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Monday, February 22, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/22 - Our Life Beyond Our Expectations

Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/22 - Our Life Beyond Our Expectations


2021/02/22 - Our Life Beyond Our Expectations

[NEW EPISODE] Our Life Beyond Our Expectations

Our very early years of life begins our journey of how we perceive our world. Our concepts of life, death, and time can be extremely limited. We are called to live expansively with hope and promise. Jesus lived and died revealing to us the truth of love, life and death. Join our exploration into these spell-binding mysteries with our guest Dr. Mark Klein.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Dr. Georgeann Dau introduces tonight's special guest Dr. Mark Klein and also thonights show titled “ Our Life Beyond Our Expectations.” Dr. Mark Klein is a physician and has written a couple of books. “ Franklin Rock” is the title of Dr. Mark’s most recent book. “ Franklin Rock” mission to fix the world. “ Franklin Rock” is about a college student that is 20 years old that feels that his life is very unique. Dr. Mark tells the audience and Dr. Georgeann. Dr. Mark uttered that we can make a difference every single day and we don’t need a degree to do it. Dr. Mark says that at the end of every book he writes and publishes he doesn't really care if people read his book. Dr. Mark's agenda is to make the world better. Dr. Mark ends the section by saying, “ If you understand time and know how time works, you will change your view of the world and ultimately change your life.”


Segment 2

Dr. Georgeann mentioned that she never has enough time. Dr. Mark uttered that most people believe that time is a timeline of history and events that once happened to you. Dr. Georgeann and Dr. Mark discussed that moments of time never disappeared. Dr. Mark remarks that the future has already occurred because we somehow have reversible particle interactions. There has been a lot of deaths that have occurred this past year due to Covid-19 and suicide this past year. Before the section ended Dr. Mark uttered that you don’t need to fear death, you don’t need to fear the future, your only job is to be the best version of yourself and help others by any means possible.


Segment 3

Dr. Georgeann remarks that when you bring love, energy and truth to the table you will be unstoppable. You are the creation of God and God gave you the opportunity to continue to build and create more Dr. Georgeann discusses with Dr. Mark. Dr. Mark mentions that the purpose of life is to not get rich, the purpose of life is to make choices, influence behavior, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning. Dr. Mark went to college for a total of 13 years to chase his dreams. Dr. Georgeann remarks that how we live and how we die says a lot about us. Dr. Mark believes that no one ever dies and that there is something else going on rather than just dying. When times are hard and tough in your life go help someone else because that person might need the help more than you do and that is the magic of life Dr. Georgeann and Dr. Mark discussed.


Segment 4

Dr. Georgeann uttered that there is really nothing new going on in life and that everything happens for a reason. You have to get to a certain point in life to get the new job meaning that in life there are levels to it, Dr. Mark mentioned. Dr. Mark remarks that we all make choices in our lives and those choices define us the way we are and the way we think. Dr. Mark shares a quick story with the listeners and Dr. Georgeann about how our life choices worked. The podcast ended by Dr. Georgeann and Dr. Mark discusses that we need to be free and we have to liberate ourselves from our choices.


00:00:43.140 --> 00:01:00.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: hi good evening everyone i'm Dr George and out, and this is a journey through into awareness and I want to thank you for joining us tonight it's going to be a great show and, as you know, my show is dedicated and committed to.

00:01:02.460 --> 00:01:15.660 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Bringing helping listeners helping humanity to connect with the truest deepest part of who they are, because we know.

00:01:16.410 --> 00:01:31.740 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That we're born with a truest essence and that, through our very early experiences intrauterine onward pretty much each five or seven we create a hardwired template.

00:01:32.370 --> 00:01:53.670 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That we continue to go back to over and over again in our adult life as a reference point and to live out of and the opportunity is to learn about what we've created in the early years because only about 10% of it is conscious.

00:01:54.870 --> 00:02:13.350 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So we want to expand or have you find her so that we are really living out of the truest sense of who we are not who everyone else is and was that brought us up showed us our.

00:02:14.880 --> 00:02:29.430 Dr. Georgeann Dau: view on things where we developed our perceptions and many times distortions in our grown up adult life, so there are so many questions on my heart.

00:02:30.780 --> 00:02:38.520 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That I can't wait for our guest to start speaking so no further ado, going to introduce him.

00:02:39.480 --> 00:03:01.110 Dr. Georgeann Dau: he's Dr mark Klein, and he is a physician still practicing but has written a couple of books, one of them, and I can't stand it because I do have to put it down because I do need to work as much as I love, what I do i'd love to read this book it's called Franklin rock and it is about.

00:03:02.130 --> 00:03:22.350 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Time travel, it is about life, it is about death, it is about so many of the mysteries that we live with, and I want to introduce you now to my guest tonight, Dr mark Klein hi Mike, thank you for joining me tonight.

00:03:22.650 --> 00:03:27.360 Dr. Mark Klein: I GA and the pleasure is all mine i'm very excited about this discussion tonight.

00:03:27.600 --> 00:03:30.660 Dr. Georgeann Dau: yeah really great so much to say so.

00:03:32.160 --> 00:03:36.240 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Can you give us a brief synopsis on your book fresh.

00:03:37.290 --> 00:03:49.620 Dr. Mark Klein: Of course Franklin rock is the title of the book and also the name of the main character, the protagonist in the book and we start at Franklin starts out in College and the point of the book he's about 20 years old.

00:03:50.190 --> 00:03:59.580 Dr. Mark Klein: And one day he has some people might call an Epiphany but it's an awareness sudden a sudden vision, he actually has a vision that his life.

00:04:00.300 --> 00:04:09.270 Dr. Mark Klein: Which at that point, it just been typical of a young person, a college student that his life was about to be something unique something spectacular something that.

00:04:09.810 --> 00:04:13.440 Dr. Mark Klein: For some reason he knew deep in his bones something.

00:04:13.950 --> 00:04:22.830 Dr. Mark Klein: Almost magical was going to happen, he doesn't have any idea what it is, he has no idea where he's going what is supposed to do what this vision is all about nevertheless.

00:04:23.220 --> 00:04:32.370 Dr. Mark Klein: Is there, and he starts at immediately to try and a discover what this what is future is what is turns out what his mission is and along the way.

00:04:33.120 --> 00:04:41.520 Dr. Mark Klein: get some help, as all of us need he soon discovers a mentor who turns out to be an extremely fascinating character and one of his professors.

00:04:42.180 --> 00:04:50.910 Dr. Mark Klein: He meets several other people along the way, who are equally fascinating of all ages of different races have different experiences for sure than him.

00:04:51.480 --> 00:04:57.450 Dr. Mark Klein: That his and during this this process, he learns early on that he has a mission.

00:04:58.140 --> 00:05:08.040 Dr. Mark Klein: And i'll tell you what the mission is you know I hate to give away too much of the book, but I don't think it really changes that much front you'll learn about it in the first few chapters franklin's mission is to fix the world.

00:05:08.520 --> 00:05:17.160 Dr. Mark Klein: it's not a small mission, this is not like you know you know memorize you know all the poetry written in the 19th century, this is, this is a big deal right this.

00:05:17.160 --> 00:05:17.340 Dr. Mark Klein: Is.

00:05:17.370 --> 00:05:17.910 Dr. Georgeann Dau: A big deal.

00:05:17.970 --> 00:05:18.810 Dr. Mark Klein: it's a big deal.

00:05:18.990 --> 00:05:32.520 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And it's funny because when you and I had one of our conversations we were talking about how I will work in our commitment to our work as an md and as a psychoanalyst spiritual.

00:05:33.150 --> 00:05:41.130 Dr. Georgeann Dau: director is that we really want to make a difference in the world, and each and every one of us really does have a mission.

00:05:42.420 --> 00:05:47.400 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Every one of us does have a mission that's what we're here, we all have.

