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Friday, September 10, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/10 - Rebuilding After the Storm

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/10 - Rebuilding After the Storm


2021/09/10 - Rebuilding After the Storm

[NEW EPISODE] Rebuilding After the Storm

We have been hearing about intense fires in California for weeks now.  As of late, we are hearing more about massive flooding in New Jersey and the NYC metro area, in the wake of the recent storms.


When you experience losses for these reasons, you need professionals you can trust and partner with for your restoration and rebuilding needs.  


This can be tough to find, especially because professionals in this space tend to be overwhelmingly busy after natural disasters…but look no further!


We are joined by Rob Tsimura, Owner of Resto-Rebuild.  Rob and his team offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality work.


In addition, Resto-Rebuild works with architects and designers to produce beautiful, functional structures.  Rob will be spending some time with us, on-site at a recent commercial loss.  Check it out!

Tune in for this pragmatic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Steven starts the show by introducing his guest Rob Tsimura, Owner of Resto-Rebuild. Steven explains what Rob does and what his company provides. He continues to talk about Rob's background and previous experience that qualifies him in his industry. Rob shares his story and how he got to where he is today, and how he used his passion to start his own business. The two talk about the most recent natural disasters and how Rob's company reacts to helping clients. Rob shares that most of his work happens when emergencies take place, he admits that it's overwhelming at first but then takes a step back and looks at his clients perspective and has to understand what they are going through.

Segment 2

Steven asks about their time sensitivity and how when disaster strikes people run to fix what has been damaged right away. The two talk about responsibility and direction in how Rob and his company go about taking on a project. Rob explains the methods his company uses and what drew him to be the owner of a company. He continues to share how he wants everything under his power to be done the right way and in a timely manner. Steven shares his business knowledge on the construction industry. Rob gives a brief background on his education and how he was able to get into this field of work.

Segment 3

Rob talks about how he handles project management when a natural disaster happens. He speaks on hiring and the qualifications that his employees must have to properly help those affected by disaster. He explains that because scheduling is almost nonexistent for many companies Rob shares how the projects can be a little difficult to manage this is another reason he says is why he got into this industry. He wants to save people the heartache and pain that others go through when a company does not provide them with sufficient care. The two talks about the recent flooding that happened and how Rob and his team had to prepare and conduct multiple construction projects. Rob specifies safety that they had to face with surge protectors and electricity when dealing with the flood. Rob shares that not only is safety their number one concern but he further explains that they help with the insurance process.

Segment 4

Rob gives his insight for a more productive work week, he tells the listeners to find what they are passionate about and pursue that as a profession. He also tells from experience that once you find that passion it will bring clarity to life and direction. He advises to stay truthful and honest as when dealing with clients you want to gain trust by putting all the cards on the table. He shares that most people think that they are just trying to get another job out of the project but Rob ensures his clients that he will treat every home and every project as if he were working on a family member's home. Steven wraps up the show by asking his three favorite questions to let the audience get to know Rob a little more.


00:02:53.820 --> 00:03:04.140 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Well Hello out there Planet Earth and happy Friday, thank God it's Friday GG if you might hear just a few times today, but remember it's always Friday with me Stephen fry your SMB guy.

00:03:04.380 --> 00:03:04.560 Resto Rob: I.

00:03:04.740 --> 00:03:09.960 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Why am I, which is in case you missed it SMB stands for small and medium sized business.

00:03:10.200 --> 00:03:17.850 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: For the last 20 years i've been a voice and a sounding board for business leaders helping these folks However, I can as a consultant multiple facets of the business world.

00:03:18.090 --> 00:03:26.880 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Every single Friday, one of my favorite things to do is offer what is left of my mind, and my voice to a live weekly show right interview SMB leaders.

00:03:27.090 --> 00:03:32.940 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: And their trusted advisors been having an absolute blast over the last year coming up on a year and it's kind of crazy.

00:03:33.210 --> 00:03:42.840 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: talking with people all over the country great stories to tell unbelievable perspective on the business landscape hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and a chance to hit the beach.

00:03:43.380 --> 00:03:47.220 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: wanted to just throw out there for a moment for those who have only been listening to the show.

00:03:47.490 --> 00:03:56.580 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: don't forget that you can watch me and my fellow talk radio dot nyc host do our thing on Facebook live there are some specific links, but if you just follow.

00:03:56.790 --> 00:04:06.060 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Talking alternative broadcasting you'll see me and all the hosts on the network doing our thing with our special guests, which is a big advantage for a show like today, which i'm very excited for.

00:04:06.270 --> 00:04:14.670 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: we're going to be hanging with a very special guest, who is coming to us live from the field, speaking of field you guys might notice i'm wearing Yankees Jersey today.

00:04:15.390 --> 00:04:22.170 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But, not because I went to the Yankee game last night, but because I went to the Jersey shore blue clause land game it's been a while, since i've hit up a.

00:04:22.410 --> 00:04:27.240 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Minor league baseball game and had a had a great time it's not all that, far from my house actually.

00:04:28.110 --> 00:04:35.760 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Definitely urge you guys, it was the attendance was kind of light like these, these teams go out and support them and they're doing some great things you know it's been a weird year weird time but.

00:04:36.210 --> 00:04:41.460 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: definitely go out and see some sports and support them earlier this week you guys know i'm a big movie buff.

00:04:42.030 --> 00:04:48.030 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: My shout out to my friend Scott, who invited me out to the movies that's m O B why.

00:04:48.600 --> 00:05:00.240 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: pop up in red bank movies, is the fictional restaurant from the movie clerks So if you guys haven't seen clerks after you're done listening to the show and watching the show, obviously, please go watch clerks and clerks to the rest of your Friday.

00:05:00.630 --> 00:05:06.600 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But in the meantime we're going to hang out on always Friday in my travels i've noticed that some of the best thought leadership.

00:05:06.960 --> 00:05:11.970 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: happens on Fridays, when everyone in business feels the freedom of the weekend coming.

00:05:12.330 --> 00:05:23.790 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: However, we are all so anxious to get the weekend started the pearls of wisdom that we come across on Friday they're often overlooked they're forgotten in favor of our fun weekend activities and our freedom from work.

00:05:24.030 --> 00:05:33.780 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: here on the show we take advantage of that freedom, the weekend freedom and clarity we discuss topics that are on on the minds of business leaders and their trusted advisors today.

00:05:34.260 --> 00:05:44.430 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: A lot of great great pearls of wisdom and gold have come out coincidentally, for you guys my last name means free in German so yeah it's a play on words happy Friday all of that.

00:05:44.760 --> 00:05:50.130 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But it's not just a play on words, there is some deeper meaning when you have that free mindset, a lot of good.

00:05:50.490 --> 00:05:56.490 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Good real thought leadership and knowledge tends to come out of it, I have my shades on, I can assure you they're not as cool as rob's.

00:05:56.730 --> 00:06:05.820 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: The weekend is coming let's rock out here today's show is all about rebuilding after the storm we've been hearing about intense fires in California for weeks now.

00:06:06.090 --> 00:06:11.250 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But as of late on the east coast we're hearing more about massive flooding going on as a result of the hurricane.

00:06:11.970 --> 00:06:22.050 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: When you experience losses for these reasons, you need the best of the best to partner with for your restoration and rebuilding needs and something like that can be really tough to find.

00:06:22.440 --> 00:06:28.620 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Especially because professionals in that space, they tend to be overwhelmingly busy after natural disasters happen.

