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Thursday, April 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/08 - The Beat To The Boardroom

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/08 - The Beat To The Boardroom


2021/04/08 - The Beat To The Boardroom

[NEW EPISODE] The Beat To The Boardroom

Leadership comes to us in many ways. Sometimes it's through adversity. Colette fell into a life of addiction and sex work in Manchester UK. This part of her life lasted over 20 years. We will be talking about how she has managed to turn her life around and is now on a mission to support women with similar life experience to speak up and out to influence change in women’s support services.

Alison first met Colette several years ago, when she volunteered with a support agency called MASH. Having been involved with helping to support many women over a 15 year period. Alison, who is a psychotherapist, became a trustee of the organization but maybe more importantly - a trusted ally of the women who used the service. None more so than Colette.

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00:00:23.700 --> 00:00:32.820 Graham Dobbin: and welcome to the mind behind leadership live on talk radio dot nyc um my name is Graham dub and we have a show with a slight differences week.

00:00:33.270 --> 00:00:41.640 Graham Dobbin: And so, international women's day i'm always curious why it's only a day, but is international women's day and one thing I noticed.

00:00:42.000 --> 00:00:51.690 Graham Dobbin: and coming up as 110 years old international women's day I always thought it was something, it was a little bit newer but what we're gonna do is i'm kind of look at what.

00:00:52.050 --> 00:00:57.810 Graham Dobbin: It means this year, and what the theme is a theme is a challenge with a hashtag choose to challenge.

00:00:58.530 --> 00:01:03.180 Graham Dobbin: It says a challenge to world as an aware of world so we're going to kind of explore that today.

00:01:03.540 --> 00:01:12.480 Graham Dobbin: The agent on this show we speak with real people about real life constantly look at the practical aspect of how we influence and impact others.

00:01:13.380 --> 00:01:22.560 Graham Dobbin: You know what, when we talk about influence a lot of people talk to me about social media influencers and just kind of Famous people, and these are the ones that are held up.

00:01:23.400 --> 00:01:30.240 Graham Dobbin: As having an impact on others we're gonna we're going to kind of explore that maybe maybe dispel some of that this evening.

00:01:30.690 --> 00:01:35.160 Graham Dobbin: So i've challenged world as an alert world, what do we need to be aware, about.

00:01:35.970 --> 00:01:42.750 Graham Dobbin: helping me discuss this this evening we've got two women who will challenge, and all that for a fact that I know the challenge themselves.

00:01:43.380 --> 00:01:50.640 Graham Dobbin: The challenge the status quo and every time we talk the challenge me and I don't expect the next hour to be any different.

00:01:51.180 --> 00:02:00.420 Graham Dobbin: I guess first case we've got our collect con shot and nicolette came up with the with the title to the show the beat to the boardroom.

00:02:00.690 --> 00:02:08.040 Graham Dobbin: And that'll become a little bit clearer, as we go and collect is our trust you in the board of mash in Manchester Manchester action for St health.

00:02:08.430 --> 00:02:21.450 Graham Dobbin: I should be involved with a Greater Manchester room and support elaine she's a winner of the spirit of Manchester volunteer award by the men's room and she was named in not impose a women's future list, good evening.

00:02:22.560 --> 00:02:23.160 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Good evening.

00:02:24.060 --> 00:02:31.560 Graham Dobbin: i'm a long cycle that we've got allison ally and I was in his ex chair culture rather and volunteer of mash.

00:02:31.980 --> 00:02:45.060 Graham Dobbin: 15 years she was there, supporting female sex workers allison is a psychotherapist who currently works with severe i'm including mental health in the criminal justice system in the UK.

00:02:46.080 --> 00:02:47.220 Graham Dobbin: Good evening allison.

00:02:50.880 --> 00:02:53.370 Graham Dobbin: um so to get us kicked off.

00:02:54.690 --> 00:02:58.140 Graham Dobbin: Just to just to kind of understanding just get a little bit of background on this.

00:02:59.250 --> 00:03:01.230 Graham Dobbin: killer i'm going to go to ask you, first.

00:03:02.430 --> 00:03:07.440 Graham Dobbin: what's the beat just give us a better background was the be and how did you get there.

00:03:08.250 --> 00:03:08.970 So.

00:03:10.110 --> 00:03:19.560 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: The be in the UK is where prostitutes are I prefer to use the term sex workers go to work so that are there.

00:03:19.980 --> 00:03:46.200 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Outside then use mostly away from residential areas may be bound in city centres industrial areas things I asked and I why God oh my God so, and if we've got a dial it right back to me being really young and mental health as always been massive in my family.

00:03:47.790 --> 00:04:03.480 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: My dad and my mom both on diagnosed and substance machines problems made me out call when I was a child and domestic violence emotional neglect all that kind of stuff.

00:04:04.290 --> 00:04:16.260 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: then go forward to maintain a chess I was framed on the street by well know before that I experienced sexual abuse in the home.

00:04:17.010 --> 00:04:29.280 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And then from there, I was groomed on the street, I have three children before it was 21 i've lost three children, before I was 23.

00:04:30.060 --> 00:04:52.560 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And so the be for Meg it was logical, it was my way forward, I had no education as thought well uh did and not follow my lead i'd never pass the exams and stuff lab bought I am intelligent and a config call me faith and style.

00:04:53.700 --> 00:04:57.540 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Sex work, it was a choice made out of no choice.

00:04:58.740 --> 00:04:58.860 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: there.

00:04:59.910 --> 00:05:01.200 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: is no way to go.

00:05:01.620 --> 00:05:08.790 Graham Dobbin: Okay um that's the beat I mean one of the things you mentioned, there was you were groomed on this weekend.

00:05:09.810 --> 00:05:13.770 Graham Dobbin: Can you just give us a high level buyer What do you mean by that yeah.

00:05:13.800 --> 00:05:14.850 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: So when.

00:05:16.230 --> 00:05:29.700 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: I think anyone any child that set experience by emotional neglect physical neglect any form of abuse, you were in a Stein round Jeanette.

00:05:30.420 --> 00:05:44.610 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: You say I am vulnerable I am malleable do what you want, so from neighbors the older girl in my neighbor and she was about i'd say about five or six years old and.

