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Thursday, May 6, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/06 - Getting Rid of Ambiguity

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/06 - Getting Rid of Ambiguity


2021/05/06 - Getting Rid of Ambiguity

[NEW EPISODE] Getting Rid of Ambiguity

Lisa Dadd is enthusiastic, with a playful spirit providing a fresh perspective and engaging environment that deepens knowledge integration, while blurring the line between work and play!

Lisa's diverse perspectives and unique approach are supported by 23 years of experience; including corporate sales, marketing, and strategic planning at a top Fortune 100 company, guiding business growth for owners and entrepreneurs, and acting as Chair of a non-profit leadership development organization.

An intense training in transformational leadership and social-emotional intelligence, along with a Master’s degree in Kinesiology, further influence Lisa’s "Playing your way to Greatness" experiential, facilitation and training style.

Tune in for this insightful conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Host Graham Dobbin opens the show live from Sydney, Australia. He introduces the episode’s guest, Lisa Dadd, who has a marketing background in the healthcare field. Lisa, coming live from Ontario, Canada, provides background on her experience with large pharmaceutical companies, specifically her past working for Pfizer. She explains her journey from marketing viagra at Pfizer to her current career, having a 15 year corporate career in between, in which she was able to realize that there was something more for her beyond the corporate world. Dadd looks back on her decision to leave the field, and how she figured out what her true calling was. Her struggle to identify what brings her joy is a moment in which she was able to identify that she needed to change her current perspective on life.

Segment 2

Lisa Dadd opens the next segment by speaking on the concept of “soul language”. When “accidentally” falling into her current career, she realized that it was time to change her current career path. She speaks about the power of “King Energy”, having a powerful perspective and the ability to identify possibilities in advancing one's life. When she left corporate, she began to refine her own meanings of terms like “success”, “leadership”, and “power”. When society projects its own meaning of “success” onto people, Dadd stresses the importance of identifying your own meaning of success. Often, people think that they have to choose between success and fulfillment. However, a personalized equation of success can allow one to find both. She reveals what joy means to her now, allowing herself to enjoy spending time with her dog, allowing the freedom that stems from that to bring her happiness, joy, and more understanding of other people.

Segment 3

The third segment opens with Lisa Dadd explaining that through her own transformational journey, stressing the importance of knowing who she is inside helping her knowing her own instincts. She speaks on how the global pandemic has allowed people to completely re-evaluate their lives. The concept of ambiguity has forced people to take control of their own paths, looking at different alternatives and options. Graham brings up the inevitable pressure of people wanting to go back to pre-pandemic lives, with Lisa emphasizing that, after we have all experienced this past year, there is no going back because we cannot look past what has already happened. She speaks about growth being inside of our comfort zones, finding the sweet spot of knowing what we’ve experienced and being “in the zone” for our emotions.

Segment 4

The final segment opens up with Lisa Dadd opening up about her biggest challenge, which is the trust aspect of working with her clients. Surrendering to what is coming to her is important in accepting yourself, knowing that you may not always have the answers to everything. The idea of allowing oneself to bring themselves back into their present moment. She reveals that she has no stopping point in her career, now having the tools to know that making time to meditate will allow her to center herself during a work day. She says that knowing that she works best in action with others is one of her best tools. She allows herself to be very present with her clients, accepting that she may not need an answer from them right away during their initial call. All of these tools and skills involve the central skill of trust.


00:00:21.930 --> 00:00:30.180 Graham Dobbin: Welcome to the mind behind leadership life here on talk radio dot nyc my name is Graham dobbin we're broadcasting.

00:00:30.870 --> 00:00:39.720 Graham Dobbin: torpedo the nyc the line from Sydney again in Australia, and hence the light in the background is the highlight here is tomorrow.

00:00:40.080 --> 00:00:49.890 Graham Dobbin: that's the best place to probably breathes it and here's the thing everything I tend to work with is our own perspective, how we see things differently from another angle, a different lens.

00:00:50.550 --> 00:00:58.830 Graham Dobbin: And traveling to and working from Sydney at these times is reminded me or that we all work with what we've got around us and we need to be really adapt or.

00:00:59.100 --> 00:01:05.910 Graham Dobbin: Hopefully we're coming to the end of this, you know the pandemic and Sydney has been open for a while, when I say open, I mean no restrictions.

00:01:06.570 --> 00:01:11.280 Graham Dobbin: And there are so many different ways to deal with everything that has happened since March 2020.

00:01:11.910 --> 00:01:17.790 Graham Dobbin: And i've been reminded again this week we're knowing the middle of a partial 3D lock down here just because it to new cases.

00:01:18.090 --> 00:01:31.290 Graham Dobbin: But all my friends and people back in New York, are going full tilt to reopen when we're getting thousands daily, so it just it, you know it means that there's lots of people making tough tough decisions that affect millions.

00:01:31.800 --> 00:01:39.780 Graham Dobbin: And it's really difficult sometimes to kind of Judge there's no one way to deal with anything i'm delighted that this evening.

00:01:40.230 --> 00:01:43.800 Graham Dobbin: Or, this morning I might just drift into that so you're gonna have to apologize for me.

00:01:44.040 --> 00:01:55.170 Graham Dobbin: And my guest Lisa that is an expert at looking at things from different angles different perspectives and what's with senior leaders to help them with that we just give you some information or, at least at least as.

00:01:55.980 --> 00:02:07.560 Graham Dobbin: An integrative management consultant and assault sales so sales and communications trainer who spent 15 years in the competitive industry of corporate healthcare.

00:02:07.830 --> 00:02:16.500 Graham Dobbin: mastering strategic sales marketing and management skills from some of the world's largest pharmaceutical or the world's largest pharmaceutical company.

00:02:17.430 --> 00:02:23.550 Graham Dobbin: it's going to be really interesting because pharmaceutical companies that are at the forefront of everybody's mind at the moment, we all know the names of them.

00:02:23.850 --> 00:02:37.890 Graham Dobbin: And in addition to success climbing the corporate ladder offered was a deep sense of our potential was yet to be realized, it took eight years as an independent consultant and an intense training in leadership development and social emotional learning.

00:02:38.430 --> 00:02:55.170 Graham Dobbin: to uncover it in a nice way to access potential and Lisa leverage is a diagnostic tool called soul language, which were better one in order lot more about this evening and know what's with innovative leaders to integrate and awareness of who they are at the core into how to do versus.

00:02:56.310 --> 00:03:02.970 Graham Dobbin: The successful approach is partly related to a unique approach to sell shifting sold sales teaches the art of creating a buy in.

00:03:03.270 --> 00:03:18.420 Graham Dobbin: Through enrolling the language of one's natural essence leader at least attributes a master's degree in kinesiology kinesiology I could never say that Lisa you got it out there i'm mostly have dog Leo for playing her way to greatness.

00:03:19.470 --> 00:03:26.940 Graham Dobbin: Facility facilitation of trading style and also know, since Leo sentence here as well, to help we're going to you're probably right sampson.

00:03:27.270 --> 00:03:42.360 Graham Dobbin: And we says, also an author finding fabulous paving the path way between paycheck and passion, she helps blur the lines between work and play as clients rediscover the significance of being the true selves Lisa.

00:03:43.650 --> 00:03:48.420 Graham Dobbin: Who were take a breath there don't have any mistakes me i'm great to see you.

00:03:48.660 --> 00:03:49.590 Good to you.

00:03:50.940 --> 00:03:54.630 Lisa Dadd: thanks for having me Graham I didn't realize it is quite a mouthful all of that.

00:03:56.820 --> 00:03:57.150 Lisa Dadd: You know.

00:03:58.350 --> 00:04:00.360 Lisa Dadd: I promised I didn't put those words in there on.

00:04:01.650 --> 00:04:01.740 Graham Dobbin: The.

00:04:03.990 --> 00:04:06.570 Graham Dobbin: tracing kinesiology with a Scottish accent.

00:04:08.100 --> 00:04:18.240 Lisa Dadd: Something funny you'll like this, because my roommates when I was in university used to laugh they used to say they used to pretend they go i'm in kinesiology kiss and they go gyn.