00:05:47.970 --> 00:05:58.710 Dr. Georgeann Dau: a job to do, we all have a mission that's why I gave my life and give my life to the analytical process, because we are called to find our origins in.

00:05:59.310 --> 00:06:16.890 Dr. Georgeann Dau: God the God of our understanding, because we are given a soul and it has a purpose our souls purpose and when we find that not only do we have the ability to take on that mission, but we really find true happiness.

00:06:17.730 --> 00:06:21.180 Dr. Mark Klein: So I think we're I think you pretty much wrapped it all up.

00:06:22.440 --> 00:06:23.310 Dr. Georgeann Dau: No, I didn't.

00:06:23.400 --> 00:06:24.780 Dr. Mark Klein: ask me hey.

00:06:24.870 --> 00:06:26.310 Dr. Mark Klein: I really wasn't.

00:06:26.550 --> 00:06:34.560 Dr. Mark Klein: That was an excellent synopsis of so much so quickly and i'll tell you an interesting anecdote before we get into anymore in the book.

00:06:35.100 --> 00:06:44.220 Dr. Mark Klein: Years ago, I was my wife, I was with my wife at her church and I was talking to her, I met her Minister very, very nice guy.

00:06:44.970 --> 00:06:51.270 Dr. Mark Klein: And he asked me what I did I said well i'm a physician I said he said well do you like being a physician I go I love it I said, you know.

00:06:51.540 --> 00:06:58.500 Dr. Mark Klein: it's great I get to make a difference in somebody's life every day and I looked at him and I said you kind of have the same job right.

00:06:58.890 --> 00:07:07.890 Dr. Mark Klein: But what you said is one level above that or maybe 10 levels above that that everybody has the same mission right you don't have to be a doctor or minister.

00:07:08.370 --> 00:07:20.880 Dr. Mark Klein: or a psychoanalyst it doesn't matter everybody has the same ability and, most of us don't think about that we never realize it but it's it's a sense of omnipotence right, rather than being victims of life.

00:07:21.330 --> 00:07:35.520 Dr. Mark Klein: You know what i've learned in my writing and studying is that it's exactly the opposite, you know, we are not victims, we were not helpless were omnipotent we can make a difference, every single day, and you don't have to have a degree after your name to do it.

00:07:36.120 --> 00:07:41.220 Dr. Georgeann Dau: beautifully beautifully said, and yes, that.

00:07:43.620 --> 00:07:44.340 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We.

00:07:45.360 --> 00:08:04.980 Dr. Georgeann Dau: What makes our heart saying is god's desire for us our deepest desire is god's desire for us because God lives in us and we are one of the same, and God creates what continues to create, so we are called to continue to create.

00:08:06.090 --> 00:08:17.160 Dr. Georgeann Dau: In that place of mission missionary um yeah it's it's it's beautiful and beautifully said, and like you said it doesn't matter you don't need a degree.

00:08:17.640 --> 00:08:31.560 Dr. Georgeann Dau: it's how you go about the job you're given what you bring to people, you know that saying it doesn't matter, I think we all know, this say it doesn't matter what you were how smart, you are.

00:08:33.120 --> 00:08:44.400 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know what color your hair is how you look, the only thing, people will ever remember out of meeting you is how you made them feel because we're all here to share love.

00:08:46.080 --> 00:08:51.990 Dr. Mark Klein: it's exactly right love effect mice my second book that book before this from my first two books when nonfiction.

00:08:52.830 --> 00:09:00.600 Dr. Mark Klein: This book is fiction and people say to me why and just to go back that in my prior book is called the currency of life and really.

00:09:01.320 --> 00:09:14.310 Dr. Mark Klein: I couldn't agree with you more I think the mission is to learn love and it's through our relationships that we learn love and if somebody asked me, can you wrap up life in one sentence or one word i'd say.

00:09:15.330 --> 00:09:24.810 Dr. Mark Klein: Well i'm from New York and probably can't use one word but i'm going to try right i'm gonna try relationships that's the whole thing and, like the way the way I like to describe the world.

00:09:25.440 --> 00:09:34.500 Dr. Mark Klein: Is that the set changes so it might be 2000 years ago or might be 2000 years of the future last century, this century next.

00:09:35.100 --> 00:09:46.410 Dr. Mark Klein: What we're wearing changes the way we do our hair changes, you know what what technology, we have to use changes, but what never changes there's no story it's always the same story.

00:09:47.850 --> 00:09:51.150 Dr. Mark Klein: Always this, and that was the revelation for me to tell you the truth, I mean.

00:09:51.630 --> 00:10:06.420 Dr. Mark Klein: I think through writing my books, incredibly, I always at the end of every book, I always say well if nobody reads this i'm good because i've learned so much and it's so fulfilling and then one of my friends, is an author said now you want people to read your book.

00:10:07.470 --> 00:10:16.440 Dr. Mark Klein: And the reason you want people to read your book or look at your artwork or whatever is you create is because it's through that act of sharing that you can make a difference, the reason I wrote Franklin rock.

00:10:16.980 --> 00:10:22.290 Dr. Mark Klein: You know i've been a physician a long time, I have a career i've had a successful career i've been very, very, very fortunate.

00:10:22.620 --> 00:10:28.140 Dr. Mark Klein: So why did I write this book right people have asked me that what why at this point in your life, did you write this book.

00:10:28.680 --> 00:10:34.470 Dr. Mark Klein: Well, as a physician you spend your day helping people I would say most physicians the vast majority.

00:10:34.890 --> 00:10:47.160 Dr. Mark Klein: might get into it, for one reason or another, but what's hooks them what I call the golden handcuffs of medicine is this feeling, when a patient says to you Jay Thank you, you made such a difference to me wow I mean that is like a bug.

00:10:47.220 --> 00:10:58.380 Dr. Mark Klein: It is a drug, you know that right so here, I was doling out this help or this assistance on a daily basis, one by one, and I still love doing it there's nothing like it.

00:10:58.890 --> 00:11:04.020 Dr. Mark Klein: But then I said, you know I just feel like I have to do more, really this you know I don't have an agenda.

00:11:04.590 --> 00:11:13.590 Dr. Mark Klein: People who know me, you know as you get to a certain age you realize, you know look what do you in this for right you're in this for to make a difference that's what you realize at some point.

00:11:13.590 --> 00:11:13.920 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So.

00:11:13.980 --> 00:11:25.320 Dr. Mark Klein: I only agenda is to make the place better make the world better and I said, well, can I can I speed this up a little bit, can I can I scale this meaning, can I help more people in some ways.

00:11:25.740 --> 00:11:30.000 Dr. Mark Klein: Rather than just one, at a time, you can always shove somebody talking into a box right and day.

00:11:30.420 --> 00:11:44.040 Dr. Mark Klein: But this way, the idea was to maybe bring this out to a wider audience, and the reason I wrote a novel rather than writing another nonfiction book is because I realized people love stories, so the way I described this book.

00:11:45.300 --> 00:11:52.650 Dr. Mark Klein: it's kind of a weird analogy and we'll see what you think George jam, but the analogy is Franklin rock is ice cream with vegetables in it.

00:11:53.700 --> 00:12:04.200 Dr. Mark Klein: And some people would say God that's disgusting who wants to eat ice cream and vegetables in it, but if you step back a little bit, the idea is you get something really sweet and delicious and fun to read and I think this is a fun story.

00:12:04.320 --> 00:12:04.860 Dr. Georgeann Dau: It is.

00:12:04.920 --> 00:12:05.850 Dr. Mark Klein: And it moves fast.

00:12:06.900 --> 00:12:16.080 Dr. Mark Klein: But in, but when you're done with it you've got a lot of vitamins out of it there's a lot of good stuff in this book and I don't mean to sound egotistical or you know.