00:05:45.990 --> 00:05:48.270 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: She brought it to him as.

00:05:49.440 --> 00:06:02.940 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: This is a way to get things color and because at that point, it was like well there was no self worth there, so I bought right into that straight away, I didn't leave much convincing.

00:06:04.440 --> 00:06:09.180 Graham Dobbin: i'm okay I wasn't gonna bring you in there, you can just pop yourself off mute.

00:06:10.500 --> 00:06:14.040 Graham Dobbin: If you can always see how did you mean color.

00:06:14.910 --> 00:06:16.290 Graham Dobbin: But, did you first meet your background.

00:06:17.130 --> 00:06:32.070 Alison Lloyd: Well, originally I wanted to do something that had really nothing to do with my life and my my my day job, so to speak, and so current marsh 15 years ago, as I said, and I used to go out with marsh.

00:06:32.940 --> 00:06:42.060 Alison Lloyd: collect all remember fondly the big van that we had, which was like almost like a massive Arctic lori and.

00:06:42.420 --> 00:06:53.400 Alison Lloyd: We had sofas in there, we had the nurse in there, we had tea and coffee, we had a chat please two charts handout harm reduction information give out condoms.

00:06:53.790 --> 00:07:12.030 Alison Lloyd: And the nurse, did you know testing and stuff like that and, and I suppose that's probably where I first met you call isn't it and, interestingly call was always watching she was always waiting for the next threat or punter eyes were like little rabbits going everywhere always waiting.

00:07:12.510 --> 00:07:23.370 Alison Lloyd: On agree with that, but some yeah so 15 years ago I saw this almost frightened rabbit in the corner, even though she wouldn't have said she was frightened drop it.

00:07:25.350 --> 00:07:27.450 Graham Dobbin: so close to him in that way.

00:07:28.530 --> 00:07:29.790 Alison Lloyd: Absolutely yeah.

00:07:30.750 --> 00:07:38.850 Graham Dobbin: You know it's a essentially we begin to talk about it we're talking right into right into a discussion with talk about living in the streets are talking about abuse we're talking about.

00:07:39.270 --> 00:07:44.340 Graham Dobbin: You know, going out and give them support handling and condoms everything, what are the myths about that.

00:07:45.510 --> 00:07:48.870 Graham Dobbin: Because I my guesses about what i'm it's gone killer I think you remember that one.

00:07:49.470 --> 00:07:55.740 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: So the first one, first and foremost, if it's not the oldest profession in the world.

00:07:56.790 --> 00:08:03.330 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Because we want paid, so therefore the rest would have been at least one that came.

00:08:08.250 --> 00:08:13.950 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And I don't know if any of you viewers will be all your listeners will remember this, but.

00:08:15.900 --> 00:08:20.400 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: There was a TV program called band of golden nine says.

00:08:21.900 --> 00:08:34.230 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And I can promise you, I have never ever watched an episode that but I can tell you what weird what happened in each episode, because after it had.

00:08:34.590 --> 00:08:47.580 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: A blue it was bound to gold day because the partners that come out and they start asking me questions about what's going on in that week's episode, and it was I know it's not precise said, you know.

00:08:49.050 --> 00:08:56.880 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: As well i'm talking, from my perspective, so I can't generalize there, but from the be now it's not glamorous me.

00:08:57.570 --> 00:09:08.970 Graham Dobbin: isn't it, I mean the other one that jumps to mind was was pretty women which, which was kinda it with a glamorized everything and that's just not how it really is um.

00:09:10.320 --> 00:09:15.240 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting curiosity of in House as well, and this one people are curious about this.

00:09:15.960 --> 00:09:19.710 Alison Lloyd: People are really curious about it, and I think what they don't realize is the kind of.

00:09:20.100 --> 00:09:27.630 Alison Lloyd: facade that the female sex worker kind of has because you know behind that woman this massive multiple needs.

00:09:27.930 --> 00:09:40.920 Alison Lloyd: You know there's there's a lot of women are homeless or their SOFA surfing, so they don't actually have to kind of sleeping in a Bush or under the arches you know there's massive mental health challenges for some.

00:09:41.610 --> 00:09:50.820 Alison Lloyd: People in sex workers substance abuse, you know, domestic violence, we have, as you say, all these ideals of pretty woman and the you know the the kind of.

00:09:51.510 --> 00:09:55.020 Alison Lloyd: Always it big view of what this woman should look like and.

00:09:55.800 --> 00:10:08.760 Alison Lloyd: I never met any of those women, you know it's almost like we have to society and social media have to prettify everything can and turn it into something, because actually they see it as distasteful or.

00:10:09.270 --> 00:10:23.370 Alison Lloyd: they'll a file persecute so the only way we can make it Okay, as if she's pretty she's amazing and beautiful and she hasn't got this drug addiction and she hasn't got mental health issues and she's completely you know level headed it's quite difficult, I think.

00:10:24.300 --> 00:10:37.560 Graham Dobbin: yeah I suppose a lot of its portrayed that you know the women's always in control they know what they're doing, and you know they're doing for a specific purpose and it's the peak get through college or get new jewelry or something like that and it's kind of not the case.

00:10:39.000 --> 00:10:52.080 Graham Dobbin: You mentioned earlier that you were both nodding and mention that they used to go out and in the article or find and accounts to people, but I know that there was the kind of progression on that, when it came to like a drop in Center.

00:10:53.160 --> 00:10:57.000 Graham Dobbin: And what was it what happened, what was a difference when that when that came in.

00:10:58.350 --> 00:11:07.470 Alison Lloyd: I mean for for for us as volunteers, it was huge because first of all, we went from the big article and then that got stolen, and it was put on eBay and.

00:11:07.950 --> 00:11:09.540 Graham Dobbin: Obviously, well, I mean it's.

00:11:11.640 --> 00:11:20.340 Alison Lloyd: And then we had a small van that we used to give out in and literally minus I remember minus five temperatures, it was tiny little van and we're just two of us that would go out.

00:11:21.060 --> 00:11:36.270 Alison Lloyd: Of a nighttime and then we we changed and we got funding for Center and it changed in lots of different ways, I think you know call i'll tell you in in a bit that it changed in different ways, you know brought some women who would never normally have come into the Center.

