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Friday, April 2, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/02 - Brand Identity & Values

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/02 - Brand Identity & Values


2021/04/02 - Brand Identity & Values

[NEW EPISODE] Brand Identity & Values

On the heels of my mentor, Tony D, I've been digging deep into brand identity, mission statements and company culture & values lately. It's been the topic of many Clubhouse rooms that both myself and Joseph Massaro, of Connecticut-based Bruno Massaro & Sons, have participated in recently. This week, Joseph & I are going to venture down the rabbit hole to discuss ways these necessary components of you business inform each other and your outreach.

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the message, “It is often difficult on how to accomplish your goals, if you know the why you want to accomplish your goals, it is easier to figure out the how”, and introduces his guest Joseph Massaro. The two discuss the necessity of the principle of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, which is important both in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and in business. Jeremiah and Joseph both discuss their experiences in martial arts and their future goals in each of the martial arts they partake in. The two discuss entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, and the similarities and differences between him and Jeremiah’s personal mentor, Tony D. Jeremiah explains his journey in the restaurant industry, and his experience in opening up restaurants through the New York boroughs. The two discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the restaurant industry, and Joseph brings up the point that many of the people who operate restaurants who have operated outside of the box throughout the pandemic have continued to be successful in the pandemic.

Segment 2

The two discuss the need to be cautious, and not to put all of your eggs into one basket, as the trends are continuously changing, and you do not know what the next trend in business will be. Jeremiah discusses the saying that his mentor had told him that, “It is better to own 20% of five things than to own 100% of one thing”, and how this mindset influences his business decisions. Joseph discusses his personal investments, and how he works to invest in stocks, precious metals, as well as some artwork, and how by spreading out his investments is the best way to invest his money. He also retells an anecdote about how he invested 25 dollars in sealed pokemon cards years ago, which he recently sold for 3750 dollars. The two discuss Joseph’s full time job in construction, and the changes he made due to the housing crisis in 2008. Joseph also explains how he believes that one’s own time is more important than any amount of money you can make, and that one will get more out of life by spending time with family and friends, rather than only working and earning money.

Segment 3

Jeremiah and Joseph discuss Joseph’s three pillars, which are the words that Joseph would want to be associated with his business, hardworking, loyalty and artistry. Joseph explains the difference between being a leader and a boss, and how he doesn’t believe in operating as a boss with his employees, but rather operating as a leader. The two also discuss the working environment at Bruno Massaro & Sons, and how because they treat their employees well, and pay them well even though their employees are not unionized, they are able to retain almost all of their employees. Jeremiah and Joseph discuss the differences between hardworking and experience, and how Joseph is able to marry the two through his business. The two discuss the saying of “selling to 98.2 degrees”, and that everyone is in the human business, and what matters more than your product is the customer.

Segment 4

The two discuss loyalty and honesty in running a business, both with each other and with the clients. Joseph explains how he builds loyalty with his clients, citing one anecdote about how one of his clients was not happy with the job done, and he redid the job so they were happy with the outcome, displaying his loyalty to the customer by redoing the job without charging them more. By showing loyalty to the customer, the customer in return is loyal to him, with both continued business and positive reviews of their business online. The two discuss marketing on social media, and how they focus on the story of themselves and their business rather than the work itself, allowing a relationship to build between them and potential clients.


00:00:27.270 --> 00:00:33.210 Jeremiah Fox: Happy Friday everybody welcome back you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox is booming.

00:00:33.720 --> 00:00:38.460 Jeremiah Fox: Across the universe from my restaurant della here in brooklyn New York today we're zooming in Connecticut.

00:00:39.150 --> 00:00:48.660 Jeremiah Fox: But before we bring our guests on today, the message of the week is a message I heard very often training Brazilian jujitsu over the last six years, and it is.

00:00:49.380 --> 00:01:00.300 Jeremiah Fox: It is often difficult to know how to accomplish your goals, but if you know why you want to accomplish them the how often reveals itself over time with that.

00:01:00.570 --> 00:01:12.570 Jeremiah Fox: We are going to be discussing our wise today with Joseph massaro of Bruno massaro and sons again hailing out of Connecticut he's got a background in construction and housing, but.

00:01:12.960 --> 00:01:21.180 Jeremiah Fox: Have a feeling this guy's got a couple other things up his sleeve, that will be revealed today with that welcome to the entrepreneurial web Joseph how are you today, sir.

00:01:22.860 --> 00:01:38.100 Jeremiah Fox: awesome awesome so before we hop into all this and your family business and our wise I gotta ask I didn't I was like just kind of creeping on your instagram to extract some promo pictures and that come across this picture of you are you actually in Gary van or trucks office.

00:01:38.190 --> 00:01:38.550 Yes.

00:01:40.620 --> 00:01:42.150 Jeremiah Fox: I mean the backstory on this.

00:01:42.150 --> 00:01:43.230 Joseph Massaro: man was is that.

00:01:43.980 --> 00:01:45.150 Jeremiah Fox: I was like was that photoshop.

00:01:46.200 --> 00:01:46.890 Joseph Massaro: photoshop.

00:01:47.940 --> 00:01:51.930 Joseph Massaro: Gary about three years ago started heavily talking about baseball cards again.

00:01:52.710 --> 00:02:01.500 Joseph Massaro: So it was it was like summer night and he was on Twitter he's like hey i'm looking for these 86 glares basketball cards.

00:02:02.130 --> 00:02:12.840 Joseph Massaro: So i've had, I had a stack a book of 88 flir basketball cards and like doubles and the stickers and everything had him for like 30 something years sitting on my shelves.

00:02:13.590 --> 00:02:24.120 Joseph Massaro: And I tweeted I said I got I got eats he hit me up a Tyler Tyler emailed me me and Gary spoke through email back and forth.

00:02:24.480 --> 00:02:32.010 Joseph Massaro: He says, what do you want for him, I said I don't want anything I said i'll give them to you just to like hang out meet, or whatever you say fine come to New York City.

00:02:32.280 --> 00:02:42.300 Joseph Massaro: will hang out five minutes, whatever talk you'll be on the vlog or whatnot five minutes became 25 minutes and that's a daily before 94 if you're interested.

00:02:42.570 --> 00:02:44.520 Jeremiah Fox: wow amazing that's so.

00:02:44.850 --> 00:02:47.670 Joseph Massaro: It was just very good and I had just got into them.

00:02:47.940 --> 00:02:49.800 Joseph Massaro: Like I didn't know Gary was a friend.

00:02:49.890 --> 00:02:56.850 Joseph Massaro: Shared a video there like I was like who's this guy tells you know it was like he says a lot of things like.

00:02:57.390 --> 00:03:06.510 Joseph Massaro: The way I was raised, you know so he's like European were European my father came here from Italy, so we were raised kind of the exact same way i'm like.

00:03:06.810 --> 00:03:18.570 Joseph Massaro: How does this guy know the same thing that I learned as a kid you know, so I got into them that way, and then I just started pursuing them through just watching them and then it was like you know it was meant to be.

00:03:18.840 --> 00:03:21.420 Jeremiah Fox: that's amazing that's such a great story so.

00:03:21.660 --> 00:03:24.420 Joseph Massaro: I haven't been a few other times, besides i'm not gonna brag.

00:03:24.900 --> 00:03:30.510 Jeremiah Fox: No, no it's it's you should brag man that you've got the spotlight today that's what you're here to do you hear that.

00:03:30.600 --> 00:03:33.930 Joseph Massaro: it's really been an honor being hooked up with those guys and that team.

00:03:34.440 --> 00:03:44.430 Joseph Massaro: They are as real as they seem on the Internet, like people you think like are one way, then you meet them like I met the rock a couple times I got the new Tyler I got to meet the entire empathy wines team.

00:03:44.820 --> 00:03:57.990 Joseph Massaro: Had a special release of the row say in New York City a couple years back um I thought boy wine tastings with Gary with wine library, you know i'm like a venture group young yes i'm like.

00:03:57.990 --> 00:04:05.100 Joseph Massaro: yeah so another one of them, you know so it's been a it's been a good time it's a lot to learn from that guy I mean.

00:04:05.940 --> 00:04:17.040 Joseph Massaro: Amazingly brilliant he's like it's amazingly I would get my he's my age like I always felt older, even when I was younger but i'm next to him talking to him, like should I feel like a kid again.

00:04:17.160 --> 00:04:17.610 Jeremiah Fox: yep.

