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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/21 - Owning Your Leadership

Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/21 - Owning Your Leadership


2021/01/21 - Owning Your Leadership

[NEW EPISODE] Owning Your Leadership

For over 25 years, Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville has supported people in discovering and believing in their dreams especially their dream for living the life and career of their choosing. 

As an amazingly intuitive thought leader with an exceptional way of looking at life, through her keynotes, books, consulting, coaching, and TV and radio appearances, she calls her audiences and clients to understand and develop their personal leadership in ways they never could have imagined.

We'll explore how we can Own our leadership style, approach and how we can keep drive & motivation moving forward.

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Show Notes:

Segment 1

We cannot talk about leadership without talking about our responsibility to others. Your actions and words are absolutely crucial and tonight’s guest, Dr. Dorothy Martin Neville, can explain how you can best utilize your influence. In her youth Dr. Dorothy a desire to be a social worker so that she could provide assistance to others and help them explore their options. Dorothy was unable to attend college or nursing school and instead chose to become a Catholic Nun because Nuns practice social work. Later she attended college in Canada and began residential treatment. Years later she left and became an international airplane stewardess. Flying around the world showed her that many people are in need of someone to talk to. After receiving her masters in psychology Dr. Dorothy opened up her own practice and saw 42 patients a week for over 20 years. During her time practicing she began to feel bored and sought some sort of mental stimulation. Dr. Dorothy noticed that patients with certain personalities developed certain diseases and did not believe it to be a coincidence. She studied modalities of integrated health care to develop a better understanding. Unfortunately she lost her malpractice insurance temporarily until popularity of body centered psychotherapy became more respected. Eventually she began to teach a four year program in energy medicine. Dorothy believes that if you live your purpose you can understand how to live life more fully. As you follow your dreams you develop a better sense of who you are even if you outgrow the dream. Growing up in an Irish Catholic family, Dorothy saw how spiritual beliefs open up many possibilities if you are open to being inquisitive.

Segment 2

Having 42 patients a week may sound stressful but Dr. Dorothy enjoyed helping these people recognize the grace about themselves. Practicing therapy was rewarding but Dr. Dorothy began to feel stagnant. With her knowledge of Iridology reflexology acupuncture, she opened up a school, The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences. In order to continue her practice she hired employees in order to help her maintain the school. Eventually when her youngest left for college she realized that the “mommy” stage of her life was over and she had to figure out what her next step in life was. With two companies she was not happy. She made the bold decision to buy a one way ticket to Anguilla. Dr. Dorothy says that Change is life giving, stagnation is death. Moving to a new country allowed her to see that she could do anything, adjust to anything. It’s a change that made her lose fear. Adventure causes you to discover skills you didn't realize you had. In her experience, when moving to a different country you must know who you are. If you show up and do not know who you are, you disappear. In Graham's experience he understood that while some adjustments needed to be made when he arrived in NYC, in the end he could only succeed as himself. Behaviour may shift a bit, but the behaviour is not you. You need to know what your authentic self looks like because that is what you truly bring to the table.

Segment 3

Many have grown up with one style of leadership, a dictatorship style that has a greater focus on management and control. Dr. Dorothy believes that everyone has the potential to be a leader. When leaders believe that there is only one style of leadership that works and attempt to duplicate something that worked best for someone else, they are trying to become something they are not. Doing something so unnatural can cause tremendous stress. They are continuously destroying who they are and stripping away their own authenticity. They will not be satisfied with the job because it’s not authentic. In the past people were taught to find a job and stay there until they reached retirement age. The youth of today, in their 20’s and up, value finding a place that supports their growth and will leave if those needs are not met. Many will also align themselves with companies that share their values. A person who cares about organic food will not work at a company that sells pesticides. When you are living your purpose you are more passionate about it. That passion inspires creativity and you have more to bring to the table. That is your leadership. You will move up in positions because you bring the best of who you are to the job. Knowing your strengths will not spare you from stress. Graham found a quote of hers, “Now that you see where you want to go, are you willing to take the risk?” That is a difficult question to answer. Many like the idea but are not prepared for what their dreams demand. Are you willing to pay the price to get there? The price is changing yourself. According to Dr. Dorothy as you change professionally, you begin to see changes in your personal life as well. This has caused people to lose friends but this change can also strengthen your friendships and marriage.

Segment 4

Dr. Dorothy describes the five archetypes of leadership. There is the Thought Leader. They are creative and think outside of the box and give companies the opportunity to grow and become more. They are so good at what they do that they can find themselves in charge of a team even though that is not where they thrive. Then there is the Team Leader who knows how to bring the best out of everyone on the team. When they are not able to make it work often feel needy and as if everyone is against them. The most frequently judged is the Supportive Leaders, the person who wants to be the Senior VP behind the CEO. They do not lack motivation, CEO just doesn’t appeal to them. They love to have the CEO’s back, call them on it when they are off track, and maybe bring humor to a situation when needed. Next is the visionary leader. They see the great ideas and have the ability of presenting the company in the best light. With their charisma they can help a company gain customers. Finally there is the Organizational Leader, the person who loves to sit in the back room. They love it when new products are introduced because they love procedures and protocols. People have one or two of these strengths. Once you recognize your style of leadership, there is a certainty that comes with it. You know who you are, you know your strengths and limitations. Your leadership will become more natural and people will respect the strength that you project.


00:00:35.700 --> 00:00:43.680 Graham Dobbin: Welcome. Good evening. It's Thursday evening. It's New York and you're on the mind behind leadership live here on talk radio dot NYC.

00:00:44.100 --> 00:00:49.260 Graham Dobbin: My name is Graham Dobbin and every week we were killed leadership in lots of different ways and

00:00:49.710 --> 00:01:00.180 Graham Dobbin: Kind of one of the themes that's been running through my head over the, over the last little while, is that we've had so much change with a slight change in the last year. The last month and knowing the last week.

00:01:00.660 --> 00:01:12.330 Graham Dobbin: And we can't talk about leadership, without talking about our responsibilities as leaders and influencers if we're lucky enough to have or to be able to develop that talent that can create

00:01:12.630 --> 00:01:17.580 Graham Dobbin: A life changing experiences for others. We need to make sure that there are positive experiences.

00:01:18.090 --> 00:01:28.830 Graham Dobbin: And clearly the last two weeks has not always been the case we can get away from it, we see we just have encouraged followers to make decisions that will negatively impact of the families and their lives forever.

00:01:29.610 --> 00:01:43.530 Graham Dobbin: We've also had some leaders talking about healing and unity and that will always come from actions as well as what's what's just enough so we need to be careful with their responsibilities as leaders.

00:01:44.070 --> 00:01:50.730 Graham Dobbin: Of what we do, how we influence and when we get your own can be careful because soda is not always enough

00:01:51.750 --> 00:02:07.080 Graham Dobbin: So our action words are absolutely crucial and it just feels like tonight's guest is absolutely perfectly placed to help us kind of understand that and see where that comes from. So today's guest. I am absolutely delighted to see

00:02:08.130 --> 00:02:22.170 Graham Dobbin: Dorothy Martin level, PhD, who is an international speaker best selling author and executive leadership coach and consultant. I'm. She's also been a past president of the National speakers association in Connecticut.