00:12:17.250 --> 00:12:25.470 Dr. Mark Klein: back, but again my goal is to help right that's it that's the goal, I have no other agenda and so that's what i've tried to do with with this book.

00:12:25.740 --> 00:12:27.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Well you've succeeded truly.

00:12:27.810 --> 00:12:28.440 Dr. Mark Klein: kind of you.

00:12:28.560 --> 00:12:36.810 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And that's why I was saying, when we first began our show tonight that it encompasses all of the many mysteries that.

00:12:38.160 --> 00:12:46.050 Dr. Georgeann Dau: we ponder life death time and you know I can't wait to get more in the book um.

00:12:47.430 --> 00:12:51.360 Dr. Georgeann Dau: yeah time seems to be a major theme in your book.

00:12:52.590 --> 00:12:57.450 Dr. Georgeann Dau: As a matter of fact, out of this book I bought myself a new watch I collect watches.

00:12:57.720 --> 00:13:05.430 Dr. Georgeann Dau: But I bought myself a new watch not this one, and on the back, I had an engraved always enough time.

00:13:07.170 --> 00:13:14.310 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Because it is an illusion and we're going to take a break in a couple of minutes, but it can you just because we're going to come back to this.

00:13:16.350 --> 00:13:18.810 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Why is it so important in this book.

00:13:19.140 --> 00:13:20.340 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Okay, I do have time.

00:13:20.880 --> 00:13:31.410 Dr. Mark Klein: i'll sum this up before we go on this break very quickly, because if you understand time and how time really works, it will completely change your view of the world and completely change your life.

00:13:31.530 --> 00:13:41.670 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I need that and I think we all need that I think we all need that and we're going to bite deeply into that when we return.

00:13:42.990 --> 00:14:05.850 Dr. Georgeann Dau: we'll be right back i'm Dr George and down, this is a journey through into awareness and we have the pleasure of being with Dr mark he Clyde and Franklin Franklin up we'll be right back don't go away, listening to talk radio nyc at www talk radio dot nyc.

00:17:01.530 --> 00:17:10.050 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Welcome back i'm Dr George and Dell, and this is a journey through into awareness and we are here tonight.

00:17:11.100 --> 00:17:24.210 Dr. Georgeann Dau: with Dr mark climb For those of you that are just tuning in so we left looking at time, or should I say the illusion of time because I never feel like I have enough time.

00:17:25.770 --> 00:17:27.900 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So tell us about a.

00:17:29.040 --> 00:17:37.560 Dr. Mark Klein: Time it's one of my favorite subjects, just so in this book Franklin rock does have a number of powers, you might say what.

00:17:38.070 --> 00:17:41.070 Dr. Mark Klein: i'll call them powers and one of them is he can time travel.

00:17:41.640 --> 00:17:50.850 Dr. Mark Klein: Now the way discovers is actually quite by accident and it's very interesting and these time travel adventures are different than most time travel books Franklin time travels.

00:17:51.300 --> 00:18:02.490 Dr. Mark Klein: to learn something to experience something to get to become aware of something it's it helps him move a login his goal is to complete this mission right, so this these things, help him.

00:18:02.940 --> 00:18:08.130 Dr. Mark Klein: move towards becoming what I like to say, becoming Franklin rock the person he becomes by the end of the book.

00:18:08.730 --> 00:18:17.250 Dr. Mark Klein: So why is time important and why did I say earlier that if you understand time it will change the way you view the world and, ultimately, change your life.

00:18:18.180 --> 00:18:27.390 Dr. Mark Klein: So let's start with how most people think about time, so you would ask most people I think it's fair to say, they would imagine time is a timeline the con you learn in college, you see, on.

00:18:27.780 --> 00:18:33.030 Dr. Mark Klein: In a book or on TV so it's a long thin line and on the far left is the past and maybe.

00:18:33.300 --> 00:18:39.810 Dr. Mark Klein: let's start in like Mesopotamia or something like that right, then you move up and you get to the Greeks and the Romans and.

00:18:40.080 --> 00:18:49.650 Dr. Mark Klein: You keep going to Dark Ages, you keep going forward eventually get to the Industrial Revolution and the 19th century 20th century, which is you know hard to believe behind this.

00:18:50.310 --> 00:18:55.290 Dr. Mark Klein: A good bit already and all the terrible things that in terms of the wars that happened the 20th century, and so on.

00:18:55.860 --> 00:19:08.580 Dr. Mark Klein: And then you get to now right and the light when you think about it, everything to the left of right now have now would be grayed out its history it's happened it's in a book it's a story whatever but it's not with us it's the past we call that the past.

00:19:09.240 --> 00:19:21.000 Dr. Mark Klein: And then you have the light shining on right now, this moment bright light, this is us we're talking together georgiana's is this is now and then everything to the right of now would be blank we call that the future.

00:19:21.810 --> 00:19:30.840 Dr. Mark Klein: So i've Albert Einstein who will talk about later we're sitting here, instead of me, you probably have a much larger audience for one but besides that.

00:19:31.950 --> 00:19:35.610 Dr. Mark Klein: He would tell you he'd say George and you paraphrase and say.

00:19:36.330 --> 00:19:43.890 Dr. Mark Klein: For those of us, believing physicists the past, present and future are illusions which you referenced before.

00:19:44.220 --> 00:19:52.830 Dr. Mark Klein: Their illusions, because it's not how the world works at all, so now let's get rid of that timeline which is completely incorrect and talk about let's get another analogy.

00:19:53.280 --> 00:20:03.150 Dr. Mark Klein: And we're going to use a jukebox we're going to use the jukebox of time, and the reason I like to use the jukebox because it's something we can all visualize so now imagine this gigantic.

00:20:03.630 --> 00:20:13.050 Dr. Mark Klein: jukebox and the first moment of time is all the way to the left it's the first record right let's play that first record that first moment of time we play it.

00:20:13.470 --> 00:20:17.460 Dr. Mark Klein: That first moment occurs that song of the first moment occurs will make believe it's a song.

00:20:17.760 --> 00:20:30.030 Dr. Mark Klein: And what happens when the song is done in a jukebox just a record dissolve does it explode does it vanished into thin air know it very calmly goes right back to where it was goes right back into a slot and what happens.

00:20:30.330 --> 00:20:37.110 Dr. Mark Klein: let's play the next record in in order and the next moment of time gets played, and the next moment, they all get playing the go right back where they were.

00:20:37.470 --> 00:20:45.210 Dr. Mark Klein: Because time moments of time never disappear now that's tough concept to wrap your head around, but let me give you a very concrete example.

00:20:45.510 --> 00:20:52.410 Dr. Mark Klein: Think of something and anybody listening can think of something a moment in their time, maybe their childhood or their adolescence so whatever the time they met.

00:20:52.620 --> 00:21:06.990 Dr. Mark Klein: The person the love of their life, whatever it may be some fantastic moment well here's the good news that fantastic moment is still going on, it is still being played it's not a memory it's happening.

00:21:07.860 --> 00:21:22.170 Dr. Mark Klein: every moment that ever happened is still happening, instead of thinking of a light shining only on now turn on all the lights, because every moment is being shined on every moment is happening in its own place in time.

00:21:22.650 --> 00:21:29.910 Dr. Mark Klein: And this is not a metaphor, this is physics, this is Einstein and relativity physics, this is the way it works.

00:21:30.390 --> 00:21:39.150 Dr. Mark Klein: So there's a couple of really great conclusions you can pull from that number one is that you box includes all of time, not just the past, not just the present.

00:21:39.930 --> 00:21:47.700 Dr. Mark Klein: also includes the future so folks I have to tell you something you may not realize, but the future has occurred.

00:21:48.330 --> 00:21:54.870 Dr. Mark Klein: The future exists, just like the past, just like the present, you go away that's impossible, what about cause and effect.

