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Friday, January 8, 2021
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[PREMIERE] What's with Horsability?

For his premiere on, Tommy D interviews Katie McGowan to learn about Horsability.

Horsability’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals with special needs through Equine Facilitated Therapy. 

Through this interview, Tommy and his listeners will learn about the history of this organization, the programs they have to serve the community and stakeholders as well as who the collaborate with and others that they would like to work with.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy welcomes his audience to his premiere show. He refers to his show as the “nonprofit sector connector”. He talks about his passion for non-profit work and the goal for his new show. Tommy gives some background information about Horseability and his connection with his upcoming guest, Katie McGowan.Horseability is an organization that promotes therapeutic horse riding and accessibility for handicapped individuals. It was founded by Katie on1993. Tommy then welcomes Katie to the show. Katie expands on the history of her organization and her love for horses. Horseability was born when Katie lent a horse to her horse to a friend and physical therapist who used hippotherapy as a treatment modality for a child with cerebral palsy. Tommy asks Katie about the growth of Horseability over the years. Katie talks about an important lesson she teaches her students. She says, “If someone asks you to try nothing new, as long as it is legal and safe, try it.”

Segment 2

 Katie tells a story about how the siblings program at Horseability came to be. She expands on the importance of communication between the families and community and staff at Horseability. Horasebilit has had to expand their programs to address the needs of the community. She says, “There’s something here for everyone”. Horseability works with 300+ clients a week! Tommy then asks Katie about the effect the animals have on the guests. She talks about non verbal communication and the emotional impact the animals have on patients who have a hard time verbally communicating with humans. Tommy asks Katie about the positive health effects of Horseability. Katie also teases a new program where they could bring the horses and animals to you. She gives an example about a patient who had alzimers. She also introduces her volunteer program.

Segment 3

Katie brings in a special guest, Aidden, a pony from the farm. Katie then talks about the reactions of clients when they meet the animals for the first time. Katie is appreciative that she can say she “loves what she does”. Tommy asks Katie to talk about the connection between volunteering and mentorship. She talks about her first volunteers, her dad, a gynecologist, and various teachers. She expands on the inclusivity of Horseability and variety of skills that can be used on the farm. Katie provides her perspective as a former mentee and current mentor. She talks about the importance of sharing what you know. She says, “If you’re asking for help, be humble”.

Segment 4

Tommy asks Katie who she wants to connect with. She says we would love to connect with other nonprofits. She talks about the benefits of working with nonprofits and the benefits from a donor’s perspective. She expands on the versatility of assistance Horseability can provide: autism, veterans, eating disorders, etc. Tommy and Katie talk about the experience of being on the farm and a possible trip the staff at TalkRadioNYC will take. Tommy then asks where she sees Horseability going in three years. She talks about the sudden change in strategy the pandemic caused in her plan. She says she is focusing on mental health within her programs. Katie then shares her website, Tommy thanks Katie, promotes his socials, and closes the show.


00:00:51.000 --> 00:00:56.550 Tommy DiMisa: Ladies and gentlemen, it's your boy Tommy D coming at you from the top of my house that's right from the attic.

00:00:57.420 --> 00:01:04.680 Tommy DiMisa: I call myself the nonprofit sector connector and that's what it's all about. It's how do we learn from and how do we connect with nonprofits, so welcome.

00:01:05.340 --> 00:01:12.000 Tommy DiMisa: To philanthropy and focus like to say this. Welcome to the show. This is exciting for me. This is actually my first live

00:01:12.540 --> 00:01:17.340 Tommy DiMisa: Show for philanthropy and focus. I'll tell you the truth, a little bit of butterflies, but super fired up.

00:01:17.730 --> 00:01:25.500 Tommy DiMisa: Many of you who know me know, have that I have this incredible interest in passion for the nonprofit sector, but some of you who may not know me, let me let me talk to you a little bit about that.

00:01:26.820 --> 00:01:35.400 Tommy DiMisa: I'm passionate about the sector because nonprofits do work for our society every single day. And often that work is overlooked underfunded.

00:01:35.910 --> 00:01:43.950 Tommy DiMisa: And unrecognized so philanthropy and focus is a response to that this program will take place every week here on talk radio dot NYC.

00:01:44.550 --> 00:01:54.330 Tommy DiMisa: from 10am to 11am Eastern Standard Time. And each week I will take advantage of my platform to help a nonprofit organization tell their story and amplify their message.

00:01:54.720 --> 00:02:02.970 Tommy DiMisa: So weekly together, you and I are going to learn about these organizations, we're going to learn about the beginning the Genesis where did they come from. Why did they start. Why did that organization start

00:02:03.990 --> 00:02:13.200 Tommy DiMisa: Their programs, the impact they have and who they serve. And then we'll talk about the connections. That's my spot right nonprofit sector connected the connections, who they work with. Well,

00:02:13.800 --> 00:02:20.370 Tommy DiMisa: Who do they want to serve more and where the connections and collaborations that are out there in the market that we can help them with. It's sort of like

00:02:21.420 --> 00:02:28.980 Tommy DiMisa: I call it networking math two plus two is some numbers are way higher than four. I'm not real sure what it is, but it's higher than four. I know that.

00:02:29.310 --> 00:02:34.260 Tommy DiMisa: Some of the stories will tell us about the challenges, maybe that they've experienced these organizations, how they

00:02:34.530 --> 00:02:39.690 Tommy DiMisa: They went through their growing pains and really the the accomplishments and how they impact the communities that they serve.

00:02:40.080 --> 00:02:54.060 Tommy DiMisa: So it's gonna be exciting for me because I get to be somebody who learned every single week. And I'm going to learn about these organizations, the great work they do. And then teach you all about it together with with my guests. So originally

00:02:55.440 --> 00:03:02.340 Tommy DiMisa: I met my first guest for our family foundation. The Lindy Lou foundation and Mary, my cousin, Linda, so we gotta give the credit where it's due.

00:03:03.570 --> 00:03:15.570 Tommy DiMisa: And every time I connect with Katie McGowan I get jazzed and every time I go to the farm, visit the horses I get super fired up. So Katie's here from horse ability. We're going to talk to Katie and in just a moment, but

00:03:16.470 --> 00:03:25.170 Tommy DiMisa: During the conversation. We're going to go back to 1993 when Katie started the organization. We're going to learn about the programs that horse ability provides and

00:03:26.040 --> 00:03:37.650 Tommy DiMisa: We're going to look for those connections. I'm going to ask, Katie. Katie, because there's what I say to everybody who can I connect you to who can mine network connect you to. So that's what's super important before we even jump in. I want to do a couple things. So I had a little

00:03:38.670 --> 00:03:43.680 Tommy DiMisa: Challenge on the way up here to the attic this morning. And it was about my hair. And it was about

00:03:44.070 --> 00:03:49.140 Tommy DiMisa: Is it. Do we go been do we go ponytail and I'm not a big ponytail guy. So my hair has been in a bond and

00:03:49.530 --> 00:03:59.700 Tommy DiMisa: Kind of hair cut on the sides yesterday in the whole thing. So we went back and forth and and it's it's in a sort of quasi bond because I haven't got that that full pandemic hair cut on just yet, but

00:04:00.780 --> 00:04:13.710 Tommy DiMisa: I have a friend of mine, and she told me a long time ago. My name is Coco and she kept saying to me, Tommy boys don't wear bonds, so shout out to Coco, apparently. Many were born. So there. That is one last thing we're going to do.

00:04:14.910 --> 00:04:20.310 Tommy DiMisa: With when it comes down to my appearance, because I'm big on my appearance is the other day, this was sent to my house.

00:04:21.450 --> 00:04:28.920 Tommy DiMisa: Love it. And it actually arrived on my birthday. So thank you, Katie. Thank you for its ability to put this on in a second. But let me read through Katie's bio

00:04:29.220 --> 00:04:32.730 Tommy DiMisa: Then we'll get the show sort of started and we're gonna have fun when we have a great conversation.

