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Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/17 - Lend a Paw to Those In Need

Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/17 - Lend a Paw to Those In Need


2021/11/17 - Lend a Paw to Those In Need

[New Episode] Lend a Paw to Those In Need

There are so many incredible, selfless and inspiring people in the world of animal welfare. These people are heroes in our eyes as they find ways to help the innocent animals no matter what.

No one fits this description better than this week’s guest, Daniella Scala Nathan. She and her husband started “Paw it Forward Pet Pantry” a few years ago and in spite of her own personal tragedies including the loss of her husband to COVID and the loss of her mother, Daniella has dedicated herself to the needs of the animals and the pantry continues to help countless people who need assistance in caring for and feeding their furbabies.

Looking forward to hearing more from this local legend. What an amazing human!

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

On today's show, we welcome Daniella Scala Nathan and Linda Brower. Val jumps in, saying that she recently spoke to the PALS accountant, the inspiration for the show. As always before jumping into today's topic, Val and Tommy reiterate the purpose of the PALS; to amplify the network of professionals who love animals and raise awareness around animal advocacy. 

Now jumping into today's topic, Val introduces the two guests as being prime examples of what two people can do and how their efforts go a long way in the animal advocacy world. Side note, Val mentions that PALS will have a guest round-up in a couple of weeks, where, hopefully, all of 2021's guest speakers will come together! 

Turning to our guests and finally their introduction, we learn that Daniella is the co-founder of Paw it Forward, and Linda is one of the organization's volunteers. Linda says that the organization is absolutely amazing!

Segment 2

We begin this segment with Tommy asking Daniella how Paw it Forward came to be. In 2016 when the hurricanes in the South hit, she partnered up with rescues in Long Island, and they gathered food to send to the South. After someone donated their garage, she says that they decided that the food was also highly needed in Long Island. Paw it Forward decided to then disperse the food amongst those who needed it on the island. 

Daniella says that they have been running everything from her house since 2016, and everything stays in Long Island. Sadly, after her husband passed away due to COVID-19, Paw it Forward received a check from Long Island Cares for $2,600. The money was helpful to provide more storage for the animal food. Instead of it just being stored at Daniella's house, they were able to get a shed. 

Daniella says that Paw it Forward helps pet owners who cannot afford their pets' food so that they do not surrender their pets to the shelter. Paw it Forward helps with all supplies, not just food. They have cages, medications, and whatever they can give out. 

Val and Tommy send Daniella their condolences and applaud her continuous effort to go on with the mission of Paw it Forward. Daniella admits that Paw it Forward would not be successful if it weren't for the volunteers that help Daniella out. Tommy chimes in, saying that Daniella, through Paw it Forward, is solving an ongoing problem. 

Long Island Cares also has a pet pantry called Baxter's Pet Pantry; that is how Paw it Forward received funding. 

Tommy asks Daniella to share how people approach her with their pet needs. Daniella is a bookkeeper and her husband Rob was the one who suggested they start their service of a phone call away. Through word of mouth and social media, people get in contact with Daniella. 

Val asks if there are "regulars" because she points out that when people fall into a financial crisis their issues are not fixed immediately and that it takes time to get back up. Daniella says that yes, they have had people receiving dog food for almost two years now. They deliver supplies twice a month, and when they send owners off with their pets, they provide them with food that will last for a couple of months.

Segment 3

Jumping back in, Val mentions how she noticed that Paw it Forward's Facebook page announced their needed donations for more pet supplies; more so cat food and cat litter. Tommy asks, how does this all work? Do people donate money or supplies? Daniella says that people mainly donate supplies, like food. Tommy makes the joke by saying that Daniella serves as a distribution center for the pet supplies. 

Val asks Linda, one of the volunteers, what she does for Paw it Forward. Linda says that she does a little bit of everything, from transportation to any other need. Linda says that she was one of the people that had a financial struggle and relied on Daniella's work to help her out. Linda says that it meant so much to her, and to do that for someone else brings her so much joy. 

Linda mentions that she has noticed more dog food and dog supplies donations, not so much for cat stuff. Linda says that they need canned cat food, treats, litter, toys, etc. 

Val then adds that they see a lot more cats because the town of Hempstead shut down their TNR (Trap Neuter Return program) during COVID-19; this is what is adding to the massive growth in feral cats.

Segment 4

Tommy asks what Daniella and Linda need people to do to help out? Daniella says that Paw it Forward's hours are from Monday-Saturday, 10 AM-6 PM. People are welcome to drop off the supplies at Daniella's house, where the pantry is being run out of, but there are also various drop-off locations. Daniella says that Nassau county, Paw it Forward is the only Pet Pantry. In Suffolk, there are four pet pantries. 

Tommy also chimes in, asking why transportation is a problem? People are already in need, and they might not afford to pick up the supplies somewhere far away. Linda interjects, saying that volunteers are willing to go far, as far as may be needed. 

Val points out that she wants to focus on Daniella and Linda's services so viewers may choose to direct their money towards animal advocates: Daniella has the defensive driving classes, and bookkeeping & Linda offers dog training on a sliding scale. Daniella has the profits from her defensive driving classes go back towards the pet rescues such as Camp Happy Tails and then Bobbi and the Strays.


00:05:08.070 --> 00:05:26.190 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my goodness we lost Tommy what am I going to do without him Okay, so this is the professional and animal lovers show, and I am hysterical laughing right now, because my cat just decided to jump in my lap and her tail is all over me in case this is me and what did you.

00:05:27.660 --> 00:05:29.880 Valerie Heffron: um and oh there's time to do it.

00:05:34.440 --> 00:05:43.050 Tommy DiMisa: hey i'm Tommy D, this is pals professionals or animal lover Joe I don't happen, I got so mellow from our song I started to meditate and the next thing I know.

00:05:44.460 --> 00:05:48.720 Tommy DiMisa: I didn't but the zoom screen blew away I go oh my God.

00:05:49.050 --> 00:05:51.390 Tommy DiMisa: And you got your file, meanwhile, look at this.

00:05:51.450 --> 00:05:54.120 Valerie Heffron: Look, do you see this oh there she goes see the.

00:05:54.870 --> 00:06:02.040 Valerie Heffron: pop it is puppy her tail was taking over the entire show now is it a run for it all right.

00:06:02.130 --> 00:06:03.180 Tommy DiMisa: What did you do so far.

00:06:04.290 --> 00:06:08.880 Valerie Heffron: I just said, oh my God Tommy design here, I meant to show hi.

00:06:11.490 --> 00:06:12.630 Tommy DiMisa: Have a contingency plan.

00:06:13.740 --> 00:06:18.360 Tommy DiMisa: i'm watching us on Facebook on my other screen and all of a sudden this disappeared and I watched me disappear on that.

00:06:18.360 --> 00:06:20.160 Tommy DiMisa: screen like oh no.

00:06:20.280 --> 00:06:27.990 Tommy DiMisa: It was like that picture hey everybody, this is pals for festivals an animal lover show we'll go right into the jokes it was kind of like that picture and back to the future, when they had the picture.

00:06:28.050 --> 00:06:37.650 Tommy DiMisa: You know Marty sister disappeared and then he had like made him come back and he was playing like Johnny be good and disappear all right, if you haven't seen.

00:06:37.890 --> 00:06:38.790 Valerie Heffron: back to the future.

00:06:39.030 --> 00:06:50.580 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know what your deal is gang but check it out rented go to your local video cassette place rent it off the shelf and no don't when you return it be kind rewind no way people don't do that anymore.

00:06:50.940 --> 00:06:51.990 All right, let's rewind.

00:06:54.720 --> 00:06:57.570 Tommy DiMisa: rewind a streaming video I guess all right i'm telling you this is.

00:06:58.140 --> 00:07:11.220 Tommy DiMisa: Professional and animal lovers circus the one without the animals orderly john de Leonardo I gotcha I gotcha alright, so this is a show this is a program, this is a campaign, a mission.

00:07:11.760 --> 00:07:27.090 Tommy DiMisa: Where we want to amplify the conversation around animal advocate animal lover professionals who serve the animal community and that's what this is all about, so we believe that the bond between animal lovers, specifically those who have pets or care for others animals.

00:07:28.320 --> 00:07:37.350 Tommy DiMisa: Is it's an incredible bond between these people who care about animals, and we believe that bond is just as strong as the bond of a pet owner and the pet.

00:07:37.680 --> 00:07:52.590 Tommy DiMisa: Or the pet and the pet owner I guess it depends on what side of that you're looking at my name is Tommy the nonprofit sector connector That is my comrade my sergeant in arms my bow bow what's up Valerie.

00:07:54.420 --> 00:07:57.060 Valerie Heffron: Okay, so I tell you.

00:07:57.210 --> 00:07:57.450 Since.