00:02:22.740 --> 00:02:34.080 Graham Dobbin: And the founder of four companies, including the Institute of healing arts and sciences, where she trained thousands of physicians, nurses and other medical practitioners

00:02:34.320 --> 00:02:39.270 Graham Dobbin: As well as non medically trained individuals in the field of energy medicine.

00:02:39.540 --> 00:02:54.030 Graham Dobbin: And addiction. Dr. Dorothy founded a nonprofit institute a nonprofit, the Institute for Energy Medicine Research where our work was funded in researching the psychological and spiritual causes of various diseases.

00:02:54.360 --> 00:03:05.400 Graham Dobbin: And it's normally done that filter their own company, and which Wallace and psychotherapy company where a psychological company where she's 63 staff on the payroll.

00:03:05.970 --> 00:03:09.750 Graham Dobbin: So she brings up first hand knowledge of leading people, not just teaching them.

00:03:10.410 --> 00:03:23.070 Graham Dobbin: Finally, just Dorothy knows that success and health balance in life is imperative authentic purpose filled leadership provide all of that. And as a result, her goal is in supporting our clients and achieving

00:03:23.490 --> 00:03:32.250 Graham Dobbin: All of this and so much more. And I'm going to need to take a breath here. Dr. Dorothy fantastic to see you. Thanks for joining us this evening.

00:03:32.820 --> 00:03:33.960 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Oh, you're so welcome.

00:03:37.980 --> 00:03:52.230 Graham Dobbin: You know, one of the things that I know we spoke. We spoke briefly a few weeks ago and just kind of reading your bio and and and seen a little bit more about what you do wonder things I speak to lots of coaches and consultants and speakers.

00:03:52.800 --> 00:03:58.380 Graham Dobbin: With the best ones. The best ones. Always have a colorful background.

00:03:59.520 --> 00:04:07.530 Graham Dobbin: And I kind of know what he says I can see arrays already so please just give us a bit of an idea. How did this all start out for you.

00:04:08.370 --> 00:04:20.130 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Oh god, how it all started. It started, but I have a wee bit of a Boston accent. So, um, how it all started was truly I grew up in a home where I needed to

00:04:21.360 --> 00:04:30.720 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Be there to really understand people understand what's happening in order to survive and come out. Okay. And so with that, I was. I grew up.

00:04:31.290 --> 00:04:42.000 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Older I wanted to be a social worker, so I could work with people and help those who were in great difficulty to overcome it, you know, growing up in the housing projects in Boston, you

00:04:42.630 --> 00:04:48.060 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You see a lot of families with difficulties with addictions and violence and

00:04:48.600 --> 00:04:57.720 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Problems. So I wanted to really have an impact on others, letting them know they have an option. They don't have to live a lifestyle that that is so unhealthy.

00:04:58.170 --> 00:05:05.970 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And so I decided, become a social worker and couldn't get into college. My dad didn't leave in educating girls and couldn't get into nursing school

00:05:06.450 --> 00:05:14.700 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Because I went to an antiquated Inner City High School. So the miss most logical way for me was, at that point in time and made sense.

00:05:15.090 --> 00:05:28.290 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Was to become a Catholic nun because Catholic nuns did social work and so I found a way in wasn't an easy process but I found a way I ended up at Kennedy Canadian community and Quebec and

00:05:28.950 --> 00:05:41.040 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: My ended up being sent to college and getting an undergraduate degree and worked in residential treatment and eventually years later I left became an international airline stewardess actually lived in New York City.

00:05:41.820 --> 00:05:43.680 Graham Dobbin: I've heard that's the natural progression for

00:05:48.600 --> 00:05:48.900 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Like

00:05:49.020 --> 00:05:49.830 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: An adventure.

00:05:52.770 --> 00:06:01.290 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And so I'm being it being a stewardess and flying all over the world and seeing so many different countries. I saw my god that really is such a need

00:06:03.060 --> 00:06:14.850 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: So many people have a need to have somebody to talk to. And somebody to be there to see them to really see them. And so I eventually went in, got my masters and this is going very quickly through this

00:06:15.240 --> 00:06:15.870 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: It went and

00:06:17.010 --> 00:06:24.300 Graham Dobbin: We want to. We want to hear the stories you don't need to go through this quickly because this is intriguing. Already we've got the we've got the

00:06:24.720 --> 00:06:29.730 Graham Dobbin: The projects in Boston, becoming a Catholic nun because we couldn't become a social worker.

00:06:30.120 --> 00:06:41.850 Graham Dobbin: And I, I did briefly flirt with the with the idea of being a social worker when I was at school. I didn't go down the route and become again a lecture there. So please give us as much detail we want

00:06:42.600 --> 00:06:53.340 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: It was New York City's new adventure, as you know, it was quite an adventure for airline stewardess especially when just out of the convent. It was quite a cultural adjustment. I daresay and

00:06:54.060 --> 00:07:01.800 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Eventually I got married and moved to Connecticut and was married 15 years divorced when I had two little ones in got my masters.

00:07:02.280 --> 00:07:07.410 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And ended up opening up a therapy practice and was seeing 42 patients a week for

00:07:07.920 --> 00:07:19.080 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Almost 20 years and till my youngest went to Cornell University. And in the meantime, what I decided to do was I was bored. I mean, I was seeing 42 patients a week and raising kids but

00:07:19.410 --> 00:07:22.650 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Without stimulation. I think that's all of us without stimulation

00:07:23.580 --> 00:07:30.450 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: There has to be something else, what else can you do, what can you do to continue growing to have excitement you have adventure in your life.

00:07:31.050 --> 00:07:38.280 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And I started noticing that certain personalities of my patients were developing particular diseases.

00:07:38.760 --> 00:07:44.940 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And when I mentioned that to a friend of mine who was a physician. Have you noticed a certain personalities develop certain diseases.

00:07:45.570 --> 00:07:57.390 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Several of them told me it was coincidental. I don't believe in coincidence. So I went and became certified in nine modalities of integrative healthcare to five being Eastern medicine acupressure and so forth.

00:07:57.900 --> 00:08:16.230 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: To really understand what what I saw, I knew I saw what I saw, and eventually created my own method of energy medicine and loved it opened up, you know, open up my practice more brought a massage table then lost my malpractice insurance for about six years because

00:08:17.490 --> 00:08:19.590 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Therapists aren't really allowed to touch their patients.

00:08:20.010 --> 00:08:20.730 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And I was doing

00:08:21.270 --> 00:08:32.400 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Work, until finally they came around and said, Hmm, they may be something to this the fact that I was teaching in graduate school at the time in one of the courses was body centered psychotherapy that

00:08:33.030 --> 00:08:42.810 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Finally, I think the world caught up with what I had seen and they will come to me back to pay insurance in malpractice insurance every year and like went on and

00:08:43.350 --> 00:08:53.010 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Many of the people on my waiting list. I was blessed to have a waiting list know each other and and finally said to me, Why don't you start teaching what, you know, while we wait to work with you individually.

