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Thursday, August 26, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/26 - The Growth Potential Hiding Inside Your Comfort Zone

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/26 - The Growth Potential Hiding Inside Your Comfort Zone


2021/08/26 - The Growth Potential Hiding Inside Your Comfort Zone

[NEW EPISODE] The Growth Potential Hiding Inside Your Comfort Zone

Menopause is more than a physical experience. It is a Spiritual experience like a re-set button where you can decide who you want to be and what you want to do for the next phase of your life.

My Guest on the show this week, Lisa Dadd, believes in the vision of a world changed where each and every woman learns her worth, and knows how to show up in it - generously and unapologetically!

Listen in as we talk about taking the opportunity of menopause to (re)define and not only open opportunities, but create a sense of freedom and joy. Embrace the opportunity to achieve your next level of success through leveraging the powerful Soul Language approach to business communications and interactions.

Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat begins the show greeting her audience around the world. She talks about her “staycation” in her therapy room. She has been away for a week as a way to decompress and relax. Pat shares how she’s been able to focus on radical self-care and her new routine with yoga. 

Pat segways to news in the media this week. She reads from different publications like Morning Star and The Guardian. She reads articles pertaining to laws that are made to protect women in the workplace going through menopause. Pat says menopause can be used as a disability if symptoms are common and severe. She adds that severe symptoms would be diagnosed by a professional physician. Before the break, Pat greets her guest, Lisa Dadd. Lisa talks about being in Ontario; up in the lakes, dealing with hot muggy temp. 

Pat shares the profound change women go through during menopause that can act as a reset button. It opens insight to who you truly are.

Segment 2

After the break, Pat formally introduces her guest, Lisa Dadd. Lisa spent 15 years in corporate healthcare mastering strategic sales, marketing, and management skills. It took 8 years as an independent consultant with intense training and leadership development to uncover an innate way to access greater potential. Lisa works with innovative leaders to integrate an awareness of who they are at their core into the way they do business. The success of her progress comes from her unique approach to sales training using a powerful diagnostic tool called Soul Language. Soul Sales teaches the art of creating buying through enrolling language of one's natural essence. 

Lisa gives a little more insight on her background and how she got into the healthcare industry. She also elaborated on her personal growth and finding who she is at her core put her on a path for her career.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Pat talks more about her soul language and having a sage personality. She describes herself as being someone who seeks knowledge to share with others. Lisa talks about how soul language gives us a spectrum of who we are. She adds menopause isn’t a time to change to be someone else. It’s a time to self-reflect and embrace who you are at your core.

Segment 4

After the break, Lisa talks more about Soul Sales. She believes that no matter who you are you’re trying to make a sale in life. For example, a mom trying to get her kids to listen to her can be considered a sale. Trying to get something from your boss or manager can be considered a sale. Lisa shares how people naturally approach certain situations that can affect the outcomes. Pat and Lisa went on to talk about various personalities and dominant energies. They discuss how to expect different levels of assertion depending on how you are as a person. Some people have “king energy” or show strong leadership skills. Some individuals have more “scholar energy” or show stronger intellectual traits and those of teachers. 

Lisa suggests ways women can figure out their dominant energies. She says look at ways you naturally assess  situations. Embrace yourself who heartily.


00:05:26.400 --> 00:05:35.670 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause so good morning to New York and this week to Toronto as well.

00:05:36.000 --> 00:05:47.190 Pat Duckworth: and good afternoon to the UK, good evening, if you are in India and welcome to the show we did that we'd go it has flashed by and actually it's been a slightly.

00:05:47.850 --> 00:06:00.360 Pat Duckworth: unusual wait for me because I decided it was time I had a holiday and i'm not going very far at the moment, those of you who know me know that I was traveling the world quite a lot before we all got locked down.

00:06:01.170 --> 00:06:11.070 Pat Duckworth: Now, so my holiday this year is only about 50 feet away because i'm very fortunate to have a therapy room that I used to work on swan with my clients.

00:06:11.520 --> 00:06:20.910 Pat Duckworth: And it's self contained has its own bathroom has a fridge and a cat or and so to give my husband a break as well, because he deserves a holiday so.

00:06:21.240 --> 00:06:33.360 Pat Duckworth: i've been holidaying after my therapy room and it's just it's a bit of a break in just a bit different but I started Sunday off by going to a yoga class I thought.

00:06:33.810 --> 00:06:40.740 Pat Duckworth: Radical self care we talked about last week or do some radical self care so Sunday, I went to a yoga class Monday.

00:06:41.160 --> 00:06:53.940 Pat Duckworth: I went to an online meditation and then went to visit a friend Tuesday I went to the botanic gardens in Cambridge which was beautiful and then off to the fitzwilliam museum with a friend.

00:06:54.270 --> 00:07:00.330 Pat Duckworth: Yesterday I was in London all day if you're friends with me on Facebook, you will have seen pictures of food, I eat.

00:07:01.290 --> 00:07:13.860 Pat Duckworth: Food and today, unusually i've been out of one to one yoga class because I always say to people I am rubbish yoga and yoga teachers hate it when you say that everybody's at the level there.

00:07:14.550 --> 00:07:20.700 Pat Duckworth: But she was lovely and I had a really nice time, so the week has just been flashing by.

00:07:21.030 --> 00:07:33.360 Pat Duckworth: And tomorrow i'm promising myself that i'm not actually going to do anything, because that is radical self care so wherever you are, I hope that you're enjoying these last days of the summer and.

00:07:33.660 --> 00:07:46.770 Pat Duckworth: Getting some self care in there, I have actually taken a face mask up to my room to do one of those face mask things and I think they're always best done on your own because you don't want anybody taking a photograph of you with those.

00:07:47.730 --> 00:08:00.330 Pat Duckworth: So let's have a look at what's in the media, this week and starting with a article in the morning star but, to be fair, this article was everywhere in the UK press.

00:08:00.840 --> 00:08:09.300 Pat Duckworth: equality laws could be changed to protect women in multiples NP says so, this is a review that's currently being carried out in the UK.

00:08:09.630 --> 00:08:18.990 Pat Duckworth: Where the whole menopause in the workplace issue is so lively i've done lots of talks online both as group exercises or.

00:08:19.890 --> 00:08:28.260 Pat Duckworth: talking to organizations and their staff, so this is a very lively subject, I would say it was a hot topic if that wasn't so corny anyway.

00:08:28.590 --> 00:08:35.880 Pat Duckworth: A quality laws could be changed to protect women in the workplace commons women and equalities committee chairman, Caroline.

00:08:36.510 --> 00:08:41.490 Pat Duckworth: noakes said today, so I have, I still haven't got my new glasses, to move my head of it.

00:08:42.300 --> 00:08:50.070 Pat Duckworth: The conservative employees, said that women are forced us disability legislation to seek redress against discrimination through the courts.

