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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/21 - Third Eye Arts

Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/21 - Third Eye Arts


2021/01/21 - Third Eye Arts

[NEW EPISODE] Third Eye Arts

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Author & Intuitive Artist, Dr. Nadine Gordon-Taylor.

Dr. Nadine Gordon-Taylor has had the ability to channel and experience other beings since childhood. She maintains a gallery called Third Eye Arts in the town of Peekskill, NY. There she sells her art and runs a weekly new age support group.

Born in NYC, she has studied comparative religion and alternative healing modalities to help inform her art. Before embarking on her journey as an intuitive artist and working with universal and intuitive symbols, Nadine focused on photorealist drawing and paintings of her shadow, integrating, embracing, and honoring her dark side. She has taught publicly and privately for over thirty years and has lectured and given workshops across the country. 

Tune in for this transformational discussion at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes:

Segment 1

Today we open up With a quote from Mike Dooley in the universe Just remember Most people are so beguiled by your charm and inspired by your buy your choices they simply forget to say thank you, Please and I love you like crazy.  This quote tells us to remember the impact we have on people. You never know how your kindness can way in on someone's life.  So let the people that have a impact know that you love them.This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Author & Intuitive Artist, Dr. Nadine Gordon-Taylor.Dr. Nadine Gordon-Taylor has had the ability to channel and experience other beings since childhood. She maintains a gallery called Third Eye Arts in the town of Peekskill, NY. There she sells her art and runs a weekly new age support group.She also has earned a BA with a concentration in printmaking And art history at Hunter College. She got her MFA in painting From Long Island University. her  doctrine And arts From Columbia university. She also studied Comparative religion and alternative healing modalities to help inform her art.


Segment 2

Nadine has had the ability to Channel and connect with other beings since she was about three years old. She told her mom about her abilities but quickly shut it off because she was misunderstood and often not believed as a child. She saw A wolf at her window at a very young age. It scared her  she knew it wasn’t a real wolf but Because she had no guidance on what the symbols and figures meant it wasn’t till later that she realized the wolf symbolizes The teacher  and be The trailblazer. She had suppressed these things because she did not understand them and was frightened by them but they found other ways to come to the surface as they appeared in her art  and her doodles as a child.  This followed her, her  whole life it wasn’t until her late 40s when she went to see hypnotists that she had really embraced who she was and her gifts she possessed.  Owning your own shadow  is a book by Robert  Johnson. It really helped her integrate her shadow into her life by making it a part of her art .



When Nadine creator’s   Her art she never Deciphers the symbols first , she  lets the art come through and then she deciphers  the message. She never believes the symbols she draws are random. She believes they all have a meaning behind them,  and that  they are all connected. She now sees the symbols as a way of comfort and guidance through tough times. She remembers a point in her life where she kept seeing dragonflies and people kept giving her pendants and all types of gifts that had to do with dragonflies. It wasn’t till later that she Discovered that the dragonfly is a symbol of transformation, and about having a different perspective.  In order to understand these symbols you need to open your mind and let them in, because anything to make sense and come into your life you need to allow it to come into your life. 


Segment 4

This Episode comes to a close as Nadine does a Reading for the listeners. Sam’s pulls a card from The deck . And it reads allowing success and good fortune into your life. Part of a greater collective.  The card is covered with  butterflies, wolves, bees Ladybugs, worms and much more. This card is about accepting the beauty of change and progression. It’s about having faith that you will always have what you need.  If you want to get in touch with Nadine you can go to  


00:00:27.510 --> 00:00:38.220 Sam Liebowitz: Good Afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity.

00:00:38.670 --> 00:00:50.760 Sam Liebowitz: I am very, very pleased that you are here with me today. We've got a fascinating show in store for you today with a wonderful, wonderful guest. I'm glad we got her on board today.

00:00:51.870 --> 00:01:01.770 Sam Liebowitz: And I think you'll maybe even learn some things about your conscious consultants and maybe learn some things that might surprise you. A little bit. Okay.

00:01:02.220 --> 00:01:17.160 Sam Liebowitz: Let's get started. By the way, I hope everyone has been enjoying all the new shows on the network. And if you're not aware, please go to talk radio dot NYC and check out our show lineup. We've had several new shows. Join us and we have more on the way.

00:01:18.180 --> 00:01:25.410 Sam Liebowitz: We've got a block of shows on Monday evening six to eight now with extra innings and journey through to awareness.

00:01:26.520 --> 00:01:28.950 Sam Liebowitz: Tuesday's we've got employment law today.

00:01:30.360 --> 00:01:32.850 Sam Liebowitz: Gateway to the Smokies and rediscovering New York

00:01:34.050 --> 00:01:40.860 Sam Liebowitz: Today, there's my show. And right after me. Ken show voices of courage and tonight. Graham foster show the mind behind leadership.

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00:01:50.940 --> 00:02:01.440 Sam Liebowitz: What a lineup. So whether you want to learn about business. It just to have some fun. It's personal development spiritual development, we've got everything on the network for you now and more on the way. Okay.

00:02:01.890 --> 00:02:12.150 Sam Liebowitz: Let's get started with our quotes of the day from Mike Dooley in the universe and from Abraham. Let's see what the universe and Abraham have in store for us today. First from the universe.

00:02:13.680 --> 00:02:30.390 Sam Liebowitz: Just remember, most people are so beguiled by your charm and inspired by your choice choices they simply forget to say thank you, please, and I love you like crazy as often as they feel the urge

00:02:31.530 --> 00:02:39.270 Sam Liebowitz: Let's not be one of those people. Thank you. Please. I love you like crazy collect the universe.

00:02:40.350 --> 00:02:54.150 Sam Liebowitz: We love our quotes from Mike Dooley in the universe. I think today, encouraging us and reminding us that the universe loves us like crazy and that you know is very easy to

00:02:56.190 --> 00:03:09.360 Sam Liebowitz: Forget it's very easy to kind of gloss over that the impact that we have on others because they don't necessarily tell us right if we have this

00:03:11.310 --> 00:03:20.130 Sam Liebowitz: impact on people's lives and it's it's internal to them. It's something we said to them, it's how we showed up for them.

00:03:20.700 --> 00:03:30.480 Sam Liebowitz: And and it has a deep impact on them, they may or may not be aware of it. And even if they are aware of it. They may not even tell us for months or years later.

00:03:31.320 --> 00:03:39.240 Sam Liebowitz: I remember one time I used to hold this Law of Attraction Meetup group here in Manhattan.

00:03:40.230 --> 00:03:53.370 Sam Liebowitz: And it was very, very popular in the beginning, I mean at 4050 people show up in an evening and and then over time, you know, it grew and expanded contracted, you know, things shift and changes they changed locations.

00:03:54.420 --> 00:04:03.030 Sam Liebowitz: And you know there were some people who would come and they seem to get really into it. And then I went see them for a long time. And I remember there was this one woman who

00:04:04.080 --> 00:04:13.350 Sam Liebowitz: Her name was Alan. She didn't show up for a long time. And then she she likes showed up after about a year or two. And she was like, oh my god, Sam. You have no idea how

00:04:13.770 --> 00:04:20.370 Sam Liebowitz: Much these meetings impacted me and how much the things you've said, and taught us like impact me. I go, really. She goes, Yeah, you know, I was

00:04:20.670 --> 00:04:25.140 Sam Liebowitz: When I first came I was unhealthy. I had so many problems. I

00:04:25.380 --> 00:04:32.550 Sam Liebowitz: You know, I'm from Canada, and I was having immigration problems and this and then she goes, oh my god, things are so much better. Now my health is better. This is better.

