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Thursday, November 18, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/18 - Living Life Holistically

Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/18 - Living Life Holistically


2021/11/18 - Living Life Holistically

[NEW EPISODE] Living Life Holistically

Experiencing the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause can be a much-needed wake-up call to start paying attention to your self-care.

It isn’t possible to have a long-term successful career if your body isn’t healthy and your mind is in a constant fog. Women at midlife need to find more balance in their personal and professional lives.

My guest this week, Anna Letitia Cook, is an International Career Development + Holistic Success Coach. Anna strongly advocates wellness/wellbeing, so much so that she became a Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist to offer health and wellbeing support to her business clients as well as help them find clarity, energy, and fulfillment in career and life choices.

Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat starts off the show introducing her guest Anna Letitia Cook. She then segways the conversation to this week’s news on menopause. Pat discusses men being more educated on menopause and how suicide rates have risen in women ages 45-54. Pat shares a story of a man who lost his wife to sucide and how he wishes he could have been more aware of the signs. Pat goes on to talk about the glories of menopause and how it could be a boost for your well being. Before the break, Pat talked about male menopause being a real thing and how Harrow School is adding menopause training to their curriculum.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Pat formally introduces Anna Cook and begins to talk about her background. Cook is an international career development and holistic success coach. She is a wellness partner for France, Ireland, and the UK. Cook is also a yoga instructor and nutritionist. Cook’s mission is to offer wellness and support to business clients who need help finding clarity, energy and fulfillment in their career and life choices. Cook is the creator of SCOPE and the author of Unstoppable Goddess. Cook begins to talk about her experience and how she found her passion. She talks about moving around the country and having different careers regarding real estate and media journalism. When she moved to France she began working with international business clients who were looking to develop their skills. Cook says she started giving advice pertaining to wellness and by chance went into coaching. Before the break, Pat and Cook spoke about the importance of nutrition and the stigmas around menopause.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Pat and Cook discuss the importance of women leaders focusing on their self care. Pat talks about the symptoms that can lead to burn out and why we should know the Four F’s. Cook shares that in order to feel Fulfilled in your life you must maintain healthy Fitness, Fuel and a sense of Freedom. Those are Four F’s that could lead to a balanced life. Pat and Cook discuss having a balanced life and how it opens the door for productivity. Before the break Pat and Cook talked about setting your intentions as a way to complete your goals.

Segment 4

In the last segment, Pat and Cook give their top tips for women who are too busy. Cook suggests the first thing to change is your diet. She talks about having a balanced diet in order to maintain productive energy. Another tip was to take time for yourself. Whether it be 10 minutes or 20; Cook advises women to take time for themselves to recharge. Lastly, organize or schedule your daily activity. Before the end of the show, Cook gives the importance of yoga and how it is beneficial for your bones.


00:04:57.150 --> 00:05:08.280 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause good morning if you're in America good afternoon in the UK, good evening, if you are in India.

00:05:08.670 --> 00:05:17.160 Pat Duckworth: And my guest in the studio today is another tisha cook who we will be talking to shortly we've just had a little bit of a rockin here but Sir.

00:05:17.670 --> 00:05:20.880 Pat Duckworth: No doubt will be rocking it out between the segments.

00:05:21.240 --> 00:05:33.030 Pat Duckworth: So let's have a look at what's in the media, I have to say it's a lovely sunny day, where I am and I have a friend visiting from America from California, and it was warm enough that we've been out for a walk.

00:05:33.570 --> 00:05:39.150 Pat Duckworth: And i've taken him for a pub lunch, so he is well happy with his trip to England at the moment.

00:05:40.020 --> 00:05:47.010 Pat Duckworth: Good so let's look at what's in the media i'm starting with a sad story today and the story that i've picked.

00:05:47.610 --> 00:05:59.400 Pat Duckworth: A number of newspapers and TV channels picked up on it was a man whose wife very sadly committed suicide last year, and they had the INQUEST recently.

00:05:59.940 --> 00:06:09.810 Pat Duckworth: And he was talking about how men, need to be trained on menopause because he didn't understand what his wife was experiencing and he wasn't.

00:06:10.290 --> 00:06:16.110 Pat Duckworth: As supportive, as he could have been because he just didn't get how anxious and depressed she was becoming.

00:06:16.620 --> 00:06:27.330 Pat Duckworth: And, as I say, several newspapers and TV channels have picked up on it, so this comes from ITV news which is an independent channel here in the UK.

00:06:27.690 --> 00:06:35.220 Pat Duckworth: And it's a suicide rates in women of menopause or age of reason, despite falling numbers of older women taking their own lives.

00:06:35.700 --> 00:06:46.860 Pat Duckworth: Suicide rates for women aged 45 to 54 the most common age for perimenopause and menopause have risen 6% in 20 years according to the office of national statistics.

00:06:47.280 --> 00:06:52.470 Pat Duckworth: Over the same period rates for over 55 women have fallen by 28%.

00:06:53.250 --> 00:07:04.920 Pat Duckworth: Alongside the physical, emotional toll of menopause women and men are pause age can often find themselves caring for children and aging parents and frequently find themselves isolated.

00:07:05.490 --> 00:07:15.840 Pat Duckworth: Many women in their 60s are happier postmenopausal as their body and brain or just new hormone levels is clearly has an impact on their psychology and may partly explain.

00:07:16.200 --> 00:07:26.580 Pat Duckworth: Why suicide rates drop off later in life there's loads of research that says people get happier as they progress through their 50s into their 60s into their 70s.

00:07:27.000 --> 00:07:33.690 Pat Duckworth: But this time in like early mid 40s is a very strict can be a very stressful time.

00:07:34.320 --> 00:07:42.780 Pat Duckworth: You know, with the children growing up with the aging parents your own career looking after the home etc it's a busy time.

00:07:43.080 --> 00:07:50.580 Pat Duckworth: And if you're not talking about what you're experiencing if you don't feel supported at home or not, but it can feel very isolating.

00:07:50.970 --> 00:08:09.600 Pat Duckworth: i've had women come on my groups, my multiples training groups who have said, oh it just feels great to be part of a Community where we can talk about this, we should just be able to talk about it and yeah training men and having them as allies, at this stage really important.

00:08:10.890 --> 00:08:16.590 Pat Duckworth: Moving on from the independent in Kathy Wicks further in Ireland.

00:08:17.190 --> 00:08:24.450 Pat Duckworth: Talking about menopause can be a boost for well being and I talked about that, on the show last week, so if you missed it if you go to.

00:08:24.750 --> 00:08:35.790 Pat Duckworth: Talk radio dot nyc and look at the shows hot women rock, you will find the recordings for all of the programs and there's a recording from last week or the week before.

00:08:36.360 --> 00:08:42.690 Pat Duckworth: The week before called the glories of menopause but this article says menopause also has many positive aspects to.

