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Thursday, September 9, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/09 - Showing Up For Real As A Woman Leader

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/09 - Showing Up For Real As A Woman Leader


2021/09/09 - Showing Up For Real As A Woman Leader

[New Episode] Showing Up For Real As A Woman Leader

Many women at menopause say that they feel like they are ‘losing themselves’, that they don’t know who they are any more. It’s completely understandable as there is so many changes going on in your life at that stage.

But where does that leave you as a woman leader? How do you carry on shining your brilliance?

My guest this week, Dion Johnson, was born with a pronounced facial disfigurement. Her story of ‘unmasking’ is a powerful metaphor that is now captivating and inspiring leaders across the globe to “Show Up, Speak Up and Shake Things the hell Up”, authentically, within their sphere of influence too.

She’s passionate about and uniquely skilled to help women rise above professional challenges and be more influential in their roles. She will be sharing her experience of waking up to how she needed to show up for real and what that meant for her voice in the world.

Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

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00:05:27.180 --> 00:05:37.410 Pat Duckworth: Oh well, we were rocking away here in the virtual studio so welcome to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at men apples.

00:05:38.460 --> 00:05:47.850 Pat Duckworth: whoo so welcome and good morning if you're in America good afternoon if you're in the UK and Europe and good evening if you're in India.

00:05:48.390 --> 00:06:00.780 Pat Duckworth: And it's going to be a great show today my guest in the studio is deon Johnson who i'll be introducing very shortly we've already had our first comment on Facebook day on which is from.

00:06:01.110 --> 00:06:08.010 Pat Duckworth: K Newton saying this is going to be an awesome conversation, and it is absolutely going to be an awesome conversation.

00:06:08.340 --> 00:06:20.640 Pat Duckworth: So remember you can always join us live on the talk radio and my see Facebook page, you can put your questions there put your comments it'd be really great to hear from you.

00:06:21.090 --> 00:06:33.690 Pat Duckworth: So we always start our week we're looking at what's in the media, but i'm just wondering, you know when second week of Sep tember they are, how are you settling in back at work how's it going for you.

00:06:34.140 --> 00:06:43.860 Pat Duckworth: If you're commuting how's that commute going yeah we're all getting back into the flow of work again now, some of us never break, to be honest.

00:06:44.460 --> 00:06:58.650 Pat Duckworth: So i'm looking forward to having some days off next week hope you're getting some time for some self care anyway meanwhile back at the media, my first news report today comes from the University of Rochester.

00:06:59.370 --> 00:07:11.040 Pat Duckworth: And it's about the memory changes of menopause now next week i'm going to be talking all about brain fog you've experienced very involved, you know quite a bit about it.

00:07:11.730 --> 00:07:25.740 Pat Duckworth: And memory issues is one of the things about brain fog, but what are the University of Rochester saying about it they're saying a new study by the University medical Center has identified four profiles of cognitive function.

00:07:26.070 --> 00:07:35.820 Pat Duckworth: That may help researchers understand why memory declines for some women and not others so yeah some women it's all okay other women.

00:07:36.330 --> 00:07:40.200 Pat Duckworth: can hardly remember what they went up the stairs for though I think we all have a problem with her.

00:07:40.800 --> 00:07:46.530 Pat Duckworth: This adds to the mounting evidence of the memory changes that can happen when menopause approaches.

00:07:46.800 --> 00:07:55.950 Pat Duckworth: And could lead to better guidance and treatment for patients experiencing menopause issues, so any research at least a better treatment, I think we can all welcome.

00:07:56.880 --> 00:08:17.640 Pat Duckworth: So, Dr merriam Webster says, if we understand what goes on cognitively for women during this time, we can help normalize the experience researchers found that women experiencing a strength profile, that is a strength in either verbal learning and memory or attention and executive function.

00:08:19.470 --> 00:08:28.620 Pat Duckworth: had fewer depressive symptoms on hot flushes while those experiencing cognitive weakness reporting more sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression.

00:08:29.580 --> 00:08:40.470 Pat Duckworth: So, Dr Evans previous work found that some women approaching menopause experience declines in working memory, the ability to take in new information and manipulate it in their heads.

00:08:40.920 --> 00:08:45.450 Pat Duckworth: And a woman's ability to keep and focus attention on a challenging task.

00:08:45.930 --> 00:08:53.340 Pat Duckworth: But these declines we're not directly linked to hormones are called into those studies well i'd be really interested in what they link to.

00:08:53.820 --> 00:09:04.740 Pat Duckworth: Rather than just saying what the normative experiences for everyone, were sort of saying, can we see these different profiles and then what are some of the things that are associated with each.

00:09:05.220 --> 00:09:15.750 Pat Duckworth: Either risk for worth worth cognitive performance or resilience, but some are doing better than we might expect during a time when many people experience decline.

00:09:16.170 --> 00:09:28.530 Pat Duckworth: So there's so little research into women's health, but when I see these kind of research projects going on, I get really excited about it, because it can lead to better treatment.

00:09:29.760 --> 00:09:38.670 Pat Duckworth: So the next one made me laugh a bit and it comes from Australia from the Brisbane times and headline is that it's not me, I am so Zen.

00:09:39.360 --> 00:09:42.600 Pat Duckworth: Could gen y break for many apples to boo.

00:09:43.350 --> 00:09:49.050 Pat Duckworth: So when Sally Birger looks back at times when the demon had taken over her.

00:09:49.320 --> 00:10:05.370 Pat Duckworth: While she was going through perimenopause she shakes her head, so if you're not clear perimenopause the years leading up to menopause when your periods stop when your hormones are in decline, and you can be experiencing symptoms and she says you think there's something wrong with you.

00:10:07.590 --> 00:10:15.840 Pat Duckworth: She recalls the time she just went for an unhelpful shop assistant yelling at the person until people around her was stopping watching.

00:10:16.290 --> 00:10:20.640 Pat Duckworth: And snuggling to themselves smuggling must be an Australian laughing.

