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Friday, November 19, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/19-Let's All Say YES!!!

Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/19-Let's All Say YES!!!


2021/11/19-Let's All Say YES!!!

[NEW EPISODE] Let's All Say YES!!!

About Org: The League of YES is a baseball league for children with all "abilities." We are the League of YES because we do not say no to the children or their families. It doesn't matter your age or disability, you can always play baseball with our help!

Our mission is to establish and sustain baseball programs for people (of all ages) with disabilities. Our objective is to provide an opportunity for those individuals to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our national pastime.

About Kristine: Executive Director and Founder of the League of YES. Kristine Fitzpatrick founded the League in 2010, formally known as the Miracle League of Long Island in association with the Miracle League Organization.

In 2014 Kristine made the bold decision to leave the Miracle League and create her own organization named, “The League of YES”, YES- where You Experience Success." Her mission is to establish and sustain baseball programs for people (of all ages) with disabilities and to make a positive difference in the lives of disabled children through recreation, and provide physically active outlets.

Kristine’s goal is to spread the word and joy of this program nationally. Currently, Kristine is a sales representative for American Recreational Playgrounds. Kristine is a proud mother of two sons Peter and Wade and resides in Dix Hills, NY.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

The first segment begins with a question about what catalyzed Kristine’s involvement in the non-profit sector. Kristine tells a story about a non-profit role she was offered in 2006 while she was still working in sales. While visiting the job site, she had an experience which touched her deeply and which motivated her to engage in non-profit work.

Segment 2

The second segment begins with a continuation of the story Kristine shares in the first segment; while visiting at the aforementioned job site, she met a young boy named Julian and her experience with him helped her to realize her calling in the non/profit sector. Kristine remarks that she never anticipated starting her own non-profit organization until this moment. She shares about her experiences gathering resources and community support to start her non-profit organization.

Segment 3

In the third segment, Kristine continues to share about the development of her non-profit organization. She discusses networking and the connections she was able to build through networking with individuals and organizations in the non-profit sector. She also shares how the networking and meeting process has been made so much easier through the normalization of Zoom meetings.

Segment 4

In the fourth and final segment of the show, Kristine shares a story about being contacted by a woman whose brother is on the autism scale. Kristine’s organization helped to connect her to people who have family members on the autism scale and these individuals created a support group for one another. Tommy asks Kristine to share about what her organization needs. Kristine shares that they accept volunteers of all ages. Young volunteers may be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Kristine shares that her organization is also looking for board members with experience to help the organization grow to a national level.


00:00:24.870 --> 00:00:31.590 Tommy DiMisa: there's an old movie back in the day, the Truman show and Truman said something like this good morning, good evening and good night and I don't know when you're going to listen to the show.

00:00:32.130 --> 00:00:41.910 Tommy DiMisa: So all those things Good morning, good evening good night show a little gratitude, this week we are leaning in towards a who is this is your boy Tommy the nonprofit sector connected, but we are leaning towards.

00:00:42.330 --> 00:00:46.290 Tommy DiMisa: thanksgiving, which is a certainly a time of reflection, the time to consider.

00:00:46.980 --> 00:00:56.940 Tommy DiMisa: What of others done for you and what have you been able to really make an impact and do for others, so consider that we'll talk more about that i'm sure today I talk a lot about inclusion today, which is an important word.

00:00:57.750 --> 00:01:08.280 Tommy DiMisa: This is, I was gonna say this is your professionals and animal lovers show because i'm used to saying that on Wednesdays, but this is not your professionals animal lovers show, so if you're looking for that show me Valerie and I hear 2pm on.

00:01:09.600 --> 00:01:23.160 Tommy DiMisa: Wednesdays, this is Friday morning it's 10am and i'm the nonprofit sector connect here and i'm coming to you above the second floor below the roof that's right in the attic and every single week we bring you philanthropy and focus.

00:01:23.760 --> 00:01:35.580 Tommy DiMisa: What is philanthropy and focus Tommy you might say, and I would say, well here's what it is, I believe that nonprofits change our world, I used to say, like every day or every week or.

00:01:36.120 --> 00:01:42.330 Tommy DiMisa: Every second nonprofits make an impact on our world, and without these organizations and without their.

00:01:42.660 --> 00:01:49.770 Tommy DiMisa: Employees their associates their volunteers all the stakeholders this stuff doesn't get done this work doesn't get done and I know.

00:01:50.370 --> 00:01:54.690 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know for a fact, but I think my friend, Christine who's here with me today is going to share with me.

00:01:54.930 --> 00:02:02.490 Tommy DiMisa: Tommy it's not about me it's about my volunteers it's about my board because that's what nonprofit people say you don't see a nonprofit people.

00:02:02.730 --> 00:02:07.230 Tommy DiMisa: person come on this show or any show, for that matter, at least in my experience, where they talk about.

00:02:07.620 --> 00:02:15.210 Tommy DiMisa: it's all about me man Look how great I am look at me, Mr Mrs CEO running the show you know you don't see that you might see that another industries, not our sector.

00:02:15.780 --> 00:02:26.160 Tommy DiMisa: So my job, my mission with become a passion and before we get started shout out to my buddy Emily showman getting the band back together we started the show January 8 and Emily.

00:02:26.610 --> 00:02:33.960 Tommy DiMisa: You know the beginning shows with me so it's great to see you and have you in the presence with me this morning, so i'm grateful for you being here we'll start with that.

00:02:34.800 --> 00:02:47.100 Tommy DiMisa: But i'm here to amplify these messages and tell the stories for these organizations so what's the show look like, well, we started January 8, it is the 19th of November and the year 2021 we've almost got a whole year of these shows.

00:02:47.520 --> 00:02:53.460 Tommy DiMisa: Each week it's one organization it's one leader it's their story it's the story of their organization.

00:02:54.390 --> 00:03:01.830 Tommy DiMisa: The genesis of the organization why they're even a thing, why you know what happened, what was the catalyst How did the Leader become involved in this sector.

00:03:02.490 --> 00:03:05.340 Tommy DiMisa: What are their programs where they do, how they making an impact.

00:03:06.120 --> 00:03:13.290 Tommy DiMisa: And what do they need right you want to play nonprofit sector connector guy well that's not guy but just nonprofit sector connector you want to be that.

00:03:13.500 --> 00:03:21.810 Tommy DiMisa: Well, you guys the right questions you got to find out what people need just as a, for instance, I was on a phone call with a woman yesterday, who told me about a nonprofit organization.

00:03:22.890 --> 00:03:23.760 Tommy DiMisa: Town Jersey.

00:03:25.050 --> 00:03:29.520 Tommy DiMisa: They have an incredible mission will talk to them at some point in the future, but they have an.

00:03:30.180 --> 00:03:38.280 Tommy DiMisa: Like what I would say, an obvious to me alignment with two other nonprofits in my world some collaboration can happen i'm going to bring them together.

00:03:38.520 --> 00:03:44.880 Tommy DiMisa: This is what you're supposed to do we're supposed to get together we're supposed to collaborate we're supposed to lift up the sector together.

00:03:45.720 --> 00:03:54.930 Tommy DiMisa: All right, i'll tell you this, I had a late night last night okay I don't get to go out I don't leave the article that much, but I did last night and it's relevant to this story, but I will tell you this.

00:03:55.530 --> 00:04:04.170 Tommy DiMisa: i'm not you know dunkin donuts Nicole Duncan now but don't get noticed is not sponsor this show maybe you guys should because I drink a lot of your coffee.

00:04:04.530 --> 00:04:15.510 Tommy DiMisa: But I sort of feel like I was going to BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA because drinking his coffee is like one pop I drank his spinach because I was a little tired today.

00:04:15.720 --> 00:04:20.520 Tommy DiMisa: But I feel really charged up right now and i'm just getting ready to get fired off so.

00:04:21.000 --> 00:04:33.420 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you for my coffee, thank you for my wife gave me some coffee, because I certainly needed it, but last night, it was out the best buddies of New York party for a purpose which Christina probably familiar with them we'll talk about in a second yep thumbs up and.

00:04:34.830 --> 00:04:45.120 Tommy DiMisa: I sit on the State Advisory Board for that organizations all about inclusion, there was a young man there Zack Smith, I got a photo with him he's in their jobs program for best buddies and he's working.

00:04:45.990 --> 00:04:54.150 Tommy DiMisa: With the nfl he's a statistician for the nfl and he gave a great speech any kind of guy he joke, he said I get paid to watch football.

00:04:55.800 --> 00:05:03.780 Tommy DiMisa: that's his living is watch football and he was so jazzed and they do great work so let's talk about the organization that we have here today, so.

00:05:04.380 --> 00:05:12.090 Tommy DiMisa: You may not know this about me or I may have shared here on the show, but my cousin Linda had special needs and Linda passed away about nine or 10 years ago.

00:05:13.110 --> 00:05:21.600 Tommy DiMisa: And, like many incredible families i'm not putting myself in this i'm talking about my and my cousins like many incredible families who can turn a tragedy.

00:05:21.990 --> 00:05:31.650 Tommy DiMisa: into a mission and turn tragedy into passion, they found that the lindy Lou foundation and that's linda's memory and all the money we raise goes to organizations who are.

00:05:32.100 --> 00:05:37.950 Tommy DiMisa: providing services to the idd intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals.