00:04:17.670 --> 00:04:20.580 Joseph Massaro: You know it's just and that's a great feel to have someone where.

00:04:21.000 --> 00:04:27.210 Joseph Massaro: They make you think again, like you, don't feel like you're everyone's looking to like here everyone's looking to me for answers.

00:04:27.540 --> 00:04:43.800 Joseph Massaro: So i'm that guy in my world here so it's nice to leave my role here, and feel like the small fish in the pond again so some people can really do that ego wise, but I like to put myself in uncomfortable situations, so it works out pretty well.

00:04:43.980 --> 00:04:54.690 Jeremiah Fox: No that's that's a great way to grow and another super consistent theme in Brazilian jujitsu it's like get comfortable being uncomfortable because that's real that's where the real candy is.

00:04:54.870 --> 00:04:58.410 Joseph Massaro: My jujitsu for a while I was doing my God, because I couldn't.

00:04:59.520 --> 00:05:02.820 Joseph Massaro: I was more Jiu jitsu is hard I couldn't do it.

00:05:03.450 --> 00:05:04.590 Jeremiah Fox: you'd like the dirty boxing.

00:05:04.590 --> 00:05:08.400 Joseph Massaro: I like to be fighting number of black eyes bloody nose.

00:05:08.460 --> 00:05:08.850 Jeremiah Fox: Oh yeah.

00:05:08.880 --> 00:05:15.630 Joseph Massaro: I was like what are you doing I had to stop when they they put me in some hold on oh what's it called like the gomorrah or something.

00:05:15.630 --> 00:05:16.230 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:05:16.890 --> 00:05:24.300 Joseph Massaro: He twisted out my my shoulder so bad I couldn't move like three years you know what i'm getting for i'll be 45 now i'm good.

00:05:24.450 --> 00:05:35.340 Jeremiah Fox: yeah no that's that's combat sports man, yes, and I feel you i'm the same age and I get banged up I trained, this morning I met hens oh gracie Academy in Manhattan, and that is a tough roaming.

00:05:36.870 --> 00:05:37.710 Joseph Massaro: Around over there.

00:05:37.800 --> 00:05:48.210 Jeremiah Fox: Now, no but it's great and yeah you walk away yeah little broken nose like slightly broken nose a black guy you know there's a couple guys that makes a little drama guy, and again I poke.

00:05:50.100 --> 00:05:51.450 Joseph Massaro: bj J and.

00:05:52.710 --> 00:05:53.070 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:05:53.100 --> 00:05:57.750 Joseph Massaro: So we had a cross them everybody and everyone crossing classes, they got interesting.

00:05:57.990 --> 00:06:05.460 Joseph Massaro: yeah job guys we just want to be fighting we don't want to be rolling on the ground at all, we just want to be punching and kicking and everything else.

00:06:05.520 --> 00:06:17.280 Jeremiah Fox: yeah no I one of my close training partners he's a crop teacher and we would always add go in the back room afterwards and and he showed me a couple things and yeah that's great I do like I wish I had more.

00:06:17.310 --> 00:06:19.620 Joseph Massaro: My teacher won't go easy ever so that's yeah.

00:06:20.550 --> 00:06:22.170 Joseph Massaro: yeah yes, want to do the old guys.

00:06:24.120 --> 00:06:25.020 Joseph Massaro: Young kid version.

00:06:25.290 --> 00:06:29.190 Jeremiah Fox: I don't know that existing crowd I definitely this in jujitsu guy.

00:06:29.220 --> 00:06:30.540 Joseph Massaro: Maybe not, I think doesn't it.

00:06:31.050 --> 00:06:32.310 Jeremiah Fox: yeah they're like no it's your.

00:06:32.310 --> 00:06:34.800 Joseph Massaro: dad 20 year old kids beating the shit out of me i'm.

00:06:34.800 --> 00:06:35.850 Joseph Massaro: Like no i'm good.

00:06:36.060 --> 00:06:37.290 Jeremiah Fox: I know that feeling.

00:06:37.320 --> 00:06:48.660 Jeremiah Fox: Good it's an interesting point that you bring up to about you know the immigrant value system, you know my my family's been in the States for a long time, but I worked.

00:06:49.320 --> 00:06:57.240 Jeremiah Fox: Under a lot of immigrants, over time, mainly Italian, most of them were Italian and my restaurant is Italian we make of the fresh pasta.

00:06:57.300 --> 00:06:59.550 Joseph Massaro: Oh beautiful to come down there, I mean i'm.

00:06:59.550 --> 00:07:03.030 Joseph Massaro: At my blog so I mean I gotta come down there and check it out.

00:07:03.030 --> 00:07:07.590 Jeremiah Fox: yeah no I saw that and I saw a picture of you in like a pizzeria and I was like man.

00:07:08.040 --> 00:07:13.230 Joseph Massaro: i'm all about the food man like it's you know we're telling you get it, so he worked in our towns, you understand.

00:07:13.470 --> 00:07:21.870 Jeremiah Fox: yeah they that I grew up in pizzerias and and actually it's funny so my one of my first boss is he's been a lifelong mentor to me.

00:07:23.190 --> 00:07:26.580 Jeremiah Fox: You know, he hardcore Italian from New Jersey and.

00:07:27.840 --> 00:07:31.140 Jeremiah Fox: he's just watched him grow as sort of worked for him and 93.

00:07:31.470 --> 00:07:44.970 Jeremiah Fox: I had this relationship, this whole time and now he's like franchise he's creating training programs for like hospitals and stuff so he's the one who really got me thinking hardcore about what we're going to talk about today i'll have to connect the two of you, because.

00:07:45.000 --> 00:07:46.560 Jeremiah Fox: You guys three guys get along.

00:07:46.560 --> 00:07:52.860 Joseph Massaro: Great thanks for having me Jersey that's actually what i'm going next week i'm going down to San fills in Jersey.

00:07:52.980 --> 00:08:05.850 Joseph Massaro: yeah Seattle Seattle oh so i've been down there a couple times i've actually got a relationship what i'm listen i'm a foodie like i'm on one of these bloggers going and looking for a free meal it's not my style on my phone ringing.

00:08:06.000 --> 00:08:06.450 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:08:06.840 --> 00:08:09.120 Joseph Massaro: it's not my style so um.

00:08:10.830 --> 00:08:15.660 Joseph Massaro: But um yeah check if these New Jersey i'll definitely i'll definitely check him out.

00:08:15.750 --> 00:08:25.260 Jeremiah Fox: But he's actually headquartered in Virginia now um he had some spots in Jersey, but at the moment of their they're all they're not interested anymore, but what I connect you on.

00:08:25.320 --> 00:08:26.940 Jeremiah Fox: All I like it yeah he's a.

00:08:27.240 --> 00:08:35.580 Jeremiah Fox: Big time on clubhouse I call them the clubhouse King he's like see he made he gets in these rooms with like grant cardone and people like that man it's crazy.

00:08:35.610 --> 00:08:36.720 Joseph Massaro: And I started talking.

00:08:36.810 --> 00:08:45.090 Jeremiah Fox: And he gets to speak, he gets brought up but I mean he's he's got to eight figure companies like he's also he's in construction as well, like you, guys love each other, you will have.

00:08:45.090 --> 00:08:56.580 Jeremiah Fox: slop each other, but he has like it's funny when I you know i've got into Gary in like 2006 2007 with wine library TV TV, because I was selling wine here in New York, that was like my main job.

00:08:57.090 --> 00:09:06.960 Jeremiah Fox: Early and, and so my friend was like you got to check this guy out, and I would come home, and you know, like on my on my desktop like open YouTube and my wife.

00:09:07.650 --> 00:09:14.550 Jeremiah Fox: she's still can't stand his voice you'd be like, oh no not him again I would open a bottle of wine after work and just listen to him in.

00:09:15.270 --> 00:09:27.540 Jeremiah Fox: Love I love the way he talked and and that was only like a six month period and then that's when we started opening stuff up like right after that I got really busy, and like not spending any time on like computers or social media, I was like boots in the street kind of.

00:09:27.540 --> 00:09:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: Guy and then um excuse me, we when we had our third kid like life slowed down a little bit This is like your he's not even three yet, so this is like two years ago.

00:09:37.260 --> 00:09:48.420 Jeremiah Fox: And someone sent me a video, and it was somebody else it was another like motivational speaker, but in the feed below it was Gary van der chuck and I was like oh man what's this guy up to I hadn't heard.

