Dismantle Racism with Rev. Dr. TLC

Thursday, September 16, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/16 - Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) & The World of Marketing

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/16 - Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) & The World of Marketing


2021/09/16 - Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) & The World of Marketing

[New Episode] Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) & The World of Marketing

Have you noticed a recent surge in the number of people of color who appear on company websites and in commercials? You might have even observed companies highlighting or even promoting people of color in and to top leadership positions. While these efforts point in the right direction of dismantling racism, they fall flat if the intent is for "show only" and there is little sustained commitment to ensure racial equity. All too often, DEI measures are simply "checking the box'' rather than a deep understanding of how one can truly connect with their clients of color and understand how to better serve them.


Join Rev. Dr. TLC and her guest, Ed Faruolo, as they discuss the complexities of marketing, branding, and race. Ed's professional experiences, including having served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Cigna, provide an insider's view to marketing strategies and how some companies miss an opportunity to engage more deeply in the conversation on race and in their commitment to truly create a workforce and world that is more racially equitable. Ed believes that these efforts extend beyond what we do in our professional lives and is committed to building relationships and mentoring in communities that do not have equal access to financial and other resources. We hope you will join the conversation.


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Rev. Dr. TLC begins the show asking the audience to breathe. She encourages us to center ourselves and to be very conscious of our breath. She asks us to practice this exercise to help us be in tune with what we are feeling and thinking. Rev. Dr. TLC discussed a memory she had when living in Mississippi as a child and the dangers of marketing the wrong message to children. She begins to introduce her guest Ed Faruolo, founder of Vida Links. Ed was chief marketing for Cigna and worked with them for over ten years. Ed now is a marketing and business consultant who focuses on branding development and ensuring clients understand their customers.

Segment 2

After the break, Rev. Dr. TLC and Ed continue the discussion on how certain marketing can be detrimental to a group of people. Ed talked about marketing for a liquor company and remembering how they advertised for the black community, despite the alarming rates of alcoholism. Ed adds that the consciousness and empathy depends on the company and product that they are selling. Ed also mentions that he doesn’t believe any marketing company he's worked for has been intentionally racist. Rev. Dr. TLC states racism doesn’t require malice intent. She connects that we are built into a systemic society that has told us how to perceive each community.

Segment 3

After the break, Rev. Dr. TLC and Ed continue their conversation on squandered talent. Ed talks about the incredible talent that went into developing ad campaigns; all for a moment that will be forgotten. He suggests using that talent to address social issues. Rev. Dr. TLC asks Ed what can companies do to fo below the service? Ed says to listen to the workers on the frontline of business. They understand the needs of customers. He adds that it is easy to write a check and publicly align with a suffering community. Look inside your business. If not for the common good then for your company to thrive.

Segment 4

In the last segment, Rev. Dr. TLC and Ed continue to talk about the responsibilities of CEOs and leaders. He reiterates that companies must look from deep within in order to gain a better perspective and help the economics of other communities. Ed talks about his background with mentoring and an ex-felon he is currently working with. The young gentleman from Bridgeport, CT is trying to bring healthy food to his community with his company Soul to Soul. Before the end of the segment Rev. Dr. TLC asked Ed what he learned about himself during this process. He answers that he feels he has learned to be more open.


00:03:03.570 --> 00:03:12.690 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Oh i'm so sorry good morning good morning Good morning, welcome to dismantle racism, I am your host the Reverend Dr T llc.

00:03:13.080 --> 00:03:24.960 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And we aim on this show to help uncover dismantle and eradicate racism and we really want to create a world where racial equity is the norm.

00:03:25.260 --> 00:03:40.290 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Today we are going to be talking about diversity equity and inclusion and the world of marketing, but as always i'd like to begin our show out by asking you to breathe.

00:03:41.400 --> 00:03:48.750 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I just want us for a moment to Center ourselves and really be very conscious of our breath.

00:03:49.890 --> 00:03:52.530 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and know that it is life itself.

00:03:53.700 --> 00:04:04.200 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So that no matter what we are confronting even difficult and uncomfortable conversations, such as race and racism.

00:04:05.490 --> 00:04:07.560 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: That if we just take a deep breath in.

00:04:09.060 --> 00:04:26.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: centers us it redirects us it guides us it calms us, and it really helps us to tune into what we're thinking and feeling, but, most importantly, it helps us to tune into divine wisdom.

00:04:27.750 --> 00:04:41.400 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So that as we take a breath and we tune into our sacred source, we will know what to say and how to say it when conversations are difficult so take a deep breath in.

00:04:43.200 --> 00:04:44.340 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and release it.

00:04:45.360 --> 00:04:54.030 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and know that you are exactly where you need to be and you do have the power to change your community.

00:04:55.770 --> 00:04:58.140 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And to dismantle racism.

00:05:00.330 --> 00:05:03.030 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: deep breath in and say it out.

00:05:05.280 --> 00:05:25.530 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I am so delighted today to be talking to today's guest, because he has years of experience in the marketing world and, as a psychologist I know how important it is to have the right information out there for us in order.

00:05:26.610 --> 00:05:27.330 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: to shape.

00:05:28.590 --> 00:05:33.510 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Our ways of thinking, our values and even sometimes our morality.

00:05:34.920 --> 00:05:45.390 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I know that as a psychologist who's worked with teenagers, I know how easy it is for them to be influenced and to believe what they say.

00:05:45.780 --> 00:05:58.950 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Based on commercials based on what they see on the Internet, based on what they see in magazines and we also know that things are targeted for certain groups of people.

00:06:00.870 --> 00:06:24.780 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The ways in which we understand who we are depends on what we see in the world, the ways in which we understand who we are, as an individual and as a people, it really starts with how the world projects, who they expect us to be what is considered right what is considered wrong.

00:06:25.950 --> 00:06:30.990 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: What products, we should buy what clothes, for instance, we should wear.

00:06:34.920 --> 00:06:45.480 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I had the privilege of listening very recently to a podcast and in this podcast there, the journalist was interviewing a black man.

00:06:46.590 --> 00:06:58.470 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Who was writing was really kind of talking about his experience as a child watching the dukes of hazzard now, I must admit I watched the dukes of hazzard when I was little.

00:06:59.370 --> 00:07:06.930 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I grew up in Mississippi, and so I could identify a lot with the characters that were on the dukes of hazzard.

00:07:07.800 --> 00:07:20.160 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But if you will recall, this show was really about these cousins, I believe, who had this race car named the General Lee and, on top of the general lead was the confederate flag.

00:07:20.580 --> 00:07:25.980 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Now growing up in Mississippi was nothing for me to see the confederate back I didn't even think anything about it.

00:07:27.060 --> 00:07:37.440 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Therefore I didn't even think anything about this show, but what occurred to me, as I was listening to these two gentlemen talk these two black gentleman talk.

