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Thursday, August 5, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/05 - Frank About Cardiac Care with Reatha Grey

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/05 - Frank About Cardiac Care with Reatha Grey


2021/08/05 - Frank About Cardiac Care with Reatha Grey

[NEW EPISODE] Frank About Cardiac Care with Reatha Grey

Reatha Grey returns to Frank About Health to share her recent cardiac event and what she was able to do to take appropriate actions to prepare for maintaining her health and quality of life using the skills already expressed in episode 2. She also talks about how Hilton had a role in helping her rest and recover while continuing her busy career after having a stent placed in her heart while keeping in mind that her will and skill set kept her living her best life even during stressful circumstances because of her awareness and preparedness.

Tune in for this healthy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank and Reatha talk again about senior care in relation to cardiac care. Reatha had a recent heart complication scare, and talks about how they always end up happening during work hours for her. Even if she has a healthy heart, Reatha still experiences cardiac issues due to a genetic buildup of cholesterol. She shares her story and family history.

Segment 2

Reatha talks about how her busy lifestyle contributes to her health concerns,both with regards to being a senior citizen and having cardiac issues. She mentions having a mini-stroke, and advocating for her own health in staying in the hospital when she was going to be sent home otherwise. Reatha gives the advice that listeners should invest time in preventative measures in eating healthy and exercising.

Segment 3

Reatha discusses her stay in the Jamaica Bay Inn, which is owned by Hilton Hotels. She talks about the beneficial effects of her stay on her health. She also stayed in a Hilton Curio Collection hotel in Dallas Texas while filming a commercial, and has wonderful things to say about the hospitality. She recommends specific dietary changes listeners should make in order to have greater cardiac health.

Segment 4

Frank and Reatha welcome two surprise guests, Jimmy Dwyer and Frank’s Mother. He introduces them to talk about genetics and how checking if you have any predispositions to heart conditions through genetics can be helpful in preventing future cardiac issues. They close by bringing the genetics talk back to cardiac care, and giving final advice to listeners.


00:00:28.890 --> 00:00:30.450 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody welcome.

00:00:30.870 --> 00:00:34.080 Frank R. Harrison: To a special episode of rank about help.

00:00:34.860 --> 00:00:45.270 Frank R. Harrison: Last week I was live from Las Vegas at hilton's grand vacations alarm resort, and today I was planning to actually have an interview with the general manager.

00:00:45.660 --> 00:00:57.030 Frank R. Harrison: But due to scheduling conflicts, I had one better, and that is the return of who I call read the rocks read the Gray, who had been on episode two of frank about health.

00:00:57.510 --> 00:01:03.600 Frank R. Harrison: It was about senior health care and apparently I thought it was very convenient for her to be here because.

00:01:04.110 --> 00:01:13.440 Frank R. Harrison: Unfortunately, she had faced recently a cardiac episode, however, I wanted her to share with listeners out there and those that are now listening on Facebook live.

00:01:14.040 --> 00:01:21.120 Frank R. Harrison: Basically what her experience was about how she was able to use a lot of the advice that she said out there to the listeners.

00:01:21.360 --> 00:01:29.700 Frank R. Harrison: of how to be aware of your health care needs and issues as they occur, she had given guidance about those seniors out there who are misinformed.

00:01:30.030 --> 00:01:39.480 Frank R. Harrison: She obviously used her own insights and information to help herself get the proper treatment and then actually get back to work, which she'll tell you more about.

00:01:39.690 --> 00:01:47.100 Frank R. Harrison: So what I find very unique about risa in this episode is not only are we going to be talking about cardiac care it'll be a follow up.

00:01:47.490 --> 00:01:50.310 Frank R. Harrison: To the senior health care issues that she discussed previously.

00:01:50.730 --> 00:01:59.100 Frank R. Harrison: we're going to also have a session, where people who are watching on Facebook right now can actually log in to the talk radio nyc page.

00:01:59.370 --> 00:02:05.400 Frank R. Harrison: and actually ask live questions that she may be able to answer for you live, but we're going to do that in the third segment.

00:02:05.790 --> 00:02:15.360 Frank R. Harrison: The additional aspect is that Hilton has a place in this particular episode, but you will hear it along the way, and how we describe it it's involved.

00:02:15.840 --> 00:02:24.570 Frank R. Harrison: All right, Rita Thank you again for coming back to this show you literally by some of the listeners out there have called me and said, you know Rita rocks.

00:02:26.610 --> 00:02:28.110 Frank R. Harrison: So let's running on.

00:02:28.770 --> 00:02:32.280 Frank R. Harrison: Oh you're very welcome so let's rock on right now and.

00:02:33.660 --> 00:02:34.230 Frank R. Harrison: By all means.

00:02:35.520 --> 00:02:37.050 Frank R. Harrison: Tell me about your experience recently.

00:02:38.310 --> 00:02:59.070 Reatha Grey: Well, since I did the show, I actually had what I call my annual event for some reason i'm only good for 10 well I think it's always gotten more than a year, but 12 to 14 to 15 months I have a clogged artery issue and.

00:03:00.780 --> 00:03:16.230 Reatha Grey: I had passed, my 12 months I thought I was doing good I thought i'm not going to have an annual event this year and Lo and behold, I had an appointment with my cardiologist and I woke up that morning and my chest was burning.

00:03:17.520 --> 00:03:34.710 Reatha Grey: Now, sometimes hard for me to tell the difference between you know just having indigestion or whatever I don't have it often but you know, a slight burning sensation, but this is like monstrous burning sensation in my chest, and I thought.

00:03:36.360 --> 00:03:38.790 Reatha Grey: Should I go to the emergency room.

00:03:39.870 --> 00:03:45.480 Reatha Grey: My doctor's appointments in two hours i'll i'll muscle through.

00:03:46.770 --> 00:04:08.400 Reatha Grey: And I did I got dressed I got ready, I went to my cardiologist they weighed me in, and so my cardiologist came in, she said, are you feeling, he said, well, no i've got some burning in my chest, this morning, she said what she's learned that I know when the burning is cardiac related.

00:04:09.600 --> 00:04:26.670 Reatha Grey: And she said well you know how bad is, and I said well it's it's out there it's like an eight, it was like what it's like you don't want to go to the emergency I said well you listen and you see what do you think she said no, what do you think, and I said.

00:04:27.840 --> 00:04:50.220 Reatha Grey: yeah I guess I probably need to go to the emergency so they got a wheelchair they rolled me down I the thing about me and my height events, because they're clogged arteries they don't necessarily change the rhythm of my ekg so there's no hint by an ekg that i'm having a heart event.

00:04:51.000 --> 00:05:00.750 Reatha Grey: hmm so they get the ekg and they said, I will run tests and they did they came back and they said well there's.

00:05:02.130 --> 00:05:12.810 Reatha Grey: I always forget the name of it it's something like trip conan is this hormone or whatever that gets released in your system when your heart is under strain.

