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Thursday, September 2, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/02 - Frank About Compassionate Healthcare with Lee Tomlinson

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/02 - Frank About Compassionate Healthcare with Lee Tomlinson


2021/09/02 - Frank About Compassionate Healthcare with Lee Tomlinson

[NEW EPISODE] Frank About Compassionate Healthcare with Lee Tomlinson

This episode of Frank About Health engages with a successful business leader and cancer survivor who demonstrates first hand how being your own advocate can influence caretakers to be more compassionate with their patients. Both on stage and through his book Compassion Heals: From Self-Care to Healthcare Lee Tomlinson demonstrates his passion and strength and teaches that recovery is a mutual effort.

An Award-winning television producer, movie studio executive and owner, former professional athlete, speaker and TED Talk presenter, “Patient Lee” is alive today due to the combination of a lifetime of extraordinarily effective medical treatment and deeply kind, compassionate care.

Unfortunately, during a recent battle with Stage 3+ throat cancer, “Patient Lee” became painfully aware of the trauma caused by treatment lacking in compassion that drove him to the darkest of depths. What saved him from suicide was a tiny, simple, yet powerful act of compassion delivered by a loving doctor and friend. With his renewed zeal for life and newfound purpose, “Patient Lee” created the Compassion Heals Movement.

This Movement is designed to reconnect America’s 20 million healthcare professionals with the compassion that got them into healthcare in the first place. Then, do whatever is necessary to prevent the “burn-out” that affects over 60% of these vital caretakers, rendering them unable to provide compassion to their patients, themselves, or anyone else.

And finally, once healed of their own distress, to reignite these dedicated professionals, and inspire them to redouble their efforts in providing even more compassion than before — all to better heal their patients and the world.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank starts the show by reminding his listeners the importance of advocacy and mindfulness. He then introduces his guest Lee Tomlinson. Lee shares his journey from being diagnosed with cancer to where he is now and what he has learned over this period of his life. Lee continues to share his story but explaining how compassion has effected him and how he has chosen to live his life.

Segment 2

Frank and Lee talk about both the definition of compassion and the level of compassion that individuals should to be shown while in treatment. Lee shares his drive, truly what pushes him to continue to reach out to individuals working in healthcare. Lee talks about how the individuals that are in a medical profession have a significant impact on their patients. He shares multiple stories and examples on how less stress and more compassion can contribute so much to sick individuals.

Segment 3

Lee shares his insight on how certain healthcare providers are providing financial reward on the basis of how compassionate they are towards their patients. Frank and Lee talk about vulnerability plays a large factor in how patients act and feel. Frank reminds viewers that compassion in healthcare is a form of advocacy and shares how this should be a continuous practice.

Segment 4

Frank asks about Lees documentary series that is being created and Lee talks about the compassion heals challenge, where an individual is challenged to do one kind act a day. Lee talks about how compassion can be seen at every age, he reminds us how children show endless compassion to those they see who are hurting, and how the world should look this way. Frank and Lee combine thoughts when talking about kindness and how that not only affects others but affects the individual internally also.


00:05:26.040 --> 00:05:36.690 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome everybody to another refreshing episode of frank about health today, I promise, everyone will be entertained with this particular episode because.

00:05:37.080 --> 00:05:48.690 Frank R. Harrison: While I am intending to be frank about compassionate health care, my special guests Leo Tomlinson is a very creative and successful studio executive.

00:05:49.140 --> 00:06:00.930 Frank R. Harrison: He is also a cancer survivor key also has an Alter Ego that he's going to present to us today at some point in the show the main reason why I have lead Tomlinson is because I.

00:06:01.470 --> 00:06:07.740 Frank R. Harrison: Like advocates, as I have been speaking on this show for the last 1415 weeks at this point.

00:06:08.250 --> 00:06:20.250 Frank R. Harrison: I have been advocating for all of you out there to be mindful of your own health care issues be mindful of the quality of self care that you can find for yourself.

00:06:20.550 --> 00:06:33.060 Frank R. Harrison: And at the same time, to be mindful of those people you surround yourself with who will engage in your recovery or sustenance of quality of life, while living with a prolonged illness.

00:06:33.600 --> 00:06:40.770 Frank R. Harrison: Now this is what Lee is about, as you will discover he has a book that he's written, which we will spend some time discussing later in the show.

00:06:41.130 --> 00:06:51.900 Frank R. Harrison: And he also has this Alter Ego which goes out and expresses the very mission that i've been talking with you about on frank about health right here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:06:52.470 --> 00:06:59.760 Frank R. Harrison: So let me introduce you to my brother from another mother, we both have an affiliation with Sony Corporation.

00:07:00.120 --> 00:07:15.900 Frank R. Harrison: I was Sony music, he was Sony pictures, but the thing is, is that we discussed, we discovered a lot of our commonalities, especially in the healthcare space last night, and I want him to just go right there and talk about his story and what has led him to become a patient advocate.

00:07:17.430 --> 00:07:23.580 Lee Tomlinson: Well, first of all, frank thanks thanks, very much for having me on the show i'm thrilled i'm also thrilled that.

00:07:24.690 --> 00:07:30.300 Lee Tomlinson: I live in palm springs in you live in New York now given the storm, you have last night.

00:07:31.050 --> 00:07:34.500 Lee Tomlinson: I think it's remarkable you actually swam your way over to be able.

00:07:34.650 --> 00:07:36.900 Lee Tomlinson: To show, so thank you for that.

00:07:37.650 --> 00:07:46.890 Frank R. Harrison: you're very welcome, I mean I did a little bit of the backstroke and see all serious thing inside of i'm so used to start, especially after hurricane sandy.

00:07:47.280 --> 00:07:57.750 Frank R. Harrison: And the irony is I was outside like five minutes before it started raining but The thing is, is, by the time I got home and we had our scheduled discussion prior to today's show.

00:07:58.110 --> 00:08:08.370 Frank R. Harrison: I mean there was literally lightning and flooding and everything going all around me, but we were talking but I, I totally lost sight of it because I was just very enthralled about all this stuff that you were talking about I mean the whole aspect.

00:08:08.940 --> 00:08:25.290 Frank R. Harrison: Of compassionate healing I mean you have to share with the listeners out there, exactly what that means, because I think i've gotten from the idea of self healing and self awareness, but compassionate healing is really a collective and I think you best describe the last night.

00:08:25.950 --> 00:08:39.570 Lee Tomlinson: yeah It really is, and I have to say, you know as you described me, I mean, I had a very, very full life, I mean everything from fictional athletes helped open China during after ping pong diplomacy.

00:08:40.950 --> 00:09:02.820 Lee Tomlinson: raise a ton of money for the American film institute produced award winning television shows own bought from Sony culver studios with a shot some of the best biggest hundred greatest movies in the history of movie them and then on June 23 2022 I went in for a very routine.

00:09:03.960 --> 00:09:04.920 Lee Tomlinson: Allah just.

00:09:05.160 --> 00:09:08.820 Frank R. Harrison: 2020 right and it took 22 is next year.