00:06:29.580 --> 00:06:34.410 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Especially when it comes to matters like this, though I personally I like to look for a real good.

00:06:34.770 --> 00:06:44.010 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: end to end personable client experience open communication I don't feel like i'm talking to an hourly lawyer when i'm talking to somebody like this.

00:06:44.280 --> 00:06:53.760 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You know, good budgeting a good perspective on the budget and on what should happen in what order the right staffing the right type of organization it just comes with so much responsibility.

00:06:54.120 --> 00:06:57.540 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Well we're going to talk to someone today who not only is.

00:06:58.260 --> 00:07:09.510 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: An engineering background and self general contractor but works with architects designers to produce beautiful and functional structures after things have been remediated restored rebuilt, etc.

00:07:10.020 --> 00:07:20.040 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: If you guys have ever heard, the talk is cheap and I know I have we're on talk radio dot nyc we don't want this to just be talk the goal here is let's use the insight we all receive today.

00:07:20.490 --> 00:07:27.030 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: and take it create more impact come Monday morning there's a lot of good ideas shared here far too often.

00:07:27.630 --> 00:07:35.880 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: SMEs are focused on the product that's going to solve all of their problems, the shiny new mouse trap the magic wand, the new technology, whatever it is.

00:07:36.090 --> 00:07:43.230 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: One consistent thing that I see out there is products change every single day, everything that we do personal business it really doesn't matter.

00:07:43.530 --> 00:07:53.640 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: there's no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people first building the relationship keeping a focus on a tangible executable process that will help you achieve your goals together.

00:07:53.940 --> 00:08:00.840 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: As long as you do this, I do believe the right products will present themselves when they're needed, especially by the small, medium sized business.

00:08:01.230 --> 00:08:12.870 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Everything begins and ends with people so in the spirit of surrounding yourself with the right people I am so excited to get into this year, today our special guest is none other than rob's him or Resto rob as he's known.

00:08:13.200 --> 00:08:23.580 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: owner of Resto rebuild and I couldn't do just a headshot because he recently got married to his lovely wife Michelle so I wanted to include in the picture and I couldn't hesitate the sunset picture was just awesome.

00:08:24.420 --> 00:08:34.470 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Are you experiencing flood damage from a broken pipe did you just come home from a great vacation to a flooded properly a property that kind of happened last week had some damage from the storm, while I was in caveman.

00:08:35.550 --> 00:08:45.300 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: did your toilet overflow did your appliance malfunction and now you're in standing water well rob Zimmer owner of Resto rebuild been in the construction industry, since he was 10.

00:08:45.840 --> 00:08:49.860 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: don't tell the you know the Labor board or anything but he's been in the construction industry for a good long time.

00:08:50.280 --> 00:08:58.200 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Multiple faceted business owner has has a philosophy of people first so obviously falls right in line with my way of thinking over here.

00:08:58.710 --> 00:09:06.840 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: always be everyone's first thought, no matter what the question they have is either confident have them place their trust and confidence in you.

00:09:07.440 --> 00:09:13.590 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: He has a passion for cars, which is definitely mutually shared and a passion for bodybuilding which.

00:09:13.890 --> 00:09:25.950 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: i'm up to one day a week of working out, so I would love to share that type of passion as well, though i've got a long way to go before I have rob's muscles rob wants people to relax and understand that fire flooding.

00:09:26.520 --> 00:09:36.270 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: All of these are very common occurrences if you're insured, the chances of your residential or your commercial property for your business being covered by your insurance are in your favor.

00:09:36.540 --> 00:09:46.710 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: with unexpected things like flooding from storms timing is everything Resto rebuild top rated water damage repair restoration company serving the area for over 20 years.

00:09:46.980 --> 00:09:54.660 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: first priority, getting you back on track, restoring your property timely manner includes having the entire team of professionals help you throughout the entire process.

00:09:55.140 --> 00:09:59.130 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: says there is absolutely no better person I could think of to kick around these ideas.

00:10:00.030 --> 00:10:03.840 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Today rob is boys we're going to discuss my favorite three questions, we can avoid them.

00:10:04.110 --> 00:10:13.650 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Who is your favorite movie or TV show character what's your favorite movie or TV show what's your favorite musical instrument who's the artist who plays it we'll get to that later coming us coming to us live from the site.

00:10:14.010 --> 00:10:18.030 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: of his most recent commercial loss rob what we know is Friday good to have you here.

00:10:19.500 --> 00:10:25.380 Resto Rob: Thanks Steve Thank you so much for having me i'm super excited you know we have a lot to cover only a little bit of time.

00:10:26.130 --> 00:10:33.840 Resto Rob: glad I was able to make some time for this, and this may have, because I feel like you know, like you mentioned earlier when there's a lot of mayhem going on.

00:10:34.620 --> 00:10:40.650 Resto Rob: People overlook, you know the right thing to do something, so I thought it was great to take a pause in the middle of the mayhem.

00:10:41.130 --> 00:10:50.640 Resto Rob: throw some education out there, and also, you know, hopefully be able to take a look on you know the property here and what we're doing and kind of lay out what's going on.

00:10:51.360 --> 00:10:59.010 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: awesome I know i'm really excited I hope everyone out there is knowing you for a few years now, it has been an awesome privilege to see you start your own business.

00:10:59.490 --> 00:11:10.740 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: As I know you've consulted for many organizations in the area on topics of remediation and restoration, but it's time to share the story with all my friends out there, give us the founders journey, how did you get to this point of your career.

00:11:12.390 --> 00:11:22.170 Resto Rob: um yeah so I it's kind of probably been you know my whole life in the making, so like I said, you know I started, you know, in the construction industry super young.

00:11:22.650 --> 00:11:31.650 Resto Rob: was always a passion of mine, you know love just really cool architecture, you know love out of the ordinary buildings homes.

00:11:32.400 --> 00:11:42.360 Resto Rob: always had you know, a love for everything or nate so actually getting started in the construction industry, I started as i'm kind of like a custom.

00:11:42.960 --> 00:11:52.290 Resto Rob: into your carpenter doing like super high end, you know woodworking and carpentry you know from you know high end kitchens to just ornate.

00:11:52.620 --> 00:12:01.800 Resto Rob: You know moldings coffered ceilings crown moldings things like that just really be able to create you know something and and bring that attention to detail.

00:12:02.430 --> 00:12:09.750 Resto Rob: To something is, is what I feel is important, and I think, no matter what you do that, you know kind of.

00:12:10.410 --> 00:12:16.890 Resto Rob: goes across the board, you know it's the same thing with cars, if you know you got a beautiful car and it's got to be restored, you know it's all in the details.

00:12:17.220 --> 00:12:33.240 Resto Rob: And, and you know with restoration, you know it's kind of like a lot of it is just demolition, it is tear out so you know you know doing things surgically or doing things in detail kind of seems you know, out of the ordinary but that's actually where it's most important.

00:12:34.380 --> 00:12:43.590 Resto Rob: So yeah so you know, had a couple businesses, you know, was in the car business for a while did some marketing did some other business ventures.

00:12:44.880 --> 00:12:52.950 Resto Rob: really got to learn, you know different aspects of how businesses operate, how to deal with customers and you know.

00:12:53.850 --> 00:13:05.550 Resto Rob: Eventually, just wanted to get back into that construction field, you know it's always been a passion of mine, you know kind of always wanted to be in it and really found you know where my passion was.

00:13:06.330 --> 00:13:16.080 Resto Rob: And that's when you know got into the restoration market got you know learning, you know applied, you know all of my construction background engineering background everything to it.

