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Thursday, February 11, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/11 - The Power of Belief

Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/11 - The Power of Belief


2021/02/11 - The Power of Belief

[NEW EPISODE] The Power of Belief

With her 28+ years of sales and public speaking skills, Dawn Lyons has been able to impact audiences in 9 different countries around the world. Her passion for helping other people succeed is palpable in her presentations, coaching, and training.

Her “you gotta believe attitude” has instilled entrepreneurs across the globe to achieve more than they ever expected.

Her entire mantra is to help as many leaders believe in themselves, truly believe.

Tune in for this insightful conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Segment 1

Graham Dobbin opens the episode by discussing the importance of leadership, especially in today’s society. He introduces this episode’s guest, Dawn Lyons. She revealed where she got her start and how her upbringing in a small town in Michigan inspired her career ambitions and love for entrepreneurship, coining it the “smalltown effect”. She also discusses dropping out of school and how an early mentor helped to change how she viewed entrepreneurship and altered the course of her career.

Segment 2

The next segment starts with Dawn explaining the “Entrepreneurial Mindset” and its power in the business world. She speaks on her experiences with personal development and how improving her personal life positively affected her business and professional life. Dawn discusses the importance of young entrepreneurs having belief in themselves, their expertise, and the fact that they can successfully run their own business. She and Graham continue to discuss her experience in these fields and how overcoming her baggage led to her success in them.

Segment 3

The third segment opens with Dawn explaining her “you gotta believe” attitude. She tells the story about how an early speaking engagement that ended in a standing ovation led to her passion for business coaching. She then jumps forward to her current business life and how the past year of the pandemic has changed her career and coaching sessions. Her greatest asset of coaching is figuring out how to make someone want to do something, such as starting their own business. Once they want to do something, it will no longer be hard to motivate them to do something.

Segment 4

The final segment opens with how to have fun in business. Although a lot of business may be consumed with uncertainty, Dawn’s “what are you avoiding” exercise is helpful to aid her clients in getting rid of uncertainty in their brain. Saying what you are uncertain of out loud helps for your brain to process what the possible solution may be, further helping them identify actions that they can take to remedy these situations. Dawn and Graham also discuss business life after the pandemic and how current situations will lead to different paths in one’s career that they may not have been able to access previously.


00:00:31.680 --> 00:00:38.670 Graham Dobbin: Good evening and welcome to the mind behind leadership wife here from New York on talk radio dot nyc.

00:00:39.090 --> 00:00:49.020 Graham Dobbin: My name is Graham dobbin and every week we dig into kind of what happens behind our great leaders when the inspire the influence the motivate.

00:00:49.590 --> 00:01:02.070 Graham Dobbin: And when he does have that personally just makes a little bit of a difference we've all had them in our lives now see this regularly leadership and influence is under more scrutiny nowadays than probably any other time.

00:01:02.820 --> 00:01:12.000 Graham Dobbin: it's never been more acutely obvious that what we say and do matters and luckily there's more than one way of doing the right thing.

00:01:12.420 --> 00:01:15.870 Graham Dobbin: But just to give you an idea of who we speak to on here and previous guests will.

00:01:16.200 --> 00:01:28.560 Graham Dobbin: Talk to Tony Alessandra who was magnificent and telling us about people's different behavioral styles, how we can approach them and how we understand we're dead Joe Hart who's the CEO of Dale Carnegie.

00:01:28.890 --> 00:01:40.860 Graham Dobbin: Talking about the principles that have been used for over 100 years now, it goes it available on spotify apple podcast stitcher all your podcast platforms, you can catch them, there is the mind behind leadership.

00:01:41.160 --> 00:01:52.560 Graham Dobbin: And the coming weeks we've got Dr Sean depend on who's a six times emmy award winning speaker and a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize and aly Ishmael do.

00:01:53.100 --> 00:02:02.130 Graham Dobbin: From the Wall Street Journal TV market watch so that's what's coming up bit tonight i'm absolutely delighted to see we've got a guest right up there as well.

00:02:02.610 --> 00:02:06.510 Graham Dobbin: Let me give you a little bit of background here, because this this is going to get everybody.

00:02:07.470 --> 00:02:15.450 Graham Dobbin: tonight's guest is dawn lions no dawn who I know personally is definitely a relationship marketing expert she's the.

00:02:15.690 --> 00:02:26.820 Graham Dobbin: Co founder of a Center for an international consulting and training companies in 22 countries are don's also a keynote speaker and an best selling author.

00:02:27.300 --> 00:02:36.870 Graham Dobbin: And she's been hired to speak to audiences have over 500 people and get this, Ireland, Sweden, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, Canada.

00:02:37.110 --> 00:02:45.330 Graham Dobbin: And across the US, but I don't see Scotland written down there, so we need to ask about that and dawn is also a big executive director.

00:02:45.780 --> 00:02:53.070 Graham Dobbin: And he has a team of 50 director consultants and 1700 members getting this one in 2020.

00:02:53.430 --> 00:03:02.670 Graham Dobbin: The year just gone we kind of had a pandemic, most people will remember it we're still there, they still refer the hundred and $14 million.

00:03:02.910 --> 00:03:09.240 Graham Dobbin: Of referred business each other is cash the hundred and $14 million when things aren't going right.

00:03:09.570 --> 00:03:19.410 Graham Dobbin: And when does not work in your travels gardens entertains and enjoys the bounty of wayne's in sonoma county I know that for a fact no she also sponsors.

00:03:19.710 --> 00:03:36.510 Graham Dobbin: Three Bengal tigers at the Wisconsin big cat rescue these are big cats lions tigers leopards who have been neglected or abused or abandoned and no have a fantastic place to live out the rest of their life how's that for a welcome don good evening.

00:03:37.110 --> 00:03:39.210 Dawn Lyons: Thank you, Graham Thank you so much for having me.

00:03:40.050 --> 00:03:48.390 Graham Dobbin: And don't forget to kind of dig in a little bit about your an owner bio ever thought about your passions that are within we're going to dig into those as we go through this evening, but.

00:03:48.870 --> 00:03:58.770 Graham Dobbin: You know I co founded a company that's in 22 countries best selling author speaking all over the world apart from Scotland I want to know why.

00:03:59.730 --> 00:04:10.440 Graham Dobbin: And also creating you know over 100 million dollars of business last week leading teams to be able to do that, we did all this start how did you how did you what was your beginning of the journey here.

00:04:11.760 --> 00:04:16.470 Dawn Lyons: When I want to tell you I actually I think it's a small I call it the small town of.

00:04:17.430 --> 00:04:29.460 Dawn Lyons: Right I grew up in a teeny teeny tiny town, most people from Michigan don't even know where I lived in Michigan it is literally the tone is that small.