00:09:10.020 --> 00:09:18.180 Lee Tomlinson: No 2012 2012 2012 I can't tell you what's going to happen next year, I hope, but.

00:09:18.270 --> 00:09:26.130 Lee Tomlinson: yeah anyway and winning for routine allergy testing came out three hours later, with a diagnosis of Stage Three stage for throat cancer.

00:09:26.700 --> 00:09:39.660 Lee Tomlinson: And started treatment almost immediately, I have to admit that, because of my addiction to adrenaline i've been hospitalized all over the world i've broken bones simple law skin grass bone grafts.

00:09:40.980 --> 00:09:53.250 Lee Tomlinson: More infectious diseases than you can imagine, and I always as I looked back on it, reflecting on my history and healthcare as a reluctant perpetual patient.

00:09:54.240 --> 00:10:16.410 Lee Tomlinson: I realized that I had always been treated equally competently, I mean i'm still alive thanks God, but also with an enormous amount of kindness and compassion now, I have to say I took it for granted until at the very end of my treatment for cancer, which was ruling.

00:10:16.710 --> 00:10:21.990 Lee Tomlinson: If you took all of those experiences I had with healthcare with my own injuries notices.

00:10:24.540 --> 00:10:43.680 Lee Tomlinson: and multiply them times 1000 that would be the pain, I experienced during my throat cancer, I had three months of chemo but then 35 straight days of atomic blasts to the base of my tongue, which is a little bit like swallowing a cherry bomb.

00:10:45.240 --> 00:10:55.770 Lee Tomlinson: The next day swallowing another the next day swallowing another doing after 35 straight days it was so bad that in literally maybe week.

00:10:56.790 --> 00:11:05.070 Lee Tomlinson: wow again I thought that was tough but it beat me to a pulp you know not be Downs good on me humiliated me in so many ways.

00:11:06.180 --> 00:11:18.150 Lee Tomlinson: And when things couldn't get any worse, I was all of a sudden woke up in a hospital being treated for, in addition to the cancer and unidentifiable septic infection, the side of my port.

00:11:19.110 --> 00:11:36.660 Lee Tomlinson: Oh, now I didn't know it, but I was burned out as a human can be when I was diagnosed with cancer is there a connection there i'm convinced, now that there is, but I also have to say that when I started it, you know I hadn't worked in a year as running up huge medical that.

00:11:37.710 --> 00:11:58.290 Lee Tomlinson: My terrible pain and agony, I took it out on everybody else in my marriage was on the rocks even though she cared for me enormously kindly and compassionately so if there was a time when I could have use some simple human kindness some compassion, it was in that hospital and I got zero.

00:11:58.920 --> 00:12:02.790 Lee Tomlinson: The net result of which was after a week of that.

00:12:03.720 --> 00:12:12.030 Lee Tomlinson: It killed me it literally destroyed my will to live and I decided that I was a burden to the world, my family my colleagues my partners.

00:12:12.360 --> 00:12:21.720 Lee Tomlinson: Everybody in the world would be a better place, I got out of it and I made the decision to end my life by putting on the fentanyl patches to go to sleep.

00:12:22.470 --> 00:12:32.460 Lee Tomlinson: not wake up and have my family collect on a gigantic key man life insurance policy for studio had on me and make it live like kings and Queens I thought, what a great parting gift.

00:12:33.120 --> 00:12:51.120 Lee Tomlinson: And I learned in that moment there when those doctors and nurses and everybody else in healthcare consider you a burden and don't give you the time to simply be kind and compassionate it has terrible consequences, as it did in my in my experience.

00:12:51.600 --> 00:12:59.820 Lee Tomlinson: Fortunately, getting out of the hospital, the next day very famous celebrity doctor Dr Dean adele came to visit.

00:13:00.570 --> 00:13:09.450 Lee Tomlinson: Can we had a heart to heart conversation about my decision, and he did some remarkable things first of all, he stopped he didn't interrupt me.

00:13:10.260 --> 00:13:15.810 Lee Tomlinson: And it was very hard for me to speak as excruciating pain for me swallowing slide was like swelling and proclaim class.

00:13:16.620 --> 00:13:26.280 Lee Tomlinson: And he didn't interrupt me right listen it's very end he put his head down a very quietly said we I am deeply ashamed, please accept my apology.

00:13:26.940 --> 00:13:38.580 Lee Tomlinson: For the lack of compassion you experienced in this hospital, he is unforgivable and I understand your decision, and if that's what you need to do.

00:13:39.480 --> 00:13:48.210 Lee Tomlinson: Then you need to do that I took this Hippocratic oath just first do no harm, so I can't tell you how many patches to put on so it doesn't look like suicide.

00:13:48.600 --> 00:13:56.370 Lee Tomlinson: Right, but may I make a suggestion sure he said, please, rather than giving up and giving in how much you fight, and if you live.

00:13:57.330 --> 00:14:10.140 Lee Tomlinson: How about you do something to reverse the disappearing presence of compassion in healthcare and see if you can't be part of the solution, rather than a statistic, and in that moment.

00:14:10.800 --> 00:14:21.570 Lee Tomlinson: his belief in me his kindness his carrying his compassion restored my will to live and is the reason i'm alive today, and since then.

00:14:22.140 --> 00:14:30.420 Lee Tomlinson: i've delivered what a couple of hundred keynotes around the world to every imaginable healthcare audience, on the face of the planet.

00:14:30.990 --> 00:14:42.030 Lee Tomlinson: to remind them of the scientifically proven immense power of compassion to heal mind body and soul.

00:14:42.600 --> 00:14:58.530 Lee Tomlinson: And the necessity of do the same for themselves so they're healthy enough to be able to give it to patients so it's been a long ride a wonderful life i'm thrilled to be alive by I may not have done all the crazy things I didn't.

00:14:58.530 --> 00:15:00.510 Lee Tomlinson: Let me at the hospital at this age.

00:15:00.750 --> 00:15:05.100 Lee Tomlinson: But I did go skydiving the other day and that's a story for later we'll get to that.

00:15:05.370 --> 00:15:06.360 Lee Tomlinson: So i'm.

00:15:07.140 --> 00:15:10.740 Lee Tomlinson: Turning returning from passion of the world is what i'm alive to do today.

00:15:11.190 --> 00:15:20.460 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly I that I that's what I tell all of my listeners every every episode, whether we're talking about epilepsy or cancer or cardiac problems or or or.

00:15:20.850 --> 00:15:34.350 Frank R. Harrison: Like even Kobe I mean the whole point of the matter is is that i've told people own your healthcare own your treatment over solutions your resources and then give back to others.

00:15:34.800 --> 00:15:42.960 Frank R. Harrison: That is the way you can look at it, not as okay you've done me and i'm ready to go, but now, this is an opportunity, you want me to.

00:15:43.500 --> 00:15:50.700 Frank R. Harrison: figure out how to use or how to evolve and I gather the compassion, is the common thread which you are.