00:07:59.370 --> 00:08:02.940 Valerie Heffron: We spoke with our animal loving accountant today.

00:08:03.480 --> 00:08:05.820 Valerie Heffron: And you know I.

00:08:05.970 --> 00:08:08.880 Tommy DiMisa: want the same one same account know we know together.

00:08:09.300 --> 00:08:10.230 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, yeah I.

00:08:11.160 --> 00:08:14.040 Tommy DiMisa: texted and try to get on a phone call and told me he was too busy.

00:08:14.250 --> 00:08:16.890 Tommy DiMisa: To talk to me today so parallel talking to you.

00:08:17.580 --> 00:08:20.280 Valerie Heffron: guys, well, we had an appointment, but anyway.

00:08:21.720 --> 00:08:26.280 Valerie Heffron: You know I just I really have to say, like he was one of the people that.

00:08:28.110 --> 00:08:34.800 Valerie Heffron: We created this around like he inspired this kind of movement, if you will.

00:08:35.550 --> 00:08:47.910 Valerie Heffron: Because he's somewhat introverted a lot of accountants seem to be on the introverted side, but he is an animal lover and so, once we discovered that we were able to create some events.

00:08:48.210 --> 00:08:59.730 Valerie Heffron: For professionals and people of all walks whether they're in the pet industry or whether they are you know just a realtor or a typical adelie owner or whether.

00:08:59.940 --> 00:09:03.360 Tommy DiMisa: you're a pizzeria in rosin shout out Reno de Maria pickle.

00:09:03.360 --> 00:09:04.440 Tommy DiMisa: pk right.

00:09:05.190 --> 00:09:19.950 Valerie Heffron: And so we're on a mission to help connect all these people and also raise awareness about what they do so, like if you need a pair of sneakers and you have the choice between going to one shoe store versus another but.

00:09:20.280 --> 00:09:32.850 Valerie Heffron: The other owner is a person involved with rescue or a person involved with you know teen or whatever let's give the business to the compassionate people that's the goal.

00:09:33.300 --> 00:09:36.840 Tommy DiMisa: don't wait so you're dating yourself as if people buy sneakers in a store.

00:09:37.050 --> 00:09:37.950 Tommy DiMisa: Like when they used to rent.

00:09:38.430 --> 00:09:41.940 Tommy DiMisa: yeah we're going to use a video cassettes, like in a in a store.

00:09:42.630 --> 00:09:44.280 Tommy DiMisa: Make sure you rewind it or whatever right.

00:09:44.460 --> 00:09:52.800 Tommy DiMisa: You know my brother used to go to blockbuster video with my card, and if I would go in there, my wife will remember this, if I would go back in there on a Saturday night.

00:09:53.070 --> 00:10:04.590 Tommy DiMisa: I would like Dave like Okay, and I like reading like two movies, and probably like back to the future, one and back to the future two and and they'd be like Okay, you have a tablet for $97 and i'd like.

00:10:07.470 --> 00:10:08.460 Tommy DiMisa: It was only like.

00:10:08.820 --> 00:10:10.050 Tommy DiMisa: Only every single time.

00:10:10.170 --> 00:10:10.440 That.

00:10:12.330 --> 00:10:21.600 Tommy DiMisa: We were just trying to you know rent the movie and I was always a thank you for all your help my brother, I appreciate you, by the way, just leaving me stuck with that bill all those times.

00:10:21.870 --> 00:10:23.640 Valerie Heffron: Alright, so we got him back, but.

00:10:24.000 --> 00:10:34.500 Tommy DiMisa: While it's a long life we'll see so here's the thing about account you talk about accounts, I want, I want to say this, this is not my jokes all shouted out to Michael goldberg who who talks tells this particular job.

00:10:35.730 --> 00:10:40.650 Tommy DiMisa: How do you know when an accountant is extroverted.

00:10:42.870 --> 00:10:46.260 Tommy DiMisa: They stare at the other person's feet when they're talking to them.

00:10:47.460 --> 00:10:54.180 Tommy DiMisa: wow I didn't say was a good job he's an accountant your House they're gonna be there goes the show Val we had so many people were deserving.

00:10:54.480 --> 00:10:57.450 Tommy DiMisa: Come back, please come back auntie em auntie em.

00:10:57.480 --> 00:10:58.710 Tommy DiMisa: Dorothy well man.

00:10:59.160 --> 00:11:11.340 Valerie Heffron: All right, anyway, the other thing now and I have to say this about this show this podcast is also about not only raising awareness, to great people in business, as well as great.

00:11:11.940 --> 00:11:24.360 Valerie Heffron: causes and efforts by pete by you know individual regular people but it's also guarding garnering attention to what one person can do.

00:11:24.900 --> 00:11:36.540 Valerie Heffron: And there's a lot of frustration and there's a lot of there's a sense of helplessness in the world of animal advocacy and welfare, because it just feels endless there's so many problems and there's so many challenges.

00:11:36.960 --> 00:11:46.710 Valerie Heffron: And there's so many animals that need help, but today's guests are a prime example of what one person can do.

00:11:46.920 --> 00:11:48.150 Tommy DiMisa: ripple effect down right.

00:11:48.750 --> 00:11:49.440 Valerie Heffron: Was that.

00:11:49.560 --> 00:11:50.610 Tommy DiMisa: ripple effect one.

00:11:50.610 --> 00:11:51.480 Valerie Heffron: person is.

00:11:51.540 --> 00:11:52.380 Valerie Heffron: Helping yes.

00:11:52.470 --> 00:12:15.030 Tommy DiMisa: All almost like that movie unfortunately he's a social pariah now, but it was a great movie with Kevin spacey and it was called pay it forward, ironically, our guests here today are from Paul it forward pet pantry see we didn't even rehearse that that one what we just did right.

00:12:15.150 --> 00:12:15.360 Now.

00:12:16.440 --> 00:12:29.850 Tommy DiMisa: Well done good pass I watched my kids my festival that's like good past bounce pass So here we are, my friends, our friend Dan yellow and in the are both here from Paul it forward.

00:12:30.630 --> 00:12:36.930 Tommy DiMisa: pet pantry goes back to 2016 we're going to hear their story today we're going to hear about the impact you're making.

00:12:37.260 --> 00:12:43.890 Tommy DiMisa: we're going to hear about some of the ups and downs and trials, the tribulations and what's always most important to me, and I know Val feels the same.

00:12:44.220 --> 00:12:48.210 Tommy DiMisa: it's, how do we help, how does our Community help you how do we help.

00:12:48.600 --> 00:12:57.120 Tommy DiMisa: row if that's what you're looking to do, how do we help you align with other organizations if that's what you're looking to do, and I think it is because I saw, by the way, I saw a friend.

00:12:57.360 --> 00:13:04.350 Tommy DiMisa: Regina in those over the weekend at horse ability out here in long island and I noticed on your guys social media for a port forward.

00:13:04.620 --> 00:13:14.130 Tommy DiMisa: There was some camp happy tales nyc logos on there so there's already some of that stuff some of that affiliation going on Val talk about affiliation talk about collaboration.

00:13:14.700 --> 00:13:22.200 Tommy DiMisa: What are we going to do we're going to bring a lot of people back together in a few weeks here on the on the on the professionals and animal lover show talk about that.

00:13:22.980 --> 00:13:36.960 Valerie Heffron: i'm so excited so I mentioned this already to Danielle and Linda but for all of our prior guests, as well as anyone who we have booked through the end of the year, I think our last show was on.

00:13:38.340 --> 00:13:46.020 Valerie Heffron: We want to bring as many guests back to return on December 1 so it's to be two weeks away and.

00:13:47.190 --> 00:13:57.270 Valerie Heffron: We want to we're going to have a holiday Roundup so we're going to ask everyone to give like a tip a holiday tip like don't eat this or do do by this, this is a recommended.

00:13:57.510 --> 00:13:58.470 Tommy DiMisa: Is where the animals.

00:13:58.500 --> 00:13:58.980 Tommy DiMisa: Right like.

00:13:59.220 --> 00:14:12.390 Valerie Heffron: Your dog love for Christmas like stuff like that, but also we're going to have everyone like also talk about if they have swag that people can buy to support the claws on where make a donation.

00:14:13.020 --> 00:14:21.510 Valerie Heffron: You know how you can you can buy the Cabinet nation movie you can you know all all the whatever we have all the artists.

00:14:21.570 --> 00:14:32.250 Tommy DiMisa: that's hopefully coming out yeah yeah I just met another guy talk about horse ability to have the damn Meta Johnny Johnny he probably going Johnny D, by the time we get like 10 minutes into the show but.

00:14:32.820 --> 00:14:43.500 Tommy DiMisa: john dangly, who is a nice dude man, we met the other day horse bill he does portraits portraits portraits of I think I just came up with Paula tricks.