00:04:32.790 --> 00:04:45.270 Sam Liebowitz: And it's all because of you know what I learned from you. And I was like, so taken aback, because I had no idea. I didn't know the impact. I was having on this person. And that's just one person. I remember I had this guy.

00:04:46.410 --> 00:05:01.470 Sam Liebowitz: Oh god, it was like more like six or seven years that I hadn't seen him, and then he showed up at some meeting or something and told me, like what an impact. I had on his life and I had no clue. I had no idea.

00:05:02.700 --> 00:05:03.450 Sam Liebowitz: So,

00:05:05.040 --> 00:05:13.020 Sam Liebowitz: It's maybe it's something to keep in mind that when somebody else has an impact on us like that when somebody else.

00:05:14.010 --> 00:05:28.140 Sam Liebowitz: You know affects us in such a deep way. It was very easy to not acknowledge it and not let them know. So let's let them know that we love them like crazy. Let's say that. Thank you. Let's

00:05:29.670 --> 00:05:43.230 Sam Liebowitz: Be a little more mindful of the effect that people have on us in a positive way that really make a difference to us. So a wonderful quote from the universe. I love it. I let's see what Abraham has for us today.

00:05:44.880 --> 00:05:52.050 Sam Liebowitz: When the contrast gets greater the desire gets greater to and that's what miracles are from

00:05:52.680 --> 00:06:15.000 Sam Liebowitz: A miracle is nothing more than a terrible situation that has caused strong desire and then somehow and alignment of energy with that desire every day life creativity. That's all that it is Abraham. Hmm. Interesting. Alright, so what is Abraham, saying here.

00:06:17.910 --> 00:06:27.360 Sam Liebowitz: Contrast those things that we experienced that help us to identify more of what we do not want. So we know better of what we do want

00:06:28.380 --> 00:06:35.370 Sam Liebowitz: Those situations that we are just like, oh my god, I can't take this. When will this and

00:06:37.170 --> 00:06:51.930 Sam Liebowitz: That creates such a strong desire within us for the opposite or for something different. And then that moment when our energy just lines up with that desire so strongly

00:06:53.340 --> 00:06:58.260 Sam Liebowitz: Boom, and then an apparent miracle happens

00:06:59.520 --> 00:07:05.250 Sam Liebowitz: And that miracle is really nothing more than our alignment.

00:07:06.270 --> 00:07:14.130 Sam Liebowitz: Energetically mentally, emotionally, physically with this super strong desire.

00:07:17.370 --> 00:07:28.650 Sam Liebowitz: And that's comes from even little moments of creativity that we have throughout our day that

00:07:29.580 --> 00:07:39.180 Sam Liebowitz: When we're faced with a tough situation and we're trying to figure it out. And then that moment of inspiration comes and we suddenly realized and we see this

00:07:39.630 --> 00:07:56.040 Sam Liebowitz: Elegant situation that seems so simple and so obvious now that we thought of it. But when we were in the midst of the problem was so challenging that we couldn't really see it. So we call it a miracle.

00:07:58.200 --> 00:07:59.100 Sam Liebowitz: And really

00:08:00.390 --> 00:08:09.300 Sam Liebowitz: miracles are just life that happens when we are so completely in alignment.

00:08:11.130 --> 00:08:23.820 Sam Liebowitz: That our resistance is disappeared, and we can allow that amazing thing to just be made manifest in our life.

00:08:26.880 --> 00:08:35.160 Sam Liebowitz: I was, I was in a class last weekend with my dear friend, Jennifer huff and you people hear me talk about her every now and then.

00:08:36.420 --> 00:08:38.250 Sam Liebowitz: And she she, she said.

00:08:39.660 --> 00:08:42.390 Sam Liebowitz: What if miracles were common place.

00:08:43.500 --> 00:08:46.830 Sam Liebowitz: What would you be able to manifest in your life.

00:08:48.120 --> 00:08:49.860 Sam Liebowitz: And I thought that was so beautiful.

00:08:51.960 --> 00:09:00.030 Sam Liebowitz: Because in some ways miracles are commonplace. We just don't see them, we don't recognize them necessarily

00:09:02.640 --> 00:09:09.660 Sam Liebowitz: And and sometimes I feel that for myself. And then, and you know I speak for myself and no one else

00:09:13.260 --> 00:09:19.560 Sam Liebowitz: That what makes it so difficult for me to see miracles in my life.

00:09:21.960 --> 00:09:23.460 Sam Liebowitz: Is that either.

00:09:24.570 --> 00:09:32.250 Sam Liebowitz: I take for granted the alignment, I take for granted the fact that, you know, some little thing just works out.

00:09:34.230 --> 00:09:39.330 Sam Liebowitz: And really it worked out because my resistance to it finally dropped

00:09:42.030 --> 00:09:50.670 Sam Liebowitz: Or because I make it such a big thing to make such a huge change that I create my own internal resistance about it.

00:09:52.290 --> 00:09:56.730 Sam Liebowitz: And then it just makes it tougher for that solution to appear.

00:10:00.030 --> 00:10:05.340 Sam Liebowitz: So I guess the lesson from this quote from Abraham is

00:10:06.870 --> 00:10:09.750 Sam Liebowitz: That really miracles are up to us.

00:10:10.770 --> 00:10:24.390 Sam Liebowitz: They're up to our own energy, they're up to our own alignment, they're up to our own ability to let go of the resistance of what is possible.

00:10:25.500 --> 00:10:29.850 Sam Liebowitz: And when we let go of that resistance and we embrace

00:10:31.860 --> 00:10:35.820 Sam Liebowitz: The that THE MIRACLE that's inside of us.

00:10:36.990 --> 00:10:45.000 Sam Liebowitz: That then that miracle can actually show up in our life in physical reality right before our eyes.

00:10:46.950 --> 00:10:57.540 Sam Liebowitz: So to wonderful, fun crazy quotes of the day from Mike Dooley in the universe and from Abraham. I hope you enjoyed them think rather apropos.

00:10:58.110 --> 00:11:06.330 Sam Liebowitz: For today's guest who I am very pleased to bring on the show now and then. It's my pleasure.

00:11:07.140 --> 00:11:13.500 Sam Liebowitz: To welcome here and they see loyal listener Patty on the Facebook Live welcome Patty glad you're with us today.

00:11:14.490 --> 00:11:24.810 Sam Liebowitz: Whoever else is listening on the Facebook Live please give a shout out, let me know where you're listening in from and also throughout the show today. Remember, let us know what questions you have for me or my guest.

00:11:25.230 --> 00:11:34.410 Sam Liebowitz: And it's my pleasure to welcome cord and Taylor, who has had the ability to channel and experience other beings since her childhood.

00:11:34.860 --> 00:11:50.220 Sam Liebowitz: She maintains a gallery called third eye arts in the town of Peekskill, New York. I love Peekskill where she sells her art and runs a weekly a new age support group. She's born in New York City. And while attending high school and college. Where did you go to high school, they didn't

00:11:50.670 --> 00:11:56.910 Nadine Gordon: Oh, I went, we moved to Elmont so I was on an island at that point, I went to high school.

00:11:57.870 --> 00:12:05.070 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, great. Um, she attends she studied also at the Art Students League was that back when it was on 57th Street.

