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Tuesday, August 24, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/24 - Music on the Fly fishing in the Smokies with Charles Humphrey III

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/24 - Music on the Fly fishing in the Smokies with Charles Humphrey III


2021/08/24 - Music on the Fly fishing in the Smokies with Charles Humphrey III

[NEW EPISODE] Music on the Fly (fishing) in the Smokies with Charles Humphrey III

Today's guest of Gateway to the Smokies Podcast is Charles Humphrey III, a Grammy Award-winning Songwriter, Producer and Musician. Currently leading his own group – the Songs from the Road Band – Humphrey was a charter member of the acclaimed Steep Canyon Rangers for 15 years and performed around the world.

Aside from being a musician, he is also an expert fly-fishing guide and endurance runner. Joseph and Charles will talk about Music on the Fly (fishing) in the Smokies.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tonight’s show starts off with special announcements from tonight’s sponsors. Then host Joseph, introduces special guest Charles Humphrey III. Charles introduces himself and how he got into to begin with back in middle school and how it followed him through college and after. He explained how music helped him through a transitional time in his life and how blessed he felt because of it.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Joseph brings out a quote from a magazine coverage from Charles and his bluegrass band. Charles explains bluegrass and the significance of this quote. With his band, Charles wants to spread joy with his audience through his music. He talks about the record label that he founded and shares the story of how it was named. Before the break, Charles talks about fly fishing and how he finds it very meditating. He loves doing it with others and connects it to his songwriting, in that he loves collaborating with others as well. He talks about some of his favorite song writing collaborations.

Segment 3

This segment of tonight’s episode talks about a songwriting bootcamp that Charles is partnering up with in order to create a community of new and old songwriters to get together and create music. A great opportunity for new writers to meet and learn from more experienced writers and for older writers to collaborate with each other and get fresh new ideas. The conversation goes back to fly fishing, where Charles talks more about his favorite locations to fish. He drops ways to contact Charles and his company in order to find out more about trout ventures and other fly fishing related questions.

Segment 4

Charles starts the last segment with a small story. He then goes through his go to places to visit that he recommends to visitors. He gives great taco place recommendations and parks to visit. The podcast ends with Host Joseph announcing more special events and announcements from sponsors.


00:03:18.480 --> 00:03:30.480 Joseph McElroy: hey welcome to the gateway to the smokies podcast this podcast is about america's most this asheville parks great smoky mountains National Park in the surrounding towns.

00:03:30.960 --> 00:03:39.810 Joseph McElroy: there's areas filled with ancient natural beauty and deep storied history and rich mountain cultures that we explore with weekly episodes.

00:03:40.320 --> 00:03:52.440 Joseph McElroy: I am Joseph Franklin mcilroy man of the world, but also deep roots in these mountains my family is living the great smoky for over 200 years my businesses and travel, but my heart is in culture.

00:03:53.340 --> 00:04:00.510 Joseph McElroy: Today we're talking about music and fly fishing and the map in the smokes the first time will tell you about our sponsors.

00:04:01.710 --> 00:04:05.460 Joseph McElroy: So I want you to imagine a place evocative of motor code.

00:04:08.310 --> 00:04:14.880 Joseph McElroy: path monitored and vibrate with the bleaching feel a place for adventure and for relaxation.

00:04:15.300 --> 00:04:24.330 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place where you can fish in a mountain here this trout stream grill the catch on fire, he accompanied by the fine line or craft beers of this area.

00:04:24.690 --> 00:04:39.450 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place of old time music and world cultural sounds there are no, there is no other place like meadowlark motel and Maggie valley North Carolina your smoky mountain adventure starts with where you stay.

00:04:40.560 --> 00:04:42.930 Joseph McElroy: we're at the metal Arc motels actually having a.

00:04:44.580 --> 00:04:53.490 Joseph McElroy: Traditional mountain heritage event, this weekend call traditional skills and naturalist weekend it's going from Friday to Saturday Sunday.

00:04:53.910 --> 00:05:04.800 Joseph McElroy: And they're going to talk about didn't sing in the mountain and granny medicine herbs and explore the law of the mountains and we know lectures and wanderings entertaining.

00:05:09.900 --> 00:05:12.060 Joseph McElroy: Music seven o'clock on.

00:05:13.530 --> 00:05:25.650 Joseph McElroy: William return some Scottish Highland heritage music for Mike ogletree and Saturday there'll be wild flowers and native plants of appalachian with the tour guide them naturalist Adam bigelow who's on this show.

00:05:26.190 --> 00:05:32.850 Joseph McElroy: we're going to have the healing powers in history of jin sang with novelists and naturals Jim have Hamilton.

00:05:33.930 --> 00:05:37.290 Joseph McElroy: there's going to be medicinal herbs and granny medicine with.

00:05:38.910 --> 00:05:48.690 Joseph McElroy: Herbal naturalists and there's gonna be a program by the Tyson sampson the claim charity naturalist and historian and lecture.

00:05:49.620 --> 00:05:58.260 Joseph McElroy: there's gonna be an afternoon of woods wandering and discussions, we met with them now naturalist tour guide lecturer and author abby our tummies yeah.

00:05:59.190 --> 00:06:06.480 Joseph McElroy: there's gonna be a hair live the seed discussion with the claim naturalist historian farmer and musician William remember who was on this show.

00:06:10.080 --> 00:06:16.680 Joseph McElroy: me needing more like on Sunday morning as you're leaving their mission Gospel music and bluegrass.

00:06:17.280 --> 00:06:29.880 Joseph McElroy: You know inspired music and so it's gonna be a great weekend go go to bed like motel calm look into the smoky mountain heritage Center to find out information about getting tickets are just coming stay at the hotel all the guests go free.

00:06:31.560 --> 00:06:46.260 Joseph McElroy: Today we're talking like I said we're talking about music and fly fishing and we have a great guest Charles Humphrey The third is a grammy award winning songwriter producer and musician and owner of lux dumpy toad records.

00:06:47.220 --> 00:06:59.940 Joseph McElroy: And it doesn't do his talents as a musician Charles is also an expert fly fishing fishing guide and an endurance runner and resides with this family in asheville North Carolina hello, Charles.

00:07:00.270 --> 00:07:01.590 arlo humphrey: hey Joseph how you doing buddy.

00:07:01.950 --> 00:07:03.270 Joseph McElroy: i'm doing pretty good.

00:07:03.840 --> 00:07:06.480 arlo humphrey: So me on the show it's honor to be here.

00:07:09.360 --> 00:07:28.380 Joseph McElroy: happy to be honoring me actually I appreciate, you know the i've looked at your work and you really are tremendous you know you have a tremendous resume frankly, but you but you grew up in greenville North Carolina which is out East I think that's where ecu is right, yes.

00:07:29.430 --> 00:07:32.100 Joseph McElroy: And, and you love ball sports and.

00:07:32.100 --> 00:07:37.290 Joseph McElroy: What surfing, and you attended and unc Chapel hill I put on my do cat now.

00:07:38.040 --> 00:07:38.880 arlo humphrey: Oh, please.

00:07:43.860 --> 00:07:44.670 arlo humphrey: nobody's perfect.

00:07:44.940 --> 00:07:47.880 Joseph McElroy: nobody's perfect I got the same thing to say about you, but.

00:07:49.980 --> 00:07:58.440 Joseph McElroy: But you did you did you did study classical bass bass there so i'll give you a pass you put on the sophisticated as a little bit.

