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Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/06 - Creating a more Humane Long Island with LION

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/06 - Creating a more Humane Long Island with LION


2021/10/06 - Creating a more Humane Long Island with LION

[New Episode] Creating a More Humane Long Island with LION

Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION)  is Long Island's leading animal advocacy organization and farmed animal rescue, fighting to end the exploitation of animals in New York and beyond and leading the fight for domestic waterfowl in the Northeast.

John DiLeonardo is an anthrozoologist and president of Long Island Orchestrating for Nature. He has successfully led campaigns to stop a slaughter house from being built in Islip, an aquarium from being built in Massapequa, and ended numerous animal circuses, rodeos, and exotic animal acts from New York City to the North Fork as well as stopped the slaughter of thousands of Long Island’s wildlife.

Formerly, John managed day programs on Long Island for people with developmental disabilities and drove the Horseless eCarriage, a humane alternative to New York City’s cruel horse-drawn carriage industry.

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

We will be talking about how circuses have evolved, and some have disappeared altogether. Once again, Val reiterates that there is a compassionate network that comes along with the PALS community.

Val and John met at a circus protest. 

John studied psychology for his bachelor's and worked with people with special needs, "a group who was exploited in the circus long before the animals."

When he graduated, he pursued a master's degree in anthrozoology, is certified by the state of NY in wildlife rehabilitation, is certified as a trapper (NWCO), and is currently in school for ornithology. 

"How does one go about getting the NWCO designation?"-Val

"It's just a state test, open book, usually the license that pest control workers have to exterminate mammals and birds."-John

What is the mission, and what is LION?

They are the leading advocacy organization in Long Island, and they are the biggest farm animal rescue. Rescue a lot of chickens; they treat, foster, and rehabilitate domesticable animals. And there are a lot of abandoned animals and/or neglected.     

Tommy needed clarification as to what composed the chicken family, a hen is a female chicken, and the rooster is the male chicken. 

There aren't a lot of homes for animals such as chickens, ducks, rabbits; the animal sanctuaries are "filled to the brim," as John mentions. 

LION is foremost an animal advocacy organization. They want to stop people from getting "these animals" (chicks, bunnies, ducks) to be used only for props for the holidays.

Segment 2

What happens to the baby chicks after they are born in the classroom (for school lessons)? 

"There aren't great endings for the ducklings or chicks that come out of the hatching projects. They can get sent back home with a student or go back to the hatchery. And when they go back to the hatchery, they are often macerated to reduce the risk of contagion."-John.

We need to teach children more humane education; that animals don't belong in the classroom. "There are so many virtual resources to learn about the hatching process, or they can go on field trips to the animal sanctuaries." 

"Another outcome for the animals is an abandonment to the wild. There was a huge influx of birds abandoned into the wild last year because people did a lot of home-hatching projects. In Baldwin Harbor, alone, they had to rescue more than 100 ducks and chickens."

They rescued a goose who had been injured with a crossbow, and it took them three days to catch him and his partner. The poor animal had the arrow go through his esophagus, going from the back to the front. But they were eventually able to catch him in someone's backyard with a net gun. They got him and were able to let him go three weeks later, after rehabilitation.

If people want to volunteer, can they expect to jump in the water as you did with the goose?-Val

John says absolutely. Waterfowl is mainly John's thing, so Tommy asks, what should people do if they have waterfowl in their front or backyards? Who should they call? Animal control? 

First, determining the type of animal the creature is, is important. Then contact LION.  It's best to stay with an injured or lost duck until help arrives. LION tries to respond very quickly. Val can attest that their response time is impressive. 

Wild animals belong in the wild, and we will then talk about circuses after the break

Segment 3

John says that if you really want to save bulls, you can go vegan. Doing so nearly saves 200 animals; meat, dairy, eggs. All the animals we consume in our society are babies, like chickens, 6-8 weeks. The dairy industry and egg industry are some of the worst. In the egg industry, the roosters don't have much meat on them. The facts are bothersome, but you can contact LION to get help getting started. 

There are bodybuilders, NFL players that go vegan. The movie Game Changers represents ripped, athletic guys that are extremely buff without eating meat.

Segment 4

The Cole-Brothers Circus have officially closed off for business. Val and her friend JoAnn assisted an anti-circus protest in Oceanside when Val was living there. Finding common ground with people is the best way to get a message across.

What happens in circuses? What is the pain?

The animals participating in the circus are beaten; they're shocked, the bullhook is used to beat the elephants into submission. The bullhook is there to remind the elephant of the pain behind the scenes. Baby elephants are ripped away from their mothers. They can see them, but they can't touch them, and then as they grow older their bound with heavy metals, chains, and ropes. The abuse starts when the elephants are babies. 

The simple message is that the wildlife should remain in the wild. As long as activists are speaking up, the horrible contracts will be revoked. 

How do we help John?

Supporting them monetarily is the biggest support they can receive right now. For more information visit LION


00:00:40.320 --> 00:00:46.980 Tommy D: You know, although this show is about animals when I hear that music, I feel like a tree blowing the breeze.

00:00:47.640 --> 00:00:55.650 Tommy D: It is your boy the mellowed out nonprofit sector connect they're coming at you, not from the attic but from an undisclosed all right i'll disclose it.

00:00:56.190 --> 00:01:01.620 Tommy D: A location, this is the power show these professionals, an animal lover show I am Tommy the nonprofit sector connector.

00:01:02.340 --> 00:01:11.550 Tommy D: doing my job wearing the mask like we do when we're not in the attic or, at least when i'm not I don't know if you guys are an addict or not i'm in an attic lot you might know that so.

00:01:12.300 --> 00:01:20.370 Tommy D: i'm actually doing day number 1760 days of service i'm on location, with my friends at little flower way out East on long island.

00:01:20.910 --> 00:01:27.810 Tommy D: And I have the opportunity to be on location, because right after this and do today service, so it is the professionals and animal lover show I am Tommy D.

00:01:28.260 --> 00:01:36.270 Tommy D: shout out to my friends alexa and I read here for hosting me, let me do the show with them on the road and I don't come with a lot of needs i'm not.

00:01:37.200 --> 00:01:48.120 Tommy D: Like I you know I go on the road and I need like green m&ms and shrimp cocktail and stuff like that I just needed a spot to plug in my laptop and do the show let's get into adult, this is the professionals animal lovers show.

00:01:48.840 --> 00:02:01.020 Tommy D: we're here every week Wednesdays at 2pm because we want to amplify the message that people who work with animals who advocate, on behalf of animals that the bond between these individuals is incredibly strong.

00:02:01.680 --> 00:02:13.170 Tommy D: And what you ever heard that phrase you know you want to be the the least smart or i'll even go for the dumbest person in the room, so you surround yourself with people who know much more than you.

00:02:13.860 --> 00:02:22.560 Tommy D: I don't beat up on myself too much I don't think i'm dumb I just think I don't know most of what we're going to talk about on these shows and i'm learning every week, so I always try to keep us.

00:02:23.280 --> 00:02:27.210 Tommy D: there's this cool yin and Yang between Valerie at front and myself, as far as like.

00:02:27.660 --> 00:02:37.470 Tommy D: Val wait I don't get it, I don't get it, I don't get it so there's a lot of that but i'm getting a little more each week, and even in just preparing with john de Novo our guest today on our call yesterday.

00:02:38.340 --> 00:02:46.650 Tommy D: I learned a bunch so I usually say, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls children of all ages as kind of as like as a shout to.

00:02:47.370 --> 00:03:00.840 Tommy D: circus guy the ringmaster you know I wore breakfast suit and a top hat morning suit they call it not tales, but the morning suit on my wedding with a top hat like a ringleader would do, but I wanted to say that, and then john's going to talk this I know we'll talk about.

00:03:00.960 --> 00:03:02.940 Tommy D: circumcision how some circuses have.

00:03:02.970 --> 00:03:13.470 Tommy D: evolved and others just disappeared and we talked about animal advocacy you talk about Feral cats, we talked about dog rescues In fact I.

00:03:14.460 --> 00:03:24.030 Tommy D: think I made a comment last night about crocodiles we were talking with john for the show so let's get into this, this is pals professionals Adam love show I am Tommy do the nonprofit sector connector.

00:03:24.570 --> 00:03:33.360 Tommy D: my comrade my teacher my mentor in all things animal advocacy my Pal Valerie Valerie from what's up so.

00:03:33.870 --> 00:03:38.100 Valerie Heffron: I that is one heck of an introduction.

00:03:39.630 --> 00:03:48.600 Valerie Heffron: I can assure you that i'm in the same goal, I continue to surround myself with people who know much for and I learned from them all the time.