00:11:36.720 --> 00:11:48.960 Alison Lloyd: i'm into the Center and we still kept the outreach sessions as well, so we'd still go out on the beat in the van as well, so it was a way of opening the Center up to a lot more different people.

00:11:50.040 --> 00:11:58.950 Alison Lloyd: and getting behind their fear and actually gaining their trust and having some grounding and centering for them, which is was it felt, really, really important.

00:12:00.030 --> 00:12:10.470 Graham Dobbin: color I wasn't having somewhere that was accessible you weren't waiting for people to come to you, you can actually then begin to choose to go in at specific times that what we do.

00:12:11.100 --> 00:12:23.160 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: For Meg I remember match when it very first slide and it was about the AIDS crisis and it was for men and women, and it was a tiny little like transit farm.

00:12:23.760 --> 00:12:36.870 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And they open the back doors open out like gaspin where does it make you a Co op protect and did let you sit in the front seat So then, when we got the big active Laura it's like rattling considered talk, talk.

00:12:37.410 --> 00:12:56.550 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: I can see in this chat I can get a proper warm up can maybe have a partner or whatever, then you get the sun are bought by this time and I think Marshall Plan in its then, and when I was that pine it was like manna from heaven.

00:12:57.660 --> 00:13:11.580 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: cuz I was, I was I had about maybe six months clean time at gone into us but don't detox at the fear got me in and not gone to rehab so.

00:13:12.720 --> 00:13:18.810 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: come into the mash then was, where I got my awareness at the beginning, I remember.

00:13:19.740 --> 00:13:38.070 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: The display because I I come in there and it was, like all these words will stop him yet, but they won't come out and the mouth and whatever said I finished the word with the sentence with Bob and I remember just you being there and.

00:13:39.390 --> 00:13:51.360 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Korea and this eyebrow kept coming up and i'm looking at it and think well it didn't dawn at that moment, it was when it got all my my alia he gave you the eyebrow collapse.

00:13:52.590 --> 00:13:54.600 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: So I came back the next week.

00:13:55.920 --> 00:14:17.550 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: From there, I remember all those hours that we sat and you bet spanking me awareness like you gave me exercises to improve mccombs in concentration and the peripheral vision and stuff like that, and it was all those small things that what what I really needed at that time.

00:14:18.390 --> 00:14:18.840 um.

00:14:20.280 --> 00:14:28.080 Graham Dobbin: Well yeah so if anybody can see us, you will see the eyebrow going up over and over again, but I promise i'm going to try to control it we're just going to go for a break.

00:14:28.650 --> 00:14:39.570 Graham Dobbin: Okay, thank you for those kind words we're going to go for a break after the break we're going to come back and I really want to see how it kind of move forward from there now we've got we've kind of got the backstory we understand the context that be.

00:14:40.170 --> 00:14:49.800 Graham Dobbin: Really really curious about what what's happened from there, and where the got the we've got the dry within us to keep going and you change your life.

00:14:50.310 --> 00:14:58.290 Graham Dobbin: kill and allison you you keep it up being involved with everybody within their let's see where the conversation goes because remember we're international women's.

00:14:59.340 --> 00:15:10.260 Graham Dobbin: International women's day it's about challenge you're listening to the why behind leadership on talk radio dot nyc we're with collect on Shaw, and also, we will be right back after these.

00:18:11.640 --> 00:18:18.750 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to their mind behind leadership speaking with collette and allison this evening is.

00:18:19.680 --> 00:18:27.150 Graham Dobbin: The week of international women's day we're kind of looking at what the challenges, what do we need to be challenging what do we need to be pushing through.

00:18:27.510 --> 00:18:39.240 Graham Dobbin: college before the break and you were mentioning the you know you had a big change in your life so we kind of know the background, what was the What was it, what was the thing that can I meet you think I need to take control of this.

00:18:41.700 --> 00:18:49.230 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Well, for one, that saw no control whatsoever, and I was same thing happening around man knows that.

00:18:50.670 --> 00:19:04.380 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: This is happening all over again and that just now got doing something so from there, I went to the place, I report and it was believed and not was depicted.

00:19:14.730 --> 00:19:25.890 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: yeah That was the turning point to me now nothing came of that those challenges bought that didn't mind, because by that one minute.

00:19:26.700 --> 00:19:30.960 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Yes, every employee and not priceless.

00:19:32.790 --> 00:19:36.840 Graham Dobbin: You think wow um it's it's not the first time you felt that.

00:19:38.280 --> 00:19:39.240 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Both the player.

00:19:39.300 --> 00:19:40.560 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: yeah me.

00:19:40.890 --> 00:19:44.700 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Being there and being responsive tab with empathy.

00:19:45.840 --> 00:19:47.730 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: and professional and it was.

00:19:48.780 --> 00:20:03.540 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: It was like it, that was the breaking porn but I was so far Jeanette and the people that were around met like only a Co pilot test or they were David damn car.

00:20:04.950 --> 00:20:05.940 Graham Dobbin: Well, I.

00:20:07.830 --> 00:20:12.990 Graham Dobbin: Just i'm thinking about the reaction that you're having as well, I can i'm thinking this is wrong sure our son is.

00:20:14.160 --> 00:20:19.800 Graham Dobbin: How difficult, is it to keep back going back and telling your story to kind of do something forward.

00:20:20.910 --> 00:20:29.040 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Oh, I only tell my story for the right reason you're not i'm not going out there and just give him my story.

00:20:29.040 --> 00:20:37.140 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And that is an opportunity for me, I have to know the supply you've been me telling my story so.

00:20:38.580 --> 00:20:55.170 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And I also tend that because I i've had all these intensive therapy and support I am now strong enough for now, a place where if I choose to tell it then tell it it's not going to leave me blacks.

00:20:55.470 --> 00:21:02.250 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: yeah because I am strong and resilient so i'm able to do that now.

00:21:02.850 --> 00:21:10.230 Graham Dobbin: Oh there's just there's there's there's no doubt about your strength for your resilience, I could absolutely guarantee that i'm.

00:21:12.000 --> 00:21:21.180 Graham Dobbin: Just is obviously, then the big next big thing because it's not just about being had and done with empathy it's the you know that there's going to be some consistency to that.