00:21:55.260 --> 00:22:09.000 Dr. Mark Klein: Sorry, this is physics, it has right now whether or not we can influence it that's another story, and we will not we won't talk about that now, but just the idea that a all of time, the whole jukebox exists simultaneously.

00:22:09.660 --> 00:22:10.230 Dr. Mark Klein: here's another.

00:22:10.470 --> 00:22:13.080 Dr. Georgeann Dau: have to have a conversation with me at another time.

00:22:13.260 --> 00:22:14.010 Dr. Mark Klein: i'd be happy to.

00:22:14.760 --> 00:22:17.040 Dr. Georgeann Dau: love it because I need to know this kid.

00:22:17.310 --> 00:22:24.270 Dr. Mark Klein: That so there's a fact if somebody wants to read a book is Brian Greene is a physicist at Columbia University GR EA any.

00:22:24.870 --> 00:22:31.590 Dr. Mark Klein: On I started reading his books that's when I realized holy mackerel so there's a good book the fabric of the cosmos it's a little bit.

00:22:32.190 --> 00:22:39.240 Dr. Mark Klein: Maybe a little bit cumbersome but it's not written for scientists it's written for lay people but it takes a little bit of effort i've read it like five times.

00:22:39.420 --> 00:22:40.530 Dr. Georgeann Dau: fabric of.

00:22:40.770 --> 00:22:47.130 Dr. Mark Klein: Of the cosmos so so right if you finish reading Franklin rock everybody, you can read the fabric of the.

00:22:47.130 --> 00:22:49.260 Dr. Mark Klein: Gospel but the point is.

00:22:49.320 --> 00:22:50.400 Dr. Georgeann Dau: i'm the director of the book.

00:22:50.730 --> 00:22:57.450 Dr. Mark Klein: But the idea, he doesn't use a jukebox that's my invention, but the idea, the whole jukebox exists simultaneously now.

00:22:57.870 --> 00:23:03.570 Dr. Mark Klein: So, now that i've explained to you that the future exists to here's the really best part, and this is where it changes your outlook on life.

00:23:03.870 --> 00:23:13.740 Dr. Mark Klein: And literally for me changes your life, and that is that, because every moment lives on forever really alive, just like this moment right now.

00:23:14.130 --> 00:23:22.950 Dr. Mark Klein: 10 minutes ago is living, just like this moment right now 100 years ago was living, just like this moment now 10,000 years ago is living, just like that.

00:23:23.880 --> 00:23:42.480 Dr. Mark Klein: The conclusion you draw is that you never lose anyone in that sense, nobody ever dies and i'm not making this up, and this is not a metaphor for our time but think of what's just happened today front page of all the newspapers 500,000 Kovac deaths, they lead 500 Kansas at the White House.

00:23:43.680 --> 00:23:49.800 Dr. Mark Klein: that's a lot of death as i'd like to remind people every year 500,000 people die of cardiovascular disease.

00:23:50.370 --> 00:23:59.580 Dr. Mark Klein: So it's not like cardiovascular disease got together with coven and said, you know what i'm taking the year off you kill 500,000 people this year and i'll come back next year, no.

00:24:00.270 --> 00:24:05.100 Dr. Mark Klein: Another 500,000 people died of cardiovascular disease and hundreds of thousand people's.

00:24:06.000 --> 00:24:22.830 Dr. Mark Klein: people died of cancer, etc, etc, so there has been a lot of death, just in this country and imagine worldwide, a lot of death, but think about it, when you realize it in a very real sense and again, this is not fiction, this is not metaphysics this is philosophy, this is science.

00:24:22.950 --> 00:24:24.930 Dr. Mark Klein: I love this summer really dies.

00:24:24.990 --> 00:24:28.590 Dr. Georgeann Dau: i'm sorry I love this I love this so much because.

00:24:31.260 --> 00:24:35.970 Dr. Georgeann Dau: i'm a spiritual director my passion is the psychological comments areas of the gospel.

00:24:37.050 --> 00:24:41.220 Dr. Georgeann Dau: i'm new wage energy all of that.

00:24:42.630 --> 00:25:03.390 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I love this because I like a scientific spin on all of this, which is what you're giving because i've also studied sciences science as a naturopathic physician, so I love this more so much what you're saying what's so am I hearing that it's like parallel universes.

00:25:03.600 --> 00:25:06.480 Dr. Mark Klein: Ah, well, you want to get into that for a minute.

00:25:07.650 --> 00:25:14.790 Dr. Mark Klein: I won't I won't bore people with this but, but the idea that I said the future exists well.

00:25:16.230 --> 00:25:19.590 Dr. Mark Klein: To keep this very simple, this is also an Brian greene's book, by the way.

00:25:20.580 --> 00:25:27.780 Dr. Mark Klein: There are different theories of the universe, or the universes and one very, very popular theory now among legitimate physicists.

00:25:28.410 --> 00:25:40.500 Dr. Mark Klein: Real people there's a guy named Sean carolyn he's at Stanford one of the most famous physicist in the country, who was slam dunk convinced and he's written books everywhere, I mean it's very, very famous extremely well respected.

00:25:41.250 --> 00:25:42.600 Dr. Mark Klein: there's a there's a theory called the.

00:25:43.170 --> 00:25:52.890 Dr. Mark Klein: Many worlds interpretation and with the many worlds interpretation of quantum physics is is that there are an infinite number of universes and we don't have time to get into why that is or how that is but.

00:25:53.280 --> 00:25:59.730 Dr. Mark Klein: But imagine a branch point and every time somebody makes a decision or something happens is a branch point.

00:26:00.270 --> 00:26:07.950 Dr. Mark Klein: So that every choice happens every up every possibility happens so you have literally zillions upon millions of universes.

00:26:08.340 --> 00:26:11.970 Dr. Mark Klein: And so it may be that the future, the way we can affect the future is.

00:26:12.300 --> 00:26:22.980 Dr. Mark Klein: Which train track you get on imagine a train track, and you, you you you flip the switch and instead of going to the left track now you're on the right track, so these things do dovetail to certain degree.

00:26:23.460 --> 00:26:35.670 Dr. Mark Klein: And you know again if people are interested you're there are lots of great books i'm not a physicist fantastic this is real, I promise you i'm a physician i'm i'm a skeptic scientists are skeptics show me, you know show me.

00:26:35.910 --> 00:26:38.460 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I like was like that will say is upon.

00:26:38.730 --> 00:26:39.720 Dr. Mark Klein: This is science.

00:26:39.780 --> 00:26:50.010 Dr. Mark Klein: I love, and so the idea once I realized that oh my God and that's very real sense, nobody ever dies i'm not kidding yes, we know what death is right, but but.

00:26:50.340 --> 00:26:59.010 Dr. Mark Klein: We know what happens when the body starts ceases functioning, but if you think about the fact that that person is alive and all the moments of their life for eternity.

00:26:59.310 --> 00:27:09.360 Dr. Mark Klein: It changes things so it brings you an inner peace, I know i'm sure this is something you talk about all the time it brings you an inner peace to understand that you don't need to fear death.

00:27:09.720 --> 00:27:24.150 Dr. Mark Klein: You don't need to fear the future your you only have one focus right now be the best person, you can be help as many people as you can I always say in medicine, if you do the right thing for the patient everything else works out don't worry about the money don't worry about the.

00:27:24.540 --> 00:27:25.530 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, stuff.

00:27:25.620 --> 00:27:27.030 Dr. Mark Klein: Just know what's best for the patient.

00:27:27.090 --> 00:27:36.900 Dr. Mark Klein: Beautiful that's true of life, if you just focus on now do what you can for other people bang you can't lose you you win you win the game that.

00:27:37.350 --> 00:27:37.920 formula.

00:27:39.150 --> 00:27:44.550 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, I love this I love this i'm almost forgetting that with we're on the air.