00:08:50.340 --> 00:09:01.800 Pat Duckworth: As the menopause is not a protective characteristic and to be a quality and so under the Equality Act, people are protected for a number of characteristics, including.

00:09:02.280 --> 00:09:17.790 Pat Duckworth: gender, age sexuality, religion and some women have been taking cases to employment, tried to you know, on the basis of gender and age, which of course come together menopause as an issue.

00:09:18.600 --> 00:09:32.760 Pat Duckworth: And some of those cases have been thrown out and other cases, it has been agreed are decided by the Court that men have pools can be considered to be a disability, if the.

00:09:33.750 --> 00:09:40.710 Pat Duckworth: symptoms are frequent enough and severe enough and normally that takes a medical letter or.

00:09:41.400 --> 00:09:56.400 Pat Duckworth: Some evidence from the medical profession that this person is really experiencing severe symptoms, so we intake we intend to change things for the better the revolution is marching on we're part of a revolution fantastic.

00:09:57.780 --> 00:10:03.240 Pat Duckworth: The Financial Times here in the UK says, investing in the menopause can offer many rewards.

00:10:03.780 --> 00:10:11.160 Pat Duckworth: A greater awareness of women's health issues, including menopause has been bubbling in business for much longer than a few months.

00:10:11.400 --> 00:10:24.450 Pat Duckworth: With women taking the lead, entrepreneurs have been developing Apps with several chief executives have introduced educational initiatives and policies for employees, so I did mention one of these last week but.

00:10:24.720 --> 00:10:45.300 Pat Duckworth: This next paragraph is the one that kind of blows me away the global fin text section, so, in other words technology for women specializing in products and services designed to meet women's often neglected healthcare needs is expected to boom and reach 80 billion US dollars by 2027.

00:10:46.530 --> 00:11:05.670 Pat Duckworth: At us or 60 billion must get six glasses 60 billion US dollars from $19 billion, where it wasn't 2019 so this market is growing hugely and it's partly the text part of it, and partly it's the medication side.

00:11:06.270 --> 00:11:15.720 Pat Duckworth: venture capital investors have backed companies such as sigh rona health a virtual health clinic based in London, with origins at Cambridge University.

00:11:15.960 --> 00:11:24.360 Pat Duckworth: it's been described as the image Amazon of gynecological care and they used to raise the standards of care developing digital therapeutics.

00:11:24.720 --> 00:11:43.230 Pat Duckworth: For conditions such as endometriosis so lots of work going on in this area, I think you know there's a generation of women now, who are so used to using at some technology to help support their health, but it was enough, it was bounds become part of what menopause would do as well.

00:11:44.280 --> 00:11:55.740 Pat Duckworth: Another UK publication sweep the Guardian work your muscles and rethink your diet, how fitness can help you through the medicals now, this is just an extract from a much larger.

00:11:56.490 --> 00:12:05.910 Pat Duckworth: Article, but these are the bits that I thought might interest you so are thoroughly from a personal trainer who coaches elite athletes.

00:12:06.420 --> 00:12:14.250 Pat Duckworth: says of power through or take a break dilemma so some women kind of try and power through and summit taking a break.

00:12:14.610 --> 00:12:29.610 Pat Duckworth: always make the decision on a macro rather than a micro level in macro terms to give up exercise during your menopause would be a disaster as your muscle mass decreases with age at the rate of about 1% a year.

00:12:30.120 --> 00:12:37.110 Pat Duckworth: For menopausal women it's much more substantial than that you need muscle mass to protect your bones, not to mention.

00:12:37.470 --> 00:12:48.930 Pat Duckworth: As meat says, in fact, that it decreases cell death increases stem cells and decreases fat cells, which are secreted of inflammation inflammatory markers.

00:12:49.260 --> 00:12:53.310 Pat Duckworth: aging is all about chronic low level inflammation.

00:12:53.760 --> 00:13:03.480 Pat Duckworth: And stress inflames your body we talked about this before we'll talk about it again part of that inflammation is just the amount of stress that you experience at this stage of life.

00:13:03.840 --> 00:13:12.180 Pat Duckworth: So that's the macro level really thinking how fit you want your body to be moving through menopause and beyond.

00:13:12.690 --> 00:13:25.230 Pat Duckworth: On a micro level if you've had hot flushes throughout the night not slept is probably worth listening to your body and giving yourself a rest, so if you've had a bad night you're not going to be getting up and going for a run.

00:13:27.450 --> 00:13:46.470 Pat Duckworth: Overall, he has a 10 minute rule if I wake up and I don't feel like a workout I think i'll do 10 minutes if I still feel rubbish i'm going to stop that's the biggest piece of advice I can give anyone 85% of the time you'll feel fine after 10 minutes so it's worth knowing that.

00:13:47.490 --> 00:13:57.420 Pat Duckworth: That sometimes you need to have a bit of a go at things, and you know just see how your body responds, and sometimes after 10 minutes you think I could do a bit more.

00:13:57.960 --> 00:14:05.160 Pat Duckworth: But if you're really feeling tired, but it's give yourself a break, because otherwise you'll start to resent doing the exercise.

00:14:07.440 --> 00:14:15.900 Pat Duckworth: People go into menopause like some ghastly blind date I thought that was funny or you know it's going to happen, but you hope it's going to be okay.

00:14:17.070 --> 00:14:24.540 Pat Duckworth: yeah that's what a lot of women do everyone in their 40s should be thinking about getting themselves in tip top shape so when it happens.

00:14:24.750 --> 00:14:37.830 Pat Duckworth: it's as fine as it can be don't treat it like a lottery and don't wait until you're feeling crap and then try to make decisions in that state, not a good time to be making decisions, besides strength training.

00:14:39.720 --> 00:14:46.020 Pat Duckworth: What does this actually look like work on your diet, so your blood sugar isn't fluctuating too much.

00:14:46.710 --> 00:14:57.360 Pat Duckworth: This can stave off the worst of the hot flushes and will also help with mood swings don't try he's a gigantic diet, but do use a protein calculators protein which meals.

00:14:57.690 --> 00:15:07.860 Pat Duckworth: can help in maintaining muscle mass you might want to adjust your portion size to suit your reduced basal metabolic rate or you might think.

00:15:08.760 --> 00:15:19.410 Pat Duckworth: and not use that word darn it one thing at a time take vitamin D and calcium supplements and omega threes search your healthy fatty acids.

00:15:19.980 --> 00:15:30.960 Pat Duckworth: The first two for bone health and since loss of estrogen often causes osteoporosis and that's really important, and the third thing the Omega three for your mood.

00:15:31.320 --> 00:15:39.930 Pat Duckworth: Now I did see another article but it's disappeared of my list and it came from Australia came from Sydney university so i'm just busking this one.

00:15:40.500 --> 00:15:47.850 Pat Duckworth: But they done a massive piece of research of layer like 1500 people they divided it into premenopausal women.