00:09:48.840 --> 00:09:50.070 Joseph Massaro: dropped off for years.

00:09:50.070 --> 00:09:51.300 Jeremiah Fox: Like 10 years man and.

00:09:51.840 --> 00:09:54.570 Jeremiah Fox: I click the video like wait what happened.

00:09:55.740 --> 00:10:07.920 Jeremiah Fox: crazy but i'm listening to him speak and, unlike he cuz he's from Jersey also I don't like he sounds just like Tony he sounds just like like the guys the same way and, like he's a trash mouth.

00:10:07.950 --> 00:10:08.610 Joseph Massaro: To like he's.

00:10:08.820 --> 00:10:17.280 Jeremiah Fox: Like the craziest things but he's got the same rhythm, you know and it's like I was like, finally, a certain point I realized that like I had my own Gary vee.

00:10:17.310 --> 00:10:21.750 Joseph Massaro: Growing and that's nice when you have a nice mentor like that I have an uncle like that so.

00:10:22.590 --> 00:10:32.580 Joseph Massaro: he's was in construction real estate his whole life as well, so he's kind of been our mentors my mother's brother, so I kind of know you're saying I get out yeah we get.

00:10:33.180 --> 00:10:43.110 Joseph Massaro: We didn't have like these bigger you know we just it was whoever's around us, you know, like it was at a kitchen table the basement eating Sunday dinner, and someone hitting you going well, what are you doing.

00:10:43.290 --> 00:10:49.350 Joseph Massaro: yeah you should be doing this like everyone's trying to give you a little bit of that wisdom to see what do you know.

00:10:49.440 --> 00:10:56.940 Jeremiah Fox: yeah all the time, and so, for us, it would be like either while we were working and things were like super hot or and the super casual bands or.

00:10:56.970 --> 00:10:58.290 Joseph Massaro: Afterwards, and yeah.

00:10:58.350 --> 00:11:08.760 Jeremiah Fox: You know, even when I moved to New York because i've been up here for like over 20 years now, I think you know he he lived close to my parents so anytime I go see my family I would always go see him again.

00:11:08.790 --> 00:11:11.910 Jeremiah Fox: For me aside same thing, what are you doing what's your five year plan.

00:11:12.420 --> 00:11:12.930 Joseph Massaro: He wants to.

00:11:13.500 --> 00:11:14.610 Joseph Massaro: Where you going why.

00:11:14.790 --> 00:11:16.980 Joseph Massaro: Are you just going to be stuck here right.

00:11:17.040 --> 00:11:23.790 Jeremiah Fox: Well, you know he knew I was gone for I mean the fact that I like left and put myself out there, and you were talking about you know getting in the big pond.

00:11:23.820 --> 00:11:27.150 Joseph Massaro: You know, you can that's huge list you came from where Tennessee.

00:11:27.330 --> 00:11:28.200 Jeremiah Fox: yeah originally.

00:11:28.230 --> 00:11:36.600 Joseph Massaro: yeah I saw that on your on your on your where you were from original so I mean that's impressive come from the south of North try to make it happen so yeah yeah.

00:11:36.900 --> 00:11:39.780 Joseph Massaro: So how long you've been making it happen up there with your restaurants.

00:11:39.930 --> 00:11:43.500 Jeremiah Fox: I so again, you know we started opening stuff.

00:11:43.530 --> 00:11:47.340 Joseph Massaro: In 2011 10 years.

00:11:47.910 --> 00:12:06.150 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and I probably open, you know i've got partners in in everything mom but we've open we've open like least five locations and then we've consulted for like an easy like handful more so now i've helped open up probably like a dozen businesses.

00:12:06.240 --> 00:12:12.390 Jeremiah Fox: awesome in Manhattan and brooklyn and yeah now we're starting to ramp up our consultation.

00:12:13.440 --> 00:12:16.740 Jeremiah Fox: Because brick and mortars tough, you know it's hard and you don't.

00:12:16.800 --> 00:12:19.560 Jeremiah Fox: grow exponentially with every least you know.

00:12:19.710 --> 00:12:27.330 Joseph Massaro: With with coven it's honestly i've seen restaurants driving through code yeah so I.

00:12:27.480 --> 00:12:30.450 Joseph Massaro: You know I thought, like we would see it would be getting worse, I mean.

00:12:31.140 --> 00:12:46.320 Joseph Massaro: you've got a down staff so people would stinks for inside the inside the restaurants, but i've seen people I know who owned restaurants actually have to think outside the box and like maneuver I don't place that shut down their seating they're never opening seating again.

00:12:46.560 --> 00:12:53.130 Joseph Massaro: yeah they're never going to do, sit down ever again so pretty impressive to see that people have changed the times, you know so.

00:12:53.370 --> 00:12:55.440 Jeremiah Fox: Well, you got it you got to know yourself a little better.

00:12:55.770 --> 00:13:07.740 Joseph Massaro: yeah that's for sure happen, and they think everyone that and I thought I got to know myself pretty well in the 2008 housing crash, so I was really already ready for coven because we got our asses handed to us.

00:13:08.340 --> 00:13:16.140 Joseph Massaro: 1214 years prior so it's always just been on edge, since then, because I mean we here because.

00:13:17.070 --> 00:13:28.650 Joseph Massaro: gary's mentioned it like we've never liked that we've never let it implode yeah So what is it going to implode like and people are just living this fantasy world that it's not going to implode.

00:13:28.950 --> 00:13:36.600 Joseph Massaro: So i'm just try to tell people hey listen just get prepared things are going to change drastically I don't know which way it's going, I mean.

00:13:36.780 --> 00:13:40.290 Joseph Massaro: You got the crypto people so like they think everything's going digital.

00:13:40.500 --> 00:13:53.220 Joseph Massaro: Then you got other people who think it's not going to go that way so it's like you need to find a happy medium, all about where we are really going all this, you know so don't put all your eggs in one basket that's for sure yeah also cool.

00:13:53.520 --> 00:13:59.070 Jeremiah Fox: i'm going to pick right up with that when we come back you just like you, laid the foundation for something really cool and then we'll get into.

00:13:59.340 --> 00:14:06.600 Jeremiah Fox: we'll get into our wives and our three pillars and talk about family and business and stuff alright so hang tight everybody will be back in just a minute.

00:17:07.530 --> 00:17:15.960 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome back everybody if you're just tuning in we're zoom into Connecticut today talking to Joseph massaro of Bruno massaro and sons and he was just.

00:17:16.620 --> 00:17:22.140 Jeremiah Fox: finishing that last segment up with a real gem about how you know you can't put all your eggs in one basket.

00:17:22.560 --> 00:17:29.550 Jeremiah Fox: Things are definitely going to change, nobody knows which way it's going to go but preparation is key, so one thing that that Tony.

00:17:30.240 --> 00:17:35.790 Jeremiah Fox: he's known as Tony D on on social media is his birth name is Anthony de silvestro.

00:17:36.630 --> 00:17:42.780 Jeremiah Fox: um but he he said a lot of really great things to me over the years and, most of it, I ignore because I was just a punk dumb kid.

00:17:43.170 --> 00:17:50.940 Jeremiah Fox: um, but one thing that really stuck with me on like one of those visits was he was like man you're all over the place you're doing all these things.

00:17:51.270 --> 00:18:01.050 Jeremiah Fox: um you know you'll you'll get it together, one day, but for you, like the really important thing to remember is that it's better to own 20% of five things than 100% of one.

00:18:02.190 --> 00:18:13.980 Jeremiah Fox: And you can think that way in terms of business ownership, but you could also think that way in terms of just like your approach to life to like have all these things so like it's something that you know Gary says, all the time, like the 8020 rule you know it's always in.

00:18:14.910 --> 00:18:17.220 Joseph Massaro: Always on at least 50% of something.

00:18:17.520 --> 00:18:17.820 yeah.

00:18:21.000 --> 00:18:22.800 Jeremiah Fox: My damn close man she takes my.

00:18:22.800 --> 00:18:23.700 Jeremiah Fox: shit all the time.

00:18:26.550 --> 00:18:35.280 Joseph Massaro: it's very true you know I know I mean we're in a family business I didn't always I wasn't always here I didn't go to college, I did work in an easy business for a little bit early on.

00:18:35.310 --> 00:18:41.280 Jeremiah Fox: Man I knew it was just something I was gonna ask you like to say, please tell me you're in the music business.

