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Wednesday, October 13, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/13 - Having A Clearer Conversation With Your Dogs

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/13 - Having A Clearer Conversation With Your Dogs


2021/10/13 - Having A Clearer Conversation With Your Dogs

[New Episode] Having A Clearer Conversation With Your Dogs

Kamp K-9 Jax Bch - We do canine behavioral training for people and work with all ages, all breeds, all issues. I travel nationwide to provide this service.

Greg DiFranza owns and operates Kamp K-9 Jax Bch (Founder/President/Lead Instructor) and his clients have included professional sports figures, Grammy award-winning artists, dot-com millionaires, nationwide rescue groups, and dog lovers galore.

He has trained with Cesar Millan – the Dog Whisperer – and returns to Cesar’s ranch to assist in training sessions. Since 2013, he has helped more than 5000 dog owners with everything from human and dog aggression to puppies and senior dogs and brings the training to you at your house

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00:00:46.260 --> 00:00:51.450 Tommy D: This is pals the professionals and animal lovers show and every time I hear that tone I go into a little bit of sin.

00:00:51.870 --> 00:00:56.460 Tommy D: NAMA stay to you and I will state all the animals that's what I was thinking, as I was hearing that song just now.

00:00:56.910 --> 00:01:04.950 Tommy D: This is a professional sound lover show i'll tell you what we're all about why we're here in just a second, I want to say hello to our guest Greg to Francis welcome to the show.

00:01:05.280 --> 00:01:13.860 Tommy D: How are you, I want to say hello to my partner in this particular crime Valerie have front Val what's up how are you and who do you got their vows say hello, and tell me God.

00:01:14.580 --> 00:01:16.770 Valerie Heffron: He says, I feel.

00:01:16.980 --> 00:01:20.460 Tommy D: boy I don't know if you call him Joe B boy that I feel like we're just bon jovi boy.

00:01:21.420 --> 00:01:28.140 Tommy D: don't do that don't do that just your new your new name case you were looking for one, this is the professionals and animal lover show.

00:01:28.560 --> 00:01:33.480 Tommy D: You probably came here to listen and connect with us for the same reason, I came here to learn.

00:01:33.720 --> 00:01:41.100 Tommy D: to learn what this is about, maybe you know about animal advocacy maybe you don't maybe you want to learn more about animal advocacy we will bring you back each week.

00:01:41.430 --> 00:01:44.760 Tommy D: 2pm Eastern time on a Wednesday afternoon we will bring you.

00:01:45.330 --> 00:01:54.660 Tommy D: leaders in the advocacy space, whether they be professionals running businesses or going to run nonprofit organizations that serve this particular community.

00:01:54.990 --> 00:02:05.130 Tommy D: We will do that, as I say, each week here live and then go on the podcast platforms, we are on all your podcast platform, so if you want to hear professionals and animal lovers show on the go that runs and once you do.

00:02:05.520 --> 00:02:15.990 Tommy D: Go to the podcast platforms check us out this show is brought to you in partnership with my company philanthropy and focus amplifying the message and consulting for nonprofit organizations.

00:02:16.200 --> 00:02:32.460 Tommy D: And valerie's company work be done work w Wo rk be the letter b do any calm, is there a website finding the right one to get the job done is their logo that's the long island railroad welcome railroad welcome to the baby 10%.

00:02:32.490 --> 00:02:42.570 Tommy D: of net profits will work be done go to support reputable rescue is shelters and advocacy groups so putting your money where your mouth is, as a say.

00:02:42.780 --> 00:02:47.100 Tommy D: In the business this show me talk show is all about, and we will we have a lot to cover today.

00:02:47.340 --> 00:02:55.320 Tommy D: With Greg we're excited to have you here, I said in the in the little green room, we have if you're watching us on Facebook you'll see it looks like greg's in margaritaville man.

00:02:55.590 --> 00:03:00.120 Tommy D: I a little Jimmy Buffett a little cheeseburger and paradise, the whole thing if you can't see it on Facebook.

00:03:00.360 --> 00:03:08.370 Tommy D: check us out on Facebook and you'll see what i'm talking about so we'll get into all that in a second, let me tell you what the show is all about why you're here, as I say, probably to learn.

00:03:08.610 --> 00:03:15.480 Tommy D: And if you know some of this stuff that you can teach us and reach out and maybe come on our show one day, so we want to amplify the message.

00:03:15.810 --> 00:03:24.960 Tommy D: That the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong that is animal lovers those people who support animals go to bat, on behalf of animals, I was just talking to my friend valid I know.

00:03:25.560 --> 00:03:34.650 Tommy D: On a daily basis, she is going to bat, on behalf of animals, we want to show that they support that that these organizations and these individuals and businesses and.

00:03:34.980 --> 00:03:44.910 Tommy D: nonprofits that they want to connect they want to support each other and through that we're building a compassionate network so everyone wins, as we say, especially.

00:03:45.150 --> 00:03:50.280 Tommy D: The animals we're going to achieve this Community through this show that we're highlighting weekly.

00:03:51.180 --> 00:03:55.320 Tommy D: And we will have other events other things coming out that will teach.

00:03:55.770 --> 00:04:02.880 Tommy D: Our Community how to connect in ways that they may connect and and help each other out with so here's the deal.

00:04:03.180 --> 00:04:09.450 Tommy D: i'm going to jump right into introducing Greg we're going to get into this conversation we got a lot to cover this is super exciting.

00:04:09.660 --> 00:04:14.400 Tommy D: we're going to get just we're just going to get into it man, so if you have questions and you're watching on Facebook feel free to jump in.

00:04:14.670 --> 00:04:22.650 Tommy D: And throws a question so listen to this great the Francis owns and operates camp canine jax beach and his clients have included professional sports figures.

00:04:23.100 --> 00:04:29.790 Tommy D: grammy award winning millionaires Greg maybe we're gonna find you one of them COMP billionaires as well, but Dr.

00:04:30.540 --> 00:04:44.430 Tommy D: millionaires nationwide rescue groups and dog lovers galore he is trained with a famous CESAR Millan the dog whisperer and returns to Caesars ranch to assist in training sessions, since 2013 listen to this, he has helped.

00:04:44.880 --> 00:04:54.720 Tommy D: for executing 5000 dog owners with everything from human and dog aggression to puppies and senior dogs and he brings that training to you.

00:04:54.990 --> 00:04:59.910 Tommy D: At your home I don't think things get more convenient and if you show up my house and do the training right there.

00:05:00.720 --> 00:05:02.820 Tommy D: group canine leadership classes are also available.

00:05:03.210 --> 00:05:12.000 Tommy D: With more than 50 years of human and dog training experience throughout the world, he can bring you simple to understand solutions to difficult canine problems.

00:05:12.240 --> 00:05:19.950 Tommy D: Through instinctual communication God, I need more about that just even with human human combat you could use a little more instinctual communication.

00:05:20.640 --> 00:05:34.500 Tommy D: canine camp jax beach was also named jacksonville chamber of commerce is 2020 small business leader of the year and Dr Francis serves on the board of directors, for the safe animal shelter of clay county.

00:05:35.190 --> 00:05:45.780 Tommy D: Greg Dr Francis thanks for being here, I love two things about you, I a lot of so far it's too I like talking to the other day I like that you put a capital letter in the middle of your last name like I do.

00:05:47.280 --> 00:05:50.370 Tommy D: And I dig your background, welcome to the show this is.

00:05:51.540 --> 00:05:53.940 Tommy D: Show we're thrilled to have you here, how are you, sir.

00:05:54.540 --> 00:05:56.070 Gregory DiFranza: Hello hi everyone and.

00:05:57.060 --> 00:06:04.140 Gregory DiFranza: You can see my new here is a hawaiian word it means peace and serenity, which is also my dog's name so.

00:06:04.260 --> 00:06:05.160 Tommy D: that's it again.

00:06:05.220 --> 00:06:06.240 Gregory DiFranza: Those are you live.

00:06:06.870 --> 00:06:07.470 Tommy D: Follow here.

00:06:08.310 --> 00:06:08.910 Gregory DiFranza: mala here.

00:06:09.390 --> 00:06:10.920 Gregory DiFranza: So his name for sword is molly.