00:15:48.270 --> 00:15:58.890 Pat Duckworth: know they they divide it between perimenopausal women so it's women in kind of 10 years leading up to 5152, which is the average age.

00:15:59.250 --> 00:16:11.550 Pat Duckworth: And everybody else, so there were the perimenopausal women and women in other categories and men and guess what women were more sensitive to fluctuations in temperature.

00:16:12.690 --> 00:16:17.490 Pat Duckworth: I could have told them that without them having to do the research, I guess it's always good to have the research.

00:16:18.360 --> 00:16:26.190 Pat Duckworth: They decided that it would be a really good idea to make sure that women could get to the right temperature that suited their bodies.

00:16:26.460 --> 00:16:42.600 Pat Duckworth: Well, if we need some research i'm sure we've all been clothing, that the Sydney university have done that in order to help us so my guest in the virtual studio today looking pretty cool and comfortable is Lisa dad hi Lisa how are you hi.

00:16:42.930 --> 00:16:44.190 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: i'm good thanks for having me.

00:16:44.940 --> 00:16:55.920 Pat Duckworth: good to see you and we included Toronto, in the time check today because you are in Ontario and you are waiting north of Ontario up there in the lakes, how is the weather like.

00:16:57.030 --> 00:17:00.810 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: it's hot ironically so or maybe perfectly so.

00:17:02.370 --> 00:17:08.400 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: we're dealing with some hot muggy temperature always nice to be at the lake though because it's a quick solution to jump in.

00:17:09.000 --> 00:17:26.520 Pat Duckworth: yeah well, we all need those it's I have to tell you it's a cool day here there's a big cricket match going on, and people are sitting in fleeces and one of the commentators who's from India has got a scarf on, so I think we know that this is typical late summer here in the UK.

00:17:27.960 --> 00:17:30.180 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I can be the hot woman, and you can have the cool solutions.

00:17:30.960 --> 00:17:39.030 Pat Duckworth: Yes, counter UK which you have so you know what it's like here, and you have even stayed in my holiday accommodations.

00:17:40.200 --> 00:17:42.870 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Very lovely very lovely I recommend it highly.

00:17:44.910 --> 00:17:56.130 Pat Duckworth: So when we come back after the break we're going to be talking about a very positive aspect of menopause and one that I really like to get that message over to women, is that.

00:17:56.850 --> 00:18:01.710 Pat Duckworth: Just says a lot of physical change going on men are pause there is.

00:18:02.490 --> 00:18:15.240 Pat Duckworth: an emotional change going on, but I would say it goes at a spiritual level as well, and by that i'm not talking a religious level i'm saying a profound change to who we are, as we get to medicals.

00:18:15.930 --> 00:18:34.440 Pat Duckworth: So this is going to be a really interesting discussion where we talk about how to take that opportunity to change to reset to press that reset button and really get a positive result from it so join us after the break we'll be talking about that positive aspects of menopause see them.

00:20:50.070 --> 00:21:03.630 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women radio show and powering women leaders at menopause and this week we're talking about a very positive aspect of menopause the kind of mindset shift that can.

00:21:03.630 --> 00:21:13.770 Pat Duckworth: happen, and if you're watching this live on the Facebook page on the talk radio in my see Facebook page do leave us a comment.

00:21:14.220 --> 00:21:28.050 Pat Duckworth: or a question i'll be monitoring it during the show, so I see my eyes shifting about and the swan glazing gliding over the water and my feet are peddling hardened to be so if you've got any questions, please leave us a comment.

00:21:28.740 --> 00:21:39.180 Pat Duckworth: My guest in the studio today is Lisa dad Lisa spent 15 years in corporate healthcare mastering strategic sales marketing and management skills.

00:21:39.630 --> 00:21:47.280 Pat Duckworth: Along with the success of climbing the corporate ladder was a deep sense of greatest percent potential was yet to be realized.

00:21:47.820 --> 00:21:59.310 Pat Duckworth: How true that was it took eight years as an independent consultant and an intense training and leadership development to uncover an innate way to access a greater potential.

00:21:59.760 --> 00:22:07.800 Pat Duckworth: Lisa now works with innovative leaders to integrate and awareness of who they are at their core into the way they do business.

00:22:08.250 --> 00:22:29.220 Pat Duckworth: The success of our process is particularly related related to our unique approach to sales training, using a powerful diagnostic tool called soul language so sales teaches the art of creating buying through enrolling language of one's natural essence welcome to the virtual studio Lisa.

00:22:29.700 --> 00:22:31.530 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Thank you, great to be here.

00:22:32.430 --> 00:22:40.950 Pat Duckworth: And so what drew you towards the health industry to start with, was it something that you always had an interest in.

00:22:42.570 --> 00:22:52.740 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Well, what drew me there was the desire to be a doctor, I thought it was going to be a doctor, when I was younger and it seemed to fit because I had this fascination with the human body, but I also seem to.

00:22:53.130 --> 00:22:57.570 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: seem to be that all my women friends or my girlfriends, I guess, when I was younger.

00:22:57.960 --> 00:23:09.180 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Always came to me to ask me questions in my advice, and I think they did that, because I was so matter of fact, about things you know I could talk about body issues without it being sort of a big deal.

00:23:09.930 --> 00:23:13.410 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: To me, so I you know, and I thought, well, maybe i'd be a gynecologist.

00:23:14.070 --> 00:23:21.030 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: An Ob gyn as we call them in Canada obstetrics gynecology I thought that I would actually specialize in women's health.

00:23:21.330 --> 00:23:34.590 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Now fate had a different plan for me I didn't get into Medical School, and so I ended up, on the other side of the the Office, if you will, and I worked with doctors for 15 years, so a different perspective to healthcare.

00:23:35.700 --> 00:23:43.080 Pat Duckworth: yeah I wanted to be enough when I was in my early teens i'm not sure why.

00:23:43.110 --> 00:23:43.710 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I wanted to.

00:23:43.770 --> 00:23:54.000 Pat Duckworth: be a nurse, who knows, and then at 16 I got a very bad form of pneumonia ended up in an adult's Ward.

00:23:54.030 --> 00:24:01.290 Pat Duckworth: Because I was 16 and after three weeks in the adults, would I not want to become an.

00:24:01.860 --> 00:24:08.190 Pat Duckworth: So it's interesting you know we're going to talk today about these massive changes that can occur at man report.

00:24:08.580 --> 00:24:23.460 Pat Duckworth: I didn't do anything health related well no that's not entirely true because they seem to like bubble away in us as we're going to talk about with the soul language you know you can't ignore who you basically are even if you say no i'm not going to do empty.

00:24:26.460 --> 00:24:27.510 Pat Duckworth: and eventually all.

00:24:27.960 --> 00:24:29.790 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: comes back it all comes back to you.

00:24:32.160 --> 00:24:44.370 Pat Duckworth: Eventually, and in a nicer form, I think so tell us a bit so you were working there and corporate you've built up a really good career and then now you are a much younger hot woman.