00:27:47.640 --> 00:27:49.020 Dr. Mark Klein: i'm trying to remember don't worry.

00:27:49.080 --> 00:27:49.770 Dr. Georgeann Dau: yeah that's.

00:27:50.820 --> 00:27:53.040 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Fantastic so um.

00:27:55.050 --> 00:28:00.420 Dr. Georgeann Dau: we'll take a quick break and when we come back i'd like to hear more about.

00:28:02.610 --> 00:28:11.670 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We if there's no death then where where do our souls go where do they go.

00:28:12.210 --> 00:28:13.590 Dr. Mark Klein: let's even asked me something.

00:28:14.100 --> 00:28:22.020 Dr. Georgeann Dau: about it, but I want to hear from from from you about it so we'll be right back with Dr mark.

00:28:23.280 --> 00:28:27.810 Dr. Georgeann Dau: i'm tough to dial we'll be right back Thank you so much quick break.

00:28:29.010 --> 00:28:32.880 Dr. Mark Klein: you're listening to talk radio nyc.

00:28:35.490 --> 00:28:35.700 and

00:31:20.850 --> 00:31:28.170 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Welcome back for those possibly just tuning in i'm Dr George and down this show is a journey through.

00:31:28.830 --> 00:31:45.720 Dr. Georgeann Dau: into awareness and we're here tonight with great pleasure, with Dr mark he climb, so we were talking about death and now, no one ever dies, and what that looks like and why it looks like that um so.

00:31:47.160 --> 00:31:50.580 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know, you were talking before mark that.

00:31:51.990 --> 00:32:01.470 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know how you approach, a patient and work with them, you know money aside, you know you do your absolute best, and you know the rest will just.

00:32:02.280 --> 00:32:13.200 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Have a great outcome, you know what comes to mind, for me, with my training is that you know when you bring love and you bring and I hate to use that word energy because it sounds silly.

00:32:13.530 --> 00:32:25.710 Dr. Georgeann Dau: But you know the energy of love and truth to a person in the healing whatever you come from kind of brings the outcome.

00:32:27.690 --> 00:32:38.040 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So if we come from goodness can only bring a good outcome if we don't come from goodness, then a little bit questionable.

00:32:39.150 --> 00:32:40.650 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, just checking in and.

00:32:40.890 --> 00:32:48.240 Dr. Mark Klein: Tell me know, of course, you know it's funny you know we've had we've we've just gone through this incredibly political mess in this country right.

00:32:48.600 --> 00:32:55.830 Dr. Mark Klein: Yes, and I always said, you know I look at I look at the our leaders in Congress and President, so I always say you know what.

00:32:56.220 --> 00:33:12.060 Dr. Mark Klein: His it's really simple if you only focus on what's best for your patience and your case the patient is the American people, if you only focus on that right you'll get it right don't be Machiavellian don't think about how do I get elected, how do I forget it.

00:33:12.150 --> 00:33:22.980 Dr. Mark Klein: it's just like being a doctor just think about what's best for the patient you'll get it right, you will win the outcome, just like you said, if you come from a good place, you will work out great, and if you don't.

00:33:23.460 --> 00:33:30.390 Dr. Mark Klein: I guarantee you that Karma thing is gonna bite you right that Karma is going to bite you every single time.

00:33:30.930 --> 00:33:43.470 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Every single time it's so absolutely true, and you know, so much so many myself and my colleagues, you know, try to bring this to people to expand a level of consciousness.

00:33:44.040 --> 00:33:56.340 Dr. Georgeann Dau: um you know, so that people can work with this awareness in their lives that there's no victim there's no such thing you are creating.

00:33:57.300 --> 00:34:08.520 Dr. Georgeann Dau: What God gave you, you will continue what the opportunity to create what God gave you to work with to continue to create to give back.

00:34:09.390 --> 00:34:31.380 Dr. Georgeann Dau: From your life into humanity, you know and so much of this Jesus spoke about Jesus came to bring a new consciousness, among many other things that God used his son to do but Jesus came to bring a consciousness, and this is what you're talking about is that.

00:34:32.460 --> 00:34:45.060 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Is that Jesus said so many times that there's nothing there's no death i've come to conquer death wake up there's no death So what do you mean by that.

00:34:46.380 --> 00:34:49.020 Dr. Mark Klein: Well, as I said, because every moment list forever.

00:34:49.140 --> 00:34:49.590 Dr. Mark Klein: Yes.

00:34:49.620 --> 00:34:50.910 Dr. Mark Klein: get it you're there forever.

00:34:52.110 --> 00:35:01.680 Dr. Mark Klein: So the question then is well let's get into this for a minute so, then what in the world is the purpose of life so, for instance, my last book it starts with a.

00:35:02.220 --> 00:35:09.330 Dr. Mark Klein: Question by art buchwald, who is a famous New York City columnist, a humorous columnist, he passed away got it could be.

00:35:10.170 --> 00:35:16.860 Dr. Mark Klein: 20 years ago something like that, so a lot of people aren't going to know he is, but he was very funny he was syndicated all over the country.

00:35:17.370 --> 00:35:22.320 Dr. Mark Klein: great writer, and he talks hit the last column he wrote was from his hospice.

00:35:23.010 --> 00:35:34.080 Dr. Mark Klein: and his friends who come to see him they'd say aren't you know what do you think is area here after what do you think happens and he goes look, I have no idea what happens, you can believe whatever you want, but I want to know is what are we doing here in the first place.

00:35:35.220 --> 00:35:44.040 Dr. Mark Klein: Right and I looked I went when I read that I went to law that is the question because if there's a purpose to life well let's put it this way.

00:35:44.970 --> 00:35:54.270 Dr. Mark Klein: The purpose of life determines how life is lead, so if I would have said to you guess what I just got this news flash from God, whoever you don't believe in God from somewhere.

00:35:54.750 --> 00:36:04.950 Dr. Mark Klein: And said, the purpose of life is to get rich right, so you say okay I got it, so I got to do everything I can to get rich, which means you're probably going to step on a bunch of people along the way.

00:36:05.040 --> 00:36:06.150 Dr. Mark Klein: But that's perfectly fine.

00:36:06.510 --> 00:36:15.060 Dr. Mark Klein: that's perfectly fine, because if the goal is to get perfectly ritual then it's legitimate right do whatever you can to get rich steal cheat whatever hurt people whatever doesn't matter.

00:36:15.510 --> 00:36:20.220 Dr. Mark Klein: Okay, supposedly that's not the purpose of life which by the way, i'm convinced 100% it's not.

00:36:20.790 --> 00:36:32.520 Dr. Mark Klein: And I, and I explain why that is meets I supposing the PR Ben Franklin Rock in this book one of us towards the latter part of the book he meets some fascinating people he talks to Carl young call young the famous psychiatrist.

00:36:32.520 --> 00:36:37.230 Dr. Mark Klein: Yes, marks to Albert Einstein, of course, and he also talked to Martin Luther King jr.

00:36:38.550 --> 00:36:43.710 Dr. Mark Klein: Because he can travel in time and he meets with these people and in one of the conversations and I won't tell you which one.

00:36:44.460 --> 00:36:50.100 Dr. Mark Klein: He talks about you know, the purpose of life and this famous person says, well, what do you think he said look, he said.

00:36:50.970 --> 00:37:00.090 Dr. Mark Klein: He said we spend all our lives learning the way life is it's a little peculiar, for instance, why are we so dumb when we're young.

00:37:00.540 --> 00:37:06.540 Dr. Mark Klein: When we have our whole life ahead of us and and knowledge and wisdom would be so much more valuable like.

00:37:06.810 --> 00:37:17.790 Dr. Mark Klein: If you're 18 years old and you were really wise you wouldn't drive 100 miles an hour you wouldn't take drugs you wouldn't jump off a you wouldn't bungee jump off a bridge right you wouldn't do a lot of stupid things right and.

