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Friday, September 17, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/17 - Empowering Futures The Center for Great Expectations

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/17 - Empowering Futures The Center for Great Expectations


2021/09/17 - Empowering Futures The Center for Great Expectations

[NEW EPISODE] Empowering Futures - The Center for Great Expectations

The Center for Great Expectations (CGE), a non-profit located in Somerset, NJ, provides transformational mental health and substance use disorder treatment to women, children, men, and families impacted by trauma, abuse, and neglect. CGE is comprised of approximately 115 staff who deliver comprehensive, collaborative, and compassionate services to over 1,000 individuals/year across 7 different counties.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cummings has the privilege of providing administrative oversight to CGE’s six unique programs, in addition to managing the Finance, Human Resources, Development, Compliance, and Facilities Departments. His leadership has contributed to the implementation of an agency-wide Performance Management system that promotes staff development, the launch of a 403(b) retirement plan, upgraded software and technology tools, and a robust agency-wide communication platform. Prior to joining CGE, Tim spent 13-years with an affordable and supportive housing provider in New York City. Tim has also had the unique privilege of providing care for, and living in community with, marginalized individuals in inner city Philadelphia, as well as homeless youth in Haiti and Peru.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

The first segment of the show begins with a question about how Tim became involved in the non-profit sector. Tim discusses how, from a young age, he was exposed to opportunities to get involved in social justice, equity, and inclusion work. By spending time in communities that were different from his own, he began to discover his power and the amount of impact he was able to make.

Segment 2

In the second segment of the show, Tim discusses a program he participated in during the gap year he took after graduating from college. The program took place in an inner city Philadelphia community and its purpose was to serve the residents of that community. He lived within this community for about two years and he discovered the level of privilege he had been afforded in life. He then decided to dedicate himself to giving back to the community through social work and by engaging in everyday acts of kindness and compassion.

Segment 3

In the third segment of the show, Tim discusses his professional non-profit work within CGE. He has worked with CGE for about 4 years and is incredibly passionate about the impact that has been and will be created by them. 

CGE primarily serves women and children who struggle with mental health issues and substance abuse disorders. They offer various programs and centers which support mothers and children as they try to break cycles of abuse and trauma. They also offer outpatient services which men are able to access.

Segment 4

The final segment focuses on the programs offered by CGE. They offer a supportive housing program which offers housing and counseling services to women in need. They also offer an outpatient program for both women and men. Finally, they offer a start program which offers medical and mental health care and support services within the homes of the families they serve.This enables the non-profit staff to gain a greater understanding of the living situations of the families they support. This also enables non-profit organizations to provide better services to the communities they serve.


00:05:19.860 --> 00:05:20.130 Tommy DiMisa: hear.

00:05:20.160 --> 00:05:23.130 Tommy DiMisa: The lyrics to the tune it's your boy the nonprofit sector.

00:05:24.030 --> 00:05:29.700 Tommy DiMisa: connector coming at you from the top of my house, you know where I am above the second floor just below the roof.

00:05:30.060 --> 00:05:42.330 Tommy DiMisa: In my attic that's right in the attic every single Friday morning TIM cummings I got a phone call yesterday, and I could tell he is digging the jokes and the laughter and I know we're going to have an intense.

00:05:42.870 --> 00:05:47.220 Tommy DiMisa: hysterical 59 minutes but we're also going to talk about tidbits and best practices.

00:05:47.610 --> 00:05:56.220 Tommy DiMisa: about the nonprofit sector as TIM cummings is a leader in the sector, so what do we do here on this show this show is called philanthropy focused and I listened to that intro right before.

00:05:56.520 --> 00:06:08.790 Tommy DiMisa: Our shows Come on, and it says professionals serving communities and it actually hit me when I did the show professionals and animal lovers it's Wednesday shout out to my partner on that show my Pal TAO have frog.

00:06:09.240 --> 00:06:17.040 Tommy DiMisa: that she was all about advocacy in the animal world but I started the show, and I said professional serving communities and, as I heard it just now again It reminded me.

00:06:17.610 --> 00:06:24.300 Tommy DiMisa: How important that phrase is for what our network is all about shout out to Sam leibowitz in your vision who's the Executive Director of.

00:06:24.870 --> 00:06:33.180 Tommy DiMisa: Talk radio dot nyc and shout out for your vision of incorporating girls Inc long island into what we've now adopted as our nonprofit from now through.

00:06:33.660 --> 00:06:44.430 Tommy DiMisa: 2022 so pretty exciting, because we are so focused on serving community and I thought we'd underline that I thought i'd bring it up really quickly to to mention that as well.

00:06:45.030 --> 00:06:53.490 Tommy DiMisa: So what we do here on the show every week is amplify the message for nonprofit organizations, as you know.

00:06:54.240 --> 00:07:02.460 Tommy DiMisa: I believe that the nonprofit sector changes our world every second of every minute of every hour of day month millennium, the whole thing.

00:07:03.060 --> 00:07:09.570 Tommy DiMisa: And if it wasn't for this sector, I really don't know where this impact would come from I don't know who would do the work and.

00:07:10.260 --> 00:07:14.220 Tommy DiMisa: We don't have to figure that out, because there are thousands of organizations.

00:07:14.700 --> 00:07:23.190 Tommy DiMisa: In the State of New Jersey, where in Jersey today there's thousands of organizations in New York, there is, I think the number is 1.4 million nonprofit organizations in this country.

00:07:23.550 --> 00:07:27.090 Tommy DiMisa: For a little bit of statistics, I give it is I did this in a nonprofit know the last week.

00:07:27.990 --> 00:07:39.210 Tommy DiMisa: But the city of New York 600,000 employees and the nonprofit sector just in the city of New York that represents 330 $3.6 billion in annual payroll.

00:07:39.510 --> 00:07:47.970 Tommy DiMisa: In just in New York City alone 35,000 some odd nonprofit organizations check out one of my nonprofit nuggets and we'll get you all the details on that listen.

00:07:48.930 --> 00:08:01.740 Tommy DiMisa: On recognized, often for the work they do overlooked and, as we know, underfunded that's always a thing I talked about my answer to that for the nonprofit sector is philanthropy and focus were like 37 episodes into this show that started out as an idea.

00:08:02.340 --> 00:08:04.770 Tommy DiMisa: And now it's a real thing, and this is my mission.

00:08:05.250 --> 00:08:16.050 Tommy DiMisa: To tell these stories so let's get right into today's conversation because that's about enough of hearing from me now we'll hear more from Tommy D, of course, but listen, we want to get into talking to TIM cummings.

00:08:16.380 --> 00:08:28.140 Tommy DiMisa: And really dive into this information so TIM, we talked we had some jokes we talked about look their gang i'm doing 60 days of service, I did a day service sad i'm just going to put it out that shout out to Regina Mendoza.

00:08:28.740 --> 00:08:38.790 Tommy DiMisa: I did a day service they number 13 of 60 at a place called camp happy tells nyc TIM cummings and I were just talking in the virtual green room and I said there might be a Bruno D.

00:08:39.210 --> 00:08:48.750 Tommy DiMisa: There might be a dog coming into the D household in the next 48 hours so TIM had some insights on that and maybe he'll share with me but.

00:08:49.260 --> 00:08:51.360 Tim Cummings: yeah big mistake big i'm just kidding.

00:08:51.630 --> 00:08:54.690 Tim Cummings: Stay do it Tommy Tommy I think we should ask people to comment.

00:08:55.080 --> 00:08:56.940 Tim Cummings: below this as to whether or not they think you should.

00:08:56.940 --> 00:08:57.630 Tim Cummings: take the plunge.

00:08:57.720 --> 00:09:09.210 Tommy DiMisa: I think it's pretty funny so you guys actually if you're watching on Facebook, you can communicate with TIM and I so feel free, if you want Bruno Bruno is the question if you if you saw a picture of them you wouldn't be able to say no.

00:09:09.420 --> 00:09:10.530 Tim Cummings: I leaves a great idea.

00:09:10.800 --> 00:09:12.480 Tommy DiMisa: If you didn't think it was a great idea.

00:09:12.480 --> 00:09:13.080 Tim Cummings: So that's.

00:09:15.060 --> 00:09:20.790 Tommy DiMisa: The best I love it we're gonna have fun alright, so let me Let me read a little bit about tim's background, but I did say you can always check in.

00:09:21.000 --> 00:09:25.710 Tommy DiMisa: Talking alternative broadcasting if you're listening to us on Facebook and watch us talking alternative broadcasting.

00:09:26.100 --> 00:09:35.010 Tommy DiMisa: And then, after the shows all my all my shows are on talk radio dot nyc and then on all your podcast platforms focus is spelled PhD us if you didn't know that well.

00:09:36.000 --> 00:09:48.690 Tommy DiMisa: It isn't spelled PhD cus unless you're on my show and I spell things differently so when you're looking for me, you say philanthropy mph owes us all right in his role as chief operating officer.

00:09:49.410 --> 00:10:00.360 Tommy DiMisa: TIM has the privilege of variety administrative oversight, to the organization six programs, in addition to managing finance human resources that's my world development compliance and facilities department.

00:10:00.660 --> 00:10:04.590 Tommy DiMisa: Is leadership at the Center for great expectations has.

00:10:04.980 --> 00:10:13.530 Tommy DiMisa: has contributed to the implementation of an agency wide performance management system, I want to talk about that because that's critical in the in this world, especially today, even more than ever.

00:10:13.710 --> 00:10:17.970 Tommy DiMisa: The launch of before three beat retirement plan upgraded software and technology tools.

00:10:18.270 --> 00:10:26.730 Tommy DiMisa: As well as a robust agency wide communication platform that's again with remote workers and all that stuff this is going to be great to have sorry from your background the organization.

00:10:26.940 --> 00:10:33.810 Tommy DiMisa: I think we're going to learn a lot of those tidbits and best practices that my other friends and lead organizations will learn from our conversation today.