00:03:49.320 --> 00:03:56.400 Valerie Heffron: In fact, it reminds me of there is a company called Cairo right it's an acronym for help a reporter out.

00:03:56.940 --> 00:04:15.420 Valerie Heffron: And it's just a bunch of reporters that are always looking for stories and their their logo or their tagline is everyone is an expert in something so i'm learning, just like you do, and I might have started a few years earlier, but you know you're catching on at a rapid velocity.

00:04:17.040 --> 00:04:26.130 Valerie Heffron: So anyway, my name is Valerie have fun i'm thrilled to be here, this is nothing more than an idea that I had a few years ago, and because of Tommy D kind of.

00:04:26.460 --> 00:04:36.420 Valerie Heffron: nudging me in the right direction, saying look you're passionate about this, you love this you can't get enough about talking about the animals and the laws that need to change to improve our welfare.

00:04:36.690 --> 00:04:45.810 Valerie Heffron: let's get it on a podcast and let's talk about both businesses and professionals who are out there, doing things to help the animals.

00:04:46.080 --> 00:04:56.970 Valerie Heffron: As well as great organizations charities advocacy groups rescue organizations that are really boots on the ground, making real impacts and we're going to create this.

00:04:57.300 --> 00:05:05.310 Valerie Heffron: overwhelmingly compassionate network because i'm banking on the fact that there's a lot of more people a lot more people like Tommy tommy's out there.

00:05:05.700 --> 00:05:15.060 Valerie Heffron: who want to know this and who are going to get more and more involved, like you get sucked in the more that you know, the more that you want to know.

00:05:15.630 --> 00:05:30.630 Valerie Heffron: So without any further ado, I wanted to introduce this gentleman who's I consider him to be a friend he's certainly a great leader and he has created an incredible organization that is just.

00:05:31.110 --> 00:05:37.500 Valerie Heffron: Spreading you know compassionate humanity and awareness all throughout long island.

00:05:37.830 --> 00:05:51.960 Valerie Heffron: And i'm I have a feeling he's got even bigger visions coming up, so I believe I met him at a circus protests protests in oceanside New York about seven years ago, something like that and.

00:05:52.650 --> 00:06:09.060 Valerie Heffron: You know i'm always thrilled when I show up to a protest or something and he's there, so this is my dear friend john de Leonardo of lion which stands for a long island orchestrating for nature hi john.

00:06:09.840 --> 00:06:14.250 John Di Leonardo: hi hey Tommy thanks so much to both you for having me on.

00:06:14.550 --> 00:06:17.370 Valerie Heffron: yeah No, of course, I mean we're thrilled to have you.

00:06:17.370 --> 00:06:24.000 Valerie Heffron: And quite honored actually and one of the things I really want to kind of jump into is the fact that.

00:06:24.660 --> 00:06:34.980 Valerie Heffron: I mean, I have met tons of animal advocates i'm sure obviously you do too, and whether you're meeting them at a municipal meeting or standing shoulder to shoulder at a protest or whatever Facebook.

00:06:35.670 --> 00:06:45.210 Valerie Heffron: You know you are really incredibly educated and qualified to speak to these issues, so can you just give us a little bit about your background.

00:06:45.990 --> 00:06:51.120 John Di Leonardo: yeah yeah why I think of myself as a perpetual student I really like what Tommy had to say.

00:06:51.690 --> 00:06:59.880 John Di Leonardo: About you know, being the dumbest person in the room, I think I think there's never too much school there's never too much we can learn so.

00:07:00.630 --> 00:07:09.900 John Di Leonardo: So yeah so i've dedicated myself quite a bit to to learning about this issue, so I can speak well these meetings so I have my bachelor's in psychology.

00:07:10.260 --> 00:07:20.010 John Di Leonardo: i've always wanted to help the group that needed the most help in the world, so when I before I learned about the plight for the animals, I actually worked in the field of people with special needs.

00:07:20.640 --> 00:07:28.140 John Di Leonardo: A group that actually was exploited in the circus long before animals, so I have my bachelor's in psychology and then, when I graduated.

00:07:28.620 --> 00:07:34.980 John Di Leonardo: With that degree, I went on to to canisius college, where I earned my master's degree in anthropology.

00:07:35.850 --> 00:07:48.690 John Di Leonardo: I also have my wildlife my New York state wildlife rehabilitation license and my state new code license which is basically your trappers license and i'm currently in school for psychology as well.

00:07:49.680 --> 00:07:55.320 Valerie Heffron: Okay, so hold on a second you just said something interesting Steve what Steve you got.

00:07:55.350 --> 00:08:06.870 John Di Leonardo: What was it go new co license I knew that it's the nuisance wildlife control operator license I don't like to refer to any wildlife as nuisance, though I mean were they were really the nuisance.

00:08:09.600 --> 00:08:10.050 Tommy D: I saw.

00:08:10.620 --> 00:08:20.280 Tommy D: You know Valerie if I jump in once I saw something I don't know who put this on Facebook, but I as soon as I saw it, I was like I gotta take Valerie on this, but now you know I gotta get john C, but it was like.

00:08:21.570 --> 00:08:29.340 Tommy D: How was it, it was a bunch of deer in somebody's front yard, and it was like the deer were saying like you're on our property.

00:08:30.150 --> 00:08:33.540 Tommy D: To the to the homeowner and I saw I got a kick out of that because.

00:08:34.080 --> 00:08:36.600 Tommy D: You know, like you, you know they were there first kind of right.

00:08:36.930 --> 00:08:37.800 John Di Leonardo: Right absolutely.

00:08:38.130 --> 00:08:52.140 Valerie Heffron: yeah so that's that's interesting I had never heard of that before but um you know I a lot of times when I hear trapping I think a cat trappers because it's such I think popular and more.

00:08:53.760 --> 00:09:04.770 Valerie Heffron: You know prevalent designation, if you will, but um you know for anyone who might be interested in in also obtaining that type of designation where they go, how did they do it.

00:09:05.250 --> 00:09:13.860 John Di Leonardo: it's just a State it's a State test, you know it's actually an open book test, you can take through the Dec typically it's the license that.

00:09:13.890 --> 00:09:14.970 John Di Leonardo: exterminators have.

00:09:15.000 --> 00:09:18.540 John Di Leonardo: to exterminate mammals and birds.

00:09:18.750 --> 00:09:20.910 John Di Leonardo: In your day, but I think there needs to be.

00:09:20.910 --> 00:09:30.030 John Di Leonardo: More animal lovers that do take that test and do go into that program and learn how to you mean you, mainly exclude animals from home.

00:09:30.090 --> 00:09:31.230 John Di Leonardo: yeah without killing them.

00:09:32.130 --> 00:09:39.780 Valerie Heffron: Right like like raccoons and possums or any anything that people call the pest control companies for their like Bourbon.

00:09:40.440 --> 00:09:41.160 John Di Leonardo: i'm like.

00:09:41.670 --> 00:09:52.380 Valerie Heffron: i'm seeing a lot more people, at least on social media like posting pleas for help, like you know there's there's passing that data my garage or something and.

00:09:52.890 --> 00:09:58.980 Valerie Heffron: You know I really don't want it to be killed can anybody help me and then they'll tag they'll take people like you.

00:09:59.970 --> 00:10:13.620 Valerie Heffron: yeah yeah so I mean I think that's a good sign, but um let's get back to lion let's talk about the vision and the mission of lion like what is so if i'm if i'm you know.

00:10:14.220 --> 00:10:24.810 Valerie Heffron: involved in New York, where I live, and I hear about lion orchestrating for nature that sounds great what does that mean if I want to volunteer and what am I actually going to be doing.

00:10:25.350 --> 00:10:36.270 John Di Leonardo: Sure yeah well line where the leading animal advocacy organization on long island and also the leading farm animal rescue we rescue lots of chickens and ducks.

00:10:36.780 --> 00:10:49.620 John Di Leonardo: and other animals from from abandonment from neglect we bring injured wildlife to licensed and reputable wildlife rehabilitator for treatment and release back to the wild and we.

00:10:50.070 --> 00:11:00.600 John Di Leonardo: We we we treat foster and put up for adoption domestic animals like domestic ducks and chickens speaking of baldwin we actually rescued over 100.

00:11:01.260 --> 00:11:15.990 John Di Leonardo: Over 100 domestic ducks that were abandoned and baldwin just last year, a lot of people will get little ducklings that Easter and use them as photo props or put them in Easter baskets and give them away as gifts they do the same thing with chicks and bunnies.

00:11:16.080 --> 00:11:24.030 John Di Leonardo: Unfortunately, you know after the holiday we get lots of calls about them being abandoned into the wild and these animals don't survive, I mean domestic ducks.