00:37:18.330 --> 00:37:22.890 Dr. Mark Klein: And the list could go on and on right I wouldn't get in the car drunk blah blah blah blah blah blah right.

00:37:23.220 --> 00:37:32.700 Dr. Mark Klein: So that's where knowledge is really valuable when you're young so think about it, we should all be geniuses one more for and know everything and then, if we forget a little bit by the time we get.

00:37:33.060 --> 00:37:38.880 Dr. Mark Klein: To our 60s 70s and 80s big deal right we we don't have that much left, but when do we have the greatest wisdom.

00:37:39.450 --> 00:37:49.590 Dr. Mark Klein: At the end, the last day of our either consciousness of the last day when we're really able to put things together right What a waste What a waste unless.

00:37:50.430 --> 00:37:58.920 Dr. Mark Klein: Unless we, it is not a waste at all and we're being prepared for the next job so so people would say me do you believe in heaven I go look.

00:37:59.280 --> 00:38:02.250 Dr. Mark Klein: I don't know about having, but I can tell you i'm pretty sure we're getting another job.

00:38:02.820 --> 00:38:10.920 Dr. Mark Klein: You know, imagine, I went to Medical School I went to college for four years and went to medicals for us, I trained for another five years right that's 13 years.

00:38:11.160 --> 00:38:18.840 Dr. Mark Klein: Humanitarian and saying at the end mark here's your degree usual here your life in medical licenses good job go to the beach ticket you're done.

00:38:19.830 --> 00:38:30.960 Dr. Mark Klein: heck no I finally worth something I can finally do something at that point and get they kicked me out and said get to work and start so applying your trade and helping people with the knowledge that you've gotten.

00:38:31.530 --> 00:38:39.090 Dr. Mark Klein: I think, life is like that all the evidence to me points to that it says we're done when we're young or smart at the end.

00:38:39.570 --> 00:38:50.010 Dr. Mark Klein: right therefore that knowledge is going to be put to us just like my medical education was you're done here you're going to work, nobody asked me what the job is, I have no idea.

00:38:50.040 --> 00:38:50.700 Dr. Mark Klein: yeah hope it's.

00:38:51.510 --> 00:38:56.760 Dr. Mark Klein: Great I think it will be really good I don't think having is sitting around you know drinking pina coladas and.

00:38:57.000 --> 00:38:58.110 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know, suddenly.

00:38:58.620 --> 00:39:00.780 Dr. Mark Klein: chips I think it's like go to work.

00:39:01.020 --> 00:39:02.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I wouldn't want that now.

00:39:02.610 --> 00:39:12.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Right, say, and I, and I really do believe that how we live and how we die says a lot about where we're going.

00:39:14.220 --> 00:39:15.780 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And what we're going to be doing with that.

00:39:17.790 --> 00:39:18.120 Dr. Mark Klein: well.

00:39:18.570 --> 00:39:25.350 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I said to you the other day on the phone, these are the types of things I spend my waking hours probably my sleeping I was.

00:39:25.980 --> 00:39:32.550 Dr. Mark Klein: Also to wanted out because, once you once you become aware of this it's like you can't let go.

00:39:32.790 --> 00:39:33.150 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know.

00:39:33.210 --> 00:39:38.760 Dr. Mark Klein: it's like what else can I learn and so what's the next one, once you do that what's the natural result.

00:39:39.480 --> 00:39:52.050 Dr. Mark Klein: wow I want to help people, I want to make the world better, I want to get better myself so that i'm ready for whatever it is, I have to do and honestly I know you are a very religious person, but you don't have to be religious person.

00:39:52.650 --> 00:40:02.880 Dr. Mark Klein: To accept this you don't have to believe in Jesus if you don't want you don't believe in any organized religion it doesn't matter, in that sense, I don't mean to you know be little anybody's religion, but the point is.

00:40:03.300 --> 00:40:12.990 Dr. Mark Klein: If you think you have to that only people religion X or y can do this, no the whole point is a ha it's an Aha moment, nobody ever dies i'm all.

00:40:13.380 --> 00:40:16.500 Dr. Mark Klein: In my consciousness what is consciousness, nobody has any idea.

00:40:17.100 --> 00:40:28.380 Dr. Mark Klein: Clearly that's going on somewhere that's moving on called soul call it consciousness, the evidence is overwhelming to me and again remember i'm a skeptic I didn't believe any of this.

00:40:28.590 --> 00:40:38.130 Dr. Mark Klein: But i've been whacked over the head with a frying pan of wisdom of knowledge for so long, I can no longer deny it right, I can't personally deny it, so I believe.

00:40:38.430 --> 00:40:47.010 Dr. Mark Klein: That we're that maybe you're right i've thought about this does everybody get to go on, or do you fail and go go do it again I don't know, I have no idea and I don't mean.

00:40:47.040 --> 00:40:48.540 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I would never be so I have no.

00:40:48.900 --> 00:40:50.700 Dr. Mark Klein: I have no idea All I know is.

00:40:50.790 --> 00:40:52.950 Dr. Mark Klein: I like to say that there's something else going on.

00:40:53.070 --> 00:40:54.750 Dr. Mark Klein: Yes, I think the veneer.

00:40:54.840 --> 00:41:07.080 Dr. Mark Klein: there's another story right and then Franklin rock talks a lot about this and you know, one of the people, he meets, for instance, is this character more respond side I don't know if you've gotten to Maurice yet turns out so Franklin says, you know.

00:41:07.110 --> 00:41:08.130 Dr. Mark Klein: 20 year old white kid.

00:41:08.160 --> 00:41:19.470 Dr. Mark Klein: You know that grew up in in a in a middle class family you don't know that, but you get the idea, once you learn about him, you know but and who does he mean he meets an 82 year old African American guy black guy.

00:41:20.520 --> 00:41:28.980 Dr. Mark Klein: You know couldn't be more different and the two of them, create this incredible bond and I won't I won't tell the story about how that happens, but it's really a lot of fun and.

00:41:29.820 --> 00:41:35.880 Dr. Mark Klein: Maurice burnside becomes a secondary mentor to Franklin and teaches them the kind of wisdom, you and I talking about.

00:41:36.180 --> 00:41:46.650 Dr. Mark Klein: Why does honesty important, why is integrity, important and they go through all these things, and finally, he teaches him what he calls his magic trick he goes frank i'm going to teach you this trick, this is a really important trick.

00:41:47.250 --> 00:41:52.440 Dr. Mark Klein: He said when when times are tough when things are bad in your life.

00:41:53.400 --> 00:42:08.010 Dr. Mark Klein: Go help someone else when you when you pick somebody else's when you play somebody else's burdens ahead of your own the burden is on you instantly lighten right when your time when things are tough for you go help someone else that's the trick.

00:42:08.250 --> 00:42:12.450 Dr. Georgeann Dau: amen and when you don't feel loved go give someone love.

00:42:12.630 --> 00:42:14.160 Dr. Mark Klein: 100% same thing.

00:42:16.590 --> 00:42:25.950 Dr. Mark Klein: 100% you know, right now, we live in a society of you know I deserve this amo that there's no doubt we've had you know some terrell behave behaviors you know from.

00:42:25.980 --> 00:42:28.650 Dr. Mark Klein: Yes, slavery on up, I mean nobody's gonna defend.

00:42:28.650 --> 00:42:32.070 Dr. Mark Klein: arable, whether it be here in the United States, so the Holocaust.

00:42:32.640 --> 00:42:50.460 Dr. Mark Klein: or one, though, you know we got genocides coming up, we got more genocides, and we know what to do with right in terms of history books, so you can go anywhere you want it's been horrible things but but don't become a victim to just what you said, go love somebody else.