00:08:00.780 --> 00:08:07.410 Joseph McElroy: and international studies and you focus on economics and Latin America, and your plan was certain.

00:08:09.660 --> 00:08:19.080 Joseph McElroy: Costa Rica, so he wrote grammy award winning musician living in asheville North Carolina so my big question is, why did you pick the smoky mountains.

00:08:20.250 --> 00:08:22.830 arlo humphrey: Well, the music brought me here for sure.

00:08:23.520 --> 00:08:26.700 arlo humphrey: it's a rich cultural area and.

00:08:26.790 --> 00:08:34.710 arlo humphrey: i've been playing music full time since college and it brought me to asheville there's a lot to learn there's a lot of shares a lot of places to perform.

00:08:35.040 --> 00:08:42.600 arlo humphrey: A lot of inspiration and these mountains and it's also easy to get in other markets, you know, six, eight hours in any direction you can be in a.

00:08:43.080 --> 00:08:48.570 arlo humphrey: New musical market so it's a good place to base if you're traveling musician as well, but.

00:08:48.990 --> 00:09:00.540 arlo humphrey: Always love the beach I always grew up like say fishing and surfing there, but I absolutely fell in love with the mountains made in my home, you know gotten to running and fishing and music and I can't imagine living anywhere else now.

00:09:01.500 --> 00:09:07.800 Joseph McElroy: And for those of you listening, whether you going to visit here, it just made a major a major point you're probably with it.

00:09:10.050 --> 00:09:22.290 Joseph McElroy: it's easily of getting to know right it's one of the natural wonders of the planet, but you can get here within a few hours, a lot of cases so Charles you know you mentioned, you had a.

00:09:23.610 --> 00:09:32.130 Joseph McElroy: You have a really great resume and we'll talk a little bit more about it, but when you were a kid were you into music, did you have your own band growing up or something like that.

00:09:33.090 --> 00:09:39.720 arlo humphrey: I started music in middle school in the orchestra, mainly as a way to get out of class.

00:09:40.680 --> 00:09:49.830 arlo humphrey: And started on violin and transition to the upright bass didn't play in high school, I was more into sports and then my freshman year college.

00:09:50.370 --> 00:09:54.630 arlo humphrey: First week, I was there I had this dream that I was in Carnegie Hall, and my buddy Pearl.

00:09:55.140 --> 00:10:05.430 arlo humphrey: Who we used to cut up with on the upright bass bass section and middle school was show me how to play the upright bass I started remember and all these things i'd learned years ago it was like a life changing dream.

00:10:05.790 --> 00:10:18.540 arlo humphrey: The very next day, I went out and signed up for classical bass lessons just on my own at the university and then it turns out, you know, several years later, one of my first gigs touring around.

00:10:19.740 --> 00:10:24.270 arlo humphrey: With Steve Martin we actually got to play Carnegie Hall, so it was a dream come true, I thought that was kind of cool.

00:10:26.640 --> 00:10:29.220 Joseph McElroy: It is nice when your childhood dreams come true.

00:10:30.420 --> 00:10:32.040 Joseph McElroy: What was that was as.

00:10:32.040 --> 00:10:32.460 arlo humphrey: far as.

00:10:32.850 --> 00:10:36.690 arlo humphrey: As far as growing up with music, though, you know, I was around a lot of country music.

00:10:37.230 --> 00:10:48.960 arlo humphrey: From my grandfather and that extensive music collection and then, in my dad and I have a younger sister, and if we were misbehaving in the car the punishment was he'd put on our stuffs wants across Texas, because we hated it.

00:10:49.650 --> 00:10:53.700 arlo humphrey: And that was our punishment, but I kind of learned to love that awesome.

00:10:56.340 --> 00:11:09.030 Joseph McElroy: So you you in college, you did form some friends and relationships with friends you end up creating a you know your claim band is the steep Canyon Rangers and you're with a few.

00:11:10.950 --> 00:11:11.730 Joseph McElroy: years.

00:11:12.750 --> 00:11:20.160 Joseph McElroy: And you but you all started that in college, I mean that's sort of interesting for you to be cut, did you feel like you, are professional Museum in college musician in college.

00:11:20.880 --> 00:11:32.460 arlo humphrey: I think a lot of bands that start out in college start out as friends and have a good launch pad because people come from different backgrounds and people are looking for things to do you know I think that's a classic story.

00:11:33.540 --> 00:11:38.520 arlo humphrey: But i've really had to work at my craft of music and songwriting especially to hone it.

00:11:38.910 --> 00:11:52.200 arlo humphrey: To a place and put in your time and travel and learn the business side of things, as well as the the performance to truly become professional but it's always been fun and you know if you're doing something you love, they say you never work a day in your life.

00:11:52.680 --> 00:12:00.870 Joseph McElroy: Where you know, then you decided to go out and explore your own your own creativity and different venues.

00:12:02.160 --> 00:12:08.850 Joseph McElroy: And that must have been a difficult decision to do that's like that's like a life transition right, so you went.

00:12:10.920 --> 00:12:19.860 Joseph McElroy: out and bought thing that was in your youth and then you started approaching middle age let's say you were in middle age approaching it and and you.

00:12:20.640 --> 00:12:29.160 Joseph McElroy: And you really you know went out developed other creative venues other things that you're doing was it difficult to make that transition for you.

00:12:30.420 --> 00:12:40.770 arlo humphrey: Well songs from the road band started in 2004 as a recording project project based around myself mark shema can say important who are still in the band kind of been the core.

00:12:41.220 --> 00:12:49.230 arlo humphrey: And we've always supplemented it with friends and other local all stars to put out it started as a recording band, where we would just.

00:12:49.470 --> 00:12:57.270 arlo humphrey: record songs and share them to the world and then about five or six years ago, we had the opportunity to put the band on the road full time, so we did that.

00:12:57.780 --> 00:13:09.360 arlo humphrey: And it's been very rewarding in 2019 we played over 200 shows in one year we're really beating down the road and then, as everyone knows, covert hit not put the brakes on everything.

00:13:09.870 --> 00:13:20.940 arlo humphrey: And that was a time of transition for me i'd always song or it and a lot of it was virtual that during that time, I think I wrote like 140 songs all co written with other people.

00:13:21.300 --> 00:13:31.410 arlo humphrey: From from right here, where i'm sitting now just like this on a zoom meeting and also opened up the opportunity to become professional fishing guide, which is something that always pursued as a hobby before.

00:13:31.980 --> 00:13:38.070 arlo humphrey: So there were some Those are some of the blessings of the strange times we've been coming through recently.

00:13:39.030 --> 00:13:51.060 Joseph McElroy: So you know I wanted to ask you a question about the name of the band i'm always fascinated by names, a new called it, you guys call it songs from the road, a road band.

00:13:51.570 --> 00:13:52.530 arlo humphrey: Is there you know.

00:13:52.590 --> 00:13:59.160 arlo humphrey: it's an interesting story, the first record was just called songs from the road, because they were songs that i've written my traveling the road.

00:13:59.610 --> 00:14:06.120 arlo humphrey: And then we kept making records, so it kind of became songs on the road band, by default, and then we would title, the different records.

00:14:06.510 --> 00:14:17.580 arlo humphrey: So I don't think I ever truly got a chance to just sit down and think of hey what really cool band name would make this band extremely popular nobody's ever heard of it so.

00:14:17.940 --> 00:14:21.540 arlo humphrey: We might have missed the button identity but that's where the name came from.