00:06:11.400 --> 00:06:12.330 Tommy D: Follow that's awesome.

00:06:13.020 --> 00:06:23.970 Tommy D: Great very cool look just let's start with the story man tell us about your organization Val and I are gonna have questions as we get into this, I mean there's so many things only place we can go, we can talk about what you're doing.

00:06:24.540 --> 00:06:30.780 Tommy D: For the shelter, we could speak about your business, I mean tell us your story, how do you do 50 years in this space tell us about it.

00:06:31.830 --> 00:06:43.890 Gregory DiFranza: Well, not all 50 years was doing the best I mean we all have owned dogs in our lifetime and haven't always done the best of what we could do we did the best with what we could, at the time.

00:06:44.940 --> 00:06:54.990 Gregory DiFranza: But yeah a lot of my background, a lot of my adult career background was with the jacksonville sheriff's office, I was a deputy there for a little over 20 years.

00:06:55.650 --> 00:07:08.430 Gregory DiFranza: I retired actually about 24 years ago and did not did not have a canine during that time, but worked with a lot of the kenai guys, because I, I worked in a drug area all those guys from my friends.

00:07:08.880 --> 00:07:20.370 Gregory DiFranza: may as well go work together and then have a police training business where I also incorporated canine teams from around the country to go work and train with people who.

00:07:21.150 --> 00:07:26.640 Gregory DiFranza: live and work nearby them, but they never get a chance to see each other train together and then you know when you're on a.

00:07:27.120 --> 00:07:38.250 Gregory DiFranza: Particular mission that's not the best time to go train so just teaching everybody else on the teams, how to work with a dog and how to let the dog do their job.

00:07:39.180 --> 00:07:49.260 Gregory DiFranza: And then, of course, with my business actually kind of started as a as an initial joke, there was a whole group of us, it would walk on the beach with our dogs first thing in the morning.

00:07:49.770 --> 00:07:51.390 Gregory DiFranza: And we were watching all the crossfit.

00:07:51.780 --> 00:08:02.490 Gregory DiFranza: folks out on the beach and we went you know what we need to do something like that, but with our dogs so we'll run a short distance where their dogs stop do some push ups run another short yes and stop you some setups.

00:08:02.970 --> 00:08:06.150 Gregory DiFranza: And then we all looked at each other's like it's 6am i'm not doing that.

00:08:08.490 --> 00:08:15.120 Gregory DiFranza: But the joke became yeah it's like a boot camp so we'll call it camp canine and that's actually where it got started.

00:08:15.510 --> 00:08:25.020 Gregory DiFranza: And I don't have a location, that you know you drop your dog off to and we'll talk about why that's an important concept in why I don't do that.

00:08:25.890 --> 00:08:41.790 Gregory DiFranza: But I just told everybody i'm gonna keep the name and i'm gonna make a business and it just it fell into place, I never intended for this to be as successful as it was it wasn't my initial thought, but it's it's been a great opportunity meet great people great dogs, etc.

00:08:42.660 --> 00:09:03.120 Valerie Heffron: I love that idea so much i'm one of those people who, if i've tried to do some exercise at home, like i'm an APP with the yoga on it, and you know I started doing some poses my dog is like all over me, you know what I mean underneath me he tries to jump back like this is not working.

00:09:03.930 --> 00:09:09.960 Gregory DiFranza: But then, most people do realize that if you're walking your dog that forces you to do some exercise as well.

00:09:10.530 --> 00:09:10.950 Gregory DiFranza: So.

00:09:11.190 --> 00:09:14.730 Gregory DiFranza: You know there's a there's a trade off that goes both ways.

00:09:15.090 --> 00:09:20.040 Valerie Heffron: yeah that's awesome it's such a great idea I don't know if you thought about franchising it but.

00:09:20.070 --> 00:09:20.370 You know.

00:09:21.510 --> 00:09:22.680 Valerie Heffron: A lot of people to.

00:09:23.250 --> 00:09:27.000 Valerie Heffron: Take on that business Oh, and let me just ask you.

00:09:29.070 --> 00:09:35.910 Valerie Heffron: The first question would be um you know I know a lot of people who obviously love animals and that's my tribe.

00:09:36.390 --> 00:09:53.640 Valerie Heffron: And sometimes even like Tommy son is I really want to some dogs, you know so as a trainer for a career what What would you recommend certification wise like Where would you recommend to learn and get started, you know what kind of credentials, would you recommend obtaining.

00:09:55.170 --> 00:10:03.960 Gregory DiFranza: You know it's oftentimes like that PhD behind my name that doesn't mean anything if I don't demonstrate what I actually know.

00:10:04.560 --> 00:10:06.510 Gregory DiFranza: So you can you can spend time.

00:10:06.600 --> 00:10:14.430 Gregory DiFranza: In all of these classes and get all these letters and you know just an accumulation of paper, but you actually have to get out and do it.

00:10:14.910 --> 00:10:15.480 Valerie Heffron: And I think my.

00:10:15.660 --> 00:10:30.090 Gregory DiFranza: My best advice would be if you want to supplement what you're doing great but it's just like anything else you can't really know how to play football unless you go out and play football it's nice enough to get you there.

00:10:30.750 --> 00:10:41.610 Gregory DiFranza: But physically but being able to work with the dogs understand dogs for who they actually are, and I think because that's what was CESAR has always been about.

00:10:42.060 --> 00:10:48.750 Gregory DiFranza: is trying to understand the dog from the instinctual standpoint, the natural you know, simple and profound aspect.

00:10:49.200 --> 00:11:02.670 Gregory DiFranza: Of who a dog actually is and i'm trying to interject human psychology into that so very good understanding of dogs and that of course trial and error you're not going to get better by not be.

00:11:04.110 --> 00:11:15.060 Gregory DiFranza: Having all successes, you have to go out there you've got to learn for yourself develop your style my style of teaching was actually developed through you know 30 some odd years of teaching police officers.

00:11:16.350 --> 00:11:26.970 Gregory DiFranza: There they're just not setting us apart, there are different group because they're more difficult to teach off I just don't have the same attention span that most quote unquote normal adults would have.

00:11:27.450 --> 00:11:28.050 Valerie Heffron: yeah so.

00:11:28.350 --> 00:11:39.240 Gregory DiFranza: got to get that information in got to get it, you know, on on time in a timely manner and in a way that they can understand, without you know spending all day getting that information across so developed.

00:11:39.930 --> 00:11:47.040 Gregory DiFranza: I think probably the best part about teaching dogs is developing your human skills, but not attaching to the dog.

00:11:47.880 --> 00:11:53.070 Valerie Heffron: yeah I love that show that new show that Susan Milan has a better human better dog.

00:11:53.520 --> 00:12:02.250 Valerie Heffron: I felt such a magical phrase, and you know it really speaks to I mean I guess the biggest example I can think of is um.

00:12:02.730 --> 00:12:12.540 Valerie Heffron: You know when they broke up the Michael vick dogfighting ring um there was, I believe 38 dogs they call them the victory dogs.

00:12:12.900 --> 00:12:24.180 Valerie Heffron: And if memory serves me, I think it was my best friends took them but out of all of those dogs that were trained to bite and trained to be aggressive and you know really torture.

00:12:24.510 --> 00:12:35.130 Valerie Heffron: I believe, only one was not did not end up going to a home and adoptable and he was you've got to live out his life in a sanctuary.

00:12:35.580 --> 00:12:48.360 Valerie Heffron: But it's incredible to me when people say you know, a dog has guarding issues or stranger issues or they have a high prey drive and we can't work with them, and these a lot of times dogs will get put down.

00:12:48.810 --> 00:13:01.560 Valerie Heffron: And I really believe that they can be rehabilitated if given the proper training and consistent if someone's working with them consistently, how do you feel about that.

00:13:02.430 --> 00:13:12.960 Gregory DiFranza: I changed the focus of that just a slight bit because I agree with you in in part the other part, is that we're really not training the dog to do anything they don't know how to do.

00:13:13.470 --> 00:13:16.140 Gregory DiFranza: They know behavior they knew it from birth mom taught them.

00:13:16.710 --> 00:13:21.720 Gregory DiFranza: When they leave mom we don't become month so we're not the rules boundaries and limitations, where the.

