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Friday, February 19, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/19 - Bring Back The Love


2021/02/19 - Bring Back The Love

[NEW EPISODE] Bring Back The Love

It's anniversary time again!

Craig Selinger is a successful CEO and digital & SEO strategist. His first show with me was Valentine's Day 2020, and a year later Craig is returning with lots more love for online outreach.

It's been a year of obstacles for us all, but Craig is adept at turning adversity into advantage. I'm so excited to hear about the tactics he's unlocked since we last spoke!\

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the message of the week, “digital outreach is the jiu jitsu of marketing”, and introduces his guest Craig Selinger, a CEO and Digital & SEO strategist, and asks his opinion on the message of the week. Craig believes that just like in jiu jitsu, for marketing one has to focus on and perfect the basics, to be able to successfully work on more difficult and complex techniques. Jeremiah and Craig discuss how to figure out when to best use certain foundational techniques depends entirely on the context of the situation, both in jiu jitsu and in digital marketing. They also discuss advice that they often received with well experienced marketing and digital marketing professionals that one must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Craig discusses his experience with martial arts training, and how if he wasn’t asked to start jiu jitsu, he might have never started it due to the fear factor of the unknown. The two also discuss the nuances between working at your business and working for you business, and how this connects to jiu jitsu, and how competitions are not always all or none, and it is going to be difficult for one to be successful if they look at marketing from this standpoint.

Segment 2

Craig explains what his companies are, and what they do, with one of his companies is a speech language therapy company, and the other is a tutoring company for kids of all ages. Craig explains how in recent months because of the Covid-19 pandemic his company has become primarily remote, while prior to the pandemic his companies were primarily in person. Jeremiah and Craig spoke about the first time they discussed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in relation to Craig’s companies, and how everyone present was surprised to learn the extent that SEO can benefit their businesses. Craig explains how in terms of his speech language therapy company he only has to focus on local competition, while with his tutoring business, he is going up against multi million dollar companies, and the use of SEO has helped him compete against these big companies. Craig explains what SEO is and how it works in terms of businesses, and the difference between local and non-local SEO.

Segment 3

The two discuss how because of the pandemic, many people have to think more digitally minded to keep their business running successfully, and the idea that Craig came up with to help many brick and mortar local businesses transfer to a more digitally minded outset, to focus on social media and other digital avenues. Jeremiah talks about the club house sessions and mastermind sessions he’s been to, that in recent months because of the pandemic, they have been more and more focused on digital outreach. The two also discuss how becoming comfortable with digital marketing is liberating, in the way that it gives you more control and more options to get more customers for your business. Craig explains his past with business and digital marketing, and how he is mostly self taught, as he has no academic background with business. The two discuss the benefits and drawbacks from being self taught in business and digital marketing.

Segment 4

Jeremiah and Craig discuss the last time Craig was on the show, before the pandemic, when they were able to complete interviews in person. They also discuss authenticity and how that translates to social media marketing, and the importance of finding your true authentic self in the business realm and selling that to your customers. Jeremiah and Craig go through the steps that Craig would go through to help brick and mortar customers go digital. Craig explains that first he would help the customer figure out their target audience, and how to advertise to that audience to bring more traffic to their website. Craig also explains how he would find those people who would be his customer’s target audience, and that for his customer he would create a course that allows his customers to view their progress throughout the entirety of the course, with physical evidence such as videos, that his customers can look back on in the future.


00:00:31.620 --> 00:00:36.660 Jeremiah Fox: Happy Friday everybody we're gonna kick this one off right anniversary time bring it back.

00:00:37.080 --> 00:00:46.920 Jeremiah Fox: An old guest an old friend, he was on the show almost exactly a year ago today on valentine's day 2020 right before the shit hit the fan.

00:00:47.190 --> 00:00:56.100 Jeremiah Fox: But we had a great time before I bring him on the message of the week, this is a continuation of what I said last week, last week I said social media.

00:00:56.400 --> 00:01:07.560 Jeremiah Fox: Is the jujitsu of marketing we're going to take that one step further this week i'd love to get the feedback on this idea from a man here that digital outreach.

00:01:08.310 --> 00:01:20.640 Jeremiah Fox: Is the jujitsu of marketing with that welcoming back to the show my friend training partner neighbor CEO all kinds of crazy stuff credit salinger.

00:01:22.590 --> 00:01:36.930 Craig Selinger: Thank you i'm really excited to be back and yeah last time we had so much fun, it was valentine's day we did have a valentine's sharing text to share Sunday but i'm happy to be back i'm really.

00:01:36.930 --> 00:01:39.870 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah So what do you think about that quote.

00:01:40.140 --> 00:01:51.900 Jeremiah Fox: Being that you last week I explained a little bit more about jujitsu because the guy that was on he actually was a Stephen trained hapkido which has they do good amount of jujitsu, but you have a like.

00:01:52.800 --> 00:02:01.470 Jeremiah Fox: A solid foundation and you just do an understanding, like the value system in jujitsu and how it works, what do you think about that that quote.

00:02:01.830 --> 00:02:09.690 Craig Selinger: yeah absolutely I think with jujitsu just to give a little background so Jeremiah and I trained to the same dojo before the pandemic.

00:02:10.740 --> 00:02:17.940 Craig Selinger: And, but yeah, as you know, Jeremiah is really into jujitsu and and it's a piece of his life but yeah I think.

00:02:19.440 --> 00:02:23.970 Craig Selinger: In terms of let's say digital marketing or the digital space.

00:02:24.930 --> 00:02:42.870 Craig Selinger: or let's say even if you're a business and you want to learn foundations and you want to learn more advanced techniques, later on, I honestly, you know, I think, for most businesses it's really important to understand the foundations for the digital space.

00:02:44.220 --> 00:02:50.760 Craig Selinger: And then they kind of build up on those for more advanced techniques, which is when you start jujitsu you got to learn the basics.

00:02:51.690 --> 00:03:01.290 Craig Selinger: And there's a lot of information out there, I think it's extremely overwhelming, I think, someone like myself i've been doing i've been the digital space for 15 years so.

00:03:01.890 --> 00:03:10.560 Craig Selinger: I am really excited to bring all this abstract information and to have people think about the foundations, the one thing that's a little different than I think.

00:03:11.010 --> 00:03:19.800 Craig Selinger: jujitsu then with the digital space is that some some of the foundations are always the same some change a bit based on Google because Google hasn't a logarithm.

00:03:20.100 --> 00:03:31.260 Craig Selinger: And it's kind of a pain in the ass so sometimes you have to shift the foundations is a very it's very dynamic but wholeheartedly I think anyone out there who wants to increase the revenue.

00:03:32.910 --> 00:03:42.960 Craig Selinger: For almost all businesses at this point, I think there are opportunities out there in the digital world just to learn these basic foundational skills.

00:03:43.830 --> 00:03:57.750 Jeremiah Fox: um there is a correlation to that, though in particularly these days in jujitsu because you have you know, like self Defense jujitsu you got jujitsu for competition and again you've got jujitsu for the competition and know me you got.

00:03:58.050 --> 00:04:11.040 Jeremiah Fox: Jiu jitsu for MMA and each of them have this like float where there are things you would do in one foundation Lee that you would not do, and the other, you will find yourself.

00:04:12.330 --> 00:04:14.400 Jeremiah Fox: In a bad place.

00:04:15.360 --> 00:04:22.680 Craig Selinger: yeah and you just answer the question yeah and it's I think it's understanding the context which is really actually know like it's funny now that we're processing this.

00:04:23.100 --> 00:04:37.290 Craig Selinger: In the digital world out there it's very context, specific and there are times, where you have to do jujitsu with your competition and a lot of people that makes them actually very uncomfortable.

00:04:38.490 --> 00:04:41.820 Craig Selinger: And you know and it's it's funny yeah.

00:04:42.930 --> 00:04:46.920 Craig Selinger: Now we're talking yeah no it's it's funny.