00:04:19.380 --> 00:04:20.250 Lisa Dadd: qualification and.

00:04:20.430 --> 00:04:26.760 Lisa Dadd: in Canada called Jim, and so the study of physical movement is sort is physical education.

00:04:27.600 --> 00:04:31.590 Lisa Dadd: or with science, and so my roommates used to love say how do you spell physiology July, am.

00:04:32.280 --> 00:04:37.590 Graham Dobbin: I am not saying that would have been much easier, we should have done that okay um let's.

00:04:38.490 --> 00:04:39.570 Lisa Dadd: play let's call it.

00:04:40.890 --> 00:04:43.290 Graham Dobbin: This is an international sure where you're calling in from.

00:04:43.800 --> 00:04:49.110 Lisa Dadd: i'm in Ontario Canada yeah in the woods here in Ontario Canada.

00:04:49.500 --> 00:04:56.100 Graham Dobbin: So we're gonna talk radio dot nyc we've got Emily of producer in Pittsburgh here in northern Ontario and i'm in Sydney.

00:04:57.180 --> 00:04:57.660 Graham Dobbin: wow.

00:04:59.040 --> 00:05:00.150 Graham Dobbin: Lisa just give us a.

00:05:00.180 --> 00:05:01.410 Graham Dobbin: Give us a little bit of background.

00:05:02.730 --> 00:05:14.610 Graham Dobbin: was kind of something when I was reading out there is interest a bit you never thought that everybody everybody in the world, we know the names of the companies that you work for and i'm some of the competitors as well.

00:05:14.880 --> 00:05:24.030 Lisa Dadd: Yes, well and have definitely in Canada, and I believe in the US i'm not sure which countries are dominant in terms of this, but when I worked for Pfizer.

00:05:24.420 --> 00:05:31.140 Lisa Dadd: Pfizer that I worked for when I worked for Pfizer and I would tell people that even though at the time we were the largest pharmaceutical company.

00:05:31.500 --> 00:05:38.850 Lisa Dadd: People didn't know that what that was until I said to them, you know the company that makes my agra so I usually had to make that connection before.

00:05:38.850 --> 00:05:45.960 Lisa Dadd: I knew the name Pfizer so now Pfizer can finally be known for something rather than by agra.

00:05:47.430 --> 00:05:47.910 Lisa Dadd: What was.

00:05:50.100 --> 00:05:51.570 Graham Dobbin: What was he actually you said I worked for the.

00:05:51.570 --> 00:05:53.820 Graham Dobbin: company that makes by anger.

00:05:55.260 --> 00:05:58.020 Lisa Dadd: From Niagara so I used to get all sorts of great reactions.

00:06:00.840 --> 00:06:00.960 Lisa Dadd: I.

00:06:01.170 --> 00:06:02.850 Lisa Dadd: won't go into that story so.

00:06:03.000 --> 00:06:03.240 let's.

00:06:06.300 --> 00:06:08.280 Graham Dobbin: Listen to the show it's gone it's gone sideways.

00:06:08.880 --> 00:06:11.940 Lisa Dadd: sideways but I will tell you that the best reaction I ever got.

00:06:12.000 --> 00:06:25.290 Lisa Dadd: When I told somebody what I did was a customs officer, I was traveling for business going to Europe and man was giving me the ring around I think I was, I was wearing a ponytail and jeans I probably looked about 12 I wasn't and.

00:06:25.710 --> 00:06:39.960 Lisa Dadd: He was grilling beyond where do you work and who do you work for and what do you do and i'm i'm a marketing manager he goes, what do you market I go Viagra and you know they're not allowed to laugh they're not allowed to look at it, you just stamp stamp.

00:06:41.610 --> 00:06:42.510 Graham Dobbin: Gary here.

00:06:43.500 --> 00:06:44.670 Lisa Dadd: I don't want to talk to you.

00:06:46.740 --> 00:06:50.520 Graham Dobbin: How do you go from marketing by agra.

00:06:52.740 --> 00:06:55.290 Graham Dobbin: see that would have been such a much easier.

00:06:55.350 --> 00:06:58.050 Graham Dobbin: Introduction it go from marketing.

00:06:59.400 --> 00:06:59.880 Graham Dobbin: To.

00:07:01.200 --> 00:07:02.280 Graham Dobbin: to doing this.

00:07:02.580 --> 00:07:06.360 Lisa Dadd: yeah well, so I did a lot of other things in that timeline to so I.

00:07:06.360 --> 00:07:17.370 Lisa Dadd: Spent 15 years in corporate and I had been accident let's call it accidental because it was accidentally climbing a corporate ladder it's like I was quote unquote very successful in corporate.

00:07:17.850 --> 00:07:23.130 Lisa Dadd: And it's like every few years I just kept falling into these promotions, and yet.

00:07:23.550 --> 00:07:36.990 Lisa Dadd: The more higher I got in the company, the less and less happy, I was and I sort of hit this point where I felt like there was something more, for me, and so I really it was one of those those.

00:07:37.890 --> 00:07:44.580 Lisa Dadd: I don't know life changing moments, where I really felt like it was time for me to go somewhere else to expand my my skills my.

00:07:44.970 --> 00:07:50.280 Lisa Dadd: My thoughts my perspective, I love that your show is all about changing perspective and I realized that I had been.

00:07:50.850 --> 00:07:54.570 Lisa Dadd: Especially as soon as I decided to leave the corporate healthcare industry.

00:07:55.050 --> 00:08:03.960 Lisa Dadd: it's like my bubble burst and I realized, I was driving downtown Toronto, and I was like somebody does that and somebody makes that product and somebody does this, and it was like.

00:08:04.380 --> 00:08:12.840 Lisa Dadd: I hadn't been really looking at the world through any other lens then my company, because we were the largest in the world, I had come straight out of Grad school.

00:08:13.290 --> 00:08:29.010 Lisa Dadd: And I was just there was so many opportunities in the company which I was very, very grateful for, and I just realized that my perspective was so narrow and my soul was crying for a different perspective which I gave myself very, very dramatically.

00:08:30.810 --> 00:08:37.380 Graham Dobbin: um so was it was it a point that you kind of woke up and said right that's I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to start my own business, I want to do.

00:08:37.380 --> 00:08:40.080 Graham Dobbin: something you just woke up one morning so that's it.

00:08:40.410 --> 00:08:44.280 Lisa Dadd: No, I think so for years, I used to say this, all the time, I used to say.

00:08:44.670 --> 00:08:53.490 Lisa Dadd: When I know what I want to do from with rest of my life when I figure out what i'm supposed to do with my life i'll go do it, it was almost like I was just in this job until that time.

00:08:54.030 --> 00:09:04.830 Lisa Dadd: And one day I realized, I actually am not doing anything to figure it out, I kept saying that I wanted that but I wasn't doing anything to figure it out, and so I always say it was a split second decision years in the making.

00:09:05.700 --> 00:09:13.470 Lisa Dadd: Which is literally how it happened, it was years in the making, and then one day it just hit me I could just leave like it was like such a.

00:09:14.070 --> 00:09:22.410 Lisa Dadd: Freeing thought and simultaneously scary because I at the time had no idea what I wanted to do.

00:09:23.310 --> 00:09:34.380 Lisa Dadd: I really didn't I really didn't I had been like I said with these blinders on for many, many years learning a lot and growing a lot and then all of a sudden realizing wait a second how did I get here right so.

00:09:35.340 --> 00:09:37.560 Graham Dobbin: um This helped me to take over.

00:09:39.390 --> 00:09:42.600 Lisa Dadd: I you know I that's a that's a personal perspective I guess.

00:09:42.630 --> 00:09:43.320 Graham Dobbin: yeah absolutely.

00:09:43.920 --> 00:09:51.480 Lisa Dadd: i'll let your audience decide if That takes me a risk taker definitely I could sell from members of my family and their varied reactions to me.

