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Friday, April 30, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/30 - Jiu Jitsu Your Business Plan

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/30 - Jiu Jitsu Your Business Plan


2021/04/30 - Jiu Jitsu Your Business Plan

[NEW EPISODE] Jiu Jitsu Your Business Plan

This week I’m going live with my guy, Matt Dacey. We’ll be shining some light on business plans & why they change.

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces his message of the week, “When one door is closed, many more are open”, and introduces his guest, Matt Dacey, an entrepreneur, who works with lights and purple belt in Brazlian Jiu Jitsu. Matt explains how he has worked globally in lighting, specifically discussing how he worked in Dubai in 2008. He was explaining because of the 2008 recession in the United States, there was no more work in the United States for his field, but there was plenty of work in Dubai at the time, even though they went through a similar recession the following year. The two discuss the different kinds of lighting work that Matt does, that he does work in mostly hospitality, specifically hotels, but he got his start in theatre and theatre lighting. Jeremiah endorses Matt’s work as he completed a lighting installation in his restaurant Della, and how even years after he has not needed to change a lighting strip. The two discuss the similarities and differences between music and lighting, as Jeremiah has gotten a formal education in music, and Matt points out that similar to music in how the interesting aspect is based around and created in the spaces in between the notes, the interesting aspects of lighting is created around the shadows in between the lights. Matt explains his journey through the lighting industry, and how it is difficult to break through to the upper positions in lighting in already established companies, and how he became motivated to create his own company.

Segment 2

Jeremiah and Matt discuss how one learns through failure, and how Matt has experienced this during the post 2008 recession, as well as the current Covid-19 pandemic, and how Matt continues to want to create new things and make things happen. Jeremiah explains how this drive to want to make things happen that he and Matt share is a drive that is often shared by people in creative degrees, as he has a degree in Music and Matt has a degree in music. Jeremiah explains how he likes to be his own boss, which is what he does currently through all of his business ventures, and the benefits of being one’s own boss. But, he also explains that being an employee isn’t a bad thing and that there are benefits to be an employee as well. The two discuss Matt’s business model that he recently shared with Jeremiah, specifically how it was mostly remote, and if you have employees within the model a third of the plan must be dedicated to core values and training for the employees, specifically within the three pillars of business, prospecting, marketing, and sales. Jeremiah and Matt continue to discuss Matt’s belief that a direct channel is one of the most important aspects of his business plan, but Jeremiah disagrees as he believes that if Matt wishes to continue to scale his business, he needs to scale his distribution alongside his intimacy he is currently scaling with the direct channel. That because Matt’s business is exponentially growing, he will reach the point where he will not be able to handle every aspect of the business personally, which is why Jeremiah believes he should put a focus towards expanding his distribution avenues and not focusing on a direct channel.

Segment 3

Jeremiah and Matt discuss why Matt chose the second plan out of the two business plans that he created for his lighting business. Matt explains how the two plans had two separate missions, that the first plan was based around a goal of lighting, and the second plan was based around the need for lighting. Matt explains that along with the difference in missions, the different laws in North America surrounding lighting required him to hike up higher prices for him to pay instead of the second plan is nonprofit for the lighting industry, with help from other industry members, focusing on New York laws for the lighting industry, with a focus on teaching newcomers to the industry. Jeremiah discusses how with this second plan Matt is creating and building a community around his industry with his second business plan. Matt explains how he is nervous about losing the community because of the Covid-19 pandemic, as it is based on New York designers and people in lighting, and many people during the pandemic left New York city. Matt gives the example of his friend who left New York during the pandemic and moved to Austin, Texas because he had a family and no longer wanted to live in an apartment in New York City, and could still work in his industry in Texas. The two also talk about how because of this mindset, there are many empty commercial spaces throughout New York City, and Jeremiah explains how when he goes on walks throughout Brooklyn he sees more and more empty storefronts each time. Matt goes more in depth on his nonprofit that arose out of his second business plan.

Segment 4

Jeremiah and Matt discuss Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Matt explains how training for Jiu Jitsu has helped him in running a business. The two discuss the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world and community, and Matt explains how he was impressed when he first began raining when he realized that improving one’s skills in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is infinite and you can always grow and improve. Jeremiah continues off of this point and how it is mind blowing how infinite Jiu Jitsu training is, explaining a seminar he recently went to that put him out of his comfort zone in Jiu Jitsu in which he greatly improved. Jeremiah compares the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community to the ClubHouse social media community, and how while it looks intimidating from the outside, when one actually tries to join the community they find that everyone within the community is very welcoming and happy to have someone new in the community. Jeremiah explains how Jiu Jitsu has helped him get over his imposter syndrome that he has in other aspects of his life, how when he first joined Jiu Jitsu he had no idea what he was going to do in training, but learned along the way and learned what Jiu Jitsu techniques were best for him to use. He continues to explain how he carries this to his professional life, and how for a long time he felt imposter syndrome in creating businesses and that he felt that they were all going to fail. But, once he realized that everyone else who was first starting a new business also felt this way, he was able to get over the feeling and learn what techniques for running a business are best for him.


00:00:39.690 --> 00:00:46.290 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everybody happy Friday welcome welcome you're listening to the entrepreneurial well i'm your host Jeremiah thoughts in true.

00:00:47.370 --> 00:00:48.180 Jeremiah Fox: fashion.

00:00:49.200 --> 00:00:59.460 Jeremiah Fox: My man is running in kids, and this is how we do it, this is how we do this is what we're going to unveil today, before I introduce my guests, the message of the week.

00:00:59.760 --> 00:01:01.710 Jeremiah Fox: i've been listening to a lot of reggae lately.

00:01:01.740 --> 00:01:09.990 Jeremiah Fox: Taking it back into my younger years and now one Bob marley was say many times when one door is closed, many more as open.

00:01:10.950 --> 00:01:17.130 Jeremiah Fox: As they say in Brazilian jujitsu similarly you gotta have follow up my guest today he's he's.

00:01:17.640 --> 00:01:23.250 Jeremiah Fox: he's business guy he's a light guy he's gonna shed some light on this whole situation he's also a purple belt.

00:01:23.670 --> 00:01:36.990 Jeremiah Fox: In Brazilian jujitsu he's up in rockland county but he used to be my neighbor our kids went to school together here in brooklyn for Hamilton and the House welcome to the show matt daisey what's up man.

00:01:37.380 --> 00:01:39.000 Matt Dacey: my brother john and for me.

00:01:40.590 --> 00:01:42.450 Jeremiah Fox: The pleasure was all yours.

00:01:44.700 --> 00:01:49.740 Matt Dacey: I alright, so what I just did is, I made a mistake and ended up in westchester by X.

00:01:51.450 --> 00:01:57.810 Matt Dacey: driving around thinking about this thinking about the class today just talk and then all of a sudden, the tappan Zee bridge.

00:01:58.530 --> 00:02:03.090 Matt Dacey: yeah that's running in getting ready to go, but here we are.

00:02:05.160 --> 00:02:18.090 Jeremiah Fox: yeah man, I know I know that feeling I did I did 7am this morning in midtown and i'm like where, am I, at what it can do that to you, we started with inversion drills at 7am too early for that shit.

00:02:20.850 --> 00:02:24.180 Jeremiah Fox: I think I think you're frozen for a moment in time.

00:02:26.040 --> 00:02:38.010 Jeremiah Fox: He got stuck he's stuck on the tappan Zee bridge, you might need to refresh yourself there matt i'm so matt and I go back a ways he he lived in Windsor terrorists.

00:02:38.550 --> 00:02:46.080 Jeremiah Fox: In the neighborhood where my restaurant della is where i'm sitting right now, for many, many years and our daughters went to school together.

00:02:47.160 --> 00:02:50.970 Jeremiah Fox: And he lived all over the world.

00:02:52.980 --> 00:02:54.270 Jeremiah Fox: Doing I.

00:02:55.740 --> 00:02:57.570 Jeremiah Fox: very, very interesting lighting.

00:02:58.590 --> 00:03:02.670 Jeremiah Fox: For a number of companies, he was in, I believe, is in the United areas he's.

00:03:02.670 --> 00:03:02.940 back.