00:04:46.980 --> 00:05:04.140 Craig Selinger: there's a lot of, I think, with the digital space, it can bring up a lot of emotions that people just they run away from and and I think it's the opposite, I think it with guidance and structure it's you can lean into it and learn a lot.

00:05:04.770 --> 00:05:16.260 Jeremiah Fox: And that comes up often I mean we've heard it in jujitsu all the time, but I hear a lot more business personalities saying get comfortable being uncomfortable force yourself into.

00:05:16.650 --> 00:05:27.060 Jeremiah Fox: That region where you're like I was in a clubhouse room, the other day, and you know it's funny I feel like such a novice when it comes to social media by you know, there are people that are like boy.

00:05:27.540 --> 00:05:37.170 Jeremiah Fox: I know, but that's just how I feel when I look at like but i'm always looking at the top i'm always like that's where I want to be so this is where i'm at right now so on the on the.

00:05:37.650 --> 00:05:48.180 Jeremiah Fox: Whole panorama i'd say you know i'm down near the bottom feeders but it's interesting to hear people, I was in a room yesterday and they they were like I just don't know how to get started.

00:05:48.300 --> 00:05:56.670 Jeremiah Fox: yeah i'm like nervous to get to go on camera and just talk and i'm like oh yeah no, I have no.

00:05:58.050 --> 00:06:00.330 Jeremiah Fox: fact I can't wait to do it.

00:06:03.480 --> 00:06:09.360 Craig Selinger: yeah i'll give you a quick yeah and i'll give you a very simple like what I started doing martial arts training.

00:06:09.900 --> 00:06:18.750 Craig Selinger: I had no experience with martial arts whatsoever and many years ago, Professor Carol was outside the dojo literally pulled me in.

00:06:19.110 --> 00:06:26.880 Craig Selinger: And he's like come train like literally he pulled me in but, fortunately, he did, that if he didn't do that I probably would have never.

00:06:27.240 --> 00:06:35.790 Craig Selinger: enter the the the you know, the world of jujitsu and unfortunate a lot of people need that they literally need they is that fear factor.

00:06:36.000 --> 00:06:46.200 Craig Selinger: But they have to be pulled in and if they're coached and they're nurtured and they start learning the basics then they're fine it's that it's that initial initial transition is the hardest.

00:06:46.260 --> 00:06:47.610 Jeremiah Fox: Well he's got good grips to.

00:06:47.700 --> 00:06:49.650 Craig Selinger: Yesterday I was, I was.

00:06:50.250 --> 00:06:51.480 Jeremiah Fox: You were like yeah i'm gonna.

00:06:54.030 --> 00:06:55.230 Jeremiah Fox: Okay i'm just gonna go with.

00:06:55.230 --> 00:06:58.260 Jeremiah Fox: It um the other, the other aspect.

00:06:58.320 --> 00:07:01.140 Jeremiah Fox: About that that kind of fascinates me with.

00:07:02.550 --> 00:07:09.840 Jeremiah Fox: The correlations between jujitsu and and digital marketing is you know jujitsu always teaches you to.

00:07:10.800 --> 00:07:18.420 Jeremiah Fox: You know about leverage and you hear that in business, all the time, and it was funny because I understood it in jujitsu and I remember asking Professor Laurel one day.

00:07:18.900 --> 00:07:23.820 Jeremiah Fox: because she she and I would have all these talks about business, and I was like what do they mean in business.

00:07:24.210 --> 00:07:31.800 Jeremiah Fox: You know, like leverage and she was like it's no different it's like, if you want to pull the arm and you got your fulcrum here and you're pulling like.

00:07:32.160 --> 00:07:36.300 Jeremiah Fox: In the middle of the arm it's much less effective than if you slide down to the end.

00:07:36.780 --> 00:07:45.690 Jeremiah Fox: And you're pulling the lever there so in business it's like really finding that in the extreme, where you're pulling in you're extracting like.

00:07:46.380 --> 00:07:56.460 Jeremiah Fox: I think of a wine press you know something like that or orange juice, you know you don't want to be up here it's going to take a lot more effort you want to you want to be effortless especially.

00:07:57.090 --> 00:08:10.680 Jeremiah Fox: If you want to in some way scale your business and have some freedom, where you know the the book The e myth, where he's talking about he's distinguishing between working at your business or working for your business.

00:08:10.980 --> 00:08:16.140 Jeremiah Fox: So when you're like high up on the lever you're kind of working at your business it's like a lot of work.

00:08:16.200 --> 00:08:17.580 Jeremiah Fox: You know and it's hard to.

00:08:17.580 --> 00:08:18.840 Jeremiah Fox: You to break away.

00:08:19.050 --> 00:08:20.580 Craig Selinger: it's great.

00:08:21.060 --> 00:08:24.630 Craig Selinger: No it's a great analogy, and for those that don't know about Jiu jitsu.

00:08:24.870 --> 00:08:35.370 Craig Selinger: i'm five eight i'm not a strong guy i'm not like I mean i'm a fanatic i'm not super athletic, but if you start learning certain foundational stuff you can have leverage against people that.

00:08:35.790 --> 00:08:43.650 Craig Selinger: Maybe, at the same level or below you that are huge so like one quick example remembers the rest of my life him who's a monster.

00:08:45.150 --> 00:08:46.260 Craig Selinger: early on.

00:08:47.370 --> 00:08:54.360 Craig Selinger: When we were he was just is TIM and myself, and we were standing starting from a standing position, I was the beginning, so I was like.

00:08:54.690 --> 00:09:08.850 Craig Selinger: I was so so nervous and he just starts chart like you know kind of charging at me and i'm like ah so fortunately I resorted to a foundational chokehold and I caught him and he actually tap down Professor caught it, so I was like a highlight of my career.

00:09:10.050 --> 00:09:17.220 Craig Selinger: But again, this This is again I start I just instinctively a remembered a foundational move and they use it to leverage and eat any tapped out.

00:09:17.490 --> 00:09:23.220 Craig Selinger: Now the nice thing about the remote spaces, that you can be going against multi million dollar companies.

00:09:23.520 --> 00:09:37.230 Craig Selinger: And you could actually leverage yourself with very little funding and you can create a niche where you can actually out do your competition in a specific context, and that was mind blowing about digital stuff it, you can really.

00:09:37.890 --> 00:09:47.700 Craig Selinger: If you know some of the foundations it doesn't mean you can take over and assert a company, but you can find a space a space that you can maneuver in, and you can outdo the competition.

00:09:48.120 --> 00:09:59.460 Jeremiah Fox: And that that came up last week to that was the idea is leveraging you know we were talking specifically about social media, because the gentleman that was on, you know that was his his bread and butter he really.

00:09:59.970 --> 00:10:11.430 Jeremiah Fox: Is areas of expertise was in content creation, and that was that was the I the the martial arts connection that we made with the leverage, is that you can you know again like you said you're not going to take them over.

00:10:11.670 --> 00:10:12.300 Craig Selinger: No.

00:10:12.420 --> 00:10:13.650 you're going to elbow some space.

00:10:16.530 --> 00:10:19.950 Jeremiah Fox: Here I don't think people realize that I think when they.

00:10:19.980 --> 00:10:29.010 Craig Selinger: Do look at the competition, I think it's an all or not it's not an all or none fight at all that's the word if you're gonna go all or none you're going to lose.

00:10:29.040 --> 00:10:30.810 Jeremiah Fox: What do they call that some zero game.

00:10:30.840 --> 00:10:32.100 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, exactly and.

00:10:32.190 --> 00:10:33.990 Craig Selinger: You cannot do it in the digital.

00:10:34.020 --> 00:10:35.580 Jeremiah Fox: And that's not the approach and.

00:10:35.880 --> 00:10:40.770 Jeremiah Fox: The approach in you know in martial arts, they often say your biggest competition is yourself.

