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Thursday, January 7, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/07 - Doing What Others Don't

Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/07 - Doing What Others Don't


2021/01/07 - Doing What Others Don't

[NEW EPISODE] Doing What Others Don't

It's that time of year where most business owners are making plans and increasing their activity. We tend to head into the new year with great ideas and determination.

The problem is, everyone else is doing the same. Mike Macedonio is a New York Times best selling author who has a unique way at looking at goal setting. We'll be discussing how to do what others aren't. How to stand out in the crowd. How to make sure we are leading innovatively, creatively and with purpose.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham introduces his guest Mike Macedonio, a best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. Mike shares what inspired him to become an entrepreneur and how his journey began. For him the biggest game changer was joining BNI, Business Network International, where he learned a great deal by talking to other business owners. He talks about how business owners have had to adapt to the pandemic and moving their platform online. For some it did not work well but others have been able to network and transform their business models.

Segment 2

Mike observed that there are two ways that people have handled the impact of the pandemic and protest, they have either retreated or created opportunities for themselves. He has adapted by continuing to put himself out there and asked some of the top entrepreneurs in his California community how they gained their success. None of them knew people when they moved out to California but through networking they made connections and gained success. Mike believed that any entrepreneur that has a goal set should take those next steps right now!

Segment 3

Mike shares a story about a marathon that taught him two valuable lessons; hook your wagon to the right horse and do what others are not willing to do. He discussed the importance of relentless marketing and how it has helped a man he consulted thrive during a season when his business often falters. Graham compares it to his experience marketing an event and receiving an amazing turn out because he opened up to a different approach to promotion.

Segment 4

While the national economy is not in an ideal state, Mike believes that within the local economy entrepreneurs can still achieve some success. He has shifted his focus on achieving short term goals in order to focus on maintaining success rather than being overwhelmed with the long term goals and fear of long term failure. In order to reduce stress Mike and his wife have been enjoying alone time, gardening, and binging shows. Clearing the mind is the most important thing a business owner needs.


00:00:33.720 --> 00:00:41.430 Graham Dobbin: Good evening and welcome to the mind behind glitter show live on talk radio dot NYC. My name is Graham Dobbin and

00:00:41.820 --> 00:00:55.740 Graham Dobbin: Every Thursday we talked alive to leaders from all walks of life. I will look for real stories from real people. Keep it away necessarily from this theory and dig into what happens in everyday life and business and sport and military

00:00:56.280 --> 00:01:05.280 Graham Dobbin: Now this is a fresh or 2021 and there's the seventh of January, and then I time most resolutions are wavering all those promises we made

00:01:06.030 --> 00:01:12.150 Graham Dobbin: A week ago. I'm beginning to get a little bit more difficult we fall back into old habits. In fact, statistically,

00:01:12.660 --> 00:01:18.900 Graham Dobbin: Just so you know by February, only one in five of us will still be in that same path. It's the same in business.

00:01:19.440 --> 00:01:24.780 Graham Dobbin: We have those moments like New Year. The start of the financial years where we plan out

00:01:25.410 --> 00:01:38.430 Graham Dobbin: What we can and will do and then stuff happens. Now we know that only to well over the last 12 months I guess that I has experienced that over the last sort of five or six years that things have come in and change really quickly.

00:01:39.390 --> 00:01:45.090 Graham Dobbin: And business will only do we don't only just look at what we made you also seem to create rules of Rome, what we can do.

00:01:45.750 --> 00:01:57.390 Graham Dobbin: And tonight, we're going to challenge that so for 2021 we're kicking off with a bang. We have someone who I know is to be the best is showing us how to keep and focus keep one mission.

00:01:57.870 --> 00:02:08.580 Graham Dobbin: And stand out against this evening I'm absolutely delighted. And once again we have Mike Macedonia, who is a New York Times bestselling author a speaker and entrepreneur.

00:02:09.180 --> 00:02:20.970 Graham Dobbin: Mike is also the co founder of a sentence. Now he's built that from being a small Training and Consultancy company to a franchise organization with over 60 locations and six continents.

00:02:21.390 --> 00:02:35.490 Graham Dobbin: He's also the co executive director for BNA in the Bay Area and initial he helps thousands of local business owners build their businesses through structured business networking. This gives them a really unique insight that will be digging into tonight.

00:02:36.150 --> 00:02:49.860 Graham Dobbin: A lives with his life for the passionate adventure. One of his proudest moments was twice competing in the lead trail 100 mile mountain bike race in Colorado at St like hard work. Mike also gives back to the community.

00:02:50.310 --> 00:03:00.780 Graham Dobbin: Are holding a position on the board of directors for the Wisconsin big cat rescue a nonprofit organization kidding for abused or neglected tigers and lions.

00:03:01.110 --> 00:03:13.140 Graham Dobbin: When He's Not helping entrepreneurs or the big cats or cycling. He has a passion for being with his wife and entertaining friends Mike is a big welcome. Great to see you again.

00:03:13.650 --> 00:03:16.230 Mike Macedonio: Thank you. Graham so great to see you again. Happy New Year.

00:03:16.290 --> 00:03:20.880 Graham Dobbin: Happy New Year to you that sunshine in the background. Where are you joining us from today.

00:03:21.840 --> 00:03:22.290 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, was

00:03:22.590 --> 00:03:23.880 Mike Macedonio: From Santa Rosa, California.

00:03:25.140 --> 00:03:38.310 Graham Dobbin: Not a bad day for January. Yeah, we've we've not had too much sun in New York. So, Mike. Just, just to kind of kick us off, give us a little bit of an idea that the business seat, you're involved with what you do and how how you, how you, how you help

00:03:38.700 --> 00:03:46.740 Mike Macedonio: Yeah. Well, today I primarily work with small business owners and primarily working with them on marketing the business now with the sensitive

00:03:47.010 --> 00:03:57.210 Mike Macedonio: That's true coaching and consulting in some workshops as well to help the business owner and the DNI side of it. It's about structured networking groups. Okay, so these are

00:03:57.780 --> 00:04:05.760 Mike Macedonio: Groups of business owners coming together and to help each other so you know both of those businesses are really satisfying for me because

00:04:07.470 --> 00:04:17.520 Mike Macedonio: I thrive and the small business owner, I mean they to me and he said, a lot of my upbringing. It really is the people that I admire the most

00:04:18.120 --> 00:04:25.110 Mike Macedonio: Know, the ones that don't have all the resources that output what working off of a lodge cooperation, nothing more with logical operations.

00:04:25.710 --> 00:04:37.260 Mike Macedonio: To small business owners like yourself, Graham that have to work within a limited budget limited amount of time. Okay. In many cases, we're in many, many hats and and to me.

00:04:37.950 --> 00:04:47.970 Mike Macedonio: You know the other workhorses of the economy and the other ones I respect because the sleeves rolled up in the tenacity of never giving up which is a very important value to me.

00:04:49.980 --> 00:05:02.700 Graham Dobbin: I can, I can hear in your voice. I can see your face that you've got a passion for for this. When's the first time you roll your sleeves up. When was the first thing that you can work on getting stuck into a job or business.

00:05:03.510 --> 00:05:15.090 Mike Macedonio: Well, I think the transition happen just about 2324 years ago where I just felt like a victim working people. Nothing was treated badly. It wasn't treated badly at all, but man.

00:05:15.540 --> 00:05:26.430 Mike Macedonio: I just needed to be my own boss and in the worst way I was going to do whatever it took to be my own boss and clearly, I didn't have. I didn't have the money, and I didn't have a clue no money and no clue.

00:05:26.850 --> 00:05:27.930 Graham Dobbin: In starting point.

00:05:28.200 --> 00:05:39.540 Mike Macedonio: You know, and that's in spite of, you know, getting a degree in business is fight have been in management for a couple of decades, really, in terms of running and building and starting a small business, I was clueless.