00:05:14.100 --> 00:05:27.960 Reatha Grey: And so that's really the only way they can figure out whether or not i'm having a hard episode, because my heart, even though my heart is perfectly healthy it's under strain because it's having a problem pushing through a major artery.

00:05:29.880 --> 00:05:36.660 Reatha Grey: So they took the test they came back, they said Oh well, it's like a seven but.

00:05:38.460 --> 00:05:43.230 Reatha Grey: We need to wait we'll wait an hour we'll take it again and I had.

00:05:44.310 --> 00:05:52.680 Reatha Grey: A fitting for a commercial I was breaking up that afternoon so i'm like can I go to the fitting and come back and they're like I don't think so.

00:05:53.850 --> 00:05:56.250 Frank R. Harrison: No different fitting in mind.

00:05:57.690 --> 00:06:09.840 Reatha Grey: And this is an ongoing problem with me because I managed to have these episodes in times of work it's always amazing to me I literally was doing a.

00:06:10.380 --> 00:06:21.840 Reatha Grey: Commercial my chest started burning and I literally made a promise to God, if you let me live through this commercial I will go straight to the emergency room the moment I felt it.

00:06:23.580 --> 00:06:33.600 Reatha Grey: So, clearly, I made it through the commercial and I literally drove myself to the hospital, which I do not recommend and my doctors keep telling me stop driving.

00:06:33.660 --> 00:06:39.210 Reatha Grey: yourself to the hospital when do you think we're adding one of these events it's not healthy.

00:06:40.830 --> 00:06:48.360 Reatha Grey: But, again, I had driven myself to the hospital, so they decided we'll wait an hour we'll take the test again we'll see what happens.

00:06:48.780 --> 00:07:03.240 Reatha Grey: Well, she came back, she said no, I got some bad news it's gone up and I said how much like 90 points say that was the highest it's ever been that I knew the results of at least.

00:07:03.750 --> 00:07:13.230 Reatha Grey: So I say Okay, well, I guess, we need to do something well luckily I go to Kaiser and I, my local Kaiser is West la.

00:07:14.280 --> 00:07:22.980 Reatha Grey: And the cardiac care unit that does most of the work in the Los Angeles area is guys are sunset.

00:07:24.000 --> 00:07:33.840 Reatha Grey: So I said, well, am I going to sunset they said, well, we got a call so they called I luckily it come in early in the day by this time it was mid day.

00:07:34.560 --> 00:07:45.690 Reatha Grey: And they had openings in the afternoon, which is very unusual and they said they're going to take you so we were going to get an ambulance here we're going to take you over to sunset.

00:07:46.740 --> 00:07:51.060 Reatha Grey: And they did, and I got my six stent.

00:07:52.440 --> 00:08:02.850 Reatha Grey: And I, I know I i'm always amazed that there's any room for more stents and I actually asked the doctor is there any room for more sense, he said, oh yeah.

00:08:04.230 --> 00:08:04.890 Reatha Grey: I don't want any.

00:08:06.120 --> 00:08:07.710 Frank R. Harrison: You don't want to build a warehouse.

00:08:07.920 --> 00:08:16.800 Reatha Grey: No, I really don't so The good news is they were able to go in put the stepped in and they actually.

00:08:18.180 --> 00:08:37.950 Reatha Grey: I think the last step they put in, I never felt better better, so I think that there might have been some problem with that, so they called it re stenting so they put a stent inside of a step blew it up and it opened up the artery.

00:08:39.630 --> 00:08:46.800 Reatha Grey: And the thing about this type of procedure is literally it's a over and it's really almost an outpatient.

00:08:47.370 --> 00:08:54.510 Reatha Grey: procedure if you didn't have to lay flat for so long because they go in, through your groin and up to your heart.

00:08:55.410 --> 00:09:03.780 Reatha Grey: And they do make a hole, and they do travel through your body with a camera with the stem with all kinds of stuff and so.

00:09:04.620 --> 00:09:14.130 Reatha Grey: You need to lay flat for like six or eight hours, and they have they have this new thing, though, that they use it, they used to have something that felt like a brick, it was.

00:09:14.640 --> 00:09:35.700 Reatha Grey: Extremely crude but I couldn't sit up to see it, but I could feel it it felt like they had put a brick and strapped it to me to keep pressure on the womb, but now they have this thing that looks like looks like something you'd put over a drain and clean vegetables, but it's smaller.

00:09:36.780 --> 00:09:44.760 Reatha Grey: it's a kind of a little cup thing and the cup thing pressures down and then the part that would go over a drain.

00:09:46.170 --> 00:09:54.930 Reatha Grey: goes across your body and they strap it down so apply pressure and it keeps you from sitting up, frankly, so I kept that on.

00:09:56.010 --> 00:10:02.040 Reatha Grey: By midnight, they put me into a hospital bed, but I still needed to lay flat.

00:10:03.390 --> 00:10:07.020 Reatha Grey: And the next afternoon, I went home.

00:10:08.070 --> 00:10:16.740 Frank R. Harrison: So, in terms of your history and having stents do you have an actual cardiac problem, like a cardiac arrhythmias or.

00:10:16.770 --> 00:10:18.150 Reatha Grey: My heart is great.

00:10:18.960 --> 00:10:19.890 Reatha Grey: My height is great.

00:10:19.920 --> 00:10:36.060 Reatha Grey: Which is probably why i'm still alive, because my heart is not the one that has the problem it's the cholesterol in my arteries, which I believe is primarily hereditary but i'm sure my diet could be bad.

00:10:37.200 --> 00:10:39.360 Reatha Grey: You know the doctors tell you all the time.

00:10:39.390 --> 00:11:02.640 Reatha Grey: You know eat a cardiac healthy diet and I try, I mean I eat a lot of vegetables, I doing better with drinking my water but I don't take the status and i'm not recommending this by any means, if you need to take status take status but I tend to not respond well to status and I become.

00:11:03.690 --> 00:11:22.500 Reatha Grey: very weak unable to use my muscles very fatigued and really just pretty much after about three or four months of status and i've tried them all, I just almost become bedridden and i'm not bedridden kind of Gal.

00:11:23.850 --> 00:11:27.030 Reatha Grey: out doing those commercials working in TV.

00:11:27.600 --> 00:11:46.080 Reatha Grey: yeah so I I really have a problem with taking status, but they have a new product that i'm going to try and made up my mind it's a self injectable ej once a month and it's supposed to have the same effect as status as far as cleaning out the cholesterol.

00:11:47.490 --> 00:12:01.230 Reatha Grey: But it's not a status and not known to have side effects of statins I was talking to someone this morning, they were saying how they they didn't get up out of bed and their muscles are atrophying.

00:12:01.770 --> 00:12:10.050 Reatha Grey: And I immediately asked, do you take status and they said yeah and I said the status will do that to you and.

00:12:10.860 --> 00:12:21.270 Reatha Grey: The solution to that is to continue to walk continue to exercise build up your muscles, but when your muscles are so weak it's really difficult.