00:13:16.560 --> 00:13:25.530 Resto Rob: And you know, after consulting, for you know, a ton of other companies and doing operations and stuff just kind of you know realized.

00:13:26.190 --> 00:13:37.470 Resto Rob: What product needs to be delivered in this business and how it needs to be done and it just got to the point where you know, we had to go off on our own and we're super happy to be able to do that.

00:13:38.940 --> 00:13:47.640 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: i'm super happy to see you guys in the in the role that you're playing now as opposed to consulting for other businesses really going out there and leading the charge.

00:13:48.060 --> 00:13:54.780 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: and your timing couldn't have been better, obviously with some of the pictures that I see around the state you look out West and all the fires and.

00:13:55.320 --> 00:14:01.710 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: In California and then you look at pictures like this, like can't we just kind of combine the natural disasters and put the fire out some now but.

00:14:02.100 --> 00:14:10.560 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You know these are actual pictures from New Jersey, this is somebody's neighborhood multiple houses completely underwater this is, this is a picture for those watching out there.

00:14:11.160 --> 00:14:22.500 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: This is a picture of just the highway where that's the median like I thought I thought it was an ocean shot for a second no it's that's a median of a highway just water like up to the top of the media, so.

00:14:23.010 --> 00:14:30.510 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Is this been like you know, obviously guys in your position if something happens that's really serious like this, you guys are busy forever after this but.

00:14:30.870 --> 00:14:39.000 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Is it crazy overwhelming Is it too much to handle is it something that that drives you, to the point of oh my God Why did I decide to do this.

00:14:40.320 --> 00:14:45.030 Resto Rob: yeah I mean it is so it's definitely always you know everything's always an emergency.

00:14:45.360 --> 00:14:57.150 Resto Rob: You know I always say that you know I make you know, everybody sees worst day you know my worst day, five, six times over, you know we see things like this and, and you know, and it is, it is very overwhelming but.

00:14:57.600 --> 00:15:01.320 Resto Rob: it's also in our position very easy to become numb to it.

00:15:01.860 --> 00:15:09.930 Resto Rob: And for me it's always you know I always put myself in that person's shoes, I always think about Okay, you know if this would have would happen to me.

00:15:10.170 --> 00:15:20.820 Resto Rob: How would I feel you know what would I do and it's really bringing that you know just being genuine and caring about the customer and the person and what they're going through.

00:15:21.660 --> 00:15:28.950 Resto Rob: Really shines and that's based on the feedback that we do get from our customers that's one of the top things that they say is you know we really felt like.

00:15:29.370 --> 00:15:40.410 Resto Rob: You guys cared about you know us and what happened and you actually wanted to do the right thing and that that's what I try to put myself in their shoes every single time it's never just a job to me.

00:15:41.130 --> 00:15:46.380 Resto Rob: it's always a disaster it's always something you know happen, and you know how would I want to be treated and.

00:15:46.800 --> 00:16:01.440 Resto Rob: You know how would I want this taken care of and I really put myself in their shoes and that's not only you know, to get the job done right but also you know, is this going to be covered Is this something they're coming out of pocket, for you know how can we help them in that way.

00:16:01.740 --> 00:16:12.750 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You know a lot of job it's somebody's family at somebody's house it's somebody's business I love where your head's at we're gonna take a quick break but we'll be right back with robson Moreau Resto rob owner of Resto rebuild stay with us.

00:18:27.750 --> 00:18:30.990 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Welcome back everybody it's Friday it's always Friday it's me it's.

00:18:31.800 --> 00:18:41.670 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Also, the guy we are chatting with my good friend robson Moreau festo rob owner of Resto rebuild and rob just to kind of piggyback on something you were just talking about.

00:18:42.270 --> 00:18:49.380 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You know, and I always like to sit out by my fire pit for just a moment and give people a little bit of perspective on the situation so there's my fire pit for you.

00:18:50.250 --> 00:18:56.820 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: That the business that you work in is a classic example of reaction, just like you said everything's always an emergency.

00:18:57.450 --> 00:19:07.380 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Like you, do the people's biggest emergencies multiple times a day, and when I look at that type of situation people make very emotional decisions when there's disaster looming when they have.

00:19:07.830 --> 00:19:20.190 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: something that happens flooding fires hurricane tornado whatever they it's they want to get things fixed as soon as possible, they want to get their lives back together and because it's such an emotional time and something that is so time sensitive.

00:19:21.000 --> 00:19:25.650 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: The other folks that provide these services they can really take advantage and.

00:19:26.490 --> 00:19:33.780 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: They do it, you know people over promise and under deliver all the time in your industry, and I know that's something that's really big to you that you want to kind of.

00:19:34.170 --> 00:19:39.120 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Change the game, as far as the way people perceive that but I look at it again in the eyes of.

00:19:39.480 --> 00:19:47.880 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Being reactive versus being responsive something i've talked about with a number of my guests in the last number of weeks, you know being responsive is just having kind of a.

00:19:48.330 --> 00:19:58.260 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Systematic conditioned process to really go like and that's why whenever I have questions or issues on anything remotely surrounding this industry.

00:19:58.740 --> 00:20:03.300 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: I do call you because I know that even if it's something that's not going to fall in your wheelhouse.

00:20:03.570 --> 00:20:10.080 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: you're going to steer me in the right direction, so to that end, this is the method part of our show rob so where we talk about.

00:20:10.440 --> 00:20:17.220 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: The science behind what you do you know we're not going to train anybody to be you know remediation restoration rebuilding specialist here but.

00:20:17.670 --> 00:20:23.820 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: talk to us a little bit about what you're doing how you're doing it and how you're going to market for it, even in the times when there's not a disaster.

00:20:26.460 --> 00:20:32.370 Resto Rob: yeah absolutely so you know it's like you mentioned, you know everything's in emergency something always happens.

00:20:33.000 --> 00:20:42.510 Resto Rob: I would say, the one thing that we deal with it's probably not necessarily an emergency, because it kind of takes a little bit of time for it to happen is is is mold remediation.

00:20:42.990 --> 00:20:54.720 Resto Rob: So, you know that we can that's really the only thing we can kind of schedule out, and you know go and inspect and you know figure out what to do and then put them on the schedule and begin the remediation but.

00:20:55.050 --> 00:20:59.760 Resto Rob: Everything else really is an emergency um as far as the method.

00:21:00.300 --> 00:21:10.590 Resto Rob: One of the things for me that's super important and why I want to my am an owner why I wanted to be an owner and move away from you know consulting and operations is that.

00:21:11.010 --> 00:21:21.420 Resto Rob: You know I want things done a certain way, and when I give somebody my word that we're going to do this, you know, the only way it's not going to happen is if i'm no longer alive.

00:21:22.050 --> 00:21:38.190 Resto Rob: So for me that's super important, and when I meet with somebody that just experienced a loss when I tell them, you know we're going to do everything possible to bring all of our expertise to the table to not only get this done the right way, but get it done in a timely fashion.

00:21:40.050 --> 00:21:44.850 Resto Rob: we're going to be there finish the project when we say it's going to be finished and we're also going to account.

00:21:45.360 --> 00:21:56.610 Resto Rob: You know your situation, whether it's it's not a covered loss and everything is coming out of pocket and we figure out what we can budget what needs to be done, what can be done.

00:21:57.240 --> 00:22:14.820 Resto Rob: it's really big on like I said I put myself in their shoes and think about Okay, if I was in their situation financially health wise Whatever the case may be, you know how would I want somebody to treat me in this situation and how would I want to be treated so a lot of times.