00:14:22.410 --> 00:14:35.760 Joseph McElroy: Well it's interesting because you just mentioned, you went on the road 200 times right, so you sort of named your band the brand that you are living it's all kind of authentic you're like an authentic brand.

00:14:36.210 --> 00:14:36.900 arlo humphrey: Right yes.

00:14:36.960 --> 00:14:40.890 arlo humphrey: We are the troubadours we have probably slept on your couch or.

00:14:42.270 --> 00:14:53.520 arlo humphrey: Your van or bus or train or plane and inspire it's an inspiring way of life it's a hard way of life, I don't think I ever want to go back to doing that many shows a year.

00:14:53.790 --> 00:15:03.120 arlo humphrey: yeah we're kind of stepping back and try to you know stay relevant in certain markets work on the records and play the festivals, and in bigger venues.

00:15:04.050 --> 00:15:10.800 Joseph McElroy: Well cool so um we're going to take a break, right now, when we come back we'll talk more about your music and then we'll get into that life.

00:15:12.090 --> 00:15:14.220 arlo humphrey: yeah man let's do it sounds good talk about.

00:17:33.060 --> 00:17:43.050 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest Charles Humphrey the third so Charles.

00:17:44.280 --> 00:17:55.860 Joseph McElroy: I was reading on your website and there was a quote, that said that your your band songs from the road band is considered the epitome of a new grass band so tell me what is new grass.

00:17:56.970 --> 00:18:04.500 arlo humphrey: Man, you know that's an interesting question I guess well bluegrass is a relatively new form of music started in 1946 with.

00:18:05.100 --> 00:18:14.610 arlo humphrey: bill Monroe and the other first generation pioneers like the Stanley brothers and Earl scruggs and there was a band that came along, new grass revival and they seemed a little.

00:18:15.570 --> 00:18:16.320 Joseph McElroy: little different.

00:18:16.350 --> 00:18:26.340 arlo humphrey: Little more aggressive style play covers, and you know they were considered just you know, for the time just groundbreaking and i've always been one of my favorite bands still are.

00:18:27.180 --> 00:18:35.010 arlo humphrey: And you go back and listen to that stuff now and it's almost like it sounds traditional compared to some of the new stuff that's coming out, I mean you've got pioneers like.

00:18:36.630 --> 00:18:42.870 arlo humphrey: Green sky blue grass and billy strings that are using acoustic instruments, but basically playing rock and roll and.

00:18:43.260 --> 00:18:49.110 arlo humphrey: Turning people on to bluegrass i've never even heard of the genre which is is good for everyone, you know the.

00:18:49.590 --> 00:18:59.310 arlo humphrey: rising tide raises all the boats and we kind of fall somewhere in between there we've got a deep respect for traditional music and incorporated into our sound.

00:18:59.760 --> 00:19:14.610 arlo humphrey: As well as bringing in outside of music and doing it in a style and our records have typically been more traditional than the live show, sometimes in the live show we will incorporate or big lights and.

00:19:14.970 --> 00:19:26.670 arlo humphrey: Our favorite crowd to play for are just people that love music not people that are there to see 30 bands that are all considered the same random music, which is fine, too, so.

00:19:27.960 --> 00:19:37.050 arlo humphrey: I guess it's based around the songwriting and the harmony singing and the improvement in provides solos within the format of the song.

00:19:37.890 --> 00:19:42.840 arlo humphrey: So I don't know what's new grass what's old grass, but.

00:19:43.320 --> 00:19:54.300 arlo humphrey: You know we're trying to bring something new to it and keep the music alive basically spread joy through music make people happy, let them forget about their everyday worries and when they're spending their hard earned money to see some loud music.

00:19:55.140 --> 00:20:11.580 Joseph McElroy: I I love that I mean you know, I think that the essences you know is there's a joy bluegrass that this catching I motel we play when people come in there's bluegrass play, and you know you see people just light up with it.

00:20:12.060 --> 00:20:12.480 arlo humphrey: That is a.

00:20:13.440 --> 00:20:14.460 That is a great spot.

00:20:16.320 --> 00:20:20.520 arlo humphrey: Is it right there on the river and Maggie valley it's it's a really nice but.

00:20:20.970 --> 00:20:25.080 Joseph McElroy: cool so you know i've had a number of bluegrass musicians come through here.

00:20:26.160 --> 00:20:35.430 Joseph McElroy: You know, one or two of them, I mentioned that you know the that there's a there's a real deep respect for tradition, but sometimes it becomes also.

00:20:36.240 --> 00:20:48.810 Joseph McElroy: hard and fast rule that somebody actually use the phrase there's a bluegrass mafia out there that won't you won't let you introduce new things do you find that sometimes sort of the stuff that you guys want to do to do it's hard to introduce.

00:20:49.380 --> 00:20:54.360 arlo humphrey: Well, not anymore, I mean i've been doing this for 25 years, and you know played.

00:20:54.810 --> 00:21:07.830 arlo humphrey: upright bass for 20 of that now i'm playing electric bass and I don't feel like I have to prove anything anybody, but I will tell you this, when I was young man fought like hell, to get into that traditional scene and once I got there, I felt like hell, to get out of it.

00:21:12.390 --> 00:21:13.260 Joseph McElroy: To get to do.

00:21:14.880 --> 00:21:15.270 arlo humphrey: I was.

00:21:15.390 --> 00:21:16.470 Joseph McElroy: I was just fishing with.

00:21:16.500 --> 00:21:17.250 arlo humphrey: My good buddy.

00:21:18.660 --> 00:21:22.320 arlo humphrey: David long yesterday, and he was like Charles you remember the first time we met.

00:21:23.100 --> 00:21:39.300 arlo humphrey: I was like not really tell me remind me and he said, we were at this festival, I was playing with the wildwood valley boys and the Stanley brothers were there, Jim and Jesse were there Ralph Stanley was there I was like man it's awesome I forgot know about that.

00:21:40.320 --> 00:21:43.590 arlo humphrey: We I told him that line he had about the same reaction as you.

00:21:45.750 --> 00:21:53.700 Joseph McElroy: well know it's true, I think that a lot of times you know when you're young you really work to get into acceptance in a certain area and then all of a sudden, you realize.

00:21:54.090 --> 00:22:03.690 Joseph McElroy: boy it's constraining me from what I really want to do well, so i'm glad you i'm glad you mentioned it to make your way out there because you're doing some great work now.

00:22:03.720 --> 00:22:06.690 arlo humphrey: Well, you know we like to have a foot in in all places.

00:22:07.650 --> 00:22:13.080 Joseph McElroy: So you yeah I mean you doing all this stuff touring writing setting out went out, you know all that.

00:22:17.460 --> 00:22:23.310 Joseph McElroy: You wrongs right, I know you did a lot of the important songs in the past that that you've been done for.

00:22:24.750 --> 00:22:32.310 Joseph McElroy: You also started a record label what is looks dumpy toad records represent and what's the name stand for.

00:22:32.670 --> 00:22:33.930 arlo humphrey: yeah that's a good question.

00:22:35.190 --> 00:22:40.050 arlo humphrey: Another one of those situations where maybe not enough time was put into selecting the name.

00:22:41.790 --> 00:22:49.800 arlo humphrey: Well, I had that first song from the road band record coming out and it was about to be released and I was having to register all the songs I didn't have time.

00:22:50.430 --> 00:23:02.370 arlo humphrey: to vet the names there's a kind of a timeline with when you're choosing your publishing company names, where you turn in what your top choices are and if it's already taken you didn't get it.

00:23:03.810 --> 00:23:06.750 arlo humphrey: And I was pretty sure that name hadn't been taken.