00:05:40.260 --> 00:05:45.270 Mike Macedonio: I had two things that I was bringing to the table, work hard and work a lot

00:05:46.290 --> 00:05:55.230 Mike Macedonio: Work hard and work a lot and I excelled at working hard and working a lot, so much so that at that time I was hustling for different businesses.

00:05:56.070 --> 00:06:02.580 Mike Macedonio: None of them were related. By the way, they weren't compliment. They were just for different ways of making money. I was working seven days a week.

00:06:03.150 --> 00:06:16.920 Mike Macedonio: I was working 14 hours a day. And those people say, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I can show you my calendar from February to the end of October. There wasn't a day you walk there wasn't a holiday. There wasn't your child's birthday. I worked every one of those days. So at the end of the day.

00:06:18.120 --> 00:06:30.930 Mike Macedonio: I was paying my bills now still cutting my lawn. I was still shoveling the snow in the driveway and I'll still changing the oil in my car, I was showing my children how to move up to the pinnacle of mediocrity.

00:06:33.300 --> 00:06:38.610 Mike Macedonio: And that truly was my life and it, but I felt good about. I'm like, That's right man. I'm a business owner

00:06:39.240 --> 00:06:45.630 Mike Macedonio: Like I'm my own boss, but pretty bad one. But I'm my own boss. Well, when

00:06:45.660 --> 00:06:48.600 Graham Dobbin: When did you realize the that couldn't carry on, then.

00:06:49.380 --> 00:06:57.870 Mike Macedonio: You know, it's really interesting because it's really getting connected with Ivan Meisner founder of be an eye and getting above and beyond. I that I recognized that

00:06:58.320 --> 00:07:05.400 Mike Macedonio: It didn't have to be that way because I wasn't brought up and I wasn't told. And I wasn't taught in college that collaboration.

00:07:06.060 --> 00:07:16.860 Mike Macedonio: Working with others, helping others okay can transform all of that. And that's one of the things I started getting being i'd like I'd like to tell you I was a quick study on it. It probably took me a few years.

00:07:17.460 --> 00:07:25.560 Mike Macedonio: To really grasp that concept of working with people and when it did. I mean, it was the game changer. You know, and I mentioned about you know that

00:07:26.340 --> 00:07:35.310 Mike Macedonio: Going to college and being a management position for all those years, you know, when I really think about my entrepreneurship, I learned more as a paper boy.

00:07:36.150 --> 00:07:46.500 Mike Macedonio: About how to run a business than I did anything else up until I started working with other business owners like to be an eye for example you know the paper, who taught me work ethic.

00:07:47.130 --> 00:07:54.240 Mike Macedonio: Taught me but keeping records. It taught me about the need of customer service and he is a big one. It taught me how to do collections.

00:07:55.440 --> 00:07:58.020 Mike Macedonio: Those collections were important, because that was your money.

00:07:58.410 --> 00:08:05.880 Mike Macedonio: Yeah, I can remember one lady, she would always ditch me and she would not want to pay me and this could go on for weeks. Well, I don't know. That's my money.

00:08:06.150 --> 00:08:14.850 Mike Macedonio: And I mean I'm saturday i can tell you I would stand that that doorbell and I would just keep ringing it for 20 minutes because I know she's India and I want my dollar 25

00:08:15.930 --> 00:08:23.190 Mike Macedonio: But it really did teach me a lot about business. But again, fast forward. It's really being around other business owners that really showed me

00:08:23.730 --> 00:08:29.940 Mike Macedonio: This is the way you can build a business. This way you can scale your business, you know, many of the things that you mentioned in my introduction

00:08:30.420 --> 00:08:39.120 Mike Macedonio: are a direct result of that, you know, to the contacts I may be an eye to relationship I had it but Ivan Meisner, you know, we started the referral Institute. Now with sensitive

00:08:39.660 --> 00:08:46.860 Mike Macedonio: You know we expanded that through the contacts in the relationships that we had, you know, the best selling book to to delusion.

00:08:47.370 --> 00:09:05.970 Mike Macedonio: Was completely put over the top to collaboration in the network that we had. And specifically, there were 96 people on that list that I said that thank you note that help promote that book for us. And I think if I told you to stop my wife dawn was a referral from being an eye.

00:09:10.200 --> 00:09:14.430 Graham Dobbin: I'm going to make sure we're probably treading on very nice here, so be careful what you say.

00:09:16.230 --> 00:09:17.700 Graham Dobbin: You're gonna have to expand on that one.

00:09:19.500 --> 00:09:21.120 Graham Dobbin: You're gonna have to expand that one I like.

00:09:22.500 --> 00:09:30.030 Mike Macedonio: Well, very interesting because you're familiar with, you know, obviously referral. This incentive. Yeah. And she was referred to us and he said, you know,

00:09:30.420 --> 00:09:38.580 Mike Macedonio: Dawn's a great speaker issues with great coach, she's great at sales and I'm like, Yeah, I want to talk to her, and I get on the phone with her and she was just a brat.

00:09:39.180 --> 00:09:51.420 Mike Macedonio: She's challenged whether whether the stuff we had was good enough and and I was just like, I just want to get off the phone, but I got this referral from Ivan, I would be nicely. Oh, Susan. And so

00:09:52.290 --> 00:09:58.080 Mike Macedonio: It went back and forth. And if I told you all the bench me you'd say, you're, you're pretty nasty chill. So it's going back and forth. And at the end.

00:09:58.500 --> 00:10:04.320 Mike Macedonio: I said, listen, by the license come out with your partner see in Detroit. At the end of day one.

00:10:05.010 --> 00:10:15.750 Mike Macedonio: If you don't think this stuff is absolutely world class. Okay, leave your books on the table go shopping. I'm going to give you your money back. She said, Great, now I don't think she even say goodbye. I think she just hung up on me.

00:10:17.850 --> 00:10:26.370 Mike Macedonio: Fast forward, she comes. She's blown away with the materials absolutely wants to be involved. It gets involved in it, of course, with her abilities becomes a top producer.

00:10:26.880 --> 00:10:32.610 Mike Macedonio: And along the way, becomes a partner in the organization. And then of course we figured out that we really kind of did like each other.

00:10:34.110 --> 00:10:36.570 Graham Dobbin: That was kind of lucky. Then I suppose they like each other.

00:10:37.920 --> 00:10:47.130 Graham Dobbin: Um, so you both you both involved in, you're involved with the Center for also in being in the Bay Area, no one at one of the things that you mentioned with be and if anybody's not

00:10:47.550 --> 00:11:04.290 Graham Dobbin: Familiar with it. So when you see groups coming together. It's about it's about collaboration or businesses groups coming together has changed dramatically in the last 12 months just talk me through what kind of changes, you have to do just in that same before we get into the detail.

00:11:04.890 --> 00:11:11.280 Mike Macedonio: Yeah, well, you know, it's really interesting. Like many businesses, how to shift and make the pivots. And of course,

00:11:11.640 --> 00:11:19.740 Mike Macedonio: When you have a business that only meets face to face in the whole model is about face to face networking and passing a business.

00:11:20.370 --> 00:11:27.840 Mike Macedonio: This one has to pivot. But again, Soto, many, many other types of businesses. And you know what's really interesting about it is

00:11:28.260 --> 00:11:43.710 Mike Macedonio: When it happened. It's like, whoa, what are we going to do. And of course we have to go online, we have to create an online platform to do this. And even though that seems like a big task and we we did it. And it went really well. When I really step back and I look over the year I was like

00:11:45.000 --> 00:11:47.850 Mike Macedonio: So what are we doing live just in that business. What are we doing

00:11:48.510 --> 00:12:02.640 Mike Macedonio: Okay well we're connecting people we're building relationships we meet weekly the members also meet one to one outside the meeting they pass referrals to one another. They invite other people to see this. And it was like, that's all the things we did before.