00:05:38.730 --> 00:05:47.910 Tommy DiMisa: that's super important to me you've probably heard me tell you there's two things that are very important to me it's how we address mental health issues in this country and how we take care of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

00:05:48.240 --> 00:05:55.020 Tommy DiMisa: If you've watched the last 40 or some odd episodes of this show you know that theme runs through most of those shows and that's where we're going to go today.

00:05:55.500 --> 00:06:01.920 Tommy DiMisa: So my friend, Christine Fitzpatrick was the recipient of some funds from the lindy Lou foundation years back, which.

00:06:02.490 --> 00:06:11.730 Tommy DiMisa: that's how we met, and I said I called you up remember how to because I have a car like not a car, full of checks, but I had like a pouch full of checks, I was handing out and it's funny how.

00:06:12.750 --> 00:06:18.450 Tommy DiMisa: My friend Michael cuttack is at the spirit of Huntington my friend who is just recently is courting me to join their board.

00:06:19.650 --> 00:06:31.080 Tommy DiMisa: We met because I had a lindy Lou check katie McGowan one of you know katie a horse ability, Christine yeah though so katie McGowan shout out first episode of philanthropy and focus back January 8 of this year.

00:06:31.560 --> 00:06:37.200 Tommy DiMisa: i'm katie I guess you make friends, when you bring checks, but like katie became became a friend of mine.

00:06:37.650 --> 00:06:51.390 Tommy DiMisa: And we had an incredible day out there on Saturday or its ability, but I joined her board recently, so I don't know if I can join the board and every grantee that lindy Lou has supported that would be a lot of boards, I have to join, but it is a special thing to see.

00:06:52.560 --> 00:06:59.280 Tommy DiMisa: Linda my cousin Linda and I saw a picture there's a picture of her and I like even over my dresser my bedroom I started the way.

00:06:59.820 --> 00:07:05.280 Tommy DiMisa: I don't think about this a lot I don't think i've talked about this, but linda's legacy lives on in.

00:07:05.910 --> 00:07:11.850 Tommy DiMisa: You know the work we do in the money we raised to give to these other organizations, you know I say we're we don't do the work.

00:07:12.180 --> 00:07:25.980 Tommy DiMisa: we're raising the money, and then we get it out to organizations like Christine so let's jump right in first of all i've gone on and on and maybe the caffeine is already hit me this is not about me today it's only about me to draw you guys in and then it's about my guest.

00:07:27.120 --> 00:07:35.700 Tommy DiMisa: Christine Good morning, how are you and welcome to the show and welcome to the top of my house, welcome to the attic.

00:07:36.600 --> 00:07:42.810 Kristine League of YES: Good morning, thank you very much for having me today i'm a little jealous def super excited.

00:07:44.220 --> 00:07:45.330 Tommy DiMisa: You didn't get farther out.

00:07:45.570 --> 00:07:53.760 Tommy DiMisa: Where do you hear the lyrics to the theme song we come back from break I don't know if you've watched the show with the have seen the theme song yet, but this is gonna be fun we're gonna have a good time.

00:07:54.060 --> 00:07:54.930 Kristine League of YES: I tested Lee.

00:07:55.080 --> 00:07:58.800 Tommy DiMisa: You see, the video I did about um you know with singing take me out to the ball game.

00:07:59.010 --> 00:07:59.580 So yeah.

00:08:01.920 --> 00:08:11.340 Tommy DiMisa: I like being silly and I, you know, like like I don't want to be silly just facility, but to to get the story going to tell the story it's important to me to do that, so if you didn't see the video.

00:08:11.730 --> 00:08:22.710 Tommy DiMisa: What I did was I had my metsys jerseys on here, which is on the back of the Chair to your hands and time Jersey, how do you said it work Tommy santana that's the one Jersey and um.

00:08:23.490 --> 00:08:32.220 Tommy DiMisa: I was I literally just saying with my incredible singing voice I saying take me out to the ball game, but I did the whistling part boom boom boom boom.

00:08:36.240 --> 00:08:37.830 Tommy DiMisa: And then, did the whole thing and then we and then.

00:08:39.210 --> 00:08:45.480 Tommy DiMisa: And then I announced that this was gonna happen today, Christine we known each other for number of years, I remember the first day I met you I met a starbucks at a long island.

00:08:46.290 --> 00:08:54.240 Tommy DiMisa: treat to give you the check, I had the big old lindy Lou check i'm sure we took some pictures, because I was all about that then that's way before this this show and we before the nonprofit sector connector.

00:08:54.930 --> 00:09:04.140 Tommy DiMisa: Wolf was even a thing, and I, we have to get out there you have some events coming up we're going to talk about I think you know I want to be at those events, maybe.

00:09:05.220 --> 00:09:07.230 Tommy DiMisa: Maybe i'll dress up as an Elf we'll talk about that.

00:09:07.530 --> 00:09:08.190 Tommy DiMisa: Please do.

00:09:08.490 --> 00:09:13.680 Tommy DiMisa: I will do it that's fine okay I wasn't going to, but since you said that i'll do it now all right, let me read.

00:09:13.710 --> 00:09:14.670 Tommy DiMisa: Some quick.

00:09:15.060 --> 00:09:22.620 Tommy DiMisa: So the League of yes, is a baseball League for children with all abilities, we are the League of yes, because we do not say no.

00:09:22.890 --> 00:09:33.000 Tommy DiMisa: To the children or their families it doesn't matter your age or disability, you can always play baseball, with our help, with our health, a big theme of this program has always been support.

00:09:33.330 --> 00:09:41.370 Tommy DiMisa: We all need it at different times and it's not about what people can or cannot do its people do things differently, and how can we help that.

00:09:41.700 --> 00:09:50.100 Tommy DiMisa: I had john camp here from the scotty school a couple months back and there's a young man who's on the video on the score the school's website.

00:09:50.670 --> 00:09:58.620 Tommy DiMisa: And he says look I can do everything you can do I just do it differently, and if we just went ahead, I you know I long way home last night and I.

00:09:59.130 --> 00:10:07.410 Tommy DiMisa: was talking to a gentleman, and you know we end up talking about compassion and if we just had more compassion for each other and understand each other and i'm talking.

00:10:07.740 --> 00:10:17.430 Tommy DiMisa: You know from from a perspective of differences in race which really there is only one race guys that's a whole nother conversation I talked about that another day actually viewer Jones.

00:10:17.970 --> 00:10:29.070 Tommy DiMisa: From colorful talks will be here after the thanksgiving break and we'll be talking a lot about race, but compassion around different things different abilities will talk a lot about inclusion so in 2010.

00:10:30.120 --> 00:10:46.110 Tommy DiMisa: Christine founded the the what was then called the miracle legal long island in association with excuse me, the miracle league organization and in 2014 and we'll talk about why and how that will happen, she and her board made the bold decision to change the name.

00:10:46.620 --> 00:10:54.420 Tommy DiMisa: To the League of yes, where you can experience success, yes, well, you can experience success so Words have meaning.

00:10:54.960 --> 00:11:02.820 Tommy DiMisa: Words have meaning and my wife told me this and I know that stuff my wife said why don't you say, because I was talking some stuff about myself and it wasn't so positive.

00:11:03.240 --> 00:11:10.620 Tommy DiMisa: Right yeah remember Words have meaning, so our mission christine's mission is to establish and sustained baseball programs for people of all ages with disabilities.

00:11:10.830 --> 00:11:16.890 Tommy DiMisa: and also to make a positive difference in the lives of disabled children through recreation and provide physically.

00:11:17.280 --> 00:11:30.420 Tommy DiMisa: Active outlets her goal is to spread the word and joy of this program nationally alright so let's talk about spread the word of joy look at your shirt let's if you're not watching us on Facebook sorry but i'll read it says be good to people.

00:11:31.770 --> 00:11:35.610 Tommy DiMisa: wow wow pretty basic there right why don't we try that.

00:11:36.960 --> 00:11:44.520 Kristine League of YES: So funny how I even just found this shirt too, and not even realizing to be completely honest with you until I put it on this morning.

00:11:45.060 --> 00:11:51.810 Kristine League of YES: And I looked in the mirror, I was like I haven't seen the shirt and forever i'm packing up my home and there wasn't like oh i'm just gonna wear this.

00:11:52.020 --> 00:11:57.450 Tommy DiMisa: Your site i'm so psyched that you were that were that sure I haven't shared this is be the good in the world.

00:11:57.840 --> 00:12:07.860 Tommy DiMisa: It doesn't know billy it says believe there's good in the world that says, be the good in the world, but it's all in one thing and I love wearing that shirt and I actually have to what I think i'm going to do is get some philanthropy and focus shirts meet up with that logo.

00:12:08.910 --> 00:12:15.600 Tommy DiMisa: You know, because we've got saying, because I think it's important so let's start at the beginning we're having a little break in a second but let's just start real quick let's.

00:12:16.410 --> 00:12:29.970 Tommy DiMisa: What was the catalyst like how did you personally get involved in nonprofit work there must be a story there let's start it and then and then we're going to take a quick break and come back, but how does that even happen, how do you get involved with nonprofit work.

00:12:30.420 --> 00:12:40.230 Kristine League of YES: All right, first of all thank you for having me on this show greatly appreciated, so it all started back in like 2006 I was actually selling.