00:08:43.350 --> 00:08:52.440 Pat Duckworth: Many of the physical and emotional changes are positive and energizing, even if they are disruptive as people are going through the different physical and emotional changes.

00:08:52.920 --> 00:09:01.890 Pat Duckworth: there's no more guessing heavy bleeding waiting or period pains and related problems, this can be a big relief for some women.

00:09:02.310 --> 00:09:11.460 Pat Duckworth: Having sex without risk pregnancy is a major benefit cited by women, some women say it enhances the experience, because there are fewer worries around it.

00:09:12.120 --> 00:09:25.020 Pat Duckworth: According to the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists at least 85% of all menstruating women experience one symptom or more of PMs so premenstrual syndrome every month.

00:09:25.500 --> 00:09:36.120 Pat Duckworth: Not having them is naturally a big relief as he's not having menstrual migraines and headaches uterine fibroids often grown in women approaching a 50s.

00:09:36.510 --> 00:09:41.250 Pat Duckworth: shrink as the levels of estrogen are dropping which can also bring.

00:09:41.670 --> 00:09:51.120 Pat Duckworth: relief to those affected the menopausal zest a phrase coined by Margaret Mead to describe the rush of energy both physical and psychological.

00:09:51.390 --> 00:10:07.200 Pat Duckworth: that many women feel after menopause gives a new lease of life, it offers a time for someone to take stock and enjoy a fresh look at their life, their work and relationships and how they look after themselves, which is our topic for the day so very much on topic.

00:10:08.580 --> 00:10:17.640 Pat Duckworth: Looking at UK ti n let's the UK tech news website London based be a care or buy a care be I.

00:10:18.150 --> 00:10:30.270 Pat Duckworth: joined hands with cancer clinic genesis care to address side effect of multiples in the latest development I care a multiple startup has announced a partnership with the UK cancer clinic genesis care.

00:10:30.600 --> 00:10:44.550 Pat Duckworth: To address a taboo of cancer care of a side effect of menopause so medicals in most women is occurring naturally bad it can occur because of medical interventions such as treatment for cancer.

00:10:45.330 --> 00:10:53.430 Pat Duckworth: According to the company 30% of women treated for breast cancer will experience a sudden onset of menopausal symptoms, as a result of their treatment.

00:10:53.790 --> 00:11:09.960 Pat Duckworth: However, the availability of this care is limited by lack of specialist health care professionals through a unique pilot with by a care a digital menopause clinic women are being given access to gold standard of multiples care alongside their cancer treatment.

00:11:11.760 --> 00:11:18.210 Pat Duckworth: With by care patients receive care from leading medical doctors dietitians physiotherapist and health coaches.

00:11:18.600 --> 00:11:33.180 Pat Duckworth: intervention is clinically proven to improve medical centers by up to 60% so really good that this is being recognized often women undergoing cancer treatment don't get any nutritional advice.

00:11:33.750 --> 00:11:43.620 Pat Duckworth: They don't get any exercise advice and it's really about whatever medical treatment they're getting and but those sensors that you experience can be really helpful.

00:11:44.250 --> 00:11:59.880 Pat Duckworth: can be you know can be very impactful on top of what you're experiencing because of the treatment so having some ways to deal with the medical symptoms is really important i've actually done a recording for the.

00:12:01.080 --> 00:12:16.620 Pat Duckworth: APP but i'm going to think that loving meditation APP, which is to help people going through treatment for cancer and i've done a meditation for them, which is a visualization to help to calm the hot flushes so really helpful.

00:12:18.030 --> 00:12:26.520 Pat Duckworth: OK, the next item, comes from a business wire and it is about a non hormonal option to treat menopausal symptoms.

00:12:27.180 --> 00:12:38.490 Pat Duckworth: femoral offers a non hormonal therapy to balance estrogen levels in women from Perry men or pause so that is a stage before multiples when you're starting to experience sentence.

00:12:38.910 --> 00:12:44.010 Pat Duckworth: Through menopause to postmenopausal relieving the symptoms and conditions.

00:12:44.550 --> 00:12:52.590 Pat Duckworth: it's derived from estrogen loss with the onset of multiples it addresses specific needs of each multiple stage and is characterized.

00:12:52.950 --> 00:13:02.490 Pat Duckworth: By the natural compound dt 56 a an estrogen receptor modulators supplemented with stage appropriate vitamins and minerals.

00:13:02.970 --> 00:13:11.670 Pat Duckworth: dt 56 eight is developed from the soybean plant, taking advantage of the 20 amino acids of soybean in its production process.

00:13:11.940 --> 00:13:25.590 Pat Duckworth: resulting in a new unique compound targeting the estrogen receptors in the woman's body so Sawyer is one of those plants that has plant estrogen in it called fighter eastridge ins that's where the pH not whither.

00:13:26.490 --> 00:13:34.920 Pat Duckworth: If and fighter East regions in general can be very helpful to supplement levels of estrogen at menopause.

00:13:36.480 --> 00:13:47.070 Pat Duckworth: Moving on to a newspaper here in the UK, called the Star and it says is male menopause a real thing I know we've had items on this before, but I thought this was quite good.

00:13:47.610 --> 00:14:04.620 Pat Duckworth: Unlike women the male reproductive capacity doesn't end when they go through and ripples and ripples is the technical name for male menopause rather men go through a declining androgen levels and some decrease in sperm a sperm method gigantic function.

00:14:05.910 --> 00:14:17.250 Pat Duckworth: Properly less burns i'm thinking, hence instead of andropause doctors refer to court prefer to call the symptoms that men go through partial androgen deficiency of the aging mail.

00:14:18.120 --> 00:14:25.530 Pat Duckworth: that's a cracker isn't it or pad damn for sure these changes are inevitable and can affect individuals differently.

00:14:25.920 --> 00:14:30.240 Pat Duckworth: Regardless of the symptoms it's important to remember that going through pattern.

00:14:30.690 --> 00:14:40.530 Pat Duckworth: is a natural process and not a disease in men, the decrease in sex hormones is less discernible than in women, it takes decades to develop rather than months or years.

00:14:40.860 --> 00:14:49.590 Pat Duckworth: Because the physical and mental changes occur so suddenly they can be easily missed or overlooked, I was on a radio show once for BBC regional.

00:14:50.040 --> 00:15:03.360 Pat Duckworth: radio station and I talked about hot flashes and I said that main food experience hot flushes and a lorry driver rang in to say he was so relieved that i'd said it, because he had had hot flushes and wasn't sure what that was about.

00:15:03.720 --> 00:15:17.520 Pat Duckworth: So if you're getting symptoms, you know your libido is dropping and pressure man getting hot flushes then it could be a good idea, just to check it out with your doctor, they can do blood tests and saliva tests.

00:15:18.900 --> 00:15:39.390 Pat Duckworth: For the Telegraph many Simpsons, so this is about how some sense was the metaphors are being confused we coated symptoms, as many symptoms overlap, which is causing uncertainty for doctors and prolonging the problems that women could be getting treatment for so yeah.