00:07:37.770 --> 00:08:00.060 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: They spoke about getting those cars, when they were little that they had to have a dukes of hazzard car and what was really interesting was they said, we were hoodwinked because we didn't even realize that the very car that we want it was a car that had the symbols of a flag.

00:08:01.140 --> 00:08:16.710 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And a person who really wanted to dehumanize us So what does that say when the marketing world hoodwinked us in such a way that we want the very products that are meant to hold us down.

00:08:17.310 --> 00:08:27.090 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So today i'm so delighted to get into the mindset of one who has spent years marketing someone who has spent years helping.

00:08:27.660 --> 00:08:38.490 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: their clients understand their customers now i'm not saying he was necessarily one of these individuals but we're going to check into that and and see so i'm delighted today because.

00:08:38.910 --> 00:08:44.730 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I have with me ED for rolo and ED for rolo has been a.

00:08:45.180 --> 00:08:56.280 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Marketing expert for years he was the chief marketing officer for signature and he worked with them for over 10 years but he has his own company now called vital links.

00:08:56.610 --> 00:09:07.680 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: where he does, marketing and business consulting he does brand with individuals and he helps clients to understand their customers now.

00:09:08.370 --> 00:09:16.830 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I know from talking to ED he has changed over time and the ways in which he thinks about marketing so we're going to dig into that because i'm very curious.

00:09:17.070 --> 00:09:24.060 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: to know what he has learned over time and for him to help us to understand the marketing world and how.

00:09:24.510 --> 00:09:37.020 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The more we know, the more we can become aware and uncover the more we can began to dismantle racism and it's very important whether you are a person of color or white person listening to this.

00:09:37.440 --> 00:09:51.000 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: To understand what people are selling when they sell to you so i'd like to welcome to the show today and for rolo ED welcome to the show i'm so glad that you are with me.

00:09:51.210 --> 00:09:53.940 Ed Faruolo: i'm very happy to be here, Dr tlc.

00:09:56.070 --> 00:10:09.690 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Well, you know I always start out asking people about what grounds them just in general, but I believe that the work of dismantling racism, the work of serving other people.

00:10:10.350 --> 00:10:18.330 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: It can be very daunting but also just getting through our day to day life I believe there's it's important for us to be grounded in something.

00:10:18.630 --> 00:10:28.920 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: That helps us to move throughout our day, so do you have a particular practice, or is there a particular faith tradition that helps to ground you in the work that you do.

00:10:29.640 --> 00:10:31.860 Ed Faruolo: Well um you know, I think.

00:10:32.880 --> 00:10:39.630 Ed Faruolo: If you open your ears up and open your eyes up throughout your life you'll start to see that everything is connected somehow.

00:10:40.950 --> 00:10:54.270 Ed Faruolo: I was originally attracted to the advertising business for all those shallow reasons and it's not that's not a judgment or dispersion I mean you know the cosmetic submit are very cool.

00:10:54.780 --> 00:11:00.930 Ed Faruolo: yeah and attractive, especially you're you're 2223 years old and you're getting involved in this.

00:11:01.800 --> 00:11:16.350 Ed Faruolo: But when you're that young to you don't understand what else perhaps is going on and I can't speak for anybody else except myself and not, nor do I position myself as anyone that's you know found any kind of great secret or anything like that.

00:11:17.610 --> 00:11:31.920 Ed Faruolo: But, over time, what I started come to the realization that those in advertising or the advertising practice itself is a wonderful practice on one level, because you truly if you do it right and not many do, by the way.

00:11:33.510 --> 00:11:38.280 Ed Faruolo: And they haven't gotten to that one if you do it right you're getting into the heart and soul of what really.

00:11:38.580 --> 00:11:45.420 Ed Faruolo: drives people, the ability to really resonate with them in an extremely extremely meaningful way.

00:11:46.950 --> 00:11:57.450 Ed Faruolo: And then i've always had this phrase, especially when I went to the corporate side that it's a shame that all the talent that goes into advertising development is squandered on advertising.

00:11:59.640 --> 00:12:05.310 Ed Faruolo: And I mean because of this study, you have to go through some mixture of science it's a mixture of art.

00:12:06.090 --> 00:12:13.320 Ed Faruolo: there's a lot of in depth thinking there's a lot of knee jerk reactions there's a lot of dealing with a lot of crazy people.

00:12:14.310 --> 00:12:25.980 Ed Faruolo: both internally and in your companies and client situations, but by that I mean you reach a certain point was saying, I want to do something more than just kind of help sell stuff.

00:12:26.430 --> 00:12:37.680 Ed Faruolo: huh is anything wrong with that because that's what drives everything right, so it led me to kind of utilize this craft to say there could be something more that could be something deeper.

00:12:38.880 --> 00:12:40.200 Ed Faruolo: And it led me to.

00:12:41.790 --> 00:12:49.740 Ed Faruolo: Actually, leave leave that world leave the corporate world start my own business to be able to help companies be more vital to the.

00:12:50.160 --> 00:12:59.550 Ed Faruolo: Customers they serve, in other words, really understand them understand their values, how do you link with them and I actually did have a prayer not too many years ago, where I base.

00:13:00.360 --> 00:13:05.040 Ed Faruolo: I prayed and we've got we all go through rough patches it was a little rough patch then and I said.

00:13:05.550 --> 00:13:17.040 Ed Faruolo: You know you I prayed saying you know what my capabilities are you know what I can do, I want to do it for people in need and places that need that kind of service, when I also want to get paid for.

00:13:21.480 --> 00:13:30.360 Ed Faruolo: This and, by the way, a lot of these organizations deserve people that get paid for their services as opposed to Oh, let me take care of this off to the side and be like i'm a good person.

00:13:31.980 --> 00:13:35.580 Ed Faruolo: led to really a lot of involvement in some very interesting assignments.

00:13:36.270 --> 00:13:48.000 Ed Faruolo: Related to people developmental disabilities, even a an assignment related to public housing and there's a few others, so i'll we can save that a little bit for later because little bit deeper into your topic, but.

00:13:48.690 --> 00:13:57.750 Ed Faruolo: long story short, consider your side of your life a journey and look for those little symbols that will open your mind up to a greater path.

00:13:58.020 --> 00:14:07.290 Ed Faruolo: hmm and just as a quick one because we might want to forget this very, very early on, was working in an ad agency in New York, and it was on the liquor business the booze business.

00:14:07.590 --> 00:14:15.510 Ed Faruolo: Where we all sit around thinking oh this just for in a fluid audience and people feel great about themselves, and it was wonderful assignment, one day, I was walking back to the train.

00:14:16.020 --> 00:14:28.050 Ed Faruolo: And I saw in the gutter a broken pipe bottle of the whiskey that I was working on and, for some reason, the way that was in the gutter the sun reflected back up into my eye.

00:14:28.650 --> 00:14:39.180 Ed Faruolo: And I never forgot it now, I went to the train and I, I said to myself that's reminder of who's really utilizing your product right now, in spite of what you're saying, and you know.