00:12:40.710 --> 00:12:49.710 Kristine League of YES: Synthetic turf athletic fields and my territory was in westchester and I was trying to get into the parks department and I was asked to be on the board of the miracle league.

00:12:50.280 --> 00:12:59.250 Kristine League of YES: had no idea what the program was all about, but i'm in sales and I need to network, and I wanted to get into the parks department, this is all true here.

00:13:00.000 --> 00:13:10.740 Kristine League of YES: Oh first play the game i'm at home plate, and this boy with cerebral palsy gets off his name is Julian and his aide says to me that he has no facial expressions.

00:13:11.040 --> 00:13:16.380 Kristine League of YES: He has a yes index card and and no index card on his wheelchair that's how he answers you.

00:13:16.770 --> 00:13:29.310 Kristine League of YES: And i'm like Okay, not having any experience with special needs children so gets up to bat his buddy hits the ball for him gets behind his wheelchair runs them around the bases now he's coming I get chills every time I tell the story.

00:13:30.090 --> 00:13:34.800 Kristine League of YES: he's coming from third base to home base and this beautiful child.

00:13:35.610 --> 00:13:44.580 Kristine League of YES: Had the most amazing smile on his face it's ingrained in my brain will always be my memory ear to ear most beautiful smile.

00:13:44.940 --> 00:13:53.310 Kristine League of YES: And I it just like shot me in the heart and I looked at the woman and I said don't tell me that he doesn't have any emotions he just hasn't been happy.

00:13:54.030 --> 00:14:13.740 Kristine League of YES: And that really hit me in my heart of like How sad that there are human beings that unfortunately go through this in life right basically being a Shell that they understand what's going on in the inside, but they have no joy in their life, and it was that moment, that I was in.

00:14:14.130 --> 00:14:20.190 Tommy DiMisa: Right you go there you go there as a networker you go there as a staff person right nothing wrong with that we all.

00:14:20.730 --> 00:14:32.370 Tommy DiMisa: To me well y'all combine you know our philanthropy with our work, because we do have to keep the lights on and pay the mortgage right, but it did for you and I got the chills to so was contagious I saw it happening.

00:14:33.030 --> 00:14:44.670 Tommy DiMisa: In my mind, you know that's game changing and that's what got you hooked and now we got them hooked and we're going to go to a quick break, because this is going to be in focus it's Friday morning Christine Fitzpatrick founder.

00:14:44.670 --> 00:14:53.340 Tommy DiMisa: executive the League of yeses here your boy the nonprofit sector connector has already had too much coffee code it from the top of my house we'll be right back Emily take us to break.

00:17:05.190 --> 00:17:15.630 Tommy DiMisa: Right that's what you should do all the time, you should cut through the static you shouldn't always join me like in the attic like just in like cut through the static and do different things, but on Fridays at 10am Eastern time.

00:17:16.650 --> 00:17:27.000 Tommy DiMisa: Just after you cut through the static join your boy in the attic but again I told you this, please join me virtually in the attic I don't have a lot of room for an audience to be here in the attic with me one day.

00:17:27.660 --> 00:17:34.050 Tommy DiMisa: Maybe i'll have a new attic with lots of chairs and we can do this show in front of a live studio audience remember they used to say that in front of.

00:17:34.410 --> 00:17:43.980 Tommy DiMisa: This show is being recorded in front of a live studio audience, so this this show is actually being recorded and in front of the live world so Christina show me that T shirt again so you were to show me.

00:17:44.490 --> 00:17:57.360 Kristine League of YES: So this is you talk about shirts right and what they say so, this is the shirt that I had made up for our volunteers, when you come and you volunteer and you get to take this home with you, what good have I done today.

00:17:57.570 --> 00:17:59.610 Tommy DiMisa: Well done today what a monster.

00:18:00.240 --> 00:18:07.740 Kristine League of YES: yeah it's a Ben Franklin quotes I saw that when I was down in Philadelphia that and I was like this is perfect for.

00:18:08.760 --> 00:18:13.080 Kristine League of YES: The people that come and volunteer because that is what good that they did for the day.

00:18:13.710 --> 00:18:22.530 Tommy DiMisa: You know not not to change subjects, but I think it's related you know i'm on this mission to do 60 days of service right now and i've completed 25 days of service and.

00:18:22.920 --> 00:18:33.210 Tommy DiMisa: yeah and it's and I tell you that again i've tried to say, this is not to say look at Tommy go and he's doing service it's more than just say look, you can go out and working in like I did this week of food pantry.

00:18:33.690 --> 00:18:44.130 Tommy DiMisa: For five or six hours and make an impact and and I gotta tell you, Christine don't tell anybody, but as selfless as this stuff is it makes me feel really freaking good.

00:18:44.490 --> 00:18:51.000 Tommy DiMisa: So it's another little selfish to so how about that what good have I done today if you ask yourself that everybody.

00:18:51.690 --> 00:19:03.240 Tommy DiMisa: Between let's say you are in your waking hours 12 or 1415 hours awake think about it throughout your day how did I make an impact, how did I help what have I done a bunch of years ago, I met a guy.

00:19:04.440 --> 00:19:09.750 Tommy DiMisa: called john Maxwell who's written a whole bunch of books on leadership and professional development of personal development.

00:19:10.410 --> 00:19:23.160 Tommy DiMisa: And I met him up in utica New York one time at a luncheon and he talked about how are you adding value, and how are you making an impact and I literally asked myself that all the time how am I, adding value and how am I how am I, making it.

00:19:24.450 --> 00:19:38.160 Tommy DiMisa: And I think if yeah we also have to make a living and I understand all that but through that where are we making an impact so let's go back talk about an impact this young man Julian I would argue, change the trajectory of of at least a portion of your life is that fair.

00:19:38.640 --> 00:19:40.680 Kristine League of YES: 100% what.

00:19:40.860 --> 00:19:50.790 Kristine League of YES: said, you know I think sometimes in life, we always wonder what our calling is right or some people go through life and they don't ever have that calling or cold calling.

00:19:51.240 --> 00:20:01.380 Kristine League of YES: That was my day that that was my calling I didn't know what the future was going to hold for me if you would ask me on that day, back in 2006, would you be running your own.

00:20:01.920 --> 00:20:12.750 Kristine League of YES: nonprofit you know with 300 kids and 1200 volunteers, I feel like you're crazy I don't know anything about nonprofits or running you know, a baseball program but just.

00:20:13.950 --> 00:20:21.030 Kristine League of YES: You know i'm also a single mom and it's very important to me for my children when they were younger.

00:20:21.750 --> 00:20:30.540 Kristine League of YES: Like you talk about compassion by empathy and I wanted to teach my children that, so I would bring them to the field in westchester every Saturday and Sunday.

00:20:31.080 --> 00:20:39.000 Kristine League of YES: And I will brag one moment about my kids have you know they are the most compassionate boys, that you will ever meet and.

00:20:39.450 --> 00:20:55.560 Kristine League of YES: My youngest son actually is, he was volunteer emt during during the whole entire coven and he's currently serving in our United States army he's an eagle scout so I just had to do a little bragging about that, but it was really important for me to.

00:20:56.070 --> 00:20:56.850 Tommy DiMisa: Our oldest son.

00:20:57.630 --> 00:20:59.010 Kristine League of YES: My youngest son is.

00:21:01.290 --> 00:21:03.660 Kristine League of YES: aging him and my oldest is 26.

00:21:05.190 --> 00:21:08.280 Tommy DiMisa: So and who's serving your younger son is serving in.

00:21:08.340 --> 00:21:11.280 Kristine League of YES: In yes in the arby's in Texas well.

00:21:11.310 --> 00:21:15.390 Tommy DiMisa: First of all, goes without saying, but thank you for his service, and thank you for.

00:21:15.840 --> 00:21:26.880 Tommy DiMisa: You know, being that sort of mom that that inspired service right, and I wonder, you know, and I, without asking this young man this question I don't know the answer, but I wonder.

00:21:27.300 --> 00:21:37.230 Tommy DiMisa: If if some of what he watched growing up, and what you were doing inspired him to serve you know first he said as an eagle scout as a volunteer empty.

00:21:37.650 --> 00:21:46.290 Tommy DiMisa: And then you know this ultimate level of service, the service country, so the idea of reflect on that has he has he kind of said some of that when he was growing up.

00:21:46.710 --> 00:21:55.110 Kristine League of YES: I don't know if he has said that, but I have a girlfriend of mine, which is a compliment and not all the same time when he was doing everything with Kobe.

00:21:55.530 --> 00:22:05.490 Kristine League of YES: I was getting very worried because i'm i'm a cancer survivor so I had to be very careful and I was getting upset with him and girlfriend turned around and said to me.

00:22:05.760 --> 00:22:14.820 Kristine League of YES: Well, what do you expect him to be this is what you've showed him his whole entire life is to help people, and you know give service and i'm like yeah you're right.

00:22:14.880 --> 00:22:17.490 Tommy DiMisa: Okay yeah but not not right now, but not now.

00:22:20.820 --> 00:22:25.320 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, I mean what a crazy scary year I mean being out last night and.

00:22:25.380 --> 00:22:35.880 Tommy DiMisa: shout out again the best buddies you know, because they are such a special organization, if you haven't collaborated with them, we need to talk about that because i've been very hooked in with them we've opened through the lindy Lou foundation some school programs.