00:15:51.000 --> 00:15:59.010 Frank R. Harrison: Which are story is highlighting from what i've been trying to say I mean you've been educating me on this because i've never went in that whole.

00:15:59.610 --> 00:16:10.380 Frank R. Harrison: direction, but I know that when i've been approaching, for example, doing the show or dealing with watching my father go through cancer as well and and it's now in Resolution stage.

00:16:10.860 --> 00:16:28.380 Frank R. Harrison: My compassion is through my efforts my work my my commitment to advocate, so I guess compassionate care and advocacy are kind of the same thing it's just the individuals perspective and approach and how they can try to bring everyone involved together, especially the helix.

00:16:28.950 --> 00:16:30.780 Lee Tomlinson: Well, sorry go ahead.

00:16:31.080 --> 00:16:32.880 Lee Tomlinson: No, no, no, I see that.

00:16:32.940 --> 00:16:38.250 Lee Tomlinson: Well it's so interesting because honestly now when I do my keynotes.

00:16:39.540 --> 00:16:48.420 Lee Tomlinson: And you know they have these are doctors and surgeons and nurses and you name every single person i've spoken to every division in the world.

00:16:49.200 --> 00:17:00.060 Lee Tomlinson: And my one of my first questions is how many of you think that compassion, a scale of one to 10 is closer and value 10 being maximum closer to attend that a six or seven everybody raises their hand.

00:17:00.660 --> 00:17:01.950 Lee Tomlinson: fabulous good.

00:17:02.610 --> 00:17:05.400 Lee Tomlinson: You know we're in healthcare let's define our terms.

00:17:05.940 --> 00:17:06.810 Lee Tomlinson: Well we're kind of.

00:17:07.410 --> 00:17:15.240 Frank R. Harrison: Know we're about to take a break, and I want you to talk about those terms, especially as you wrote about in your book which we're going to discuss next.

00:17:15.540 --> 00:17:29.400 Frank R. Harrison: Line gentlemen wow, the time has just flown again welcome to this episode of frank about help with my special guests leave Tomlinson, we will be back right here in just a few on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live status.

00:19:40.470 --> 00:19:55.050 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back to another fine episode of frank about help lead Tomlinson and I were just talking about a question that was asked about from a scale of one to 10 about the level of compassion that people have in treatment or in healing others.

00:19:55.620 --> 00:20:08.400 Lee Tomlinson: Well, so, first of all welcome back i'm so I always asked my audiences my health care audiences, you know how important is it one to 10 they all raised their hand it's closer to attend great what is it.

00:20:08.940 --> 00:20:23.100 Lee Tomlinson: And it takes them a while and generally they can't get the definition so here's the definition of compassion, most people think is empathy and empathy is the ability and the willingness to feel the pain of others.

00:20:24.120 --> 00:20:37.380 Lee Tomlinson: Okay, so I see someone oh my God oh my God that's horrible poor them Oh, my goodness, what turns it into compassion is action to do something to relieve the pain of another.

00:20:37.980 --> 00:20:45.600 Lee Tomlinson: And so, as I got out of the hospital and began to make my recovery and miraculously survived my battle with cancer.

00:20:46.230 --> 00:20:55.020 Lee Tomlinson: I began to study compassion thinking that it was a nice thing if you could do it, and certainly the lack of it had driven me to consider suicide.

00:20:55.860 --> 00:21:12.390 Lee Tomlinson: And I started reading every study on the face of the planet and discovered that compassion is an innate quality we literally are born with it every human being is born with the need to connect with others.

00:21:13.440 --> 00:21:23.880 Lee Tomlinson: If you're born as a baby and you don't have human touch on a regular basis you literally shrivel and die, so the simple act of connection.

00:21:24.600 --> 00:21:36.990 Lee Tomlinson: Also, has, aside from just feeling great because it releases oxy towson into our bodies, it has enormous healing qualities that can mean the difference between life and death.

00:21:38.040 --> 00:21:52.740 Lee Tomlinson: And even more miraculous is it's not only for the giver or a receiver of compassion, the giver gets it as well, so all of those medical benefits that the World Health Organization said.

00:21:53.550 --> 00:22:00.990 Lee Tomlinson: Providing for your patience, if you want the best outcome in the shortest period of time, you have to be equally competent.

00:22:02.040 --> 00:22:03.570 Lee Tomlinson: and compassionate.

00:22:04.020 --> 00:22:19.350 Lee Tomlinson: yeah if you want your patients to be healed as best as quick as they can the problem 50% of Americans today say they receive zero compassion, while being treated zero.

00:22:20.580 --> 00:22:21.660 Lee Tomlinson: Not a little.

00:22:22.680 --> 00:22:24.090 Lee Tomlinson: Not kinda sorta.

00:22:25.440 --> 00:22:32.100 Lee Tomlinson: zero, which means they are being deprived of something for World Health Organization, so it must be integral, so the best quick Assad comes.

00:22:32.610 --> 00:22:33.030 Frank R. Harrison: mm hmm.

00:22:33.360 --> 00:22:40.860 Lee Tomlinson: that's the problem if you think you're ever going to be needing medical attention and you need both compassion and competency.

00:22:41.700 --> 00:23:01.200 Lee Tomlinson: you've only got a 50% chance of getting it, and that means you have a high chance of getting treatment that is not as medically emotionally and spiritually effective as it could be, so my goal as a compassionate care ambassador, if you will advocate.

00:23:01.770 --> 00:23:14.760 Lee Tomlinson: is to remind healthcare workers of that fact, and the reason why it's true in large portion because 60% of them in any given moment of burnout.

00:23:15.810 --> 00:23:16.260 Frank R. Harrison: So if you.

00:23:16.410 --> 00:23:21.300 Lee Tomlinson: are now you're emotionally numb and you can't be compassionate so you've got to take care of yourself first, which is.

00:23:21.660 --> 00:23:23.730 Lee Tomlinson: Part of the title of my phone but.

00:23:23.760 --> 00:23:30.030 Frank R. Harrison: that's I was about to say so, a lot of what you're talking in terms of the statistics of those people who are not getting enough compassion.

00:23:30.660 --> 00:23:46.920 Frank R. Harrison: As well as those that are and also seeing the benefits of how it is providing to the both the patient and the healthcare provider would that become the the thesis of your book it's entitled compassion heels from self care to healthcare, do you have a copy to show the listeners.

00:23:47.010 --> 00:23:49.260 Lee Tomlinson: As a matter of fact, to do.

00:23:50.310 --> 00:23:53.430 Frank R. Harrison: There it is everybody available now.

00:23:54.390 --> 00:24:00.570 Lee Tomlinson: you notice that and I love the artist's rendition, you know you've got a patient and provider.

00:24:01.080 --> 00:24:03.180 Lee Tomlinson: And there's a chasm separating them.

00:24:03.240 --> 00:24:25.500 Lee Tomlinson: And the only thing that can connect them it's not what you stick in me it's not how you, you know so many up or put no it's also about how you do what you do, whether it puts my interest first whether you're totally focused on me if you enable me to feel seen heard.