00:12:21.990 --> 00:12:31.020 Reatha Grey: So i'm going to try this new drug I don't know the name of it, but I i've got to find somebody who's going to inject me once a month because I ain't doing.

00:12:32.220 --> 00:12:46.140 Frank R. Harrison: Any so it sounds like to me for you, it is just your cardiac issues is an annual event that is a reflection of a Co morbidity to just what stress work stress pandemic stress what would you qualify, it is.

00:12:47.130 --> 00:12:48.840 Reatha Grey: That, in my arteries.

00:12:50.070 --> 00:12:50.460 Reatha Grey: That.

00:12:51.750 --> 00:12:53.250 Frank R. Harrison: I was trying to be more polite about it.

00:12:54.330 --> 00:12:54.930 Reatha Grey: I don't know.

00:12:57.030 --> 00:13:05.670 Reatha Grey: If it genuinely from what they're telling me my hundred is perfectly healthy it's just and when it has to overwork.

00:13:06.480 --> 00:13:20.340 Reatha Grey: To push this through, and eventually what happens is the artery closes and then the blood can't be forced, but the heart is still going to keep trying and eventually it's going to wear itself out.

00:13:21.450 --> 00:13:28.860 Frank R. Harrison: I gather, for you, though, you now can time this as an event that could happen every year to year and a half, even going forward and the best thing to do.

00:13:29.130 --> 00:13:37.290 Frank R. Harrison: Is continue to maintain your best quality of life through all those nutrition aspects, plus your future injections, to prevent building that warehouse as we sit.

00:13:37.650 --> 00:13:45.810 Reatha Grey: Right I I have got to do something to to work against the Left strong.

00:13:46.350 --> 00:13:49.590 Reatha Grey: Right and actually my father died at 48.

00:13:50.670 --> 00:13:52.590 Reatha Grey: And i'm well over 40.

00:13:53.100 --> 00:13:54.720 Frank R. Harrison: There might be a genetic connection.

00:13:55.050 --> 00:14:09.840 Reatha Grey: It could add genetic genetic connection and he had that now we will never know exactly what he had because he didn't tell anybody he made a choice they said they can do open heart surgery.

00:14:10.860 --> 00:14:15.090 Reatha Grey: But they couldn't guarantee his quality of life afterwards we.

00:14:15.780 --> 00:14:25.740 Frank R. Harrison: Take a break, well, I want to hear more about this in the next section, but we're about to take a break For those of you who heard me say earlier to give questions on Facebook I just found out that is not the case.

00:14:26.010 --> 00:14:36.870 Frank R. Harrison: Please send any questions you may have for Rita at frank about health at gmail COM, this is frank are Harrison with Rita rocks read the Gray or call you the next grey's anatomy.

00:14:38.160 --> 00:14:44.850 Frank R. Harrison: Well we're going to do is come back in just a few minutes thanks for listening to us, both on Facebook live and talk radio dot nyc see a bit.

00:14:45.600 --> 00:14:46.440 Reatha Grey: See and do.

00:16:59.730 --> 00:17:08.400 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back to frank about health i'm your host frank are Harrison we're starting section two with today's episode on cardiac care with wreath of Gray.

00:17:09.090 --> 00:17:20.640 Frank R. Harrison: She was just informing me of her history with her father, having had cardiac disease and coming to the conclusion that what she's been suffering from lately, but yet maintaining.

00:17:21.090 --> 00:17:27.450 Frank R. Harrison: could be genetic in nature, but obviously it more it's more of a comorbidity as a result of the way.

00:17:27.750 --> 00:17:35.490 Frank R. Harrison: You have been managing your body of life, I know you have hyper stress when it comes to work because getting an audition is could happen, it could happen right now actually.

00:17:35.760 --> 00:17:43.620 Frank R. Harrison: But the thing is, is that I know well, so when you get an audition and you're flying to one you could get another audition you have to fly back to the other one and then come back in.

00:17:44.340 --> 00:17:53.340 Frank R. Harrison: and actually seen you in that well so would you say on that level that has been more of a positive for your quality of life or actually a hindrance to your quality of life.

00:17:55.170 --> 00:17:56.190 Reatha Grey: The stress.

00:17:56.880 --> 00:17:59.190 Frank R. Harrison: And that stress the constant back and forth.

00:18:00.270 --> 00:18:11.610 Reatha Grey: i'm one of those people, I mean I call myself an adventurer I love adventure I love, not knowing what's going to happen from day to day I love waking up and saying, where am.

00:18:12.960 --> 00:18:23.790 Reatha Grey: I I really do so that that kind of keeps me on top of stuff I I am since I can't be the type of adventure that I used to be.

00:18:24.450 --> 00:18:41.580 Reatha Grey: I was trying to learn how to scuba dive and I realized I just don't have the lung capacity to scuba dive anymore so things like that I love, I can still go swimming with dolphins and I can still go swimming with sharks that I can't stand the water under pressure for.

00:18:44.010 --> 00:18:55.560 Reatha Grey: What can I say so, I take adventure in any form, that I can get it in so yeah I i'm sure that if I had stress on my heart, it would be another story.

00:18:56.190 --> 00:19:16.050 Reatha Grey: But like I said they tell me my height is perfectly fine and getting back to my father, my father was an adventurer he was his own man, he was the first man, I heard at their funeral they play I did it my way because he literally did it his way and.

00:19:17.190 --> 00:19:29.100 Reatha Grey: He was told that he had a heart problem that he needed open heart surgery, and that he needed it right away, but they could not guarantee the outcome.

00:19:29.670 --> 00:19:43.770 Reatha Grey: That he may be okay, he may be healthy, he may not and so he made a choice well if I can't do it my way i'm not doing it at all so literally he didn't tell anyone in the family.

00:19:45.390 --> 00:19:54.000 Reatha Grey: And he just went about settling his affair, so we know that he knew, because we can see traces of it was settling his affairs.

00:19:54.900 --> 00:20:07.170 Reatha Grey: And he literally was driving and had to evolve, the he I think he was driving and he had to pull over and he literally had a heart attack in his car.

00:20:07.860 --> 00:20:15.270 Reatha Grey: So i've been told that it could have been lots of things, because of course they didn't do an autopsy because they knew he had a heart problem.

00:20:15.840 --> 00:20:32.460 Reatha Grey: So and back then, this is back in the early 70s, so this was before they really have the equipment that they have or even I don't i'm sure they weren't putting stents in at the time, so we never really went into the.

00:20:34.050 --> 00:20:42.960 Reatha Grey: Exact problem that he was having but it definitely had to do with his arteries in his heart and he had a cholesterol problem.

00:20:44.010 --> 00:20:54.840 Reatha Grey: Well, so part of it is hereditary but like I said part of it is, I need to watch my diet and I people have lived for many, many years with.

00:20:55.260 --> 00:21:02.010 Reatha Grey: high cholesterol, but they control it by medication, and so I just need to find the proper medication and.

00:21:02.430 --> 00:21:15.660 Reatha Grey: I again want to encourage people don't just give up because you have a problem with a Stat and try, all of them i'm trying, all of them in every year there are new breakthroughs in in everything.