00:03:04.950 --> 00:03:14.910 Jeremiah Fox: I was just giving everybody a little background on you how we met and but you like lived around the world, doing lighting like you were in you were in Abu Dhabi is that right or the Arab Emirates.

00:03:15.000 --> 00:03:15.480 Matt Dacey: I was in.

00:03:15.630 --> 00:03:17.310 Jeremiah Fox: Dubai for three years go by, and there was.

00:03:17.730 --> 00:03:34.410 Matt Dacey: yeah it was like everybody else 2008 was We thought that 2008 was bad and we had no idea that 2020 was going to happen, but so at that time I was doing some design work in city tried to start up my own company my first.

00:03:35.520 --> 00:03:48.930 Matt Dacey: Entrepreneurial for a I was a design group lighting design group and we had a couple of clients to then that summer everything just went to point and the only work was in Dubai so.

00:03:49.380 --> 00:03:50.520 Jeremiah Fox: yeah makes sense.

00:03:50.850 --> 00:03:51.330 Jeremiah Fox: Because guys.

00:03:51.480 --> 00:03:56.850 Matt Dacey: Emily I my daughter was 13 months got on a plane and went over the years.

00:03:58.020 --> 00:04:04.860 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I, it would make sense that they were like just ramping up hardcore at that point right they were just building.

00:04:04.920 --> 00:04:25.080 Matt Dacey: Like oh hey us at that point, and they fell down the next year, so I think it's all me, I think you know, it was my fault i'm but they're falling down was you know we're still doing we're doing 7060 story towers, instead of 150 right though it was still something.

00:04:26.430 --> 00:04:29.010 Jeremiah Fox: So a lot of what you were doing in the lighting space was.

00:04:30.660 --> 00:04:36.120 Jeremiah Fox: Big build outs corporate offices so on so forth yeah.

00:04:36.660 --> 00:04:48.450 Matt Dacey: So I started with theatre that's actually what my degree is, and I have been able to take that into architecture, I started with a lot of retail and a lot of.

00:04:49.740 --> 00:04:56.730 Matt Dacey: hospitality and such the stuff that I did in the Emirates was hospitality, a lot of exterior stuff did a couple of.

00:04:57.630 --> 00:05:05.280 Matt Dacey: What they do is they have thematic hotels, that the government owns and bill sudden they just throw everything at it.

00:05:05.850 --> 00:05:15.780 Matt Dacey: And they're gorgeous and then they're 100 miles in the desert in Abu Dhabi nobody will ever get there, unless you go by helicopter but they're going to build it anyway So here we are.

00:05:16.860 --> 00:05:20.010 Matt Dacey: So I I got some pretty nice masterpieces added that.

00:05:21.030 --> 00:05:32.160 Matt Dacey: came back and then just you know family wise and all the design avenue just wasn't it anymore, so I got on the sales and representation side.

00:05:34.290 --> 00:05:37.500 Jeremiah Fox: And you did a nice installation here at.

00:05:40.920 --> 00:05:47.910 Matt Dacey: The beautiful design in your restaurant, to begin with, so it's really easy to complement what you have going on there.

00:05:48.180 --> 00:05:52.500 Jeremiah Fox: You know it's funny in over five years, I have not changed, one of those strips.

00:05:53.400 --> 00:05:54.150 Matt Dacey: Now they're amazing.

00:05:54.570 --> 00:05:55.290 Matt Dacey: Technology is.

00:05:55.320 --> 00:05:58.740 Jeremiah Fox: ridiculous they last forever they're really cool they're really.

00:05:58.800 --> 00:06:01.530 Matt Dacey: And I love the accident that you guys.

00:06:01.620 --> 00:06:02.790 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah.

00:06:03.330 --> 00:06:14.910 Matt Dacey: Like in case anybody is knows, or has been there's trips and paints all over this trip of life, it was originally intended to shoot up and light up your.

00:06:15.030 --> 00:06:16.020 Jeremiah Fox: Right right.

00:06:16.650 --> 00:06:23.640 Matt Dacey: And you got installed upside down with paint all over it, and it looks amazing so happy accidents Bob Ross.

00:06:24.090 --> 00:06:38.130 Jeremiah Fox: that's a that's like della in a nutshell, a happy accident, the only thing that works here is is by accident um So my first question for you is like we work for this company, you have a job.

00:06:38.760 --> 00:06:44.730 Jeremiah Fox: Right why, why are you chasing these other things, why are you running all over the place, with your son in hand and.

00:06:45.870 --> 00:06:48.630 Jeremiah Fox: what's the what's the first order of business.

00:06:48.750 --> 00:06:53.070 Matt Dacey: The first order of business is serving a class that I love.

00:06:54.600 --> 00:07:09.780 Matt Dacey: And I fell into this because it's the perfect balance of art and science and business that really turns me on that I, in order to master you have to master all three.

00:07:11.310 --> 00:07:20.010 Matt Dacey: And so there are people that are way too artsy farty for it and there's people that designed by number and then it's just people that want to make cash.

00:07:20.640 --> 00:07:36.600 Matt Dacey: And it doesn't seem like any of them are doing it right so there's that there's you know there's the beauty of light to me I think it's an amazing understated design elements it's kind of the rhythm section about architecture to me.

00:07:39.000 --> 00:07:59.250 Matt Dacey: In that, like and you'll understand this great design likewise I it takes care of its negative space, you know, so you know if you ever written if you have a rhythmic pattern that's just a notes over and over and over again it's boring all the magic in the spaces.

00:08:00.330 --> 00:08:00.660 Jeremiah Fox: And I.

00:08:00.960 --> 00:08:06.090 Matt Dacey: I think that's that happens with gelei great light as well all the magic happens in the shadow.

00:08:07.980 --> 00:08:10.980 Matt Dacey: So I out so a lot of this is to.

00:08:12.210 --> 00:08:25.560 Matt Dacey: To protect and develop something that I find beautiful and amazing and is going through such a technic logical revolution over the last 10 years that it's it's exciting ride yeah yeah.

00:08:25.770 --> 00:08:29.280 Jeremiah Fox: that's one of the best responses i've heard to that question, just so you know.

00:08:32.430 --> 00:08:37.710 Jeremiah Fox: I wasn't ready for that I thought you were gonna fumble a little bit no, it was yeah that was beautiful.

00:08:38.130 --> 00:08:50.940 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, very eloquent so recently matt sent me a couple he sent me a business plan for a lighting it like a vintage was an Arabic lighting.

00:08:52.170 --> 00:09:11.160 Jeremiah Fox: importation business plan like a company, you were interested in starting myself have your fondness for this this style jake and kind of like hard to come by lightning style right right, so what was the impetus for that.

00:09:11.970 --> 00:09:15.150 Matt Dacey: um a lot of it was going crazy in July.

00:09:17.730 --> 00:09:18.780 Matt Dacey: And that's where I.

00:09:19.890 --> 00:09:22.740 Matt Dacey: came from, is that you know every.

00:09:23.850 --> 00:09:37.530 Matt Dacey: There was nothing going on for me work wise in July, like I just moved out of the terrorists at that point so May and June had me covered painting and moving into the House and then July come like rap.

00:09:38.130 --> 00:09:46.680 Matt Dacey: Now I got it now I got to think of something because nothing's happening in this world, right now, and so one of the things I was thinking of is you know we got to go back to the.

00:09:47.520 --> 00:10:03.180 Matt Dacey: Like I was saying before people designing by math there's an international style out there are buildings, I that you could have a building in Stockholm or New York or anchorage and you would have no idea where you are.

00:10:05.100 --> 00:10:07.500 Matt Dacey: There basically what's taken over downtown brooklyn.

00:10:08.970 --> 00:10:18.630 Matt Dacey: And the West side of Manhattan just it's nameless faceless architecture and there's a lighting scheme to go along with that and i'm not down with it, I mean.

00:10:19.410 --> 00:10:25.530 Matt Dacey: it's there's no soul there there's no life or love there, and so I wanted to bring that backs up.

00:10:26.520 --> 00:10:33.180 Matt Dacey: And so, one of those things was getting in touch with some of the companies that I worked with follow isn't the Emirates, because that's the oh gee.