00:09:52.020 --> 00:10:01.350 Lisa Dadd: You know up and leaving my you know six figure stock options company car, you know, the whole thing and saying, I have no clue what i'm going to do.

00:10:02.460 --> 00:10:06.840 Lisa Dadd: And then just allowing life to start revealing itself to me, really.

00:10:08.220 --> 00:10:13.260 Lisa Dadd: I say, allowing was very intentional about it initially I was on a mission to figure some things out.

00:10:13.710 --> 00:10:23.370 Lisa Dadd: And what I figured out really quickly was that I had to allow things to show up for me a little bit as well, so that control that he's having corporate it works very well in corporate situation.

00:10:24.960 --> 00:10:28.050 Lisa Dadd: And I needed to release that perspective, a little bit too.

00:10:29.100 --> 00:10:39.000 Graham Dobbin: um when you see you on a mission How did the mission start, can you can you remember, was that a point where you just wait hold on to something different here there's something more yeah.

00:10:39.390 --> 00:10:43.950 Lisa Dadd: I would say there was a couple there was probably many of them, but there's a couple that stand out for me.

00:10:45.060 --> 00:10:55.560 Lisa Dadd: Definitely that moment in my kitchen when I decide when I thought I could go and then that simultaneous feeling of like it's totally the right decision and I have no idea, but I just knew that was right.

00:10:55.950 --> 00:11:04.560 Lisa Dadd: And then shortly thereafter, I decided to I hired a life coach and the first question she asked me in our first session was what brings you joy.

00:11:07.050 --> 00:11:16.440 Lisa Dadd: And the question brought me to tears, because I was like How sad, is it, I was almost 40 I was 39 at the time.

00:11:17.850 --> 00:11:19.290 Lisa Dadd: That I don't know what brings me joy.

00:11:20.760 --> 00:11:34.410 Lisa Dadd: And so I had you know got to this place in my life I didn't have to worry about money and things were you know life was all good I almost feel guilty about it, you know gratitude have gratitude i'm great I was grateful for so many things in my life I didn't know what brought me joy.

00:11:35.610 --> 00:11:44.640 Lisa Dadd: So there are starts the mission of like it gets to be well look my books called finding fabulous for a reason I was out looking for for my version of fabulous.

00:11:44.970 --> 00:11:45.390 yeah.

00:11:46.620 --> 00:11:51.780 Graham Dobbin: i'm curious, you said you had no idea what you wanted.

00:11:53.610 --> 00:12:08.940 Graham Dobbin: it's actually interesting that the, the reason I asked about the risk taker thing is i'm often told i'm a risk taker and I moved to New York kind of self a brand new company have nothing but four years ago and it seemed the most logical thing to do.

00:12:10.020 --> 00:12:11.850 Graham Dobbin: It didn't seem like taking a risk.

00:12:12.360 --> 00:12:13.200 Lisa Dadd: So how you found it.

00:12:13.590 --> 00:12:14.730 Lisa Dadd: we're going to talk about I.

00:12:16.110 --> 00:12:17.760 Lisa Dadd: We need to go to commercial I think soon.

00:12:18.990 --> 00:12:20.010 Graham Dobbin: We could we could you go.

00:12:20.040 --> 00:12:35.190 Lisa Dadd: I want to go from that to say that we're gonna dive into that what you want to ask me about so language and why that is that some of us will naturally go towards something like that and not think twice about it as as a risk when other people would would stop them cold in their tracks.

00:12:35.460 --> 00:12:38.580 Graham Dobbin: Right Okay, well, we will do whatever breaks will.

00:12:38.940 --> 00:12:41.850 Graham Dobbin: We will be recovering julissa, but we will go.

00:12:41.850 --> 00:12:43.950 Graham Dobbin: To a break in a moment, and when we come back we'll talk about.

00:12:44.340 --> 00:12:53.430 Graham Dobbin: we'll talk about soul language and one another thing i'm going to be really curious about something you mentioned Emily you can it was accidental that we got on the on the corporate ladder.

00:12:53.790 --> 00:13:04.410 Graham Dobbin: And i'm just curious about how many people is accidental for because I hear all these things of accepting goal setting that these are the things that we need to have an a career or or a new business.

00:13:04.650 --> 00:13:07.620 Graham Dobbin: and actually see so many people falling into things.

00:13:07.830 --> 00:13:09.480 Graham Dobbin: Rather than having planned it.

00:13:09.990 --> 00:13:18.480 Lisa Dadd: yeah and often you know managers do this and I did it as a manager for my people, as well as you sit down at the year end review and you say what's your five year plan.

00:13:19.170 --> 00:13:30.450 Lisa Dadd: And you know I say to my boss, like, I have to admit I don't have a five minute plan you know, and so, for me to have a five year plan it always it's it's still to this day seems crazy to me so that explains.

00:13:31.500 --> 00:13:32.730 Lisa Dadd: I did I didn't grow out of that.

00:13:33.180 --> 00:13:38.400 Graham Dobbin: No, I miss explorer will explore that when we come back in about this five year plan is just.

00:13:39.270 --> 00:13:47.610 Graham Dobbin: What we think we should be doing versus what we actually really do inside and i'm really keen to know more about soul language and the soul sales.

00:13:47.970 --> 00:13:58.680 Graham Dobbin: you're listening to falling behind leadership we're really lucky this evening we've got Lisa dad and we have talking perspectives and leadership and we'll be right back after these messages.

00:17:00.840 --> 00:17:06.840 Graham Dobbin: it's not notice that you're managing to not dance to the same chin we'll have we'll have you before the end of the show, most people do.

00:17:07.530 --> 00:17:23.190 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back you're listening to the mind behind leadership and we're on live on top radio dot nyc my name is Graham dobbin we have Lisa dad with us this evening and Lisa soul language talk to me tell me everything about it.

00:17:25.470 --> 00:17:26.070 Lisa Dadd: We got again.

00:17:26.580 --> 00:17:28.350 Graham Dobbin: We have plenty of time.

00:17:29.580 --> 00:17:41.880 Lisa Dadd: Well, first of all, let me say that you know we we sort of ended off there was like how did I accidentally sort of fall into my career and then how did I sort of accidentally fall into what i'm doing now, when I chose to like leave.

00:17:43.050 --> 00:17:53.010 Lisa Dadd: i've definitely been we've asked me if I was a risk taker i've definitely been against the status quo, I think throughout my career, even when I was real traditional corporate space.

00:17:53.850 --> 00:18:04.050 Lisa Dadd: So now, I can just throw the word integrative integrative consultant in in front of mine, and the reason I can say I say integrative is because it's like i'm going to use things from every different area and break all the rules.

00:18:05.820 --> 00:18:10.110 Lisa Dadd: But for the longest time I didn't have a language for.

00:18:10.770 --> 00:18:21.780 Lisa Dadd: Who I am what it is, I do why i'm good at things I didn't fully I would say that I didn't fully understand I don't even I couldn't even at the time, probably described to you why I was so successful in corporate.

00:18:22.380 --> 00:18:34.500 Lisa Dadd: I didn't have a language around it and a few years ago, several years ago now, I met a woman in the Netherlands, when I was out on one of my European I was out on a European speaking tour slash adventure.

00:18:34.890 --> 00:18:36.960 Graham Dobbin: I love I love, how you just so that and just my.

00:18:36.960 --> 00:18:38.370 Graham Dobbin: European speaking to.

00:18:39.000 --> 00:18:39.420 Lisa Dadd: You know.

00:18:39.960 --> 00:18:40.800 Graham Dobbin: One of those things I do.

00:18:41.850 --> 00:18:49.980 Lisa Dadd: Well, again, it was one of those things, where I was feeling a little bit restless and I decided to go on an adventure and you know I might get anyway, I did this FAB quest I called it.

00:18:51.570 --> 00:18:58.470 Lisa Dadd: And, and I accidentally met this woman, I was literally in a coffee shop in Amsterdam, and one of my friends in.

00:18:59.280 --> 00:19:12.570 Lisa Dadd: In you know introduced us she had invited her to tea with us, and before I knew it, she was invited me to stay with her and we got along really well and she has created a diagnostic cool tool called soul language.