00:08:53.700 --> 00:08:58.080 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And that all ended up becoming a four year program and energy medicine and

00:08:58.500 --> 00:09:04.740 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Students were flying in from different parts of the country. So in different parts of the country. My third and fourth year students

00:09:05.100 --> 00:09:23.160 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Required to do medical internships and they could do it in whatever state they lived in. So we ended up opening of llamas 50 Integrative health departments are expanding ones that existed in hospitals or medical facilities around the country and it just, it was a delight. It was a delight.

00:09:24.030 --> 00:09:31.950 Graham Dobbin: Is really into one of the things just hearing you talk about this. And one of the themes that seems to be running through this is kind of like

00:09:33.450 --> 00:09:37.560 Graham Dobbin: Excuse me, excuse my what I'm saying good curiosity, but it seems more than that.

00:09:38.280 --> 00:09:46.980 Graham Dobbin: So having that natural ability to turn around and see what can't do social work. But here's something that I can do this similar which most people wouldn't think of I'm

00:09:47.460 --> 00:09:58.650 Graham Dobbin: Seeing seeing these patterns have been told by experts that, you know, that's just, that's just how it's it's coincidence. And you said, Well, no, it's not. Let me investigate it more. Where do you think that comes from

00:10:00.030 --> 00:10:03.360 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I, I believe all of us come here with a spiritual purpose.

00:10:04.920 --> 00:10:13.530 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You that every one of us has come here has come here to make the world a better place. And we've all come here to make it a better place in our own unique way.

00:10:14.520 --> 00:10:23.220 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I never thought of entering the world of medicine until I couldn't get into college. So I thought I would try nursing school should I realized I couldn't go to nursing school either

00:10:23.580 --> 00:10:32.610 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And I thought, medicine was out of my life. But I think when you when you stop long enough to catch up with yourself.

00:10:33.510 --> 00:10:41.280 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You begin to recognize the things that feed you, you recognize the things that really stimulate your curiosity.

00:10:41.970 --> 00:10:47.670 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And I think when you live your purpose when you live why you're here in mine was to make

00:10:48.300 --> 00:10:59.550 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: help provide options for others to know that there is so many ways that they can live their life fully. We don't have to pretend we are powerless. We don't have to pretend we are victims, we can truly

00:11:00.630 --> 00:11:10.650 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Become unlimited in our ability to evolve and become everything we're meant to be. And I don't think there's any end to that, you know, my very first book is called dreams are only the beginning.

00:11:11.190 --> 00:11:21.270 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Of becoming who you're meant to be. So I think as we continue to follow our dreams we develop more skills we develop more abilities. We develop an understanding of who we are.

00:11:21.750 --> 00:11:31.830 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: That we didn't have before we started this dream and even if you end up outgrowing that dream. The man, a woman who is outgrowing that dream is far different from the man who had the dream.

00:11:32.760 --> 00:11:46.590 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And so there's so much more to us. So we've got we've got a VISTA and ability to see so many more options and as you explore those that just keeps going and your life just keeps expanding and growing. And it's quite an adventure.

00:11:49.620 --> 00:11:56.310 Graham Dobbin: Essentially, I'm going to just hearing, hearing that, did you come to medicine or medicine come to you when you're ready.

00:11:57.960 --> 00:12:07.890 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Oh, I think both, I think entering the world of therapy. You know you patients are using insurance to pay to see you. And so you're involved in the medical world.

00:12:08.310 --> 00:12:15.150 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: In many ways, insurance payments insurance reimbursements and all kinds of ways in which you're checking out and supporting your

00:12:15.510 --> 00:12:26.160 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Your patients and then you can begin with. If it interests you, you began to see those who have medical issues and my those medical issues developed and how you can support them.

00:12:26.850 --> 00:12:34.410 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: In dealing with those medical issues and we know that you know from the development of the field of psycho neuro oncology. Then he

00:12:34.860 --> 00:12:46.920 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Logged in things keep evolving in looking at how our minds and our spiritual beliefs impact our physical health. And to me, that's intriguing, you know, growing up in

00:12:48.030 --> 00:12:57.840 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: A family that was a strange Irish Catholic family. I could see some of the insanity of all of that, but I also see the

00:12:58.590 --> 00:13:17.940 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: See how spiritual beliefs. And I'm not talking, religious, spiritual beliefs in the sense of who am I, where do I fit in the world and how do I want to walk through the world, all of those those beliefs and questions, open up, you know, a whole new world to us if we're willing to be inquisitive.

00:13:20.070 --> 00:13:25.980 Graham Dobbin: Is one of the things that you mentioned, right, a very beginning that you grew up in a place that needs to be there.

00:13:27.270 --> 00:13:30.390 Graham Dobbin: With you, what in what do you mean by that.

00:13:31.170 --> 00:13:37.290 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: We need to be conscious and present I think so many of us, especially in the Western world, and certainly here in America.

00:13:37.710 --> 00:13:51.750 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: We go so fast. We are programmed to have success. Whatever that means to have success to be productive to keep moving and moving and moving and people end up going so fast they lose touch with who they are.

00:13:52.890 --> 00:13:57.060 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: They're so busy doing, they, they don't remember how to just be

00:13:58.290 --> 00:13:59.010 Graham Dobbin: And that

00:13:59.280 --> 00:14:01.830 Graham Dobbin: And this was something you'll end up very early age, then

00:14:01.920 --> 00:14:12.540 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: A very early age, a very early age. Yeah. And so in that that wisdom, if you will, just deepened knowledge doesn't always become wisdom, but when you allow it to

00:14:13.950 --> 00:14:14.520 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: This

00:14:15.030 --> 00:14:15.720 Graham Dobbin: Weekend that one.

00:14:15.870 --> 00:14:23.130 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Yeah, there's a whole other way of looking at the world, it's, it's quite an adventure. It's a fun trip. If you allow it to be.

00:14:24.750 --> 00:14:32.430 Graham Dobbin: All right, we're just about to go to a break. BUT YOU'VE KNOW used that word adventure three times. So we're going to explore that a little bit more. Just going to why rainbows.

00:14:33.150 --> 00:14:41.280 Graham Dobbin: And also when we come back after the break down really cute so cute adventures just your approach to leadership, because I know you've got I think unique

00:14:41.670 --> 00:14:57.030 Graham Dobbin: Approach on on how you, how you were leaders and and your clients and and your philosophy behind it and you're listening to the mind behind leadership, we're speaking with Dr. Dorothy Martin level and we'll be right back after these

00:14:58.560 --> 00:14:59.880 Listening to talk radio

00:17:28.050 --> 00:17:40.230 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind blank leadership, we're speaking with Dr. Dorothy Martin never talked to Dorothy. You mentioned your therapy when you had 42 patients a week.

00:17:41.400 --> 00:17:50.160 Graham Dobbin: Mm hmm. Um, I had a therapy room for a little while. I find it extremely draining who is having 42 patients a week do

00:17:51.480 --> 00:17:52.380 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I loved it.

00:17:53.940 --> 00:18:04.080 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And just think you get 42 people in a week that you're working with and able to help them begin to put their lives in perspective.