00:10:40.830 --> 00:10:57.990 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, and I think that's true also when it comes to digital outreach and, just like the room, we were having discussion and yesterday that was the thing people were like they had to they had to push themselves beyond that comfortable spot to where they could actually have a breakthrough.

00:10:58.770 --> 00:10:59.550 Craig Selinger: You know yeah.

00:11:00.750 --> 00:11:01.500 Craig Selinger: And that space.

00:11:03.360 --> 00:11:09.660 Craig Selinger: Sometimes you just have you just have to learn one one good move it stick with it.

00:11:09.690 --> 00:11:10.860 Jeremiah Fox: repeat it repeat it.

00:11:10.860 --> 00:11:16.380 Craig Selinger: rinse and washing and master it and and then you can be kind of a mastering your domain with that one move.

00:11:16.890 --> 00:11:30.990 Craig Selinger: You can then you know leverage it by really maximizing that move, you can then move on to the next move right and start learning that master it and then boom, you have two moves and it's the same thing digitally you that's that's the best approach honestly like Jiu jitsu.

00:11:31.200 --> 00:11:39.450 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and even I Olympic Judo players, you know those guys excel and like three or four things Max.

00:11:39.540 --> 00:11:42.300 Jeremiah Fox: Max you know yeah like that they like.

00:11:42.330 --> 00:11:55.380 Jeremiah Fox: They have three or four things is what i've read I don't know you know no man, I went to docu but um that's what i've heard many times is that they excel as less than a handful of really, really.

00:11:56.100 --> 00:12:04.170 Jeremiah Fox: Efficient moves that they get nailed based on their body type in their experience in their practice and there's you know there's like hundreds of throws and they like.

00:12:04.650 --> 00:12:12.780 Jeremiah Fox: know little bits and pieces, but they have those three or four that it's just like they that's how they got to where they are not by knowing.

00:12:13.290 --> 00:12:22.170 Jeremiah Fox: Like all 67 or however many there are you know official throws and they're not official throws so that's a good point that you bring up like find your focus.

00:12:22.230 --> 00:12:22.920 On your yeah.

00:12:24.390 --> 00:12:30.900 Craig Selinger: And I don't think that's what people don't realize there's a structure, in a sense, to people don't see the structure, they just you know it's again like I remember.

00:12:31.230 --> 00:12:36.900 Craig Selinger: When you're doing jujitsu for the first time you like what the Fuck is going on there's you know you just like whoa you're overwhelmed.

00:12:36.900 --> 00:12:37.680 Jeremiah Fox: buddy I still feel.

00:12:39.000 --> 00:12:40.950 Craig Selinger: I find that hard to believe, but.

00:12:42.030 --> 00:12:48.930 Craig Selinger: But yeah but that's the same thing it's it's learning how and when you when you train in jujitsu it's at some point.

00:12:49.320 --> 00:13:02.700 Craig Selinger: What you start to it's like a language and at some point you start recognizing like you have a term oh that's that move and that's that move and same thing digitally you have to this is so much information out there, that you have to.

00:13:03.810 --> 00:13:11.760 Craig Selinger: Start understanding, some of the basics and learning it and then identify you know and then refining it and that's the hardest part it's the hardest part.

00:13:12.270 --> 00:13:22.860 Jeremiah Fox: And right just getting started like they say early in Jiu jitsu like just keep showing up and it's happening it's same with digital it I like that point that you made to because they always say like jujitsu is endless you'll never.

00:13:22.890 --> 00:13:25.620 Jeremiah Fox: get to the S at digital for sure, because it's.

00:13:26.100 --> 00:13:31.950 Jeremiah Fox: Like digital is just at the beginning, unless it's just starting to accumulate steam so who knows where it's gonna go.

00:13:32.190 --> 00:13:41.250 Jeremiah Fox: The advancements in jujitsu have not been as rapid lately, but still like the the wealth of information that's out there you couldn't you couldn't achieve it all in one lifetime.

00:13:41.580 --> 00:13:52.740 Craig Selinger: know and it's again it's it's like you know, even if you're a black belt it's not like you're done learning like I figured it all out i'm done it's it's also people that don't realize, but the martial arts that's not how it works yeah.

00:13:54.120 --> 00:13:55.500 Jeremiah Fox: Professor Laurel said when she.

00:13:55.500 --> 00:13:57.300 Jeremiah Fox: got her, she said it was the beginning of learning.

00:13:57.510 --> 00:13:59.490 Craig Selinger: Interesting that's a great question yeah.

00:13:59.760 --> 00:14:07.890 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we're gonna take a with that great quote we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back everybody so hang tight listening for some more digital Father will be back in just a SEC.

00:17:07.980 --> 00:17:16.920 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, yes, yes, everybody welcome back if you're just tuning in you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox here with digital Co.

00:17:17.490 --> 00:17:29.640 Jeremiah Fox: marketer seo specialist and Jiu jitsu practitioner correct salinger we didn't just tell everybody really quick about your company's like the fast version what you what's your like your day job is.

00:17:30.120 --> 00:17:34.740 Craig Selinger: yeah so I have two companies, one is primarily a speech language therapy company where.

00:17:35.280 --> 00:17:44.070 Craig Selinger: Families reach out to us, we connect them with a speech language therapist can come to their home or do remote work, I also have a Tutoring company for all ages.

00:17:44.520 --> 00:17:57.990 Craig Selinger: Where students have various learning profiles they come to us, we hook them up with a learning specialist tutor we'll do some work with adults as well and same thing, do we do virtual redoing home.

00:17:58.260 --> 00:18:01.890 Jeremiah Fox: But over the last year it's been like largely virtual.

00:18:02.250 --> 00:18:12.660 Craig Selinger: yeah yeah absolutely it's been virtual yeah and behind the scenes, what I what I do is I basically tried to make sure that my businesses are running smoothly.

00:18:13.410 --> 00:18:23.970 Craig Selinger: Looking for opportunities for growth and definitely a lot of lot of the business we get is through the digital realms where we bring clients in.

00:18:25.020 --> 00:18:27.570 Craig Selinger: And then we tried to do our magic with.

00:18:28.080 --> 00:18:34.140 Jeremiah Fox: Previously, you were doing a blend it was kind of blended right, you would do some in home visits awesome virtual.

00:18:34.170 --> 00:18:42.210 Craig Selinger: It was actually mostly in home so yeah the pandemic, we had a really change your business model from primarily in home to primarily remote.

00:18:43.200 --> 00:18:57.780 Craig Selinger: And we also had to, even though I didn't have brick and never had brick and mortar even do the pandemic I, we had to make lots of changes you and it doesn't matter right, you have to pivot and shift and we did Nice.

00:18:58.110 --> 00:19:10.770 Jeremiah Fox: And in the last segment you mentioned kind of like you were talking about even against competition you use like strategy and foundations and you kind of like weasel your way into a space, and I remember the first.

00:19:11.700 --> 00:19:23.520 Jeremiah Fox: kind of focus group that we did here at the restaurant i'm sitting in the exact space actually that that we were in that night you you brought up the idea of seo and the whole table kind of.

00:19:27.810 --> 00:19:40.440 Jeremiah Fox: And it was beautiful the way you describe how you utilize it where you looked at your competition, the other speech therapy, you know businesses you understood what they were doing.

00:19:41.100 --> 00:19:50.460 Jeremiah Fox: And you weren't like i'm going to do that i'm going to do a better whatever you were like where what are they not doing where's the space, I can I can triangle in.

00:19:50.940 --> 00:19:58.890 Jeremiah Fox: Whether they're not doing and just carve out my niche and and be you know kind of satisfied with that everybody was kinda like.

00:20:00.060 --> 00:20:01.560 Jeremiah Fox: We should be doing that to.

00:20:01.620 --> 00:20:11.340 Jeremiah Fox: The show expound upon that please because that was such a great conversation, and we were so short that night but like we have now it's just you and me baby.

