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Thursday, August 5, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/05 - Good Sleep - The Secret Sauce of Menopause

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/05 - Good Sleep - The Secret Sauce of Menopause


2021/08/05 - Good Sleep - The Secret Sauce of Menopause

[NEW EPISODE] Good Sleep - The Secret Sauce of Menopause

You’re a woman in your 40s. Life is busy at home and at work. Just as you need all of your energy and motivation, suddenly you are having trouble going to sleep or waking up several times every night. It's exhausting. What is going on?

The first sign of approaching menopause may not be what you think it is. People usually associate menopause with hot flashes and yet for many women they might first be affected by poor or interrupted sleep. And it doesn’t stop there because poor sleep can lead to a load of issues such as fatigue, low mood, brain fog, and even weight gain.

The good news is that there are lots of simple actions you can take and I will be sharing them with you on this week’s Hot Women Rock Radio Show.

Tune in for this unmissable conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat starts off the show talking about what's in the media this week about menopause. She read from publications like The Bookseller, Forbes, and Expert Reviews who covered topics like experiencing menopause symptoms before periods. She also talk about how white wine can delay menopause and the benefits of certain sex toys.

Segment 2

After the break, Pat talks about the possibilities of why people may find it difficult to fall asleep. For Pat, she had excessive hot flashes, for others it can be diet or even hormone changes. She continued to discuss why we get tired and what happens to our body when we do. Pat says people who work late might find it difficult to turn their minds off when it's time for bed. Before the break, Pat talked about why we should prioritize sleep. She shared the positive benefits of healthy sleep and what happens when our body lacks it.

Segment 3

After the break, before Pat gavs her top tips for better sleep, she answered some of the questions in the Facebook comments like why does menopause have such an impact on one's sleep? Pat talks about creating a sleep haven and taking all of the electronics out of the bedroom. She advises people to get into the habit of making your bedroom peaceful.

Segment 4

After the break, Pat talks about how breathing exercises and meditation can be helpful for people who are experiencing trouble sleeping; due to a racing mind or muscle pain. Towards the end of the segment Pat gives her top tips. She advises her audience to journal before bed. She also suggests when certain exercises are beneficial.


00:00:31.110 --> 00:00:41.970 Pat Duckworth: hello, and welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause yes we dare to go there and talk about all things menopause.

00:00:42.480 --> 00:00:59.070 Pat Duckworth: And today i'm all on my own in the talk radio dot nyc studio because I want to talk a lot, I want to talk a lot about sleep, because so many women at menopause have a problem with their sleep.

00:00:59.430 --> 00:01:14.160 Pat Duckworth: So it's the hot topic of today and I would love to get some questions and comments in the talk radio dot nyc Facebook page so go there we're streaming live.

00:01:14.580 --> 00:01:28.320 Pat Duckworth: tell me what your problems are, or if you've got some really great tips for good sleep i'd love to hear them, however let's start where we always start, which is with what's in the media, this week about menopause.

00:01:29.790 --> 00:01:36.180 Pat Duckworth: And there's some great ones, this week, you don't want to miss this Okay, so the first one is from forbes.

00:01:36.750 --> 00:01:42.990 Pat Duckworth: Talking about menopause symptoms start long before women stop getting their periods, a new study shows.

00:01:43.860 --> 00:01:56.070 Pat Duckworth: Honestly, I didn't need a new study, because if you know anything about menopause, then you know that there is perimenopause the time before menopause when you start getting symptoms but it's always good to see.

00:01:57.510 --> 00:02:03.720 Pat Duckworth: publications like forbes putting this stuff out there, because a lot of women don't realize this so.

00:02:04.230 --> 00:02:24.540 Pat Duckworth: According to a study published this week in menopause the journal of the North American medical society if you in America and you haven't checked that out go to the na s website lots of good information on there, the onset of menopause symptoms may begin earlier than previously understood.

00:02:25.980 --> 00:02:36.840 Pat Duckworth: A global survey of women aged 35 to 55 investigated the experiences of women still getting monthly periods with only slight changes.

00:02:37.260 --> 00:02:59.130 Pat Duckworth: In menstrual cycle length or changes in flow compared to women with greater cycle changes approximately 1500 survey respondents were categorized as either being in either the late reproductive stage the stage immediately preceding a woman's transition to menopause or.

00:03:00.150 --> 00:03:12.150 Pat Duckworth: They were in the menopause transition stage for our survey respondents the symptom picture for those with menstrual irregularities that qualify them for scientific definition of perimenopause.

00:03:12.540 --> 00:03:21.900 Pat Duckworth: is quite similar to the symptom picture for those in the same age group with only minimal menstrual changes so translating that.

00:03:22.770 --> 00:03:38.370 Pat Duckworth: Whether your periods are altering or not once you're past 35 you are in the zone where you could start getting other symptoms that's what that's saying, if you haven't noticed any changes in your menstrual cycle, you could still be getting other symptoms.

00:03:40.230 --> 00:03:53.370 Pat Duckworth: Rates of self reported symptoms did not vary significantly between women in the late reproductive stage and the medicals transition groups approximately 40% of all participants.

00:03:54.060 --> 00:04:09.300 Pat Duckworth: In both groups reported common symptoms of menopause including night sweats or cold sweats sleep disruption hot flashes feeling sad or blue and feeling easily overwhelmed or less able to cope.

00:04:09.870 --> 00:04:21.060 Pat Duckworth: About half of each group reported fatigue so that's more than feeling a bit tired sometimes women report, like cliff edge fatigue one moment they're fine next minute.

00:04:21.540 --> 00:04:27.660 Pat Duckworth: They can't sit or stand up anymore, and about a third reported joint and muscle pain.

00:04:28.080 --> 00:04:39.240 Pat Duckworth: thinning hair and itchy skin now if you've never done any research or reading about menopause some of those symptoms might be coming as a bit of a shock to you.

00:04:39.660 --> 00:04:51.840 Pat Duckworth: But yep joint a muscle ache thinning hair he has skin, as well as feeling sad or easily overwhelmed so important information there from forbes just to.

00:04:52.350 --> 00:05:08.880 Pat Duckworth: Wake women up to what they might be experiencing because sometimes by time women come to see me they're already very much in perimenopause and the game is this my metaphors if this my medical there's so much lack of knowledge about what is going on with our bodies.

00:05:10.290 --> 00:05:20.490 Pat Duckworth: Okay, moving on huddersfield town Football Club so For those of you in America huddersfield is a town up in the northeast of England in Yorkshire.