00:21:16.170 --> 00:21:37.650 Reatha Grey: So you never know this once a month shot might be the breakthrough that I need that I don't ever have another event that my cholesterol ceases to be a problem, because not only is it a problem for my heart it's a problem for straight strokes and for brain events also.

00:21:37.950 --> 00:21:40.170 Reatha Grey: I have a scar along here.

00:21:40.590 --> 00:21:43.320 Reatha Grey: That was my first event it wasn't even my heart.

00:21:44.100 --> 00:21:45.510 Frank R. Harrison: I did artery right.

00:21:45.570 --> 00:21:52.560 Reatha Grey: It was my carotid artery on its way to the brain and it was closing up and I had had a.

00:21:53.970 --> 00:22:09.660 Reatha Grey: ultrasound and kind of a Community very type thing and they just told me a few years earlier, keep an eye on your carotid arteries they're closing and i'm bad, but they are closing so I.

00:22:10.800 --> 00:22:18.300 Reatha Grey: Would talk to my doctors about it, and they would every once in a while do a scan of my carotid artery.

00:22:20.040 --> 00:22:31.290 Reatha Grey: And one day I was at a meeting and I just felt strange, I felt like I couldn't get my words together, I couldn't really string sentences together worse than usual.

00:22:32.490 --> 00:22:36.600 Frank R. Harrison: And so that's not a stroke, but i've heard of something called a.

00:22:37.320 --> 00:22:39.240 Frank R. Harrison: tia tia.

00:22:39.600 --> 00:22:46.050 Reatha Grey: yeah, which is a mini stroke, and it was setting up my blood was getting 10 off going to my brain.

00:22:47.280 --> 00:22:51.480 Reatha Grey: And I again drove myself to the emergency room.

00:22:52.620 --> 00:23:10.500 Reatha Grey: And I told them there's something wrong I don't know what's going on, but I not really putting things together well and they did test and they said, well, we can't find anything we don't we don't know what to look for anymore so we're going to send you home, and I said no.

00:23:11.670 --> 00:23:31.140 Reatha Grey: No, they said well there's nothing else we can do, and I said, you can watch me it's what you can do I live alone and I don't think I should be alone at home, so I think you should watch me and they watched me and ultimately they got the results back that the blood was.

00:23:32.190 --> 00:23:53.880 Reatha Grey: backing up in this artery and they ended up doing a surgery they couldn't put a stent in because my artery he was so clogged and so, then, and so small that they couldn't put a stint in so they just went in and cleaned it out and then so did backup.

00:23:55.740 --> 00:23:58.830 Reatha Grey: So the trial is everywhere.

00:23:59.130 --> 00:24:02.010 Frank R. Harrison: back a quote unquote leaving it room to kind of come back.

00:24:02.070 --> 00:24:08.910 Reatha Grey: Basically, yes, both the order and the cholesterol unfortunately and.

00:24:10.830 --> 00:24:20.430 Reatha Grey: I asked them then we'll Can we just do something and look at all the honorees and find out which ones are clouds and clean them out.

00:24:20.970 --> 00:24:35.910 Reatha Grey: And they said no, because if we look we'll find them and sometimes we can do more damage going in disrupting an artery that is not causing a problem will create a problem.

00:24:36.690 --> 00:24:54.690 Reatha Grey: So they said we'll take it, you know as as it comes so i've had no more problems in the carotid arteries that I know of they're not sure whether or not i've had other tia or stroke, since then, but they checked.

00:24:55.980 --> 00:24:59.580 Reatha Grey: My carotid arteries on a regular basis, I think it's once a year.

00:25:01.230 --> 00:25:08.070 Reatha Grey: Because it's not like it's poof and it's closed up it's it's slowly.

00:25:08.820 --> 00:25:10.560 Reatha Grey: contracting yeah.

00:25:11.460 --> 00:25:18.840 Frank R. Harrison: So so burning sensation you described, for your most recent event was that a legitimate heart attack is that what you said earlier, or you thought it was.

00:25:18.960 --> 00:25:30.480 Reatha Grey: No, they call everything that causes your heart to be distress stop be fast pretty much all of it, they just call a heart attack.

00:25:32.340 --> 00:25:38.100 Reatha Grey: So when she actually gave me peace because they kept saying heart attack and saying I might die.

00:25:39.150 --> 00:26:01.950 Reatha Grey: And so I did that can be a minor event, just like a tia is a form of a stroke, but it's a minor stroke, if you don't lose large portions of your memory or use of your body or anything but it's still a stroke, and the same thing with you know if my heart was stressed enough that the.

00:26:03.570 --> 00:26:13.230 Reatha Grey: The I forget whether it's a I don't know what it is, but whatever this thing that the hearts secretes when it's under stress.

00:26:14.010 --> 00:26:24.630 Reatha Grey: it's they'll consider it a heart attack, because your heart is under stress that it cannot endure for the rest of your life you or your life will be very short and.

00:26:25.980 --> 00:26:26.550 Reatha Grey: So.

00:26:27.870 --> 00:26:34.500 Frank R. Harrison: So, based on the previous episode of frank about health when you were talking about a lot of ways that seniors can keep mindful.

00:26:34.770 --> 00:26:44.040 Frank R. Harrison: of various health information and whether there's their records or whether history of cancer or pharmaceutical drug now we're talking about seniors and their concerns for their cardiac.

00:26:44.400 --> 00:26:51.480 Frank R. Harrison: Lifestyle because you know, a heart attack is basically a milestone within the whole event pattern.

00:26:51.840 --> 00:27:05.730 Frank R. Harrison: Between subsequent events, and so there is the middle of the road treatment if that's the right way of putting it or the what you need to do during the time between events that you need to be mindful of what kind of suggestions, would you give to anyone listening today.

00:27:06.270 --> 00:27:13.740 Reatha Grey: Well, preventative medicine is always good like I said, if you can take status takes that and.

00:27:15.060 --> 00:27:20.070 Reatha Grey: If you well, you can change your diet it's not a matter of if.

00:27:20.790 --> 00:27:33.630 Reatha Grey: You need to choose to change your diet that you do eat more fruits more vegetables exercise is key it's hard for me to exercise because I also have COPD.

00:27:34.320 --> 00:27:41.730 Reatha Grey: Which is another catch all phrase for anything that affects your breathing or your lungs, I was a smoker for 20 years.

00:27:42.300 --> 00:27:51.570 Reatha Grey: I haven't smoked since 1989 but the damage was already done so it's hard for me to do the exercise that I like doing.

00:27:52.260 --> 00:28:08.580 Reatha Grey: So I don't exercise anywhere as much as I should but that's also good for your heart but i'm very active, so that keeps my heart pumping because I do use energy every day just going to work, I have to walk.

00:28:09.300 --> 00:28:13.470 Frank R. Harrison: So actually you're doing all these auditions and commercials is actually helping you thrive.