00:24:46.470 --> 00:24:58.770 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I just turned 48 so i'm not shy about that I just turned 38 and I think this is why it's such an interesting topic for me because i've yet to really have extreme physical symptoms of menopause.

00:24:59.550 --> 00:25:02.520 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: But, and I believe that it's the perfect time to really be.

00:25:03.090 --> 00:25:14.250 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Looking at the wider potential of this phase in my lifetime that i'm coming into, and so I can approach it from a really positive space because i'm looking for that opportunity.

00:25:14.610 --> 00:25:23.490 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Before i'm sort of stuck in the middle of it feeling the physical aspects of it gives me a little bit of a I guess a broader view of it.

00:25:24.900 --> 00:25:25.890 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I think we'll see.

00:25:26.220 --> 00:25:26.730 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: we'll talk.

00:25:28.020 --> 00:25:30.600 Pat Duckworth: I have many conversations about metaphors.

00:25:30.600 --> 00:25:35.730 Pat Duckworth: Because I can bore for England, on the subject, I could be an Olympic medals troika.

00:25:37.050 --> 00:25:44.280 Pat Duckworth: I hope that's given you some insights into it, because so many women as it said in that media article.

00:25:44.730 --> 00:25:59.100 Pat Duckworth: it's like a bad blind date, you know just walk into it with hoping for the best so you've already done one big you know the word of the year, I think, last year was pivot but you did that big pivot coming out of corporate.

00:25:59.970 --> 00:26:08.550 Pat Duckworth: And it sort of didn't stop there, because you did all this training and work on yourself so after you left corporate how did you develop your career from there.

00:26:10.380 --> 00:26:18.810 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: i'd like to say it was all you know specific path or plan that I laid out for myself, but you know they always say what you want to make God laugh.

00:26:19.740 --> 00:26:34.950 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Your plans, so I, I will say that it was by allowing myself to follow what my life was telling me and it seemed like the more I opened myself to listen.

00:26:35.940 --> 00:26:45.960 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: To what was, you know how I was feeling and maybe not just what I was thinking you know, I was in corporate I was very, very heady.

00:26:46.590 --> 00:26:49.650 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And all of a sudden, I stepped into the opportunity to say what if.

00:26:50.160 --> 00:27:00.900 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You know I worked for a pharmaceutical company and so everything was about sample sizes of you know, we had to 10s of thousands of people to make proof of that anything worked and I stepped into this idea.

00:27:01.500 --> 00:27:10.590 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And it is a sample size right in a study at the end of 10,000 for a drug or medicine development, I decided to step into this concept of what if n equals one.

00:27:11.190 --> 00:27:19.230 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: What if i'm really looking for what works for me and I threw away all the equations that society had made.

00:27:19.620 --> 00:27:24.960 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: For me, or at least my interpretation of what society's equation was for success for happiness.

00:27:25.410 --> 00:27:34.020 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And I threw it away and I decided to like start from scratch and I guess it was very experimental but the focus, if I had to say anything that focus really became.

00:27:34.590 --> 00:27:48.210 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: What if I actually looked at the end of one meeting me and if I could have more happiness and fulfillment then could that then radiate towards others in the work that I do I guess that's that's the core of it, I guess.

00:27:48.990 --> 00:27:49.860 Pat Duckworth: So you know.

00:27:51.060 --> 00:28:03.150 Pat Duckworth: I was gonna say, obviously, but people don't know so obviously I see you speak onstage i've seen you run training and you're a very powerful and passionate public speaker.

00:28:03.690 --> 00:28:21.600 Pat Duckworth: And you know throw lots of humor in there as well, which we love and you know you reach an audience and get them really motivated to talk to talk with you do, you get most of your enjoyment from doing that group work or is one to one work, the most important for you.

00:28:22.980 --> 00:28:30.090 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Like them, both actually um but what i've learned about my own soul language we get dive into it so language, but the more and more i've really.

00:28:30.150 --> 00:28:38.520 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: open to having delving deeper into an understanding of like who I am at my core I think you were talking about that a little bit earlier, is that you know we really start to.

00:28:38.820 --> 00:28:49.380 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: At this time of our lives discover kind of who we are and it's almost maybe a remembering of who we are and what i've started to discern is that you know i've always kind of loved a microphone right like.

00:28:49.920 --> 00:28:56.340 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Sure, give me a microphone i'll talk, what do you want me to say you know i've always had that comfort level with that, but what i've been able to discern.

00:28:56.730 --> 00:29:05.550 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: As i've gotten older, is that I love working with people so it's not about I don't want to be on a stage just giving information.

00:29:06.030 --> 00:29:15.420 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: So you'll find that when i'm on a stage I love training people and I love facilitating and I love one to one any of those environments that allow me to work with people.

00:29:15.960 --> 00:29:25.560 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: So you know me I don't have a lot of scholar energy so it's not about me giving information it's about me working with people in an experience i'm all about the experience of things.

00:29:26.070 --> 00:29:33.840 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah and you know because we both know each other soul language which, again, we will be talking more about.

00:29:34.680 --> 00:29:44.190 Pat Duckworth: My soul language means that I love if I know something if i've got knowledge, I want to share it, I want to share it and through sharing it.

00:29:44.910 --> 00:29:54.030 Pat Duckworth: Make somebody's life better yeah so I don't mind reading the books or they're not fast reader or watching the webinars or going to the talks.

00:29:54.990 --> 00:30:08.550 Pat Duckworth: And it's not so that I can keep it to myself as soon as i've learned something I want to share it, so I want to, which is why i've written five books i've written five books about menopause now I thought i'd written it all off to one, but there was still more to come.

00:30:08.790 --> 00:30:10.020 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: and share theirs and more.

00:30:10.170 --> 00:30:11.850 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Is tamari and yeah i'm sure.

00:30:12.300 --> 00:30:13.380 Pat Duckworth: there's another one brewery.

00:30:13.410 --> 00:30:28.560 Pat Duckworth: So for me it's I don't mind if i'm sharing that knowledge one to one working with a client one to one or if i'm working online with a group or if i'm in front of a classroom if i'm sharing the knowledge that's what feels good.

00:30:28.650 --> 00:30:45.420 Pat Duckworth: So we all have to find that thing and i've quoted a statistic during these talks and in other talks that i've done on menopause in the workplace, that 25% of women consider leaving their jobs during this perimenopause menopause phase.

00:30:45.960 --> 00:30:59.280 Pat Duckworth: If you're not used to that term perimenopause it's really starts in your 40s could be earlier you're starting to get symptoms of menopause because your reproductive hormones are reducing.

00:30:59.580 --> 00:31:13.530 Pat Duckworth: And they're having an effect on your major hormones, so you might go through all of those years, right up to 51, which is the average age and not have a symptom or you might be having symptoms from your early 40s so that just explain, for them.