00:05:20.790 --> 00:05:27.990 Pat Duckworth: And their Football Club is not a big football club we're not talking about one of those that like David Beckham or somebody used to play for.

00:05:28.500 --> 00:05:47.010 Pat Duckworth: How does feel town a pleased to be the first Football Club to sign up to the menopause friendly employer standard, so I wanted to read this one out to show here in the UK it's not just bigger organizations big public organizations.

00:05:48.510 --> 00:05:58.110 Pat Duckworth: Universities media companies who are looking at medicals policies, this is a little Football Club so America wake up to this it's a thing.

00:05:59.370 --> 00:06:10.380 Pat Duckworth: We continue huddersfield town has a clear understanding how many apples can have an effect at work and reflects that we care about the well being of our valued female colleagues.

00:06:10.740 --> 00:06:18.330 Pat Duckworth: And that we're moving towards long term sustainable change within the Club to ensure were inclusive of all genders.

00:06:19.140 --> 00:06:27.240 Pat Duckworth: Good on them, we continue to look for practical ways to support our employees to ensure we cater for their health and well being needs.

00:06:27.600 --> 00:06:36.240 Pat Duckworth: And to reduce any representation gaps, where possible, being fully inclusive of females, and having a more equal gender balance in the club.

00:06:36.480 --> 00:06:48.570 Pat Duckworth: is one of our fundamental equality aims so being opening menopause friendly was an easy direction for us to make excellent well done huddersfield town football club.

00:06:50.280 --> 00:07:04.620 Pat Duckworth: This one I laughed okay strapping I think this one's great the book seller, which is a website, obviously the booksellers and the headline is HQ lands compulsive monopoles Mila thriller.

00:07:05.520 --> 00:07:17.430 Pat Duckworth: I didn't think i'd see those words the publisher described the change, which is the name of the novel as a feminist call to arms to any woman who's ever felt powerless.

00:07:18.030 --> 00:07:30.750 Pat Duckworth: Australian producer Bruno pepin darius is firm made up stories as acquired the rights to develop the book for television, the author, will be an executive producer on the show.

00:07:31.770 --> 00:07:33.300 Pat Duckworth: A whole show about miracles.

00:07:35.190 --> 00:07:46.050 Pat Duckworth: So one of their spokes people said, the change is more than a brilliant and compulsive thriller it's also a call to action in the fight to change the conversation about metaphors.

00:07:46.440 --> 00:07:57.030 Pat Duckworth: readers are going to love Nessa harissa and Joe and how their true power which is considerable only comes to be once they've gone through the change.

00:07:57.960 --> 00:08:06.840 Pat Duckworth: They go through menopause and I get superpowers actually happened to me i'd never written a book before I went through menopause and now i've written five and i've got a six one on the go so.

00:08:07.590 --> 00:08:21.150 Pat Duckworth: You never know what your superpower will be using multiples as a superpower is an incredibly powerful and positive message, yes, it is, and I can't wait to get this groundbreaking novel into the hands of readers everywhere.

00:08:22.860 --> 00:08:31.620 Pat Duckworth: It doesn't say when it's coming out, but once a lot for the change a thriller about menopause where they get superpowers fantastic.

00:08:33.120 --> 00:08:44.790 Pat Duckworth: The menopause magazine another another shout out for them this headline don't sing lowers cholesterol levels improves fitness and self esteem in post menopausal women.

00:08:45.240 --> 00:08:54.600 Pat Duckworth: get your dancing shoes on, although the sample sizes small the study suggested some incredible benefits of a three times weekly regimen.

00:08:55.200 --> 00:09:06.720 Pat Duckworth: In improving the lipid profile so that means you can process cholesterol better so having an improvement in your lipid profile better than your Facebook profile.

00:09:07.770 --> 00:09:18.810 Pat Duckworth: improves function fitness self image and self esteem, the study highlights the feasibility of a simple interventions such as adults Class three times weekly.

00:09:19.140 --> 00:09:26.880 Pat Duckworth: for improving not only fitness and metabolic profile but also self image and self esteem in postmenopausal women.

00:09:27.300 --> 00:09:36.360 Pat Duckworth: In addition to these benefits women also probably enjoyed a sense of camaraderie from the shared experience of learning something new.

00:09:37.020 --> 00:09:51.750 Pat Duckworth: there's lots of benefits to dancing apart from the whole cardiovascular thing and self image thing learning and having to like monitor both sides of your body and left feet right feet moving differently.

00:09:52.230 --> 00:10:04.920 Pat Duckworth: really good for your brain function as well, so, if you like, a bit of dancing this could be your excuse, you can say to your partner sorry i've got to go to my dancing class it's a health thing.

00:10:07.260 --> 00:10:24.960 Pat Duckworth: Okay, now, this one i'm a little bit dubious off, but you know I like to report if there's any good news and particularly good news around food and drink, but I am doubtful of this one woman and home magazine white wine could delay menopause a new study finds.

00:10:26.490 --> 00:10:41.340 Pat Duckworth: A new study from the University of Massachusetts and hearst published in the American Journal of epidemiology found that women who drank about one and a half classes of white wine per day doesn't say how big they are.

00:10:41.910 --> 00:10:56.310 Pat Duckworth: we're 20% less likely to go through menopause early than those who did not drink so early menopause menopause that happens before your age 40 that's what's the definition is so I assume that's where the research was.

00:10:56.970 --> 00:11:11.880 Pat Duckworth: The study authors also warned that while they did find that 20% of women who are white who drink white wine daily experience delayed multiples the number was low enough to categorize as our week association.

00:11:12.390 --> 00:11:24.480 Pat Duckworth: I don't recommend white wine during menopause even if you like, glasses of it before you went into menopause, it is not your friend it's one of those false friends, it says.

00:11:25.500 --> 00:11:45.180 Pat Duckworth: come out let's have a good time it's going to be great and then like steps you in back because it disrupts your sleep It disrupts your mood it's a depressant i'm never popular and I say this but, honestly alcohol during this stage of life is not user friendly.

00:11:46.500 --> 00:11:52.140 Pat Duckworth: Anyway, I thought i'd include it because I included a bit about chocolate and about drinking beer so it's only fair.

00:11:53.910 --> 00:11:59.460 Pat Duckworth: Expert reviews, here we go struggling for this one, the best sex toys of 2021.

00:11:59.820 --> 00:12:06.930 Pat Duckworth: From vibrators to stimulators discover the best pleasure products for you now I didn't like randomly select this item.