00:15:40.500 --> 00:15:54.240 Pat Duckworth: There are so many times i'm going to pause gets mixed up with other things and it's really important to make sure you're getting the correct treatment, my last one for today is from the Daily Mail i'm really dredging through the media today.

00:15:55.650 --> 00:16:08.280 Pat Duckworth: purity pupils a leading public school will learn about the menopause to help them grow into considering young men, so this is a hero score is going to be providing menopause training for its pupils.

00:16:09.570 --> 00:16:31.230 Pat Duckworth: Harris school which charges 43,665 pounds a year so it's about $50,000 has enlisted a social media influencer to teach the boys about the change the movie is designed to demystify what students mother's relatives and teachers could be going through they'll take part in empathy exercises.

00:16:32.430 --> 00:16:34.560 Pat Duckworth: Excellent so Anna.

00:16:34.590 --> 00:16:37.230 Pat Duckworth: Before we go to the break I was telling you that.

00:16:38.430 --> 00:16:52.500 Pat Duckworth: I was having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction not the ones that you've seen on screen, but you know when you decide to wear something that's gonna look great and then you get something out the wardrobe you haven't seen it for a while and then it looks like this.

00:16:53.910 --> 00:16:54.660 Anna Letitia Cook: Wonderful.

00:16:55.860 --> 00:17:03.270 Pat Duckworth: And so, my dear friend winky seeing in India gave me this and it looks lovely at the time, but I think I haven't worn it in.

00:17:05.310 --> 00:17:08.490 Pat Duckworth: And now it looks like a spider's web but sorted.

00:17:09.210 --> 00:17:11.850 Anna Letitia Cook: yeah but I don't think you're wearing that one today.

00:17:13.980 --> 00:17:17.040 Pat Duckworth: What do you think about them training the boys at Harrow in.

00:17:17.130 --> 00:17:21.930 Anna Letitia Cook: I think I think that's excellent, very good, but high res quite progressive.

00:17:22.350 --> 00:17:30.210 Anna Letitia Cook: And I know some of the reputations for these schools is that they're very conservative but has always been quite progressive.

00:17:30.510 --> 00:17:41.910 Anna Letitia Cook: So I think it's great because they're going to be the next leaders, so if they start with the right attitude it's going to filter down, so I think it's a very good idea.

00:17:42.600 --> 00:17:46.860 Pat Duckworth: Excellent you know so many of those boys end up in politics.

00:17:46.920 --> 00:18:04.950 Pat Duckworth: And yet, in senior positions in the police, they become really influences, so if they understand what's going on, we stand much more chance in government and in big business that there will be somebody there who goes, do you know, this is something we need to be talking.

00:18:04.950 --> 00:18:08.070 Anna Letitia Cook: About yeah yeah exactly no it's very good for them.

00:18:08.160 --> 00:18:21.510 Pat Duckworth: So when we come back after the break we'll be learning more about another tisha and she will be sharing some of our top tips for holistic success with us so join us after the break we'll see you there.

00:20:34.830 --> 00:20:40.230 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show with my guest today is another tisha cook.

00:20:40.650 --> 00:20:55.920 Pat Duckworth: And I always know when it's going to be a fun show, because I do a prep call with my guests, the week before and if we're laughing a lot and we can't stop talking I know it's going to be a great show, and we had that issue last week so welcome Anna.

00:20:56.610 --> 00:21:06.240 Anna Letitia Cook: hi Pat, thank you very much for having me on the show it's an absolute pleasure to be here and yeah we were really yakking and giggling like a couple of school girl.

00:21:07.500 --> 00:21:21.000 Pat Duckworth: that's always a good sign, so I leticia cookies and international career development and a holistic success coach coach she's a smart great corporate wellness partner for France, Ireland in UK.

00:21:21.360 --> 00:21:29.760 Pat Duckworth: And a strongly advocates wellness and well being so much so that she became a yoga teacher and nutritionist don't tell her i'm rubbish at yoga.

00:21:30.510 --> 00:21:41.850 Pat Duckworth: So offer health and wellbeing support to her business clients, as well as helping them find clarity, energy and fulfillment in career and life choices she's the creator of scope.

00:21:42.750 --> 00:21:48.960 Pat Duckworth: Co op eat for would be going into that for career fulfillment and four f's for his stick success.

00:21:49.320 --> 00:22:02.400 Pat Duckworth: she's the author of unstoppable goddess every woman's guide to freedom fulfillment and success and she's the UN women's 2016 2017 champion for change empower women.

00:22:02.850 --> 00:22:11.820 Pat Duckworth: And she's the radio presenter of women up radio so it's great pleasure to have you after all that build up it's great to see.

00:22:12.390 --> 00:22:13.860 Anna Letitia Cook: You Thank you.

00:22:15.270 --> 00:22:19.830 Pat Duckworth: So tell us a bit about your background, how did you get into what you're doing now.

00:22:20.400 --> 00:22:31.170 Anna Letitia Cook: and totally by chance, I started off when I started off in the city, but not doing anything fantastic, I was in media and the press and stuff like that.

00:22:31.680 --> 00:22:44.130 Anna Letitia Cook: And then I moved around to a couple of other things i've been in a lot of different countries, so I dashed off to Bermuda and I worked there for.

00:22:44.130 --> 00:22:44.970 Pat Duckworth: us to do it.

00:22:45.030 --> 00:22:45.840 Anna Letitia Cook: yeah as you do.

00:22:47.130 --> 00:22:53.580 Anna Letitia Cook: Well, it was a choice of mutual Canada and I got the work permit for Bermuda first, so I ended up in Bermuda.

00:22:54.120 --> 00:22:59.460 Anna Letitia Cook: And then I was doing shipping and oil and stuff like that there came back to the UK.

00:22:59.970 --> 00:23:07.230 Anna Letitia Cook: And sort of along the line I sort of got married and divorced, and children, and things like that then start up my own business.

00:23:07.560 --> 00:23:20.310 Anna Letitia Cook: which was in the entertainment world so booking bands in this is why I like rock because I was telling pat earlier that you know my favorite is the eagles and hotel California.

00:23:20.940 --> 00:23:31.410 Anna Letitia Cook: And from that, I went into real estate when I moved to another country I moved to Spain, then eventually after all of this wandering around.

00:23:31.830 --> 00:23:42.300 Anna Letitia Cook: I moved to France and and I was initially planning on doing real estate, but then I found that it's quite complicated and I didn't like the way they were doing it.

00:23:42.750 --> 00:23:52.050 Anna Letitia Cook: So I started working with international business people, because they wanted to develop their skills, internationally in business.

00:23:52.470 --> 00:24:01.200 Anna Letitia Cook: And I got qualified as a business English teacher and as a career and development coach you know business development international career.