00:22:36.270 --> 00:22:38.400 Tommy DiMisa: But talk about them just for a second it was like.

00:22:38.880 --> 00:22:48.990 Tommy DiMisa: It was so great to be in a room and you know it's like you get to the door and you got to take out your ID and i'm gonna take my phone to show them vaccinated and you know they're doing the right thing.

00:22:49.800 --> 00:22:56.010 Tommy DiMisa: It was kind of an indoor outdoor situation at the bowery hotel, so you had some you know get out get some fresh air and stuff like that.

00:22:56.400 --> 00:23:10.740 Tommy DiMisa: But i've been to several events getting back into the groove but i'll tell you Christina I don't know if you notice about me, but I was like out three nights a week back in the day, like doing that stuff, whether it be a Gala and working event but it's also it's been gone.

00:23:12.030 --> 00:23:13.140 Tommy DiMisa: it's been which was such a.

00:23:14.340 --> 00:23:25.590 Tommy DiMisa: Like a car, it always concurrent thing always ran through my week, I was always out, I was doing a thing, and that so being out it's It makes me appreciate these things even more to be at events you know.

00:23:26.340 --> 00:23:41.490 Tommy DiMisa: I love the fact that you know that this young man is doing service, because he watched his mom do it, and I know it for a fact because it's happening in my own House when the six year old son of mine comes up to me, he goes hey Daddy when's the next day service, I want to do it with you.

00:23:43.200 --> 00:23:52.380 Tommy DiMisa: dude there it is that's the point that's the reason, again I tell you guys it's not about me and you don't have to do 60 you got to do what's right for you, and maybe.

00:23:53.130 --> 00:24:07.260 Tommy DiMisa: Two weekends, a month volunteering at Eisenhower park with Christina and her organization to do it, maybe that's it maybe you say i'm all in i'm retired or I have the time or I have to kind of career the let me, let me do whatever and you want to join somebody board.

00:24:07.830 --> 00:24:09.960 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, right yes yours.

00:24:10.020 --> 00:24:11.130 Kristine League of YES: Alright, so yeah.

00:24:11.430 --> 00:24:12.390 Tommy DiMisa: we'll get to that point.

00:24:12.780 --> 00:24:23.580 Tommy DiMisa: And that point about what you need soon, but let's talk about like the evolution of this organization, so you go, so the miracle leak, so there was already like infrastructure there so tell me how that.

00:24:24.540 --> 00:24:30.840 Tommy DiMisa: Its own checks you go i'm in i'm going to do this thing that I have no idea what the heck i'm going to do, where do you start.

00:24:30.930 --> 00:24:34.470 Tommy DiMisa: Because there's a lot of organizations that are just getting started that plug into what we're doing here.

00:24:35.010 --> 00:24:48.300 Kristine League of YES: Right so um I will believe that this how it unfolded was was totally a godsend so after taking my kids back and forth, I decided that you know what I want to do this on long island we don't have anything like this on long island.

00:24:48.810 --> 00:24:57.720 Kristine League of YES: I put on by big girl pants and i'm like i'm gonna raise money i'm going to build synthetic turf field, I actually had an architect friend of mine, you know do a CAD drawing for me.

00:24:58.170 --> 00:25:06.000 Kristine League of YES: And i'm going to raise a million dollars Okay, so my first interview that I went to was the town of brookhaven.

00:25:06.570 --> 00:25:19.950 Kristine League of YES: The Commissioner eddie Morris and I gave him my pitch beautiful power point and I said hey how about two year mark need $250,000 for next year, so after I picked him up off the floor from his Laughter

00:25:20.970 --> 00:25:23.850 Kristine League of YES: He was like you know, Christine I can do something better, and I was.

00:25:24.030 --> 00:25:26.340 Tommy DiMisa: Like what is better than a quarter of a million bucks.

00:25:26.760 --> 00:25:46.890 Kristine League of YES: yeah and it was so he drove me up to bold hill the amphitheater out East and there already was a handicap accessible field beautiful handicap accessible bathrooms dugout it gets used once a year he looked at me and he said, this is yours.

00:25:46.950 --> 00:26:00.300 Tommy DiMisa: Wait a minute, let me go back for a second So this was useful what one charity event a year, and no one, and again not to blame anybody, but no one had taken the advantage and said wait a minute we have this facility let's use it What was it before it was.

00:26:00.360 --> 00:26:01.950 Kristine League of YES: It was being used for.

00:26:03.480 --> 00:26:12.150 Kristine League of YES: wheelchair softball so they only used it like once or twice during the year, so I believe, with their hope was when they built it.

00:26:12.480 --> 00:26:24.090 Kristine League of YES: That organizations would come, you know it's it's obviously not an easy task overnight tasks to create and build you know, a program so it's not like somebody could just go like this.

00:26:24.090 --> 00:26:24.240 Tommy DiMisa: and

00:26:24.780 --> 00:26:27.150 Kristine League of YES: What did you dream of jeannie I did I did.

00:26:27.330 --> 00:26:28.050 Tommy DiMisa: I dream of jeannie.

00:26:28.230 --> 00:26:31.410 Tommy DiMisa: If you're only listening well you guys might be too young even know what I.

00:26:32.040 --> 00:26:33.960 Tommy DiMisa: say you guys don't even know.

00:26:34.170 --> 00:26:36.480 Tommy DiMisa: By my friend, Christine to distinguish you know your folder.

00:26:39.000 --> 00:26:41.130 Tommy DiMisa: I remember be which which meant to us to wiggle your nose.

00:26:41.130 --> 00:26:44.190 Kristine League of YES: Just gonna say to I can't I can't look my nose oh.

00:26:44.340 --> 00:26:48.570 Tommy DiMisa: I can't do it, but then I start sneezing so I don't want to do that, right now, we're live and I don't want to be sneezing all over the.

00:26:48.570 --> 00:26:59.280 Tommy DiMisa: place so talk about you know my court, and I have to underscore things, but I think it's cute and funny so I just said, I bet my buddy Mike Collins is listening and he was named after Mickey mantle so shout out to make.

00:26:59.310 --> 00:27:05.940 Tommy DiMisa: watching us on make maybe you're caught this too, but Christine said about the field out in long island, she said they they thought.

00:27:06.360 --> 00:27:20.490 Tommy DiMisa: People would, if they built it that people would just show up and use it, maybe they can feel the dreams, if you build it, they will come so that kind of made me think of that and guess what they did build it and you came to their place, and eventually what happens, I mean.

00:27:20.520 --> 00:27:21.840 Kristine League of YES: yeah yeah.

00:27:21.870 --> 00:27:25.140 Tommy DiMisa: you're gonna feel he says and what was his name again, can we shout out the the.

00:27:25.200 --> 00:27:29.640 Kristine League of YES: Fewer eddie Morris Commissioner town of brookhaven.

00:27:30.150 --> 00:27:30.480 Tommy DiMisa: Okay.

00:27:30.720 --> 00:27:35.100 Kristine League of YES: So tell me about this field town of brookhaven has been amazing they just actually built a synthetic turf.

00:27:35.100 --> 00:27:42.180 Kristine League of YES: field with Kevin love wow so it's been you know they've been just amazing to us, so what was your question.

00:27:42.480 --> 00:27:44.940 Tommy DiMisa: I was just saying so, you get this field now now what what happens.

00:27:45.210 --> 00:27:52.530 Kristine League of YES: Oh, so it was actually kind of funny when he said that to me because I was going to give myself like two or three years to raise money.

00:27:53.190 --> 00:28:04.260 Kristine League of YES: Go back to school understand a nonprofit you know how to run a baseball legal, though I play softball my life, but I never read a league before so when he's like Oh, this is yours, make it work I just kind of was like oh.

00:28:05.310 --> 00:28:05.970 Tommy DiMisa: No kidding.

00:28:06.210 --> 00:28:17.400 Kristine League of YES: I do, yes, so I got a handful of bunch of my girlfriends that are professional women, whether they're in sales or marketing we got together and.

00:28:18.090 --> 00:28:31.350 Kristine League of YES: My friend gina and I literally went knocking on doors knocking on doors handing out flyers free program made it free free program free food come on down play we had maybe 30 kids that.

00:28:31.380 --> 00:28:38.490 Tommy DiMisa: were talking on but like did you have any did you know that there was a child, with with disabilities in that home.

00:28:38.520 --> 00:28:40.680 Kristine League of YES: or like you know I wasn't i'm sorry I should have been worse.

00:28:41.490 --> 00:28:49.110 Kristine League of YES: knocking on doors like HR see bows you know cerebral palsy of NASA we were just snacking on.

00:28:49.140 --> 00:28:54.870 Tommy DiMisa: All those sites or you're reaching out to two organizations that we know here on long island that are in that ID space that have.

00:28:55.170 --> 00:29:05.850 Tommy DiMisa: Different programs in your wow that sounds a lot like collaboration that sounds like somebody who thinks they don't know what they're doing running a nonprofit because you're a business development sales person.

00:29:05.880 --> 00:29:08.850 Tommy DiMisa: You know, networking is so you knew how to do that, you know.