00:10:34.770 --> 00:10:45.780 Tommy DiMisa: he's also had the unique privilege of providing care for and living in a Community with marginalized marginalized individuals in the inner city of Philadelphia, as well as homeless youth in Haiti and Peru.

00:10:46.170 --> 00:10:54.390 Tommy DiMisa: Throughout his 18 plus year career in social services sector, Tim has remained steadfast in its commitment, establishing and supporting mindful sustainable.

00:10:54.570 --> 00:11:01.530 Tommy DiMisa: and equitable communities, he received his undergrad degree from fairfield university his MBA from the University of fin like I.

00:11:01.890 --> 00:11:11.880 Tommy DiMisa: What runs would Finn light is Finn Finn lay is Finn lay and I want to send a shout out to Veronica finley who made this all happen director of development for the organization.

00:11:12.570 --> 00:11:19.650 Tommy DiMisa: The organization, that is, is a Center for great expectations, every time I say that, though I think of that Dickens book great expectations which.

00:11:19.830 --> 00:11:31.500 Tommy DiMisa: I haven't read in about 100 years and I probably didn't read it when i'm supposed to read it as a kid I probably just thumb through it, but it always kind of passage TIM comics two things, welcome to the show welcome in my attic how you doing.

00:11:31.950 --> 00:11:32.850 Tim Cummings: Thanks Tommy Thank you.

00:11:33.420 --> 00:11:34.050 Tommy DiMisa: you're welcome.

00:11:35.280 --> 00:11:41.910 Tim Cummings: Great to be here man, and I really appreciate, you know it's been awesome to get to know you it's really awesome to be here and.

00:11:42.270 --> 00:11:46.530 Tim Cummings: You know I just really want to give you a shout out for the work that you're doing to you know.

00:11:46.890 --> 00:11:53.760 Tim Cummings: As you said, amplify these nonprofits there's just so many dynamic amazing groups out there that are just doing such phenomenal work and.

00:11:54.030 --> 00:12:03.450 Tim Cummings: They don't always get the attention the attention that they deserve, so the fact that you've you know really committed yourself to this is, you know it's just really excellent, and I really commend you for that for that effort.

00:12:03.720 --> 00:12:08.760 Tommy DiMisa: I appreciate the gratitude man, you know you get a get an idea in your head, you know, and it was something I wanted to do.

00:12:08.760 --> 00:12:08.940 Tim Cummings: When.

00:12:09.390 --> 00:12:12.360 Tommy DiMisa: I do, send a lot of credit out to my buddy kent's really.

00:12:13.770 --> 00:12:20.520 Tommy DiMisa: Managing Director of screening associates county fair amount here on long island, they have a major focus on the nonprofit sector.

00:12:20.730 --> 00:12:21.120 Tim Cummings: Right um.

00:12:21.660 --> 00:12:30.450 Tommy DiMisa: You know, Ken founded long island imagine awards York City imagine awards, and I was sort of courting Ken before you knew Tommy D was and I kind of like a like a lion.

00:12:30.930 --> 00:12:34.200 Tommy DiMisa: In you know, in the in the grass looking at this guy I was like ah.

00:12:34.440 --> 00:12:44.400 Tommy DiMisa: You can be my friend i'm gonna be friends with that guy so shout out to candy was on the show about three weeks ago but founded long island imagine what's coming up on 10 years and New York City management awards, we are in the inaugural New York City.

00:12:44.970 --> 00:12:49.890 Tommy DiMisa: awards program which will actually awards night will be October 19 it's a Tuesday night.

00:12:50.550 --> 00:13:03.030 Tommy DiMisa: So look it's it's that kind of stuff that I saw an idea and I wanted to do it and I didn't do it right away TIM, but I just I finally did do it and I don't think i'll ever stop doing this show like my wife and kids and I think I tell this story.

00:13:03.300 --> 00:13:07.800 Tommy DiMisa: My wife and kid if we go around and we're like we're at hershey park couple weeks ago.

00:13:08.130 --> 00:13:20.340 Tommy DiMisa: And there's guys that look like me but they're like 6570 years old, like that Gray hair like they have this and they got a hat on or something like that, like oh look it's old timey d like that that's what you're going to look like when you're old man I got that guy looks pretty cool.

00:13:20.430 --> 00:13:21.660 Tim Cummings: So I got some guys i'm sure.

00:13:22.830 --> 00:13:25.890 Tommy DiMisa: You may seem like this still cool so um I could dig that and.

00:13:26.910 --> 00:13:35.910 Tommy DiMisa: Why we're reading but i'll show up here in the attic probably you know what I have to use a cane and come up here to the attic I imagined maybe i'll be in a studio.

00:13:35.910 --> 00:13:39.060 Tim Cummings: But we'll get we'll put it on to those chairlifts and or something along those lines for you.

00:13:39.240 --> 00:13:40.800 Tommy DiMisa: Those up the stairs yeah exactly.

00:13:42.300 --> 00:13:46.290 Tim Cummings: Okay, make sure you're taking care of you got to keep this going it's awesome stuff man Thank you Brett.

00:13:46.530 --> 00:13:50.460 Tommy DiMisa: Well, I want to come out I you're very welcome, and I do want to come out and see you guys in person and.

00:13:50.520 --> 00:13:50.970 Tim Cummings: And the awesome.

00:13:51.270 --> 00:13:52.680 Tommy DiMisa: dude facilities will do some videos.

00:13:53.130 --> 00:13:55.410 Tim Cummings: that's great we love to I mean a quick.

00:13:55.470 --> 00:14:08.910 Tim Cummings: shout out on that filter always well, welcome to come by right, I mean we love giving tours there's no better way to really get a clear understanding of who we are and you know how we try to fulfill our mission on a daily basis, then, then by seeing it, you know face to face so.

00:14:09.600 --> 00:14:10.770 Tim Cummings: And you get to meet.

00:14:10.800 --> 00:14:18.390 Tim Cummings: You know the amazing women and children, that we serve and experience the resiliency it's it's a very profound experience so.

00:14:18.690 --> 00:14:19.650 Tim Cummings: I don't buy man.

00:14:19.710 --> 00:14:22.110 Tommy DiMisa: Well, I will be there that's a that's a lock.

00:14:22.140 --> 00:14:24.570 Tim Cummings: put it in model failure coffee cup when you get here.

00:14:24.960 --> 00:14:26.280 Tommy DiMisa: You know i'll just bring will just get.

00:14:26.520 --> 00:14:27.450 Tim Cummings: A drink that jar.

00:14:27.660 --> 00:14:33.150 Tommy DiMisa: never ending mason jar of coffee that's all we need, so I appreciate the coffee or, but that means i'll be there.

00:14:33.240 --> 00:14:34.380 Tim Cummings: I was coming in right yeah.

00:14:34.860 --> 00:14:45.810 Tommy DiMisa: Read me with coffee i'm i'm all in here's here's what we're gonna do I want to know all about the organization, the programs and we're gonna get into that but what I love to do straight out of the gate is find out.

00:14:46.230 --> 00:14:57.060 Tommy DiMisa: I always ask a question like this, what drew you TIM cummings to the service sector, what treated a nonprofit you know, is there a story there that wasn't there isn't always a story there.

00:14:57.300 --> 00:14:58.050 Tim Cummings: But all right.

00:14:58.230 --> 00:15:04.440 Tommy DiMisa: Often there's a story there so tell me about that story for you, I mean Haiti Peru, you know let's let's jump in.

00:15:04.860 --> 00:15:09.330 Tim Cummings: This is, this is where all the listeners start to fall asleep Tommy so i'm just warning you.

00:15:09.510 --> 00:15:10.410 Oh hey man.

00:15:11.670 --> 00:15:14.010 Tommy DiMisa: If it gets that way i'll jump in i'll see some fun.

00:15:14.100 --> 00:15:20.970 Tim Cummings: yeah you can live in a backup and Tommy I just got to give a shout out to us both that are standing desk here we're both like swaying back and forth anybody who's watching this.

00:15:21.390 --> 00:15:22.950 Tim Cummings: Live is probably gonna get dizzy.

00:15:23.040 --> 00:15:24.630 Tommy DiMisa: That sort of I don't stop moving like.

00:15:24.690 --> 00:15:25.440 Tim Cummings: Ever with you.

00:15:26.490 --> 00:15:39.390 Tommy DiMisa: i'm not sure I remember really asleep I I like to say, but why notice when you are at the standing desk I started chatting with you right yeah yeah I absolutely love this like I have a chair back there it's got like webs on a because doesn't get us.

00:15:39.420 --> 00:15:40.710 Tim Cummings: cuz this day my chair away.

00:15:41.190 --> 00:15:44.880 Tommy DiMisa: See that's even better, because you did there's no like a law.

00:15:44.940 --> 00:15:45.660 Tim Cummings: It doesn't know OPS.

00:15:46.350 --> 00:15:50.340 Tommy DiMisa: options brother you just I mean the standard i'm sitting on the floor that's it I love it.

00:15:52.410 --> 00:15:55.320 Tommy DiMisa: If you are a fun guests and we haven't even gotten started yet so I.

00:15:55.320 --> 00:15:57.900 Tim Cummings: know I know we're gonna run out of time here man no so.

00:15:57.930 --> 00:15:59.880 Tommy DiMisa: Just you know that's part of the show.

00:16:02.040 --> 00:16:09.240 Tim Cummings: So i'm originally from Ohio and you know you ask about like where did this where did this passion come from right and I was just actually just talking with a Co worker about.

00:16:10.050 --> 00:16:22.170 Tim Cummings: passion right that there's nothing better than when the passion of an individual aligns with the mission of an organization right wherever they feel called to be you mean all of these folks continuously right so when those two things collide.

