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Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/15 - Pet Trusts

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/15 - Pet Trusts


2021/09/15 - Pet Trusts

[New Episode] Pet Trusts

Heather Maltby is an attorney specializing in Estate Planning, which is drafting Wills and Trusts, such as Pet Trusts, and handling the probate process for clients.

She provides her clients with an easy and relaxed experience that provides them with the best results for their individual needs. Since becoming a member of the FL Bar, Heather has focused her practice solely on estate planning, guardianship and probate law. Heather provides legal counsel for individuals, families, and business owners in the creation of trusts, wills, financial and health care powers of attorney, guardianships and she assists families going through the probate process.

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy DiMisa starts off the third episode of the show by emphasizing the purpose and mission of PALS- "professionals servicing communities!" He goes on by describing that the "bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong," which is why PALS mission is to build a community for these fur-baby lovers. Tommy further went on to say that PALS will try to promote the show by hosting more service and philanthropic events, as well as inviting more non-profits as future guests.

Val then chimed in, saying that being able to go back into podcasting has been one of her favorite things! She gave a little more info explaining how she came about forming PALS; she was working as a social networking events coordinator and found that amongst all the events she coordinated, the niche ones were always the best! Including, that the events generated a lot of business. Val noted "that there is a ripple effect in the communities" and how that could first-handily be seen as Tommy talked about taking his son to a service event.

Towards the end of the segment, they introduced and detailed the guest, Heather Maltby. Heather is a lawyer who specializes in estate planning, probate, and guardianship law. She is a part of the Florida Bar and practices virtually and in-person in St. John's County, Florida. Unfortunately, when she was 29, her mother passed away, and Heather's experience with the lawyer handling her case was terrible. Given the stressful experience, Heather wanted to ensure that other people would not have to struggle with the same treatment. She includes pet trusts as a service because "what happens if you die; what happens to your pet?" As someone who constantly fosters animals, Heather knows the importance of planning for a pet if something terrible were to happen to its owners.

Segment 2

After Tommy, "the non-profit sector connector," came back from the pause, we were able to hear a bit more of what Heather does. She said that most of her work is done remotely as only 15% of her clientele meets with her in person while the other 85% are virtual clients. Although she is a fantastic lawyer, she can only represent people in Florida, not just St. Johns County but from all over the state.

After the basic information was out of the way, Heather spoke more about the pet trust process. If an owner has designated a person to take care of their pet, the pet trust can help the pet caretaker cover essential expenses such as food and veterinary bills. That way, the "burden" doesn't fall on them.  She did add that the pet caretaker could be a completely different person from the person who has access to the funds because it could be that the caretaker is great with the pet/s but may not be as savvy with money.

Heather explained a situation in which an owner does not have a designated person to care for their pet. In cases like these, owners can assign their money to an organization that will shelter their pet/s while they are in the adoption process. That way, the organization benefits from the donation while also ensuring that the person's pet goes into good hands.

After Heather shared this information, Val commented that "this" reminded her of the death of one of her neighbors. What essentially happened was that the owner did not have a pet trust established and was not prepared to die. His dogs were traumatized because they had witnessed their owner pass away and no one in his family wanted to take ownership of the pets. Val said stories like those are reasons to plan for your "fur-babies" properly.

Segment 3

Luna's Legacy is a non-profit organization run by a woman named Shiloh. This organization fosters cats while searching for their future homes. The organization, whose name inspiration came from a cat named Luna, who has now passed, covers medical expenses, living expenses, and all other materials the cats may need. Val explained what fostering a cat entails because she did not know until she began fostering. Both Val and Heather emphasized how the cat's socialization is vital; after all, it helps make a cat find a home or go back into the wild. Val mentioned that people do not necessarily need to be fostering a cat to do this they can go to shelters or kitty cafes to help cats socialize.Tommy, lastly, added that there is a great need for fostering and adopting cats because there are as many feral cats as there are in-door cats.

Segment 4

As we came back to the last segment of today's show, we made sure to answer some critical questions. One of them is, "what does a power of attorney do in a pet trust?"

Heather mentioned that a power of attorney usually applies to writing people's checks to pay bills and other essentials, but for a pet, that looks a little different. In a pet's case, a power of attorney allows the pet to get veterinary care if the pet needs so after their owner has passed away. Since a veterinarian will not perform any medical procedures if the person bringing it in does not have any say in the pet's medical matters.  

Heather's firm donates 3% of its monthly earnings to help organizations like Luna's Legacy care for animals. If someone adopts a pet from Luna's Legacy, Heather's firm offers discounts to form a pet trust.

Tommy asked Heather what it takes to foster a cat. She said that it does not take a lot of space, they don't require too much attention, so they can be happy even if you play with them for just an hour, their food, litter, and all other essentials are covered by the organization. They just require a lot of pictures to be taken so that they can be adopted!

And onto the last note, Val mentioned that this coming Monday, Sep 20, 2021, there will be a hearing at Riverhead Town Hall, 200 Howell Avenue, Riverhead, NY 11901 to discuss the issue.

Please follow Luna's Legacy on Instagram and Facebook.


00:05:24.720 --> 00:05:35.400 Tommy DiMisa: Now for the live shows professional serving communities, you know I it's Tommy your friend the nonprofit sector connect their host of philanthropy focus and co host of this year Program.

00:05:35.700 --> 00:05:46.350 Tommy DiMisa: The professionals and animal lovers show I just took a quick picture of us, because I saw my buddy joby sneak onto the screen Hello Valerie Hello Hello Hello jovi what's going on gang.

00:05:46.470 --> 00:05:47.640 Tommy DiMisa: Good it gets pretty.

00:05:48.690 --> 00:05:49.140 Heather S. Maltby: Are you.

00:05:49.440 --> 00:05:54.420 Tommy DiMisa: i'm good i'm great i'm happy to have you here heather we're excited we'll jump into the conversation in a moment, but.

00:05:54.630 --> 00:06:01.020 Tommy DiMisa: I thought that the commercial right before we got started professional serving community and I thought about what heather does, I thought about what.

00:06:01.560 --> 00:06:10.350 Tommy DiMisa: What Valerie and I are trying to accomplish with this program is to spotlight and show people who are serving Community what Community we're talking about.

00:06:10.650 --> 00:06:19.020 Tommy DiMisa: we're talking about animals we're talking about dogs and cats and next week we'll be talking about much larger animals forces in fact.

00:06:19.350 --> 00:06:19.620 But.

00:06:20.670 --> 00:06:28.050 Tommy DiMisa: But each week we strive here to amplify the message that we believe the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong.

00:06:28.740 --> 00:06:38.580 Tommy DiMisa: And we want to support one another in business by building this compassionate community and I guess maybe six weeks ago Valerie have from and your buddy Tommy we were talking and.

00:06:39.600 --> 00:06:51.690 Tommy DiMisa: Val came up sync second while I get back into podcasting and somehow it turned into let's do a show about animals and 15 minutes later we were like let's just do it, and we were both like really yeah let's just let's freakin do it and I.

00:06:51.720 --> 00:06:54.840 Tommy DiMisa: said free let's freakin do it and that's like where we are.

00:06:55.230 --> 00:07:01.860 Tommy DiMisa: Today is actually three fingers today is the third episode of the professionals and animal lovers show we're excited.

00:07:02.130 --> 00:07:10.560 Tommy DiMisa: I don't think you're ever going to get rid of us, I think we're going to be doing this for a long time, so we want to build this Community, because we believe everybody wins, especially the animals.

00:07:10.860 --> 00:07:15.210 Tommy DiMisa: And we achieve this through this show and we're going to achieve it through in person events.

00:07:15.720 --> 00:07:22.650 Tommy DiMisa: different ways we're going to do at go out and do service for organizations i'll give a shout out to one of our first guests on our first show.

00:07:23.520 --> 00:07:42.360 Tommy DiMisa: Regina Mendoza of campaign details nyc and i'm currently in the process of doing 60 days of service for nonprofit organizations, so when Regina was on the show we talked I found out what she does and how important her rescue is for these little dogs and big dogs for that point as well.

00:07:43.530 --> 00:07:46.230 Tommy DiMisa: And I said to her actually when we were prepping before the show I said.

00:07:46.440 --> 00:07:53.010 Tommy DiMisa: I think i'm gonna have to come out and do one of my 60 days of service, because i'd really like to do that, but can I bring my son cuz heather and Val.