00:29:09.120 --> 00:29:18.900 Tommy DiMisa: I think there's an opportunity in this space for for more education around that in fact i'm going to come up with a series of talks around that around networking leveraging.

00:29:18.900 --> 00:29:28.800 Tommy DiMisa: Religion or nonprofit so right now it's all you know, in the Gray matter you know some of it's been written in a notebook somewhere, but it's it's really something i'm formulating because I think.

00:29:29.310 --> 00:29:37.680 Tommy DiMisa: You know my unique sort of value proposition and personality and who, I am what I do on the connection side, I think I think there's a lot that I could add value to.

00:29:38.850 --> 00:29:52.920 Tommy DiMisa: So plan for sure alright, so I see you knocking on doors and maybe you're a biscardi and and rise life service about in riverhead you know formally add to the development of disabled shut up Charlie of those in his whole team their client of ours, we do a lot of work with them.

00:29:54.000 --> 00:30:00.210 Tommy DiMisa: And and and you're starting to get a ground swell and you say come down for some sandwiches come down for some baseball we're going to do this thing right.

00:30:01.350 --> 00:30:11.460 Tommy DiMisa: And don't tell me what happens next because we're gonna go to a break so we'll go to a break, I see you went as you go to break watch my friend, Christine she's knocking on doors and gina was there too.

00:30:12.990 --> 00:30:16.650 Tommy DiMisa: we'll be right back everybody 90 seconds philanthropy focus in the act.

00:32:19.770 --> 00:32:27.780 Tommy DiMisa: know where the attic is Do you know where your attic is well it's probably at the top of your House, because that's where mine is and that's where I am all the time.

00:32:28.080 --> 00:32:36.450 Tommy DiMisa: And I am most fired up at 10am Eastern time on Fridays because I get to spend time with my nonprofit friends and this program.

00:32:36.990 --> 00:32:46.020 Tommy DiMisa: called philanthropy in focus and by now, you probably know that everywhere else in the world focus is spelled with an F, but when you're in the attic.

00:32:46.440 --> 00:32:58.530 Tommy DiMisa: it's spelled with a pH because that's how I like it and that's the way it is so if you're looking for me and you want to catch me on email Tommy D I philanthropy in focus I just told you to pH O C U

00:32:59.160 --> 00:33:02.640 Tommy DiMisa: Tell me D dot nyc on instagram Tommy do you believe it or not, Tommy D dot.

00:33:03.270 --> 00:33:09.330 Tommy DiMisa: nyc on tech talk i'm not real sure what i'm doing there yet, but I am playing around with it, I think there's gonna be some fun stuff especially.

00:33:09.600 --> 00:33:18.060 Tommy DiMisa: The more I can get out of the attic The more I can do some cool stuff I think tick tock would be really i'll say a bad word, but I think it'd be a picture to have tick tock and do some stuff at field with you.

00:33:18.360 --> 00:33:21.360 Kristine League of YES: Like you know, is all the kids want to do it they're all.

00:33:21.540 --> 00:33:22.350 Kristine League of YES: A tic TAC.

00:33:22.440 --> 00:33:23.130 Tommy DiMisa: let's do it.

00:33:23.490 --> 00:33:26.640 Kristine League of YES: really has over 5000 followers.

00:33:26.700 --> 00:33:27.900 Tommy DiMisa: One of your participants does.

00:33:28.080 --> 00:33:29.400 Kristine League of YES: Yes, yeah.

00:33:29.550 --> 00:33:30.720 Tommy DiMisa: that's awesome yeah it's.

00:33:31.320 --> 00:33:38.610 Kristine League of YES: tic TAC accounts Luke who plays on my skills team um I think he's I mean he's got thousands of followers.

00:33:38.670 --> 00:33:39.210 Tommy DiMisa: that's awesome.

00:33:39.510 --> 00:33:40.980 Kristine League of YES: Jericho they love to.

00:33:41.040 --> 00:33:46.710 Kristine League of YES: Do and tick talking to be doing tick tock on all of your philanthropy that you're doing.

00:33:47.280 --> 00:33:50.400 Tommy DiMisa: Days of service yeah yeah i've been videos but you know what it is.

00:33:51.300 --> 00:34:07.110 Tommy DiMisa: it's a lot to like taken because it's there's so many different things you only not an excuse, but it's like there's so many different mediums like how like somebody said to me like recently on can we communicate on like Facebook messenger i'm like dude I got like 19 ways that information.

00:34:07.170 --> 00:34:08.220 Tommy DiMisa: is coming out it's.

00:34:08.550 --> 00:34:16.980 Tommy DiMisa: Just mad i'm not not just me it's difficult to manage like Oh, Christine sent me that note, but where the heck was the note was it on was on linkedin.

00:34:17.250 --> 00:34:18.060 Tommy DiMisa: wasn't on.

00:34:18.090 --> 00:34:28.260 Tommy DiMisa: Facebook wasn't on instagram it's crazy, so I used to think this and I said this recently another place, I went clubhouse and I went to a club house the other night, and I said it's funny this will show you that i'm old.

00:34:28.950 --> 00:34:39.660 Tommy DiMisa: I used to think Christine that people went to Facebook, or one of these other places, to make a connection that would eventually turn into a phone call or let's in this world, a zoom call right.

00:34:39.840 --> 00:34:49.200 Tommy DiMisa: I mean I but know that it's the whole relationship like people communicate just on Facebook and like they have full conversations and dialogues and.

00:34:49.830 --> 00:35:00.540 Tommy DiMisa: And like I used to think even on linkedin and, like all right, why people send me a note on linkedin like here's my email address let's move this off of this platform, but i'm certainly I know the platforms don't want you to take the conversation off there.

00:35:00.960 --> 00:35:03.330 Tommy DiMisa: But even the other people, people are kind of.

00:35:03.720 --> 00:35:17.040 Tommy DiMisa: addicted to these places, I mean my assistant I we use whatsapp so I mean i'm telling you I sometimes I don't know if i'm coming or going which which social which way i'm supposed to talk to people I like to talk in case you couldn't tell so that's always my preferred.

00:35:17.100 --> 00:35:27.510 Tommy DiMisa: method of communication so but I will tell you efficiency wise being on zoom and Skype, and all this stuff it has really improved that I wonder, even from your business perspective, do you.

00:35:28.530 --> 00:35:34.980 Tommy DiMisa: Like how did you hit any kind of speed bumps during Colvin or you just kind of pivoted as a shape right the online.

00:35:35.310 --> 00:35:42.630 Kristine League of YES: You know the funny thing is, I actually started zooming I was with a logistics company right before.

00:35:43.440 --> 00:35:53.100 Kristine League of YES: We went everybody went to their home, so I started zooming before my company started zooming and doing teams I started reaching out to people.

00:35:53.880 --> 00:36:02.850 Kristine League of YES: Because I always did zoom's for other reasons, whether it's nonprofit you know my board meetings and whatever just it's easier, just to get everybody together and then zoom to go off.

00:36:03.210 --> 00:36:16.230 Kristine League of YES: Like crazy, so I actually had to do a lot of networking through zoom and it was difficult but I made it work and, to be honest with you now that a lot of companies are used to this type of method.

00:36:16.560 --> 00:36:34.110 Kristine League of YES: of meetings as a sales person instead of me getting in my car going into the city and maybe having just one appointment or two that's my whole entire day right, then the costs of taking somebody out for lunch and the train and what have you were now I can make six calls.

00:36:34.290 --> 00:36:35.370 Kristine League of YES: on any.

00:36:35.820 --> 00:36:38.340 Tommy DiMisa: accepted it's totally a game changer.

00:36:38.610 --> 00:36:41.190 Tommy DiMisa: Totally like what so we're in the insurance business we own.

00:36:41.550 --> 00:36:50.070 Tommy DiMisa: Employee benefits, so we do a lot of work with the for profit sector, but with a major focus on nonprofits really helping companies attract and retain talent, by using benefits.

00:36:50.460 --> 00:36:55.230 Tommy DiMisa: And I will tell you our last meeting was March the 11th it was a Wednesday.

00:36:55.830 --> 00:37:02.010 Tommy DiMisa: Right and we were doing an open enrollment for a client and we were following up the 18th we're going to be there to wednesday's in a row.

00:37:02.460 --> 00:37:13.440 Tommy DiMisa: But march 13 the world shut down, but our firm did not shut down and, like most firms didn't shut down and ever since our clients were on zoom at you know prospective clients clients.

00:37:14.010 --> 00:37:21.810 Tommy DiMisa: When we're talking to employees and our groups at the education we do all that it's all done on this on this platform so it's it's been a game changer and I will tell you.

00:37:22.260 --> 00:37:29.760 Tommy DiMisa: i'm old school i'm the guy that was knocking on doors, you know and i'm a guy that was out in the Community, like i'm a sales guy so.

00:37:30.240 --> 00:37:35.610 Tommy DiMisa: that's what we did right like you know i'm thinking more of the same era, and you know we would get what you did you went out.

00:37:36.360 --> 00:37:45.030 Tommy DiMisa: shaking hands the whole thing right a lot of hugs I mean I you know I didn't know if we'd ever build out the hug again, but apparently we are, I found out last night, without the hook yet.

00:37:45.420 --> 00:37:55.650 Tommy DiMisa: But I was like the thing like going out just seeing people you know and but I love that but I will tell you the efficiency of doing it this way is is a game changer it really.