00:31:14.850 --> 00:31:21.030 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I think it's like you're knocking on the door of the party right so here's the different so languages paddle give you all the stats and all the credit.

00:31:22.470 --> 00:31:27.960 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And i'm going to tell you it's kind of like knocking on the door of the party and you're kind of looking in the windows that's what it is it's like.

00:31:28.200 --> 00:31:31.440 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I kind of feel like i'm with you, ladies, but not maybe not yet.

00:31:32.310 --> 00:31:33.900 Pat Duckworth: i'm saying I go stage.

00:31:34.110 --> 00:31:36.120 Pat Duckworth: But I think you're walking up the path.

00:31:36.360 --> 00:31:38.670 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Where the party is that's right that's right.

00:31:39.780 --> 00:31:44.760 Pat Duckworth: You can hear the other women in the policy and you're just like you open the door, but do you go in.

00:31:45.360 --> 00:31:45.810 Pat Duckworth: Wait.

00:31:46.140 --> 00:31:47.370 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Am I ready to go in yet.

00:31:49.980 --> 00:31:58.050 Pat Duckworth: reasons I quoted, that is, that you know it's sort of said Well, this is because they're experiencing symptoms and they're not being supported and there is something that.

00:31:58.440 --> 00:32:12.660 Pat Duckworth: I also think there's something in what we're talking about of thinking of wanting to come home to yourself at this age that the identities that you've had perhaps as a mother a CARA a partner.

00:32:14.190 --> 00:32:18.960 Pat Duckworth: Some of that a sex goddess even though you can still stay a sex goddess, as you can see.

00:32:21.420 --> 00:32:28.740 Pat Duckworth: Some of those identities are starting to fall away and something new, is evolving and I think you've figured out too.

00:32:29.280 --> 00:32:40.920 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Well, I love that you use the word coming home coming home to yourself and coming home to your own energy That to me is what solo language is all about, and it supports women and really discovering what home is.

00:32:42.480 --> 00:32:54.180 Pat Duckworth: yeah so that's why I think a lot of this goes on at this age is the women who recognize they want to do something different, and then are looking for how they're going to.

00:32:55.080 --> 00:33:08.040 Pat Duckworth: Because this whole thing of identity is so powerful and once we start to lose identities for some women, they say they're losing themselves, they don't know who they are anymore like it's a bad thing.

00:33:09.570 --> 00:33:14.580 Pat Duckworth: I think that could be like the start of finding something different yeah.

00:33:16.740 --> 00:33:21.960 Pat Duckworth: So it can be exciting so join us after the break the times, going so quickly and we.

00:33:22.770 --> 00:33:25.470 Pat Duckworth: got i've got stop talking and let Lisa do so again.

00:33:25.860 --> 00:33:35.610 Pat Duckworth: Join us after the break we'll be talking more about how to find yourself and your true self to come home to yourself at this stage of LIFE see you after the break.

00:36:06.540 --> 00:36:15.300 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause where my guest in the studio today is Lisa bed.

00:36:15.750 --> 00:36:28.950 Pat Duckworth: And we're going to be talking more about solo language and discovering who we are resetting at this age, and I have to tell you, as a little glimpse into this that part of my soul language is being.

00:36:28.980 --> 00:36:38.850 Pat Duckworth: A sage and sages talk a lot, which can be a bit of an issue on a radio show where you're interviewing people so having opened up that correct.

00:36:41.220 --> 00:36:52.830 Pat Duckworth: So tell us more about how you feel having that song language tool helps you and helps your clients to understand who they are, and what their path ahead is.

00:36:53.310 --> 00:37:04.260 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: um yeah well I love that you said right before the break about this idea that we're sort of breaking identities and we come to this point in our lives, where you know, maybe those identities don't feel so comfortable anymore.

00:37:04.560 --> 00:37:13.890 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: or they just don't feel enough anymore, I think, too, so someone said can say i'm a wife and a mother and an accountant or something, but you know it's like.

00:37:14.160 --> 00:37:23.700 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And there's this other piece of me that hasn't been able to shine through because i've been too busy raising my kids and keeping a home and and going to work and getting a paycheck and so.

00:37:24.210 --> 00:37:34.080 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You know I often talk about this hidden potential inside our comfort zones and we're always told growth is outside of our comfort zones, but to me so language helps people bring.

00:37:34.650 --> 00:37:40.050 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: themselves back to the core of who they are, and what feels really good and really is comfortable.

00:37:40.740 --> 00:37:49.980 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And the best part I think about getting older, is, we can actually start to not care as much what other people think you know we've got this knowledge in this wisdom.

00:37:50.400 --> 00:37:56.400 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: That we've you know hard earned along the way, and we start to get to this age we say you know what life's getting shorter and shorter.

00:37:56.730 --> 00:38:07.290 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And maybe I need to not care so much if someone thinks i'm crazy that I love doing whatever fill in the blank and I can actually allow myself to express it a little bit more so.

00:38:07.920 --> 00:38:18.780 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Now that's a lot there's a lot to unpack there and I think the best thing I love about soul languages, I it's really just a tool to help people you know deep in their own consciousness of who they are.

00:38:19.290 --> 00:38:24.780 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And so we've tempted down a little bit right like maybe you were told you know as you were younger, you know, I was told that.

00:38:25.170 --> 00:38:32.760 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Girls shouldn't be smarter than boys they shouldn't beat boys at sports, you know it was, like all these things you don't be too shiny don't be too loud.

00:38:33.060 --> 00:38:37.530 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You know, there was all this stuff is like tamp down your your spark or your brilliance.

00:38:37.830 --> 00:38:42.420 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And if you're too smart people aren't going to like you, you know I used to get ostracized in school for it.

00:38:42.660 --> 00:38:53.550 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And so we start to build up these layers in this Armor and I think it's a beautiful time at menopause to be able to say you know what it's time for me now it's time for me to like really understand who I am.

00:38:54.570 --> 00:38:57.600 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And my belief is that the more we sink into that energy.

00:38:59.430 --> 00:39:03.480 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: The transformation that can happen in and around us, you know comes with that.

00:39:05.220 --> 00:39:07.320 Pat Duckworth: So much, I want to say i'm sorry to learn.

00:39:08.940 --> 00:39:17.610 Pat Duckworth: Here, because you know, for the first 30 years of my career, I was working in government doing technical and management jobs.

00:39:18.120 --> 00:39:26.190 Pat Duckworth: And I thought that was very much who I was and then got to 54 and did a complete what I call handbrake term.

00:39:26.940 --> 00:39:33.480 Pat Duckworth: Where I said no i'm not happy anymore I just this was everything I aim for, and now i'm not happy.

00:39:34.080 --> 00:39:39.510 Pat Duckworth: And Sunday at work you've known me for quite a few years, said, what are you going off to do pair and.

00:39:39.840 --> 00:39:52.230 Pat Duckworth: And I laughed thinking, she would say how did that happen, and I said i'm going off to train to be a hypnotherapist and nlp practitioner I should I thought you do something like that should I should go to start an ashram.

