 00:42:11.790 Jeremiah Fox: You know a great way to promote is is through social you know I mean web website to is really awesome that there's great analytics you can get from that as well, like for.

00:42:12.360 --> 00:42:21.510 Jeremiah Fox: For this show we just created a landing page, not so much because I want it like I won't be an archive or anything I just wanted I just need that data.

00:42:21.750 --> 00:42:22.860 Nick Lozano: to drive people somewhere.

00:42:22.920 --> 00:42:36.270 Jeremiah Fox: I mean well, I mean I need the data catch I need to know like how how people are getting there so that's that's another good suggestion is just like create a landing, I think we just did it through mailchimp so it's integrated with with the newsletter.

00:42:36.690 --> 00:42:49.380 Jeremiah Fox: You know you've got in and you got it at an exit and an entrance in terms of data, but I just you know when you when you click the archive link it just takes you to talk radio dot nyc i'm not trying to build all that.

00:42:49.410 --> 00:42:51.480 Jeremiah Fox: And there doesn't have to be elaborate you know.

00:42:52.080 --> 00:43:01.770 Jeremiah Fox: But just another way to capture analytics and then your promotion like you were talking about cutting up pieces, you know, putting out quotes from from the show pictures whatever you want.

00:43:02.550 --> 00:43:12.540 Jeremiah Fox: is another way to really capture analytics and and to track engagement and see who's out there, what are they interested in who's really connecting with your.

00:43:12.990 --> 00:43:19.320 Jeremiah Fox: You know, with your with your concept surrounding it, and then potentially making that person that guest on your show because.

00:43:20.160 --> 00:43:31.620 Jeremiah Fox: they've shown interest and then you know you get that you get you know more exposure through all of their friends it's just a wonderful way to kind of like tie everything together a nice little loops.

00:43:32.700 --> 00:43:35.100 Jeremiah Fox: And if they're really cool you're bringing on two times.

00:43:37.590 --> 00:43:38.670 Nick Lozano: i'll take that as a compliment.

00:43:39.750 --> 00:43:40.290 Nick Lozano: I think.

00:43:40.560 --> 00:43:49.230 Nick Lozano: I think you're right it's you take that longer form content, maybe if it's an hour or 15 minutes right like even nowadays even a five minute videos long content.

00:43:49.590 --> 00:43:57.510 Nick Lozano: yeah five minute audio episode and you turn them into little little bite pieces that you can nibble and share it's easy to get somebody to say hey check this out for.

00:43:57.900 --> 00:44:05.250 Nick Lozano: 30 seconds of the folks to send them links say hey check out this 45 minute podcasts you click the link you see 45 minutes you're like nope.

00:44:05.580 --> 00:44:06.030 yeah.

00:44:07.590 --> 00:44:12.660 Jeremiah Fox: So true I got to consume rogan and, like those small little bits you know, like anytime i'm like.

00:44:13.080 --> 00:44:23.100 Jeremiah Fox: i'm like man I just need like i've got a few minutes, I want to, I just want to hear catch something i'm looking at the time markers i'm like how long is this 115 minutes I can't even do it man like.

00:44:23.640 --> 00:44:31.830 Jeremiah Fox: Like the first I got three minutes right now for like a little like verbal blessing, where is it that and there's something always comes out and it's always.

00:44:31.860 --> 00:44:37.050 Nick Lozano: And that's a perfect example to right, I used to be an avid listener, of the jocko podcast jocko willing.

00:44:37.590 --> 00:44:48.210 Nick Lozano: And then his podcast episodes starting like four hours four and a half hours and i'm just like I can't do this like I need I need you know I mean it's it's all great content, but I can't keep up that.

00:44:48.240 --> 00:44:51.300 Nick Lozano: pace to listen to it weekly I need to pick and choose now.

00:44:51.690 --> 00:44:53.790 Nick Lozano: Because it's taking over everything else.

00:44:54.000 --> 00:45:02.430 Jeremiah Fox: I want, I want to listen to the rogan Gordon Ryan episodes so bad and it's gonna take me like three months to consume it because it's like three and a half hours.

00:45:03.630 --> 00:45:07.470 Jeremiah Fox: out i'll do like eight minutes a week and we'll we'll get there, eventually.

00:45:08.730 --> 00:45:12.810 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we're gonna get to our next break our last break we'll be back in just a few everybody hang tight.

00:45:19.380 --> 00:45:19.860 Key.

00:47:32.460 --> 00:47:46.770 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, everybody last set let's make it our best welcoming back to the show Nicholas I know we're talking about podcasting on podcasting talking about marketing your podcast I just love saying that.