00:42:51.420 --> 00:42:53.490 Dr. Mark Klein: More response I teaches Franklin this.

00:42:53.580 --> 00:43:05.220 Dr. Mark Klein: This is the trick of life Franklin right when times are tough for you when when things are hard forget about your own troubles and go take on somebody else's, and that is a magic potion, that is, the magic of life.

00:43:06.570 --> 00:43:08.820 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know you your heart.

00:43:10.590 --> 00:43:22.440 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Your heart and your soul is revealed so much through the book and every character that you've put in it, this is you.

00:43:24.180 --> 00:43:33.030 Dr. Georgeann Dau: This is you, and it shows me they'll besides effect a couple conversations we've had, and you know i'm empathic.

00:43:33.780 --> 00:43:51.660 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I get a great sense of who you are mark, but it is revealed in this book, you are an incredibly loving open person and I I i'd like to say thank you to your wife, because I know when you leave here.

00:43:52.860 --> 00:43:57.930 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And you go on, I know that Jesus is going to be waiting for you and give you a big hug.

00:43:58.350 --> 00:44:00.780 Dr. Georgeann Dau: well be right back we'll get it.

00:44:02.040 --> 00:44:15.330 Dr. Georgeann Dau: we'll be right back with this with Dr mark line and i'm Dr George and when this is a journey through thanks so much for listening we'll be right back listening to radio and my.

00:44:17.250 --> 00:44:18.420 Education in.

00:46:33.720 --> 00:46:34.590 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:46:35.100 --> 00:46:38.310 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, Dr George and we're here with.

00:46:38.910 --> 00:46:48.270 Dr. Georgeann Dau: With Oscar my favorite little creature in the whole world and we're here with with Dr mark Klein.

00:46:49.620 --> 00:46:57.090 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I just had to check on him and see how he's doing because he's 15 and he just said, a seizure recently, so I know.

00:46:57.480 --> 00:47:04.350 Dr. Mark Klein: I can, I can I just say something sure so there's a quote that i've created quite a statement called the Franklin rock moment.

00:47:05.040 --> 00:47:24.300 Dr. Mark Klein: And a Franklin rock moment is here's the definition when a hint of the mystery of the universe is suddenly and unexpectedly revealed, so we just had, I just had a Franklin rock moment because my dog who passed away, while I was writing Franklin rock His name was Oscar.

00:47:24.660 --> 00:47:30.960 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, I love that yes, oh mark, I believe, in all of that, I.

00:47:32.130 --> 00:47:34.560 Dr. Mark Klein: You gave me you just gave me chills.

00:47:36.690 --> 00:47:38.520 Dr. Mark Klein: it's beautiful beautiful.

00:47:39.150 --> 00:47:42.960 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And you know I don't even like the word belief, I know what to be true.

00:47:44.400 --> 00:47:45.390 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I know what to be true.

00:47:47.100 --> 00:47:48.510 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know um.

00:47:53.370 --> 00:47:55.620 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know, you also talk about in the book.

00:47:57.420 --> 00:48:08.580 Dr. Georgeann Dau: that nothing is new under the sun and you started off the show like that I just love this cover to love everything about this book that i'm.

00:48:09.510 --> 00:48:23.280 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know, when I think about things like that, from my point of reference, as a woman, that you know fashion, always comes back hairstyles always come back makeup styles always come back there's really nothing new, ever.

00:48:24.060 --> 00:48:33.300 Dr. Mark Klein: Never the story of life is the same, which in itself is a major clue so, for instance, when you think about it, why is it.

00:48:33.780 --> 00:48:46.410 Dr. Mark Klein: That we have to go through the exact same things as our parents are in their parents and their parents why don't we all start in the same place go through the same trials and tribulations the same emotions and get to the same place.

00:48:46.950 --> 00:48:52.350 Dr. Mark Klein: People go that's the way the world is right, but when you learn about quantum physics you realize the world could be a lot of ways.

00:48:52.680 --> 00:48:59.280 Dr. Mark Klein: an infinite number of ways, it doesn't have to be this way, but it is so that's a clue to me that's a clue.

00:48:59.700 --> 00:49:07.230 Dr. Mark Klein: The reason we do, that is, because what we talked about earlier, you have to get to a certain point to be ready to do for your next job.

00:49:07.500 --> 00:49:20.370 Dr. Mark Klein: You can't read about it, you can't watch a movie about it, you have to live it, you have to experience love and sorrow and kindness and joy and, hopefully, hopefully not too much tragedy, you know.

00:49:21.120 --> 00:49:28.860 Dr. Mark Klein: I I hate tragedy, I always say nobody's ever going to get killed in a mark line book we don't need it, we got enough of it.

00:49:29.250 --> 00:49:40.380 Dr. Mark Klein: But still, you have to experience many of these emotions yourself why why can't you just like I said learned at four years old become you know know what's going to happen, avoid the dangerous things in life.

00:49:41.040 --> 00:49:49.950 Dr. Mark Klein: You know that's how you would make the most of a life theoretically but that's the clue is no, you have to experience all the things so you're ready yourself.

00:49:50.970 --> 00:49:51.810 Dr. Mark Klein: There is something else oh.

00:49:52.200 --> 00:49:53.340 Dr. Georgeann Dau: yeah please, please.

00:49:53.880 --> 00:50:00.630 Dr. Mark Klein: I think you you'll have a lot of fun with, and one of the things that Franklin talks about his choice right so.

00:50:00.960 --> 00:50:09.510 Dr. Mark Klein: We all make choices every day lots and lots and lots of choices and for most of us it's like oh yeah yeah another choice another decision right it's like full of stress and eggs.

00:50:09.780 --> 00:50:13.230 Dr. Mark Klein: You know it's easy to decide whether to have you know what the order for lunch, but you know.

00:50:13.410 --> 00:50:23.160 Dr. Mark Klein: We should I should I go to college or not, should I take this job or not, should I marry this person or not, should I move to this city, who not I mean a lot of quote big decisions well.

00:50:23.940 --> 00:50:30.450 Dr. Mark Klein: Most of us who remember yogi berra yogi berra was a famous New York Yankee and he was very famous he's a fantastic baseball player, but.

00:50:30.720 --> 00:50:42.270 Dr. Mark Klein: What he's remembered for our his malapropisms yogi said a lot of funny things accidentally right and one of his most famous was he said when you come to a fork in the road take.

00:50:43.560 --> 00:50:45.000 Dr. Mark Klein: Right and everybody laughs.

00:50:45.510 --> 00:50:57.270 Dr. Mark Klein: Still turns out yogi was right and here's why because choices are not what you think they are so if you imagine a choice like this i'll tell you a really quick story do we have time for a quick story.

00:50:57.630 --> 00:50:59.280 Dr. Mark Klein: We do okay so.

00:51:00.510 --> 00:51:09.510 Dr. Mark Klein: there's a gentleman who's lived in Philadelphia and he's in his office today ends and he kicks the elevator down comes out of his building his parking garages to the right.

00:51:10.320 --> 00:51:17.910 Dr. Mark Klein: And he says, I forgot, a matter of shaving cream do I have time to run to the pharmacy and he says, well, I only have a few minutes because they got to be home for meeting.

00:51:18.360 --> 00:51:22.380 Dr. Mark Klein: But it looks at his watch and see if I hurry, I can do it, so instead of making a right to his parking garage.

00:51:22.620 --> 00:51:30.600 Dr. Mark Klein: He makes the left and heads towards the pharmacy but he's in a hurry, so we start jogging down the street gets to the corner trips knocks over an elderly woman she breaks her head.

00:51:31.080 --> 00:51:41.760 Dr. Mark Klein: her daughter who's the only person who can take care of our lives across the country her daughter has to live leave her family to young teenagers and her husband she flies to Philadelphia takes care of a mother.