00:28:14.100 --> 00:28:21.690 Reatha Grey: Absolutely, because that's how I get my exercise that I get moving and getting my heart pumping and blood flowing.

00:28:22.170 --> 00:28:22.500 Frank R. Harrison: And so.

00:28:23.430 --> 00:28:36.360 Reatha Grey: yeah exactly and listen to your doctor get a good cardiologist if you have any type of thyroid problems I have friends and will not go to the doctor it's amazing to me.

00:28:36.870 --> 00:28:48.270 Reatha Grey: They all have nitroglycerin pills, because if you've had a heart issue they give you nitroglycerin pills they'll take nitroglycerin pills and say oh i'm fine now and it's like no.

00:28:49.410 --> 00:28:56.880 Reatha Grey: You need to go to your doctor see your doctor regularly see all of your doctors everybody's a specialist nowadays so.

00:28:57.030 --> 00:29:10.080 Reatha Grey: see a specialist See you in general physicians and as we get to be seniors I I had a car come pick me up this thing I just did i'm going to do this real quick, because I know we're on a break coming up on a break.

00:29:10.110 --> 00:29:12.480 Reatha Grey: i'm in close to one yeah I.

00:29:12.930 --> 00:29:26.580 Reatha Grey: I I got this kind of picked me up at the airport, because I was getting in at like five o'clock in the morning and I looked on the receipt and in the notes, it says elderly person and I thought too much.

00:29:27.660 --> 00:29:28.890 Reatha Grey: Oh wait they're talking about.

00:29:32.130 --> 00:29:35.010 Frank R. Harrison: So what did they do give you a discount on the on the road.

00:29:36.090 --> 00:29:36.480 Reatha Grey: and

00:29:36.570 --> 00:29:40.350 Reatha Grey: The funny thing is a woman that big me i'm seeing she looked older than me.

00:29:43.350 --> 00:29:46.650 Reatha Grey: she's throwing my agenda because my dad.

00:29:49.200 --> 00:29:52.200 Reatha Grey: called me and she looked older than me and I felt so bad.

00:29:53.700 --> 00:30:06.750 Frank R. Harrison: Well, you called it, we are about to go to a break so everybody, thank you for listening to this episode being frank about cardiac care with aretha Gray by diva we will be back right here on talk radio dot nyc and just a few.

00:32:36.390 --> 00:32:45.240 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody welcome back to this episode of frank about health i'm here with my dear friend, read the grave we're talking about her recent cardiac episode.

00:32:45.600 --> 00:32:49.560 Frank R. Harrison: One thing I mentioned at the top of the show For those of you who are listening beforehand.

00:32:50.340 --> 00:32:59.910 Frank R. Harrison: You may have heard my last week's show where I was talking about cancer with director Nathan crane which was actually videotaped live from Hilton grand vacations in Las Vegas.

00:33:00.600 --> 00:33:06.780 Frank R. Harrison: The reason why I bring that up now is because I want to take this time to bring up Hilton because I think, briefly, you told me before this show.

00:33:07.080 --> 00:33:16.230 Frank R. Harrison: That you actually had a chance to stay at a Hilton recently I want you to tell the listeners out there about it, if it was before your event or after or both.

00:33:16.650 --> 00:33:29.340 Frank R. Harrison: And what your experience was like at those locations and if you can just share if that actually helped you in recovery or better yet helped you in preparing for your work or just anything you'd like to share from the experience.

00:33:30.840 --> 00:33:34.890 Reatha Grey: Well, it seems like Hilton is buying up everything.

00:33:37.050 --> 00:33:59.070 Reatha Grey: I went to one of my all time favorite places, you know that travel has been cut out, I had a beautiful cruise plans for 2020 and I was already for it, and of course it got canceled and you're afraid to get on the plane you're afraid to go to hotels hotels are are shutting down.

00:34:00.570 --> 00:34:09.390 Reatha Grey: But soon as they open I just needed to get away I needed to go somewhere and I wanted to go to the islands, but I didn't want to.

00:34:09.780 --> 00:34:27.120 Reatha Grey: Do all the stuff you have to do to go to that islands and bless cove it was still looming large, so I went to one of my favorite la getaway spots, which is the Jamaica Bay in which is currently owned by Hilton it's one of its went collection, did you say.

00:34:27.600 --> 00:34:29.280 Frank R. Harrison: I think the curio collection.

00:34:29.580 --> 00:34:33.780 Reatha Grey: The curio collection i'm not sure what the collections me what.

00:34:34.860 --> 00:34:40.950 Reatha Grey: Did you make a bet in is no longer an independent hotel, it is a part of the Hilton brand.

00:34:42.420 --> 00:35:01.680 Reatha Grey: it's right on the beach in Marina del rey you can look out your window and you can see, this Bay it's literally a Bay there's no waves, so you can go into the water but it's very calm you don't have to worry about drowning a riptides or red tides or whatever.

00:35:02.070 --> 00:35:02.970 Reatha Grey: or cheyenne.

00:35:03.360 --> 00:35:26.790 Reatha Grey: know what I don't know I think shot according to josh shots can swim in debate but i've never i've never seen a shark in Los Angeles, and I want to keep the least oh that's not true, I can't I think it was a tiger shark fishing off the the Sam and I caught a shark in real did it.

00:35:27.870 --> 00:35:30.300 Reatha Grey: So I have seen a shark in La but.

00:35:31.260 --> 00:35:34.350 Reatha Grey: The shark could bite you but not devour you.

00:35:36.750 --> 00:35:44.760 Reatha Grey: The Jamaica Bay in is a wonderful place to stay and they have a wonderful restaurant there the rest time was open.

00:35:45.990 --> 00:35:55.350 Reatha Grey: The food was terrific my room was delightful the the hotel actually was, I believe, full but.

00:35:56.580 --> 00:36:11.010 Reatha Grey: it's it's never overcrowded it's always just a quaint little place to go, so I was happy, they did have the Hilton grand and I went there, I believe I went there before I had my last heart issue.

00:36:12.690 --> 00:36:13.440 Reatha Grey: and

00:36:15.360 --> 00:36:15.810 Frank R. Harrison: Did you go.

00:36:16.380 --> 00:36:20.700 Frank R. Harrison: arrest and recreation, did you even perceive that this event was going to happen to you.

00:36:21.150 --> 00:36:32.340 Reatha Grey: Well, no, I went well I lived there for rest and recreation, but I really just needed rest, I was so tired, I said I thought you know I could have stayed home and then.

00:36:33.840 --> 00:36:36.870 Reatha Grey: But I haven't saved Beautiful environment at home.

00:36:37.380 --> 00:36:38.130 Reatha Grey: But yeah.

00:36:38.160 --> 00:36:46.440 Reatha Grey: I I just pretty much rested I went out for a brief walk I walk to and from the restaurant.

00:36:48.480 --> 00:36:55.500 Reatha Grey: And it was really close to Venice, I had a couple of friends come over and we went down to Venice beach and walked along the beach.