00:14:43.560 --> 00:14:49.350 Tommy DiMisa: How about that PA how about that I just came oh my gosh so many ideas I don't know what to do.

00:14:50.070 --> 00:14:50.670 Valerie Heffron: A fever.

00:14:53.160 --> 00:14:58.110 Tommy DiMisa: Like Johnny keeper like you know from wk rp and Cincinnati that's why I feel like sometimes.

00:14:59.370 --> 00:15:04.410 Tommy DiMisa: In the attic I am extra caffeinated today folks so we're gonna I mean hold on I.

00:15:05.190 --> 00:15:05.310 mean.

00:15:08.100 --> 00:15:11.610 Tommy DiMisa: Who knows where it's gonna go alright so let's let's do this show.

00:15:12.060 --> 00:15:18.030 Tommy DiMisa: But Johnny john will be here, the name of his organization i'll get for you during the break because it's in my phone.

00:15:18.360 --> 00:15:27.300 Tommy DiMisa: But he does he was a bartender and like a lot of us during the pandemic things change we pivoted right Daniel and Linda i'm sure going to talk about how we had a pivot during the pandemic but.

00:15:27.750 --> 00:15:36.750 Tommy DiMisa: You know he's a bartender and he always had this kind of pinch it for drawing and, in fact, my little guy my my younger son wanted one of the prints so we bought the print.

00:15:37.080 --> 00:15:44.550 Tommy DiMisa: And then my older son said dad you know I, we have a sports room we don't really have a pictures of horses room like I don't know if this is going to go with the theme.

00:15:45.030 --> 00:15:49.860 Tommy DiMisa: So I think the picture probably be up here in the attic with me that's just another thing, and my guy could come.

00:15:50.520 --> 00:16:02.310 Tommy DiMisa: You didn't ask for any of this information, but john will come on the show in the next couple weeks and and we're gonna hear he's doing so, if you have talked about Christmas gifts talking about holiday gifts, if you have an animal in your life or.

00:16:02.340 --> 00:16:03.810 Valerie Heffron: Nobody wants socks.

00:16:03.870 --> 00:16:05.100 Valerie Heffron: that's all i'm trying to say.

00:16:05.340 --> 00:16:05.820 Tommy DiMisa: What it.

00:16:07.710 --> 00:16:11.460 Valerie Heffron: Was and you know, whatever like let's get creative.

00:16:11.670 --> 00:16:12.180 Tommy DiMisa: Your creative.

00:16:12.210 --> 00:16:27.450 Valerie Heffron: Life support the businesses that are owned and run by people who support the animals and let's support the boots on the ground people that are actually doing stuff for the voiceless animals that's the theory.

00:16:27.660 --> 00:16:33.420 Tommy DiMisa: So let me tell you this Val since you bring it up and we're going to get a break before we even introduce our guests how funny is this.

00:16:34.020 --> 00:16:37.410 Tommy DiMisa: Well daniella and Linda say hello real quick before we.

00:16:38.970 --> 00:16:45.300 Tommy DiMisa: I alright so really last thing i'll say, and then we didn't station at least will introduce him before we split for a second.

00:16:45.930 --> 00:16:58.680 Tommy DiMisa: I mean john's fiance who's there manning the table of all the photos and Valerie what did I say I said hey i'm Tommy gay and then I you know, had some other things, say, then I said, well, it started out.

00:16:59.910 --> 00:17:07.950 Tommy DiMisa: Because we had our dog and started drawing pictures I said is your dog rescue it cause right away, I wanted to know if they were our people are not.

00:17:07.980 --> 00:17:13.230 Valerie Heffron: And I wouldn't imagine a month ago I wouldn't have known I said what's pet store did you buy a MAC is what I would have said.

00:17:13.410 --> 00:17:22.350 Tommy DiMisa: So I said, is it a rescue and they said he the dog is a rescue and we donate money back for rescues I said how you doing welcome welcome to the Community you guys.

00:17:22.410 --> 00:17:23.670 Welcome to the tribe.

00:17:25.650 --> 00:17:31.500 Tommy DiMisa: Very good, all right let's do this let's introduce our friends, because we have to teach everybody to come back and listen to the story so.

00:17:32.070 --> 00:17:41.310 Tommy DiMisa: Dan yellow scala Nathan good afternoon Linda brower good afternoon tell us really quick about yourselves like in like 30 seconds and then we're going to go to commercial break.

00:17:42.030 --> 00:17:52.680 Daniella a phone call away: Okay, I run i'm The co founder, of course, that the entry we help pet owners that need help with fluid on financial hardship and we help, of course, the base rescues.

00:17:53.730 --> 00:17:56.730 Tommy DiMisa: perfect and Linda you're one of the volunteers for the organization right.

00:17:57.360 --> 00:18:02.460 Tommy DiMisa: Absolutely, what are you doing what are you focused on what's your what's fun for you, with the organization.

00:18:03.060 --> 00:18:12.390 Linda Brower: With the organization, overall, the whole thing is amazing it's an absolute amazing thing that's going on here between the human being and the animal.

00:18:12.690 --> 00:18:23.040 Linda Brower: 50 people that care so much when you hear so many negative things about it there's people that come here donate their time there's people that don't eat this you know.

00:18:23.760 --> 00:18:32.280 Linda Brower: Food for them, and whatever else and then just animals stories about how they're being taken care of because Daniel on this group it's great.

00:18:32.760 --> 00:18:34.890 Valerie Heffron: it's we're going to dive deep on this we're going to die.

00:18:35.850 --> 00:18:46.620 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, we are, we are a lot of time to have this conversation we need to take a quick break split we'll be back in 90 seconds, this is the professionals and animal lovers show will be right back.

00:21:01.500 --> 00:21:11.730 Tommy DiMisa: Welcome back it's Wednesday to 16 PM on the east coast New York, that is, and this is the professionals and animal lovers show, and I will tell you.

00:21:12.150 --> 00:21:22.620 Tommy DiMisa: During the break I was sharing the Facebook page and because i'm on this mission right now there's personal journey of 60 days of service for nonprofit organizations and charities.

00:21:23.220 --> 00:21:30.270 Tommy DiMisa: I see this thing here on Facebook and it says it can somebody pick up this food at the pantry on long island and i'm like.

00:21:30.720 --> 00:21:36.150 Tommy DiMisa: I could totally do that so like and then I scroll down and I go oh it's already done, but here's the deal.

00:21:37.140 --> 00:21:44.460 Tommy DiMisa: call me next time if you need somebody to run around and pick up a bunch of dog and cat food and whatever is there because i'd love to help out do that because that's.

00:21:44.820 --> 00:21:55.710 Tommy DiMisa: kind of what i'm doing plus i'm doing 60 days of service, I achieved 25 as of yesterday, so I got some work to do, yeah Thank you Valerie but it's more about like I need help so.

00:21:56.100 --> 00:22:00.120 Tommy DiMisa: I wish I had looked at your Facebook page earlier this morning I would have picked up this food for you guys anyway.

00:22:00.630 --> 00:22:03.300 Tommy DiMisa: This is pals the professionals and animal lovers show.

00:22:03.570 --> 00:22:13.650 Tommy DiMisa: Our friends are here from Paul it forward pantry they were just about to tell us about the organization and we went to a commercial so guess what now we got all this time to do it.

00:22:13.920 --> 00:22:22.530 Tommy DiMisa: Daily now where did this come from like where where did this idea come from what was the need that arose when we're dating back to 2016 so talk to us about that.

00:22:23.160 --> 00:22:32.100 Daniella a phone call away: Okay, in 2016 When will the hurricane down South hit um I partnered up with a bunch of rescues on the island.

00:22:32.850 --> 00:22:45.660 Daniella a phone call away: And we gather food, so they could bring it down to the hurricane down south, then we decided after a nice person donated a garage during the time of the hurricane.

00:22:46.410 --> 00:23:02.250 Daniella a phone call away: that the food was much needed here, so we decided to keep it on long island and I started it with my late husband passed away from corvette and my volunteer who also passed away a week before my husband from coven.

00:23:02.640 --> 00:23:04.650 Valerie Heffron: Oh so sorry.

00:23:05.040 --> 00:23:08.370 Daniella a phone call away: Out of our House since 2016.

00:23:09.450 --> 00:23:19.980 Daniella a phone call away: And everything now stays on long island, we were grateful back after my husband passed that long island cares donated us a 20 $600 check.

00:23:20.580 --> 00:23:27.180 Daniella a phone call away: so that we could get a nice shed to keep stuff out of the basement of my house, so that we could have everything outside and.

00:23:28.140 --> 00:23:39.750 Daniella a phone call away: like that, so now we help, as I stated earlier, we help pet owners that can't afford their food, so they don't end up i'm surrendering the pets of shelters or the rescues.