00:22:15.900 --> 00:22:24.330 Resto Rob: And prior companies when I would meet with customers they some of them actually would ask me, you know, is all this stuff actually.

00:22:24.780 --> 00:22:32.640 Resto Rob: going to happen or is somebody that's basically above you going to come in and say Oh, we can't do that you know and your hands are tied.

00:22:33.450 --> 00:22:44.910 Resto Rob: So that's one of the biggest things for me as an owner is you know the buck stops here and a lot of times i've noticed, unfortunately, and other companies is that you know owners actually hide behind.

00:22:45.510 --> 00:22:59.760 Resto Rob: Their company, you know they send guys out to do things they don't want to do they put their employees and will situations know and for me it's you know I have my guys back you know they nicknamed me the general.

00:23:02.730 --> 00:23:13.140 Resto Rob: They go to war, for me, because they know that I have their back you know if we're out there at three o'clock in the morning, you know i'm the one that's out working everyone's still you know i'm the one that's.

00:23:13.800 --> 00:23:25.380 Resto Rob: You know it's it's never go for me it's always like let's go and I know, sometimes that could be a little cliche but that that is how we operate and there's I just don't see any other way of doing it.

00:23:26.610 --> 00:23:38.730 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: it's awesome and it's it it's not Courtney it's not hokey let's go it's it's much better having the right people around you to go out and execute the process like that's that's what it's all about to me so.

00:23:39.180 --> 00:23:47.010 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: I like to read and I always I tend to share some type of published work on my shows that that reminds me of you know who i'm speaking to.

00:23:47.340 --> 00:23:52.230 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: And I gotta be honest, even though I like to read books and have a decent sized library I don't really have any books on.

00:23:52.710 --> 00:24:01.260 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: mold remediation or anything like that, but just checking around real quick, I came across this book fundamentals and mold remediation by a gentleman named Ian call.

00:24:01.500 --> 00:24:11.910 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Who is an internationally recognized expert is trained thousands of mold professionals over the last 20 years, so it just just looking at this real quick just what I read about it, an abstract.

00:24:12.660 --> 00:24:21.690 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: It says you'll find a wide range of practice among folks in the mold remediation business, there are multiple standards guidelines and common practices that can very often conflict with each other.

00:24:21.900 --> 00:24:30.210 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: And I see that a lot of Labor intensive types of industries, but anyway, this book was put together to kind of synthesize the information and give a little bit peer instruction.

00:24:30.540 --> 00:24:36.180 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Based on the most current best practices and it says it includes things like engineering controls.

00:24:36.600 --> 00:24:41.490 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: And whenever I hear engineering in this world, I always think of you, because I know you have.

00:24:41.850 --> 00:24:49.020 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: A background in engineering, but when people think of engineering out there, they don't think of mold remediation specialist very often part of that because.

00:24:49.380 --> 00:24:55.050 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: A lot of Labor intensive folks who may not necessarily have that background and education go into this business but.

00:24:55.380 --> 00:24:58.890 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Like when I talk about method and science method behind the madness.

00:24:59.220 --> 00:25:12.060 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: it's hard to imagine anybody has it more than you so talk to us a little bit about some of your training and schooling and how you've how you've used it to effectively network and partner with other types of professionals in this industry.

00:25:13.860 --> 00:25:16.500 Resto Rob: yeah absolutely So for me.

00:25:18.240 --> 00:25:35.820 Resto Rob: I know that this type of industry, the restoration industry, the mold remediation industry um it is somewhat of a newer industry, and what I mean by that is the fact that the technology and the science and the education behind it.

00:25:36.750 --> 00:25:44.220 Resto Rob: is always changing you know back in the day, if you had a disaster where you had a flood, you know or a fire.

00:25:44.760 --> 00:25:52.530 Resto Rob: or mold basically the answer was just well we're just going to tear everything out, you know we're going to rip everything out there's going to be nothing left.

00:25:53.340 --> 00:26:12.060 Resto Rob: And then we're just going to rebuild, so you know that's great, but that you know takes a lot of time, and you know it's it can be very expensive, so you know we kind of have this this education and more of a psychometric.

00:26:13.620 --> 00:26:30.510 Resto Rob: You know initiatives to show us how we can dry something or if we can just take you know something out, we could dry it in place, or we could remediate it, you know get it back to how it was before, not only does that save a lot of costs, but it also saves a lot of time.

00:26:32.100 --> 00:26:33.990 Resto Rob: So for me, you know.

00:26:35.040 --> 00:26:41.880 Resto Rob: I kind of am involved in the construction industry, you know across the board, you know I always say you know i'm as familiar with.

00:26:42.270 --> 00:26:50.580 Resto Rob: You know the plumbing aspect of the build, as I am with the framing as am with the custom carpentry kitchens bathrooms electrical.

00:26:51.180 --> 00:26:59.520 Resto Rob: masonry stuff as I am, you know when my expertise and restoration and you know I combine all of those things together.

00:26:59.880 --> 00:27:12.480 Resto Rob: To you know approach, a loss and figure out Okay, this is what happened, you know what type of materials were used can these materials be restored and left or do they have to be taken out.

00:27:13.440 --> 00:27:24.630 Resto Rob: So, going back to what I mentioned earlier, because my initial you know getting my feet wet the construction industry was such a detailed work with the finished carpentry.

00:27:25.530 --> 00:27:40.170 Resto Rob: I like to be very surgical with certain things so even when we're doing demolition, you know we're surgical because the demolition isn't the restoration part of it, the restoration part of it is getting everything put back together.

00:27:41.220 --> 00:27:52.710 Resto Rob: And the biggest issue in our field is that I would say 90% of restoration companies they actually don't do their own reconstruction they actually don't do reconstruction at all.

00:27:53.070 --> 00:28:02.550 Resto Rob: So what that means is plumbing they do the cleanup they rip everything out, you know, however, they see fit and then somebody else has to come in and kind of put the pieces back.

00:28:03.660 --> 00:28:15.120 Resto Rob: And that could be very difficult, because now, you know some of the work that was done previous for me, because we do do a lot of reconstruction that was done by other companies, you know poorly or not the right way.

00:28:15.900 --> 00:28:24.600 Resto Rob: We almost have to redo everything they did, because the goal now is to put everything back together, so if you know the DEMO wasn't done properly the cuts aren't straight.

00:28:24.990 --> 00:28:27.930 Resto Rob: This and that we can't come in and put everything back.

00:28:28.590 --> 00:28:38.910 Resto Rob: So the fact that we're you know, a complete firm that does you know we call the front end which is basically the DEMO the restoration all that, but we also do the back end and because of that.

00:28:39.510 --> 00:28:52.350 Resto Rob: It actually allows us to to get more customers because everybody wants a one stop shop, you know so, for example, if you just had a flood and I come in and I just say okay well we're just gonna tear everything out and then you're kind of on your own.

00:28:52.980 --> 00:28:59.760 Resto Rob: People don't understand what that means, like, how can there be two parts, you know it's kind of something is damaged, so it has to be put back.

00:29:00.690 --> 00:29:05.610 Resto Rob: So our method is very surgical and that's how I apply.

00:29:05.940 --> 00:29:17.100 Resto Rob: You know everything to the loss, and I know a lot of people they don't understand that, because when you think of you know kind of like a dirty or job like demolition or cleaning or anything like that.