00:16:22.920 --> 00:16:34.530 Tim Cummings: You know that's phenomenal and that's that's when you know you're in the right place um so I you know grew up in Ohio Toledo just outside of Toledo very exciting place to visit, those of you who have never been there.

00:16:36.900 --> 00:16:37.380 Tim Cummings: Once I.

00:16:37.710 --> 00:16:38.760 Tommy DiMisa: got really excited.

00:16:40.170 --> 00:16:51.660 Tim Cummings: you're gonna have to go and find out for yourself um no it's a great listen I had i'm like the luckiest guy in the world right and amazing childhood great Community great education, and I think that the for me the.

00:16:52.080 --> 00:17:00.810 Tim Cummings: You know where my flame was lit essentially it was probably in high school, I was at a Jesuit high school there and those guys really you know pushed for.

00:17:01.680 --> 00:17:10.320 Tim Cummings: You know the idea of social justice right of equity of inclusion and I was exposed at a fairly young age to some unique opportunities to be of service.

00:17:10.620 --> 00:17:18.060 Tim Cummings: I remember one in particular spent a month living in the Dominican Republic with a family right it's like a 17 year old kid.

00:17:18.510 --> 00:17:24.270 Tim Cummings: Pretty homogenous community that i'm growing up in and i'm finally like wow The world is bigger than I thought right and.

00:17:24.570 --> 00:17:37.230 Tim Cummings: You know that seeing the Third World poverty and the reality of what people experience on a daily basis and comparing that to my own life right, I mean it was it was hard at the time don't get me wrong but, but it also.

00:17:37.920 --> 00:17:45.750 Tim Cummings: helped me to realize that I can do something right that I have power that I have that I have to have gifts that should be shared and should be used and.

00:17:46.230 --> 00:17:58.800 Tim Cummings: I don't know if i've accomplished any of my goals, but you know it was it was sort of there that I started to think a little bit more about my impact on the world and, and you know that was as a result of the impact that I was receiving right.

00:17:59.520 --> 00:18:01.800 Tommy DiMisa: sure that sorry to cut you off, but how much else.

00:18:01.800 --> 00:18:02.010 Tim Cummings: Would.

00:18:02.310 --> 00:18:12.540 Tommy DiMisa: You back to the Jesuits from a perspective of you know that I wrote down social justice, equity and inclusion, I mean let's be honest, those are terms that have always been important, but I think you.

00:18:12.540 --> 00:18:22.050 Tommy DiMisa: know I and now belonging and you put this all together now, excuse me guys I hate to do acronyms like that, too, sorry about that diversity equity and inclusion and belonging I was actually.

00:18:23.250 --> 00:18:30.450 Tommy DiMisa: In the interview process, I may have told me this yesterday before to be in a part of a cohort for the institute a nonprofit practice at a year.

00:18:31.080 --> 00:18:40.530 Tommy DiMisa: Pretty excited about that, but through our station yesterday that was what we were talking about, but I want to, I want to ask you if we can we're going to come back in we're gonna take a quick break in a minute, but.

00:18:41.220 --> 00:18:50.070 Tommy DiMisa: The Jesuits that the lifestyle that mentality, it is that has been a guiding star for you is that always been something that you can look back to.

00:18:50.730 --> 00:19:02.430 Tim Cummings: I think that it was the exposure that I received as a result of my being in that Community right that all that I was that the world was sort of opening up to me a little bit now the young age right as a young man that's that's profound.

00:19:02.700 --> 00:19:14.700 Tim Cummings: And so what i'm grateful for, is the fact that they open doors for me and allowed me to kind of find my way through it, so when we come back i'll get into a little bit more about the impact that the franciscans then had on me a little bit later in life.

00:19:14.820 --> 00:19:23.070 Tommy DiMisa: This is awesome this is exciting shout out I have actually it's my 25th high school reunion, I went to school out here on long island called shama not.

00:19:23.160 --> 00:19:24.420 Tim Cummings: Side yeah yeah.

00:19:24.630 --> 00:19:29.670 Tommy DiMisa: area needs Community society Mary Father Father shama not which.

00:19:31.110 --> 00:19:32.400 Tommy DiMisa: Is 25 years like.

00:19:32.700 --> 00:19:34.830 Tim Cummings: Like that amazing yeah good for you man.

00:19:35.010 --> 00:19:42.930 Tommy DiMisa: So we're gonna have to check in with that with I guess i'm going to be men I haven't been to any of the reunions, but I think 25 and i'm going.

00:19:43.020 --> 00:19:45.480 Tim Cummings: Well, we got to talk about our Gala to it, speaking of events.

00:19:45.570 --> 00:19:56.160 Tommy DiMisa: I talked to I product so we're going to do this gang here's the thing it's your boy Tommy the the nonprofit sector Captain my wife sitting me this morning, Tim she cooks like that she goes when you stop being your boy Tommy do.

00:19:56.250 --> 00:19:57.720 Tim Cummings: know your your your boy.

00:19:57.900 --> 00:20:10.080 Tommy DiMisa: Because you're 40 years old, you know see when i'm when i'm old man Tommy day i'll still be your voice, how many guys will be back in 90 seconds team cummings in your voice Tony the nonprofit sector connected in the attic right back.

00:22:19.020 --> 00:22:26.430 Tommy DiMisa: that's what you're supposed to do, every single Friday morning at 10am Eastern time TIM cummings decided to do it, he caught through the static.

00:22:26.580 --> 00:22:33.000 Tommy DiMisa: And he's joining me in the attic Dutch we're going to do for you though we're going to cut through the static we're going to bring you tidbits we're going to bring you information we're also going to bring you.

00:22:33.360 --> 00:22:38.160 Tommy DiMisa: A lot to learn about this incredible organization before we do that shout out to some of my friends.

00:22:38.670 --> 00:22:53.070 Tommy DiMisa: Checking in on Facebook Steve fry we just heard his commercial there during the breaks the FRY goes live the SMB guy after me, that is if TIM coming tonight are complete with our conversation which Steve we might not be brother, I know I love you, but where we got a lot to do today.

00:22:53.370 --> 00:22:54.780 Tim Cummings: need two more hours they're.

00:22:54.780 --> 00:22:55.650 Tim Cummings: going to be hearing man.

00:22:55.860 --> 00:23:06.270 Tommy DiMisa: They all have that there's gonna be a long show well do you know, will do when I come out we'll do like a live stream like of you may just chatting about the organization and and nothing and everything it'd be like seinfeld.

00:23:06.360 --> 00:23:07.530 Like that show about nothing.

00:23:09.270 --> 00:23:14.580 Tommy DiMisa: I gotta say to make Collins, because my college is checking out on Facebook, I appreciate you guys appreciate the support and checking in on the show.

00:23:15.210 --> 00:23:21.540 Tommy DiMisa: let's do this, I wanted to read you something off the website and then we're going to get back into TIM talking about the Jesuits and the franciscans in service.

00:23:21.810 --> 00:23:29.490 Tommy DiMisa: So the Center for great expectations began in 1998 it was a two bedroom House with a single bathroom that was donated.

00:23:29.760 --> 00:23:41.190 Tommy DiMisa: By the immaculate conception parish out of somerville New Jersey, they remain that way for 10 years serving 12 expect expectant mothers on an annual basis and now have grown substantially.

00:23:41.400 --> 00:23:50.070 Tommy DiMisa: Which TIM, and I will talk about, but they serve thousands of individuals each year across seven different counties in New Jersey so TIM will get to all that I promise.

00:23:50.640 --> 00:23:52.080 Tim Cummings: We have to it's awesome stuff.

00:23:52.290 --> 00:24:00.060 Tommy DiMisa: that's why we're here tell us about so so your service you become service minded yeah go to the Dr your Dominican Republic.

00:24:00.540 --> 00:24:12.000 Tim Cummings: yeah That was the big one right and then off to college and had more exposure there right fairfield university Jesuit organization Jesuit university and just kind of get a feeling that that that fire for.

00:24:12.360 --> 00:24:18.000 Tim Cummings: You know figuring it out, so I think the, and this is just kind of a plug for when I was finishing my undergrad degree.

00:24:18.750 --> 00:24:27.030 Tim Cummings: I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do and I got connected to a program down in Philadelphia and inner city Philadelphia, called the Franciscan volunteer Ministry.

00:24:27.330 --> 00:24:31.860 Tim Cummings: And essentially it's it's kind of like peace corps, but domestic right so you're living in community.

00:24:32.070 --> 00:24:39.330 Tim Cummings: I mean there's there's opportunities like this, all over the place, I really encourage people you know young people who are looking for something to do to kind of you know.

00:24:39.540 --> 00:24:49.830 Tim Cummings: jump into a gap year like that right, it was a beautiful experience so they immerse you, you know we're living in kensington, which is one of the hot you know the most extreme severe.

00:24:50.490 --> 00:24:58.860 Tim Cummings: impoverished areas of Philadelphia high rates of you know, drug and alcohol abuse, I mean just like everything across the board right prison every everything is like.

00:24:59.160 --> 00:25:13.830 Tim Cummings: I think the best statistic that I remember from that Community was that 75% of the high school students there's a 75% dropout rate for their high school in that Community was just tragic and what's happening there right that the infrastructure has crumbled the family structure is.

00:25:14.160 --> 00:25:19.560 Tommy DiMisa: systemic that's again I just to interrupt for one second my friend is angel Rodriguez.

00:25:19.860 --> 00:25:28.200 Tommy DiMisa: He was he lower East side in New York City it's called avenues for justice, my condolences, unfortunately, they just lost one of the folks young man was.

00:25:28.830 --> 00:25:32.550 Tommy DiMisa: killed up in in on this week it's been all over the news and.

00:25:33.540 --> 00:25:42.990 Tommy DiMisa: I bring it up to just say that certain communities are not granted the same opportunities as others it's just the truth Oh, and I guess if if you if you guys disagree with me.