00:24:26.670 --> 00:24:29.400 Lee Tomlinson: and appreciated that's compassion.

00:24:30.060 --> 00:24:47.040 Lee Tomlinson: yeah so the lack of it can mean the difference between life and death is a story about a fellow who wrote a suicide know which I can relate to, unfortunately, and he said i'm going to go to the bridge jump off it commit suicide unless one single person.

00:24:48.270 --> 00:24:50.850 Lee Tomlinson: makes eye contact with me as I walk up.

00:24:51.690 --> 00:24:53.580 Lee Tomlinson: The founders note to next day.

00:24:54.600 --> 00:25:03.990 Lee Tomlinson: Nobody made eye contact with know how long would have taken to give up a little smile to a stranger middle lot of the hits look them in the eye for a second or two.

00:25:04.410 --> 00:25:14.640 Lee Tomlinson: Not long and it would have saved his life now not all interactions with people in pain, are going to be life threatening but I promise you, we all.

00:25:15.390 --> 00:25:35.580 Lee Tomlinson: have deep pain and that human connection that we are genetically bred tab within us can heal us and the person kind enough to have given it to us to her works both way how how miraculous is that it's astonishing.

00:25:36.030 --> 00:25:36.870 Lee Tomlinson: I lost.

00:25:36.960 --> 00:25:49.950 Frank R. Harrison: It is a fake it, it is a perfect graphic it's a picture of a heart that's connecting the two it's like the it's like the old excuse have a higher you know here once you've given that heart that compassion that empathy.

00:25:50.370 --> 00:25:56.610 Frank R. Harrison: you've actually done over and above the physical treatment of the malady that it was inflicting the patient.

00:25:57.090 --> 00:25:58.320 Lee Tomlinson: exactly right it.

00:25:59.190 --> 00:25:59.760 Frank R. Harrison: On a level.

00:26:00.630 --> 00:26:12.000 Lee Tomlinson: Well, it is, I mean you, you either when you don't realize it, you know later it still has the same reaction, you know there's a saying, I think, was the Dalai Lama, but i'm not entirely sure.

00:26:13.020 --> 00:26:19.800 Lee Tomlinson: Who said, you want to make somebody happy be compassionate do you want to be happy.

00:26:21.240 --> 00:26:28.950 Lee Tomlinson: be compassionate mm hmm that is the sum total of what compassion is and the power of it.

00:26:29.460 --> 00:26:33.930 Lee Tomlinson: literally a friend of mine who's a very high level doctors shrink.

00:26:35.130 --> 00:26:44.880 Lee Tomlinson: And a patient that was fully medical deeply depressed and said okay here's here's your sign to now and our next meeting in a month, I want you to do one kind act today.

00:26:45.930 --> 00:26:55.110 Lee Tomlinson: Every day, just want anybody not big just little help somebody with their groceries open a door, you know, let somebody go first through you know, on the elevator whatever.

00:26:55.860 --> 00:27:04.200 Lee Tomlinson: Right after 30 days the spellings depression was measurably decreased and his spirits were elevated significantly.

00:27:04.680 --> 00:27:19.140 Lee Tomlinson: that's the power of compassion, but it's even more, because it has enormous physical benefits, in addition to mental and emotional so when you're in that hospital bed and you're being treated by someone if they're not equally competent and compassionate.

00:27:19.980 --> 00:27:30.630 Lee Tomlinson: you're in trouble, you will not get the best result period scientifically proven no doubt whatsoever anymore there's a book called compassion omics.

00:27:31.200 --> 00:27:44.280 Lee Tomlinson: Which summarizes all of those studies, I recommend it highly to anybody who wants to know if it's just a kind of a good thing to do, or if it has measurable benefits that proves it absolutely unequivocally.

00:27:44.670 --> 00:27:49.800 Frank R. Harrison: So some of the information that you've just provided, including some of those statistics it's actually in that book.

00:27:50.370 --> 00:27:53.700 Lee Tomlinson: It is absolutely as well as another book.

00:27:55.080 --> 00:28:01.680 Lee Tomlinson: um oh gosh fight Center for health care man reawakening the spirit of carry.

00:28:02.220 --> 00:28:09.630 Lee Tomlinson: is another book that tells you more about how to do it and i've quoted them many times, both of them eight times in my own book compassion heals.

00:28:10.170 --> 00:28:23.790 Lee Tomlinson: The simple fact of the matter is there was 60% of healthcare providers burning out, not because they're bad people in fact it's the opposite the personality types the givers yes never enough.

00:28:24.270 --> 00:28:28.170 Lee Tomlinson: That you know you've always got to get into it was never a sick or hurt person on the face of the planet.

00:28:28.170 --> 00:28:46.830 Lee Tomlinson: Which is lovely until you burn out, at which point you've robbed your patience of a vital element of their healing which is your heart correct and you're killing yourself doctors have the highest suicide rate of any profession in America today one doctor.

00:28:47.160 --> 00:29:00.120 Lee Tomlinson: To it suicide every single day from burnout so taking care of themselves is my first message you have to love yourself not selfish it's not self indulgent it's not week.

00:29:00.660 --> 00:29:12.210 Lee Tomlinson: it's necessary medicine for you so take care of you when you're healthy then give exactly the same kind of kindness to your patients.

00:29:12.690 --> 00:29:25.500 Frank R. Harrison: But they need to know is that just by having compassion they're releasing oxytocin as a Nature and Natural drug with a natural high that that in itself should make them want to be compassionate want.

00:29:26.190 --> 00:29:28.920 Frank R. Harrison: To that whole view in treating or their patients.

00:29:29.250 --> 00:29:29.700 Frank R. Harrison: that's.

00:29:29.880 --> 00:29:38.970 Frank R. Harrison: You know, a could be a lot of whether it's the type of education they received or the type of upbringing or limitations and thought patterns that they had while growing up.

00:29:39.300 --> 00:29:51.810 Frank R. Harrison: But I guess it takes, for example, you know national crises like the pandemic we've just had, or even other kinds of crises to really make people dig inward and probably find that compassion that they need so much oh.

00:29:52.290 --> 00:30:01.740 Lee Tomlinson: Well, our wish you're right it tends just to keep getting worse, I mean that number of 60% was pre pandemic now it's much higher.

00:30:02.250 --> 00:30:12.240 Lee Tomlinson: And the simple fact of the matter is, is that you know they need that proverbial slap in the face to whoa there is no nobility in burning out.

00:30:13.170 --> 00:30:22.980 Lee Tomlinson: And you're doing a disservice to your patients first do no harm if you're burned out, and you can give them the compassion, they need for the best flickers result.

00:30:23.640 --> 00:30:32.760 Lee Tomlinson: You are harming them, you are not giving them a medicine it's been scientifically proven to be integral to the best results.

00:30:33.540 --> 00:30:44.400 Lee Tomlinson: that's not okay that's not why you got into health care that's not why you took the Hippocratic oath which first says first do no harm.