00:24:01.800 --> 00:24:08.580 Anna Letitia Cook: And they've been getting very stressed a lot of people, because not only do you have the stress of.

00:24:09.060 --> 00:24:17.700 Anna Letitia Cook: Being at the top or getting to the top, but then in an international environment you've got added stress so with that.

00:24:18.150 --> 00:24:28.560 Anna Letitia Cook: i've always done yoga I mean always for millions of years and I started giving people advice and and about nutrition because i'm a nutritionist as well.

00:24:29.040 --> 00:24:39.300 Anna Letitia Cook: So I really just in my normal coaching you know I business coaching I started giving them advice about nutrition about yoga about wellness about distressing.

00:24:39.690 --> 00:24:46.260 Anna Letitia Cook: And, and they were saying Oh, please, please, please can't you do some retreats can't you tell us more so that's when I thought well.

00:24:46.620 --> 00:24:53.550 Anna Letitia Cook: If i'm going to do that in France, I need to be qualified in that, as well as my previous qualifications.

00:24:54.090 --> 00:25:08.280 Anna Letitia Cook: One to have the most modern way of doing things, but also from a security point of view, you know for insurance and waivers and things like that, so you know it was really totally by chance, I ever got into coaching but.

00:25:09.060 --> 00:25:22.470 Anna Letitia Cook: I found it really helpful because i've been in business, so I wasn't trying to be a coach I was a business person that had moved into that field, so I understood, a lot of the challenges.

00:25:23.100 --> 00:25:29.640 Anna Letitia Cook: And I actually initially wanted to work with people who are getting closer to retirement age.

00:25:30.000 --> 00:25:38.130 Anna Letitia Cook: And particularly women, because you know woman in business i've often been in a man's field and so i've understood the extra challenges for women.

00:25:38.460 --> 00:25:50.910 Anna Letitia Cook: So I was very interested and that's why i'm so interested in everything you do with menopause because it's just so important, and it has such a huge impact and people don't realize.

00:25:52.350 --> 00:26:08.010 Pat Duckworth: And, women need that coaching I mean one of the statistics that I talked about quite a lot recently, is the fact that women, the gender pay gap is still in existence it's about 16% here in the UK.

00:26:08.310 --> 00:26:08.910 Pat Duckworth: The agenda.

00:26:08.940 --> 00:26:20.640 Pat Duckworth: pension gap in the UK is 40% yeah so women have 40% less in their pension pots and because the I know the pension age has gone back and back.

00:26:21.150 --> 00:26:33.780 Pat Duckworth: You really at this stage of your life wants to be doing something you enjoy, as well as something that's going to support you, so I think what you're doing is just so important and your medicals wasn't straightforward was it.

00:26:34.770 --> 00:26:43.920 Anna Letitia Cook: No nothing I do is straightforward menopause was just you know another one, but I mean, I was in a way, I was incredibly lucky because.

00:26:45.300 --> 00:26:54.600 Anna Letitia Cook: I had a hysterectomy when I was 41 or 42 and I had the hysterectomy because i've got a problem with my blood.

00:26:55.110 --> 00:27:01.500 Anna Letitia Cook: So I actually had my tubes tied before and because it was dangerous if I got pregnant again.

00:27:02.010 --> 00:27:13.620 Anna Letitia Cook: And then, because i'd had Syrians again due to this problem, my uterus had never shrunk back to its normal size, so I was getting incredibly heavy periods.

00:27:13.920 --> 00:27:22.140 Anna Letitia Cook: And I was really anemic and had lots of problems, so when I went to the doctor, they said okay hysterectomy is the best thing you can do.

00:27:22.590 --> 00:27:33.900 Anna Letitia Cook: you've got the option of having ovaries removed or ovaries left and, if I have the ovaries removed, I would have been pushed into sort of fake menopause.

00:27:34.320 --> 00:27:43.170 Anna Letitia Cook: If I had them left, then it would all go, naturally, but I could never have hrt because of my blood.

00:27:43.650 --> 00:27:56.280 Anna Letitia Cook: But I decided I didn't want to have early fate multiples i'd rather go the more natural route and, but it was difficult because I didn't know when or how or what.

00:27:56.820 --> 00:28:04.530 Anna Letitia Cook: And, and having no signs at all, you know with not having less periods, because obviously with the hysterectomy That was all gone.

00:28:05.130 --> 00:28:22.200 Anna Letitia Cook: And, but I was lucky in as far as i've always done a lot of exercise, and I fully appreciate, you know, I was lucky and a lot of people have nightmares my two best friends them and reports was horrific, but I did a lot of walking.

00:28:22.770 --> 00:28:34.770 Anna Letitia Cook: And again because of my blood and I have to eat healthily, so I was already eating healthfully and I have to do a lot of exercise, so I was already doing that.

00:28:35.250 --> 00:28:45.570 Anna Letitia Cook: But it made such a difference because, having the healthy food, I mean this is why I bang on so much about nutrition and fitness and you know all of that.

00:28:46.020 --> 00:28:55.140 Anna Letitia Cook: Because i've seen in myself the difference that it's made and it helped me get through menopause without wanting to kill anyone.

00:28:55.710 --> 00:29:06.450 Anna Letitia Cook: And without being completely hysterical all of the time, although yeah I did definitely have moments, and that for me.

00:29:07.410 --> 00:29:21.000 Anna Letitia Cook: Because i'd already had a hysterectomy I didn't have the emotional problem that oh my God i'm no longer fertile i'm no longer a woman, because i'd gone through that panic when i'd had a hysterectomy.

00:29:21.480 --> 00:29:41.430 Anna Letitia Cook: But I think and looking at my friends and they found that very difficult it wasn't just the physical challenges it was no longer being feminine, which is obviously not true because they are but it's just like a big step and I never thought about that.

00:29:42.120 --> 00:29:44.010 Pat Duckworth: there's a lot of grief around it.

00:29:44.070 --> 00:29:46.470 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah it wasn't something that.

00:29:46.680 --> 00:29:52.830 Pat Duckworth: I was concerned about, because I have my son, and you know, I was cool and so I was.

00:29:53.460 --> 00:30:04.650 Pat Duckworth: concerned, but I know for some women, it can be that change of the menopausal transition can be associated with grief yeah and.

00:30:05.130 --> 00:30:11.790 Pat Duckworth: it's understanding that and it's okay to feel that grief, you know you're entering into a new stage of your life.

00:30:12.090 --> 00:30:17.130 Pat Duckworth: Those was on the other side of that are having good lives and we're waiting to welcome you over.

00:30:17.460 --> 00:30:26.160 Pat Duckworth: But you know it's understanding and being compassionate you know if you're not somebody who experiences that grief, or even has many symptoms.

00:30:26.850 --> 00:30:34.320 Pat Duckworth: is about being compassionate to other women who do experience that and not thinking, well, it was okay for me.