00:47:47.790 --> 00:47:54.300 Jeremiah Fox: it's just a great thing to say um real quick before we move on to Jiu jitsu because we have to talk about that at least briefly.

00:47:54.600 --> 00:48:14.610 Jeremiah Fox: um tell me your your number one way just one way of marketing your show what's like your favorite go to like this works for me, I feel good about it, it creates engagement, I feel like it's going to continue and it's producing results.

00:48:14.820 --> 00:48:18.750 Nick Lozano: Sure, for me, that's going to be micro content off on a longer episode.

00:48:19.620 --> 00:48:30.030 Nick Lozano: is especially if you have a guest find that 160 second sound bite a guarantee, if you have an episode, with a guest you're going to get one or 260 second sound bites.

00:48:30.870 --> 00:48:42.210 Nick Lozano: Either use, you know if we do video like we have here, and you can have a zoom recording you know cut up the video make that second second second sound bite if it's just audio there's great tools like headliner APP.

00:48:42.840 --> 00:48:52.320 Nick Lozano: where you can put images in and do a sound wave just try to find that 160 second bite that you can send in teaser to get somebody to listen to that whole.

00:48:53.130 --> 00:48:57.990 Nick Lozano: episode because, like we were talking about before the break you know getting a link to a 45 minute episode.

00:48:58.680 --> 00:49:06.570 Nick Lozano: you're less likely to do it, but if you hear like a 62nd bit or 32nd you're like wow that really resonates with me someone is more likely to then.

00:49:07.080 --> 00:49:18.030 Nick Lozano: Go follow through and go Oh well, let me listen to this whole thing because I liked this what what this person had to say here, so I would say, micro content by far is the best thing you could do very cool.

00:49:18.180 --> 00:49:24.360 Jeremiah Fox: awesome oh i'm now on to the hot topic Jiu jitsu what's happening you back to training.

00:49:24.630 --> 00:49:28.110 Jeremiah Fox: what's a in a band and everything and I i've been back.

00:49:28.620 --> 00:49:35.370 Nick Lozano: Since i've been vaccinated for maybe about a month I got I got the J and J vaccine like two days before they shut it down.

00:49:36.960 --> 00:49:47.640 Nick Lozano: But you know all is good and well i'm just literally waiting till I don't suck anymore, at the end of 2019 I had slightly tore my meniscus.

00:49:48.090 --> 00:50:07.590 Nick Lozano: And one of my knees, so I was out from like November till like February, and then, so I was back for what a month, and then it happened that everything got shut down so i'm like a year, plus out from actually training, so I feel like i'm pretty terrible yeah yeah.

00:50:07.950 --> 00:50:10.410 Jeremiah Fox: But you've been back for for like a month or so now.

00:50:10.560 --> 00:50:13.410 Nick Lozano: yeah i've been back for about a month month and a half, something like that yep.

00:50:13.800 --> 00:50:15.180 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny I heard this guy.

00:50:16.110 --> 00:50:25.170 Jeremiah Fox: At his house, the other day, they were just a few of his standard love I just finished a class and they were going in and I was walking by and I just started talking it's a guide train with pretty regularly.

00:50:25.500 --> 00:50:33.990 Jeremiah Fox: And he's a big guy too big, like a big dude and and walking by and someone like who would just come back and said oh man, you know, once you come back and he was like.

00:50:34.230 --> 00:50:42.300 Jeremiah Fox: You know right around the end of February and he's like yeah How was it he's like you know, for the first couple weeks like it, I just couldn't remember anything I know what was going on.

00:50:42.630 --> 00:50:45.450 Jeremiah Fox: Then it started to feel better I looked over my shoulder and I was like.

00:50:45.750 --> 00:50:56.370 Jeremiah Fox: that's funny you say that because I trained with you right around the end of February, I remember he came up to me like it was no GI class you don't see rank or anything yeah it was just wearing their pajamas or whatever they want and.

00:50:57.300 --> 00:51:01.200 Jeremiah Fox: And, and we had to switch partners and he just looked at me and I was like Fuck this guy is big.

00:51:02.250 --> 00:51:05.580 Jeremiah Fox: But Okay, like everybody there seems big you know and i'd only been.

00:51:05.610 --> 00:51:13.590 Jeremiah Fox: Like six or eight weeks at that point, I was like whoa Okay, you know I know how to tap so we get going, and I was like moving them around I was like this is.

00:51:14.040 --> 00:51:27.690 Jeremiah Fox: so bad, you know, and I was like he's big but I, you know I didn't like submit him or anything but it was just like I felt good you know, maybe like a month goes by, and we were in the same classes, we just ended up not training together.

00:51:28.020 --> 00:51:36.630 Jeremiah Fox: You know just working with different people and and i'm looking at you want to try to get he's like yeah much different situation I just felt was like on the bottom line.