00:07:53.160 --> 00:08:04.320 Tommy DiMisa: My son is an absolute maniac for dogs and like a dog and a person can't walk by without him saying I like your dog I, like you know, and you know anybody who has a dog.

00:08:04.350 --> 00:08:17.580 Tommy DiMisa: is probably right with a you do it alright, so my 10 year old is never going to stop doing that that's kind of just just what goes on, but to tell you guys i'll be out there tomorrow in Queens.

00:08:18.150 --> 00:08:27.300 Tommy DiMisa: With that organization super early I think will be out there by 7am my seminar to do a day of service and I tell you that only because I think services important I think philanthropies important.

00:08:27.690 --> 00:08:39.450 Tommy DiMisa: And all all are many of the organizations that come on our show either are nonprofits here or or very closely aligned to a specific rescue and we'll talk about heather's.

00:08:39.990 --> 00:08:50.730 Tommy DiMisa: rescue of choice later on today, so now why don't you say hello talk a little bit about I know there's something on your mind but talk a little about the show and how you, you know how you envision our program not just this episode.

00:08:51.270 --> 00:08:53.370 Valerie Heffron: Okay sure so first of all hi.

00:08:54.330 --> 00:09:02.460 Valerie Heffron: i'm always thrilled to be here, this is a dream come true, for me, this is actually like my favorite thing that i'm doing right now on a daily basis whether it's.

00:09:02.670 --> 00:09:11.550 Valerie Heffron: talking to potential guests or learning about other rescues and organizations, and this is just these are my people, this is my tribe so.

00:09:12.390 --> 00:09:16.800 Valerie Heffron: The theory is simple like I used to run events in in New York that's how I met Tommy.

00:09:17.190 --> 00:09:31.380 Valerie Heffron: and networking events and the best in my humble opinion, networking events that I ran were always niche but then I took it to another level, so instead of let's say having a legal eagles.

00:09:31.770 --> 00:09:45.570 Valerie Heffron: Networking event where was all attorneys or a real estate professionals night where was everybody in the room, had something related to real estate or women in business, I mean there's a million niches I did a professional loving.

00:09:46.800 --> 00:09:56.160 Valerie Heffron: Excuse me a pet loving professionals event and I did it twice, because we brought together everyone we brought together pet professionals groomers trainers.

00:09:56.520 --> 00:10:06.180 Valerie Heffron: And you know that, and we also brought together just regular professionals lawyers accountants, you know again real estate professionals website designers.

00:10:06.600 --> 00:10:19.710 Valerie Heffron: And the amount of business that was generated from those people in the room, I it's still happening like I know one animal advocate, who has used the same lawyer four times for a real estate transaction.

00:10:20.700 --> 00:10:26.820 Valerie Heffron: So that's what we're looking to do we want to build a network of compassionate perfect and highlight.

00:10:27.510 --> 00:10:40.920 Valerie Heffron: The people in business doing good things for the animals as well as charities and advocacy groups and it's working look at this ripple effect the ripple effect is here's Tommy cammisa doesn't have a pet yeah.

00:10:43.650 --> 00:10:44.730 Tommy DiMisa: Every patch with legs.

00:10:45.000 --> 00:10:53.760 Valerie Heffron: I would be surprised if that's not gonna happen soon, but anyway, and here he is learning about you know puppy mills and learning about Feral cats.

00:10:54.060 --> 00:11:07.620 Valerie Heffron: And now he's volunteering and he's bringing his son, with him, and you know his son is going to learn about fostering and his son is going to learn about volunteering, and this is this is amazing so i'm just really proud and happy to be here.

00:11:09.690 --> 00:11:15.450 Tommy DiMisa: it's very special stuff I mean what we're doing here is is ultimately that ripple effect that I talked about all the time and.

00:11:16.260 --> 00:11:21.660 Tommy DiMisa: i'm thrilled out i'm thrilled that we're here, I want to get heather into this conversation sooner rather than later, so i'm going to read a.

00:11:22.170 --> 00:11:31.710 Tommy DiMisa: file before and there since becoming becoming a member of the Florida bar heather has focused her practice solely on a State planning guardianship and probate law.

00:11:32.040 --> 00:11:37.470 Tommy DiMisa: And she provides legal counsel for individuals, families and business owners in the creation of trust wills.

00:11:37.770 --> 00:11:45.540 Tommy DiMisa: Financial and health care power of attorney guardianships and she assists families growing going through the probate process she's past President.

00:11:45.810 --> 00:11:54.000 Tommy DiMisa: Of the St Johns county Bar Association a director of the young lawyers section of St Johns county Bar Association and a committee Member.

00:11:54.390 --> 00:11:58.950 Tommy DiMisa: Of the united way emerging leaders and is also a member of enterprising.

00:11:59.430 --> 00:12:10.290 Tommy DiMisa: women's leadership Institute, just like our parents and grandparents in generation before she was born and raised in St Johns county and countries, the family roots, all the way back to the beginning.

00:12:10.650 --> 00:12:20.730 Tommy DiMisa: of St Augustine and that's that's I love stories like that I don't want to get into but what what I stood out for me way before you ever met me heather and we when we met virtually last week.

00:12:21.540 --> 00:12:33.000 Tommy DiMisa: That you're involved in pet trust, and I know we're gonna get to that Val told me, and I said let's do it let's get heather on the show so that's the first welcome welcome to the professionals, an animal lover show how are you today.

00:12:33.450 --> 00:12:38.340 Heather S. Maltby: i'm great, thank you for having me I really appreciate being here you're like my camera just new.

00:12:39.450 --> 00:12:41.940 Tommy DiMisa: agent yeah your view but you're you're great it's all good.

00:12:42.510 --> 00:12:50.310 Heather S. Maltby: no big deal um yeah so i'm i'm doing great and I appreciate you having me today I think it's a very important topic to talk about you know.

00:12:50.970 --> 00:13:06.750 Heather S. Maltby: with people who are pet lovers and people who work with pets that you know, eventually, you might die before your pet dies, and like what happens to your pet so I work with a lot of clients talking about those type of things and you want to make sure that it's in care of so.

00:13:07.890 --> 00:13:10.530 Heather S. Maltby: I think it'll be a very informative podcasts today.

00:13:10.980 --> 00:13:18.780 Tommy DiMisa: awesome, so why don't we just start out with your career and how you decided to go into law and then i'm sure that'll take us down the advocacy wrote at some point quickly.

00:13:21.330 --> 00:13:24.510 Valerie Heffron: but also how you chose your area of practice.

00:13:24.690 --> 00:13:29.550 Heather S. Maltby: yeah so I kind of know, and I wanted to be a lawyer, my whole life um.

00:13:30.540 --> 00:13:44.550 Heather S. Maltby: I went through a kind of a tumultuous situation as a late teens early adults and had to get involved in the legal system as a victim, not as a not as a criminal and I use some local.

00:13:45.300 --> 00:13:50.550 Heather S. Maltby: Community services and ended up being in a courtroom and meeting lawyers and.

00:13:51.300 --> 00:14:08.070 Heather S. Maltby: Seeing judges and how the whole process worked and I just fell in love and was like I kind of knew I was gonna always be aware, but like I caught the bug and so, then I just went for it um I took some years off in my 20s just like travel and have fun and then.

00:14:09.450 --> 00:14:16.140 Heather S. Maltby: went to law school when I was 30 actually so I was a little bit later in life, and the reason I went into a state planning and probate.

00:14:16.530 --> 00:14:26.160 Heather S. Maltby: guardianship mostly is because of probate and I did that, because when I was 29 my mom passed away and like I said I was born and raised in this town I.

00:14:26.550 --> 00:14:43.170 Heather S. Maltby: know everyone it's not that big of a town and on the probate process just I went to a friend who's an attorney who knew my mom and it was just a horrible experience for me um, and so I decided this is what I wanted to do because I don't want anybody else to have to go through.

00:14:44.820 --> 00:14:55.950 Heather S. Maltby: Something that's such a hard situation like grief and losing a parent or a child or a spouse and not having direct contact with an attorney to answer those questions for you, when you need to have them answered.

00:14:56.340 --> 00:15:04.890 Heather S. Maltby: And you know I waited three weeks to meet with an attorney was a friend, three weeks is a long time, not knowing what you're supposed to be doing for him to say there's nothing you need to do.

00:15:05.190 --> 00:15:13.380 Heather S. Maltby: charge charge me toner and $50 for a consultation, and that was the end of it and I just I want I wanted to be an attorney that.