00:37:55.710 --> 00:37:58.350 Kristine League of YES: Really truly is the game changer, but I do like.

00:37:58.560 --> 00:37:59.760 Kristine League of YES: I like in person.

00:37:59.880 --> 00:38:01.410 Tommy DiMisa: I do both now right you could yeah.

00:38:01.890 --> 00:38:11.460 Tommy DiMisa: Absolutely, and then we'll get back to what we're here for but don't you agree that some of those meetings you used to go to you really didn't need to drive to.

00:38:12.660 --> 00:38:24.450 Tommy DiMisa: Like come on man like this was like a 40 minute meeting right and it took me 45 minutes to get here right I gotta find parking if i'm in Queens i'm guaranteed to get an orange ticket on my windshield either way, even if I put money in the.

00:38:24.450 --> 00:38:28.980 Tommy DiMisa: Media you know, whatever I gotta find some other reason to give me a ticket by that always happens.

00:38:29.580 --> 00:38:37.200 Tommy DiMisa: And it's just like yes networking works much better in person, but I will tell you, and in my own experience and we run a national networking group.

00:38:37.710 --> 00:38:47.580 Tommy DiMisa: we've been really successful lately, you know, in the last year and a half and getting people engaged in it and it works, but nothing I think ever beats being together, you know, being able to just.

00:38:48.030 --> 00:38:53.940 Tommy DiMisa: You know the the the visual cues of of a conversation, especially when we're in a sales meeting you know things like that.

00:38:55.110 --> 00:38:59.220 Tommy DiMisa: So you know programmatically I mean.

00:38:59.820 --> 00:39:06.630 Tommy DiMisa: it's this is as basic as as playing catch this is baseball right but it's different So what is that actually we can go back to.

00:39:06.870 --> 00:39:15.900 Tommy DiMisa: You know, and then, when eddie Morris and brookhaven have done this work, we can go back to that and where do you How does that all happen, and what what is it what is a Saturday morning look like for the league.

00:39:16.620 --> 00:39:25.050 Kristine League of YES: So back when we first started, we obviously didn't have any money to do any marketing and stuff like that and we're still running on shoe strings but we're very, very successful.

00:39:25.410 --> 00:39:29.670 Kristine League of YES: When it comes to the children, families in the Community so.

00:39:30.210 --> 00:39:40.560 Kristine League of YES: I always tell everybody, the story of like our first year barely 330 i'm sorry 30 kids not even 30 volunteers, we did I wanted to do a test pilot.

00:39:40.830 --> 00:39:51.930 Kristine League of YES: In 2010 so we did fall and I said to my girlfriend's i'm like you know what let's just throw it against the wall let's see what works fix we'll tweak it over the winter and we'll come back even stronger in spring.

00:39:52.230 --> 00:39:59.610 Kristine League of YES: And that technically was our first full season so fast forward we are 10 years old, I don't know, Sir, for you.

00:40:00.390 --> 00:40:04.740 Tommy DiMisa: dude I love swag, by the way, I mean i'll write you a donation check i'm telling you.

00:40:04.890 --> 00:40:07.050 Tommy DiMisa: What I need some possibility, so let me.

00:40:08.430 --> 00:40:10.920 Tommy DiMisa: Show me to get some of the sponsors on the back.

00:40:11.340 --> 00:40:15.660 Kristine League of YES: So it's legal yes and long island with two hearts and each presenting.

00:40:15.990 --> 00:40:16.950 Kristine League of YES: It fields are.

00:40:17.250 --> 00:40:20.790 Kristine League of YES: And it's 10 years of possibilities we are celebrating this year.

00:40:20.790 --> 00:40:22.890 Kristine League of YES: purple it's blue.

00:40:23.190 --> 00:40:25.290 Tommy DiMisa: Blue show me the back again I saw some sponsors on there.

00:40:25.470 --> 00:40:29.760 Kristine League of YES: yeah and so these were some of our sponsors.

00:40:29.820 --> 00:40:34.770 Tommy DiMisa: You got, how do you know premier panel solutions that's both Mike and I feel like one of my close friends.

00:40:35.070 --> 00:40:36.930 Kristine League of YES: Oh that's fun is one of my friends.

00:40:38.160 --> 00:40:40.170 Kristine League of YES: Her friend works there Stacey.

00:40:40.320 --> 00:40:43.290 Tommy DiMisa: Stacey yeah she's one of the yeah she one of the partners over there.

00:40:43.350 --> 00:40:44.910 Kristine League of YES: She runs funny yeah.

00:40:45.630 --> 00:40:50.340 Tommy DiMisa: Back right now, as we speak, I was, I was had timing worked out, I was.

00:40:50.340 --> 00:40:50.520 Kristine League of YES: going to.

00:40:50.730 --> 00:40:55.770 Tommy DiMisa: Go out there, this afternoon, but they have a truck full of turkeys being delivered to their office.

00:40:55.950 --> 00:41:05.910 Tommy DiMisa: that's yeah that then they're taking out to long island cares and it was like killing me because i'm like dude I want to be there i'm going to be with Christine doing the show.

00:41:06.240 --> 00:41:13.800 Tommy DiMisa: And it's like you know I can't even check off a day a service like I don't get credit for just talking about the fact that they've given turkeys way I got to actually go carry turkeys you know.

00:41:13.800 --> 00:41:15.300 Kristine League of YES: Like one service right now I.

00:41:15.570 --> 00:41:16.770 Tommy DiMisa: know, I know, but you know.

00:41:17.400 --> 00:41:23.760 Tommy DiMisa: Try being Tommy D man it's like it's unstoppable like my brain i'm like what are you doing dude you should really split yourself in half, like.

00:41:24.450 --> 00:41:34.920 Tommy DiMisa: I would think a clone would be great or a twin brother or sister, for that matter, or triplets triplets but that would mean that the world might fall off its axis if there was like three of this maniac around but.

00:41:35.250 --> 00:41:38.220 Tommy DiMisa: it's certainly a lot more stuff done at those three but that's a whole nother.

00:41:38.400 --> 00:41:44.850 Tommy DiMisa: story that's some science fiction stuff so what so you get out of that first year you're checking it out and I love, how you.

00:41:45.090 --> 00:41:52.500 Tommy DiMisa: Like as a business person you're like let's iterate let's see what happens and we're going to come back and we're gonna you know measuring caught and figure out what we're going to do so.

00:41:53.760 --> 00:41:57.180 Tommy DiMisa: How is it evolved after that first year into where you are now 10 years.

00:41:57.240 --> 00:42:06.840 Kristine League of YES: yeah oh God it's been amazing so I always told the story we've had 30 kids playing, we now have over 300 kids playing we had.

00:42:07.440 --> 00:42:17.580 Kristine League of YES: One field, now we have three fields we have grown so much that we broken off to a skills program where it's typically kids that are higher functioning.

00:42:17.910 --> 00:42:29.190 Kristine League of YES: On the spectrum, as well as like down syndrome, they are learning to play on their complete own the other part of our program each child gets up the back each child has a buddy we couldn't do we postpone it.

00:42:30.300 --> 00:42:39.030 Kristine League of YES: This year, we had to have whoever was in your family bubble had to be your tier but pre coven we were up to 1200 volunteers.

00:42:39.090 --> 00:42:39.450 Tommy DiMisa: Every.

00:42:40.050 --> 00:42:46.980 Tommy DiMisa: that's like 100 and what that means, like 400 at each site just to make the numbers easy every weekend.

00:42:47.640 --> 00:42:57.450 Kristine League of YES: Not every weekend over 12 weeks so spring six weeks in the full St john's university johnny's that's.

00:42:59.490 --> 00:42:59.910 Kristine League of YES: What.

00:43:00.000 --> 00:43:01.080 Tommy DiMisa: My Alma mater.

00:43:01.410 --> 00:43:14.430 Tommy DiMisa: yeah my buddy john dvr see who's texted me this morning john i'm sorry i'm going to do this to you, but he was a former ED of anaerobic out in bayside Queens and he's got a tattoo on his ankle the original redmen the red, you know.

00:43:14.490 --> 00:43:16.920 Kristine League of YES: yeah last year last year.

00:43:17.010 --> 00:43:18.810 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, you are before they change the name before they became.

00:43:18.810 --> 00:43:24.330 Kristine League of YES: yeah yep so I ran track I was a javelin thrower currently.

00:43:25.140 --> 00:43:26.490 Tommy DiMisa: yeah and.

00:43:27.930 --> 00:43:28.560 Kristine League of YES: what's that.

00:43:28.620 --> 00:43:30.480 Tommy DiMisa: You play softball there or no, you didn't play.

00:43:30.480 --> 00:43:32.310 Kristine League of YES: No, no that's a whole nother.

00:43:32.340 --> 00:43:41.790 Kristine League of YES: series to have that conversation I got picked up by coach put a javelin in my hand at my junior college and I started breaking those sorts of crazy records and I could.

00:43:41.820 --> 00:43:43.650 Tommy DiMisa: pick my God dude we can.

00:43:44.160 --> 00:43:46.530 Tommy DiMisa: program i'm about to do another show.

00:43:47.040 --> 00:43:55.260 Tommy DiMisa: And I don't want to say, the name of acid in it it's going to be called really cool stuff and it's like I just want to talk to you about throwing the javelin for an hour.