00:51:42.120 --> 00:51:47.490 Dr. Mark Klein: While while she's away the kids decide one knife dad's at work we're going to be great kids we're going to make dinner.

00:51:47.790 --> 00:51:56.670 Dr. Mark Klein: We know how to make pasta, so they put a boiling water on the gas stove turn it on they don't realize there's a dish towel just tell goes up in flames starts a small fire in the kitchen.

00:51:57.090 --> 00:52:01.230 Dr. Mark Klein: The daughter is quite why she picks up the phone calls the fire department fire comes.

00:52:01.590 --> 00:52:09.960 Dr. Mark Klein: puts out a small fire justin the father returns home sees what's going on relieved that everything's fine but looks at the farm and he goes hey we went to high school together.

00:52:10.140 --> 00:52:15.840 Dr. Mark Klein: find it goes yeah let's get together, since you wait my wife will be home in a couple of weeks we'll get together Okay, you know the.

00:52:16.080 --> 00:52:22.440 Dr. Mark Klein: Mother heels has surgery hips fine my wife comes home husband goes out to meet the fireman fireman.

00:52:22.710 --> 00:52:31.230 Dr. Mark Klein: He in the morning and had dinner the fireman drives to the restaurant parks two blocks away gets out of the car is walking down the street looks across street sees smoke coming out of a row house.

00:52:31.440 --> 00:52:39.030 Dr. Mark Klein: Like any good family darts across the street smashes open the door and saves a five year old girl who's under the table, as the House is filled with smoke.

00:52:39.510 --> 00:52:50.100 Dr. Mark Klein: That girl grows up and discovers the cure for malaria and save millions and millions of children's lives all because this guy made a right out of his building instead of a left.

00:52:50.310 --> 00:52:55.440 Dr. Mark Klein: I believe that's how the world works, so when you make a choice imagine like a bubble coming out of you.

00:52:55.650 --> 00:53:06.120 Dr. Mark Klein: And that bubble is going to get buffeted by the billions of other choices to billions of other bubbles coming out from every other person, which means once you make the choice it's out of your control let it go.

00:53:06.570 --> 00:53:13.200 Dr. Mark Klein: there's no such thing as a best choice there's no such thing as a right choice because you have no control over that as soon as it gets out of you.

00:53:13.680 --> 00:53:22.980 Dr. Mark Klein: Just make a choice and living alone, and when you realize that that you that you don't have nearly as much control as you think that there's no way to know how something's going to work out.

00:53:23.700 --> 00:53:36.840 Dr. Mark Klein: Then the burden on you lifts that distress up from you list, make a choice and forget about you, is no such thing as a right choice or a best choice you have no idea how any choice is going to work out.

00:53:36.960 --> 00:53:39.990 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Powerful you know the small minds of the ego.

00:53:41.190 --> 00:53:56.790 Dr. Georgeann Dau: The small minds of the ego needs to feel that it has control that's what suffering is is when a human being feels it has no control, but the reality is we really don't have any control, which is what I hear you saying now.

00:53:57.990 --> 00:53:59.910 Dr. Mark Klein: If you have control over the most important thing.

00:54:00.480 --> 00:54:02.250 Dr. Mark Klein: choice and you feel about it.

00:54:02.730 --> 00:54:05.130 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, but also that's why I invite my.

00:54:06.720 --> 00:54:11.190 Dr. Georgeann Dau: People I the people that I have the privilege that they come to me.

00:54:13.440 --> 00:54:16.530 Dr. Georgeann Dau: To if you sit and listen.

00:54:18.090 --> 00:54:42.540 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Can we make a choice, out of that, rather than making our choice, out of a feeling because most of the time when we're making a choice, out of a feeling Could it be that we are living out of one of those records that do not give the outcome that the universe.

00:54:43.620 --> 00:54:47.670 Dr. Georgeann Dau: What can use in this life to serve.

00:54:48.420 --> 00:54:55.800 Dr. Mark Klein: So, Professor nehemiah franklin's mentor tells him many times in the book, you can, if you pay attention, you can see the future in the past.

00:54:56.340 --> 00:55:00.630 Dr. Mark Klein: And that's what you're talking about and in the book Franklin does, and he says the Franklin.

00:55:00.960 --> 00:55:09.390 Dr. Mark Klein: You will learn how to do many much better than I am either frank, but his mentor tells him, you will be better at it, but if you pay attention, you will see the future in the past and sure enough.

00:55:09.780 --> 00:55:22.110 Dr. Mark Klein: That happens to Franklin he sees the future in the past, and in fact it is possible to see the future in the past, again, this is not a metaphor metaphysics this This derives from real physics it's very, very interesting.

00:55:22.410 --> 00:55:22.890 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes.

00:55:22.920 --> 00:55:32.670 Dr. Mark Klein: What you're saying is things things that make you feel a certain way, you may go in a certain direction because that future has impacted your you in the past.

00:55:32.850 --> 00:55:37.620 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, yes, and if we if we.

00:55:39.510 --> 00:56:04.770 Dr. Georgeann Dau: make the choice, out of make a quick choice add of unconscious desire to avoid a feeling let's just say that could it be that the choice can is not the full list of choice that can be used by God or the universe, to serve in a fuller way oh there's so many pieces to this Oh, my goodness.

00:56:04.890 --> 00:56:05.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: The one.

00:56:06.180 --> 00:56:11.400 Dr. Mark Klein: I like to give people is to say, let go the choices, if you don't have any idea.

00:56:11.490 --> 00:56:14.460 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You can not only don't have any idea, though, so so.

00:56:14.490 --> 00:56:21.090 Dr. Mark Klein: Free yourself liberate yourself don't put so much stress on yourself, you can't know what the best choice.

00:56:21.090 --> 00:56:22.290 Dr. Mark Klein: The most sense.

00:56:22.590 --> 00:56:24.300 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And sometimes it's a good guess.

00:56:25.290 --> 00:56:26.400 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Whatever it is don't be.

00:56:26.820 --> 00:56:28.590 Dr. Mark Klein: scared don't beat yourself over.

00:56:29.640 --> 00:56:39.870 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I wish, we can another hour or more, is there one takeaway you'd like to invite the listeners, because we have about 40 seconds.

00:56:40.920 --> 00:56:41.160 Dr. Georgeann Dau: yeah.

00:56:41.190 --> 00:56:56.550 Dr. Mark Klein: I would just say frank, I wrote Franklin rock to be a fine good read it get you'll get some vegetables at it, you will absolutely positively have a smile on your face and it's a it's an extremely optimistic uplifting book exactly what we need in this time.

00:56:56.790 --> 00:57:01.380 Dr. Georgeann Dau: It is fantastic take it from me the reader.

00:57:02.550 --> 00:57:06.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I can't Thank you enough for joining us, would you maybe come back on again.

00:57:06.870 --> 00:57:08.970 Dr. Mark Klein: Of course I can't Thank you enough for inviting me.

00:57:09.150 --> 00:57:10.170 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, my goodness.

00:57:10.320 --> 00:57:20.640 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Such a treasure such a blessing, and I want to thank all of you for listening tonight and for being here with us, and I hope it was fruitful for you.

00:57:21.390 --> 00:57:35.040 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I pray that it touched you in a place of depth that you can walk away and feel like you got something that fits your soul God bless you I love you because i'm a human to.

00:57:36.060 --> 00:57:38.880 Dr. Georgeann Dau: struggling, just like we all do.

00:57:39.960 --> 00:57:49.110 Dr. Georgeann Dau: With grace good night, and thank you for joining us tonight and we'll see you next week same time same place Thank you so much again mark.

00:57:49.500 --> 00:57:50.430 Dr. Mark Klein: Thank you so much.

00:57:50.640 --> 00:57:51.570 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Thank you good night.

00:57:51.960 --> 00:57:52.410 good night.

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