00:12:05.370 --> 00:12:17.670 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, I remember that she's earned a BA with a concentration in printmaking I studied printmaking college and art history at Hunter College and got her MFA and painting from Long Island you her

00:12:18.180 --> 00:12:26.580 Sam Liebowitz: Doctorate of education in artists from Columbia University and she studied comparative religion. Oh, and alternative healing modalities to help inform her art.

00:12:26.940 --> 00:12:36.300 Sam Liebowitz: Before embarking on her journey as an intuitive artists and working with universal and intuitive symbols needing focused on photorealistic

00:12:36.960 --> 00:12:49.110 Sam Liebowitz: drawings and paintings of her shadow integrating embracing and honoring her dark side. She has taught publicly and privately for over 30 years and has lectured and given workshops across the country.

00:12:50.340 --> 00:13:00.960 Sam Liebowitz: Her drawings prints and paintings have been exhibited in entering collections around the world and it is my pleasure to welcome Dr. Dean to the show today. Welcome. The dean.

00:13:01.260 --> 00:13:03.600 Nadine Gordon: Thank you so much, Sam. It's a pleasure to be here.

00:13:04.320 --> 00:13:13.380 Sam Liebowitz: It's wonderful to have you. And I don't know when we talk beforehand if I told you but you know I studied art. When I was in college.

00:13:14.370 --> 00:13:16.830 Nadine Gordon: It doesn't surprise me. You seem like the creative

00:13:18.390 --> 00:13:18.630 Nadine Gordon: But

00:13:18.720 --> 00:13:25.680 Sam Liebowitz: You know, it's so funny because, you know, when I was younger. When I was in like junior high school in high school.

00:13:26.310 --> 00:13:35.550 Sam Liebowitz: I never thought of myself as a creative person I was the math and science guy, you know, I was the one who, you know, I forgot to do my math homework.

00:13:35.820 --> 00:13:44.970 Sam Liebowitz: And then when I got into class, and the teacher was. Don't forget to submit your homework. By the end of the class. I was like, Oh, shit. I've got to do the homework and I'd go, and I'd open a do the homework really quickly during class.

00:13:45.780 --> 00:14:02.880 Sam Liebowitz: Because it just came to me like that but draw a straight line. Oh my god, that there were these and I remember like there were these girls in high school who they were just so creative and their drawings and everything. I was always so I don't want say less. But I was so

00:14:04.590 --> 00:14:11.430 Sam Liebowitz: in awe of them that they had such talent that when I got to college. I started taking art classes.

00:14:11.940 --> 00:14:26.610 Sam Liebowitz: Not because I wanted to be an artist or because I thought I could but just I wanted to see if I could learn how to do something and and I stuck with it for actually a few years because I remember I took a basic drawing class and intro to drawing

00:14:28.440 --> 00:14:43.980 Sam Liebowitz: And at the beginning my stuff was horrible. And at the end of the semester, my stuff was still horrible, but there was tremendous improvement and it was that improvement that really shocked me and encouraged me to keep with it.

00:14:45.390 --> 00:14:54.600 Sam Liebowitz: So, um, and then I actually my first major in college was art. And then my second major became computer science. So

00:14:56.040 --> 00:14:59.130 Sam Liebowitz: I just didn't want to be a starving artist. When I graduated well

00:14:59.160 --> 00:15:05.400 Nadine Gordon: That makes sense. Well, you know, like everything else artists, a state of mind and just like miracles are a state of mind so

00:15:06.390 --> 00:15:14.820 Nadine Gordon: If you go into it, thinking you're horrible, you know, there is that expression. If you think you can do it. You're right. You think you can't do what, you're right.

00:15:15.090 --> 00:15:23.460 Nadine Gordon: A lot of times we're taught into believing you from early on with guided and directed to go a certain path. It may not be a passion.

00:15:23.760 --> 00:15:35.850 Nadine Gordon: But it may be what we start identifying with and then we make it happen more and more because we put that thought out and when we fall we put that thought out and we follow it. So the fact is I pick up that you're very creative.

00:15:37.350 --> 00:15:39.270 Nadine Gordon: Thank you. We have a lot in common.

00:15:39.630 --> 00:15:48.660 Sam Liebowitz: Yes, we do. We absolutely do. Okay, we got to take our first break when we come back I want to talk about your childhood experiences and kind of

00:15:49.110 --> 00:15:59.190 Sam Liebowitz: You know how you opened up to spirit and what that was like growing up and then let's talk a little bit about your journey. And I love the fact that you really

00:16:00.570 --> 00:16:14.490 Sam Liebowitz: Embraced and honored your dark side as you call it, because I think that's something that we can all learn from and just looking on the Facebook Live I see we have tie in Arkansas and Patty in Tucson, of course.

00:16:15.360 --> 00:16:18.000 Sam Liebowitz: And I'm sure we'll have more loyal listeners are joining us as we

00:16:18.390 --> 00:16:28.140 Sam Liebowitz: As we continue on. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern Time.

00:16:28.440 --> 00:16:42.810 Sam Liebowitz: Right here on talk radio dot NYC and on facebook live through our, our page inspired thoughts and on the conscious consultant and talk radio NYC and all over the place. So you can't miss us, so everybody please stay tuned. We'll be right back.

00:18:57.300 --> 00:19:06.180 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity so pleased to have with me today, Dr. Ed Gordon Taylor.

00:19:07.230 --> 00:19:15.810 Sam Liebowitz: We're talking all about the spirit art and whatever else happens got work its way into the conversation today, sir. So 19

00:19:16.530 --> 00:19:33.930 Sam Liebowitz: In your bio. It says that you've had the ability to channel and and and connect with other beings, since you were a little kid, you remember, like, when was the first time it happened, or do you remember just like when you became sort of aware that maybe that wasn't such a common thing.

00:19:35.550 --> 00:19:37.710 Nadine Gordon: I was very young, I was about three

00:19:38.130 --> 00:19:38.700 Sam Liebowitz: Wow.

00:19:39.000 --> 00:19:49.920 Nadine Gordon: I did not trust myself. I certainly did share it with my mom who years later told me I would always tell her things. And she thought I was making them up and dreaming and

00:19:50.460 --> 00:19:56.550 Nadine Gordon: She never took it seriously. But I have to tell you it freaked me out when I was a kid. It scared me a lot. And it did make me

00:19:58.050 --> 00:20:07.140 Nadine Gordon: Turn that part of it off as I grew up because no one was responding to it. Some of it was innocuous, but a lot of it was not fun and

00:20:08.010 --> 00:20:17.430 Nadine Gordon: You're not trained in it, you know, no one shares this information with you and I'm sure other people have had it too, but it's not something you either buried deep and your cellular memory.

00:20:17.790 --> 00:20:29.790 Nadine Gordon: That's what you know, again, that's probably why that series about my shadow side called self portrait mine itself. It's probably why that manifested because I was carrying around a lot of deep fears.

00:20:30.390 --> 00:20:35.340 Nadine Gordon: About things that probably wouldn't. Not that people, but since I didn't have information about it.

00:20:36.540 --> 00:20:52.830 Nadine Gordon: I Process. Process. Process did that way. But over time, I learned, gee, maybe it's not negative, and not bad. And I think it has a lot to do with me going into art with symbols, because I learned to read it at

00:20:53.340 --> 00:20:59.070 Nadine Gordon: I mean, I would see a wolf in my window, since I was three I would always see a wolf in my window and I

00:20:59.580 --> 00:21:08.550 Nadine Gordon: I knew it couldn't be a real Wolf, but I didn't know about the third eye and my mind right and I was seeing that. And that was a frightening thing to me.