00:10:21.120 --> 00:10:32.940 Pat Duckworth: It was horrifying she says that is not me i'm so Zen I told myself if I exercise more and eat better and maybe if I had more green smoothies you know, like it law get better.

00:10:33.750 --> 00:10:41.430 Pat Duckworth: I kind of related to this, because i'm normally a pretty calm person, but there's been times during this menopause experience.

00:10:41.910 --> 00:10:48.210 Pat Duckworth: When my inner inner demon has come out of our snapped at some demon thought Oh, what is going on.

00:10:48.690 --> 00:10:59.520 Pat Duckworth: So, Michelle Kennedy founder and CEO of peanut menopause a new APP for women that launched in Australia, the UK United States and Canada, last Wednesday said.

00:11:00.000 --> 00:11:09.690 Pat Duckworth: I really hope it makes women feel not alone not we're not stigmatized and able just to talk more openly about menopause so.

00:11:10.200 --> 00:11:17.220 Pat Duckworth: This peanut menopause it's a free APP it has chat rooms and live audio podcast from experts.

00:11:17.520 --> 00:11:27.330 Pat Duckworth: So if you're feeling a bit alone that could be a good thing to have a look at and know that there are other women out there who are just the same as you and I going just as not.

00:11:28.260 --> 00:11:31.770 Pat Duckworth: Perhaps that's why it's called cleaner anyway, my next.

00:11:32.640 --> 00:11:44.430 Pat Duckworth: report comes from UK today news how the multiples turned us into super women, so this is women's stories about how they benefited positively from menopause.

00:11:44.880 --> 00:11:55.230 Pat Duckworth: And the first woman saying, having been through menopause emerged find the sun is still shining, on the other side, I can assure you it's not the inescapable black hole I originally assumed.

00:11:55.800 --> 00:12:05.790 Pat Duckworth: good to know instead equipped with the knowledge and the right tools medicals can be an ultimately enriching passage, culminating in a more confident happier life.

00:12:06.150 --> 00:12:11.220 Pat Duckworth: that's what I believe that's what I teach to my clients that's what I teach my groups.

00:12:11.730 --> 00:12:18.330 Pat Duckworth: I think i'm probably healthier happier and fitter than i've ever been this is what she's saying, but this is what I feel like as well.

00:12:18.750 --> 00:12:31.650 Pat Duckworth: I know i'm boulder more enterprising and less insecure the before and the evidence points to many women in their 50s becoming equally fearless stitching bad relationships embarking on new careers.

00:12:32.010 --> 00:12:40.950 Pat Duckworth: And reinventing themselves by socially and biologically by adopting healthier lifestyles and emotional resilience, for the second phase of our lives.

00:12:41.370 --> 00:12:50.310 Pat Duckworth: Yes, yes and yes, that is all good stuff that's where we need to be and so just don't believe everybody goes Oh well, that's it it's over.

00:12:50.940 --> 00:12:59.910 Pat Duckworth: medicals might as well just fade into the distance No, this is when you can really find out who you are, and I think dion's going to be telling us about that too.

00:13:00.870 --> 00:13:09.180 Pat Duckworth: From the independent a quite a worrying headline really menopausal women false to fork out thousands of pounds for treatment.

00:13:09.750 --> 00:13:19.170 Pat Duckworth: Women going through menopause phase phase medical bills amounting to thousands of pounds after being forced to pay for hormone replacement therapy campaigners of Ward.

00:13:20.040 --> 00:13:26.850 Pat Duckworth: I have kind of shocked by this, because you know, we have the National Health Service why aren't these women getting these prescriptions.

00:13:27.660 --> 00:13:44.010 Pat Duckworth: What they're having to pay for the prescriptions were as I think in other parts of the UK like Wales and Scotland you don't have to pay for the prescription if you're taking a medication for five years, it can be a lot of money.

00:13:45.210 --> 00:13:53.190 Pat Duckworth: This as many as a 3.4 million women aged between 50 and 64 and UK will be experiencing sentence of the medicals.

00:13:53.550 --> 00:14:10.320 Pat Duckworth: The Ginsburg women's health board unveiled a campaign on Monday, urging the government's provide women with life changing treatment for free, noting hormone replacement therapy which alleviate symptoms menopause is free in Scotland and Wales, yes, so they don't have to pay for their prescriptions.

00:14:12.720 --> 00:14:21.750 Pat Duckworth: It comes after the independent recently reported almost half of the women going through menopause so they were left with no option but to seek private health care.

00:14:22.380 --> 00:14:33.240 Pat Duckworth: So not only if they're in the NHS and they're paying for their prescriptions, some of them can't even get their doctors to prescribe it and they're ending up in the private healthcare system so that is a real concern.

00:14:34.410 --> 00:14:47.220 Pat Duckworth: My last news report comes from America and the North American medical society and, as with updates of guidance for managing osteoporosis in older women so loss of bone density.

00:14:47.820 --> 00:14:53.610 Pat Duckworth: Lifelong treatment is required to keep osteoporosis under control in postmenopausal women.

00:14:53.910 --> 00:15:03.060 Pat Duckworth: and hormone therapy is often the best choice to prevent further bone loss according to a new position statement released by the North American medical society.

00:15:03.630 --> 00:15:12.540 Pat Duckworth: So hormone treatment is one way, there are other things you can do as well there's a lot to do with what you're eating your food supplements and your exercise.

00:15:12.870 --> 00:15:17.850 Pat Duckworth: And even if you're taking hormone replacement therapy it's a good idea to do those other things too.

00:15:18.690 --> 00:15:28.680 Pat Duckworth: So this new statement updated from 2010 covers the most current recommendation for assessment and management of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

00:15:29.100 --> 00:15:37.140 Pat Duckworth: The aim is to provide clinicians with the information they need to identify candidates for Osteoporosis drug and supplement therapy.

00:15:37.890 --> 00:15:50.100 Pat Duckworth: and help patients maintain optimal bone health, so, if you remember one of my earlier broadcast we were talking to Leslie fetters who went through early menopause when she was only 36.

00:15:50.580 --> 00:16:00.000 Pat Duckworth: And she went on to hormone therapy because of concerns for her bone health and heart health, so if you're going through early menopause it can be a real issue.