00:04:33.390 --> 00:04:42.600 Tommy DiMisa: Since 1993 Katie McGowan has dedicated her career to helping individuals with special needs and their families through therapeutic riding and Hippotherapy with the creation of course ability

00:04:42.960 --> 00:04:50.430 Tommy DiMisa: Which is a 501 c three charity committed and she's committed to the belief that horses are for everyone, regardless of ability

00:04:51.150 --> 00:05:01.590 Tommy DiMisa: Katie is a graduate of Malloy and as well as Liu CW post and holds a BA in Philosophy and an MA in elementary education and is a certified

00:05:01.980 --> 00:05:10.890 Tommy DiMisa: Advanced therapeutic riding instructor and a mentor from the professional association of therapeutic horsemanship and as well as an accredited

00:05:11.460 --> 00:05:18.300 Tommy DiMisa: Renowned as well as a credit instructor from the renowned chef center for handicap for the handicapped in August and Michigan.

00:05:19.260 --> 00:05:26.880 Tommy DiMisa: Katie's driven by her love for both people in horses and her passion for education. She currently teaches us as an adjunct at Molloy college here in Long Island.

00:05:27.240 --> 00:05:37.650 Tommy DiMisa: Liu CW post and my alma mater Sunni college at Old Westbury where the farm is and I cannot wait to get back to the forum. Let me finish this piece for us and we'll talk about

00:05:38.430 --> 00:05:46.710 Tommy DiMisa: Katie spearheaded a major and minor program in the department of Professional Studies and therapeutic horsemanship with a collaborative team from horse ability and SUNY Old Westbury

00:05:47.130 --> 00:05:58.230 Tommy DiMisa: And this was one of her goals. During the monumental move to the campus in 2011 she's remained an active equestrian and her and her horse train and compete in dressage

00:05:58.860 --> 00:06:03.840 Tommy DiMisa: I watched I practice that word three times to make sure I pronounce it right dressage shows

00:06:04.170 --> 00:06:15.090 Tommy DiMisa: Katie's been recognized numerous times for the contributions you can horse ability of made to the community and in 2008 she was given the honor of being chosen as fortune 52 distinguished women from the Long Island press and also in 2008

00:06:15.510 --> 00:06:24.780 Tommy DiMisa: Was awarded the Malloy Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award. Many, many designations here, but some of the things that I just want to point out before we keep it moving. Is she was

00:06:25.200 --> 00:06:33.300 Tommy DiMisa: Recognized as a woman of distinction, by Senator Marshall Leno's office and in 2016 by brava as the smart CEO.

00:06:33.600 --> 00:06:40.830 Tommy DiMisa: In for their program honoring top CEOs. But the thing that stands out the most and comes up a lot when Katie and I are talking is her participation.

00:06:41.250 --> 00:06:51.930 Tommy DiMisa: In the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business, which I know we're going to get into as soon as I get to that point. But that was instrumental for Katie in the organization. But I'll close with this.

00:06:53.340 --> 00:06:58.800 Tommy DiMisa: They say when you have something you need to get done, give it to a busy person. So I've read a lot of what Katie does array.

00:06:59.400 --> 00:07:07.890 Tommy DiMisa: But Katie's finds a time in your schedule to coach both her daughter's teams are has kosher daughter seems on her son's teams, both in the parish and on the CBL teams.

00:07:08.160 --> 00:07:14.820 Tommy DiMisa: Is involved with civic association of neighborhoods Donington South Huntington PTA the septa and she's incredibly proud of her two

00:07:15.210 --> 00:07:22.170 Tommy DiMisa: Children as well as they have now this is something we're gonna have to talk about right away three Bulldogs Gracie Henry and Olivia now.

00:07:22.530 --> 00:07:28.260 Tommy DiMisa: I have four children and some of my listeners may know and I know Katie knows for sure. And they are dying for a dog.

00:07:28.740 --> 00:07:37.050 Tommy DiMisa: And they're not getting one. So maybe they'll come up as your dogs are bringing this IN THE HORSES WILL BE kitty, I'm fired up, man. Thanks for being here. This is so exciting. How are you

00:07:37.980 --> 00:07:54.030 Katie McGowan: I tell me. Good morning, and thank you, thank you so much for having me on your very first live show. So the amazing Tommy, the great great great connector. You are an incredible person and I am privileged and honored to be here this morning. So thank you.

00:07:54.840 --> 00:08:02.400 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you get us started, while I put my new book to get us started with the story what take me back to 1993 and really the story that made this whole thing happen.

00:08:03.240 --> 00:08:11.370 Katie McGowan: You know, on my college that I have the privilege and honor saying that I am. It is my alma mater and I started there and I was

00:08:12.090 --> 00:08:24.300 Katie McGowan: Asked to take a gym class and I took a gym class because they needed to fill it. Believe it or not, and it was a horseback riding gym class and I fell in love with horses and from that.

00:08:25.080 --> 00:08:30.930 Katie McGowan: I joined tried out for the question team and I was like a fish in water. I absolutely

00:08:31.770 --> 00:08:38.100 Katie McGowan: loved being around the horses and what they gave my hand and the connection that I had with the college from being part of a team.

00:08:38.880 --> 00:08:48.780 Katie McGowan: That was really important for me. I became part of the community of my college. Then, and from that I connected myself with the animals and

00:08:49.650 --> 00:09:10.320 Katie McGowan: What I loved about being around people, and my past of neighbors that had back then, it was called Mr. And has special needs. And I really started to put together the pieces of my life that I enjoyed and that I was passionate about and that's the start of horses for me.

00:09:12.360 --> 00:09:24.660 Katie McGowan: And one day I led my horse to a therapist that utilize the horses, a tool for treatment quality ABA therapy and she asked if I could be there to volunteer with my horse.

00:09:25.140 --> 00:09:38.790 Katie McGowan: And I saw miracles happen. I saw a young lady who had cerebral palsy, get on the horse and beforehand, she was walking with crutches and after her amazing treatment. She screeched in glee while she sat on offices back

00:09:39.420 --> 00:09:48.720 Katie McGowan: She had a therapy treatment on the horses that got off and she was able to hold her mother's hand she was able to walk, holding her mother's hand and without crutches.

00:09:49.200 --> 00:09:58.680 Katie McGowan: And I wasn't a mother than I was 22 years old at the time and I saw miracles happen. And I said, I need to understand more about this. And today, being a mother.

00:09:59.310 --> 00:10:04.140 Katie McGowan: I understand how important that was for that mother to hold him loving her daughter's hand.

00:10:04.650 --> 00:10:17.970 Katie McGowan: And it was incredible. And I wanted to find out more. And I did. I found out more about therapeutic riding and I'm wound up going to Michigan to get certified to do this work that I do today. And so many of us do today.

00:10:19.230 --> 00:10:25.740 Tommy DiMisa: That's incredible. And I think it's going to be an apparent theme of the show is I'm going to get emotional and mushy all the time on the program.

00:10:27.090 --> 00:10:31.350 Tommy DiMisa: Already and world get just getting into this. It's, it's that impact for me.

00:10:32.400 --> 00:10:40.230 Tommy DiMisa: Aside from our friendship and that I love with the organization does, but it's the impact and our connection. As I mentioned, is through our family foundation and

00:10:41.190 --> 00:10:48.360 Tommy DiMisa: You know, we have a family member who who is someone who rides over over at horse ability and it's an incredibly special organizations us

00:10:49.500 --> 00:10:50.940 Tommy DiMisa: In and I would say

00:10:52.140 --> 00:11:01.470 Tommy DiMisa: I talked a lot about impact and and adding value. And I want to talk about that. I want to talk about, you know, that's the beginning and that's where it started for you, but

00:11:02.670 --> 00:11:10.290 Tommy DiMisa: Talk to me. I mean, Katie. While ago you know there's there's so much that's gone on, there's so much that's changed. I mean, it's you make reference to

00:11:11.340 --> 00:11:24.510 Tommy DiMisa: An acronym words we used to use to describe certain things. And we've, you know, sort of gotten rid of a lot of that which is was appropriate. Um, so talk to me about the organization where, where are we, as we sit here today in 2021

00:11:25.140 --> 00:11:28.770 Katie McGowan: So, so before I before I even jumped at that time, I just want to share one thing that I

00:11:28.770 --> 00:11:30.120 Katie McGowan: Feel so important you know

00:11:30.450 --> 00:11:38.940 Katie McGowan: I I teach from like college today, which is such a you know a dream and a pleasure and I teach a course for them and you know every time.