00:25:43.350 --> 00:25:47.730 Tommy DiMisa: I guess you just not seeing what i'm seeing in the world, because this is true and.

00:25:48.030 --> 00:26:03.630 Tommy DiMisa: So I bring up angel because what you're talking about serving these communities that need service that need the service, the most 75% drop out rate, what is the trajectory of somebody who doesn't I school not good man, not a lot opportunities, you know but added fix that right.

00:26:04.050 --> 00:26:05.370 Tim Cummings: And there's so much there.

00:26:05.760 --> 00:26:16.800 Tim Cummings: I mean, I think that's the reality right like that that's a statistic that is staggering and should be addressed but but what's going on behind that right, what about the abuse, what about the mental health, what about the historical you know.

00:26:17.250 --> 00:26:24.120 Tim Cummings: I mean there's just so many issues that are feeding into these problems and So where do you start, and it can be paralyzing.

00:26:24.390 --> 00:26:25.110 Tim Cummings: But you have to.

00:26:25.410 --> 00:26:27.960 Tommy DiMisa: You gotta jump in you gotta do something.

00:26:28.080 --> 00:26:31.950 Tim Cummings: You gotta jump in so that was a sweet experience man, I actually ended up spending two years there.

00:26:32.340 --> 00:26:38.250 Tim Cummings: We live right next door to the soup kitchen and it was you know talk about immersion right, I mean that you go out at night out your front door and.

00:26:38.580 --> 00:26:43.230 Tim Cummings: There are women prostitutes walking up and down the street, you are, you know, with people who are.

00:26:44.100 --> 00:26:55.080 Tim Cummings: dodging warrants for their arrests people in severe and challenging addiction people in severe and and you know abusive relationships, I mean, and this is day to day right, it was just overwhelming but.

00:26:55.680 --> 00:27:04.290 Tim Cummings: Talk about being you know, out of your comfort zone and really trying to I mean that was an amazing experience and opportunity to learn about myself, so I spent I spent two years there.

00:27:04.500 --> 00:27:12.480 Tommy DiMisa: you're you're I mean you're a young man you're just not a college, we can do it right, you can do it, so I don't have any commitments I didn't I wasn't married I didn't have kids I didn't have any of the things.

00:27:12.480 --> 00:27:15.360 Tim Cummings: That i'm with now which i'm grateful to have now obviously but.

00:27:15.690 --> 00:27:25.620 Tim Cummings: We in so you live there you have insurance and, obviously, your needs are met with all the food is coming in, but and you get a stipend you get $75 a month was the stipend and I remember like.

00:27:26.130 --> 00:27:33.570 Tim Cummings: I held on to that you know, I was like man, this is that was like my coffee for the month, you know it was like if we need to go to.

00:27:33.600 --> 00:27:36.300 Tommy DiMisa: Three seasons, when you guys, we got 75 bucks.

00:27:36.330 --> 00:27:45.600 Tim Cummings: That was it man so So when I was funny too, because when I moved from there, down to Haiti my, of course, my parents were like oh my God, what is this kid do and and.

00:27:46.230 --> 00:27:56.730 Tim Cummings: And, but my my salary salary increase the 150 a month, so I said mom dad how many people do you know that double their salary in less than a year and that's significant.

00:27:58.530 --> 00:28:02.580 Tommy DiMisa: Listen you're right you weren't like everything's relative man, it was a double no doubt.

00:28:03.090 --> 00:28:04.770 Tim Cummings: That was a true double.

00:28:04.920 --> 00:28:07.320 Tim Cummings: yeah so anyway, so you know it's just been.

00:28:08.940 --> 00:28:16.110 Tim Cummings: i've been i'm a very lucky dude you know I mean i'm just a lucky dude i've been lucky from the day I was born and the reality is that's not the.

00:28:16.110 --> 00:28:17.010 Tommy DiMisa: case for everybody.

00:28:17.130 --> 00:28:25.500 Tim Cummings: And so, for those that do have those privileges that you know our privilege to grow up in a family that you know is supportive and.

00:28:25.710 --> 00:28:32.220 Tim Cummings: Where you're encouraged to be your best and you have resources available to you and you get to travel and see the world, you know that's not it's just not.

00:28:32.610 --> 00:28:46.980 Tim Cummings: it's not everyone's reality, and so you can do one of you can do many things with that right, but my goal and choice was to give it back you know I mean there's really nothing else that I don't need anything else i've been given everything that I need.

00:28:48.120 --> 00:28:55.560 Tim Cummings: And you know where I am now, I have the most incredible partner in the world, and I have three healthy kids and my luck continues, you know so it's like.

00:28:57.210 --> 00:28:58.140 Tommy DiMisa: Well, I see.

00:28:59.430 --> 00:29:08.220 Tommy DiMisa: My question about, that is, you totally acknowledge it you totally recognize it, I feel that i'm certainly blessed in similar ways that you are.

00:29:08.760 --> 00:29:16.890 Tommy DiMisa: And you know the show is a way for doing it, but the 60 days of services and other thing it's it's just to show people look I love doing it, I.

00:29:17.820 --> 00:29:26.220 Tommy DiMisa: end up getting the dog out of its we talked about in the first segment here, but I just I better not do it 68 a disservice to the bronx zoo because I don't know what's gonna happen.

00:29:27.930 --> 00:29:32.430 Tim Cummings: it's gonna be like you're gonna can't wait to hear what you end up in the end of this whole thing.

00:29:32.670 --> 00:29:39.390 Tommy DiMisa: Well, the funny thing is gonna be like, if I end up get coming on with the giraffe like it should, but his head could be up here in the attic with me if.

00:29:40.320 --> 00:29:42.150 Tim Cummings: I would attract an audience man.

00:29:42.240 --> 00:29:43.320 Tommy DiMisa: I would be pretty cool.

00:29:43.350 --> 00:29:44.130 Tim Cummings: That would go down.

00:29:44.190 --> 00:29:55.380 Tommy DiMisa: I go viral as as a kiss so so when it when it comes down to it, though, like I want I don't want to make a judgment on other folks because I think people do what they can and they and.

00:29:55.770 --> 00:30:02.430 Tommy DiMisa: What you know so many people have so much, and I think they don't see this so maybe i'm being a little judge, but, but the point is.

00:30:03.030 --> 00:30:15.000 Tommy DiMisa: I think, in my mind look i'm i'm 43 years old, I think I got 50 years to go on this thing, but who knows so i'm just trying to make an impact and leave this place better right and I noticed in my own experience with my children.

00:30:15.420 --> 00:30:20.610 Tommy DiMisa: That are watching me doing what i'm doing and i'm not getting this is not about me it's just about making.

00:30:20.850 --> 00:30:34.530 Tommy DiMisa: A statement that you can go do service you don't have to run an organization like TIM you don't have to have a radio show and and sit on five or six boards like I do and go do 60 days of service, but maybe you could do a day service, a month at the soup kitchen.

00:30:35.640 --> 00:30:40.020 Tommy DiMisa: You know I now changed this thing a little bit, because what happened yesterday with the.

00:30:40.590 --> 00:30:54.990 Tommy DiMisa: With the rescue I brought one of my sons now each of the four of them has to decide what they want to do and what organization and i'm going to go through with a service them and I send out anybody who's watching or listening, right now, as long as I can drive to where you are.

00:30:56.610 --> 00:31:00.840 Tommy DiMisa: or i'll fly if it's if you want me to go off fly somewhere, but call me up.

00:31:01.770 --> 00:31:08.520 Tommy DiMisa: And i'll do a day of service with you like like that would be so fun like my body's them, we were doing like fantasy football we're texting.

00:31:08.790 --> 00:31:14.160 Tommy DiMisa: And I figured hey we're going to give me a hard time about all the you doing 60 days of service, the whole thing these are guys i'm friends with you know.

00:31:14.190 --> 00:31:21.390 Tommy DiMisa: 20 years right, you know what a couple of these guys and go, you know, we want to do a day service with Tommy day we want to come out like these aren't my my.

00:31:21.450 --> 00:31:22.500 Tommy DiMisa: Vision kind of.

00:31:22.770 --> 00:31:30.360 Tommy DiMisa: X on my network, and these are like guys I know forever and that's really freaking cool for me man like that's inspiring i'm excited about that.

00:31:30.630 --> 00:31:40.620 Tommy DiMisa: So so it's always so you've always seen it as something as as you want to give back you want to be involved, how do you get into now, this becomes a profession, at some point.

00:31:41.100 --> 00:31:46.200 Tim Cummings: yeah right I got lucky in timing, I think I mean I love you I love what you're sharing and I love the point.

00:31:47.100 --> 00:31:54.630 Tim Cummings: And I think it's it's we don't have to overcomplicate it either right, I mean it doesn't have to be some grandiose project or me coming in and sweeping through I mean.

00:31:54.960 --> 00:31:58.530 Tim Cummings: let's think some don't often work right, I mean it really is is.

00:31:59.190 --> 00:32:10.530 Tim Cummings: it's the small stuff that's that's significant right and so it's you know, working on your compassion to others, working on the way you address people working on the way it's really funny I was I wouldn't got myself a coffee this morning, just to.

00:32:10.920 --> 00:32:17.460 Tim Cummings: gear up with you for my time with you and I opened the door for a woman who was coming out on the way out and she just walked right out.

00:32:17.850 --> 00:32:22.380 Tim Cummings: that's fine like she you know who knows what's on her mind right she may have been thinking about something or whatever, but.

00:32:22.740 --> 00:32:32.010 Tim Cummings: You know, I was like oh like I didn't jump but I was like you know just little stuff like that, like you know, acknowledging that saying thank you and whatever I don't again I don't need that but i'm just like.

00:32:32.700 --> 00:32:38.400 Tim Cummings: there's moments, where we have opportunities to really have a significant impact on other people, and we have to capitalize on those.