00:13:21.990 --> 00:13:37.020 Gregory DiFranza: hey let's get affection and excitement, and you know not really give the rules for understand how to help that brain get more structured so that they know what the rules are and so it's really more and that's where I do what I do.

00:13:37.350 --> 00:13:37.890 Gregory DiFranza: it's about.

00:13:38.190 --> 00:13:53.790 Gregory DiFranza: teaching people how to communicate more effectively with your dog without a ridiculous human psychology stuff that we stick in their dogs are not that complicated which i'm not saying to be derogatory i'm saying that because that's a very powerful message.

00:13:54.030 --> 00:14:00.390 Gregory DiFranza: You know, as humans our species is the most difficult one in the Holy animal kingdom to get along with each other.

00:14:02.700 --> 00:14:02.940 Valerie Heffron: So.

00:14:03.450 --> 00:14:11.040 Gregory DiFranza: oftentimes we're doing that because we're emotionally based we're emotionally driven nobody else in the animal kingdom is.

00:14:11.640 --> 00:14:26.100 Gregory DiFranza: They have emotions, but they're not driven by that so that's where we come in and oftentimes we go well, these species are just like us, and then they start trying to attach human psychology to canine psychology and it doesn't go well.

00:14:26.310 --> 00:14:27.390 Gregory DiFranza: Sometimes, I think.

00:14:27.540 --> 00:14:28.980 Gregory DiFranza: you're one of those like.

00:14:29.040 --> 00:14:33.870 Gregory DiFranza: Everything you know everything's fine and i'm good and i'm gonna go with whatever.

00:14:34.200 --> 00:14:38.970 Gregory DiFranza: But yeah I mean there are some people like that, but, most people are not like that most dogs are not like that either.

00:14:39.600 --> 00:14:49.770 Valerie Heffron: So we I believe we have to go to break shortly, but when we do come back you have to tell the story about it's on your website about the two ronnies right the two rottweilers.

00:14:49.890 --> 00:14:51.270 Gregory DiFranza: Yes, yes.

00:14:51.330 --> 00:14:54.000 Valerie Heffron: We definitely have to get in I love righties, by the way.

00:14:56.310 --> 00:15:01.200 Valerie Heffron: To the bully breeds I really am I mean I one currently.

00:15:05.040 --> 00:15:06.660 Tommy D: doing some foreshadowing for you.

00:15:06.660 --> 00:15:09.600 Tommy D: yeah open more dogs and they have front household.

00:15:11.250 --> 00:15:21.540 Tommy D: We are going to go to break I have questions for you like about and maybe i'm wrong, but like around emotional intelligence and things like that, and maybe i'm trying to look at this through the lens of a human being and maybe that's part of the issue.

00:15:21.900 --> 00:15:32.280 Tommy D: But I love to talk about that when we come back we're going to do is I will add the break i'll share the website for camp canine jack speech, so if you check us out on Facebook you'll get a chance to see that.

00:15:32.700 --> 00:15:42.090 Tommy D: This is the professionals and animal lovers show Valerie have fun and Tom he coming at you with Greg Dr Greg Francis we'll be right back, yes I drove.

00:17:55.590 --> 00:18:07.680 Valerie Heffron: Alright we're back yay so um before break, we were talking about well, very briefly I don't want to give too much away but um you had an encounter when you were working for the jacksonville.

00:18:08.670 --> 00:18:18.810 Valerie Heffron: sheriff's department and tell us about the two ronnies that you know you somehow wooed to not be aggressive with you guys.

00:18:19.800 --> 00:18:27.990 Gregory DiFranza: That was, it was a really simple concept that it was actually quite by accident, I was on a team that was serving a search warrant on the House.

00:18:28.680 --> 00:18:38.970 Gregory DiFranza: My part of the team was in the back end in the backyard, and this was a rather notorious drug dealer so of course he had all the extra security elements that might want.

00:18:39.450 --> 00:18:55.530 Gregory DiFranza: including two rods that were chained up in the backyard and they were chained up so that they couldn't quite get to each other or overlap, so there was a little bit of a walkway in between, but they were still you know it was it was hot, it was dirty they were just you know.

00:18:56.640 --> 00:18:59.520 Gregory DiFranza: You make a dog aggressive because the human makes it that way.

00:19:00.780 --> 00:19:07.800 Gregory DiFranza: So we couldn't get closer to the House without getting past these guys and I decided that i'd go ahead, through first.

00:19:08.400 --> 00:19:15.870 Gregory DiFranza: When between where they actually were because I saw the distance that was a actually just a piece of trash IGLOO cooler in the backyard.

00:19:16.620 --> 00:19:25.470 Gregory DiFranza: went over there grab that went to the spirit filled that with water got in between where both of them were which was close enough that they could both start drinking.

00:19:25.890 --> 00:19:35.970 Gregory DiFranza: And they did like right away, no, no real aggression whatsoever i'm petting them and I tell the rest of the guys go ahead and go i'm gonna stay here for this.

00:19:36.090 --> 00:19:36.780 Valerie Heffron: Because I was really.

00:19:37.410 --> 00:19:46.050 Gregory DiFranza: Is that point so when we eventually took the guy out in the front of his house in handcuffs you like, what do you guys do to my daughter.

00:19:47.160 --> 00:19:48.750 Gregory DiFranza: gave him love that was it.

00:19:49.500 --> 00:20:00.030 Valerie Heffron: A lot of water are there, there in laws in in jacksonville in terms like in terms of feeding your dog, you know change or.

00:20:01.110 --> 00:20:04.140 Valerie Heffron: yeah like outside and certain temperatures.

00:20:05.970 --> 00:20:10.410 Gregory DiFranza: Most most of the laws and ordinances around here are going in that direction.

00:20:11.280 --> 00:20:20.670 Gregory DiFranza: It just depends on where, in which is kind of funny what your properties actually so does so, whether it's farmland or agricultural or you know housing.

00:20:21.060 --> 00:20:31.530 Gregory DiFranza: And of course the laws about leases and having your dog not running loose are still in play so depends on the House depends on the fans depends on you know.

00:20:32.430 --> 00:20:41.040 Gregory DiFranza: Through the fence there's a lot of different short issues for that they've gotten away from just changed my dog in the yard and leaving so they're.

00:20:41.430 --> 00:20:42.870 Valerie Heffron: One of my biggest pet peeves.

00:20:43.530 --> 00:20:45.930 Valerie Heffron: Seen with extreme weather, it makes me.

00:20:47.040 --> 00:20:47.310 Valerie Heffron: But.

00:20:48.360 --> 00:20:56.820 Tommy D: I gotta I gotta get any real quick is, I want to understand something, because I think it's a common misconception that I have certainly myself until even just hearing you say this.

00:20:57.300 --> 00:21:09.090 Tommy D: I wrote down make it making a dog aggressive is because it was the human made it that way, so what I want, I want to ask your doctor the Francis i'm going to call a doctor on this one is.

00:21:09.630 --> 00:21:13.380 Tommy D: I know, but I think it's funny because when i'm going to ask you want you to be a scientist for me real quick.

00:21:13.650 --> 00:21:22.230 Tommy D: So, are you saying that the animals are not in in in their nature instinctual Lee aggressive mean.

00:21:23.190 --> 00:21:34.770 Tommy D: You know they're not going to you, I remember back in the 90s, you know pit bulls were eating babies and tragic things like that, but like that's not like again that's all whatever we know that's that's very rare cases the chat.

00:21:35.640 --> 00:21:50.850 Tommy D: Things like that would happen, but that's not because the dog to its nature, is going to be that way or or a certain breeds are and then pushed in that direction will go even further, can you see it there's a lot of questions there might be understanding yeah.

00:21:51.510 --> 00:22:06.180 Gregory DiFranza: Sure, I mean no dogs are not born aggressive you know, a human is not born aggressive, either through organic brain changes Yes, some things can happen that's just you know that's the anomaly of.

00:22:06.990 --> 00:22:14.760 Gregory DiFranza: evolution of that particular species, including us but they're not born that way if the environment is always one of.