00:11:39.630 --> 00:11:54.420 Katie McGowan: During my first class for each semester I share with the students that, you know, as long as when somebody asks you to do something new or something different. Just like somebody asked me to take that gym class that horse back on in gym class.

00:11:55.380 --> 00:12:09.150 Katie McGowan: I share with the students. I tell them with somebody asked you to try something new, as long as it's legal and safe fire do it because you never know the word impact that you're saying the impact that is

00:12:10.380 --> 00:12:13.950 Katie McGowan: Because if I didn't say yes to that class.

00:12:15.150 --> 00:12:20.850 Katie McGowan: Who knows what would have happened. And because I did say yes to that class. Look at what did happen.

00:12:21.360 --> 00:12:32.250 Katie McGowan: So I think that that is probably one of the most important lessons that I've ever learned in my life is try something new because I never would have known what would have happened.

00:12:32.820 --> 00:12:39.570 Katie McGowan: And what could happen and to to trust the process of trying something new and the impact that it could have

00:12:39.930 --> 00:12:53.490 Katie McGowan: You know, it's, I believe that yes, you know, I happen to be the proud, founder of the organization. But it's because I said yes, because I said yes to that opportunity and from that opportunity. So much has happened, like you said,

00:12:54.000 --> 00:13:04.350 Katie McGowan: And it was the start of or stability. I went and got certified and came back and started the organization. And from that, we had our very first two students

00:13:04.770 --> 00:13:12.000 Katie McGowan: And when I came back from getting certified. It was this time of year, I was in Michigan. I was in freezing cold, Michigan. This time of year.

00:13:12.060 --> 00:13:28.770 Katie McGowan: God, oh, my goodness, beyond the hoodie. I had about four of them on and still was freezing but well worth it but um yeah and march of 1993 I came back and started or stability. So it's going to be 28 years in March and

00:13:30.360 --> 00:13:40.710 Katie McGowan: Since that when I when I returned, we started therapy. I started therapeutic riding program is specific to those with special needs, and it was for the therapeutic riding program only

00:13:41.490 --> 00:13:48.900 Katie McGowan: But through the years, we realized that as the families came and bought their, their child's with their family member.

00:13:49.380 --> 00:13:57.420 Katie McGowan: And there are so many other family members. There were siblings that were sitting ringside watching their siblings do the therapy therapeutic riding session and what have you.

00:13:57.780 --> 00:14:07.320 Katie McGowan: And we realized that, you know, their siblings were always sitting ringside always waiting for their other sibling getting therapy treatments are getting doing different activities.

00:14:07.560 --> 00:14:13.500 Tommy DiMisa: So I want to, I want to interrupt you. One second, we're gonna we're gonna jump to a quick break. I don't want to get stuck in the middle of that story because

00:14:13.620 --> 00:14:14.310 Katie McGowan: We're going

00:14:14.610 --> 00:14:26.130 Tommy DiMisa: So we're gonna go to a quick break. This is philanthropy and focus. My guest is executive director and founder of horse ability. My buddy. My Pal Katie McGowan will go to a quick break. We'll be back. I want to hear the story about the siblings. As soon as we come back. Very cool.

00:16:50.940 --> 00:16:52.290 Tommy DiMisa: Right. Join me in my attic.

00:16:52.350 --> 00:16:56.730 Tommy DiMisa: We are in the attic right at the top of my house. Thank you. Brandon levy and damaged goods.

00:16:57.210 --> 00:17:06.240 Tommy DiMisa: For the song super fun. Super exciting and my whole family was singing that song. The other night. Katie back to the story. Let's go. Welcome back to the show everybody, let's be in focus.

00:17:06.750 --> 00:17:14.760 Tommy DiMisa: We were talking about the impact that you've made, not only on the, the children and individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities.

00:17:15.390 --> 00:17:24.750 Tommy DiMisa: But what struck me, and I did some more research, even after we spoke the other day about this is what you've done for the siblings. So let's go back, because I know we were just talking about that before the break.

00:17:25.770 --> 00:17:33.210 Katie McGowan: So I so you know really what it is where we're going with this is that the the siblings were always sitting ringside watching their

00:17:33.930 --> 00:17:43.770 Katie McGowan: brother or sister in the ring, getting a treatment session or a therapy session. So we, it's really about how the community has told us what they need and what the families have told us what they need.

00:17:44.100 --> 00:17:58.350 Katie McGowan: So we started siblings programs so that way the siblings and the families can have bring both children and they can get a therapy treatment or a recreational ride. So the families can bring both children and have opportunity together.

00:17:59.820 --> 00:18:07.650 Katie McGowan: So that, and that's been how possibilities grown over the years is that the families have spoken and families have shared with us what they need.

00:18:08.550 --> 00:18:23.670 Katie McGowan: For for the community and for the families. So that's one of the other programs that has begun then from that, we also have the more involved child. So, or on person. So we started a HIPAA therapy program which is from

00:18:24.300 --> 00:18:36.690 Katie McGowan: Treatment from a PT and OT or speech therapist. So that was another program that began. So over the years, our programs have had to grow, based on what the families and the community if needed. So

00:18:37.080 --> 00:18:46.530 Katie McGowan: And then also we've started pre vocational programs for this for the student that is aging out of school that might not be college bound

00:18:47.220 --> 00:18:57.330 Katie McGowan: That needed to work on skills daily living skills and vocational skills. So that's another program that we work on with young teens young adults.

00:18:58.110 --> 00:19:07.680 Katie McGowan: It's been wonderful. Heather. The families have been so open to discuss into let us know what's needed and at the phone, there's something here for everyone.

00:19:08.130 --> 00:19:28.140 Katie McGowan: And that we utilize the farm environment and the animals which are incredible. And those are the greatest treatment modality, as well as treatment friends and partners for our participants our animals are incredible later we have special guests, which

00:19:28.140 --> 00:19:30.120 Tommy DiMisa: We have a special guest. I heard him excited

00:19:30.180 --> 00:19:45.810 Katie McGowan: We would be amazing. But we can't forget that without the animals. It's just like any other facility or treatment program the animals make it special. They are the magic that make it all happens. So the relationship and the connection with the animals.

00:19:45.900 --> 00:19:56.040 Tommy DiMisa: So, you know, I grew up watching horses but not exactly the same horses that horse ability spent a lot of years of Belmont racetrack. But my, my question for you is,

00:19:56.910 --> 00:20:05.040 Tommy DiMisa: Obviously, there's this whole physical and I looked up some more information hypnotherapy as well miss this physical the motion of of the animal as well.

00:20:05.940 --> 00:20:17.850 Tommy DiMisa: That helps individuals that the organization serves but but what about the the emotional piece that the emotional again somebody like you who so who loves and cares about animals so much talk to me about how you've seen

00:20:18.540 --> 00:20:24.000 Tommy DiMisa: Just some of the effect that people maybe it's someone who is non verbal or has some emotional challenges and things like that.

00:20:26.160 --> 00:20:27.270 Tommy DiMisa: That type of experience.

00:20:28.470 --> 00:20:34.710 Katie McGowan: Of well animals are non judgmental and they have the ability to

00:20:37.260 --> 00:20:37.770 Katie McGowan: Not

00:20:38.940 --> 00:20:42.210 Katie McGowan: So, so somebody that has autism, for example.

00:20:43.380 --> 00:20:53.430 Katie McGowan: Does not have the typical connection with a human. And when we have a judgment because we are human and we have

00:20:54.210 --> 00:21:05.070 Katie McGowan: Body language or facial expression that is read on people can shut down from that because we're human, however, the animals don't have the ability to do that. So somebody that

00:21:05.640 --> 00:21:12.480 Katie McGowan: has autism or is on the spectrum of some kind and will will detect that immediately in a person

00:21:13.080 --> 00:21:22.950 Katie McGowan: But yeah, with the animals because that's not present, they will connect much easily and quicker with an end willingly with an animal that does not have that

00:21:23.250 --> 00:21:31.110 Katie McGowan: That component to them so they connect so much quicker and so easily with with the animal and it truly is amazing.