00:19:12.810 --> 00:19:15.540 Lisa Dadd: which takes archetypes of the soul and brings it.

00:19:15.540 --> 00:19:19.770 Lisa Dadd: into a language that we can use for various different.

00:19:20.880 --> 00:19:26.160 Lisa Dadd: areas of our lives for for knowing you know exactly who we are understanding that.

00:19:26.550 --> 00:19:35.910 Lisa Dadd: And so I studied under her and started using it with my clients and now and as we're we built out an application for sales it'd be used for all sorts of things, but.

00:19:36.300 --> 00:19:47.490 Lisa Dadd: It for myself it gave me a language to really understand why is it that i'm really good at this and i'm horrible at this and maybe why other things you know don't fit.

00:19:48.120 --> 00:19:55.890 Lisa Dadd: don't seem to fit and so when you said, do you consider yourself a risk taker and I said, well, it my soul language necessary you know I might.

00:19:56.460 --> 00:20:06.480 Lisa Dadd: I might naturally be a little bit more of a risk taker my dominant energy type the archetype energy is is king energy which could be queen energy it's not it's not.

00:20:07.020 --> 00:20:13.920 Lisa Dadd: Gender specific but King energy kings have this ability to see possibilities that other people don't see.

00:20:14.430 --> 00:20:22.800 Lisa Dadd: They don't even think that they're not possible and so when someone else might go wow that's really risky I was like really, really wasn't really risky you know.

00:20:23.520 --> 00:20:33.750 Lisa Dadd: That energy of just of course that's possible if we want it to be possible right, so I say it really has something to do with soul language, because we take someone who's a warrior energy.

00:20:34.170 --> 00:20:43.170 Lisa Dadd: They would see the blocks and they'd want to fight through them and they burst right through them warrior energy would fight through the limitations, where someone in a king energy doesn't even see them.

00:20:45.480 --> 00:20:46.530 Graham Dobbin: Ah, so.

00:20:48.270 --> 00:20:52.800 Graham Dobbin: What challenges does that bring then, if you don't see limitations.

00:20:53.760 --> 00:20:56.610 Lisa Dadd: Well there's all different channel every archetype has its own challenges.

00:20:56.610 --> 00:20:57.060 Graham Dobbin: yeah.

00:20:57.330 --> 00:20:59.610 Lisa Dadd: that's none of them are better than any of the others.

00:20:59.640 --> 00:21:00.120 Graham Dobbin: No, no.

00:21:00.270 --> 00:21:09.360 Graham Dobbin: i'm not suggesting i'm not suggesting a hierarchy in any way or or one right and wrong i'm curious on on on on a king or queen energy.

00:21:09.840 --> 00:21:12.450 Graham Dobbin: If we don't see whose bodies.

00:21:15.570 --> 00:21:19.530 Lisa Dadd: yeah I mean, I think, at some point we have our own limitations in different ways, of course.

00:21:19.530 --> 00:21:19.830 Lisa Dadd: and

00:21:19.950 --> 00:21:20.820 Graham Dobbin: Ending on the rest of the.

00:21:21.210 --> 00:21:29.160 Lisa Dadd: language, and what that looks like but that's a good question I don't know again from my energy I don't I don't see it as a problem that we don't see possibility.

00:21:29.700 --> 00:21:36.930 Lisa Dadd: i'm The biggest problem with you see with that I have with clients that might not recognize that not.

00:21:37.350 --> 00:21:46.560 Lisa Dadd: everybody's a king energy yeah we're working in communicating with people when we're dealing with our children number working with even when we're even communicating with our own family members.

00:21:47.040 --> 00:22:00.600 Lisa Dadd: Is that not recognizing that other people don't see the same perspective, as we do, and so I think that's a big limitation, possibly, you know because we're seeing something that's completely possible and maybe getting really angry or frustrated say with a spouse.

00:22:01.290 --> 00:22:01.980 Graham Dobbin: Who is.

00:22:02.070 --> 00:22:09.150 Lisa Dadd: blocking it and saying it's not possible and it's like we don't you know we're seeing things completely different, so I think it's more from that perspective that.

00:22:09.210 --> 00:22:09.570 Graham Dobbin: yeah.

00:22:09.660 --> 00:22:19.740 Lisa Dadd: You so language to say Oh, I get it, of course, I feel like I can go forward on this, and these people are holding me back, but there's we can come to an understanding.

00:22:20.730 --> 00:22:30.150 Graham Dobbin: um, I suppose, when you when when I use language like risk taker etc, can a clumsy is really interesting that we can see in different ways.

00:22:30.450 --> 00:22:41.130 Graham Dobbin: And I suppose, where my curiosity came from there was we've got two people who would maybe be traditionally seen as as risk takers but one buffs through another one just this is just natural.

00:22:41.520 --> 00:22:51.600 Graham Dobbin: So it's interesting that they just saying something like risk ticket isn't isn't enough isn't enough to understand anybody, we can begin to pigeonhole people.

00:22:51.900 --> 00:23:02.190 Lisa Dadd: Exactly and that's the whole thing so language, in fact, one of my through again, and one of my soul language goals is discernment and so I spent a lot of time with clients discerning language.

00:23:02.610 --> 00:23:13.350 Lisa Dadd: And really getting to understand the energy behind a word event for you, so you can think of risk taking differently than I can think of risk taking, but when we get into what it means for you and how you react to it.

00:23:13.710 --> 00:23:18.060 Lisa Dadd: And what does that mean your life, and whereas it moved you forward and where has it held you back.

00:23:18.420 --> 00:23:26.400 Lisa Dadd: that's where that's the more important piece that we start discerning from your your energy rather than it doesn't really matter what I think right so.

00:23:27.300 --> 00:23:39.270 Lisa Dadd: it's one of the greatest gifts of so language is you know when I left corporate I started redefining success happiness freedom, I completely redefine what that was for myself.

00:23:41.130 --> 00:23:42.510 Graham Dobbin: How did it change them.

00:23:43.680 --> 00:23:44.160 Lisa Dadd: well.

00:23:45.480 --> 00:23:55.560 Lisa Dadd: So success to me, you know I actually did a talk on this one time about the importance of numbers used to be numbers to me, you know I grew up we all grew up in school system where were graded right.

00:23:55.800 --> 00:23:56.220 Graham Dobbin: Thank you.

00:23:56.340 --> 00:24:01.530 Lisa Dadd: Accessible if you do successful in school right I got a lot of days school so i'm a successful student.

00:24:02.100 --> 00:24:14.250 Lisa Dadd: i'll hear my sister talk about her students because she's a teacher he's not very not very smart in school or a very academic and I say Oh, but he's brilliant at something, but we just don't measure it in school.

00:24:14.340 --> 00:24:24.420 Lisa Dadd: Right yeah so you know we were so I when I was younger success was numbers and then what happens I go into pharmaceutical company, first as a sales REP and guess what successes numbers and dollars.

00:24:25.170 --> 00:24:34.110 Lisa Dadd: it's there's an objective to me, and when you meet it you're good or you're bad kind of thing you know, and so you go through this system, your and review and they give you a number kind of thing.

00:24:34.410 --> 00:24:40.440 Lisa Dadd: And then you start looking at the bigger picture and it's like How much money do you make how big is your House what kind of car do you drive.

00:24:40.980 --> 00:24:51.270 Lisa Dadd: and society puts all of these different numbers on us as to what success is, and then I step away and I get I brought to tears by the question what brings you joy.

00:24:51.750 --> 00:25:01.650 Lisa Dadd: All of a sudden success changes for me in a heartbeat and I started thinking wow i'd make half if I could make if I could be twice as happy I take half the salary.

00:25:02.730 --> 00:25:09.030 Lisa Dadd: Is it's completely different success and what does success mean and to me now the fulfillment the joy, the happiness that impact.

00:25:10.140 --> 00:25:20.820 Lisa Dadd: And for a long time for when I first left corporate it was all about, that is, you know, and I was finding fabulous it was it fun, is it fulfilling can I be creative can it be all these things.