00:22:15.120 --> 00:22:25.740 Gregory DiFranza: You know way too much excitement no rules, then you, you can develop a dog that is basically going well okay I don't see leadership around me, so I guess it has to be me.

00:22:26.610 --> 00:22:37.470 Gregory DiFranza: You have the other side of that which a lot of people don't understand that I work with families that are bringing home their new infants and really in the in the wild pack world.

00:22:38.250 --> 00:22:47.370 Gregory DiFranza: The rest of the pack doesn't get around puppies mom is violently protective of the space around puppies, at least for the good two to three weeks.

00:22:47.940 --> 00:22:58.530 Gregory DiFranza: And so that's where I kind of suggest people kind of do the same thing, if you think of it this way in the pack there's there's no hospital there's no doctor's office if somebody gets hurt or injured.

00:22:59.160 --> 00:23:11.100 Gregory DiFranza: They they don't just leave it behind eliminate it and then the pack moves on, and so, realistically, when you hear a very, very small infant it sounds like dying prey.

00:23:12.420 --> 00:23:20.280 Gregory DiFranza: So if you have a dog that is way too instinctual doesn't have that structured brain where the excitement is gotten rid of in a more productive way.

00:23:20.730 --> 00:23:28.830 Gregory DiFranza: Then that's very often sometimes what happens, and you can look at any breed a Pomeranian has been known to kill an infant.

00:23:29.370 --> 00:23:43.650 Gregory DiFranza: And so it, you know throughout the ages, yes, there are certain breeds that get that that moniker that this is the aggressively it's been shepherds has been rottweilers it's been dobermans it's you know pits most yeah yeah.

00:23:43.740 --> 00:23:55.680 Gregory DiFranza: yeah and, unfortunately, I say this only partially joking that you know Joel was never like wind up on that aggressive list, but they kind of are sometimes yeah.

00:23:57.210 --> 00:23:58.350 Gregory DiFranza: Knowing that to happen.

00:23:58.620 --> 00:24:05.460 Tommy D: We had one and his name, when I was gonna say before when valerie's talking about like doing exercises and yoga His name was mikkel of light and that explains.

00:24:06.690 --> 00:24:16.680 Tommy D: figured out what was going on in my life, but he used to Mickey to do this thing, where he would shred right and he would like it arches back and do this whole like kind of really fun yoga poses and it would.

00:24:17.490 --> 00:24:25.440 Tommy D: It was really fun to watch him do that, but he was aggressive as hell, he didn't know that he weighed eight pounds, he was like he was like it was a beast the way he would.

00:24:26.730 --> 00:24:29.340 Tommy D: started chirping and other things man so.

00:24:29.910 --> 00:24:33.750 Tommy D: yeah it's you know it's so if no.

00:24:33.780 --> 00:24:37.680 Gregory DiFranza: We don't establish the rules, then they don't know what the rules are.

00:24:38.040 --> 00:24:38.640 Gregory DiFranza: And so.

00:24:38.700 --> 00:24:50.550 Gregory DiFranza: We don't enforce those rules also I mean it's kind of it's like raising a child your child doesn't grow out of behavior and people have a tendency to say that about their dog all the time he's young he'll grow out of it.

00:24:50.550 --> 00:24:53.910 Tommy D: Right puppy puppy he's a puppy he'll grow out of that right.

00:24:54.420 --> 00:24:55.350 Valerie Heffron: yeah yeah.

00:24:55.590 --> 00:24:57.090 Gregory DiFranza: um any more than that you can will.

00:24:57.960 --> 00:25:14.760 Valerie Heffron: I have to also ask you this question because i'm will have my own opinion on it and Tommy we lost your radio but um how many people who were getting a dog how what percentage of people do you feel should get a trainer.

00:25:16.920 --> 00:25:25.950 Gregory DiFranza: If if you don't understand the dog oh i'll let me, let me first off to start by there a lot of people that get a brief and they don't know about the breed.

00:25:26.610 --> 00:25:33.270 Gregory DiFranza: So they haven't done any research they don't know what you know and just because and my guys have rhodesian ridgeback.

00:25:33.660 --> 00:25:46.500 Gregory DiFranza: So he doesn't have to have lions here but that's by by nature that's what they were designed to do, but I still have to give him a job and every job is about a mental job, regardless of the breed.

00:25:47.340 --> 00:25:55.050 Gregory DiFranza: All the dogs every single dog was developed to assist humans somehow not necessarily being behind the human.

00:25:55.500 --> 00:26:03.990 Gregory DiFranza: Because nobody's going to be in front of hunting lions without the rhodesians out in front kind of clearing the way, so to speak.

00:26:04.530 --> 00:26:18.090 Gregory DiFranza: So same thing with water dog same thing with hunting dogs same thing with riders terriers everything they've have that particular job so if I don't know about what what kind of energy level my breed that I want has.

00:26:18.510 --> 00:26:30.270 Gregory DiFranza: Then i'm going into extremely blind and then you really should focus more on what you need to know about how to communicate with that dog not.

00:26:30.630 --> 00:26:38.640 Gregory DiFranza: Yet this is a dog trainer I call myself a dog trainer because it's to involve to explain in a tagline what I actually do.

00:26:39.090 --> 00:26:50.190 Gregory DiFranza: Because I tell people right off the BAT i'm not training him to do what he doesn't know he knows that stuff what you don't know is how to make that happen when you want that to happen, so you should.

00:26:50.250 --> 00:26:51.300 Valerie Heffron: Training the human.

00:26:51.360 --> 00:26:52.560 Valerie Heffron: you're human trainer.

00:26:53.340 --> 00:27:07.950 Gregory DiFranza: Right, so a lot of the the quote unquote training that takes place behaviourally is more about treats and tools and techniques and clickers and spray bottles and cans of coins and all this stuff and does not exist in the wild.

00:27:09.360 --> 00:27:11.040 Gregory DiFranza: I mean, nobody carries treats in the wild.

00:27:11.550 --> 00:27:12.330 Gregory DiFranza: Right there's.

00:27:12.630 --> 00:27:18.180 Gregory DiFranza: there's there's affection at the right time, but there's always really good, clear communication.

00:27:18.510 --> 00:27:20.190 Gregory DiFranza: and nurturing that dog's.

00:27:20.220 --> 00:27:25.710 Gregory DiFranza: Brain actually is that's, the key to having yourself a nice happy family.

00:27:26.010 --> 00:27:30.960 Gregory DiFranza: yeah and then not be so tense about it it's not supposed to be a chore.

00:27:31.830 --> 00:27:39.270 Valerie Heffron: One of the things I think is key also is, I know, a friend of mine really struggled with this, because she has three children and.

00:27:40.590 --> 00:27:50.100 Valerie Heffron: A husband and also the parents live with them, but it's getting everyone on the same page So yes, everyone to not only follow the routine, but like.

00:27:50.310 --> 00:28:06.540 Valerie Heffron: One kid will take a dog and say you know go to business and then another kid says do potty and then another kid says something else, and you know it's inconsistent right, so I mean how important do you think routine and consistency and commands and everything how board is not.

00:28:07.410 --> 00:28:16.560 Gregory DiFranza: dogs are all about ritual, and so you know that the best illustration of that is when we go back from daylight savings time to normal time.

00:28:16.950 --> 00:28:19.680 Gregory DiFranza: and your dog doesn't switch because they're not an analog creature.

00:28:21.480 --> 00:28:27.660 Gregory DiFranza: The ritual is going to be, this is the time of day, because of the sun and how everything is taking place in nature, this is the time.

00:28:27.660 --> 00:28:29.430 Gregory DiFranza: of day I know we do xyz.

00:28:30.270 --> 00:28:30.600 Gregory DiFranza: So.

00:28:30.630 --> 00:28:38.910 Gregory DiFranza: ritual becomes very important with what you guys establish and you're just saying hey leadership says, this is what we're going to do, and this is how we're going to do it.

00:28:39.600 --> 00:28:51.930 Gregory DiFranza: My wife and I are are not the same person she's an attorney she doesn't do the same thing that I do but we're both on the same page as to how to achieve the same goal with our dogs and so.

00:28:52.350 --> 00:28:57.510 Gregory DiFranza: Just because he doesn't do it the same way doesn't mean that she can't achieve results.