00:12:03.810 --> 00:12:06.720 Mike Macedonio: It's simply in a virtual room, not a intuition room.

00:12:07.350 --> 00:12:15.870 Mike Macedonio: And so, so many times. I'm looking at people's businesses like you have to be able to adapt. You have to go in a different direction. I look at this radio show, for example, with you.

00:12:16.260 --> 00:12:24.900 Mike Macedonio: I mean, Graham, you are out there meeting with people networking doing presentations. That's your model. Okay, now

00:12:25.680 --> 00:12:30.750 Mike Macedonio: Still servicing the same people, they still have the same need. You still have the same offering

00:12:31.020 --> 00:12:42.450 Mike Macedonio: Okay, we just have to adapt to a virtual world for the time being, or maybe even permanently and I see that a lot of business, say I I kind of feel that first thing we need to do is say, what's the same

00:12:43.530 --> 00:12:51.720 Mike Macedonio: There's a customer still have the same problem that we still have the same solution. Okay, whatever. All of those things that are saying, Okay, now what do we need to adapt.

00:12:52.350 --> 00:13:01.320 Mike Macedonio: To continue to do that though my son came out here. Seven years ago, and because he's seen out. Well, I've done and been I he refused to join me and I

00:13:03.360 --> 00:13:03.810 Mike Macedonio: And

00:13:04.230 --> 00:13:16.020 Mike Macedonio: My wife told them that you really should do, be an eye. And he's like, No, I don't want it to be nice. I don't want to be another Macedonian in DNI and he was invited by seven different people and in Farley, a friend of us.

00:13:17.340 --> 00:13:23.940 Mike Macedonio: She's a real estate agent. She says, Hey Scott I'm doing a presentation that be, and I would really mean a lot to me if you came and supported me in. You were there.

00:13:24.870 --> 00:13:31.350 Mike Macedonio: And so he comes, he sees the meeting and he's filling out an application and Brooke goes up to him and said, You're not supposed to do that.

00:13:31.980 --> 00:13:39.300 Mike Macedonio: Well anyways, that was seven years ago and he has completely built his business by referral by networking. He's a personal trainer.

00:13:39.810 --> 00:13:50.520 Mike Macedonio: His business model is only been meeting with clients. Okay, meeting in the gym. Okay, working out with the clients and teaching them. You know what they need to know and keeping them accountable.

00:13:50.970 --> 00:14:02.100 Mike Macedonio: That's his whole business model it. Well, you can't go to the gym, you can't meet face to face, people still want to stay fit. They still want the accountability still want a personal trainer and you have the solution.

00:14:03.450 --> 00:14:08.640 Mike Macedonio: He moved that online and kept almost entire face of business.

00:14:09.750 --> 00:14:13.890 Mike Macedonio: And I've watched other people who, when they made that shift it didn't work so well.

00:14:14.640 --> 00:14:23.730 Graham Dobbin: I it's it's enjoyable. It's, I think I mentioned this to was working with a company just before before Christmas. We recorded it for other things and TV show.

00:14:24.090 --> 00:14:33.960 Graham Dobbin: Called the combat coach and and there was a gentleman was. It was a personal gym and they had gone through that for a membership or dropped dramatically and know they're coming back through on

00:14:34.680 --> 00:14:43.710 Graham Dobbin: Kind of that mix of online and some in person and some but they know that everything's kind of temporary so know exactly what he's done. And if he's been able to do that.

00:14:44.010 --> 00:14:56.250 Graham Dobbin: Over the over the last year. That's phenomenal and Mike. We're just about to go to a break after the break, I want to have a chat about what you've seen what the challenges have been for other businesses I name have a maybe.

00:14:57.300 --> 00:15:11.340 Graham Dobbin: A bit of a dive into goal setting and your own personal opinion about how we should be doing that you're listening to playing behind the leadership, we're speaking with Mike Macedonia, we're live on talk radio dot NYC. And we'll be back right after these messages.

00:17:42.210 --> 00:17:53.640 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back, we're speaking with Mike Macedonia and we're talking about goal setting and kind of what's happening when businesses change know make one of the things that stood out to me when we first met

00:17:54.750 --> 00:18:05.250 Graham Dobbin: For three, four years ago now for five years ago now is you know in your area. You already said you're you're you're you're joining us from Santa Rosa and the big

00:18:05.730 --> 00:18:16.800 Graham Dobbin: Big changes in the environment in Santa Rosa on a regular basis. Everybody's talking about what's happening globally, but locally, you have to deal with fires yet bill deal with life changing.

00:18:17.460 --> 00:18:25.140 Graham Dobbin: Environmental issues that happened around that stop businesses that people at homes you you've been used to

00:18:25.920 --> 00:18:40.350 Graham Dobbin: That business disruption. You've been used to maybe that creativity and I'm sure that a lot of the people you work with that as well. How is that helped or or or not over the last 12 months when when we've had to be probably more creative than ever.

00:18:41.760 --> 00:18:58.110 Mike Macedonio: Well, you know, I think there's a couple of things. And we've had to adapt to a lot and so like Graham says we've led to massive fires. We're still rebuilding 5000 homes we missed. We launched in this city. We've had fires again come through this year we've had power outages.

00:18:59.580 --> 00:19:03.060 Mike Macedonio: Into all of those things happening as well as the

00:19:04.500 --> 00:19:17.370 Mike Macedonio: Social and justices in writing and like a lot of parts of the country and you know it's it's really interesting. It's like some of those things. You're getting hit with and it's with like with everything else you're just like, oh, that's just another punch.

00:19:19.320 --> 00:19:25.740 Mike Macedonio: In some cases, that's the way it was actually feeling. Oh, yeah. There's another one. You know, even though you're in this massive brawl and

00:19:26.760 --> 00:19:33.870 Mike Macedonio: It's, you know, I think you know when when we first came in, certainly the pandemic. And I think this is probably more of a global thing going to Santa Rosa thing.

00:19:34.440 --> 00:19:43.440 Mike Macedonio: You know, I think there were two different ways people approached it see people are looking at and saying, what are we going to do and other people were retreating and panicking.

00:19:44.280 --> 00:19:51.030 Mike Macedonio: And I think this happened, certainly in a disaster like that. And it also happens sometimes. And things like a trend in the economy.

00:19:51.750 --> 00:20:01.620 Mike Macedonio: You know, I watch people start watching their business going down the economy is getting worse they hearing more about the economy more that actually impacting them and what they do is they retreat.

00:20:02.730 --> 00:20:11.940 Mike Macedonio: And to me, that is like the worst plan, you know, they started cutting back on their marketing, they start, you know, like they did like they're doing a bunker down until it's over.

00:20:12.630 --> 00:20:15.360 Mike Macedonio: Yeah bunker towns till it's over. You're going to be over.

00:20:16.140 --> 00:20:27.540 Mike Macedonio: And and i think the, the biggest adoption. I've seen that people being successful is thing that I've tried to encourage people to do is you have to lean into this, you go to look for what the opportunities. You got to do more.

00:20:27.870 --> 00:20:35.490 Mike Macedonio: Engaging and whatever is working do more of that you're connecting with people that you're meeting with people because that retreating.

00:20:36.270 --> 00:20:48.510 Mike Macedonio: Causes that cave dweller syndrome. And certainly when we have a shelter in place, like we do here. We have to stay home that cave can prevent you from opportunities in it doesn't have to. That's the key.

00:20:49.080 --> 00:20:56.160 Mike Macedonio: You know I'm joining other online networks. I'm out there. I'm probably I know I am. I'm out. The more than I was before.

00:20:57.120 --> 00:21:08.550 Mike Macedonio: Okay, because I know I have to be and i think i think that's the key. But here's the other things I I knew the businesses will take a hit. Okay, so I up my staff. We need to do more.