00:23:40.410 --> 00:23:51.300 Daniella a phone call away: And we help with oil supplies, not just food if we have cages or we have medications at times um whatever we could give them we try to help them.

00:23:52.260 --> 00:23:59.610 Tommy DiMisa: Well, first of all, it probably obvious, but our condolences on on both your losses obviously tragic it.

00:23:59.700 --> 00:24:09.180 Valerie Heffron: You know and level horrible I give you so much credit for forging through your personal tragedies because i'm.

00:24:10.710 --> 00:24:11.250 Valerie Heffron: Sorry, I mean.

00:24:12.600 --> 00:24:16.950 Valerie Heffron: i'm not i'm, not even the cry on the show timing is but i'm.

00:24:17.010 --> 00:24:17.550 Tommy DiMisa: Totally true.

00:24:17.760 --> 00:24:37.710 Valerie Heffron: and imagine how hard, that is because it's like every time that you're getting a donation or that you're distributing i'm sure you're thinking you know of your husband and how you guys started this together, it would have been really easy and understandable for you to.

00:24:39.180 --> 00:24:49.410 Valerie Heffron: Excuse me to end it, you know and just say it's too hard, I can handle it but um but you did, and I really give you so much credit for that.

00:24:49.560 --> 00:24:58.440 Daniella a phone call away: Well, if it wasn't for my volunteers it wouldn't have the state open because I met an amazing volunteer through a news 12.

00:25:00.120 --> 00:25:11.220 Daniella a phone call away: i'm sorry when they did a story on us, I met this guy Bruce who said lost his dog at the same time and he's been with me for over a year and a half and he's been.

00:25:11.970 --> 00:25:20.190 Daniella a phone call away: A real big part of core forward and then Linda who I met a couple of months ago and we asked me and rob started this.

00:25:20.700 --> 00:25:40.350 Daniella a phone call away: But if it wasn't for everyone that's still here or any new volunteers, we could get I would have to shut it down because I also lost my mom five months after my husband and this House is is my family home and I it's hard to see me not do it this year.

00:25:41.760 --> 00:25:54.210 Valerie Heffron: So i'm honestly I don't I don't even know what else to say other than like God bless and thank you because you know, obviously, you know, the need is there damn it Danielle you've got to be crying.

00:25:56.040 --> 00:25:56.880 Valerie Heffron: I want to let me.

00:25:56.940 --> 00:25:58.470 Tommy DiMisa: Let me talk vows because, and thanks for.

00:26:00.000 --> 00:26:00.810 Tommy DiMisa: All the time I.

00:26:00.870 --> 00:26:09.870 Tommy DiMisa: really did that, for we have a lot of people listening to this show and that's now they all think I all I do is cry so which is my four children, they say.

00:26:10.260 --> 00:26:18.660 Tommy DiMisa: And this is like a thing this is their job for everything Oh, he cries it and he cries at any there's this one scene in me that I cry and it's when she's singing that song.

00:26:19.020 --> 00:26:25.260 Tommy DiMisa: Maybe and she's pining for her parents on i'm probably going to cry right now, because i'm even talking about it because it's.

00:26:25.740 --> 00:26:26.670 Tommy DiMisa: Like my kids.

00:26:26.700 --> 00:26:33.090 Tommy DiMisa: Like literally anytime they got to give me a zinger they go Oh, what are you gonna do cry like you cry at me like only.

00:26:33.180 --> 00:26:37.050 Tommy DiMisa: Like yeah all the time, love you guys Thank you so much for being so sweet.

00:26:37.860 --> 00:26:39.960 Valerie Heffron: All right, crying is the new black.

00:26:40.740 --> 00:26:45.480 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know what that means, but sure yes i'll say yes to that here's the thing.

00:26:45.870 --> 00:26:54.720 Tommy DiMisa: I Daniel I watched the video I watched one of these videos and news 12 video earlier and and it was what what was so poignant in that video, for me, was what you're saying is.

00:26:55.590 --> 00:27:03.780 Tommy DiMisa: For rob this is you're doing this, because this is what rob would have wanted you to do like that's what I saw in that video right and that, so what.

00:27:05.340 --> 00:27:15.840 Tommy DiMisa: i'm thinking of the cycle of of what would happen like what you just said about these these animals if they're not fed in their donated right actually i'm sorry there's surrender surrender Thank you.

00:27:17.250 --> 00:27:24.030 Tommy DiMisa: And we talked a lot on this show about the challenge that these shelters are are well.

00:27:24.930 --> 00:27:31.680 Tommy DiMisa: couple weeks ago we had diane madden on the show, and I saw diane checking in on Facebook earlier today, you know, supporting the upcoming show today.

00:27:32.280 --> 00:27:42.060 Tommy DiMisa: And we talked a lot about i'll try to be very diplomatic the challenges that you know the municipal shelters are creating their.

00:27:42.720 --> 00:27:54.840 Tommy DiMisa: um so you're solving needed problem, because if somebody has to make a choice, where they can afford to feed their animal or take care of their animal what are they going to do right, what then.

00:27:55.920 --> 00:28:01.350 Tommy DiMisa: You know the humane thing I guess people think is well now I need to surrender the animal, because I can't take it away how.

00:28:01.770 --> 00:28:10.170 Tommy DiMisa: arm and I love that long island cares is involved and support it as well, and what a home run and and I didn't even know, and I was doing some work.

00:28:10.710 --> 00:28:19.590 Tommy DiMisa: Day service yesterday at a food pantry here, where I live in Nassau county and I didn't even know the long island cares does anything with pet food with we can.

00:28:20.220 --> 00:28:28.620 Daniella a phone call away: See actually have the sector of that um it's called on baxter's pantry and it's part of the parapet pantry as well.

00:28:29.100 --> 00:28:30.660 Tommy DiMisa: And that's part of long island cares.

00:28:30.990 --> 00:28:39.510 Tommy DiMisa: Right I didn't even know that, so what how How do people and I, you know not that all the people around the country around the world don't need your help.

00:28:39.930 --> 00:28:49.740 Tommy DiMisa: But the fact that you're you know I think some people around the world might think long island everybody's got money on long island right, like everything about long island is the hamptons and even you know.

00:28:51.180 --> 00:28:59.160 Tommy DiMisa: I was out with an organization called hamptons Community outreach and even the hamptons isn't just the hamptons there's plenty of people have need in the hamptons so.

00:28:59.760 --> 00:29:08.940 Tommy DiMisa: um you know there's such a such a densely populated area, I feel that you know there's there's people who have a whole bunch and there's many people who have who have nothing.

00:29:10.020 --> 00:29:28.260 Tommy DiMisa: And, and I think people don't realize that about where we live How do people even find out about you and what does it look like as like so okay i'm a person i'm having challenges, you know, keeping food on my own table forget about keeping food under the table so.

00:29:29.520 --> 00:29:34.350 Tommy DiMisa: were like what's the first move they I mean it's a I see in your in your little.

00:29:35.220 --> 00:29:41.970 Tommy DiMisa: Brady bunch box here in the screen, it says a phone call away Daniela a phone call away, I saw some of that and doing the research for our conversation.

00:29:42.420 --> 00:29:51.540 Tommy DiMisa: How does it start How do people connect with you, what are they asking for and that'll I think take us to a point where you could find out like where we might be able help through relationships and things like that.

00:29:52.140 --> 00:30:01.560 Daniella a phone call away: Well, when a phone call away started when me my husband started a business together, because I do bookkeeping and the defensive driving.

00:30:02.160 --> 00:30:13.800 Daniella a phone call away: i'm a director for defensive driving so he came up with the name a phone call away like any of our services, our phone call away so and then, when we started poor forward as a DPA.

00:30:14.910 --> 00:30:25.830 Daniella a phone call away: we're forward pet pantry so we're all over social media so everybody knows who I am and i'm so grateful for that, because I went to a network event last night.

00:30:26.370 --> 00:30:35.580 Daniella a phone call away: With the petrol store that just opened, three months ago, and like ronkonkoma and I met this beautiful person Nancy, who is with the pet professionals.

00:30:36.270 --> 00:30:37.380 Valerie Heffron: And so.

00:30:37.980 --> 00:30:39.480 Daniella a phone call away: Yes, I.

00:30:39.540 --> 00:30:43.770 Valerie Heffron: joined our podcast show just joined her organization.

00:30:44.340 --> 00:30:49.950 Daniella a phone call away: And she knew me and i'm still loving that everybody knows who I am and i'm sadly to say I don't know anybody, but because I.

00:30:49.980 --> 00:30:56.340 Daniella a phone call away: know what so many people and what i've been through in the last two years, and everything i'm like, if I remember where I am.