00:23:09.570 --> 00:23:10.500 arlo humphrey: It was just someone.

00:23:11.760 --> 00:23:14.880 arlo humphrey: Saying my best friend from childhood had.

00:23:16.380 --> 00:23:18.420 arlo humphrey: made up when night when I was visiting him in.

00:23:18.420 --> 00:23:26.520 arlo humphrey: wilmington North Carolina and I was like I have no idea what that means, but it's kind of fun to say I was like nobody else has ever thought of this i'm going to put this out.

00:23:27.060 --> 00:23:33.750 arlo humphrey: As the publishing company which became the record label for a lot of independent releases and that's the story behind the name.

00:23:33.990 --> 00:23:40.770 Joseph McElroy: All right, well it's it's as good as any right yeah sometimes it over intellectualizing names make them on fox.

00:23:42.570 --> 00:23:44.820 Joseph McElroy: So we're located national.

00:23:45.360 --> 00:23:51.690 arlo humphrey: Live right here in West asheville North Carolina to two children spend a lot of time in North Carolina.

00:23:52.350 --> 00:24:02.910 arlo humphrey: And then, with the fishing i'm traveling a whole lot of with high trout is the name of the company i'll work with and we got in North Georgia Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee.

00:24:03.390 --> 00:24:11.700 arlo humphrey: So there's a lot of getting up at 5am and driving two or three hours to be on the River by sunrise and fishing all day and drive them back, but boy do I love it.

00:24:12.150 --> 00:24:14.370 Joseph McElroy: yeah Well, no, I mean.

00:24:18.180 --> 00:24:22.320 Joseph McElroy: With diverse diverse diverse passions is, I think.

00:24:23.460 --> 00:24:34.650 Joseph McElroy: is really you know, makes the life that you want to leave because you know, can you can have some access discussing notable endeavors and some of them are big successes, but some are successes for yourself.

00:24:35.040 --> 00:24:47.130 Joseph McElroy: And those are purchases important absolutely is there any success that you've had just for yourself, you know related to say fishing with your you know it's you know talk about a lot that you really feel proud of.

00:24:49.680 --> 00:24:51.690 arlo humphrey: Well i've taken a lot of leaps of faith.

00:24:53.310 --> 00:25:05.130 arlo humphrey: I few years ago I bought a salt water boat and pitched a lot in oriental North Carolina and enjoy doing stuff like that for old drum and black drum and speckled trout and.

00:25:06.720 --> 00:25:14.640 arlo humphrey: flounder and all kinds of stuff and really made some good friends over at endurance seafood that Bruno family their commercial fisherman and area and he.

00:25:15.210 --> 00:25:30.600 arlo humphrey: kind of showed me how to Tom on hang on net and do some net fishing and a record with a recreational license just trying to it came from a love of the area and wanting to learn about the fishing industry there and then you know, going from.

00:25:31.650 --> 00:25:41.160 arlo humphrey: Primarily 99% euro nipping fly fishing style to undertaking the drift boat and guiding from the boat and have people float.

00:25:42.000 --> 00:25:44.880 arlo humphrey: You know that was a leap of faith to and really enjoyed that so.

00:25:45.360 --> 00:25:58.770 arlo humphrey: I think, whenever I try something new that I don't know about I kind of go all in on it and just try to learn as much as I can spend as much time about it, and then, when you when it comes kind of second nature, you start to feel comfortable with it, I think that's a personal success.

00:26:00.330 --> 00:26:15.540 Joseph McElroy: Is there um do you find you know fly fishing in a way, is almost meditative and you're on the River by yourself and then I imagine that songwriting most of the time to sort of a meditative by yourself, is there is there a relationship, but you find his way thing.

00:26:17.760 --> 00:26:30.030 arlo humphrey: was just by yourself, but I actually prefer to do both with other people, I mean I love fishing with other people have as much fun as watching somebody who's just learning or someone catch it personal best fish.

00:26:30.780 --> 00:26:39.420 arlo humphrey: just watching them meet one of their goals is I do doing it myself, because I kind of get the fish all the time, so I love seeing other people do it, and when it comes to songwriting I really like to co write.

00:26:39.900 --> 00:26:50.580 arlo humphrey: Because you get this camaraderie kind of like you and I are doing here we're doing this show we're working off each other we're going off our first impressions and so you're creating something out of nothing and you've got.

00:26:51.360 --> 00:26:57.000 arlo humphrey: More first impressions to filter and shape into a song that you both can be proud of, so.

00:26:57.690 --> 00:27:08.280 arlo humphrey: You know there's there may be the guy out there who only fishes by himself and only uses one dry fly and only matches the hatch and you know, whatever but there's also people that like to fish together so.

00:27:08.550 --> 00:27:12.480 arlo humphrey: I think you can get out of it, what you put into it or shape it to what you want it to be.

00:27:13.170 --> 00:27:15.840 Joseph McElroy: cool yeah that reminds me there was a big.

00:27:19.230 --> 00:27:25.290 Joseph McElroy: thing where there's a guy that was and somewhere in the South who asked that he couldn't find.

00:27:26.700 --> 00:27:33.960 Joseph McElroy: Somebody to go fishing with him and he got an overwhelming response from guys all over the South to be his fishing buddy.

00:27:34.260 --> 00:27:43.230 Joseph McElroy: And they didn't care that he was gay, so it was a really heartwarming thing to see you know and counter counter to what the you know, sometimes the southern stereotype is.

00:27:44.310 --> 00:27:50.310 Joseph McElroy: You know, because it seems that you know fishing crosses all boundaries and all yeah I think.

00:27:50.310 --> 00:28:01.830 arlo humphrey: Fishing and music brings people together in general, just like you say crossing boundaries or however you want to look at it different lifestyles kind of the same thing that experience i've had with the ultra running to.

00:28:02.370 --> 00:28:02.760 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:28:03.060 --> 00:28:13.380 arlo humphrey: You have people going out there running these you know marathons 50 K 50 miler event 200 miler events and they come from all walks of life, you know all.

00:28:14.040 --> 00:28:18.300 arlo humphrey: Just nobody's alike, but they had this one thing in common, which is ultra running.

00:28:18.960 --> 00:28:24.810 arlo humphrey: And they're usually pretty decent people because they have at least enough discipline to train their body to build accomplish a goal like that.

00:28:25.140 --> 00:28:33.840 arlo humphrey: And once you get out there and meet him for the first time and you're suffering together, you have this like instant bond, and you just make all these great friends from different walks of life.

00:28:34.410 --> 00:28:49.290 arlo humphrey: And that's another great thing about the smoky mountains in this area is that, just like there are thousands of miles of great trout streams of all varieties of fishing and styles of trout they're equally as many mountains trails and places to run an explorer.

00:28:50.580 --> 00:29:01.380 Joseph McElroy: So i'm sensing the common theme you you you love co creation right and now so cool who is who's your favorite co writers.

00:29:02.250 --> 00:29:08.280 arlo humphrey: And Jim lauderdale sure people have heard of him the King of broken hearts and.

00:29:09.420 --> 00:29:13.620 arlo humphrey: Right, a lot of a guy in nashville Marty datsun we've had some success we've got to.

00:29:14.100 --> 00:29:26.550 arlo humphrey: be a Nick dolphin a road and I wrote a song it's been that number one for five weeks in a row now and the bluegrass today grass account a chart it's a single that'll be our upcoming record from songs to the road man titled amarillo blue.