00:39:52.890 --> 00:39:53.610 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Oh wow.

00:39:54.000 --> 00:40:00.270 Pat Duckworth: And it's this thing of how we knew the guy who we all have a sense it yeah.

00:40:00.780 --> 00:40:04.410 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And I think we do that when we're not overthinking it right and and often that's like.

00:40:04.980 --> 00:40:11.970 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: What is the most comfortable for you that's why I say this growth inside our comfort zone is because, when we were more aware of what that is our core energy of who we are.

00:40:12.270 --> 00:40:22.440 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: We can be in it more often by choice, but I agree, I think we do leak it, you know when we're in an environment, so you know if i'm in a corporate environment where it's very male driven.

00:40:23.010 --> 00:40:28.560 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Mostly men and all those leadership positions and I keep getting promoted and rewarded for acting like that.

00:40:29.190 --> 00:40:36.360 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: But then, all of a sudden someone's asking for my advice and i'm going to feeling in a really safe environment I don't feel like eyes are on me or judging me or.

00:40:36.750 --> 00:40:43.140 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You know grading me for my performance appraisal and the real me just comes out because, from my heart, I want to help that person.

00:40:43.530 --> 00:40:51.480 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And so it's literally coming from such a loving intentional place that all of the masks and the Armor kinda like fall to the side.

00:40:52.200 --> 00:41:03.600 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And you know after that conversation the Armor might come back on and then i'm in front of the room pretending I know all you know but it's that I like that you said we kind of leak, who we are, because that's where I see menopause isn't the time to.

00:41:04.620 --> 00:41:18.030 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Change and be somebody else it's literally the opportunity to remember rediscover you know raise our awareness of who we really are not feels good for everybody, not just us.

00:41:18.930 --> 00:41:30.630 Pat Duckworth: yeah and I just love that part about us not caring so much what other people think, and it is so true, I think you get to a stage you're not quite there yet Lee server.

00:41:30.960 --> 00:41:33.960 Pat Duckworth: I know you're on your way you know you're coming down the path.

00:41:33.960 --> 00:41:38.850 Pat Duckworth: To the party whether all these women who go I don't care what anybody else thinks.

00:41:39.630 --> 00:41:53.550 Pat Duckworth: You know it's such an amazing feeling, because in the first half of our lives that can hold us back from doing so much, how do you think so language helps to kind of release that help does it bring us home.

00:41:55.170 --> 00:41:58.140 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You know I love the fact that soul language gives people.

00:41:58.740 --> 00:42:07.770 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You know a bit of a spectrum of who they are right it doesn't say it's not about it, an identity, so you and I have been throwing out some of the archetypes right, you know my dominant energy is king energy.

00:42:08.160 --> 00:42:15.510 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: But it's not about giving me a label of like okay you're King energy, you need to lead and you're a leader and that's it there's your stamp or your sticker.

00:42:15.870 --> 00:42:23.310 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: It you know, the idea is that there's a whole spectrum around that how I want to express that how I want to play in that, where I want that to show up.

00:42:23.610 --> 00:42:30.960 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: there's so much room to me that's your comfort zone right the comfort zone is leading and it's true if I can't even I look back at my life, and I think.

00:42:31.350 --> 00:42:36.210 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I was always thrown into leadership positions, even when I kind of didn't want to people be like Lisa why don't you take.

00:42:36.630 --> 00:42:48.300 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: This and i'd be like what why you know I don't get it right and it wasn't it's not so it's not for me to stand up and go i'm the LEADER I get to lead it's that you know in my core of energy, I can't help it I just can't even help it so when I can.

00:42:48.720 --> 00:43:01.260 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Understand that and embrace it then I don't have to push it at anybody I don't have to tell them i'm the LEADER I just show up and if it makes sense, then, it makes sense, and so it feels really good.

00:43:02.340 --> 00:43:18.120 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And then I can choose where I want to be the leader, you know what areas of my life, and how does it look differently at work than it does with family and friends and there's sort of a settling into it, you know it's not needing to push it so yeah if that's answering.

00:43:18.540 --> 00:43:27.330 Pat Duckworth: Your question yeah absolutely and can you share with us any insights for any of your clients with how to prepare I don't break any confidences.

00:43:27.360 --> 00:43:28.530 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: But yes yeah.

00:43:29.610 --> 00:43:37.380 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: yeah well you know, often I find someone's they might be playing just outside of their energy right, so I have I attract a lot of kings.

00:43:38.430 --> 00:43:44.790 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Because I guess I guess i'm radiating something there but i've got clients who have been playing a little bit more in the helper energy.

00:43:45.180 --> 00:43:55.230 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And helpers are all about serving and nurturing and supporting and trying to you know getting them to discern the fact that they serve through directing.

00:43:55.710 --> 00:43:58.050 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Like people come to the meeting direction.

00:43:58.290 --> 00:44:10.530 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And so there's it seems like a small little change but it's a big change it's like we all want to serve every single archetype wants to serve we all want to matter we all want to be able to do good in the world at some level of us.

00:44:11.130 --> 00:44:17.520 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: But how we do that, so you talked about scholar energy about teaching to scholars serve.

00:44:17.940 --> 00:44:29.880 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: The by disseminating information they give us information and when a scholars doing that we're like Oh, my goodness, they know so much i'm just going to follow them cuz I just feel their expertise and it feels really good.

00:44:30.570 --> 00:44:38.160 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Right when i'm trying to do that a little too much I can provide information, but people don't feel it the same way, they feel me more when.

00:44:38.550 --> 00:44:48.870 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I let them bring the information and I helped guide and direct them on what it can mean for them that feels good for them so when I work with clients and they start to go oh.

00:44:50.190 --> 00:45:01.770 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You know, like a warrior i've got a warrior right now and and warrior sounds so negative to her until I said, you know what's powerful about warriors is when they fight for a cause and she was I got it.

00:45:02.460 --> 00:45:12.420 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: So now, instead of fighting against she's dealing with a home situation where she she felt like she was fighting against the doctors and her family member and now she goes now I can fight for her health.

00:45:13.140 --> 00:45:22.290 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Instead of against the choices they're giving us the energy shift is so powerful in one little shift of a perspective.

00:45:23.340 --> 00:45:29.850 Pat Duckworth: that's interesting is that you sometimes it's just like one little missing piece, and when you get it.

00:45:30.690 --> 00:45:30.990 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:45:31.080 --> 00:45:32.520 Pat Duckworth: Anything no vowels.

00:45:32.520 --> 00:45:46.500 Pat Duckworth: You know, and I think when I started understand I spend a lot of time in my scholar energy and my sage energy because I want to know stuff so I can share it, but I also have King energy.

00:45:47.190 --> 00:46:00.000 Pat Duckworth: So bit like Lisa again i'm going to go back to that leaking it, you know you walk into a room you're not saying to everybody, look at me i'm a leader and suddenly something needs doing and it's like Pat, would you leave this group.