00:18:04.860 --> 00:18:18.060 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And so Hour after hour, you know, you have this ability to really support people coming alive to bore people stop surviving and start living to help them begin to recognize

00:18:18.540 --> 00:18:36.150 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: The grace about themselves rather than all of the negative messages that go running around in their brain that they can beat themselves up with you change how they see themselves and how they do their lives and what what a gift. What an adventure. To do that, you know, you

00:18:36.270 --> 00:18:37.650 Graham Dobbin: You've done it again. You brought

00:18:37.680 --> 00:18:38.040 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Up more of

00:18:38.310 --> 00:18:38.490 That

00:18:40.200 --> 00:18:41.130 Graham Dobbin: So what was missing.

00:18:42.600 --> 00:18:43.410 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: What was missing.

00:18:43.470 --> 00:18:47.820 Graham Dobbin: Yeah. What was missing for you. For us, it's always say, okay, there's another adventure right here.

00:18:48.600 --> 00:18:52.200 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Well, when you're not challenged to grow.

00:18:53.280 --> 00:18:54.150 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You can stagnate.

00:18:55.320 --> 00:19:03.780 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And I'm blessed I it's just what I do is so easy to become a therapist. It's so easy to work with people and support them. I love

00:19:04.290 --> 00:19:13.050 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I love people. I have my superpower, if you will, is my ability to do see them in in five or 10 minutes recognize where their strengths are.

00:19:13.620 --> 00:19:22.530 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: To really see their soul to recognize where their strengths are to recognize the ways in which they get in their own way and to help them see that

00:19:23.160 --> 00:19:35.880 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: frees them and that just makes me so excited, but after doing that. And it's so natural, it's also nothing is challenging. Nothing left is challenging. So

00:19:36.330 --> 00:19:46.560 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: How can I challenged myself, How can I call me it's it's hypocritical for me to continuously call others to could keep growing and expanding when I stagnate.

00:19:47.130 --> 00:19:55.260 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: So it's I best do the same thing and the field of health care just intrigued me once, I noticed that

00:19:56.130 --> 00:20:06.690 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Certain personalities seem to have particular diseases and this personality seem to be prone to that type of disease. So I wanted to explore it. And once I started in

00:20:07.050 --> 00:20:15.810 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Course in did became certified in acupressure and reflexology and every dollar I realized this a whole other world out there.

00:20:16.380 --> 00:20:28.110 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I want to get to know that world. I never knew such a world existed. So it just, I went on and explored and studied more and more different approaches to health care and they were intriguing to me.

00:20:28.590 --> 00:20:35.550 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And then I created my own method, and then others wanted to learn it. So I opened up a school and taught it it

00:20:35.850 --> 00:20:36.990 Graham Dobbin: Seemed obviously

00:20:37.050 --> 00:20:38.850 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: It seemed made perfect sense to me.

00:20:40.560 --> 00:20:45.870 Graham Dobbin: About pool that you knew you are having such a positive impact and with the therapy.

00:20:46.140 --> 00:20:46.560 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Night.

00:20:46.680 --> 00:20:55.260 Graham Dobbin: These patients on, you know, on a weekly basis with a river that pool that I'm leaving this and I'm you know I'm no longer able to help in this side.

00:20:55.740 --> 00:21:04.530 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Well at that point I was doing both. I opened up the school and I was still seeing flooded to patients a week. And so I ended up hiring a number of employees and

00:21:05.100 --> 00:21:23.310 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Number of 1099 and that number full time employees. So I could still see patients and do the school as well. And eventually I left the country I moved overseas for 10 years on doing Wheeler in the British West Indies, you know, when my youngest went to college. I drove home and

00:21:24.600 --> 00:21:27.750 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I think those are truly live their lives, which is a distraction for a moment.

00:21:28.200 --> 00:21:35.730 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: When you truly live your life, you have the best skills to support others and living there's you know when it's simply something you read about in a book.

00:21:36.150 --> 00:21:49.110 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And you're telling somebody is a really good idea because you read about it that's very different than you've done it. And so when when my youngest went away to college and I drove from Cornell upstate New York. Back to Hartford, Connecticut, where I was living at the time of West Hartford.

00:21:52.050 --> 00:22:00.060 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I saw the hallway, because I realized from my daughter, who had just graduated from college at once they go to college, they visit you than ever live with you again.

00:22:00.780 --> 00:22:07.140 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And I realized that mommy that mommy stage was over, and I loved being a mommy and that was gone.

00:22:07.530 --> 00:22:20.970 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And so I pulled into my house and like a good Irish girl I poured a large glass of red wine, and sat down and tried to figure out where am I going with the rest of my life, I've got these companies. These two companies at the time and

00:22:22.170 --> 00:22:31.260 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I'm not happy. I'm theoretically successful according to the world standards. I was quite blessed and but I wasn't happy.

00:22:32.310 --> 00:22:35.310 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And I thought, I don't want to do the rest of my life this way anymore.

00:22:35.850 --> 00:22:49.230 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: So I just decided before I was done with that glass of wine. I called American Airlines and said get me a one way ticket to Anguilla, and called an agent, put my house on the market and call my office and said, I'm leaving the country in three weeks I'm moving to the Caribbean.

00:22:50.700 --> 00:22:51.180 Graham Dobbin: Glass.

00:22:58.260 --> 00:23:00.240 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Yeah, he would make it was a bottle it too, but

00:23:00.240 --> 00:23:00.480 No.

00:23:06.150 --> 00:23:12.690 Graham Dobbin: Change. Change is something that you embrace. It's not something that you you you move away from it any way shape or form.

00:23:12.990 --> 00:23:35.400 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Oh no, I think changes life giving change is truly life giving stagnation leads to death. Change is exciting. It's, it's, it opens up new opportunities and you know you land in in another country and you don't really know anybody maybe one or two people somewhere.

00:23:36.480 --> 00:23:55.320 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You have to learn and how, how am I going to do this and it's amazing when you go and do some experiences such as that you begin to see that. Well, I could live anywhere. I could adjust to anything. THIS IS, IT'S SO YOU LOSE fear, you know, you realize, wow.

00:23:56.400 --> 00:23:57.870 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: It's just adaptation

00:23:58.110 --> 00:24:03.600 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, essentially, I always said that the biggest move I ever made was from the east to the west coast of Scotland.

00:24:03.600 --> 00:24:04.080 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Because that's

00:24:04.290 --> 00:24:16.440 Graham Dobbin: Moving moving generations and becoming absolutely what you just said that I, you know, came to New York, just over three years ago. And so I knew kind of what I was doing a new three or four people.

00:24:17.280 --> 00:24:19.980 Graham Dobbin: And that and that then that need

00:24:21.090 --> 00:24:28.980 Graham Dobbin: To go out and do something that focus and just being able to to feel your energy in a different way.

00:24:29.460 --> 00:24:36.360 Graham Dobbin: RIGHT IS IS INCREDIBLE. And note now become Americanized I'm sure you can hear it. My accent Oh

00:24:36.420 --> 00:24:36.780 Yeah.