00:28:57.570 --> 00:28:58.230 Gregory DiFranza: That are.

00:28:58.440 --> 00:28:59.280 Gregory DiFranza: Adequate for her.

00:28:59.880 --> 00:29:03.540 Valerie Heffron: And it's so funny you mentioned the daylight savings thing, and I know we have to go to.

00:29:03.540 --> 00:29:16.140 Valerie Heffron: break, but real quick, I just wanted to mention that, when that happens we feed our daughter, at the same time, every night and if we're five minutes late he knows it'll start hopping so when does which he starts at six o'clock.

00:29:16.980 --> 00:29:18.930 Gregory DiFranza: Wait wait until November 7 yeah.

00:29:21.090 --> 00:29:21.930 Gregory DiFranza: Our too late.

00:29:24.450 --> 00:29:27.540 Tommy D: I guess, not because he's always going to Joe he's going to tell you what time is.

00:29:27.600 --> 00:29:28.890 Valerie Heffron: His dinner ourselves as.

00:29:28.890 --> 00:29:29.310 Gregory DiFranza: you're learning.

00:29:30.960 --> 00:29:33.000 Tommy D: All of your clock it's irrelevant.

00:29:34.650 --> 00:29:40.830 Tommy D: This time, when you feed me look, I want to when we come back just it sounds like even that point you made there Greg between you and.

00:29:41.070 --> 00:29:52.950 Tommy D: your wife different styles, but it sounds like there's the same guardrails there's the same thing technique wise, we may do it differently, but there's there's common rules there's rules of the pool and here's what they are right.

00:29:53.340 --> 00:29:53.850 Tommy D: Maybe my.

00:29:54.120 --> 00:30:01.290 Tommy D: about some of those basic rules when we come back I awesome I am guys going to really share the web page with you, which we.

00:30:02.580 --> 00:30:12.360 Tommy D: foo, as they say we're going to share the web page right now, so you can check it out, it is camp K dash nine jax beach calm, but i'll show it to you all Now this is pals we'll be right back.

00:32:48.480 --> 00:32:56.040 Tommy D: Hello everybody, this is Tommy D, we are back with the professionals, an animal lovers show, and I know i'm still sharing my screen, and that is by design.

00:32:56.520 --> 00:33:08.310 Tommy D: Because Greg didn't even mean to set this up and then, when I go to look the website is these top tips, so it really goes into my last question was so again, if you go to, and I should have SIP build this out for you, because as.

00:33:08.820 --> 00:33:19.620 Tommy D: As you know, my company focus is spelled PhD us when Greg and his companies fall camp they spelled with a K a MP so K MP K dash nine jax beach calm.

00:33:20.040 --> 00:33:23.550 Tommy D: check that out i'm going to get rid of the screen share For those of you who are listening in.

00:33:24.000 --> 00:33:37.050 Tommy D: I apologize you're not seeing what i'm showing you but we'll get you that information, as I say, cam canine J K X camp okay MP K dash nine ja xp ch.

00:33:37.530 --> 00:33:47.340 Tommy D: COM that's how you find a website, it looks like Greg has a visitor on the show Greg whenever somebody walks into the room, we require that they introduce themselves so who is that.

00:33:49.560 --> 00:33:51.120 Gregory DiFranza: This is this is molly.

00:33:54.030 --> 00:33:55.710 Tommy D: what's up how you doing baby.

00:33:56.460 --> 00:33:56.820 goes.

00:33:57.900 --> 00:33:59.580 Gregory DiFranza: to drink out of the pool like I usually.

00:34:02.280 --> 00:34:03.510 Gregory DiFranza: This is water dish apparently.

00:34:05.280 --> 00:34:05.940 Tommy D: Big dog.

00:34:07.050 --> 00:34:08.790 Gregory DiFranza: he's he's quite large yes.

00:34:10.020 --> 00:34:10.530 Gregory DiFranza: Good kids.

00:34:10.620 --> 00:34:11.190 Valerie Heffron: I love.

00:34:11.340 --> 00:34:16.020 Valerie Heffron: I love rhodesian ridgeback I like I say that about every dog i'm like I love everybody.

00:34:17.610 --> 00:34:19.500 Tommy D: At least in my experience in hanging out we do.

00:34:23.400 --> 00:34:26.070 Tommy D: Back in the conversation let's talk tips let's talk guardrails.

00:34:26.100 --> 00:34:27.450 Tommy D: We could, and everything else.

00:34:27.510 --> 00:34:29.370 Valerie Heffron: I love tips i'm a big.

00:34:29.490 --> 00:34:33.810 Tommy D: fan let's talk about tips let's before we do it, I just want to shout out our friend Dr Barry.

00:34:34.200 --> 00:34:41.640 Tommy D: who's always checking in on the show, so we appreciate that checking in on the Facebook and there's another friend Joan i'm trying to find your name but.

00:34:41.970 --> 00:34:50.820 Tommy D: As I look at the Facebook facebook's going slow, so I will shout you out later on let's dive into the conversation let's talk tips and tricks and I love this one picture on here.

00:34:51.600 --> 00:35:01.590 Tommy D: On your website to it says Fred is the dog screamer you just see this dude barking at his dog as their dog is about to knock over a beggar trash or something like that.

00:35:02.310 --> 00:35:10.980 Tommy D: i'm i'm fascinated by the fact that this is not about their nature, this is about how we all use these words my own words, how we're screwing them up.

00:35:11.400 --> 00:35:25.350 Tommy D: it's not about their nature they're doing exactly what they were over millennia have figured out how to do it's asked getting right so let's let's talk about like just maybe ideas and some basic concepts that somebody might take into consideration.

00:35:26.850 --> 00:35:32.370 Gregory DiFranza: One of the biggest things because you know we we communicate differently, because we think.

00:35:32.880 --> 00:35:40.800 Gregory DiFranza: And then, therefore, I need to see that but that's not how dogs actually work we actually have to send a message that's that's clear.

00:35:41.100 --> 00:35:49.950 Gregory DiFranza: And I think one of the biggest myths and one of the biggest eye openers that we all have with clients that that the trainer and the client understands this.

00:35:50.550 --> 00:35:55.800 Gregory DiFranza: Is that if I pull back on a leash i'm telling the dog to pull forward.

00:35:56.430 --> 00:36:02.790 Gregory DiFranza: And so, if you have a dog that is out in front and excited you're trying to stop pulling by pulling.

00:36:03.150 --> 00:36:12.120 Gregory DiFranza: And so you're the dog is actually doing exactly what you told him to do he's going to continue to pull that's where people go, but this particular color chokes my dog.

00:36:12.480 --> 00:36:18.480 Gregory DiFranza: you're telling your dog to pull and he's going it doesn't matter if it's going to choke me i'm going to do what you're telling me to do.

00:36:18.990 --> 00:36:31.920 Gregory DiFranza: And so, a poll is that's accelerating put the gas on a tongue, to the side or up is when they're walking more with us that's I need you to put the brakes on wow.

00:36:32.400 --> 00:36:33.810 Gregory DiFranza: wow just that alone.

00:36:33.840 --> 00:36:35.580 Tommy D: just that, like the basic thing like.

00:36:35.970 --> 00:36:37.080 Tommy D: Should cheat like.

00:36:37.260 --> 00:36:48.000 Tommy D: gang I would think it seems counterintuitive although Whatever the reason that the psychology is that you guys have figured out and i'm sure many people figured it out, along with this Community well like.

00:36:48.390 --> 00:36:54.360 Tommy D: I would think I want this dog to slow down i'm going to pull back and he's going notice as a tug of war Tommy day i'm pulling away.

00:36:56.070 --> 00:37:00.390 Gregory DiFranza: Worse, but they become a sled dog at that point, because you said hey let's marsh.

00:37:00.570 --> 00:37:00.990 marsh.

00:37:02.250 --> 00:37:04.380 Tommy D: Basic holy cow oh.

00:37:05.520 --> 00:37:13.140 Valerie Heffron: isn't that so cool and i'll say I was guilty of this, I remember when we first bought jovi and I hadn't had a dog, since I was a kid like.

00:37:13.710 --> 00:37:20.760 Valerie Heffron: Third grade or something like that and jovi was i'm glad we did bring a trainer in because.