00:18:41.790 --> 00:18:45.270 Joseph Massaro: I worked in the music business for a short stint I didn't go to school, for it.

00:18:45.570 --> 00:18:48.060 Jeremiah Fox: yeah so here, I have to to music degrees.

00:18:48.360 --> 00:18:48.720 Joseph Massaro: I mean.

00:18:48.810 --> 00:18:50.040 Joseph Massaro: It was great I mean.

00:18:50.070 --> 00:18:58.350 Joseph Massaro: Working constantly emotions, it was amazing I mean, but you know just was lacking like I had I got a little bit of backstory so.

00:18:59.040 --> 00:19:00.720 Jeremiah Fox: yeah go this is your opportunity.

00:19:01.140 --> 00:19:11.400 Joseph Massaro: yeah a parent who was ill for many years, so how do you leave your family behind I mean we're just sold school traditional so it's like we're there.

00:19:11.790 --> 00:19:30.570 Joseph Massaro: So how do I leave for all these years and then just come back for a funeral do you know I mean that's the way I felt so um that, at the same time I had met my now wife right before I was leaving so like I left it will all be clear across the country and I met a girl was young.

00:19:31.800 --> 00:19:45.210 Joseph Massaro: One be married to now 20 years with two kids so in retrospect, it was the right thing to do, you know we always talk about what What if she came out there, what if we never met and already never you know all those What if kind of things.

00:19:45.660 --> 00:19:53.460 Joseph Massaro: So i'm being in a family business, you know, I have two other brothers so there's you know 33% apiece okay there's one.

00:19:54.480 --> 00:20:05.190 Joseph Massaro: I own a bunch of rental property I own some with them, I own some independently, also by my mentor said, you need to own some stuff independently, so that you have your own control over.

00:20:05.790 --> 00:20:20.100 Joseph Massaro: Your little slice of pie, you know so but like I said, my wife's my partner in that so technically she's a 50% partner, and then you know investments like stocks in iras and stuff like that precious metals.

00:20:21.360 --> 00:20:33.000 Joseph Massaro: little bit of artwork not a ton but a little bit of artwork you know you try to you know pick up a few things here and there, i'm just trying to say I don't know nfl teams I didn't get on that bandwagon of those nfl teams I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

00:20:33.060 --> 00:20:33.630 Jeremiah Fox: me either.

00:20:33.720 --> 00:20:36.900 Joseph Massaro: You know, just like you know I see people doing i'm like.

00:20:37.410 --> 00:20:50.880 Joseph Massaro: me I gotta go against the grain, you know what everyone's swim in the same way, what i'm trying to swim across them and it's like a sea of bodies like i'm not I didn't I wasn't feeling it wasn't it wasn't really for me um.

00:20:50.910 --> 00:20:53.430 Jeremiah Fox: What about you got any more sports cards left.

00:20:53.910 --> 00:21:03.030 Joseph Massaro: I do you know, ironically, yes, I do some sports cards left, not a lot, though I bought some about two years ago I got my hands on some.

00:21:03.510 --> 00:21:15.480 Joseph Massaro: first edition second series pokemon tops the animated series boxes that are still sealed I bought them for $25 a box and look them up, about a year ago they were 750.

00:21:15.810 --> 00:21:30.180 Joseph Massaro: I just looked them up a couple days ago there's 3750 I have four boxes, so I said to my son, I said I think it's time to sell I mean to go from a $25 investment to make 3750 on a $25 investment, I mean.

00:21:30.900 --> 00:21:38.370 Joseph Massaro: I was going to sell last year and make like four grand be happy now I could sell this year make 12 grand and be like Okay, I mean that was a really good when.

00:21:38.640 --> 00:21:43.890 Joseph Massaro: You know, so I didn't try to flip a few things here and there, but not like that's not my full time job like.

00:21:44.220 --> 00:21:56.160 Joseph Massaro: Construction that's our full time job and takes up so much of my time that that's really my bread and butter my name of food crew blog that's my my passion, I love food.

00:21:56.550 --> 00:22:08.310 Joseph Massaro: So, like I take my day job to then make money to do my other passions, you know what i'm saying so, yes I love, what I do, but also need something to keep my head like clear.

00:22:08.880 --> 00:22:10.260 Joseph Massaro: it's not always staying.

00:22:10.530 --> 00:22:13.260 Joseph Massaro: going to unplug somebody toilet you know i'm saying like.

00:22:13.290 --> 00:22:13.740 Joseph Massaro: I tried it.

00:22:14.220 --> 00:22:25.650 Joseph Massaro: On the guy wants to do everything like i'm not even, I have a few guys that helped me here and there, but i'm really hands on with pretty much everything it probably inhibits me from growing but.

00:22:26.790 --> 00:22:35.130 Joseph Massaro: Prior to the housing crisis, we were running 70 something guys and I saw that I made with 70 something guys now having 20 guys i'm going.

00:22:35.430 --> 00:22:44.550 Joseph Massaro: There wasn't um yeah grossing all this money, but how would you mind taking yep so what I got back was my time, which was is irreplaceable.

00:22:45.210 --> 00:22:52.140 Joseph Massaro: And i'm happy when i'm making what you don't have to make you know it's not all about money, like people always think it's about the money.

00:22:52.770 --> 00:23:05.460 Joseph Massaro: it's when you start doing at our age it's more about the time than the money you know we're always able to make money it's just going to happen right now it's in our nature to make money you know so um.

00:23:06.150 --> 00:23:11.550 Joseph Massaro: For me it's been more time and spending time with my family and one thing, my father did say before you pass.

00:23:12.180 --> 00:23:20.130 Joseph Massaro: Was make sure he said he had one regret in life so for some of a minute of regret on our deathbed is pretty like intense you know.

00:23:20.790 --> 00:23:29.460 Joseph Massaro: So um he said don't do what I did and spend all your your time working and not spending with your children when they're young.

00:23:30.090 --> 00:23:43.950 Joseph Massaro: yep so that stuck with me, so I mean i've never missed school plays teachers appointments picking them up from school dropping them off doing activities fishing, you name it biking like.

00:23:44.280 --> 00:23:58.740 Joseph Massaro: I haven't dropped the beat on it, you know what I mean So what are you gonna do you can't die with it with the money you make you miles will enjoy your family, you know leave enough or get life insurance and just be know that there'll be better off at least, then you were at one point.

00:23:59.940 --> 00:24:12.750 Jeremiah Fox: So no excellent advice and that ties into like you know how we ended up starting this conversation I don't know if you remember, but I have a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter, where I said, you know who are you, what do you do you.

00:24:12.750 --> 00:24:19.620 Jeremiah Fox: said LEADER I operate a second generation family construction company, it allows me to do two things that I enjoy.

00:24:20.700 --> 00:24:29.910 Jeremiah Fox: And I asked you, if you could define what you stand for in three simple, effective words what would they be and you said honest loyal and hardworking yeah.

00:24:30.090 --> 00:24:38.370 Jeremiah Fox: And then I asked, I said great what's your company's name and then you're like Bruno massaro and signs and I said that's awesome I think family should be one of your words.

00:24:39.390 --> 00:24:48.480 Joseph Massaro: I don't the feelings it's like an automatic for me film is is automatic like that's when X equals something for me X equals family.

00:24:48.720 --> 00:24:51.840 Joseph Massaro: yeah so that X is always there, so I shouldn't have them.

00:24:52.530 --> 00:25:01.500 Joseph Massaro: I mean, I guess today these you have to mention feeling but it's like we're born my wife, so my wife is from Colombia, South America, she came here she was 16 years old, I met her when she was.

00:25:01.740 --> 00:25:13.800 Joseph Massaro: 17 I married her when she was 18 so like that's very uncommon so we did it it freaked everybody out, obviously, but I mean 20 years later we're still here but family for me is like.

00:25:15.030 --> 00:25:22.320 Joseph Massaro: that's, the main thing like you mentioned like that's you know loyalty that's a hard thing to come by these days like I try to be loyal.

00:25:22.740 --> 00:25:31.530 Joseph Massaro: To obviously my wife and my kids my my partners who are my brothers loyal to friends like that's a hard thing like I have friends who come to me.

00:25:31.860 --> 00:25:38.640 Joseph Massaro: Tell me very personal things they say don't tell anybody and I won't even tell my wife, because they said to me don't tell anybody.