00:24:38.640 --> 00:24:39.600 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I can tell you

00:24:41.640 --> 00:24:52.110 Graham Dobbin: Is we just we kind of become what's around us, as well as you say the next move because I'm sure there will be for me. And I guess, is they'll be they'll be something for you as well.

00:24:52.410 --> 00:24:54.150 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You, it's going to be

00:24:54.330 --> 00:24:55.380 Graham Dobbin: Fairly straightforward.

00:24:56.010 --> 00:25:05.160 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Yeah, it will. Once you know you can you can keep it's like reinventing yourself. Once you know that you can reinvent yourself. There's no limit to how you do it.

00:25:05.490 --> 00:25:15.450 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And as you notice, because clearly you like adventure as well. I mean, you've you've moved around and it calls out of us skills you didn't know you had it causes you to

00:25:15.930 --> 00:25:23.640 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Look at your belief systems. Do they really fit who you're becoming do they really fit where you are simultaneously.

00:25:24.360 --> 00:25:30.570 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: My experience is that when you move to another country or when you make a major change you best know who you are.

00:25:31.560 --> 00:25:48.300 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Because if you don't, you get lost, you know, what are your value systems. What are you, what are your beliefs, who, how do you want to approach the world, all of that best be in place, because if you show up and you don't know who you are, you disappear even more.

00:25:49.530 --> 00:25:55.440 Graham Dobbin: Really, really interesting point is that, remember the for the first year he was so tough.

00:25:56.610 --> 00:26:08.100 Graham Dobbin: You know, in New York, people are naturally skeptical. You know, there's a lot of hustle is going on. People are people are doing different things. So people just waiting to see if you that real person. And I remember

00:26:08.520 --> 00:26:16.200 Graham Dobbin: You know, more than one occasion thing. Join me to change my approach. And I thought, I can't because it's not me. Right, so I can only succeed as me.

00:26:17.010 --> 00:26:23.760 Graham Dobbin: And yeah, I might need to, of course, I need to adjust a few things back and only succeed as me or fail as me, but I can't be anything else.

00:26:24.150 --> 00:26:33.180 Graham Dobbin: So I kept on just with that. And all of a sudden he just began to I began to happen right well began to say, okay, yeah. That is true because I see it.

00:26:33.510 --> 00:26:41.280 Graham Dobbin: I see and the actions, what's happening there is is in congruence with everything that's being said. Is that where you're coming from. With that

00:26:41.940 --> 00:26:42.600 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Yeah, it's

00:26:43.620 --> 00:27:00.000 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: When we even if you stay in the same house when you move in different circles outside, much less when you go to another country, you realize that your behavior may need to shift and grow a bit but your behavior isn't you

00:27:01.380 --> 00:27:02.310 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Yeah, right.

00:27:02.640 --> 00:27:03.630 Graham Dobbin: Yes, yes.

00:27:03.660 --> 00:27:06.810 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: So I may need to use different words here.

00:27:08.040 --> 00:27:18.450 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You know, I grew up in South Boston. You want what some places a call grinders are heroes or submarines, we call them smokies you know so

00:27:18.780 --> 00:27:29.820 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Every, everything sandwiches are called different names and so you come here and tonic was every brand of soda possible but now I moved to Connecticut at tonic is tonic water.

00:27:30.240 --> 00:27:37.200 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: So you learn, you have to change your wording and sometimes your behavior because certain behaviors.

00:27:37.710 --> 00:27:51.630 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Fit in certain cultures and so you shift. But that's not changing you that's not becoming somebody different. That's adapting your language, your behaviors to where you are. That's easy to do, but to give up who you are.

00:27:52.440 --> 00:28:00.750 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: That's a dramatically different question. Yes, dramatically different. And I think it gets back into the whole leadership element that

00:28:02.040 --> 00:28:15.480 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: To be the best leader, you can be. You've got to be the most authentic. You can be so you best know what your authentic self looks like because that's what you bring into the table and

00:28:15.660 --> 00:28:24.360 Graham Dobbin: When we come back from the break really wants to explore how we find out who that authentic person is another one of the things that you see is that you see the place at leaders pain.

00:28:25.080 --> 00:28:36.660 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, so really want to want to dig into that when we come back from the break, but I'll give you a couple of quick insights. I don't know if you know this, so in Scotland pot is called lemonade believe all

00:28:36.690 --> 00:28:38.640 Graham Dobbin: Different types of Coca Cola is lemonade.

00:28:40.170 --> 00:28:40.440 Graham Dobbin: So,

00:28:40.620 --> 00:28:43.800 Graham Dobbin: So that's one thing. But what are the biggest ones here that I have to change.

00:28:43.800 --> 00:28:52.470 Graham Dobbin: Because it was extremely unprofessional apparently is we call a calendar a diary. Yeah, um, whereas in New York. It is a calendar.

00:28:52.920 --> 00:28:59.190 Graham Dobbin: Yes. When I was saying it was when I wanted to make appointments and put them in my diary. I was getting some extremely strong

00:29:00.060 --> 00:29:04.380 Graham Dobbin: Networking apparently that's what teenage girl rights are not something so

00:29:05.370 --> 00:29:18.660 Graham Dobbin: I just significantly and we're speaking with Dr. Dorothy Martin Neville, we're going to be speaking about leadership and just how we bring your authentic self. Once we've had these messages. We'll be right back after the break.

00:31:42.750 --> 00:31:55.770 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back, you're listening to the mind behind leadership is Thursday night. We're live on talk radio dot NYC. And we're lucky enough to be speaking with Dr. Dorothy Martin level. So we've just been exchanging

00:31:56.460 --> 00:32:13.230 Graham Dobbin: Different words that mean different things in different countries that can get you in so much trouble completely agree. Let's have a look at leadership and as I said just before the break. One of the things that you see is that you see the price that leaders pay when

00:32:14.760 --> 00:32:24.870 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: When leaders, you know, when many of us only grew up with one model of leadership and it was more of a dictator than then a leader. There's a dramatic difference in that

00:32:25.200 --> 00:32:41.340 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: When you do it my way or your idea here is not really quite leadership. It's more about management and control that when folks want to become leaders and I differentiate their managers and their leaders, that's to dramatically different, different roles that when

00:32:42.450 --> 00:32:47.310 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I believe we're all born into leadership. We are all meant to be leaders. It doesn't matter what our

00:32:47.790 --> 00:33:06.570 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Career description may be we're all meant to be leaders. Leaders of our own lives leaders of our, our journey and walking through life as an empowered leader who is becoming who he or she chooses to become and doing what he or she chooses to do when leaders in a career.

00:33:08.070 --> 00:33:22.080 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Decide that there's one way to be a leader and they try to fit who they are into that approach of leadership that may have worked for somebody they knew or not worked with somebody they knew, but it was all they saw

00:33:22.680 --> 00:33:30.690 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And they try to duplicate it they're really trying to be something they're not in the stress in doing that is enormous.

00:33:31.200 --> 00:33:38.550 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: So the price they pay in order to be what they perceived to be the perfect leader is enormous.

00:33:39.300 --> 00:33:52.860 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And the stress of trying to become what they're not the stress of trying to do something that is unnatural, you know, as you said, You tried to do this as you move to New York and realize you couldn't, it didn't, it wasn't you.