00:37:21.150 --> 00:37:29.040 Valerie Heffron: You know you're so excited and you have this new pet and your house training, he was he was a rescue puppy we got really lucky with him and.

00:37:29.550 --> 00:37:43.230 Valerie Heffron: Every time that he says he has some accidents in the place and every time you take them outside and he goes outside you're just thrilled because now you don't have to clean it, you know well, you have to pick up the poop but you're not spraying your carpet, or whatever.

00:37:43.440 --> 00:37:52.020 Valerie Heffron: Right, so I was like whew you'd be like i'm doing all these crazy gestures and i'm like people used to play it out of Eden.

00:37:52.410 --> 00:38:07.770 Valerie Heffron: And I was taught quickly like they don't really care about you can do cartwheels down your driveway they don't care about that you know to be they're not getting why you're excited or anything and it's not registering with them because that's not how they communicate.

00:38:08.430 --> 00:38:08.700 Right.

00:38:09.720 --> 00:38:19.080 Gregory DiFranza: and honestly it's simply because excitement doesn't equate to affection, we do we do it that way that's who we are and that's how we're hardwired.

00:38:19.530 --> 00:38:30.840 Gregory DiFranza: But that's not that's not effective for them, supporting that that great state of mind not performance but state of mind if I want to come dog, then I I create that by reinforcing that.

00:38:31.200 --> 00:38:38.820 Gregory DiFranza: And that's through affection and affection takes a lot of different methods, it can be touching it can be hugging it can be celebrating.

00:38:39.570 --> 00:38:43.140 Gregory DiFranza: But you know what usually happens, especially with puppies since you brought that up.

00:38:43.470 --> 00:38:53.340 Gregory DiFranza: Is that we're really excited to get them outside so we're outside we're you know let's walk around let's do this and we're keeping them at a certain level of high excitement.

00:38:53.730 --> 00:39:06.030 Gregory DiFranza: And then we go, but I don't have all day to wait out here for you let's go in the House, because I gotta go well as soon as you come in the House outside represented excitement inside represents calm and they go the bathroom.

00:39:07.050 --> 00:39:09.180 Gregory DiFranza: Because they're not going to go to the bathroom when they're at a.

00:39:09.180 --> 00:39:14.610 Gregory DiFranza: Heightened excited state that's why outside has to represent both right.

00:39:14.760 --> 00:39:21.090 Gregory DiFranza: So not like we can't bring them outside but outside can represent this is our our comm space as well.

00:39:22.080 --> 00:39:22.800 Valerie Heffron: Right hey.

00:39:23.220 --> 00:39:32.580 Valerie Heffron: Right yeah and I was, I was making that mistake also I mean like you know, I was so not was i'm still absolutely in love with my dog but.

00:39:33.000 --> 00:39:35.790 Valerie Heffron: I was like obsessed with just like watching him and.

00:39:35.910 --> 00:39:44.520 Valerie Heffron: He was so cute he walks a few steps and then he he whips his head and then he walks if you said to me he's like as he's walking you know, so it looks like a strut.

00:39:45.090 --> 00:39:54.300 Valerie Heffron: right as letting him way in front of me, and then I realized now like, can you talk about what being a path leader means because.

00:39:54.450 --> 00:39:55.470 Valerie Heffron: we're all on.

00:39:57.600 --> 00:40:08.430 Gregory DiFranza: The the shortest way to to explain this is that you and I, as leaders get to say what the rules are you get to set the policy and then you just enforce policy, you know the.

00:40:08.520 --> 00:40:22.260 Gregory DiFranza: practical application is that we direct and protect so direction, though, is not just directing the dog I I direct everything on my walk with how many other dogs, I might have.

00:40:22.680 --> 00:40:28.440 Gregory DiFranza: I direct people I direct other dogs I create the environment, you create the environment with your dog.

00:40:29.190 --> 00:40:35.670 Gregory DiFranza: Protection is both ways i'm going to protect others from my dog if that's the case, but I also protect.

00:40:36.300 --> 00:40:49.080 Gregory DiFranza: My dog from everything else, not going the way I might want it to go, because there are dogs that can be what's called more back of the pack and they take longer to process things and when people push it to come in, because I want to pet a dog.

00:40:50.430 --> 00:40:58.350 Gregory DiFranza: Then the dogs not really comfortable with that, then, then of course the dog is going to nip to tell you dude that's too close too soon right.

00:40:58.680 --> 00:41:13.710 Valerie Heffron: We have you thought about that yeah more little more please we touched on this, the other day, but can you please educate people as to the right way to approach a dog that you don't know you don't have any relationship with.

00:41:14.040 --> 00:41:20.460 Gregory DiFranza: Well, the right way to approach a dog anyways if the dogs excited and, of course, meetings and introductions are exciting.

00:41:21.210 --> 00:41:30.720 Gregory DiFranza: Then we don't we don't add to that, once again, calm before excitement The other thing about being respectful toward a dog for who they actually are.

00:41:31.110 --> 00:41:33.780 Gregory DiFranza: Is that if there's a human attached with that dog.

00:41:34.410 --> 00:41:44.340 Gregory DiFranza: that's the conversation we have it's not about the dog it's about the leadership saying hello to each other, so what you really want to do is more replicates what happens in a pack.

00:41:44.820 --> 00:41:55.440 Gregory DiFranza: Which is leadership comes into a new Pack and the followers come up in a calm way to introduce themselves leadership doesn't go to the followers and go hey i'm Greg i'm the new pack leader.

00:41:56.040 --> 00:42:06.300 Gregory DiFranza: Right it's the other way around, and so instantly your number one tell a dog I do understand you I understand you as who you actually are not individually, but as a species.

00:42:07.050 --> 00:42:22.590 Gregory DiFranza: And then everybody gets a chance to manage excitement better that way, and the dog actually gets a chance to introduce themselves or you to themselves three cents, which is not about sticking your hand in the dog's face I said.

00:42:24.060 --> 00:42:30.720 Tommy D: If somebody like I just recently, one of our first guest Virginia been those I went to visit her at Camp happy tells it here in New York.

00:42:31.290 --> 00:42:39.870 Tommy D: And she does a lot of what you're talking about how to dress the dog and kind of just let the dog come to you and don't stare at it, because how would anyone, and she does.

00:42:40.350 --> 00:42:46.530 Tommy D: it's kind of funny in fact is i've been there with my kids and originally was just one of my sons and my whole crew and she goes like How would you like this, and she was.

00:42:48.390 --> 00:42:50.340 Tommy D: Like like like watching your face and.

00:42:50.820 --> 00:42:51.660 Valerie Heffron: it's like here.

00:42:51.750 --> 00:42:52.170 Tommy D: Like to.

00:42:53.910 --> 00:43:02.850 Tommy D: Like get out of my stage so like How would you appreciate that sort of behavior as a human and she pushes I love you Regina which he pushes because he's like.

00:43:03.510 --> 00:43:03.990 Tommy D: hey the whole.

00:43:04.020 --> 00:43:05.670 Tommy D: thing and it's terrible.

00:43:05.820 --> 00:43:09.870 Tommy D: But it's like so like telling because it's like that's real like that's what.

00:43:09.870 --> 00:43:10.290 Tommy D: The dog.

00:43:11.550 --> 00:43:12.990 Tommy D: In my space man right.

00:43:13.050 --> 00:43:16.650 Gregory DiFranza: yeah that's that's the Jerry seinfeld close talker episode.

00:43:18.570 --> 00:43:18.990 Tommy D: Everything.

00:43:20.250 --> 00:43:30.750 Valerie Heffron: you for mentioning side you know, I have to tell you this this just happened recently in a in a park that had a lake and we went canoeing whatever.

00:43:31.110 --> 00:43:34.830 Valerie Heffron: And there was a woman there with a beautiful huge German shepherd.

00:43:35.280 --> 00:43:46.920 Valerie Heffron: And I went up to her, and I just started talking to her, and I said I love your dog is she friendly, and you know she said um you know she takes a minute warm up and I said i'll just talk to you, she goes that's perfect i've learned.