00:11:24.330 --> 00:11:31.800 John Di Leonardo: They have tiny wings and large bodies, they were bred for the farming industry and farmers don't want their animals flying away, they want.

00:11:32.160 --> 00:11:41.850 John Di Leonardo: To stay on the property they want that to be docile so they basically bread out all their natural instincts and and bred disease into these animals, so they can survive in the wild.

00:11:43.140 --> 00:11:44.520 Tommy D: john I want to, I want to ask you.

00:11:44.940 --> 00:11:58.050 Tommy D: Because, because I see that being a see that being a problem, but you know what's the solution can you take those baby chicks that are going to turn into chickens, can you give them to farmers, like what what Where do they end up because.

00:11:58.440 --> 00:12:07.080 Tommy D: Obviously, from from the humane side of what you're doing here is you're not just getting rid of these animals you're finding places for them so so let's play that out so.

00:12:07.890 --> 00:12:18.900 Tommy D: Somebody gives money and it's shipped their kids because it because Why else right so that's cute and then they're like when really want to have a pet bonnie or or pet chicken, although.

00:12:19.500 --> 00:12:27.570 Tommy D: I have plenty of friends who have pet chickens and that they get eggs from and maybe we could talk about that too, and in fact I think valid chickens in the past right, I think you did well in you.

00:12:28.470 --> 00:12:29.190 Valerie Heffron: Know comment.

00:12:29.520 --> 00:12:31.740 Tommy D: I don't know COM, we did have chickens don't we didn't look it.

00:12:31.830 --> 00:12:35.130 Valerie Heffron: don't worry about again is fine, I did, I have four hands, yes.

00:12:35.160 --> 00:12:42.330 Tommy D: Alright, so hence so um but the nugget explain what the difference between a chicken and ahead john so we were going to be here all day we.

00:12:43.620 --> 00:12:43.950 Valerie Heffron: haven't.

00:12:44.550 --> 00:12:49.680 Tommy D: I know, but it sort of chicken is is the animal, but then a hand is the female and the roosters a male.

00:12:50.400 --> 00:12:53.010 Tommy D: You got family, the family of chicken fair.

00:12:53.370 --> 00:12:54.510 Valerie Heffron: Yes, alright cool.

00:12:54.780 --> 00:13:04.560 Tommy D: Alright, so let's let's let we are now i'm literally in three stories, at the same time, so I need to annoy the senses to get back to the original question, welcome to you think it's difficult now.

00:13:04.680 --> 00:13:05.970 Tommy D: Try the inside, my head.

00:13:06.180 --> 00:13:06.780 Okay try.

00:13:07.860 --> 00:13:08.550 Tommy D: Being my friend.

00:13:08.580 --> 00:13:17.190 Tommy D: Try being built So what do you do okay I got this little bunny and I got this little going to be a chicken it's a chick Where do they go.

00:13:18.270 --> 00:13:26.010 John Di Leonardo: yeah yeah it's Unfortunately there aren't there aren't a lot of homes it's very difficult to to place these animals, I mean sanctuaries are filled to the brim.

00:13:26.610 --> 00:13:34.140 John Di Leonardo: Our municipal restrictions and in the suburbs of long island prevent a lot of people from legally keeping these animals so so.

00:13:34.800 --> 00:13:40.440 John Di Leonardo: I mean, I consider lion first and foremost an animal advocacy organization, we rescue hundreds of animals every year.

00:13:40.710 --> 00:13:47.250 John Di Leonardo: But, really, we need to get to the root of the problem, we need to stop people from getting these these checks and these bunnies and and these.

00:13:47.910 --> 00:13:56.610 John Di Leonardo: ducklings in the first place, I mean animals aren't photo props they're not gifts, these are thinking feeling animals, just like a dog or a cat.

00:13:56.940 --> 00:14:09.060 John Di Leonardo: And, just like you wouldn't dump a dog or a cat on the you know, on the street after after a holiday and you wouldn't you know gift a whole bunch of them to your niece or nephew at the holidays you shouldn't do that with any animal.

00:14:09.450 --> 00:14:09.960 Okay.

00:14:11.070 --> 00:14:18.540 Valerie Heffron: yeah a friend of mine is a teacher and I remember, I remember when you were a kid and you had that those eggs that were under the red light, they were incubating and.

00:14:19.560 --> 00:14:31.950 Valerie Heffron: Are on them every day that was super exciting as a kid when they hatch and it was like whew but then you find out like, but then, why right, no one actually find out what happens to all of those babies.

00:14:32.400 --> 00:14:42.360 Tommy D: And I want to so we're gonna we're gonna find out about john's gonna tell us what happens to them when we come back let's tease everybody they're gonna we're gonna come back here's where I do a quick break, but what I want to ask.

00:14:42.840 --> 00:14:47.400 Tommy D: Tell us what happens to them and then also you know I just wonder.

00:14:48.480 --> 00:14:54.480 Tommy D: How do we, you know john we're not going to solve this in like 26 minutes, with three commercial breaks like you do on a sitcom.

00:14:54.840 --> 00:15:02.280 Tommy D: But I want to know, like your vision for how big your organization can get to make the ultimate impact and and help these animals so.

00:15:02.940 --> 00:15:16.140 Tommy D: We will be back with teasing you were going to tease you guys have come back 90 seconds, this is the professionals and jovi's here now we're not going to break pause on the break sorry assembly what's, on the other side of the glass hey jovi welcome to the show Joe how are you but.

00:15:17.190 --> 00:15:19.530 Valerie Heffron: He started me I don't know if you heard it, he was.

00:15:19.590 --> 00:15:24.570 Tommy D: In here i'm saying oh who's that we're off the rails now john who's that.

00:15:26.370 --> 00:15:29.970 John Di Leonardo: This is so we rescued him on a rooster rescue recently.

00:15:30.000 --> 00:15:30.240 didn't.

00:15:32.070 --> 00:15:35.490 Tommy D: We got a cat out of the deal alright soul or Sol.

00:15:36.030 --> 00:15:45.570 Tommy D: Sol Sol alright Saul and jovi Valerie and john and Tommy D will be back in 90 seconds keep the animals here, so we can talk to them and we'll be right back to.

00:18:00.510 --> 00:18:01.020 Tommy D: We.

00:18:01.380 --> 00:18:09.180 Valerie Heffron: Were back everybody and make it awesome so all right, we were talking about what happens to the baby checks.

00:18:09.900 --> 00:18:20.160 Valerie Heffron: From all of those classrooms that were born basically just to you know showcase are very fun, I will say a very fun and very cute.

00:18:20.970 --> 00:18:31.680 Valerie Heffron: Science experiment, I was it was all about learning about you know what happens with eggs and how they turn into baby chicks but what happens to the chicks after.

00:18:32.700 --> 00:18:39.870 John Di Leonardo: yeah that's that's an excellent question a lot of a lot of young people don't think that far so they'll they'll send them back with.

00:18:41.010 --> 00:18:46.710 John Di Leonardo: With students, I mean my wife, she got she got the class duck when she was when she was a kid.

00:18:47.130 --> 00:19:00.630 John Di Leonardo: And they didn't know they weren't prepared, you know for this duck the duck was imprinted on them, because you know he had been raised around around children, he didn't really know it was a duck so they actually sent him to to.

00:19:02.220 --> 00:19:14.670 John Di Leonardo: A pseudo rescue they thought it was a good place for him, but a couple years later, you know that they ended up getting raided by Peta and it was not such a good ending, and I mean my wife, which comes from a great family they meant well.

00:19:14.940 --> 00:19:19.530 John Di Leonardo: But you know there's not many happy endings for these animals from hatching projects, the.

00:19:19.980 --> 00:19:26.880 John Di Leonardo: Many schools will actually send the little chicks are ducklings back to the hatchery where they got the eggs from at the end of the project.

00:19:27.180 --> 00:19:37.830 John Di Leonardo: But what they don't realize is these chicks either they're raised for their meat and then killed or more often they're killed as soon as they get back to the hatchery often by being round up alive.

00:19:38.760 --> 00:19:50.730 John Di Leonardo: In a machine called a master writer, because they don't want to risk any contagions from the schools infecting their flock back at the farm, so I mean obviously we're not.

00:19:53.190 --> 00:19:54.990 John Di Leonardo: A lot of people don't bother people don't.

00:19:56.250 --> 00:20:06.930 John Di Leonardo: So obviously we're not teaching children valuable lessons this way, I think the more valuable lesson is to teach children humane education and teach them why animals don't belong in classrooms.