00:32:39.810 --> 00:32:41.040 Tim Cummings: I forgot what your question was.

00:32:41.070 --> 00:32:44.400 Tommy DiMisa: I don't remember but that's Okay, no, I will get to it, it was really about.

00:32:44.400 --> 00:32:44.910 Tim Cummings: Having man.

00:32:45.150 --> 00:32:45.570 Tommy DiMisa: Oh no.

00:32:45.600 --> 00:32:47.220 Tim Cummings: I guess I won't professional how did it become.

00:32:47.910 --> 00:32:49.410 Tommy DiMisa: Now I got a comment on what you said so.

00:32:49.620 --> 00:32:58.470 Tommy DiMisa: About two weeks ago my buddy did Lynn who runs the generosity series, and we can talk about it, maybe you know time he's actually going to be on my Roundtable next week.

00:32:58.830 --> 00:33:02.490 Tommy DiMisa: But he runs he did something called gratitude all day he's got this new.

00:33:03.300 --> 00:33:10.920 Tommy DiMisa: For nonprofits called gratitude rising and i'll be talking about it on the show and TIM when we have time we can talk about it, but he asked me, you know.

00:33:11.640 --> 00:33:16.470 Tommy DiMisa: Tommy will you be one of the host during gratitude all day and I was like.

00:33:16.800 --> 00:33:28.200 Tommy DiMisa: It was open it was, like all these people who write books about gratitude and have podcasts about gratitude and I was like you know, and I by by no means is like i'm not beating up on me i'm a big fan i'm probably the biggest time if you train going to come in case.

00:33:28.680 --> 00:33:36.960 Tommy DiMisa: anybody wants to know, but by my listeners already know that, but what I was like wow what a big deal, this is, I was grateful that so your point about gratitude.

00:33:37.230 --> 00:33:51.630 Tommy DiMisa: And how important it is to be grateful because you know it really sets things in motion like like universe type stuff it says things in motion the whole idea of being grateful, even before we've received the thing, whatever the thing is the health, the money the.

00:33:51.660 --> 00:34:01.590 Tommy DiMisa: second option, the job so we're going to come back we're gonna what we actually go into another break cool when I come back we're gonna talk about TIM, how did you make this a profession and then eventually.

00:34:02.400 --> 00:34:02.790 Tim Cummings: You rock.

00:34:03.120 --> 00:34:05.970 Tommy DiMisa: EG all right we'll be right back 90 seconds gang see so.

00:36:39.870 --> 00:36:47.160 Tommy DiMisa: mentioned it before that song was on my friends Brendan levy and the damaged goods Jim cummings they used to be a band, or they still are and.

00:36:47.190 --> 00:36:48.780 Tim Cummings: They were banned back on that song.

00:36:48.930 --> 00:37:02.220 Tommy DiMisa: yeah yeah right on my uncle Brendan Brendan I love you my brother Thank you good conversation we had earlier, at least the text message after the conversation was good so appreciate you man so listen here's the deal that they were the goods back in the 90s.

00:37:02.520 --> 00:37:02.820 Tommy DiMisa: and

00:37:03.120 --> 00:37:05.580 Tommy DiMisa: Because they're older men now they call themselves damaged goods.

00:37:06.930 --> 00:37:11.550 Tommy DiMisa: That great I was waiting for that I had with the punch line hi gina Smith.

00:37:11.580 --> 00:37:12.150 Tim Cummings: I love it.

00:37:12.360 --> 00:37:14.760 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, Smith is saying way to go, Tim i'm assuming that's.

00:37:14.820 --> 00:37:18.000 Tim Cummings: A friend of yours if somebody has Smith, is a colleague, she is awesome.

00:37:18.210 --> 00:37:19.920 Tommy DiMisa: he's checking us out on Facebook so that's.

00:37:19.980 --> 00:37:22.890 Tim Cummings: Oh that's so cool man that's an area where I need a lot of help.

00:37:23.700 --> 00:37:24.690 Tommy DiMisa: On the social media side.

00:37:24.930 --> 00:37:30.960 Tim Cummings: Oh yeah i'm terrible man, I never joined Facebook I probably won't but i'm you know i'll tell you a funny story about linkedin.

00:37:31.530 --> 00:37:37.170 Tim Cummings: I just have never been drawn to any of these platforms right and I and i'm, finally, after all these years.

00:37:37.440 --> 00:37:47.190 Tim Cummings: realizing how how much of a fool i've been right but I so it's funny I jumped on linkedin because linkedin is a great platform, and I still don't really know what i'm doing but I jumped on linkedin.

00:37:47.700 --> 00:37:58.320 Tim Cummings: When I was looking to kind of re when I was in my previous position, I was looking to find a new job I was you know kind of had been a little getting a little tired with the Lincoln tunnel right going in and out of New York City.

00:37:58.560 --> 00:38:07.710 Tim Cummings: yeah so I jumped on linkedin for a little while and certainly it's maybe but it's really in peg my boss our founder and CEO would say is it's all about the relationships, rather than not, the connection.

00:38:07.740 --> 00:38:09.240 Tommy DiMisa: I love peg are ready, I don't even know but.

00:38:09.270 --> 00:38:16.140 Tim Cummings: that's all you would love peg you got to come over when you come over here, for your coffee you're going to meet her, and so I I got on linkedin.

00:38:17.100 --> 00:38:19.410 Tommy DiMisa: If you sandwich to i'm going to come for the whole day.

00:38:19.470 --> 00:38:19.950 Tim Cummings: I don't know.

00:38:20.490 --> 00:38:22.080 Tim Cummings: i'll bring you something in Fiji Tommy.

00:38:22.710 --> 00:38:23.610 Tommy DiMisa: i'll bring the sandwiches.

00:38:24.240 --> 00:38:25.020 Tim Cummings: We got your sandwich.

00:38:25.140 --> 00:38:29.880 Tommy DiMisa: Make the SMB guy Steve fry he's out in me now but i'll make him come with me we'll have sandwiches or something like.

00:38:29.880 --> 00:38:33.030 Tim Cummings: Listen, whatever you guys want we got a great Delhi around the corner um.

00:38:33.450 --> 00:38:44.100 Tim Cummings: So I I was on linkedin So when I landed my position here, which was just an awesome thing for me, I thought to myself, well, I guess, I don't need linkedin anymore right, so I canceled my linkedin like three weeks.

00:38:44.520 --> 00:38:55.290 Tim Cummings: Because i'm a minimalist right like I less less for me is better right no Clive like you know for shirts like just keep it simple I don't want to worry about too much stuff and it drives my wife crazy but.

00:38:55.320 --> 00:38:57.780 Tommy DiMisa: I get it, I have 13 white shirts.

00:38:58.620 --> 00:38:59.820 Tim Cummings: I was wondering yeah and.

00:39:01.020 --> 00:39:05.880 Tommy DiMisa: I don't have to mention, I have a bunch of times, but I don't have to match any white shirts everything matches a white shirt so.

00:39:05.880 --> 00:39:06.630 Tim Cummings: always look great.

00:39:07.410 --> 00:39:09.780 Tommy DiMisa: Man, thank you, oh on what else you got.

00:39:11.460 --> 00:39:13.770 Tim Cummings: I will get to the hair and the goatee shortly man cuz.

00:39:14.010 --> 00:39:14.730 Tim Cummings: i'm stylish.

00:39:14.790 --> 00:39:18.450 Tommy DiMisa: If not, I will bring it back to talk about that because that's like that.

00:39:20.100 --> 00:39:21.840 Tim Cummings: So got an hour of praising time, maybe.

00:39:21.990 --> 00:39:22.770 Tim Cummings: So real quick so.

00:39:23.070 --> 00:39:23.220 Tommy DiMisa: yeah.

00:39:23.250 --> 00:39:33.090 Tim Cummings: Oh sorry I didn't get to finish the story, but i'm taking too long, I recognize that, so my boss, you know page she calls me and she goes TIM, just like three weeks into me being here, maybe a month because TIM is looking for you on linkedin and.

00:39:33.660 --> 00:39:38.370 Tim Cummings: I don't see Where are you I think i'll peg I don't need it i'm done i'm here i'm with you know I don't need linkedin.

00:39:38.880 --> 00:39:45.510 Tim Cummings: And she was like TIM you fool and she had every right to say that I mean she really did so she she pushed me and she's been pushing me.

00:39:46.020 --> 00:39:53.550 Tim Cummings: very kindly and compassionately I have to give her a shout out for that, but i'm finally starting to plunge in there, and you know, trying to figure it out.

00:39:53.700 --> 00:39:55.500 Tommy DiMisa: I love that platform or use a lot.

00:39:55.770 --> 00:39:56.850 Tim Cummings: of going, I see that.

00:39:57.390 --> 00:39:59.580 Tommy DiMisa: mentioned these roundtables we my.

00:40:01.320 --> 00:40:08.490 Tommy DiMisa: My partner in crime, so to speak, in the nonprofit executive leadership Roundtable Christine desk and I would do that and and she's a.

00:40:08.850 --> 00:40:19.200 Tommy DiMisa: she's a president of nonprofit sector strategies shout out to her frank orange Oh, we should you should definitely know them, but the thing about it is we do these roundtables my buddy Brian Harman sent out of South Jersey.

00:40:20.910 --> 00:40:26.130 Tommy DiMisa: came on and did he was the thought leader and did an entire hour or so on linkedin.

00:40:26.610 --> 00:40:33.720 Tommy DiMisa: And it was like as if I knew anything about linkedin it was that sort of personality, because our hearts got personality very outgoing.

00:40:34.020 --> 00:40:45.060 Tommy DiMisa: Like like super knowledgeable but not like not super difficult either like practical things you can do on linkedin and I love it because so philanthropy and focus has a linkedin page.

00:40:45.660 --> 00:40:54.570 Tommy DiMisa: Professionals animal lover show has a linkedin page and then on my personal page so it's important but that's weird, but I would agree with fake not that you're a fool necessarily but.