00:30:56.910 --> 00:31:04.620 Daniella a phone call away: So and i'm taking care of my dad now so it's like another hurdle so i'm getting back to the portfolio.

00:31:05.370 --> 00:31:21.780 Daniella a phone call away: So they find us and they know me by word of mouth they know was by social media like if there was a fire in our town, a couple months ago they went to the pet store and try to get supplies and like well, we could direct you to port forward and they came here and, like my house.

00:31:22.800 --> 00:31:36.660 Daniella a phone call away: is open basically was like a 711 and I had to shut that down a little bit, because I do have to be my house first my dog my home my dad who lives next door, so I have to make it more like.

00:31:37.800 --> 00:31:49.050 Daniella a phone call away: Ours and stuff so, but if there was an emergency in the town they contact me and they tell me what they need, and if we have it we're grateful to give them multiple bags of dog food beds.

00:31:50.130 --> 00:32:02.640 Daniella a phone call away: Toys bones whatever jackets for their dogs when it gets cold so it's like more word of mouth and social media that's how they find me and everybody kind of like knows me on long island at this point.

00:32:03.510 --> 00:32:06.690 Valerie Heffron: Is your question yeah do you have.

00:32:07.980 --> 00:32:17.010 Valerie Heffron: Do you have people that are kind of like regulars like i'm assuming when people typically fall on a financial hardship it's not.

00:32:17.610 --> 00:32:31.980 Valerie Heffron: Over that quickly, fortunately, sometimes it's a combination of events, whether its medical and or employment, but do you have people that you know, every week they're getting supplies from you.

00:32:32.460 --> 00:32:41.940 Daniella a phone call away: Well it's basically we do to public pickups a month and yeah we do have pet owners that have been with us, probably for two years, but when we give our food.

00:32:42.780 --> 00:32:52.290 Daniella a phone call away: Like last Saturday one person comes they're not getting one bag of food we're giving them the dog food they have two dogs they're getting a big bag of dog food it's going to set them up for at least.

00:32:53.310 --> 00:32:55.110 Daniella a phone call away: I hope I don't know a couple of months.

00:32:55.800 --> 00:32:57.120 Valerie Heffron: So maybe.

00:32:57.330 --> 00:33:00.360 Valerie Heffron: We can just do something like.

00:33:01.590 --> 00:33:08.310 Valerie Heffron: This is food for thought, you know i'm not telling you what to do, but I just thought so when I was a kid.

00:33:09.180 --> 00:33:19.230 Valerie Heffron: My dad was like the biggest animal lover ever right and he got me involved in the north shore science museum of long island they're still there and.

00:33:20.070 --> 00:33:39.330 Valerie Heffron: In that time they had a some animals there that you know warehouse in the actual place the point is they had a program they called it an adoption, but it wasn't a true adoption you didn't take the animals home, but for whatever the contribution was.

00:33:40.380 --> 00:33:47.550 Valerie Heffron: me as a kid in third grade adopted rusty the guinea pig who, which gave me rights, I know.

00:33:47.700 --> 00:33:56.010 Valerie Heffron: right to go every weekend and feed him and take care of him and clean his cage and get my picture taken with him or whatever.

00:33:56.580 --> 00:34:10.200 Valerie Heffron: Just kind of like piggybacking off of that theory, can we offer can we could maybe there could be an offering where people could sponsor a particular family or a particular pet.

00:34:10.950 --> 00:34:26.550 Valerie Heffron: You know, and like you know for 25 bucks you can be this person's pet you know dog for a month or whatever, and offer a few different levels so this way like what if I want to do it for a year, like you never know when you put stuff out, you know.

00:34:27.450 --> 00:34:36.660 Daniella a phone call away: Definitely like during the holiday, we were trying to get different organizations to collect food supplies for like forced to base rescues.

00:34:37.080 --> 00:34:37.980 Valerie Heffron: Food yeah.

00:34:38.730 --> 00:34:47.130 Daniella a phone call away: So, right now, we have some different clubs in different organizations collecting food that's going to be distributed to different rescues.

00:34:47.850 --> 00:34:49.320 Daniella a phone call away: that's great i'll.

00:34:49.590 --> 00:35:00.840 Tommy DiMisa: Take i'll take it back as we take a quick break and we will be back in 90 seconds, but I have a lot of ideas around that too, and I see where you're going we're talking collaboration right we're talking, how do we.

00:35:01.320 --> 00:35:11.760 Tommy DiMisa: Always pieces together well done, like this is pals for festivals and animal lovers show that's wow that's Tommy D that's Daniela that's Linda Linda, we need to hear more from you, when we.

00:35:13.860 --> 00:35:14.220 Tommy DiMisa: Will we.

00:35:16.170 --> 00:35:17.310 Tommy DiMisa: will be right back gang.

00:35:17.790 --> 00:35:18.030 This.

00:37:22.290 --> 00:37:27.810 Valerie Heffron: Alright, welcome back everybody, this is powers, the professional and will love her show.

00:37:28.080 --> 00:37:35.400 Valerie Heffron: And I am just over the moon, to have these two amazing guests with us and, of course, my buddy Tommy D over there.

00:37:35.670 --> 00:37:43.110 Valerie Heffron: And we are loving this show because it's helping people garner attention to the great things that they're doing for the animals.

00:37:43.410 --> 00:38:02.160 Valerie Heffron: And again, going back to what can one person do well, this one person is doing a lot and I don't know how many families and how many animals and how many rescues she's actually helping or has helped all in total, Daniel do you keep track of that.

00:38:03.090 --> 00:38:14.130 Daniella a phone call away: We just recently thanks to Bruce we got a form in place that was um 2021, so now we keep track of how many times people come pick up.

00:38:14.790 --> 00:38:19.920 Daniella a phone call away: The old requesting and what rescues we help we're trying to get more organized with that.

00:38:20.550 --> 00:38:23.370 Valerie Heffron: So I get it, I get it, because when you start off.

00:38:23.430 --> 00:38:33.480 Valerie Heffron: You know you don't care about that stuff and it's not the priority, the priority is to get food and health into the hands of the people who need them for their animals.

00:38:33.690 --> 00:38:53.610 Valerie Heffron: Totally and but um, no matter what the number is a super impressive because, like you said you've been doing this for years, and everyone knows you and people are constantly reaching out, and I want to get to Linda but also I before I forget, I just want to ask this one question um.

00:38:54.780 --> 00:39:12.240 Valerie Heffron: So I saw on, I think it was the basement that you are extremely in need of cat supplies i'm more so than I guess the other types, he said something like we're just chronically low and cat food and.

00:39:13.890 --> 00:39:14.160 Daniella a phone call away: Little.

00:39:14.850 --> 00:39:15.780 Daniella a phone call away: cat food yes.

00:39:16.530 --> 00:39:25.350 Valerie Heffron: Okay, so do you is that a recent thing, do you attribute that to now it's always there's a shortage of cat food and cats is.

00:39:25.410 --> 00:39:25.950 Valerie Heffron: Really.

00:39:26.220 --> 00:39:30.360 Valerie Heffron: Such a fun answer the overpopulation of cats we.

00:39:30.390 --> 00:39:44.940 Daniella a phone call away: Do this this weekend, like us, how many people we help we help 15 families that came this Saturday, and we helped about 20 cat or cat the cat in the family and then, when they had dogs as well, so.

00:39:45.180 --> 00:39:49.050 Daniella a phone call away: cat food and always been an issue to get and cat litter.

00:39:50.700 --> 00:39:51.030 Can I.

00:39:52.320 --> 00:39:56.820 Tommy DiMisa: Sorry, do you mean no no i'm sorry but I just want to understand like compare it to.

00:39:57.180 --> 00:40:09.870 Tommy DiMisa: Are you comparing it to like dog food and dog supplies people just bring and they're less likely to bring cats and then on top of that, you have a you have a higher demand for cat food to or cats.

00:40:11.340 --> 00:40:14.610 Daniella a phone call away: We have never been able to deliver food more than twice in five years.

00:40:16.020 --> 00:40:28.800 Daniella a phone call away: We have a circulation of dog dog food cat food we can't even give out as much dog food as we would like and we turn a lot of people away that have cats because we don't have.

00:40:29.670 --> 00:40:30.870 Valerie Heffron: So we need capital.

00:40:31.590 --> 00:40:31.890 Tommy DiMisa: yeah.

00:40:31.950 --> 00:40:32.250 Thank you.

00:40:34.620 --> 00:40:46.080 Tommy DiMisa: I want to understand logistically what happens like is it do you get donations and then order product or do you or do people just drop off product or like.

00:40:46.560 --> 00:40:53.730 Tommy DiMisa: So people actually bring you stuff that's really how it works so you're you're like the distribution Center for stuff in this case.

00:40:54.960 --> 00:40:57.120 Daniella a phone call away: it's more or less that I gotta find volunteers.