00:25:21.300 --> 00:25:29.460 Lisa Dadd: And then somewhere along the line I had to bring back some of the success metrics I used before, because you can't run a business without carrying a bit about those numbers right so.

00:25:29.520 --> 00:25:40.290 Lisa Dadd: yeah the integration now is to say, why are we choosing and often that people believe they have to choose between success societal success or fulfillment.

00:25:40.680 --> 00:25:47.040 Lisa Dadd: People go down these paths and the question is what what does it look like when we actually create this integrated.

00:25:47.580 --> 00:25:57.600 Lisa Dadd: equation for ourselves, and then I can your success equation can be completely different than mine and I can be so happy for you, because you can have success, and what that means to you.

00:25:58.320 --> 00:26:05.880 Lisa Dadd: And so you don't know what my success is by looking at my house or my car my bank account you'd have to ask me hey Lisa has it been a successful year.

00:26:07.980 --> 00:26:24.570 Graham Dobbin: So, has it been a successful year, what do what does success mean to you now I don't I definitely don't want to put you into the other place i'm curious about what what does bring you joy, what does bring fulfillment what does bring success.

00:26:24.780 --> 00:26:35.100 Lisa Dadd: yeah well, thank you and it's you know and it you in my bio you mentioned Leo my dog, you know animals are so fabulous at teaching us beautifully profound and yet simple lessons.

00:26:36.000 --> 00:26:45.510 Lisa Dadd: And he taught me a lot about joy, I mean he's to squeak when he swim and people would think of something wrong with them, and it was just such an as joy because you know, he would be made this little weird squeaky sound.

00:26:46.860 --> 00:26:49.980 Lisa Dadd: be forgotten what choice sounds like so it sounds like he's doing distress.

00:26:51.090 --> 00:27:01.170 Lisa Dadd: But you know that that became part of my joy really being able to play with my dog, you know initially being able to as I started my career at in I was doing some coaching and consulting.

00:27:01.500 --> 00:27:11.250 Lisa Dadd: But I was in California, I spent my winters in California and I was hiking with my dog and I used to get the most inspired ideas for my book, while I was playing with my dog and so i'm like wait a second.

00:27:12.030 --> 00:27:19.770 Lisa Dadd: I can actually be more productive playing with my dog than sitting at my computer for four hours, and so my freedom to be able to do that.

00:27:20.220 --> 00:27:30.510 Lisa Dadd: brought me a lot of happiness brought me a lot of joy i'm getting to understand people better you know this whole process has been.

00:27:31.080 --> 00:27:41.220 Lisa Dadd: Now let's not say there have been ups and downs and i'm walk around in this euphoric you know pollyanna state it's it's not that but, even now, I can recognize that.

00:27:41.700 --> 00:27:52.020 Lisa Dadd: Even when i'm i'm struggling or growing through something I can be satisfied with the the journey of it and the process of it.

00:27:52.950 --> 00:28:05.400 Graham Dobbin: um Lisa we're flying through the show i've got we're about to go to another break when we come back from the break couple things i'd like to dig into when we think about and the people that we work with how do we.

00:28:05.880 --> 00:28:13.650 Graham Dobbin: allow them to access that that that kind of place, especially if the BBC they've got partners business partners that type of thing so there's more than one person involved.

00:28:14.340 --> 00:28:22.950 Graham Dobbin: And and i'm really interested in and kind of digging in there, how you how you do that, and how we get to that State this that almost.

00:28:23.580 --> 00:28:30.450 Graham Dobbin: I think that both mentioned that in one way or another, that almost satin to we're just we're just should all work we just maybe don't know how.

00:28:31.260 --> 00:28:40.620 Graham Dobbin: we've not got all the answers and how or what but we're set will find a way around it, how do we allow people to access that now that's that's we'll talk, right after the break and.

00:28:42.330 --> 00:28:53.160 Graham Dobbin: i'm interested in some your views just about how we how we get different perspectives and I hope people take when you come back to the word risk just because I think it's probably the best way to.

00:28:55.440 --> 00:29:02.280 Graham Dobbin: summarize what apple do when they change from maybe a very what seen as a stable successful.

00:29:03.090 --> 00:29:18.960 Graham Dobbin: achievement on corporate ladder, and then we want to do something different so we'll dig into that after the break you're listening to talk radio dot nyc you're the mind behind leadership, my name is Graham dobbin i'm speaking with Lisa that will be back after these.

00:32:10.920 --> 00:32:15.720 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind behind leadership here on talk radio, the nyc I knew it we've got a dancer in the room.

00:32:16.230 --> 00:32:18.630 Graham Dobbin: We have a dancer I knew I knew it would happen.

00:32:21.600 --> 00:32:35.250 Graham Dobbin: before the break, we were kind of reading over notice we've got your successes numbers absolutely you know what you know what what gets measured happens and we hear this is this is Houston but how much this gut instinct.

00:32:36.330 --> 00:32:40.170 Graham Dobbin: drive your business drive your decisions.

00:32:41.820 --> 00:32:46.950 Graham Dobbin: gut instinct kind of intuition book whatever you want to call it, where does that fit in with some.

00:32:48.660 --> 00:32:52.680 Lisa Dadd: My answer to that now is completely different than it would have been.

00:32:52.920 --> 00:32:59.280 Lisa Dadd: 10 years ago or five years ago, and so I don't know if I could give you a percentage of it, but I can tell you that it's.

00:32:59.280 --> 00:33:00.510 Graham Dobbin: Critical give me a number.

00:33:00.570 --> 00:33:02.010 Lisa Dadd: don't give me an even number.

00:33:02.880 --> 00:33:03.960 Lisa Dadd: I don't want to give you a.

00:33:05.970 --> 00:33:06.780 Graham Dobbin: fantastic.

00:33:07.710 --> 00:33:11.100 Lisa Dadd: One anymore I you know numbers used to fly out of my head no number.

00:33:12.360 --> 00:33:14.310 Lisa Dadd: instinctual Lee I knew, not to give you another.

00:33:14.790 --> 00:33:15.120 Graham Dobbin: Thank you.

00:33:15.840 --> 00:33:25.260 Lisa Dadd: know what I would say is that throughout this journey of going out on my own and doing my own business and consulting and being an entrepreneur and you'll know this, too, is that.

00:33:25.680 --> 00:33:36.540 Lisa Dadd: You know there's a saying it says your business only grows, if you do and through my own personal journey and I did a lot of intensive transformational leadership programs and emotional.

00:33:37.020 --> 00:33:44.850 Lisa Dadd: You know, intelligence and social learning training and I worked for nonprofit leading groups through emotional learning training.

00:33:45.270 --> 00:33:54.600 Lisa Dadd: And, and then through the soul language it's like more and more that I understand who I am and what i'm about and allow.

00:33:55.050 --> 00:34:04.290 Lisa Dadd: You know something bigger than me, you know whether you want to call it, God universe source or more i'll open to that, the more.

00:34:04.680 --> 00:34:14.160 Lisa Dadd: I can understand my own instincts and I could listen to them now i'm going to make it real simple for the anyone out there is like well, it sounds a little whoo for me is I told you, I learned a lot from my dog Leo.

00:34:14.670 --> 00:34:20.880 Lisa Dadd: Well, animals just naturally rely on instinct so much more than we humans, because we get you know we get.

00:34:21.300 --> 00:34:28.650 Lisa Dadd: clouded and fogged by what you know our get really heady and what we think and what our family taught us to think and what society's pushing us to think.

00:34:29.010 --> 00:34:41.070 Lisa Dadd: Whereas an animal just instinctively and we have taught me a lot about that about just learnt leaning into their gut it's like he just likes surrender, you know follows his instincts and surrenders to his joy.

00:34:41.550 --> 00:34:46.800 Lisa Dadd: So much so that we could be in the middle of a Park, we can be in the middle of a park.

00:34:47.220 --> 00:34:58.200 Lisa Dadd: And all of a sudden, out of the blue, he would dart and just be gone miles away and I follow him and there'd be a swimming pool or somebody decorative pond and he'd be swimming in it.