00:10:33.780 --> 00:10:47.820 Matt Dacey: that's the original lantern right there that's what they started out with wandering the desert, and I was like this is something that's needed over you know something with a little flair so we'll shadow.

00:10:49.170 --> 00:10:54.780 Matt Dacey: And so I decided to explore that so that's where I started getting into the nuts and bolts of the plan.

00:10:56.010 --> 00:11:02.100 Jeremiah Fox: And then, where did where did your like knowledge of business plans come from, because you know.

00:11:04.050 --> 00:11:09.120 Jeremiah Fox: I, like me, I you know, I have a music degree study business.

00:11:09.360 --> 00:11:11.070 Matt Dacey: We both come from art yeah.

00:11:11.700 --> 00:11:16.770 Jeremiah Fox: And, and I didn't I didn't write a business plan for maybe like my first six businesses so.

00:11:17.160 --> 00:11:24.540 Jeremiah Fox: cool who who inspired you to like actually write a business plan because it's a big undertaking, and I think it's it's a very good tool.

00:11:24.900 --> 00:11:31.740 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and under utilized for a lot of people, especially guys like you and I, who, if you come from the creative side we're used to just winging it right like.

00:11:31.740 --> 00:11:46.260 Jeremiah Fox: theater and there's like a you know the wheels fall off the bus to show has to continue um I never really kind of I was always like cart in front of the horse kind of guy and and at a certain point I started to incorporate that so where did where did that come from for you.

00:11:46.680 --> 00:11:51.480 Matt Dacey: I think it came from the first two failures, like the first failure of.

00:11:52.740 --> 00:11:56.790 Matt Dacey: The first failure of my theatrical career, which you know you can.

00:11:57.510 --> 00:12:07.320 Matt Dacey: Call it failure or call it realizing what it is it's a very protected scheme of people that have been doing the same job for 30 years and there's not a whole lot of entry to.

00:12:07.560 --> 00:12:14.640 Matt Dacey: Be upper ranks I was just talking to a friend of mine that I went to college with who's been doing it at school and it's like I don't know why i'm beating my head.

00:12:15.990 --> 00:12:17.550 Matt Dacey: against the wall for this anymore.

00:12:19.290 --> 00:12:28.500 Matt Dacey: And so I was like Okay, maybe there's some way to do this better, but then I moved on to I once I was designing for a company I they.

00:12:29.460 --> 00:12:42.960 Matt Dacey: Then ratcheted down, I was an older gentleman that was retired I started my own stuff and that didn't have a plan either, and so yeah I was even doing my own taxes and like you just.

00:12:43.020 --> 00:12:43.470 Jeremiah Fox: go down.

00:12:44.040 --> 00:12:45.420 Matt Dacey: Oh God that he did well.

00:12:46.140 --> 00:12:47.640 Jeremiah Fox: But I remember those days.

00:12:47.970 --> 00:13:01.200 Matt Dacey: I will go came from yeah but but I didn't have a direction I didn't have a flow with it and so that's why I almost had to jump to the elements, you know so now.

00:13:01.950 --> 00:13:08.430 Matt Dacey: Having more invested here, having more of a family place to be a place a place, I have to be around.

00:13:09.120 --> 00:13:16.680 Matt Dacey: There has to be a direction, especially if i'm making a jump from something that's already working you know or supplement.

00:13:17.310 --> 00:13:27.330 Matt Dacey: supplement to something that's already working you know what I mean so that's where it, and so I started practicing it and I actually bounced that plan off.

00:13:27.930 --> 00:13:43.050 Matt Dacey: For you, and I think for other people I liked your I love having your opinion you're out of the business, but you know what something you started from the same point of view that I did so I really respect your opinion on it and so yeah I.

00:13:44.340 --> 00:13:50.940 Matt Dacey: I can't make big jumps like that, without knowing what's in front of me first that's really in a nutshell.

00:13:51.300 --> 00:13:54.300 Jeremiah Fox: Nice comes down to strategy right right.

00:13:55.260 --> 00:14:02.190 Matt Dacey: And you know what I you know the elephant in the room, I think teaches us that to you know I mean that's that's the judges.

00:14:02.430 --> 00:14:03.330 Matt Dacey: yeah like.

00:14:04.350 --> 00:14:08.100 Matt Dacey: If you don't come in with a game plan you're going to get choked.

00:14:08.460 --> 00:14:08.760 You will.

00:14:09.810 --> 00:14:10.260 Jeremiah Fox: If it.

00:14:10.500 --> 00:14:11.100 Matt Dacey: ain't over.

00:14:11.820 --> 00:14:19.170 Jeremiah Fox: game over nice alright it's time for our first break let's take it we'll pick back up with this when we come back everybody hang tight we'll be right back.

00:17:20.790 --> 00:17:32.280 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome back everybody if you're just tuning in you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host here on my thoughts, we are zoom into rockland county New York today talking to matt daisey of old friend former neighbor.

00:17:32.730 --> 00:17:39.930 Jeremiah Fox: purple belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu like myself as well, he was just connecting all God I you was just connecting those.

00:17:40.290 --> 00:17:48.270 Jeremiah Fox: Those concepts and we'll get to that will save all that, for the very end, but will preface it with this one is that you learn.

00:17:49.200 --> 00:18:00.210 Jeremiah Fox: Through failure like when your back is against the wall or your neck is in somebody's arm like that's when you that's when you figure some stuff out that's where mama highs the cookies.

00:18:00.660 --> 00:18:00.990 Jeremiah Fox: and

00:18:01.620 --> 00:18:15.090 Jeremiah Fox: At matt experience that I, you know encoded in in the post 2008 recession, a number of different ways, and he was like I gotta do something, plus there's just like an innate itch there I think that's what I wanted to like.

00:18:15.270 --> 00:18:25.200 Jeremiah Fox: that's what I wanted you to say because, like even when you were talking about this place upstate you guys are talking about like bed and breakfast and everything like you have the bug you want to you want to do some stuff.

00:18:25.230 --> 00:18:25.500 Matt Dacey: yeah.

00:18:25.530 --> 00:18:36.960 Jeremiah Fox: You want to you want to make some stuff happen yeah so that's there's like the DNA part of it, which, just like you can't help it if you want to make things happen, and I think that's why we end up in these.

00:18:37.950 --> 00:18:47.160 Jeremiah Fox: In these creative degrees I damn sure know that I got into music because one I thought I was going to be my own boss I got to make my own schedule and and I.

00:18:47.430 --> 00:19:04.290 Jeremiah Fox: had to create and make all these things it just do all this fun stuff and you realize like you just have a bunch of bosses would your your freelance freelancer you like, and I don't have one I have like 20 um but, even when you own your own business you're same thing it just.

00:19:04.320 --> 00:19:05.970 Jeremiah Fox: flows right down the other way.

00:19:07.110 --> 00:19:11.430 Matt Dacey: But, and with the art degree you go into it, because you have something to say.

00:19:12.720 --> 00:19:13.590 Matt Dacey: And you.

00:19:13.650 --> 00:19:14.820 Jeremiah Fox: Fresh yes.

00:19:14.970 --> 00:19:33.870 Matt Dacey: Right, and so I businesses the exact same thing, I mean i'm in I am an employee right now, but what I do is very Lucy goosey and i'm very able to run my own ship with some with some backstop to the best of both worlds.

00:19:34.800 --> 00:19:43.560 Jeremiah Fox: And one of the other things you said, which I really want to point out, and I want I want young it whether you're young and you're coming up and you're trying to like figure out how to do this.

00:19:43.860 --> 00:19:51.960 Jeremiah Fox: Or you got laid off last year or or your your hours were truncated big time I mean everybody's experienced these like kind of losses.

00:19:52.260 --> 00:20:06.810 Jeremiah Fox: Is you pointed out that it can be supplemental it doesn't have to be it's not as a sum zero game right, I mean even my mind even myself like I still you know assist in some some businesses that I don't own you know.

00:20:07.230 --> 00:20:11.040 Jeremiah Fox: And I get paid to do it and, like you said it's kind of like make my own schedule and they.