00:04:29.880 --> 00:04:38.670 Dawn Lyons: and growing up in a town like that you know as a little girl, I was like wow there's a big old world out there, but not everybody believe that.

00:04:39.210 --> 00:04:47.940 Dawn Lyons: You know I remember many of my friends, you know, oh no i'm staying here after high school hey i'm going to live with mom and dad as long as I possibly can.

00:04:48.420 --> 00:04:59.820 Dawn Lyons: kind of thing and that just wasn't me that wasn't in my my DNA, if you will, both of my parents work for a living my dad actually worked for GM.

00:05:00.240 --> 00:05:06.660 Dawn Lyons: General Motors and he worked there for over 32 years retired from there, but I remember him.

00:05:07.230 --> 00:05:18.150 Dawn Lyons: Trying to tell me is like a six year old girl, we were sitting out on the front porch and he's I was asking him Daddy, why are you home today like you're not supposed to be home you're supposed to be at work.

00:05:18.750 --> 00:05:34.170 Dawn Lyons: And he was trying to say, well, honey, they don't want me to go to work today and, like but you love what you do like you go into work like you're happy, you know, and he really did love his work and so as a little girl, he was trying to explain to me what getting laid off meant.

00:05:35.310 --> 00:05:47.070 Dawn Lyons: You know, when he was unable to go to work, and so I saw I saw my dad go through that as a little girl, I was kind of sad for my dad but as a teenager I was mad.

00:05:47.670 --> 00:05:50.490 Dawn Lyons: Because it meant that the money was a little tighter.

00:05:51.090 --> 00:05:58.140 Dawn Lyons: Right every time you would get laid off the money got a little bit tighter and so you know I couldn't always get all the things that I wanted as a teenager and.

00:05:58.500 --> 00:06:05.070 Dawn Lyons: As a teenager you tend to have a few more emotions right and then my mom, who was a great bookkeeper.

00:06:05.550 --> 00:06:18.480 Dawn Lyons: She lost her job multiple times because companies went out of business, not have any means of her, by the way, but companies just failed so between those two things right like just growing up with that.

00:06:19.530 --> 00:06:24.210 Dawn Lyons: And again, not everybody in a small town has that mindset, but I happened to hang around with.

00:06:24.540 --> 00:06:32.100 Dawn Lyons: A lot of people that did have that mindset of nope i'm just seeing here, this is all there is to the world and that's what I experienced personally.

00:06:32.430 --> 00:06:40.380 Dawn Lyons: So I call it the small town effect because I was somebody who just wanted to get out get out and see the world, be a part of the world.

00:06:40.770 --> 00:06:58.500 Dawn Lyons: And then seeing my parents go through what they went through a think that's why, when I moved to California I moved out here my dad came with me for one week we got me a room to rent with what he called hippies and I didn't know what that was.

00:06:59.640 --> 00:07:09.480 Dawn Lyons: going to it, these right we got me a car, we got me enrolled in a junior college I got a part time job and I was on my oh.

00:07:10.170 --> 00:07:18.660 Dawn Lyons: It was me I knew absolutely nobody out here, and I think just all those things combined kind of spurred on my entrepreneurship, if you will.

00:07:19.290 --> 00:07:34.860 Dawn Lyons: So the long way of getting there, but I love is love entrepreneurship, I love be i'm a little bit of a control freak so I like to do what I want when I want to and entrepreneurial ISM gives you that and that's a tiny bit.

00:07:35.490 --> 00:07:46.140 Graham Dobbin: yeah I get what I think it's I think it's a name of many people do you want to kind of do, what do you want to do um do you mind if I ask that this the small town effect curious with that.

00:07:47.460 --> 00:08:06.270 Graham Dobbin: we've got similar background to get a blue blue collar working class both both parents are working in uncertainty and instability, do you think if you come from a small town where there wasn't the uncertainty, then it would have been as much of a driver to leave just curious on that.

00:08:08.280 --> 00:08:18.480 Dawn Lyons: I don't know that I would have known it was uncertainty, back then, a link there was yeah I think there was just a drive that there's more yeah.

00:08:19.170 --> 00:08:28.110 Dawn Lyons: Right and I will tell you this two grand and I have used the word small town effect before and actually got some hate mail for it, so I might have to change that in the future.

00:08:28.350 --> 00:08:32.700 Dawn Lyons: i'm not saying that everyone in a small town, you know shouldn't stay in their small town.

00:08:33.090 --> 00:08:41.580 Dawn Lyons: All i'm saying is with my experience the people around that I was currently hanging out with at that point, they all really kind of did want to stay there.

00:08:41.880 --> 00:08:52.020 Dawn Lyons: And I just mean I fought with them, we argued all the times i'm like no there's so much more out there, and so that I just feel is in my DNA and.

00:08:52.620 --> 00:09:02.220 Dawn Lyons: But I think that the small town effect is is just knowing that there's more out there and are you are you willing to go see, are you willing to take the risk.

00:09:02.700 --> 00:09:11.880 Graham Dobbin: I completely agree it's not it's kind of not there's not a right or wrong in it it's it's kind of what what works for you interesting when you have a slightly different way those.

00:09:12.210 --> 00:09:29.160 Graham Dobbin: Opportunities just seem to come up and I just kept on saying yes and the opportunities kept on getting bigger because it was curious, and I think most people locked it don't say that spicy is a small town of Famous people lock down your opportunities, and so, so you end up.

00:09:30.570 --> 00:09:39.900 Graham Dobbin: In California, not knowing anybody what happens and so obviously you go from there, and then the next day you start a consulting business it's in 22 countries no.

00:09:39.990 --> 00:09:40.710 Absolutely.

00:09:45.510 --> 00:09:45.930 Dawn Lyons: No.

00:09:47.490 --> 00:09:48.390 Graham Dobbin: You must have had some.

00:09:49.500 --> 00:09:54.120 Graham Dobbin: Some real influencers that kind of come in and just just appeared.

00:09:54.810 --> 00:09:57.660 Dawn Lyons: yeah you know I I dropped out of school.

00:09:58.560 --> 00:10:05.400 Dawn Lyons: And I was going to schools to be a travel agent right so wanted to be a travel agent, because I do love to travel.

00:10:05.880 --> 00:10:17.730 Dawn Lyons: And I dropped out of school out of school my my last semester, and the reason why is because I went to a workshop in La there were 1000 people there.

00:10:18.180 --> 00:10:31.950 Dawn Lyons: And they all have that entrepreneurial mindset and I was just I was immediately intrigued as like this is what I want this is what i'm doing this is what i'm going for don't really care how long it takes me.

00:10:32.550 --> 00:10:44.700 Dawn Lyons: But this is, this is what I want, so I was in a room finally right finally in a room of like minded people, and so I think that's where it all started.