00:20:11.430 --> 00:20:22.290 Craig Selinger: that's right yeah so just to just to give people some background so in terms of my my two businesses terms the competition that the speech language therapy.

00:20:22.860 --> 00:20:31.770 Craig Selinger: it's less competitive from a corporate standpoint Tutoring companies i'm going against multi multi million dollar Tutoring company so i'm.

00:20:32.640 --> 00:20:46.950 Craig Selinger: Like you know, a tiny little Speck and then i'm going against Goliath and lots of Goliath vs speech therapist i'm going morgan's the local competition so there's two differences now in terms of just so people understand seo which stands for search engine optimization.

00:20:48.090 --> 00:21:00.990 Craig Selinger: So there's there's the standard definition, but what how i'm going to define it for the audience is that for those that want to find more customers online and let's say they don't want to rely on ads.

00:21:04.740 --> 00:21:17.190 Craig Selinger: Bringing customers without spending extra extra money it doesn't include anything you do with your infrastructure for your website so if you have a web designer and you're you know reading content, whatever that those are low costs in general.

00:21:17.520 --> 00:21:25.920 Craig Selinger: But if you want to avoid Google ads or any other ads there's basically organic seo where someone types in it, you know keyword keywords.

00:21:26.700 --> 00:21:39.120 Craig Selinger: Whether it's a plumber near me and then and Google, you see that, on the first page you see the paid ads and then there's a local pack which you see usually it's the top three competition locally and then you'll find.

00:21:39.870 --> 00:21:52.710 Craig Selinger: listings under that it could be anything related to the plumbing so in order to appear ideally statistically, most people don't go 70% stay on page one, they don't go to page two.

00:21:53.760 --> 00:22:05.730 Craig Selinger: But if you want to be found on page one or say page to your website has to be optimized for what's called local search engine optimization and what that means is that you have a website.

00:22:06.180 --> 00:22:17.520 Craig Selinger: It sends signals to Google and Google looks at all the competition and and based on the keywords they pick the the local competition, which has the strongest signals.

00:22:18.000 --> 00:22:22.980 Craig Selinger: And those signals that are being sent to Google you actually have full control.

00:22:23.370 --> 00:22:32.730 Craig Selinger: Of those signals, now we don't know no one knows the exact a logarithm of how to nail down the best overall signals to the T.

00:22:33.030 --> 00:22:41.430 Craig Selinger: But we do know, in general, what those what you need to do to change on your website to broadcast strong signals stronger.

00:22:41.700 --> 00:22:51.300 Craig Selinger: than the competition so that you'll appear on page one, and then the other piece of that so that's one you get it's basically and that's worth money so there's actually.

00:22:51.810 --> 00:22:57.240 Craig Selinger: Google will actually look at keywords and give you a value of how much they are.

00:22:57.930 --> 00:23:07.830 Craig Selinger: So, by having control that space by ideally appearing on page one you're basically getting free traffic, which has a lot of value.

00:23:08.190 --> 00:23:19.440 Craig Selinger: And then, if you're doing really well against the competition with with the the local pack your now boom on the top three for whatever local keywords and that that local pack being on the top three.

00:23:19.740 --> 00:23:24.990 Craig Selinger: is better than a Google ad because it's organic it doesn't it's not labeled Google ad.

00:23:25.170 --> 00:23:36.870 Craig Selinger: And statistically, people are going to look at if you have good reviews and you're in that local pack people are going to click on that so now you're getting a lot of free traffic so in order to send those strong signals.

00:23:37.110 --> 00:23:47.490 Craig Selinger: bring people for free organically to your website, that is, that is huge now there's other layers from there, but that's one, how do you get people's attention.

00:23:47.760 --> 00:23:58.950 Craig Selinger: And how do you get them to it's a sales funnel, how do you get them to come to you and and again it's by understanding those techniques with local seo was the local seo when I say local.

00:23:59.400 --> 00:24:04.890 Craig Selinger: Again, what that means is that, compared to local competition not at a national level, so if i'm a plumber.

00:24:05.280 --> 00:24:09.270 Craig Selinger: And let's say you know you're looking for a plumber in brooklyn that's local seo.

00:24:09.540 --> 00:24:17.670 Craig Selinger: If you're looking to go to if you have a plumbing school at the national level and you're going as national competition and they can do an online course to be a plumber.

00:24:17.940 --> 00:24:26.940 Craig Selinger: that's more national, but when you're going against people that are competitively locally that's local seo So for me, I think it's amazing that you can find.

00:24:27.450 --> 00:24:43.080 Craig Selinger: A space with certain keywords against multi million dollar companies, and you can get with the right maneuvers you can get on page one, and you can get on the local Pack and below that and get high value free traffic onto your website.

00:24:44.250 --> 00:24:59.460 Jeremiah Fox: amazing and then we talked about it briefly on the last show, I was even have a tab open on my computer right now dealing with SEM as well, which the way, which is search engine search engine marketing.

00:25:00.480 --> 00:25:10.140 Jeremiah Fox: So the way i've kind of understood it is SEM is good at first like if you're just starting, your company just starting, your brand just started your website.

00:25:10.560 --> 00:25:21.120 Jeremiah Fox: Maybe like a six week six months paid run of SEM just to grease the wheels, but then you can retract that and then focus hardcore on your seo.

00:25:21.900 --> 00:25:34.470 Jeremiah Fox: It will it's more value driven it's free you know you just have to be strategic like you said you might have to there might be some mild investment on your website, but i've heard that's a really good approach to really getting the ball rolling.

00:25:35.430 --> 00:25:37.440 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, traffic to your website.

00:25:37.920 --> 00:25:47.610 Craig Selinger: When you work on local seo it's not it does not happen overnight it's like jujitsu like even if you're doing the basic move it can take a few months to see results so.

00:25:47.610 --> 00:25:50.220 Craig Selinger: You can't you cannot rely there's no quick fix.

00:25:50.310 --> 00:25:55.380 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I like that I like that analogy, I mean versus like.

00:25:56.880 --> 00:26:06.480 Jeremiah Fox: How does it work say your and we'll we'll get into this in the next segment, you are launching a social media.

00:26:08.280 --> 00:26:11.730 Jeremiah Fox: Like a content production company so you're purely digital.

00:26:13.320 --> 00:26:21.390 Jeremiah Fox: And you will be going against national competition because there's a lot of it out there, how if it's less.

00:26:22.980 --> 00:26:31.440 Jeremiah Fox: Locally driven, what is the seo approach look like versus like you were talking about getting into that local bundle so like.

00:26:31.890 --> 00:26:37.860 Jeremiah Fox: You know, Sam I guess it's still kind of local but i'm here in brooklyn I start this content, you know service company.

00:26:38.130 --> 00:26:52.110 Jeremiah Fox: And i'm going against companies even internationally Canada, you know other parts of the world, my customers might not necessarily be here, how does the seo approach look different for that, where you like purely digital and not local at all.

00:26:52.260 --> 00:26:59.850 Craig Selinger: So the nice thing about the framework is it it's actually very similar, no matter what industry you're in so i'll break it down a little bit so.

00:27:00.330 --> 00:27:02.880 Craig Selinger: One is audience that what people don't realize.

00:27:03.840 --> 00:27:10.710 Craig Selinger: I think this gets confused a lot from a digital perspective, you really appealing to two different audiences sometimes it's the same audience.

00:27:10.950 --> 00:27:17.220 Craig Selinger: there's audience one was where you want traffic to your website which helps with search engine optimization.

00:27:17.550 --> 00:27:23.790 Craig Selinger: Google records every visitor lands on your site where they're from has data on it and how long they spend on your website.

00:27:24.240 --> 00:27:34.410 Craig Selinger: So the more high quality visitors that come they engage with the website google's like you're offering something that has nice a nice free value to those customers and.

00:27:34.740 --> 00:27:42.810 Craig Selinger: You actually have an authoritative rating scale and the idea is that the more quality traffic you bring in and the more they engage you.