00:40:57.150 --> 00:40:59.850 Daniella a phone call away: pickup trucks to go get the stuff.

00:41:00.120 --> 00:41:00.360 Valerie Heffron: Okay.

00:41:00.690 --> 00:41:03.480 Tommy DiMisa: All right, so people are making it available but it's like dude.

00:41:03.540 --> 00:41:05.160 Tommy DiMisa: I got this but somebody's got to come get it.

00:41:05.850 --> 00:41:08.700 Daniella a phone call away: yeah very backbreaking everybody.

00:41:09.210 --> 00:41:09.690 Daniella a phone call away: Like my.

00:41:09.990 --> 00:41:22.440 Daniella a phone call away: gut was broken down so thankfully I had some other people, step up to get it now, thanks to renee Regina one of our donors just called in a payment and paid for the truck.

00:41:23.070 --> 00:41:23.580 Valerie Heffron: That was just like.

00:41:24.300 --> 00:41:25.290 Daniella a phone call away: The zoom call.

00:41:25.620 --> 00:41:28.080 Tommy DiMisa: Just now, I saw it, I saw it on your Facebook.

00:41:28.200 --> 00:41:30.630 Daniella a phone call away: just happened right before the zoom for like an hour before.

00:41:31.020 --> 00:41:35.850 Daniella a phone call away: That is amazing number on it and I had no idea my house, when I was all over Facebook.

00:41:39.240 --> 00:41:42.510 Tommy DiMisa: Across something out because of what the version of it, there was like a green.

00:41:42.780 --> 00:41:44.160 Daniella a phone call away: My house phone number.

00:41:45.120 --> 00:41:46.500 Daniella a phone call away: yeah surprised.

00:41:46.980 --> 00:41:50.010 Daniella a phone call away: That it I didn't notice that it said, sell and it was my house phone.

00:41:52.080 --> 00:41:53.910 Tommy DiMisa: don't have to call my.

00:41:55.500 --> 00:41:55.860 Tommy DiMisa: fees.

00:41:56.790 --> 00:42:06.780 Daniella a phone call away: And the funny thought everybody asked me do you don't mind that your your your addresses all over Facebook, they know where you live, I said no, I don't.

00:42:06.900 --> 00:42:08.160 Tommy DiMisa: I gotta do steal dog food.

00:42:08.790 --> 00:42:20.760 Daniella a phone call away: I know I have I ironically got cameras now, so I have cameras in all over the premises, then my dogs there love everybody, but they bark is a little worse than invite.

00:42:21.180 --> 00:42:21.420 Tommy DiMisa: Well it's.

00:42:22.290 --> 00:42:23.160 Daniella a phone call away: gonna come in my house.

00:42:23.610 --> 00:42:26.070 Tommy DiMisa: To scare them away plus you'll know about it, too, because that's what the.

00:42:26.070 --> 00:42:30.630 Tommy DiMisa: dogs, you know what well, so we can bow sorry.

00:42:31.710 --> 00:42:37.320 Tommy DiMisa: Well, so what first of all, do you know who this anonymous donor or isn't an anonymous donor, do you.

00:42:37.350 --> 00:42:38.400 Daniella a phone call away: know I don't.

00:42:38.550 --> 00:42:40.200 Daniella a phone call away: She called me, so I know her name is.

00:42:41.310 --> 00:42:43.380 Daniella a phone call away: Oh, my God Sandra Sandra.

00:42:43.620 --> 00:42:45.840 Tommy DiMisa: Sandra if you're listening and.

00:42:46.110 --> 00:42:49.110 Tommy DiMisa: You why wouldn't you be listening Sandra let's be real.

00:42:50.220 --> 00:42:58.830 Tommy DiMisa: But if you're listening, thank you, I love when people do stuff like that talk about pay it forward, I mean you know I know this is awful but talking about a hard man.

00:42:59.190 --> 00:43:09.720 Tommy DiMisa: You know, when you see somebody stuck on the side of the road, or you know you know, the thing don't remember being a kid and like you'd be in a candy store and, for some reason you were buck short or something and knows adult person.

00:43:10.260 --> 00:43:18.990 Tommy DiMisa: man, woman whatever, but would look out for you and kind of give you the book and go look what I can I don't know how to don't worry about it and, like those kind of memories like they stick with you, you know and.

00:43:20.130 --> 00:43:28.500 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you Sandra you know uh you know the Guardian angel looking at the impact, you made for daniella lets her now.

00:43:28.950 --> 00:43:38.910 Tommy DiMisa: go out and keep making this impact with the dog food and the cat food in the whole thing, so one big family one big happy family, you know, human and otherwise, for that matter, right now, you know.

00:43:39.570 --> 00:43:42.540 Valerie Heffron: Absolutely i'm very touched by that and.

00:43:43.980 --> 00:43:50.190 Valerie Heffron: I, I also wanted to ask you know so Linda you you're one of the drivers or trip.

00:43:51.030 --> 00:43:55.230 Linda Brower: chance, I do a little I do like everyone else, a little bit of everything.

00:43:55.620 --> 00:44:03.990 Linda Brower: But the main core of this whole operation is obviously Danielle and on one side note is that.

00:44:04.470 --> 00:44:12.990 Linda Brower: Within the last couple years i'd always been very comfortable in life, get very happy i've always been an animal lover and then became a dog trainer.

00:44:13.680 --> 00:44:22.410 Linda Brower: Unfortunately, one point I really hit some hard times and became those persons with what am I going to do with my dog how am I going to feed her.

00:44:23.130 --> 00:44:38.490 Linda Brower: And I thankfully found Danielle who never ever ever talked about it again, but had no idea what that meant to me and princess and it kept her belly full and my head straight and I was able to get back on my feet and.

00:44:40.980 --> 00:44:52.080 Linda Brower: Let me join the rest of the crew because there's somebody out there, that was probably in my board at some other point and it's a guide sent them have some situation to know that there's somebody there has your back.

00:44:53.070 --> 00:44:53.400 As.

00:44:54.600 --> 00:45:02.490 Valerie Heffron: A real testament to what a great job she's doing for you to go from being a recipient at one point in your life.

00:45:02.970 --> 00:45:07.920 Valerie Heffron: You know how being consistent reliable volunteer and.

00:45:08.790 --> 00:45:09.480 Linda Brower: No word good.

00:45:09.540 --> 00:45:18.690 Linda Brower: Point and it's it you see these animals you seen see other people that I can turn to somebody and say listen if you need something call if the pantry have yet.

00:45:19.410 --> 00:45:27.450 Linda Brower: and getting back to the cat thing I see a lot more with people having dogs willing to donate more for dogs to that also seems to be.

00:45:27.720 --> 00:45:36.780 Linda Brower: The trend, because if you're at the store some people will pick up an extra bag of dog food more inclined than a cat a cat food and some cans, you know touch treat them whatever.

00:45:37.080 --> 00:45:39.600 Linda Brower: So that seems to be a little bit harder.

00:45:40.140 --> 00:45:41.850 Tommy DiMisa: You know, when you say.

00:45:43.380 --> 00:45:50.970 Tommy DiMisa: Linda what are you, seeing as far as the like when you guys talk about the neat like because I don't i've never had a cat because i'm allergic to cats and and.

00:45:51.360 --> 00:45:59.130 Tommy DiMisa: Then I think they seem like pretty cool animals to be honest with you, I probably could party with them, but they make the state and the back of my head, he is and it.

00:45:59.130 --> 00:46:09.780 Tommy DiMisa: Not a good team, and so you know, so I just avoid it, but the point of the whole thing is like are we talking like a little cans of like cat food you say peel back or like what are we talking about.

00:46:10.140 --> 00:46:19.500 Linda Brower: Cancer Catholic big couches they treat this litter there's so much involved the it's you know it's funny because with the dog people just get their.

00:46:20.070 --> 00:46:28.230 Linda Brower: lungs together in order and you don't realize the cat pretty much the same needs and the cat cats are incredible to have as a pet it's a.

00:46:29.280 --> 00:46:34.530 Linda Brower: 120 pound dog and 90 pound dog and cat back in the middle of both.

00:46:35.100 --> 00:46:39.840 Tommy DiMisa: Heavy for a second because you I thought you had a 140 pound cat and i'm going what.

00:46:41.730 --> 00:46:43.080 Tommy DiMisa: Is this woman having her house I.

00:46:43.410 --> 00:46:43.650 want to.

00:46:45.450 --> 00:46:48.960 Tommy DiMisa: tell you I was gonna say I think that's a tiger, or like.

00:46:51.750 --> 00:46:53.820 Tommy DiMisa: I don't think that's it like a house cat you totally.

00:46:53.850 --> 00:46:54.270 Linda Brower: Know Mike.