00:25:38.880 --> 00:25:47.310 Joseph Massaro: So, to me, that means nobody like including my spouse, you know honest, you have to be honest with someone's gonna offer shyster real quick.

00:25:47.700 --> 00:25:51.390 Joseph Massaro: Like in this day and age, like I know a lot of people are trying to fool people but.

00:25:51.960 --> 00:25:58.260 Joseph Massaro: Like i'm an open book and is what it is i'm pretty what you've seen my my bio is always been wrong real like i'm not gonna.

00:25:58.530 --> 00:26:04.800 Joseph Massaro: i'm not gonna bullshit you it is what it is like, if I like I have relationships with my tenants, which is pretty amazing.

00:26:05.100 --> 00:26:11.580 Joseph Massaro: A lot of landlords don't even talk to their tenants, so I try to tell my tenants were dating for the next year or two if we have a lease.

00:26:12.000 --> 00:26:17.940 Joseph Massaro: and whatever you need you call me first don't make them don't try to like create drama let's just you know.

00:26:18.300 --> 00:26:33.690 Joseph Massaro: work this out and figure it out so i've been pretty through co was interesting with with with tenants, and you know, having to make sure they pay or not paying and will they pay and how do I help them pay so i'm not going to pay bills to you know it's uh.

00:26:33.750 --> 00:26:38.970 Joseph Massaro: yeah so like I love somebody breathing down my neck it's it's you know it's easy to all the way.

00:26:40.980 --> 00:26:52.050 Jeremiah Fox: I hear you man, I hear you all right let's take one more break we're going to pick right back up with that and those three those three things that you just mentioned when we come back all right so everybody will see you in a few.

00:26:53.970 --> 00:26:56.850 Listening to talk radio and my.

00:26:58.800 --> 00:26:59.310 htc.

00:29:43.380 --> 00:29:55.830 Jeremiah Fox: Alright let's hop right back into it, so we were talking about family, we were talking about honesty and loyalty, now the three things that you said to me were honest loyal hard working.

00:29:57.060 --> 00:30:04.680 Jeremiah Fox: Now let's let's now we go down the rabbit hole, so what Tony de silvestro Tony D calls, these are your three pillars so imagine.

00:30:05.130 --> 00:30:10.950 Jeremiah Fox: you've got Bruno massaro and sons on a billboard and then you got just three words under.

00:30:11.850 --> 00:30:28.020 Jeremiah Fox: Your name that like anybody driving by like seeing that billboard should be like, I want to associate that way this person being that you're it's a family business and it says it in their life and sons, I mean, I think I think you say your.

00:30:28.290 --> 00:30:29.670 Joseph Massaro: heart, we have a tagline.

00:30:30.120 --> 00:30:32.040 Jeremiah Fox: So what yeah let me, let me hear what your tagline.

00:30:32.130 --> 00:30:34.470 Joseph Massaro: Experience makes the difference.

00:30:34.830 --> 00:30:46.410 Jeremiah Fox: that's great that's really good now we're getting somewhere so because I mean, these are just i'm just having fun we're just having fun i'm not trying to tell you what to do, but I just this is great just mental exercise for you marketing.

00:30:47.490 --> 00:30:57.150 Jeremiah Fox: And i'm so like because you've got this family identity, you know family is it could be a strong one, and in your at homes, you know you're dealing with people's home.

00:30:57.150 --> 00:31:02.400 Jeremiah Fox: that's just where they live and it's like you said you know you tell I love, how you said, your tenants like.

00:31:03.030 --> 00:31:11.490 Jeremiah Fox: we're gonna we're gonna date for a year, when I signed the commercial lease here at delta in 2013 the landlord we said a long least two he was like we're partners now.

00:31:11.760 --> 00:31:21.840 Jeremiah Fox: yeah he didn't say like pay me when I need my money he didn't go he's been super duper cool and honestly like without that first of all, we wouldn't have survived our first year.

00:31:22.830 --> 00:31:37.230 Jeremiah Fox: And then we definitely wouldn't have survived the last year without that and we've paid our rent on time, like everything's worked out, but it it's so amazing the amount of pressure you take off of somebody and allow them to execute and be their best.

00:31:37.500 --> 00:31:43.770 Joseph Massaro: When that's the Leader fact that's that leader portion anybody could be a boss, but can you be a leader.

00:31:44.730 --> 00:31:47.400 Joseph Massaro: You know I never see to my guys on your boss.

00:31:47.430 --> 00:31:58.380 Joseph Massaro: I never see it to them because we're a team that's number one and I don't want to make them feel like they're inferior to me and that's not how I feel like my office is very inviting.

00:31:58.740 --> 00:32:05.070 Joseph Massaro: If they need to come in and speak to me they may have a personal issue they need some help with getting me so like for me.

00:32:05.490 --> 00:32:16.290 Joseph Massaro: I try to be the leader here, not a boss, because, like I said anybody can be a boss it's easy people think a boss yell and scream that's the boss, but the leader is really behind the scenes like.

00:32:16.770 --> 00:32:23.520 Joseph Massaro: Keeping everything smooth every little detail like that people out there don't see you know so.

00:32:24.030 --> 00:32:36.240 Joseph Massaro: i'm like you're saying like that personal touch like you're working in people's homes, I want to kind of circle back to this um we have two people who were women who work in our office we answer the phone like we have a human.

00:32:36.690 --> 00:32:42.480 Joseph Massaro: Who answers the phone says hello, but I think that's so like you were saying if i'm working with someone's home.

00:32:42.810 --> 00:32:44.670 Joseph Massaro: People want to communicate with people.

00:32:44.910 --> 00:32:57.870 Joseph Massaro: They don't want only emails or text messages they want to talk to somebody and say feel good that we're coming in we're going to make sure we cover everything we won't damage any of your things like that's a very important selling point.

00:32:58.200 --> 00:33:11.820 Joseph Massaro: When we're selling our jobs to people, you know, because we do all heavy we do a lot of Interior finishing in homes like residential like our predominant work is residential so right we're dealing directly with customers like.

00:33:13.170 --> 00:33:17.010 Joseph Massaro: it's it's a very fine line so we try to be run.

00:33:17.580 --> 00:33:24.300 Joseph Massaro: Right from the get go like we're not trying to like over will like under shoot what we're going to do so, we over perform.

00:33:24.570 --> 00:33:38.760 Joseph Massaro: People like oh my God like it's all about that five star review we need these five star reviews like that's what keeps our you know our ranking in Google, so that when people look for us we're right there on top like we're always going to be the ones people want to call.

00:33:39.450 --> 00:33:40.860 Jeremiah Fox: And it also is good for morale.

00:33:41.340 --> 00:33:42.480 Joseph Massaro: Yes, absolutely.

00:33:42.510 --> 00:33:48.420 Jeremiah Fox: Like we just got a really great five star review like full like a paragraph and I was just like.

00:33:49.740 --> 00:33:58.380 Joseph Massaro: it's amazing feeling and we let our guys when we get a review, which is a few times a week we show it to the guys on the job like this is because of the work you perform.

00:33:58.440 --> 00:34:01.290 Jeremiah Fox: Well that's what I meant like it's good for you, but it's especially good.

00:34:01.350 --> 00:34:04.320 Joseph Massaro: All the guys loving you know that's always our thing like.

00:34:04.590 --> 00:34:10.590 Joseph Massaro: Make the guys T shirts like they love that we have a Christmas party they can't be more thankful.

00:34:11.070 --> 00:34:19.110 Joseph Massaro: For 60 years we buy our every guy a Turkey on thanksgiving a fresh Turkey, so I visa those things like.

00:34:19.740 --> 00:34:24.360 Joseph Massaro: You don't see that often saw people like, how do you retain guys i'm like we take care of them.

00:34:24.690 --> 00:34:34.290 Joseph Massaro: We overpaid them like they were not union, but we pay higher than a Union scale with the benefits down so they don't want to work there when they can work for me and have.

00:34:34.590 --> 00:34:47.400 Joseph Massaro: carte blanche over everything hey you got a little job need to grab some material go ahead, just asked me, you know I mean so we're going to do whatever we can to make their lives better because making their lives better makes my life better you.

00:34:47.460 --> 00:35:04.650 Jeremiah Fox: know so absolutely absolutely so you I think you've actually swayed me now to that that family and the interesting part about like this, three pillar kind of system is that under each pillar, you can drop like 100 other words so.