00:20:12.150 --> 00:20:20.670 Jeremiah Fox: Work around all the stuff that I do, but it doesn't you don't have to be like this ultra entrepreneur like I work for myself, I answer to nobody because that doesn't exist right.

00:20:21.270 --> 00:20:28.920 Matt Dacey: yeah my buddy Mike you read the same plan that you did, and he was like Okay, what is this is this your manhood money or your Porsche buddy.

00:20:30.000 --> 00:20:31.770 Matt Dacey: there's like wow that's a way to.

00:20:31.800 --> 00:20:42.210 Matt Dacey: Think about it yeah like you know if it's your manager money now you're you're building infrastructure now you're built, you know you're hiring hundreds of people.

00:20:42.720 --> 00:20:55.620 Matt Dacey: Here you know you're you're creating an empire it's your Porsche money you know it's so you know you could do other things at the same time and don't get something done it's still change change the world what you.

00:20:55.710 --> 00:21:09.270 Jeremiah Fox: just said, speaking of hot cars, this morning we came out of the battery tunnel on our way to handle those like 645 and we're just south of World Trade Center and a frickin Ferrari pulls out right next to me.

00:21:09.330 --> 00:21:09.750 Matt Dacey: Oh.

00:21:09.840 --> 00:21:14.940 Jeremiah Fox: girl Ferrari and it's just like you know in my little monster wagon.

00:21:16.200 --> 00:21:17.340 Jeremiah Fox: I was like what's up dude.

00:21:18.630 --> 00:21:21.120 Matt Dacey: That engine that you just feeling all right.

00:21:21.420 --> 00:21:24.120 Jeremiah Fox: I tried, I tried to race him in.

00:21:27.450 --> 00:21:28.140 Matt Dacey: Reverse.

00:21:28.710 --> 00:21:30.720 Jeremiah Fox: And then, and then I went to class and I got beat up.

00:21:32.850 --> 00:21:41.220 Jeremiah Fox: fitting is fitting um so back to like I want to go back to your original business plan, the first thing you sent me because you said now we've got two on the table, which is interesting.

00:21:41.430 --> 00:21:48.780 Jeremiah Fox: And this is the reason for me saying at the beginning of the show like when one door is closed, many more is open or the jujitsu and analogy that.

00:21:49.200 --> 00:21:53.430 Jeremiah Fox: You always have to have a follow up and I was another big lesson that everybody learned this year it's like.

00:21:53.760 --> 00:21:59.130 Jeremiah Fox: Sometimes, yes, you want to have the blinders on and you just want to go full steam ahead, but like you can't stay that way.

00:21:59.400 --> 00:22:06.240 Jeremiah Fox: You definitely can't say that way, I mean to bring the analogy of Jiu jitsu back in it's like i'm trying to pass this guy's legs i'm going to do it this way.

00:22:06.480 --> 00:22:18.330 Jeremiah Fox: And they're posing dynamic problems such as life does, and you have to constantly adjust so maybe you're like on this side, but maybe there's an easier path this way and if you're super hyper focus.

00:22:18.720 --> 00:22:28.380 Jeremiah Fox: All of a sudden all your efforts are lost, you just exerted all this energy, all of a sudden you're in the bottom and things are not good anymore, where, if you would have unleashed the hyper focus just for a moment.

00:22:29.010 --> 00:22:40.290 Jeremiah Fox: You could have found a different paths, so you send me this really great business plan I gotta say was, I think everything was on lockdown, the only thing I think you need to do, address further in that was.

00:22:40.860 --> 00:22:48.930 Jeremiah Fox: Long term marketing and i'm training for your staff because you kind of had this like almost remote.

00:22:49.260 --> 00:22:57.990 Jeremiah Fox: model right, where there was like this hub, and you had distribution going all over the country or all over the world, and there were representatives in.

00:22:58.470 --> 00:23:07.440 Jeremiah Fox: pockets, so there was nothing in the business plan that really addressed that that would be the only thing I would say, I feel, and I feel like the marketing.

00:23:08.490 --> 00:23:11.910 Jeremiah Fox: For, for you know potential clients, the.

00:23:12.420 --> 00:23:17.010 Jeremiah Fox: The core of that would also be the core of your training.

00:23:17.430 --> 00:23:18.180 Matt Dacey: makes sense.

00:23:18.240 --> 00:23:27.780 Jeremiah Fox: If if you're not a one person show if you're a one person show, I think all that could be put aside and you could just rock with what you had, but it was intrinsic into your model that.

00:23:28.320 --> 00:23:36.120 Jeremiah Fox: You were remote and you had satellite sales people all over the country or potentially all over the world, so I think.

00:23:36.750 --> 00:23:53.160 Jeremiah Fox: I think at that point, you really have to focus and a third at least of your your plan and your model has to be on core values, culture, as you know, the pillars inside that aside, it was super it was super locked down.

00:23:53.850 --> 00:23:54.330 Matt Dacey: Thank you.

00:23:54.480 --> 00:24:08.100 Jeremiah Fox: Have those you're welcome have those concepts been introduced to you, yet have you been have you have you heard like the idea of like using having three pillars being able to enunciate like three pillars and you had a mission statement, which is good.

00:24:08.430 --> 00:24:09.120 Jeremiah Fox: um.

00:24:09.870 --> 00:24:19.230 Jeremiah Fox: You know, like this kind of trickle down effect from like three pillars mission statement values and culture is that is that foreign to you or Is this something that you've heard them before.

00:24:19.500 --> 00:24:24.900 Matt Dacey: And it makes a lot of sense and it's actually what I I didn't consider it at that point.

00:24:26.280 --> 00:24:35.580 Matt Dacey: And I like I come from a world where we do kind of outsource that sales and marketing and maybe it isn't the greatest strategy.

00:24:36.270 --> 00:24:53.490 Matt Dacey: But it's what's known out there, I i'm probably one of those companies that is the outsourced sales are right and exist in your business to you know you don't buy liquor directly from seagram or something like that there's always somebody out there.

00:24:55.140 --> 00:25:08.940 Matt Dacey: And maybe I leaned on that a little harder than I should because, looking back, it seems that i'm losing a little bit of direct sale opportunity that way as well.

00:25:09.510 --> 00:25:16.740 Matt Dacey: Everything would have to go through with some sort of a channel system, and you know that would kill prices anyway, but that's beyond the point.

00:25:18.210 --> 00:25:20.370 Matt Dacey: of what happened next and.

00:25:22.350 --> 00:25:34.290 Matt Dacey: But the direct model if this is something that should be desirable in residential circumstances and in small restaurants and such where you want a direct channel.

00:25:34.920 --> 00:25:43.710 Matt Dacey: And in that case you would want somebody of the culture to be able to talk somebody through and let them know what's going on, so yeah.

00:25:44.730 --> 00:25:50.880 Matt Dacey: Much of it was logistically focused and I don't think I took the next step, I think you're right.

00:25:51.900 --> 00:26:01.410 Jeremiah Fox: And and and i'm not saying you wouldn't outsource still, I think, even more importantly, is that you will outsource because you're going to have a certain focus.

00:26:01.800 --> 00:26:20.340 Jeremiah Fox: that's running the business and it's very hard to be 100% committed to running a business and running a marketing program like that's that's unless you can clone yourself, or you were like the ones uncle notch and was just have offspring all over the.

00:26:20.880 --> 00:26:22.260 Matt Dacey: country no child support.

00:26:22.320 --> 00:26:23.580 Jeremiah Fox: The Detroit area.

00:26:26.010 --> 00:26:29.070 Jeremiah Fox: You know Danny he could be.

00:26:32.460 --> 00:26:39.150 Jeremiah Fox: um you know it comes down to being able to communicate that clearly to whoever's doing your marketing.

00:26:39.690 --> 00:26:48.630 Jeremiah Fox: And whoever's doing your sales, because you can't be all things to all people, but you want to one of the things that that i've discovered.

00:26:49.110 --> 00:26:53.430 Jeremiah Fox: Through clubhouse rooms and we'll get the clubhouse in the next segment um.

00:26:54.180 --> 00:27:10.620 Jeremiah Fox: And and just these long term discussions is the one thing that we're really trying to scale guys like you and I, is the intimacy we're not trying to scale sales we're trying to scale how every client feels like they're having a discussion with us, with the.