00:27:43.050 --> 00:27:51.240 Craig Selinger: You increase your authoritative ranking which will help in the long run, getting fat it's one of the one of the factors for being found on.

00:27:51.840 --> 00:28:06.060 Craig Selinger: On on let's say page one page two so that's one, so you want to nurture your off your audience by bringing in high quality content that they can learn and engage with, and even if you're not selling to them, that is fine.

00:28:06.720 --> 00:28:21.480 Craig Selinger: Because that will ultimately help you with search engine optimization then there could be a separate audience is your target audience that who are you selling to and what are you selling so you have to think about those artists, sometimes there's an overlap.

00:28:21.600 --> 00:28:23.100 Craig Selinger: You know, sometimes they're not.

00:28:23.400 --> 00:28:40.290 Craig Selinger: Maybe you get really lucky in your industry and that you know which is, overall, is probably really hard to find that one audience so you're looking at different once you define your audiences you then come up with the seo strategies based on your on your audiences.

00:28:40.560 --> 00:28:49.590 Jeremiah Fox: Nice awesome awesome answer we're going to take another break and when we come back, I want to talk about some of the new things that Craig is.

00:28:50.070 --> 00:28:58.980 Jeremiah Fox: interested in and I hear some more fascinating stuff from him so you all, please return, so you get this wonderful information from Greg we'll be right back hang tight.

00:31:49.710 --> 00:32:05.700 Jeremiah Fox: Alright folks bring in Craig salinger back to the stage we're here talking about digital marketing digital outreach he's the CEO he's got a lot of experience with seo but lately he's been talking to me a lot about something different, you want to talk about that a little bit Craig.

00:32:07.140 --> 00:32:07.710 Craig Selinger: was saying.

00:32:09.390 --> 00:32:13.470 Jeremiah Fox: Nice and not that not that night we went out for drinks and got kind of No, not that I.

00:32:15.240 --> 00:32:19.050 Jeremiah Fox: Know like what you were you know you come by the restaurant a couple of times and talks about getting some people.

00:32:19.080 --> 00:32:20.310 Craig Selinger: Yes, yeah.

00:32:20.640 --> 00:32:21.750 Craig Selinger: Offering yeah.

00:32:21.990 --> 00:32:33.210 Jeremiah Fox: You know it's it's it's kind of a hot topic and we talked about it, you know, a couple times i've heard a lot of people on mentioning something similar, but again, it seems like maybe we're we're not at like.

00:32:33.750 --> 00:32:43.050 Jeremiah Fox: I add, you know ground zero we've actually just because of our experience and the you know the cool people that we are we're a little farther along.

00:32:44.130 --> 00:32:46.530 Jeremiah Fox: So yeah let's get into it let's break it down.

00:32:46.770 --> 00:32:56.910 Craig Selinger: yeah so I was so we both live your prospect park in brooklyn and I was, I was going for a run and then like I had this idea i'm like i'm gonna run over to della.

00:32:57.870 --> 00:33:04.650 Craig Selinger: To tell Jeremiah this so I run over fortunately Jeremiah was available popped out adela we're talking.

00:33:05.280 --> 00:33:19.800 Craig Selinger: And and Jeremiah knows more about the space that I do and i'm just like you know, like people that do just brick and mortar and they're not really relying on their website to bring in traffic they're not really relying on their website to bring in income.

00:33:21.180 --> 00:33:30.000 Craig Selinger: i'm like man, due to the pandemic i'm like I hope I hope, people are starting to be forced to think a bit differently, where they can think more digitally minded.

00:33:30.360 --> 00:33:41.100 Craig Selinger: And, and I said it would be great to have like a you know group of local businesses that are brick and mortar and you know we can come together and even you know talk about.

00:33:41.640 --> 00:34:00.540 Craig Selinger: You know how they may be, want to transform or think more digitally minded and to me it's like he, like because i'm getting on bias from a digital perspective, but I I just think it does not hurt to think digitally I think it's only provides more opportunities to grow your business.

00:34:01.140 --> 00:34:06.780 Jeremiah Fox: I I totally agree with both statements that there are a lot of brick and mortar.

00:34:07.440 --> 00:34:14.460 Jeremiah Fox: That aren't really thinking that way they've been especially people that have had their business for a while, it seems like if you came in.

00:34:15.090 --> 00:34:22.920 Jeremiah Fox: More recently, to the game it's just kind of inherently a part of it, at least, you know that you need it and you have to do some things.

00:34:23.310 --> 00:34:33.870 Jeremiah Fox: digitally but if you've had your shop 1520 years it can be easy to be like, oh no like I just have a website, you know just says, like our it's got our picture and our hours.

00:34:34.200 --> 00:34:41.220 Jeremiah Fox: And even include I would include social media and that as well you know that that that's definitely revenue generating.

00:34:41.910 --> 00:34:58.350 Jeremiah Fox: And, and a lot of people aren't either, I think it or not, utilizing it or it's very underutilized where like a lot of people are still like on instagram just throwing up like hot pictures, with no real like Call to Action nothing really like enticing people.

00:34:59.370 --> 00:35:04.950 Jeremiah Fox: Were you know I being not vain really maybe a little bit, but I.

00:35:06.240 --> 00:35:09.870 Jeremiah Fox: mean how many times, you have to stand in front of a mirror today for.

00:35:09.870 --> 00:35:11.190 Jeremiah Fox: Today, I mean i'm only.

00:35:11.220 --> 00:35:13.350 Craig Selinger: it's like only 50 yeah.

00:35:13.860 --> 00:35:17.220 Jeremiah Fox: But I just never I never had this approach to it like.

00:35:17.550 --> 00:35:30.570 Jeremiah Fox: No i'm not a great photographer either, but it's going to be like the most amazing thing you ever saw i'm just like putting out information, hoping that it elicits a response and it seemed to work pretty well, especially during the pandemic.

00:35:31.740 --> 00:35:35.640 Jeremiah Fox: And and and I think there's a there's a big opportunity for people.

00:35:36.600 --> 00:35:43.800 Jeremiah Fox: That need that who, I think, is a big opportunity for people who can provide that because of the amount of people that need it, whether they know they need it or not.

00:35:44.280 --> 00:35:50.610 Jeremiah Fox: Right this verdict is still out like some people are starting to get it now like pandemic hit it hard was like oh man, I really need to do this.

00:35:50.910 --> 00:35:59.760 Jeremiah Fox: The interesting part is especially in the clubhouse rooms that i've been a part of they almost all revolve around that and then some of the mastermind sessions that i've done.

00:36:00.660 --> 00:36:05.940 Jeremiah Fox: A lot of it has revolved around that and it's like there's a lot of people that wanted they're.

00:36:06.450 --> 00:36:13.680 Jeremiah Fox: keen to this they're like this is the thing people offer this people are making money doing this, I can do this and work for myself.

00:36:13.980 --> 00:36:18.510 Jeremiah Fox: and not have to work, the job that I hate or it's just a lot of people that i've like they were in the.

00:36:19.110 --> 00:36:27.420 Jeremiah Fox: fitness space, whether they were physical therapist or they were personal trainers, or whatever and and they just lost a lot of revenue, because people are scared.

00:36:28.140 --> 00:36:38.190 Jeremiah Fox: To engage and work out and, like a lot of that stuff has to be one on one you know, but they were used to helping people so they're starting to see this other opportunity.

00:36:38.880 --> 00:36:51.000 Craig Selinger: yeah no it's it's interesting it's like, as I said, it's like living on you know the same block is a dojo you walk by like I know I should go, I know I should go I know it should go and same thing with.

00:36:51.030 --> 00:36:52.050 Jeremiah Fox: I never had that problem.

00:36:53.070 --> 00:36:53.520 Craig Selinger: Like i'm.

00:36:53.850 --> 00:36:54.900 Craig Selinger: going to live.