00:21:09.000 --> 00:21:17.430 Nadine Gordon: Although years later when I studied the symbols, I realized the wolf is the teacher. The, the trailblazer you know i i feel i felt it was

00:21:18.030 --> 00:21:27.180 Nadine Gordon: On the other side of the veil that I was being guided and watched in a positive way. But when I was three or four or five I didn't understand what that was. So I

00:21:27.720 --> 00:21:30.120 Nadine Gordon: Probably like many other people's suppressed it

00:21:30.810 --> 00:21:44.250 Nadine Gordon: So I could function normally and then but I always did art and things always came out in my art, especially in the middle school time I was always doodling symbols, all kinds of religious symbols nature symbols things I news.

00:21:44.730 --> 00:21:50.460 Nadine Gordon: I used to call them doodles, but they were very complex something on the inner guidance.

00:21:51.180 --> 00:22:03.030 Sam Liebowitz: Right, so, um, and it's interesting because many guests that I've had on the show and prior episodes, who did have some kind of ability, like that.

00:22:03.540 --> 00:22:07.500 Sam Liebowitz: Many, many of them said how like you know when they were little kid, they had it, but then

00:22:07.800 --> 00:22:20.850 Sam Liebowitz: You know they soon, you know, after a while they learn that either. Other people made fun of them or their parents told them not to talk about or whatever. And then they turned it off. But it wasn't until something happened later in life that they open back up to it.

00:22:22.020 --> 00:22:35.430 Sam Liebowitz: And actually I see Patty on the Facebook Live says crazy as it sounds. Ever since I was a child. I've had a connection with Rachmaninoff I went to sit and visit his grave site. So it's interesting how sometimes we just feel a connection.

00:22:35.430 --> 00:22:41.820 Sam Liebowitz: Even to someone you know From another time. That doesn't necessarily make sense.

00:22:43.410 --> 00:22:51.120 Sam Liebowitz: When you you know kind of got into your artwork and started to embrace it. Again, as you were an adult.

00:22:51.840 --> 00:23:09.840 Sam Liebowitz: Was there a moment. Was there an incident was there something that that happened when when you kind of open back up that just made you kind of very present to, like, oh, like this is something powerful and something to honor and not something to be scared of

00:23:10.560 --> 00:23:18.960 Nadine Gordon: That's a good question. It was gradual and to to respond to the person who just said that my person. I always connected to his Michelangelo.

00:23:19.380 --> 00:23:28.950 Nadine Gordon: And I did it where I literally saw him as my grandfather, I would go in and talk with him sit on his lap. He would share information with me. He made me feel calmer.

00:23:29.670 --> 00:23:34.440 Nadine Gordon: And that's something else that we can go into because I do believe the energy of all these great people.

00:23:34.890 --> 00:23:50.760 Nadine Gordon: Are still around us. But to answer the question. It took me a long time to get that the fearful part out because I had, I mean it didn't stop it kept going on as to my 20s AND MY 30s, but my

00:23:51.240 --> 00:24:09.660 Nadine Gordon: I would say the big epiphany came, probably in my late 40s or 50s. When I decided to go to a hypnotist and i i was i didn't know about past life regression formally. I didn't know about past lives because I had no way to prevent it.

00:24:11.250 --> 00:24:22.530 Nadine Gordon: But I didn't know there were people that did that and a book mysteriously showed up on my table. One day I didn't know that someone had dropped it off. No one told me, but it was many lives. Many masters.

00:24:24.090 --> 00:24:33.000 Nadine Gordon: And so I said let me it would be really good for me to go to someone. So when I did finally make an appointment and I went under.

00:24:34.020 --> 00:24:45.060 Nadine Gordon: I realized I wasn't going into any past lives. I went, oh my god. And I turned to the person I said via telling me to tell you. And I went, This isn't scary. I was actually hearing in my

00:24:45.540 --> 00:24:53.040 Nadine Gordon: Clarity and I just would hear it in my mind's thoughts and I was able to speak it out to her and what it told

00:24:53.580 --> 00:25:00.360 Nadine Gordon: Us that the past lives of fun, but not necessary that this life is read the present right now is the most important thing

00:25:00.720 --> 00:25:11.160 Nadine Gordon: So I realized that it wasn't scary to channel and they actually at that point told me to go back to the type of artwork. I was doing in middle school, which was

00:25:11.550 --> 00:25:24.330 Nadine Gordon: Kind of train the you know the flow of the consciousness. I was not using the outer world. I was using the inner world. And that's where the symbols came from. And so that's the beginning of I lost the fear.

00:25:24.870 --> 00:25:33.990 Nadine Gordon: And I realized I could get this information and I could experience things without being afraid. I think part of me thought I was going to be taken over.

00:25:34.320 --> 00:25:44.640 Nadine Gordon: And because I've had that happen a few times throughout my life and I really thought that I was losing my, I don't know. I was afraid I wouldn't retain who I was and so

00:25:45.270 --> 00:25:55.200 Nadine Gordon: When I finally let it happen and realized I could coexist while I was down and it wasn't a problem, then the gates opened up and then the artwork started to kind of

00:25:55.740 --> 00:26:05.880 Nadine Gordon: The series before it the shadow series was really important because honoring your dark side and not being afraid of it is really, really very important. I had read a book.

00:26:06.450 --> 00:26:14.490 Nadine Gordon: Called owning your own shadow by Robert Johnson and I recommend that highly. It's a little skinny paperback, but in that he

00:26:15.000 --> 00:26:23.730 Nadine Gordon: challenges you to create creatively integrate your shadow into your life somehow without judging it without thinking it's good or bad.

00:26:24.090 --> 00:26:36.300 Nadine Gordon: And I put it in my artwork. And I did that for a decade where my shadow was in this photo realist series and I got a lot of acknowledgement for it. A lot of museums and galleries and

00:26:37.380 --> 00:26:40.560 Nadine Gordon: I you know I became known as the shadow lady, you know,

00:26:41.790 --> 00:26:51.360 Nadine Gordon: And it was I really enjoyed it and I felt comfortable with it. But one day, the energy just after about a decade, I realized

00:26:51.930 --> 00:26:55.350 Nadine Gordon: This kind of energy that flows. When you're creating and that stopped.

00:26:55.950 --> 00:27:13.770 Nadine Gordon: And that's about the time I was went under the hypnosis and they said, go back to the time that you worked because the Shadow Work was from outer imagery, I was working with the environment and the outer imagery. So I started to just doodle. Some images from my family like it's

00:27:14.100 --> 00:27:28.320 Sam Liebowitz: Go inside. So I'm curious when you were doing the shadow artwork for a decade. And that's, that's a really long time to really embrace shadow, which is amazing that you stuck with it. And you stayed with it.

00:27:28.890 --> 00:27:34.560 Sam Liebowitz: Did you see things shift, like in your personal life and your outer world while you were doing that work.

00:27:35.310 --> 00:27:42.600 Nadine Gordon: Absolutely. I mean, I didn't know the dynamics of what was going on. I just know that I was able to

00:27:43.860 --> 00:28:01.980 Nadine Gordon: Navigate and integrate all the things that used to block me, you know, spiritually, mentally, physically ego, whichever way. I started a little, little by little, have so much more faith in myself and I didn't understand at that point. What I do about quantum and about energy

00:28:03.210 --> 00:28:13.860 Nadine Gordon: That I did. I just knew that I was feeling more secure stronger and who I was and less caring about what the outer world said and

00:28:14.340 --> 00:28:15.000 Nadine Gordon: You know what I mean.