00:21:09.780 --> 00:21:16.830 Mike Macedonio: We need more so, like, how do we take advantage as we do more and you know that's that's the recommendation I have and I think that's the best way

00:21:17.400 --> 00:21:23.310 Mike Macedonio: To truly to adapt. You know, I talked about getting out there and not being in that cave

00:21:24.270 --> 00:21:37.710 Mike Macedonio: It's just recently in the past couple of weeks I've been interviewing the top one percenters in our organization to people that are absolutely destroying it with their contributions inside of being a top one percenters

00:21:38.280 --> 00:21:40.980 Mike Macedonio: And and I did ask him. I said, What's your secret what you do.

00:21:41.640 --> 00:21:53.940 Mike Macedonio: It was very interesting theme that I started hearing because he's a completely different styles, you know, from the most introverted commercial insurance salesperson. So the most extroverted, you know, very different styles, different ways of doing it.

00:21:54.420 --> 00:21:57.570 Mike Macedonio: But a lot of it started off with. Well, when I first moved to Syria.

00:21:58.650 --> 00:22:13.650 Mike Macedonio: I knew no one, and I knew I needed to get out there and I'm thinking about that. And I'm like, Well, yeah. And I'm thinking about people in a sentence and referral Institute. Now many of the top producers like yourself. Okay, it's not. You're not from New York.

00:22:14.640 --> 00:22:15.570 Graham Dobbin: You know it.

00:22:16.050 --> 00:22:16.860 Mike Macedonio: Doesn't show why

00:22:17.070 --> 00:22:17.670 Graham Dobbin: Does it show

00:22:18.870 --> 00:22:19.140 Mike Macedonio: And

00:22:19.200 --> 00:22:22.050 Graham Dobbin: And I can, I could, could you tell. Can you tell them, not from New York.

00:22:22.050 --> 00:22:22.440 Graham Dobbin: Mike

00:22:22.680 --> 00:22:27.150 Mike Macedonio: Hi. Can you tell I'm still trying to convince them. I haven't seen a rose accent so

00:22:30.180 --> 00:22:37.020 Mike Macedonio: I think, and because i'm i'm also you know that not from California, like what I believe is people like that that have

00:22:37.410 --> 00:22:46.920 Mike Macedonio: Have worked outside of their comfort zone. So they want to get out there were people that have not have really created a stronger cave rather than a stronger network.

00:22:47.520 --> 00:22:55.320 Mike Macedonio: Not in all cases. I'm not saying in all cases, that's the case. But in a lot of cases there's a sense of comfort feeling that you are connected community because you've always been

00:22:55.320 --> 00:22:56.610 Graham Dobbin: There. Yeah.

00:22:57.090 --> 00:23:04.710 Mike Macedonio: When in reality, you go to the same restaurant order the same food every week, when in reality your network is not something you stay in contact with

00:23:05.610 --> 00:23:16.680 Mike Macedonio: I believe there's a coverage in relocating which adds to the skill set of being willing to get out there and and that's what I see as a as a key.

00:23:18.270 --> 00:23:22.770 Mike Macedonio: adaptation to this environment. We need to get out there.

00:23:23.850 --> 00:23:36.660 Graham Dobbin: It's interesting, we probably don't always recognize that and ourselves because you're in it. You do it. And as you just said that's not a Santa Rosa accent. So you've done it by going across her in doing the right thing. Certainly.

00:23:37.440 --> 00:23:50.760 Graham Dobbin: This time last year, I would never, I would never have dropped it would have a radio show or done a TV series or you know what with companies in South Africa and all over the world. From here from New York.

00:23:51.240 --> 00:23:58.050 Graham Dobbin: And in fact, last year about this time I was across in Australia, and they were going through the wildfires then everybody's forgotten about it was

00:23:58.530 --> 00:24:06.990 Graham Dobbin: They were front page and headline news all over the world. And then it kind of stopped. So it's interesting how we do instinctively adapt.

00:24:07.590 --> 00:24:21.240 Graham Dobbin: The, the top 1% so that you're talking about. And just to clarify for everybody. These are these are members. These are business owners that are performing within within kind of the community that you've got, um, I'm

00:24:22.470 --> 00:24:39.330 Graham Dobbin: You said that that was one of the things when I came here was there anything within maybe a debt collector within their, their approach, not just the I needed to do it. Did you see any common themes in there that drove them to just take on that challenge.

00:24:39.870 --> 00:24:42.360 Mike Macedonio: I think it was a general caring for other people.

00:24:43.650 --> 00:24:50.760 Mike Macedonio: It out that that was that they actually care and sometimes they care about different things like you know like one woman.

00:24:51.840 --> 00:25:02.430 Mike Macedonio: You know she she invited to a person into it to be nice to network and and she's a roofing contractor. He's a sole person. So she was feeding him business left and right, and he was doing the same for her.

00:25:02.910 --> 00:25:09.960 Mike Macedonio: And, you know, there it is. A year later, and the gentleman comes up to her and says, I might tell you how much it means to me that you're doing this for me, excuse

00:25:11.370 --> 00:25:22.020 Mike Macedonio: I have a special needs child in a year ago, before you invited me in inside you know maybe part of this network. I didn't know how I was going to put food on the table.

00:25:23.190 --> 00:25:30.630 Mike Macedonio: And the bout a business you brought me to bottom, you know, success you've given me is allowing me to have a good life, you know, with my family well

00:25:31.080 --> 00:25:42.720 Mike Macedonio: That was meaningful and then another gentleman. I asked him, what's so important. He says, mainly I bring in a lot of people that are not maybe sales professionals. Now, part of the trade, they might be artists, they might be

00:25:44.100 --> 00:25:47.250 Mike Macedonio: You know professions that don't like to promote themselves so much

00:25:47.430 --> 00:25:48.600 Mike Macedonio: Oh, you don't feel confident

00:25:49.020 --> 00:25:54.780 Mike Macedonio: And I invite them into networking and I watch people with it teach chattering because there's so nervous to speak.

00:25:55.380 --> 00:26:06.570 Mike Macedonio: Just so, and then watched him transform over months and years to be so polished and so well spoken. He says, that's the thing that warms my heart. That's why I do what I want. I want people in the air to make those

00:26:07.020 --> 00:26:13.440 Mike Macedonio: Personal professional transformations. It's not just about you're going to get business.

00:26:14.700 --> 00:26:21.690 Graham Dobbin: It's internet we can be really good at what we do. But if we can't get that message over that there's a phenomenal story about Warren Buffett.

00:26:22.290 --> 00:26:32.370 Graham Dobbin: And about him going through the Dale Carnegie program. The, the public speaking program and he said if he hadn't done that he would not be various know is the only certificate. He's gotten his wall.

00:26:32.820 --> 00:26:38.760 Graham Dobbin: In his office doesn't have these degrees doesn't have anything like that. He said it said added at least 50% on

00:26:39.450 --> 00:26:49.020 Graham Dobbin: To his the value of his career. That's just by being able to speak, that's not being great at what he does. It was about being able to speak about the kind of deals. He could then do

00:26:49.500 --> 00:26:51.570 Graham Dobbin: So if they said it's interesting. The of highlight

00:26:51.600 --> 00:26:53.040 Graham Dobbin: Highlighted that I'm

00:26:54.180 --> 00:27:05.370 Graham Dobbin: Just before we go concern. Other break for five minutes just kind of have a look at this in the star. One of the things I mentioned at the beginning is this is a time of year that everybody says, I've got to change. I'm going to do something.

00:27:05.970 --> 00:27:13.470 Graham Dobbin: And there's there's maybe I think people are hoping that other things will change rather than changing themselves. The sheer unusually

00:27:14.010 --> 00:27:31.680 Graham Dobbin: But in business. Again, as I mentioned, we kind of we take we take these moments we take a new year, a new financial year or something happening to plan and when do you think the best time for us to begin to to plan or set our goals are when when when we're in business.