00:40:57.390 --> 00:40:58.110 Tommy DiMisa: Let me do.

00:40:58.230 --> 00:41:02.610 Tim Cummings: I get into my many I got a list of deficits man, I will gladly recite them all.

00:41:03.210 --> 00:41:10.170 Tommy DiMisa: Like three things man what is what we're doing now, the other ones here and i'm still trying to figure out what the third one is, but I know it does definitely kind of be a third one.

00:41:10.260 --> 00:41:11.340 Tim Cummings: you're going to find that don't worry.

00:41:11.910 --> 00:41:20.460 Tommy DiMisa: i'm crossing my fingers maybe today will be the day i'll figure it so it's it's important for me to understand, about how you got to the organization.

00:41:20.550 --> 00:41:27.330 Tommy DiMisa: And what this organization does so tell me how long have you been because I had it I probably read it before, but how many years you've been there.

00:41:27.600 --> 00:41:35.760 Tim Cummings: yeah it's been three and three quarters essentially right oh before in January, so um and it's just been an amazing amazing experience this is.

00:41:35.760 --> 00:41:37.020 Tim Cummings: This is a dynamic.

00:41:37.470 --> 00:41:49.470 Tim Cummings: nonprofit were in summer said, you know our headquarters are here in Somerset New Jersey, very close to new brunswick right that's a good like kind of marker for people who know rockers and that name and that institution and we're and we're connected to them on many, many levels we.

00:41:49.800 --> 00:41:50.970 Tommy DiMisa: With it diversity.

00:41:51.240 --> 00:41:55.800 Tim Cummings: We work very closely with many of their different departments of school of social work the school of alcohol.

00:41:56.070 --> 00:42:03.060 Tim Cummings: Studies it's you know and they're helping us they're collecting data for us they're analyzing that data spitting it back out doing research with us so.

00:42:03.360 --> 00:42:12.840 Tim Cummings: You know that's a huge huge component of the work that we do you have to make sure obviously that you're using you know evidence based practices that makes sense and that have been tried and.

00:42:13.170 --> 00:42:24.480 Tim Cummings: practice and the environment, but what good are you if you can't talk about it right what to say we're very successful right we help everybody and everybody leaves here and feels great it's crazy back it up.

00:42:24.780 --> 00:42:33.450 Tim Cummings: right back it up so so we work very closely with the folks there and we actually have our clinical research manager, you know oversees all of that we're collecting data continuously.

00:42:33.720 --> 00:42:42.540 Tim Cummings: Which is really unique important the organization, but really what's more special about CG is the mission, you know in any nonprofit has hasn't mentioned that they.

00:42:43.470 --> 00:42:51.390 Tim Cummings: You know, live towards right that should implement and influence the daily activity, we have an amazing staff there's just.

00:42:51.870 --> 00:42:58.890 Tim Cummings: awesome awesome individuals resilient individuals who bring so many gifts to the organization is just so awesome for me to.

00:42:59.280 --> 00:43:05.700 Tim Cummings: Just I mean I love my coworkers they they inspire me they challenged me they are my friends.

00:43:06.600 --> 00:43:15.330 Tim Cummings: And you know they're just a great group of people, but this CG as a whole i'm kind of weaving around here right now, you know we we have a significant impact.

00:43:16.170 --> 00:43:23.940 Tim Cummings: You know in New Jersey, we are working in various ways across the country we actually have a trainer and I was going to get to I get to it shortly, but we have someone who's training.

00:43:24.270 --> 00:43:29.160 Tim Cummings: staff in new Mexico right now there's a new program that we least recently launched called the Institute.

00:43:30.090 --> 00:43:43.710 Tim Cummings: And it's working closely with schools with businesses with communities to share our trauma informed and trauma tuned way of dealing with things right the way that we that it's the thread that kind of you know it's the backbone backbone of our organization.

00:43:44.790 --> 00:43:48.720 Tim Cummings: And so we are trying to share that with other people and there's ways that people can take advantage of that.

00:43:48.900 --> 00:43:49.890 Tim Cummings: Other own city.

00:43:50.190 --> 00:43:51.780 Tommy DiMisa: TIM you're talking about through this Institute.

00:43:51.960 --> 00:43:55.380 Tim Cummings: And belongs anywhere man, I mean the reality is right is that.

00:43:56.220 --> 00:44:03.570 Tim Cummings: Wherever we are right, whatever environments we're engaging in people, bring their stuff into those spaces as they should, because the people.

00:44:03.900 --> 00:44:11.700 Tim Cummings: And we often need help kind of finding our way through that when and what this is doing is is that in particularly in schools right so.

00:44:11.970 --> 00:44:16.830 Tim Cummings: we're going into schools there's a lot of organizations out there that are doing this right now but we're we have a unique.

00:44:17.130 --> 00:44:28.740 Tim Cummings: kind of twist to it right so we're going into schools we're working with with the students were working with parents were working with teachers to identify systemic problems that exist in the schools right where schools are tough.

00:44:29.280 --> 00:44:34.620 Tim Cummings: I mean schools are tough and they're not getting easier and the environment that we're currently living in is exacerbating all of that.

00:44:35.040 --> 00:44:41.700 Tim Cummings: Right and the other issue is that we don't know the direction that we're moving I mean no one can predict what the world is going to be like in six months from now.

00:44:42.060 --> 00:44:46.500 Tim Cummings: it's just it's it's that would be logical right we have hopes for what we want to see but.

00:44:46.830 --> 00:44:57.300 Tim Cummings: These environments, the bit in business environments like these are places that we want to try to instill more compassionate values more creative thinking more collaborative processes.

00:44:57.600 --> 00:45:03.450 Tim Cummings: That influence the way people are engaging with one another and that's exactly what the Institute is doing it's awesome.

00:45:03.720 --> 00:45:07.740 Tommy DiMisa: I love that now is that is that your staff that's putting that together, and you.

00:45:07.740 --> 00:45:08.670 Tim Cummings: built it yeah.

00:45:08.790 --> 00:45:11.040 Tim Cummings: yeah and it's based off of the.

00:45:11.670 --> 00:45:14.490 Tommy DiMisa: place is it a portal like what exactly is the Institute.

00:45:14.490 --> 00:45:24.540 Tim Cummings: Oh it's it's a real deal right, so I mean the vert the training that's occurring in new Mexico right now is virtual, but it is, it is a person, just like you and I would be sitting here who's who's training staff were sitting at computers there right.

00:45:25.320 --> 00:45:35.280 Tim Cummings: So, but prior to coven we were embedding you know train people into these facilities to conduct this stuff collecting the data to see the efficacy of these programs and.

00:45:36.210 --> 00:45:50.490 Tim Cummings: yeah it's it's real it's based off of the 23 years of experience that this organization has has built essentially honing this model right, what is it that we do that we believe works so well, and how can we share it with other people.

00:45:50.580 --> 00:45:59.340 Tommy DiMisa: Just to give our audience kind of a some context of who you are serving and what are the services they really need.

00:45:59.730 --> 00:46:04.920 Tim Cummings: yeah so primarily we serve women and children right women with substance use issues history.

00:46:06.090 --> 00:46:14.640 Tim Cummings: And with mental health, women and children is really our focus early relational health, the mother child diet right, these are the real, these are real real.

00:46:15.900 --> 00:46:18.360 Tim Cummings: These are, this is our wheelhouse essentially right.

00:46:18.630 --> 00:46:30.630 Tim Cummings: We also serve men in our outpatient we let me just tell you real quickly about the programs that would probably do it the best so and i'm in our adolescent program right now i'll start here it's a 12 bed facility for adolescent moms pregnant or parenting.

00:46:30.900 --> 00:46:44.550 Tim Cummings: or working to reunify so a lot of these young ladies are coming out of foster care system are coming you know from pretty extreme situations before they get to us here right and now just walk back to the time when you were 15 years old.

00:46:45.660 --> 00:46:55.110 Tim Cummings: Right and the life that you had getting you to that point, but now you have a child right or you're pregnant or you want to get your child back because the state has determined that you are not.

00:46:55.740 --> 00:47:05.580 Tim Cummings: Qualified at this point to you know to raise your child so, so this is an amazing program, these are all state contracted programs next door is an adult women's program that's an eight bed facility.

00:47:05.970 --> 00:47:15.750 Tim Cummings: And these are women in their early stages of recovery again pregnant parenting are working to reunify and just this year alone we've had seven reunification in 2021.

00:47:16.110 --> 00:47:20.880 Tommy DiMisa: For seven moms ever read it again just on the score the mom had had lost.

00:47:21.120 --> 00:47:30.570 Tim Cummings: The ability, since US history yeah lost the ability was determined to not have the ability to to raise her child and coming into our program has proved that she can.

00:47:31.050 --> 00:47:44.790 Tim Cummings: hold on to sobriety right work on her well being address in the histories of these women are complex right the histories of people in these situations are are complex and potentially even more severe than then we're aware at times.

00:47:45.690 --> 00:47:54.840 Tim Cummings: And that stuff is rooted right, so what we're trying to do is get into that and figure out what we can do to help heal that and that's not something that gets done tonight.

00:47:55.350 --> 00:48:00.540 Tim Cummings: Right, this is this is lifelong I mean that's The thing that we often mistake, too, is that you don't just.

00:48:01.230 --> 00:48:10.140 Tim Cummings: fix that's that's crazy, I mean we are we human humans don't have that ability so So these are lifelong you know.

00:48:10.410 --> 00:48:20.790 Tim Cummings: The connection that we have to maintain or or that we have to make sure it's secure and in place for this one when they're leaving CG right if they successfully discharged from the organization is equally as important as the work that we're doing here.

00:48:21.240 --> 00:48:26.970 Tim Cummings: Because it's not like when they leave here everything goes away and life is great and sunny so.