00:29:27.690 --> 00:29:31.590 arlo humphrey: Sean camp Charlie Chamberlain feel Barker.

00:29:33.480 --> 00:29:34.650 Tom use.

00:29:36.390 --> 00:29:39.540 arlo humphrey: there's so many people are right with i'm sure i'm leaving some names out but.

00:29:39.930 --> 00:29:42.720 Joseph McElroy: who happen to read with it, wrote, with its you want to write with.

00:29:43.800 --> 00:29:48.930 arlo humphrey: Oh man that's a good question you know I kind of want to write with whoever who sells a lot of records.

00:29:53.880 --> 00:29:56.160 Joseph McElroy: Right i'll let them do all the writing and i'll take credit.

00:29:58.170 --> 00:30:02.670 arlo humphrey: that's the ticket man i'll tell you listeners right now, if you want to get cuts right with the artist.

00:30:03.750 --> 00:30:04.200 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:30:05.430 --> 00:30:13.200 Joseph McElroy: that's the secret all right, when we come back let's explore more about your efficient in your long distance endurance stuff, which are all both incredible.

00:30:13.560 --> 00:30:14.760 arlo humphrey: sounds good let's do.

00:30:18.780 --> 00:30:21.060 Joseph McElroy: manacles and how it impacts on your life.

00:32:47.670 --> 00:32:59.730 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest Charles Humphrey the third so Charles I would be remiss, not to mention that.

00:33:00.420 --> 00:33:11.100 Joseph McElroy: you're planning, along with Bob plot, who is the general manager of the metal art smoky mountain heritage Center an exciting new songwriter camp.

00:33:12.180 --> 00:33:12.900 Joseph McElroy: We are.

00:33:12.960 --> 00:33:20.880 arlo humphrey: Bob Bob and i've been talking a lot about that and we're very excited about it, he had he shares and enthusiasm for all things.

00:33:21.810 --> 00:33:25.050 arlo humphrey: Relating to the culture of Western North Carolina and love songwriting.

00:33:25.530 --> 00:33:32.550 arlo humphrey: And so I jumped at the opportunity to host an event such a beautiful place where you've got the built in lodging and venue and everything.

00:33:32.910 --> 00:33:40.950 arlo humphrey: And we think that's going to happen in the spring, potentially April and there's a good chance that you'll see myself and some other people like.

00:33:41.610 --> 00:33:48.300 arlo humphrey: Potentially Jim lauderdale Sean camp and we'll bring in a handful of writers and lodge them and feed them and.

00:33:48.630 --> 00:34:03.660 arlo humphrey: and work with them and share stories and show them how the recording process works talk about song pitching jam together, do you know guitar swaps and it's going to be a really neat opportunity for people that love the craft of songwriting.

00:34:04.410 --> 00:34:09.750 Joseph McElroy: cool and I think you're, you said you might be setting up a little studio to do some put put together something rather there.

00:34:10.080 --> 00:34:16.230 arlo humphrey: yeah you know I think it's important for these people to see the process of our work tape or a DEMO tape might be made.

00:34:16.680 --> 00:34:26.550 arlo humphrey: So we'll definitely let everybody get a taste of that as well, and you know i'm sure there'll be some songs born out of being at the camp and the writers out of there, which is always exciting.

00:34:27.330 --> 00:34:29.940 Joseph McElroy: Now, everything is mostly just for real aspiring.

00:34:31.080 --> 00:34:34.860 Joseph McElroy: songwriters is a serious fans aficionados be.

00:34:34.980 --> 00:34:36.360 Joseph McElroy: Man, well, I think.

00:34:36.420 --> 00:34:45.420 arlo humphrey: Any level would be welcome, you know just with a range of talent, we have there obviously everyone could get something out of it, but you know it could just be like.

00:34:47.130 --> 00:34:50.970 arlo humphrey: I don't know, to me it would be like going to Disney world of as a songwriter you know.

00:34:51.900 --> 00:35:04.590 arlo humphrey: Work with people that calor caliber and such a neat location, I mean it could be a total beginner or could be an accomplished songwriter that you know, I was looking for a getaway and wants to be around some great people and create some music.

00:35:05.400 --> 00:35:14.610 Joseph McElroy: I think that being involved in the creative process, and even if you don't actually have professional ambitions, is the one of the most beautiful experiences, you can have.

00:35:15.630 --> 00:35:19.560 Joseph McElroy: In terms of you know, finding some life experiences.

00:35:21.450 --> 00:35:23.010 Joseph McElroy: Absolutely, well, I know.

00:35:24.660 --> 00:35:29.880 arlo humphrey: People that love music or one to one to learn how to write or just curious about it.

00:35:30.180 --> 00:35:39.660 arlo humphrey: I mean everybody's got a story everybody's got inspiration everybody could have input and when you're co writing you know you draw on the strength of your other writers and it may be somebody that.

00:35:40.230 --> 00:35:48.300 arlo humphrey: Is you know got 50 number one hits or maybe somebody is their first time but they've got a great story about their grandma grandpa and it could turn into a great song.

00:35:49.020 --> 00:35:54.630 Joseph McElroy: cool and you know we have a nice little nice little trust string right there on the property called the.

00:35:54.630 --> 00:35:58.440 arlo humphrey: Job man, I saw that I saw that is a nice little trout stream.

00:35:58.470 --> 00:36:04.290 Joseph McElroy: it's about inherently strong so maybe you can the one of the brakes could be taking people out there, doing some fly fishing right.

00:36:05.160 --> 00:36:07.890 arlo humphrey: Absolutely, that is a wonderful area, the country to find.

00:36:08.280 --> 00:36:20.310 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah so you have actually be you've mentioned it before, but you become quite an expert, I mean people talk about it you're an expert in fly fishing and actually in guided tours around the North care.

00:36:24.060 --> 00:36:27.000 Joseph McElroy: How did you what what spurred that decision.

00:36:27.540 --> 00:36:31.230 arlo humphrey: Well, Dan sasser who started high trout god's.

00:36:32.550 --> 00:36:40.470 arlo humphrey: contacted me on the recommendation of a mutual friend, and that is a guide and fly shop owner in western North Carolina.

00:36:41.010 --> 00:36:48.240 arlo humphrey: And we hit it off right off the BAT you know we really got along really shared a passion and a common vision of not just.

00:36:48.660 --> 00:37:00.720 arlo humphrey: You know run an efficient business, but making it an experience and focusing on education and really you know, making it something special for the people that come out there, you know and.

00:37:01.650 --> 00:37:19.350 arlo humphrey: it's just been a blessing to work with him and work with somebody that that as so enthusiastic about fishing and so knowledgeable and they want to teach the euro style of fishing, which some people call it tight line nymph thing or contact name thing and basically.

00:37:20.550 --> 00:37:26.520 arlo humphrey: you're not making big cast like brad Pitt and river runs through it you've got a long lightweight rod.

00:37:27.180 --> 00:37:33.630 arlo humphrey: With thin line hardly indicator and small bugs and you're working on getting a perfect dead drift the full these fish.

00:37:33.960 --> 00:37:39.390 arlo humphrey: These huge fish, you know they probably two or 300 of these tiny, tiny bugs all year round.

00:37:39.720 --> 00:37:46.290 arlo humphrey: And by not using corks and bombers and all this other stuff you're not scaring them and you're kind of dissection the river and then you hook into these.

00:37:46.590 --> 00:37:57.600 arlo humphrey: Beautiful fish and have a chance to to land them properly, we teach people how to do that and then how to handle them and hopefully release them to be called another day and it's.