00:12:07.230 --> 00:12:21.240 Pat Duckworth: It says certain studies have suggested that sex toy us may result in improvements in sleep quality we're going to be talking about sleep and reduce overnight menopausal sweats and hot flushes what.

00:12:22.560 --> 00:12:30.780 Pat Duckworth: Okay, again, for the sake of balance, I thought I would include that one and yet and go out and say you had to get one on prescription.

00:12:32.100 --> 00:12:41.010 Pat Duckworth: My final article this week was actually sent to me by friend and colleague and resident of New York state Christine powers.

00:12:41.940 --> 00:12:50.070 Pat Duckworth: This didn't come up in my watch list I don't know why perhaps i'll see it today, but it is actually from the Guardian newspaper here in the UK.

00:12:50.640 --> 00:13:02.430 Pat Duckworth: Is the genetic secret to age women start menopause discovered researchers scan the genes of more than 200,000 women and found nearly 300 genetic signals.

00:13:02.760 --> 00:13:15.570 Pat Duckworth: That could help identify by some women are predisposed to early menopause the health consequences you're going through menopause early and whether these signals can be manipulated to improve facility.

00:13:16.590 --> 00:13:27.720 Pat Duckworth: They found genetically that earlier menopause increased risk of type two diabetes poor bone health and increased risk of own fractures.

00:13:28.110 --> 00:13:36.810 Pat Duckworth: But they also found that earlier menopause decrease the risk of some types of cancer, such as ovarian and breast cancer.

00:13:37.470 --> 00:13:49.980 Pat Duckworth: So I think that's really important because, if you think if there's if there's a history of early menopause in your family and you could get tested and you want to go on and have children.

00:13:50.340 --> 00:13:58.500 Pat Duckworth: This could be the opportunity to have your genes tested find out if you're more risk of going into menopause early.

00:13:58.950 --> 00:14:11.520 Pat Duckworth: And then planning your family around that and, of course, there's these other health health issues around it, that perhaps you who get in early taking an estrogen supplement so that you don't get the.

00:14:11.970 --> 00:14:22.320 Pat Duckworth: porous bones or the dangers of type two diabetes lots in the news this week, some of it funny it's some of it less funny but all of it interesting.

00:14:22.680 --> 00:14:26.610 Pat Duckworth: So, after the break i'm going to be talking to you about sleep.

00:14:27.090 --> 00:14:37.200 Pat Duckworth: Why, we might get more sleep at menopause and all of the practical things that you can do about it i'd love to have some questions for you in Facebook group.

00:14:37.590 --> 00:14:46.320 Pat Duckworth: In talking alternative broadcasting i'm going to go back and have a lot see if anybody's posted but I will see you after the break for more news about sleep see that.

00:17:29.940 --> 00:17:31.080 Pat Duckworth: I just panic when.

00:17:32.220 --> 00:17:35.550 Pat Duckworth: I just totally panicked because my mouse it stopped working.

00:17:35.970 --> 00:17:52.920 Pat Duckworth: Okay, so if you're just joining us good afternoon if you're in the UK good morning if you're in America, good evening if you're in India, and today I am talking about sleep I didn't just go to sleep on the job that was my mouse that went to sleep.

00:17:54.060 --> 00:18:00.360 Pat Duckworth: So let's talk about why you might get bad sleep at menopause well.

00:18:01.020 --> 00:18:11.970 Pat Duckworth: You know before I went into menopause I could have slept for England, I would go to bed at half past 10 at night would be woken up by my alarm at seven o'clock in the morning.

00:18:12.600 --> 00:18:22.980 Pat Duckworth: There wasn't hardly a night when I wasn't sleeping properly my husband, on the other hand, when I first married him told me was an insomniac birth, he is now a pretty good sleep or two.

00:18:24.030 --> 00:18:27.210 Pat Duckworth: So, and then, when I got two men a pause.

00:18:28.260 --> 00:18:39.270 Pat Duckworth: It started to get disrupted, for me, it was a hot flushes waking me up but i've done talks to women's group i've done a lot of one to one work with clients.

00:18:39.660 --> 00:18:46.500 Pat Duckworth: and sleep is such a regular issue i've run whole day workshops just on getting better sleep.

00:18:47.040 --> 00:18:56.880 Pat Duckworth: And if I start with a group and say, who has problems getting to sleep i'll see a whole bunch of hands go up, who has problems waking up during the night another bunch of hands go up.

00:18:57.330 --> 00:19:04.080 Pat Duckworth: Who has trouble waking up too early, another bunch of hands go up in the end, about 90% of the room.

00:19:04.530 --> 00:19:12.510 Pat Duckworth: And particularly if it's women, women seem to have a bigger issue with sleep and they certainly seek more help with sleep for men do.

00:19:13.290 --> 00:19:17.160 Pat Duckworth: So that's definitely something hormonal going on there, although.

00:19:17.790 --> 00:19:25.800 Pat Duckworth: One of the groups that I was talking to and they were a group of office workers, and I did my usual you know what if you've got a problem with.

00:19:26.160 --> 00:19:31.110 Pat Duckworth: And one guy put up his hand a young guy and he said, well, I have trouble when I get to bed.

00:19:31.530 --> 00:19:41.970 Pat Duckworth: I you know my legs are moving all over the place, so I can't get to sleep and I said well restless legs is a thing and we'll talk about that later in the day i'll come back to it.

00:19:42.660 --> 00:19:58.020 Pat Duckworth: I started talking about food and drink is one of the things that can affect sleep and about half an hour into he put his hand up, he said, I think I know what the issue is now as great what is it, and he said I drink eight cans of Red Bull a day.

00:19:59.550 --> 00:20:08.190 Pat Duckworth: Eight cans of an energy drink is not a good thing, no wonder, his legs were restless it's wonder he could actually stay in bed actually.

00:20:08.910 --> 00:20:23.070 Pat Duckworth: So what is going on, you know we get tired we don't just go to sleep because we're tired there's a whole cocktail of hormones that come into our bloodstream to help us to go to sleep.

00:20:23.580 --> 00:20:31.320 Pat Duckworth: Because we are hard wired to sleep, there are so many health benefits to regular good quality sleep.

00:20:31.650 --> 00:20:42.780 Pat Duckworth: That our brains trigger us into sleep, you know that feeling if you're out for the evening and you start to get a bit drowsy anything now i'm you know i'm going to keep going, I want to have a good night.

00:20:43.530 --> 00:20:51.030 Pat Duckworth: And you have a good night with your friends, you get home you get to bed close your eyes, nothing happens you're wired you're wide awake.