00:29:17.550 --> 00:29:25.350 Resto Rob: People don't really understand why you need to be you know very precise and very surgical and know what you're doing, but those are the reasons why.

00:29:26.160 --> 00:29:32.460 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: So its first First things first when you say get your feet wet in this industry, all I could think of these these pictures of Jersey floating away.

00:29:32.910 --> 00:29:38.940 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But I think you make you make some very good points, and in the business we're all you know one thing all attest to is that.

00:29:39.480 --> 00:29:46.740 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: with certain aspects of business when you throw the term out one stop shop, sometimes it can actually be a deterrent for some people.

00:29:47.130 --> 00:29:53.520 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But in in you know again depends on the industry you're working with what you do and the way you do it and how you're going to market for it.

00:29:53.940 --> 00:30:04.380 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: I like the idea of it being a one stop shop, because you have the contracting and engineering background it's like whatever the issue of the day is your understanding of all the different pieces.

00:30:04.710 --> 00:30:09.270 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Even if you have to bring in other folks to partner with to accomplish certain pieces.

00:30:09.720 --> 00:30:16.170 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You can still kind of carry the ball and be the general as so aptly named to go out and kind of.

00:30:16.410 --> 00:30:26.310 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Bring the right solution to the end user client the customer, the person who's looking to rebuild their house and office which i'm excited to see out in the field so we're gonna take a quick break.

00:30:27.090 --> 00:30:34.380 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But we'll be right back with rob summer Ernesto rob the owner of Resto rebuild right here on always Friday talk radio dot nyc stay with us.

00:33:12.360 --> 00:33:16.290 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Welcome back to always Friday with me Stephen fry your SMB guy but it's Nice.

00:33:17.610 --> 00:33:24.000 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: talking with my good friend rob simmer or the owner of Resto rebuild Resto rob who I actually just learned.

00:33:24.540 --> 00:33:30.630 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: What was called tsunami in the past, because of folks not being able to pronounce his last names and maura.

00:33:31.050 --> 00:33:38.670 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: thought that was a funny coincidence, considering we just heard the commercial for planet pocket lolo right here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:33:38.880 --> 00:33:45.900 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: hosted by my very good friend Johnny tsunami So there you have it tsunamis wipe out towns those towns need Resto rebuild.

00:33:46.470 --> 00:33:55.710 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: and backed by the tsunami man himself so rob we're going to get into a little bit of the madness and I know there's a ridiculous tone of it right now behind what you do.

00:33:56.040 --> 00:34:03.000 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: The madness section of the show here is is all about the artistic observation stories that you have from the field.

00:34:03.750 --> 00:34:16.140 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: No subject to taboo anything goes, you know we don't want to compromise client confidentiality, especially where it might be issues, but there was always a way to talk about and even show us, hopefully in some ways, with your being out in the field.

00:34:16.560 --> 00:34:25.320 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You know what what goes on in your daily existence, and I know that what's going on right now might be a little bit of extenuating circumstances but let's face it, when.

00:34:25.650 --> 00:34:34.080 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: shit happens, they need you, so this is exactly what folks like you were a business for so give us a little bit of the madness what's going on.

00:34:35.460 --> 00:34:38.850 Resto Rob: yeah absolutely so um you know.

00:34:40.500 --> 00:34:52.770 Resto Rob: One of the things that I always say is mean when we have situations like this where there's just you know overwhelming amount of flooding, and you know just a lot of people affected by you know, a certain disaster.

00:34:53.970 --> 00:35:03.120 Resto Rob: It always creates a lot of problems, because what happens is like you mentioned earlier, you know, everybody wants to get something taken care of.

00:35:03.540 --> 00:35:10.170 Resto Rob: So they're going to sacrifice expertise and doing something the right way by just hiring anybody.

00:35:10.410 --> 00:35:19.410 Resto Rob: You know that comes in and says oh yeah we could take care of this, and it's like well don't you guys, you know glass full for a living, what do you know about you know restoration.

00:35:19.830 --> 00:35:24.990 Resto Rob: And it's just and it's it's bad because you know people will hire anybody to do something.

00:35:25.890 --> 00:35:36.720 Resto Rob: So it's it actually causes more issues when something like this happens for our industry because, like you mentioned people like us, you know we can only get to a certain point.

00:35:37.140 --> 00:35:49.710 Resto Rob: At a certain amount of time, you know it's very hard for us to to be prepared for disasters like this, because obviously it's very hard to carry Labor, for you know, a disaster, you know industry.

00:35:50.040 --> 00:36:01.710 Resto Rob: don't know we're not we're not scheduling things out like a normal you know contractor would where you know we're going to do your kitchen okay we'll put you on the schedule we're doing your basement your bathroom you're building a house will put you on the schedule.

00:36:01.920 --> 00:36:10.560 Resto Rob: You know, there is no no schedule it's just constant madness it's you know it comes in, and then, how do you deal with it, you know.

00:36:12.060 --> 00:36:20.760 Resto Rob: And that's that's kind of the tough part about when something like this happens, because a lot of people suffer because again they don't know what they're doing.

00:36:21.570 --> 00:36:26.490 Resto Rob: They hire somebody that doesn't know what they're doing and they don't know any better until it's too late.

00:36:27.480 --> 00:36:31.590 Resto Rob: And a lot of times you know some of the bad situations that we've seen.

00:36:32.130 --> 00:36:48.570 Resto Rob: Are you know the cause of that because you know somebody comes in says Oh, this is fine, you know this doesn't have to be taken out or this doesn't have to be done, and then you know you get wood rot you get shifting walls, you get people that are living with mold.

00:36:49.590 --> 00:36:54.810 Resto Rob: And unfortunately they don't know any better, because you know this particular individual place that their trust.

00:36:55.260 --> 00:37:08.250 Resto Rob: You know in this contractor to to say that everything is done properly, and you know their their mind is at peace, because the contractor said that they're good to go when in reality that's not the case.

00:37:09.270 --> 00:37:12.420 Resto Rob: So that's probably one of the biggest things that we see.

00:37:13.770 --> 00:37:21.900 Resto Rob: that's another big reason why I am in this industry because you know with my background there's a lot of different things I could choose to do.

00:37:22.650 --> 00:37:31.890 Resto Rob: You know there's no reason that every single day, I have to make you know five people's worst day my worst day Rom it could be very you know very difficult.

00:37:32.250 --> 00:37:41.880 Resto Rob: It does weigh on you, especially when you do care about what's going on, like ID and I think you know people who get into you know some of the tougher.

00:37:42.420 --> 00:37:46.890 Resto Rob: careers, where they see tough things every day, you know it's truly that they they do want to help.

00:37:47.580 --> 00:37:56.610 Resto Rob: Because you know it's not fun to see what I you know what I witness it's not fun to see you know all the heartache and the issues that people deal with but.

00:37:57.210 --> 00:38:13.590 Resto Rob: We know that you know they need help somebody is going to need to help them somebody has to help them, so we want to get to as many people as we can to help them properly, so that it, you know prevents even further issues and further heartache down the road.

00:38:14.700 --> 00:38:23.550 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: yeah no that's it's very important like we were saying before it's not not just stuff it's people it's their homes, their businesses it's it's a lot of their.

00:38:23.820 --> 00:38:37.260 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: their livelihood and the story behind them it's not just just a simple fix so you'll see on my background behind me, is something I pulled off of your website 24 hour emergency service, and I imagine after episodes like last week.

00:38:38.040 --> 00:38:48.720 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: At any hour of the day and night there's there's calls coming in, for for issues and for requests and for holy holy shit please get out here as soon as you can emergency panic button.