00:28:15.150 --> 00:28:32.340 Nadine Gordon: I was coming more secure within myself. And that's because I believe that most of us are walking around with what we perceive as the shadow and that could be trauma, that's, you know, I think I was traumatized. When I was a child that gets buried on your cellular level.

00:28:33.270 --> 00:28:36.750 Sam Liebowitz: So let me ask you, and we just got like a minute before going to break

00:28:38.010 --> 00:28:47.550 Sam Liebowitz: If someone in our audience is listening to this and they feel inspired and, you know, maybe they don't think of themselves in an artist as an artist. Maybe they've never picked up a pencil or a paintbrush.

00:28:47.910 --> 00:29:01.140 Sam Liebowitz: But if somebody wanted to use art as a modality for exploring and integrating those sides of them because I also don't like using the term shadow so much because

00:29:01.470 --> 00:29:05.970 Sam Liebowitz: I mean, I do understand that, where there's light the shadow right whenever there's the sun, we cast a shadow

00:29:06.420 --> 00:29:14.940 Sam Liebowitz: But it's just part of us. And as you said before it actually our shadow tends to really serve us like it's how we survive trauma and things

00:29:15.240 --> 00:29:23.340 Sam Liebowitz: But when we're working on integrating and if somebody wanted to use artwork, who doesn't have a background in art. Do you have maybe some simple suggestions for them.

00:29:23.880 --> 00:29:33.120 Nadine Gordon: Absolutely. There's something called a process journal. It's just I would take any type of empty sketch book or even an old notepad and and you start

00:29:33.720 --> 00:29:42.870 Nadine Gordon: Allowing even with what you do with the quotations. You could put quotations in it. You could just start what I call doodling you could be playing around with colors.

00:29:43.080 --> 00:29:51.900 Nadine Gordon: Words, you could collage things from magazines cutting out faces and you're going to find that you're being guided on a level. You don't understand.

00:29:52.140 --> 00:29:58.980 Nadine Gordon: And you do not have to draw or paint realistically to be artistic or be an artist. I was a teacher. I still kids blossom.

00:29:59.340 --> 00:30:04.110 Nadine Gordon: When we did the process journals kids who never thought they were going to major in on would go

00:30:04.350 --> 00:30:20.730 Nadine Gordon: Into a PR and then into college because you unblock and release these restrictions and the shadow is actually sometimes I look at the shadow as a little child. That's beautiful. And the fact is, the more love you give it you know if you turn around and face your shadow

00:30:21.810 --> 00:30:29.160 Nadine Gordon: Then, and then you hug it and you give it the attention and you don't judge it and and don't say, oh, this is the bad part of me. This is the, this is the that

00:30:29.760 --> 00:30:44.550 Nadine Gordon: And you accept it as, in a way, it's the whole totality totality of who you are, in a sense. It's what I call spherical thinking there's no right or wrong, good or bad, it's just embracing and loving every aspect of yourself equally.

00:30:45.450 --> 00:30:47.970 Sam Liebowitz: I love that spherical thinking I got to use that

00:30:49.650 --> 00:30:58.830 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, now it's time for us to take another break when we come back, and I love that I really love the way you talk about that, um,

00:30:59.580 --> 00:31:07.290 Sam Liebowitz: Let me come back. I'd like to talk a little bit more about the symbols and and and let's talk about your card deck, which I have right here the

00:31:07.740 --> 00:31:12.150 Sam Liebowitz: The, the heart path Oracle cards. They're beautiful cards. I want to get into sort of

00:31:12.480 --> 00:31:24.000 Sam Liebowitz: What you learned about symbols and then how you integrated it into the card deck and how we can use symbols in our daily life to support us in our path and in our life. Okay, great.

00:31:24.660 --> 00:31:32.220 Sam Liebowitz: Awesome. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we'll be right back after this

00:33:55.140 --> 00:34:04.860 Sam Liebowitz: Welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I'm so enjoying our conversation dating. Thank you for taking the time to come on today, and I hope our

00:34:05.760 --> 00:34:15.270 Sam Liebowitz: listeners are enjoying as well. Again, if anybody has questions on the Facebook Live, please just post your comments to the video and we'll get to them.

00:34:17.730 --> 00:34:35.850 Sam Liebowitz: So I want to go. Now once you've kind of went through this process of using your artwork as a way of integrating those shadow sides are those unhealed sides of you and then you sort of got this guidance to focus on symbols.

00:34:38.070 --> 00:34:53.880 Sam Liebowitz: It sounds like you just sort of naturally kind of let it come through you. You know how to draw the symbols. Did you ever do any research to see like what the symbols meant. Where do they come from of a Celtic or they Nordic or they, you know, Egyptian

00:34:54.750 --> 00:35:02.610 Nadine Gordon: It's fascinating that as a younger person, not so much. But as I kept as I went back to it this time. Yes. In fact, I've

00:35:03.300 --> 00:35:13.050 Nadine Gordon: For the last 10 years. That's what I've been doing. Sometimes what when I create the art. I never know the symbols. First, I always let the art come out.

00:35:13.410 --> 00:35:28.470 Nadine Gordon: And then I look at what the messages afterwards and symbols are just another form of communication. If some people can read symbols, the way we read a book. And that's how clear it can be so nothing. I don't believe anything is random.

00:35:29.520 --> 00:35:39.420 Nadine Gordon: Just like we the experience we had with the fly, you and I, I think that there's always a purpose behind symbols. I think symbols and synchronicities are connected

00:35:40.170 --> 00:35:51.990 Sam Liebowitz: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Um, and you know what, maybe next segment. I'll pull a card and from your deck and for the audience. And we'll go through what it says. Um,

00:35:53.250 --> 00:36:02.460 Sam Liebowitz: Do you use the symbols in your own life, like, not just as artwork. But do you use them to support you. When you're going through things in your daily life.

00:36:03.960 --> 00:36:18.990 Nadine Gordon: Absolutely. I mean I this now that I understand them. It's almost like I have a blanket around me of comfortable synchro symbols that come and guide me. I think I ultimately believe that the symbols are from your higher self, so that at

00:36:19.740 --> 00:36:26.610 Nadine Gordon: Some something might come into your life. I mean, the way I started this in the beginning, people kept giving me dragon fly presence and I don't collect

00:36:27.060 --> 00:36:36.240 Nadine Gordon: Like that. And they kept giving me dragonflies and dragonflies and and I went into a shop and they would go. Don't you want them on with the dragon fly. And I'm like, Okay, I've got to figure out

00:36:36.720 --> 00:36:52.470 Nadine Gordon: What about the dragon fly and everyone can have their own private language. I, I believe that even though it's about transformation. It's an insect, it goes through transformation. I also believe that because it changes directions quickly and

00:36:52.950 --> 00:36:58.680 Nadine Gordon: Around that it's learning to see your current situation from another angle or another perspective.

00:36:59.010 --> 00:37:12.150 Nadine Gordon: So if the dragon fly. Now granted, there are seasonal synchronicities I guess the dragon like that around in the winter. There are other things that will come that way. But if the or it'll come through a book is a piece of artwork.

00:37:12.810 --> 00:37:28.440 Nadine Gordon: But when you look at it and you you give it serious attention like once I looked up what the meaning was and what it meant to me. I had to look in my life and go what do I need to look at from another perspective, another angle.