00:20:51.810 --> 00:21:05.040 Pat Duckworth: And it might be because of something you've drunk or eaten or just getting overexcited but actually you've pushed through the hormonal gateway that your brain is giving you for getting to sleep and now your brain says you're on your own.

00:21:05.550 --> 00:21:16.380 Pat Duckworth: So there is this cocktail of hormones, that we need to tune into and to surface, you know if you're in the evening and you're getting tired.

00:21:17.430 --> 00:21:26.580 Pat Duckworth: don't have okay number one tip don't doze off in front of the TV in the evening, because that is going to make it much harder skip sleep when you get to bed.

00:21:26.880 --> 00:21:36.510 Pat Duckworth: Because you're now using those hormones to have a nap really don't have a nap after mid afternoon because you're going to disrupt the hormones that send you to sleep in bed at night.

00:21:36.840 --> 00:21:44.100 Pat Duckworth: start to get drowsy get up walk around a bit or if it's time take yourself off the bed there you are that's the number one tip.

00:21:44.760 --> 00:21:54.870 Pat Duckworth: So, but what's happening at menopause there's a really good Ted talk by Lisa moscone who's doing research into women's brain function.

00:21:55.470 --> 00:22:09.570 Pat Duckworth: And she talks about the effects of estrogen on specific regions of the brain, starting with the hypothalamus I don't know why I have to signal this with my hand on radio, but if you're watching on Facebook, you can see where i'm signaling with my hands.

00:22:10.260 --> 00:22:21.780 Pat Duckworth: And the hypothalamus is in charge of regulating body temperature now if it needs Eastern in order to function well and you're in menopause you're getting much lower levels of estrogen.

00:22:22.200 --> 00:22:30.780 Pat Duckworth: that's why you're having trouble regulating your body temperature and that's why you can have hot flashes and why you can have night sweats.

00:22:31.710 --> 00:22:38.130 Pat Duckworth: When Eastern doesn't activate the hypothalamus correctly, the brain just can't regulate body temperature correctly.

00:22:38.820 --> 00:22:49.800 Pat Duckworth: And then there's the brainstem Okay, so if you're watching on Facebook, you can see me pointing to my brain stem and it's in charge of sleep and wakefulness now, the fact is brainstem is interesting.

00:22:50.160 --> 00:22:59.610 Pat Duckworth: Because that's a very primitive part of the brain, so it shows how important that is that we've evolved, so far, since our brainstem developed.

00:23:00.060 --> 00:23:09.750 Pat Duckworth: But we still have this control in there that's about sleep because it's so important when estrogen doesn't activate the brainstem correctly, we have trouble sleeping.

00:23:10.770 --> 00:23:17.700 Pat Duckworth: So that's two areas, the brain or the amygdala the emotional Center of the brain close to the hippocampus.

00:23:18.150 --> 00:23:29.280 Pat Duckworth: Is the memory Center of the brain and when estrogen levels up in these regions, we start to get mood swings start to forget things and we might get a bit more anxious at nights as well.

00:23:29.580 --> 00:23:37.410 Pat Duckworth: So really interesting that all these changes in the brain is one of the reasons why we're not getting good sleep.

00:23:38.430 --> 00:23:48.930 Pat Duckworth: So we've got this cocktail of hormones that are there to create sleep we've got these cocktail of our reproductive hormones that weren't working in the same way as they were.

00:23:49.500 --> 00:23:55.290 Pat Duckworth: And then we've got everything that's going on up medicals so you might be feeling.

00:23:56.250 --> 00:24:04.830 Pat Duckworth: That you're a bit more anxious than you were that it's a normal response at menopause women can be taken by surprise by it.

00:24:05.190 --> 00:24:13.320 Pat Duckworth: That you just stopped feel more anxious and then you get to bed and you're going over and over things in your mind you're ruminating on your worries.

00:24:13.950 --> 00:24:25.890 Pat Duckworth: And then you can't get to sleep so that's another thing that's going on, or you might be working late into the evening, so your brain is still active and you're not going to sleep.

00:24:26.970 --> 00:24:35.700 Pat Duckworth: You might have more aches and pains at this stage of life, we already heard that in one of those news reports about the aches and pains that women can get.

00:24:36.840 --> 00:24:40.620 Pat Duckworth: So you might feel less comfortable in bed at night than you used to.

00:24:41.490 --> 00:24:50.730 Pat Duckworth: It could be you know other stuff that's going on, I mean in this past 18 months with lockdowns and coming out lockdowns more lockdowns.

00:24:51.180 --> 00:24:58.740 Pat Duckworth: That whole context might be disrupting your sleep as well, and there are environmental factors in the bedroom that we're going to talk about.

00:24:59.580 --> 00:25:10.950 Pat Duckworth: we're also going to talk about food because you're what you're eating could be disrupting your sleep and if you're carrying a bit more weight it's harder to get good quality sleep.

00:25:11.550 --> 00:25:17.460 Pat Duckworth: doctors have looked a lot of what's going on with white and sleep and they know that while we're asleep.

00:25:17.760 --> 00:25:26.610 Pat Duckworth: there's a balancing out of the hormones that take place and there's two particular hormones, not the reproductive ones, but there are two hormones that.

00:25:26.910 --> 00:25:31.710 Pat Duckworth: Control your appetite and they do something during the night they're balancing out.

00:25:32.160 --> 00:25:42.570 Pat Duckworth: And if you're not getting good quality sleep that probably not working as well, when you get up the next day, so people who don't sleep well at night have more trouble controlling their weight.

00:25:42.990 --> 00:25:50.850 Pat Duckworth: If you're carrying more weight, you might find it harder to sleep at night it's a bit of a vicious circle there so we're also going to look at exercise.

00:25:51.570 --> 00:25:58.680 Pat Duckworth: Why should we be worrying about sleep because there's so many Famous people who haven't had much sleep.

00:25:59.100 --> 00:26:11.820 Pat Duckworth: or who kind of quite proud of not having much sleep Ronald Reagan used to only get four or five hours, Margaret Thatcher there's been a whole bunch of people who said that they only sleep for five hours a night.

00:26:13.020 --> 00:26:22.380 Pat Duckworth: it's not good for you, we know about the benefits of sleep by what happens to people who don't get good sleep people who are insomniac.

00:26:22.740 --> 00:26:42.960 Pat Duckworth: or people who work shift work or people have been deprived of sleep because they've been tortured, they all report back on the physical, emotional and the cognitive problems they have because they're not having enough sleep it's not just that you feel tired when you get up.