00:10:45.420 --> 00:10:57.210 Dawn Lyons: And for me, I was able to kind of rise up through the ranks pretty quickly and then I had some amazing mentors in my life I also saw some people that kind of.

00:10:58.080 --> 00:11:22.530 Dawn Lyons: use their power to manipulate people, and that was a huge turnoff so I actually kind of ran from one of the companies and then really went and worked with this one Gal and she was she was totally a truly a lifesaver she saw things in me that I never believed, and never saw and.

00:11:23.640 --> 00:11:28.590 Dawn Lyons: You don't want to be about one person that just finally gives you that confidence.

00:11:29.820 --> 00:11:39.540 Dawn Lyons: yeah like I remember the moment in time, I remember what suit I was wearing I remember, where I was on the freeway in my little red Mercedes.

00:11:39.780 --> 00:11:49.770 Dawn Lyons: driving on the to add to 3D inner sphere interchange if anybody knows that from out here in California and I just said to myself, I want to do that, for the rest of my life.

00:11:50.280 --> 00:12:07.590 Dawn Lyons: I want to believe so much and other people's that it's palpable that they can feel it that they know it right to see where I can help them get to, because that is what she did, for me, and that was that that alone was a huge turning point in my life.

00:12:08.280 --> 00:12:16.980 Graham Dobbin: You said you were working with this person, do you mean, as in they would a coach for your mentor for you or you were actually working together or right this So this was a mentor for you.

00:12:17.190 --> 00:12:20.220 Dawn Lyons: yeah yeah she was one of my biggest mentors of my life yeah.

00:12:21.000 --> 00:12:29.550 Graham Dobbin: it's it's an amazing feeling and all kind of been on both sides amazing feeling when we spot something, and someone else that they don't see themselves.

00:12:30.750 --> 00:12:32.460 Graham Dobbin: And it's something that.

00:12:33.570 --> 00:12:37.710 Graham Dobbin: is something that's kind of in all of us as well, wherever he goes i'm.

00:12:38.430 --> 00:12:47.820 Graham Dobbin: This this is speeding along already and I want to dig in a little bit after the commercial break here just about what an entrepreneurial mindset is and kind of.

00:12:48.060 --> 00:12:59.850 Graham Dobbin: How we that's maybe slightly different from what we do, but I will tell you just before we go don Don, and I know each other, we spent lots of time with each other we've never spoken about dropping out of school and both go to travel agents.

00:13:01.050 --> 00:13:05.040 Graham Dobbin: So we need to discuss that as some time over some sonoma wine, but.

00:13:06.330 --> 00:13:20.820 Graham Dobbin: I did go back to school, but that is that's actually a true story, so you shocked me there and you're listening to the mind buying the leadership we have got dawn lions on here tonight live on talk radio dot nyc we will be right back after these messages.

00:16:26.640 --> 00:16:36.480 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind behind leadership live on talk radio dot nyc we are speaking with clients that I see you dancing to the theme generic don everybody.

00:16:37.230 --> 00:16:50.280 Graham Dobbin: Absolutely everybody dances and I think you mentioned having an entrepreneurial mindset or seeing others having an entrepreneurial mindset what is that what did what did you see cutie.

00:16:50.790 --> 00:16:53.640 Dawn Lyons: really good questions I don't know if there's a true definition.

00:16:53.670 --> 00:16:55.020 Dawn Lyons: I just i'm really.

00:16:55.380 --> 00:17:06.120 Dawn Lyons: I believe in the spirit behind it right, I believe that most entrepreneurs have a huge passion for what it is that they love what they're doing.

00:17:06.390 --> 00:17:17.430 Dawn Lyons: Right, I believe that they have a good amount of drive maybe a little bit more above average kind of scenario, and then they just want to get it out to the world.

00:17:18.120 --> 00:17:23.880 Dawn Lyons: You know, whatever it is that they're great at that they're doing, they just want to get it out to the world in some way, shape or form.

00:17:24.300 --> 00:17:30.750 Dawn Lyons: You know, being able to select the clients that you want to be able to work when you choose to work.

00:17:31.200 --> 00:17:40.830 Dawn Lyons: You know it's just it's just the freedom and the flexibility and the ability to reach whatever level of success you're looking for.

00:17:41.190 --> 00:17:56.670 Dawn Lyons: You know, not everybody wants to be a multi millionaire or billionaire but no matter where you are in entrepreneurship, you can reach whatever level of success, you choose to and you can't be held back by anyone, except for you.

00:17:57.480 --> 00:18:07.200 Dawn Lyons: And that that is one of the keys, and that is where the issues that I would I would love to chat with you later about, because I think that is so crucial mindset is everything.

00:18:08.610 --> 00:18:14.160 Graham Dobbin: liquid bliss bliss kind of have a look at that no I think it's What if mindset.

00:18:15.570 --> 00:18:20.910 Graham Dobbin: You know it's one of the things is strange i'm interview Joe Hart who's the CEO of Dale Carnegie.

00:18:21.240 --> 00:18:32.610 Graham Dobbin: Dale carnegie's book how to win friends and influence people was written over 100 years ago it's kind of the bedrock for almost perfect professional development, books knows that you're selling business book ever.

00:18:34.170 --> 00:18:43.620 Graham Dobbin: And it's so much has been taken from it, but it's it's, this is still revolutionary stuff to some people, and it is the whole books about mindset and attitude and approach.

00:18:44.250 --> 00:18:54.390 Graham Dobbin: Rather than rather than these strategies of do one, two and three and four it'll happen because that's just not what works and why do you think it is there.

00:18:55.980 --> 00:19:04.170 Graham Dobbin: Also, all that Informations out there with kindness forever and people still struggle with their own professional mindset yeah.

00:19:04.620 --> 00:19:12.720 Dawn Lyons: And one I think it's difficult for some people to consistently work on themselves.

00:19:13.680 --> 00:19:21.480 Dawn Lyons: So I got into personal development, literally when I was 19 now I had a whole bunch of baggage, so I had a lot of stuff to clean up.

00:19:21.930 --> 00:19:30.780 Dawn Lyons: But I the years that I focus more on my personal development than I did on my business development, I actually did better in business.

00:19:31.500 --> 00:19:41.280 Dawn Lyons: But here's the key, I think that people figure out Okay, I have this one thing that I really need to work on and they work on it and they achieve it and that's fantastic.

00:19:41.880 --> 00:19:54.300 Dawn Lyons: But every new level of success there's another little something something that's going on and it kind of is more about the consistency of the progress in my opinion.

00:19:54.990 --> 00:20:03.870 Dawn Lyons: Then it is hey i'm going to fix this one thing about makes I know it's holding me back it's already willing to kind of do that all your way throughout life.