00:36:56.340 --> 00:37:11.520 Reatha Grey: But yeah it was very relaxing very quiet, you can open up the door the sliding glass door and have the breeze come in, so I had a wonderful time there and then I was shooting a commercial in Dallas Texas.

00:37:13.470 --> 00:37:28.440 Reatha Grey: And Lo and behold, they told me on my little stuff that I was going to the Highland so I didn't know what the Highland was and I didn't really check because they were paying for it, so I was gonna go wherever they sent me.

00:37:29.130 --> 00:37:30.720 Reatha Grey: And, as I pulled up.

00:37:30.930 --> 00:37:41.760 Reatha Grey: I saw the hill Hilton honors placard on the wall which meant it was part of the Elton brand also and, I believe, in spite of the curio collection to.

00:37:42.390 --> 00:37:48.150 Frank R. Harrison: That point i'll educate you on curio means just for anyone out there who's in the hospitality industry.

00:37:48.900 --> 00:37:56.940 Frank R. Harrison: The curio collection is a brand that was formulated about seven years ago, in an effort for Hilton to do a brand extension.

00:37:57.420 --> 00:38:04.320 Frank R. Harrison: of their owned and operated model because 70% of their hotels, they really just have the brand on the building.

00:38:04.950 --> 00:38:10.680 Frank R. Harrison: 30% are actually owned out right usually that is Hilton itself or Hilton garden inn.

00:38:11.280 --> 00:38:18.150 Frank R. Harrison: But anything with another name has usually been acquired that's why like, if you look at the doubletree it says doubletree by Hilton.

00:38:18.630 --> 00:38:29.460 Frank R. Harrison: Or, if you look at Hampton INN Hampton by Hilton Hampton INN is your typical airport hotel budget hotel got to get away right away got to get to the next city somehow in the next day.

00:38:29.940 --> 00:38:38.190 Frank R. Harrison: You know, but curio was formulated to actually help those businesses those independently owned hotels that were just about to go under.

00:38:38.850 --> 00:38:58.860 Frank R. Harrison: And so they created a portfolio of individual hotels in regional markets you won't find them in the big cities you'll find them in La you'll find them in Dallas you'll find them in in in Chicago or whatever, but what they do is they create a portfolio that they have procured curio.

00:39:00.000 --> 00:39:15.180 Frank R. Harrison: So, essentially, it might still be known by its original name in your case to make a Bay or Highland but it's really operated by Hilton management, but marketed by the original team that was part of the hotel when it was independently operated.

00:39:16.350 --> 00:39:17.730 Frank R. Harrison: it's a portfolio of hotels.

00:39:18.240 --> 00:39:19.020 Okay.

00:39:20.070 --> 00:39:27.960 Frank R. Harrison: But if you're a Hilton honors Member you get points you get your free breakfast you get your opportunity to participate in the timeshare if you were interested.

00:39:28.230 --> 00:39:41.490 Frank R. Harrison: But you get to feel part of a family, and I think that's its founders vision Conrad Hilton who basically started the business by buying hotels, he bought he bought up the waldorf astoria which is now it's luxury brand.

00:39:44.430 --> 00:39:48.750 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, so that's Hilton one on one but back to what you were saying about the highlands.

00:39:49.650 --> 00:39:51.750 Reatha Grey: The Highland was a lovely place it was.

00:39:51.750 --> 00:39:54.240 Reatha Grey: downtown Dallas and.

00:39:55.320 --> 00:40:02.310 Reatha Grey: You know I i'm used to La so i'm used to seeing homeless people everywhere and in Dallas i'm saying, where you're homeless.

00:40:05.460 --> 00:40:17.160 Reatha Grey: They said they you have some but I mean it was 105 degrees in Dallas so nobody was outside except for people who had no home to go to so I didn't see very many homeless people but.

00:40:18.450 --> 00:40:38.010 Reatha Grey: I was right down down there in the island and it was very lovely surroundings very nice hotel my I had a cousin that I was going to visit there and I called him up on Friday night because I was leaving Saturday morning I had planned to have breakfast with him and I said.

00:40:39.450 --> 00:40:46.710 Reatha Grey: I have to leave early in the morning, so can I buy you dinner, and he said, well, I got married this morning, what.

00:40:48.180 --> 00:40:51.090 Frank R. Harrison: He hadn't told me, I told him I was coming he didn't know me.

00:40:51.330 --> 00:40:59.340 Reatha Grey: But I was working I couldn't have gone to the wedding but he and his fiance decided they were just going to jump the broom spontaneously, so I.

00:40:59.550 --> 00:41:04.050 Reatha Grey: hope that you have you come over i'll buy you dinner, so we had dinner at the hotel they treated us.

00:41:04.050 --> 00:41:09.780 Reatha Grey: so nice I told him that they got married that morning, they give us three.

00:41:10.920 --> 00:41:19.950 Reatha Grey: herbs they gave us free dessert they gave us a free glass of champagne, it was very lovely so they were impressed.

00:41:20.970 --> 00:41:22.110 Reatha Grey: Well, I.

00:41:22.290 --> 00:41:23.070 Reatha Grey: Think hotel.

00:41:25.290 --> 00:41:30.450 Reatha Grey: And we had a very lovely wedding dinner for them that night mm hmm.

00:41:30.750 --> 00:41:39.990 Frank R. Harrison: i'm just personally happy of what what Hilton has done for here in the city during the time of the essential worker crisis we had with cove it, I mean they literally turned their.

00:41:41.400 --> 00:41:48.900 Frank R. Harrison: homewood suites brand into a central worker hotels, if you were displaced had to be at the javits Center administering vaccines.

00:41:49.230 --> 00:41:53.460 Frank R. Harrison: or be at the hospital, you know, helping the people who were in the critical list.

00:41:53.790 --> 00:41:59.700 Frank R. Harrison: You would have a place to go to stay away from family, so you didn't give whatever you call it to your own family and friends husband wives.

00:42:00.060 --> 00:42:10.890 Frank R. Harrison: or significant other and they actually were able to save the business from that perspective versus going under like a lot of other small businesses and independent hotels had done.

00:42:11.280 --> 00:42:19.410 Frank R. Harrison: During this critical time but, again, while this was like the Hilton segment of this show it's still all about quality of life and cardiac care.

00:42:19.740 --> 00:42:29.490 Frank R. Harrison: And I figure it's kind of safe to say that it is the environment, you surround yourself with either before, during or after such events and i'm just hoping.

00:42:29.880 --> 00:42:39.990 Frank R. Harrison: That what you've learned from this this particular moment in time is not going to bring you to another event next year or a year and a half from now that hopefully it's just going to be.

00:42:40.260 --> 00:42:50.790 Frank R. Harrison: A continual gradual improvement of the Stat and usage of the drinking of the water of taking a lot of antioxidant rich foods, probably salmon seafood all that stuff that.

00:42:51.300 --> 00:42:59.580 Frank R. Harrison: You know you, you probably are now doing more regularly, yes I guess is is there anything else you can recommend for people who probably.