00:43:55.320 --> 00:43:57.210 Tommy DiMisa: And that's where like the show will be about and.

00:43:57.390 --> 00:44:01.260 Tommy DiMisa: with you and me kind of just kicking it like this i'm sure we'd have like a lot of fun just talking.

00:44:01.260 --> 00:44:01.800 Kristine League of YES: About yeah.

00:44:03.300 --> 00:44:11.190 Tommy DiMisa: So, just in case I need a third show will be figuring out that when really cool stuff is going to happen because I figure, you and I can talk about the javelin.

00:44:11.310 --> 00:44:13.560 Tommy DiMisa: And then another week I could talk about somebody who does reiki.

00:44:14.040 --> 00:44:14.400 And like.

00:44:15.840 --> 00:44:19.320 Tommy DiMisa: All those things are really cool so like it kind of fits the bill right.

00:44:19.590 --> 00:44:24.450 Tommy DiMisa: So all right, so we actually are we're right up against another break, which is insane because that's how.

00:44:25.620 --> 00:44:26.160 Kristine League of YES: quick.

00:44:26.280 --> 00:44:27.060 Tommy DiMisa: I know i'm sorry.

00:44:27.300 --> 00:44:33.630 Tommy DiMisa: So let's do one more thing the skills program right so that's what does that mean is that, like children are separated into.

00:44:33.630 --> 00:44:34.410 Kristine League of YES: Oh yeah.

00:44:34.500 --> 00:44:43.170 Kristine League of YES: They because they they've gotten too good to play so we want to make sure we have safety so Greg Koch, who is our program developer.

00:44:44.070 --> 00:44:46.920 Kristine League of YES: He runs the skills program for us and.

00:44:47.520 --> 00:44:55.320 Kristine League of YES: Max, who is from play like a pro he owns great play like a pro lot of people have gone there he's amazing he's our coach.

00:44:55.410 --> 00:45:09.360 Kristine League of YES: And these kids now they've been playing together for over seven years and they they get up there, they do their warm ups, they you know have batting practice, and then they actually play a game they're making place they're making double plays they're hitting the.

00:45:09.360 --> 00:45:23.250 Kristine League of YES: wall, and it is amazing, just to see the transformation in those kids over the past seven years and or i've had kids that started at seven that are 17 now you know that's.

00:45:23.430 --> 00:45:24.420 Tommy DiMisa: All but again.

00:45:24.660 --> 00:45:27.000 Kristine League of YES: This year we do pictures side by side.

00:45:27.270 --> 00:45:30.000 Tommy DiMisa: And you really yeah I read you do that at the outing.

00:45:30.510 --> 00:45:31.470 Kristine League of YES: At the golf outing yeah.

00:45:32.130 --> 00:45:36.540 Kristine League of YES: Oh, my God, this is awesome just to see how the kids with such a little babies when they started.

00:45:36.840 --> 00:45:43.800 Tommy DiMisa: Though so here's what I have to tell you, and you probably hear this a lot and I know my leaders in this sector hear this, and they poo poo it but.

00:45:44.190 --> 00:45:55.140 Tommy DiMisa: You Christine Fitzpatrick have changed lives you, what is the ripple effect of that seven year old child who was told here she couldn't play ball.

00:45:55.650 --> 00:46:01.620 Tommy DiMisa: is now 10 years later, having played ball, how did you empower and change the trajectory of their lives.

00:46:01.890 --> 00:46:16.800 Tommy DiMisa: And goes further, how are they going to continue to pay it forward and change other people's lives that's what this show is that's what this sector is that's why i'm so fired up about this stuff because if you don't go and join the miracle league board up in westchester.

00:46:17.280 --> 00:46:24.060 Tommy DiMisa: That 17 year old kid doesn't have a baseball League to play in on long island for last 10 years that's just real stuff man now he's real.

00:46:24.180 --> 00:46:35.160 Tommy DiMisa: My my passion is because people change the world right one person sets things in motion to change other people's lives and isn't that why we're all here aren't we all connected.

00:46:35.460 --> 00:46:39.210 Tommy DiMisa: Like New York telephone wasn't an old version we're all connected.

00:46:39.510 --> 00:46:49.920 Tommy DiMisa: All right, stop saying it dude here's the deal that's why I get fired up because if you have an idea that you think will improve the lives of other people and i'm not talking about nothing wrong with going on shark tank that's cool.

00:46:50.130 --> 00:46:58.020 Tommy DiMisa: But i'm talking about like real grassroots impact for people it's not just about millions of dollars and selling your deals to Barbara corcoran.

00:46:58.350 --> 00:47:06.420 Tommy DiMisa: And those folks know Mr wonderful it's about making an impact in your community and that's what Christine Fitzpatrick it's done, we are, I know you have stuff to say.

00:47:06.540 --> 00:47:08.760 Kristine League of YES: Now I have a couple more layers will peel back.

00:47:08.910 --> 00:47:14.370 Tommy DiMisa: To back we're gonna go right back to the break we'll go to the break we'll come back you peel those layers will talk about connections.

00:47:14.550 --> 00:47:17.550 Tommy DiMisa: i'll try to get out of here on time so Steve Fries show can start on time.

00:47:18.000 --> 00:47:18.750 Tommy DiMisa: we'll be right back.

00:49:15.990 --> 00:49:24.870 Tommy DiMisa: Oh it's This is called philanthropy and focus, just in case you're just checking in, and this is where we amplify the message for nonprofit organizations, I don't know why I did that.

00:49:25.290 --> 00:49:34.410 Tommy DiMisa: So I was it's funny because I was like sharing on Facebook guys, if you would if you're watching us on Facebook, if not, you can always check us out talking alternative broadcasting on Facebook.

00:49:35.070 --> 00:49:44.910 Tommy DiMisa: But I was sharing the website and then I noticed, as my theme song start playing you were dancing and I was like oh my God I got it now share Christine so people see her pop it out to the tomb.

00:49:45.840 --> 00:49:52.470 Tommy DiMisa: that's my uncle Brendan Brendan levy the queen's Chamber of Commerce, who I told you about when we had a phone conversation earlier this week.

00:49:52.740 --> 00:49:56.100 Tommy DiMisa: Because i'm very hooked in the queen's Chamber but Brendan had a band back in the 90s.

00:49:56.580 --> 00:50:04.830 Tommy DiMisa: They were called the goods and now that they're older men they call themselves damaged goods and they laid down that track like i'm in the industry, they lead down that track for me.

00:50:05.250 --> 00:50:10.260 Tommy DiMisa: And that's that that is where that theme song comes from, and you know you'll probably be singing it later on today just because it's.

00:50:10.830 --> 00:50:11.910 Tommy DiMisa: catchy and it sticks with you.

00:50:11.910 --> 00:50:22.230 Tommy DiMisa: See it's catchy show talk about catchy we gotta catch up, because we're running out of time we got a lot to cover still so let's peel back the onion I want to talk about then about once upcoming for the organization and what you need.

00:50:22.770 --> 00:50:28.860 Kristine League of YES: Okay, so I just want to just to go back a little bit when we were talking about you know, having the kids and touching lives and stuff.

00:50:29.340 --> 00:50:42.300 Kristine League of YES: What we didn't realize what was going to happen with the League, as I say, peel those layers of the onion back I had had a young lady send me an email probably about five years ago, and she said.

00:50:43.620 --> 00:50:54.600 Kristine League of YES: I just wanted to send you an email, from the perspective of a sibling so she did not ever acknowledged her brother he's very low on the spectrum he's a little violent.

00:50:55.290 --> 00:51:05.400 Kristine League of YES: Non verbal she was very embarrassed that she had a brother on that with autism so after coming down to the field, she ended up meeting a whole bunch of other siblings.

00:51:05.970 --> 00:51:15.390 Kristine League of YES: And they all kind of got together and became really good friends and she said it was like a support group and now she's so proud we just got chills now.

00:51:16.290 --> 00:51:25.560 Kristine League of YES: to cry so her you know with autism, and you know, then she ended up being his buddy for the rest of the season and then the following years to follow.

00:51:25.830 --> 00:51:42.960 Kristine League of YES: and also with the parents, we ended up parents networking with each other about different insurances different pts that are out there you three of the parents got together they form their own nonprofit and called share the voice, where they give away try icicles adaptable tries to goals.

00:51:43.110 --> 00:51:44.730 Tommy DiMisa: So here on the island.

00:51:45.600 --> 00:51:48.840 Kristine League of YES: And she just moved to New Jersey, but they are still on the.

00:51:49.590 --> 00:51:51.180 Tommy DiMisa: We got to know about that, especially going.

00:51:51.180 --> 00:51:57.390 Kristine League of YES: I will get you linda's information it's phenomenal what they do and they surprise the kid with the try they get the fire department.

00:51:57.390 --> 00:52:08.340 Kristine League of YES: involved still a whole big thing they're amazing and so many awesome things that have happened, and you know quickly to getting back to our buddies.

00:52:09.030 --> 00:52:20.760 Kristine League of YES: The biggest reasons for having the buddies, in our view, and we don't really put this on the website or anything for the buddies, but it really is to bring in the typical person within the Community.