00:14:40.620 --> 00:14:54.480 Ed Faruolo: And I just parking lot that thought you didn't do anything much about it, but that thought comes back years later, as perhaps That was something that just planted a seed in your head saying there's something a little bit deeper than this.

00:14:55.110 --> 00:15:11.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know, so that is that is great because it's great a segue actually into terms of talking in terms of talking about consciousness around the way that you market we'll talk about that, after the break, though, because it's time for us to.

00:15:11.460 --> 00:15:29.250 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: To take it will and we'll be right back so that we can discuss a little bit more, how does one's consciousness as an marketing expert play into what you advertise we'll be right back this is dismantle racism on your host Reverend Dr T llc.

00:17:43.380 --> 00:17:55.410 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: i'm your host the Reverend Dr tlc up dismantle racism my guest today is at barolo ED you know you were talking about seeing that liquor bottle on the ground.

00:17:55.980 --> 00:18:04.620 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And it didn't really change you in the moment but you started thinking about who's using your product, so it makes me think about.

00:18:05.250 --> 00:18:17.550 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: How I opened the show with talking about the dukes of hazzard and really talking about this this undercurrent message that is sense to two young children of color.

00:18:17.970 --> 00:18:33.120 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: In particular it's okay it's Okay, for you to you know applaud this particular symbol that is meant to dehumanize you and i'm wondering just as a person who engages in marketing.

00:18:34.530 --> 00:18:47.550 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Is there ever sense of consciousness around what you are marketing who you're marketing to and how it might be detrimental to a particular group of people.

00:18:48.120 --> 00:18:54.510 Ed Faruolo: It depends on the product or service, so I guess you could interpret that as sort of a no.

00:18:56.880 --> 00:19:05.130 Ed Faruolo: You know, so when I started thinking about like the liquor business, there were certain brands that certainly played more to the black community.

00:19:05.490 --> 00:19:06.120 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: mm hmm.

00:19:07.080 --> 00:19:14.250 Ed Faruolo: And know the they'd be the billboards around those communities and so forth, you see them on the train, as you went through the bronx or northern Manhattan.

00:19:15.720 --> 00:19:27.810 Ed Faruolo: Now you know you could argue that's fine, because these are people that are consuming that anything in moderation is fine, the question is, what are these companies doing relative to other problems that may may happen related to it.

00:19:27.840 --> 00:19:28.200 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Okay.

00:19:28.230 --> 00:19:28.590 Ed Faruolo: You have.

00:19:28.800 --> 00:19:38.280 Ed Faruolo: relations that have a higher level of alcoholism and all the things that go with it, you really should be doing something to eat promote a lot more moderation on that.

00:19:38.550 --> 00:19:40.770 Ed Faruolo: And I will say the client was seagram so at the.

00:19:40.770 --> 00:19:45.720 Ed Faruolo: time they probably out of any of them did a lot more on the moderation front.

00:19:46.650 --> 00:19:50.850 Ed Faruolo: That actually argue that maybe that was just to you know, make them feel better about it but.

00:19:51.180 --> 00:20:02.580 Ed Faruolo: Something there, so it depends on the company depends on the product on the insurance side, I have to give the insurance industry some credit on this where because it's much more of a service that's out there.

00:20:03.600 --> 00:20:06.600 Ed Faruolo: There were a lot more people that were conscious of.

00:20:07.590 --> 00:20:20.970 Ed Faruolo: What are some of the disparities that happened in that are going on with with some of the population, so health disparities gender disparities those words are probably being almost misconstrued right now, because everyone's kind of running to their own corners.

00:20:21.240 --> 00:20:21.630 But.

00:20:22.800 --> 00:20:29.280 Ed Faruolo: really what things were about was at certain diseases hit African Americans and Hispanics and others harder than other people.

00:20:30.630 --> 00:20:35.610 Ed Faruolo: You know, and they at least we're trying to figure out what to do about that.

00:20:36.090 --> 00:20:44.250 Ed Faruolo: So yeah there was some consciousness, but at the end of the day, you have to remember what is their job, what is their mission their mission is to sell.

00:20:45.300 --> 00:20:53.280 Ed Faruolo: Their product, and I think you have to temper your expectations from those organizations there's only so much you can expect from them.

00:20:53.580 --> 00:21:01.560 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Well, well, yes and no because I think that we have to hold them accountable as what we have to do and when you talk about.

00:21:02.400 --> 00:21:10.050 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Marketing to certain neighborhoods it's really interesting that, if we open our eyes will see in certain neighborhoods that there will be.

00:21:10.410 --> 00:21:24.060 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: A marketing as it relates to alcohol, for instance let's just use that the billboards might be there to sell you the alcohol, but will it be so much in more affluent neighborhoods even though.

00:21:24.510 --> 00:21:32.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: affluent people drink as well, and so, when we want to talk about dismantling racism, I think, as a company in particular.

00:21:33.000 --> 00:21:39.660 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: If we want to serve the people, who are our clients, not necessarily just focus on.

00:21:40.140 --> 00:21:50.700 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: getting money, money, money only and then marketing in those neighborhoods things that are toxic to them for not just physically, but things that are toxic.

00:21:51.000 --> 00:22:07.050 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Emotionally I think for me for a company who chooses to say i'm going to stand up and we're not going to do this we're going to be one of the companies who say no we're going to care about the people we serve I actually think they can make more money doing it that way.

00:22:07.920 --> 00:22:16.020 Ed Faruolo: yeah you know and again it depends, I think you have to be careful of hypocrisy that I think a lot of them are risking right now.

00:22:16.320 --> 00:22:24.600 Ed Faruolo: I mean just go back to your statement with the liquor companies they certainly did go after the affluent audiences and still do because that's where their money is that's where the most biggest profit margins are.

00:22:25.050 --> 00:22:31.410 Ed Faruolo: They may not be the billboards because these folks aren't living by highways, but certainly in the media they're consuming that.

00:22:31.890 --> 00:22:47.430 Ed Faruolo: they're promoting the brands that have the biggest higher profit margin so you know they and you see that, with a with a number of different products and services, but you know, for example, companies like wendy's and pop eyes and I think.

00:22:49.050 --> 00:22:56.730 Ed Faruolo: Maybe mcdonald's did this to you know with, especially with all the various protests they're making statements that they were in support.

00:22:57.510 --> 00:23:08.340 Ed Faruolo: Well that's finding good but i'm going to go back to what I just said, from what I learned on as an insurance industry their products are actually at the heart of some of the problems and the health problems that.

00:23:08.820 --> 00:23:13.650 Ed Faruolo: The minority populations have So how do they really help to they just pay off.

00:23:14.010 --> 00:23:14.460 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And then just.

00:23:14.490 --> 00:23:21.600 Ed Faruolo: pay him basically it's a company's paying a fine and they go about their business, so now all of a sudden i'm a little bit more enlightened.