00:42:59.940 --> 00:43:10.170 Frank R. Harrison: should be more mindful of their diet, not just because of cardiac issues, but also because of pre diabetic issues, maybe, or would you have any other final recommendations.

00:43:12.180 --> 00:43:12.570 Reatha Grey: Yes.

00:43:13.560 --> 00:43:16.830 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, it just so happens, we have a recommendation.

00:43:16.860 --> 00:43:18.450 Frank R. Harrison: This is my cousin giving wire.

00:43:19.470 --> 00:43:29.340 Frank R. Harrison: we're about to go to another break so everybody stay tuned for the surprise guest and we'll be back right here on talk radio in nyc at this episode of frank about health with the great.

00:44:34.590 --> 00:44:35.130 poster the.

00:46:00.450 --> 00:46:11.400 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody first we're here with wreath the rocks said we're here with my family Jimmy Dwyer and my mother is about to come on, let me explain to you what is happening here.

00:46:11.850 --> 00:46:19.650 Frank R. Harrison: we've been talking on this episode of frank about health about cardiac care we've been talking about Hilton hotels we've been talking about.

00:46:19.920 --> 00:46:28.470 Frank R. Harrison: genomic links to cardiac problems, in other words we've been talking about family on this episode so Jimmy you were on my show about DNA.

00:46:28.980 --> 00:46:41.730 Frank R. Harrison: And we talked about how we have found on our 23 and me study that we do not have a linkage to cardiac problems within the Harrison mine, but I think you mentioned, you may have it in the Dwyer line you want to share a little bit about that and, by the way.

00:46:43.080 --> 00:46:44.250 Frank R. Harrison: The wreath me Jimmy.

00:46:45.540 --> 00:46:47.700 James Dwyer: I love actresses so already.

00:46:51.600 --> 00:47:02.250 James Dwyer: My father's line yeah the Irish oh dwyer's my grandmother had a heart attack two of my aunts I know, had.

00:47:04.110 --> 00:47:12.240 James Dwyer: You know, open heart surgery, and I had my one and my Margie Oh, she was a piano player she's just saying, she was fabulous.

00:47:12.600 --> 00:47:26.340 James Dwyer: She had it again, the second time at 80 years old, so the heart disease, and I have my oldest sister died of a heart attack, so I have it in my family, but all on my father's side, no one on my mother's No one on our side, frank.

00:47:27.150 --> 00:47:28.530 Frank R. Harrison: i'm amazing.

00:47:28.830 --> 00:47:40.680 James Dwyer: I know what what don't you have I haven't I just want to say this one quick thing I have a niece she went to the doctor for some simple thing, and he made her fill out one of those long forms, you know and it's it's.

00:47:41.130 --> 00:47:47.880 James Dwyer: Anybody you can we had this this this that was she said, by the time I got finished with both sides of the family there wasn't like yeah.

00:47:50.430 --> 00:47:54.870 James Dwyer: yeah I mean you know other than those people live to 100 which I hope all of you do.

00:47:55.740 --> 00:48:10.080 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, well, we do have a long life span from what i've heard you know but Jimmy there was something special that you were going to show today that I wanted you to share, because today is my father's 90th birthday today is the actual day.

00:48:10.800 --> 00:48:11.400 yeah.

00:48:16.230 --> 00:48:17.940 Frank R. Harrison: So I wanted you to.

00:48:18.240 --> 00:48:23.670 Frank R. Harrison: To kind of say Jimmy what what it is, you were going to show to all the listeners out there.

00:48:24.030 --> 00:48:35.490 James Dwyer: About a few years ago, I was on ancestry COM I got this little message and the guy said, I think I found your family Bible from the 1800s.

00:48:35.790 --> 00:48:44.280 James Dwyer: And I of course thought my first thing was oh it's a scabby wants money or so, and he said I said well how do I know it's you he said he said pictures from his phone.

00:48:44.610 --> 00:48:49.230 James Dwyer: i'll blow the names that were there, my great grandmother, I was like oh my God it is mine.

00:48:49.590 --> 00:49:00.720 James Dwyer: So I had like a Pennsylvania i'm in Florida, I had a flat Pennsylvania I picked it up, and I have it, and for your dad's 90th birthday, I thought, maybe I would show it.

00:49:01.260 --> 00:49:15.780 James Dwyer: it's all tied up because, to be honest with you, it needs someone to restore it back to its glory, and my grandson who's who's 14 he said to me, it looks like something from Harry Potter so what I will show you, if I can get it in the picture right.

00:49:16.140 --> 00:49:16.560 Okay.

00:49:19.140 --> 00:49:22.290 James Dwyer: This is, this is the part that says.

00:49:23.550 --> 00:49:24.660 James Dwyer: Holy Bible.

00:49:25.860 --> 00:49:27.210 James Dwyer: It yes.

00:49:27.570 --> 00:49:33.690 James Dwyer: yeah okay so, then the other side of it is clipped with metal clips.

00:49:35.670 --> 00:49:39.930 James Dwyer: Let me get it up, you see the metal clips and then they open.

00:49:41.400 --> 00:49:59.490 James Dwyer: They open to reveal it and then the top is embossed let me get close to see see it it's all embossed leather it's all worn and the side is going down the sides or ripping if I untie from the ribbon it falls apart.

00:50:00.120 --> 00:50:04.530 James Dwyer: We don't know what I have to do is, I have to find a restore.

00:50:04.770 --> 00:50:06.120 James Dwyer: But in Florida.

00:50:07.680 --> 00:50:17.190 James Dwyer: People like new they don't like anything old so we don't have those kind of things when I go back to Philadelphia or New York is where people care about that kind of thing.

00:50:17.490 --> 00:50:27.330 James Dwyer: And i'm sure i'll find somebody who put it together, but the one man, who I didn't show it to set to me it's very rare to find them still with their metal clips intact.

00:50:28.320 --> 00:50:29.130 Frank R. Harrison: hundred years old.

00:50:29.220 --> 00:50:44.130 James Dwyer: yeah exactly he said they never last that long so that part has been perfect so so anyway, there you go there you go to the video and our our indigenous people history, there you go for a copy 90th birthday.

00:50:44.640 --> 00:50:44.970 Yes.

00:50:46.440 --> 00:50:46.740 Meili Harrison: and

00:50:48.690 --> 00:50:54.060 Frank R. Harrison: Well, basically, the in the end that Bible is a picture of Lavinia Cisco Harrison.

00:50:54.810 --> 00:51:13.410 Frank R. Harrison: Is my great great great grandmother, and my father and jimmy's great great grandmother, which gives us indigenous heritage now Rita or Jimmy would you say that you know of any links to cardiac issues and indigenous people.

00:51:18.060 --> 00:51:18.960 Maybe they helped create.

00:51:20.370 --> 00:51:24.840 James Dwyer: This is what I think frank, this is just again blah blah blah blah blah I talk too much, but.

00:51:25.860 --> 00:51:34.890 James Dwyer: I really believe that know until the Europeans came over captured them and gave them all those diseases which they carry with them.