00:20:05.250 --> 00:20:16.230 Dawn Lyons: And I think I think it's an important key for people to realize that every time you jump to that next level of success there's going to be something else going on between your two years right and this brain of ours.

00:20:16.470 --> 00:20:22.890 Dawn Lyons: That is going to go oh wait a second I don't know, is this the right thing to be doing let's avoid this thing for a while.

00:20:24.180 --> 00:20:25.620 Dawn Lyons: You know, and I think we all deal with that.

00:20:26.100 --> 00:20:26.610 Just.

00:20:27.750 --> 00:20:41.940 Graham Dobbin: Just to your work as a mentor and a coach which will come to, and then a little while I know you work with other people do you see any common threads when when people are coming you know through different levels of success i'm seeing a nordstrom guessing that say yes.

00:20:44.310 --> 00:20:51.450 Dawn Lyons: I so throughout all my coaches i've been coaching for years now, and I started working out of my home when.

00:20:52.020 --> 00:21:00.030 Dawn Lyons: In about 2000 so I love working from home and all of that, and obviously doing videos and chats and things like this is easy.

00:21:00.510 --> 00:21:09.450 Dawn Lyons: And the cool thing that i've discovered about entrepreneurs is they typically struggle in one or two of three areas.

00:21:10.080 --> 00:21:18.390 Dawn Lyons: Right, so I have never really concerned about people's passion for their business, I do believe that entrepreneurs have a ton of passion.

00:21:18.750 --> 00:21:24.510 Dawn Lyons: right but it's not the person i'm concerned about but it's the belief in themselves.

00:21:25.110 --> 00:21:35.850 Dawn Lyons: I think there's three things that entrepreneurs may not believe enough in and it's one of the three that will have them not getting to the success that they're looking for its belief in themselves.

00:21:36.780 --> 00:21:43.740 Dawn Lyons: Right belief in their expertise and, believe it or not, that is different because I can believe fully believe in myself.

00:21:44.130 --> 00:21:51.000 Dawn Lyons: Right, but my expertise may not be at the right level for me to truly gain the success that i'm looking for.

00:21:51.390 --> 00:21:59.670 Dawn Lyons: Right and then the last one, is very important, they don't believe that they can run a intensely successful business.

00:22:00.420 --> 00:22:12.660 Dawn Lyons: And so, all of the folks that I coach I have this intake form that I utilize and I asked him the question if you were to really think about what coaching would do with me what you would do with coaching with me.

00:22:13.290 --> 00:22:28.920 Dawn Lyons: Out of these three things, what do you which one do you feel is the one that is getting in the way of your success the most and I have them ordering and in generally in general it's self belief and then running the business and then expertise.

00:22:30.360 --> 00:22:35.580 Dawn Lyons: And so, when you look at that it's like all right So then, what do we need to do to increase your belief in yourself.

00:22:36.150 --> 00:22:46.350 Dawn Lyons: Right What are those leadership skills, you want to focus on how can we ensure that we give you action items that are going to help you develop these so it becomes a habit for yourself.

00:22:46.740 --> 00:22:57.240 Dawn Lyons: You know, as far as running the business goes hey there are things about running my businesses that I can't stand and guess what there are people out there that can do it for me, and I can pay them handsomely.

00:22:57.630 --> 00:22:58.710 Graham Dobbin: And they enjoy it.

00:22:59.490 --> 00:23:01.080 Dawn Lyons: enjoy it and I don't.

00:23:01.080 --> 00:23:02.070 Dawn Lyons: So hey.

00:23:03.660 --> 00:23:06.120 Graham Dobbin: i'm interesting you talk about leadership school.

00:23:07.200 --> 00:23:07.530 Graham Dobbin: i'm.

00:23:08.760 --> 00:23:21.900 Graham Dobbin: One of the things I said at the very beginning was you can there's more than one way of doing doing the right thing, how you should approach or what's your thoughts on how we make sure we give people leadership skills that actually use them the right way.

00:23:23.940 --> 00:23:27.540 Dawn Lyons: yeah well that that starts with good intentions and a.

00:23:27.540 --> 00:23:28.350 Dawn Lyons: Good heart.

00:23:29.190 --> 00:23:39.360 Dawn Lyons: yeah that that is first and foremost, for me, I can, I hope that find out 50 some years on this planet.

00:23:42.090 --> 00:23:51.330 Dawn Lyons: I can determine if someone is doing something for the right reasons and whether or not we have to have a hard conversation with someone.

00:23:53.190 --> 00:24:10.380 Dawn Lyons: If we do it with the right heart and the right intention, it should be a win, win for everybody, because the right for is to take care of that person with grace right with compassion, at the same time, we may be trying to stretch them a little bit.

00:24:12.060 --> 00:24:15.690 Graham Dobbin: But we're protecting a when we're doing it, but keeping them safe.

00:24:16.830 --> 00:24:18.930 Graham Dobbin: I again.

00:24:20.580 --> 00:24:35.880 Graham Dobbin: very similar I think people do things with the right heart, if you make a mistake it almost doesn't matter, because we know what the intention it's and it's easy to mock up if it's done with with with the right intention, the right heart the right approach.

00:24:37.320 --> 00:24:50.730 Graham Dobbin: So the thing you talk about um the speed things themselves expertise and can you run that business that almost sounds like that comes from a bit of experience just wondering I you know i'm just throwing that out there.

00:24:53.280 --> 00:25:02.610 Dawn Lyons: yeah definitely again remember I said I am I am a prodigy of personal development right like literally consistent personal development.

00:25:03.210 --> 00:25:22.110 Dawn Lyons: Like I said, I have a lot of baggage I grew up in a household where you know we never I never remember my parents saying the words I love you right there, maybe once or twice i'm proud of you, but more than often it was why can't you be more like your sister.

00:25:24.510 --> 00:25:25.650 Dawn Lyons: because she was great at everything.

00:25:26.610 --> 00:25:29.040 Graham Dobbin: You did grow up in Scotland so he's very similar.

00:25:30.810 --> 00:25:32.850 Dawn Lyons: I think that's why we get along so well right.

00:25:34.200 --> 00:25:47.940 Dawn Lyons: No, but so I had, I had a lot of baggage my parents got divorced my mom moved to Florida, I did not want to move to Florida I convinced my dad to move back into the House with me so that I could finish out high school.

00:25:48.480 --> 00:25:54.870 Dawn Lyons: And then I basically my dad lived in Michigan my mom lived in Florida, and I picked California, to move to so.

00:25:55.560 --> 00:26:03.480 Dawn Lyons: You can kind of see how independent I was right, but I also had you know issues around trust.