00:16:00.570 --> 00:16:11.820 Pat Duckworth: So, whether or not a woman has a healthy lifestyle osteoporosis progresses with advancing age unless it's treated and lifelong management is required so yeah really important to think about that.

00:16:12.300 --> 00:16:26.490 Pat Duckworth: So before we go to the break, I just want to have a quick chat with Dr deon is Mina pause did your mother talk to you about menopause that's what I want to know, did you ever have that conversation.

00:16:27.630 --> 00:16:42.660 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: So I saw my I saw things happening with my mom that you know really caught my attention so she would Pat the hot flushes out she'd be she was a hot babe and she.

00:16:44.670 --> 00:16:55.140 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Was she was government for say it was really obvious we didn't have much more conversation, apart from how she was feeling, so I knew that it was a time when women would have these really weird.

00:16:55.590 --> 00:17:02.700 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: things happen i'd watch them a week snicker as the kids in the House with snake right or because it was really funny either on.

00:17:02.970 --> 00:17:07.560 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Who just couldn't keep her clothes on so she was like really literally be taking their clothes off.

00:17:07.980 --> 00:17:16.590 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And you know I watched my older cousins go through it, so I we saw it happening, but we didn't really have in depth conversation about why it was happening or.

00:17:16.920 --> 00:17:23.850 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: What it felt to me like women in my family just needed to just deal with it, you know just put up with it and get through it somehow.

00:17:24.300 --> 00:17:25.470 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah.

00:17:25.800 --> 00:17:27.660 Pat Duckworth: Well, I think this is very.

00:17:27.660 --> 00:17:33.270 Pat Duckworth: Common that i'm not sure there are any cultures, where women are talking about this freely anyway.

00:17:33.660 --> 00:17:43.500 Pat Duckworth: So when we come back after break i'm going to be talking to do on about her her experience her Epiphany around showing up for real i'm sure we can.

00:17:44.070 --> 00:17:52.200 Pat Duckworth: Talk about a lot of other topics as well, this is a really important conversation so join us after the break and we're gonna rock this out.

00:20:04.650 --> 00:20:10.200 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause.

00:20:10.530 --> 00:20:25.770 Pat Duckworth: So I hope you've noticed that wording on both empowering women leaders and talking to empowering women leaders and today, that is particularly relevant where my guest in the studio is deon Johnson.

00:20:26.310 --> 00:20:44.010 Pat Duckworth: So dion is also known as the woman knowledge if of course i'm going to have her on the show she's an ex midwife director in public services, where she pioneered coordinated and lead special services serving highly vulnerable a marginalized client groups.

00:20:45.090 --> 00:20:52.830 Pat Duckworth: Now if you're watching us on Facebook, you have probably already noticed that dion was born with a pronounced facial disfigurement.

00:20:54.240 --> 00:20:58.350 Pat Duckworth: it's not a secret and also she's a woman of color.

00:20:59.580 --> 00:21:13.770 Pat Duckworth: And I first met her at a networking event, a few years ago it wasn't our I think it was either summer or the middle of winter, when our networking groups were brought together by the woman who ran the network Lucy Phillips.

00:21:14.250 --> 00:21:31.740 Pat Duckworth: And at those events they were a bit of fun and we would dress up there was always a fancy dress competition, I am quite a competitive person, so I always got dressed up so dion I can't remember when I was in my advent calendar jumper or right there, I was dressed in a hula scanner.

00:21:33.090 --> 00:21:34.380 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Was the advent calendar.

00:21:37.050 --> 00:21:48.390 Pat Duckworth: Now, you cannot go out and buy a jumper that has an advent calendar on it, I actually sat and sewed 24 little windows onto a jump over each had something different in the background.

00:21:48.720 --> 00:22:08.250 Pat Duckworth: Now you get how competitive I am anyway meanwhile back at deal so Dan was born with his facial disfigurement her story of unmasking is a powerful metaphor that's now captivating and inspiring leaders across the globe, to show up speak up and shape things the hell up.

00:22:09.270 --> 00:22:20.910 Pat Duckworth: authentically within their sphere of influence she's passionate about and uniquely skill to help women rise above professional challenges and be more influential in their roles.

00:22:21.210 --> 00:22:38.340 Pat Duckworth: and her new book influential woman a fresh approach to tackling inequality and leading change at work, sees positive reviews from readers around the globe there's lots more I could talk about her, I just want to talk to her so D on welcome it's really lovely to see you.

00:22:38.970 --> 00:22:41.910 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I gotta tell you I love your theme tune.

00:22:43.980 --> 00:22:45.540 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: it's really, really lovely.

00:22:45.840 --> 00:22:46.290 lovely.

00:22:47.490 --> 00:22:52.230 Pat Duckworth: We are a rock have away we just go get the air guitar out and do have it.

00:22:53.940 --> 00:23:01.230 Pat Duckworth: Do what was it like growing up with a facial disfigurement hell was that within the family and within the Community.

00:23:02.130 --> 00:23:13.080 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: My family a brilliant you know my mom and dad you know they say what the stigma, you know they they they didn't they talk like they didn't even see it like what we're talking about they didn't know.

00:23:13.500 --> 00:23:21.150 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: But it was pretty locked so and all my life like right from early on my appearance.

00:23:21.750 --> 00:23:39.120 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: was a big deal to me and to my world you know I got looked at a lot, I spent a lot of time going in and out of hospital having corrective surgery so yeah my appearance was always a thing, as I was growing up, you know I I remember you know.

00:23:40.290 --> 00:23:44.190 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Having a good talk to myself in the mirror one day and say you know hey you know.

00:23:45.750 --> 00:23:58.140 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: You look like you know you're not normal you don't look normal you're not normal you know you know, but at least you've got your your smart so just where your smarts you know just.

00:23:58.770 --> 00:24:06.990 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Use your mouth you got a mouth, so you can use your mouth, and so I kind of knew I was different all my life I knew I was different.