00:35:05.670 --> 00:35:16.020 Jeremiah Fox: Because of the way you've explained this I actually agree that loyalty should be it and that family should be under it and that since your name like it encompasses family.

00:35:16.860 --> 00:35:24.930 Jeremiah Fox: Loyalty means it's like really about the loyalty to you like your loyalty to your your community to your customers to your staff.

00:35:26.040 --> 00:35:27.960 Jeremiah Fox: and your family but it's all.

00:35:27.990 --> 00:35:38.280 Joseph Massaro: To the partners, I mean yeah it's gotta be you gotta trust each other, especially when you're dealing with money you know if you're not like trusting someone with money you're gonna have major issues.

00:35:38.310 --> 00:35:40.020 Joseph Massaro: Like that becomes friction.

00:35:40.680 --> 00:35:42.660 Joseph Massaro: Start questioning a partner over money.

00:35:43.020 --> 00:35:45.480 Joseph Massaro: it's happened in the past, because it happens, you know.

00:35:45.510 --> 00:36:01.020 Joseph Massaro: Sure, like everything I do is so easily done like through accounting software, I can print out whatever report you want and see exactly we've done where we spent it where we're we're we're making it, you know, so we watch the numbers every single day, you have to.

00:36:01.080 --> 00:36:02.040 Jeremiah Fox: know you have to if you're.

00:36:02.430 --> 00:36:11.820 Joseph Massaro: you're a small business like we are like anything under like I don't know 50 employees, they call small business, so you have to watch it every day, you know and that's really my job is.

00:36:12.180 --> 00:36:29.460 Joseph Massaro: pretty much managing the family's finances get I mean besides obviously working with the people to get work and everything else, like, I have to split myself into five or six seven different things they always say they want to call me, but I want to know what it means enough, you know.

00:36:29.730 --> 00:36:42.270 Jeremiah Fox: I hear the same regularly so um I want to move on to the next one, you said hard working, but in your tagline you say experience So how do we, how do we marry those two because it that.

00:36:42.510 --> 00:36:50.490 Jeremiah Fox: They they allude to the same thing, and I think it's very valuable like you're letting people know like we've got history.

00:36:50.760 --> 00:37:05.220 Jeremiah Fox: Where where we we we know what we're doing, and on top of that, we do it, to the best of our ability, so what what would be like one word for you, that kind of encapsulates that that would that you would put on this billboard.

00:37:05.220 --> 00:37:07.680 Joseph Massaro: So instead of experience or hard working.

00:37:08.040 --> 00:37:09.540 Joseph Massaro: yeah i'm.

00:37:12.900 --> 00:37:13.890 Joseph Massaro: This may.

00:37:14.010 --> 00:37:20.010 Joseph Massaro: have been pretentious but, like, I would say we are we're more artists singers and artists than.

00:37:20.250 --> 00:37:33.930 Joseph Massaro: Just a drive or plastering company, because not too many people know how to do it anymore it's a dying art yeah so we look at what we do as actually an Arc and not just a trade, you know so.

00:37:34.740 --> 00:37:51.660 Joseph Massaro: there's more than one way to do it like plumbing electrical htc is kind of only one way to do it, but when we do there are multiple ways of doing it there's multiple tools to be using products, so we look at ourselves as more as artists, then like tradesmen.

00:37:52.230 --> 00:37:59.910 Jeremiah Fox: You know i've i've done plumbing installation I grew up also doing construction and the like it my That was my family's.

00:38:00.450 --> 00:38:10.890 Jeremiah Fox: Like not my parents, but like uncles and grandfathers and stuff they they were all tradesmen and I end up working for them in all the difference, you know roofing everything you know.

00:38:11.370 --> 00:38:23.820 Jeremiah Fox: But I did my step dad owns a plumbing company and I worked for him for a while and that i've seen some some master art artistic plumbers man like the especially like the cast iron installation.

00:38:26.370 --> 00:38:33.570 Jeremiah Fox: it's like I just stopped I was like can we not touch it can we not use it can we just like put this in a in a museum somewhere because.

00:38:33.600 --> 00:38:36.870 Joseph Massaro: i've gotten rid of a lot of that cast iron because it goes it just.

00:38:36.870 --> 00:38:38.070 Jeremiah Fox: Lets I know.

00:38:38.640 --> 00:38:46.800 Joseph Massaro: Right plumber, who knows, I mean, I think I have a good plumber you gotta know how to do the work with that old stuff that bring it the new stuff it's definitely true yeah.

00:38:47.040 --> 00:38:53.280 Joseph Massaro: It trades are definitely an art, but I feel like we're taking cemented a bucket and making something out of it.

00:38:53.790 --> 00:39:06.720 Joseph Massaro: So i'm saying like we're not there's not much to it there's a hand there's hand tools and submit you know I tell people like we sell we we sell compressed limestone to people and they buy it.

00:39:07.050 --> 00:39:07.680 Jeremiah Fox: So, like.

00:39:08.490 --> 00:39:13.470 Joseph Massaro: You know we're we just purchased a new vehicle for a business, I was talking to like the finance guy the salesman he's like.

00:39:13.710 --> 00:39:21.270 Joseph Massaro: How do you know all these numbers missing nested list, and I said I could probably do your finance guys job in your job I said it's not even about.

00:39:21.600 --> 00:39:36.780 Joseph Massaro: it's not about what it's not about what you're selling it's if you can sell you know people always say like if you could sell an old lady and all wait lady wearing white gloves a catch a popsicle the middle of the summer I mean you can sell anything you know.

00:39:37.470 --> 00:39:48.360 Jeremiah Fox: i've never heard before like that well and and what what I hear Tony say often is where we're selling to 98.6 degrees.

00:39:48.810 --> 00:39:57.900 Jeremiah Fox: You know what that means right yes absolutely it's just a human, you know that's like that's really what we're doing we're all in the human business the limestone.

00:39:58.380 --> 00:40:08.100 Jeremiah Fox: I you know I heard Gary say this once, too, and I paraphrase it and I fucked it up a few times, but I think I really got it like thinking about it yesterday or the day before he said.

00:40:08.640 --> 00:40:26.040 Jeremiah Fox: there's the consumer and there's your brand and everything else in between it's just a commodity, the limestone doesn't matter the pasta doesn't matter the the software, the APP like none of that shit matters at the end of the day, especially when you know what's coming actually comes.

00:40:26.820 --> 00:40:29.340 Jeremiah Fox: scary that's not scared I mean we.

00:40:29.880 --> 00:40:34.800 Joseph Massaro: I mean, whatever happens happens, but like it's gonna be a major disruption.

00:40:34.800 --> 00:40:35.970 Jeremiah Fox: blogger, like.

00:40:36.000 --> 00:40:42.900 Joseph Massaro: i'm watching I watch a lot of people on social media just trying to like faking like have all these followers and listen.

00:40:43.680 --> 00:40:57.180 Joseph Massaro: We talked about this when I click House like I have 400 followers but 100 of them engage with me yeah so i'm getting a 25% return on my followers which I would rather that than 10,000 followers and 25 people.

00:40:57.300 --> 00:40:58.560 Jeremiah Fox: I think I was in this room.

00:40:58.620 --> 00:41:04.200 Joseph Massaro: yeah you're in that night I talked about i'm like I get a good return on the people who are following me and.

00:41:04.710 --> 00:41:19.350 Joseph Massaro: i'm happy with that I like a small knit family who are closing understand what i'm doing then just all these numbers, I mean like I said, like for me that's not how I make my money right it's not based on all these like fictitious things I mean.

00:41:19.830 --> 00:41:26.010 Joseph Massaro: Can I post more yes that's always our biggest thing is how many times you could post, you know we're actually working.

00:41:26.370 --> 00:41:34.530 Joseph Massaro: Talking about our business we're going to be hiring or subcontracting a videographer because, so I can't be out there all day I would love to be.

00:41:34.890 --> 00:41:45.960 Joseph Massaro: But I gotta find someone to do my job first and that's a little tough so maybe if we start bringing somebody else in and kind of take over that, like the video and at least I can like start pushing it out more.

00:41:45.960 --> 00:41:46.380 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:41:46.410 --> 00:41:49.500 Joseph Massaro: there's no the contents and seeing we have so much content and.

00:41:49.710 --> 00:41:53.610 Joseph Massaro: We don't put it out there yeah it's just stupid it just makes no sense.