00:26:44.940 --> 00:27:03.510 Pat Duckworth: That fatigue can then put you into low mood because you can't get as much done and then you get to bed and you're ruminating and then the whole cycle starts over again so it's not just the fatigue people who don't sleep well or are sleep deprived have more.

00:27:04.530 --> 00:27:15.870 Pat Duckworth: risk of certain types of cancer, including bowel cancer, this is why sleep is so important, it suppresses your immune system your immune system is not so good.

00:27:16.530 --> 00:27:29.820 Pat Duckworth: It means that you don't consolidate your memories, when you get to bed at night in one phase of sleep you're consolidating memories, so if you're not sleeping well your memory is going to be affected by it.

00:27:31.050 --> 00:27:41.100 Pat Duckworth: it's going to affect how you remember things the next day it's going to affect your brain fog if you're a woman in menopause you know about brain fog.

00:27:41.430 --> 00:27:50.340 Pat Duckworth: That feeling of just not being able to process information, the same way, people who don't sleep well have more problems with anxiety and with low mood.

00:27:51.660 --> 00:28:02.730 Pat Duckworth: So there's a whole bunch of reasons why sleep is so important to us, I was watching the Matthew Walker talk about sleep on Ted talks, the other day.

00:28:03.090 --> 00:28:13.800 Pat Duckworth: And he said in younger women, it affects their fertility as well, and apparently in men men who get less than five hours sleep a night have smaller testes.

00:28:14.850 --> 00:28:27.150 Pat Duckworth: who knew so in evolutionary terms we have been primed to have regular good quality sleep now sometimes people say to me well, often.

00:28:29.040 --> 00:28:40.650 Pat Duckworth: How much sleep i'm getting seven hours sleep, and I feel fine i'm functioning well I haven't got any problems in that case you're probably good on seven hours you don't want to be thinking less than seven hours.

00:28:41.340 --> 00:28:46.620 Pat Duckworth: If you have nine hours sleep a night, and that is your thing that's fine too.

00:28:47.040 --> 00:28:58.800 Pat Duckworth: But if you're getting nine hours sleep and you're still tired you're still not functioning well well too much sleep can be a bad sign it could be time to go off and talk to your medical practitioner about.

00:28:59.130 --> 00:29:11.730 Pat Duckworth: Why you're feeling so tired when you're having so much sleep so think about you know the usual eight hours eight hours is a good average, but you might be getting a bit less a bit more.

00:29:13.200 --> 00:29:26.790 Pat Duckworth: And just see how you're functioning what your general health is like whether there's anything else that's going on, so there's not a one size fits all but between seven and nine hours is probably good.

00:29:27.540 --> 00:29:38.910 Pat Duckworth: An hour before midnight, is probably going to do you more good than the hours after midnight and one of the main tips from Matthew walker's book which, if you haven't seen it why we sleep.

00:29:39.480 --> 00:29:53.250 Pat Duckworth: It was an unexpected bestseller a few years ago and it just goes to show how people are so concerned about their sleep that a book that's just why we sleep became a best seller, but one of his tips is.

00:29:53.670 --> 00:30:02.340 Pat Duckworth: To have a regular going to bed going to sleep time so not all I always go to bed at 10 o'clock but then I watched two hours of TV not that.

00:30:02.730 --> 00:30:20.460 Pat Duckworth: What time do you go to bed and lay down sleep and having a regular going to bed time to sleep and a regular waking up getting up time is really good think about it, if you've ever had children how you want to get them into asleep routine we forget that when it comes to our own sleep.

00:30:21.660 --> 00:30:31.110 Pat Duckworth: Those are the problems, those are the health issues, this is why we might have a problem so join me after the break when, hopefully, if I haven't muted myself again.

00:30:31.680 --> 00:30:43.500 Pat Duckworth: I will be talking about some of the top tips particularly around food and also around exercise and our Federal Environment join me after the break five top tips.

00:33:15.000 --> 00:33:28.410 Pat Duckworth: and welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause and this week we're talking about sleep, because it is such an issue for women, and particularly women at menopause.

00:33:28.830 --> 00:33:38.850 Pat Duckworth: So in the Facebook page in the talking alternative broadcasting Facebook page we've got a question from kirsty kirsty is doing brilliant work up at the.

00:33:39.180 --> 00:33:43.440 Pat Duckworth: University of York in in in educating women about menopause.

00:33:43.950 --> 00:33:54.180 Pat Duckworth: And she says, why is it the menopause has such an impact on our sleep patterns, so I hope you've heard some of that you know it's it's around how estrogen has this effect on the brain.

00:33:54.420 --> 00:34:02.760 Pat Duckworth: and on different functions of the brain, but also the fact that night sweats can wake you up because your body temperature isn't so controlled.

00:34:03.030 --> 00:34:10.410 Pat Duckworth: Also, though aching in the limbs and i'm going to talk a bit more about that, and what we can do about that as well, so that's why.

00:34:10.980 --> 00:34:19.230 Pat Duckworth: it's got worse during perimenopause that where you come out the other side of it but yeah there's lots we can talk about with all of that.

00:34:19.590 --> 00:34:26.100 Pat Duckworth: So the first thing to do is to look at your bedroom environment, you want your bedroom to be asleep haven.

00:34:26.490 --> 00:34:32.790 Pat Duckworth: it's okay to have sex in your sleep haven in fact that's quite a good thing, because having sex before you go to sleep.

00:34:33.270 --> 00:34:41.160 Pat Duckworth: can really help you relax and relax your muscles and get you releasing lots of really good happy hormones into your system.

00:34:41.670 --> 00:34:50.400 Pat Duckworth: But you really want it to be asleep place and getting the gadgets out the bedroom I really don't recommend watching TV in bed.

00:34:50.910 --> 00:34:57.660 Pat Duckworth: If you're whether you're watching the news which is not a good thing, stop watching the news after six o'clock in the evening.

00:34:58.470 --> 00:35:08.370 Pat Duckworth: Top tip don't watch the news later in the evening it's always going to wind you up it's always bad stuff, even if there is like a cute story at the end about happy Valley.

00:35:09.510 --> 00:35:16.680 Pat Duckworth: Most of the news is things are going to make your system react to it in a stress why so stop watching the news at six o'clock.

00:35:16.980 --> 00:35:31.920 Pat Duckworth: definitely do not watch it when you're in bed at night, and you know, unless you're watching something really restful you're going to be gearing your system up you're also watching something that emits blue light and that disrupts your sleep patterns as well.