00:34:58.800 --> 00:35:04.080 Lisa Dadd: You know it's just like he just sensed the water and off he went and it's super fun, so why would, I think about it, you know.

00:35:04.590 --> 00:35:16.110 Lisa Dadd: And so I know we can't all have instincts like canines and we'd be a little bit of a crazy society if we followed them but there's something really profoundly beautiful about you know.

00:35:17.280 --> 00:35:21.150 Lisa Dadd: Following your joy and surrendering to your curiosity.

00:35:22.410 --> 00:35:25.080 Lisa Dadd: So curiosity and joy.

00:35:26.760 --> 00:35:40.350 Lisa Dadd: And even when i'm with clients now a lot of the times and with clients when I can slow down and just allow a bit of space often something will come up, I had no idea what's going to come out of me so yeah so it's important I don't know what the number would be there's not one.

00:35:41.670 --> 00:35:43.050 Graham Dobbin: Good um.

00:35:44.070 --> 00:35:48.420 Graham Dobbin: You mentioned the technical term that I use regularly is whoo.

00:35:50.880 --> 00:35:52.080 Graham Dobbin: How do we take.

00:35:53.220 --> 00:36:00.450 Graham Dobbin: What we know works what we what we know instinctively what's what we know practically what's because we've seen it working practically as well.

00:36:00.870 --> 00:36:08.910 Graham Dobbin: They might seem out there because it's not being measured by numbers because it's not being measured, traditionally, how do we tie that up when we're working with corporate.

00:36:10.230 --> 00:36:11.760 Graham Dobbin: people and the people in the corporate ladder.

00:36:12.300 --> 00:36:17.100 Lisa Dadd: Well, I think one of the nicest things about this global pandemic and is completely.

00:36:18.180 --> 00:36:30.660 Lisa Dadd: Forced people into a bit of transformation, so people like you and I, we chose it right, like, I chose like I left my corporate job I sold my house I drove myself and my dog out to California, I mean I like threw myself into ambiguity.

00:36:30.930 --> 00:36:37.290 Lisa Dadd: I have no idea i'm going to figure it out, as I go and, if not i'll end up somewhere else and we'll figure that out, you know so.

00:36:37.770 --> 00:36:47.460 Lisa Dadd: I did that purposely well then global pandemic comes and says hey for all of you that don't really want to transform or look at anything closely too bad here we go.

00:36:48.390 --> 00:37:01.710 Lisa Dadd: You know everything that's essential that's going to be flipped upside down the definition of that you know when is this going to be done what's it going to look like all of a sudden ambiguity is absolutely everywhere yeah, and so I would.

00:37:02.850 --> 00:37:08.880 Lisa Dadd: I would hazard a guess that a lot of traditionally solely.

00:37:10.770 --> 00:37:16.830 Lisa Dadd: traditional thinking has already been shifted you know a lot of corporations are already having to admit.

00:37:17.580 --> 00:37:27.870 Lisa Dadd: It works for people to work from home we've been saying for years people wouldn't work if they work for home, we would we worried about that you know, and all of a sudden it's like oh guess what you people have to work from home, I will wait it works.

00:37:28.380 --> 00:37:36.450 Lisa Dadd: And so I think, because some of the things that you, you said, the things that we know that work, I think that things that people have thought.

00:37:36.900 --> 00:37:41.190 Lisa Dadd: This is the way to go, and this works is now because it's flipped upside down.

00:37:41.700 --> 00:37:50.640 Lisa Dadd: we've been forced to look at different alternatives and different options and many of them are proving to work, some of them are proving to need to literally die and.

00:37:51.240 --> 00:38:02.370 Lisa Dadd: You know, here we are in this beautiful space of what if what if we approach this, we had a different perspective, I think your shows perfectly timely to say it's time for a new perspective.

00:38:03.210 --> 00:38:12.780 Graham Dobbin: I thank you um it's interesting because one of the things that we've been talking about on the show for quite a few months is.

00:38:13.500 --> 00:38:28.560 Graham Dobbin: Fine, it does go back because you and I both know there's going to be a pressure to get back into what's regarded as normal and it's good that it's going to be an interest is going to be interested when people say I don't want to do that.

00:38:28.830 --> 00:38:29.070 Lisa Dadd: yeah.

00:38:29.160 --> 00:38:33.210 Graham Dobbin: I no longer I i'm no longer working within 20 miles of the office I.

00:38:33.750 --> 00:38:40.440 Lisa Dadd: can't go back it can't go back, first of all, it might go back it might have a rebound effect or i'm going to call it a hangover.

00:38:40.980 --> 00:38:50.850 Lisa Dadd: So there might be some rebounds there, but I there's no way it could possibly go back, we can't go back you can't on experience this first of all.

00:38:51.480 --> 00:39:02.280 Lisa Dadd: If anybody's worried about a complete going back or anybody who's banking on it or praying for it, we cannot see an unexperienced and i'm feel what's happened.

00:39:04.050 --> 00:39:08.340 Lisa Dadd: yeah we've already transformed into some other place, so I would say that.

00:39:09.660 --> 00:39:14.910 Lisa Dadd: The other thing I would say to you well, the quick answer to how do you sell to corporate you call yourself integrated.

00:39:19.830 --> 00:39:20.160 Graham Dobbin: Well, welcome.

00:39:20.220 --> 00:39:21.570 To the way to change.

00:39:22.650 --> 00:39:22.860 Graham Dobbin: Yes.

00:39:23.250 --> 00:39:32.700 Lisa Dadd: Did you know here's the thing that's interesting is that, especially when I work with people i'm always a little bit surprised and even when they're a little bit skeptical initially and we start working with things.

00:39:33.750 --> 00:39:45.570 Lisa Dadd: everyone's had an experience and when you can tap into it's become really powerful so even the top CEO at the top corporation, or you think of an athlete and you want to talk about the importance of energy and flow and all of these things.

00:39:47.100 --> 00:39:53.400 Lisa Dadd: they've experienced at some point in their lives they've had a moment where it didn't make sense and they can't describe it.

00:39:54.300 --> 00:40:02.460 Lisa Dadd: And so that's an opening to recognizing the power of something we can't explain like athletes will say I was just in the zone.

00:40:02.790 --> 00:40:11.700 Lisa Dadd: what's the zone you couldn't get more whoo than the zone but they found a word to make it sound not whoo I just in the zone somewhere, you were you, you know, experience and skill level.

00:40:12.270 --> 00:40:21.090 Lisa Dadd: And something else it wasn't just experience and skill level that showed up that day that won the gold medal there were some other space they were in and so.

00:40:22.410 --> 00:40:24.870 Lisa Dadd: I think things like that are an opening.

00:40:26.430 --> 00:40:40.800 Lisa Dadd: And one thing I would throw in here is that you know i'm a very big proponent right now, when I do so, language and I work with individuals, I say growth is actually there's growth inside your comfort zone, people are always like what growth is outside your comfort zone.

00:40:41.820 --> 00:40:52.350 Lisa Dadd: For me it's really big for people to recognize that there's this opportunity that I think we've been missing all these years, you know when people say nothing grows outside your comfort zone.

00:40:53.670 --> 00:41:11.010 Lisa Dadd: Really finding that sweet spot between what we know what we've experienced and then allowing for these magical moments of being in the zone and in the zone to see oh are in the zone to an athlete they look different but they're not really yeah.

00:41:12.150 --> 00:41:21.120 Lisa Dadd: So intuition comes in instinct comes in something higher comes in, I don't know what it is and do we need to explain it or can we just feel it and use the experience.

00:41:23.460 --> 00:41:39.810 Graham Dobbin: i'm always fascinated shaver talk about language i'm always fascinated How do people need to give a name to something like that yeah yeah you know we seem to want to give it some kinda label just going is you know it just do it just just feel it and do it.

00:41:40.080 --> 00:41:48.570 Lisa Dadd: So I do when I work with clients I when i'm working with their selection and we're trying to get them to have that comprehension I get them to go into an experience of their own.