00:24:07.380 --> 00:24:22.530 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: But I wasn't a pushover I wasn't one to sort of like suffer fools or or idiots gladly you know I I didn't I didn't I didn't lie down and take ridicule very well, I was a fighter so yeah that was.

00:24:23.940 --> 00:24:27.630 Pat Duckworth: Good to be a fighter so, then what took you into midwifery.

00:24:28.890 --> 00:24:39.630 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: So what I was you know I grew up in West Country Bristol, and so I love Bristol I come from Bristol and my you know I still think about Bristol as my home but.

00:24:40.170 --> 00:24:53.070 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I kind of woke up at 12 years old, I knew that I was going to go to London my mom and dad divorced, when I was quite young my dad moved to London and so.

00:24:53.670 --> 00:25:04.920 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I just I just woke up when I was 12 years old and needed to follow in that footsteps I did it just happened and it was just so sure I knew that I was going to be a nurse.

00:25:05.370 --> 00:25:15.810 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Because my I come from a long line of nurses I knew that I was going to train at king's college, because I picked that hospital out when I looked at London, I thought right king's college.

00:25:16.320 --> 00:25:28.650 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I knew that I was going to be going to London so yeah I you know if that's really where it started I I I moved and I went to London and that's where it all really began.

00:25:29.490 --> 00:25:38.490 Pat Duckworth: yeah and then you moved into being a director in public services and leading special services was like a natural progression for you.

00:25:39.420 --> 00:25:51.480 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Now it really wasn't natural to that's when I started to wake up to the all of this wonderful work that i'm doing with my clients now, so I went into midwifery I went into nursing.

00:25:52.320 --> 00:26:00.570 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Because I decided to when I was 12 and when I got fed up of nursing pretty soon on in nursing I realized that I don't really like sick people.

00:26:06.060 --> 00:26:15.870 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: love them and everything, but I just didn't I wasn't that great at being around sick people, so I knew that that wasn't something that I knew to do I stick out for about five years.

00:26:16.260 --> 00:26:28.110 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: But you know I knew I needed something else and midwifery seemed like the next best thing, so I went to middle because women are well when they're pregnant women on well when they're going through menopause.

00:26:29.190 --> 00:26:29.670 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: But anyway.

00:26:31.170 --> 00:26:43.140 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: So this is it you know, it was a natural stage of LIFE I you know they weren't sick they were doing, they were doing the most womanly Deed of all having babies, I thought yeah this is this for me, so I went into midwifery.

00:26:44.160 --> 00:26:55.950 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And you know, and after being in midwifery for a while and really doing some pioneering work and really loving it really learning about the power of humanity, I say.

00:26:57.180 --> 00:27:05.640 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I got fed up I got fed up of carrying this pager I got fed up of being called at three o'clock in the morning because people's waters of broken.

00:27:06.000 --> 00:27:16.230 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I got fed up of just I just didn't enjoy it anymore like I should and everybody that's had a baby and had a relationship with the midwife knows that you can't do much with free.

00:27:16.620 --> 00:27:28.020 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Half assed you know you need to be all the way in you need to love it, you need to be stay on top, you need to keep your education top top and I just lost enthusiasm for it.

00:27:28.410 --> 00:27:36.150 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And so that's how I am I got stuck there I got stuck in deep unfulfillment in midwifery.

00:27:36.720 --> 00:27:42.810 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And really frightened about what was next, for me, I just didn't know who I was outside of the health care.

00:27:43.050 --> 00:27:54.930 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I had not I didn't have any other frame of reference I didn't know what I would do I didn't know who I would be outside of this role, so it took me a lot of I did a lot of sidestepping you know, like when you kind of.

00:27:55.320 --> 00:28:03.090 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: shift role same level, but your shift roll over there same level, but your shift for all of you did a bit of a dance around healthcare and midwifery.

00:28:03.810 --> 00:28:15.480 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And then I saw this role in local government and I thought caught, it seems to have my name on it, let me go for it and i'm really it was it was it was scary.

00:28:16.230 --> 00:28:24.570 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And it challenged me it stretched me it was asking me to see myself differently, which is really powerful it was really asking me.

00:28:25.200 --> 00:28:37.830 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I wanted to do the work, but I had these questions about whether I could be that level of leader, it was a really high level leadership role in local government and that made it a natural for me I.

00:28:38.160 --> 00:28:44.760 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I questioned whether that I could hack it at that level, so it took me ages to go when I went when I got the job.

00:28:45.720 --> 00:28:51.390 Pat Duckworth: So was your Epiphany or did your Epiphany come later I wanted to like jump into that.

00:28:52.440 --> 00:29:14.490 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I feel like my Epiphany has been coming every single stage of my life, you know they say hindsight is 2020 don't me, but you know that when I got fed up of midwifery and I went to local government that was, I noticed that I was afraid to go for a higher level position and I kind of like.

00:29:15.870 --> 00:29:26.130 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: thought about that because I always thought I know i'm a great person I know i'm smart, so it kind of took my breath away this really this this fear fear actually.

00:29:26.550 --> 00:29:34.080 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: of being a higher level leader, so I noted that and then, when I got to local government, I actually hated it.

00:29:34.440 --> 00:29:43.110 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I really didn't like the bureaucracy, I really wanted to be making difference that I was making in midwifery but it just seemed like there was all this red tape.

00:29:43.380 --> 00:29:55.860 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: All of this tribal nodding, all of this and all of these barriers to really making things better for people my was all about making things better for people, and so I just didn't like it there.

00:29:56.220 --> 00:30:11.970 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And again, I found these thoughts happening, fear and other unsure of my ability, but you know not really speaking up not really pulling things out not really maximizing my position.

00:30:13.020 --> 00:30:19.710 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: You know, in that role, like it was a very powerful role, I had a big budget, I had a big team.

00:30:20.010 --> 00:30:28.800 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I could have utilized that role to make difference for the people that I cared about by didn't know how and I started to see that very loud.

00:30:29.220 --> 00:30:37.020 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I couldn't hack it I after four years in that role, I left and without a forward plan.