00:51:35.310 --> 00:51:49.230 James Dwyer: You know, and then I think up till then when you're eating fruits and nuts and that kind of stuff I think you have a healthier not only that they were active people you know what you never see him portrayed as overweight you ever seen portrayed as their runners you know it.

00:51:49.680 --> 00:52:02.400 James Dwyer: right the way the normal human being should be, and I mean, I think we, I think you know not set it every room sitting all the time and stuff like that, so I, I think, maybe not until.

00:52:03.030 --> 00:52:09.270 James Dwyer: But, of course, you know what that's a long time ago when they come over 60 when you know, whenever the Americans came over and settled.

00:52:09.510 --> 00:52:10.470 Frank R. Harrison: being well they hate.

00:52:10.500 --> 00:52:13.980 Frank R. Harrison: New Amsterdam, which is New York today was 1633 so.

00:52:14.940 --> 00:52:22.050 James Dwyer: 1630 the Arabella came and landed in Massachusetts for Salem so that I know but uh so yeah.

00:52:23.130 --> 00:52:25.230 Frank R. Harrison: All right, so I mean I i'm just.

00:52:25.230 --> 00:52:36.300 Frank R. Harrison: very grateful that both of you were able to help share in my father's big milestone birthday, I know, with coven and everything some of the plans that you and I had talked about Jimmy over the past year.

00:52:36.630 --> 00:52:47.850 Frank R. Harrison: were to actually have an entire family reunion dedicated to Lavinia and really showing how the family has developed over those what What would you call 200 and so a year.

00:52:48.300 --> 00:52:49.710 James Dwyer: To at the Hilton know.

00:52:50.100 --> 00:52:52.770 Frank R. Harrison: At the hip with a waldorf astoria actually.

00:52:53.850 --> 00:52:58.290 James Dwyer: My grandfather was a dancer Oliver how to sing and dance with the world of the story.

00:53:00.210 --> 00:53:11.400 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly exactly, and that is a plan for 2022 it's just that at least we have now the gathering of all of us here and yesterday but you're definitely invited you have to show.

00:53:12.000 --> 00:53:12.780 James Dwyer: you're definitely.

00:53:13.560 --> 00:53:19.320 Reatha Grey: gonna say I met your parents, they are lovely wonderful people high harrison's.

00:53:21.900 --> 00:53:23.010 he's ranked to.

00:53:26.730 --> 00:53:30.120 Frank R. Harrison: See they're probably on their mobile device and the signals, not that.

00:53:30.240 --> 00:53:35.310 Frank R. Harrison: Accurate but at least they're here for this, and I know we're probably going to do a celebration.

00:53:35.550 --> 00:53:37.620 Frank R. Harrison: After the show or you know they're.

00:53:38.280 --> 00:53:39.960 Reatha Grey: Talking Maybe you can hear them.

00:53:40.620 --> 00:53:42.900 Frank R. Harrison: Oh okay well what they say.

00:53:44.280 --> 00:53:45.960 Reatha Grey: What we saying listen.

00:53:48.960 --> 00:53:49.980 Reatha Grey: Now they stopped.

00:53:52.140 --> 00:53:58.440 Frank R. Harrison: All right now either either way you know it's just an important milestone day I was feeling very.

00:53:59.250 --> 00:54:04.140 Frank R. Harrison: Aware that no I mean if it was the 89th birthday 91st birthday that's one thing, but it's the 90th.

00:54:04.500 --> 00:54:13.410 Frank R. Harrison: And the fact that Jimmy and I, as we said on our show weeks ago connected, based on the magic of genomics you know the DNA study that 23andme puts out.

00:54:13.680 --> 00:54:20.460 Frank R. Harrison: You and I read the we're talking 40 minutes ago about the genetic relationship, you may have had with your cardiac problems with your father.

00:54:21.180 --> 00:54:30.060 Frank R. Harrison: I just thought it was very relevant for the nature of today's episode and at the same time, to throw in a little bit of a shout out to my father with him right there.

00:54:31.050 --> 00:54:38.730 Frank R. Harrison: So it seems as though we're about to close today's episode of frank about health i've heard that there have been some adjustments.

00:54:39.030 --> 00:54:46.740 Frank R. Harrison: To the schedule on Thursday here at talk radio dot nyc apparently i'm the lead off show every Thursday, from this point forward at five o'clock.

00:54:47.100 --> 00:54:54.300 Frank R. Harrison: And then at six o'clock there will be planet Poc a low low with Johnny tsunami will talk about the crazy herb known as cannabis.

00:54:54.570 --> 00:55:01.770 Frank R. Harrison: And he was scheduled to be on the show in the next couple minutes, I want to thank Rita for coming back now, this is the second time.

00:55:02.040 --> 00:55:15.510 Frank R. Harrison: But, yet you were aired once from the first time, so you know what you're just a regular right here on frank about health and Jimmy we're family so you're stuck with me and i'm stuck with you and Happy Birthday Daddy and I will definitely.

00:55:15.780 --> 00:55:16.740 Frank R. Harrison: be giving.

00:55:17.760 --> 00:55:19.620 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, what did you say I miss that.

00:55:21.990 --> 00:55:22.140 Frank R. Harrison: I.

00:55:22.680 --> 00:55:33.390 Meili Harrison: miss you, you know Lavinia is my great grandmother her son with me in New Jersey.

00:55:34.590 --> 00:55:46.320 Meili Harrison: She was he was my grandfather now his mother was Lavinia was my great grandma who living about 20 blocks away.

00:55:48.630 --> 00:55:50.040 Meili Harrison: time but I didn't know it.

00:55:51.000 --> 00:56:05.280 Frank R. Harrison: But you know that's all for those listeners out there, we were part of the land, not be tribe which settled in New York long island New Jersey Delaware Connecticut and I believe also Pennsylvania so.

00:56:06.480 --> 00:56:07.470 Frank R. Harrison: that's what we all help from.

00:56:08.460 --> 00:56:13.020 Meili Harrison: The video on stone street in Manhattan.

00:56:13.650 --> 00:56:14.430 Meili Harrison: Which is still.

00:56:15.600 --> 00:56:25.320 Frank R. Harrison: amazing amazing well we're definitely going to tribute her she's been gone a while now, but we will tribute her next year and we'll all finally be in person again next year.

00:56:25.800 --> 00:56:39.000 Frank R. Harrison: With the courtesy of Hilton but i've been told, we have one minute left Rita I adore you, thank you for coming back this episode will re air, by the way, just so you know and Jimmy thanks for doing this last minute.

00:56:39.900 --> 00:56:40.590 James Dwyer: Come back.

00:56:40.770 --> 00:56:49.590 Frank R. Harrison: to celebrate my dad's birthday, and I will see you all either tonight or during the week they, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for being here on frank about health.

00:56:49.950 --> 00:57:00.270 Frank R. Harrison: I will be back next week with another special episode in the meantime stay tuned for planet Puck a low low right here on talk radio dot nyc thanks for tuning in bye bye.

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