00:30:45.030 --> 00:31:00.720 Lee Tomlinson: Well, if you're not in good shape mentally emotionally and physically, you will be cheating your patients and hurting them, in addition to killing yourself your colleagues your business your family and everybody else around you burnout is uh.

00:31:02.070 --> 00:31:02.340 Frank R. Harrison: huh.

00:31:02.400 --> 00:31:04.380 Lee Tomlinson: Then they're done that it's horrible.

00:31:04.560 --> 00:31:10.950 Frank R. Harrison: But it is not what you said, could have been the link that created your throat cancer that you already burning out in your career.

00:31:11.520 --> 00:31:15.300 Lee Tomlinson: Well, what I found out, it was just my career, who is my whole life.

00:31:16.380 --> 00:31:27.780 Lee Tomlinson: But the answer is yes, I did a lot of studies on that as well and read all the information on it, and there is no doubt that continue untreated stress.

00:31:28.740 --> 00:31:41.880 Lee Tomlinson: weakens your immune system significantly in the longer it goes on the more week it gets I don't believe that a doctor would say it caused my cancer that's you know, in the universe.

00:31:42.180 --> 00:31:55.350 Lee Tomlinson: Right What was it a major contributing factor absolutely, without a doubt, so not only if I was in health care, not only with the lack of self compassion.

00:31:55.920 --> 00:32:05.400 Lee Tomlinson: kill my patients, it would kill me and while i'm killing me and killing my patients and my family and my colleagues, the whole world goes up in flames.

00:32:05.760 --> 00:32:20.100 Lee Tomlinson: So it's a problem 60 70% achieving the patience of that not because they're bad, but because the burnout you gotta wake up right give yourself permission to love your self first.

00:32:20.490 --> 00:32:27.180 Lee Tomlinson: Correct or you're not as good a healthcare provider, as you could and should be correct.

00:32:27.360 --> 00:32:36.240 Frank R. Harrison: And speaking of which we are about to take another break, but I think you are going to show your Alter Ego that has done just that with movement that you've created so.

00:32:36.480 --> 00:32:48.300 Frank R. Harrison: Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned right here on talk radio nyc as well as Facebook live for more about frank Dodd frank being compassionate with Lee.

00:32:49.440 --> 00:32:49.740 Frank R. Harrison: alright.

00:32:53.130 --> 00:32:53.970 Frank R. Harrison: See you in a bit.

00:35:28.200 --> 00:35:37.710 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back everybody to this episode of frank about health i've been frank with lead Tomlinson for the past half hour, but now his Alter Ego patient lead.

00:35:38.130 --> 00:35:45.930 Frank R. Harrison: is about to come out and explain the movement that Lee has been able to create first I guess from his book, as well as from the.

00:35:46.320 --> 00:36:00.360 Frank R. Harrison: Ongoing seminars and talks and and and movement that you've been surprisingly receiving a lot of positive traction have you been able to get a lot more professionals enrolled in the whole concept of compassionate healthcare.

00:36:01.020 --> 00:36:13.020 Lee Tomlinson: there's no question it's a it's a very interesting time and I have to say, the good news is that that lack of compassion and healthcare that 50% of the people feel.

00:36:13.710 --> 00:36:21.900 Lee Tomlinson: is beginning to change now that the scientific evidence is out there, that it is an enormous.

00:36:22.560 --> 00:36:31.740 Lee Tomlinson: highly powerful highly effective healing agent that must be included in every single treatment, regardless of the malady or injury.

00:36:32.550 --> 00:36:43.080 Lee Tomlinson: Healthcare medical schools nursing schools are beginning to teach those skills that's number one number two is that.

00:36:43.560 --> 00:37:03.390 Lee Tomlinson: Healthcare, believe it or not, for hospitals and medical groups very competitive so keeping your customer is better known as patients in healthcare keeping them happy, the best way to do that and keeping them as customers is by being kind and compassionate with them da.

00:37:04.650 --> 00:37:08.040 Lee Tomlinson: knows that but healthcare is finally learning it.

00:37:08.520 --> 00:37:25.590 Lee Tomlinson: And the US Government is helping to for medicare patients when they finish their treatment or hospitalization their hands in a form to fill out, not about the treatment, because who can say you know your stitches for a little bit off and who knows.

00:37:26.700 --> 00:37:38.970 Lee Tomlinson: In terms of your chair, you have to answer some you get to answer some questions and, for instance, if you own $100 and you gave them a great review.

00:37:39.600 --> 00:37:52.290 Lee Tomlinson: They would get the equivalent of $110 if they were just average they've done 100 and if they were below average, they would get 90 cents, so there is no financial incentive.

00:37:52.770 --> 00:37:58.890 Lee Tomlinson: Forget the fact that the preventing burnout among the staff and more retention and all of those things.

00:37:59.610 --> 00:38:17.910 Lee Tomlinson: there's a financial reward now given the amount of people in medicare who are being treated for any number of things, a lot of money to be made, simply by the quality of their compassionate care versus the lack of it, so the answer is.

00:38:19.350 --> 00:38:28.050 Lee Tomlinson: I certainly am not the cause of all of that, but i'd like to think that on a one to one level, I know, given the letters and the notes that I get.

00:38:28.740 --> 00:38:36.330 Lee Tomlinson: That I have impacted people i've gotten them to admit that it's not anything to be ashamed of to admit that you're burned out.

00:38:37.320 --> 00:38:59.460 Lee Tomlinson: And to get help to get better to scare them into avoiding it or to inspire them if they're in it to get the help they need to recover the skills mentally emotionally and physically for the betterment of themselves, their family their colleagues their hospital and, most importantly.

00:39:01.140 --> 00:39:02.220 Lee Tomlinson: For us, patience.

00:39:02.340 --> 00:39:05.160 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, so tell me how patiently was born.

00:39:06.180 --> 00:39:11.790 Lee Tomlinson: Well, it came out of that conversation what saved my life in that hospital during my.

00:39:13.830 --> 00:39:26.370 Lee Tomlinson: cancer treatment, where I got great treatment, but zero compassion I got the opposite, you know when that doctor friend suggested that I do something and represent for patients.

00:39:27.390 --> 00:39:31.410 Lee Tomlinson: The negative impact and share that story of how it made me suicidal.

00:39:32.730 --> 00:39:45.390 Lee Tomlinson: Somebody in the very beginning, said i'm minute you were patient down to remind them that you know all patients start off their conversations with health care professionals with their butt hanging out embarrassed.

00:39:46.170 --> 00:39:46.560 and

00:39:47.910 --> 00:39:53.460 Lee Tomlinson: i've been doing it ever since i've done most of my 200 including my Ted talk.

00:39:54.030 --> 00:39:54.570 i'm.

00:39:55.740 --> 00:40:06.480 Lee Tomlinson: In a patient's count and even after 200 just to make the point when we patients put our lives into the hands of healthcare professionals and we're wearing one of these.

00:40:07.140 --> 00:40:08.280 Lee Tomlinson: are already naked and.

00:40:08.280 --> 00:40:08.820 Frank R. Harrison: afraid.