00:20:07.200 --> 00:20:17.520 John Di Leonardo: I mean we have so many virtual resources now I mean where where you can learn on a computer about hatching and and without harming any animals.

00:20:17.730 --> 00:20:25.710 John Di Leonardo: You can also use school trips to animal sanctuaries where they can meet these animals in a better setting without stressing them without harming them.

00:20:26.910 --> 00:20:37.830 John Di Leonardo: Even if another outcome for these animals is abandonment, to the wild like I was talking about involved when we saw a huge influx of birds abandoned.

00:20:38.400 --> 00:20:55.290 John Di Leonardo: Last year during the pandemic, because a lot of people did home hatching projects and they didn't have a plan for the birds, after so they were just abandoning chickens and some ducklings and waterways and that's why we had to rescue over 100 and baldwin alone just involvement harbor.

00:20:56.160 --> 00:21:03.540 Valerie Heffron: um you know i've seen so many of your posts and pictures and newsday articles and.

00:21:04.530 --> 00:21:22.140 Valerie Heffron: It was both and also where I can't remember where was the depth that you that you were able to catch with the net that had actually someone yeah shot it with an arrow I don't know if that's the right term but somebody shot.

00:21:24.360 --> 00:21:27.180 Valerie Heffron: waterfowl with like a crossbow.

00:21:27.600 --> 00:21:37.080 John Di Leonardo: yeah yeah we rescued a goose and mill pond and want to achieve, we rescue them anything in bellmore but yeah for me upon and wanting to one of the the waterways over there.

00:21:38.460 --> 00:21:47.100 John Di Leonardo: And yeah he was difficult he took about three days, three or four days for us to catch him, and we were just lucky, you know that there was someone who fed the geese regularly and backyard and.

00:21:47.160 --> 00:21:49.290 John Di Leonardo: We got we got a call we've been trying to catch her.

00:21:49.560 --> 00:22:04.170 John Di Leonardo: For many days prior but he you know eric's I think it was the mail, so he was he was very injured him and as his partner wouldn't come up for food they were just you know he couldn't even eat because the arrow had actually been.

00:22:05.370 --> 00:22:10.350 John Di Leonardo: Through his through his esophagus and it was literally through the back and came out the front.

00:22:12.570 --> 00:22:18.720 John Di Leonardo: But we were able to capture them in someone's backyard with the net gun he he the the net actually.

00:22:19.800 --> 00:22:23.190 John Di Leonardo: Gone it's like it looks like a large flashlight you push a button and.

00:22:23.370 --> 00:22:34.080 John Di Leonardo: verse a whole CO2 canister so it shoots a big large net out, I was a little worried that that that cost of the position of the arrow that the net was going to get stuck on it and wouldn't be able to reach the ground.

00:22:34.500 --> 00:22:50.610 John Di Leonardo: And my worry is we're kind of correct because, while it prevented him from flying it didn't prevent him from gliding or running so he actually glided write down a hill so I had to run in after him and I jumped into the into the the the water and mill pond and running, we got him.

00:22:51.900 --> 00:22:53.880 John Di Leonardo: And he was actually released three weeks.

00:22:53.880 --> 00:22:59.250 John Di Leonardo: Later so volunteers for wildlife to the rehabilitation there another wonderful organization.

00:23:00.270 --> 00:23:07.410 Valerie Heffron: If we wanted to give people wanted to volunteer with you and everything is this like the kind of activity that they can expect.

00:23:08.490 --> 00:23:13.380 Valerie Heffron: awesome waiters and get ready to jump in the fire, because sometimes what it takes.

00:23:13.740 --> 00:23:20.460 John Di Leonardo: Absolutely absolutely yeah I mean if you're if you want to get get down and get dirty volunteer with lion we're.

00:23:20.460 --> 00:23:24.420 John Di Leonardo: Constantly and swamps and waterways wrestling birds.

00:23:24.480 --> 00:23:34.530 Tommy D: Yes, I know it's it's just funny because, if I knew a guy that was currently on an initiative or campaign of doing 60 days of service for nonprofits I would tell him to call you up and say.

00:23:35.010 --> 00:23:37.200 Tommy D: hey wait a minute I know a guy.

00:23:37.320 --> 00:23:37.980 Tommy D: So john.

00:23:38.340 --> 00:23:47.640 Tommy D: We so I did this you last night, when we were all talking but we've before you and I ever knew of each other, I knew about you and I have this vision of me.

00:23:48.270 --> 00:23:57.150 Tommy D: thrown on a pair of waiters and getting out there and help you, so I will do that when you not just give me a day a serviceman put me to work let's make something happen.

00:23:57.930 --> 00:24:04.260 Tommy D: People pay attention to what i'm doing, which you know is is good for me because I like people watch what i'm doing but also it.

00:24:05.790 --> 00:24:13.170 Tommy D: But it's good for the organizations, because it shines a light on the work the organizations zoo so what i'm saying to you is.

00:24:14.040 --> 00:24:18.600 Tommy D: plug me in coach i'm ready to play me put me in the game so i'll get the waiters i'll do the whole thing.

00:24:18.960 --> 00:24:28.110 Tommy D: will go out and save some animals all kidding aside i'm i'm all in to do that with you, what I want to understand, though, is first you mentioned another organization just now that helped you.

00:24:30.000 --> 00:24:36.870 Tommy D: rescue this this animal do us a favor if somebody goes out to their yard and sees an animal that is in need.

00:24:37.170 --> 00:24:46.560 Tommy D: Specifically waterfowl is really your book correct me if i'm wrong really that's your wheelhouse, so to speak, but how do they get in touch with you, or how do they even know like if I see.

00:24:47.610 --> 00:24:56.430 Tommy D: Thank you face get you know, a couple docs walking down my street well I don't know why you'd be walking down my street, but if I see them there who who do I call.

00:24:56.670 --> 00:25:09.630 Tommy D: Is it is, it is a john thing is it a you know it is it the other organization just mentioned it's I guess it's certainly not like animal control or correct me if i'm wrong, maybe it is out of control So where do we go if I see a couple dogs.

00:25:10.440 --> 00:25:26.430 John Di Leonardo: yeah yeah it's a great question well if you're located in Well, first of all, we see determine what kind of animal it is there's really it really varies, I mean even depends on what kind of ducks because, like I said the the wild ducks you see outside they're typically small.

00:25:26.460 --> 00:25:29.100 John Di Leonardo: You know, we have a mallard duck, then we have our migratory ducks.

00:25:29.100 --> 00:25:41.130 John Di Leonardo: Like our buffalo heads and our wood ducks very small varieties of ducks, then you get into and very well camouflage ducks, then you get into your domestic ducks they're typically like.

00:25:42.120 --> 00:25:50.340 John Di Leonardo: Very large, two, three, maybe four times the size but wild duck and they have those tiny wings, they have basically no camouflage.

00:25:51.270 --> 00:25:56.910 John Di Leonardo: Often, at least, sometimes you get ones with similar to the wild coloring but the size is very different.

00:25:57.270 --> 00:26:07.440 John Di Leonardo: But often why the domestic ducks will be even say a white collar pekin ducks are one of the most commonly abandoned ducks and they're they're pretty much the most.

00:26:08.370 --> 00:26:15.960 John Di Leonardo: susceptible to illness injury and predation of any domestic breed, so there is no such thing as a white duck.

00:26:16.530 --> 00:26:21.720 John Di Leonardo: In the wild naturally it's just not a good color for them they're easily spotted by predators.

00:26:22.680 --> 00:26:31.980 John Di Leonardo: not to be confused with swans there are obviously mute swans are white trumpeter swans are right, but when you're talking about ducks the smaller waterfowl.

00:26:32.610 --> 00:26:41.580 John Di Leonardo: there's no such thing as a white Doc in the wild those are Peking duck those are the ones that people usually so if you see one of those you should contact lion that you may in long island org.

00:26:42.180 --> 00:26:51.840 John Di Leonardo: You can email me at john a main long as well and and try to get that guy help definitely stay with him as long as you can, especially if he's injured.

00:26:52.950 --> 00:27:00.120 John Di Leonardo: or like sick, because if you leave and then call someone he may not be there when you get back, he may be dead or missing.

00:27:00.660 --> 00:27:05.010 John Di Leonardo: And, and you know, then you feel bad and then do the animal feels very poor.

00:27:05.730 --> 00:27:16.410 John Di Leonardo: So it's always best to stay with an injured or ill animal until help arrives we We obviously respond very quickly, all the time, I think the other.

00:27:17.190 --> 00:27:27.720 John Di Leonardo: goose that you may have taken in baldwin Valerie we rescued Jason baldwin last year as well that had on a fireworks duct tape to his chest yes.