00:41:53.640 --> 00:42:05.820 Jeremiah Fox: No it's it's about workflow though I mean i'm i'm in the same position as you and i'm already talking to a couple people and what we're talking about today it won't you know help with the workflow, but it will help with the output.

00:42:06.240 --> 00:42:07.020 Joseph Massaro: Yes.

00:42:07.050 --> 00:42:13.560 Jeremiah Fox: You know so it's like you, you want to highlight like what you're doing like I do take pictures of like the drinks and the pasta.

00:42:13.860 --> 00:42:25.050 Jeremiah Fox: But if that's all you talk about like that's just the commodity like everybody makes pasta, everybody, you know there's a bunch of people that build houses what's your story why and that's where we're going so.

00:42:25.050 --> 00:42:26.670 Joseph Massaro: We weren't very yes.

00:42:26.880 --> 00:42:39.390 Jeremiah Fox: So we got one more break we're going to pick up with this we got loyalty we've got artistry and I love that I really love that we're going to pick up the third one, when we come back all right so hey everybody edge of your seats, I know let's go.

00:45:00.390 --> 00:45:04.260 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back just say, you know that was my old band Joe that's.

00:45:04.320 --> 00:45:05.460 Joseph Massaro: awesome I love it.

00:45:05.460 --> 00:45:06.420 Jeremiah Fox: that's my stuff yeah.

00:45:07.530 --> 00:45:17.100 Jeremiah Fox: All right, enough about me let's hop back into this so loyalty love it that just says so much Bruno massaro and sons loyalty artistry.

00:45:17.700 --> 00:45:28.740 Jeremiah Fox: I really I really think you're onto something there and then the last one, we talked about was honesty and they were you mentioned, you mentioned mentioned honesty.

00:45:29.520 --> 00:45:40.800 Jeremiah Fox: let's let's elaborate on that a little bit and again, as I was saying, like it really do think it's a good move to bring somebody on because you're like me, we work, you probably worth 364 days a year like.

00:45:41.040 --> 00:45:41.370 Joseph Massaro: It is.

00:45:41.400 --> 00:45:53.250 Jeremiah Fox: And and and and there's certain things I don't want to relinquish either, first of all I just enjoy it like about that, and like someone has to protect the money the number one reason businesses fail because they.

00:45:53.700 --> 00:45:54.330 Joseph Massaro: Do with the money.

00:45:54.540 --> 00:46:04.950 Jeremiah Fox: They got one everybody can say it's always this, though, was that was like no end of the day, like you, don't have any more money to operate and to pay your people and do what you need to do and that's why you went out.

00:46:05.310 --> 00:46:06.480 Joseph Massaro: To them first.

00:46:06.510 --> 00:46:09.930 Joseph Massaro: Yes, so on the owners want to pay themselves first.

00:46:10.410 --> 00:46:18.330 Joseph Massaro: If you're not gonna be an owner too much longer, I mean that's the thing you got to pay your people first your vendors first and then we get paid.

00:46:18.720 --> 00:46:30.270 Joseph Massaro: You know so we're an ink so we've actually we're pretty disciplined to be getting paid weekly like I try to tell people if you're an ink set yourself up to be paid weekly don't think it's like.

00:46:30.780 --> 00:46:41.820 Joseph Massaro: I look at myself as an employee i'm i'm not i'm not i'm not boss amount an owner i'm an employee and this I work for this business without this business, I have nothing and that's just a fact so.

00:46:42.630 --> 00:46:54.090 Jeremiah Fox: So let's let's dig a little into honesty like you've got you know your experience driven hard working ethic encapsulated in their job you know loyalty.

00:46:54.120 --> 00:46:55.320 Joseph Massaro: How about integrity.

00:46:55.800 --> 00:47:02.910 Jeremiah Fox: Integrity straight to so does that fall under artistry or does honesty fall under loyalty, or do you do.

00:47:03.270 --> 00:47:06.270 Joseph Massaro: Honestly, would fall reputational phone or honesty.

00:47:08.850 --> 00:47:09.930 Jeremiah Fox: How we're getting somewhere.

00:47:09.990 --> 00:47:12.180 Joseph Massaro: Okay we're pretty we have a pretty a.

00:47:12.930 --> 00:47:16.230 Jeremiah Fox: What about history, I mean it's Bruno massaro and sons.

00:47:16.560 --> 00:47:18.060 Jeremiah Fox: givers you've been in bill.

00:47:18.420 --> 00:47:30.540 Joseph Massaro: History yeah father was brutal my druthers Bruno and my son who's 13 is Bruno so there's just a long line like do I think my sons will come into this.

00:47:30.930 --> 00:47:42.960 Joseph Massaro: My bro has got three boys my brother's got a daughter my other brother, so do I think anyone's coming into it, I don't know but we're not pushing like my oldest brother during all he was born to work here.

00:47:43.440 --> 00:47:48.690 Joseph Massaro: And he always feels like he had to work he had no other choice, he says that but I don't believe it.

00:47:49.470 --> 00:47:50.790 Joseph Massaro: My middle brother.

00:47:50.910 --> 00:48:01.080 Joseph Massaro: um he came he did start eating go to school and then he dropped out and came into the business, I actually went all the way through school tried something else out and then came into the business.

00:48:01.380 --> 00:48:18.000 Joseph Massaro: So we're all here for all different reasons, so in history wise, I mean that's where I really want to play on is really that's when I start this one, I really roll out our social media, I really want to start with my father like that's who.

00:48:18.180 --> 00:48:29.460 Joseph Massaro: get started, all this like I don't want it to be accolades you got what i'm saying like for me it's not my accolade if my kids taking over they can then give me some of the accolades it's not up to me to toot my own Horn.

00:48:29.700 --> 00:48:38.580 Joseph Massaro: Like i'm not going to toot my own Horn So for me it's just you know, let them do it for me, but I gotta do it for him, you know that's kind of where i'm at with that.

00:48:38.730 --> 00:48:50.760 Jeremiah Fox: No, I completely in line with you and you're like you got the idea like your social you again you'll obviously obviously show some job sites and stuff like that, but like you could do like a whole Program.

00:48:51.180 --> 00:49:02.790 Jeremiah Fox: Just on the history and that's like once a week or twice a week going across all your platforms, you could do a whole thing on the artistry where it's like you're getting deep into the details.

00:49:02.850 --> 00:49:04.290 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, and that.

00:49:04.470 --> 00:49:10.290 Jeremiah Fox: Is what distinguishes you from all the other assholes out there that do drywall because there's a lot of.

00:49:10.500 --> 00:49:12.600 Joseph Massaro: there's a lot of them and they suck the honest.

00:49:12.990 --> 00:49:13.470 Jeremiah Fox: They do.

00:49:13.650 --> 00:49:18.060 Joseph Massaro: They make a mess and like we go and repair people's houses, because they made messes.

00:49:18.120 --> 00:49:19.500 Jeremiah Fox: And you go what what.

00:49:19.590 --> 00:49:28.320 Joseph Massaro: yeah we're just like you know, like that's a tough job and get into because you're now having to fix case in point, we just did a texture job up in Stanford and.

00:49:28.830 --> 00:49:35.700 Joseph Massaro: It was someone else's mess and we went to go to repair the mess it was not easy to repair it and she's not happy with it so.

00:49:36.240 --> 00:49:44.310 Joseph Massaro: She called upset she wasn't happy I said listen, we are going to redo the entire job she said to me what's it going to cost me I said nothing.

00:49:45.060 --> 00:49:54.360 Joseph Massaro: We are doing it for what we told you, if you're not happy we're gonna make sure my time we finish you're going to give us a five star review yeah.

00:49:54.750 --> 00:49:56.190 Joseph Massaro: And that's it says.

00:49:56.280 --> 00:50:01.170 Joseph Massaro: I wasn't happy yeah but they came back and made me happy so.

00:50:01.260 --> 00:50:04.050 Jeremiah Fox: And that's loyalty that's that's a whole nother like.

00:50:04.290 --> 00:50:05.760 Yes, Sir marketing.

00:50:06.900 --> 00:50:07.410 Jeremiah Fox: You know.

00:50:08.790 --> 00:50:12.360 Jeremiah Fox: Just approach, so one of the things that the idea behind this is that, like.

00:50:12.900 --> 00:50:34.590 Jeremiah Fox: In all of your marketing you have like one to two of these components in there yeah so that it's always just it's not so much about your product or your service or even you it's about why you do the things you do like that I understand that as being much more attractive to humans.