00:35:33.030 --> 00:35:43.380 Pat Duckworth: Keeping I know this is going to be hard run your cell phone your mobile phone out of the bedroom Now I know some of you like to have your cell phone there in case of emergencies.

00:35:43.650 --> 00:35:56.340 Pat Duckworth: Or perhaps you're using it as an alarm clock but turn off as many other functions as you can don't start reading it before you go to sleep there's no reason to look at it, then, if you get into the habit break that habit.

00:35:57.540 --> 00:36:04.350 Pat Duckworth: Make your room your bedroom as peaceful, as you can look at your bedroom equipment, it has your mattress.

00:36:05.010 --> 00:36:12.570 Pat Duckworth: You know if you've got a lumpy mattress or one that has like buttons in it, but sticking your back at night that's not going to be a good thing.

00:36:13.050 --> 00:36:16.890 Pat Duckworth: it's a really good investment for good sleep to get a good mattress.

00:36:17.370 --> 00:36:26.220 Pat Duckworth: Also, I found some women have bought memory foam mattresses or perhaps their partner loves their memory foam mattress it's just so comfortable.

00:36:26.640 --> 00:36:34.050 Pat Duckworth: And it makes them hot memory foam insulates the body and if you're already getting hot it's just going to make you hotter.

00:36:34.440 --> 00:36:45.090 Pat Duckworth: Now if you're sleeping with a partner who loves memory foam mattress you could get a cotton topper or something like that that you put on your side of the bed.

00:36:45.780 --> 00:36:54.840 Pat Duckworth: That that gets you away from the installation of the form of puts you on a natural fabrics surface equally with pillows if you've got.

00:36:55.440 --> 00:37:02.850 Pat Duckworth: An in memory foam pillow that might be keeping your neck and head very hot probably better with a different sort of pillow.

00:37:03.810 --> 00:37:13.800 Pat Duckworth: And while we're on the subject of hot one side, called the other side i'm sure some of you have been through that thing of like throwing off the do very pulling the do vote back on thrive off pulling it back on.

00:37:15.150 --> 00:37:25.200 Pat Duckworth: You can get do they covers, I have two separate compartments so you could put a heavier talk on one side and a lighter talk, on the other side.

00:37:25.650 --> 00:37:36.210 Pat Duckworth: Or you could have two separate single do very so you've both got the correct temperature for you it's so simple things, making sure your bedrooms dark enough now.

00:37:36.810 --> 00:37:42.780 Pat Duckworth: You might have a streetlight right outside your door there's nothing you can do about it, you could get a blackout blind.

00:37:43.140 --> 00:37:51.420 Pat Duckworth: You know, one of the things that triggers us into sleep is things being dark you can't do any of those things, using an eye mask.

00:37:51.960 --> 00:38:10.470 Pat Duckworth: I sometimes use an eye mask at this time of year just because the mornings are so light and it tricks your brain back into sleep so have a go with that having quiet in the bedroom is important now if you're sleeping with a noisy partner, one of those who makes a lot of noise.

00:38:11.550 --> 00:38:18.630 Pat Duckworth: And they've done everything they can to stop snoring and they're still making a serious amount of decibels think about some.

00:38:19.770 --> 00:38:25.530 Pat Duckworth: earplugs if your Facebook, you can see me holding up the earplugs if you're not earplugs.

00:38:25.890 --> 00:38:34.680 Pat Duckworth: They can take a little bit of getting used to, but they can just dead in the noise down enough to get you into a peaceful state don't worry you'll see still hear your alarm clock.

00:38:35.190 --> 00:38:46.020 Pat Duckworth: it's really about just deadening the sound down a bit so some of those things in the bedroom are really helpful so think about your sleep haven.

00:38:46.380 --> 00:38:58.380 Pat Duckworth: How you've just kind of made the right atmosphere The other thing in there is it's good to be cool, we need to be cool, so the things when we were cave people You might remember it was a long while ago.

00:38:59.220 --> 00:39:16.800 Pat Duckworth: The things that triggered either into sleep, was it got dark it got quiet it got call those same things still trigger us into sleep now so don't have a warm bedroom it's much better to be cool in the bedroom that's why I was talking about the device as well.

00:39:17.940 --> 00:39:26.070 Pat Duckworth: So lots of things for you to think about there I hope you're listening with your note book and pen and making some notes, because we're going to go on now.

00:39:26.550 --> 00:39:33.780 Pat Duckworth: To talk about food because there are some foods that can disrupt your sleep and there are some foods that can help you to sleep.

00:39:34.410 --> 00:39:40.530 Pat Duckworth: And everybody's different so it's a good idea to notice what your triggers are or to become aware of them.

00:39:41.070 --> 00:39:52.530 Pat Duckworth: So kirsty if you're still listening and you know you've got some triggers and do let me know what they are anybody else i'd love to see your comments so some of the things that can trigger poor sleep again.

00:39:53.670 --> 00:39:57.870 Pat Duckworth: Matthew Walker talks about them in his book, but they are fears caffeine.

00:39:58.560 --> 00:40:04.680 Pat Duckworth: caffeine spades you up, and it is not a good thing to be drinking in the evening.

00:40:05.040 --> 00:40:14.640 Pat Duckworth: So if you love your coffee, if you love your strong cups of tea, if you really enjoy your Green teas and matches because i've got lots of antioxidants in them.

00:40:15.150 --> 00:40:24.870 Pat Duckworth: drink them in the first half of the day, stopped drinking caffeine at lunchtime, and then it won't be heating up your system in the evening.

00:40:25.650 --> 00:40:39.210 Pat Duckworth: There might be foods that you're eating so rich foods eating late at night, so that all the blood is going to your stomach to try and digest it that might disrupt your sleep could be red meats.

00:40:40.530 --> 00:40:50.400 Pat Duckworth: I find I get very hot after i've eaten red meat so just really notice really sugary foods, because your body's having to process the sugar.

00:40:50.790 --> 00:41:03.270 Pat Duckworth: that's going to give you a bit of a mood hike as well you're going to go on a mood roller coaster here we go with the unpopular one again alcohol cutting down on the alcohol.

00:41:04.530 --> 00:41:19.350 Pat Duckworth: You might think that alcohol is helping you to sleep at night it honestly isn't again it's a false friend, it might make you it's a dis inhibitor so you might think oh i'm feeling more relaxed what know you've been disinhibited.

00:41:20.640 --> 00:41:34.260 Pat Duckworth: But it's also putting sugars into your system is putting more of a burden on to your liver and your body to process it It disrupts the normal sleep pattern so you're not getting natural sleep if you've had a few drinks.