00:30:34.830 --> 00:30:45.420 Pat Duckworth: I don't know what they're making a fuss about it's a bit like you know when you're going through puberty and there were girls in your class who have one or two spots and that's it like dumb puberty.

00:30:45.720 --> 00:30:57.270 Pat Duckworth: and other girls who are having massive periods I got acne their you know their moods all over the place we're all different and it's okay.

00:30:58.920 --> 00:31:00.210 Pat Duckworth: So sorry.

00:31:01.590 --> 00:31:19.440 Anna Letitia Cook: With that the different ages and when you can or can't go through it and I didn't know when I would naturally start to go through it, because I didn't have symptoms but I saw my mom and my mom didn't start menopause until she was 59.

00:31:19.920 --> 00:31:20.430 Pat Duckworth: Which is.

00:31:20.640 --> 00:31:27.510 Anna Letitia Cook: Really old, and I mean don't get me wrong, I love my mother very much she could be difficult.

00:31:28.680 --> 00:31:29.490 Anna Letitia Cook: Even before.

00:31:32.190 --> 00:31:48.900 Anna Letitia Cook: And once she started getting menopause symptoms, she was seriously challenging, shall we say, and but also at her age you didn't really talk about it, so it was you know really to be.

00:31:49.590 --> 00:31:55.410 Anna Letitia Cook: And that's one thing today that I think is better people can talk about it more.

00:31:56.430 --> 00:32:00.270 Pat Duckworth: I think it's improving and we still have such a long way to go.

00:32:00.270 --> 00:32:13.500 Pat Duckworth: Because I you know I teach these men couples classes and most of the women on it, and never talked to anybody else about minute pause and you know, at the end of five weeks, they are are really miss this group.

00:32:14.160 --> 00:32:30.570 Pat Duckworth: Because we've just been able to talk about everything, and you know, and none of it matters and it's all private and and and they haven't talked about it with our moms or sisters or friends it's still difficult because of that whole stigma around aging.

00:32:30.990 --> 00:32:33.360 Anna Letitia Cook: Yes, yes, very much so.

00:32:33.510 --> 00:32:42.090 Pat Duckworth: I used to travel, I used to commute on the train to London when I worked in Central London and there were a little group of seo commuters are very.

00:32:43.320 --> 00:32:56.430 Pat Duckworth: set in their ways and we used to sit in the same seat for every day and everything I knew those women really well and they were a similar age to me and I said well you know we've got this medical thing and they're like no we don't talk about that.

00:32:56.850 --> 00:33:03.090 Pat Duckworth: And one of them even said to me how old you think I am I thought, well, I know how old you are.

00:33:04.380 --> 00:33:12.120 Pat Duckworth: So I don't see what the problem is, but yeah it still can be a really touchy subject so, the more we talk about it, the better.

00:33:12.360 --> 00:33:27.330 Pat Duckworth: yeah great so you've introduced this idea of living that healthy life so join us after the break and we'll be talking more about how to live that holistically successful life and taking time for yourself care we'll see you after the break.

00:35:30.990 --> 00:35:38.100 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women radio show and empowering women leaders at medicals and women leaders need.

00:35:38.460 --> 00:35:55.200 Pat Duckworth: To focus on their self care you can't be a successful women leader if you're not healthy in your body and your mind as well that's where we end up in burnout, hence my guest today and I leticia cook so Anna tell us about the four.

00:35:55.230 --> 00:35:56.400 Pat Duckworth: f's, what are the four.

00:35:56.430 --> 00:35:57.780 Pat Duckworth: f's that we need to know.

00:35:58.080 --> 00:36:10.920 Anna Letitia Cook: Okay, the forex fuel fitness freedom and fulfillment so it's not as straightforward as you might think fuel is obviously nutrition.

00:36:11.340 --> 00:36:18.840 Anna Letitia Cook: But it's also it's fueling your mind, not just with what you eat, but with the way you treat your mind.

00:36:19.290 --> 00:36:31.290 Anna Letitia Cook: So yes, you do, you need to eat healthily, because the healthier you eat the more balanced your mind is chemically and but you need to also give it something to.

00:36:31.860 --> 00:36:39.360 Anna Letitia Cook: To be more Zen to be more balanced, to be more positive to be more relaxed, so this is the fuel part.

00:36:39.990 --> 00:36:51.000 Anna Letitia Cook: Then fitness if you're healthy as in physically fit everything works better so you've started with the fuel, so the good nutrition, so your body works better.

00:36:51.330 --> 00:37:05.040 Anna Letitia Cook: than the fitness and if you're physically better you've got more energy being physically fit it makes you more positive it produces more of the right chemicals that help you go in the right direction.

00:37:05.490 --> 00:37:15.840 Anna Letitia Cook: So, having you know, the first two that's already an excellent start, for your career as well, people often think this has got nothing to do with business it's not going to help my work.

00:37:16.170 --> 00:37:27.450 Anna Letitia Cook: But it does, because if your brain and your body are working really well like a well oiled machine you've got more resistance more resilience you're less pressured less stressed.

00:37:28.050 --> 00:37:40.350 Anna Letitia Cook: Then freedom for me that starts with freedom to think freedom to be so, a lot of people find particularly as they get older, so you know.

00:37:40.770 --> 00:37:54.360 Anna Letitia Cook: My age, but starting, I would say 40s something like that you've got very much used to what everybody around you thinks and you tend to take on other people's.

00:37:54.750 --> 00:38:05.940 Anna Letitia Cook: Views other people's beliefs and you forget what is really you so it's like pre determinations from other people, they often they start from school they start from college.

00:38:06.240 --> 00:38:19.290 Anna Letitia Cook: And because you've got teachers beliefs parents beliefs so going back and finding who you really are you don't need to tell anybody, you know you can keep it your secret, but if you can find.

00:38:19.710 --> 00:38:32.520 Anna Letitia Cook: Who you really are what you really think and why and accept who you are then you can make the choices that you want that gives you peace of mind.

00:38:33.060 --> 00:38:46.620 Anna Letitia Cook: And you might decide no i'm not going to act on that because of I don't know the mortgage the family, the whatever, but you know why, and it stops the inner conflict because you've released the.

00:38:47.040 --> 00:38:56.490 Anna Letitia Cook: Almost the battle inside you that you're fighting what isn't really you and what is somebody else So if you have those three steps.

00:38:56.970 --> 00:39:05.130 Anna Letitia Cook: Then you know much more what you want, and it helps you choose and make the choices that make you fulfilled.

00:39:05.640 --> 00:39:15.930 Anna Letitia Cook: So all of that, together, makes you a much more rounded I mean i'm not saying you know you've got to be perfect, you can have anything you want, because you can in life.

00:39:16.230 --> 00:39:22.800 Anna Letitia Cook: I know a lot of people now say yes, yes, yes, you can have this, you can have that but, in my opinion, the reality is you can't.