00:46:57.450 --> 00:47:00.390 Tommy DiMisa: I was very worried, for you, for a second there, I was gonna say no.

00:47:01.920 --> 00:47:06.210 Tommy DiMisa: You need so much food that cat weighs 140 pounds man, what are we doing here.

00:47:07.530 --> 00:47:08.010 Valerie Heffron: You know.

00:47:08.820 --> 00:47:11.160 Linda Brower: All three of these animals are rescues.

00:47:11.580 --> 00:47:22.590 Valerie Heffron: So love that absolutely I mean, of course, but I think that it's important also to mention that it's such a point of frustration for me personally.

00:47:23.100 --> 00:47:32.610 Valerie Heffron: But being in the world of animal advocacy you know Daniels located I don't know Linda where you live, but in valley stream, which is part of the town of Hempstead.

00:47:34.680 --> 00:47:42.240 Valerie Heffron: Okay lynbrook too, so you know as you guys know they shut down their teen our program during cold bid and they really although.

00:47:43.110 --> 00:48:01.800 Valerie Heffron: Try to say they reopened it they're actually operating at a run rate of about 25% the trap neuter return program used to try, an average of 2850 cats a year and now they're down to about our last year was about 600.

00:48:02.100 --> 00:48:03.840 Tommy DiMisa: What was the what was the peak how many.

00:48:04.230 --> 00:48:17.130 Valerie Heffron: 2850 average per year some years it was 3000 and that, by the way, was just containing the situation that was too, so that wouldn't explode and now.

00:48:17.640 --> 00:48:37.770 Valerie Heffron: There is a massive explosion going on this problem is truly exacerbated by the lack of reinstating the program in its entirety so we're going to see more people that need food and litter and medication and cat beds and shelters, so we have a lot of work to do.

00:48:38.400 --> 00:48:39.150 Tommy DiMisa: Do we know how.

00:48:40.170 --> 00:48:44.760 Tommy DiMisa: i'm sorry Linda you mean to interrupt you there now do you know because I know we talked about it when we had.

00:48:46.110 --> 00:48:55.320 Tommy DiMisa: A Tina on the show from catnip nation we talked about it on a national level, but i'm sure you probably have an idea about how many ferals there are on long island, you know that number.

00:48:56.100 --> 00:49:01.380 Valerie Heffron: will now, I mean the problem is because of the lack of resources.

00:49:02.100 --> 00:49:10.740 Valerie Heffron: you're talking about exponential growth at a very rapid rate and it's going to be a long time before anyone can even get a count at last count.

00:49:11.220 --> 00:49:25.740 Valerie Heffron: you're talking on long island combined counties I would actually I I have it on tape I went to a seminar, I will have to refer back to it it's significant though it's.

00:49:26.220 --> 00:49:26.730 Tommy DiMisa: All good like.

00:49:26.970 --> 00:49:28.770 Tommy DiMisa: hundred thousand cash like.

00:49:28.800 --> 00:49:41.940 Valerie Heffron: No, not yet well so that then you talk about 10s of thousands, now that was before Kobe that was probably three years ago now you're probably talking over 100,000.

00:49:42.660 --> 00:49:43.380 Tommy DiMisa: Why Academy.

00:49:43.440 --> 00:49:47.130 Valerie Heffron: is going to again multiply.

00:49:47.640 --> 00:49:54.960 Valerie Heffron: and multiply very rapidly, you can easily go for 100 from 100,000 to a million in one year let's put it like that.

00:49:55.590 --> 00:49:55.920 wow.

00:49:56.970 --> 00:49:59.340 Tommy DiMisa: We got to take a quick break we'll be right.

00:49:59.370 --> 00:49:59.730 Valerie Heffron: back.

00:49:59.880 --> 00:50:03.030 Tommy DiMisa: This is professionals animal lover show will be right back.

00:52:01.860 --> 00:52:10.140 Tommy DiMisa: If you're looking to mellow out and get sane at 2pm on a Wednesday Eastern time just rock out with this show, because we are gonna chill.

00:52:11.160 --> 00:52:15.480 Tommy DiMisa: out man i'm telling you I feel my blood pressure, go down every time this show begins.

00:52:16.200 --> 00:52:17.850 Valerie Heffron: song of compassion.

00:52:18.000 --> 00:52:22.260 Tommy DiMisa: Is that someone feels like a big hug a big old bear hug.

00:52:22.290 --> 00:52:24.300 Tommy DiMisa: yeah not like a real bear like you know.

00:52:25.560 --> 00:52:25.830 Tommy DiMisa: What.

00:52:27.540 --> 00:52:33.990 Tommy DiMisa: This is power, the professionals and animal lover show, although sometimes it doesn't feel like we're being very professional year.

00:52:35.100 --> 00:52:45.300 Tommy DiMisa: Definitely care about the animals, so we have two guests Linda brower and daniella scowl at Nathan, are both here from Paul it forward pantry.

00:52:46.620 --> 00:52:53.790 Tommy DiMisa: I just i'm thrilled by the work you're doing i'm inspired I am telling you i'm going to go to the store later on a bike cat food just because.

00:52:53.850 --> 00:52:54.210 Daniella a phone call away: You guys.

00:52:54.690 --> 00:53:02.190 Tommy DiMisa: Like i'm going to i'm going to take my kids and we're gonna go buy some CAFE and because I have to I feel inspired to do that um.

00:53:02.820 --> 00:53:11.550 Tommy DiMisa: And I want other people to feel inspired to do that, because you know if somebody goes out and spend 10 bucks on cat food it's cat food that you can now give out to people to spend 50 bucks it's even better right.

00:53:11.820 --> 00:53:28.470 Tommy DiMisa: So i'm pretty i'm pretty jazzed about the opportunity How can people get involved, how can they help, how can they you know, bring the food to you what's what's that look like that piece, where the that I got this stuff Daniela like let's make this happen, like How does that happen.

00:53:29.070 --> 00:53:35.340 Daniella a phone call away: Well, as I said, right now, our hours are Monday through Saturday 10 to six they're welcome to drop off.

00:53:35.940 --> 00:53:52.440 Daniella a phone call away: At my house where the pantries run out of in valley stream, we have a rubbermaid container in front of the House where they can leave it, I also have my and kathy's house in hicksville she's another drop off location I haven't East metal drop off location and I also have.

00:53:53.490 --> 00:54:03.450 Daniella a phone call away: This beautiful woman, we just spoke to who's going to pick up the donations today she's out in Babylon and she's out in limbo three days a week, so she said, if we have anybody.

00:54:03.990 --> 00:54:19.530 Daniella a phone call away: That wants to drop off there they can I try to express this because a lot of people don't know this, I am the only Nassau county pet pantry in Suffolk including around cares because they are baxter pet pantry and they're in Hong Kong.

00:54:20.040 --> 00:54:20.640 Daniella a phone call away: there's at least.

00:54:20.670 --> 00:54:30.660 Daniella a phone call away: four other pet pantries in Suffolk and sometimes just recently, I had to turn away and give them resources to go to other places.

00:54:31.440 --> 00:54:42.330 Daniella a phone call away: And i've heard back that like Oh well, they only have food they don't have what you have they don't have the toys, they don't they're just giving food away, and I feel bad with gas prices, making somebody from surely.

00:54:42.900 --> 00:54:57.120 Daniella a phone call away: Dr Kelly stream just to get a little cosplay, especially with the cat stuff so you know, we had that this weekend, where people were coming from far and I feel bad because we can't give them as much as we would like to.

00:54:58.380 --> 00:55:05.340 Daniella a phone call away: So I don't know if everybody does know that that we're the only NASA county pant pantry and there's others in Suffolk.

00:55:05.700 --> 00:55:06.090 Tommy DiMisa: You know.

00:55:06.150 --> 00:55:11.850 Valerie Heffron: And I didn't know that but i'm not I certainly haven't heard of anyone else and.

00:55:13.380 --> 00:55:15.330 Daniella a phone call away: I don't get me started on long island.

00:55:16.230 --> 00:55:19.020 Daniella a phone call away: Yes, yeah sounds only in the middle.

00:55:19.650 --> 00:55:20.700 Valerie Heffron: Okay okay.

00:55:21.600 --> 00:55:35.580 Tommy DiMisa: angle here about is there a guys ladies is there an angle here as far as a move that in because of what you just said about travel and the whole thing is if somebody's having a tough time, you know as Linda pointed out, we all have ups and downs.

00:55:37.110 --> 00:55:44.040 Tommy DiMisa: If somebody's having a tough time, and why should they travel from I don't know plain view.

00:55:44.820 --> 00:55:47.520 Tommy DiMisa: kind of thing, some people are far like east.

00:55:49.110 --> 00:55:56.940 Tommy DiMisa: Oh yeah well or way up North all the way down the valley stream to get like the whole point is i'm having trouble like.