00:26:03.960 --> 00:26:19.830 Dawn Lyons: and love and abandoned men, and you know I saw my parents had a level of success and honestly I didn't really know anything above that because i've never been around people people that had really anything more than what they.

00:26:20.850 --> 00:26:30.540 Dawn Lyons: You know, and then, when I started to put myself into those scenarios, where I could learn from people that were doing things for the right reasons, with the right heart and intentions.

00:26:30.840 --> 00:26:44.010 Dawn Lyons: that's that's when I started saying Okay, so they got here by doing this, I need to do all of those things, one of my favorite sayings is find someone that has what you want, and do what they've done.

00:26:46.110 --> 00:27:02.970 Dawn Lyons: Because you have to start back at the beginning, because they came from somewhere too right you can't just go and do what they're doing because they did a whole bunch of work on themselves before they even got to that point and I think those are there just really key pieces to success.

00:27:03.930 --> 00:27:11.700 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting I I have spoken with an Olympian athlete so another thing on here and it's quite interesting.

00:27:12.120 --> 00:27:20.430 Graham Dobbin: That it almost sometimes feels lazy we were talking about coaching that we make that comparison with sports, so I an international sports are the best.

00:27:21.090 --> 00:27:26.340 Graham Dobbin: runner or jumper or or fencer in the world, you would always expect them to have a coach.

00:27:26.820 --> 00:27:33.630 Graham Dobbin: Now it is likely that coach has never reached a level that they've reached, but the bit that got some of those patterns in the background.

00:27:33.960 --> 00:27:42.960 Graham Dobbin: And you'll also find that when the best in the world started, they can have modeled on someone else they can talk to someone who watched what they were doing.

00:27:43.410 --> 00:27:52.200 Graham Dobbin: And yet we forget to do that kind of figured businesses is really quite it's quite interesting and when we come back after the break.

00:27:52.950 --> 00:28:03.840 Graham Dobbin: i'm going Oh, can I want to talk about how we can do things differently in business, how you've inspired people to go to do the kind of results that we're looking at 114 million has been passed and.

00:28:04.170 --> 00:28:16.740 Graham Dobbin: you're leading teams there So how do we, how do we do that highly be helpful in business, but i'm also gonna i'm gonna i'm going to give you a bit warning and this kind of want to know when when did you first get that belief.

00:28:17.370 --> 00:28:25.140 Graham Dobbin: Because I know beliefs, a big word for you when did you first get that belief, they all know, things have different, and I can move forward.

00:28:25.650 --> 00:28:36.270 Graham Dobbin: And you're listening to talk radio dot nyc, this is the main behind leadership, my name is Graham dog, and I am so lucky this evening to be speaking with don lions will be back in a moment.

00:28:37.890 --> 00:28:41.190 and listening to talk radio and my see.

00:31:31.230 --> 00:31:47.760 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the main bank leadership we're speaking with don lions are dying, just so you know, he was that music that's that's my i'm so proud of that, I can't believe how many people dance to it, and you know what I think about you a lot living in New York, when I and.

00:31:49.020 --> 00:31:57.390 Graham Dobbin: i'll give a plug to macy's every time I come pass mixes and they've got these huge believe sayings that you're always going to half a block.

00:31:58.080 --> 00:32:12.360 Graham Dobbin: And it's just that's dawn dawn dawn's around me all the time when, did you first have enough belief is huge, for you, why is it big and when was our first time that you cannot you really begin to believe in yourself.

00:32:13.980 --> 00:32:26.880 Dawn Lyons: So it goes back to that first mentor her name is Danny and she had given me an opportunity to speak on her stage basically was over 500 people at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

00:32:27.660 --> 00:32:40.380 Dawn Lyons: And she had never allowed anyone on her stage before she gave me 20 minutes to talk about a certain topic that I was doing well out within the organization and I have a standing ovation.

00:32:41.580 --> 00:32:49.350 Dawn Lyons: And I mean I gotta tell you I was freaking out I had splotchy red marks, like all over the place right but I made sure I wore really like.

00:32:49.350 --> 00:33:06.150 Dawn Lyons: High suit and everything and we were walking back, I was walking off stage, she was walking up to the stage down the Center aisle, and this is what I remember again everybody's giving me a standing ovation she brushes by me and she goes.

00:33:07.350 --> 00:33:08.940 Dawn Lyons: I can't believe you.

00:33:11.880 --> 00:33:34.710 Dawn Lyons: And I keep walking right and i'm like oh my God I ruined everything like I went from being on a super high to just shattered I get to the back of the room and her husband says to me dawn you are in so much trouble.

00:33:36.240 --> 00:33:38.460 Dawn Lyons: And my heart is.

00:33:40.170 --> 00:33:51.960 Dawn Lyons: Like I felt like I ruined their entire Conference, and I really didn't understand and then he went on to say we are so sorry.

00:33:52.710 --> 00:34:02.940 Dawn Lyons: And like somewhere like what did I do you know, and I literally I was started tearing up and he said, we had no idea that you could move an audience like that.

00:34:03.810 --> 00:34:12.480 Dawn Lyons: We had no idea that you could inspire people like that, and he went on and on and honestly I don't really remember everything else he said because.

00:34:13.320 --> 00:34:29.220 Dawn Lyons: I had just gone through this huge roller coaster of emotion, I went from thinking, I did amazingly well thinking, the biggest mentor of my life I just ruined everything for her that I was in trouble, by the way, I don't like to be in trouble.

00:34:30.780 --> 00:34:41.040 Dawn Lyons: Right, so I was like ecstatic shattered, but then I was rebuilt and that's literally how I felt.

00:34:41.640 --> 00:34:47.370 Dawn Lyons: And remember, I said I know the suit I was wearing I know the car I was driving I know exactly where I was on the freeway.

00:34:47.820 --> 00:34:56.010 Dawn Lyons: When when Danny actually hugged me and kind of set a lot of the same things that her husband had said that was it that was the moment.

00:34:56.880 --> 00:35:15.000 Dawn Lyons: That somebody believed in me enough to literally go from feeling like feeling physically shattered to being completely rebuilt, and from that day forward that's why in the car I literally said to myself out loud, I actually said it out loud.

00:35:16.080 --> 00:35:29.430 Dawn Lyons: I want to do that for other people I want other people to feel that way that I feel right now, I want to be able to do that for other people for the rest of my life like that that was that.

00:35:29.610 --> 00:35:34.410 Graham Dobbin: i'm curious i'm curious What was it that Danny said to you, and she rushed but.

00:35:34.650 --> 00:35:41.400 Dawn Lyons: yeah all she said what she said I can't believe you so but I I took it as a negative like.

00:35:41.730 --> 00:35:43.110 Graham Dobbin: That you go there, how.

00:35:43.650 --> 00:35:44.070 Dawn Lyons: Are you.