00:38:49.410 --> 00:38:58.230 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But you know now let's say it's a little over a week, you know from when the hurricane really hit the the Jersey nyc metro area are you still getting calls in the middle of the night.

00:39:00.180 --> 00:39:05.400 Resto Rob: So no calls in the middle of the night, we are still getting you know calls in the evenings.

00:39:06.510 --> 00:39:10.470 Resto Rob: You know there's still obviously a lot of work that needs to be done.

00:39:11.700 --> 00:39:19.860 Resto Rob: And you know with a storm like this, unfortunately, until the waters have receded and the water table has gone down a bit.

00:39:20.790 --> 00:39:32.130 Resto Rob: We can come in and begin to do what we want to do, for example, the loss i'm at today, I was the here, you know that that day that the storm happened the next morning.

00:39:32.940 --> 00:39:41.370 Resto Rob: And you know we see water coming up from the drains that are supposed to be draining the water out because the water table is so hot.

00:39:41.700 --> 00:39:43.350 Resto Rob: You know so until.

00:39:43.410 --> 00:39:47.130 Resto Rob: You know it recedes we can't really come in and assess.

00:39:47.550 --> 00:40:01.080 Resto Rob: You know what the damages are what needs to happen and that also creates a lot of unknown dangerous you know if people don't realize that you know you have a lot of things in the basement for example here, even.

00:40:01.530 --> 00:40:10.590 Resto Rob: Yes, the water was just below the electrical outlets, but nobody took into account that you know there's extension cords plugged in that are on the ground.

00:40:10.920 --> 00:40:16.680 Resto Rob: there's surge protector strips that are on the ground, you know so when I arrived here, thankfully, I arrived here.

00:40:17.370 --> 00:40:24.870 Resto Rob: You know, we were able to check everything for current and this and that and we were actually able to prevent a fire, because one of the rooms, that I went into.

00:40:25.290 --> 00:40:29.970 Resto Rob: was actually filled with smoke, because there was a surge protector laying on the ground, you know underwater.

00:40:30.780 --> 00:40:36.840 Resto Rob: So you know, we were able to shut everything off and it's just you know, in the past panic and the mayhem like you mentioned.

00:40:37.170 --> 00:40:49.770 Resto Rob: there's just so many things and I feel like our mind when it's something that we're not used to our mind, goes to okay what's, the first thing that's completely out of the ordinary here that i'm not used to well.

00:40:50.040 --> 00:40:53.130 Resto Rob: The first thing is that there's a foot of water, where there's not supposed to be.

00:40:53.460 --> 00:41:00.270 Resto Rob: You know so realistically our mind goes to Okay, how do we deal with the water, you know we got to start scooping it out, we got to start doing this.

00:41:00.450 --> 00:41:06.870 Resto Rob: You know your mind doesn't go to that you could be electrocuted you know you have all this stuff down there it's things that you don't think of.

00:41:07.890 --> 00:41:12.690 Resto Rob: You know it's just kind of like that natural reaction of this is what we need to do.

00:41:14.040 --> 00:41:21.870 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: one topic that's always good for madness is one that i've been party to for a long time in my travels is the insurance world.

00:41:22.200 --> 00:41:26.550 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: my travels and my licensing that I have is more on the life and health side.

00:41:26.940 --> 00:41:36.060 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But as far as commercial property and casualty insurance goes, you know same same thing for you, these times are like a crazy overwhelming nightmare for these folks.

00:41:36.420 --> 00:41:45.840 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: and similar for the for the insurance companies, even for the for the families and the businesses that have been affected by these natural disasters, hurricanes tornadoes etc.

00:41:46.380 --> 00:41:54.810 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: They have to go through the motions with the insurance companies which can sometimes be a huge difficult process talk to us a little bit about how you help.

00:41:55.410 --> 00:42:02.220 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Your clients through some of that that arduous process of getting the insurance claim filed and getting everything covered personal or business.

00:42:03.420 --> 00:42:10.200 Resto Rob: yeah absolutely so so everything with with insurance coverage is is difficult because, as you know.

00:42:10.650 --> 00:42:25.650 Resto Rob: You know everything comes down to verbiage everything comes down to you know what your pot, what is your policy say Where are you, you know what are you covering for what are you covered, for you know, and I think a lot of times you know again going back to dealing with.

00:42:26.940 --> 00:42:32.640 Resto Rob: Everybody that you deal with on a day to day basis you want them to be the best at their field.

00:42:33.060 --> 00:42:49.050 Resto Rob: You know, so when people obtain these coverages you know they're trusting in the person that's selling them their insurance, you know just like you do Steve and you know they're trusting you that okay they're giving you this information and you're properly, protecting them.

00:42:50.070 --> 00:43:03.330 Resto Rob: You know, and I know there's a lot of factors that go into it, I know a lot of times you know costs and premium, you know play factors into you know what Should I be covered, for what Should I be covered, for, and you know it's always a gamble, as you know.

00:43:04.770 --> 00:43:10.080 Resto Rob: And you know, one of the things that we do to help them out is first off we tell them that you know you're not on your own.

00:43:10.800 --> 00:43:22.140 Resto Rob: Yes, you have to file a claim, you know, but we will review your policy with you, you know we will see what you're covered for what you're not covered, for if there's any caps on your policy.

00:43:22.890 --> 00:43:32.550 Resto Rob: You know we'll deal directly with the insurance adjuster to get this claim, you know settled for you and pay it out for you, you know we'll deal with you know industry.

00:43:32.910 --> 00:43:38.460 Resto Rob: standards to fill them in will send all the paperwork that's required, we think that we need.

00:43:38.910 --> 00:43:47.520 Resto Rob: So we really kind of you know, hold their hand and when it comes to you know filing a claim and dealing with the insurance company dealing with the adjusters.

00:43:48.180 --> 00:43:59.790 Resto Rob: You know and that's a huge expertise that we bring to the table as well, whereas you know other companies are you know pay you gotta pay us for this and then, if you get money out of your insurance company that's on you.

00:44:00.660 --> 00:44:06.720 Resto Rob: So it's it's a constant hand holding you know from beginning to end, whether on how things need to be done.

00:44:07.500 --> 00:44:21.270 Resto Rob: You know walking them through the insurance process dealing with the insurance day to day, to make sure that not only do they get paid quickly, but they get paid for you know what they need, and you know get paid for the things that were actually damaged.

00:44:21.720 --> 00:44:27.150 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You said something important there that triggered something for me, I always say to people i've been doing.

00:44:28.020 --> 00:44:40.380 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Work with small, medium sized businesses, for the past 20 years and one big thing that i've come across is it's it's much less about what you say and much more about how you say it, and especially with insurance.

00:44:40.920 --> 00:44:50.760 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: folks have sold insurance, time and time again throughout the country time time again, people have bought insurance, so they a lot of times people might be familiar with what the policy says.

00:44:51.210 --> 00:45:01.470 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But as far as how you package and report, the claim for a particular incident, there are many people that have the appropriate line by line comprehensive.

00:45:02.400 --> 00:45:11.550 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Take Call to Action experience with that and that is something that's so huge for the hand holding process to really get to where people want and need to go.

00:45:12.000 --> 00:45:25.830 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You know, following a disaster like what we're dealing with right now with half the State of New Jersey on the water but we're going to take a quick break we'll be right back with my buddy Resto rob rob summer owner, for us to rebuild your on always Friday stay with us.