00:27:32.640 --> 00:27:33.300 Right now.

00:27:34.800 --> 00:27:36.480 Graham Dobbin: It's not because it's beginning of the year, or

00:27:36.810 --> 00:27:45.960 Mike Macedonio: Just now. Sounds good. So what I did this last year. Like I'll tell people you know you're going to set your goals for January. That's great.

00:27:46.620 --> 00:27:55.530 Mike Macedonio: But you can start your action items. Now, for example, last year I wanted to get more fit more lean because I had a cycling goal for February.

00:27:56.130 --> 00:28:05.700 Mike Macedonio: I said, I'm not waiting to first of the year to lose weight. I'm starting now. Okay. And that was like November, by, by the time I hit January. I was already down 10 pounds.

00:28:06.360 --> 00:28:17.850 Mike Macedonio: Well, if I went to the holidays like I normally do and what to put on 10 pounds 20 pounds ahead. Okay. And the same thing would apply to my marketing. Why do I have to wait until January to market, market now in market relentlessly

00:28:18.990 --> 00:28:32.280 Mike Macedonio: And I, and I and you know I always say it's not cheating if you take a head start in business. Yeah, at a bike race that's cheating in business. You don't have to wait for everybody else. So, so start now.

00:28:34.290 --> 00:28:34.740 Graham Dobbin: Um,

00:28:35.910 --> 00:28:37.710 Graham Dobbin: What do you think gets in the way of doing that.

00:28:39.090 --> 00:28:46.320 Mike Macedonio: You know, okay, so I'm a cyclist. And to me, I occupational hazard is anytime I'm doing something in cycling somehow which related to business.

00:28:47.010 --> 00:28:58.320 Mike Macedonio: Yeah, okay. I actually learned a marketing lesson, going to a bike race. And so this is a race, it's, it's an eight hour race on a mountain north of here and called mountain

00:28:59.040 --> 00:29:11.520 Mike Macedonio: It's really complicated you get you get 450 crazy mountain bike is at oh god 30 in the morning was freezing out lining up. They say go, and you have to raise up and around the mouth and you kind of see how many times you can do that in eight hours.

00:29:12.810 --> 00:29:14.970 Graham Dobbin: Okay, as you said,

00:29:15.120 --> 00:29:25.260 Mike Macedonio: In the category. I'm in his single speed, which means we're going to do it without gears. Okay. Now obviously this is, this isn't the young guy showing up on the line.

00:29:25.920 --> 00:29:28.980 Mike Macedonio: Right. And I've got two other teammates and we relay basically

00:29:29.880 --> 00:29:38.970 Mike Macedonio: When we go out there and I got a great team. I got a great team and we're we're doing well no crashes know botanicals, we're doing well, and we're coming close to the end of the race.

00:29:39.510 --> 00:29:48.510 Mike Macedonio: And we're doing really well and it comes up to the last lap, and this is are we going to have time for this. To finish up and

00:29:49.080 --> 00:29:59.280 Mike Macedonio: And they're like, I don't think so. And like Mike, you're going to go for it. Right. And I'm like, Yes, I'm going to go for it. Now, when you're going to come up with a break. So I'm going to come back with this at the end.

00:30:01.110 --> 00:30:03.750 Graham Dobbin: So, like that. So we got to find out with my

00:30:04.950 --> 00:30:11.460 Graham Dobbin: Friends, you must seek to the mind behind Malaysia with with Mike Macedonia and he's left us hanging till after these messages.

00:32:35.820 --> 00:32:49.710 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind buying the leadership with me. Graham Dobbin live on talk radio dot NYC we were hearing about my you're going to have to just briefly tell us where you are in this story, since you've left us hanging, just in case anybody's just joined us.

00:32:50.580 --> 00:32:59.940 Mike Macedonio: So we are getting towards the end of the race in the question is, you have to make an intelligent decision and and and not intelligence sport of am I going to go out for the last lap.

00:33:00.450 --> 00:33:08.400 Mike Macedonio: The amount of time that's left on the clock is telling me that I don't have enough time. I'm waiting for my buddy to come in my cycling may coming in.

00:33:08.760 --> 00:33:12.090 Mike Macedonio: And you know how long it's taking you every time you're going to for a lap.

00:33:12.540 --> 00:33:20.910 Mike Macedonio: And even though you go out to you and you put it all out everything you got and you see where's. How did you can for some reason. It's about a minute slower than the last one.

00:33:21.690 --> 00:33:23.730 Mike Macedonio: Is the day's going on. And so that time.

00:33:24.090 --> 00:33:32.130 Mike Macedonio: window is closed, but here's my buddy's like you're going to go for it. Right. And most of the racism finished by them because they either exhausted, or they don't have time.

00:33:32.310 --> 00:33:42.840 Mike Macedonio: And like, you're going to go for it. Yeah, I'm gonna go for it. And, okay, Mike. My buddy comes in. I come out of the transition area and I'm shooting it out. And the first thing I'm starting to think about is, I know what they're thinking.

00:33:43.470 --> 00:33:54.930 Mike Macedonio: I know what they're thinking they're thinking he ain't gonna make it. It doesn't matter how far you make it when the time is up. The Gates closed it doesn't come right and then the second thing that goes to my mind is, I know what they're doing.

00:33:56.280 --> 00:33:58.650 Mike Macedonio: They're lining up for burgers and BBQ right now.

00:34:00.450 --> 00:34:09.690 Mike Macedonio: And I started to think about. And I said, no, everything has to be outside of that you only can you go to what you have right now writing the best you can ride right now. Alright, so

00:34:09.870 --> 00:34:22.650 Mike Macedonio: The lab is going on the lab is going on and it finishes going downhill off the mountain and I'm coming down and I'm thinking, I couldn't make it. I think I couldn't make it. And then all of a sudden I started hearing the finish line. I hear the announcer war.

00:34:23.850 --> 00:34:35.460 Mike Macedonio: And as I'm racing down right here do everyone share and you know 3029 and I come charging across the finish line. Everyone's bill my buddies a tone BS up in a year. It was going nuts that I

00:34:35.730 --> 00:34:45.420 Mike Macedonio: Made it like so like I come through. And they're like, and how to do it. Like, how did you have the fastest lap. At the end of the day, okay. And all I can tell him is

00:34:48.960 --> 00:34:58.320 Mike Macedonio: Bad. It was completely shattered, you know, but when I did catch my breath when I was able to tell him I told him to things. And this is important in marketing. I believe I believe this is critical in marketing.

00:34:59.460 --> 00:35:09.150 Mike Macedonio: I said, first of all, there was no last lap. What else do you guys okay to crushing times that you did all day is the only thing that left that window of opportunity for us.

00:35:09.750 --> 00:35:18.360 Mike Macedonio: Okay, so this is something you may want to write down, you know, hook your wagon to horses that adhere to ride as hard as you will.

00:35:20.040 --> 00:35:36.450 Mike Macedonio: Hook you how you're working the horses don't hook them to people that are going to drag you down, put it, put it in that, you know, you expect and you are looking for people that want to work as hard as you do. And that was the second thing that I learned. And I think this was absolutely

00:35:38.610 --> 00:35:45.030 Mike Macedonio: marketing genius and that is being successful a mountain bike race being successful in marketing.

00:35:46.200 --> 00:35:48.630 Mike Macedonio: You have to do what other people aren't willing to do

00:35:50.100 --> 00:35:54.870 Mike Macedonio: You see that last lap, although it was the fastest time was because there wasn't competition.

00:35:56.100 --> 00:36:02.250 Mike Macedonio: If you can market your business in the exclusion of competition, you can go so much father, you can do it so much faster.

00:36:02.550 --> 00:36:08.040 Mike Macedonio: This is not unusual. By the way, so people that watch this fans and NASCAR, the last lap. So the fastest because of attrition.