00:15:14.130 --> 00:15:22.350 Heather S. Maltby: was very connected to the local population and that anybody could call me ask me questions they don't have to go through my paralegal they don't have to go through.

00:15:22.770 --> 00:15:34.200 Heather S. Maltby: A Secretary it's just me and them, and you know it's kind of taking out that that kind of barrier that a lot of attorneys put up that like.

00:15:34.650 --> 00:15:45.270 Heather S. Maltby: I don't have time to talk to you, unless you pay me a compensation me like that's not fair, and so I just I chose to do this and chose to run my practice a little bit differently than everyone else did I.

00:15:45.600 --> 00:15:56.790 Valerie Heffron: love it and for the record, you know Barry actually used to heather and was was incredibly happy and using the animal connection again, you know my cousin.

00:15:57.450 --> 00:16:01.590 Valerie Heffron: needs to have his mother prepare some documents and all of that.

00:16:02.040 --> 00:16:09.300 Valerie Heffron: um you know she's in her 80s, she should have really had this already but and so to see he has a family and two kids.

00:16:09.630 --> 00:16:15.870 Valerie Heffron: And two dogs, but the point is that you know, I was on the phone with him and he was like do you have any one that you would recommend.

00:16:16.170 --> 00:16:27.480 Valerie Heffron: And i'm like no brainer and I said heather and I said, by the way, she's also a huge animal advocate and fosters animals, all the time, and he was like done give me her number.

00:16:27.810 --> 00:16:38.610 Valerie Heffron: So that's how easy it is you know that's the thing, like all things like if you're gonna have one a State attorney versus another, but one does allow for the animals as an animal lover which one, are you going to choose.

00:16:39.060 --> 00:16:42.090 Tommy DiMisa: Just make sense, who is this Barry that you mentioned, because we had.

00:16:42.090 --> 00:16:42.930 Valerie Heffron: A husband.

00:16:43.350 --> 00:16:48.540 Tommy DiMisa: When people use analogies I zachary I call them out so legends berry berry.

00:16:51.000 --> 00:16:57.300 Tommy DiMisa: mentioned, because you guys, do you have your own business work be done, which has its own connection to animals mentioned that if you could.

00:16:57.870 --> 00:17:03.360 Valerie Heffron: Yes, so work be done is actually one of the sponsors Tommy and I are co producing.

00:17:03.840 --> 00:17:13.590 Valerie Heffron: And my half is through our new company work be done, which is where people can go to make extra money side hustle pick and choose the jobs that.

00:17:14.460 --> 00:17:22.530 Valerie Heffron: They would want to do and you're helping out Homeowners and people who just either don't have the time to do certain things, or they hate doing certain things.

00:17:22.800 --> 00:17:37.590 Valerie Heffron: You know, basic odd jobs laundry cleaning yard work anything you know, like packing and moving anything that you can think of, we have people that would want to help you with that and we donate a percentage to local rescues and charities.

00:17:38.130 --> 00:17:43.170 Tommy DiMisa: got it so my buddy berries on the Facebook saying yo hats in the House shout out buried shout out.

00:17:43.740 --> 00:17:47.190 Valerie Heffron: Of course you can accommodate job because joey has.

00:17:48.360 --> 00:17:53.040 Tommy DiMisa: To go to a quick break so before we go to break everybody check out jovi's fashion today is making a fashion.

00:17:53.550 --> 00:17:57.450 Tommy DiMisa: he's going swimming show us to handle bow Thank you and heather and I were talking about before.

00:17:58.140 --> 00:17:58.590 Valerie Heffron: I hand.

00:17:59.490 --> 00:18:04.800 Tommy DiMisa: We will find out who that company is made the carrying case for a dog, and we should get them on the show we'll figure.

00:18:05.820 --> 00:18:08.520 Tommy DiMisa: It out don't give them a plug until they until we talked to them.

00:18:08.700 --> 00:18:13.770 Tommy DiMisa: So we're gonna take a quick break joey's gonna take a break he's going swimming job we will see you soon.

00:18:14.370 --> 00:18:24.570 Tommy DiMisa: When we come back heather I wanted to just kind of touch upon even before we jump into the advocacy space and loons legacy which I know we're going to talk about maybe we can talk, you know.

00:18:25.110 --> 00:18:28.980 Tommy DiMisa: pet trust guardianship how I don't even know i'm not an attorney.

00:18:29.250 --> 00:18:37.290 Tommy DiMisa: I want you to teach us about that because that's going to be super relevant for the vote to listen to our show, and certainly the Community that surrounds our show so we'll start there and then we can.

00:18:37.980 --> 00:18:43.260 Tommy DiMisa: get into all the rescues a bunch of them that you fostered and let's just do that one comebacks it sounds good.

00:18:43.590 --> 00:18:44.130 Heather S. Maltby: sounds great.

00:18:44.400 --> 00:18:45.480 Tommy DiMisa: Alright vowel sounds good.

00:18:45.960 --> 00:18:46.590 Valerie Heffron: that's good.

00:18:46.890 --> 00:18:48.330 Tommy DiMisa: pals back in 90 seconds.

00:21:05.220 --> 00:21:16.110 Tommy DiMisa: So we are back the professionals and animal lover show actually it's not the professionals, because then it would be T pals it's pals professionals and animal lovers Joe.

00:21:16.590 --> 00:21:25.380 Tommy DiMisa: i'm Tommy day I call myself the nonprofit sector connected i've been in my attic for 18 months and I don't see any time that i'm getting it out here so i'm stuck in the.

00:21:25.800 --> 00:21:31.650 Tommy DiMisa: valley thanks for bringing me friends here in the attic, especially for today for bringing me heather and joby so.

00:21:32.070 --> 00:21:40.290 Tommy DiMisa: This is a show we do every week we do this, live at 2pm on talk radio dot nyc also on Facebook, if you want to follow us on Facebook talking alternative broadcasting.

00:21:41.010 --> 00:21:53.220 Tommy DiMisa: And we're just super excited to every week have great professionals to tell us their stories of what they do professionally and what they do to make an impact outside of the office before while we were at a break I shared heather moby's.

00:21:53.820 --> 00:22:06.630 Tommy DiMisa: Legal firm website and I noticed there you do virtual estate planning, which is something that i'm sure you know it's super important now because i'm sure, a lot of us are still not comfortable, as I said, them in an attic still not comfortable.

00:22:07.530 --> 00:22:20.700 Tommy DiMisa: Getting together in person just yet so maybe you could tell us a bit about that you know the virtual side of things, for your business and how somebody can reach out and then, after that, if we get jumped into let's talk about the animals from a from a professional standpoint.

00:22:21.510 --> 00:22:32.940 Heather S. Maltby: or so um I do do do all the time, there are a lot of people that are uncomfortable with the phone calls I don't need to see people sitting in my office in order to talk to them about.

00:22:33.390 --> 00:22:43.560 Heather S. Maltby: What they have what they you know what their family dynamics are what their what pets, they have what their situation is in order to drop them wills or trust or.

00:22:44.430 --> 00:22:56.190 Heather S. Maltby: And on the other side of that the probate process I probably meet 15% of the people that I represent 85% don't live here, I never meet them I don't have to meet them everything's done.

00:22:56.550 --> 00:23:03.540 Heather S. Maltby: Virtually obviously I love meeting my clients and when they they can come in, but you know we can set up everything and.

00:23:04.140 --> 00:23:13.410 Heather S. Maltby: Do it via zoom I send drafts they prove them I get them the originals we can set up online militarisation, I can only represent people in Florida.

00:23:14.040 --> 00:23:20.490 Heather S. Maltby: But I can represent people anywhere in the state of Florida you don't have to be in St Johns county I can I have clients that are.

00:23:20.940 --> 00:23:29.280 Heather S. Maltby: in Miami and marathon and Tampa and everywhere so anywhere in the state of Florida, I can help, and what I help do when it comes to pets is.

00:23:29.640 --> 00:23:43.530 Heather S. Maltby: I like to set up Petrus for my clients and i'm in addition to a pet trust, also a power of attorney for your pet and i'll kind of explain a little bit what both of those are a Petrus essentially says, if you pass away owning pets.

00:23:44.640 --> 00:23:48.150 Heather S. Maltby: You would like a certain amount of money you get to determine the money.