00:21:22.980 --> 00:21:36.630 Graham Dobbin: allison you know not, not just for color how, how do you bring that in that people can trust to engage with you know and association, an organization and it's going to be in the right way it's going to be treated in the right way.

00:21:37.650 --> 00:21:45.150 Alison Lloyd: I mean, I think people feeling safe is one of the absolute fundamental things that we have to provide a place of safety.

00:21:45.450 --> 00:21:55.590 Alison Lloyd: somewhere where they're not feeling vulnerable, and I think that's the big thing for me with color is that she was unashamed to show her vulnerabilities when she felt safe and it was the right time.

00:21:55.860 --> 00:22:00.540 Alison Lloyd: And she was heard you know behind the field with still lot willingness to trust.

00:22:01.050 --> 00:22:08.130 Alison Lloyd: You know, despite all the things that have gone on, she was you know she be let down a million times, she you know, wants to be cared.

00:22:08.520 --> 00:22:15.780 Alison Lloyd: For and in the right circumstances, she was able to kind of start certainly so work through all that stuff and.

00:22:16.230 --> 00:22:26.940 Alison Lloyd: It was having the right at the time the right women and men and people around her to facilitate that you know so from going from that always watching, as I said before that.

00:22:27.540 --> 00:22:32.670 Alison Lloyd: waiting for the next threats, you know, there was a blossom of hope and self belief.

00:22:33.180 --> 00:22:42.060 Alison Lloyd: You know and and genuine connection, and I think that's what we've all tried to kind of give any of the people that we've worked with.

00:22:42.330 --> 00:22:55.680 Alison Lloyd: Is and I think color does that now, you know that that genuineness that integrity and not safety is absolutely paramount to get you know, to get right to the nub of where the issues are and be able to progress progress forward.

00:22:57.000 --> 00:22:59.610 Graham Dobbin: um wow blossom.

00:23:02.940 --> 00:23:03.990 Graham Dobbin: blossom collab.

00:23:05.790 --> 00:23:09.540 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Oh believe they are quiet about it, but last men.

00:23:10.650 --> 00:23:22.590 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: would say that round about that time as well, I it was like it almost out in our tissue transplant because, instead of being really walled off.

00:23:23.160 --> 00:23:39.360 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Actually, I found on my diaries and In it, he said, be prepared to feel again and that was in 2009 no 2008 because i've got clean in 2009 and they're doing.

00:23:40.650 --> 00:23:49.920 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: That yeah I have to be prepared to alpha emotions and feelings dad bought it out today with the right people.

00:23:50.850 --> 00:24:02.190 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting I mean I kind of for full disclosure, I mean, obviously we we work together, you mentioned, we work together a little bit i'm kind of 10 1011 years ago.

00:24:02.670 --> 00:24:09.210 Graham Dobbin: You would always one of these people that push and Amina corporately you can you didn't take anything at face value, it was just.

00:24:10.620 --> 00:24:15.090 Graham Dobbin: There was almost not prove it to me, there was a concert i've want to be with just prove it.

00:24:16.890 --> 00:24:17.310 Graham Dobbin: wouldn't be.

00:24:18.330 --> 00:24:21.390 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: That, if I need the evidence yeah.

00:24:22.440 --> 00:24:23.760 Graham Dobbin: I want to see everything as.

00:24:23.760 --> 00:24:31.980 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: far as i'm not i'm not a particularly spiritual person or anything like that i'm petty groundbreaking the outset.

00:24:33.420 --> 00:24:41.760 Graham Dobbin: To see what was bringing this up now with Kenny spoken over the past spoken about how you got here but let's let's look at the impact that you're making.

00:24:42.510 --> 00:24:58.770 Graham Dobbin: you're both basically I kind of even forward i've collected just you know we did a little bit of reading and research, just so just so I can bring myself up there, one of the things that you've said is on your drive this to amplify women's voices.

00:24:59.940 --> 00:25:02.610 Graham Dobbin: yeah power to give ownership.

00:25:03.210 --> 00:25:04.350 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: yeah big time.

00:25:04.980 --> 00:25:05.760 Graham Dobbin: And by that.

00:25:07.410 --> 00:25:11.040 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: But so for me on my chin and i've had.

00:25:13.680 --> 00:25:33.210 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: i've had the best of the best open and i've also had to creative journey as well with, and I think as part of that journey whatever my voice was saying, in whatever what way our format that was mine at every point it was fed back to me and.

00:25:34.290 --> 00:25:39.720 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: At first I remember it out to be fallen on the minute on an anonymous.

00:25:40.920 --> 00:25:43.590 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And it was debbie.

00:25:44.760 --> 00:25:54.150 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Like it obviously out to be on my terms but outside getting filled up with this fire in the belly and i'm getting more competitive.

00:25:54.900 --> 00:26:11.280 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: scene around is i'm like oh yeah yeah i'm making that person thing they're looking at that piece of art and they're thinking now so to me that was really powerful and then being able to i'm not on someone else.

00:26:12.210 --> 00:26:27.210 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: That was amazing but I always want someone to express to me, and then it to be celebrated in whatever way they feel comfortable with that, so I made that my mission.

00:26:28.620 --> 00:26:42.270 Graham Dobbin: I allison just listening to that up for sure can see your face I hate you feel as an interview at what's there, but what you've passed on part of what your past and why it's possible.

00:26:43.980 --> 00:26:47.460 Alison Lloyd: And isn't it oh it's about kind of spreading the light in the darkness Graham.

00:26:48.510 --> 00:26:54.000 Alison Lloyd: You know, and for me it's a real privilege, no matter who I work with you know.

00:26:54.990 --> 00:27:06.630 Alison Lloyd: To to kind of be like into someone's life and be trusted vendor at the most vulnerable and weak and in pain in whatever sense shape way or form, you know and.

00:27:07.170 --> 00:27:12.780 Alison Lloyd: And and helping them understand that they're not they don't have to be that one candle in the darkness pardon the pun, you know that they can.

00:27:13.230 --> 00:27:22.620 Alison Lloyd: They can go out there and change their mindset, you know change their ability to kind of look at things differently as Claire said challenge them it's.

00:27:23.520 --> 00:27:29.070 Alison Lloyd: it's really it's really powerful, but it has to be used wisely and carefully and in the right conditions and.