00:36:08.430 --> 00:36:21.630 Mike Macedonio: This less causing the way, there was no other bikes on the path with me that had to have me say, do I try to passions, I go off trail. Do I blow myself up trying to get by them. Okay, I can ride my ride the whole time.

00:36:22.020 --> 00:36:30.300 Mike Macedonio: I also didn't have writers around me though writing so hard that they will blowing me up. Yeah, right. So how can you get into that lane, where the competition, isn't there.

00:36:30.810 --> 00:36:45.030 Mike Macedonio: In this is practical in business. A lot of times they say well I can I someone else reality is everybody's doing what everybody else is doing, you know, they're all showing up in the same platforms they all have the same message, come see me. I'm the best blah, blah, blah.

00:36:46.230 --> 00:36:48.990 Mike Macedonio: So I'll give you two examples on on how I've seen this work.

00:36:50.790 --> 00:37:03.900 Mike Macedonio: You can tell them from the east coast and it's gentlemen I'm talking with this also applies on like me. So we have a way of, you know, so there's a lot of talking without words and in we're talking about his marketing. He's a partner in a CPA firm.

00:37:05.040 --> 00:37:13.800 Mike Macedonio: The expectations of the partners is you need to bring in business. Yes, you have to do taxes in that type of stuff. But you have to bring in business.

00:37:14.520 --> 00:37:21.570 Mike Macedonio: And the formula. And I think this is a great one for high billable industries like attorneys and accounts.

00:37:22.530 --> 00:37:38.400 Mike Macedonio: They invest 20% of their time marketing and selling 80% of the time and building. Let me tell you when you're marketing 20% of your time marketing and selling, you're going to have a pipeline filled that you can choose the type of business that you want.

00:37:39.510 --> 00:37:46.080 Mike Macedonio: Right. If your pipeline is empty. You're taking everything in your probably even losing money on some of those deals, but he was really good. And I said to my said, Steve,

00:37:46.410 --> 00:37:54.570 Mike Macedonio: I said, That's brilliant. And I know you're really good at networking, so you must be very successful at this. Okay. And this is what he gives me the Python wink.

00:37:55.620 --> 00:37:58.620 Mike Macedonio: He tells me go looting tax season.

00:37:59.670 --> 00:38:16.200 Mike Macedonio: What I go. He goes, including tax season. He says, I feel you guys could be crazy busy during tax season. He goes, yeah, we've done this before we know we're going to be crazy business during tax season. Okay. But when the partners are out there, marketing, like we do. And we do. We own the market.

00:38:17.310 --> 00:38:18.480 Mike Macedonio: Because nobody else's there.

00:38:19.860 --> 00:38:27.570 Mike Macedonio: No other CPA is assured that they're going to wait till after tax season after they come back from vacation and never going to be marketing out there in a market that we already own

00:38:28.860 --> 00:38:36.360 Mike Macedonio: Willing to do other people aren't willing to do do it where nobody else is doing it serve an audience that nobody else has serving you know

00:38:36.900 --> 00:38:45.330 Mike Macedonio: Similar similar story at coaching client. He is mortgage broker and he's very disciplined love a lot of things about his

00:38:46.290 --> 00:38:54.030 Mike Macedonio: tenacity and work ethic, but we were talking about cause and effect and said, you know, if you if you do the marketing here, you get the business here. I don't think it's going to happen.

00:38:54.450 --> 00:39:00.660 Mike Macedonio: Overnight, and that's why I think like when people say i'm gonna i'm going to really put my muscle into the marketing in January. Well, that might help you in March.

00:39:03.330 --> 00:39:17.250 Mike Macedonio: So one of the things we talked about. I said in your industry is real estate industry, if you would. A lot of people kind of pull back clean their office, but they don't do a lot in terms of getting out there meeting people during the holidays.

00:39:18.270 --> 00:39:30.960 Mike Macedonio: So why don't we create a plan from THANKSGIVING TO NEW YEAR'S that you market relentlessly. I mean really put your full coverage because you know you're not gonna have a lot of deals going to at that time of year, but just market relentlessly

00:39:31.320 --> 00:39:32.610 Graham Dobbin: This is a mortgage broker.

00:39:33.360 --> 00:39:34.680 Mike Macedonio: Mortgage Correct, yeah.

00:39:35.460 --> 00:39:36.900 Graham Dobbin: The busiest time of year for them there.

00:39:38.010 --> 00:39:45.780 Mike Macedonio: So he comes back to me and this is you'll see I want to tell you something that session that we had and all of the things we talked about as as what my office should be in

00:39:45.870 --> 00:39:49.470 Mike Macedonio: Particularly about marketing relentlessly. Let me tell you how it played out.

00:39:50.430 --> 00:39:56.220 Mike Macedonio: I can't talk to some real estate agents, they won't give you the time of day. It's like, yeah, don't do that this time of year, but others did.

00:39:56.940 --> 00:40:02.940 Mike Macedonio: And I was at it. I was at it. I was at it says last year in January, I didn't close a single loan.

00:40:03.360 --> 00:40:10.170 Mike Macedonio: A lot of them got pushed out and I caught him in February. But, you know, choose my goal. I'm playing catch up all year long CES this year.

00:40:10.680 --> 00:40:20.040 Mike Macedonio: I closed eight and a half million dollars in loans in January. He goes, I am riding the wave everywhere I show up, people know I'm riding the wave

00:40:20.310 --> 00:40:30.120 Mike Macedonio: I'm not trying to catch up on my goals. I'm ahead of them and it's just Rolling. Rolling. Rolling okay because that time of year when nobody else was I was the guy out there.

00:40:32.100 --> 00:40:41.340 Graham Dobbin: It's interesting because one, I suppose. One of the things I was thinking about for for our discussion today was everybody's making these plans now.

00:40:42.390 --> 00:40:50.790 Graham Dobbin: You know you. Everybody wants to go. I'm sure your son's really busy, because everybody wants to get fit everybody wants to do all these things. So there's this natural cycle and

00:40:51.450 --> 00:41:00.150 Graham Dobbin: I'm also curious, you just reminded me something about coming here not being local, from here I hear all the time in New York when we get to the summer.

00:41:00.570 --> 00:41:08.610 Graham Dobbin: That you can't walk in on Monday and afraid because everybody goes to the Hamptons you know there's no networking, none of this. There's nothing. There's all these things that happened.

00:41:09.720 --> 00:41:13.470 Graham Dobbin: Two years ago I organized that the Rockefeller Center organized a networking

00:41:15.060 --> 00:41:31.860 Graham Dobbin: Event on a Friday morning, because nobody else will do it. So I thought, doing a Friday morning on Memorial weekend. I didn't know. And when I realized that was Memorial weekend I was just about to cancel it and I thought not. Keep going. Let's see what happens. We sold out.

00:41:33.210 --> 00:41:39.870 Graham Dobbin: We saw that, because nobody else was there. And it was actually it was probably one of the best it stands out because it was one of the best were

00:41:40.380 --> 00:41:50.340 Graham Dobbin: Best events that I've ever had. Because people relaxed it we're kind of Diem of happy. They were chilled out there was five or six people that had brought Casey's that we're heading to

00:41:50.700 --> 00:41:55.170 Graham Dobbin: To, you know, Penn Station for the Amtrak to go away for the weekend after the meeting.

00:41:55.740 --> 00:42:03.870 Graham Dobbin: So people were turning up. They were casual, but the business divisions are really good vibes like kind of lost the school, take a boat type of thing.

00:42:04.740 --> 00:42:14.040 Graham Dobbin: It's a Heidi think we kind of put all these rules around ourselves, why, why, why did we kind of like we just want to keep doing what everybody else does.