00:27:10.860 --> 00:27:19.680 Jeremiah Fox: owner that's a hard thing to do, like intimacy is the hardest thing to scale, you can scale your numbers, you can scale your distribution you'd all all the logistics like you said, like you were.

00:27:19.920 --> 00:27:25.680 Jeremiah Fox: Very logistics focus and I think you need to be that has to be on lockdown I think this is this has to accompany it.

00:27:26.010 --> 00:27:38.490 Jeremiah Fox: so that you can scale, both at the same time, because if one is lacking, if you if you put too much emphasis and scaling intimacy and you don't scale your distribution everybody's gonna be like where's my shit bro where's my lights and you're like yeah I did.

00:27:39.210 --> 00:27:40.530 Jeremiah Fox: I got a great pitch, but.

00:27:41.400 --> 00:27:50.190 Jeremiah Fox: How do I get it across the ocean, so I think I think the two go hand in hand and understanding that you cannot do it all there's no way you can do it all.

00:27:50.370 --> 00:27:59.040 Jeremiah Fox: So, you had the logistic side down, but then when you're talking to a marketing firm who's going to handle your social who's going to handle your digital is going to do, video production for you.

00:27:59.490 --> 00:28:12.390 Jeremiah Fox: You have to insist on like certain things being in there yeah your intimacy your the value that matt daisey brings to the table is being represented across all channels.

00:28:12.810 --> 00:28:13.920 Matt Dacey: Right yeah developing.

00:28:14.160 --> 00:28:15.240 Matt Dacey: Why yeah.

00:28:15.690 --> 00:28:27.270 Jeremiah Fox: boom it's all about, as they say in jujitsu you might not know how you're going to get to black belt, but if you know why you want a black belt, in the first place, the how often works itself out.

00:28:27.600 --> 00:28:30.420 Jeremiah Fox: Exactly all right boy okay.

00:28:30.570 --> 00:28:32.820 Jeremiah Fox: we're done what nice everybody we're gonna.

00:28:33.780 --> 00:28:34.170 Jeremiah Fox: we're gonna.

00:28:36.240 --> 00:28:43.500 Jeremiah Fox: we're gonna take a break, though water break time for water mouth guards your guards, if you need them will be back in just a few everybody hang tight.

00:28:44.010 --> 00:28:44.670 Matt Dacey: weapon chat.

00:31:34.890 --> 00:31:47.670 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back if you're just tuning in again it's the entrepreneurial web host Jeremiah fox zoom in rockland county New York talking to matt daisey he's in in lighting space we're going to shine some light, we shouldn't wear sunglasses today.

00:31:48.150 --> 00:31:51.030 Jeremiah Fox: Oh fucking game that picture was.

00:31:51.450 --> 00:31:52.380 Matt Dacey: A picture up man.

00:31:54.180 --> 00:31:54.870 Matt Dacey: Before my wedding.

00:31:55.260 --> 00:31:57.390 Jeremiah Fox: I know well it's funny because I was like.

00:31:57.750 --> 00:32:04.350 Jeremiah Fox: I was like I need a picture and I was like ah his wedding I remember, so I just started scrolling through instagram and I was like ha ah.

00:32:04.710 --> 00:32:18.150 Jeremiah Fox: There we go um no it's important you gotta shine light on these things you got to bring attention to it, so my next question why did you abort plan number one and why are we picking up plan number two.

00:32:18.690 --> 00:32:22.800 Matt Dacey: Okay, so plan number one and plan number to actually happened at the same time.

00:32:23.190 --> 00:32:23.820 Matt Dacey: Okay we're.

00:32:23.850 --> 00:32:25.860 Matt Dacey: Both in July.

00:32:27.600 --> 00:32:43.860 Matt Dacey: For two completely different reasons, the first one was how do I get this out there and make a little bit more, and the other one is, I see a splintering Community out there and what do I do about it so it's two different missions.

00:32:45.090 --> 00:32:52.890 Matt Dacey: plan, one I did end up with a vendor in sharjah, which is the next emirate over from Dubai.

00:32:54.240 --> 00:33:06.660 Matt Dacey: And one of my associates from the design firm that I worked with over there we're working in tandem, trying to get stuff done I got prices prime him I got his he was ready to go.

00:33:07.680 --> 00:33:14.220 Matt Dacey: The issue with lighting in North America is that we have to be listed.

00:33:15.030 --> 00:33:37.620 Matt Dacey: We have to have a ul or an atl or one of those testing labs need to have their stamp on it in order to get into 99% of projects gotcha and what happened was I reached out to atl, which is an easier format to work with it's still just as legal and I got in touch with their you a.

00:33:39.030 --> 00:33:49.290 Matt Dacey: affiliate who is actually just a satellite office for India and what would happen is if I was going to go down this road, there would be you know.

00:33:50.430 --> 00:34:04.980 Matt Dacey: A five figure money down on the listing and then every three months, they would have to fly somebody in from India, and I would have to pay all expenses on that guy just looking at the factory and saying yeah that's good.

00:34:06.300 --> 00:34:20.070 Matt Dacey: um and this just made after analyzing this I bring in the customs the storage all that sort of stuff we were about three times over, with the market could bear and I just.

00:34:20.730 --> 00:34:34.530 Matt Dacey: I couldn't do it that way, I may revisit it in another format, but this is not going to be the plan and so i'm really glad that I sketched it out and start going down this path right and not just jumping in and doing something dumb.

00:34:34.680 --> 00:34:36.870 Jeremiah Fox: Right, because your margins look good on paper.

00:34:36.930 --> 00:34:39.060 Jeremiah Fox: But that's the thing you always have to question that.

00:34:39.090 --> 00:34:45.840 Jeremiah Fox: You always have to tack on like you said, I mean ended up being what 6060 plus percent more.

00:34:46.020 --> 00:34:47.580 Jeremiah Fox: Right at the end of the day.

00:34:47.640 --> 00:34:51.750 Jeremiah Fox: And then, then you become priced out of the market, like you, you become the latest.

00:34:51.810 --> 00:34:52.500 Matt Dacey: Most yeah.

00:34:52.920 --> 00:34:54.450 Matt Dacey: And if you have clients already.

00:34:55.920 --> 00:35:01.650 Jeremiah Fox: Or, if you have the client, you know the high the high profile clients already maybe maybe would survive for a little bit.

00:35:02.550 --> 00:35:12.030 Matt Dacey: So, then, the second plan is actually it's a nonprofit plan within my industry and I just got one of the big industry groups to back me on it, which is fantastic.

00:35:13.740 --> 00:35:19.290 Matt Dacey: And it is to build almost a we work for my industry now I know that's kind of a weird.

00:35:20.850 --> 00:35:21.450 Jeremiah Fox: i'm like you're.

00:35:21.570 --> 00:35:25.500 Jeremiah Fox: Like your clubhouse connotation better you're like this is like a real clubhouse.

00:35:25.740 --> 00:35:32.040 Matt Dacey: Well that's it's almost like you know, the first couple of years of work that's what it looked like until it got all cult yeah.

00:35:33.060 --> 00:35:48.810 Matt Dacey: And in fact i'm going to have some of the people that were in that company help because they know things that we don't like they they went through that meat grinder, but they did some really good work, so if we could do that as a space where you know.

00:35:50.070 --> 00:36:08.730 Matt Dacey: We exist my level people exist, out of specifications that are written in New York going other places, but those people, all of a sudden, are in livingston New Jersey they're not my people anymore, and so we need to find a way to keep them in, we need a place for a common.

00:36:10.260 --> 00:36:16.740 Matt Dacey: Common gatherings for smaller companies, you know if if people are two or three person design companies they don't need an office city.

00:36:17.400 --> 00:36:31.380 Matt Dacey: But they still want to be part of New York and maybe even like a like a small museum to what we are there's kids out there that don't know what a low pressure sodium lamp is or Arc sources and so.

00:36:31.890 --> 00:36:40.350 Matt Dacey: Just all of these things together, I I wrote out a sketch for that that's actually progressing right now and i'm really excited about it.