00:23:22.560 --> 00:23:23.670 Ed Faruolo: i'm hiring more.

00:23:23.970 --> 00:23:28.080 Ed Faruolo: People of color in my executive ranks I can put them on my board and my website.

00:23:29.130 --> 00:23:45.090 Ed Faruolo: But let's face it at the end of the day, that's the business model they're pushing out a lot of the chicken a lot of the burgers a lot of the Fries and you have to once again look at where is there a higher percentage or higher concentration of that business coming from so.

00:23:45.480 --> 00:23:55.080 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: yeah, and so it really and what you're saying, and it is adults boils down to money, no matter how you're looking at it, because, and I hear you saying they are not.

00:23:56.040 --> 00:24:04.590 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: walking the talk or talking out of both sides of their mouth because sure I know that affluent people drink it, I know that that's a high profit margin.

00:24:04.830 --> 00:24:21.330 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But here are the subtle ways that really it perpetuates racism when we continue to see billboards and communities of color because not only does it perpetuate this, for instance, drinking or or eating food that's not good for you.

00:24:22.440 --> 00:24:30.450 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: It perpetuates it and people of color mine as well, or the people who live in those neighborhoods but also for white folks because white folks will say.

00:24:30.720 --> 00:24:42.420 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Oh yeah that's what they drink that's what they eat, this is all you know, this is why they have diabetes and etc, etc, it actually perpetuates misinformation.

00:24:42.750 --> 00:24:59.010 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: as well because i've heard doctors even say Oh, you know people of color have more diabetes, because they don't eat right, for instance, without understanding that the fluids, that that some neighborhoods get are very different.

00:25:01.590 --> 00:25:04.710 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And so really in marketing as a part of that.

00:25:04.830 --> 00:25:05.670 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Right right.

00:25:05.970 --> 00:25:10.860 Ed Faruolo: Right, and you know and again we all see the world a little bit differently and.

00:25:11.310 --> 00:25:20.580 Ed Faruolo: I will tell you just from my own experiences I don't think there has been one company that i've ever worked with as said as actually consciously thought.

00:25:21.030 --> 00:25:28.530 Ed Faruolo: Oh, you know what I want to sell this horrible product to black neighborhoods you know because I have, I have a bit of a racist agenda.

00:25:28.980 --> 00:25:36.510 Ed Faruolo: know what they've been seeing is a higher percentage of certain consumption it's a chicken and egg that happens that they keep pushing and pushing and pushing.

00:25:36.900 --> 00:25:43.740 Ed Faruolo: But to your point there's a deeper issue that happened, this is my issue with marketing overwhelm and advertising that's why I said earlier, it's shallow.

00:25:44.250 --> 00:25:52.440 Ed Faruolo: And I have to be careful about your expectations of the industry because they still got to figure out how do they thrive and make some money out of office.

00:25:53.160 --> 00:25:59.010 Ed Faruolo: But your point and that's why I think sometimes the insurance industry's need to step up to some of this a little bit more deeply.

00:25:59.460 --> 00:26:05.580 Ed Faruolo: Because what happens is people that are that have that are consuming this now have a higher health risks.

00:26:05.970 --> 00:26:12.540 Ed Faruolo: Which means now they can't get the same kind of coverage that other people can get because of the way things are written, you know and.

00:26:13.080 --> 00:26:19.890 Ed Faruolo: And you can like talk about it as a racist agenda or you can talk about it, as this has got to be solved somehow agenda.

00:26:20.370 --> 00:26:35.730 Ed Faruolo: You know and somehow it's got a truly be solved related to it, because to your point access is not there, I if I was if I was being brought up, I have a client where I go into Queens section of Queens and if I wanted to eat healthy I couldn't.

00:26:36.600 --> 00:26:38.160 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: hmm hmm.

00:26:38.400 --> 00:26:39.750 Ed Faruolo: I want to eat healthy I could.

00:26:40.260 --> 00:26:46.200 Ed Faruolo: write I didn't have the if I even what am I gonna do i'm gonna go into Manhattan at a whole food store, you know.

00:26:48.390 --> 00:26:51.690 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But, so what you're saying I If I could just.

00:26:53.130 --> 00:26:57.420 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: sort of reiterate a little bit what you're talking about is that.

00:26:57.750 --> 00:27:12.690 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The truth of the matter is when you talk about people aren't intentionally racist they're not going into the marketing thing that I would agree that folks are not intentionally racist but racism does not require intent or malice right.

00:27:13.410 --> 00:27:24.600 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Is that is built in to a systemic society that says you give these people over here this and these people over here that right, and we have to begin to.

00:27:26.040 --> 00:27:31.740 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Take a look at the ways, and this is really what you're talking about what you're saying go to a deeper level.

00:27:32.340 --> 00:27:40.200 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: To take a look at the ways in which we are showing up for our fellow human beings and.

00:27:40.470 --> 00:27:55.440 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And you're actually showing the dotted lines here that, if we don't eat right it impacts our health and then it impacts our ability to get insurance, so therefore it actually impacts, a whole medical system.

00:27:56.220 --> 00:28:06.900 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Insurance companies lose out on this hospitals lose out on this when you see repeatedly folks coming in that you cannot care for right or cannot pay you.

00:28:07.290 --> 00:28:07.770 Ed Faruolo: care for them.

00:28:07.980 --> 00:28:09.510 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So it's a big mess.

00:28:10.170 --> 00:28:11.310 Ed Faruolo: It is well yeah.

00:28:12.360 --> 00:28:19.020 Ed Faruolo: It is a big mess and it's not a mess that gets sort of solved overnight, and this is, you know, I think.

00:28:20.220 --> 00:28:31.890 Ed Faruolo: Like I said before, I started alluding to this there's a lot of companies that are advertising, you know how enlightened they are right now and they're doing it by you know they're donating to this or that and making very public.

00:28:33.060 --> 00:28:37.740 Ed Faruolo: or they're putting more people of color in their commercials you know all.

00:28:39.090 --> 00:28:46.470 Ed Faruolo: If I if I if I came into this country just based upon the commercials I saw in the nfl I would say Oh, this is interesting, this country 70% black people.

00:28:47.790 --> 00:28:56.490 Ed Faruolo: That I then I looked at the stands and it stands for, like 90% white people and the football field it's about 60% black people you know so.

00:28:58.020 --> 00:29:07.080 Ed Faruolo: So you who's as part of me says, you know that's not mask certain things and call it what you want, but there's issues you have you have.

00:29:07.860 --> 00:29:16.380 Ed Faruolo: What I think squandered talent and a lot of the Communities, because the same thing keeps the you know, keep cycling over and over again.

00:29:16.950 --> 00:29:25.020 Ed Faruolo: And i'm not sure what the answer is related to some of these companies rather there are certainly things that they can do internally that's far deeper.