00:43:47.520 --> 00:43:58.260 Valerie Heffron: This is what I was told the best thing to do is to ignore the dog engage the human, but then, while we were talking a man approached her was was walking up you know.

00:43:59.100 --> 00:44:08.460 Valerie Heffron: facing me not her and, as he got closer, he was like oh beautiful dog and this dog wasn't having this she has grumbled like a warning.

00:44:08.850 --> 00:44:16.350 Valerie Heffron: And she turned around the owner and she was like please don't approach me from behind, not a good idea, like and I was like oh we're getting ready to rumble over here.

00:44:17.910 --> 00:44:31.770 Valerie Heffron: And so I just think these little tips they're not so little you know, this can actually be the difference between and if you have a dog you'd be the difference between you know your don't getting bit, are you getting bit or just you know, creating a tense situation.

00:44:32.430 --> 00:44:42.480 Gregory DiFranza: Right right and the dog is doing his job he's protecting everything from behind and so comes you're going to protest that.

00:44:43.170 --> 00:44:53.520 Gregory DiFranza: There are humans in social settings that do not do well and in initial introductions because they just take longer to process like a lot of other dogs can do to sure.

00:44:54.030 --> 00:45:04.320 Tommy D: We leave it here for a SEC sorry out Greg we gotta leave it here for a SEC, but here here's what I want to do i'm going to share the website, for I hope I have the right one Greg Is it safe animal shelter.

00:45:04.680 --> 00:45:05.820 Tommy D: Doc I want to.

00:45:05.940 --> 00:45:06.540 Tommy D: Share right.

00:45:06.570 --> 00:45:07.650 Gregory DiFranza: Okay yeah I.

00:45:08.340 --> 00:45:14.580 Tommy D: Was as we go to break, so you guys can check it out, certainly important and Greg and his team, but what I want to say is my father's father.

00:45:14.910 --> 00:45:19.920 Tommy D: window like my father used to tell these stories they always had German shepherds because, like I guess that was the dog.

00:45:20.490 --> 00:45:27.420 Tommy D: But he would always play with the dog like and let them nibble or other dogs to they let him nibble, and that is not a good look right like I mean maybe.

00:45:27.690 --> 00:45:33.930 Tommy D: Because, so you get all that you are, that you guys, are you all who are listening ponder on that and Greg going to tell us what are you going to do.

00:45:34.170 --> 00:45:40.620 Tommy D: to let your dog bite and be painful and play fight Greg will tell us why because i'll just leave it there, this is power.

00:45:41.340 --> 00:45:53.130 Tommy D: animal lover show that's what we'll be talking about it will be talking about the future of greg's organization, what do you need to we wants to meet and the organizations that he supports it with some which is safe animal will be right procedure animal shelter Palace right back.

00:47:55.590 --> 00:48:04.680 Tommy D: Welcome back to power professionals, an animal lover show 2pm every Wednesday meet with us meet with Val and her Pal Tommy D listen, we are.

00:48:05.280 --> 00:48:13.020 Tommy D: we're just super excited to to this show, I mean this was an idea, like most things are sort of like cam canine came out of an idea, while you're walking down the beach there, and you said.

00:48:13.320 --> 00:48:19.860 Tommy D: there's something we should do, and then you do it right, everything is like a figment of our imagination and so we put it out here in the universe so.

00:48:20.430 --> 00:48:24.570 Tommy D: So that's sort of what this show was, and now I don't know seven or eight weeks into this thing Valerie I mean it's just.

00:48:24.750 --> 00:48:36.660 Tommy D: we're building up steam, we got a lot of folks listening and plugging in and we're super excited so Greg let's get right back in the conversation man, how did my pop up screw up those dogs guard Papa rest in peace.

00:48:38.640 --> 00:48:47.280 Gregory DiFranza: So I think the best way to explain that is I have clients that sometimes go well you know I sometimes play tug of war with my dog, and I know that's not a good idea right.

00:48:47.700 --> 00:48:59.160 Gregory DiFranza: And i'm not saying it's a bad idea or nibbling or you know any of the things that that we we think can be fun, but if i'm creating excitement that I can't control.

00:48:59.580 --> 00:49:07.890 Gregory DiFranza: Then that's not Okay, because, of course, what are you going to do you're going to get frustrated and angry and upset with the dog is really not their fault you didn't give them boundaries.

00:49:08.310 --> 00:49:11.100 Valerie Heffron: Right it's like the shoes also it's.

00:49:11.100 --> 00:49:19.710 Valerie Heffron: Like now people will surrender sometimes their pet because they're doing their shoes they're trimming their furniture their kitchen chairs whatever.

00:49:20.370 --> 00:49:24.750 Tommy D: it's just the lack of setting guidelines right that's sorry about that, but that's just like we didn't.

00:49:24.810 --> 00:49:31.470 Tommy D: Teach you like I okay by the little shoe or okay nibble a little bit right like we're rewarding the wrong behaviors is it.

00:49:31.470 --> 00:49:32.010 Gregory DiFranza: Well it's.

00:49:32.070 --> 00:49:42.240 Gregory DiFranza: it's it's two pronged actually we are rewarding wrong behaviors in the wrong state of mind, yes, but if i'm also not and as Dr you're obligated to do this.

00:49:42.480 --> 00:49:48.630 Gregory DiFranza: If i'm not helping them get rid of the excess mental tension and energy that they have in a more productive way.

00:49:49.050 --> 00:49:57.270 Gregory DiFranza: Then that's that's our fault as well, so your walk is not about the physical exercise, it is primarily a mental exercise.

00:49:57.600 --> 00:50:11.940 Gregory DiFranza: About following rules and boundaries and limitations, not being excited in the face of excitement unless everybody's excited right, so I was just working with a client this morning, their dog goes after wild turkeys because they have a little bit off the beaten path.

00:50:12.960 --> 00:50:23.370 Gregory DiFranza: it's like well if all of you guys are running to the turkeys awesome it's a great time, but if you're not running not Okay, for your dog to run either we have to tell them that's not what we're doing.

00:50:23.940 --> 00:50:29.160 Gregory DiFranza: And so, in the face of that when your dog is actually doing that work and we're not physically holding them back.

00:50:29.460 --> 00:50:39.030 Gregory DiFranza: they're operating off of a mental premise that they have to calm themselves down and not act on that and that's why it's so important, not putting pressure intention ELISE.

00:50:39.240 --> 00:50:47.940 Gregory DiFranza: That sends them in the other direction, and having them understand that they have to do the work and not us be upset and angry and oil and or excited about it.

00:50:48.810 --> 00:50:59.460 Tommy D: So I had again there's some of this stuff that you're saying is exactly the opposite of I think certainly would have, I think a lot of people know I thought we'd take him out because we are walk he needs to get some exercise and stuff like that.

00:50:59.970 --> 00:51:04.230 Tommy D: that's like so so obviously not the truth so here's what he got.

00:51:04.740 --> 00:51:06.300 Valerie Heffron: They do need exercise yeah.

00:51:07.140 --> 00:51:14.070 Tommy D: But it's mental, but I would never thought that I was like we're gonna get come on let's go let's get you know, like I would do with my kids let's wear them out let's get them, you know we'd like.

00:51:14.790 --> 00:51:26.190 Tommy D: Point soon, but actually mentally trying to wear them out to and again it's always teaching and training, so I want to know this, how does, and I want to talk about the station and we're running out of time, because we always do on this show.

00:51:26.250 --> 00:51:27.060 Valerie Heffron: Now way.

00:51:27.270 --> 00:51:28.590 Tommy D: yeah every week.

00:51:29.040 --> 00:51:33.930 Tommy D: So I want to ask you the great thing about the show is it's going to go on forever, so you can always come back.

00:51:34.140 --> 00:51:45.600 Tommy D: So here's the thing where if you're not like let's say so you're in in Jackson in jax beach right and i'm not so is there, other things that people who are listening around the world.

00:51:45.930 --> 00:51:52.590 Tommy D: Can like learn from you do you do a webinar like do you do other things to teach people like i'm telling you this is not to say that I.

00:51:52.980 --> 00:52:00.630 Tommy D: know because I don't know about animal advocacy I mean i've had a dog, this is just stuff i've never even been aware of so so much here How can people get access to it.