00:27:29.490 --> 00:27:41.910 Alison Lloyd: You know person centered what color has kind of been describing it it's all person centered isn't it it's congruence you know unconditional positive regard a lot of people have worked with everything in their life has been conditional.

00:27:43.080 --> 00:27:45.960 Alison Lloyd: You know you do this for me and i'll give you that transactional.

00:27:46.320 --> 00:27:47.040 Alison Lloyd: You know where.

00:27:47.460 --> 00:27:52.710 Alison Lloyd: You know, sometimes you just sit there and go have a cup of tea talk to me tell me.

00:27:53.220 --> 00:28:05.640 Alison Lloyd: This this i've got i've got all the time, the world for you and that's really powerful isn't in to see someone be like that, with you and be able to pass on I mean it's just it's just amazing it's it kind of makes you quite choked.

00:28:07.050 --> 00:28:16.020 Graham Dobbin: And here's the thing I keep on coming back with a book that I read when by the time we're all working together i'm finding people who didn't happen.

00:28:18.150 --> 00:28:27.360 Graham Dobbin: it's kind of it's just one of those books that keeps them coming back to be up a little bit out there you just never know the impact that you're going to have on someone else.

00:28:28.350 --> 00:28:33.870 Graham Dobbin: we're going to go to break in a moment when we come back from the break I do want to kind of talk about.

00:28:34.410 --> 00:28:37.890 Graham Dobbin: Specifically, what you're doing how, when we can be helped, no and just.

00:28:38.250 --> 00:28:47.310 Graham Dobbin: One of the things that you mentioned collapse that I saw was kind of you got a voice about the me to movement as well, I just like to dig into that a little bit more.

00:28:47.700 --> 00:28:54.000 Graham Dobbin: just get a better bit of a better understanding of what we need to be doing so we'll do that, after the break.

00:28:54.270 --> 00:29:04.590 Graham Dobbin: you're listening to the main behind leadership we don't talk radio dot nyc my name is Graham dobbin are lucky to be with collect and allison this evening we'll be right back after these.

00:29:12.120 --> 00:29:12.330 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: and

00:31:56.820 --> 00:32:05.760 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back, we are talking the beat to the boardroom i'm heading towards a boardroom heading towards influence collect you've.

00:32:07.740 --> 00:32:11.880 Graham Dobbin: Seen read a couple of articles, you can have challenge the need to movement.

00:32:12.420 --> 00:32:15.690 Graham Dobbin: And I think one of the things that you mentioned, was it kind of doesn't.

00:32:16.140 --> 00:32:21.960 Graham Dobbin: strike any chord with with your peers, the people that you know them walk around you.

00:32:22.410 --> 00:32:23.010 Talk as well.

00:32:24.060 --> 00:32:45.390 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And so, when me to came along, I was in the position where I was sharing my story and i've got linkedin with an organization based down in London called Agenda and shared his story through that and they put out on social media restore fly out so.

00:32:46.680 --> 00:32:58.260 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: From there I got stoner the best feedback strangers friends, people are no even family we're reaching out and then a.

00:32:59.400 --> 00:33:06.390 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: couple of our said okay notification and it's regard so me my middle daughter and.

00:33:08.160 --> 00:33:13.260 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: She all she done with send me a friend request and then from there.

00:33:14.310 --> 00:33:26.250 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: we're building a relationship here by I got so much on me to, and that was like part of the fire lead medallia's I i've been experienced all of that and.

00:33:26.640 --> 00:33:37.980 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: got all these games Britt and wanting to give it out so i've gone to an organization great managed a women's support alliance and Stephen a creative projects.

00:33:38.610 --> 00:33:47.280 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And we was incorporating bits of empowerment was talking about campaigning and bringing in volunteering and.

00:33:47.700 --> 00:33:58.740 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: All different avenues anything I could think of was bringing ED and I remember the first time I brought me terminal just got a couple blocks and.

00:33:59.490 --> 00:34:16.890 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: kind of explain a bit and right yeah carry on doing what they were doing and I realized that that pine that it needed for the again so i'm going man i'm asking questions and i'm just getting the same response and it's I.

00:34:18.750 --> 00:34:26.370 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: don't permit that kind of thinking is a privilege being able to be part of a movement like that is a privilege.

00:34:27.060 --> 00:34:37.200 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: and believe being politically minded is a privilege, because if you've not got the Ad space for that, because you're surviving dates get.

00:34:37.650 --> 00:34:54.180 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: All that's just going to pass you by and you so accepting of it anyway so sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape, all of that that's in a day's work, so why would you come on social media shout about it.

00:34:57.000 --> 00:34:57.360 Graham Dobbin: wow.

00:34:58.530 --> 00:35:04.110 Graham Dobbin: So it's a challenge for us there for the what do we put do we need to be doing for for to be.

00:35:05.220 --> 00:35:11.790 Graham Dobbin: Maybe the question for the, we need to be recognized and if if if we're not in that world with us a daily life.

00:35:13.140 --> 00:35:15.870 Graham Dobbin: And we don't recognize that it's kind of being normal.

00:35:17.340 --> 00:35:21.720 Graham Dobbin: it's not normal Do you know what I mean by that they get a it's almost normalized.

00:35:22.200 --> 00:35:30.900 Graham Dobbin: And how do we help support people, how do we become aware of it, because the me to movement, which was huge in you know rightly exposed a lot of different things.

00:35:31.350 --> 00:35:37.980 Graham Dobbin: But just hearing you say that it's almost as if for the meeting movement it's been people to move on and they're looking back at it.

00:35:38.370 --> 00:35:53.040 Graham Dobbin: And they can begin to talk over and talk about that this happened, and this shape what you're talking about people are still there yeah yeah it's the that in it and that's what we kind of need to be working with needs to be pulling people over given by.

00:35:54.090 --> 00:36:07.920 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: The name of the media team movement which really powerful one group of women, or maybe tab but then there's so many other groups that didn't really get a lot of care, like.

00:36:10.080 --> 00:36:14.250 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: For me, the me to movement was quite why.

00:36:16.110 --> 00:36:17.010 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Do you not have a.