00:39:23.370 --> 00:39:47.310 Anna Letitia Cook: But you can do all of these things to make everything much happier much healthier and balance, not the work life balance, but the balance within yourself so that's what the four f's are getting that getting it all together and then using it to channel yourself in your better direction.

00:39:48.120 --> 00:39:52.560 Pat Duckworth: I think this whole freedom bit of a better understanding, who you are is.

00:39:52.590 --> 00:39:53.880 Pat Duckworth: Not essential at this.

00:39:53.880 --> 00:40:04.170 Pat Duckworth: stage of life, you know it's one of the benefits that I found is of really tuning in because of everything that's happening physically and mentally for you.

00:40:04.500 --> 00:40:16.590 Pat Duckworth: it's a chance to say what did I really want to do it's you know nature's wake up call that life is prepped halfway over and you've got another 30 4050 years to live.

00:40:16.860 --> 00:40:17.160 Pat Duckworth: How.

00:40:17.190 --> 00:40:35.220 Pat Duckworth: Did you want to live it, I remember in my late 40s I went to my boss, who was only a couple of years older than me and I said to him i'm thinking of doing an MBA and study for an MBA and he went our part, why don't you just join a watercolor class or something.

00:40:36.720 --> 00:40:45.600 Pat Duckworth: I thought this is my boss I just said to him i'm going to spend money to train myself and he says why don't you go and do all the camera close.

00:40:46.020 --> 00:40:46.800 Anna Letitia Cook: To you, and maybe you.

00:40:47.250 --> 00:40:55.830 Pat Duckworth: know so little about me now if I come to him and said i'm going to do a watercolor class and he'd said all pat why don't you do an MBA.

00:40:56.100 --> 00:41:06.060 Pat Duckworth: In some ways, I might have understood it more because he's my boss, and he should be encouraging my personal development, but then again it's just well go to it pack don't do what color class.

00:41:06.960 --> 00:41:16.650 Pat Duckworth: You know because I understood that I still got a lot to learn, and there was no more that I wanted to do, I mean that's you know 17 years ago.

00:41:17.040 --> 00:41:26.160 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah I haven't stopped learning and developing since, so this opportunity to say what is it, I wanted to do.

00:41:27.510 --> 00:41:37.080 Pat Duckworth: Is it possible for me to do within the constructs of home finances and everything else, or is this something I can plan towards.

00:41:37.320 --> 00:41:46.470 Pat Duckworth: Yes, I think it's just so important, so this is a short term, this is about our long term well being.

00:41:46.590 --> 00:41:50.730 Anna Letitia Cook: But I also I think something more recent.

00:41:51.780 --> 00:42:01.890 Anna Letitia Cook: Recent I mean over the last 1015 years and people, particularly in business, I mean I always relate to business because you know i've just got a business mind.

00:42:02.340 --> 00:42:17.790 Anna Letitia Cook: And people are always talking about short term goals and even when they talk about medium term goals they're talking about 18 months and when they talk about long term they're talking about three years, and if you focus everything on that.

00:42:19.170 --> 00:42:29.160 Anna Letitia Cook: Basically it's too complicated it's too much pressure too much stress and, most of it isn't really what you want, deep down it's like a quick fix.

00:42:29.670 --> 00:42:37.530 Anna Letitia Cook: And if you go for the long term, like i'm now i've read a book recently, which was very interesting about the long term.

00:42:37.890 --> 00:42:51.300 Anna Letitia Cook: And so i'm now planning and i'm 62 now i'm planning for where I want my career to be in seven to 10 years and i've got people looking at me saying why aren't you planning to retire and i'm like.

00:42:52.050 --> 00:42:53.070 Pat Duckworth: Also colorful.

00:42:53.130 --> 00:43:05.760 Anna Letitia Cook: Yes, exactly right I don't want to retire I like being active so all of this, you can't change something overnight, you know it isn't a quick fix.

00:43:06.180 --> 00:43:13.920 Anna Letitia Cook: But you can discover what you really want with your health and with your nutrition, you can slowly.

00:43:14.370 --> 00:43:28.380 Anna Letitia Cook: improve it, so it starts to give you more energy, and from that nutrition and fitness it helps you be more positive it helps you, you know stay on your goals adapt.

00:43:28.770 --> 00:43:37.650 Anna Letitia Cook: And reorientation slightly changed direction, and you can really enjoy the pleasure of thinking.

00:43:38.190 --> 00:43:52.950 Anna Letitia Cook: yeah I really want to do something like that okay it's difficult at the moment, but I can see if I do this I can then do the next step, I can then do the next step, and you know it opens up a whole world.

00:43:53.370 --> 00:43:53.880 and

00:43:54.960 --> 00:43:57.240 Pat Duckworth: Without getting too woo woo about it.

00:43:58.470 --> 00:43:59.160 Anna Letitia Cook: Not we would.

00:44:00.060 --> 00:44:02.100 Pat Duckworth: know but i'm about to be.

00:44:04.680 --> 00:44:05.040 Anna Letitia Cook: Sorry.

00:44:05.850 --> 00:44:06.210 i'd like.

00:44:08.100 --> 00:44:08.940 Pat Duckworth: Be that one out.

00:44:09.330 --> 00:44:18.090 Pat Duckworth: yeah if you if you kind of set your intention out there, there was way more chance of you achieving it like you know.

00:44:18.540 --> 00:44:23.760 Pat Duckworth: What when I had my moment of walking to work and crying and realizing how miserable I was.

00:44:24.030 --> 00:44:29.490 Pat Duckworth: And I came home and says my husband I can't do this anymore, and he said well what you're going to do about it, I said I don't know.

00:44:29.820 --> 00:44:47.700 Pat Duckworth: But I I think i'm going to retrain to do something else, and I might do it, alongside this, or whatever within the shortest space of time i'd found a course i'd signed up to do it at weekends and Then along came in early retirement scheme almost like the universe, said to me.

00:44:48.090 --> 00:44:48.360 Anna Letitia Cook: yeah.

00:44:48.450 --> 00:45:05.010 Pat Duckworth: Are you serious God really going to do this, and I was like I am really got to do this yeah so the the opportunities started to present and I noticed them because I put that intention out there, but that was what I wanted to do yeah yeah.

00:45:05.580 --> 00:45:09.300 Anna Letitia Cook: it's and you need open your eyes to the possibilities.

00:45:10.140 --> 00:45:12.030 Pat Duckworth: So yeah absolutely.

00:45:12.600 --> 00:45:23.370 Anna Letitia Cook: You you let other things come in and a new sort of removed some of the layers of old habits and I think a lot of it is that because.

00:45:23.910 --> 00:45:32.970 Anna Letitia Cook: We have so many habits and we think oh God it's going to be so difficult even for example if you decide to go on a diet.

00:45:33.510 --> 00:45:43.380 Anna Letitia Cook: Okay, and you see the recipes I don't recommend diets, by the way, but this is a good example and you see the recipes and you think oh my God that's going to be so difficult.