00:42:14.310 --> 00:42:20.910 Mike Macedonio: Yeah, and I think part of it like you were talking about, you know, networking, at times when other people aren't networking. And then what happens is, like, for example,

00:42:21.270 --> 00:42:31.800 Mike Macedonio: And now we got a holiday there. We're going to be people saying, I'm not going to be around. There are people in New York in the summertime that are going to go to the Hamptons or the Catskills they will. But then when we as soon as everybody's coming

00:42:33.600 --> 00:42:43.290 Mike Macedonio: You know, the, oh, when in reality is you know many people still need to market a business. So we have a holiday, many people still need to have all want to get out there.

00:42:43.980 --> 00:42:53.100 Mike Macedonio: And network with other people that are equally committed your grandma had a similar just, just a couple of weeks ago I went back to doing something I've done years ago.

00:42:53.880 --> 00:42:59.970 Mike Macedonio: Okay, the week of a holiday. Okay, when people are checking out because all we gotta go with a feeling, they gotta do stuff, but I would put on a networking event.

00:43:00.720 --> 00:43:09.540 Mike Macedonio: And I would do that. Literally, the day before Thanksgiving, I would do it the day before Christmas Eve. I mean, I mean, I'm not talking like the week like the

00:43:09.780 --> 00:43:14.160 Mike Macedonio: End, and that's a time by training center could take up to 100 people

00:43:15.360 --> 00:43:17.970 Mike Macedonio: So I would tell him I said okay, you know, it's up to 100 people

00:43:19.350 --> 00:43:33.810 Mike Macedonio: In it's a $10 admission fee. You can pay $10 but I'll tell you a minute why it's $10. Okay. And when you come if you bring non perishable food and donate to the food bank. You can have your $10 back. But if you want to donate the $10 I'll match it.

00:43:35.130 --> 00:43:43.080 Mike Macedonio: So whenever you men know we took the money back everybody. But we bring tons of food to the food bank thousand dollars and match it 1000 we'd have $2,000 to the food bank.

00:43:43.410 --> 00:43:51.480 Mike Macedonio: The $10 wasn't by the way I'd like Beijing money for the food bank. The $10 made sure they were going to be there and everybody was there, right.

00:43:51.960 --> 00:44:00.660 Mike Macedonio: Right. So I said I was not we do that. Well, it's a little bit difficult when you don't have a training center. So I still did okay i did it on

00:44:01.530 --> 00:44:13.080 Mike Macedonio: December 30 and December 30 we're going to do networking on steroids. No scooters allowed and I'm going to give you one hour of value in connections with people in the room.

00:44:13.560 --> 00:44:26.160 Mike Macedonio: Had 120 people registered overnight. It showed up. But if I had those 120 per $10 I would have had them. All right, is there was no skin in the game but. But the point being is wow he go you know

00:44:28.020 --> 00:44:30.930 Mike Macedonio: You get that many people in the middle of a holiday.

00:44:31.980 --> 00:44:36.390 Mike Macedonio: I think there are people that are committed Lt. That will tell do things so

00:44:38.820 --> 00:44:50.550 Graham Dobbin: You know, a large part of it. I sent my fear was pitched on it. People can make it great if they can, we can have the one it's a choice, but give people the choice today.

00:44:51.210 --> 00:44:57.870 Graham Dobbin: We're just going to go to final break. And when we come back, really want to Canada get, how do we keep focus for this year.

00:44:58.410 --> 00:45:02.820 Graham Dobbin: You know, one of the things, what drives us around some second back to that bike ride that you did make

00:45:03.180 --> 00:45:09.510 Graham Dobbin: And also what what can opportunities do you think could come up because my mind is we completely open by

00:45:09.930 --> 00:45:17.760 Graham Dobbin: The opportunities. I could never have imagined that this time last year, so it's it's really interesting be interested in your thoughts, your opinion.

00:45:18.090 --> 00:45:33.810 Graham Dobbin: On what some, you know, what could happen in the next 12 months or so. And you're listening to the mind behind the leadership live on talk radio dot NYC. My name is Graham Dobbin and we are lucky enough to be speaking with Mike Macedonia this evening. We'll be right back after these messages.

00:45:38.100 --> 00:45:38.310 Mike Macedonio: And

00:45:40.500 --> 00:45:41.640 Educate and

00:47:56.490 --> 00:48:02.040 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind behind the leadership, we're speaking with Mike Macedonia. What we're talking about now is just

00:48:02.580 --> 00:48:07.890 Graham Dobbin: How we stand out how we do things slightly differently in business and how we

00:48:08.370 --> 00:48:13.770 Graham Dobbin: How we keep focused on it because Mike, I suppose that's one of the things we talked about resolutions. We've all got these

00:48:14.190 --> 00:48:23.280 Graham Dobbin: These great ideas how we're going to change what we're going to do. And I wonder if you were maybe more focused on your bike Chris last year and kept to

00:48:23.700 --> 00:48:33.600 Graham Dobbin: kept to the plan because you had that end goal. I wonder if that's, that's one of the reasons that people don't keep focus that they don't really know what what success looks like.

00:48:34.110 --> 00:48:42.210 Mike Macedonio: Yeah, I was totally agree with that. Graham I I think having a big vision and in part of that vision, of course, being a

00:48:42.810 --> 00:48:48.780 Mike Macedonio: Rewarding goal, something that's important to you and then make just making money, but something that's really important to you.

00:48:49.560 --> 00:49:00.540 Mike Macedonio: That's, that's the way to stay focus for me. And so last year in February. I had a goal that I was going to cycle up Manalo volcano. It's only a 31 mile climb by bike.

00:49:02.730 --> 00:49:04.230 Graham Dobbin: Just, just the 31 miles.

00:49:04.500 --> 00:49:10.530 Mike Macedonio: What else do you do on your 16th birthday. Well, you know, I'm not going to show up with that you know without, you know, putting in the time so

00:49:10.920 --> 00:49:14.340 Mike Macedonio: That level focus. It doesn't matter what the weather is I'm still going to be writing in

00:49:14.580 --> 00:49:25.110 Mike Macedonio: December in January and it's a February to make sure that I'm prepared for that. So I think those. I think that is a big part of it is to is to have that vision of what you're trying to achieve and have that goal out there.

00:49:25.830 --> 00:49:40.260 Mike Macedonio: Along with that, the biggest tool that I have to stay focused, is my calendar if it to my calendar. Okay, it's scheduled. It's going to get done even little stuff that I need to contact. So it's in there. That, to me, that is my

00:49:41.670 --> 00:49:44.130 Mike Macedonio: By my tool for focus of you would. Okay.

00:49:46.080 --> 00:49:53.520 Mike Macedonio: I look at what we're going through today and I see this from a business point of view is it's it's going to cause recession.

00:49:55.530 --> 00:49:56.580 Mike Macedonio: Unemployment high

00:49:56.970 --> 00:50:05.160 Mike Macedonio: People are losing their businesses places are closing down. That's where it's going. Well, I guess I'll tell you something my belief that if we didn't have everything that's going on.

00:50:05.520 --> 00:50:13.650 Mike Macedonio: If we didn't have the political issues social issues. The coven and everything else was going on. I think the number one topic on the news today would be about the economy.

00:50:14.730 --> 00:50:15.150 Graham Dobbin: Okay.

00:50:15.420 --> 00:50:16.680 Mike Macedonio: And here's what I have to say about it.

00:50:17.790 --> 00:50:27.390 Mike Macedonio: Don't totally buy into it, don't totally buy into it in 2008 when the economy tanked. And I'm talking here locally and nationally did as well.

00:50:28.530 --> 00:50:37.350 Mike Macedonio: The housing market took a big hit. And I'll give you an example in the mortgage industry 60% of the mortgage brokers left the industry.

00:50:38.460 --> 00:50:45.540 Mike Macedonio: That's kind of a setback. That's kind of a recession 60% of them because of the extra criteria because of lack of business.