00:52:01.620 --> 00:52:09.510 Gregory DiFranza: And the best way, I think, is i've wound up using both instagram and Facebook as a teaching platform so.

00:52:10.050 --> 00:52:18.450 Gregory DiFranza: My website is more of a behavioral blog but the Facebook instagram aspects are an every day, every client.

00:52:18.810 --> 00:52:27.090 Gregory DiFranza: This is what we dealt with this is how we helped solve it they'll see some short videos about what the dog is doing or was doing.

00:52:27.840 --> 00:52:35.790 Gregory DiFranza: How the process works in a very finance format it's not ages and ages worth of material to read through.

00:52:36.510 --> 00:52:51.960 Gregory DiFranza: Because once again I want this to be a little bit more simplified to get the point across and then, of course, you know, then supplement that but, honestly, we hold joke about this do this, this kind of training there's a lot of trash on the Internet.

00:52:52.980 --> 00:53:05.520 Gregory DiFranza: there's i'm going to watch a YouTube video and it works for this guy and so that's the way to do it and honestly, even with what I teach people I try to teach them some depth of information, not just here's a technique.

00:53:06.030 --> 00:53:15.930 Gregory DiFranza: Because what if that doesn't work you have to go to something else and and you know, having a couple of different options still along the same lines, I want to work that brain.

00:53:16.290 --> 00:53:32.790 Gregory DiFranza: You know in, and I was mentioning his, this is a great illustration I don't have to you don't have to walk your dog, you know, on a five mile death march to get them mentally tired, you can do this in about 10 or 15 minutes just it's more important what you're doing when you're together.

00:53:33.270 --> 00:53:34.020 Gregory DiFranza: So first of.

00:53:34.260 --> 00:53:36.180 Valerie Heffron: All much yeah i'm sorry good.

00:53:36.720 --> 00:53:42.480 Gregory DiFranza: No with molly sometimes in the end of the night he still got just a little bit of mental.

00:53:42.900 --> 00:53:50.100 Gregory DiFranza: aspect left that he's got a little bit of energy and he knows the game is when he brings a toy over to me if I if I take it.

00:53:50.520 --> 00:53:57.600 Gregory DiFranza: And I pull on it, of course, i'm going to create that opposition reflects that he'll pull the opposite way, so I don't pull on it, he has to let go.

00:53:57.840 --> 00:54:04.740 Gregory DiFranza: When he lets go he gets back to from zero to attend more of a zero state of mind, and then I am going to throw it right, then.

00:54:05.400 --> 00:54:13.470 Gregory DiFranza: he'll go get it he'll come back give it to me and settle and then throw it again and then at that point he usually goes to his bed and crashes, for the rest of them.

00:54:14.400 --> 00:54:26.100 Gregory DiFranza: Because he's he's working that brains from heightened to valleys and peaks and valleys, is what I usually get described that as, but if you got upset you would have to settle down.

00:54:26.910 --> 00:54:34.560 Gregory DiFranza: he's doing the same thing i'm asking him to do the same thing you're really excited awesome get settled and then i'm going to throw the ball or the toy.

00:54:35.100 --> 00:54:50.040 Valerie Heffron: yeah I cannot even believe what time it is, but I really have to tell you mention you're on the board of safe, which stands acronym that stands for saving animals from euthanasia I haven't been I have been to the one in St Augustine.

00:54:50.340 --> 00:54:52.890 Valerie Heffron: Not super impressed, please talk about what.

00:54:52.950 --> 00:54:54.180 Valerie Heffron: The great work they do.

00:54:55.350 --> 00:55:04.380 Gregory DiFranza: So I do work not only with them, I mean i'm on the board of directors, but I have worked with some of the dogs that safe in St Augustine.

00:55:06.030 --> 00:55:21.780 Gregory DiFranza: Actually, the the chair the chairperson of the Board was one of my clients for the middleburg and see said hey, why are you interested and we could we could use a different perspective, I was like sure why not, you know it's a 50 mile drive one way.

00:55:23.460 --> 00:55:23.760 Valerie Heffron: But.

00:55:24.150 --> 00:55:26.880 Gregory DiFranza: But it's Okay, I mean i'm not complaining about that as a great.

00:55:26.910 --> 00:55:32.730 Gregory DiFranza: group of people, and then, of course, you know the difference between a shelter in a rescue is significant.

00:55:33.810 --> 00:55:45.570 Gregory DiFranza: beltre takes and then let's give you actual shelters and rescues and more about let's get you in and get you out we we still want the dogs adopted to give me an Emily but it's more of a care.

00:55:46.770 --> 00:56:07.110 Gregory DiFranza: state of mind, you know vaccinations spay and neuter all of that process, which of course is expensive, even at under the best of circumstances so to shelters do not just save the shelters need more support, and if you can give $1 you'd be surprised, where that dollar would actually go.

00:56:08.670 --> 00:56:13.800 Valerie Heffron: And donate to that can you do a quick donation and have people donate their if they want to.

00:56:14.670 --> 00:56:29.250 Gregory DiFranza: They can go onto the website, the safe animal website, we actually have a number of events that are coming up there's a golf tournament that's coming up in November to benefit safe there's an auction.

00:56:29.310 --> 00:56:30.180 Gregory DiFranza: we're going to be a.

00:56:30.510 --> 00:56:38.430 Gregory DiFranza: festivals coming up so at any of those things, and you can always just go right to the website and donate to their.

00:56:38.790 --> 00:56:49.710 Valerie Heffron: yeah we're gonna actually ended here shortly, but I am sorry to cut you off I just Tommy I know that you're watching the clock and I can't Thank you enough for being here so Tommy you want to close this out, I.

00:56:49.710 --> 00:56:50.220 apologize.

00:56:52.200 --> 00:56:53.100 Gregory DiFranza: No worries.

00:56:53.370 --> 00:56:59.400 Tommy D: let's do it so Greg you're always welcome back on the show, so let me do this, give me a shout out your Facebook shout out instagram real quick, how do they find you.

00:57:00.060 --> 00:57:08.790 Gregory DiFranza: So Facebook COM slash Greg de France or slash camp canine jack's beats there's no hyphen in between the K in the nine on that one.

00:57:09.330 --> 00:57:16.350 Gregory DiFranza: And instagram is at Camp canine jax beach again no hyphen on the on in between the K in the nine.

00:57:17.280 --> 00:57:25.320 Gregory DiFranza: go there, I sponsor a number of events we do a beach walk every month i've done that, for a little over four years if you're in the area.

00:57:25.560 --> 00:57:35.430 Gregory DiFranza: Come on, by don't sign up there's no need there's no cost just come with 50 of your other great dog friends that's always a great group and a lot of fun so.

00:57:35.880 --> 00:57:39.780 Tommy D: enjoy talking about packs I heard this dog people rolling packs too.

00:57:40.290 --> 00:57:40.770 yeah.

00:57:43.620 --> 00:57:44.940 Gregory DiFranza: This is a pack right here.

00:57:45.120 --> 00:57:45.420 yeah.

00:57:47.160 --> 00:57:52.050 Tommy D: I like it, I i'm glad to be part of this Pack, I appreciate you all who are checking in Greg thanks for being here.

00:57:52.200 --> 00:57:55.920 Tommy D: Now, thank you for your idea, this is your idea at all came from you.

00:57:56.280 --> 00:57:57.420 Tommy D: Thanks for everything.

00:57:57.540 --> 00:58:02.730 Tommy D: here's we next week on the show, I want to tell you this really quick Aaron Meyer will be here.

00:58:03.270 --> 00:58:10.230 Tommy D: we'll be talking to him about he's actually running for as a for local Office here on long island he's an animal lover.

00:58:10.560 --> 00:58:18.810 Tommy D: And he is he's he's upset about the inhumane way that we handle animals and he will be talking to us about that how we're going to make.

00:58:19.320 --> 00:58:28.500 Tommy D: How are we going to make an impact right how we add value, how we make an impact it's words that I live by in his total commitment to non violence.

00:58:29.160 --> 00:58:39.930 Tommy D: Gandhi always included the animal stating the greatest nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way, it's animals are treated this is past see you guys next week.

00:58:40.590 --> 00:58:41.190 amen.

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