00:37:28.890 --> 00:37:35.370 Nadine Gordon: Actually after that my whole life changed. I mean, one of i mean i also got the bad card. Shortly after that, and that's the shamans Deb.

00:37:35.730 --> 00:37:44.430 Nadine Gordon: And and that's letting everything in your life die so that the new can grow but you know you're a co creator, as you said in the beginning, you can choose the freely.

00:37:44.790 --> 00:38:00.390 Nadine Gordon: To do it or not to do it. I mean, you can choose to see it and and integrated or you can look at it and be fearful and run away from it. And that's where people are stuck with, you know, letting the shadow control them more than letting what I would call the heart control them.

00:38:00.720 --> 00:38:05.100 Sam Liebowitz: Right, right. So, you know, it's interesting you mentioned

00:38:06.540 --> 00:38:08.040 Sam Liebowitz: shamanism and I

00:38:09.960 --> 00:38:20.250 Sam Liebowitz: Over the last six and a half years I've been engaged and I've mentioned this on the show in a certain shamanistic work for my own personal development have recently become a facilitator in that work and

00:38:21.240 --> 00:38:32.340 Sam Liebowitz: In shamanistic traditions and they're not, there's not just one shamanistic traditions that are like all over the world, there are indigenous cultures throughout the world that all have that kind of

00:38:33.780 --> 00:38:48.900 Sam Liebowitz: aspect to it, different sort of animals and different things in nature symbolize different things, which is sounds like you also kind of tap into that same sort of energy around things

00:38:49.230 --> 00:38:56.310 Nadine Gordon: Absolutely. And you do not have to do any kind of drugs or or special things to get there.

00:38:56.520 --> 00:39:02.580 Nadine Gordon: We all can access it, but you have to allow it. And that's a very important word

00:39:02.910 --> 00:39:03.390 Nadine Gordon: You have to

00:39:03.420 --> 00:39:13.800 Nadine Gordon: Allow it and then fight it in because nothing can come into your space without the consent and until you welcome it in, you probably won't see it the lens won't be

00:39:14.070 --> 00:39:21.240 Nadine Gordon: sharp enough for you to be able to make the connection but little by little, as you put your intention to it, then it starts to manifest

00:39:22.170 --> 00:39:38.970 Sam Liebowitz: Do you have some kind of a daily practice that you do, do you meditate or do you just have a certain routine or is it through your artwork. Do you do something to sort of open yourself up or to to embrace these sort of spiritual gifts.

00:39:39.810 --> 00:39:52.260 Nadine Gordon: It's interesting. I never looked at it as a practice, but every day. I do some type of yoga, I start the morning off by stretching because you're in this bio suit and you have to take care of it. So I do some form of that I do.

00:39:52.890 --> 00:40:00.450 Nadine Gordon: Sit. I wouldn't call it formal meditation, but I always get a few minutes and call in whatever positive heartfelt

00:40:00.870 --> 00:40:11.250 Nadine Gordon: Beings and things around me, and I always do art every day. I always do something every day. And I don't know if that's discipline or law because when you love it. I don't know if it's called discipline.

00:40:12.390 --> 00:40:16.950 Nadine Gordon: And I do I. But the most important thing is I've learned to trust.

00:40:17.430 --> 00:40:28.500 Nadine Gordon: It's kind of like when you learn a language and you you're translating it all the time, instead of being fluent. A lot of people go through that with art and other forms of creativity.

00:40:28.800 --> 00:40:43.110 Nadine Gordon: I've let go of that and I've totally trust that whatever comes out of me is going to be apropos or correct or what is supposed to be, whether it's for a commission or for

00:40:43.530 --> 00:40:52.560 Nadine Gordon: Just me creating the artwork. I don't go in the beginning when I first did it. I did it for my family. I wasn't sure what was coming through and then

00:40:52.800 --> 00:41:00.960 Nadine Gordon: And then I got this urge to write about it. So the writing became as important as the actual Visual symbols and together.

00:41:01.620 --> 00:41:12.690 Nadine Gordon: I just think kind of exploded. But I didn't trust myself in the beginning. And I went, how I wonder if this is really a pertinent to the person you know if it's really going to be a valuable, you know, mess it

00:41:13.140 --> 00:41:19.860 Nadine Gordon: Up. They let go of that over time. I just trusted and I have. I don't even know if it's called faith.

00:41:20.160 --> 00:41:28.290 Nadine Gordon: It's beyond faith. It's when it's an integration where you know it is absolutely one with the universe. It is just what's supposed to be.

00:41:28.560 --> 00:41:35.670 Nadine Gordon: So I don't know if I call that a practice but I definitely take care of my body. I mean, I can't eat like everyone else. I, I am

00:41:36.210 --> 00:41:47.280 Nadine Gordon: Very sensitive to food so i don't i keep away from sugars. I don't you know grains for those kind of things. I may be that cleaner and diet does help on some level.

00:41:47.640 --> 00:42:03.030 Sam Liebowitz: It's interesting because I am, you know, I used to just eat everything and then after going to a seminar. Once I stopped in was like vegetarian and try and eat a lot of raw and then slowly kind of back end got into stuff and then

00:42:03.450 --> 00:42:14.370 Sam Liebowitz: Once I started doing the shamanistic work that I do after I don't know, three months, six months. It just kind of came to me in a ceremony of like not to eat meat anymore.

00:42:15.360 --> 00:42:25.350 Sam Liebowitz: I was like okay and so I stopped and because I had done it before. So it wasn't that difficult. So I just stopped and I still I still do fish and seafood, but just no meat, no poultry.

00:42:26.370 --> 00:42:34.410 Sam Liebowitz: And after about a year. I thought on. It's been a long time I smell so good. Oh, let me just have a little bit. Let me just see how it is.

00:42:34.710 --> 00:42:40.050 Sam Liebowitz: And I had some and I had this nightmare. I had this awful dream that night and I was like, I can't do this.

00:42:40.470 --> 00:42:48.330 Sam Liebowitz: So then I stopped again and like about a year later, it's funny. It was about a year later, and this was probably four years ago now, but a year later I

00:42:49.050 --> 00:43:05.160 Sam Liebowitz: I was at a party and someone had brought in and it just smells amazing. And I said, Okay, let me, let me just, just, just one more time. Let me try it. And I did it. And then that night I had even a worst nightmare. And I was like, Okay, that's it. I just can't eat meat anymore.

00:43:05.820 --> 00:43:15.510 Nadine Gordon: And I'd want to stress for the audience who is no one exact right wait to eat and do when you're creating but what you do have to be as mindful.

00:43:15.870 --> 00:43:21.030 Nadine Gordon: And like what you were saying right now. You were mindful of what was happening with your body.

00:43:21.240 --> 00:43:33.030 Nadine Gordon: Mean I haven't. I was brought up in a family that were meat eaters. As soon as I left the family. So it's over it's about 15 years and I haven't had any animal flesh, but I did go back to fish for health reasons.

00:43:33.720 --> 00:43:45.060 Nadine Gordon: A few years back, but it was something that happened naturally, no one made me do it. I didn't feel I had to do it. It's something that just naturally happen and so you don't want to force.