00:21:31.530 --> 00:21:44.070 Katie McGowan: And it's a language that is between animals and people that is something that is to experience that. That's why. Tell me when you come to the farm you enjoy and love being here so much it's it's unspoken but it's felt

00:21:45.000 --> 00:21:53.820 Katie McGowan: We also have an Equine Facilitated psychotherapy program here that we, again, the Community has spoken.

00:21:54.570 --> 00:22:02.370 Katie McGowan: Because of everything that's going on coded now on and the amazing work as of especially in Roswell health

00:22:03.090 --> 00:22:12.090 Katie McGowan: We started an Equine Facilitated program here for the the amazing heroes of North well and everybody that's supporting the coven

00:22:13.080 --> 00:22:27.930 Katie McGowan: Pandemic right now that we have an equal facilitated mental health program here that are running in support of all those that have been drained and and all the families that have lost loved ones and those that have been so affected by the impacts of code and

00:22:29.040 --> 00:22:36.660 Tommy DiMisa: You don't like this is like when I have to bite my tongue and sort of temper my enthusiasm. When I'm like hey you have like 15 people. We got to talk about and get introduced to me.

00:22:37.770 --> 00:22:38.070 Tommy DiMisa: It's like

00:22:38.250 --> 00:22:52.350 Tommy DiMisa: That's not the same, right, if I really like when you back. But for me it's, it's, you know, I do some work. And in fact, next week on the show. Dr. Larry, who's the CEO of TSI and why transitional services for New York lovely Larry hope. All's well.

00:22:53.820 --> 00:23:04.200 Tommy DiMisa: They serve 4000 individuals in the five boroughs of New York City with some level of mental health challenges so I you know I can't imagine the impact that

00:23:04.800 --> 00:23:10.110 Tommy DiMisa: The horses and I will tell you this, like when I come out there like I people who know me your

00:23:10.830 --> 00:23:23.400 Tommy DiMisa: Your, your 22 minutes in the knowing me now if you know me before I am sort of a while, man. I get fired up and when, when I go out there. It's just a different scene I just sort of like mellow out there's like serenity with with the animals and

00:23:23.940 --> 00:23:32.130 Tommy DiMisa: I'm. And again, I guess it's your point there and non judgmental. They're just there with you and it's a special, special place.

00:23:32.730 --> 00:23:41.340 Katie McGowan: So it is a proven fact that it absolutely lowers blood pressure to be around the horses and that lends to another program.

00:23:42.120 --> 00:23:54.540 Katie McGowan: And that's possibility for heroes, which is we work with veterans. So that, like I said, there's something here for everyone. We also work with Alzheimer's clientele and patients and those that have dementia care and that will be

00:23:55.620 --> 00:23:56.760 Tommy DiMisa: A little secret right there where

00:23:57.150 --> 00:23:59.310 Tommy DiMisa: When we have a visitor. Maybe I mean, talk to me about that.

00:24:00.510 --> 00:24:00.690 Tommy DiMisa: We

00:24:00.780 --> 00:24:03.210 Tommy DiMisa: Will tease will tease the audience a little bit. Tell me about that.

00:24:03.420 --> 00:24:12.780 Katie McGowan: We have a wonderful program that we, it's a mobile program that we take a miniature horses to facilities for those that have dementia care issues and

00:24:13.470 --> 00:24:30.270 Katie McGowan: Unfortunately, live with dementia that can't come to the forum because we do have different programs that facilities bring their patients and their residents here to farm. But otherwise, those that we bring the horses to them, which is quite thing. So we have problem Aiden.

00:24:30.600 --> 00:24:34.800 Katie McGowan: Who are to me. As you know, there are dynamic team and we bring them.

00:24:34.830 --> 00:24:39.000 Katie McGowan: To the facilities which is quite wonderful. So, and then they're amazing.

00:24:40.650 --> 00:24:52.290 Katie McGowan: But we also, you know, other programming that we offer that they go to schools as well. But we also have school programming here. We work with on both these programs as well as different

00:24:52.830 --> 00:24:59.910 Katie McGowan: Facilities come to us on a regular basis, whether it be school programs or programs such as HTC has their

00:25:00.480 --> 00:25:08.190 Katie McGowan: Day debilitation programs here on our site. So, you know, one program Tommy that we might want to talk about after the next break is

00:25:08.550 --> 00:25:16.500 Katie McGowan: That we didn't talk about yet he's a volunteer program, which is a tremendous amount of people that we have on

00:25:17.430 --> 00:25:23.340 Katie McGowan: You know, so many programs here, but we have over 225 volunteers. A week that join us.

00:25:23.730 --> 00:25:33.060 Katie McGowan: And there are people that are from 14 years up until about 85 years old that join us every week and bring so many different skills to us.

00:25:33.420 --> 00:25:39.630 Katie McGowan: And interest in their own passions that come and without those people without our volunteers, the

00:25:40.380 --> 00:25:53.100 Katie McGowan: 300 plus clients that we work with every week, could not be served. And because we are a community based organizations. So they are the true heroes of our organization that help our program function.

00:25:53.400 --> 00:26:00.780 Tommy DiMisa: I do want to talk about that when we come back from the break, because you know you said when we were talking last week earlier this week we will catch up and

00:26:01.140 --> 00:26:10.470 Tommy DiMisa: You know when I asked about volunteers and because a lot of folks that are going to plug into this program, my expectation is our other nonprofit leaders or folks who have the

00:26:12.090 --> 00:26:19.830 Tommy DiMisa: The focus and want to launch a nonprofit or strive to be a nonprofit leader and you said, well, Tommy. It didn't start with 225 volunteers.

00:26:19.950 --> 00:26:20.310 Started

00:26:21.630 --> 00:26:27.570 Tommy DiMisa: Right. And I'm going to tell you something else. I'm like, I'm really good at helping out and and

00:26:28.230 --> 00:26:34.140 Tommy DiMisa: And volunteer for stuff. But I want to be. And, you know, I'm not gonna put you on the spot. You don't have to answer now um but

00:26:34.650 --> 00:26:42.570 Tommy DiMisa: I want it. When we're allowed to. And you know, I don't need a mask or whatever the rules are, I want to go out with the Minis and and like go visit people within minutes because

00:26:42.570 --> 00:26:43.560 Katie McGowan: That's absolutely

00:26:43.650 --> 00:26:46.200 Tommy DiMisa: That is so that sounds like so much fun and

00:26:46.260 --> 00:26:47.850 Katie McGowan: Did you imagine Tommy date.

00:26:47.880 --> 00:26:50.250 Katie McGowan: Bringing the minis everywhere. I mean, that would be

00:26:50.430 --> 00:26:52.680 Tommy DiMisa: I'm I need my own mini at the end of that, you know, I don't

00:26:52.710 --> 00:26:53.820 Katie McGowan: Have to be amazing.

00:26:54.030 --> 00:26:57.990 Tommy DiMisa: So when my kids are listening to this, this evening I'm know

00:26:59.070 --> 00:27:00.270 Katie McGowan: You're gonna have a mini now.

00:27:01.380 --> 00:27:05.820 Tommy DiMisa: Now, my wife is listening and now in a lot of trouble. I don't think we have room for a horse out in New York, so

00:27:05.970 --> 00:27:06.510 Tommy DiMisa: I keep

00:27:06.690 --> 00:27:08.010 Tommy DiMisa: I keep it up the form. If I get one.

00:27:09.720 --> 00:27:17.970 Katie McGowan: But you know what I always say to people let our horses be your horses, because there are a lot of work and we have them here. So come visit them as often as you'd like.

00:27:18.750 --> 00:27:20.760 Tommy DiMisa: To have my own horse because I can sort of say,

00:27:20.760 --> 00:27:21.750 Katie McGowan: You can have hours.