00:47:29.940 --> 00:47:32.340 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Welcome back to always Friday with me Stephen fry your.

00:47:32.430 --> 00:47:33.450 Resto Rob: sermon just while.

00:47:33.720 --> 00:47:38.130 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: we're talking with my good friend rob zoom or Resto rob owner of Resto rebuild.

00:47:38.370 --> 00:47:47.430 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: don't forget guys, if you like, small, medium sized business entrepreneur related discussion stay with talk radio dot nyc for the next show Jeremiah Fox and the entrepreneurial Web.

00:47:47.670 --> 00:47:50.340 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Jeremiah was awesome bound to get some pearls of wisdom at him.

00:47:50.640 --> 00:48:01.170 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But uh to wrap things up over here with Resto rob here on always Friday we're going to get into a little bit of the messaging maybe we'll even see a little bit of the site that rob's on but rob the whole idea here.

00:48:01.650 --> 00:48:14.730 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Is we want to give people some weekend insights and make them Monday impact Friday nights Martini night in the FRY house, I know that things are going to get wild year later yo what can we give everybody that you really remember over the weekend and put into action come Monday morning.

00:48:16.920 --> 00:48:21.090 Resto Rob: yeah absolutely, so I think just tying everything together.

00:48:22.290 --> 00:48:29.460 Resto Rob: You know just some words of wisdom from me and just you know my whole background of business in general is you know.

00:48:30.000 --> 00:48:41.310 Resto Rob: I kind of feel like, no matter what business you're in what your career is what you do it comes down to a couple things the first is you really have to find what you're passionate about.

00:48:42.210 --> 00:48:52.680 Resto Rob: For me, this is my passion like I said, you know there's a lot of things that I can do, given my background they're all pretty different from one another.

00:48:53.670 --> 00:49:07.320 Resto Rob: They don't really coincide, but this truly is a passion of mine, you know I can be out in the field, you know almost 24 seven, and you know it's i'm always amped up.

00:49:07.830 --> 00:49:24.780 Resto Rob: i'm always happy what i'm doing this is a passion of mine, it gives me, you know super clarity when there's you know mayhem going on all over the fact that you know, this is my passion, this is what I love to do it helps you know me tremendously.

00:49:25.860 --> 00:49:33.270 Resto Rob: The other biggest thing is that you know, no matter what you do, you always want to be truthful you want to be genuine and you want to be honest.

00:49:33.930 --> 00:49:44.370 Resto Rob: I always talk about honesty I think it's the biggest thing when it comes down to business or dealing with customers, you always want to put.

00:49:44.880 --> 00:49:53.700 Resto Rob: Everything that's going on on the table, whether it's good news it's bad news, you know, for me, when i'm looking at a loss i'll tell you, you know.

00:49:54.420 --> 00:49:57.480 Resto Rob: This is when he needs to be done, because this is what will happen.

00:49:58.290 --> 00:50:07.860 Resto Rob: Not just can come up with an excuse, you know, to make the job bigger to get more money to extend the loss i'm always going to be honest with you i'm going to put myself in your shoes.

00:50:08.640 --> 00:50:15.810 Resto Rob: i'm going to use all of my expertise to dissect everything and tell you the honest truth of what needs to happen.

00:50:16.590 --> 00:50:20.280 Resto Rob: Sometimes it's a lot worse than the customer thinks it is.

00:50:20.700 --> 00:50:30.870 Resto Rob: And a lot of times, people are shocked by my honesty, because I will tell them, you know, this is what you need to do here and they'll they'll be shocked that i'm not trying to get a job, out of it or trying to get money out of them.

00:50:31.770 --> 00:50:37.620 Resto Rob: It just comes down to that honesty of this is what needs to be done and that's what builds trust.

00:50:38.520 --> 00:50:44.520 Resto Rob: And I think the last thing is, you know I say this, a lot you've heard you've heard me say this before Steve is that.

00:50:45.210 --> 00:50:52.200 Resto Rob: I treat every loss that we do as if it was my grandmother's house and that's how I tell my guys to treat it.

00:50:53.010 --> 00:50:59.880 Resto Rob: You know and it's kind of what does that mean what that means is you know your extra careful with everything you know we're super clean.

00:51:00.450 --> 00:51:07.650 Resto Rob: You wear your booties on your on your boots when you go into the House we floor protect everything we seal everything.

00:51:08.430 --> 00:51:19.500 Resto Rob: And people see that you know, one of the comments we get from people, especially if we're doing you know super high end, you know home multimillion dollar homes is you know people will say wow we're so glad that.

00:51:19.920 --> 00:51:34.200 Resto Rob: We called you because not only is your expertise and everything invaluable but we're just amazed at how you treat our property how clean, everything is you know we were just very you know we're very surgical when it comes down to everything that we do.

00:51:35.040 --> 00:51:47.310 Resto Rob: So again, you know just leaving everybody, for you know some pearls of wisdom for the weekend be passionate and what you do and always be truthful and be genuine and what you're doing and you'll be successful.

00:51:47.910 --> 00:51:55.020 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: and have a go to person like Resto rods or come over and check everything out when you experience natural disaster, I love it.

00:51:55.440 --> 00:52:06.090 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: I want to give everybody a little peek into the questions that I asked you and the answers that you gave remember my favorite three questions, who is your favorite movie or TV show character what's your favorite movie or TV show.

00:52:06.330 --> 00:52:09.780 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: What is your favorite musical instrument and who's the artist you'd like to hear play it.

00:52:10.350 --> 00:52:19.350 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Hopefully, if you have a minute before we're done here we'll get get a peek into what's going on at the last year at, but your favorite movie character is one of my favorites and it is James Bond.

00:52:19.830 --> 00:52:30.930 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Secret agent man double oh 7am I six which very often you and what you're doing I could see how you might even be related to that so you got to call it a specialist man you.

00:52:31.440 --> 00:52:33.150 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Get bond in here to take care of this.

00:52:33.600 --> 00:52:43.800 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: So I love it i've always been a big James Bond fan but it's you know it's always in the same lines of mission impossible impossible mission for us like when when something looks like it's to impossible to do with.

00:52:44.310 --> 00:52:48.930 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You know, calling the real professionals, and that is what you guys are with Resto rebuild.

00:52:49.170 --> 00:52:59.070 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: So, and I couldn't help myself, I did put your face on Daniel Craig body getting out of the ocean, because I know how much you like the bodybuilding I just figured I would take a lot of these the training part out of it for you.

00:52:59.550 --> 00:53:14.280 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: So, second, what is your favorite movie or TV show no surprise to me because I know that you're a passionate car guy as I am too fast and the furious was what was put out there, by the way, anytime I can join my guests on screen I do like to do that so.

00:53:14.880 --> 00:53:18.420 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: I know that my physique doesn't really mirror vin diesel's at all, but hey I can dream.

00:53:19.230 --> 00:53:27.990 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: so fast and the furious you know undercover COP goes into infiltrate a gang of folks that are street racing ends up with far more than he bargained with.

00:53:28.200 --> 00:53:40.500 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: If you guys haven't seen fast and furious you better get cracking the rest of the day I think they just came out with the ninth movie so good stuff you know you look like you fit right in with these folks you guys used to work in car dealerships right yeah.

00:53:42.300 --> 00:53:47.280 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: it's a it says here one of the fast and furious things I live my life, a quarter mile at a time.

00:53:47.580 --> 00:53:55.080 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: And in your business, it might feel like a lot of the clients and customers are like that, too, with is loose and reckless as they might be, with some of the things that they're doing.