00:27:28.140 --> 00:27:29.280 John Di Leonardo: yeah you got a call.

00:27:29.280 --> 00:27:33.270 Valerie Heffron: About that was right behind my old House so yeah right.

00:27:33.330 --> 00:27:36.240 John Di Leonardo: yeah yep silver lake we were out there within 10 minutes.

00:27:37.980 --> 00:27:43.080 Valerie Heffron: I will say this your response time is incredible I remember once and I thought it was a long shot.

00:27:43.530 --> 00:27:50.730 Valerie Heffron: This this young lady actually taught me, I think, at the time she was working for the your brother's mortgage company.

00:27:51.450 --> 00:27:57.900 Valerie Heffron: But anyway, this young lady and baldwin at the time stumbled upon a an injured squirrel.

00:27:58.260 --> 00:28:11.700 Valerie Heffron: And she was you know hysterical crying and she wrapped it up in Italian she took it inside she's like I don't know what to do so, she reaches out to me, which is kind of funny because this is the thing to Tommy can just shoot it out there and people will find the right person.

00:28:13.110 --> 00:28:26.070 Valerie Heffron: You came to mind john and before I knew it, they were into he was like giving her number and that's how it goes that's one of the most incredible parts of that world of animal advocates and lovers is that.

00:28:26.700 --> 00:28:34.980 Valerie Heffron: You know, we may not know we may not be the right person, but come hell or high water we're going to find the right person who can help you now.

00:28:35.040 --> 00:28:43.200 Tommy D: yeah yeah yeah, and I mean isn't that just the power of connecting in general, but then you get deeper into this community as you're sharing with me and you have been churned leading up to the.

00:28:43.710 --> 00:28:56.550 Tommy D: The launch of the show is these people want to help out I don't know why I have to say this right now, but I feel like i'm thinking you're talking about animals and i'm thinking about squirrels have you guys ever seen a chipmunk.

00:28:57.450 --> 00:28:58.530 John Di Leonardo: Oh yeah yeah.

00:28:58.590 --> 00:28:59.280 Tommy D: Oh, my God.

00:28:59.460 --> 00:28:59.730 John Di Leonardo: yeah.

00:29:00.210 --> 00:29:00.690 Tommy D: Why are they.

00:29:00.840 --> 00:29:05.070 Tommy D: Like it's like I mean they're so tiny and there's like one or two by my house and I don't.

00:29:05.700 --> 00:29:05.850 Valerie Heffron: know.

00:29:06.210 --> 00:29:17.220 Tommy D: yeah but we see squirrels all the time for holy cow chipmunks are like I don't know if they're Nice or not, but they just look like a nice they look like so cute so nice and I don't see him a lot So when I see him it's a very special thing.

00:29:18.000 --> 00:29:19.170 Tommy D: This is how my mind works.

00:29:19.470 --> 00:29:29.910 Tommy D: I just started thinking about your box, so I would you know, like all kidding aside, though, that probably not a good house, but to have a chip walk it's a wild animal right john you wouldn't want to crack.

00:29:30.300 --> 00:29:32.790 John Di Leonardo: yeah I mean wild animals belong in the wild.

00:29:33.150 --> 00:29:33.540 Tommy D: right which.

00:29:33.600 --> 00:29:36.510 John Di Leonardo: Which brings us to circuses which I think we can talk about a little yeah.

00:29:37.170 --> 00:29:46.860 Tommy D: let's do that we are going to go to break, so why don't we do that why don't we just go to break talk about circuits is john is going to school us on what circuses have done to animals over the years.

00:29:47.400 --> 00:29:55.500 Tommy D: And how he's made a real impact into protecting these animals I you know listen, we need to get to dive too much into this last night because I kept saying.

00:29:55.890 --> 00:30:10.350 Tommy D: I got a million questions for you, but let's save it for the show but, like, I want to even know like how you got like aware and keyed into that whole thing, so we will be back i'm Tommy D that's Valerie and jovi and that's john and we're soul john saw left.

00:30:11.490 --> 00:30:13.590 John Di Leonardo: So seriously all right.

00:30:13.800 --> 00:30:16.710 Tommy D: Can we can we have soul back when we come back in a minute can eat.

00:30:16.800 --> 00:30:18.420 Tommy D: yeah oh my God look at that.

00:30:19.170 --> 00:30:19.710 Tommy D: Oh, my God.

00:30:19.920 --> 00:30:20.520 Valerie Heffron: Okay.

00:30:20.700 --> 00:30:21.540 Tommy D: Look at those eyes.

00:30:21.630 --> 00:30:22.230 Valerie Heffron: Oh yeah.

00:30:22.590 --> 00:30:22.950 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my God.

00:30:24.000 --> 00:30:26.910 Tommy D: we're screwing up breaks all day here on Pal shelf, but.

00:30:27.930 --> 00:30:31.290 Tommy D: we'll be back in 90 seconds Thank you john Thank you Valerie see you guys right back.

00:33:08.790 --> 00:33:14.340 Tommy D: So this is Tommy D, this is the power Shell professionals animal lover show we have so many guests, today we have.

00:33:14.790 --> 00:33:29.490 Tommy D: So who's here john and Joe he shows up all the time valerie's obviously here before we even jump back into I want to ask about the picture we just shared on Facebook, so we got to talk about that because anytime people can dress up with silly costumes and put animal heads on.

00:33:29.880 --> 00:33:33.210 Tommy D: Is a party, I should have been invited to, and I regret that I wasn't invited to so.

00:33:33.390 --> 00:33:34.140 Tommy D: In fact, last week.

00:33:34.590 --> 00:33:45.720 Tommy D: Last week, on my show my the other show a what I call a show again that's called philanthropy and focus or it's like on my shirt so on that sure I have my friend marriage James and she runs an organization.

00:33:47.100 --> 00:34:01.260 Tommy D: Around mental health with children and there they have a mascot called piggy bear and i'm like dude I need that costume so it's like a giant piggyback now it's all love john it's just a costume no animals will be.

00:34:01.260 --> 00:34:13.860 Tommy D: heard in alright, so I just want to set that and all of our listeners on the show, I promise you it's just a costume right i'm not explaining any animal more than probably explaining myself but that's a costume Oh, I want to hear about.

00:34:15.240 --> 00:34:19.830 Tommy D: about the cat that you rescue, but I want to just read one quick thing before we do that so everybody knows who's here.

00:34:20.250 --> 00:34:26.400 Tommy D: So mine is a leading animal advocacy organization a long island having stopped massacres of thousands of deer.

00:34:27.150 --> 00:34:36.900 Tommy D: Hundreds of geese having stopped slaughterhouses and aquariums and wild animal X and rodeos at venues from New York City to greenport long island.

00:34:37.350 --> 00:34:46.590 Tommy D: it's a direct rescue organization, as well as animal advocacy that has seen hundreds of wild and forms animals every year from slaughter, I mean john real quick.

00:34:47.430 --> 00:34:54.870 Tommy D: let's talk about the heads on other animals that we just sort of if you're listening to the showing that list on Facebook you got to watch the show on Facebook cuz you'll see some of the shenanigans that goes on.

00:34:55.620 --> 00:35:02.730 Tommy D: But tell us about that, and then I do have a question about so again back to the waiters and we weren't waiters when de de service.

00:35:03.720 --> 00:35:11.820 Tommy D: I knew about you, one day, because I called you like shout out to my friend katie McGowan founder executive director or stability, because Val text me one day she's like.

00:35:12.390 --> 00:35:23.340 Tommy D: I don't know man barney the bowl is like loose on long island and he escaped and like we need to help them and i'm like, of course, we need to help them, because what was I doing I was like trying to run businesses so.

00:35:24.450 --> 00:35:31.080 Tommy D: I get on that, so I call my buddy katie and i'm like dude like all everybody doing like dude I need like I need.

00:35:31.920 --> 00:35:43.560 Tommy D: horse ability horses, you probably have like horse gates like I need them and I finally gets a guy john dylan on the phone like dude you don't even know me man, but I got these horse gauge for it he's like he's like brother i'm all set it was.

00:35:45.000 --> 00:35:46.290 Tommy D: It was like one of those things so.

00:35:46.770 --> 00:36:00.630 Tommy D: i'm ranting i'm all over the map, but what what what how is barney what's up with with the heads of that you guys had on that phone like an elephant head and I what else was it was a draft or you forgot already with line tell me what it was.

00:36:02.160 --> 00:36:04.320 Tommy D: It was an elephant, but it was an elephant and something else because.

00:36:05.400 --> 00:36:10.320 Tommy D: It was an elephant line alright cool alright, well, I like is the 17 questions john pick one.