00:46:00.630 --> 00:46:11.940 Pat Duckworth: And you think why me just as you said, but it just leaks out of you that you're going to be the one that does that and probably you're going to be very responsible as well.

00:46:12.390 --> 00:46:21.750 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: yeah and here's What helps people as well and coming home to their own energy is understanding how they do that, so I always say even scholars scholars they lead, but the leading is very different.

00:46:22.320 --> 00:46:31.470 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Again, they lead and people want to follow them because they've got so much information and people are like yeah that needs to be the person who's at the front of the room.

00:46:31.800 --> 00:46:41.100 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: and guiding all of us, but they're doing it through that that that way that they do it, you can take an artist energy artists are all about innovation and creativity and you could say.

00:46:41.430 --> 00:46:45.060 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I you know true innovators and engineers of our world are leading.

00:46:45.390 --> 00:46:56.760 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Well they're leading that they lead through their creations they don't lead by telling other people what to do, or you know directing a group towards a cause they lead by creating.

00:46:57.150 --> 00:47:02.310 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And so, when you can say that to an artist, it gives them a little bit of a break Oh, my goodness, I don't have to tell others what to do.

00:47:03.000 --> 00:47:13.920 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You have to be in your creation you get to be innovative and allow that to express for you what you have to offer the world and it's kind of liberating it's kind of liberating.

00:47:14.400 --> 00:47:34.260 Pat Duckworth: it's hugely liberating and you know in my intro for you, we just mentioned soul sales and I think this is important because so many women go into entrepreneurship and there's an element of doing sales, but is about what your own language is we've only got a minute so something quick.

00:47:35.010 --> 00:47:38.490 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Oh, can we come back and talk more about so sales because.

00:47:38.670 --> 00:47:48.090 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: What I love to say is that often people are fearful of sales because they say I don't want to be a salesperson I don't feel like a salesperson and I go great don't be a salesperson.

00:47:48.600 --> 00:48:04.560 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And I can teach them how to use their own natural approach to be more enrolling and to get more buy in and if you're selling something to get more sales, but I teach them from the approach that is natural to them and there's only one archetype that naturally has a salesman like approach.

00:48:06.480 --> 00:48:07.680 Pat Duckworth: hold it right there.

00:48:08.730 --> 00:48:09.720 Pat Duckworth: will be back.

00:48:13.230 --> 00:48:28.770 Pat Duckworth: We can talk about and because i'm a scholar, and the sage I have run 10 our training on menopause and women at the end at the beginning, thought, how are we going to talk about this for 10 hours at the end was saying, have we got any more time we got any more time.

00:48:29.130 --> 00:48:37.800 Pat Duckworth: Because there's always something more to learn so yeah whether you want the five minute version of menopause or the 10 hour come to me, and I can give you.

00:48:39.630 --> 00:48:44.970 Pat Duckworth: So join us after the break when Lisa will be sharing more of her wisdom about coming home to your.

00:51:17.160 --> 00:51:34.200 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at men a pause and my guest today is Lisa dad so Lisa again I just got a zip it so bit more about so sales, how does understanding your soul language archetype.

00:51:37.140 --> 00:51:48.810 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: So one of the aspects in the soul language is about our approach our natural approach of things, and that is one that usually focus on most for sales because.

00:51:49.500 --> 00:51:55.920 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: For people to identify that how they naturally approach other things in their life is the best way.

00:51:56.160 --> 00:52:04.140 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: For them to approach a sales conversation, and for those of you out there that are listening that are not salespeople I will say that we're always in a sales conversation at some point.

00:52:04.440 --> 00:52:15.180 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: So I often I often use the word buying creating buying so even for those women out there who are needing to get buy in from their managers their bosses or their companies that they're menopause is real.

00:52:15.690 --> 00:52:24.300 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And that they need extra support to get buy in for that or even if you're an advocate to get buy in for all the women in your organization that is a sale.

00:52:24.720 --> 00:52:28.770 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You know, and so that's how I think of sales sales first, if you want to maybe you want to get your.

00:52:29.100 --> 00:52:40.890 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Your teenage children or your adult children to buy into the value of something you want them to do that is a cell as well, in my opinion, so what I know is that our natural approach is the most enrolling.

00:52:41.370 --> 00:52:53.790 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: It feels most comfortable for us so there's that growth inside your comfort zone, it feels the most natural for us and it feels the most natural on the receiving end for someone who's in front of us, and so we kind of start there, but so sales.

00:52:54.960 --> 00:52:57.000 Pat Duckworth: I think this is so important because.

00:52:58.110 --> 00:53:02.610 Pat Duckworth: As trainers as well if you're training people to do something.

00:53:03.960 --> 00:53:10.230 Pat Duckworth: doing something around so language so when i'm training people about menopause in the workplace.

00:53:10.830 --> 00:53:27.420 Pat Duckworth: I will give them the scholarly side i'll tell them the statistics i'll do the Priestly bit of telling the stories about how this affects i'll do the King bit about this is a leadership issue i'll do some CG stuff.

00:53:28.470 --> 00:53:38.340 Pat Duckworth: Probably thing I find hardest is the artist side because I really don't have much artists energy but it might be about creating something within your organization.

00:53:38.640 --> 00:53:54.450 Pat Duckworth: And for people with help her healer energy there's something there about the self care and how women need to look after themselves, so there are so many situations where this becomes important to reach your audience i'm so aware time today and.

00:53:55.800 --> 00:53:59.940 Pat Duckworth: Nature we're always worried enough time to king's worry.

00:53:59.940 --> 00:54:01.680 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: yeah well.

00:54:01.890 --> 00:54:04.170 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Let me add a little bit into that into yeah.

00:54:04.620 --> 00:54:07.590 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: yeah went out a little bit into that in terms of approach as well because.

00:54:07.620 --> 00:54:15.960 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Even as we're talking to women out there, dealing with menopause everyone's approach to dealing with their menopause is also going to be different it's going to be related to the way they do, they do anything.

00:54:16.230 --> 00:54:23.910 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And so I want to think about the fact that, like King energy is very assertive we just attack it okay i've got hot flashes I got to do something about it and then done.

00:54:24.240 --> 00:54:27.420 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: that's assertive right but artists energies very cautious.

00:54:27.900 --> 00:54:38.280 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: So it's like you know well, I don't know that I want to invest too much money in all those products they might not work, so I need to investigate whether they would work or not because I don't totally believe that they would.

00:54:38.610 --> 00:54:43.740 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: That is a natural artist approach and so anyone out there, listening to all these tips and ideas are going to go.

00:54:44.370 --> 00:54:51.780 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I don't know right okay that's that's okay your approach can be cautious, if and when you recognize it then you can use, you can leverage it.

00:54:52.440 --> 00:55:00.690 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You know so, and you know I think of helpers and their approach is very reserved and and there's nothing wrong with being reserved, even in a sales conversation.