00:29:25.560 --> 00:29:34.770 Ed Faruolo: there's certainly things that they can do more long term to prepare them to be able to compete in a way that's a little bit more ethical for the people they're serving.

00:29:36.300 --> 00:29:45.240 Ed Faruolo: But just throwing money and advertising and put a banner up you know you got to be they need to be held accountable if people are very serious about some of these issues.

00:29:45.390 --> 00:29:53.460 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: um well ED, we have to take another break, but there are two things when we come back when you mentioned the word squandered.

00:29:53.790 --> 00:30:05.850 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: talent i'd love to know more about what you mean about that, and then, when we return i'd love to know how you believe that companies should be held accountable for.

00:30:06.540 --> 00:30:17.520 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Really hypocrisy is almost what you're you're describing it as because you know you're saying they put these people of color up in their marketing, but what does it really mean and I write a lot about that.

00:30:17.910 --> 00:30:26.670 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: as well, so when we return we'll come back to those two issues will be right back this is dismantle racism i'm your host the Reverend Dr tlc.

00:33:03.090 --> 00:33:17.670 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: i'm back with dismantle racism i'm your host Reverend Dr tlc and my guest today is ED for rolo ED before the break, you mentioned the word squander talent, could you tell us a little bit more about what you mean by that.

00:33:18.090 --> 00:33:27.390 Ed Faruolo: yeah um what I mean by that is that I used to think about all this incredible talent that went into developing developing ad campaigns.

00:33:27.930 --> 00:33:39.840 Ed Faruolo: and marketing programs great research people great strategists amazing creative people I mean just amazing great production people I mean.

00:33:40.800 --> 00:33:46.890 Ed Faruolo: fabulous fabulous talent that's out there all for something that's going to be seen in the moment.

00:33:47.640 --> 00:34:00.750 Ed Faruolo: And then comes and goes so I even think about it today in terms of like I said I watched the the giants game on Sunday, and I, I remember some of those bizarre images, but I can't remember one of the companies.

00:34:01.260 --> 00:34:17.160 Ed Faruolo: All right, especially now when there's so much clutter out there, these things come and go there, like a moment so there's all this incredible town that's utilized for solving problems solving an issue which is get people to pay attention to some thing and then poof you know it's gone.

00:34:18.300 --> 00:34:24.930 Ed Faruolo: Imagine utilizing some of that talent that creative talent, to address some of the things that we were just talking about before.

00:34:25.560 --> 00:34:31.080 Ed Faruolo: Okay it's you can't you can't arrest somebody for selling French Fries to people right.

00:34:32.460 --> 00:34:35.790 Ed Faruolo: I mean if you get to that point you got a big different kind of problem here.

00:34:36.810 --> 00:34:50.520 Ed Faruolo: But you can certainly utilize that kind of talent, to really figure out how do you really start some of this because it's kind of a deep issue and it's not just the issue from the companies themselves but it's also the issues in terms of how do you impact the communities.

00:34:50.790 --> 00:34:51.120 yeah.

00:34:52.170 --> 00:34:54.960 Ed Faruolo: You know so that's what I meant about the squandered talent part.

00:34:55.740 --> 00:35:07.020 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: that's so critical what you're saying I love that idea because it gets to, we can also change the marketing while we're also embracing better health for free.

00:35:07.800 --> 00:35:21.840 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And also addressing racism at the same time, so tell us a little bit more about, then what are some things that you think companies can do to go below the surface and not be hypocritical as you're saying.

00:35:22.080 --> 00:35:33.900 Ed Faruolo: yeah yeah you know and, by the way, it's always easy for us to point the finger to somebody else and call him a hypocrite or whatever, and we know when you have the don't have the same kind of problems or challenges they have so.

00:35:34.740 --> 00:35:40.650 Ed Faruolo: But I think there's a ton of things you can do, and some of them are quite simple, the right in front of their nose and they don't cost a whole lot of money.

00:35:41.730 --> 00:35:45.270 Ed Faruolo: i'll give a quick example of it from my signal days.

00:35:46.200 --> 00:35:53.970 Ed Faruolo: And I think a lot of companies have this situation, I went ahead and did some research amongst people who handle the telephones for people calling up about complaints about their health insurance.

00:35:54.360 --> 00:36:01.920 Ed Faruolo: One of the toughest jobs on earth was about what would compel you to do this job it was down in the south and north Carolina and I met with.

00:36:02.730 --> 00:36:09.420 Ed Faruolo: 10 women that were handling the phones and they were all black and, as I was talking to them.

00:36:10.230 --> 00:36:17.340 Ed Faruolo: It was cracked up because I love them because they started point if they see that guy up there, I go yeah because that's our manager he feels like a guy like this.

00:36:17.700 --> 00:36:27.330 Ed Faruolo: Because he's really mad doesn't want us in this focus group I go why because because we're not on the phones he goes he tells us, we have to be off the phones within 90 seconds that's our goal suppose we don't listen to him.

00:36:28.320 --> 00:36:44.160 Ed Faruolo: I go, you know, listen to them, this is your boss you don't listen to him I go why don't you listen to me they said, people call us up with real problems, a lot of our senior citizens, they need to be spoken to on and on, I went back and said God bless these young ladies, you know and.

00:36:45.300 --> 00:36:50.790 Ed Faruolo: I went back, and I said, you know I even made a recommendation and I didn't fight that hard for the recommendation so shame on me.

00:36:51.180 --> 00:36:56.730 Ed Faruolo: But the recommendation was we were we were pushing a lot about diversity get diverse talent in and whatnot.

00:36:56.940 --> 00:37:03.210 Ed Faruolo: Is it, are we looking inside you want diverse talent, I said i'm the chief marketing Officer of this company I just met with 10 young women.

00:37:03.570 --> 00:37:12.120 Ed Faruolo: who know more about our customers know more about our product and service, and I do and i'll go as far as to say that's true of everybody in this room, because that didn't go over too well.

00:37:12.510 --> 00:37:17.250 Ed Faruolo: But, but the point being is you really want diversity, what are you doing in your pipeline.

00:37:17.670 --> 00:37:19.560 Ed Faruolo: Every single look at your truck drivers.

00:37:19.560 --> 00:37:31.590 Ed Faruolo: Okay, look at the people in your warehouses look at the people performing customer service, who are on the front line of your business, the people that really understand the needs and the pain of your customers.

00:37:32.040 --> 00:37:44.130 Ed Faruolo: And I will tell you right now, if you do that you're going to find a very high percentage of them black and Latino and you name it different you know they're going to look different a pack and it's not just going to be people of color coming out of Harvard.

00:37:44.850 --> 00:37:48.750 Ed Faruolo: i'm also, by the way they studied all the books, they looked at all the textbooks.

00:37:49.110 --> 00:37:58.920 Ed Faruolo: And you know, but at the end of the day, it's just some people that kind of look different but they're all kind of you know singing from the same hymn, though, if you like, getting a little agitated about.