00:33:54.510 --> 00:34:06.210 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: But some as they move into leadership. Try to be what they think a leader is they have in their minds. I this is what a leader looks like this is how a leader acts or talks or things

00:34:06.720 --> 00:34:23.910 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And they try to become that the price of doing that is enormous, because they are continuously destroying who they truly are. They are continuously taking away their own authenticity in order to become this illusionary leader.

00:34:25.230 --> 00:34:42.120 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: That doesn't exist for them and the price is really high. Not only do they lose themselves in the job they're never satisfied with what they're doing, because it's not authentic. It's not real, and it's not where their natural leadership would take them or even their company.

00:34:43.890 --> 00:34:52.080 Graham Dobbin: I am interested because leadership is one of those things that seems to have evolved or with many others over the last few years that

00:34:53.550 --> 00:34:55.650 Graham Dobbin: People are more aware of leaders.

00:34:55.950 --> 00:35:00.030 Graham Dobbin: The more critical of leaders don't do read a Bitly there's before you go into

00:35:00.630 --> 00:35:07.440 Graham Dobbin: Stands bookshop or something like that in in in New York, then the leadership section is just growing and growing and growing.

00:35:07.980 --> 00:35:18.270 Graham Dobbin: So I completely get what you say that we grew up with one model of leadership. We think that there's more models have access to more Models For Younger people, no.

00:35:20.130 --> 00:35:41.970 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Yes and no. So no, because the younger folks now have a different value system, they have a different way of looking at things, you know, when we were growing up in my generation, if you will. You got a job with one company when you were just out of college. And you stayed there to 65

00:35:43.260 --> 00:35:57.450 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And you were covered. I mean, everything was taken care of. You are never going to be fired. You were never going to be laid off. This was where you were going to be until you're retired. That's not the reality. Now, it's not the reality for pretty much any minute now but

00:35:58.800 --> 00:36:06.600 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: The, the 20 YEAR OLDS AND THE 20 somethings and 30 somethings. They did not grow up with that mentality that is not their job.

00:36:07.290 --> 00:36:17.310 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Way they so frequently will say, I'm going to work here for five years. And if it doesn't stimulate them. It does, doesn't support their growth if it doesn't call them.

00:36:18.210 --> 00:36:23.490 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: To, to really contribute and be an active participant think they will leave and go find another company.

00:36:24.060 --> 00:36:37.380 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And it just wasn't the mindset before. So who can support them how who can lead them. We can try. I think every, every group of us every generation every decade has hopefully more wisdom to offer.

00:36:38.370 --> 00:36:46.680 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: But everybody's vision, everybody's dream is different. So the best we can do is teach all leaders.

00:36:47.850 --> 00:36:55.500 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Which is, every one of us to be authentic to be real and to be invested in a career.

00:36:57.060 --> 00:37:03.390 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: That cause you to be your best self that cause you to keep growing it cause you to keep changing and that you believe in

00:37:04.110 --> 00:37:16.770 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You know, if you are very much aware of organic eating, you may not want a job in a company that's an expert in pesticides, you know, so

00:37:17.640 --> 00:37:29.340 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Are you betraying who you are, to work in a job because the money is good. I think we all should have great deals of money. I think that's a wonderful a wonderful goal for every one of us.

00:37:30.870 --> 00:37:38.040 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: To me, the more money you have, the more philanthropic you can be, you know, so it's just but it, but it's really about

00:37:38.790 --> 00:37:49.230 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: being authentic and who you are recognizing your own values, recognizing your own morals and bringing that into your leadership, bringing that into your career, whether you're an entrepreneur.

00:37:49.800 --> 00:37:59.820 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Or a working for a major organization working for nonprofit. It doesn't really matter what are your values, what is it that feeds you feeds your soul.

00:38:00.330 --> 00:38:09.030 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: That's where you belong. Because when you were living that purpose. You feel really passionate about what you're doing you you look forward to going into work because

00:38:09.480 --> 00:38:19.530 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: That your vision, your purpose is being lived out every single day. And when you living your, your purpose and you feel passionate about it, you recognize that you're far more creative.

00:38:20.400 --> 00:38:36.810 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You're far more intuitive. You have far more to bring to the table, and that's your leadership that is your authentic leadership and you move into positions because you get to bring the best of who you are, to that in the more you're bringing the best of who you are.

00:38:37.980 --> 00:38:40.710 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And people see that and it fits where you are.

00:38:42.030 --> 00:38:49.830 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: The more you're moved up into stronger and stronger leadership positions because you are the gift you're bringing to that company.

00:38:50.100 --> 00:39:02.580 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: It's not even what you do. It's who you are because the way your creativity is there your passion is infectious you create a culture and company that is growing because you're in it.

00:39:05.040 --> 00:39:05.370 Graham Dobbin: And

00:39:06.870 --> 00:39:07.980 Graham Dobbin: This is that mean

00:39:09.270 --> 00:39:17.670 Graham Dobbin: If we're saying that kind of emerging leaders are a little bit more aligned with this. The understanding Canada that value system, although that may be prepared.

00:39:18.630 --> 00:39:31.530 Graham Dobbin: To kind of stand up for the values. Does that mean that they're going to pay less price. We're going to get stress. And so we're going to see kind of that change and in the health aspect of it off of leaders as well going forward.

00:39:31.830 --> 00:39:39.450 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: It may be that they have less stress in that arena, but we're humans we're walking the human journey and

00:39:39.960 --> 00:39:46.590 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: No matter who you are, if you go through the so called normal and I put that in quotes, normal cycle.

00:39:47.250 --> 00:39:57.630 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You end up having children, that's a whole nother stressor. It's a stress around your relationship. It's a stressor on you. Yeah, it's immensely rewarding. But it's a stressor.

00:39:58.140 --> 00:40:07.980 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And so how do you deal with stress. So it's continuously learning how do we deal with stress. How do we, how do we do what needs to be done in a way that allows us to stay in peace.

00:40:08.220 --> 00:40:20.880 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And really that's meditation, whether or that for some it's running. For some, it's, you know, physically working out there but I leave meditation and reflection is is a wonderful gift that allows you to stay in touch.

00:40:22.080 --> 00:40:27.900 Graham Dobbin: I do believe as humans that we we kind of see coach stress at times for some reason I'm not quite sure why.

00:40:28.620 --> 00:40:37.860 Graham Dobbin: Some of us get a buzz from it. And it may be that adventure that may be you know the feeling of excitement of stress or something similar. When we do something with something secret.

00:40:38.610 --> 00:40:43.950 Graham Dobbin: One of the questions. And again, sorry, I've done a little bit research, one of the questions that I know that you asked.

00:40:45.030 --> 00:40:51.570 Graham Dobbin: Often is know that you can see who you want to go. Are you willing to take the risks needed

00:40:51.690 --> 00:40:52.080 Right.

00:40:53.130 --> 00:41:07.530 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: That's a tough one. That's a tough one because once you recognize. I would love to work there are. I would love to achieve this. Okay, now that you got that down. What price are you willing to pay to get there.