00:51:37.290 --> 00:51:46.620 Jeremiah Fox: The bottom of Mount to not even like the bottom a half guard or was it just like the bottom of Mount and and trying to escape is back control.

00:51:46.680 --> 00:51:49.770 Nick Lozano: yeah and everyone else is watching they're like oh yeah he's dead and.

00:51:51.510 --> 00:51:55.530 Jeremiah Fox: hopping around too much to be dead, they were like he he's panicking.

00:51:56.400 --> 00:51:58.050 Jeremiah Fox: look like, but and then like we trained.

00:51:58.290 --> 00:52:15.540 Jeremiah Fox: So we got done with that and I was like wow that didn't go so well, maybe i'm just not feeling my game, today, you know, and I trained within like three or four times since it and i'm like no he just dominates me I couldn't understand why, like that first time well for me then.

00:52:15.870 --> 00:52:16.800 Nick Lozano: Because he was doing.

00:52:16.830 --> 00:52:17.970 Nick Lozano: He didn't feel days ago.

00:52:19.740 --> 00:52:20.760 Jeremiah Fox: He just hadn't trained a long.

00:52:20.760 --> 00:52:23.670 Jeremiah Fox: Time and he probably was just holding back he probably was like.

00:52:24.090 --> 00:52:34.260 Jeremiah Fox: I don't want to do something stupid I don't want to get you know and it's funny when you haven't trained with somebody before you think always like I just assume everybody's about it, to me, I have no idea who you are, you know.

00:52:34.530 --> 00:52:42.240 Nick Lozano: And, well, I mean that's that's a good way to look at it right, especially when you can get hurt training it's like okay well this person might be better me, so I need to protect myself.

00:52:42.300 --> 00:52:44.910 Nick Lozano: Yes, not that you're expecting to lose but you're.

00:52:44.910 --> 00:52:54.510 Nick Lozano: Not, you have the expectation that you need to protect yourself against something, and especially when you're rolling with somebody who's younger than you maybe they were a division one wrestler.

00:52:55.020 --> 00:53:06.990 Nick Lozano: I don't care, even if they're brand new they were a high level division one wrestler anybody's going to have a rough rough day with that individual because their their Cardio endurance is just on another level.

00:53:07.650 --> 00:53:15.960 Jeremiah Fox: And they will accidentally rip your leg off like they don't it's not like they don't like you that's just what they do that's just how they move people they're like i'm going to take that leg.

00:53:16.260 --> 00:53:23.370 Jeremiah Fox: and move it in the most unnatural way and if you move in a way that is more akin to like jujitsu.

00:53:23.760 --> 00:53:33.540 Jeremiah Fox: is like it might not play out for you, so my goal is always like this guy was asking me the other day, like Oh, do you compete you ever competed i'm like no if I walk out of here on two feet, every day, especially room.

00:53:36.510 --> 00:53:40.650 Jeremiah Fox: Like I want I beat you all, so the last competition, I did.

00:53:41.370 --> 00:53:44.640 Nick Lozano: I did I bj J EFF DC open here right and.

00:53:45.690 --> 00:53:57.450 Nick Lozano: I go to you know play against the guy who, who is in my bracket and, for some reason I don't know why from stand up, I sat down I pulled garden, I tried to pay play.

00:53:58.260 --> 00:54:10.170 Nick Lozano: You know single leg get to where you wrap around like that yeah I got to hear my coach go stand up like what and here he goes no you just scored two on you, because you said now it's just like and then I lost two to nothing.

00:54:11.790 --> 00:54:12.750 Jeremiah Fox: to guard.

00:54:12.840 --> 00:54:18.600 Nick Lozano: yeah it's just like okay i've learned my lesson here, you know it has those humbling moments.

00:54:18.720 --> 00:54:34.620 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I don't yeah I don't love the IB J J EFF rule set but I I do like that that it's like you don't you can't just sit to guard, you know, unless you're like I don't it's not terrible like I get it in some of these.

00:54:35.940 --> 00:54:41.850 Jeremiah Fox: These 20 minute rounds, you know where the guys, just like a leg locker and he he's gonna play from.

00:54:42.150 --> 00:54:42.780 Nick Lozano: going to get under.

00:54:42.870 --> 00:54:43.320 yeah.

00:54:44.460 --> 00:54:44.640 Nick Lozano: yeah.

00:54:44.910 --> 00:54:49.410 Jeremiah Fox: And like let's get it on I would prefer to see them take what it looks like they're doing it more and more, it seems like the.

00:54:50.520 --> 00:54:57.300 Jeremiah Fox: The you know, especially because so many of them go to decision, even the 20 minute rounds, a lot of them are not that don't in with finishes.