00:36:55.830 --> 00:36:58.770 Jeremiah Fox: My wife's like you shouldn't go again today.

00:37:01.560 --> 00:37:02.580 Craig Selinger: backflip my way.

00:37:02.580 --> 00:37:02.880 Jeremiah Fox: Over.

00:37:03.060 --> 00:37:04.680 Jeremiah Fox: I would, I would like hide packed.

00:37:05.340 --> 00:37:05.640 Like I.

00:37:08.370 --> 00:37:17.430 Jeremiah Fox: said, like clean D, so I do like oh this guy yesterday oh yeah we need milk okay yeah i'll be back in like an hour and 10 minutes.

00:37:18.420 --> 00:37:24.180 Craig Selinger: yeah but yeah going back to it, yet it's the same thing it's getting over that hump what once you realize.

00:37:24.750 --> 00:37:32.880 Craig Selinger: it's it's a liberty it's like you just you know doing this stuff the dojo just makes you a better person is better for civilization.

00:37:33.750 --> 00:37:45.510 Craig Selinger: And same thing if the digital space if you're open and you're coached and you learn about it, you actually are more liberated, in a way, where you now have more options, and you can become.

00:37:46.050 --> 00:37:52.200 Craig Selinger: Again, more independent and it does give you actually a stronger sense of control which people don't realize right.

00:37:52.590 --> 00:38:12.210 Jeremiah Fox: So, are you basing this off of it could be a combination, is it feedback that you've gotten that people need this solution, or is it is it that you're just noticing that it's not happening and it's something you're aware of and have experience with or kind of a combination of.

00:38:12.540 --> 00:38:21.240 Craig Selinger: i'm just kidding yeah no I think so from personal experience Okay, so I have no training i've never taken a business course of my life.

00:38:22.530 --> 00:38:28.920 Craig Selinger: In college like not like, I have no background in business, like straight up from an academic perspective.

00:38:30.120 --> 00:38:43.650 Craig Selinger: I just kind of stumbled upon this stuff on my own and i've really refined it in the last few years, particularly last year to the pandemic i've really focused on it's like hitting the gym or hitting the dojo pretty hard and refining it.

00:38:44.760 --> 00:39:00.120 Craig Selinger: So a lot of this is self taught is one and and then to in terms of the results before it before the pandemic my my businesses have been growing about 20% per year in general and that and then again and that.

00:39:00.630 --> 00:39:10.110 Craig Selinger: I must be doing something right, you know, and then you know, do the pandemic, you know, one of my business been doing really well the other one is doing okay.

00:39:10.680 --> 00:39:16.890 Craig Selinger: But, but I feel the one that's doing okay is is will be better positioned definitely for the next school year.

00:39:17.400 --> 00:39:25.560 Craig Selinger: and definitely in terms of some of the results, like this week i'll give you examples I spoke to a business owner in San Diego who is.

00:39:25.920 --> 00:39:29.250 Craig Selinger: For one of my Tutoring companies we do something called executive functioning coaching where we help.

00:39:30.120 --> 00:39:36.210 Craig Selinger: adults who need help with organizational systems finishing tasks so very successful young guy.

00:39:36.690 --> 00:39:44.910 Craig Selinger: With the business in San Diego he found us online right, I spoke to a woman today from Maryland who's looking for a specific type of Tutoring for her second grader.

00:39:45.180 --> 00:39:58.350 Craig Selinger: So, to me, those are results like you know I you know they're finding us and and and i'm talking to these people and and inside from that again for my studies of doing you know what i've learned self taught.

00:39:59.430 --> 00:40:11.130 Craig Selinger: i'm learning from people that also are businesses that have blown up seo people that are you know that are raking in a lot of money very successful companies because they've mastered their black belts in seo.

00:40:12.240 --> 00:40:18.840 Craig Selinger: And and just watching them, you know what they're doing and explaining for free what they're doing.

00:40:19.890 --> 00:40:31.980 Craig Selinger: You know, then it's not like a hidden gimmick or at all, they really you can you can learn all this without spending a penny it's not like the secret society that you have to enter is this is all free information out there.

00:40:32.160 --> 00:40:34.020 Jeremiah Fox: Which is a grind.

00:40:34.680 --> 00:40:35.430 Craig Selinger: But but it's what.

00:40:35.820 --> 00:40:37.590 Jeremiah Fox: Brian, though, like you have to work.

00:40:37.620 --> 00:40:40.710 Craig Selinger: yeah i'm not saying you don't absolutely i've.

00:40:40.800 --> 00:40:50.940 Craig Selinger: grinded my way through, but i've got at least i've gotten, to the point where you know I can share this information, so people can grind less.

00:40:50.970 --> 00:40:56.760 Craig Selinger: You know, they can focus on certain things and grind through those moves versus trying to figure out which moves to focus on.

00:40:57.120 --> 00:41:06.420 Jeremiah Fox: And the other people that I know that have entered into this arena and started to offer these services and actually like you know gotten clients there's there's two different kind of.

00:41:07.680 --> 00:41:11.820 Jeremiah Fox: Start services that people want some of it is just like a preliminary kind of coaching.

00:41:12.120 --> 00:41:18.510 Jeremiah Fox: i'll help you get set up i'll teach you some of my tricks so that again you're you know you're not starting all the way at the bottom you don't feel.

00:41:18.930 --> 00:41:30.960 Jeremiah Fox: overwhelmed will will break through that like first uncomfortable layer together and then like essentially the ship sales off versus there's other people that it's just like they want everything done for them, they want.

00:41:31.230 --> 00:41:32.430 Craig Selinger: Yes, I can you guys take.

00:41:32.430 --> 00:41:45.990 Jeremiah Fox: care of this, for me, so you think it's important to kind of be able to offer both and have different rates and know what especially your Labor costs are going to be involved with you the done for you version.

00:41:46.230 --> 00:42:01.950 Craig Selinger: yeah it's a good point, I would just quickly talk about that so So for me personally i'm like 90 like almost close to 100% of everything I wanted to learn on my own and and to me it's like I had to get down and dirty.

00:42:03.300 --> 00:42:12.240 Craig Selinger: And then, once I learned like let's say certain basic techniques and I understood it, I was then allowed to hand it off to someone else and and that's how.

00:42:12.510 --> 00:42:17.730 Craig Selinger: I made a few mistakes for certain things i'm like I don't want to learn it or whatever, and I handed it off.

00:42:18.330 --> 00:42:23.940 Craig Selinger: And, and I realized in retrospect, I really have to learn some of the basics I don't need to go.

00:42:24.600 --> 00:42:29.880 Craig Selinger: To a high level with everything but, at least if I know certain basics and they can, and they can hand it off to someone.

00:42:30.480 --> 00:42:34.920 Craig Selinger: I find in general that's the best approach Now I know some people they don't have the time.

00:42:35.310 --> 00:42:45.930 Craig Selinger: And they're just like yeah just tell me what's up a pay and do that you can do that, but the prop that but in the long run it's again you don't it's it's it's again.

00:42:46.560 --> 00:42:56.760 Craig Selinger: Having the awareness of what they're doing and giving them feedback, in the long run, is the best way and that's the hardest part because you have to really carve out some time.

00:42:57.090 --> 00:43:07.620 Craig Selinger: Again, to know the basics you don't have to become a black belt in this stuff, but if you do learn certain basics and understand it, in the long run, it will definitely help.

00:43:08.700 --> 00:43:15.210 Jeremiah Fox: Nice cool one more of a break and we're going to come back and wrap this puppy up all right, everybody so hang tight we'll be right back.

00:45:35.160 --> 00:45:41.340 Jeremiah Fox: Alright last round let's make it our best i'm kind of disappointed Craig you don't have props you don't have cards this.

00:45:41.340 --> 00:45:42.750 Craig Selinger: time I was thinking about.

00:45:42.750 --> 00:45:43.260 That.