00:41:08.820 --> 00:41:18.210 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Because frequently, you know, I worked with a woman who had a company. And it was about I think 2025 employees and her company was merging.

00:41:18.720 --> 00:41:27.000 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And she was going to be the leader of a company that now had gotten closer to 75 employees and it was up and down the entire eastern seaboard.

00:41:27.900 --> 00:41:32.670 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: She liked the idea of having a much larger company, but you'd like the idea of it.

00:41:33.360 --> 00:41:45.150 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: The reality of it was that she could see herself as this size leader, but she needed to become this size leader, which meant she had to develop a far greater sense of self.

00:41:46.080 --> 00:41:58.650 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: A far greater vision of what culture. She wanted now for a much bigger company. How did she want to lead. What was that going to look like in could she now carry herself.

00:41:59.880 --> 00:42:18.210 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: As a woman who is running a far larger company with far greater demand an expectation on her. So she needed to learn how to delegate more which means in her mind's eye, having less control over so many details. So what she willing to pay the price of becoming

00:42:19.470 --> 00:42:32.520 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: The woman she wanted to be. She wanted this this much larger company, but the price is you've got to change. You've got to grow into that and as you change and grow professionally, you end up changing and growing personally

00:42:33.810 --> 00:42:43.950 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You know, I've had clients say to me that you've you've helped me immensely in my career, I see myself in a way I never saw myself before I

00:42:44.430 --> 00:42:54.210 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I become a leader. I never knew I could be. But what's also happened is you helped me in my marriage you helped me in my relationship with the kids.

00:42:54.630 --> 00:43:02.910 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You helped me in my relationship with my family of origin and my friendships have changed. I've changed. Now I walked to the world.

00:43:03.480 --> 00:43:13.980 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And that's really the price you pay that the more you are willing to become an effective leader, the more you willing to expand your energetic footprint. The more you change.

00:43:15.270 --> 00:43:26.760 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And you have to be willing to change everything about you and your life if you're going to keep on growing, which is why, as we grow frequently be those friends.

00:43:28.080 --> 00:43:40.740 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You know, if you're energetics frequently you vibrated a certain level, and your friends are familiar with them. They're like, they're comfortable than that. But as you change. They may not want to grow that way.

00:43:42.300 --> 00:43:43.080 Graham Dobbin: To point up

00:43:43.410 --> 00:43:48.390 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: OK, so the more you grow the more friends, you will lose

00:43:49.410 --> 00:43:55.440 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And there'll be certain friends that continue to grow with, they don't have to grow in the same way as you they're growing

00:43:56.100 --> 00:44:09.720 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And as they continue to grow and you continue to grow, you still resonate. You still connect you still stay friends in your friendship deepens because you've gone through so many growth steps together, even if it's in different areas.

00:44:10.020 --> 00:44:26.280 Graham Dobbin: Is really interested in just over a year ago, when we could travel, I can over a period of like three or four months. I met three people who hadn't seen for almost somewhere between 20 and 30 years. Yeah. And we just picked up as if Jane, we'd been away for a week.

00:44:26.640 --> 00:44:27.660 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, it

00:44:29.730 --> 00:44:30.480 Graham Dobbin: Is

00:44:31.530 --> 00:44:36.270 Graham Dobbin: But it's interesting talk about the risks and we'll kind of talk about that after the break, as well, because one of the things

00:44:36.900 --> 00:44:43.980 Graham Dobbin: I don't have many bit. I've got a couple of hot buttons and one of my hot buttons is when somebody says New User walkie to live in New York. And I'm like, will you be a

00:44:44.550 --> 00:44:55.170 Graham Dobbin: Price of people to get here. And if you do, I'll help you in every way. So it's, it's always interesting to see kind of what what price, people will pay

00:44:56.310 --> 00:45:01.050 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You pay to get there, but also the price you pay to live there. Yeah, yeah, it's

00:45:01.080 --> 00:45:02.790 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Constantly grounded.

00:45:03.180 --> 00:45:05.400 Graham Dobbin: We're talking about emotional. We're not talking when Windows

00:45:05.670 --> 00:45:11.040 Graham Dobbin: New York's an expensive place we're talking about the emotional price and everything else that comes with them.

00:45:11.640 --> 00:45:20.580 Graham Dobbin: I'm Dr. Dorothy Martin never we're speaking with without tonight all about leadership. We're going to talk about just in the last section. This show this is just flying through

00:45:20.910 --> 00:45:29.220 Graham Dobbin: We're just going to talk about her five archetypes of leadership. Just get, get a little bit more of a knowledge of, of how our approach of that is

00:45:29.550 --> 00:45:40.620 Graham Dobbin: And also have visionary leaders, you're listening to the main behind leadership. You're live on talk radio dot NYC is sourced you live in New York. We'll be right back after these

00:45:43.770 --> 00:45:44.640 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: talk radio

00:48:03.030 --> 00:48:14.640 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back, we're speaking with Dr. Dorothy Martin. Never. My name is grim Dobbin and it's the main behind leadership and I just caught you dancing to that everybody gets served at some point, every week.

00:48:15.990 --> 00:48:21.780 Graham Dobbin: So, talk to us, you, you created a five archetypes of leadership.

00:48:22.290 --> 00:48:30.360 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Roles. Well, in my, in my experience, watching so many leaders and seeing different strengths and different skill sets that they possessed.

00:48:30.750 --> 00:48:37.890 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: What I recognized is that we have the thought leader, we have that person who's so creative and things out of the box.

00:48:38.310 --> 00:48:47.160 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And has ideas, whether it's how to expand your company or how to expand your product line, whatever it may be, they have

00:48:47.550 --> 00:49:00.870 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: amazingly creative out of the box thinking ideas and they make you become more they offer you the opportunity, I should say, to keep growing and becoming more and more as a leader as a company

00:49:01.290 --> 00:49:07.950 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And and just in your impact in the world, they have the ability to do that because they're creative and alive.

00:49:08.310 --> 00:49:18.450 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Unfortunately, sometimes those people are so good at what they're doing. Somebody says, YOU'RE TERRIFIC. Let me put you in charge of this team, you can make that whole team that way when

00:49:19.050 --> 00:49:24.960 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: They're much better in their own creative self. They're not necessarily somebody who knows how to manage a team or wants to

00:49:25.530 --> 00:49:35.670 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And then they end up not doing a good job they're considered a one trick pony and then they end up getting fired because their superpower was not recognized for what it was.

00:49:36.150 --> 00:49:51.210 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: We have the team leader that person who has a great ability to bring a team, whether it is three people or 30 people together, recognize the strengths and limitations in the people in the team.

00:49:51.720 --> 00:50:01.230 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And knows how to have that team work together so that as we know you're strong as your weakest link. But the weakest link is so supported

00:50:01.740 --> 00:50:08.220 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: That it becomes a great team because that team leader knows how to make that happen knows how to make it work.

00:50:08.760 --> 00:50:20.070 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And they are fed by bringing out the best in everybody on the team. They are fed by the ways they get to support it working together. So when they can do that.