00:23:48.900 --> 00:23:59.460 Heather S. Maltby: Set aside into a separate trust to make sure that your pets are taken care of and you designate someone a friend or family member somebody that you trust with your pets to.

00:23:59.850 --> 00:24:13.080 Heather S. Maltby: be the new owner of the pets and you give them the money to take care of them, the way that they become accustomed to so you're not I would hate say burdening somebody but you know as you get older your pets get older.

00:24:13.440 --> 00:24:18.960 Heather S. Maltby: And older pets have more expenses and some of me prescription medication and.

00:24:19.200 --> 00:24:29.070 Heather S. Maltby: You know you love your pet and presumably the person that you're giving it to is going to love your pet but not necessarily right like they might not love it as much as you do it's not theirs.

00:24:29.370 --> 00:24:48.600 Heather S. Maltby: And so you kind of set up the money there so that it's not a burden on the person taking the pet additionally you could, if you don't have a person we've definitely put in trust that you know I will give a donation to a local no kill animal shelter or a local organization.

00:24:50.010 --> 00:24:56.310 Heather S. Maltby: To take my pets and to find them quality homes and then you can have a trustee.

00:24:56.760 --> 00:25:02.670 Heather S. Maltby: That oversees what homes or they're going to want to prove home so like if you don't have a person that you can leave it to.

00:25:03.030 --> 00:25:13.800 Heather S. Maltby: physically to take care of that you can leave somebody to make sure that the pet is placed into a proper come through an organization and you can give that organization a donation, so it helps further their.

00:25:13.800 --> 00:25:14.220 cause.

00:25:15.570 --> 00:25:39.090 Valerie Heffron: And also oh so I know I want to from an advocate side just really emphasize the importance of this because I cannot tell you how many times I have read foiled documents from shelters and often when they get animals that because the the owner passed away.

00:25:40.830 --> 00:25:49.440 Valerie Heffron: They have also a hard time adopting them out appropriately, because they have no idea about the animals history.

00:25:49.740 --> 00:25:57.120 Valerie Heffron: They don't know if they're good with other paths they don't know if they're good with children, they don't know if they have a high prey drive.

00:25:57.450 --> 00:26:04.890 Valerie Heffron: And if that is invaluable information for your animals, because if, God forbid, something does happen to you.

00:26:05.130 --> 00:26:14.610 Valerie Heffron: You know I mean how someone supposed to know that my dog is allergic to chicken and rice unless someone tells them and how they supposed to know that he sleeps in bed with us every single night and.

00:26:14.940 --> 00:26:31.080 Valerie Heffron: You know, whatever whatever it is that you're at every and they're like children every animal is different um so you're really you know, doing the animal a solid your beloved for babies, if you provide as much information as possible and plan for the worst case scenarios.

00:26:33.510 --> 00:26:41.520 Tommy DiMisa: So I have a quick question to this two great points obviously valid and heather, of course, to um What about so.

00:26:42.120 --> 00:26:49.260 Tommy DiMisa: I when you first explain this scenario, and then I assume I in my mind I said Okay, so the trustee and the new.

00:26:49.800 --> 00:27:02.130 Tommy DiMisa: caretaker for this animal or are one in the same in that example but, but not necessarily right, so what happens so what happens if If so, so if I had my I don't want to pass away right now, if someone that somebody.

00:27:02.220 --> 00:27:02.970 Valerie Heffron: else had a pet.

00:27:03.030 --> 00:27:09.300 Tommy DiMisa: And they passed away and they leave that pet and they put a trust together and the power of attorney though the whole.

00:27:10.800 --> 00:27:17.670 Tommy DiMisa: The whole kit and caboodle I do that, so that the whole program what happens when like.

00:27:19.050 --> 00:27:31.440 Tommy DiMisa: Is there shelter is there, like so I really like a doggie daycare is there, like a forever doggie daycare that can be like it's like a hotel or resort that like just let's say somebody of means and I.

00:27:31.890 --> 00:27:39.540 Tommy DiMisa: You know my dogs going to live another 10 years like, but nobody wants to take my dog, for whatever reason, can you talk about that are there examples like that.

00:27:39.870 --> 00:27:47.100 Heather S. Maltby: I mean i've had the good thing about trust is like the sky's the limit and what you want i've had people that literally have said.

00:27:47.610 --> 00:27:54.300 Heather S. Maltby: I want somebody to move into my house i'm not moving my animal and my animal essentially has a life estate in my house.

00:27:54.690 --> 00:28:01.020 Heather S. Maltby: And we can pay somebody to come and move into my house to slowly take care of my animal for the duration of my animals life.

00:28:01.380 --> 00:28:08.010 Heather S. Maltby: And then upon my animal passing away, then the House gets old, then the money gets distributed, but i've dumped I mean i've.

00:28:08.580 --> 00:28:19.350 Heather S. Maltby: had numerous people come in and say my kids don't get any money my kids get nothing until this animal has his way, I want to make sure the animals taken care of they can get whatever's left.

00:28:20.760 --> 00:28:23.040 Tommy DiMisa: sounds like like a matlock episode or something.

00:28:23.040 --> 00:28:23.490 Heather S. Maltby: like that.

00:28:24.840 --> 00:28:25.620 Valerie Heffron: person that's.

00:28:27.510 --> 00:28:33.150 Tommy DiMisa: Like which one of the kids you know did some bad to the dog, so they can get them out of that House later that's what I see.

00:28:33.390 --> 00:28:34.650 Heather S. Maltby: Is that.

00:28:34.800 --> 00:28:39.120 Heather S. Maltby: Sometimes people do different trustees than the person taking care of that is.

00:28:40.290 --> 00:28:47.490 Heather S. Maltby: it's kind of like kids right there are some people that are really great with kids that are great with money, and there are some people that are really.

00:28:48.090 --> 00:28:55.740 Heather S. Maltby: horrible with money, or like you know what I mean so it's like if the person is a great person and you want them to take care of your animal and they're like sure i'll take care of it.

00:28:56.280 --> 00:29:02.400 Heather S. Maltby: But you're afraid that the $10,000 you leave is going to be gone in the first year because they're going to buy on.

00:29:02.730 --> 00:29:10.740 Heather S. Maltby: stupid stuff and not save it for healthcare not invested so it's growing money while they don't need it then give the money to somebody who's financially savvy.

00:29:11.010 --> 00:29:21.420 Heather S. Maltby: who puts it into an account that can grow a little bit and then just buys the dog food or just every couple months quarterly whatever gives them a distribution, so that they can make payments.

00:29:22.530 --> 00:29:38.070 Valerie Heffron: I am I feel compelled to share this story just because it is something that really hit close to home, and I know heather's aware of this already, but just to really you know magnify this topic and the importance of planning.

00:29:39.210 --> 00:29:48.420 Valerie Heffron: We had a neighbor great guy and unfortunately last year during coven and he had a stroke, in his home.

00:29:48.990 --> 00:29:58.170 Valerie Heffron: And he lived alone, in fact, it was very complicated, he was going through Divorce is like two adult children but there and other parts of the country and.

00:29:58.860 --> 00:30:06.540 Valerie Heffron: You know his friends and neighbors found him, you know they hadn't seen him, thankfully, he was very visible in the Community so.

00:30:07.080 --> 00:30:17.310 Valerie Heffron: It was notice that he was kind of MIA not answering his phone so neighbors checked in on him found him on the floor, and he was taken to the hospital.

00:30:18.240 --> 00:30:31.020 Valerie Heffron: and, eventually, he did pass, but the point is his dogs two dogs had to be kennel nobody knew what to do with them, nobody had any kind of indication what the plan should be.

00:30:31.530 --> 00:30:37.350 Valerie Heffron: The children didn't want the animals the X or soon to be ex was not interested in the animals.

00:30:37.770 --> 00:30:47.340 Valerie Heffron: And neighbors were scrambling plus paying for the boarding, which is not cheap when you're boarding out of bed and you're paying for the food and everything you know.

00:30:47.760 --> 00:30:58.770 Valerie Heffron: And those poor dogs, who were no doubt traumatized because they saw their their human you know their their best friend and everything collapse, not be able to get up.

00:30:59.430 --> 00:31:10.920 Valerie Heffron: And that's it they never saw him again it's it kills me actually when I think about it um but the point is that proper planning could certainly help.

00:31:11.460 --> 00:31:20.070 Valerie Heffron: tremendously in that type of situation, and it also gives clarity to all the people who love this person, they can say.