00:37:59.370 --> 00:38:01.560 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Well, I can see you're excited about what.

00:38:01.620 --> 00:38:02.730 Ed Faruolo: What your knowledge but.

00:38:02.730 --> 00:38:10.980 Ed Faruolo: But the point is is that locked inside look into your organization okay it's really easy to write 100 million dollar checks.

00:38:11.370 --> 00:38:16.500 Ed Faruolo: And to to an organization say I did my part but and, by the way, if you do this.

00:38:16.890 --> 00:38:22.020 Ed Faruolo: you're all of a sudden you're not just doing it because you're doing it to feel good you're doing it because you're helping your company.

00:38:22.350 --> 00:38:27.630 Ed Faruolo: you're doing it because they know your customers better than you do you do because you're going to have a better profit at the end of the day.

00:38:27.930 --> 00:38:36.240 Ed Faruolo: You do because you're going to understand what's happening in those communities you do because somebody might actually come up with an idea from those communities that says, you know what we're sick of the French Fries.

00:38:39.450 --> 00:38:51.630 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So ED breathe, first of all, I read a little bit as you're talking about this, but I can imagine that someone listening to this show might say, well ED you didn't fight about it hard enough so.

00:38:52.110 --> 00:39:05.550 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So talk to that person who was in your position, what would they need to do to fight, because it really does take first of all you're a white male who who really has a lot of privilege in this country.

00:39:06.360 --> 00:39:14.280 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So if you a white male going into your company and you set these things, some of these things to them like you need to look at this.

00:39:14.700 --> 00:39:19.200 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But you didn't fight that hearth word we want to help people have the.

00:39:19.860 --> 00:39:38.190 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The courage and the voice to do it, so what would you say to that person now who's struggling perhaps out there, wanting to do what you said, but also recognizing that there one person in that company, what would you do differently now because now you you've evolved from that time.

00:39:38.190 --> 00:39:39.330 Ed Faruolo: So we have to you have to.

00:39:39.330 --> 00:39:50.610 Ed Faruolo: stick to it, no matter what you're doing, by the way, i'm one of the reasons I didn't overly push it was because it did not resonate the then black head of diversity didn't want to be done with it.

00:39:51.060 --> 00:39:51.660 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: hmm.

00:39:51.720 --> 00:39:52.800 Ed Faruolo: Now you tell me why.

00:39:53.280 --> 00:39:54.330 Ed Faruolo: mm hmm why.

00:39:54.360 --> 00:39:59.370 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: It was like oh I got Sabrina Sabrina some reasons why that might have happened, but since I was.

00:39:59.700 --> 00:40:11.430 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Not there, I cannot speak to that because there's also a lot of pressure, even if you are the loan black person who was the head of the company there's a lot of tension that goes there, but I can't speak for them.

00:40:12.240 --> 00:40:17.490 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And even if that person black or white Latina whatever color they are didn't want to push it.

00:40:18.420 --> 00:40:30.990 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: There are people in the organization, who have to take the lead and say we're going to keep pushing this, so what would you say to because people are worried about their jobs they're worried about the money that they make.

00:40:32.370 --> 00:40:34.590 Ed Faruolo: My point being take risks.

00:40:34.830 --> 00:40:53.130 Ed Faruolo: You know don't be afraid of taking risks, you know if you if you don't mind my observation from looking at a lot of the minority executives i've come in contact with afraid of certain risks and frankly I don't get it because, especially now, I think more in the position where they can.

00:40:53.940 --> 00:41:00.180 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So I have to stop you just for a second just so just because we're engaged in this conversation, you and I have had.

00:41:00.480 --> 00:41:01.110 Ed Faruolo: yeah, no, no.

00:41:02.220 --> 00:41:14.640 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But if we're going to be talking truthfully about racism, it is very difficult for a person of color who are in those positions executive or not to make choices that they feel like.

00:41:15.330 --> 00:41:23.640 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The rest of the company, are not going to be happy with because, just like for white people who don't want to engage in this there's this.

00:41:24.690 --> 00:41:26.700 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: pressure, you know that you could lose your job.

00:41:27.300 --> 00:41:40.980 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Right, you know that you won't have the support that you need and your gut you might be the wrong person out there, fighting it, just like for a white person, but as a person of color it's an extra stress and an extra risk because.

00:41:41.370 --> 00:41:44.670 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know that your voice can be taken, no matter if you're at the top.

00:41:45.330 --> 00:41:52.560 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: or not, and so I don't want i'm not defending people of color I want to be very clear about that, because I think we all have to take that risk.

00:41:52.860 --> 00:42:03.990 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But I think because of racism there's that extra component that's added when a person of color is in those top positions now you don't have to believe me, you can actually go and talk to people.

00:42:04.590 --> 00:42:18.900 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Who are in those positions, however, I think the point of this conversation is that leaders, no matter who they are, must take the risk and that's the conversation that.

00:42:19.230 --> 00:42:20.700 Ed Faruolo: Will absolutely and like.

00:42:20.790 --> 00:42:22.800 Ed Faruolo: My only point was is don't.

00:42:24.180 --> 00:42:33.090 Ed Faruolo: Like house to anybody white black or whomever is don't overthink this if you're in one of those executive positions you're being paid well.

00:42:34.140 --> 00:42:43.290 Ed Faruolo: You are being paid well and I took a lot of risk to my organization and some of the things that we've been able to do and get done and I gotta tell you right now, it is freaking exhausting.

00:42:43.620 --> 00:42:44.670 Ed Faruolo: It is busting.

00:42:45.030 --> 00:42:48.090 Ed Faruolo: And then, when you start seeing that there's this complacency.

00:42:48.480 --> 00:42:57.540 Ed Faruolo: And you bring some things to the table that make a lot of sense and you also see at the executive level it's not a bunch of old white men anymore, you know, especially in that organization.

00:42:58.020 --> 00:43:11.670 Ed Faruolo: And, and all of a sudden i'm thinking what was going on here is because i'm actually trying to promote people who are not the College based they didn't go through all that they didn't go through all the different pros they didn't get through Harvard.

00:43:12.210 --> 00:43:18.840 Ed Faruolo: But I mean, I think that there's a lot of complexity in that that suddenly it was like making people uncomfortable.

00:43:19.590 --> 00:43:27.660 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And is that something that led you to your transformation seeing this happening in.

00:43:28.950 --> 00:43:29.430 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and

00:43:29.580 --> 00:43:37.140 Ed Faruolo: yeah I think very much so, because I think I kind of at that point was like towards the end of when I pretty much had it with that world.

00:43:37.770 --> 00:43:38.430 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: mm hmm.

00:43:38.460 --> 00:43:41.730 Ed Faruolo: You know, and the world i've been involved in now are.