00:36:10.920 --> 00:36:15.960 John Di Leonardo: Sure sure I will start with barney barney the bowl for those listeners who don't know who barney is.

00:36:17.220 --> 00:36:20.550 John Di Leonardo: He was a bowl that escaped an animal sacrifice during IED.

00:36:22.290 --> 00:36:39.780 John Di Leonardo: About two months ago, so he was actually on the lam for about two months, a little over two months actually and two weeks ago he finally decided to come into a beta abated pen and now he's in a vegan animal sanctuary with over 90 other cows will be loved and never eat and.

00:36:40.890 --> 00:36:50.160 John Di Leonardo: But it was it was quite the endeavor to get him, I mean he he ran for his life, just like you are, I would, if someone was trying to slaughter us.

00:36:51.510 --> 00:36:59.040 John Di Leonardo: Throughout this whole process, I mean we were in the in the woods with night vision goggles and tranquilizers and guns and all that.

00:37:00.000 --> 00:37:10.170 John Di Leonardo: And there were a lot of people like Tommy offering us their assistance which is much appreciated, but everyone kept asking me how can I help, how can I help, how can I help, and what I kept telling people is.

00:37:10.650 --> 00:37:23.280 John Di Leonardo: If you wanted to help if you want to help balls like like barney it's very easy, you can simply just go vegan it by taking animals off your plate you save nearly 200 animals every single year.

00:37:23.550 --> 00:37:24.030 Tommy D: whoa.

00:37:24.060 --> 00:37:27.900 Tommy D: hold on hold on Johnny D hold on a SEC.

00:37:29.250 --> 00:37:32.040 Tommy D: So if we were to stop eating meat, how many animals get saved.

00:37:32.400 --> 00:37:34.650 Tommy D: Nearly 101 person.

00:37:35.130 --> 00:37:40.050 John Di Leonardo: yep yep meat, meat, meat dairy and eggs, not just meet, though, if you.

00:37:40.230 --> 00:37:40.380 know.

00:37:41.790 --> 00:37:46.320 John Di Leonardo: me and then you add another another hundred on there by getting rid all the other animal products.

00:37:46.440 --> 00:37:48.450 Tommy D: wow wow did you know that.

00:37:50.640 --> 00:38:08.640 Valerie Heffron: I feel like i've heard that stuff before, but if you think about it look it makes sense because a typical average person when they're going to eat a meal it usually contains some version of protein, such as you know, yogurt or eggs for breakfast and then you have.

00:38:09.210 --> 00:38:19.710 Valerie Heffron: Three pitches and in even if you get a salad salad will have shrimp or checking on it, etc, so if you're having let's just say conservatively two meals, a day.

00:38:20.370 --> 00:38:33.420 Valerie Heffron: That have some type of animal product in it, and the third one is you know, whatever cereal with almond milk or something like that so that's two meals, a day 365 days a year that's a lot of animals yeah.

00:38:33.450 --> 00:38:39.000 John Di Leonardo: wow I think think think of when you go to a superbowl party, how many little wings.

00:38:39.060 --> 00:38:40.560 John Di Leonardo: What are we eating just one setting.

00:38:41.430 --> 00:38:49.470 Tommy D: yeah and and not to be funny or or gross or anything but like animals only you know chicken only have so many wings that's an awful lot of chicken when you eat.

00:38:50.100 --> 00:39:02.460 Tommy D: 2530 wings or something like that you know, in a sitting, and when you go I grew up in the bar business and a lot of buffalo wings in the barn man that's a lot of baby chicken said wow those reality 200 animals.

00:39:03.300 --> 00:39:12.630 John Di Leonardo: yeah and don't realize is all the animals that we consume in our society they're all babies, not just those little chicken wings every single one of them, you know we're talking about.

00:39:13.380 --> 00:39:20.220 John Di Leonardo: You know, between four chickens between six and eight weeks when you get to the larger animals they're only a few months.

00:39:20.700 --> 00:39:27.840 John Di Leonardo: So these are all babies that are on our plate even and then you get into the dairy industry and the egg industry, I mean Those are some of the worst.

00:39:28.740 --> 00:39:37.380 John Di Leonardo: I mean cows cows are just like every other mammal they only produce milk when they're pregnant and then shortly thereafter for the for the baby.

00:39:37.680 --> 00:39:47.520 John Di Leonardo: And only enough for the baby, so the dairy industry we actually take the baby away from that that mother tear tear him from their mother as a baby and then.

00:39:48.000 --> 00:39:53.550 John Di Leonardo: sell them to the veal industry, so we can consume that milk for the egg industry we're actually.

00:39:54.210 --> 00:40:03.090 John Di Leonardo: I mean what would think about about when when when you have a bunch of eggs you're going to have some brewster's you're going to have some hands like drama, the difference between chickens.

00:40:03.450 --> 00:40:10.470 John Di Leonardo: Male male chickens and roosters female chickens are hands, so in the egg industry, what happens to all the male roosters.

00:40:11.130 --> 00:40:15.750 John Di Leonardo: they're there they're not they don't have much meat on them because we actually have bread.

00:40:16.200 --> 00:40:23.760 John Di Leonardo: certain varieties of chickens for for their meat and others for eggs, so the egg laying rooster or the egg laying chickens that are male.

00:40:24.240 --> 00:40:33.210 John Di Leonardo: We actually ground up those babies alive or recently and they're only one day old so a lot of people don't realize that I mean I think people are inherently good.

00:40:33.990 --> 00:40:38.460 John Di Leonardo: But factory farms hide this the industry hides these facts from people.

00:40:38.790 --> 00:40:48.180 John Di Leonardo: But when we know better, we can do better so as hard as it is to listen to these facts, I mean if they're bothering you I encourage everyone, you can reach out to us that you made long and ask us how to get started.

00:40:49.050 --> 00:40:58.590 John Di Leonardo: And we're happy to you know guide you in the right direction, I mean I do most of my shopping at shop right at stop and shop, you know it's it's never been easier to go vegan.

00:40:59.160 --> 00:41:01.500 Tommy D: What do you mean you can help, so I think I.

00:41:01.890 --> 00:41:02.760 Tommy D: know what you mean and.

00:41:02.820 --> 00:41:08.010 Tommy D: Education wise, you can help you're saying like if somebody's distraught by listening to this.

00:41:08.490 --> 00:41:13.800 Tommy D: And they want an answer you're not just saying hey figure it out you're going to provide solutions you do.

00:41:14.160 --> 00:41:19.950 Tommy D: education or training or classes, even on like here's what you're going to replace you want to get rid of the chicken.

00:41:20.430 --> 00:41:27.120 Tommy D: Like I as i'm hearing talking to you talk protein i'm thinking a keen, why is like awesome and has like a ton of like protein it's really.

00:41:27.510 --> 00:41:33.870 Tommy D: One of those super grains and stuff like that so but I think look whether people are brainwashed or whatever.

00:41:34.410 --> 00:41:42.120 Tommy D: You know people say Oh, you have to eat meat but john you know there's plenty of and forks over knives I think we brought that up last week there's a lot of movies and docs and.

00:41:42.510 --> 00:41:56.130 Tommy D: Perhaps you could direct us to some of that as well, to see how there are alternatives and there's plenty was forks over knives if you've seen it was not the one where these athletes are like shredded and like an incredible shape and like.

00:41:56.190 --> 00:41:58.740 Valerie Heffron: Actually game changers I think yeah.

00:41:58.800 --> 00:42:00.300 Tommy D: Which which one is a game changers.

00:42:00.480 --> 00:42:02.250 Valerie Heffron: yeah that's the game changers.

00:42:02.280 --> 00:42:07.740 Tommy D: But performance like like do like awesome athletes and they don't eat meat.

00:42:08.490 --> 00:42:15.480 John Di Leonardo: Right yep right bodybuilders nfl players, you know I mean i'll tell you from my experience, I mean when I was.

00:42:15.780 --> 00:42:22.230 John Di Leonardo: When I was first went vegan I mean I did I was the first vegetarian I knew I was the first vegan I knew I just knew I didn't want to harm animals.

00:42:22.530 --> 00:42:30.390 John Di Leonardo: So I didn't know what I was doing a lot of salads and a lot of tofu I mean this is 13 years ago anyway, we don't have the options that we have nowadays.

00:42:30.660 --> 00:42:38.250 John Di Leonardo: I thought you know, I was gonna get scrawny and weekend, you know that was just gonna be my sacrifice for the animals and was actually the opposite, you know I.

00:42:38.880 --> 00:42:44.010 John Di Leonardo: I actually worked sanitation, when I was when I was in college during summer breaks.