00:31:20.430 --> 00:31:32.520 Valerie Heffron: We want to execute his wishes we want to carry forward his vision for what what happened for his for babies upon you know the worst case scenario which this is what that was.

00:31:34.950 --> 00:31:48.720 Tommy DiMisa: How common is this heather do you find that many of your clients who have pets, I mean it's it's always i'm assuming on your intake at the firm, this is probably part of your routine intake is do you have pets, how do you consider what you need to plant right.

00:31:49.170 --> 00:31:55.860 Heather S. Maltby: yeah all the time, every single, the first thing we talked about whenever we come in as family dynamics impacts what you know.

00:31:56.520 --> 00:32:03.750 Heather S. Maltby: Marriage first marriage second marriage kids from the first marriage kids from the second marriage what animals do you have I mean this is a very common.

00:32:04.170 --> 00:32:11.970 Heather S. Maltby: conversation, and when I say that the majority of people that come in, are more concerned about their pets being taken care of their kids being taken care of i'm not.

00:32:12.300 --> 00:32:14.370 Tommy DiMisa: they're grown kids so nothing.

00:32:16.110 --> 00:32:16.350 Tommy DiMisa: Right.

00:32:17.160 --> 00:32:18.810 Heather S. Maltby: But yeah I mean it's.

00:32:19.350 --> 00:32:23.790 Heather S. Maltby: it's probably the thing that causes them the most amount of.

00:32:25.260 --> 00:32:33.540 Heather S. Maltby: Like so I insurance is who do we trust with the animal and how do we figure out how much money to put in this trust for them.

00:32:34.680 --> 00:32:35.310 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

00:32:36.480 --> 00:32:46.800 Valerie Heffron: Important questions, and you know what I know that from back in the day when I was in finance there's a very small percentage of people in general who have.

00:32:47.220 --> 00:32:57.120 Valerie Heffron: created there was a plan period, you know I mean my unfortunately my family's kind of famous for not doing that stuff but you know ultimately.

00:32:57.840 --> 00:33:12.300 Valerie Heffron: If you can imagine, whatever that small presented heather would notice by the better than me but let's say it's 20% I really don't know, but what percentage of those people update their stuff on a regular basis, and include their pets in their planning.

00:33:13.410 --> 00:33:22.920 Heather S. Maltby: and on top of that, you don't have to but you're going to probably get more pets in some of your pets are probably going to pass away and you don't know we don't make it so inclusive that it's.

00:33:23.700 --> 00:33:27.720 Heather S. Maltby: Only taken care of fighter, the one that you have now, we may get a broad.

00:33:28.050 --> 00:33:39.990 Heather S. Maltby: So that it's any animals that you have and we kind of do a calculation of like How much money do we want to set aside, based on the age of the pads and based on like the pets needs so it's not a one size fits all by any means.

00:33:40.410 --> 00:33:44.640 Valerie Heffron: yeah we would we would have had to have data stuff like five times the past five years.

00:33:46.170 --> 00:33:47.490 Tommy DiMisa: How many points do you have Valerie.

00:33:48.390 --> 00:33:48.930 well.

00:33:50.070 --> 00:34:07.620 Valerie Heffron: Technically five However I don't know foresters count, but you know every once in a while we'll have a foster so, but those are kind of plan for I guess through the organization that was through through but, but my goal is is like you know 100.

00:34:09.030 --> 00:34:21.060 Tommy DiMisa: wow that's a lot that's certainly a lot talk about a lot of other we start this conversation, and then I think we got to actually go to a quick break, we might be over time already, but you fostered a whole bunch of animals just recently didn't you.

00:34:21.450 --> 00:34:22.050 Heather S. Maltby: yeah I.

00:34:23.010 --> 00:34:25.830 Tommy DiMisa: Tell me how many and then we'll we'll then we'll teach them and we'll go to a break.

00:34:26.160 --> 00:34:29.790 Heather S. Maltby: I think I bothered about at in the last year.

00:34:31.260 --> 00:34:45.000 Tommy DiMisa: OK gang Val here's we're going to go to a break right now hold on kyle hold on one second because I want to set this up Valerie wants to have 100 pets and heather has fostered at pets in the last year we're gonna take a quick break talk about that we get back.

00:37:21.690 --> 00:37:24.570 Tommy DiMisa: So i'm just gonna keep showing pictures bow why don't you bring us back.

00:37:25.020 --> 00:37:30.330 Valerie Heffron: Yes, so cute I have this I don't have an orange cat I need an orange fat.

00:37:30.450 --> 00:37:35.280 Tommy DiMisa: it's one of you can you go back I love know when to kind of dog there, but there was these two kept this.

00:37:35.820 --> 00:37:38.610 Tommy DiMisa: Time okay God oh my God.

00:37:38.790 --> 00:37:52.320 Heather S. Maltby: Oh next one, so that way that one that's my newest foster his name soldier, and if you look at his mouth that's a little bit funny he was actually thrown out of a car, when he was.

00:37:53.430 --> 00:38:09.360 Heather S. Maltby: In and had his bottom jaw ripped off so they have been they've done reconstructive surgery numerous times, if you see like on his bottom drawing he doesn't really have lips it's just kind of there but he's currently with me right now and.

00:38:09.720 --> 00:38:11.160 Valerie Heffron: I will show you pictures.

00:38:11.340 --> 00:38:14.700 Heather S. Maltby: You don't want to see it, but it was it was very body at know bottom.

00:38:16.110 --> 00:38:18.360 Tommy DiMisa: He looks like a soldier for sure he's I love it.

00:38:18.570 --> 00:38:22.380 Heather S. Maltby: But pharmacies early up for adoption if anybody wants to adopt him.

00:38:22.500 --> 00:38:32.910 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, this should take are right in the next place we're going I i'm telling you i'm allergic to cats and it kills me because, looking at these pictures they look like a lot of fun and anytime i've ever been in anybody's.

00:38:33.390 --> 00:38:43.380 Tommy DiMisa: As a cat i'm good for about three minutes until I start sneezing and I can't stick around, but what we're looking at, so if you're not watching us on Facebook, if you are solely listening to us.

00:38:44.040 --> 00:38:53.190 Tommy DiMisa: we're actually showing some pictures from lunas legacy animal rescue and was showing their Facebook page shout out to Luna there is actually a lunar right.

00:38:53.670 --> 00:39:01.650 Heather S. Maltby: Well, actually it's lunas legacy, because the actual Luna passed away and because she passed away, they created lunas legacy.

00:39:02.310 --> 00:39:05.190 Tommy DiMisa: Tell us tell us a story about this organization.

00:39:05.550 --> 00:39:16.500 Heather S. Maltby: No legacy is a local nonprofit here in St Augustine and the surrounding areas and they take Feral pins homeless cans and Feral moms if they're pregnant.

00:39:17.160 --> 00:39:27.180 Heather S. Maltby: into private homes, there is not a location of legacy every amount of fosters we take in is based on the amount of private homes, people are willing to open up and allow.

00:39:27.930 --> 00:39:37.830 Heather S. Maltby: fosters to come into so that's why I say i've had at cycle through Sometimes I get you know for a while we started was, I guess, he is.

00:39:38.220 --> 00:39:50.940 Heather S. Maltby: founded by a lady named shiloh and she runs it and it's all just really shiloh and Facebook and instagram and and people go to see the kittens at people's houses and it's a very Community based effort i'm.

00:39:52.200 --> 00:39:52.350 Heather S. Maltby: Like.

00:39:52.380 --> 00:40:00.240 Tommy DiMisa: Regular sorry to cut you off, but what shout out shiloh in a second, but it seems like for you to to say that you had at cats and it was all cats right in this.

00:40:01.200 --> 00:40:14.880 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, so it might be a couple out of time and somebody who's checking it out and they're like Oh, I want soldier, and they hook up with with you all, and then they combine he soldier and then maybe you you've now made room in your place to another cat in right.

00:40:14.910 --> 00:40:26.760 Heather S. Maltby: yeah so for a long time, so we got started with lunas legacy, because my boyfriend's 13 year old wants to be that and she was homeschooled prior to cover, but also through coven and.

00:40:27.240 --> 00:40:28.590 Heather S. Maltby: She loved.

00:40:28.650 --> 00:40:42.540 Heather S. Maltby: bottle babies and learning about animals and feeling their bones and just seeing behaviors of them, so we started doing this, without having to commit to having a pet cat because at that way, we did not want a pet cat I didn't even like cats.