00:48:27.450 --> 00:48:29.220 Tommy DiMisa: Because life is challenging life is.

00:48:29.280 --> 00:48:29.790 Tim Cummings: Life is challenge.

00:48:30.000 --> 00:48:38.670 Tommy DiMisa: is challenging life is difficult period right then in there, it just is for and then it's the menace the variety of how difficult your your particular lot.

00:48:38.730 --> 00:48:40.290 Tommy DiMisa: In later so.

00:48:40.530 --> 00:48:47.370 Tommy DiMisa: women get on the right track, and then you know if they're not transitioned i'll use the word transition back.

00:48:48.840 --> 00:48:54.330 Tommy DiMisa: Or if they're not transition elsewhere, they may end up back in the same place as they were before, which was the problem.

00:48:54.810 --> 00:48:55.920 Tim Cummings: And it happens yeah.

00:48:56.220 --> 00:49:03.780 Tim Cummings: yeah it happens right, because if the system outside of here is not set up to help these people continue to grow and develop and succeed, then.

00:49:04.020 --> 00:49:11.580 Tim Cummings: that's going to happen, which is really tragic and we do everything in our power to avoid that so what this organization has is this continuum of care, so we have the adult women's program we have a.

00:49:11.970 --> 00:49:21.360 Tim Cummings: child development Center so all these women are either in school going to work, trying to get jobs working on their treatment or therapy money with counselors their children are being watched here on site and.

00:49:21.360 --> 00:49:22.470 Tim Cummings: it's it's awesome.

00:49:22.650 --> 00:49:23.910 Tim Cummings: I think I CG staff.

00:49:24.030 --> 00:49:30.120 Tommy DiMisa: At game changing right now she can go work on her knowing guys got it.

00:49:31.020 --> 00:49:42.180 Tim Cummings: Right and what it's all about right is that mom and that child it's it's about that bond between those two individuals, because it's so significant and it's trying to strengthen that that they're not separate entities there one entity.

00:49:42.480 --> 00:49:46.800 Tim Cummings: That rely upon one another to be well so it's it's literally breaking the cycle.

00:49:47.220 --> 00:49:53.610 Tim Cummings: I mean that's it right, where were these generational cycles of abuse and violence, and you know all these horrific issues that.

00:49:53.880 --> 00:50:03.060 Tim Cummings: They weren't getting in there, strengthening this mom strengthening this baby together so that we can get themselves, you know they can get themselves not us it's rarely do they do the work.

00:50:03.270 --> 00:50:08.610 Tommy DiMisa: But your organization is the support we and I did I did a video leading up to this last weekend and I.

00:50:08.610 --> 00:50:09.720 Tommy DiMisa: talked about or.

00:50:09.960 --> 00:50:17.370 Tommy DiMisa: Because I had my friend, Dr Larry group law, my second episode of the show way back in January TSI transitional services for New York I serve on that committee.

00:50:17.850 --> 00:50:29.640 Tommy DiMisa: I was running around with your event day 12 selling raffle tickets, the other night, but when we talk Larry i'll never forget it was second, third week of January, but it was about support, we all need some support.

00:50:30.510 --> 00:50:43.590 Tommy DiMisa: Like I made it kind of a cute thing I read the lyrics of helping this video that song by the Beatles and we need, we all need some help man, we need like nobody can do this alone, and if you think you can you can.

00:50:44.610 --> 00:50:46.020 Tommy DiMisa: go there you go there you have it.

00:50:46.320 --> 00:50:47.070 Tim Cummings: All through man.

00:50:47.280 --> 00:50:48.060 Tommy DiMisa: he's telling you i'm.

00:50:49.080 --> 00:50:50.460 Tommy DiMisa: Trying to tell you guys something to start.

00:50:50.550 --> 00:51:00.150 Tommy DiMisa: to learn today when I just thought here to laugh when we're going to take a quick break when we come back, I really want to first of all thank you for sharing the program and sharing what.

00:51:00.240 --> 00:51:02.400 Tim Cummings: there's three more i'll tell you about real quickly when we come.

00:51:02.610 --> 00:51:09.870 Tommy DiMisa: Back we're gonna come back going to finish the program and we're going to talk about upcoming events and things that the organization might need that either I or the network and help.

00:51:10.200 --> 00:51:11.370 Tim Cummings: Right that's awesome man thanks.

00:51:11.610 --> 00:51:12.270 Tommy DiMisa: we'll be right back.

00:53:11.250 --> 00:53:11.490 Tim Cummings: i'm gonna.

00:53:12.600 --> 00:53:14.670 Tim Cummings: i'm gonna hear that song well i'm falling asleep tonight man.

00:53:15.270 --> 00:53:18.090 Tommy DiMisa: I might text it to you, so you just have to listen to it all right.

00:53:18.150 --> 00:53:21.330 Tim Cummings: you're you're going to be in a lot of trouble, have you decided to move that show to your basement.

00:53:21.570 --> 00:53:30.150 Tommy DiMisa: Well it's funny you remember wayne's world we're both old enough to remember the way the movie when Wayne and garth got picked up and they were like they had the studio setup is wayne's basement.

00:53:30.390 --> 00:53:39.210 Tommy DiMisa: yeah, so I think if I ever get this show to be real big and somebody wants me to do this in studio which I expect to happen, they have to like trick out the studio to look like my attic.

00:53:39.330 --> 00:53:48.270 Tommy DiMisa: yeah exactly so, then I can always but will they will change it, so I mean listen I sing the song and maybe maybe Brendan should get out of the way, and let me sing the song.

00:53:49.110 --> 00:53:54.660 Tommy DiMisa: What the figure that out alright, this is like the end of the game show this is the like, just like the lightning round.

00:53:54.690 --> 00:53:55.830 Tim Cummings: You know, like cool okay.

00:53:56.070 --> 00:54:01.410 Tommy DiMisa: You know, in the game show we go boop boop boop boop boop like oh that's the lightning round and like taxi jack would spin the wheel and.

00:54:01.410 --> 00:54:01.620 we'll.

00:54:02.700 --> 00:54:02.970 Tim Cummings: Do.

00:54:03.270 --> 00:54:04.500 Tommy DiMisa: This we're gonna get.

00:54:04.530 --> 00:54:05.490 Tim Cummings: we're gonna make a good.

00:54:06.270 --> 00:54:18.930 Tommy DiMisa: bring it home cummings bring it on baby okay here's we got the Center for great expectations located in Somerset New Jersey provides transformational mental health and substance use disorder treatment to women, children and men as we've been talking about actually.

00:54:20.910 --> 00:54:35.160 Tommy DiMisa: Compromise though comprised how about comprised of Tommy comprised of 115 staff that deliver these two 1000 individuals across seven counties in New Jersey so TIM tell me about the other three programs yeah.

00:54:35.280 --> 00:54:35.820 Tim Cummings: i'll be quick.

00:54:35.940 --> 00:54:38.880 Tommy DiMisa: How can we make it we got time we got to the buzzer.

00:54:39.390 --> 00:54:47.610 Tim Cummings: Alright cool i'll wait for the buzzer the other three programs and need program is is equally as significant as the next raid the other three, we have a supportive housing.

00:54:47.940 --> 00:54:52.440 Tim Cummings: program 27 units of supportive housing, so a lot of our women who leave our adult Program.

00:54:52.830 --> 00:55:03.180 Tim Cummings: If they're available we'll move into one of those supportive housing units where they'll receive you know clinical counseling ongoing clinical counseling case management support you know it's it's again this recognition that.

00:55:04.500 --> 00:55:12.930 Tim Cummings: Things continue right and that people need help at different stages of their life in different ways, and so the goal is to really provide that.

00:55:13.080 --> 00:55:25.530 Tim Cummings: In addition to that, we have an outpatient program where we have a mental health and substance use license so a lot of the women and men again that's where we start to serve man, you know we utilize that Community that's located in new brunswick.

00:55:26.820 --> 00:55:34.290 Tim Cummings: To continue that's an iot there's an iot there and then outpatient treatment which is really, really a dynamic and awesome space, the final Program.

00:55:34.530 --> 00:55:39.390 Tim Cummings: Is our start program and that's where we operate in multiple different counties across the state across the street.

00:55:39.930 --> 00:55:49.950 Tim Cummings: States, excuse me, and so the star program what's really cool about this right is that it's taking clinicians doulas case managers counselors into the homes of women who are.

00:55:50.580 --> 00:55:59.250 Tim Cummings: pregnant or parenting with young children who may be battling substance use right so rather than, say hey lady, you know you got to figure out what to do with your child.

00:55:59.460 --> 00:56:08.280 Tim Cummings: so that you can get over here to treatment right or this is, you can get an hour away, I mean you know what it's like to raise young kids it's it's super hard now add all the other complexities that go on to.

00:56:09.150 --> 00:56:20.190 Tim Cummings: What some of these women experience we're going to come to you right so we're going to meet you face to face in your home aim to be there, providing the same level of care and support that you would get if you were coming to our clinic but now we're doing it here.

00:56:20.490 --> 00:56:21.390 Tim Cummings: So now we're also.

00:56:21.510 --> 00:56:23.070 Tommy DiMisa: I mean it totally changes the game.

00:56:23.130 --> 00:56:29.880 Tim Cummings: Where game changer right because because because you also you know our staff is now able to see like what's actually going on at home right.

00:56:31.320 --> 00:56:33.870 Tim Cummings: This noisy and obnoxious dog Bruno that keeps barking.

00:56:34.080 --> 00:56:34.860 Tim Cummings: All day long.

00:56:35.100 --> 00:56:36.180 Tim Cummings: Given everybody a headache.

00:56:36.390 --> 00:56:37.800 Tommy DiMisa: that's my guy that's Bruno.

00:56:37.830 --> 00:56:39.000 Tommy DiMisa: Come on, we don't even have them yeah i'm.