00:41:36.480 --> 00:41:48.570 Pat Duckworth: it's it's a depressant it actually lowers your mood, so you might wake up in the morning well you know it's like you wake up with a hangover you think physically you feel bad, but it's done things to your mood as well.

00:41:49.050 --> 00:42:01.380 Pat Duckworth: So cutting down on alcohol i'm not saying never have a drink again, but if you want to be on top form when you get back to work on Monday, you might have a drink Friday evening Saturday evening and then not for the rest of the week.

00:42:02.970 --> 00:42:14.760 Pat Duckworth: Despite what I said earlier about white wine and I was very skeptical about it, I think, red wine as well, can be a real heater and that crafty gin and tonic might not be a good thing either so.

00:42:16.140 --> 00:42:22.920 Pat Duckworth: Excuse me, what are the things that will help there's a number of things that will help with your sleep.

00:42:24.360 --> 00:42:43.290 Pat Duckworth: There are foods that contain hormones that actually help you to get off to sleep so almonds are rich in magnesium and tryptophan tryptophan is a substance that helps you to metabolize melatonin that helps you to sleep so things that are itching trip to find a really good.

00:42:44.340 --> 00:42:54.930 Pat Duckworth: magnesium helps to promote muscle relaxation and sleep, so if you're not getting enough magnesium you might find that your muscles are aching at night and.

00:42:55.710 --> 00:43:07.710 Pat Duckworth: That you just feel less rested you can get magnesium sprays if you're watching on Facebook i'm holding up my magnesium sprays, that you can spray straight onto the skin or you can take magnesium tablets.

00:43:08.190 --> 00:43:17.700 Pat Duckworth: But if you want to stick to the diet, she stuff arman's really good supply protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels really good.

00:43:18.450 --> 00:43:32.190 Pat Duckworth: anonymous also contain magnesium and potassium and trip to fan so having a banana for your dessert in the evening or for a snack mid evening is a good thing camera multi probably.

00:43:33.060 --> 00:43:41.700 Pat Duckworth: tried, if you have got sleep problems it's been used as a solution it for insomnia, for centuries, and it contains the flavonoid.

00:43:42.120 --> 00:43:54.600 Pat Duckworth: I projecting and it helps you to sleep as well, so camomile tea is good cherries now there's a specific cherry a black cherry called the month Moran see cherry it's a very dark cherry.

00:43:55.920 --> 00:44:05.160 Pat Duckworth: You can get a concentrated cherry juice so i'm not talking about a big carton of juice i'm talking about a concentrated juice in a kind of a medicine ball so.

00:44:05.520 --> 00:44:16.650 Pat Duckworth: Or you can get it in tablet form as well and it helps to create melatonin as well there's been lots of research into it, I often recommend it as a first thing to try.

00:44:17.850 --> 00:44:23.160 Pat Duckworth: Because if you can just take some cherry juice and your sleep problems go away, why not really good.

00:44:24.360 --> 00:44:32.310 Pat Duckworth: Flax seeds linseed put a very good they contain Omega three fatty acids, they contain trip to van.

00:44:32.790 --> 00:44:40.320 Pat Duckworth: They got magnesium in them sprinkle them on your breakfast cereal in the morning, or have your salad in the evening good things.

00:44:40.950 --> 00:44:53.790 Pat Duckworth: Oh i'm rushing now because I can see the next break coming up grapes have high levels of potassium and magnesium in them so that can be good not too many and not grapes that have been transformed into outcome.

00:44:55.050 --> 00:45:02.580 Pat Duckworth: Honey can be good for you as well, it helps producing it helps to convert protein to muscle.

00:45:03.810 --> 00:45:04.590 Pat Duckworth: kale.

00:45:05.610 --> 00:45:15.090 Pat Duckworth: Having some kales really good keen war is a complex carbohydrate also useful with the trip to fan so having a key more salad at night is good.

00:45:15.900 --> 00:45:27.810 Pat Duckworth: Having a glass of milk can help as well, so lots of suggestions there for foods that you can put into your regular diet that will help you to get sleep.

00:45:28.200 --> 00:45:39.600 Pat Duckworth: Just choose one give it a go see how you get on so join me after the break when I will be talking more about exercise and be giving you some more tips to help you to get.

00:45:39.840 --> 00:45:47.130 Pat Duckworth: A good night's sleep remember leave your questions in the Facebook group and i'll see if I can get to the see you after the break.

00:48:18.720 --> 00:48:25.110 Pat Duckworth: and welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause and.

00:48:25.980 --> 00:48:40.980 Pat Duckworth: arianna huffington did a Ted talk a while back called sleep your way to the top go back to that one, because what she's really saying is we women need our sleep in order to be good women leaders, so a great message for the audience today.

00:48:41.310 --> 00:49:01.920 Pat Duckworth: Very are having some things it's good I definitely think it's good so some more comments from kirsty Thank you kirsty her triggers night sweats yet light in the room yep so having a face smalls candy ally mask can be really helpful husband turning over yep.

00:49:03.240 --> 00:49:08.520 Pat Duckworth: Sorry, I can't stop your husband turning over noise earplugs excellent.

00:49:08.970 --> 00:49:17.910 Pat Duckworth: aching bones definitely look into magnesium i've been teaching this to women and they found it so helpful to be taking a magnesium supplement.

00:49:18.300 --> 00:49:30.420 Pat Duckworth: or using a magnesium spray straight onto the skin if it stings when you spray the magnesium on that can be a sign that you're very low in magnesium and that your body needs that.

00:49:31.470 --> 00:49:42.210 Pat Duckworth: restlessness legs, yet again, the magnesium might be a big help there occasionally alcohol, if you know you can make the decision i'm going to have another drink if I don't sleep well tonight, so be it.

00:49:42.480 --> 00:49:51.690 Pat Duckworth: But just be aware that it can be a problem and finding the cherry capsules help yep cherry capsules and if you go on to Amazon or any.

00:49:52.470 --> 00:49:57.630 Pat Duckworth: Health food shop and type in concentrated cherry juice you'll see what i'm talking about.

00:49:58.200 --> 00:50:15.330 Pat Duckworth: And CBD oil i've never tried CBD oil, there are so many different types and different strengths, you have to do your research in it to find out whether that's helpful for you, so thank you for that kirsty there can be so many reasons why you could be not sleeping well.

00:50:16.680 --> 00:50:29.130 Pat Duckworth: So another reason for not sleeping well is the brain going over and over and ruminating and in the sort of work, I do with my clients and even when i'm working with groups i'm talking about ways to relax.