00:36:41.010 --> 00:36:50.580 Jeremiah Fox: No, and I like what you said because it's multifaceted you have you have the potential for multiple revenue streams, you have the potential for free marketing.

00:36:50.940 --> 00:37:00.960 Jeremiah Fox: yeah you know just just by use of the space um and internship I mean there's so many ways which which becomes a revenue stream in and of itself, because.

00:37:01.770 --> 00:37:13.980 Jeremiah Fox: Those people could you know you you're utilizing the you know either under paid or not paid employees so you're saving money that way and you're still able to execute on a professional level.

00:37:14.250 --> 00:37:30.510 Jeremiah Fox: On something you said there really I think is at the core of it all and it's Community you're building Community around a central idea, and if there's one way to develop a just a straight line to your goals is to build community.

00:37:30.780 --> 00:37:43.020 Matt Dacey: Yes, right and we had a great community, we still have a great Community i'm worried about losing so that's why they don't want people like this physical space is a must, in order for there to be a focal point.

00:37:43.170 --> 00:37:47.730 Jeremiah Fox: And why do you say you're concerned about losing is is this is like pandemic related.

00:37:48.060 --> 00:37:51.210 Matt Dacey: It Panda and people realize that they don't have to be in New York City.

00:37:52.560 --> 00:37:56.700 Matt Dacey: um but there's still something to be a part of the New York design community.

00:37:57.780 --> 00:37:58.290 Matt Dacey: You know.

00:37:58.650 --> 00:38:10.290 Matt Dacey: It for us and for that you know if if they're working out of Montana, but they still want to get in they still want to be involved with New York, they should be able to.

00:38:11.070 --> 00:38:19.020 Matt Dacey: And then fly in for the big events, and this is where their friends are This is where their knowledge base is this is where their clients are so it's important to them to.

00:38:19.710 --> 00:38:27.420 Jeremiah Fox: So, have you seen people start to leave from the industry and people start to just go remote, because the opportunity was available.

00:38:27.660 --> 00:38:39.450 Matt Dacey: Oh hundred percent yeah and a lot of them are people with families, they didn't want to be in apartments anymore, they could move to I got a friend that just ended up moving to Austin for this.

00:38:40.110 --> 00:38:47.460 Matt Dacey: I because he's got a kid and a dog and he would have been prospect park South and just didn't fit anymore.

00:38:47.610 --> 00:38:48.900 Jeremiah Fox: He wanted to be close to the rogan.

00:38:49.620 --> 00:38:50.640 Matt Dacey: want to be close to the road.

00:38:50.700 --> 00:38:51.150 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:38:51.870 --> 00:38:54.570 Matt Dacey: he's more of a kickboxer than a granular though so maybe.

00:38:54.720 --> 00:38:55.350 Matt Dacey: matter.

00:38:55.620 --> 00:38:57.540 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I mean kick.

00:38:59.460 --> 00:39:00.300 Matt Dacey: off the charts.

00:39:01.110 --> 00:39:14.790 Jeremiah Fox: um and then the other part of this that makes a lot of sense is that and we've talked about this many times, even going back to last summer, how we knew there was going to be just a ton of commercial space left vacant.

00:39:15.060 --> 00:39:19.770 Jeremiah Fox: For and prices are are cheap Now I know people haven't signed any commercial leases myself.

00:39:20.040 --> 00:39:20.610 Jeremiah Fox: And the last.

00:39:20.970 --> 00:39:38.940 Jeremiah Fox: The last 14 months, but I know people that have and the amendments to the leases that are being allowed right now are unprecedented like you've never seen before, I mean it's never been easier, I think, to sign a commercial lease or in the favor of the assignee.

00:39:39.210 --> 00:39:41.520 Matt Dacey: yeah i'll be tapping you for that information down.

00:39:41.550 --> 00:39:43.230 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I know there's some great.

00:39:43.290 --> 00:39:53.280 Jeremiah Fox: there's some great verbiage and i've got I took screenshots of some of it, because they were sending me pictures and I was like Oh, I need to keep this but yeah I mean i'd say Manhattan in particular.

00:39:53.700 --> 00:40:02.910 Jeremiah Fox: it's still quite vacant in terms of wellness space is very underutilized it's interesting how brooklyn's kind of really Pack and full like when we drive into the city.

00:40:03.660 --> 00:40:13.020 Jeremiah Fox: No resistance at all if i'm trying to drive across brooklyn right now, you can't get anywhere people aren't taking the train as much like ourselves, we bought a car in the last three or four months hadn't on car 15 years.

00:40:13.200 --> 00:40:21.540 Jeremiah Fox: Right and, and so the streets, where we're at our just saturated by Manhattan is still kind of empty there's a lot of not are walking around.

00:40:22.920 --> 00:40:23.760 Jeremiah Fox: But i'm.

00:40:24.000 --> 00:40:38.130 Matt Dacey: Telling like this would have to be in the city is typically you know West side between Union Square and penn station like that's where that's where most of those companies are were but that's really the goal of that.

00:40:38.160 --> 00:40:54.000 Jeremiah Fox: is yes, and I walk by bike every block multiple vacant unit unit in that neighborhood almost daily now they're just so many empty spaces, so it could be a good time as far as that goes, as well, but.

00:40:54.510 --> 00:41:05.520 Jeremiah Fox: The intrinsic into your business plan you know they say that people that survived either got in early or we're just the best and it's hard to always be the best, but if you can get in early.

00:41:06.690 --> 00:41:12.990 Jeremiah Fox: You have a you have a little advantage, like the guy that was start training and then the other guy start training later.

00:41:13.110 --> 00:41:15.540 Jeremiah Fox: The lose was never going to catch up.

00:41:17.370 --> 00:41:24.810 Jeremiah Fox: always going to have that that that upper hand on you again we're going to save that for the last segment we're almost there.

00:41:24.900 --> 00:41:25.470 So okay.

00:41:27.120 --> 00:41:30.720 Matt Dacey: So so hard I didn't you do another one of these like there's a lot to talk about.

00:41:30.810 --> 00:41:32.460 Jeremiah Fox: Oh there's so much to talk about yes.

00:41:33.720 --> 00:41:41.160 Jeremiah Fox: So you haven't started to look at space or anything yet, but what what's the communication with like the Community so far on this idea.

00:41:42.420 --> 00:41:44.370 Matt Dacey: Everybody I talked to thinks it's amazing.

00:41:44.730 --> 00:41:46.740 Jeremiah Fox: Now, have you ever run a nonprofit before.

00:41:47.490 --> 00:41:51.090 Matt Dacey: No, here we go i've been on boards of nonprofits.

00:41:51.120 --> 00:41:51.840 Matt Dacey: Okay, so.

00:41:52.560 --> 00:42:00.450 Matt Dacey: I understood it that way, I haven't been the guy and it's actually in conjunction with a nonprofit that already exists, good oh.

00:42:01.980 --> 00:42:18.270 Matt Dacey: it'll be using their credit they're you know they're good name probably will probably establish it as its own but I don't know if it'll be on the umbrella of the original one or as its own and it just works in conjunction like that sort of stuff is coming down the line.

00:42:18.780 --> 00:42:21.480 Jeremiah Fox: And being that into nonprofit you'll have to have a board.

00:42:22.050 --> 00:42:24.900 Matt Dacey: Right yeah right we're working on that already.

00:42:26.100 --> 00:42:28.470 Jeremiah Fox: yeah there's things that can be not fun.

00:42:29.400 --> 00:42:30.210 Matt Dacey: yeah well.

00:42:31.500 --> 00:42:32.700 Matt Dacey: i'm trying to get fun people.

00:42:35.100 --> 00:42:43.230 Jeremiah Fox: that's good alright last break when we come back pure jujitsu the rest of the show, I promise everybody don't tap out early we'll be right back.

00:45:01.980 --> 00:45:10.080 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everybody last round ding ding ding as promised purely jujitsu no God I you so.

00:45:11.190 --> 00:45:12.660 Jeremiah Fox: Like you said, the elephant in the room.

00:45:14.130 --> 00:45:29.100 Jeremiah Fox: What has training in martial arts because you're a purple belt now you've been at it for like six plus years what has training in martial arts in Brazilian Jiu jitsu in particular taught you about being better at business.