00:43:45.870 --> 00:43:51.750 Nadine Gordon: Anything but if you become mindful of what you eat, mindful of how you treat your body

00:43:52.440 --> 00:44:07.170 Nadine Gordon: That is going to affect your creativity because it's going to flow. It just is. I would call it physics, you know, it's just hard to to when you're not feeling well the first thing that probably shuts down is your creativity. You want to just

00:44:07.170 --> 00:44:20.160 Nadine Gordon: Survive. So it is important not to judge and to be flexible and just follow your intuition and that's the heart and the intuition and you've got it made beautiful

00:44:20.190 --> 00:44:25.590 Sam Liebowitz: Beautiful. Okay, time for us to take our last break. Yeah. Time flies when we have such a good time here.

00:44:26.310 --> 00:44:30.840 Sam Liebowitz: So when we come back, maybe what I'll do over the commercial break. I'm going to pull a card from your deck.

00:44:31.170 --> 00:44:41.940 Sam Liebowitz: And then you'll do a reading for our audience and this is my intention with pulling this card is this is a message for anyone who listens to this show, whether it's live, or in the

00:44:42.240 --> 00:44:52.080 Sam Liebowitz: Podcast afterwards or or on the video, a message for you and and you'll then give us some interpretation of the card. Okay.

00:44:52.470 --> 00:45:05.100 Sam Liebowitz: Great. Alright, everybody. Please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity, we've been speaking this hour with Dr. Being Gordon Taylor and we'll be right back after these messages.

00:47:25.500 --> 00:47:32.790 Sam Liebowitz: Welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. So I pulled a card during the commercial break, which is for all of you and

00:47:33.420 --> 00:47:46.950 Sam Liebowitz: This is the deck that it comes from the heart path Oracle cards. They're really beautiful cards actually very intricate, there's a lot there. And this one. Oh my god, there's so much in this card that I pulled

00:47:48.180 --> 00:47:49.470 Sam Liebowitz: And this is the card.

00:47:51.390 --> 00:47:52.080 Nadine Gordon: Allowing

00:47:52.380 --> 00:47:58.950 Sam Liebowitz: And it says, allowing success and good fortune into your life part of a greater collective

00:47:59.550 --> 00:48:09.090 Sam Liebowitz: And there's so much in this card. I see butterflies and wolves, the moon. A B. Oh geez lady bug.

00:48:09.300 --> 00:48:09.840 Nadine Gordon: Mm hmm.

00:48:10.230 --> 00:48:13.920 Sam Liebowitz: Worms flowers. Oh my god.

00:48:15.300 --> 00:48:24.450 Nadine Gordon: Well, I'm going to read from the the message. The first part is about the description and it takes a while, but I do go into not just butterflies.

00:48:25.140 --> 00:48:37.260 Nadine Gordon: But, and not just for the fiddle head ferns and there are specific type of butterfly and, you know, so I do name each thing and depth, but I want to get right into the message and it says

00:48:37.620 --> 00:48:46.770 Nadine Gordon: This card is about accepting the beauty of change and allowing yourself to enjoy the process, the symbol that supports this is the spiral.

00:48:47.310 --> 00:48:51.870 Nadine Gordon: The message of the spiral is about release growth and evolution.

00:48:52.440 --> 00:49:07.440 Nadine Gordon: Life is about progression and cycles. The process of growing from a child into an adult means that the body changes the child's body does not die. It just gradually matures your DNA program cells to change adapt and change again.

00:49:07.950 --> 00:49:18.120 Nadine Gordon: Even as you read this. Your body is transforming. What is the less commonly understood is that your soul, a spirit goes through this evolutionary maturation process as well.

00:49:18.690 --> 00:49:28.530 Nadine Gordon: You are not who you think you are, since who you are changes all the time. There are six smaller firms that are in the process of spiraling open

00:49:28.860 --> 00:49:37.860 Nadine Gordon: The shape of the written number six is itself a spiral six resonates with materialism finances and other earthly uncertainties.

00:49:38.370 --> 00:49:48.900 Nadine Gordon: This message is about bouncing material needs, such as money with spiritual ones. Remember, money is an attitude, a belief system that you hold onto

00:49:49.170 --> 00:49:59.160 Nadine Gordon: You learned about wealth and abundance and lack of it when you were a child, you need to allow your higher self to be in the driver's seat and have faith.

00:49:59.520 --> 00:50:11.490 Nadine Gordon: That you will always have more than you need the strong presence of to in this card is associated with stability and synchronicity, as well as service to some great, of course.

00:50:11.970 --> 00:50:21.150 Nadine Gordon: To is also about partnerships cooperation and love. It is important to know that you are not alone on your journey someone important will be joining you soon.

00:50:21.660 --> 00:50:30.750 Nadine Gordon: You are part of a greater collective that is working diligently to help you remember your sole purpose. The key is to have patience, while the universe answers your prayers

00:50:31.200 --> 00:50:38.340 Nadine Gordon: It may not be obvious to you right now, but all is unfolding as planned, and you will reach your goals sooner than you think.

00:50:38.760 --> 00:50:44.010 Nadine Gordon: The repetition of the number eight guarantees that a higher force is guiding you to success.

00:50:44.520 --> 00:50:59.010 Nadine Gordon: Wonderful things are happening now. The time is right to allow success and good fortune into your consciousness and. Each card has an affirmation and this is I am changing from who I thought I was to who were actually

00:51:00.060 --> 00:51:11.430 Sam Liebowitz: Beautiful, beautiful what amazing card to pull for audience. So anyone listening you, you're in for something good and and I do see the card and it's really

00:51:11.940 --> 00:51:22.290 Sam Liebowitz: Quite something because it is very symmetrical. So there is just like at least two of everything, if not more, except for one thing that I have to ask you about and that's the the yellow jack the be in the middle.

00:51:22.560 --> 00:51:25.260 Nadine Gordon: Haha, well that's the one about the collective

00:51:25.680 --> 00:51:26.670 Sam Liebowitz: It's telling me that

00:51:26.850 --> 00:51:28.470 Nadine Gordon: The bees work as a collective

00:51:28.800 --> 00:51:29.670 Nadine Gordon: Is a collective

00:51:29.700 --> 00:51:40.770 Nadine Gordon: Mind. And to me, that's that in, in essence, yes. On this dimension. We're in a collective but it's spiritual to that you have a force of spirit guide or you could

00:51:41.160 --> 00:52:01.050 Nadine Gordon: Call it source God but be as part of something greater than itself, even though it be as important, because without each individual be we wouldn't have the hive and we wouldn't get the honey and we wouldn't have it. It still has to become part of something more than just being a be yeah

00:52:01.170 --> 00:52:14.400 Sam Liebowitz: Okay. Beautiful, beautiful, amazing. And you can see even the back of the card is beautiful HAS THE STUFF SO THESE BEAUTIFUL CARD. So I'm curious, just as an artist what gave you the inspiration to do a card deck.

00:52:14.940 --> 00:52:25.590 Nadine Gordon: Uh huh. That's very interesting. I, I was trained as as you read about the Art Students League and I trained as a fine artist. I probably until I'm

00:52:26.970 --> 00:52:37.170 Nadine Gordon: Oh, I don't know until I started this series. I never thought of myself as anything but a fine artist, you know, museums, galleries, that kind of direction and I wasn't even into

00:52:37.650 --> 00:52:51.120 Nadine Gordon: G clay prints like I use now for reproduction. But again, the synchronicity. I have this little shop here, my little gallery. And I would say every time someone walked in, they would go. Did you ever think about making an oracle deck.

00:52:51.570 --> 00:52:52.110 Nadine Gordon: Did you ever

00:52:52.230 --> 00:52:57.210 Nadine Gordon: Think about making a tarot deck and it didn't stop until I said

00:52:58.110 --> 00:53:07.440 Nadine Gordon: Okay, I knew nothing about it and I, although I was very much into divination myself for myself. I did not share that with so much with other people.