00:54:57.780 --> 00:55:06.330 Jeremiah Fox: That the judges are scoring based off some sort of wrestling like if you just sit to guard the whole time, even if you're attacking you got to be like attacking hard.

00:55:06.750 --> 00:55:13.230 Jeremiah Fox: For them to give you a win if it goes to decision if you sat if you just keep sending to guard like you have to be chasing those legs.

00:55:13.920 --> 00:55:14.940 Jeremiah Fox: I like yeah I get I.

00:55:15.090 --> 00:55:21.330 Nick Lozano: Get that out, so the first month or so is back, we were still like an isolated groups because.

00:55:22.080 --> 00:55:31.290 Nick Lozano: You know, obviously they're like Okay, people are just coming back let's keep these groups to make sure that you know there's no cross contamination if somebody happens to get sick.

00:55:31.680 --> 00:55:39.060 Nick Lozano: And the beginning, here we can isolate it, so I wound up getting stuck in a group with a couple wrestlers and a couple of Judo players.

00:55:39.150 --> 00:55:40.230 Jeremiah Fox: Oh boy so.

00:55:41.190 --> 00:55:41.820 Nick Lozano: I wound up doing.

00:55:41.880 --> 00:55:45.540 Nick Lozano: tons of stand up and because of that, I want to get in a fairly decent.

00:55:45.570 --> 00:55:55.530 Nick Lozano: uchiyamada out of it just because, like like I can't pull guard on somebody who just grabs me on that Judo grip like there's just no way you're not going to sit down once we've got top of your collar.

00:55:55.590 --> 00:56:00.900 Nick Lozano: yeah and then I went to an evening class and I pulled guard on me and I was so mad.

00:56:01.770 --> 00:56:02.520 Nick Lozano: Is this.

00:56:04.290 --> 00:56:07.950 Nick Lozano: Like so he pulled the garden I just stepped away I just stepped away i'm like this.

00:56:07.950 --> 00:56:11.250 Nick Lozano: Stand up stand up stand up Come on, I was like I didn't work out with all these.

00:56:11.280 --> 00:56:13.110 Nick Lozano: wrestlers, and this is the model for nothing man.

00:56:13.380 --> 00:56:15.180 Nick Lozano: exactly when I hit this yeah.

00:56:15.510 --> 00:56:16.050 Nick Lozano: Oh man.

00:56:16.140 --> 00:56:20.670 Jeremiah Fox: This is a two for one talking about added value we just got awesome jujitsu advice as well.

00:56:21.840 --> 00:56:27.600 Jeremiah Fox: So we got to wrap it up, I want you to tell people really quickly you got 60 seconds where to find you podcast.

00:56:28.440 --> 00:56:38.970 Nick Lozano: Sure, so you can find me on linkedin it's linkedin COM forward slash I n forward slash Nick and ic K dash Lozano l O C a n oh.

00:56:39.420 --> 00:56:48.630 Nick Lozano: i'm on Twitter Ronan janitor a Ronan underscore janitor on twitch tick tock instagram all that you can find me that way.

00:56:49.170 --> 00:56:55.200 Nick Lozano: linkedin is probably the easiest way to get Ahold of me or you can find it that way, my podcast will be dx he.

00:56:55.860 --> 00:57:07.140 Nick Lozano: that's l E a D E MC you can find that anywhere you listen to podcast spotify iTunes Google play it's on YouTube so wherever you listen, you know to subscribe.

00:57:07.590 --> 00:57:17.280 Nick Lozano: Give me like I appreciate it and I live stream normally on Fridays i'm getting ready to switch that up a little bit, but you can finally mostly on my linkedin page and twitch for that.

00:57:17.610 --> 00:57:19.890 Jeremiah Fox: Right, the live stream live Stream is linkedin enjoy.

00:57:20.370 --> 00:57:27.810 Nick Lozano: yeah it is and Jeremiah appreciate you having me on again it's it's been a blast as, as always, and I feel like we could go for hours and hours really.

00:57:27.810 --> 00:57:32.100 Jeremiah Fox: Good we could I will do something next time we'll rope rope travis in as well.

00:57:32.100 --> 00:57:33.900 Nick Lozano: There we go I gotta get to New York here.

00:57:34.350 --> 00:57:36.990 Nick Lozano: Soon too it's been too long since i've been in the city so.

00:57:37.170 --> 00:57:52.260 Jeremiah Fox: everything's it's popping it's like really things have turned let's hope it stays that way, because it was a rough year but we'd love to have you man love to connect all right, everybody you guys have a great weekend get some good shit done we'll see you next week, everybody peace out.

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