00:45:43.890 --> 00:46:03.510 Anna Letitia Cook: And you just need to think this is exciting, this is interesting, this is a possibility, this is a discovery and for everything just try it like that you don't have to have a huge change, you can just open a little corner and just explore that little corner.

00:46:03.930 --> 00:46:12.810 Anna Letitia Cook: And the fun from that gives you a bigger corner and you know it's I think people, this is part of the thing about long term.

00:46:13.500 --> 00:46:29.040 Anna Letitia Cook: People at their so fixed on now now now or very quickly that they find the not getting the results they want quickly because they're trying to quickly and they're not actually having fun, while they're going along the discovery.

00:46:29.610 --> 00:46:40.740 Pat Duckworth: And Miller pauses the long game, and you know don't think of it as Oh well, I can tough it out for a couple of years and i'll be the episode where and that'll, be it.

00:46:41.580 --> 00:46:58.740 Pat Duckworth: It think about it as how do I want to set my foundations for the next half of my life, what would make the next half of my life fit healthy valuable fulfilled rather than i'm just going to tough this out.

00:47:00.480 --> 00:47:05.220 Pat Duckworth: that's the long game is what do I want my the second half of my life to be like.

00:47:05.760 --> 00:47:17.370 Anna Letitia Cook: yeah I think if anything menopause is opening a door because it's giving you the sign that something's changing so you can use that.

00:47:17.760 --> 00:47:32.340 Anna Letitia Cook: As a whole new life that you can develop for yourself, so it can be really exciting okay you've got the negative, but you can use it as an exciting signal towards what you can do and where you can go.

00:47:32.970 --> 00:47:34.890 Pat Duckworth: So, but fail, I fear.

00:47:35.130 --> 00:47:35.790 Pat Duckworth: So.

00:47:35.850 --> 00:47:43.890 Pat Duckworth: I knew this show would go really quickly join us after the break from more of an official cooks top fifth we'll see you after the break.

00:49:43.050 --> 00:49:52.440 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the final quarter of the hot women radio show empowering women leaders at menopause and we want our women leaders to be healthy and leading.

00:49:52.890 --> 00:50:00.030 Pat Duckworth: holistically successful lives and my guest today is holistic coach and other tisha cook.

00:50:00.840 --> 00:50:17.250 Pat Duckworth: Time is running away from us here So what are the main messages you want to get over whatever top tips for women who are feeling like yeah This is all well and good, but my life is so busy i've got so many commitments how am I supposed to do this for sure topped it.

00:50:17.880 --> 00:50:28.560 Anna Letitia Cook: Okay, I would say first thing watch what you eat, I know, everybody says it, but there are one or two things you can cut out one or two things you can bring in.

00:50:28.980 --> 00:50:43.650 Anna Letitia Cook: Because if your food is unbalanced or it's the wrong balance it drains your energy and so having good energy and a lot of energy, particularly in menopause where you can be absolutely shattered.

00:50:44.250 --> 00:50:54.900 Anna Letitia Cook: really trying to have a better balance that's going to give you the energy, which makes it easier to manage all of the stresses, all of the pressures so i'd say start with that.

00:50:55.470 --> 00:51:07.080 Anna Letitia Cook: And then, make sure that you have some time for you, it doesn't matter if it's only 10 minutes a day, but just literally get rid of everything and everyone.

00:51:07.590 --> 00:51:13.440 Anna Letitia Cook: And just do 10 minutes for you, whether it's sitting there going oh my God, give me a cup of tea.

00:51:13.830 --> 00:51:25.410 Anna Letitia Cook: Or whether it's watching a sunset whether it's doing yoga obviously yoga is one of my things and or meditating reading a book, but just take 10 minutes of complete downtime.

00:51:25.740 --> 00:51:35.880 Anna Letitia Cook: Because again that recharges your batteries and it reduces the stress because it's a break, and then I would say, try.

00:51:36.600 --> 00:51:45.060 Anna Letitia Cook: to organize or schedule what you know you've got to do regularly, and you know, like the kids like.

00:51:45.510 --> 00:51:54.300 Anna Letitia Cook: The husband like whatever it is the work if there are certain things that you always find a difficult or putting pressure on you.

00:51:54.720 --> 00:52:04.530 Anna Letitia Cook: Really analyze them and think Okay, why is it a problem, why is it difficult and try and get a routine with it because normally we're so busy.

00:52:04.920 --> 00:52:15.240 Anna Letitia Cook: We don't take the time to do things like that, and yes it's a hassle to find the time to do it, but if you do it's going to save you so much.

00:52:16.050 --> 00:52:25.650 Anna Letitia Cook: Pressure so much other time that you can then spend more positively or more productively and and one of the other really strong things is sleep.

00:52:26.370 --> 00:52:42.120 Anna Letitia Cook: Nobody sleeps enough, and if you have problems sleeping do things like meditation not the whoo whoo whoo r1 meditation just listening to an APP where you can just relax in bed before you go to sleep.

00:52:42.630 --> 00:52:53.220 Anna Letitia Cook: And you know the things that everybody knows about not looking at TV and mobile phones and all of that make your bedroom really quiet and go to bed early.

00:52:53.880 --> 00:53:06.510 Anna Letitia Cook: Because you need your sleep for everything I know it's a fashion to say Oh well, I do everything on five hours a night it's a killer it's an absolute nightmare it doesn't help anything.

00:53:07.020 --> 00:53:16.590 Anna Letitia Cook: So really what i'm saying it's nothing new it's just people look at it in the wrong way and instead of thinking Okay, if I do this.

00:53:16.890 --> 00:53:33.570 Anna Letitia Cook: it's going to give me that extra energy or it's going to give me that extra time they look at it as something good to do and not something that is constructively going to give them extra time extra energy and therefore reduce their stress and reduce their problems.

00:53:34.590 --> 00:53:37.410 Pat Duckworth: you've ever seen me arianna huffington.

00:53:39.030 --> 00:53:39.900 Pat Duckworth: A Ted talk.

00:53:40.290 --> 00:53:43.080 Pat Duckworth: yeah where's sleep your way to the top where.

00:53:43.260 --> 00:53:58.350 Pat Duckworth: She where she saying we neglect sleep you don't get extra points by not sleeping and overworking and she says, for women get enough sleep, this is the way to be successful in your career is to have enough sleep.

00:53:58.800 --> 00:54:08.970 Pat Duckworth: And there was a media report that I read out in the show recently about those hours before midnight being really important so getting to bed.

00:54:09.420 --> 00:54:20.610 Pat Duckworth: kind of 10 hop off 10 at night is really good so you're asleep before midnight and then so some people Okay, on seven eight asleep I do like Al sleep.

00:54:21.420 --> 00:54:21.930 Anna Letitia Cook: me too.