00:35:44.700 --> 00:35:46.350 Dawn Lyons: enjoying number all the baggage.

00:35:46.410 --> 00:35:47.580 Remember, all the bad.

00:35:48.930 --> 00:35:53.040 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting to kind of a trigger that we automatically think that.

00:35:54.570 --> 00:36:06.990 Graham Dobbin: I mean, I know you do still get in trouble me too we don't always meet it but that's kind of what happens so that was the first time in that that that was kind of the spark mm hmm for you to get one.

00:36:07.620 --> 00:36:12.390 Dawn Lyons: Definitely, and I think today, the big thing one of my newest coaching clients.

00:36:12.780 --> 00:36:20.520 Dawn Lyons: I you know she said she was looking at a couple people i'm like perfect I love that love that when people take the time to really interview their coaches.

00:36:20.850 --> 00:36:28.800 Dawn Lyons: And so, when she decided on me, I said, you know I gotta I gotta ask why me and she goes, because I feel like you believe in me more than anybody else does.

00:36:31.680 --> 00:36:32.190 Dawn Lyons: That was it.

00:36:33.510 --> 00:36:34.590 Dawn Lyons: It wasn't price.

00:36:35.910 --> 00:36:40.980 Dawn Lyons: It wasn't time wasn't any of that is, I think that you believe in me more than anybody else does.

00:36:41.640 --> 00:36:53.490 Graham Dobbin: that's that's that's good and bad isn't it that they're actually coaches out there pitching for business that might not believe in someone because we get we get that we get that gut instinct sorry.

00:36:54.090 --> 00:36:58.620 Dawn Lyons: yeah no it's it's either that or they're not showing people that they.

00:36:58.650 --> 00:37:00.060 Dawn Lyons: Care enough to believe in.

00:37:00.060 --> 00:37:01.680 Dawn Lyons: That you know.

00:37:03.750 --> 00:37:13.890 Graham Dobbin: We should forward when Sean for because we've got we've got kind of big stuff that's happened recently, and just explain to everybody you're you're based out in Santa Rosa your businesses in the Bay area.

00:37:15.570 --> 00:37:16.200 Graham Dobbin: So.

00:37:17.430 --> 00:37:20.670 Graham Dobbin: You know i've spoken to people like they are spoken to make as well.

00:37:22.680 --> 00:37:30.930 Graham Dobbin: you're not you can be used to change it uncertainty, you know there's been fires it's been a whole lot of other things have been business disruptors.

00:37:31.440 --> 00:37:42.660 Graham Dobbin: That might not happen in other areas, but talk me through kind of how business has changed for you in the last 12 months how you've inspired you know over 50.

00:37:43.140 --> 00:37:54.150 Graham Dobbin: Capital leaders within your organization to do things for others because, let me give people, some of those organizations, but really what's changed, and the results from that.

00:37:56.070 --> 00:38:12.450 Dawn Lyons: So this is pretty much changed for us my husband I both work from home, so that hasn't changed anything, the biggest change has been literally lack of you know, human contact.

00:38:13.470 --> 00:38:23.130 Dawn Lyons: And so, right now, what we have is zoom what the world has is a form of zoom whether it's whatever company you're using right.

00:38:23.550 --> 00:38:29.580 Dawn Lyons: And I think the biggest thing that has changed is that people have realized, well, I have to continue.

00:38:30.120 --> 00:38:48.270 Dawn Lyons: I have to move forward, somehow, I have to put food on my table and what am I going to do well zoom is what's available to me or webex whatever those are, and I think just having the world be in the same position has made it all okay.

00:38:50.190 --> 00:39:03.990 Dawn Lyons: Right it's, not because I know I have several coaches that All they do is coach by video right that's not me normally now I bring people to my home, and I do 234 hour sessions with them.

00:39:04.680 --> 00:39:09.240 Dawn Lyons: Why, I like that personal the time I like to I like to see their.

00:39:10.020 --> 00:39:26.610 Dawn Lyons: You know their bodies movements and what how they get triggered with things or facial expressions, and you know you can see some of that on zoom but it's so different in person, and so I would say, those are the biggest changes, and I think it's all okay.

00:39:27.030 --> 00:39:49.020 Dawn Lyons: Like we've learned so much from being able to have this I feel like i'm more productive more efficient, no more effective, but at least as effective yeah you know and as far as you talking about like leading other people I learned a very long time that i'm pretty bossy.

00:39:50.430 --> 00:39:50.970 Graham Dobbin: Really.

00:39:52.890 --> 00:39:53.550 Graham Dobbin: Well, like.

00:39:53.610 --> 00:39:55.020 Dawn Lyons: To tell people what to do.

00:39:55.740 --> 00:40:01.110 Dawn Lyons: It guess what, when I was telling people what they should do and how they should do it, I didn't get very far.

00:40:01.680 --> 00:40:09.810 Dawn Lyons: Right it's kind of difficult to coach that way right, you can be a consultant that way but coaching that way it doesn't really work and so.

00:40:10.560 --> 00:40:22.530 Dawn Lyons: i've come up with this formula of just figuring out because I want to how can I get the other person, on the other side of me saying well yeah I want to do that.

00:40:23.160 --> 00:40:28.950 Dawn Lyons: Because here's another thing with entrepreneurs right if they want to do something they're probably going to go do it.

00:40:29.910 --> 00:40:39.960 Dawn Lyons: If they want to do something, then it's like Oh, maybe, maybe, if I have enough time, maybe if I choose to I will.

00:40:40.230 --> 00:40:56.340 Dawn Lyons: But if you can get them to say yeah I want that I want to go do that you don't have to push you don't have to tell you don't have to motivate it and re motivate and keep going and talk to them 20 times a day to keep moving because they're like yeah I want that.

00:40:57.630 --> 00:41:09.690 Dawn Lyons: And so that one thing has made my life so much easier so much easier, I like simple and, if I can make my life more simple i'm going to do it every second of every day.

00:41:11.040 --> 00:41:16.170 Graham Dobbin: You know most times I hear live are saying, I want you to you need to you must, you have to you what.

00:41:17.460 --> 00:41:30.330 Graham Dobbin: i'm referencing Dale Carnegie Principle number three in the book how to win friends and influence people as a rosen the other person and you want to just get them to want to do it yeah so so what's in it for them, so how did you get.

00:41:31.620 --> 00:41:38.430 Graham Dobbin: So big contacts, be an eye regular regular business community meetings for one of a.

00:41:38.940 --> 00:41:51.510 Graham Dobbin: kind of a better term people got together face to face the build relationships and you look to the could create business opportunities for each other and it's a real kind of outward looking, how can I help others, and it will come back to me.