00:42:44.430 --> 00:42:49.740 John Di Leonardo: And, and the first summer I was eating meat, and I was working out all the time job was hard second summer.

00:42:50.010 --> 00:43:00.810 John Di Leonardo: I stopped working out, I was living that college party life but i've stopped eating meat job is easier third year of living that party life, but I was vegan and i'm just working out after work now.

00:43:06.270 --> 00:43:07.590 John Di Leonardo: I just got rid of the dairy.

00:43:08.040 --> 00:43:10.950 John Di Leonardo: And it did wonders for my health, as well as the animals.

00:43:11.730 --> 00:43:18.390 Valerie Heffron: um you know I to tommy's point I do think that one of the really positive.

00:43:19.080 --> 00:43:29.310 Valerie Heffron: Support vehicles is when like a friend of mine just told me that I mean that there's a guy I know from long beach, I cannot believe he went vegan he was one of the biggest carnivores i've ever known.

00:43:29.790 --> 00:43:40.530 Valerie Heffron: And he watched the movie the game changers and he actually knew, one of the people in there, so he decided to try it for 30 days and he's still saying he's never felt better he's he's.

00:43:41.250 --> 00:43:55.470 Valerie Heffron: The so the point is that a friend of his came over for dinner, and he made her some meatballs using mostly I think mushrooms, or something like that, but being able to have the knowledge of how like if you have a craving.

00:43:56.790 --> 00:44:04.050 Valerie Heffron: And you want pizza or whatever, or you want a burger that's a better example you're craving a cheeseburger.

00:44:04.470 --> 00:44:19.980 Valerie Heffron: Like when I went to Joanne when clients house and she had that vegan Barbecue and I try to be on verb of the first time in my life I was blown away, I could not believe that it was meatless I still I still can't we have more time now because they're delicious.

00:44:20.370 --> 00:44:36.150 Tommy D: yo listen how about shout out, we should get them them on the show, and you probably get them to sponsor the show you know, Dr preggers the doctor preggers burgers man, I mean I don't know if they're super healthy I know there's no meeting them but they're delicious Castle yeah I.

00:44:38.670 --> 00:44:39.780 Tommy D: If I find myself a white.

00:44:39.780 --> 00:44:47.670 Tommy D: Castle i'm probably not going like beyond or Dr preggers i'm just going for the belly bombers, but I don't find myself in a white Castle at this point my life will.

00:44:48.600 --> 00:44:51.870 Valerie Heffron: definitely have to get back, though, to the elephant head, I know what.

00:44:51.870 --> 00:44:55.890 Tommy D: We do, and we got we gotta go to break out take us through a break and then we'll.

00:44:56.760 --> 00:44:59.070 Valerie Heffron: Come back we're going to talk about the lion head.

00:44:59.340 --> 00:45:00.780 Valerie Heffron: And the elephant head, but if.

00:45:00.840 --> 00:45:04.800 Valerie Heffron: They get along actually in this situation and they're actually great friends.

00:47:11.970 --> 00:47:20.370 Valerie Heffron: Okay we're back where i'm muted and we're talking about when I met john I think this was the protests when we met and.

00:47:20.820 --> 00:47:29.760 Valerie Heffron: You know, there are some friends i'll just do anything for so when my dear friend Joanne our mutual friend Joanne when quiet asked me to accompany her to.

00:47:30.630 --> 00:47:39.660 Valerie Heffron: An anti circus protests in oceanside and I was living in I was like sure Joe and anything for you and, by the way, what's this all about So while we.

00:47:41.070 --> 00:47:53.610 Valerie Heffron: You know, it was really cool there were people who had some costumes and I think we really got the message out because eventually that surface the Koch brothers circus no longer came to town.

00:47:54.660 --> 00:48:00.450 John Di Leonardo: yeah yeah not just didn't come to town, but they actually closed up shop all around the country now.

00:48:01.950 --> 00:48:02.670 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

00:48:03.180 --> 00:48:13.920 John Di Leonardo: I mean we we started protesting them get on an early days that was actually after a an oceanside protest, it might have actually been that that when you're talking about Valerie.

00:48:14.280 --> 00:48:14.730 Valerie Heffron: We yeah.

00:48:15.090 --> 00:48:17.910 John Di Leonardo: That was when we founded lion we.

00:48:18.690 --> 00:48:27.930 John Di Leonardo: You know, we actually were were and it wasn't even me that that said let's start a group I was leading the protest and it went so well, we saw thousands of dollars going out of the services pockets.

00:48:28.470 --> 00:48:36.330 John Di Leonardo: That you know all the first time protester said, this is amazing, you know so empowering you know, we have more often, we have to this for other issues.

00:48:36.660 --> 00:48:37.230 Valerie Heffron: and

00:48:37.290 --> 00:48:41.190 John Di Leonardo: Then let's start a group, and I said okay great who's in charge, and everyone looked at me and I guess.

00:48:44.670 --> 00:48:46.410 Valerie Heffron: Seeing you and action is.

00:48:46.410 --> 00:48:54.840 Valerie Heffron: truly impressive because you know you're you're just you're really educated and you speak to people in a wonderful way.

00:48:55.020 --> 00:48:56.670 Valerie Heffron: that's intelligent and.

00:48:56.790 --> 00:49:08.580 Valerie Heffron: evokes curiosity and I really want to mention this because, as an advocate and john we've talked about this to a little bit, but you know if you want something from people.

00:49:09.420 --> 00:49:19.470 Valerie Heffron: it's not really an effective approach to try to bash them over the head with with your desired outcome or your message, and I see that a lot, unfortunately.

00:49:19.950 --> 00:49:27.600 Valerie Heffron: You know in this world that people, and I understand the anger because it's so frustrating when you know animals are suffering and you're trying to help and.

00:49:27.930 --> 00:49:40.950 Valerie Heffron: You want everyone to see what you see, but you know a lot of times it's not the content it's the delivery and I remember that day, there was a family approaching, they were going to take their children to go see the circus.

00:49:41.340 --> 00:49:58.470 Valerie Heffron: And you stop can I talk to you my name is so and so here's and here's my background your background is very impressive and they turn around you, that was a real moment I was like wow you know and i'm just saying, though, the approach is so important.

00:49:58.980 --> 00:50:05.070 John Di Leonardo: Absolutely, I think I think finding common ground with people and meeting them where they are is very important.

00:50:05.910 --> 00:50:13.440 John Di Leonardo: I mean, one of the one of the people who was actually saying hey let's start this group let's you know, one of the people at the protest saying let's start lying.

00:50:13.830 --> 00:50:17.610 John Di Leonardo: He was actually a hunter during that time, you know when he said that.

00:50:18.120 --> 00:50:29.730 John Di Leonardo: wow I was vegan he was a hunter he he wasn't even supposed to be at the protest but I went to pick up my friend mark they've been playing basketball and and I said hey what are you doing getting the car, he was going to leave marks.

00:50:29.730 --> 00:50:29.970 Valerie Heffron: out.

00:50:30.780 --> 00:50:32.850 John Di Leonardo: I don't know i'm a hunter I don't protest.

00:50:32.910 --> 00:50:42.540 John Di Leonardo: And I said okay says you're a hunter so that means you're okay with beating elephants with books and and he said no that's messed up and I said yeah it's messed up getting the car and he did.

00:50:42.810 --> 00:50:43.710 Nice.

00:50:44.880 --> 00:50:45.780 John Di Leonardo: night after.

00:50:45.990 --> 00:50:52.860 John Di Leonardo: Road tested with us and then one of those people, one of the founding members, a few months later he went vegetarian a year later he went vegan.

00:50:53.370 --> 00:50:56.670 Valerie Heffron: wow and does he no longer hunt.

00:50:57.030 --> 00:51:00.000 John Di Leonardo: No yeah he's totally vegan now is an animal advocate.

00:51:03.150 --> 00:51:08.640 Tommy D: that's an incredible story, but I want to go back because i'm not gonna I have to play Johnny naive on the show.

00:51:08.790 --> 00:51:09.330 John Di Leonardo: I get.

00:51:09.540 --> 00:51:12.990 Tommy D: I don't get it now I don't mean I don't get it, but like you why.

00:51:14.700 --> 00:51:21.270 Tommy D: circuses have been around for so many years, like what tell like not for me to go oh it's obvious that there are mistreated tell me john.

00:51:21.600 --> 00:51:22.140 John Di Leonardo: hurt.

00:51:22.500 --> 00:51:28.560 Tommy D: You bring the pain baby bring the pain, so people know what exactly happened why will not should I not be going to the circus.