00:45:44.550 --> 00:45:45.000 Craig Selinger: I was.

00:45:45.060 --> 00:45:46.890 Jeremiah Fox: Obviously last year he was like.

00:45:46.890 --> 00:45:56.250 Jeremiah Fox: slipping our last interview is in studio it wasn't zoom you are actually I only did two or three more in person interviews.

00:45:56.250 --> 00:45:57.150 Craig Selinger: actresses.

00:45:57.450 --> 00:46:02.550 Jeremiah Fox: And then everything the last one I was supposed to do in person was march Friday march 13.

00:46:03.150 --> 00:46:14.910 Jeremiah Fox: And the night before my guest my guest was in Vegas earlier that week and the night before he had gotten back and he was like man I don't feel good, and I was like do not come in, nobody knew what was going on.

00:46:15.240 --> 00:46:24.390 Jeremiah Fox: I like Manhattan was kinda like Indian out that day I was like this is kind of strange and I did it, I went into the studio and just had four people call in.

00:46:24.720 --> 00:46:28.020 Craig Selinger: I can't remember yeah I think we're texting you're like i'm gonna i'm gonna go.

00:46:28.260 --> 00:46:28.920 Jeremiah Fox: i'm gonna go.

00:46:30.180 --> 00:46:32.040 Jeremiah Fox: so strange by what we.

00:46:32.280 --> 00:46:34.530 Craig Selinger: Do next time we do it in person, I am for.

00:46:34.530 --> 00:46:40.410 Craig Selinger: Sure, Brian props I was thinking about that it was hard, I promise next time we do together.

00:46:40.440 --> 00:46:46.380 Jeremiah Fox: Not for nothing I just got oh The other thing I did recently was I I I mentioned frank Kern in.

00:46:46.920 --> 00:46:48.210 Jeremiah Fox: The room because.

00:46:48.510 --> 00:46:53.760 Jeremiah Fox: It came up a lot, where people were like and what I want to do in the last segment is a little surprise for.

00:46:53.760 --> 00:47:04.500 Jeremiah Fox: You i'm a lot of people say I don't I don't know how to sell this I don't know how to sell myself and I just keep saying don't build relationships just.

00:47:04.530 --> 00:47:13.920 Jeremiah Fox: Do that super duper awesome person like really develop your like and we've been hot lately on like I think I talked about it last night that your three pillars.

00:47:14.190 --> 00:47:18.780 Jeremiah Fox: Your mission, you know your mission statement your your value system your culture like.

00:47:19.290 --> 00:47:33.810 Jeremiah Fox: build your Community off of that like just go go hard hard hard to where people are just like you know that person is just so awesome, and this is what they do and I kind of need it like I should they're never pushy you know, like you just got to be there marathon not a sprint.

00:47:34.230 --> 00:47:45.450 Craig Selinger: yeah boy its authenticity right in your i'm not a social media is not my forte but they say social media it's all about authenticity and I think.

00:47:45.990 --> 00:47:53.700 Craig Selinger: No matter what business, you have it's not easy there's your authentic self maybe who you are personally and in business, it could be the same.

00:47:54.420 --> 00:48:08.160 Craig Selinger: Whatever it is, I think you need to somehow discover who you who your authentic self is in the business realm and that's that's who you are and and then, once you find out who you are that's what you offer to your customers.

00:48:08.310 --> 00:48:21.060 Craig Selinger: yeah and and and that's what sells it's not you don't want to take a product and then say hey i'm going to try to sell it it's not how it works it's just hey i'm going to be my authentic self from here to help what's going on.

00:48:21.570 --> 00:48:29.250 Craig Selinger: And i'll give you some advice, how it can help, and you know if you wanna if you want to move forward, you know that's that's that's the best way to do it.

00:48:29.400 --> 00:48:38.340 Jeremiah Fox: So great segue because my little surprise for you is this say you get your this thing you talk to me about your offering together.

00:48:38.730 --> 00:48:52.860 Jeremiah Fox: How do you you've done it with your your other businesses how what's your what are your first like three steps and marketing it to create the top of the funnel to get to get I keep talking about banana peels.

00:48:54.120 --> 00:48:59.550 Jeremiah Fox: I just want to lay the top of the funnel with a bunch of banana peels and make it a soft funnel so people just.

00:48:59.550 --> 00:48:59.730 Jeremiah Fox: kind of.

00:48:59.970 --> 00:49:00.270 Like.

00:49:03.720 --> 00:49:16.140 Jeremiah Fox: That it didn't one of these masterminds and this guy I think he's from India, he was like that's beautiful that's what we all want, and I was like oh that's what I was like I thought I just made something he's like no but that's a good analogy it's a good way of looking at it.

00:49:16.260 --> 00:49:20.580 Craig Selinger: yeah so so the target audience would So who is the target audience.

00:49:20.790 --> 00:49:25.740 Jeremiah Fox: I mean just what are your what are your first steps you've you've got this offer going to market it and digitally.

00:49:25.770 --> 00:49:27.030 Jeremiah Fox: yeah What do you do.

00:49:27.600 --> 00:49:32.520 Craig Selinger: So you want to be sure i'm clear, so the audit you talking about people that want to get into the digital space like.

00:49:32.760 --> 00:49:34.320 Craig Selinger: I know people are.

00:49:34.920 --> 00:49:35.940 Jeremiah Fox: Your customers.

00:49:35.970 --> 00:49:37.740 Jeremiah Fox: My customers helping the brick and.

00:49:37.800 --> 00:49:38.220 Craig Selinger: got it.

00:49:38.280 --> 00:49:38.670 Craig Selinger: got it.

00:49:38.700 --> 00:49:41.490 Jeremiah Fox: What are your first like three steps in attracting them to you.

00:49:41.790 --> 00:49:48.030 Craig Selinger: got it so if i'm a brick and mortar company, and I want to create a sales funnel and I want to bring people in so I just wanna make sure I.

00:49:48.030 --> 00:49:48.930 Jeremiah Fox: understand, no, no.

00:49:49.080 --> 00:49:50.610 Jeremiah Fox: You credit salinger.

00:49:50.640 --> 00:49:54.030 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, had this offering to help brick and mortar.

00:49:54.060 --> 00:49:54.450 Craig Selinger: got it.

00:49:54.540 --> 00:49:55.350 Craig Selinger: creates.

00:49:55.680 --> 00:49:58.710 Jeremiah Fox: How are you going to market your offering to the brick and.

00:49:58.710 --> 00:49:59.340 Craig Selinger: mortar got it.

00:49:59.460 --> 00:50:03.150 Craig Selinger: got it sorry a little slow here sort of make sure I understand so.

00:50:03.210 --> 00:50:05.070 Jeremiah Fox: What I know you haven't trained in a while.

00:50:05.250 --> 00:50:06.750 Craig Selinger: it's been it's slow it's.

00:50:07.050 --> 00:50:07.320 Jeremiah Fox: Great.

00:50:07.350 --> 00:50:08.310 Jeremiah Fox: i've trained today.

00:50:08.400 --> 00:50:14.310 Craig Selinger: I don't want to hear that, when that day comes it's gonna be the most humbling experience of my life.

00:50:15.420 --> 00:50:15.960 Jeremiah Fox: way.

00:50:18.480 --> 00:50:26.580 Craig Selinger: So what I would do the sales funnel for those people I would get I would say again, I didn't think about this, but in.

00:50:26.850 --> 00:50:30.330 Craig Selinger: terms, which is fine, I would start with what I mentioned.

00:50:30.330 --> 00:50:36.090 Craig Selinger: Before I would help them figure out their target target audiences in terms of.

00:50:36.900 --> 00:50:49.440 Craig Selinger: Traffic why they would want to bring increased traffic to their website try to convince them why they should and what what who that audiences to bring traffic, and it may be something different than what they're selling.

00:50:49.800 --> 00:50:51.660 Jeremiah Fox: But how are you going to find those people.