00:37:58.470 --> 00:38:04.800 Joseph McElroy: what's a what's a what's a big for trout at the spot these these trout streams in the mountains.

00:38:04.980 --> 00:38:09.960 arlo humphrey: Well it's interesting and we do everything you know, some people want to go up into the mountains and catch.

00:38:12.420 --> 00:38:19.080 arlo humphrey: wild fish or you know fish that have been born in the river and they love these colors of the beautiful.

00:38:19.560 --> 00:38:27.420 arlo humphrey: rainbows and rookies and rounds, which can be smaller fish but just as rewarding because you know they were born in the wild know beautiful colors and.

00:38:28.380 --> 00:38:42.150 arlo humphrey: Then there's areas of the rivers that are stocked with massive fish and there's some areas that are wild fisheries and then there's some areas that are privately managed waters and so we'll do whatever the client wants to do and I love it all.

00:38:42.180 --> 00:38:44.850 Joseph McElroy: So I don't want to offend any group of fishermen by.

00:38:44.850 --> 00:38:52.560 arlo humphrey: Saying one size fish one style of fishing one you know this or that it's better than the other, we love it all will do whatever they want to do.

00:38:52.920 --> 00:38:56.040 arlo humphrey: But I do have an affinity for fishing in North Georgia.

00:38:56.520 --> 00:39:12.870 arlo humphrey: Which is some of the private manage waters and the fish are very large they're huge and it's an opportunity for someone who's never caught a large trout to go out there and learn how to properly land efficient a lifetime on lightweight tackle.

00:39:13.560 --> 00:39:13.980 Joseph McElroy: and

00:39:14.190 --> 00:39:21.720 arlo humphrey: And you'll get to do it a lot, the whole day long so that way you know if you're back in your wild stream and you took the biggest fish you ever call you'll know how to land them and not just.

00:39:21.720 --> 00:39:23.640 break them off and it's.

00:39:25.140 --> 00:39:30.450 Joseph McElroy: At the Jonathan creek park I caught a 2222 inch fish rainbow once.

00:39:30.750 --> 00:39:31.200 So.

00:39:32.310 --> 00:39:33.240 arlo humphrey: That little creek.

00:39:33.330 --> 00:39:41.670 Joseph McElroy: That was big I was yeah was it, you know it's an interesting creek get stock but also has great little brown trout in there, but an ass right.

00:39:41.940 --> 00:39:42.450 Joseph McElroy: that's.

00:39:42.780 --> 00:39:55.290 arlo humphrey: What i've been fishing a lot over and Eastern Tennessee and because it's so hot now in western North Carolina you don't want to fish in temperatures are areas where the fish are going to get stressed out from catching them.

00:39:55.710 --> 00:40:04.020 arlo humphrey: In the water being too low temperature being too high, so we've been fishing a lot and damn released waters over in Tennessee where the water stays cold year round.

00:40:04.920 --> 00:40:14.820 arlo humphrey: And that's Another advantage of being able to get people on the boat too is you can fish in the middle of the summer, where the waters are still fishing well and they're healthy you're not going to hurt the fish.

00:40:15.270 --> 00:40:20.640 Joseph McElroy: Now you're planning on know, maybe doing a fly fishing camp over the middle there.

00:40:20.970 --> 00:40:22.170 arlo humphrey: we're going to do that we're going to work.

00:40:22.170 --> 00:40:30.120 arlo humphrey: With Bob plot and have high trout involved and we're going to do some areas of education, where we.

00:40:30.810 --> 00:40:35.790 arlo humphrey: Teach all things fly fishing and then we're going to take the people and go out and put them on the water and just have a.

00:40:36.360 --> 00:40:50.160 arlo humphrey: Big old time catching fish and telling lies and maybe have some some music and videos or something wind up the night camp fire, maybe it's that's going to be another great event for the Community for people that are interesting and fly fishing.

00:40:50.850 --> 00:40:55.920 Joseph McElroy: So how can people find more about this trout these trout ventures that you take people on.

00:40:56.520 --> 00:41:05.850 arlo humphrey: High where you can contact the company through the website through instagram through Facebook, you can also contact me.

00:41:06.210 --> 00:41:21.750 arlo humphrey: Directly all the information and rates, with the exception of private or fees are on the website, and we would love to entertain you like we have guaranteed adventure guaranteed education and I like to say a high chance of catching quality fish.

00:41:23.040 --> 00:41:24.600 arlo humphrey: But you know you can't control the weather and you.

00:41:24.600 --> 00:41:25.530 Joseph McElroy: can't control the bike.

00:41:25.710 --> 00:41:27.390 But I want to talk about this done.

00:41:29.070 --> 00:41:43.260 Joseph McElroy: So I want to talk about this, I read, I want, I want to talk about this, I read that you were inspired by Christopher mcdougall's bestseller born to run and then you've now become active directory or What was it about that book, then what and what do you do.

00:41:45.000 --> 00:41:51.060 arlo humphrey: I mean I got into it totally by mistake I picked that book up into the in the airport and changed my life.

00:41:52.140 --> 00:42:00.450 arlo humphrey: You know it's about his experience running with this tribe of natural born runners down in Mexico and they were on barefoot it's about these toe shoes and.

00:42:00.810 --> 00:42:12.780 arlo humphrey: went out and ran like seven or nine miles, I was like oh wow this is amazing and sells like oh i'm going to do a marathon I could never do that well, eventually, I found out that if you're running around here toe shoes aren't going to cut it because there's a lot of rocks.

00:42:12.810 --> 00:42:13.440 Joseph McElroy: So I got it.

00:42:15.090 --> 00:42:21.930 arlo humphrey: I did a marathon and I thought I was going to finish in like five hours or something I ended up doing it, and like three and a half, I had no idea.

00:42:22.590 --> 00:42:38.490 arlo humphrey: And so I did another one and I had to go faster than the first one, and after the second one, I was like hold on a second this running fast stuff is for the birds i'm never doing this, I want to see how far I can go not how fast, I can go, so I went from marathon to.

00:42:39.840 --> 00:42:51.030 arlo humphrey: mile or 224 hour race 200 miler eventually got into lottery of the Western states endurance run, which is kind of like the super bowl of ultra running they have.

00:42:51.780 --> 00:42:57.150 arlo humphrey: A certain number of pro spots and then a small amount of people are getting buy raffle and you run.

00:42:57.540 --> 00:43:08.670 arlo humphrey: From squaw valley to auburn California, to the Sierra Nevada mountains and it's 100 miles a year I did it the first it was over 100 degrees, the whole way in this first 16 miles of it was snow.

00:43:09.060 --> 00:43:18.270 arlo humphrey: It was a very good challenge, to say the least we're going along and jumping in these rivers, just to keep our body temperature down which, of course, leads that.

00:43:18.660 --> 00:43:28.590 arlo humphrey: Your shorts rubbing on your legs and all kinds of chafing and crazy stuff but I managed to make it through and that was one of the highlights of my running career.

00:43:29.550 --> 00:43:39.090 arlo humphrey: The other thing I like about the running as we mentioned touched on it before was the Community but we've been able to give back to the Community, a little bit like i'm the race director for.

00:43:39.870 --> 00:43:51.180 arlo humphrey: A 50 K ultra marathon that happens in North Carolina and benefits benefits the candidate Foundation, which is the nonprofit of Oskar blues and they do a lot of things like.

00:43:51.750 --> 00:44:01.140 arlo humphrey: trail maintenance flood relief tunes ambassadors, the band, and I get help them get instruments to kids in schools that need them and.