00:30:37.620 --> 00:30:45.750 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Without a forward plan and that's when I really like put my hands up in the air, like what's my life about you know, like what am I supposed to be doing myself.

00:30:46.170 --> 00:30:55.230 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I am an accidental entrepreneur I say and it's that entrepreneurial journey that really causes you to think about who you are.

00:30:55.500 --> 00:31:09.630 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Think about what you're here to do think about how you show up like the rubber really hit the road when I had to sort of get generate my own pace, you know the next month, and so that's how it all really started.

00:31:09.960 --> 00:31:15.600 Pat Duckworth: So it's really different isn't it because you know I became an entrepreneur at 54.

00:31:16.110 --> 00:31:26.520 Pat Duckworth: And yes, suddenly you've really got to think about who you are who you're showing up as how people are perceiving you and.

00:31:27.000 --> 00:31:35.280 Pat Duckworth: What you want to do for the world, and I think a lot of women get back at this mid life stage when their bodies are changing their hormones are changing.

00:31:35.790 --> 00:31:47.100 Pat Duckworth: The world around them is changing in terms of their roles children partners work and so many women like hold themselves back because they're not sure, in a way that.

00:31:47.490 --> 00:31:56.970 Pat Duckworth: Most men I can't generalize too much most men will go into something thinking, I will i'll give it a go I see how it is, whereas women will stop and go.

00:31:57.540 --> 00:32:08.220 Pat Duckworth: But can I do I better not have a go, so we have a very different approach to these things that sexual show went so quickly dion I knew it would and.

00:32:08.340 --> 00:32:09.090 Pat Duckworth: When we come back.

00:32:11.550 --> 00:32:21.780 Pat Duckworth: So when we come back we'll be talking more about what this means for other women, how you can show up authentically yourself as a strong leader join us again after the break.

00:34:57.360 --> 00:35:09.120 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the third section of the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause and if you're not watching us on Facebook you're missing out because we're rocking out the break fear.

00:35:10.680 --> 00:35:20.250 Pat Duckworth: dion back at your story you've been a midwife you worked in the public sector in local authority, what was the next step for you.

00:35:21.240 --> 00:35:30.600 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: So I went in as an accidental entrepreneur I fell into entrepreneurship after six months of you know wondering why I left my job i've made a mistake, what have I done.

00:35:30.930 --> 00:35:35.130 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: You know, and I decided that I was going to really try and make a go of this thing.

00:35:35.520 --> 00:35:42.060 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I realized that what I want to do is help people find out where they are and where they want to get to and then support that journey that's what I knew.

00:35:42.600 --> 00:35:52.740 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And so I just started knocking on doors and really establishing myself as a self employed freelancer consultant, you know.

00:35:53.190 --> 00:36:01.620 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And that went on, I did all right, you know set myself up started to do through process of elimination just really working through the client groups.

00:36:01.920 --> 00:36:12.090 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: found out that actually it was my love for women that was still calling me, and so I began to serve women as a coach set my coaching consultancy and it was all good.

00:36:13.020 --> 00:36:27.870 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Except that around the 2008 mark I started to get that itch you know, like I don't know I feel like i'm doing okay in their life looks good, I had a social media presence, but then Facebook was kind of new.

00:36:28.320 --> 00:36:40.350 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And you know started to do the the social business thing and it looks good but I didn't feel like I was doing as good as it looked you know I felt like there was much more I thought that I wanted to make a bigger difference.

00:36:41.280 --> 00:36:49.980 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And there was like a terminal conflict inside of me, and what I didn't know why I couldn't access greater results, I wanted to do more.

00:36:50.400 --> 00:37:04.650 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And then my aunt died and through a whole random set of events, I found myself, you know with my hands in the air crying out to God say like i'm not happy that something's hurting me and I want more.

00:37:05.370 --> 00:37:18.960 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And what came next was this life transforming conversation I say with God other people say you know highest self universe, I say had this conversation with God and the conversation was really.

00:37:20.070 --> 00:37:26.790 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I never asked myself, some of these questions that was coming at me right now, and it was like, why are you hiding dion.

00:37:27.960 --> 00:37:29.670 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: When are you going to show up for real.

00:37:32.820 --> 00:37:41.850 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And when you let people see the real you now, this was very there was a context of this conversation, you see, I was born with the facial disfigurement.

00:37:42.540 --> 00:37:50.730 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Like you said earlier on, and when I was four years old, as part of that corrective surgery process i've been wearing an artificial I.

00:37:51.360 --> 00:38:02.040 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And dark glasses, so this artificial I was like a plastic Shell painted to look like my good eye, and it would slip over my disfigured I am but like where these big dark glasses.

00:38:02.520 --> 00:38:11.220 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I like to call it, nowadays, that was the beginning of my life behind the mask you know I I, I learned that because there was something.

00:38:11.550 --> 00:38:21.090 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Not normal about me or not right about me that I needed to put that away that keep it away from view but hide it mascot cover it up.

00:38:21.570 --> 00:38:31.800 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I didn't know back then, but what I see in hindsight, is how that message kind of permeated how I think about myself in general.

00:38:32.040 --> 00:38:42.660 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Like the things that aren't normal the things that don't look like you, the things that are appreciated or applauded like those things you put them away try and cover them up be trying.

00:38:43.230 --> 00:38:56.370 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: You know, hide them, and so I just became this master hyder without knowing it really I am when I was having this conversation with God saying like, why are you showing up for real.

00:38:57.690 --> 00:39:08.790 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I thought they were stupid questions to be fair, I just thought well you know, look at me look at my face, how can I let people see the real me how can I.

00:39:09.450 --> 00:39:26.970 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: show up for real I just didn't think it made any sense I thought I heard myself thinking out loud that people would be repulsed by me if they saw the real my real face and, of course, that became a really powerful metaphor, because.

00:39:28.140 --> 00:39:33.150 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: In that conversation was when I put my hands up in the air and made a decision i'm going to learn how to show up for real.

00:39:33.510 --> 00:39:40.710 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: right back then, I was thinking about how you how's the let people see my real face not where the artificial I not where the dark glasses.