00:54:22.560 --> 00:54:31.620 Pat Duckworth: As you get older, the quality of your sleep goes down so you might think Oh, as I get older I won't be using so much energy I don't need as much sleep now you actually need more sleep.

00:54:32.040 --> 00:54:50.160 Pat Duckworth: Because the quality isn't so good so getting good quality sleep and, for me, women who come to me with hormonal issues i'll always focus on my sleep first, are you getting enough sleep yeah yeah i'm you know with stress and maury and hot flushes like can often be the first victim.

00:54:50.610 --> 00:54:56.130 Anna Letitia Cook: yep something that helps that as well is walking as in walking in nature, I.

00:54:56.550 --> 00:54:58.440 Pat Duckworth: asked you about the walking yeah.

00:54:58.500 --> 00:55:10.170 Anna Letitia Cook: yeah I love walking I mean I really love walking and, but the fact of going out and the fresh air, I mean I think now in Asia there's a lot of this forest bathing.

00:55:10.650 --> 00:55:21.450 Anna Letitia Cook: Because having it's not just that the air is better so you're actually breathing in better so that physically is having and chemically it's having a better impact, but it's the peace.

00:55:21.960 --> 00:55:30.270 Anna Letitia Cook: And it's the movement, you know, using the energy that is helping everything balance, and that also helps you sleep better.

00:55:30.900 --> 00:55:38.040 Anna Letitia Cook: Because the more you have quality exercise, the easier it is to fall asleep and stay in a good sleep.

00:55:38.490 --> 00:55:45.450 Anna Letitia Cook: But I also use an APP I mean my son was very kind and he gave me this fitness watch APP thingy.

00:55:45.900 --> 00:55:57.570 Anna Letitia Cook: And and that's attached to my phone and although I don't like phones, I mean it's very helpful and I can see the type of sleep i've had, and so I can see.

00:55:58.110 --> 00:56:10.560 Anna Letitia Cook: Okay, maybe I should have done this, and I know we can one of my faults is I watch TV too late, and so I go to bed too late and it upsets my balance so it's things like that, but.

00:56:10.950 --> 00:56:20.940 Anna Letitia Cook: going out in nature, really good I mean really, really good and also yoga which obviously i'm going to say yoga because i'm a yoga teacher but.

00:56:21.360 --> 00:56:42.570 Anna Letitia Cook: it's not just flexibility yoga is strength yoga is balance and even some of the national and international male rugby teams have yoga teachers, as part of their training yeah so you know it's not just a whoo whoo thing it really helps and with menopause and with.

00:56:44.340 --> 00:56:47.100 Anna Letitia Cook: A you know your bones getting more fragile and.

00:56:47.100 --> 00:56:53.370 Anna Letitia Cook: Things like that it can really help you stay stronger and, obviously, that also helps you sleep better.

00:56:54.690 --> 00:57:01.950 Pat Duckworth: yeah there's lots of benefits around, but you know the walking as i've just said, an hour and a half or two though i'm feeling healthy.

00:57:04.500 --> 00:57:15.360 Pat Duckworth: but also your exercise needs to change at menopause if you've been somebody who does long stretches of cardiovascular exercise if you've been a roller a jogger.

00:57:15.870 --> 00:57:27.150 Pat Duckworth: That type of loan cardiovascular exercise can actually cause a release of cortisol into your blood system and just trust me today you don't want that.

00:57:27.420 --> 00:57:37.740 Pat Duckworth: Because of course it's all steals the ingredients that help to make the reproductive hormones in your adrenal glands so you're better doing walking yoga.

00:57:38.670 --> 00:57:46.530 Pat Duckworth: High intensity interval training for very short periods doing some weight training to build up your strength.

00:57:47.250 --> 00:57:56.070 Pat Duckworth: But you're not really into running marathons and jogging at this stage of life because they're causing you hormonal problems that you didn't have before.

00:57:56.640 --> 00:58:08.640 Pat Duckworth: And yo walking in nature, really good i've yeah i've just had a lovely walk so i'm bounce over time is running short on us, have you got anything for our listeners to take away.

00:58:09.660 --> 00:58:24.660 Anna Letitia Cook: And I would say really go back and think about what is you, I mean I bang on a lot about these pre determinations and making sure it's your own feelings and beliefs, it does make a huge difference.

00:58:25.110 --> 00:58:44.610 Anna Letitia Cook: And, but also think about the forex you don't have to do my way of doing them, but just think how it could have an impact on you, if you chose your version thinking of how to feed your body and brain how to make everything feel fitter and make things more peaceful and one other thing.

00:58:45.450 --> 00:58:46.260 Anna Letitia Cook: I say no.

00:58:47.370 --> 00:58:51.570 Pat Duckworth: legs very low is massive say no quickly and stick with it.

00:58:52.170 --> 00:58:55.590 Pat Duckworth: yeah don't get me and don't go maybe go nuts.

00:58:56.670 --> 00:59:02.370 Pat Duckworth: Yes, if you're going, maybe, but you mean, though, the other person has may be, and they hearing yes.

00:59:02.400 --> 00:59:02.640 Anna Letitia Cook: Yes.

00:59:03.300 --> 00:59:07.410 Pat Duckworth: yeah saying no and you've got a workbook for our listeners.

00:59:07.500 --> 00:59:18.330 Anna Letitia Cook: Yes, and scope, which is a method i've done about how to help and find your beliefs and get rid of pre determinations.

00:59:18.660 --> 00:59:32.070 Anna Letitia Cook: make the changes, you want to discover who you really are or used to be and i've got a module of that which i'm offering people and which i'm sure you'll put the link below for everyone to find it.

00:59:33.330 --> 00:59:51.780 Anna Letitia Cook: And it's I mean it's not something you can do in two minutes you need to look at it, answer the questions, think about it come back to the questions, but it can really help you move some of the layers of you know, habits that aren't really yours and get back down so.

00:59:52.260 --> 01:00:04.350 Pat Duckworth: Excellent so i'll put the link to that and remember you're thinking long term not short term Thank you so much analytics to cook for all of your tips, I will be putting the links under the recording.

01:00:04.770 --> 01:00:11.220 Pat Duckworth: So we've learned a lot today about the four f's and about long term self care.

01:00:11.910 --> 01:00:19.830 Pat Duckworth: Stay tuned talk radio dot nyc the next program is dismantle racism, with the lovely Reverend Dr tlc.

01:00:20.190 --> 01:00:29.280 Pat Duckworth: And this week she's talking about equity in the higher education and our guest is the Reverend Michael a hunter who discuss what needs to be done to.

01:00:29.640 --> 01:00:34.800 Pat Duckworth: eradicate racism in higher education, so another powerful conversation there.

01:00:35.160 --> 01:00:46.620 Pat Duckworth: Next week is thanksgiving so best wishes and happy thanksgiving to all our American listeners, thank you to my producer kyle I hope he feels better soon, thank you to my guest and i'll see you on in two weeks take care.

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