00:44:01.770 --> 00:44:13.800 arlo humphrey: We have not done the hullabaloo 50 K, the past two years, because the forest service has not been doing permits out of safety concerns, but we hope that it will be back in November of 2022.

00:44:14.310 --> 00:44:20.940 Joseph McElroy: wow well how do you how do you find that internal what is the training like, how do you how do you manage to do that.

00:44:23.820 --> 00:44:24.960 arlo humphrey: You run a lot.

00:44:25.410 --> 00:44:29.340 arlo humphrey: The biggest thing without you know just talking too much is.

00:44:29.700 --> 00:44:36.330 arlo humphrey: you're going to train for long distance you don't have to go out and run that distance before you just have to simulate what it feels like to run.

00:44:36.990 --> 00:44:47.400 arlo humphrey: That deep in the race, so if I was going to train for something crazy like that 100 mile or even more a lot of the stuff i've done what wasn't even advanced so just kind of local routes that local runners like to do.

00:44:48.060 --> 00:44:59.850 arlo humphrey: The key is to do a back to back run we're say you'll go out and run 20 miles and then the next day go out and do the second the same amount and that second day you're running on very tired legs and that simulates what it's.

00:44:59.880 --> 00:45:00.660 Joseph McElroy: Like to run.

00:45:00.810 --> 00:45:15.750 arlo humphrey: You run 60 7080 or 90 miles and once you can train your body to operate in those conditions, then it's just a matter of staying hydrated and fueled and you just if you can you know not get sick, you can just keep going it's not like you get exponentially more tired.

00:45:16.140 --> 00:45:21.870 Joseph McElroy: yeah what what what's the best trail in the smoky mountains for somebody wanted to be a long run.

00:45:24.000 --> 00:45:33.240 arlo humphrey: My favorite Western North Carolina running adventure, is something that was started by Adam hill.

00:45:33.870 --> 00:45:43.530 arlo humphrey: And he calls it, the pixel this run is when you run from mount pigs good amount Mitchell and you just take the mountains to see trail the whole way 68 miles.

00:45:44.040 --> 00:45:49.740 arlo humphrey: And it is a beast of a run I mean it really is a challenge, and you know it's it's kind of an accomplishment.

00:45:50.520 --> 00:46:02.520 arlo humphrey: If you live in this area as a runner to say that you've completed that route and one effort and that's that's my favorite probably one of my favorite ones around here, but there are thousands or livery are so many great places to run.

00:46:03.090 --> 00:46:09.450 Joseph McElroy: cool well we come back, I want to finish up a little bit about you and then and the things you're doing in the future, thanks, Joseph.

00:47:13.890 --> 00:47:14.400 Most of the.

00:48:43.500 --> 00:49:01.200 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcasts and my esteemed guests Charles Humphrey the third so Charles before I go too much further right this one, I saw this little you know almost like an aside, on your resume.

00:49:01.590 --> 00:49:02.010 Joseph McElroy: That says.

00:49:02.520 --> 00:49:08.910 Joseph McElroy: you're in an honorary Kentucky colonel, how did that happen that's like a really great great thing.

00:49:09.510 --> 00:49:28.380 arlo humphrey: yeah man, that was a nice little feathered having the hat, I was traveling with a group of musicians down on the delta queen riverboat and I met a horse guy he gives her talks about horse racing he bets on horses i've been to the Kentucky Derby with him.

00:49:28.380 --> 00:49:39.150 arlo humphrey: His name was Jim playful and we Evidently, we made a great impression on him that week, and he told the governor that these guys had to be Kentucky kernels.

00:49:39.510 --> 00:49:55.770 arlo humphrey: So we all got asked to be Kentucky kernels based on our time on the delta queen riverboat we spent with him, and it has been a lifelong friendship and you know going to the Kentucky Derby and being a part of that was a great experience as well, so.

00:49:57.060 --> 00:50:03.150 arlo humphrey: It just it just happened out of chance and out of luck just just making friends, you know a lot of things.

00:50:03.210 --> 00:50:05.040 Joseph McElroy: A lot of time in life is just it's just.

00:50:05.760 --> 00:50:07.440 arlo humphrey: I mean, it really is it's kind of like.

00:50:07.800 --> 00:50:08.790 arlo humphrey: Who, you know.

00:50:12.210 --> 00:50:17.970 arlo humphrey: talk to people, be a good person be a nice person get back to the Community and work hard good things will happen.

00:50:18.840 --> 00:50:26.490 Joseph McElroy: So you know there's shows a little bit of a travelogue so I mentioned this earlier and you live in West asheville which I think is an interesting play.

00:50:28.530 --> 00:50:39.990 Joseph McElroy: Yes, it's changed ask you has become very it's very it's got its got a restaurant there low I love called jog on which you know as yes excellent food it's got.

00:50:41.100 --> 00:50:51.480 Joseph McElroy: Good yeah So if I like to ask what is a day diet day I itinerary and we don't have a lot of time, but you know what Where would you send somebody to breakfast and West asheville.

00:50:53.550 --> 00:50:56.910 arlo humphrey: Oh, you either have to go to sunny point CAFE or biscuit head.

00:50:57.180 --> 00:50:59.460 Joseph McElroy: Oh, you got a boat I love those places.

00:50:59.790 --> 00:51:12.330 arlo humphrey: toss up yeah but you know it really the lines going to probably be too long at both yeah and so you'd have to go somewhere else which.

00:51:12.780 --> 00:51:19.200 Joseph McElroy: where's now in West asheville an early girl, which has got a pretty good and they don't have a big line and.

00:51:21.240 --> 00:51:24.840 arlo humphrey: it's hard to go wrong Those are the two most popular ones, though yeah.

00:51:26.520 --> 00:51:26.850 Joseph McElroy: And then.

00:51:29.190 --> 00:51:31.980 Joseph McElroy: To do unless actually bring the morning.

00:51:33.270 --> 00:51:37.980 arlo humphrey: Well, most of my mornings are wake up before the sun comes up and leaving West asheville.

00:51:39.420 --> 00:51:41.100 Joseph McElroy: go up go out somewhere right yeah.

00:51:41.190 --> 00:51:48.810 arlo humphrey: i've been to Tennessee drive into Maggie valley driving tuck a CG driving to prove are driving to.

00:51:49.410 --> 00:51:51.570 Joseph McElroy: A place to get to a lot of things yeah.

00:51:51.870 --> 00:51:52.740 arlo humphrey: But I.

00:51:52.830 --> 00:52:03.930 arlo humphrey: I do live here, I do have children, my son, and I really like to go to the retro arcade, which is a pinball arcade and video games he really he really enjoys that which is kind of a neat thing to have in the neighborhood.

00:52:05.040 --> 00:52:06.360 Joseph McElroy: And where would you take him luxton.

00:52:08.160 --> 00:52:11.790 arlo humphrey: Where would he go to lunch, well, I like.

00:52:13.320 --> 00:52:29.130 arlo humphrey: I like the wings at westfield pub pretty good pizza mines got a good salad I like the whale is a nice bottle shop friend of mine owns that place it's right next door to Zia taqueria, which is a nice Mexican.

00:52:29.130 --> 00:52:29.820 place.

00:52:32.580 --> 00:52:38.040 Joseph McElroy: It so that's good you give me some good options about the afternoon, what would you what would you what would you spend the afternoon with your son.

00:52:39.390 --> 00:52:46.560 arlo humphrey: um you might go tubing down the French broad river or go over to carrier park and.