00:39:41.010 --> 00:39:55.590 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: But of course it turned into something way more profound than that it was about finding out who I was all of me, and what I thought, what I had to say and what I wanted was here to do and let that be seen in the world.

00:39:56.040 --> 00:40:12.270 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Now that was a challenge, I found out in 2009 that really that decision to show up for real I didn't know what that meant in its full entirety I didn't know who I was I got used to.

00:40:13.080 --> 00:40:32.370 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: masking on both kinds of levels, I got used to showing up as her over here and her over there and try to be who they said I need to be and try to fit in with that group and try to be like that, with so I I was just I was living my life disconnected from any form of.

00:40:33.990 --> 00:40:36.570 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: conviction about who I really am.

00:40:37.950 --> 00:40:43.740 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I thought, and that was when I decided, I decided that that was going to have to change and it's been an amazing journey.

00:40:44.760 --> 00:40:52.950 Pat Duckworth: And how do you translate that into your work with women, because I know that as women, we do wear different masks.

00:40:53.760 --> 00:41:06.810 Pat Duckworth: And how powerful it is when we're just ourselves when we, and I think for a lot of women once they get past men or pause there's much more of you know I don't care what you think anymore, this is who.

00:41:06.810 --> 00:41:07.380 Pat Duckworth: I am.

00:41:07.950 --> 00:41:14.160 Pat Duckworth: And how powerful, that is, how much energy there is to that so How does that come into your work now.

00:41:14.520 --> 00:41:19.860 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: After a couple of years, it was a very deep dark painful process for me.

00:41:20.580 --> 00:41:30.420 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I had to come into contact with how I how I really felt about myself, you know the kind of things that I, the way that I saw myself perception and my sense of identity.

00:41:30.720 --> 00:41:39.150 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: wasn't really flawed, just like a lot of people's, and so it took me a couple of years after learning to show up without my face covered up.

00:41:39.630 --> 00:41:48.030 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I was willing to the process of working that how to show up with all of me uncovered and I began to share it on social media, I began to tell my story.

00:41:48.450 --> 00:41:59.220 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And in groups that I belong to and that's when the floodgates opened Pat, so I I told my story, I remember, making this video about what has happened, you know my journey.

00:41:59.520 --> 00:42:09.240 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And then I started to get mail from all around the world, women all around the world, saying hey dion I might not be black I might not have a facial disfigurement.

00:42:09.480 --> 00:42:18.210 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: You know I might not have scars but I know what it is to be hiding, I know, whether it be playing small I know what it is to not be.

00:42:18.420 --> 00:42:27.450 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: showing up for real I know what it is to not be speaking up for real I know what it is to be hiding aspects of myself in my life and in my work.

00:42:27.870 --> 00:42:34.350 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And wow I begin to tell them my story they begin to tell me their story and we begin to learn.

00:42:34.740 --> 00:42:48.660 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: That masking isn't about what you look like the masking is about is a is a mindset that compels you to believe that some that you're not enough or you're not appropriate or you're not.

00:42:48.990 --> 00:43:06.360 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Acceptable or you're not something that and and and even unconsciously, sometimes we just don't even know we're doing it, but we're we're we're there masking who we really are and trying to be who they want us to be demand has to be call us to be and it's exhausting.

00:43:06.990 --> 00:43:19.170 Pat Duckworth: and keeping farther up is you know you gotta be working on it all the time, and how can you be a powerful leader when you're not showing people who you are.

00:43:19.440 --> 00:43:24.840 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Well that's the point that's the point, the point is that when you.

00:43:25.440 --> 00:43:36.600 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Even unconsciously when you're when you're filtering what you say and filtering how you show up and trying to be like this and working to manage their expectations of you, and what they think of you and.

00:43:37.020 --> 00:43:47.880 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: that's the the preoccupation of so many women that I work with right now, who are in senior leadership positions, like, I was in my directorship.

00:43:48.450 --> 00:43:58.440 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And head, full of doubt headphone a second guessing confidence being knocked you know identity crisis self perception flawed all of that.

00:43:58.920 --> 00:44:05.400 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I say to my clients, you know what if your if your head is full of that guess what your heads not full of.

00:44:06.390 --> 00:44:22.170 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Those people who you're in position to serve those people who are suffering, and you know, he says, people who need you to show up fully in your role and speak up fully in your role and shake things the hell up fully in your role, you know.

00:44:22.230 --> 00:44:31.710 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: that's where I began to see that my desire for a better world and that what I have gone through what i've been learning about the unmasking journey.

00:44:32.040 --> 00:44:39.840 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: was actually my gift to the world because I could help these women who were seated at the table, like, I was.

00:44:40.590 --> 00:44:45.450 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: But not really speaking up not really showing up for real I could get them to.

00:44:46.110 --> 00:44:55.980 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: understand and unmask and show up fully and bring them as powerful self to work now that's what I do is I help them to step out of their heads.

00:44:56.340 --> 00:45:05.190 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: You know, and really take a good look at who they're being really start to begin to to think about what authenticity means for them.

00:45:05.580 --> 00:45:16.800 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And really step back into their innate power, the kind of power that I learned, when I was back in that Labor room watching womanity thinking wow women are powerful.

00:45:17.280 --> 00:45:17.970 wow.

00:45:21.540 --> 00:45:40.680 Pat Duckworth: I mean women bringing life into the world before I had a baby I could see those kind of programs on TV and thing OK, and now I can't watch something like that, without crying because it's just that moment of somebody bring a life into the world how powerful is that it's just.

00:45:41.670 --> 00:45:53.100 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Well, I you know, I think that authentically women are have this deep ability to bring new life, not just bursting is a powerful metaphor, I think, for leadership.

00:45:53.430 --> 00:46:04.800 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And I think that we have this this power to bring new life to expand to see things to know things to feel things that are really relevant now that we want to change our world.

00:46:05.310 --> 00:46:19.350 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: In the leadership perspective and that's my mission is unmasking will manatee I say unmasking humanity in senior leadership, because I think that's the answer to and helping the marketplace.

00:46:20.670 --> 00:46:23.790 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: build back better than before post pandemic.