00:40:09.540 --> 00:40:16.350 Lee Tomlinson: Well, humiliated, we are you know we feel stupid, we feel you know not safe we.

00:40:17.220 --> 00:40:18.840 Lee Tomlinson: And that's exactly what I want them to.

00:40:18.840 --> 00:40:31.320 Lee Tomlinson: Remember that's how we start as we talk with you and you do stuff to us that pain gets worse, unless you are kind caring and compassionate.

00:40:32.070 --> 00:40:34.080 Lee Tomlinson: Yes, that woo commerce town.

00:40:34.590 --> 00:40:44.490 Frank R. Harrison: I was also going to say you know how they sometimes say clothes, make the band well in this case, these clothes, the ones that you're wearing make you the most vulnerable and guess what the most vulnerable, is the most truthful.

00:40:44.940 --> 00:40:55.380 Frank R. Harrison: The most parents, you know and they're going to tell it like it is, and I gather, what you're able to do during your tux it's just tell it like it is because your audience is predominantly healthcare workers correct.

00:40:56.010 --> 00:41:01.680 Lee Tomlinson: It is at the moment, although it's shifting because people are realizing that if you want to create a great culture.

00:41:02.430 --> 00:41:12.240 Lee Tomlinson: That will inspire your workers to work harder to be more engaged to not have turnover, you need to create what we would call it healthcare.

00:41:12.840 --> 00:41:19.500 Lee Tomlinson: A compassionate environment for those people to work in as all of a sudden oh and, by the way.

00:41:20.220 --> 00:41:27.660 Lee Tomlinson: When a nurse is compassionate with a patient in any other business, they would call that customer service attention is your customer.

00:41:28.110 --> 00:41:38.460 Lee Tomlinson: Okay they're paying you money this isn't free so given that you wanted to stay patient, you know, for the rest of their life and examine, you have to be compassionate so compassionate.

00:41:39.600 --> 00:41:49.290 Lee Tomlinson: customer service for both the provider and the customer is the best non healthcare advice for profitability, on the face of the planet.

00:41:49.950 --> 00:42:07.890 Lee Tomlinson: So it has transferred and i'm starting to do way more talks with regular business about it's not just about money it's about healing you and it's about healing your customer keeping them for the rest of your life and maximizing the profitability of that customer.

00:42:08.400 --> 00:42:11.580 Lee Tomlinson: And you turn the health care situation yeah saving their life.

00:42:12.390 --> 00:42:15.150 Frank R. Harrison: Do you ever scheduled talks like that in hospitals.

00:42:16.020 --> 00:42:24.000 Lee Tomlinson: Oh, I do them all the time in hospitals i've done grand rounds i've done nurse COMP i've done, I would bet half of my talks have been done.

00:42:24.360 --> 00:42:41.670 Lee Tomlinson: in hospitals medical schools and nursing schools and large private practices, so I I I I have walked from room to where I was speaking in this and had people stop being didn't know, I was speaking saying I excuse me so but.

00:42:42.990 --> 00:42:45.030 Lee Tomlinson: Are you meant to be down here.

00:42:45.060 --> 00:42:58.620 Lee Tomlinson: If you're being treated in the hospital, so I definitely get their attention and they figure well this guy is going to do that and walk out like that, and maybe i'll just listen to him and see what he's got to say so, it works.

00:42:58.830 --> 00:42:59.370 Lee Tomlinson: that's how it.

00:43:00.720 --> 00:43:01.230 Lee Tomlinson: works.

00:43:01.590 --> 00:43:09.120 Frank R. Harrison: I wonder if you could potentially actually go back into your TV history of a bit and and actually connect with people like shonda rhimes or.

00:43:09.540 --> 00:43:20.790 Frank R. Harrison: The people of the grey's anatomy cast I mean there's still operating, after almost 18 seasons and you know that to me to show that I binge watched, especially during the pandemic, but I felt like I was learning.

00:43:21.270 --> 00:43:35.730 Frank R. Harrison: I felt like I would actually be kind of you know, like not really in Medical School, but it was an impetus for me to start this show so or restart it really but from the perspective of what you're doing I could actually see you on an episode lecturing on.

00:43:37.200 --> 00:43:43.260 Frank R. Harrison: Various directors that are busy doing each other, under the table, from the perspective of seeing who's going to get there.

00:43:43.530 --> 00:43:54.030 Frank R. Harrison: I think they call it the harper avery award or something like that, but, but the bottom line is is that sometimes you see in the storylines on that show nuggets of the type of information that you shared in your book.

00:43:54.300 --> 00:44:00.570 Frank R. Harrison: And what you asked about so I could see a fit if it was ever to be something to be considered, but what is your.

00:44:00.630 --> 00:44:02.310 Frank R. Harrison: Take on that one so funny you.

00:44:02.340 --> 00:44:14.370 Lee Tomlinson: say that because um when I started this mission, you know, the first thing I did was I thought I want to reach 22 million people i'm going to do it on stage, and then I realized i'm do the math.

00:44:14.760 --> 00:44:34.170 Lee Tomlinson: i've done 200 i'm not close to 22 million somebody said you got to write a book write a book haven't Okay, so I wrote the book and then, finally, someone said leave this is ridiculous you're a filmmaker you know how to make content, you know how to get you know corporate sponsors involved.

00:44:35.250 --> 00:44:43.410 Lee Tomlinson: Why don't you make a documentary series on the heart, science and business of compassion and it's like Hello.

00:44:45.480 --> 00:45:00.090 Lee Tomlinson: So we're in the process now of finding the corporate partners who want to see more health care brought back to the heart of Healy as well as to the rest of the world, and you know now that you mentioned it.

00:45:01.530 --> 00:45:13.500 Lee Tomlinson: We could use a lot of the segments on that show to demonstrate the points that i'm making about its presence when it's there and the harm done when it's not to the patient.

00:45:14.520 --> 00:45:19.770 Lee Tomlinson: And the provider, that is a great suggestion i'm gonna reach out to her.

00:45:20.910 --> 00:45:22.440 Lee Tomlinson: Very good idea that's a.

00:45:22.800 --> 00:45:24.030 Lee Tomlinson: Very good idea.

00:45:24.630 --> 00:45:32.310 Frank R. Harrison: is how many of live appreciate that but isn't it interesting of the many shows that she has put out for ABC.

00:45:33.600 --> 00:45:37.590 Frank R. Harrison: It is the one that's still on the air, while the others have lived and died.

00:45:38.700 --> 00:45:50.160 Lee Tomlinson: Well, which means that everybody can relate to healthcare everybody who hasn't had the health care interventions, who isn't going to have them 99% of us in our lifetime will so.

00:45:50.220 --> 00:45:50.640 Frank R. Harrison: anything.

00:45:51.360 --> 00:45:58.140 Lee Tomlinson: It works if it resonates with people, we can relate to all of those stories yes.

00:45:58.260 --> 00:46:13.620 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, I mean healthcare itself, in itself, as it as an industry as a sector as a lifestyle, however there's such a long shelf life when you're getting a new concept to market and eventually when saturation I mean 10 years is considered the short run, you know.