00:27:21.780 --> 00:27:24.270 Tommy DiMisa: I love that. That's great. Thank you, you just saved me a lot of heartache.

00:27:25.500 --> 00:27:26.730 Tommy DiMisa: Over the weekend, so good. See

00:27:26.730 --> 00:27:31.800 Katie McGowan: It's selfish on my part, because then we have you here more often. So there is a little mo there.

00:27:32.160 --> 00:27:42.180 Tommy DiMisa: Sure enough, I can handle that. Listen quid pro quo. It makes the world go around, you know, so it's not ideal. So, and I love coming visiting and I told you this the other day my dads out there listening. I got to get him out to the farm, because

00:27:42.240 --> 00:27:44.520 Katie McGowan: Yeah, yeah. We'd love to have him it

00:27:44.520 --> 00:27:48.960 Tommy DiMisa: So up his alley and he's got the time now, and I think you'd have a lot of fun. Fun with the horses for sure.

00:27:49.830 --> 00:27:55.890 Tommy DiMisa: So before we we do step away into another break when we come back, let's let's focus on the volunteers.

00:27:56.670 --> 00:28:09.180 Tommy DiMisa: And and really then there is one program I want to hear more about. And it's that pre vocational program if we dive into that. So we're we'll, we'll dive into that because I know the major challenge.

00:28:10.560 --> 00:28:19.860 Tommy DiMisa: In the IDP space is this whole aging out scenario. Yes, where you know these individuals they hit this age where there's no programs.

00:28:20.340 --> 00:28:26.880 Tommy DiMisa: So, you know, and you know, I just mentioned, my cousin, Linda, Miss Linda like crazy but Linda pastor number years ago but Linda

00:28:27.870 --> 00:28:37.710 Tommy DiMisa: Linda work in in in a couple of different stores and CBS you worked and stop and shop. And so she she had that, but not everybody in that space has that ability or

00:28:38.400 --> 00:28:50.310 Tommy DiMisa: The ability or the opportunity really the the the outreach to connect with those types of things. So, so I definitely want to talk about that pre vocational piece. When we come back, and what were you gonna say case.

00:28:50.610 --> 00:28:54.660 Katie McGowan: With the pre vocational piece Tammy. That's one way program we run in and it's also

00:28:55.140 --> 00:29:05.580 Katie McGowan: ties into our peer mentoring, but that also ties into for our not for profit leaders is something that I can't stress enough is being a mentor and having a mentor.

00:29:05.940 --> 00:29:20.100 Katie McGowan: You know that. So it falls into all categories. Whether you are a client, whether you're a not for profit leader, you know, wherever you fall on all of this. It's mentorship mentorship is so important.

00:29:20.220 --> 00:29:21.300 Katie McGowan: So that's definitely

00:29:21.810 --> 00:29:32.400 Tommy DiMisa: Come right back on that. And I know that's critical for you. I know that's a big deal, my notes. All right, we're gonna take a quick break. We'll be back. Tommy philanthropy focus Katie McGowan or stability. We'll see you in a couple minutes, guys. Thanks. Bye.

00:30:29.490 --> 00:30:30.510 Katie McGowan: Want me to walk with

00:30:31.200 --> 00:30:31.740 Katie McGowan: You. I'm going to just

00:31:48.690 --> 00:31:54.210 Tommy DiMisa: That's where we are. We're in the attic. Join me and actually Katie and I are having another guest joining us shortly.

00:31:54.960 --> 00:32:03.480 Tommy DiMisa: So for my friends who are just listening, you're going to miss out on some of the show here so we'll try to paint a picture for you. Okay. We have a guest coming in and visit with us.

00:32:03.840 --> 00:32:06.480 Katie McGowan: SURE DO IS COMING RIGHT IN A MOMENT.

00:32:06.660 --> 00:32:11.610 Tommy DiMisa: Very cool. So we'll get into that. Oh, who's that Katie foods are coming in behind you.

00:32:12.060 --> 00:32:14.520 Katie McGowan: There is a friend, Adrian

00:32:15.120 --> 00:32:24.240 Katie McGowan: Adrian how I bond and Aiden specialty is he likes to join us inside. He's one of us that we were just talking about that comes to

00:32:25.320 --> 00:32:39.330 Katie McGowan: Study, he goes to the assisted living facilities and he joins people bedside. He goes on. He's amazing. He goes on elevators, he goes inside different facilities. He travels in a minivan.

00:32:39.540 --> 00:32:43.020 Katie McGowan: Is quite amazing. The mini goes in a minivan.

00:32:43.980 --> 00:32:44.700 Tommy DiMisa: I like that these

00:32:44.910 --> 00:32:48.390 Katie McGowan: Guys, he's quite amazing. He he.

00:32:48.450 --> 00:32:49.050 Tommy DiMisa: Is he

00:32:50.220 --> 00:32:51.600 Katie McGowan: Eating is 11

00:32:53.250 --> 00:32:53.550 Katie McGowan: And

00:32:53.850 --> 00:32:58.470 Tommy DiMisa: And how big, like is there different like they all kind of say that same size.

00:32:59.100 --> 00:33:01.440 Katie McGowan: He is never going to grow any larger

00:33:02.010 --> 00:33:06.930 Katie McGowan: Is full height and his, he's just going to always say this size so

00:33:06.930 --> 00:33:09.150 Tommy DiMisa: How did you get eaten. How did he become part of horse ability

00:33:09.660 --> 00:33:18.630 Katie McGowan: So, um, we have a wonderful relationship with the organization called personal ponies who they breathe air pony specifically

00:33:19.050 --> 00:33:29.940 Katie McGowan: For the work that we do. So we have very, very fortunate to have this wonderful relationship with them. So we have two ponies. Actually, we have four points from them at this point.

00:33:30.900 --> 00:33:36.750 Tommy DiMisa: That's, that's just incredible. And what is the when eating goes to visit you should eat in I wrote down Pearl, is that the

00:33:37.080 --> 00:33:45.690 Katie McGowan: Young girls his buddy their best friends, and they go together for all those outside. I wish we could be outside today. It's just so chilly that it's to travel with

00:33:45.990 --> 00:33:54.840 Tommy DiMisa: I think is, is we have to do another episode from the farm, which I quickly. I don't know how to do it, but that's that's my buddy Sam's way to figure out how we

00:33:55.680 --> 00:33:55.980 Tommy DiMisa: Will

00:33:56.280 --> 00:34:07.740 Tommy DiMisa: Will make that happen. Um, what is the reaction to the individuals in these assisted living facilities when when Pearl and he didn't show up and then go back to the emotional side like we talked about. But what what's it like

00:34:08.820 --> 00:34:21.870 Katie McGowan: No, it's so incredible is that they are so intuitive and so instinctual as to what is needed, you know, they bring up the energy or bring down the energy as needed with the client or the person or the

00:34:22.620 --> 00:34:33.480 Katie McGowan: Patient that they're working with. So if there is somebody that is anxious. They know how to bring the anxiety down if there's somebody that needs a little pick me up in their energy such time

00:34:37.890 --> 00:34:46.440 Tommy DiMisa: You know, it's just I just comment that will be there. It's just so special. I mean, you literally and this is nonprofit to me and and specifically your organization.

00:34:47.220 --> 00:34:54.600 Tommy DiMisa: Changing the trajectory of somebody else's life experience that's critical. And that's, that's what I feel nonprofits do each and every day.

00:34:55.110 --> 00:35:06.150 Tommy DiMisa: But, um, you know, it's a listen. We all know it's been challenging last year or so. But, um, everybody needs to pick me up, you know, even when it's not in the year 2020

00:35:06.540 --> 00:35:17.340 Tommy DiMisa: It's, you know, these, these animals. They do great thing that's so special. Katie I mean you know you dig what you do every day. Right. I mean that's that's a special way to be special way to live your life right

00:35:17.580 --> 00:35:32.130 Katie McGowan: Mm hmm. And and how fortunate to be able to take the passion. I have for animals and people and put them together and get to spend my days like that. I'm going to let eight and go back outside of Pearl because he misses her and she misses him when they're not together.