00:46:24.360 --> 00:46:30.720 Pat Duckworth: yeah and this role modeling that you do, because nobody can say you don't know how it feels.

00:46:31.470 --> 00:46:41.280 Pat Duckworth: You know I mean it's one of the reasons that I specialize in medicals is to say, well, you can listen to a guy telling you about this yeah i've been there i've done it i've.

00:46:41.700 --> 00:46:54.690 Pat Duckworth: been in the workplace, where it can get really tough surrounded by men going through all this commuting you know getting a son off to university dealing with an older marvel.

00:46:55.020 --> 00:46:58.260 Pat Duckworth: And I listen to everything that my clients are doing.

00:46:58.830 --> 00:47:06.690 Pat Duckworth: These women are phenomenal and sometimes they're beating themselves up i'm not doing enough, you know i'm not succeeding enough oh yeah.

00:47:07.020 --> 00:47:18.900 Pat Duckworth: i'm working in quite a high pressured environment and i'm looking after my own son and i'm homeschooling and i'm doing this and doing that, but if only I could do more Oh, my goodness, just see what you're doing.

00:47:19.170 --> 00:47:26.250 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I think that there's a vast not by accident, you know if you think about the history of US collectively as women, you know we've been.

00:47:27.120 --> 00:47:42.030 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: treated as chattel we've been burned at the stake we've been chastise we've been silenced we've been scrutinized we've been abused we've been raped and pillaged there's a there's a long history of women being treated as second class citizens.

00:47:42.420 --> 00:48:01.230 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Now part of my work is around that healing I had to go through this whole either i'm a black woman i'm a black woman with a funny face and diamond hot so Jesus Christian in a in a religion phobic world you know all of these things about me I had messages I had been receiving messages.

00:48:01.230 --> 00:48:01.770 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: My own.

00:48:02.460 --> 00:48:15.450 Pat Duckworth: Life i've you're so passionate and yet we got to go to the break so hold of that passion bring it back after the break and we'll give some top tips to women on how they can mask will see you again after the break hey.

00:48:44.670 --> 00:48:48.060 uninformed about metaphors and how it impacts on your life.

00:50:16.500 --> 00:50:26.970 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the last section of hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at medicals you can see where our mission is to empower women leaders at menopause and.

00:50:27.390 --> 00:50:31.740 Pat Duckworth: deon story is so powerful and she has got so much to share with us.

00:50:32.580 --> 00:50:43.110 Pat Duckworth: I think we might have to have her back again but anyway, and I just want to acknowledge that before the show started DNS said that she wasn't feeling 100% so i'm so grateful.

00:50:43.500 --> 00:51:01.230 Pat Duckworth: that she shown up and she's rocking this show, with everything that she has to tell us, so thank you so much, Dr you know i'm going to ask you what's what can we give to women, what can they do to start our masking give us your top tips, and you haven't got long to do it.

00:51:02.130 --> 00:51:12.510 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I think that what we need to do is hear the call to amass have a reason to unmask you know if you're happy wearing all those mass and you know being this person that person.

00:51:12.840 --> 00:51:26.460 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Then, then go for it, but I know it's exhausting so if you're feeling the call if you're Everywhere you go you see the signs that this is not sustainable, then the first thing is to do is say yes, you say yes to the goal.

00:51:26.940 --> 00:51:35.550 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: What I did when I realized that I was being asked to a mask my face was I got help, so it was really powerful to uh to.

00:51:36.210 --> 00:51:46.380 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: get help I got a counselor i'm a college coach I really believe in talk therapy, I really believe in getting your support network, women are traditionally really.

00:51:47.040 --> 00:51:52.530 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: challenged with asking for help, like they just we just don't like to ask for help, but you know.

00:51:52.980 --> 00:52:00.150 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: This this journey is not for the faint hearted and it's not to be done alone, we really need to think about our support network.

00:52:00.900 --> 00:52:13.110 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And, and the third thing that I did was I devised the plan and started working it out like I looked at, where I wasn't showing up it, it was really easy because I had I started with my face.

00:52:13.590 --> 00:52:22.890 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: And, but even after that, when I when I saw in relationships how I will certain relationships, where I wasn't showing up you know certain places where I wasn't Being myself.

00:52:23.340 --> 00:52:32.490 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I made the plan about how I was going to start to show people who I was and it had everything to do with me understanding, who I was first, so I began to study me.

00:52:32.820 --> 00:52:42.330 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I begin to look for the clues about what my life really meant as a spiritual journey, it was a relationship journey, I asked people to tell me what they think of me.

00:52:42.600 --> 00:52:49.620 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I sat down and journaled about what I think about myself and what my life was supposed to be about I started to dream use my imagination.

00:52:49.860 --> 00:53:02.490 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Think about who I was to come in, like you know how, when you fall in love with someone or you really fancy that guy how you just really ask all the questions that you're up to two o'clock in the morning going like what's your favorite color, then you know what's your favorite.

00:53:03.630 --> 00:53:10.800 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I feel that we need to get curious about who we are, you know I feel like we need to start to take inventory and pull the layers back.

00:53:11.160 --> 00:53:21.810 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: and protect the mask off and go hey who is that woman behind that but I can't tell you how many people, I asked that question, and they don't know you know just.

00:53:22.650 --> 00:53:39.210 Pat Duckworth: During this are belong to an organization called the evolutionary business Council which is great and it's a network of thought leaders, supporting and encouraging each other and there's a woman in that called Valerie shepherd and she does a lot of work with people.

00:53:40.500 --> 00:53:48.660 Pat Duckworth: Around all sorts of issues about their happiness for resilience and she's been running a course for the BBC on.

00:53:49.800 --> 00:53:59.130 Pat Duckworth: Understanding unconscious bias unconscious racial bias and she has this powerful question, who are you being when you think you're being you.

00:54:01.620 --> 00:54:04.320 Pat Duckworth: Being when you think you're being you.

00:54:04.800 --> 00:54:09.390 Pat Duckworth: yeah so oh yeah i'm showing up as myself, all, let me have a think.