00:50:29.940 --> 00:50:35.190 Pat Duckworth: So I mean we all live busy lives there's loads of stuff going on, so.

00:50:35.580 --> 00:50:51.060 Pat Duckworth: Taking some moments when you get to bed to do a breathing exercise something really simple like breathing out for longer than you breathe in it's a technique that I teach most of my clients and most of the groups that I work with just counting as you breathe in.

00:50:52.140 --> 00:51:02.730 Pat Duckworth: And then counting for two beats longer as you breathe out it triggers something called your parasympathetic system that calms you down and brings your system back into balance.

00:51:03.090 --> 00:51:09.000 Pat Duckworth: So long out breath breathing doing that for about three minutes it's going to calm your body down.

00:51:09.480 --> 00:51:25.350 Pat Duckworth: Just scanning around your body and just noticing, where there were any little bits of tension that you hadn't even noticed breathing into them just letting yourself relax there's a meditation that I use called the loving kindness compassion meditation.

00:51:26.640 --> 00:51:36.630 Pat Duckworth: it's a Buddhist meditation it's very simple it starts off wishing yourself good stuff wishing it for somebody you love wishing it some do you like wishing it for.

00:51:37.380 --> 00:51:56.580 Pat Duckworth: Somebody neutral and then wishing it for somebody who gives you a problem if anybody would like details of that then just messaged me on Facebook or email me pat at practice very happily send you that I use that method meditation practically every night.

00:51:57.660 --> 00:52:06.780 Pat Duckworth: Not because i'm having problems sleeping, but I just find it a lovely way to go into sleep just repeating this meditation and breathing it's really lovely.

00:52:07.350 --> 00:52:16.890 Pat Duckworth: If you find that you're laying in bed and you're sick you're never going to have to say i'm never going to sleep it's going to be like last night and the night before i've got a problem.

00:52:17.760 --> 00:52:24.810 Pat Duckworth: If those sort of things going on in your head a very simple thing to do is change the voice in your head.

00:52:25.500 --> 00:52:42.240 Pat Duckworth: Slow it down make it quieter even make it funny so instead of like i'm never going to get to sleep you go i'm never ever ever going to sleep never ever ever.

00:52:43.170 --> 00:52:53.400 Pat Duckworth: I am so tired, if you talk to yourself in that tone of voice and make it quiet it's amazing how the next thing you know you're going to sleep.

00:52:54.450 --> 00:53:00.510 Pat Duckworth: I actually did that in a radio studio with somebody from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire in an evening show.

00:53:01.200 --> 00:53:17.070 Pat Duckworth: She was sitting there trying to monitor the traffic and the news and the emails and loads of screens and she said what else can I do to get to sleep and I did what i've just done slowed it down made it really like quiet and our eyes started to turn.

00:53:18.150 --> 00:53:26.340 Pat Duckworth: off really good going to keep this radio show on on track, so it can be a really simple way of getting yourself off to sleep.

00:53:26.940 --> 00:53:39.120 Pat Duckworth: Just by breathing by relaxing your muscles by talking to yourself in a different voice, there are lots of techniques, you might even use a recorded meditation.

00:53:39.570 --> 00:53:59.370 Pat Duckworth: or recorded visualization now if you've never tried one and you want to try one if you go to my website hot women call you can sign up on the right hand side, and there are some visualizations in there, and there is a sleep visualization.

00:54:00.870 --> 00:54:08.640 Pat Duckworth: And it starts just with a relaxation and then takes you into some sleep now a lot of my clients tell me.

00:54:09.000 --> 00:54:21.720 Pat Duckworth: That they go off to sleep really quickly listening to my voice i'm not saying i'm boring i'm a trained hypnotherapist so when i'm doing that relaxation, and that sleep stuff.

00:54:22.680 --> 00:54:30.720 Pat Duckworth: It can be surprising how quickly you head off to sleep so using something like that can be really good.

00:54:31.590 --> 00:54:36.690 Pat Duckworth: So visualization so let's go for our top tip van.

00:54:37.110 --> 00:54:48.840 Pat Duckworth: So I would give you the top tip of starting off with asleep journal, I know you've heard it before about journaling but if you've got asleep journal, you can see if there are any patterns in what you're eating or drinking.

00:54:49.320 --> 00:55:02.100 Pat Duckworth: Oh, I mentioned exercise let's go back to that so if you've got journal, you can see what's disrupting your sleep like that whole list that kirsty gave us and think what can I do about each of these things so we've exercise.

00:55:02.820 --> 00:55:08.340 Pat Duckworth: exercise is really good, but you have to think what exercise you're doing of what stages of the day, excuse me.

00:55:09.960 --> 00:55:16.320 Pat Duckworth: Exercise first thing in the morning, if you're doing cardiovascular exercise warming up the body really good.

00:55:17.430 --> 00:55:29.220 Pat Duckworth: late in the day, you want to be doing cooler exercises like yoga or slow polities or slow TAI Chi a stretching exercise you don't want to be heating up your system.

00:55:29.970 --> 00:55:42.540 Pat Duckworth: there's so many other things I could say, but I can see that i'm running out of time, so just giving you that website again hot women call if you go there, you can download.

00:55:43.110 --> 00:55:53.970 Pat Duckworth: A visualization there are several visualizations in there, that will help you to get off to sleep, if you need my personal help come to me pat at packed up

00:55:54.870 --> 00:56:01.380 Pat Duckworth: So next week, I have a wonderful guest i'm having Sharon livermore from here in the UK.

00:56:01.680 --> 00:56:11.820 Pat Duckworth: we're going to be talking about a difficult subject we're going to be talking about domestic violence, and what we need to be on the lookout for, so I hope that you will join me for that.

00:56:12.210 --> 00:56:28.380 Pat Duckworth: and stay tuned to talk radio dot nyc because the next program on is dismantle racism, with the Reverend Dr tlc and she's talking about the education of black and brown students with Dr Marilyn Easter.

00:56:28.830 --> 00:56:38.310 Pat Duckworth: So really important conversation there if you've missed any of the previous recordings where we've talked about burnout we've talked about earlier manner pause.

00:56:38.700 --> 00:56:45.450 Pat Duckworth: we've talked about all sorts of things do go and catch up with them on the talk radio dot nyc website.

00:56:46.020 --> 00:57:03.540 Pat Duckworth: Thank you to my producer today Emily sorry I lost my microphone at one stage, hopefully i'll see you next week 10am Eastern 3pm British summer time and we will be talking to Sharon livermore see you, then, thank you for being with me.

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