00:36:19.200 --> 00:36:26.460 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Quiet middle class, and for the women around the sharp is that and.

00:36:27.120 --> 00:36:40.680 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: they're not even recognize because part was talking before about sex workers in the median pretty woman, but then there's the flip side didn't that and it's all the serial killer documentaries.

00:36:41.520 --> 00:37:02.460 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Where they're just a footnote and it's I it everything is so simple far as lie, even in that program it's about the perpetrator and not the victim and they get pushed to the bottom, all the time, so I think it's recognizing that that first.

00:37:03.480 --> 00:37:06.030 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: I did not say the first level.

00:37:07.770 --> 00:37:09.000 Graham Dobbin: um I was just.

00:37:10.110 --> 00:37:14.130 Alison Lloyd: yeah I mean I think a lot of female sex work is the kind of.

00:37:14.520 --> 00:37:14.970 Graham Dobbin: This this.

00:37:15.000 --> 00:37:19.200 Alison Lloyd: kind of term you know hard to reach label, you know.

00:37:20.610 --> 00:37:28.050 Alison Lloyd: And it makes it easier than to be able to ignore it doesn't it because the hard to reach because they come out at night, as color was saying, you know that's the whole thing.

00:37:28.470 --> 00:37:39.120 Alison Lloyd: Sex workers work throughout the whole day you know they don't just work at night, you know in there, like trench coats and you know what kind of whole thing it's just wrong isn't it.

00:37:39.810 --> 00:37:48.180 Alison Lloyd: It gives a strange kind of side to it, you know basically to me what hard to you know how to reach me is under resourced.

00:37:49.170 --> 00:37:52.110 Alison Lloyd: You know, we don't have the resources to deal with.

00:37:52.440 --> 00:38:06.870 Alison Lloyd: This part of society or that part of society therefore we're just going to push it, because actually the hard to reach so it's almost not for and I completely agree with all that said it was a very middle class very white you know it was it was kind of all very heterosexual.

00:38:08.550 --> 00:38:18.060 Alison Lloyd: You know identity that that came through and actually came from very top down, and actually we need to working from bottom up, whatever that bottom is whether it's grassroots work, whether it's.

00:38:18.390 --> 00:38:28.230 Alison Lloyd: You know, with different LGBT Q plus people you know, whatever it is, we need to expand this and it's not a one trick pony you know sex workers.

00:38:28.560 --> 00:38:40.140 Alison Lloyd: deal with this every single day, you know in Manchester We have lots of traffic to women, we have lots of sexual violence that's on on the beads you know and online people who work online.

00:38:41.340 --> 00:38:56.760 Alison Lloyd: I could go on about this forever great well i'll step off my soapbox now, but you know this under resourcefulness and this you know label that we give it's very easy way for certain people within society is to kind of keep certain people where they are.

00:38:58.860 --> 00:39:05.340 Graham Dobbin: Since the feminists is creating an alert world and you're not a soapbox allison, I can assure you, but you know.

00:39:05.940 --> 00:39:16.320 Graham Dobbin: We need to be seeing this if people are going to be allowed to one of the things i'll come back to what color was mentioning about documentaries and and you know the resume the recent one.

00:39:18.240 --> 00:39:27.750 Graham Dobbin: That was done on the ripple Yorkshire Ripper and I remember picking up when they were interview pleased and this was real footage from you know back in the 1970s.

00:39:28.140 --> 00:39:34.230 Graham Dobbin: And there was this, I think it was a second or third victim said, and she was a respectable girl she didn't even work.

00:39:34.530 --> 00:39:48.180 Graham Dobbin: She wasn't even working on she was a sex worker she this one was respectable, so we need to take this seriously, no, and it was really marked the difference in attitude I think I think almost do the investigation stepped up at that point.

00:39:49.560 --> 00:40:01.050 Graham Dobbin: One of the other things I was, I was researching this a kind of comes across really, really, clearly the if there's less stigma around sex working or if it's legalized.

00:40:02.370 --> 00:40:10.260 Graham Dobbin: The women tend to be safer, it tends to be less happening around that so to legalize it's going to be that's kind of a longer word.

00:40:10.590 --> 00:40:20.760 Graham Dobbin: For such challenge, what do we need to be doing to make it less stigmatized what do we think just curious about your thoughts on how do we make it yeah gone color.

00:40:23.640 --> 00:40:34.830 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: is becoming more mainstream now it's not just a street corner, are a brothel above a shot with a red light in the window you've got girls.

00:40:35.970 --> 00:40:45.120 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: going out on one into do well in life but you've got to get through university first and they're engaging in sex work on line now.

00:40:45.840 --> 00:40:57.180 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: They may be coming from a really empowered informed possession position for years down the line is still going to patrolmen still going to be left with thought now.

00:41:01.080 --> 00:41:20.400 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: If we don't get our head around this said it's not just about models is a it's about keeping people say you know morals are all well and good, but if people are alive to can't keep the morals so it's about challenging when you have to have allison.

00:41:22.710 --> 00:41:23.160 Graham Dobbin: Thank you.

00:41:23.910 --> 00:41:24.420 Alison Lloyd: I mean, I think.

00:41:25.530 --> 00:41:30.120 Alison Lloyd: The whole thing is that you know we define sex workers as as close as street workers.

00:41:30.750 --> 00:41:42.540 Alison Lloyd: You know, on the corner and and it's so much bigger than that you know, I was reading something before and he was saying, you know, some people might class burlesque dancing as kind of sex work because it's very sexy and.

00:41:42.840 --> 00:41:46.350 Alison Lloyd: You know people would disagree with that I don't know where I sit on that one.

00:41:46.710 --> 00:41:57.870 Alison Lloyd: But you know again there's pictures this online work this you know phone work has gone up massively obviously in the pandemic, you know this will still happens, even though we have a pandemic going on.

00:41:58.140 --> 00:42:14.460 Alison Lloyd: You know, women are still trafficked it's a bigger picture it's just not the woman stood on the corner it's educating isn't it and and actually was what is the greater good, I should we want to keep everybody safe, you know, reducing home yeah.

00:42:15.570 --> 00:42:16.050 Graham Dobbin: um.

00:42:17.490 --> 00:42:23.970 Graham Dobbin: Since you've been you've been involved for 50 years allison and collect you know you're seeing it from from from from different sides.