00:46:15.480 --> 00:46:22.350 Frank R. Harrison: It looks like we are actually headed for another break, but I want to say patiently thanks for joining us on this episode of frank about health.

00:46:23.250 --> 00:46:32.400 Frank R. Harrison: You know, you can stay or leave and come back whichever when we come back in the next few, but I just wanted to again reiterate some of what we just said.

00:46:33.270 --> 00:46:43.470 Frank R. Harrison: Basically compassionate healthcare is a form of advocacy it releases hormones, such as oxytocin for a sense of achievement accomplishment relief.

00:46:43.860 --> 00:46:55.380 Frank R. Harrison: It shows you the feeling of being a healer and at the same time recovering from that healers treatment in fact I think Lee you told me yourself that you were commented on being a healer stealer.

00:46:56.460 --> 00:46:57.690 Frank R. Harrison: Like your your biggest.

00:46:59.610 --> 00:47:07.230 Frank R. Harrison: compliment exactly I will slap on the back, but I guess similarly all right, ladies and gentlemen, if you have any questions for me or the Orly.

00:47:07.620 --> 00:47:23.490 Frank R. Harrison: Please contact me at frank about health by know to edge or make your comments on Facebook live simultaneously, we will be back in just a few right here on talk radio dot nyc where we will talk about the future of lead Tomlinson and patiently.

00:47:54.270 --> 00:47:57.660 uninformed about menopause and how it impacts your life.

00:49:24.510 --> 00:49:33.030 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody, this is frank are Harrison with lead Tomlinson on this episode of frank about health we have spent the last 45 minutes talking about.

00:49:33.660 --> 00:49:42.000 Frank R. Harrison: lee's recovery 360 recovery from being a very successful entrepreneurial.

00:49:42.690 --> 00:49:49.950 Frank R. Harrison: executive and studio owner to being a cancer patient on the brink of suicide, all the way back around.

00:49:50.250 --> 00:50:02.250 Frank R. Harrison: to integrate everything that he's been through in his life both successfully and medically to create an advocacy program that is now working leaps and bounds with medical schools with.

00:50:02.790 --> 00:50:10.290 Frank R. Harrison: professionals in the healthcare space that are learning more that quality of life, care is is the nurturing as well as the physical.

00:50:10.620 --> 00:50:17.880 Frank R. Harrison: um I guess is there anything else you can tell me about your plans for the future, from the perspective that you mentioned, you wanted to talk to.

00:50:18.180 --> 00:50:30.840 Frank R. Harrison: Various brands and sponsors, especially on your new documentary series, are you thinking about sectors of industry that needs to understand compassionate in their culture compassion and their cultures or are you thinking of specific company brands.

00:50:31.050 --> 00:50:42.210 Lee Tomlinson: Good good question, the answer is, is there is no sector of our world that couldn't use the healing power of compassion.

00:50:42.930 --> 00:50:58.800 Lee Tomlinson: Violence is up suicide is up shootings are up vitriol and anger are up astronomically and a significant portion of that is due to the separation we've endured because of kogut.

00:50:59.850 --> 00:51:03.090 Lee Tomlinson: But one thing that when we were cavemen.

00:51:04.380 --> 00:51:11.820 Lee Tomlinson: helped us survive tyrannosaurus is which are 150 times bigger than we were an eight us for lunch was.

00:51:12.360 --> 00:51:22.950 Lee Tomlinson: It was never the survival of the fittest with the strongest it was survival of the nicest who could turn to their fellow cavemen and go on caveman women.

00:51:23.850 --> 00:51:35.190 Lee Tomlinson: I noticed that you know my family keeps getting eaten, and soon as yours how about this you're going to sleep all look over you, and when I go to sleep you look over me and let's form a community.

00:51:36.360 --> 00:51:45.990 Lee Tomlinson: That can protect each other, so all of this talk is just talk unless we as individuals, take action.

00:51:47.310 --> 00:51:54.570 Lee Tomlinson: The physical, mental and emotional benefits of giving compassion and getting it are irrefutable.

00:51:55.350 --> 00:51:59.460 Lee Tomlinson: The question is, will we be inspired enough.

00:52:00.480 --> 00:52:01.530 Lee Tomlinson: To give more.

00:52:02.670 --> 00:52:15.300 Lee Tomlinson: If we're burned out give it to ourselves to help heal if we're healthy and we want to see the world of all back to the good place that it has been in the past.

00:52:16.290 --> 00:52:27.240 Lee Tomlinson: You have to commit and take action to put more kindness into the world it's not a placebo is a scientifically proven medical benefit.

00:52:27.960 --> 00:52:41.040 Lee Tomlinson: It heals by mind body and soul and let me make a suggestion, go to my website, I have a thing, called the compassion heels, the name of my movement compassion heels challenge.

00:52:42.570 --> 00:52:55.290 Lee Tomlinson: What you commit to do just sign up right to sell it where i'm going to sell you anything but sign up we're going to every day for seven days we're going to encourage you to do one single additional contact per day on purpose intentionally.

00:52:55.890 --> 00:52:57.000 Lee Tomlinson: Seven days.

00:52:57.360 --> 00:53:05.310 Lee Tomlinson: At the end of it when you complete it, and again every day will send you emails to inspire you, but when you complete it.

00:53:06.240 --> 00:53:18.240 Lee Tomlinson: we're going to give you a free digital copy of my book compassion heels from self care to healthcare, so if you want to make the world a better place.

00:53:18.810 --> 00:53:31.770 Lee Tomlinson: kindness, is what we'll do it guaranteed and starts with you take the challenge seven days kind acts you never know when you're kind act.

00:53:33.270 --> 00:53:33.810 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:53:34.020 --> 00:53:35.610 Lee Tomlinson: might save someone's life.

00:53:36.720 --> 00:53:43.440 Frank R. Harrison: Do you feel that kind people is a genetic predisposition to becoming healers.

00:53:43.500 --> 00:53:54.240 Lee Tomlinson: Yes, it is, it is there's no question, they are more in touch with that that's what allows them they're in touch with that Oh, I feel, your pain.

00:53:54.690 --> 00:54:07.260 Lee Tomlinson: And I want to do something to leave it if you put kids at the end you know under five years old, into a room with somebody another child that's crying and painters got hitting it whatever.

00:54:08.040 --> 00:54:21.870 Lee Tomlinson: They will automatically go over and try to hug them and give them a kiss and you know that's the way we are bread that's in our genes to do that.

00:54:22.170 --> 00:54:42.450 Lee Tomlinson: We learn from family and others or don't do that they made this they made after black women that this that that their mother cut don't go that's when they learn to ignore their natural compassion, so we need to demonstrate ourselves if we want to see the world improve quality and healthcare.

00:54:43.410 --> 00:54:58.080 Lee Tomlinson: You have to start with ourselves react to be the examples, we have to be the kind ones, you know to be a God or goddess and be perfect simply commit go in lead Tomlinson calm for compassion heels challenge.