00:45:30.780 --> 00:45:33.810 Matt Dacey: I teaches you how to learn it teaches you how to lose.

00:45:34.860 --> 00:45:35.460 Matt Dacey: um.

00:45:36.600 --> 00:45:37.320 Matt Dacey: it's.

00:45:39.450 --> 00:45:41.850 Matt Dacey: it's a process that you have to go through.

00:45:41.880 --> 00:45:42.660 Jeremiah Fox: regularly.

00:45:42.780 --> 00:45:43.650 You put a gatekeeper.

00:45:45.360 --> 00:45:48.270 Matt Dacey: Because I thought this was going to be a geek last year.

00:45:50.460 --> 00:45:53.850 Jeremiah Fox: My my fingers hurt from all the GI i've done lately.

00:45:54.390 --> 00:45:57.090 Jeremiah Fox: it's just saw those scripts so tight.

00:45:57.480 --> 00:46:07.380 Matt Dacey: it's such a strange world right because I started it because I felt, you know, like a big fat loser and Joe rogan said it was a good idea, so I tried it.

00:46:08.220 --> 00:46:19.290 Matt Dacey: And you go in to learn how to defend yourself and then you find out that it's completely infinite and that's where you lose your mind and so.

00:46:20.280 --> 00:46:27.870 Matt Dacey: that's everything that's meaningful is you know there's a barrier to entry and then, once you're past it.

00:46:28.380 --> 00:46:43.110 Matt Dacey: it's infinite and you just roll from there and there's tons of stuff that I am never going to be a Baron bolo guy I know that i'm just gonna crush you with my fat but that's Okay, because all those avenues are there to take.

00:46:43.860 --> 00:46:54.930 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny you were you were frozen I don't know if you can hear me, but I was saying we started this morning 7am I walked in right away, it was just inversion drills and I was like man it's too fucking early for this oh.

00:46:54.990 --> 00:46:56.220 Matt Dacey: it's always too early for that.

00:46:56.310 --> 00:47:03.150 Jeremiah Fox: I mean, I can do it, but like not that early, so I did it, I went to a polynomial seminar in long island on on Sunday.

00:47:03.480 --> 00:47:03.930 Matt Dacey: And it's.

00:47:04.020 --> 00:47:04.680 Matt Dacey: upside down.

00:47:04.740 --> 00:47:07.470 Jeremiah Fox: I know that's why I went because I was like man I just.

00:47:07.500 --> 00:47:17.010 Jeremiah Fox: he's he's maybe even a little smaller than me, you know and he's the kind of guy that can just pulled up into a suitcase you can carry them around for a couple hours on zip it and he'll step out to be like thank you.

00:47:17.460 --> 00:47:23.700 Jeremiah Fox: um, I just wanted to see him fold up and I knew there was going to be some inversions and Sure enough, we walk in right away he's like.

00:47:24.090 --> 00:47:35.670 Jeremiah Fox: Okay we're going to warm up with this, just like fold it in half, and I was so tired and I was just like i'm not ready for this, but we did it anyways and we learn there's so many balls it wasn't like the full barrel.

00:47:36.390 --> 00:47:36.720 Jeremiah Fox: The big.

00:47:37.230 --> 00:47:37.560 Matt Dacey: guys.

00:47:37.950 --> 00:47:41.760 Jeremiah Fox: And then, like this morning right away to and patty just looked at me and goes this again and.

00:47:43.260 --> 00:47:46.710 Jeremiah Fox: And we didn't even do it and it still sucks you know but um.

00:47:47.580 --> 00:47:55.080 Matt Dacey: that's amazing that you both are taking that trip into the city every day and it's amazing and I love that they've been so welcoming to you as.

00:47:56.670 --> 00:48:05.490 Jeremiah Fox: Well, talking about you know just the way things have changed and and you know availability to space and people.

00:48:05.850 --> 00:48:17.550 Jeremiah Fox: I mean clubhouse was a big example of that it's like all the sudden these guys who were used to having these high profile meetings where you had to pay like millions of dollars potentially to like speak to them.

00:48:17.580 --> 00:48:26.610 Jeremiah Fox: They they can no longer do that so everybody made themselves super available all the sudden and the same happen there and it was like.

00:48:28.260 --> 00:48:28.710 Jeremiah Fox: Come.

00:48:29.190 --> 00:48:31.110 Matt Dacey: And somehow it still works out in the end.

00:48:31.440 --> 00:48:32.850 Matt Dacey: And will you know.

00:48:34.260 --> 00:48:38.220 Matt Dacey: It it's just putting the good stuff out there and the good stuff comes back it will.

00:48:38.730 --> 00:48:50.010 Jeremiah Fox: yeah just like jujitsu the thing you mentioned like going into jujitsu to learn self Defense and and I always come back to that because I still think it's in there, I think what we realize.

00:48:50.970 --> 00:49:10.800 Jeremiah Fox: along our jujitsu journey is that we our own biggest enemy is always self Defense after after you know a few months of training, you could probably nullify 90 to 95% of physical threats that came your way unless they were like a navy seal or a purple belt.

00:49:12.900 --> 00:49:14.040 Jeremiah Fox: or brown belt yeah.

00:49:14.130 --> 00:49:14.460 alright.

00:49:15.690 --> 00:49:15.960 Matt Dacey: Thanks.

00:49:17.040 --> 00:49:17.490 Matt Dacey: Danny.

00:49:17.820 --> 00:49:18.390 um.

00:49:19.650 --> 00:49:28.590 Jeremiah Fox: But, but it really turns inward and and for me this is how it applies to business and next week's show will be about this big time i've got an author.

00:49:29.190 --> 00:49:38.100 Jeremiah Fox: Coming on who wrote a book about imposter syndrome, where you talk yourself out of too many things, and what I love about this conversation, is that you hit this point.

00:49:38.460 --> 00:49:46.980 Jeremiah Fox: Last summer, where you were like I gotta do something and you're not talking yourself out of anything you're writing business plans and it's crazy and as far fetched and like.

00:49:47.340 --> 00:49:55.710 Jeremiah Fox: steamed up as it seems you're just like I gotta know I gotta know I got to know is this is, can we do this, can we do this, can we do this, and you have to ask yourself that.

00:49:55.920 --> 00:49:59.100 Jeremiah Fox: And I think that's The one thing that like jujitsu really helped me with was like.

00:49:59.490 --> 00:50:09.840 Jeremiah Fox: Get out of your own way man your your biggest enemy you're the one that eats the ice cream you're the one that turns to beer you're the one that is nope nobody's forcing it on you you're the one that says.

00:50:10.200 --> 00:50:20.670 Jeremiah Fox: nah man i'm not i'm not capable of pulling of executing that business off, but when you do jujitsu which we're all babies at first right nobody comes in.

00:50:21.450 --> 00:50:31.260 Jeremiah Fox: On what to do, we all come in, just like deaf, dumb and blind and all the sudden like you just commit you keep showing up and in a few years you're like holy shit i'm inverting.

00:50:32.370 --> 00:50:37.320 Jeremiah Fox: You know, or maybe was just a baby bobo but but still we're getting there.

00:50:37.560 --> 00:50:43.770 Matt Dacey: And even if this last one didn't work out, it was more REPS and writing business plans.

00:50:44.280 --> 00:50:45.240 Jeremiah Fox: And that's what it's really.

00:50:46.140 --> 00:50:48.120 Matt Dacey: it's just there there's training in there.

00:50:48.660 --> 00:50:54.870 Jeremiah Fox: And, and a lot of people like I get a lot of young people asking me these days like how am I going to know what to do and i'm like you don't.

00:50:55.050 --> 00:51:02.100 Jeremiah Fox: you're not going to know like it's just gonna happen to you, but you're going to know what you don't want to do you're gonna go try these things so you'd be like that is not for me.

00:51:02.130 --> 00:51:12.810 Jeremiah Fox: That does not work and sometimes checking those boxes off are more important, especially in the early stages, as like actually knowing because it just more it just keeps morphing.

00:51:13.200 --> 00:51:19.950 Jeremiah Fox: Right like your plan right now sounds great, but is probably going to be a little different once you finally executed it's.