00:41:52.410 --> 00:42:08.940 Graham Dobbin: And how did you teach people others to candle look at that when that's not necessarily we caught we we communicate the how did you teach doctors or referrals or construction people law or something that that was the way to do it.

00:42:10.020 --> 00:42:14.880 Dawn Lyons: You know the beauty of this one, and again I like things simple right, I did it.

00:42:16.710 --> 00:42:28.230 Dawn Lyons: I really think of organizations, it comes down to the people in the organization and yeah we may have some influence on a few people, but I do not have influence with 1700 people.

00:42:28.770 --> 00:42:42.450 Dawn Lyons: Even though we have 1700 Members, but I have influenced, with a few and that influence has trickled down to create a culture in a Chapter two, where a visitor walks in and they can feel it.

00:42:42.840 --> 00:42:52.500 Dawn Lyons: They can understand what's happening with these people, based on the camaraderie and the relationships and the fun of their happened, you still gotta have fun in business too.

00:42:53.070 --> 00:43:06.630 Dawn Lyons: And so i'd love to take some credit, and I have to give the credit to the people, the people that are their meeting those folks and welcoming them in with the right heart and the right intentions.

00:43:08.100 --> 00:43:17.490 Graham Dobbin: i'm keeping a score here go NUTS twice this evening you've been extremely modest we don't want that to happen again, I want to hear the real stuff and we're just worked over final break.

00:43:18.450 --> 00:43:27.630 Graham Dobbin: When we come back to what fun and i'm really i'm curious about how How did we have fun in business, why is it important, and how can we do things differently.

00:43:28.020 --> 00:43:37.410 Graham Dobbin: You know how do we, how do we kind of go about things and stand out, rather than just doing the same old mundane things that the buddy else is doing.

00:43:38.100 --> 00:43:46.530 Graham Dobbin: you're listening to the mind behind leadership, my name is Graham dobbin i'm speaking with Donald lines, this evening, and this is talk radio dot nyc we'll be back in a moment.

00:46:07.860 --> 00:46:14.430 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back you're listening to the mind behind leadership and we're speaking with Tom lions don this is flying in.

00:46:15.030 --> 00:46:24.930 Graham Dobbin: Oh, which would look to see if we can have another hour and we're talking about change and business and how we have fun and how we do things I mean what.

00:46:25.320 --> 00:46:40.770 Graham Dobbin: What are the largest part that i'm getting involved with at the moment with lots of businesses is about uncertainty it's, how do we take uncertainty out of the workplace and sometimes that's tough decisions i'm for sure thoughts and now with with with the you see them.

00:46:41.520 --> 00:46:48.780 Dawn Lyons: yeah, this is a really important topic right now and Mike and I have done a lot of work on brain friendly coaching.

00:46:49.110 --> 00:46:57.480 Dawn Lyons: And really understanding how the brain works and one of the things that I learned super quickly your brain does not like stuff that is uncertain.

00:46:58.410 --> 00:47:09.180 Dawn Lyons: Right your brain is always looking for a solution to something it's looking to fix something it's looking to do better right it's just it's just what it does right it keeps our entire body and system running.

00:47:09.660 --> 00:47:21.300 Dawn Lyons: And so, uncertainty is pay off for the brain, so what i've been working with a lot of folks with is something that I call the what are you avoiding exercise.

00:47:21.930 --> 00:47:27.600 Dawn Lyons: and for your listeners today if they just jot this down it's so simple and easy.

00:47:28.260 --> 00:47:37.740 Dawn Lyons: But it gets your brain out of uncertainty, so I call it what are you avoiding and all you do is you write down all right, what are the things i'm avoiding.

00:47:38.250 --> 00:47:46.650 Dawn Lyons: Right i've got a book that's got 18,000 words and I haven't finished it I only need 22 and I haven't finished yet right So why am I, avoiding just an as an example.

00:47:47.130 --> 00:47:55.860 Dawn Lyons: Right so that's one column you write down everything that you're avoiding, then you write down what's fear around that what is the fear around that.

00:47:57.210 --> 00:48:01.080 Dawn Lyons: And then you have to say, the fear out loud.

00:48:03.330 --> 00:48:10.470 Dawn Lyons: That to say it out loud because here's the thing as soon as you say it out loud your brain is going to go either well that's dumb.

00:48:11.670 --> 00:48:18.750 Dawn Lyons: or well you're not going to die because if you just do this and your brain will start to figure out the solution automatically.

00:48:19.080 --> 00:48:19.410 Graham Dobbin: money.

00:48:20.040 --> 00:48:25.500 Dawn Lyons: So you start, then you break down okay so what's the solution if I know i'm not going to die or hurt somebody else.

00:48:25.860 --> 00:48:37.500 Dawn Lyons: Right what's the solution, and then the next step is to write down what's one action I could take to get closer to getting this project accomplish whatever that project is.

00:48:38.790 --> 00:48:43.260 Dawn Lyons: Right The other thing that I find really interesting I said i've said this many of my clients.

00:48:43.890 --> 00:48:52.320 Dawn Lyons: If you say it out loud in your brain doesn't start to find solutions go say it to your best friend tell them what hey i'm avoiding something here's the fear that I have.

00:48:52.830 --> 00:49:01.830 Dawn Lyons: and say it to your best friend, because your best friend is going to go, why do you think in that way, or how come i'm like well that's not going to happen and they're going to bring some truth.

00:49:02.490 --> 00:49:13.110 Dawn Lyons: Which becomes certainty your full goal is to get your brain to understand that there is another step, I can take, and if you can do that.

00:49:13.650 --> 00:49:25.770 Dawn Lyons: I think that, right now, times are uncertain and that's just a thing, but every day, I can do something to get closer to what I really want to have happening in my life.

00:49:26.790 --> 00:49:28.710 Dawn Lyons: And I think that's key it's.

00:49:28.770 --> 00:49:30.360 Graham Dobbin: Interesting isn't it because i'm.

00:49:32.100 --> 00:49:42.120 Graham Dobbin: There was an acceptance of uncertainty for for quite a period, probably six or seven months last last last year, but everybody said it will change next month, it will just change next one and.

00:49:42.900 --> 00:49:51.870 Graham Dobbin: I mentioned so many times i'm getting border i'm going to have a recording just mentioned this, one of the big shifts in New York was when Google and it was around a boat July.

00:49:52.140 --> 00:49:59.760 Graham Dobbin: Google said you're not going back or we're not going back into the office until July 2021 and you could almost hear the gas.

00:50:00.900 --> 00:50:08.640 Graham Dobbin: In New York every good What did he mean I thought this is brilliant know we know what we're working with with no got a year.

00:50:09.990 --> 00:50:17.280 Graham Dobbin: that something is not we can put everything on hold for a year we don't know what we're working with we're not pretending we're going back into the office next month.