00:35:32.130 --> 00:35:34.860 Tommy DiMisa: Sorry at night, you're too, buddy. I'll see you soon. All right.

00:35:36.840 --> 00:35:37.110 Katie McGowan: Jay,

00:35:39.420 --> 00:35:39.690 Tommy DiMisa: Jay,

00:35:41.310 --> 00:35:47.220 Tommy DiMisa: This is what we do here in philanthropy and focus, man. We bring horses on the show. That's what it's like here.

00:35:47.850 --> 00:35:52.290 Tommy DiMisa: Before eight in pop five for a visit. And before we took a break. We talked about

00:35:52.620 --> 00:36:06.240 Tommy DiMisa: The pre Volk side of things, but we also talked about the importance of mentorship. So I wonder if you could talk about mentorship and and Katie and your experience over all these years and nonprofit how it relates to volunteerism as well.

00:36:06.900 --> 00:36:15.480 Katie McGowan: So, I'm sure. So, um, my, you know, when I first started, I like I said I had one volunteer and that was my dad and then from that.

00:36:16.410 --> 00:36:36.210 Katie McGowan: I had kids at the barn, who were incredible barn rats who wanted to be at the farm and they were supportive and helpful to the organization getting started and my first five volunteers have become a gynecologist teachers PT, OT and special education teachers. So, I mean, it's quite amazing.

00:36:36.540 --> 00:36:49.200 Katie McGowan: You know how they and a speech and language pathologist was one of my next set of volunteers. So I've had incredible young ladies who have really become very successful in their lifetime.

00:36:49.920 --> 00:37:03.060 Katie McGowan: From you know from giving we receive so much and so many young people nowadays are seeking out it because it's the way of the world today of how we can be supportive, which is wonderful.

00:37:03.480 --> 00:37:08.490 Katie McGowan: And, like I've said before, there's something here for everybody and horse ability and

00:37:09.360 --> 00:37:18.870 Katie McGowan: There's so much to offer. And so much to receive here. So whether you're 14 or your ad, whether you're retired teacher, whether you're retired physician, a retired lawyer.

00:37:19.530 --> 00:37:28.260 Katie McGowan: You can always do something for a not for profit organization, especially ours that is working with animals, working with children in we have educational programs we have

00:37:28.620 --> 00:37:40.410 Katie McGowan: Implying programs. You know, there's so much going on here. There's an help that you could do any office. So that leads back to the pre vocational program that you're talking about. So we can support our

00:37:40.830 --> 00:37:48.540 Katie McGowan: Clients how with learning skills of working in an office, they can learn how to answer phones. How to greet people how to

00:37:48.840 --> 00:37:58.620 Katie McGowan: An alpha ties is is a huge something we need to we need papers to be filed and alpha ties work with our in our business department and our finance department.

00:37:58.920 --> 00:38:04.950 Katie McGowan: There's so many different things, whether you're working out in the barn on the farm, whether your

00:38:05.310 --> 00:38:21.060 Katie McGowan: Editorial work or you are doing landscaping. So there is so much opportunity in an environment that is understanding that is caring and compassionate and wants everyone to be successful. So that is one of

00:38:22.200 --> 00:38:32.490 Katie McGowan: The that's what's unique about her civility and that we send people off to the world that you're always welcome to come back. But we're sending you off with on success.

00:38:33.120 --> 00:38:41.070 Katie McGowan: feeling good about yourself and and one of our other models is that we will come here, you should leave. You're feeling better about yourself. Then when you did when you first got here.

00:38:41.760 --> 00:38:47.970 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, I, I know it. Like I said earlier, I know it for sure. And I didn't even know there was this whole thing that you just mentioned about that, you know,

00:38:48.690 --> 00:38:57.840 Tommy DiMisa: I think you mentioned being with the animals just brings our blood pressure down and things like that. I just thought I was. I was enjoying it and realize it was there's chemically some stuff going on too. Yeah.

00:38:57.990 --> 00:39:06.870 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, so, so the other what you said, there's your people are better off. I think, you know, isn't that what we're supposed to do. Anyhow, as people right

00:39:09.000 --> 00:39:13.950 Tommy DiMisa: Improve those around us make an impact and add value. But when when you talk about

00:39:16.770 --> 00:39:22.950 Tommy DiMisa: There's so much opportunity at the form, you know, because of the nature of your business. There's so many things that people with

00:39:23.220 --> 00:39:34.620 Tommy DiMisa: Varied abilities. Forget disability. People have different abilities and it's really that that I think you know it's somebody in its energy interest as well to write, somebody might just want to be

00:39:35.460 --> 00:39:44.520 Tommy DiMisa: Somebody like me wants to be in you know fanfare and in front of the room and and other people might want to, you know, be more office style work and then these are skills, though.

00:39:45.210 --> 00:39:57.300 Tommy DiMisa: That these individuals, whether they be again a varied abilities. I mean, I know people have left the organization and gone on too many different things and decided to stay close to this type of industry and gone to different industries and

00:39:59.340 --> 00:40:07.620 Tommy DiMisa: What when it comes to that the mentor thing for you. Tell me, because I know you have mentor. I have mentors in my life. Those of us who are always trying to

00:40:08.070 --> 00:40:24.240 Tommy DiMisa: elevate our performance and strive for that peak performance put people around us to really help us out. So I know you're on. Okay, so tell me are tell me about why is mentorship been so important to you from a mentee perspective and from a mentor perspective.

00:40:25.680 --> 00:40:26.190 Katie McGowan: So,

00:40:27.840 --> 00:40:36.420 Katie McGowan: I could never say enough how important the mentorship relationship is because first of all

00:40:37.170 --> 00:40:47.220 Katie McGowan: We don't have all the answers. And when I was young, I was young when I started the organization. And I thought I was supposed to have all the answers. You know, I thought I was

00:40:47.730 --> 00:40:58.680 Katie McGowan: On and to find out for my one of my first mentors that I wasn't supposed to have all the answers. It was such a relief and and since then I've had tremendous

00:40:59.820 --> 00:41:06.630 Katie McGowan: Fabulous mentors that have helped me as a person and the organization flourished and

00:41:07.830 --> 00:41:18.990 Katie McGowan: And I have tried every way to to give back to the, whether it be to the community or to the professionals that do the work that we do to give back.

00:41:19.380 --> 00:41:27.300 Katie McGowan: I always say, if I could save you. One mistake because you're going to make a million like I did, and that that is then I've done my work because

00:41:28.620 --> 00:41:42.960 Katie McGowan: It's so important to share what we know and so that way we can always make sure that we're doing good work. And we're sharing the know how of how to do good work out that we only want to turn out good work.

00:41:43.410 --> 00:41:50.520 Katie McGowan: And it doesn't only have to come from her severely. We're like an octopus. If you learn it from here and you go and you start new programs and

00:41:50.820 --> 00:42:00.900 Katie McGowan: New organizations and and where the nucleus fantastic or for one grain of it. Fantastic. As long as you're doing good work out there that's what's important.

00:42:01.380 --> 00:42:09.780 Katie McGowan: Whether it be enough for profit, whether you've been you've been facilitated work on whatever it may be. But as long as it's good work and

00:42:11.130 --> 00:42:23.370 Katie McGowan: And it's in the nonprofit sector, that's fabulous. And that's wonderful. And always stay humble. So if you're asking for help and support and and staying humble, then you're off to a great start.

00:42:24.720 --> 00:42:25.230 Tommy DiMisa: So,

00:42:27.240 --> 00:42:33.960 Tommy DiMisa: I think there's that piece there. I don't want that to go away too quickly there if you're asking for help, you know, be humble and it's that

00:42:34.590 --> 00:42:50.580 Tommy DiMisa: You know, isn't that a major tenant of somebody who's going to be successful, is be coachable be if you're gonna ask be open be be willing to, um, you know, like, personally, I know I only make mistakes, every day, like every day.