00:53:08.100 --> 00:53:17.580 Nadine Gordon: When I finally started to look about how I go about doing this, then the message is stopped, and I was on my path. I did have a very

00:53:18.480 --> 00:53:25.980 Nadine Gordon: tumultuous journey in a way that when you're learning to do something. I mean, I was working full time at the time I had

00:53:26.460 --> 00:53:33.510 Nadine Gordon: Three. And I did have the artwork that I had been doing, but I knew nothing about the printing processes and how one goes about

00:53:33.960 --> 00:53:42.120 Nadine Gordon: You know, marketing it and doing all of that. So I really had to learn to be a business person, and I did it all. I had to hire people

00:53:42.750 --> 00:53:52.920 Nadine Gordon: And the printer that I actually used it was a little less than ethical and it was almost like the universe or something was trying to stop me from doing it, but I was

00:53:53.220 --> 00:53:58.440 Nadine Gordon: I was stubborn and I kept doing it until I got it. And then, and I had tried to get it.

00:53:59.190 --> 00:54:14.400 Nadine Gordon: Published by a professional publisher, but I to no avail. In the beginning, and once it was published. And then, of course, I hadn't Jan as a PR person. The something clicked and then all of a sudden publishers wanted it.

00:54:14.940 --> 00:54:23.430 Sam Liebowitz: We just got a few minutes left. Just real quickly. How long did it take you to put the deck together just the artwork of it in the in the meanings and descriptions and everything.

00:54:23.820 --> 00:54:45.300 Nadine Gordon: Well, the actual process of getting the deck assembled and pub and printed was a year, but I had already been creating the artwork before. So it really was just the the technical part of hat. What format to get who's going to use the end design. How am I going to getting you know spells.

00:54:45.960 --> 00:54:56.520 Nadine Gordon: And and all that. But it took about a year, but it would have taken me longer like right now I'm on my third deck my second deck called animal love is coming out in June and the traditions bearing company.

00:54:56.790 --> 00:55:05.970 Nadine Gordon: And that they also take about a year to get it out. But now that I'm doing the third deck, which is going to be crystal love. It's going to have crystals in each of the images.

00:55:07.080 --> 00:55:14.490 Nadine Gordon: I'm making the artwork as I go along. And that's a little bit slower, but I would say would have had to take me a couple years if I was starting from scratch.

00:55:14.940 --> 00:55:24.780 Sam Liebowitz: Wow. Wow. Okay, wonderful, wonderful. Yeah. So, as you mentioned, the deck is published by Baron company which is inner traditions, where can people find the deck.

00:55:25.320 --> 00:55:33.570 Nadine Gordon: Right. Well, it's certainly on Amazon. You can go to any tradition bearing company and it'll be on the site. But it's in Barnes and Noble, it's on. It's pretty much

00:55:35.040 --> 00:55:44.400 Nadine Gordon: I'm excited to find. I mean, there's a lot of reviews on it on YouTube and yeah if you if you do order and you want to get it from Amazon. It's there.

00:55:44.760 --> 00:55:48.330 Nadine Gordon: You can on my website. I mean, I, you know, you can get it. Wonderful.

00:55:48.360 --> 00:55:54.540 Sam Liebowitz: Which was my next question, which is, if people want to learn more about you or get in touch with you have a question for you. How would they find you.

00:55:54.690 --> 00:55:59.550 Nadine Gordon: That was it would be WWW dot the third eye

00:56:00.270 --> 00:56:04.260 Sam Liebowitz: That's paradise paradise. Is it the third eye studio or third eye studio

00:56:04.560 --> 00:56:05.760 Nadine Gordon: That third eye studio

00:56:05.880 --> 00:56:11.850 Sam Liebowitz: The third eye studio com wonderful and they there's a contact form there and there's

00:56:13.380 --> 00:56:23.340 Nadine Gordon: There's everything I've got animations on there. My, my art all the images and run it with little, little descriptions, not the full one because the full descriptions could be five to seven pages long, or more

00:56:24.210 --> 00:56:28.440 Nadine Gordon: And they have it has a section on the cards and

00:56:28.980 --> 00:56:39.660 Nadine Gordon: And also I have a little blog, I don't do it all the time. But I do have a blog there. And so, yeah, if you go to that you can, and it has all my information. I'm also on Facebook Navy and Gordon.

00:56:40.140 --> 00:56:45.510 Nadine Gordon: Dash Taylor and I also have the third eye arts on. So there's different ways they can find me and Instagram.

00:56:45.960 --> 00:56:51.960 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wonderful, wonderful and and just out of curiosity is your Gallery. Open in Peekskill, or is it closed for the what's going on.

00:56:52.200 --> 00:56:55.140 Nadine Gordon: It is open because I use it as my studio as well.

00:56:55.200 --> 00:57:02.730 Nadine Gordon: So I come here every day and work the hours have changed since coven I, you know, and there are much less people

00:57:02.970 --> 00:57:16.440 Nadine Gordon: coming in over it. But if someone does want to take the trip to Peekskill, the number of my phone numbers on my website, they can text me or email me and just to make sure if you're coming from a distance that I'm here, but I'm here every day at some point.

00:57:16.830 --> 00:57:22.950 Sam Liebowitz: OK. OK. So I'm just like, if I ever make it up to Peekskill, again, I would definitely want to stop by.

00:57:23.100 --> 00:57:24.420 Nadine Gordon: Yes, I would love to see you.

00:57:24.600 --> 00:57:31.560 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, that would be great. Okay, well they Dean. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to come on the show today. It's been wonderful.

00:57:31.830 --> 00:57:42.450 Sam Liebowitz: To get to know you, even better, and I wish you much success with your decks with your artwork with everything we absolutely this world needs more people like you to inspire us

00:57:42.510 --> 00:57:43.110 Nadine Gordon: Well, thank

00:57:46.080 --> 00:57:46.770 Nadine Gordon: YOU FOR HAVING ME.

00:57:47.040 --> 00:57:57.450 Sam Liebowitz: You're welcome. You're welcome. And thank you all my loyal listeners for tuning in, week after week. Don't forget if you missed any part of the live show and you want to hear the recordings

00:57:58.170 --> 00:58:05.010 Sam Liebowitz: It's available on the talk radio dot NYC. And you can find us on Apple podcast Spotify Stitcher SoundCloud

00:58:07.890 --> 00:58:21.390 Sam Liebowitz: Amazon just anywhere you find podcasts, I should be there and if I'm not on your favorite podcasting platform, let me know. Just email me, Sam and talk radio dot NYC and I'll get on there, but we should pretty much be everywhere.

00:58:21.930 --> 00:58:29.850 Sam Liebowitz: So please stay tuned. Coming up next, it's can foster and his show voices of courage followed later today at 7pm tonight.

00:58:30.270 --> 00:58:39.660 Sam Liebowitz: With Graham Dobbin in his show the mind behind leadership and then our whole Friday blocker shows starting tomorrow at 10am Eastern time, all the way through to 2PM Eastern time tomorrow.

00:58:40.080 --> 00:58:53.760 Sam Liebowitz: Tune in for all of that. And of course, we'll have more fascinating INTERESTING GUESTS in store for you. I'm booked up with guests through September right now. So we got plenty in store for everyone. Thanks for tuning in, we'll talk to you next week.

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