00:41:48.900 --> 00:41:59.550 Lisa Dadd: Because, then I don't need to have the perfect language for them, then we can literally say Okay, remember that day let's you know boom and we go, we go there, we can actually leverage it.

00:42:01.440 --> 00:42:11.370 Graham Dobbin: Lisa i'm i'm interested in when you're working with a client of potentially what can be a claim, can you tell if you're going to be able to kind of work together quite quickly.

00:42:12.510 --> 00:42:18.270 Lisa Dadd: um yes and I don't take I won't take clients on that are willing to go there.

00:42:19.050 --> 00:42:31.650 Lisa Dadd: So here's the thing so language is kind of fun and sexy right there's seven archetypes and everybody's like oh what's my archetype I want to know it's kinda like what's my astrological sign or what's my I don't know whatever profile my dating profile or whatever.

00:42:32.340 --> 00:42:39.690 Lisa Dadd: So for me it's not about whether I say oh you're a warrior and you're an artist, you know I know people that just say, if you don't want to.

00:42:40.590 --> 00:42:52.470 Lisa Dadd: use this information to grow to better your life to move forward, I don't even take them on as clients and in fact the the price point of how I work with people also rules that out this isn't like a.

00:42:53.310 --> 00:43:00.840 Lisa Dadd: cart this isn't like you're at the fair and you know you pay your dollar and you answer five questions, and I say congratulations you're a warrior you know.

00:43:01.470 --> 00:43:02.190 Graham Dobbin: To me it's not.

00:43:03.510 --> 00:43:10.890 Lisa Dadd: that's a label and it's not the sole language isn't about a label it's about finding the language that will support you in growing and moving forward.

00:43:12.000 --> 00:43:22.110 Graham Dobbin: um again it's a conversation that seems to come up a lot here and people want labels, you want to label something, and we want labels for ourselves.

00:43:22.590 --> 00:43:31.620 Graham Dobbin: We want to see other people as a label We certainly want kind of that South continued one of the things you mentioned earlier, throw yourself into ambiguity that's gonna make such a difference.

00:43:31.950 --> 00:43:36.540 Lisa Dadd: Yes, and how we do that with different people is going to be different based again on there.

00:43:36.540 --> 00:43:37.440 Graham Dobbin: yeah absolutely.

00:43:37.860 --> 00:43:50.940 Lisa Dadd: there's certain energies that will go, yes, bring it on and other ones that will say okay ambiguity is going to really be uncomfortable for you, and so what does that look like to have you, you know still be able to grow through ambiguity kind of.

00:43:51.240 --> 00:43:57.210 Graham Dobbin: Like yeah so it sounds like it sounds like we've both got kind of the same approach here that everybody needs to be safe.

00:43:58.020 --> 00:43:59.640 Graham Dobbin: Make sure everybody's in a safe space.

00:44:00.240 --> 00:44:03.420 Lisa Dadd: Right in line of what that means is different.

00:44:04.050 --> 00:44:12.000 Graham Dobbin: yeah i'm listening to the mind behind leadership live here on talk radio dot nyc my name is Graham dobbin I am broadcasting here from Sydney.

00:44:12.360 --> 00:44:17.370 Graham Dobbin: in Australia we're across in northern Ontario speaking to Lisa dad.

00:44:17.730 --> 00:44:26.910 Graham Dobbin: And we'll be right back after these messages and i'm just going to warn you gotta kind of want to know what's your biggest challenge biggest challenge on business of personally, because I know this would be.

00:44:27.510 --> 00:44:41.430 Graham Dobbin: This would be quite a journey that you're doing and in the last part we're just going to go and let's get let's get some content on my little bit more about least, I want to know about these new new the next books that are going to be coming out what's in their head.

00:44:42.450 --> 00:44:44.730 Graham Dobbin: let's go to break we'll be right back after these.

00:47:10.200 --> 00:47:22.650 Graham Dobbin: hey welcome back to the main bang leadership on talk radio, the nyc Lisa I noticed, you were dancing to other theme to just thought you know that's not the dominant thing here okay there's not the Donald thing just just.

00:47:22.710 --> 00:47:23.130 Lisa Dadd: just want I.

00:47:23.400 --> 00:47:24.480 Graham Dobbin: just want to put that out there.

00:47:26.280 --> 00:47:35.040 Graham Dobbin: um so what kind of challenges what's you know what's your biggest challenge in business personal just on this journey yeah.

00:47:35.580 --> 00:47:39.030 Lisa Dadd: i've got one that over arches both of those things are.

00:47:39.060 --> 00:47:50.700 Lisa Dadd: yeah my whole life and maybe surprising because we started out talking about risk taking, and being an ambiguity and you and I, you know we play in that space, and I think people would be very surprised to recognize that.

00:47:51.420 --> 00:48:02.220 Lisa Dadd: In many ways, that's also my biggest challenge, not that I don't believe i'll get through it and figure it out, I do, but I work very, very intentionally on the trust piece of it.

00:48:02.760 --> 00:48:12.480 Lisa Dadd: And surrendering what's coming to me, so this idea and i've said this and maybe people think oh it's so easy for you it's it's not it's very intentional that I do work on.

00:48:13.260 --> 00:48:22.920 Lisa Dadd: Allowing myself to surrender to what's coming allow myself to not have the answers to everything because, again, I remember, I was at a student, it was like I always have an answer.

00:48:23.340 --> 00:48:31.290 Lisa Dadd: And I always had to know you know what was coming, and when I was in corporate business you wanted to be able to know what was coming so you control the uncontrollable.

00:48:32.640 --> 00:48:35.850 Lisa Dadd: And so, this idea to really allow.

00:48:36.900 --> 00:48:40.980 Lisa Dadd: You know, because one of my soul language aspects is is impatience as well.

00:48:42.420 --> 00:48:50.130 Lisa Dadd: Wanting to know it's like I know it's going to be great, but what you know and then as i'm taking the steps to get there, and my impatience is happening.

00:48:50.850 --> 00:48:59.580 Lisa Dadd: there's still that that questioning, am I doing enough, am I doing it right Okay, am I in my in my own way and so can I quiet my mind, can I allow.

00:48:59.880 --> 00:49:11.700 Lisa Dadd: that's why I have another dog because they're beautiful and bringing me back to really present moment, but I do a lot of things that keep me in that space so that's also one of my biggest challenges, I think.

00:49:13.140 --> 00:49:18.030 Graham Dobbin: Do you have a point where you say I don't know if i've done enough i'm going to stop at this point.

00:49:19.050 --> 00:49:21.840 Graham Dobbin: I know, then move forward, or is it is.

00:49:23.250 --> 00:49:24.300 Lisa Dadd: It that's why it's like it.

00:49:24.720 --> 00:49:26.220 Graham Dobbin: would be good to have that point.

00:49:27.360 --> 00:49:28.080 Lisa Dadd: Like my head.

00:49:28.140 --> 00:49:32.340 Lisa Dadd: My head, you know spinning around something going I don't know if this is working is this going to be right.

00:49:32.640 --> 00:49:40.410 Lisa Dadd: You know, so no the it's when I get to a point of then reaching out to my mentors and my coaches, whether I sit down and go.

00:49:40.770 --> 00:49:49.530 Lisa Dadd: This So what will happen is if i'm sitting here at my computer i'm trying to do the work, and I know that i'm in this spiral of unproductive.

00:49:50.310 --> 00:50:00.480 Lisa Dadd: Productive worry Now I know with the tools to say you know what the most productive thing I can do right now is go sit on that chair and meditate for an hour.

00:50:02.130 --> 00:50:08.940 Lisa Dadd: And I never would have said that in fact when I was before I left my corporate job I used to say I don't have time to meditate.

00:50:09.810 --> 00:50:19.140 Lisa Dadd: Right now, I know that I don't have time, not to, especially when i'm in that energy and so again does that sound whoo there's lots of science and numbers behind meditation at least.