00:42:52.020 --> 00:42:59.910 Tommy DiMisa: And I totally feel what you're saying is, like I used to think as a younger person like I wasn't running an organization, similar to yours, but I

00:43:00.390 --> 00:43:06.240 Tommy DiMisa: In my life is like I got to know all the answers. I have to know everything, and even creeps into me, to this day, like I have to have all the answers, but it's

00:43:07.470 --> 00:43:12.060 Tommy DiMisa: That's crazy. That's it. I don't know the way to say it. It's just not. It's not even realistic to have

00:43:13.080 --> 00:43:18.360 Tommy DiMisa: And I think the it's the, you know, the old cliche, you know, be the

00:43:19.440 --> 00:43:23.490 Tommy DiMisa: I don't want to use the word dominance, but don't be the smartest person in the room. You know how

00:43:23.880 --> 00:43:25.140 Tommy DiMisa: Around you and I'm all about

00:43:25.380 --> 00:43:25.890 Tommy DiMisa: Man, because

00:43:27.030 --> 00:43:34.650 Tommy DiMisa: There's certain things like I am like really freaking good at. And then there's everything else. There's like three or four things like I'm really good at and then like

00:43:35.040 --> 00:43:43.440 Tommy DiMisa: There's like thousands and millions of things. I am not good at. So put people around you, and I'm sure you know, and maybe we can talk about this one, come back from break in a couple minutes, but

00:43:44.100 --> 00:43:49.050 Tommy DiMisa: Team is is critical. And I've, I've hung out with your team of bunch and I mean the fact that

00:43:49.440 --> 00:43:57.420 Tommy DiMisa: After first time we met you invited me to speak in front your team, like how cool was that like I was totally like talking about stepping into sort of uncomfortable it and I was like,

00:43:57.990 --> 00:44:05.340 Tommy DiMisa: Dude, I'm just your friend like I'm your buddy, I'm coming day but you like, No, I want you to like do this thing. And I'm I know I'm

00:44:05.850 --> 00:44:17.760 Tommy DiMisa: I know you're big on making sure people are in the right seat on the bus, as they say, and maybe they're not. So we move them around the bus so that, that to me is you don't have to have all the answers when you ask for help.

00:44:19.170 --> 00:44:28.770 Tommy DiMisa: Be willing to accept that help. These are the big takeaways that that I'm really hearing from you today. So when we come back I don't know how time is flying by, Katie.

00:44:29.190 --> 00:44:31.710 Tommy DiMisa: No, but it is so when we come back.

00:44:32.220 --> 00:44:39.030 Tommy DiMisa: I want to really hear about going forward. And it's apparent that won't have to have this meeting a second time, because there's just not enough time to get through everything but

00:44:39.240 --> 00:44:45.900 Tommy DiMisa: I want to hear about where we're going and source ability. Who are some of the collaborative partners, you're working with and who do you want to collab with so

00:44:46.140 --> 00:44:52.170 Tommy DiMisa: We'll do that in just about a minute or two folks, we're going to go to another quick break. It'll be Tommy and Katie back on the shelf. Talk to you soon.

00:47:07.980 --> 00:47:11.340 Tommy DiMisa: Little echo they put on the end of the song there. That's so fun for me so

00:47:12.000 --> 00:47:18.780 Tommy DiMisa: I'm a brand new. I'm your biggest fan. So thanks for putting that together. What a heck of a birthday present. I got this week with that jingle can't wait for the rest of the lyrics

00:47:19.140 --> 00:47:30.870 Tommy DiMisa: So we are in my attic green Tommy john brennan top of my house. That's where addicts usually are. And today, visiting with me is my bunny Katie and Katie I don't know how the time is flying by, so I want to come back next week.

00:47:32.280 --> 00:47:42.360 Tommy DiMisa: So let's jump right into what we want to talk about. Tell me about, because what's important to me. We talked about on the nonprofit sector connector. I want to bring the pieces together and move the pieces around the board.

00:47:43.890 --> 00:47:49.770 Tommy DiMisa: The collaborative partners, you mentioned by name. You mentioned a HR. See, but are there other

00:47:50.370 --> 00:47:56.640 Tommy DiMisa: Tell me who and I had a list from our conversation earlier this week. But who do you want to want to meet with and

00:47:57.180 --> 00:48:08.100 Tommy DiMisa: Who can, you know, the people who are listening, if they work with other organizations or they're on the board of another organization. Tell me about that. Who, who really can you impact and where they'll be that that symbiotic relationship.

00:48:09.450 --> 00:48:29.820 Katie McGowan: So, you know, without specifically talking about any individual or organization, specifically, and I would say, you know what, who and what we love to connect with our other not for profits and because it really is wonderful to make

00:48:31.530 --> 00:48:46.470 Katie McGowan: The synergy happen between two not for profits and donors love that their dollar there $1 now helps to organizations. So that is really terrific for us when we can

00:48:46.860 --> 00:48:53.010 Katie McGowan: Work with other not for profits and also mentor each other, you know, Peer Mentor each other through

00:48:53.910 --> 00:49:07.560 Katie McGowan: You know, especially like the pandemic that we're going through and this, this, you know, complete debacle that we're all in right now. And so it's it's not. I wouldn't sit here and rattle off names and organizations and

00:49:08.220 --> 00:49:11.580 Tommy DiMisa: Turn off. But tell me, like, so what do they look like is it, you know, is it

00:49:11.610 --> 00:49:12.810 Katie McGowan: So I think it

00:49:12.900 --> 00:49:23.160 Katie McGowan: Educational Facilities mental health facilities and yeah that's that's who I'm but there's, again, there's not there's no

00:49:24.570 --> 00:49:29.760 Katie McGowan: Population that possibility hasn't come across that we can help you know veterans.

00:49:31.410 --> 00:49:39.300 Katie McGowan: Education, the dementia care components any addiction eating disorders, you know,

00:49:40.110 --> 00:49:40.770 Tommy DiMisa: Across the board.

00:49:41.340 --> 00:49:42.720 Katie McGowan: Across the board, yeah.

00:49:42.780 --> 00:49:50.310 Tommy DiMisa: I've just from from our earlier conversation earlier this week you know I we talked similarly to school districts, different types of institutional

00:49:50.310 --> 00:49:53.250 Tommy DiMisa: Organization Boy Scouts Girl Scouts school programs.

00:49:53.820 --> 00:50:01.740 Tommy DiMisa: We talked about it, folks who are aging out and then this quote that I wrote that we've said a couple times here today. But there's something here for everyone. There's something as the forum.

00:50:02.400 --> 00:50:10.170 Tommy DiMisa: For everyone and I, I'm not sure what I'm allowed to share or not share but I'm going to share this in the chat. My, my producer Sam Leibowitz and I are chatting back and forth and

00:50:10.680 --> 00:50:18.360 Tommy DiMisa: Field trip for talk radio NYC to horse ability when when when we can. That's all happening. So Sam it's out there now it's in the

00:50:18.360 --> 00:50:18.810 Universe.

00:50:20.370 --> 00:50:22.230 Tommy DiMisa: The universe. So it's happening.

00:50:22.440 --> 00:50:31.200 Katie McGowan: So we love having guests at the farm, because it's experiencing the farm says it all. And the more that people can experience coming to fund the better.

00:50:31.500 --> 00:50:36.600 Katie McGowan: You know there's something here for everyone is what we always say, and we always say share the gift of forces.

00:50:36.930 --> 00:50:48.750 Katie McGowan: And the other thing is, let horses, bring the best of bring out the best in you, you know, and that is really the truth here and horse ability forces bring out the best in everyone. So, um,

00:50:48.990 --> 00:50:53.640 Tommy DiMisa: So talk to me. If we can get we didn't get to cover a lot so so there's so much more to

00:50:54.060 --> 00:50:54.870 Katie McGowan: Go on and on.

00:50:55.320 --> 00:50:55.950 Tommy DiMisa: Like literally

00:50:56.400 --> 00:51:01.860 Tommy DiMisa: Three hours and it's like we're not finished but but i first time we ever met. I came out there.

00:51:02.940 --> 00:51:05.730 Tommy DiMisa: Foundation. I never met you before. And we talked for two hours.