00:50:51.750 --> 00:51:04.560 Craig Selinger: Oh, how am I going to find those people yeah So if I had to find those people, the best way would be one I would create a course so we create an outline and then.

00:51:07.890 --> 00:51:15.540 Craig Selinger: How would have to market it to find those people, and then I would try to offer something for free, where I would have them test it out in a small group.

00:51:16.080 --> 00:51:23.190 Craig Selinger: Where we offered absolutely for free and then from there, I would try to have them document their narrative their story.

00:51:23.460 --> 00:51:30.060 Craig Selinger: For where they started kind of before the course their journey during the course and then and then and then later.

00:51:30.390 --> 00:51:41.790 Craig Selinger: To see how this chorus help them and to see to have actual you know video footage or whatever of how it helped you know, improve their their businesses and in terms of outreach and finding them.

00:51:42.630 --> 00:51:54.240 Craig Selinger: It would be I would guess social media would be a really good way to tap into again local local people, whether it's you know listserv or email blasts.

00:51:55.740 --> 00:52:00.720 Craig Selinger: And or, again, or you find someone or businesses that are interested and you say hey listen.

00:52:01.290 --> 00:52:09.510 Craig Selinger: use them as a advocate for yourself say you know I know you have a business and maybe you have other businesses in mind.

00:52:09.930 --> 00:52:18.510 Craig Selinger: That you know we can work, you know, create a Community around this and and work together so it's again it's it's finding what you can offer.

00:52:19.140 --> 00:52:32.970 Craig Selinger: it's something that's new offering really for free and then to trying to find your audience for for who can sign up again make that leap and again people that are going to make that leap initially.

00:52:34.020 --> 00:52:43.080 Craig Selinger: You know you really have to have it's it's it's you know you want to convince them it's kind of risk free like what do you got to lose you know you're paying any money try it.

00:52:44.730 --> 00:52:48.660 Craig Selinger: So that's how I would kind of create a funnel for that.

00:52:49.020 --> 00:52:56.130 Jeremiah Fox: And where would like this, like the hypothetical chorus reside, I mean, would you have a website.

00:52:56.910 --> 00:52:58.590 Craig Selinger: So you would need a landing page right.

00:52:59.160 --> 00:53:12.570 Craig Selinger: yeah so so didn't order whatever you're offering you need a landing page now a landing page can just be an additional page on your website doesn't mean you have to start a new website so if you have a website just create a separate landing page.

00:53:13.290 --> 00:53:26.160 Craig Selinger: If you don't have a website people realize you don't need nowadays you don't need elaborate website, you could literally have a few pages, and I think actually that's going to be the trend honestly is less pages, the better at some point yeah.

00:53:27.090 --> 00:53:33.570 Craig Selinger: and simplifying actually a lot of the information that's on websites it's going to be all about quality.

00:53:34.410 --> 00:53:38.490 Craig Selinger: But it would create a sales funnel where you have a page, you would have to somehow.

00:53:39.030 --> 00:53:48.030 Craig Selinger: Again, they would have to whether it's an add something on a local listserv something that draws their attention it's going to get them motivated to a call to action.

00:53:48.690 --> 00:53:55.260 Craig Selinger: Because that's the biggest thing it's like you can't just you have to it's called response marketing, you have to elicit a response.

00:53:55.500 --> 00:54:02.040 Craig Selinger: If you don't have responsive market people are not you don't expect them to respond so you have to motivate them to respond.

00:54:02.460 --> 00:54:09.300 Craig Selinger: And then you got to get them on your landing page and your next step on your landing pages, you have to get their contact information.

00:54:09.600 --> 00:54:21.840 Craig Selinger: As soon as possible, so, then you get have to have a call to action, you have to elicit response something to motivate them to get their information once you get their information from their through the sales funnel.

00:54:22.320 --> 00:54:29.580 Craig Selinger: My goal is to reach out and speak to them as soon as possible and talk to them for free for how they can help.

00:54:29.880 --> 00:54:39.600 Craig Selinger: And then from there again and that's the sales funnel so it's really how do I get them over to my my my website, how do I get their information and how do I make that human connection with them.

00:54:40.290 --> 00:54:46.530 Jeremiah Fox: Wonderful and again tight, I mean how many times, did we hear in jujitsu elicit a response.

00:54:46.710 --> 00:54:47.970 Craig Selinger: Yes, big time.

00:54:48.000 --> 00:54:53.250 Jeremiah Fox: yeah you pulled together you pull to get a push you push the whole like all those things.

00:54:54.330 --> 00:54:55.560 Jeremiah Fox: That was good that was.

00:54:55.590 --> 00:54:57.510 Craig Selinger: A big time it's.

00:54:58.200 --> 00:54:59.850 Craig Selinger: Again it's it's it's it's.

00:55:00.180 --> 00:55:15.180 Craig Selinger: It sounds easy from an APP but it's not that subtlety of eliciting a response and it's the same thing with direct marketing you you, you have the expectation is if you're not trying to elicit a response it's a waste.

00:55:15.210 --> 00:55:20.040 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and I like how you laid it out like it's not just one time, like you do it at the.

00:55:20.130 --> 00:55:24.960 Jeremiah Fox: Top of the funnel you're like constantly doing it so like the whole time like once you.

00:55:24.960 --> 00:55:37.500 Jeremiah Fox: Get that engagement yeah and getting their information is key, and with that, I would like your information, where can people find out about you or get in contact with you, if they have questions if there was.

00:55:38.670 --> 00:55:42.210 Jeremiah Fox: Some free information on this give us your information Craig.

00:55:42.270 --> 00:55:52.230 Craig Selinger: yeah absolutely so i'm on linkedin for Craig salinger that's one great way you can also just reach out to me through either my company's one is tempered tutors calm.

00:55:52.500 --> 00:55:58.470 Craig Selinger: When is brooklyn letters calm, but yeah definitely hit me up on linkedin that's probably the best way to get the conversation started.

00:55:58.830 --> 00:56:01.980 Jeremiah Fox: awesome any email address that goes directly to you or.

00:56:02.670 --> 00:56:04.140 Craig Selinger: You could do i'll give you one of my.

00:56:07.770 --> 00:56:10.710 Craig Selinger: yeah big at timber tutors COM so.

00:56:10.740 --> 00:56:13.230 Jeremiah Fox: You gotta you gotta do that again real quick you broke up for a.

00:56:13.230 --> 00:56:13.650 Second.

00:56:14.820 --> 00:56:17.610 Craig Selinger: Yes, Sir yeah so see our AIG Craig.

00:56:18.630 --> 00:56:20.520 Craig Selinger: At tembo which is Th E.

00:56:22.200 --> 00:56:23.160 Craig Selinger: MBA.

00:56:24.810 --> 00:56:27.630 Craig Selinger:

00:56:27.900 --> 00:56:30.900 Jeremiah Fox: I like how you paste that like people are actually writing it.

00:56:31.020 --> 00:56:31.620 yeah.

00:56:32.640 --> 00:56:32.910 Jeremiah Fox: that's.

00:56:34.440 --> 00:56:36.810 Jeremiah Fox: awesome well we gotta wrap it up man, thank you.

00:56:38.520 --> 00:56:38.970 Jeremiah Fox: man.

00:56:39.060 --> 00:56:40.830 Craig Selinger: ready to do it next time.

00:56:40.860 --> 00:56:44.910 Jeremiah Fox: in person, going to do it in props yes my.

00:56:45.120 --> 00:56:46.350 Jeremiah Fox: dress up in costumes.

00:56:47.430 --> 00:56:49.710 Jeremiah Fox: imma imma go with the ghee on and.

00:56:52.590 --> 00:56:53.370 Craig Selinger: The other way.

00:56:54.360 --> 00:57:01.050 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, well, thank you so much, the rest of you, thank you for tuning in we'll catch you next week, everybody have an awesome weekend peace out.

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