00:52:47.910 --> 00:52:49.290 arlo humphrey: play on the playground.

00:52:50.490 --> 00:52:53.640 arlo humphrey: Where i'm like that maybe he's really into the video games.

00:52:54.840 --> 00:52:58.110 Joseph McElroy: And then you drop your son off to your grandma or whatever.

00:52:58.980 --> 00:53:01.800 arlo humphrey: He was he'll he'll want to go to orbits DVD.

00:53:02.940 --> 00:53:03.810 Joseph McElroy: comic book.

00:53:04.140 --> 00:53:05.340 arlo humphrey: Video rental shop.

00:53:05.880 --> 00:53:13.740 Joseph McElroy: loves that place it's a really cool store and now you drop the sun off with the grandma or babysitter whatever you and your wife go out for dinner, where do you take her.

00:53:14.970 --> 00:53:18.330 arlo humphrey: Well, my girlfriend it also is kind of jargon.

00:53:18.990 --> 00:53:19.530 Joseph McElroy: Sorry yeah.

00:53:19.830 --> 00:53:21.810 arlo humphrey: he likes to start triggering plate there.

00:53:22.320 --> 00:53:22.950 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah.

00:53:23.970 --> 00:53:24.480 Joseph McElroy: Where else.

00:53:24.570 --> 00:53:29.160 arlo humphrey: We go bullen beggars Nice, I think we just got a gift certificate.

00:53:29.220 --> 00:53:30.390 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah we're.

00:53:30.540 --> 00:53:33.240 arlo humphrey: Currently a in asheville.

00:53:35.160 --> 00:53:37.230 arlo humphrey: But we cook cook a lot of the House, too.

00:53:38.490 --> 00:53:41.940 arlo humphrey: yeah asheville is amazing, the culinary experiences here really great.

00:53:42.810 --> 00:53:49.050 Joseph McElroy: And then the evening places or there's too many to mention right in terms of where to go with the evening.

00:53:49.440 --> 00:53:52.050 arlo humphrey: Oh yeah like loud music and stuff like that we've.

00:53:52.050 --> 00:53:52.260 Joseph McElroy: got.

00:53:52.980 --> 00:53:57.420 arlo humphrey: That always going to hear, like the Gray eagle and asheville music call and.

00:53:59.130 --> 00:54:05.070 arlo humphrey: there's just Egypt, the best thing to do is get the local paper and see if there's something going on, you you're interested in and give it a shot.

00:54:05.910 --> 00:54:12.120 Joseph McElroy: So so what's in your future I mean what plans do you have I guess you got a new album may be coming out.

00:54:12.150 --> 00:54:20.070 arlo humphrey: What else you yeah we've released three singles off of it so far hope to have the record finished by the first quarter of next year.

00:54:20.610 --> 00:54:32.250 arlo humphrey: The fall efficiencies in is about to fire back up, which is October and November so we're taking a lot of reservations, for the private water and then all the other days will be filled up with public water.

00:54:33.840 --> 00:54:36.390 arlo humphrey: Wade and float trips.

00:54:37.980 --> 00:54:44.790 arlo humphrey: i'm going to go do some fishing for old drum and Sep tember going to go to the beach for a week and thanksgiving and fish.

00:54:45.210 --> 00:54:56.490 arlo humphrey: On the coast, with some family and then you know we kind of get into the holidays, but i'm so ready for the fall the leaves are starting to change it's just a little bit warm and safe just hanging out a little.

00:54:56.580 --> 00:54:57.180 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:54:57.270 --> 00:55:01.380 arlo humphrey: I still getting 8590 where i'm ready for you know 7580.

00:55:03.270 --> 00:55:08.490 arlo humphrey: very excited about the fall she's going to be great great fishing the band's got some neat.

00:55:09.090 --> 00:55:17.100 arlo humphrey: Things coming up, we host a festival in Johnson city called stone fluff so that's October 8 and ninth and just today, we announced asheville winter grass.

00:55:17.340 --> 00:55:30.900 arlo humphrey: which we host it's at one World War brewing West and that's the first weekend in December, the fourth and fifth I believe it's a Saturday Sunday will be us performing with special guests Jim lauderdale and Andy buckner, but if you visit songs to the road band.

00:55:30.930 --> 00:55:32.850 Joseph McElroy: calm to see all the musical.

00:55:32.850 --> 00:55:41.340 arlo humphrey: events, but there are some things we're very excited about we're going to kind of close the year out, strong and look forward to the releasing the new record next year cool.

00:55:41.580 --> 00:55:45.930 Joseph McElroy: I have a follow How do people follow you what did they get where's the best way.

00:55:46.050 --> 00:55:59.760 arlo humphrey: Well, if you can find my name Charles Humphrey the third you can find me on Facebook or instagram you can find the band songs from the road band calm, you find the fishing company at high trout calm.

00:56:00.660 --> 00:56:11.700 arlo humphrey: i'm pretty easy to find honestly people can kind of figure out where i'm going to be throughout the band schedule and the fishing so it's no secret i'm not hiding out for anybody.

00:56:11.940 --> 00:56:16.380 Joseph McElroy: All right, well you know, Charles this has been one of the most fun interviews i've had i've enjoyed.

00:56:16.470 --> 00:56:18.300 arlo humphrey: traveling on Joseph I really appreciate it's.

00:56:18.300 --> 00:56:19.410 Joseph McElroy: been a pleasure talking to you.

00:56:19.650 --> 00:56:20.100 arlo humphrey: I can't we.

00:56:20.490 --> 00:56:24.840 arlo humphrey: can't believe we've been on here for an hour, it seems like we just been talking for about five or 10.

00:56:24.840 --> 00:56:28.080 Joseph McElroy: minutes good it's been a very good conversation, so thank you.

00:56:31.740 --> 00:56:39.930 Joseph McElroy: check out this cup there's a podcast is also sponsored smokies adventure smokies plural venture CEO calm.

00:56:40.320 --> 00:56:49.470 Joseph McElroy: And it's an outdoor focuses on outdoor recreation, along with music and entertainment and it provides information on logic family entertainment events conventions honeymoons and more.

00:56:49.740 --> 00:56:59.610 Joseph McElroy: The goal that site is to become the only information portal on the smoky mountains, if you need mounts maps, you need guides if you need information i'm exploring a smoky mountain area that's the place to go.

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00:57:16.290 --> 00:57:29.940 Joseph McElroy: split time between North Carolina and New York is it you know so it's a great podcast a balance here your urban urban with your rural areas and get a full picture of life in these united.

00:57:31.980 --> 00:57:33.630 Joseph McElroy: States, which is the one place to live.

00:57:34.980 --> 00:57:46.710 Joseph McElroy: Thank you all for being here next week we'll have Aaron mahoney on the gateway to the smokies podcast who is part of a fourth generation a restaurant tours in the in the in North Carolina.

00:57:47.640 --> 00:57:55.770 Joseph McElroy: With the fabulous family restaurant that's pretty famous in the area and she'll talk about the restaurant business and food business in North Carolina.

00:57:56.610 --> 00:58:07.140 Joseph McElroy: You can find more about this podcast at gateway to the smokies dot fun or slash gateway to the smokies podcast and I look forward to seeing you next week.

00:58:08.610 --> 00:58:15.000 Joseph McElroy: from six to seven on talk radio dot nyc on Tuesday night Thank you and thank you chuck.

00:58:15.480 --> 00:58:16.620 arlo humphrey: Thanks Joseph sealer.

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