00:51:05.850 --> 00:51:09.840 Tommy DiMisa: And then I'm leaving, I'm leaving on the stoop and you talk for another 20 minutes

00:51:11.580 --> 00:51:24.090 Tommy DiMisa: Is that kind of deal so so so that's good. Talk to me like when you look at, I know you're big on on vision and looking forward, I know that because I know we joke. The other day, you know, I've been in your office where you have like q1 q2 and

00:51:25.650 --> 00:51:34.710 Tommy DiMisa: Where do you see you. You've made an incredible impact your organization. And I know you're about team. So it's not just the Katie show. It's the entire organization that has made an incredible impact.

00:51:35.430 --> 00:51:41.250 Tommy DiMisa: Where do you go, what is called the next the future. And, you know, not just a one year, but the three year kind of what what

00:51:41.970 --> 00:51:48.990 Katie McGowan: So it's amazing that you're you're asking that, because, you know, yesterday I was just on the phone with my mentor from California.

00:51:49.440 --> 00:52:03.090 Katie McGowan: And we just said our Q1 and meetings because we have to set you know now that it was still in this pandemic, we have to redo our strategic planning.

00:52:03.930 --> 00:52:14.760 Katie McGowan: And we have a long term and short term. So we just so I can give us a shout out to after 25 years we were able to build her indoor arena, which was a dream come true.

00:52:15.120 --> 00:52:33.540 Katie McGowan: And that's incredible. So, that is, if I could say, you know, like stay the course have the passion had the vision stay the course and trust the process because it will happen if it's meant to be. And after 25 years we were able to build an amazing game changing into our arena for ourselves.

00:52:33.810 --> 00:52:38.460 Tommy DiMisa: Why am Katie, because I think I know but what was, what was the need there.

00:52:38.730 --> 00:52:47.040 Katie McGowan: Sure. Because I'm first of all, now we're, we've always bundled up in this weather and we're outside anyway. However, it's freezing out there.

00:52:47.820 --> 00:52:55.590 Katie McGowan: And so now it's our clientele doesn't have to take off for the winter. If they are sensitive to the weather.

00:52:56.010 --> 00:53:01.740 Katie McGowan: Our volunteers, don't you know they're more apt to come because it's not so cold indoors and

00:53:02.160 --> 00:53:11.640 Katie McGowan: Rain. We could be indoors with rain and so on. So our school programs don't have to cancel everything is consistent now and with our clients, it needs to be consistent. So

00:53:12.450 --> 00:53:22.950 Katie McGowan: It's, um, it's wonderful. So it is a complete game changer due to consistency and fluidity. So that's wonderful. So this is our third winter now in the indoor arena was just wondering

00:53:23.010 --> 00:53:26.070 Tommy DiMisa: is tremendous. I've been in that is absolutely. How big is it

00:53:26.640 --> 00:53:34.890 Katie McGowan: It's an ed by 200 and then we had a wonderful way to wonderful donor Michael dove who donated a

00:53:36.990 --> 00:53:43.920 Katie McGowan: Viewing my family viewing on classroom on the end of it. So it's fantastic. So we're very fortunate to have that as well and

00:53:45.270 --> 00:53:52.470 Katie McGowan: So, so that's one thing. And then the other is that we have to stick to our mission, no matter what. And that is my

00:53:53.220 --> 00:53:56.730 Katie McGowan: Like my personal claim to my own like success is

00:53:57.030 --> 00:54:07.350 Katie McGowan: sticking to our mission that has always been what my mentor said said to me, stick to your mission. Don't veer from it, no matter what. There could be variations of your mission but stick to my mission so

00:54:07.620 --> 00:54:14.760 Katie McGowan: For this year it's sticking to our mission. But now we are elaborating on our mental health component of our programming.

00:54:15.510 --> 00:54:19.080 Katie McGowan: Because that's what's needed. Again, we've always listened to the community.

00:54:19.740 --> 00:54:30.780 Katie McGowan: To the listeners and right now it's really truly focusing on the mental health component of the organization. That's what's needed with what's going on and the climate of this world and the environment we're living

00:54:31.830 --> 00:54:39.090 Tommy DiMisa: You know, look, I don't ever. And there are certain things that have happened in a positive light because of

00:54:39.510 --> 00:54:47.010 Tommy DiMisa: I didn't want to say it that way. As a result of there being a global pandemic certain things have happened, and even in my own personal life that are beneficial.

00:54:47.460 --> 00:54:53.670 Tommy DiMisa: I'm never given any props or credit to to a global pandemic. But I will say things that have happened and

00:54:54.360 --> 00:55:03.420 Tommy DiMisa: If we're going to have the ability to to make an impact in in the stigma around mental health because it's now it's so many more people it's apparent it's out there and I know

00:55:03.750 --> 00:55:09.480 Tommy DiMisa: In other organizations. I work with. We talk a lot about anything that stigma. But if that's some kind of advantage that came out of this.

00:55:10.590 --> 00:55:11.010 Tommy DiMisa: Okay.

00:55:11.340 --> 00:55:19.050 Tommy DiMisa: Not, not and I want to next time you and I get together and we should record that conversation will probably be three hours, but we should

00:55:19.650 --> 00:55:30.120 Tommy DiMisa: Get together because we're just about to to draw this meeting to a close. I want to make sure we we focus on on bringing together some of those collaborative partners specifically, you know,

00:55:30.780 --> 00:55:38.970 Tommy DiMisa: So I want to close with this kitty anything you can tell me how does somebody find out more about course ability. How do they follow you. How do they get your social media, things like that.

00:55:39.720 --> 00:55:53.280 Katie McGowan: So they can always go to our website. That's the first thing. And that's www for Stability Board. The other is that they can go to. We are on

00:55:55.710 --> 00:55:58.680 Katie McGowan: Facebook and Instagram at core stability.

00:55:59.700 --> 00:56:07.410 Katie McGowan: We also have Twitter enforceability and Aiden and pearl who you just met on there is at a&m pearl. There are many

00:56:08.910 --> 00:56:11.340 Katie McGowan: ads on Facebook and Instagram accounts.

00:56:12.420 --> 00:56:20.370 Tommy DiMisa: Or I'll compile all that listeners, it'll she'll be sharing my social media, make sure you get all that I gotta bring this to a close. Katie I can't say

00:56:20.400 --> 00:56:21.780 Tommy DiMisa: thank you enough for being part of my first

00:56:21.780 --> 00:56:23.010 Katie McGowan: Programming. Thank you.

00:56:23.640 --> 00:56:30.000 Tommy DiMisa: I it's so cool, ladies and gentlemen, I just thank you for being here. K. Here's I'm going to close with really quick. Next one day at

00:56:30.450 --> 00:56:39.390 Tommy DiMisa: Next Wednesday, January 11 is the applications go live for the New York City. Imagine awards. You've, you've been organizations and serving the five boroughs in New York City on the nonprofit side connect with me.

00:56:40.320 --> 00:56:45.360 Tommy DiMisa: Instagram Tommy d dot NYC my LinkedIn is Tommy to me. So that's my real name to me so

00:56:45.660 --> 00:56:55.830 Tommy DiMisa: The aim is a and the emails Tommy D at philanthropy in focus, calm focus and spell p H. O. C. U. S. I didn't tell you that up front because I like alliteration, and it looks funny.

00:56:56.130 --> 00:57:03.840 Tommy DiMisa: So play for him to come back. Check us out in the attic thank us to Sam Leibowitz Stephen Fry, he's always been got in my corner when it comes to this program.

00:57:04.170 --> 00:57:10.230 Tommy DiMisa: Brendan levy down which good my entire family. Stay tuned for my buddy Stephen Fry, it's always Friday father the entrepreneurial web at noon.

00:57:10.530 --> 00:57:19.110 Tommy DiMisa: Fall by wise content creates wealth from from one to all here talk radio dot NYC you buddy Tommy have an incredible day. Thanks so much. Thank you, Katie.

00:57:19.680 --> 00:57:20.310 Katie McGowan: Thank you.

00:57:20.700 --> 00:57:21.270 Tommy DiMisa: Appreciate you

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