00:51:21.030 --> 00:51:21.240 I mean.

00:51:22.650 --> 00:51:29.550 Jeremiah Fox: I wanted to bring this up, because you said it should have a bar and i'm sorry the New York state liquor authorities gonna have issues with.

00:51:33.060 --> 00:51:45.750 Jeremiah Fox: No, but so there's there's ways around it no but like and save somebody leaves they're drunk and gets in a car accident like it could bring heat on you, but there are ways around that where you could have a.

00:51:46.770 --> 00:51:59.220 Jeremiah Fox: say you have like an elite subscription service to this business and included in that is a open bar happy hour like five days a week.

00:52:00.780 --> 00:52:08.220 Matt Dacey: could be the it's the clothes club sort of thing, where you know there's that you could bring in a bartender I don't know.

00:52:08.400 --> 00:52:09.720 Jeremiah Fox: Right, but you just.

00:52:09.810 --> 00:52:10.530 Matt Dacey: Will figure it out.

00:52:10.770 --> 00:52:19.050 Jeremiah Fox: You cannot, I just wanted to bring this up because there's so many ways, around this what you have to avoid is someone handing a bartender cash for a drink.

00:52:19.560 --> 00:52:27.510 Jeremiah Fox: As long as you're not selling drinks yeah you can get um you can get these temporary licenses you can get a caterers license or whatever.

00:52:28.740 --> 00:52:46.830 Jeremiah Fox: they're only going to take issue if someone's actually buying drinks so just just in that model morph it into a subscription service mark or or like a private event thing where they pay a ahead price at the door and then after that no caches exchanged.

00:52:47.160 --> 00:52:57.060 Jeremiah Fox: vegan tip tipping is different, like the way you do when you go to a wedding you go to a wedding you're not buying drinks from the bartender unless they're really it's poor wedding.

00:52:57.630 --> 00:53:04.410 Matt Dacey: I think that the the initial way of thinking about it would be a sponsor model, there will be a sponsor every Thursday.

00:53:04.950 --> 00:53:06.660 Matt Dacey: And they would just take care of it and that's it.

00:53:06.810 --> 00:53:10.710 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and you could still monetize it it just can't be cash exchange.

00:53:10.770 --> 00:53:15.510 Jeremiah Fox: right for drinks, then, then you could you know the liquor authority could come down on you and they're no fun.

00:53:17.610 --> 00:53:18.360 Matt Dacey: I can imagine.

00:53:18.930 --> 00:53:24.570 Jeremiah Fox: For a group of people that oversee so much joy they're not they're not fun.

00:53:26.160 --> 00:53:33.870 Jeremiah Fox: Not fun people they don't know how to party, they need to yeah yeah I know you're not supposed to get high on your own supply, but I think they did they need to do something.

00:53:36.630 --> 00:53:38.130 Jeremiah Fox: They need to relax a little.

00:53:39.870 --> 00:53:40.590 Jeremiah Fox: All right, what else.

00:53:41.250 --> 00:53:42.780 Jeremiah Fox: What else from jujitsu.

00:53:43.170 --> 00:53:45.840 Jeremiah Fox: We sidestep just a minute in into one of my other.

00:53:46.650 --> 00:54:01.140 Matt Dacey: got a few minutes thing is huge right there that rolls into this second plan I part of like secret role club was kind of where the impetus is for this, or you know just like.

00:54:02.250 --> 00:54:12.210 Matt Dacey: Everybody get together you're not on your team, right now, but really cool stuff can happen yeah you know yeah but we don't talk about secret role clubs that's okay.

00:54:12.690 --> 00:54:13.740 Jeremiah Fox: First of all play club.

00:54:13.920 --> 00:54:16.500 Matt Dacey: Know Adam and Eric we don't talk about.

00:54:16.500 --> 00:54:16.680 That.

00:54:20.790 --> 00:54:28.620 Jeremiah Fox: No, but i'm really glad you said that I was hoping, you would bring that out because that's The other thing that we learned in jujitsu right is like you form bonds.

00:54:29.160 --> 00:54:43.110 Jeremiah Fox: That you, you would not form any other way and and same is true when you get into business and you really need to have that, mind you need to have that commitment that's outside of yourself to make it last right.

00:54:43.500 --> 00:54:59.640 Matt Dacey: yeah well, I mean, please, this is you over the last year right, but you you exist because everybody came out to you because you put yourself out to everybody and it's recognized, I mean you're the mayor of the greatest.

00:55:00.660 --> 00:55:04.260 Matt Dacey: I neighborhood in the greatest borough in the greatest city in the world.

00:55:05.460 --> 00:55:10.650 Matt Dacey: Though listen, people are going to come out and they did and.

00:55:12.180 --> 00:55:21.690 Matt Dacey: Just off the BAT I i'm really proud of you and patty and the girls like what you've been through this last year and, like what monsters you've come out as it's amazing Thank you.

00:55:21.720 --> 00:55:22.560 Jeremiah Fox: appreciate that.

00:55:22.770 --> 00:55:23.340 Matt Dacey: This one.

00:55:24.450 --> 00:55:27.210 Jeremiah Fox: wait till you roll with patty God she kicks.

00:55:28.860 --> 00:55:31.440 Matt Dacey: One of those people that has just legs everywhere.

00:55:31.860 --> 00:55:33.480 Matt Dacey: And she is you.

00:55:34.620 --> 00:55:40.170 Jeremiah Fox: know the other day she made me and this I and then kicked me promptly after right in the nose.

00:55:42.060 --> 00:55:42.660 But you do.

00:55:44.340 --> 00:55:45.900 Jeremiah Fox: smash smash pass it's.

00:55:47.310 --> 00:55:49.260 Matt Dacey: Not just mean for your wife.

00:55:51.420 --> 00:56:02.760 Jeremiah Fox: um well, I think I think it would i'm just a reflection of everybody, and I think what you're doing is the same, I think the core of entrepreneurship is, you see a boy.

00:56:03.120 --> 00:56:07.680 Jeremiah Fox: And you look to fill it, you have a solution and it's because you're creative and that's what we did these creative.

00:56:07.980 --> 00:56:18.900 Jeremiah Fox: degrees and we're in these these creative roles is because we've always kind of sniff that out, and I it's only been recently that I realized that about myself and the fascinating part is I see it in YouTube and i'm like.

00:56:20.310 --> 00:56:20.550 Matt Dacey: yeah.

00:56:21.480 --> 00:56:21.900 Jeremiah Fox: we're there.

00:56:23.010 --> 00:56:27.270 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we're gonna have to wrap it up we've got the closing remarks and I won't get dirty like I did the other day.

00:56:29.550 --> 00:56:31.020 Jeremiah Fox: You got 60 seconds.

00:56:31.470 --> 00:56:47.310 Matt Dacey: 60 seconds well, other than what I just said Oh well, maybe start with that one other than what I said about you guys I just love that I love this show i'm glad they got this I just oh my God, I mean maybe i'm not gonna have to 60 seconds, maybe.

00:56:49.110 --> 00:56:49.740 Matt Dacey: come here buddy.

00:56:50.310 --> 00:56:51.900 Jeremiah Fox: You can have it tell them what's up.

00:56:53.850 --> 00:56:54.540 Jeremiah Fox: i'm feeling the same.

00:56:54.840 --> 00:56:55.200 No.

00:56:56.580 --> 00:57:04.890 Matt Dacey: Thanks for thanks for having me and keep it going and we're part of the same family right now, so at some point i'll get down there and we'll get after it.

00:57:05.370 --> 00:57:07.350 Jeremiah Fox: And and i'm going to get up there until Danny.

00:57:07.650 --> 00:57:08.880 Matt Dacey: Take it easy on me man my.

00:57:09.210 --> 00:57:09.960 Jeremiah Fox: butt hurts.

00:57:12.180 --> 00:57:13.410 Matt Dacey: All right, let's get out of here that.

00:57:13.710 --> 00:57:27.060 Jeremiah Fox: Thanks man appreciate it take care of that kid everybody take care of yourselves we'll see you next week, talking about the imposter syndrome with well i'm not going to announce it yet you'll have to check my social media, to see what it is alright peace out everybody be well.

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