00:51:28.830 --> 00:51:39.480 John Di Leonardo: yeah well it's talking about elephants, I mean simple as simple the most simple thing is, I mean wild animals belong in the wild they don't belong and belong in boxcars they don't belong.

00:51:39.960 --> 00:51:59.370 John Di Leonardo: doing a natural contortions on stage and they you know and and they don't you know they they need, they need acres and acres to Rome many miles to Rome just rocking back and forth in a boxcar is not a life or any animal, but if that if that neglect and that you know.

00:52:00.960 --> 00:52:10.140 John Di Leonardo: That level of keeping them from the natural abilities wasn't bad enough they're beat in their electroshock there's there's a tool called a bullock really I scholar weapon.

00:52:10.260 --> 00:52:17.250 John Di Leonardo: code a book it looks like a large fireplace poker if you've ever ever been to the circus i'm sure you've seen it and didn't realize what it was.

00:52:17.520 --> 00:52:25.890 John Di Leonardo: anytime you ever seen an elephant in the circus you'll always see his trainer holding a long pole sometimes it all tassels on the ends of disguise it.

00:52:26.490 --> 00:52:34.770 John Di Leonardo: But it has has a hook and a spike on the top, and that is used to beat the elephants and and beat them into submission to make them perform.

00:52:35.970 --> 00:52:47.760 John Di Leonardo: you're not going to see them typically beating them on stage, because who would go to the circus if if that's what you were going to witness, but that is there to remind that animal of the beatings that occurred behind the you know.

00:52:48.270 --> 00:52:59.700 John Di Leonardo: behind the scenes so obviously if you walk up to a grown elephant, and you just start you know waving a weapon around he's probably going to run away or if he can't run away he's gonna step on you.

00:53:00.300 --> 00:53:09.090 John Di Leonardo: But they do this to them when they're babies, I mean when as soon as they're born, they separate them from their mothers and they chain them on the opposite ends of the barn.

00:53:09.360 --> 00:53:12.360 John Di Leonardo: to break their spirit, so they can see each other, but can touch one another.

00:53:12.840 --> 00:53:24.330 John Di Leonardo: And then, after a few months they bind them in with with ropes and heavy metal chains and they beat them with this book and often use electric products and tasers on them as well.

00:53:24.870 --> 00:53:34.410 John Di Leonardo: But with that bullock always front and Center so the elephant learns to fear that block so when they see it, they have like a post traumatic stress response and they do whatever that trainer says.

00:53:34.800 --> 00:53:41.250 John Di Leonardo: So it's the same thing with goes with with many animals, I mean we had brookhaven fair and the north port fair.

00:53:41.730 --> 00:53:47.940 John Di Leonardo: used to have something called the banana Derby where they had monkeys chained by their next two dogs running around in a circle.

00:53:48.210 --> 00:53:57.360 John Di Leonardo: I mean it's horrific but you look in the monkeys mouth say the monkeys didn't even have teeth they had pulled all their teeth teeth out to take away their natural defenses so I mean.

00:53:58.110 --> 00:54:11.850 John Di Leonardo: Simple the simple messages animals belong in the wild wild life belongs in the wild and we should keep wildlife wild there is no right way to be an elephant a submission or decades or a wide ranging tiger.

00:54:12.510 --> 00:54:13.110 Valerie Heffron: but luckily.

00:54:13.590 --> 00:54:16.380 Valerie Heffron: Species we can be and what a.

00:54:16.410 --> 00:54:17.130 Valerie Heffron: What a heart.

00:54:17.640 --> 00:54:31.860 Valerie Heffron: Black heart, he must have to be the actual person, you know to to be that trainer I can't even call them a trainer I remember seeing the movie water for elephants which depicted a lot of the royalties and the surface, but you know.

00:54:32.490 --> 00:54:42.150 Valerie Heffron: The truth is, I want more people to hear these horrific inhumane stories so that they'll be awakened and want to get involved.

00:54:42.900 --> 00:54:51.570 Valerie Heffron: And I need to mention this because this is just our most recent encounter, but I think john john and I were to protest together if he wants to go in front of the town of Hempstead.

00:54:52.140 --> 00:55:02.040 Valerie Heffron: And the reason we were there is because they gave a contract to a company that was supposed to be in charge of.

00:55:02.850 --> 00:55:13.740 Valerie Heffron: handling the geese population within the township humanely and, unfortunately, that that person was caught by a neighbor and another town.

00:55:14.430 --> 00:55:21.690 Valerie Heffron: physically abusing and trying to kill the father goose or duck i'm so sorry I forgot a goose.

00:55:22.080 --> 00:55:34.980 Valerie Heffron: And and and the geese slings the babies drowning them, so you know we all showed up to the town of Hempstead asking that they sever that contract and i've been meaning to ask you john but um do you have an update for us on that.

00:55:35.310 --> 00:55:38.310 John Di Leonardo: No, I don't have an update right now, they did suspend the contract.

00:55:38.340 --> 00:55:47.520 John Di Leonardo: So, as far as like suspended whether it's going to be revoked or not time will tell, but as long as activists like like you and I are speaking up.

00:55:47.760 --> 00:55:49.410 John Di Leonardo: I mean we're going to see more and more.

00:55:49.470 --> 00:55:51.150 John Di Leonardo: horrible contracts being torn up.

00:55:51.630 --> 00:55:57.570 Valerie Heffron: that's right, and these are the kinds of things that I mean there's so many different levels, there are some people that really activate the they.

00:55:57.810 --> 00:56:12.000 Valerie Heffron: They advocate for things the email they make phone calls they share posts online and then, of course, there are people like Tom he says about to strap on some waiters and get out there and save some actual waterfowl.

00:56:12.270 --> 00:56:13.140 Tommy D: i'm all in man.

00:56:14.940 --> 00:56:20.100 Valerie Heffron: Everybody just we all can do better, we all can do more and we can all help.

00:56:21.600 --> 00:56:22.290 Valerie Heffron: So.

00:56:22.800 --> 00:56:23.130 Tommy D: We should.

00:56:25.860 --> 00:56:31.080 Valerie Heffron: Just I want to actually get into with john, how do we, how do we help him further.

00:56:31.260 --> 00:56:40.650 Tommy D: yeah john really let's do it fast we're running out of time, so john, how do we get into first of all we'll have you on my other show probably and we'll do a video of me in the waiters and we'll put me to work all deals well.

00:56:41.160 --> 00:56:43.740 Tommy D: But how do they get in touch with you how, what do you need quick, if you could.

00:56:44.250 --> 00:56:51.000 John Di Leonardo: yeah the best way to help us is go to you main long and support us on entirely right now we're.

00:56:51.420 --> 00:56:57.690 John Di Leonardo: we're a nonprofit and we're trying to make some big moves we have big rebranding coming ahead we just got a.

00:56:57.900 --> 00:57:10.170 John Di Leonardo: New place in riverhead and we're planning to expand to a much larger place within the next year, so whatever you can help whether that skills, whether that's funding, whether that's volunteering, we want to hear from you at you main long island org.

00:57:10.620 --> 00:57:21.780 Tommy D: mean long john de le nardo, thank you for being a friend of the show, thank you for being my new friend i'm not joking i'm gonna come out and to help you all right, and then wherever riverhead I mean yesterday I.

00:57:22.650 --> 00:57:25.410 Tommy D: drove a bunch of diapers around so just let me put me in man i'm ready i'm.

00:57:25.410 --> 00:57:26.100 Tommy D: ready to do it.

00:57:27.420 --> 00:57:31.770 Tommy D: you're welcome, and thank you for being here, thank you for the work you do you do and I like I say.

00:57:32.310 --> 00:57:39.870 Tommy D: we'll have you back bring the pain tell us, I was trying to make this more complicated than it is, but the point is wildlife belongs in the wild.

00:57:40.080 --> 00:57:47.280 Tommy D: period in the story we don't even need to know about the torture and stuff like that, if we just left the species, where they belong, we wouldn't have these problems right.

00:57:47.700 --> 00:58:00.750 Tommy D: And in the wise words of a historical figure, I think it makes a lot of sense here to just close the show with this, this is the professionals and animal lovers show Greg to Francis will be on the i've screwed up his name I think the friends that will be on the show next week from.

00:58:02.160 --> 00:58:11.460 Tommy D: camp canine jax beach so there'll be here talking about canine breeding shout out to Florida, but here's what here's this historical figure that talks to us about the animals.

00:58:11.880 --> 00:58:26.130 Tommy D: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way, it's animals are treated and that's gonna be that said that knows a couple things about a couple things, make it a great week i'll see you guys later thanks john thanks bye guys.

00:58:26.160 --> 00:58:28.590 Valerie Heffron: Thank you, everybody, thank you.

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