00:55:58.020 --> 00:56:09.510 Tommy DiMisa: angle to ship i'm sorry one SEC I just wondering if they're an angle to have like like it might make more sense if you said to me like maybe I can buy this stuff and have it shipped from my some you know what do you think Linda.

00:56:11.190 --> 00:56:24.750 Linda Brower: What we do is a lot of people are willing to if we really have somebody in a really harsh situation and they're a little bit out nobody's ever turned around and said, oh no i've heard people here when we're working on.

00:56:25.440 --> 00:56:40.680 Linda Brower: Setting up the pants you for the pickup so whatever to say Oh well, tonight we will leaving I said to Danielle okay these people didn't come pick up not that we want to practice, because then we take away from what we can donate ourselves, but with the gas never know I.

00:56:40.710 --> 00:56:45.690 Linda Brower: Did but whatever's left here i'll drop, if I have to drop off, you know, nobody has no.

00:56:45.990 --> 00:56:47.490 Linda Brower: You know, we will do that for people.

00:56:49.830 --> 00:57:09.900 Valerie Heffron: And that's completely beautiful and I feel like I would do that too, but in an effort right if we hopefully part of our objective here is to be helpful and be a resource to you guys too, but what if you you as an organization could put out.

00:57:11.100 --> 00:57:19.410 Valerie Heffron: Like a list of desires or needs and you could get more distribution homes in other areas.

00:57:20.130 --> 00:57:21.570 Linda Brower: and your wish list.

00:57:22.410 --> 00:57:23.100 Linda Brower: She has what.

00:57:23.130 --> 00:57:23.580 Valerie Heffron: You do.

00:57:24.750 --> 00:57:32.970 Valerie Heffron: Okay So where is your wish list, what are the locations that you looking for to set up other distribution places.

00:57:33.960 --> 00:57:41.370 Daniella a phone call away: Well, we don't have any places that are willing to give out food and locations, I do partner up with it's called happy Belize pantry.

00:57:42.210 --> 00:57:47.280 Daniella a phone call away: My name is josie she's in a patchogue so we work well together, like she'll come out here.

00:57:47.730 --> 00:57:57.840 Daniella a phone call away: she'll bring donations from Suffolk when we get a call from a donor from Suffolk and then she'll bring in here, and then I give her stuff to bring up Andrew.

00:58:00.030 --> 00:58:00.360 Daniella a phone call away: We.

00:58:01.290 --> 00:58:04.290 Valerie Heffron: continue this I feel separate yeah.

00:58:06.030 --> 00:58:06.510 Valerie Heffron: Because.

00:58:07.260 --> 00:58:09.990 Tommy DiMisa: It sounds like a devout doesn't sound, I want to play.

00:58:10.260 --> 00:58:10.680 Like I want.

00:58:12.870 --> 00:58:14.610 Valerie Heffron: Delivery one it just help them.

00:58:15.120 --> 00:58:15.510 Get.

00:58:17.160 --> 00:58:18.690 Valerie Heffron: Volunteers as possible.

00:58:19.770 --> 00:58:24.390 Tommy DiMisa: If you like to catch combined me especially that monster cat whatever you got Linda hundred 40 pound can.

00:58:26.280 --> 00:58:26.760 Linda Brower: dangle.

00:58:30.810 --> 00:58:44.430 Valerie Heffron: Before we leave because we only have a couple of minutes left, I really want to encourage everyone to know about what you guys do so that, if they want to take a defensive driving course Danielle they're going to take it through you and I.

00:58:44.760 --> 00:58:49.230 Valerie Heffron: Were dog trainer on long island or Linda what are.

00:58:50.250 --> 00:58:57.960 Linda Brower: My situation when they do do training and at this point of having sit down with Daniel and figure out as I get.

00:58:58.590 --> 00:59:06.090 Linda Brower: Her will also make donations to the pantry of it, and I also try to make sure that i'm a sliding scale, because I know there's a lot of people.

00:59:06.450 --> 00:59:15.540 Linda Brower: That the pet up another pet stores keep certain packages, but private it's much more expensive and they can't afford it and I don't want it to be trained properly.

00:59:15.930 --> 00:59:16.200 Tommy DiMisa: Or how to.

00:59:17.310 --> 00:59:19.620 Tommy DiMisa: contact you Linda, how can we reach you.

00:59:20.220 --> 00:59:24.000 Linda Brower: um my information is on Facebook.

00:59:24.390 --> 00:59:28.650 Linda Brower: But um I give my cell phone number out and that's what i'm reached on.

00:59:29.070 --> 00:59:32.400 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, so Facebook so Linda brower on Facebook right.

00:59:32.580 --> 00:59:36.240 Tommy DiMisa: And we can well, we will make a point of directing our folks towards you.

00:59:36.240 --> 00:59:36.810 Tommy DiMisa: as well.

00:59:37.020 --> 00:59:37.980 Linda Brower: Oh, oh yeah.

00:59:38.460 --> 00:59:39.570 Valerie Heffron: Oh sorry.

00:59:40.860 --> 00:59:41.700 Linda Brower: Sorry just.

00:59:43.110 --> 00:59:47.550 Linda Brower: Looking at the training part will come up as Linda gokey's sometimes if they don't find me under.

00:59:48.090 --> 00:59:49.290 Tommy DiMisa: Linda watch it again.

00:59:50.130 --> 00:59:52.560 Linda Brower: Do you see hey I am.

00:59:53.430 --> 01:00:01.770 Valerie Heffron: kooky and Danielle is the bookkeeping services that you provide who's a good connection for you, who can we connect you to the hopefully.

01:00:01.800 --> 01:00:02.250 accountant.

01:00:03.930 --> 01:00:04.470 Daniella a phone call away: accountant.

01:00:05.820 --> 01:00:07.890 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, like the one we reference today.

01:00:12.480 --> 01:00:12.750 Daniella a phone call away: yeah.

01:00:12.990 --> 01:00:29.820 Daniella a phone call away: i'm sorry i'm certified in quickbooks in 2008 which is back on the defensive driving real quick I know if you are on my Facebook, you know this and what Regina the camp happy tells this month $5 for every student that signs up we give the money back to the rescues.

01:00:30.240 --> 01:00:31.740 Valerie Heffron: To can tell tales.

01:00:32.130 --> 01:00:36.900 Daniella a phone call away: It can copy templates we Regina last last month, it was the fabulous feline rescue.

01:00:37.440 --> 01:00:42.630 Daniella a phone call away: And we're going to be doing it to December as well, and now it's going to be Bobby industries and.

01:00:43.350 --> 01:00:44.460 Tommy DiMisa: Bobby industries.

01:00:44.910 --> 01:00:49.470 Tommy DiMisa: yeah I think I don't they did they used to play him okay he's i'm just kidding.

01:00:49.680 --> 01:00:50.490 Valerie Heffron: i'm just my.

01:00:53.430 --> 01:00:55.590 Tommy DiMisa: Bobby industries baby and rock and roll.

01:00:56.730 --> 01:00:57.570 Tommy DiMisa: All day.

01:00:57.690 --> 01:01:01.230 Tommy DiMisa: You guys just got it for an hour, I have to deal with this all day.

01:01:04.410 --> 01:01:06.390 Tommy DiMisa: We have to leave it there.

01:01:06.570 --> 01:01:10.470 Valerie Heffron: Only because guys everything you do you'll be back.

01:01:10.860 --> 01:01:16.680 Tommy DiMisa: I hope you can join us on the December 1 wrap up show talking about the holidays and things like that.

01:01:16.980 --> 01:01:25.470 Tommy DiMisa: Well, I want to say, I want to give one quick shout out before we go to and Kathy because I will be delivering cat food and kathy's house in hicksville.

01:01:25.770 --> 01:01:29.580 Tommy DiMisa: And candy oh you're shy but we'll take a couple pictures you and me put it on the face.

01:01:30.840 --> 01:01:31.470 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

01:01:32.460 --> 01:01:33.000 Tommy DiMisa: i'll do like.

01:01:33.840 --> 01:01:42.300 Tommy DiMisa: Something like that this is your professionals and animal lovers show that's Valerie on Tommy D Daniela thanks for being here who's that oh Linda who just showed.

01:01:44.490 --> 01:01:44.850 Tommy DiMisa: me.

01:01:50.130 --> 01:01:52.860 Tommy DiMisa: In all those cases Damien where this is a family show stop it.

01:01:53.100 --> 01:01:53.520 Tommy DiMisa: All right, let's.

01:01:54.420 --> 01:02:09.060 Tommy DiMisa: Do it, this is total commitment of non violence Gandhi always included the animal stating the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way, it's animals are treated Thank you good.

01:02:10.590 --> 01:02:10.770 Valerie Heffron: night.

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