00:50:19.530 --> 00:50:30.030 Lisa Dadd: But you know I use those tools and sometimes it's journaling it's like my thoughts are all over the place great force myself to write the jumble of thoughts and by the time i'm done they're clear.

00:50:30.510 --> 00:50:48.060 Lisa Dadd: Or take my dog for a walk and in nature and i'll let everything go and all of a sudden it floods in what the answer so it's very intentional but i'm not going to tell you I don't have days and sometimes weeks that i'm just like whoa what's going on here so.

00:50:49.350 --> 00:50:49.620 Lisa Dadd: yeah.

00:50:50.550 --> 00:50:51.000 Graham Dobbin: You said.

00:50:52.350 --> 00:51:01.800 Graham Dobbin: yeah I know Jamie interest, how do you separate that when you're working with clients, because you need to be the best place for them and you've got that little bit of.

00:51:01.920 --> 00:51:09.960 Lisa Dadd: You know what the best though yeah my best tool for that is and first of all i'm very lucky that usually on spinning, and this is my own again it's my soul language I work.

00:51:10.680 --> 00:51:13.830 Lisa Dadd: Better action with others okay so.

00:51:14.100 --> 00:51:19.590 Lisa Dadd: I know with clients i'm much less likely to be in that space I go to a totally different space when i'm with clients.

00:51:19.890 --> 00:51:22.860 Lisa Dadd: The other thing is that i've learned to be very present with clients.

00:51:23.100 --> 00:51:31.020 Lisa Dadd: It used to be, I would show up with the clients and I would feel like I needed their answers right they're coming to me and they're looking for for my leadership and I better have their answers.

00:51:31.470 --> 00:51:40.380 Lisa Dadd: Now i'll go in and I purposely before I start the call go I don't need their answers are going to be so present in the moment and I tell my clients look.

00:51:40.860 --> 00:51:54.780 Lisa Dadd: I don't know what we're going to talk about today, I mean, I have an idea we can go somewhere, but you're going to say one sentence and we'll go off somewhere else that's where we need to go so it's but there's that takes trust, and when I realized that when I can really say.

00:51:56.100 --> 00:51:58.650 Lisa Dadd: You know, like you've done with the show I don't know where the show is.

00:52:00.060 --> 00:52:02.760 Lisa Dadd: laughing you're like I just kind of US that's gonna be interesting.

00:52:05.700 --> 00:52:06.060 Lisa Dadd: fun.

00:52:07.350 --> 00:52:09.150 Graham Dobbin: Today, to be listening at least I say no.

00:52:10.350 --> 00:52:10.950 Graham Dobbin: I don't know i'm.

00:52:11.130 --> 00:52:13.350 Graham Dobbin: gonna ask you a question, but kind of take it where it goes.

00:52:14.280 --> 00:52:32.100 Graham Dobbin: Because that's and that's actually lens I think they ever shows that they were doing scripted but the you know the pages of questions and i'm sitting school, no, no it's a couple of questions on and i've got a little bit of your background want to know too much, but not too much or.

00:52:32.250 --> 00:52:32.970 Graham Dobbin: thing came.

00:52:34.050 --> 00:52:40.590 Graham Dobbin: i'm not gonna i'm not going to ask you the right questions we're going to kind of work it's going to limit me and one of the things that did this i'm curious.

00:52:40.980 --> 00:52:49.050 Graham Dobbin: Just you sparked something earlier when i'm in a room with people when I remember, I was working with a nuclear facility.

00:52:49.500 --> 00:53:04.590 Graham Dobbin: I jokingly said in a room of 20 people I had them for three days, this was the first morning, this was the first five minutes and I said Okay, how many nuclear scientists have here and five people put their hands up and I went this is going to be a long three days guys.

00:53:05.880 --> 00:53:13.710 Graham Dobbin: In that moment I knew there was not a chance, I was ever going to be the smartest guy in the room yeah and then it suddenly realized that was never been response gain any room.

00:53:14.190 --> 00:53:15.690 Graham Dobbin: it's very rewarding to do.

00:53:15.900 --> 00:53:22.770 Lisa Dadd: Such a gift, though, it really is a gift, because I have to tell you there's still that piece of me I want to have the answer I love solving problems.

00:53:23.220 --> 00:53:30.960 Lisa Dadd: And I want to have the answer, and the more work I do on myself, the more I realized that I will have not the answer.

00:53:31.470 --> 00:53:47.700 Lisa Dadd: But what will come up will be much more serving if I let go of needing to know what that is too soon, or I have to rely on that part of the trust is you know I do my study I mastermind material, I can prep all I want to get a time and then let it go.

00:53:49.200 --> 00:54:03.390 Graham Dobbin: yeah i'm into my workflow is probably lost the ego that little bit and just just bad just managed to go shadow people will have different words for it, I just really quickly with a few minutes left um.

00:54:03.810 --> 00:54:11.700 Graham Dobbin: I know you mentioned it more than you've got you've got big coat but there's others in the process, I think we should exact words.

00:54:12.750 --> 00:54:14.820 Lisa Dadd: were all in various stages of process.

00:54:15.840 --> 00:54:23.970 Lisa Dadd: I will be writing, I will be writing the book on soul sales, because I do think it's really important I meet so many people that you know believe they need to be somebody else.

00:54:24.720 --> 00:54:31.800 Lisa Dadd: And there's so many really important businesses out there that make huge impact and aren't making enough of an impact because they don't know how to do.

00:54:32.280 --> 00:54:34.800 Lisa Dadd: Something like sales which people think is a four letter word.

00:54:35.340 --> 00:54:49.980 Lisa Dadd: So being able to bring soul into that so that it feels really good for people involved that will be that'll be the next book out, so the others, I will leave where they are in their creative process but yeah there's always a few on the go.

00:54:52.410 --> 00:54:52.890 Graham Dobbin: um.

00:54:55.260 --> 00:55:06.990 Graham Dobbin: We talked about a number of things I love just taking very quick notice just on on thing you said that you when you went to California you threw yourself into ambiguity you surrender to curiosity.

00:55:07.440 --> 00:55:13.230 Graham Dobbin: i'm just really quickly is that any one thing you do differently, that would have a big impact.

00:55:13.650 --> 00:55:15.090 Lisa Dadd: That I would do differently.

00:55:15.390 --> 00:55:15.810 hmm.

00:55:17.400 --> 00:55:22.710 Lisa Dadd: yeah I well if I could go back if myself now could talk to myself back then.

00:55:24.090 --> 00:55:26.610 Lisa Dadd: I would tell myself even more, not to worry.

00:55:27.090 --> 00:55:40.530 Lisa Dadd: about how things were going to evolve because there's no way I is I have fascinating stories about the people i've met along my journey, including the soul language woman from the Netherlands, like it's Nicholas how I came the path led to her.

00:55:41.070 --> 00:55:49.410 Lisa Dadd: And so, if I could literally say it's a cool journey and just trust which is beautiful, because what I need now.

00:55:51.240 --> 00:55:58.110 Lisa Dadd: I want to say that to myself 10 years ago, and now I know, maybe myself 10 years from now, still has gotten the same message for me now.

00:55:59.310 --> 00:56:03.180 Graham Dobbin: i'm Lisa Thank you so much it's been an absolute pleasure.

00:56:05.010 --> 00:56:08.010 Graham Dobbin: To hear not just your story, because your portrait and how.

00:56:09.120 --> 00:56:14.070 Graham Dobbin: How you're working with people just to kill it that it almost for the what the big one that coming out to me as a release.

00:56:14.430 --> 00:56:23.970 Graham Dobbin: And allow people to to access all of those and also thank you to Emily Sherman he's been in the background, producing this evening, and this is the main behind leadership.

00:56:24.510 --> 00:56:33.090 Graham Dobbin: live on talk radio dot nyc Thank you so much that we said that we may we may just have another conversation another time i'd love to do that.

00:56:33.330 --> 00:56:34.920 Lisa Dadd: Lots of thanks for having me.

00:56:35.550 --> 00:56:38.880 Graham Dobbin: Join us again next Thursday at 7pm Eastern take care good night.

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