00:50:46.260 --> 00:50:52.650 Mike Macedonio: And yet, this is your micro economy, not the macro comment, and yet you know I had a client Evelyn.

00:50:53.070 --> 00:51:00.960 Mike Macedonio: At that point before 2008 she had never made more than 75,000 75,000 back then was enough bad income. Okay, but she wanted to make more

00:51:01.470 --> 00:51:09.390 Mike Macedonio: Okay, so we started doing more we started doing more activities in her business we started doing things to work her micro economy, not the macro economy.

00:51:10.290 --> 00:51:19.470 Mike Macedonio: Within a year, she was making over 100,000 with over two years, she was making $150,000 in one of the worst recessions that she's ever had to do developer business.

00:51:20.850 --> 00:51:27.930 Mike Macedonio: So it doesn't have to be attacked. You don't have to be that attached to the business that again. I know I'm talking about small businesses that doesn't apply to all industries.

00:51:28.290 --> 00:51:37.260 Mike Macedonio: But Reem. I don't know if you knew this, but in the history of referral Institute. When we went into 2008 the training and consulting industry got shattered.

00:51:37.860 --> 00:51:59.610 Mike Macedonio: Nobody was hiring trainers good solid, they will laying people off. They're not bringing in trainings and consultants 2008 was my worst year of growth to out the recession we only plus 8% we plus 8% and comp revenue in every year after that our comp revenue was double digits.

00:52:00.990 --> 00:52:16.140 Mike Macedonio: Right, okay. We didn't buy into the industry economy. We worked on our own micro economy now. I think there was some other reasons that lend it to us to be successful. During that time, but I also believe it was about making sure that we're doing all of the things so that we're

00:52:17.310 --> 00:52:30.120 Mike Macedonio: Keeping in mind that vision that we have with even in mind the goals, both short term and long term. If I'm adapting anything to my goals today, I would say, I'm adapting to do more short term goals.

00:52:31.860 --> 00:52:33.090 Graham Dobbin: And what do you mean by sorry

00:52:33.150 --> 00:52:37.470 Graham Dobbin: Just to clarify, what do you mean my short term goals for what length of time we were looking at

00:52:38.010 --> 00:52:45.210 Mike Macedonio: Yeah, it does. It typically I would put our goals for a year or two or three those those long term goals and right now I'm doing I'm doing short term goals in here's why.

00:52:46.320 --> 00:52:48.210 Mike Macedonio: Things are changing so quickly around us.

00:52:49.440 --> 00:52:56.250 Mike Macedonio: Okay in it for the for the good into the bad okay for the band. If people losing businesses. Well that's not good for a marketing company.

00:52:56.700 --> 00:53:14.040 Mike Macedonio: Okay. At the same time, I got opportunities where people saying, I need to recapture business. Yeah, so it's quickly as things can, you know, take a hit. They can go the other way. And so working off a short term goals allows me to continue to set those goals, based on the current circumstances.

00:53:15.060 --> 00:53:22.830 Mike Macedonio: Based on what I currently have what my current circumstances are so that's probably the one little shift that I made to my goals to have a little bit more short term.

00:53:24.180 --> 00:53:39.750 Graham Dobbin: I'm in. It sounds like from the discussion that we're having that this is about self discipline. So it's about activity and self discipline. Um, so, sounds like your paper RYAN'S BEEN when you were younger, give you that that kind of the grinding to be able to do that without be fair.

00:53:39.930 --> 00:53:48.690 Mike Macedonio: Though you know when you when you if you think about that, like, how many people nevermind kids would have a job that they had to do it, seven days a week.

00:53:49.200 --> 00:53:54.330 Mike Macedonio: Okay, five evenings 75 papers and I split it with my brother had to get delivered

00:53:54.660 --> 00:54:05.250 Mike Macedonio: mom wasn't driving us around. You had to put the bag on your shoulder and in New England, as you know, it rains it snows and you still need to do that every day and on Saturday and Sunday morning every day.

00:54:05.790 --> 00:54:13.500 Mike Macedonio: In there is no day off. That's it. That's a level a level of work ethic that most people unless you're a farmer.

00:54:14.640 --> 00:54:16.680 Mike Macedonio: Okay, farmers. Understand that work ethic.

00:54:16.740 --> 00:54:22.410 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, absolutely. I trust me, it rains and snows in Old England and Scotland as well, not just new big good

00:54:23.940 --> 00:54:35.040 Graham Dobbin: Might we've only got, we've only got a few minutes left. How do you relaxing, or do you relax. How do you get away from the business when you and Don are involved with it and and so much of your life is around

00:54:35.820 --> 00:54:41.100 Graham Dobbin: You know your community room during those people. How do you, how do you relax. Apart from being on the bike.

00:54:42.210 --> 00:54:46.200 Mike Macedonio: The bike, the bike is a stress reducer for sure. That's also where I can get creative.

00:54:46.350 --> 00:54:47.370 Mike Macedonio: So I enjoyed that.

00:54:47.850 --> 00:54:56.970 Mike Macedonio: But, but really the downtime for me in my wife. Lot of times people look at us and say, Oh, you guys are really extroverted and actually now situationally but naturally introverted.

00:54:57.660 --> 00:55:04.440 Mike Macedonio: So along times the biggest thing to cook for me now. My wife would do a long time, which could be in the garden.

00:55:05.010 --> 00:55:14.790 Mike Macedonio: Okay. Oh, she'll do crafts while she'll just binge watch, you know, along with the cats and the dogs all over and she likes that me I like to be mindless, but I like to be moving

00:55:15.690 --> 00:55:21.660 Mike Macedonio: So I will, I will literally start up the leaf blower. Now I've got landscape. But I came here today, but I'll take that leap blow up.

00:55:22.050 --> 00:55:23.910 Mike Macedonio: And I live on the side of a mountain, as you know,

00:55:24.180 --> 00:55:39.720 Mike Macedonio: And I will leave flow, a one mile round trip down my driveway and back up the mountain again to make sure that all the rocks and sticks or something completely mindless but i i have to be moving. Yeah. Just need to be moving, but there is nothing going on in here.

00:55:40.740 --> 00:55:44.100 Graham Dobbin: I think that you think that's important for business owners kinda to clear it.

00:55:44.130 --> 00:55:45.060 Just clear

00:55:46.230 --> 00:55:59.880 Mike Macedonio: Yeah, I, I do. I go, I really do. I, I told you I used to work 14 hour days, seven days a week. I don't do that anymore. And I don't recommend it to anybody. It's a, it's a great way to get to mediocrity. I think they're good values to have great work ethic.

00:56:00.690 --> 00:56:12.060 Mike Macedonio: But I do believe very strongly that if you don't take care of this. None of that's going to matter. And so, you know, decompression the mind physically working out.

00:56:13.440 --> 00:56:30.090 Graham Dobbin: Okay, Mike, thank you once again for coming on one of the big I suppose the takeaway. One of my big takeaways is who you're like the hottest as hard as you did I get that right will hook your wagon to horses that are willing to write as hard as you

00:56:31.290 --> 00:56:32.340 Graham Dobbin: Did I get that right.

00:56:32.460 --> 00:56:33.330 Mike Macedonio: Uh huh. Yeah.

00:56:34.050 --> 00:56:46.440 Graham Dobbin: So that's having a community around us that are prepared to do the things that we need to be done and also stand out. Do you know for everybody else's to what would be 180 degrees from that. So when people aren't doing things

00:56:48.960 --> 00:56:58.830 Graham Dobbin: Need to be do something. So have a look inside that box make it's been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for joining us on the main vein leadership and

00:56:59.280 --> 00:57:08.520 Graham Dobbin: Thank you tonight for Saleem events for our purchase. So, we will see you next Thursday again here live on top radio dot NYC. Have a great evening. Thank you. Good night.

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