00:50:34.740 --> 00:50:47.940 Joseph Massaro: that's what I started on my instagram or instagram page and I kind of fell off because you know things happen, Sir post posting more stuff about my everything your soul is pretty much my father like I even post, one of my father, making sausage.

00:50:48.330 --> 00:50:49.950 Joseph Massaro: He wasn't doing drywall.

00:50:50.040 --> 00:50:58.680 Joseph Massaro: yeah he is your the sausage like that's i'm listen I have so many vhs tapes reel to reel slides i'm buying the technology to be able to.

00:50:59.220 --> 00:51:07.710 Joseph Massaro: Take the vhs tapes put them to DVD and then be able to put them out there, because people want to see like I suffer when I was a kid people might want to say.

00:51:08.040 --> 00:51:14.310 Joseph Massaro: What was he, like as a kid, even though it has nothing to what our tribal business zero to do with it, but I think it would just be.

00:51:14.670 --> 00:51:28.680 Joseph Massaro: because so many people are videotaping themselves, now we were videotaping ourselves when you're five and six years old yeah I mean, I have some old videotapes that with like i'm 45 I was probably seven or eight and I was out of my mind at seven or eight years old.

00:51:28.950 --> 00:51:41.040 Joseph Massaro: Like Italian family it's a free for all if you're a boy and time family, there are no rules, you can do and see what you want, and never get in trouble so it's a plus in that there's a plus and negative to that, but.

00:51:42.390 --> 00:51:46.290 Joseph Massaro: that's what we want to bring out is all the history, yes i'm glad you brought that up.

00:51:46.350 --> 00:51:57.570 Jeremiah Fox: yeah absolutely and even even your father, making sausage I mean that leads into artistry it's like we we do our work as if it was something we were going to consume ourselves like you.

00:51:57.810 --> 00:51:58.230 guys.

00:51:59.460 --> 00:52:01.170 Joseph Massaro: Through so we have videos of us.

00:52:01.230 --> 00:52:08.400 Jeremiah Fox: That yet so all those things feed in so it doesn't even have to be, because I do the same thing man I scratch my head sometimes like.

00:52:08.670 --> 00:52:15.990 Jeremiah Fox: What am I going to post like i'm so busy like I got I feel like i'm getting better at it my output is definitely higher but it's like.

00:52:16.500 --> 00:52:22.890 Jeremiah Fox: I you know there were times are like I just don't know what to do, and so I just like one of the things I started to do is just post up about me doing jujitsu.

00:52:22.980 --> 00:52:27.720 Jeremiah Fox: And it exploded people were like oh my God it's like like on linkedin I started posting about jujitsu.

00:52:27.900 --> 00:52:37.020 Jeremiah Fox: And I found this huge community on linkedin, of all places that are like they're like oh my God, this is the best thing ever so you just never know I feel like you got to just throw all that stuff out there, but I.

00:52:37.470 --> 00:52:39.840 Jeremiah Fox: See the ways it ties together so beautifully.

00:52:39.900 --> 00:52:49.590 Joseph Massaro: I was impressed with your promotion of justice, video I mean I couldn't believe you were spreading it all the way across and I was, like all right sure like share I was like.

00:52:49.710 --> 00:52:49.860 Joseph Massaro: I.

00:52:50.610 --> 00:53:01.230 Joseph Massaro: was pretty impressed I was like Jeremiah is not dropping the ball and trying to at least show people he has a show he's bringing me out i'm really a nobody from Connecticut like i'm not like.

00:53:01.320 --> 00:53:02.220 Jeremiah Fox: hey man we're buddy.

00:53:02.340 --> 00:53:07.440 Joseph Massaro: All nobody what i'm saying so it's like I mean I do my thing I got my little thing going on here.

00:53:07.740 --> 00:53:14.550 Joseph Massaro: um it's great how you just like we're having to put it out there, so I liked and you actually interviewed my good friend vinnie Valentino.

00:53:14.760 --> 00:53:17.880 Jeremiah Fox: Oh yeah I forgot to ask a man, he was like yo I grew up with them.

00:53:19.680 --> 00:53:22.500 Joseph Massaro: right around the corner, from where i'm seeing bus together so.

00:53:22.560 --> 00:53:22.980 So.

00:53:24.120 --> 00:53:32.190 Joseph Massaro: I love, how it all came out, I was like that's really nice and then you hit me up you're like you want to be on my show is like hell yeah you kidding me anytime you want.

00:53:32.550 --> 00:53:41.100 Jeremiah Fox: that's awesome man that's how I that's just how I understood you know the the that's the way it works and i've worked hard, you know and.

00:53:41.370 --> 00:53:48.180 Joseph Massaro: it's listen to shows like I like how you just got it out there, thank you that's impressive is listen you're busy i'm busy.

00:53:48.600 --> 00:53:58.500 Joseph Massaro: we're all busy so it's a lot to try to get all that stuff in there, but I am I do promise i'm trying to bring it to that next level like you're saying with that whole history and.

00:53:59.130 --> 00:54:05.850 Joseph Massaro: and getting people more engaged in the story, then the work yeah you know the stories the.

00:54:06.000 --> 00:54:09.270 Jeremiah Fox: Stories very deep and that's what you need that deep bandwidth man.

00:54:09.300 --> 00:54:09.780 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:54:09.840 --> 00:54:20.790 Jeremiah Fox: that's that's what's going to keep people coming well, this has been really great we got to wrap it up before we go, though I want you to tell everybody quickly we've got about one minute, where they can find you, you know can be in business, it could be social media, whatever your.

00:54:21.090 --> 00:54:23.310 Joseph Massaro: social media instagram you can find me at the.

00:54:23.310 --> 00:54:31.770 Joseph Massaro: original Rambo you can find me at new haven food crew on Facebook is Joseph massaro as a personal page as a fan page one.

00:54:32.460 --> 00:54:45.420 Joseph Massaro: on YouTube you can find me at Joe the everyday hustler and my business is brutal assault on Sunday, you could find us on Facebook and instagram and Twitter at massaro drywall.

00:54:45.780 --> 00:54:49.770 Joseph Massaro: Okay, oh you look up a band or original band will you'll find me that's only.

00:54:49.770 --> 00:54:51.180 Joseph Massaro: Mad so.

00:54:51.240 --> 00:54:52.140 Jeremiah Fox: The original.

00:54:52.260 --> 00:54:52.980 Joseph Massaro: The original.

00:54:53.070 --> 00:54:55.830 Jeremiah Fox: will have to do something about your flu food blog in the future.

00:54:56.700 --> 00:54:58.410 Jeremiah Fox: we'll do like an instagram live or something like.

00:54:58.410 --> 00:55:00.480 Joseph Massaro: That would be awesome Mike so enjoy that.

00:55:00.510 --> 00:55:01.860 Jeremiah Fox: Because that food is my other I.

00:55:02.070 --> 00:55:03.600 Joseph Massaro: don't know that's my passion.

00:55:05.220 --> 00:55:06.270 Joseph Massaro: Talking about.

00:55:07.260 --> 00:55:16.530 Jeremiah Fox: Well, thank you man, this has been really, really fun, I hope you enjoyed it I I thoroughly did I hope all of you listening got some good value out of this Joe Joseph said some really great things and.

00:55:16.860 --> 00:55:24.930 Jeremiah Fox: it's just got my wheels turning and i'm just thinking this way all the time now, so I love I love sharing it with somebody that that feels the same man, I felt like we were at I.

00:55:25.800 --> 00:55:27.510 Joseph Massaro: enjoy the clubhouse room to so.

00:55:27.570 --> 00:55:30.450 Jeremiah Fox: ya know we I got a rope you into Tony d's road man you're gonna.

00:55:30.450 --> 00:55:33.150 Joseph Massaro: laugh listen get it to me and i'll come in.

00:55:33.720 --> 00:55:34.290 Joseph Massaro: And I will I.

00:55:34.590 --> 00:55:36.210 Jeremiah Fox: will put you in the hot seat you're well Tony.

00:55:38.100 --> 00:55:40.080 Jeremiah Fox: Now he makes me nervous and i've done.

00:55:41.370 --> 00:55:41.880 Joseph Massaro: man.

00:55:42.120 --> 00:55:51.270 Jeremiah Fox: it's great that's great awesome man well, you have a great weekend the rest of you have an awesome weekend, we will hear you'll hear from me we'll see you next week, all right, everybody peace out.

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