00:40:44.850 --> 00:40:45.330 Tommy DiMisa: Yes.

00:40:46.290 --> 00:40:52.020 Heather S. Maltby: It was, but I liked it ends, and so it was like we've had forever kids that just so we would get.

00:40:52.530 --> 00:41:02.310 Heather S. Maltby: kittens usually around the age of seven weeks and by nine weeks, they were adopted to wait sometimes get a litter of five so we'd have for a week or two, and then, when they're gone you get another letter and then another.

00:41:03.360 --> 00:41:05.850 Tommy DiMisa: it's like always having babies yeah.

00:41:07.980 --> 00:41:25.380 Heather S. Maltby: started getting into some of the older ones we call him the hissy kitties they're the they're the Feral cats that come in our round nine to 12 weeks they've they've learned fear about fleet and like so they like to hide those hits that you, you can.

00:41:26.550 --> 00:41:38.280 Heather S. Maltby: Every single can i've had that his he could kitty you either decide that you're going to fix them and release them back into a Feral colony, or you see if they are able to be rehabilitated it to be an adoptable cat.

00:41:38.550 --> 00:41:39.150 Tommy DiMisa: You do that.

00:41:40.530 --> 00:41:42.900 Heather S. Maltby: A lot of patience and brightness so.

00:41:42.930 --> 00:41:45.060 Tommy DiMisa: I love it back to them.

00:41:45.540 --> 00:41:47.520 Heather S. Maltby: Oh yeah I like forced them to love me.

00:41:49.350 --> 00:42:00.060 Heather S. Maltby: course like I win them over it's like we're going to one of us is going to win, and I promise you it's going to be me because I have retreats I have the toys, I have the turo sticks like.

00:42:00.420 --> 00:42:06.840 Heather S. Maltby: I have all of the skills necessary and i'm not scared of them they're cute kittens are just scared of me so.

00:42:07.410 --> 00:42:14.910 Heather S. Maltby: approach it as like a patient's thing and I work, you know because of what I do I go to the office two days a week, and I work from home.

00:42:15.420 --> 00:42:20.670 Heather S. Maltby: The other five days a week, so when I have a hissy kitty I would go in and spend 15 minutes every hour.

00:42:21.180 --> 00:42:28.920 Heather S. Maltby: talking to i'm trying to get closer I put a blanket over my hand I put them with a blanket that way if they did try to scratch your bite they got the blanket not me and.

00:42:29.250 --> 00:42:35.280 Heather S. Maltby: Never I mean they've all got adopted they're the ones that have the most personality they're the ones that I love the most.

00:42:36.570 --> 00:42:39.330 Tommy DiMisa: And it's just that they're scared heather that's what you're saying there's.

00:42:39.690 --> 00:42:40.830 Heather S. Maltby: they're just scared.

00:42:41.520 --> 00:42:42.180 Heather S. Maltby: No, you.

00:42:42.450 --> 00:42:55.590 Heather S. Maltby: If your cat and you're always in taken from being outside and you're you're kidding anyway and you're going to a house with these huge monsters that are coming out with these huge hands like fail, no they're just reacting, out of fear.

00:42:56.010 --> 00:42:58.890 Heather S. Maltby: Once love and trust they're great.

00:42:59.640 --> 00:43:08.010 Valerie Heffron: that's right and and and I thank you for that I want to point out the importance of fostering and also a quick explanation of it because.

00:43:08.670 --> 00:43:21.630 Valerie Heffron: I know a lot of people don't know what fostering entails, and that includes myself I didn't even know what fostering and tip until the until maybe four years ago, when I ended up for us during my first cat and.

00:43:22.560 --> 00:43:32.910 Valerie Heffron: It wasn't until then actually it was in the middle of it when I found out, you know I knew that you get free food I didn't know medical was covered I didn't know that they give you.

00:43:33.390 --> 00:43:44.010 Valerie Heffron: You know, blankets toys treats all that stuff and I think that if a lot of people understood what fostering really entails how important it is because you're literally.

00:43:44.520 --> 00:43:59.850 Valerie Heffron: You know, clearing out a cage or you're allowing for more pets like heather's revolving your imagine if you know 10 more people did what she's doing because of this information now you're talking 800 you know, a year.

00:44:02.040 --> 00:44:13.140 Valerie Heffron: And the other thing is the socialization factor so here's the thing with cats actually with dogs to socialization is vitally important, it can literally be the difference between whether or not a cat.

00:44:14.070 --> 00:44:17.820 Valerie Heffron: or a dog will spend their lives in a home as a companion animal.

00:44:18.420 --> 00:44:28.740 Valerie Heffron: or they may end up you know just not getting adopted staying at a shelter forever or as for a cat they may end up being put back outside because they couldn't acclimate.

00:44:29.220 --> 00:44:38.250 Valerie Heffron: So, if you like, playing with cat toys and making them jump up for feathers and you know if you enjoy seeing them run around and get frisky.

00:44:38.760 --> 00:44:56.220 Valerie Heffron: You know socialization is a really huge part of all of this and you can even volunteer at places shelters kitty CAFE whatever to help the animals become more adaptable and when they're adoptable their saleable so you're saving lives just by playing with some animals.

00:44:57.510 --> 00:45:05.520 Tommy DiMisa: So something that I learned and I told you guys i'm going to give you two on the call but everybody else who's listening, you know I don't know most of this like.

00:45:05.940 --> 00:45:13.980 Tommy DiMisa: 99% of this I don't know anything about any of this stuff so i'm learning every week and I actually learned the word colonies, let why new word colony meant everybody.

00:45:14.940 --> 00:45:25.890 Tommy DiMisa: But in in reference to ferals I learned last week we had Tina traffic here on the show from catnip nation, and if you didn't get that check it out on Facebook check it out on talk radio dot nyc and I actually had a follow up call with Tina.

00:45:26.190 --> 00:45:42.450 Tommy DiMisa: Justice week hey Tina hope you're well but i'll tell you I learned about you know about the need, I mean there's as many ferals in the outside in our neighborhoods as our House cats in people's homes so pretty pretty incredible.

00:45:42.750 --> 00:45:53.460 Tommy DiMisa: heather I hear that we have a question on Facebook that we got to get to it sort of falls, I did not cause it business related it's right in your wheelhouse I want to ask you in a second what I want to ask you, my question first because.

00:45:54.150 --> 00:46:01.440 Tommy DiMisa: I guess because I want to know the answer quickly is I think i'd have a hard time like it let's say i'm not allergic to cats and.

00:46:01.800 --> 00:46:07.110 Tommy DiMisa: shiloh or whoever drops off five kittens for me right now I got four kids here so.

00:46:07.620 --> 00:46:22.380 Tommy DiMisa: How the heck are we gonna be okay, with two weeks from now, those are gone again and you're gonna give me all new five but is there, like i'm sorry I know you're a tough attorney but it's just gonna be like a thing, where like aren't you sad when they leave.

00:46:23.100 --> 00:46:31.650 Heather S. Maltby: i've never been sad um there's one Ursula she was one of my his the kitties I was very, very sad when or slow left we thoroughly.

00:46:33.210 --> 00:46:39.780 Heather S. Maltby: considered adopting her at that point um and no shiloh chooses amazing household.

00:46:39.840 --> 00:46:45.930 Heather S. Maltby: These are going to families that want them and what better way to like help more than to.

00:46:46.170 --> 00:46:56.850 Heather S. Maltby: Give them to somebody that like actually wants them and is going to love them and they're so excited and there's nothing better than when they come to my house and I get to hand them this cute cat and and take a picture of them they're so excited.

00:46:57.150 --> 00:47:03.060 Heather S. Maltby: About and you know that they're going to go to go to homes and like if we kept every cat we've had some fails, we have mango and marley.

00:47:03.420 --> 00:47:03.690 Which.

00:47:05.490 --> 00:47:09.090 Heather S. Maltby: yeah they used to be butter and jelly and butter and jelly have now been named.

00:47:09.330 --> 00:47:13.200 Heather S. Maltby: mango butter and marley jelly but marley have.

00:47:13.770 --> 00:47:17.610 Heather S. Maltby: Their there forever Now we just fell in love with them and.

00:47:17.820 --> 00:47:21.210 Tommy DiMisa: It goes out alright, so it does happen, you just hope it doesn't happen too much.