00:42:24.840 --> 00:42:42.570 Graham Dobbin: I am curious about have you seen any changes, what kind of insights of you've got on has the environment changed in your shoes has the approach, apart from obviously technology's changed with the lowest lows access in different ways, but is there anything else that's happening.

00:42:43.830 --> 00:42:44.490 Alison Lloyd: I mean, I think.

00:42:44.700 --> 00:42:52.020 Alison Lloyd: Greater Manchester we've seen that geographically or regeneration has changed so it's changing the landscape, so the bees having to move.

00:42:52.560 --> 00:43:06.030 Alison Lloyd: So where the original beat was that was taken over by trying to transport link, you know part of the transport link so that's push the people who are working in that area into either unsafe methods or it's different areas.

00:43:06.570 --> 00:43:13.740 Alison Lloyd: And so that's a big big thing I didn't whether you'd agree with with that, I mean the environment, for me, when I was actually on the beam kind of you know.

00:43:14.070 --> 00:43:29.100 Alison Lloyd: there's a volunteer you know massive amount of traffic to women, and you know coming from more Eastern European countries in a violence that increase sexual violence, violence towards women it increased, along with all the online work I don't really agree with that call.

00:43:29.760 --> 00:43:31.920 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Oh yes, so a lot of things.

00:43:33.960 --> 00:43:56.880 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: So as austerity it's been in in England and it's been getting worse and worse than the pinches that are coming out like whereas women more to stay hidden before by lie transactional sex with my sex for a bad sex for food sex drugs yeah and now becoming more and more peer support so.

00:43:57.900 --> 00:44:09.720 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Even the women that you're passing by that sat outside in a bank with a cult been a little dog on the string she's been proposition de la.

00:44:10.860 --> 00:44:15.720 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: No, I mean it is it's absolutely everywhere.

00:44:16.710 --> 00:44:22.080 Alison Lloyd: And that woman, he was being property who's got the you know is potentially begging or asking for money.

00:44:22.410 --> 00:44:30.210 Alison Lloyd: You know there's somebody who's running her so you know it's it's it's it's a massive gang operation, you know so it's almost gone from.

00:44:30.480 --> 00:44:35.820 Alison Lloyd: No sex work to actually though they're more money if they're smart they're begging, a woman will earn more money than a man.

00:44:36.150 --> 00:44:43.200 Alison Lloyd: So therefore they have somebody you is there caretaker inverted cards, but they're watching to see what they're doing and they're engaging with.

00:44:43.800 --> 00:44:46.830 Alison Lloyd: And we have a massive homeless population.

00:44:47.520 --> 00:45:03.360 Alison Lloyd: in Manchester and you know you we see We saw it in much all the time and we didn't quite a lot of work around that but again it's the changes now they wouldn't actually necessary identify would they colors as a sex worker but they're still doing transactional sex.

00:45:03.930 --> 00:45:07.770 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And that means the don't get the harm reduction support that they need.

00:45:08.550 --> 00:45:22.530 Alison Lloyd: And I think with austerity as well, people have become riskier in their sexual behavior maybe not using casino certain certain fractions have not been using condoms, or you know doing certain things for less money, or what have you.

00:45:24.240 --> 00:45:35.520 Graham Dobbin: With a bicycle to our final break when we come back and I really want to focus on kind of the impact that you're both having at the moment the kind of changes that you're seeing on.

00:45:36.990 --> 00:45:50.520 Graham Dobbin: Probably, especially for killer How does it feel to be not say to making those changes, you always seem to the mind behind leadership and we're not talk radio dot nyc and we'll be back after these messages.

00:45:57.510 --> 00:45:58.650 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: educate and.

00:48:12.570 --> 00:48:15.600 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back we're talking the beat to the butcher.

00:48:16.800 --> 00:48:17.490 Graham Dobbin: killer.

00:48:20.460 --> 00:48:28.620 Graham Dobbin: Know you're, on the other side you're helping others who may be being of who are in the position that you're in or something similar, what kind of things are you doing.

00:48:29.580 --> 00:48:32.520 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Oh, I can supply towels in i'm.

00:48:33.690 --> 00:48:42.450 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: it's quite a large scheme and we've got 15 rooms emergency SEC OPS we've got eight emergency paths.

00:48:42.870 --> 00:48:55.890 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: That given out like on a night by night basis, then we've got rooms there move got disperse property so rarely family attorney provide severely code like move on.

00:48:56.370 --> 00:49:11.280 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Disability could change the way, and so the things i'm Kevin on a day to day i'm like i'm the girls can find the cast me and the policy I know where it.

00:49:14.400 --> 00:49:21.780 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: What what i'm doing at the moment is working smallness very, very different I feel like.

00:49:23.130 --> 00:49:39.240 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: i'm seeing stuff that i'm Why can now I am seeing my I know everyone's saying that the pandemics, I each file and it is really thought he can't get away from that, but for the women that were talking about a thing.

00:49:40.410 --> 00:49:44.580 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Some of the changes that have happened because of cold feet have been barely got.

00:49:45.150 --> 00:49:45.510 It.

00:49:47.880 --> 00:49:49.830 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: So, in what way is like.

00:49:49.860 --> 00:49:53.910 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Universal credit, the British benefit system.

00:49:54.360 --> 00:50:06.900 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Now it makes it so much easier to make that claim and start the claim before you back to get five deck now if you're living on the street you're not going to wildfire day.

00:50:07.140 --> 00:50:15.960 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: So you're not going to get the universal benefit claim and then obviously just an account and drug set because of.

00:50:16.920 --> 00:50:40.500 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Because the Gray, to the drugs is coming down as well, a lot of women have actually reached out to substitute scribe in and they've been able to stick to that quite well so that's not and he also made that simpler so i'm hoping, some of these changes we're going to keep moving forward.

00:50:41.610 --> 00:50:51.960 Graham Dobbin: And suppose I wonder if that comes back to something you mentioned earlier about that little bit of control when you're going to some prescription you're beginning to maybe control a little bit more yourself.

00:50:53.010 --> 00:51:03.510 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Well yeah and it's more of a choice, and it is not chasing that next it you've got 24 hours, where you know getting up physically on wealth.