00:56:39.000 --> 00:56:40.620 Tim Cummings: Just kidding listen, you should get the dog.

00:56:41.430 --> 00:56:55.320 Tim Cummings: So you know, but it is a huge game changer and we need to continue to focus or think that way right, rather than trying to say why you know what do we got to do to get people to us how are we going out to get to them right, how are we helping a just more fully so.

00:56:56.160 --> 00:57:03.390 Tim Cummings: And then Tommy the last program right which is our newest initiative essentially is the Institute and I really encourage people to go online.

00:57:03.600 --> 00:57:03.810 Tommy DiMisa: And they.

00:57:03.840 --> 00:57:05.250 Tim Cummings: Have a new website for them soon.

00:57:05.430 --> 00:57:08.730 Tommy DiMisa: That on the weapons that they get it, by the way, I didn't mention it yet, let me get you guys.

00:57:08.730 --> 00:57:09.720 Tim Cummings: yeah so.

00:57:09.870 --> 00:57:19.830 Tommy DiMisa: it's si G hyphen or dash CG that's how you get to the website Oh, I see right here i'm looking at it it's actually the third.

00:57:19.920 --> 00:57:23.040 Tim Cummings: The Institute yeah and give us a couple more months because it's.

00:57:23.040 --> 00:57:29.490 Tim Cummings: gonna we're working with some developers actually right now to have their own standalone website, which is it's going to be dynamic, we got a great group working on it.

00:57:29.550 --> 00:57:31.410 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know what to share the screen.

00:57:31.530 --> 00:57:33.090 Tim Cummings: Just so right on yeah cool.

00:57:33.300 --> 00:57:34.590 Tommy DiMisa: You see, the website right yeah.

00:57:34.650 --> 00:57:49.230 Tim Cummings: there's frank, one of our one of our trainers, so our head trainer great dude and yeah you know that this is this is lengthy it's a lot, so the best thing you could do if you scroll down Tommy is give us a call, and I think Ellen who runs this program should be down there yeah.

00:57:49.440 --> 00:57:50.730 Tommy DiMisa: So email Ellen.

00:57:50.790 --> 00:57:51.510 Tim Cummings: reach out to Ellen.

00:57:51.810 --> 00:57:52.440 Tim Cummings: Ever call you.

00:57:52.650 --> 00:57:58.350 Tim Cummings: She you know there's nothing better than talking to somebody about this, you know you can only get so much information from a website obviously so.

00:57:58.800 --> 00:58:13.410 Tim Cummings: All reach out and learn about this it's an amazing program and Tommy I just want to give you know if you go back to the homepage you know, on that there's some great video pieces that have been put together by by our videographer ash was just awesome she's so talented at what she does.

00:58:14.430 --> 00:58:16.470 Tim Cummings: watch the who we are, you know that's a great.

00:58:16.500 --> 00:58:19.020 Tim Cummings: Great way of learning about organization in a couple minutes.

00:58:19.080 --> 00:58:27.480 Tommy DiMisa: right here folks so if you're on if you're not on Facebook and and just listening go to see G dash later on to check this out, but TIM This is important, look.

00:58:27.540 --> 00:58:28.650 Tim Cummings: You know, very important.

00:58:28.740 --> 00:58:38.100 Tommy DiMisa: element team would have been on us Veronica we got you it's all good so what's going on on 1010 1001 to one.

00:58:38.610 --> 00:58:38.910 Tell me.

00:58:40.020 --> 00:58:42.660 Tim Cummings: Listen it's gonna be an awesome event there, I was just.

00:58:43.140 --> 00:58:50.100 Tim Cummings: Working with someone yesterday, who wrote an article about this, because this is the great dilemma that nonprofits are facing right now right, this is our major fundraising event of the year.

00:58:50.430 --> 00:58:57.660 Tim Cummings: And we pick this thing apart left, right and Center to try to figure out whether now, we were going to host this in person, as we wanted to do, and we are.

00:58:58.020 --> 00:59:04.620 Tim Cummings: it's at the hyatt new brunswick our honorees we got an amazing dynamic group of honorees including governor Chris Christie and his wife.

00:59:04.920 --> 00:59:14.850 Tim Cummings: So it's going to be really awesome to have them there, he was a big supporter and continues to be of our organization deeply embedded in you know the welfare of women and children, he and his wife both so.

00:59:16.080 --> 00:59:24.750 Tim Cummings: So it's it's you know it's really interesting and we've we've we're very pleased with where we stand right now in terms of the pledges and attendees we have received.

00:59:25.080 --> 00:59:39.900 Tim Cummings: word from a couple people that hey look, I want to support you i'm just not comfortable right now completely expected that right, but we, at this point, have as of yesterday have 270 attendees or pledges ready to rock and roll with us on 10 one it's gonna be awesome.

00:59:40.080 --> 00:59:40.680 Tim Cummings: yeah so.

00:59:40.770 --> 00:59:53.160 Tim Cummings: You know we're working with staff in that event, space we're doing whatever we can to ensure that this is a safe as possible right, this is obviously at the front of everybody's minds and it's going to be an awesome night to be together and really celebrate the mission.

00:59:53.520 --> 01:00:00.840 Tommy DiMisa: that's awesome other than that other than potentially sponsoring the event anything on the docket that the organization needs that maybe my people can connect you with.

01:00:01.170 --> 01:00:05.640 Tim Cummings: You know I love it, I mean you, so another thing that is so unique to nonprofits right now, or just the entire.

01:00:05.970 --> 01:00:13.020 Tim Cummings: business environment is finding good people to work right and it has been a struggle, I mean you drive around you see help wanted signs everywhere.

01:00:13.320 --> 01:00:21.390 Tim Cummings: But that has been a really unique our HR directors super dynamic woman has done an amazing job trying to get our name out there, get ourselves out there.

01:00:21.720 --> 01:00:28.770 Tim Cummings: And the responses are just so you know, everybody is saying this across the State of New Jersey i'm on calls all the time we don't have the employees to.

01:00:29.100 --> 01:00:38.190 Tim Cummings: to serve in our buildings now we're fortunate right now we do, but you always want to make sure that you have a backlog essentially people waiting to get in and that backlog is gone yeah so.

01:00:39.000 --> 01:00:45.960 Tim Cummings: You know I don't know who you're you know who made see this and think i'll have some ideas i'd love to hear them right because we had a.

01:00:46.200 --> 01:00:47.430 Tommy DiMisa: Call with you and and i'd.

01:00:47.430 --> 01:00:47.910 Tim Cummings: Like it on.

01:00:48.270 --> 01:00:51.660 Tommy DiMisa: But you know definitely some of my people who are thought leaders in the sector to.

01:00:52.200 --> 01:00:58.440 Tommy DiMisa: That conversation, and like I said I mean just to you know bit of publicizing these roundtables we do um.

01:00:58.710 --> 01:01:07.560 Tommy DiMisa: You know there's a great community that we've developed in these roundtables and if you have if you're a nonprofit leader and you don't know about my roundtables send me an email Tommy di philanthropy and focus.

01:01:07.920 --> 01:01:09.660 Tommy DiMisa: calm and i'll get you the information.

01:01:09.960 --> 01:01:19.140 Tommy DiMisa: You don't have to be the ED you don't have to be the coo you can be a board member if you're somebody that's in that's really involved with an organization it's we built a heck of a community and people are really.

01:01:19.350 --> 01:01:22.380 Tommy DiMisa: it's mastermind like you know there's a lot of that type of stuff going on.

01:01:22.590 --> 01:01:28.620 Tommy DiMisa: So we were actually with like, as I said, this would happen, we actually are are now we've now run out of time and.

01:01:29.280 --> 01:01:30.150 Tim Cummings: So awesome man.

01:01:30.330 --> 01:01:40.440 Tommy DiMisa: So here's what we need to do, I when I knew I was bringing the CEO of an organization on my show, I was like oh man it's gonna be an OPS guy like what's this guy.

01:01:41.040 --> 01:01:48.960 Tommy DiMisa: You know, I was like an operations guy man, I was like I need like I need some fire man and then, when we spoke yesterday afternoon, I was thrilled that it was yeah.

01:01:49.980 --> 01:01:53.670 Tommy DiMisa: So i'm excited to be a friend, I look forward to meeting you in person.

01:01:53.850 --> 01:01:54.270 Tim Cummings: I do.

01:01:54.630 --> 01:01:55.500 Tommy DiMisa: want to meet peg.

01:01:55.590 --> 01:02:09.840 Tommy DiMisa: shout out to them, bringing us together shout out to my friend Maryland ticked in who was with CT who introduced me Veronica through some networking do three we do the networking group so much going on all right TIM, I look forward to meeting you I got to put a ball on this show.

01:02:10.200 --> 01:02:14.280 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you for being here, I appreciate you I appreciate this new friendship thanks for being.

01:02:14.310 --> 01:02:16.020 Tim Cummings: Likewise, man thanks for everything you're doing.

01:02:16.200 --> 01:02:24.810 Tommy DiMisa: right on appreciate it all right gang here's here's how you do it want to see me on instagram Tommy D dot nyc watch what i'm doing 60 days of service hashtag 60 days of service.

01:02:25.110 --> 01:02:28.140 Tommy DiMisa: I just like saying the word hashtag hashtag 60 days of service.

01:02:28.800 --> 01:02:37.710 Tommy DiMisa: Watch me on tick tock same thing Tommy D dot nyc in the email, I told you stay tuned Steve Friday SMB guy my brother he's probably cleaning this shades to get on the show right now.

01:02:37.950 --> 01:02:47.880 Tommy DiMisa: You know he's so he's so cool that shades and then Jeremiah fox finishes off our block today on Fridays TIM make it a great day, everybody else, make it a great day make it a great weekend i'll see you soon.

01:02:48.450 --> 01:02:48.930 Tim Cummings: Thanks Tommy.

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