00:50:18.060 --> 00:50:22.230 Graham Dobbin: And i'm i've come off two calls today, one with one of the largest.

00:50:23.190 --> 00:50:35.130 Graham Dobbin: Car manufacturers in the world and we're saying no, this is not virtual training tool gentle giant it's till the end of the year, if that changes and gets better and create but let's make those decisions now.

00:50:35.970 --> 00:50:46.260 Graham Dobbin: let's meet them know where we've got some certainty everybody everybody knows what we're working with we're not constantly looking for something to change around us now we've got control i'm.

00:50:47.220 --> 00:50:54.030 Graham Dobbin: i'm essentially because it because that you know right, and they will what would avoiding what's the theater on the gives us back that control.

00:50:55.350 --> 00:50:56.130 Graham Dobbin: So i'm.

00:50:57.210 --> 00:51:04.320 Graham Dobbin: Doing controlling and take it away and 70s, one thing stopping doing what everybody else is doing.

00:51:05.280 --> 00:51:17.730 Graham Dobbin: I kind of have a lot of a different approach to the market i've been hit by five new email lists I seem to be on today all telling me how great the product is without building any relationship i'm really about to buy.

00:51:18.660 --> 00:51:33.930 Graham Dobbin: And what, how do you kind of get your Members being creative like that, when it's maybe not the natural the natural go to how do you get them thinking different ways, about how they can have fun in business and how they can stand out.

00:51:35.700 --> 00:51:41.310 Dawn Lyons: yeah you know again it's going to go right back to mindset, one of my dear friends, that aesthetician.

00:51:41.700 --> 00:51:49.320 Dawn Lyons: And aestheticians have been closed down majority of this entire pandemic and yet she's having your best year ever.

00:51:49.830 --> 00:52:04.980 Dawn Lyons: because she pivoted right she started doing virtual spa days send it out customized skincare kits you know all of these different things that she never did before, and yet her business is flourishing.

00:52:05.580 --> 00:52:17.190 Dawn Lyons: You know, and so it's yeah be creative, but I think I think it was Sir Richard Branson That said, this find someone who has a great idea and make it just a little bit better.

00:52:19.440 --> 00:52:31.770 Dawn Lyons: Right that's him right yeah and it's exactly what he's done, you know, and so, so all US citizens out there, right here i'm just giving you a couple of ideas that one Gal has done what if you go make it better.

00:52:32.160 --> 00:52:47.010 Dawn Lyons: You know, for valentine's day she's got date night kits that she's sending out, you know it's just all these little things that she would have never have done if it wasn't for the pandemic and yet she's doing even better in business now.

00:52:48.720 --> 00:52:56.550 Graham Dobbin: yeah essentially i'm curious about how we come out with because we will come out of this and it became the opportunity to go back to what we thought was normal.

00:52:57.120 --> 00:53:10.650 Graham Dobbin: But no, you know it's like coming at a conference on once you've come over it can't go back to the same shape and i'm curious about kind of how people are going to blend business going forward and it keep that creativity going.

00:53:11.460 --> 00:53:28.860 Dawn Lyons: Well yeah and I think there's there's so many options for that and, again, so we don't get paralyzed just write down all the options again if you can get it out of your brain and and a paper you know write down all your options, I could create these things online and keep those online.

00:53:28.890 --> 00:53:37.440 Dawn Lyons: Even when we go back to face to face, but maybe I hire someone to do all the online stuff so I get to go back and do what I love.

00:53:38.490 --> 00:53:51.720 Dawn Lyons: Right so kidding him have been an incredibly great thing for some people, and you can still go back to doing it, the old fashioned way, if you will, but why not keep those other stream of revenues that you've already created that are working.

00:53:53.160 --> 00:53:56.070 Dawn Lyons: So I don't think it's either or I like and or both.

00:53:56.100 --> 00:54:03.120 Graham Dobbin: yeah absolutely i'm we're running at a time Donna i'm really disappointed, but just really quickly.

00:54:03.720 --> 00:54:14.970 Graham Dobbin: Thinking by you've given us a really good insight thinking back to kind of how you started as Johnny and other people can you believe what would you change what would you do annually, or what kind of thing would you maybe step up and do.

00:54:15.990 --> 00:54:21.330 Graham Dobbin: Before you did if you i'll tell you what let me ask you this week, what we avoiding.

00:54:22.500 --> 00:54:23.700 Graham Dobbin: The monies to get over.

00:54:25.650 --> 00:54:26.910 Dawn Lyons: My own stuff on me.

00:54:29.460 --> 00:54:33.540 Dawn Lyons: Honestly, I would have done more personal development faster.

00:54:34.830 --> 00:54:47.880 Dawn Lyons: Think about this, if I could have gotten over some of my issues earlier, how many more people could I have helped, how many more people could I have touched, how many more people could I have influenced or taught.

00:54:48.450 --> 00:55:01.560 Dawn Lyons: on how to get over the same thing you know there's only a few things that most people deal with right it's all the self worth issues a lot of the abandonment stuff and issues with actually achieving success.

00:55:01.860 --> 00:55:03.720 Dawn Lyons: All of those are fairly standard.

00:55:03.930 --> 00:55:11.010 Dawn Lyons: So if I could have gotten over some of those earlier, I could have taught more people and that that would be my one my one wish for sure.

00:55:11.640 --> 00:55:24.210 Graham Dobbin: i'm full so knowing that My guess is that your advice to anybody even starting this is get as much professional development under you and personal development, under your under your belt as possible.

00:55:25.200 --> 00:55:32.130 Dawn Lyons: Absolutely figure out what holds you back so that you know, and there is no uncertainty there.

00:55:32.460 --> 00:55:43.890 Dawn Lyons: And then keep going because again at every level of success there's going to be another little issue, it may not be that hard to overcome, but there are still could be that little thing that's just holding me back a tiny bit.

00:55:45.630 --> 00:55:53.130 Graham Dobbin: i'm done, we have not got to half of what I wanted to get to so I mean one of the big things that you said earlier, was.

00:55:54.180 --> 00:55:58.830 Graham Dobbin: A find someone who's done what you what you want to do and see what they did then.

00:55:59.580 --> 00:56:08.700 Graham Dobbin: Is kind of seems to be a big nugget and the avoiding fear, avoiding what's the fear around it and what action you could take absolute standing don.

00:56:09.180 --> 00:56:19.230 Graham Dobbin: Thank you so much for joining us I would love to have you on again i'm sure we could probably procedure to do that, and thank you again, thank you to.

00:56:21.240 --> 00:56:33.270 Graham Dobbin: Everybody who's helped with the show this evening you listen to the main buying leadership will be back next Thursday live on talk radio dot nyc 7pm snore allowing us to have a great evening good night.

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