00:54:59.250 --> 00:55:05.220 Lee Tomlinson: can commit to doing something every single day one kind act seven days big deal.

00:55:06.000 --> 00:55:19.620 Frank R. Harrison: Aside from the getting the visual copy of the book, what do you think is going to be the psychological transition that occurs for these people who take the challenge they're going to become suddenly awakened in terms of their own compassionate strengths that they possibly been ignoring.

00:55:20.400 --> 00:55:36.600 Lee Tomlinson: The answer is yes, they will, and if they already are, you know, because there were plenty of people that I speak to that are healthy, as can be, and are already deeply compassionate in the practice of medicine find this is about constant improvement.

00:55:36.870 --> 00:55:50.370 Lee Tomlinson: Yes, let's have you be a little bit more, not so much that you burn out, but just incrementally a little bit more so if you're burned out and you want to cure yourself be kind.

00:55:51.720 --> 00:56:02.550 Frank R. Harrison: isn't that interesting it's like you're you're letting everyone know the listeners and the viewers, that if you want to get over your suicidal ideation or, if you want to get over your depression or any of the things that ails you.

00:56:02.910 --> 00:56:06.180 Frank R. Harrison: Just be kind to others and you'll notice a major shift internally.

00:56:06.780 --> 00:56:18.900 Lee Tomlinson: within your mind there's no question that's true, however, if you're having suicidal thoughts, one of the first lessons that I teach on how to overcome burnout is get help.

00:56:20.670 --> 00:56:21.030 Lee Tomlinson: don't.

00:56:21.060 --> 00:56:30.810 Lee Tomlinson: fight that battle alone, if you have suicidal ideations there are a number of suicidal hotlines, please God.

00:56:31.980 --> 00:56:37.470 Lee Tomlinson: call them don't fight that battle alone.

00:56:38.220 --> 00:56:42.720 Lee Tomlinson: You will eat you up if it hadn't been for that doctor.

00:56:44.040 --> 00:56:48.030 Lee Tomlinson: Who was so kind to me and my deepest depths of misery.

00:56:48.480 --> 00:56:57.930 Lee Tomlinson: Right i'd be dead, so if you're that bad can help if you simply want to be happier yourself when we said.

00:56:59.310 --> 00:57:08.490 Lee Tomlinson: You want to make somebody happy behind you want to be happy be kind towards for never said below so simple no it's not.

00:57:09.210 --> 00:57:22.980 Lee Tomlinson: It works again you just read the studies it works and here's the is the is the capper yeah is when you give it again they've done studies on this in New York on the turnpike where you're from.

00:57:24.090 --> 00:57:30.510 Lee Tomlinson: The person pays for themselves when they get on the when they call it the payroll or the what he called the bay bridge of the.

00:57:31.170 --> 00:57:31.680 Lee Tomlinson: You know you got.

00:57:33.210 --> 00:57:34.260 Lee Tomlinson: Exactly the toll bridge.

00:57:34.500 --> 00:57:46.020 Lee Tomlinson: Yet they pay for themselves and they pay for the person behind them, that will go on for hours, it has been proven again that compassion is like a wave it's catching.

00:57:46.620 --> 00:58:01.440 Lee Tomlinson: So, not only does your kind act for that one person have a positive impact, but that person is highly likely statistically to be kind to somebody else who's kind to somebody else who's kind of somebody else, so if we get enough people.

00:58:02.100 --> 00:58:12.720 Lee Tomlinson: together and attract enough sponsors to get this movie made and reveal all of these miracles that are scientifically proven the power of kindness.

00:58:13.560 --> 00:58:18.270 Lee Tomlinson: We could have kind acts rippling through the world at a time when it needs it more than ever.

00:58:18.810 --> 00:58:32.880 Lee Tomlinson: that's my goal so Anybody who knows any corporations that want to do good in the world they want to see more kindness more caring more compassion or healing inside and outside of medicine get in touch.

00:58:33.630 --> 00:58:44.790 Frank R. Harrison: Well, I already have about two or three that I think we've talked about that I definitely want to follow up with you on that, but yeah I already have an idea for a title for this Community action for social health care.

00:58:45.210 --> 00:58:57.870 Frank R. Harrison: But at the same time, the acronym is see a sh people are always incentivized by cash, so my thought process is if they think they're going to get a value cash element.

00:58:58.110 --> 00:59:05.430 Frank R. Harrison: justin taking action for social, health care, just psychologically they're triggering themselves to incite the very values they were born.

00:59:05.430 --> 00:59:22.230 Frank R. Harrison: With but for some reason unexplained lost along the way you did it in a very dark situation like you were to all of a sudden be awakened but someone like yourself and patiently can also go ahead and make those people aware before they reach that point.

00:59:22.380 --> 00:59:25.110 Frank R. Harrison: that's the hardest thing what they again we're born with.

00:59:26.100 --> 00:59:27.930 Lee Tomlinson: Well, again i'm sorry go ahead.

00:59:28.200 --> 00:59:29.370 Frank R. Harrison: No go ahead, I mean this is.

00:59:29.580 --> 00:59:29.970 Frank R. Harrison: No.

00:59:30.150 --> 00:59:41.610 Lee Tomlinson: I mean it's so funny because you know I spoke to what 450 doctors in the virtual conference and I, you know so so what's your objective to this is my objective is if you're healthy, as can be.

00:59:42.480 --> 00:59:53.340 Lee Tomlinson: is to scare the heck out of you to avoid burnout and if you're already in it to inspire you to take the steps to recover your own health.

00:59:53.760 --> 00:59:55.560 Lee Tomlinson: So you can be that healer.

00:59:55.650 --> 01:00:04.350 Lee Tomlinson: You were when you first started in medicine so it's either one you're either not at it great go out and be more kind you're in it.

01:00:04.890 --> 01:00:24.630 Lee Tomlinson: be kind to yourself from self care what's the book compassion heels from self care to healthcare it starts with you being healthy and you being compassionate with yourself, because if you're not you can't be compassionate to your patients and they desperately need that and your brain.

01:00:24.990 --> 01:00:36.870 Frank R. Harrison: Right so Emily I hate to do this to you, you have so much more information, I am going to call you after this after we go off air, we are about to go off the air, I want to say thank you everybody get the book.

01:00:37.260 --> 01:00:43.890 Frank R. Harrison: Get take the challenge at the same time soon for planet pocket low low right here on talk radio dot nyc.

01:00:44.280 --> 01:00:51.000 Frank R. Harrison: Ladies and gentlemen, this is frank are Harrison here with lead Tomlinson we've been frank about compassionate care this past hour.

01:00:51.270 --> 01:01:00.780 Frank R. Harrison: we're definitely going to be frank about health next week stay tuned thanks for being here, both on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live and here's comes Johnny soon up.

01:01:01.500 --> 01:01:02.100 Lee Tomlinson: or different.

01:01:02.730 --> 01:01:04.110 Frank R. Harrison: Thanks Lee see you soon.

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