00:51:03.990 --> 00:51:19.110 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: So, even just that little arrest by that little rest by that let stock person committed sleep in a bed up a hot meal Otto Sharma and start to feel more game and again.

00:51:19.710 --> 00:51:23.430 Graham Dobbin: You interact with people who you can recognize.

00:51:23.970 --> 00:51:40.500 Graham Dobbin: So, again you've done all this functional stuff again I know there's more to it, I know there's more to it, I know I know that you get involved more, how do you get you know how does it feel when you see someone coming in and you think I should know if they just if they realize this.

00:51:41.700 --> 00:51:42.330 Graham Dobbin: Change.

00:51:44.400 --> 00:51:47.850 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Well, for instance, there was one guy and.

00:51:49.800 --> 00:52:00.120 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: He was held them on diet, I go in at every single day and I did it be overdosing and things like that and.

00:52:00.960 --> 00:52:13.920 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: I just made myself into the biggest pain in the backside every time he was going over appeal winters are be making noises at the like pestering him.

00:52:14.400 --> 00:52:36.930 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: And it come down Monday anyway y'all like to know a little sister, and I am because she not dying, you know matt and I got a photograph about six months lay our it completed rehab it put on way it got all his teeth fixed a lot, really, really well and he was getting.

00:52:38.250 --> 00:52:42.480 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: I could see a real char your MySpace and that way over there.

00:52:42.840 --> 00:52:44.040 Graham Dobbin: How does it feel.

00:52:45.150 --> 00:53:00.810 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: wow Mexico gets pumped on you know, like while it's going on at the time, go got there, I was so frustrated at up the line of coke be walking into Mecca blah right it's not dying on me today.

00:53:01.350 --> 00:53:10.860 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: You know of it, I get like really like at all about it, but then the reward on the back of that makes it all worthwhile.

00:53:11.790 --> 00:53:18.960 Graham Dobbin: Famous reality is now Alice now they you know they achievement of today is that something doesn't die in US oh.

00:53:19.080 --> 00:53:25.110 Alison Lloyd: Absolutely, and you change one life as a potential changes and the ripple effect that it has to.

00:53:26.550 --> 00:53:40.800 Graham Dobbin: Look, I know we've not got a lot of time together i'm really curious for both of you, because we're working such and such an environment, how do you keep emotionally detached or do you, you know how did, how did you not take that baggage away with you.

00:53:42.930 --> 00:53:47.190 Alison Lloyd: Well, I think, for me at first it was really hard, but it was a real skill that I had to learn.

00:53:47.790 --> 00:53:54.810 Alison Lloyd: And yeah I had to realize the difference, I felt like I was making and take that and understand that I can't change the world.

00:53:55.080 --> 00:54:03.990 Alison Lloyd: In one nice I can't you know, make the difference if someone doesn't want to work with me and make that that change our challenge and i'll keep on challenging.

00:54:04.800 --> 00:54:14.310 Alison Lloyd: But you know, at the end of the day, that's all we can do, and we have to keep ourselves safe and our sanity safe, particularly in very challenging areas that we've worked in.

00:54:15.360 --> 00:54:16.440 Graham Dobbin: Thank you color.

00:54:17.220 --> 00:54:18.750 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: yeah I agree with that.

00:54:20.580 --> 00:54:34.050 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: i've got quite a tool kit where I actually physically come in and I put a barrier between work and make like a walk home from work takes me about.

00:54:34.920 --> 00:54:49.950 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Maybe 20 minutes and okay now, and from that spirit of escapism and listening to a podcast or to Paul and Paul read i'm making cards i'm.

00:54:50.460 --> 00:55:09.840 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: just giving something that makes me feel got an a thing paid discipline can gave me not advocate I still have to bear the cost because it's been a manly it can I get the weather adult what I did i'm just to trapped in it, but I have made himself day back.

00:55:10.980 --> 00:55:11.100 i've.

00:55:12.180 --> 00:55:18.060 Graham Dobbin: Only got a couple of minutes left so really, really briefly what particular message, it can be on the topic that we've been speaking about.

00:55:18.780 --> 00:55:28.230 Graham Dobbin: And we're thinking about international women's day and about challenge, what kind of message do you want us to hear people who maybe don't understand this world.

00:55:31.470 --> 00:55:35.850 Graham Dobbin: What do you think we need, what do we think we maybe should be fishing for corn color.

00:55:37.080 --> 00:55:41.160 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: I can point the only really succinct where don't be back.

00:55:42.300 --> 00:55:42.600 Graham Dobbin: Okay.

00:55:44.250 --> 00:55:49.710 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: Just basically you know reset futile judgments because.

00:55:51.120 --> 00:55:59.220 Colette Cronshaw ~ MASH trustee: You know if this woman's gonna pick open Allah that's a given cheese that drop it in the Air flight so yeah just don't be a dead.

00:55:59.850 --> 00:56:02.550 Graham Dobbin: person, how do you how do you expand on that one.

00:56:04.680 --> 00:56:09.180 Alison Lloyd: To go with it from that, I mean just having the courage to keep on going, and you know.

00:56:09.720 --> 00:56:15.630 Alison Lloyd: The right things do happen, sometimes at the right time, but sometimes we have to work on them and it's about supporting each other.

00:56:15.990 --> 00:56:27.210 Alison Lloyd: And you know in in lockdowns and dark dark times you know times and we've all had those very recently, you know I think change isn't necessarily mandatory but it's a way forward.

00:56:27.930 --> 00:56:28.470 um.

00:56:30.240 --> 00:56:36.600 Graham Dobbin: we've got lots of messages from the ceiling loss of a Hawk be the best of the best.

00:56:37.980 --> 00:56:44.400 Graham Dobbin: Be ready to feel again was one that jumped out, thank you for that color, but I think we're kind of summarize that but don't be a day.

00:56:44.880 --> 00:56:57.450 Graham Dobbin: And guys I genuinely I have been looking forward to doing this interview for such a long time collect crunch or allison life Thank you so much for joining me for being so open and being so just just.

00:56:58.020 --> 00:57:07.260 Graham Dobbin: sharing everything we've got you've been listening to my bank leadership on talk radio dot nyc join us again next Thursday evening at 7pm good night.

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