00:54:09.480 --> 00:54:11.490 Pat Duckworth: Is that who I really am.

00:54:12.090 --> 00:54:20.400 Pat Duckworth: And that is really pulling the masks away, and you know you've said it's not a quick process and it can help you yeah.

00:54:20.880 --> 00:54:23.310 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: It can really like, for me it was really.

00:54:24.480 --> 00:54:37.860 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I just begin to see how I was doctoring really unconsciously everywhere, I showed up trying to be trying to fit in there, trying to blend in there, trying to you know.

00:54:38.400 --> 00:54:51.600 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: live up to their expectations over there, trying to be something I just lost touch with you, I wasn't like so many of us, so I feel like we just need to really take time to get to know ourselves, and then we need to start showing up.

00:54:53.130 --> 00:55:08.310 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: You know I love the pause where you're about to deny your need or you're about to deny your truest conviction or you're about to deny what it is that you really want to say in that moment and.

00:55:09.660 --> 00:55:16.740 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: pause and get yourself centered and then deliver it say it.

00:55:17.670 --> 00:55:19.080 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Now there's work to do, around.

00:55:19.110 --> 00:55:32.460 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: This and that a lot of people will think about authenticity and it's all about giving people a piece of your mind you're telling people where it's at I could have given them, you know really no regard for respect or honor.

00:55:34.020 --> 00:55:46.560 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: In my teaching on a is a huge deal and respect is a huge deal it's one of the seven habits in my book, because it's not about just giving people a piece of your mind, but it is about giving people a piece of your mind.

00:55:47.520 --> 00:55:53.790 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: It is about, it is about being respectful and loving and sensitive and compassionately.

00:55:54.480 --> 00:56:12.180 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: deciding not to back down deciding not to care away to mask or to hide, but to start showing up to start voicing your opinion to start taking the floor taking up room in conversations in meetings, this is really powerful stuff.

00:56:12.660 --> 00:56:19.500 Pat Duckworth: yeah and sometimes when you're in a senior leadership position you're going to be sitting in rooms, full of people.

00:56:19.920 --> 00:56:25.350 Pat Duckworth: And you can, at that moment when you're asked for your opinion, and you might feel your heart thumping.

00:56:25.590 --> 00:56:38.610 Pat Duckworth: And you really want to say, the thing and then you hold back from the thing because you're worried what people would think and actually you're there for your contribution you're not there to agree with everybody else you're there.

00:56:39.270 --> 00:56:43.710 Pat Duckworth: To be that person who can bring something different about discussion.

00:56:44.070 --> 00:56:55.680 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: You know, we know that right, but like I said earlier on the the hold back the reticence, the challenge and struggle to really.

00:56:56.190 --> 00:57:03.720 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Be at ease with speaking up is historic yeah but you know we we it's not random.

00:57:04.350 --> 00:57:13.920 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: there's nothing it's not it's not even wrong it's just that that's we've had this history that we need to heal from I say we need to heal from develop new.

00:57:14.340 --> 00:57:21.090 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: beliefs around you know that's what the work is work of trying to get to know who you really are it's about healing it's about.

00:57:21.930 --> 00:57:30.240 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: Getting our head straight about who we really are and it's about developing our message to sometimes people don't because they don't really.

00:57:31.080 --> 00:57:43.830 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: clear about what they want to say and that's a whole nother thing as well for getting clear about what it is that you're here for what it is that you want to see accomplished what it is that you want to say in that situation, you know these are it's really important.

00:57:44.730 --> 00:57:50.130 Pat Duckworth: OK frank got three minutes, I want to tell people how to connect with you, first of all, tell us again the name of your book.

00:57:50.760 --> 00:58:01.020 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: it's called influential woman, I don't know if you can see, it just there at the Batman influential woman fresh approach to challenging inequality and leading change at work.

00:58:01.470 --> 00:58:06.720 Pat Duckworth: Okay, and if people watching a like totally inspired and want to connect with you how to do but.

00:58:07.140 --> 00:58:22.170 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I well my email is connect at Dr that's Nice and easy, and you can always come and hang out with me at linkedin that's where I hang out in social media land every day so i'm over on linkedin Dr Johnson the woman knowledge is yes.

00:58:22.260 --> 00:58:26.370 Pat Duckworth: If he's applying for and I think you have a gift for us as well.

00:58:26.400 --> 00:58:31.470 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: For our listeners yeah so the link I i'll get the link to you, somehow, but.

00:58:31.500 --> 00:58:31.860 Pat Duckworth: I don't know.

00:58:31.890 --> 00:58:33.930 Pat Duckworth: posted a Facebook and everywhere, I.

00:58:34.290 --> 00:58:51.780 Dion Johnson ~ The Womanologist: I did this mini series on three elements for women who are doing these doing this big word needing to show up more powerfully and it's very simple to watch very short and easy can digest it all at once, or take it, bit by bit, and the link should be somewhere.

00:58:52.140 --> 00:59:00.390 Pat Duckworth: yeah i'll give it to it, so thank you so much, Dr there's so much, we could have talked about it's absolutely brilliant you're such an inspiration.

00:59:00.720 --> 00:59:16.020 Pat Duckworth: And I hope, women will think about how they're showing up and what they need to do in order to be really powerful and show up powerfully so i'll be posting those links up Thank you again, I know you didn't feel all together well, but nobody would have guessed if I hadn't told them.

00:59:17.130 --> 00:59:34.860 Pat Duckworth: So stay tuned to talk radio dot nyc because the next programmer is another wonderful evolutionary business Council member the Reverend Dr Tara Lynn Dr tlc we've heard dismantle racism program and which is so important.

00:59:35.520 --> 00:59:48.630 Pat Duckworth: Thank you, as always, to my producer in the studio today kyle next week i'm talking about brain fog if you've been affected by brain fog i'll be giving you my top tips on brain fog if you've missed.

00:59:48.960 --> 00:59:57.810 Pat Duckworth: Any of our other programs go to talk radio dot nyc have a brilliant week and I will see you next Thursday take care, everybody.

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