00:53:55.470 --> 00:54:04.890 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But uh you know good stuff good good food for thought favorite musical instrument, you gave me an interesting answer you said, the steel drum like false play in the Caribbean.

00:54:05.430 --> 00:54:14.040 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: which I wasn't able to find a picture to throw your face on for this, but here's you know Caribbean little taste of the Caribbean did find some some drummer pictures that I can put you on but.

00:54:14.310 --> 00:54:22.680 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: I don't know what it is it's there's plenty of features that that indicate this you remind me of Dave grohl all the time and Dave grohl is a very popular answer that I get.

00:54:22.950 --> 00:54:28.650 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: For folks that like drummers so I just I couldn't resist I had to had to make you Dave grohl for a second but.

00:54:29.160 --> 00:54:37.410 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: rob this is this is awesome I appreciate you carving out some time I know you're busy beyond belief, I felt bad even talking to you about making this happen today.

00:54:37.650 --> 00:54:43.800 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: I did think it was a very valuable conversation that it is like you said timing is everything and very timely conversation.

00:54:44.070 --> 00:54:56.430 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You guys need to get any sort of quotes free estimates anything pertaining to water damage there's number here 730 to 8897013 for central Jersey you doing northern South Jersey do or no right now.

00:54:57.240 --> 00:55:04.680 Resto Rob: um yeah I mean we're we're usually we handle all of New Jersey, I mean right now we're just you know, helping stuff as we can get to it.

00:55:05.850 --> 00:55:08.610 Resto Rob: And yeah and just you know we're doing all over.

00:55:09.660 --> 00:55:20.940 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: So that I know you might be going a little bit more outside your geography now than you usually do but uh that's that's totally cool appreciate you appreciate everything that you're doing so.

00:55:21.870 --> 00:55:29.850 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: coming up next week just want to give you guys a taste of who's going to be here and then hopefully if you have a couple minutes rob we only have a couple minutes left of the show definitely want to check out where you're at.

00:55:30.150 --> 00:55:42.330 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But next week we're going to be talking with my friend, David rush we're going to be talking about unblinding your view he works with an organization called unblinded he's the leader of corporate business development.

00:55:42.750 --> 00:55:50.310 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: training and development solutions unblinded fence fascinating organization they got a big Gala event coming up in a couple weeks.

00:55:51.000 --> 00:56:03.630 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Looking forward to talking to David rush from the unblinded organization, but let's bring things home with Resto rob here before we let you guys go for the weekend to the entrepreneurial web let's take a look at the site and get a little bit of a walkthrough of what's going on here.

00:56:05.520 --> 00:56:10.770 Resto Rob: All right, yeah let me see if I can get us over here and just takes a few things.

00:56:11.040 --> 00:56:12.960 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Though rob remember folks aren't.

00:56:13.200 --> 00:56:18.450 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Always watching I do love it when folks watch where we're goofing around with the Green screen and everything in the background.

00:56:18.720 --> 00:56:24.990 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But you know, the more that you know color you can give talking through certain things always good, I know, there was one thing that you mentioned, where.

00:56:25.320 --> 00:56:37.650 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: You took a part of wall in this building and one side of the wall to kind of fine and look like it was one way and the other when she took it apart and saw what was behind it, it was a little different than you anticipated but yeah give us a little bit of commentary.

00:56:38.400 --> 00:56:39.210 Resto Rob: yeah absolutely.

00:56:40.620 --> 00:56:41.550 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: And I know there's a chance for.

00:56:42.690 --> 00:56:43.770 Resto Rob: people listening.

00:56:48.420 --> 00:56:50.550 Resto Rob: yeah you guys hear me okay.

00:56:50.970 --> 00:56:53.280 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: yeah yeah i'm losing you a little bit you're you're you're saying.

00:56:55.680 --> 00:56:58.800 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: yeah I can't really hear you man I kind of figured that would happen, but uh.

00:56:59.220 --> 00:57:01.740 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: But yeah it's it's tough to hear you a little bit.

00:57:02.760 --> 00:57:04.830 Resto Rob: All right, let me head up here for a SEC.

00:57:05.010 --> 00:57:05.790 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: There you go that's better.

00:57:06.990 --> 00:57:11.580 Resto Rob: Alright, so mom up here, so what i'll do is i'll kind of just give them just give a.

00:57:12.720 --> 00:57:19.950 Resto Rob: A I guess breakdown of what we're going to be looking at can use would you are, you still able to see the video you just couldn't hear.

00:57:19.950 --> 00:57:28.470 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: bag, I could see it, but we only have like two minutes left we got another show coming up on the network yeah so give everybody the quick once over of I know there's a lot going on behind what you do, but.

00:57:28.800 --> 00:57:35.730 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Commercial business you're there, nobody else's you're checking on the status of the operation know what went on here real quick.

00:57:36.540 --> 00:57:51.360 Resto Rob: yeah absolutely so commercial property we had three buildings on this property, you know one two story building will actually to two storey buildings and the building behind these three stories so be you know basements flooded out and all three.

00:57:52.440 --> 00:58:00.600 Resto Rob: Basically what when you walk into the property now, which I would love to show you guys every wall looks like it's completely fine.

00:58:01.290 --> 00:58:07.530 Resto Rob: doesn't look like there's anything wrong with it doesn't look what does it look like it's peeling I mean the paint side you know they're not even dirty.

00:58:07.860 --> 00:58:16.740 Resto Rob: there's nothing you know nothing, you would think that's wrong with them, so when we open the other side of the wall, you know there's it's a completely different story of what's going on inside.

00:58:17.250 --> 00:58:24.930 Resto Rob: you've got wet insulation you've got mold you've got well framing you've got you know CAD three contamination.

00:58:25.740 --> 00:58:33.960 Resto Rob: So you know what's behind the wall is super important, so a lot of times you know just a homeowner or you know business owner can go down there.

00:58:34.320 --> 00:58:39.450 Resto Rob: and say Oh well, everything looks fine you know, there might be an odor might smell a little moldy but.

00:58:39.840 --> 00:58:46.800 Resto Rob: You know how do you determine you know what's good and what's not and that's where our expertise our state of the art tools.

00:58:47.130 --> 00:58:56.010 Resto Rob: Everything that we use, you know come into play, because you know these walls, if left on open left untreated they're going to rot away you're going to get a ton of mold.

00:58:56.670 --> 00:59:09.420 Resto Rob: You can have a lot of issues, you know that are going to affect a lot of people, because obviously there's a lot of people that you know, are in these are in these buildings day to day on a normal basis and that's just a health hazard for everyone yeah.

00:59:09.480 --> 00:59:21.420 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Absolutely, thank you for doing what you're doing, I know, sometimes you might even be putting yourself in harm's way you guys need a free estimate 24 hours a day, seven three to 8897013 is how you can get in touch with Resto rebuild.

00:59:21.900 --> 00:59:34.200 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: thanks again for being here rob you guys want to get in touch with rob directly for any consultative reasons text SMB guy all one word to 21,000 you can put a little note after that says Resto Robin i'll get you guys connected.

00:59:34.560 --> 00:59:44.250 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: until next week Friday 11am when i'm back on the air have a great weekend everybody stay tuned to talk radio dot nyc for the entrepreneurial web with Jeremiah fox we'll see you next time.

00:59:45.690 --> 00:59:45.960 Thanks.

00:59:47.160 --> 00:59:47.640 Text "SMBGUY" to 21000: Thanks brother.

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