00:47:23.340 --> 00:47:34.830 Valerie Heffron: I will have what I was a horrible for us, or in the sense that you know you definitely bond, you know there's this but, like, I felt so responsible I also pulled this particular cat off the street.

00:47:35.670 --> 00:47:44.250 Valerie Heffron: literally in the middle of my block and she was really sick she was iffy about whether she was going to make it we got our from like six pounds 10 pounds in like three months.

00:47:44.670 --> 00:47:53.430 Valerie Heffron: I knew personally the adopter the person who took her when we dropped her off after we pulled out and we're back in the car I was.

00:47:54.900 --> 00:47:56.160 Valerie Heffron: Like Oh, he crying.

00:47:57.270 --> 00:47:59.460 Valerie Heffron: Like let's go right to the bar I was.

00:48:02.430 --> 00:48:08.250 Valerie Heffron: Again, because I know, and I saw all the updates what a great life that cat was given.

00:48:08.340 --> 00:48:12.840 Tommy DiMisa: Right, so you are so you were sad, are you happy for the cat too, because it was going to a good.

00:48:13.560 --> 00:48:16.260 Valerie Heffron: I was like here you go whoo whoo.

00:48:16.560 --> 00:48:26.970 Tommy DiMisa: He called me everybody every day by calls me and says, you want to force the rabbit we'll talk about that maybe we'll talk about that in our next segment I don't know I I said to my wife.

00:48:27.660 --> 00:48:34.230 Tommy DiMisa: Valerie wants to know if we want to force the rabbit she says we're not going to do that and then like we're in another conversation goes get the details I go.

00:48:34.290 --> 00:48:34.680 Tommy DiMisa: What are you.

00:48:35.100 --> 00:48:46.260 Tommy DiMisa: Talking about we just had two other conversations I didn't realize you about the rabbit thing so anyway you're gonna i'm gonna have a menagerie over at this House before we're done I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow at Camp.

00:48:48.210 --> 00:48:57.360 Tommy DiMisa: nyc shout out again to Regina when we come back heather we got to answer this question samantha marino's checking in on Facebook, thank you for checking in and and being with us here on Paul Smith, it says.

00:48:57.810 --> 00:49:04.050 Tommy DiMisa: let's say a married couple, a young married couple has something terrible that that happens to them.

00:49:04.410 --> 00:49:13.860 Tommy DiMisa: She wants to know how early, is there a specific age that you should start planning you don't have to answer right now, if it's going to be a long one, we can just come back from the break, but if you want to answer quick, we can go with their.

00:49:14.310 --> 00:49:16.740 Heather S. Maltby: there's as long as you're 18 is you're not too young.

00:49:17.130 --> 00:49:26.640 Tommy DiMisa: As long as you're 18 you're not too young to get your pet set up on a petrol and power of attorney how do they contact you if they are in the Florida area let's do that real quick and then.

00:49:26.970 --> 00:49:31.920 Heather S. Maltby: They either call my my office or they can go on my Facebook or on my website.

00:49:33.120 --> 00:49:43.110 Tommy DiMisa: what's the number of your office 1-904-875-3774, thank you for that we'll be right back samantha thanks for checking in Carl take a break we'll see you soon.

00:50:13.020 --> 00:50:17.520 uninformed about metaphors and how it impacts on your life i'm.

00:51:45.000 --> 00:51:48.270 Valerie Heffron: Okay i'm just looking at these pictures it's killing me ciabatta I mean.

00:51:49.590 --> 00:51:51.120 Valerie Heffron: isn't needed shabana life.

00:51:51.960 --> 00:51:53.970 Tommy DiMisa: But sapphire and Royal a killing me here.

00:51:54.090 --> 00:51:58.980 Valerie Heffron: Together, they are killing me they slay me tells me every day um.

00:51:59.730 --> 00:52:13.350 Valerie Heffron: So heather actually I wanted to circle back to what we touched on, but um I think this is super important to also explain what the power of attorney does because here's something I never would have thought of.

00:52:13.770 --> 00:52:16.800 Valerie Heffron: Why is a pet owner need a power of attorney right.

00:52:17.520 --> 00:52:30.480 Valerie Heffron: Like normally I have a oh you're on mute, by the way, like, I have a pet I my mother gave me a power of attorney whatever and I was able to well, she was unable to she was in a rehab she went to class and I was able to like cut checks for her.

00:52:30.750 --> 00:52:39.330 Valerie Heffron: You know, go to the bank for her stuff like that you know my cat my dog doesn't really need that, so why do we need a power of attorney.

00:52:39.720 --> 00:52:51.030 Heather S. Maltby: So it's it's kind of twofold because Petros exist, once you die, but there are situations which, like I just went out of town for three weeks I have two kids.

00:52:51.420 --> 00:52:58.320 Heather S. Maltby: If something had happened to those kids just like a kid like you can't just go into a doctor's office and say hey.

00:52:58.620 --> 00:53:03.600 Heather S. Maltby: treat these pads I don't know what's wrong with them, or I need you to give them medication because you're not their owner.

00:53:04.320 --> 00:53:18.750 Heather S. Maltby: And if you're their owner, then you can consent to their treatment, but if you're not there owner, you can consider the treatment, but that's not going to do it, so a pet park attorney flash pet healthcare surrogate allow someone your pet sitter to.

00:53:19.620 --> 00:53:27.810 Heather S. Maltby: go in and get your animals the care that they need if something were to arise when you're not there additionally it's, not just for whenever you travel like.

00:53:28.680 --> 00:53:31.740 Heather S. Maltby: Sometimes you get in an accident, and you have to go into a rehab facility.

00:53:32.010 --> 00:53:36.990 Heather S. Maltby: And you're in a rehab facility for three months or six months or whatever and somebody taking care of your pet.

00:53:37.200 --> 00:53:48.810 Heather S. Maltby: And they need their shots and their vaccines and and their rabies and everything and, like the doctors will not do those kind of things for them if the doctor does not if you're not the record owner forum.

00:53:49.680 --> 00:53:51.660 Valerie Heffron: yeah that is Orton and.

00:53:53.040 --> 00:54:04.050 Valerie Heffron: You know I want to circle back actually I should have mentioned this before there was a happy ending to the story that we told about the our neighbor who passed with two dogs and other neighbors stepped up and adopted them.

00:54:04.980 --> 00:54:25.110 Valerie Heffron: But you know that these stories don't always end like that so plan plan plan call heather oh and heather one other reason not that we need another one, but please explain also what your firm offers for people who are doing Petrus and everything I know that you guys also donate stuff.

00:54:25.110 --> 00:54:31.260 Heather S. Maltby: And so we donate 3% of our income every month to lunas like I see.

00:54:31.770 --> 00:54:44.700 Heather S. Maltby: Sometimes it's direct cash sometimes it's paying medical bills for them like winter soldier had surgery sometimes it's ordering them food, I mean, but we always give them 3% of the of our income and.

00:54:45.360 --> 00:54:55.320 Heather S. Maltby: What we do for lunas is we get 50% off any estate planning to anyone who adopts any animals through lunas and then, if someone adopts a.

00:54:55.980 --> 00:55:03.660 Heather S. Maltby: Adult cat like a mom cat or harder to adopt cat or like the one I have right now, Sir ah she's.

00:55:04.290 --> 00:55:20.430 Heather S. Maltby: Nine months old she was adopted and return, not from any fault or her own and she just hasn't been re adopted yet, and so, if somebody adopts one of those Luna are shiloh has gift certificates, where they can get free trust, not just the PETRA was like a full a full of state plan.

00:55:21.120 --> 00:55:35.310 Valerie Heffron: that's amazing and speaking of shiloh and wellness legacy, can you touch on other ways, or all the ways that somebody can help them out like what do they need donation wise volunteer was foster was all that.

00:55:36.180 --> 00:55:44.070 Heather S. Maltby: there's always a need, because the amount of kittens that comes through is based on the amount of houses that they have to foster cats through but it's also supportive they have an.

00:55:44.400 --> 00:55:52.590 Heather S. Maltby: Amazon page that has the things they litter toys, and you know they do fundraisers on their Facebook if they have.

00:55:52.890 --> 00:55:55.800 Heather S. Maltby: a bunch of kids come in and they need extra money for vegetables, because.

00:55:56.070 --> 00:56:05.970 Heather S. Maltby: They work with them that the vet doesn't give them discounts for any of the best of the medical and you get your cat all docs the you know the cats vaccinated as all of it shots it gets fixed.