00:43:42.780 --> 00:43:53.940 Ed Faruolo: kind of more what i'll call everyday people you know um you know who don't it's what's interesting is they don't put the same kind of pressures on themselves.

00:43:54.030 --> 00:44:06.960 Ed Faruolo: not making the same kind of money they're doing fine but they're not it's not the same kind of thing but they're not putting they don't have the same kind of pressures, whether they're there, or they put them on themselves or it's a combination of all that you know.

00:44:08.220 --> 00:44:18.540 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So when I hear you talk add, because I know the work that you do now, and I would love for you to talk a little bit more about that, and I know that that you are trying to help.

00:44:19.290 --> 00:44:32.970 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: People of all like races socio economic status, you are really trying to dig in there and change it, and I love that I love that there needs to be someone with your expertise who's doing that.

00:44:34.770 --> 00:44:47.310 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But I also just want to encourage and to challenge the people who are where you were before, because those cut it we really need to change to so i'd love to hear your voice.

00:44:49.080 --> 00:45:02.190 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Still shouting to the to the rafters to these companies that you must do something to change and because one, you are a white male and you have been in that position before.

00:45:03.420 --> 00:45:16.410 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I just want to encourage you, and really to challenge you to keep going to those places like you, are today to keep having these conversations to say you have to do more, and you have to step up to the plate because, like you said.

00:45:17.250 --> 00:45:28.920 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Look, I appreciate when you give a million dollars to an HP see you, but I would love, if you would do more of the things that you and I have talked about today, so of course we have to take a quick break.

00:45:29.190 --> 00:45:30.210 Ed Faruolo: And we're going to.

00:45:30.330 --> 00:45:40.080 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Be right back so we can continue the conversation so hold your thought ED and we'll be right back this is dismantle racism i'm your host Reverend Dr tlc we'll be right back.

00:47:42.360 --> 00:47:55.440 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I am back with dismantle racism i'm your host the Reverend Dr tlc and before the break I was challenging you to still continue your message to the.

00:47:56.160 --> 00:48:07.560 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Other CEOs out there, the people who are in top leadership I don't know if you had a response i'd love for you, if you had a response to that to say a little bit more, and then.

00:48:07.890 --> 00:48:15.780 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I want to just ask you to talk a little bit about mentoring, because I know that you do a lot of mentoring out there, so.

00:48:18.300 --> 00:48:36.420 Ed Faruolo: Oh yeah no I think in terms of just to kind of close out on some of the things I was saying earlier, is you know looking look inside your company's please go deep go deep look inside your company's deeply deeply deeply, not just at the you know, not just the frosting on your cake.

00:48:36.450 --> 00:48:54.840 Ed Faruolo: But I that cake, you know who's really driving that company, you might find the best potential future CEO somewhere that's a diamond in the rough know there could be if you're an ad agency, you might find the best writers that are their best creative people best God knows what.

00:48:56.010 --> 00:49:00.660 Ed Faruolo: And it's for your businesses to make your business better and you will also now start to get.

00:49:01.110 --> 00:49:14.670 Ed Faruolo: A better perspective, you will help with the economics of some of those communities and the health of those communities, the more you look deep and when you look deep it's, not just for you, but it's also good for you, because don't look at it in terms of here's what I can do for that.

00:49:15.720 --> 00:49:17.340 Ed Faruolo: In terms of what are they doing for me.

00:49:17.880 --> 00:49:29.010 Ed Faruolo: Because any of the projects i've been involved in where i'm dealing with minority populations are people who are not as fluent as are our pad that breaks that i've had or some of the opportunities that i've had I have learned.

00:49:29.940 --> 00:49:45.330 Ed Faruolo: I have learned that there are ways that a lot of these folks have made decisions or what drives them what motivates them have been different than what's been elevated me and I have found a lot of it to be a lot more inspirational because it's coming from their heart.

00:49:46.560 --> 00:49:51.330 Ed Faruolo: And it's coming from circumstance, making the best of kind of rough circumstances, you know.

00:49:52.380 --> 00:49:59.460 Ed Faruolo: Man i've gathered more i've gotten more value out of some of those mentoring things than they've gotten for me, I think.

00:50:00.330 --> 00:50:17.940 Ed Faruolo: And so that's the mentoring, you know you know aspect i'm a huge huge believer you know you in that as as best as you possibly can, and and i've offered myself up through an incubator in the hartford area i've worked with a number of different people one in particular.

00:50:19.020 --> 00:50:26.250 Ed Faruolo: who's in who's in bridgeport and he's an ex felon and he's trying to he's trying to bring healthy food to his community.

00:50:27.210 --> 00:50:36.090 Ed Faruolo: Something called soul to soul and you know and that's that's tiny somebody may look at this and say, are you know this little tiny thing it's not tiny.

00:50:36.390 --> 00:50:44.370 Ed Faruolo: that's big and this kid needs support like you wouldn't believe because he's really scaling up a wall on this, you know.

00:50:45.030 --> 00:50:55.590 Ed Faruolo: and also an organization i'm involved in called elevate which really does a lot of really good mentoring isn't even the right kind of word for it but working with urban youth.

00:50:57.000 --> 00:51:12.450 Ed Faruolo: To to build relationships with them so that they ultimately can see opportunities and have more access to opportunities that i've had to you know, a big thing for all of us to do is just shut up and listen.

00:51:14.190 --> 00:51:20.280 Ed Faruolo: You know if you find yourself getting defensive and say you know i'm not that i'm not this is, I don't like that word.

00:51:20.670 --> 00:51:27.420 Ed Faruolo: or this or that yeah but what about this, what about that neighborhood down the street just every now and again just just shut up and listen.

00:51:28.110 --> 00:51:38.130 Ed Faruolo: And just see even if you disagree with somebody 95% as a 5% there that might open up the door in your in your in your life in your heart that will make you better at what you do.

00:51:38.550 --> 00:51:54.240 Ed Faruolo: Right and make you realize that no you don't have all the answers she never did, and you probably never will you'll be a better person and if, by the way, if all the drives you is making money, then you know what it will help you make more money if that's what.

00:51:55.200 --> 00:52:00.030 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Well, you know what it's really interesting that you say that and I chuckle when you say it.

00:52:00.390 --> 00:52:13.260 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But really in the marketing world the way that you have to talk to people and can even convince them that the work of dismantling racism will help you make more money it's sometimes I have to talk to people.

00:52:13.440 --> 00:52:28.080 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Like ultimately we would love it would change their hearts and their souls and understand that we are all indeed in this thing together but that's the marketing piece speaking a language that people can hear.

00:52:28.260 --> 00:52:32.250 Ed Faruolo: yeah mix mix it up with communities that are not that you're not comfortable with.

00:52:32.490 --> 00:52:33.420 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: um.

00:52:33.480 --> 00:52:41.520 Ed Faruolo: You know i'm not saying you do anything goofy but just mix it up, you know whether it's some kind of volunteering or any little thing you know.