00:55:01.170 --> 00:55:12.630 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Nothing about reserved about you know dealing with your options, unless you allow it to inhibit you so we started to play with peoples natural approaches like that.

00:55:13.770 --> 00:55:14.370 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:55:15.510 --> 00:55:25.890 Pat Duckworth: yeah good additions what you were saying so we've got to that stage of what's The one thing that you would be saying to women that's gonna make a difference for them.

00:55:26.550 --> 00:55:31.050 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: yeah The one thing I would say is start listening to your soul and start nourishing that.

00:55:31.560 --> 00:55:40.830 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: So menopause we're always talking about the symptoms and what to do with those but the symptoms, I think that don't get that aren't as loud, maybe, and we need to start listening to them is.

00:55:41.220 --> 00:55:51.240 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: That what is that inside us that's calling for something else i'm not as i'm lacking the joy, the joie de vivre I used to have are we feeding that.

00:55:51.570 --> 00:56:04.110 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: I have more curiosity, to be a curiosity about what am I going to be doing over the next decade of my life, am I feeding that curiosity i'm starting to realize i'm not as tolerant of people's can we say crap We said we.

00:56:05.640 --> 00:56:06.600 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: All are and as the.

00:56:07.140 --> 00:56:11.250 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: people's crap as much as I used to be and they're telling giving me advice that I don't want.

00:56:11.550 --> 00:56:24.060 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Great are we nourishing and feeding what that means for us so it's not to meet menopause isn't just about dealing with the physical stuff which we need to do, but it's also like why, but all that emotional and mental and spiritual.

00:56:24.390 --> 00:56:37.560 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: How is your life speaking to you to me that's the real soul language, without the tool even it's like our souls are speaking to us, the question is how much attention are we giving to them yeah so I guess that's my tip that's my thought.

00:56:38.430 --> 00:56:51.390 Pat Duckworth: yeah and it's that whole thing of feeling anomalies and like you're losing yourself, which I mentioned before, and that might just be you're losing the layers of yourself that weren't actually serving you anymore.

00:56:52.050 --> 00:56:55.020 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: So there let's go back and inside the comfort zone.

00:56:55.110 --> 00:56:56.850 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: And this is my my thought is you say.

00:56:57.210 --> 00:57:01.770 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: What would feel more comfortable and not comfortable in a lazy.

00:57:02.280 --> 00:57:13.620 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: complacent way comfortable in a juicy warm fuzzy sweater kind of way like what would feel really good so if you're if the work you're doing on a day to day basis doesn't feel any good that discomfort.

00:57:14.220 --> 00:57:22.080 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: isn't causing you to just grow into something it's saying what would feel more comfortable that's the girls can we get into feeling good.

00:57:23.910 --> 00:57:38.460 Pat Duckworth: And sometimes i'm in conversation with women at this stage of life, whether they've come to me as a client or as part of a group, and I can see there on these and no longer comfortable with who they are.

00:57:39.360 --> 00:57:48.900 Pat Duckworth: And they just don't know what to do about it and they're trying to ignore it they're trying to push it down there trying to hang on to who they were that is not a good thing you back.

00:57:49.500 --> 00:58:09.300 Pat Duckworth: On causes you stress and that stress will then come out some way in your body and i've said it before i'm just gonna say again, sometimes that an ease is a gentle and ease and it's a bit of a tap from spirit or Mother Nature or whoever to say pay attention.

00:58:10.350 --> 00:58:20.070 Pat Duckworth: And if you try and ignore it now I don't need to do this, like oh i'm i'm getting symptoms but i'm just going to pound my way through right it's all going to go away or be fine.

00:58:20.760 --> 00:58:31.860 Pat Duckworth: You try and push it down and then you get a bit of a slap you know and it's Mother Nature being nice she's saying really pay attention and then, if you go night no i'm not doing that you're going to get a bigger smash.

00:58:32.520 --> 00:58:39.690 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: yeah and that's that same with what we're talking about beyond the physical symptoms to is that you know when I.

00:58:40.470 --> 00:58:49.110 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Was 39 when I left corporate because I started to realize and I made a lot of money people used to say, you know who's going to pay you what you get paid to do what you do and.

00:58:49.500 --> 00:58:56.940 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: The thought hit me, I would rather be twice as happy and make half as much, and you know now of course i'm all about making twice as much and be.

00:58:57.330 --> 00:58:57.780 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: happy, but.

00:58:58.200 --> 00:59:10.650 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: Aside from that, but you know it's a calling to say like wait a second my happiness and my fulfillment in my joy is actually the most important thing right now, and so maybe I slipped into that transformative stage a little bit sooner than some.

00:59:11.310 --> 00:59:19.140 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: But men are positive that perfect time to say you want to say you want to hold the flag for the benefits of getting older, the benefits are getting older, is this.

00:59:19.650 --> 00:59:29.700 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You get to do what you want to do you get to be who you want to be you get to care about that and and the rest of the world will benefit from it it's not selfish it's not selfish to feel good, because when you feel good.

00:59:30.090 --> 00:59:34.650 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: You do good and people read it radiates it's contagious its contagious so.

00:59:35.220 --> 00:59:36.450 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: So find that state.

00:59:37.770 --> 00:59:46.470 Pat Duckworth: All right, no i'm so people watching you know thinking oh my God, I need some I need some help, how do they find out more about you Lisa.

00:59:46.980 --> 00:59:57.450 Lisa Dadd -- Soul Sales: yeah well the quickest is just to send me a quick email Lisa at Lisa dad calm and dad is da double D toss me a quick email, let me know what you're up to and we can kind of go from there.

00:59:58.110 --> 01:00:08.340 Pat Duckworth: I can tell you it's very worthwhile because i've done some of lisa's soul sales and we've had some good times together we've even been to Iceland, not the super league care.

01:00:08.370 --> 01:00:09.510 We entered Iceland.

01:00:10.770 --> 01:00:12.390 Pat Duckworth: And we could tell you a lot of stories about.

01:00:13.710 --> 01:00:14.700 Pat Duckworth: Stories as well.

01:00:15.120 --> 01:00:23.610 Pat Duckworth: But moving on from that Thank you so much Lisa for sharing that Thank you to everybody who's listening, if you need more help with your mentor paul's.

01:00:23.940 --> 01:00:34.800 Pat Duckworth: You can buy hot women cool solutions on Amazon, you can contact me pat at pat I have lots more that I can tell you.

01:00:35.220 --> 01:00:46.770 Pat Duckworth: Thank you today to my producer kyle stay tuned because next up is dismantle racism with Reverend Dr tlc when she'll be talking about the wake up call.

01:00:47.430 --> 01:00:58.770 Pat Duckworth: and have a brilliant week next week, I will be talking to my guest David dashing and tamra Green, you do not want to miss that it's gonna be a great conversation thanks again see you next week.

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