00:50:20.610 --> 00:50:28.860 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And it's working. They're terrific when it's not working, they oftentimes end up feeling very needy.

00:50:29.610 --> 00:50:41.970 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: They feel very much is if everybody's against them, they become the the victim who doesn't have anybody appreciating all of their skill sets.

00:50:42.360 --> 00:50:47.070 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And then it ends up going in another direction. Then we have the supportive leader.

00:50:48.060 --> 00:50:57.360 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: The one who frequently is judged. This is the person who in a major corporation, if you will, becomes that person who wants to be the senior VP.

00:50:57.750 --> 00:51:16.260 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Behind the CEO or the COO, they have no desire to ever be CEO, COO. This is not a lack of motivation. This is not a belief in their inability or their lack of worthiness. It just doesn't appeal to them what they love to do is have the back

00:51:17.340 --> 00:51:31.290 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: CEO or the CFO. They love to be that person and they can have 60 underneath them. They're perfectly fine with that. But what they want to do is be the one that makes the other look terrific.

00:51:31.920 --> 00:51:40.290 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: They are there, they will have your back. You know that they'll call you wanted. If you're off track. They will be there to support you, when you are on track.

00:51:40.800 --> 00:51:50.310 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And they can be relied on because they are a phenomenal asset to the leader and they they're loyal. They are very persevering. The hard workers.

00:51:50.730 --> 00:52:02.700 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: They can be very playful and bring humor and when it's needed, you know, they can be the one that becomes your best right hand man, your best wing man that you could have and they love the job.

00:52:03.240 --> 00:52:11.250 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And it's not at all a feeling of inadequacy. It's like that's what feeds them is feeding other people, then you have the visionary leader, they are the one

00:52:11.670 --> 00:52:19.800 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: That in working with a thought leader, they, they see these great ideas they they have the idea. Somebody else developed them, they did it.

00:52:20.190 --> 00:52:30.480 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: But these visionary leaders have the ability to bring that vision out into the world. They have the charm the charisma, they can get center stage and really

00:52:31.110 --> 00:52:41.100 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Present the company in the best light they can really get people to invest in the company or become customers of company because they've got that personality, they can get on stage.

00:52:41.460 --> 00:52:49.320 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And just draw everybody in the charismatic, they're they're powerful and they are just people are drawn to them.

00:52:50.580 --> 00:53:02.670 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And then you have the organizational leader the individual who could sit in the back room all by themselves for life. They love it when you create a new product because they get to sit down and write procedures and protocols.

00:53:03.870 --> 00:53:13.350 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Are in heaven with more procedures and protocols, they can get everything down the a's and b's and one a one, B one, C, and they have all the steps in order

00:53:13.830 --> 00:53:28.950 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And that just makes them excited, you know, and some of us would rather be shot, but there are people who love that and it's it's a different style of leadership in all of us have one or two of these as a strong points. Yeah.

00:53:29.790 --> 00:53:35.310 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And we may have, you know, the 60% of 130 percent of another.

00:53:35.910 --> 00:53:43.020 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Into a three of the other three, you know, it's all different proportions. We're all different. And we all have different different amounts of each of these

00:53:43.320 --> 00:53:53.070 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: But my experience is that there's usually one that is your pre dominant and then a second that may be closer or at a distance from your primary

00:53:53.550 --> 00:54:01.590 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: But the others are really way, way in the back of the way in the back of the bus and when you recognize what those strengths are.

00:54:02.220 --> 00:54:16.470 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And you value them, but I wanted to be this kind of a leader, great, but you're not. This is your natural gift. This is your natural strength, you can develop other streets. Yeah, but it's sort of like if if you're a dancer.

00:54:16.980 --> 00:54:30.270 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You can see those who learned the steps and those who were the dancers, it's dramatically different, it's dramatically different, you know, and some people can learn the words to a song and then there are singers.

00:54:31.020 --> 00:54:43.350 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: It's so different, so that your style of leadership is just yours. It doesn't take learning, it's it's natural. It's instinctive. It's intuitive.

00:54:44.070 --> 00:54:59.820 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And you may learn ways of working with people, but the style of leadership is natural to you. And when you own that when you can be in it and respect it. There's that ability to claim the I Am.

00:55:01.260 --> 00:55:20.880 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: This is who I am. And it's not even about confidence. It's about certainty. I know who I am. I know my strengths and I know my limitations and I think it's so imperative for us as leaders to recognize what that looks like in us.

00:55:21.990 --> 00:55:30.270 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: You know, I've had clients who thought they were one type of leader. And yet, as we worked in, I thought, look at what makes you so excited when you talk about it.

00:55:30.750 --> 00:55:40.050 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: It seems to me that you're more a visionary leader or you're more this kind of a leader, a thought leader. I never thought about that. I wanted to be this type of leader that just did.

00:55:41.370 --> 00:55:53.790 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: But that's exhausting. It stresses them out when they look at the kind of leadership that comes naturally to them. They're a visionary or their this great thought leader or a team leader there fail at home.

00:55:55.350 --> 00:56:07.170 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: And when you feel at home doing what you're doing, it's because you're living you not who you think you should be you're living you and your leadership is much more natural.

00:56:07.770 --> 00:56:19.050 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Therefore, people respect it. They listened to you because it's a certainty you present with this. There's an inner knowing that you present within you know when you see somebody who's in their strength.

00:56:20.280 --> 00:56:21.810 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Who's authentic and powerful.

00:56:22.350 --> 00:56:22.830 I'm

00:56:23.880 --> 00:56:28.200 Graham Dobbin: I'm really disappointed to see if we've come up with the kind of come to the end of the show.

00:56:29.100 --> 00:56:34.740 Graham Dobbin: And I would really love to dive into this a little bit more be we should have spoken about earlier, but the fight, fight.

00:56:35.040 --> 00:56:47.310 Graham Dobbin: Fight archetypes thought leadership team leader supportive visionary in organizational and we're all part of the part of all. I'm Dr. Dorothy bottom level. Where can people get ahold of you I can they contact you. They

00:56:47.310 --> 00:56:51.480 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Can get ahold of me at my website, ask Dr. Dorothy calm.

00:56:52.530 --> 00:57:00.660 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: My email address is Dorothy at Ask Dr so either one of those is a great way to reach out and be there.

00:57:01.140 --> 00:57:11.460 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: I would love to anybody questions, anything just drop me a line drop me an email. I would love to be there to support you, providing the answer. This is, I love this is work. I love

00:57:12.360 --> 00:57:26.610 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Calling people to be fully alive fully empowered and to live passionately so that they are thriving in your lives not surviving and none of us are medicine. That's such a sad story.

00:57:27.270 --> 00:57:33.990 Graham Dobbin: Thank you so much for your insights we can hear that from your whole fleet, we can we can maybe have another chat at some point in the future.

00:57:34.740 --> 00:57:46.530 Graham Dobbin: It was linked to the main behind leadership with Dr. Dorothy Martin level. My name is Graham Dobbin please join us again next Thursday. Thank you very much the same Leibovitz for producing this evening. I'll see you next week.

00:57:46.920 --> 00:57:49.230 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville: Already. Thank you so much. Bye bye.

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