00:56:06.720 --> 00:56:16.380 Heather S. Maltby: It luda provides all of that, for for them, and so donations are really, really big and I just got a text from shiloh she said last year, they did.

00:56:17.820 --> 00:56:20.460 Heather S. Maltby: 467 kittens got adopted through them.

00:56:20.610 --> 00:56:22.530 Heather S. Maltby: kittens and Cat and.

00:56:22.740 --> 00:56:25.290 Heather S. Maltby: This year she's trying to slow down.

00:56:25.830 --> 00:56:27.210 Heather S. Maltby: So she's only got.

00:56:27.240 --> 00:56:31.920 Heather S. Maltby: she's only at this point 360 but.

00:56:33.960 --> 00:56:36.840 Tommy DiMisa: We need to go from 80 to 100 to pick up the pace.

00:56:38.790 --> 00:56:39.030 Valerie Heffron: But.

00:56:41.460 --> 00:56:56.100 Valerie Heffron: You know what I also want to make this point, you know different animals require different needs to foster let's just say a kitten okay just one kitten does it take space was time was you know what does that take.

00:56:56.820 --> 00:57:06.210 Heather S. Maltby: It really it doesn't take a lot of space, I mean the cat is, if you have a House that you live in, you can get a cat in there that's not a problem and.

00:57:06.540 --> 00:57:13.200 Heather S. Maltby: Time wise, you know cats are so easy it's like yeah you, you can work full time and come home and.

00:57:13.680 --> 00:57:20.040 Heather S. Maltby: spend an hour with them and they're happy like they just want really all of the kids that we do that we typically have they're all.

00:57:20.220 --> 00:57:26.670 Heather S. Maltby: pretty well socialized they're not going to if you just want to foster you want to get into foster you're going to get the fun seven to nine week old kids.

00:57:26.880 --> 00:57:32.160 Heather S. Maltby: They have for a week or two they're just playful they run all over they make you laugh they tumble around.

00:57:32.430 --> 00:57:43.830 Heather S. Maltby: And then they go home, if you like, doing I you can always get into like more special needs cases, but the majority of fosters that we have they just you know they want the six to nine week old pins.

00:57:44.730 --> 00:57:59.910 Heather S. Maltby: And it's easy it's fun they they they're all litter box strain your foods delivered to your door Amazon and walmart bring it to you know you don't have to do anything, besides just sit there and enjoy it and allow a cute little kitten to cuddle up with you and.

00:58:01.860 --> 00:58:04.710 Heather S. Maltby: Go take pictures you got to take pictures of.

00:58:05.790 --> 00:58:07.290 Heather S. Maltby: It if you haven't posted.

00:58:07.470 --> 00:58:17.070 Tommy DiMisa: I have a question, and this is probably not going to help because i'm all the way up on long island and not going to ship one of these little kittens and i'm sure there's plenty of ways, I can help up here in New York, but.

00:58:18.210 --> 00:58:28.470 Tommy DiMisa: Like are there, different I know there's different breeds and I set up front that i'm allergic i'm probably not allergic allergic to all cats, I mean, I know, neither one of you, as a doctor, but what are you making a face, like maybe I just am.

00:58:28.740 --> 00:58:29.010 yeah.

00:58:30.150 --> 00:58:41.460 Heather S. Maltby: Typically it's cat dander and it's that starts that starts being pretty soon actually can should be fine for you, if you were to foster like seven to nine week old kids gosh should be fine.

00:58:41.670 --> 00:58:46.380 Heather S. Maltby: it's just when they start getting their adult heron and he started grooming, is when they start getting the dander.

00:58:46.500 --> 00:58:46.830 Heather S. Maltby: So we.

00:58:46.920 --> 00:58:58.050 Heather S. Maltby: have new words yeah so like if you have kids they're not there yet, if you get a little enough like once they get probably 12 weeks i'd say you would probably start having allergies, but when they're.

00:58:59.220 --> 00:59:03.690 Tommy DiMisa: Gone you've moved them through the cycle and yeah, at least in your experience they're gone by the time 812.

00:59:03.720 --> 00:59:04.620 Heather S. Maltby: weeks anyway yeah.

00:59:04.920 --> 00:59:08.190 Valerie Heffron: People love the little yeah easily alright.

00:59:08.730 --> 00:59:15.510 Valerie Heffron: guys, I have to switch gears and I hate like cutting conversation short, but this is really important, before I forget so.

00:59:15.960 --> 00:59:22.530 Valerie Heffron: In long island speaking on island New York there's a huge opportunity coming up this week on Monday September 20.

00:59:23.310 --> 00:59:26.130 Valerie Heffron: The town of riverhead on long island has.

00:59:26.670 --> 00:59:33.930 Valerie Heffron: proposed an Anti puppy mill bill, which also includes I don't know if you know this kitten mills cat mills rabbit mills.

00:59:34.170 --> 00:59:44.040 Valerie Heffron: This is a major chance to have your voice heard, be a voice for the voiceless it's 6pm in riverhead the town town of riverhead 200 hell avenue.

00:59:44.940 --> 00:59:51.570 Valerie Heffron: So that's that and to heather's point there's so many ways to help the animals adopt volunteer advocate.

00:59:52.200 --> 01:00:08.010 Valerie Heffron: Make phone calls and emails to legislators socialize them foster donate and, of course, you can't do any of that you can always hit the share button on Facebook do it on instagram spread the word that's free and takes very little time.

01:00:08.850 --> 01:00:10.530 Tommy DiMisa: either give us your website real quick.

01:00:11.190 --> 01:00:26.310 Heather S. Maltby: It is EP EP G and people ask me what up G lawson's for estate planning probate and guardianship so instead of having a very long, hard to type out name it's just abbreviated EP PG

01:00:26.790 --> 01:00:27.840 Valerie Heffron: Very good, thank you.

01:00:28.440 --> 01:00:30.810 Valerie Heffron: For an awesome guest today heather Thank you so much.

01:00:32.310 --> 01:00:35.100 Valerie Heffron: Everything that you do for the animals and continue to do.

01:00:37.890 --> 01:00:40.380 Tommy DiMisa: That thrilled that you're either sorry we're jumping all over each other, because.

01:00:42.150 --> 01:00:48.780 Tommy DiMisa: Other so lunas legacy does not have a website there they have an instagram they have a Facebook right that's how to find them we show that.

01:00:49.440 --> 01:00:56.370 Tommy DiMisa: So if you missed some of the show again go back go back to early parts of the show you'll see some of these pictures, I mean i'm in love with sapphire and Royal right now but.

01:00:56.880 --> 01:01:01.020 Heather S. Maltby: Whatever see that picture of Surat and her bottle of whiskey.

01:01:01.800 --> 01:01:04.590 Tommy DiMisa: So it's not a red wines around, I think it is.

01:01:05.100 --> 01:01:06.750 Heather S. Maltby: She was part of the red wine proved.

01:01:09.090 --> 01:01:09.600 Heather S. Maltby: wrong.

01:01:09.930 --> 01:01:22.170 Tommy DiMisa: that's me It reminds me my friend, Joe gatto spoke shout out Joe gatto gatto POPs and the book I bought I bought one for Valerie and he needs all of his his rescue dogs after Italian.

01:01:23.430 --> 01:01:31.410 Tommy DiMisa: desserts so cannoli biscotti the whole thing we don't have time for it right now heather thanks for being here Val, thank you for being my pow pow.

01:01:33.240 --> 01:01:34.050 Tommy DiMisa: Alright well listen.

01:01:34.140 --> 01:01:46.410 Tommy DiMisa: We do this show every week 2pm if you miss it you go go look for it on Facebook we're on the podcast platforms, the YouTube page has been launched his Facebook there's instagram for it professionals, an animal lover show, if you have a question for Valerie.

01:01:46.680 --> 01:01:49.620 Tommy DiMisa: or I why we're running out of time don't.

01:01:50.040 --> 01:02:08.850 Tommy DiMisa: Close to do the quote i'm going to do it, but do it if you got a question for Valerie or Tommy D, the email is jovi at how show so jovi and like joey the dog jovi at PA El hyphen show COM that's our email address and find this on the social will follow you you follow us.

01:02:10.140 --> 01:02:27.060 Tommy DiMisa: and his total commitment and non violence Gandhi always included the animals, and we will close our show with this when I don't forget to do it the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way, it's animals are treated this is the power Shell take care.

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