00:52:41.970 --> 00:52:56.340 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: How do you help people do that because there are people out here in in my experience, there are white folks who have never ever been in a community that had people of color in it, so how do you.

00:52:56.760 --> 00:53:08.730 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: What could you offer as a white person what could you offer to other white people that would help them to be more comfortable or to get past their discomfort and do the work that you're doing.

00:53:09.060 --> 00:53:20.820 Ed Faruolo: yeah well I think part of it is you start with a group that's receptive to wanting to do something there's plenty of people that are now saying they want to whether they will or not I don't know but it's really working with folks to really.

00:53:21.930 --> 00:53:32.760 Ed Faruolo: get them to understand that everybody has some sort of talent that's out there, you know whether it's musical talent real real art or just something that knows why.

00:53:34.590 --> 00:53:47.490 Ed Faruolo: And what can you do to really help kids and some of these communities to learn your talent and to understand your talent so let's say you're like a well established artists living on a short front community.

00:53:47.850 --> 00:53:58.650 Ed Faruolo: And life is good, you know, and you you're a little bit more woke today than you were yesterday and you want to say the right things, and you want to drink the right white wine and all that kind of stuff.

00:53:58.980 --> 00:54:10.110 Ed Faruolo: that's all fine and good, but think about the talent, that you have and and you're in where I am in Connecticut you've got a community to the east of you called New haven another one to the west of you called bridgeport.

00:54:10.650 --> 00:54:19.170 Ed Faruolo: Where there's a lot of budding artists, that a lot of kids that would like to be budding artists out there, this is one example it's kind of its own it's sort of a real example but.

00:54:19.830 --> 00:54:34.020 Ed Faruolo: You know, so what can you do with some of the schools that are out there, what can you do with some of the Community organizations is boys clubs as girls clubs, you know there's all sorts of organizations that are trying the best to reach out to work with different communities.

00:54:34.380 --> 00:54:39.120 Ed Faruolo: And you just say hey you know what here's a talent, I have maybe they'd like to know a little bit more about business.

00:54:40.410 --> 00:54:47.070 Ed Faruolo: Ah, but but also my counsel would be when you go into it go into it, not with what am I teaching you.

00:54:48.240 --> 00:54:50.370 Ed Faruolo: Is go into with your learning.

00:54:51.510 --> 00:54:59.490 Ed Faruolo: What are you going to learn that will make you better at what you do and then you know I don't know how to explain it.

00:54:59.520 --> 00:55:01.680 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Although actually I think that's beautiful.

00:55:01.770 --> 00:55:15.330 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I think you've given the audience two things really, in particular, is to start with, maybe an established organization or some Community, as you said, that's receptive but also go in.

00:55:15.870 --> 00:55:34.140 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Seeking to be one who learns as opposed to having to be the one to instruct there's there's a there's a skill that you might be given the, what can you learn so i'd have to add to ask you, what do you think you've learned about yourself through this process.

00:55:36.240 --> 00:55:38.850 Ed Faruolo: What do I learn about myself um.

00:55:40.170 --> 00:55:54.420 Ed Faruolo: You know I think what what I learned about myself is that um I just had the I have the ability to be able to open up more than just the people around me.

00:55:55.410 --> 00:56:05.010 Ed Faruolo: You know if I was born and bred in a certain Community within New York, I would have just been within that Community you know just thinking about my name there's nothing wrong with all that.

00:56:05.520 --> 00:56:14.040 Ed Faruolo: But what is what is open me up to is sort of the obligations back obligations and opportunities to be able to.

00:56:15.060 --> 00:56:25.740 Ed Faruolo: You know utilize your talents and fields if you're doing something you know a little bit better you know I kind of figured if if only 10% of the people out there, what I had a try.

00:56:29.670 --> 00:56:35.220 Ed Faruolo: sorry about that, if only about 10% of people out there, tried to benefit one individual.

00:56:36.360 --> 00:56:39.510 Ed Faruolo: Think about how many millions of people that would impact, you know.

00:56:40.230 --> 00:56:44.850 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I appreciate you saying that because I was thinking when you were talking about.

00:56:45.450 --> 00:56:50.880 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The gentleman who's doing the soul to soul working, you said somebody's going to say that's just a little thing.

00:56:51.240 --> 00:57:09.240 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But think about you impacting him, and even if he impacted 20 people, maybe those 20 people will now impact 200 people and, ultimately, you get to those millions of people that really you had an impact on, even if it was indirectly right no.

00:57:09.330 --> 00:57:10.590 Ed Faruolo: You know, and I think.

00:57:12.570 --> 00:57:14.790 Ed Faruolo: You have to put in your head there's nothing to be afraid of.

00:57:15.030 --> 00:57:22.980 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: hmm right well and I am so so thankful for this conversation that we've had today I know there's there's.

00:57:23.400 --> 00:57:37.740 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: always much, much more that we could talk about if you have a final word that you'd like to wrap us up with I i'd love to hear it before we close out the show, but thank you so much, and I do hope you'll come back and visit us again.

00:57:37.830 --> 00:57:43.020 Ed Faruolo: I will my final word is everybody can make a difference, be confident in that look down don't be afraid of anything.

00:57:44.430 --> 00:57:45.990 Ed Faruolo: Work just you know go for it.

00:57:47.100 --> 00:57:52.380 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So tell us a people want it to get in touch with you how can they get in touch with you.

00:57:52.440 --> 00:58:08.100 Ed Faruolo: Is this email is ED at vital links calm and it's spelled V, as in Victor VI Th l I n C vital inks keep your ink vital and at vital links calm and i'd love to hear from people you know.

00:58:09.060 --> 00:58:25.740 Ed Faruolo: The good the bad the ugly the sweet sour whatever whatever you think you know that's fine because I said I come from my perspective, I can't answer to anybody else's perspective, but what I what I observed right and I try to observe a lot more, so I can bounce up perspective.

00:58:26.370 --> 00:58:40.620 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Well, thank you ED for your perspective, I want to thank each and every one of you for listening to today's show, I want to invite you that, as you leave this place to today to do what you can where you can.

00:58:41.010 --> 00:58:50.880 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Whether you are a CE O or whether you're the person that answers the phone you have an obligation to do what is best for all.

00:58:51.150 --> 00:58:58.140 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: of humanity, so I pray that today you'll tap into that sacred part of you that will allow you to step out encourage.

00:58:58.410 --> 00:59:05.580 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: If you want to know more about ways in which you can dismantle racism, I invite you to visit my website.

00:59:05.880 --> 00:59:19.050 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: At sacred you can also find out about the programs that I offer there, and please do stay tuned for the conscious consultant hour with Sam liebowitz where he helps.

00:59:19.380 --> 00:59:26.760 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: His guests to walk through life with the greatest ease and joy we'll see you next time on dismantle racism bye for now.

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