00:52:21.120 --> 00:52:33.600 Kristine League of YES: and work with the child, with special needs to understand that they're just kids and they want to have fun and you can approach them, you can be their friends right so it's breaking that barrier for bullying.

00:52:34.080 --> 00:52:46.080 Kristine League of YES: kids with special needs, and they said, you know what we have 1200 volunteers if 10% of them walk away right hundred and 20 kids that now stand up for a child, with special needs job well done.

00:52:46.770 --> 00:52:51.330 Tommy DiMisa: game changer, by the way, and I look for a time, you know, like when that's like a like people go.

00:52:51.720 --> 00:53:00.120 Tommy DiMisa: You know uh we don't like, and this is silly and it's going to sound silly and if you know me and you love me then it's not going to sound like i'm being mean or rude but there's going to be a point in time when people go.

00:53:00.420 --> 00:53:12.570 Tommy DiMisa: We don't do that anymore like I don't pick on people for different abilities like i'm telling you, I think that, but I think it takes, you know hashtag inclusion right it takes opportunity where we, what is it it's an education thing.

00:53:12.780 --> 00:53:19.500 Tommy DiMisa: And I know that in my own stuff that I want my kids see it and they watch it and they're aware of it and i'm not going to you know tell stories about.

00:53:19.920 --> 00:53:30.300 Tommy DiMisa: Some of the special things you know my children have done, but I will tell you they've done things for other people and and it's it's because of the understanding and education and the word we started the show off.

00:53:30.780 --> 00:53:38.610 Tommy DiMisa: That just at the beginning with compassion and it's what it's about and I think oh my God what how young Can somebody volunteer for.

00:53:39.090 --> 00:53:53.700 Kristine League of YES: Well, again, where did they give us so we don't say no, and that's silly enough but that's how we came up with the League of yes, because we seriously told the parents, this is your lead not ours will never say no, but there was one father, being a wise guys like we coach naked and like.

00:53:55.530 --> 00:53:56.190 Kristine League of YES: you're gonna have.

00:53:56.730 --> 00:53:57.930 Kristine League of YES: To take that as a production.

00:53:59.190 --> 00:54:00.660 Tommy DiMisa: kick it out program because it's a circle.

00:54:00.840 --> 00:54:09.720 Tommy DiMisa: But shame on him for being silly although very funny but you know he kind of put you in a predicament they're not very nice he's i'm sure as a character, but i'm.

00:54:10.170 --> 00:54:12.000 Tommy DiMisa: Joking yeah I know so.

00:54:12.030 --> 00:54:24.330 Kristine League of YES: So we have if the volunteers are young what we will do is, we will have them either be with a parent or somebody that's older what we have on the third base line is called our tunnel of love it's a human tunnel.

00:54:24.690 --> 00:54:34.860 Kristine League of YES: They sent across from each other, they put their hands up, it is hands down the best part for the kids because they hit their home run now they run through the tunnel everyone's cheering they're doing.

00:54:35.310 --> 00:54:52.620 Kristine League of YES: Things high five of them, so we can put them on the tunnel there earlier that you can expose any young child to the end when you come down to the field, you could look at videos we did a video that went viral 35 million views it went around the whole entire world right of this.

00:54:53.100 --> 00:54:54.060 Tommy DiMisa: million views.

00:54:54.120 --> 00:55:02.670 Kristine League of YES: 35 million views I had to count them up, because I had the drew barrymore show reach out to me she's like can you verify that and I thought it was 10 million.

00:55:03.060 --> 00:55:05.370 Tommy DiMisa: Go on, did you go on the drew barrymore show was.

00:55:05.370 --> 00:55:06.270 Kristine League of YES: No, not yet.

00:55:06.300 --> 00:55:06.960 Kristine League of YES: not yet.

00:55:07.140 --> 00:55:08.160 Kristine League of YES: it's in the works.

00:55:08.220 --> 00:55:14.610 Tommy DiMisa: So, if you so look if you need me to go into drew barrymore show i'll go, I felt like I was being invited i'm not sure what.

00:55:14.790 --> 00:55:17.700 Tommy DiMisa: happened, but more like invited yourself to be honest i'm ED.

00:55:19.140 --> 00:55:23.820 Tommy DiMisa: hey drew if you're listening big fan out here all right, you know back to the et days.

00:55:24.000 --> 00:55:31.530 Tommy DiMisa: You ever get the nonprofit sector connector I will talk about why don't you join me for 60 days of service drew barrymore you picked the nonprofit.

00:55:31.950 --> 00:55:33.660 Tommy DiMisa: I will bring the phone numbers.

00:55:33.720 --> 00:55:48.120 Tommy DiMisa: That I grabbed out of the basement the puzzle pieces all right, Christine real quick lightning round, what does the organization need and the League of yes, so the website, by the way, is league of not the League league of yes or what do you like.

00:55:48.210 --> 00:55:56.670 Kristine League of YES: So what we need, quickly and would love to get new board members people that have experienced we really want to make this into a national Program.

00:55:57.060 --> 00:56:11.940 Kristine League of YES: I would like to start a board of advisors and of course we're always looking for sponsorship I don't have to say that we have breakfast with Santa coming up on December, for we are looking for toys actually looking for breakfast sponsor as well.

00:56:12.750 --> 00:56:14.160 Tommy DiMisa: look like what's the breakfast sponsor.

00:56:14.760 --> 00:56:15.300 Kristine League of YES: Not that.

00:56:15.390 --> 00:56:17.340 Tommy DiMisa: what's is there a number for the breakfast sponsor.

00:56:17.880 --> 00:56:24.510 Kristine League of YES: $3,000 yeah so if we because we didn't have a coven last year.

00:56:24.570 --> 00:56:25.290 Kristine League of YES: We want to be.

00:56:25.320 --> 00:56:41.490 Kristine League of YES: even bigger and better for the kids I have a garage full of toys that we didn't give out last year, I want to double and triple it I would love to make up for last year we give each child a toy and the siblings for these kids to walk out with two or three toys each.

00:56:41.700 --> 00:56:44.640 Tommy DiMisa: You know that sounds like bing bing bing sounds like a day of service.

00:56:44.850 --> 00:56:47.400 Tommy DiMisa: call me yeah we'll figure out what how I can help I.

00:56:47.430 --> 00:56:48.870 Kristine League of YES: definitely want you in that, in fact.

00:56:48.870 --> 00:56:51.450 Tommy DiMisa: They all look the dude don't even threatened me with a good time.

00:56:52.020 --> 00:56:52.680 Kristine League of YES: dude me.

00:56:55.080 --> 00:57:04.320 Tommy DiMisa: Yet yeah I call my wife dude like dude seriously get the actually my sister and her husband have Elf costume we gotta we gotta shut the show down right now, but may have Elf costumes.

00:57:04.620 --> 00:57:10.740 Tommy DiMisa: And my brother was kind of a giant person, so he looks even sillier in an Elf costume because it kind of leaves very tall he's like 60 you know.

00:57:10.770 --> 00:57:18.930 Tommy DiMisa: six and a half arrow yeah he, like will ferrell so but I maybe i'll borrow one of their costumes but yet don't throw me a good time, you can alright so.

00:57:19.320 --> 00:57:28.770 Tommy DiMisa: Legal I am extra heights today and I could barely contain myself and the show is just zip by here's what I need to tell you December 4 nine to 11am.

00:57:29.190 --> 00:57:30.300 Kristine League of YES: is like a crown.

00:57:30.510 --> 00:57:31.770 Tommy DiMisa: By like where's that.

00:57:31.920 --> 00:57:32.520 Kristine League of YES: can happen.

00:57:32.820 --> 00:57:42.870 Tommy DiMisa: Upon play like a pro and hop off what I have to do is just closing some gratitude, because we are at the thanksgiving here, we will not have a live show next week, we will be back on the 26th.

00:57:43.080 --> 00:57:53.460 Tommy DiMisa: Very Jones of colorful talks will be here with me and it's really about how to educate our youth on the race conversation, you know really young so as as young people in those programs and.

00:57:53.700 --> 00:57:57.420 Tommy DiMisa: And games and different things for to have that conversation stay tuned.

00:57:57.870 --> 00:58:05.580 Tommy DiMisa: Steve fry is here next, the only other thing I want to tell you, is, I am involved with my buddy Dave win on something called gratitude rising, which is a campaign.

00:58:06.120 --> 00:58:10.500 Tommy DiMisa: Peer to peer fundraising campaign and we're going to be rolling that out to nonprofit organizations.

00:58:10.890 --> 00:58:23.220 Tommy DiMisa: This coming Wednesday the 24th at 11am So if you want to learn more about that send me know Tommy D I philanthropy and focus calm, or you know check me out on linkedin because i'm posting this everywhere, Christine Fitzpatrick, thank you for being my friend.

00:58:23.280 --> 00:58:23.970 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you for coming on.

00:58:24.750 --> 00:58:25.770 Kristine League of YES: I appreciate awesome.

00:58:26.010 --> 00:58:37.140 Tommy DiMisa: Emily I know you got to get us out of here Emily thanks for visiting with me, I hope to see you again soon Emily showman, on the other side of the glass see fry coming up next it's always Friday with that guy will be right back I know we won't.

00:58:37.530 --> 00:58:38.340 Tommy DiMisa: be back in two weeks.

00:58:38.460 --> 00:58:38.760 later.

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