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Thursday, July 29, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/29 - The Time of Your Life – Working in Alignment with Your Natural Rhythm

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/29 - The Time of Your Life – Working in Alignment with Your Natural Rhythm


2021/07/29 - The Time of Your Life – Working in Alignment with Your Natural Rhythm

[NEW EPISODE] The Time of Your Life – Working in Alignment with Your Natural Rhythm

Midlife can be an exceptionally busy time for women. You’re dealing with family, older parents who need support, a demanding career. And all the time you are experiencing the rollercoaster of fluctuating hormones and perimenopause symptoms. It can feel exhausting.

How do you use your energy to achieve what you want?

My guest, Coco Groothuis, was told that if she only managed her time properly and used perseverance, she would naturally experience balance and tranquility. But it didn’t work out that way. She found that she could work much easier if she followed her own cycle and own pace.

Coco will be sharing with me how she discovered her natural flow and moved from time management to energy management. She will tell us about her free event Work effortlessly aligned with your natural rhythm.

Tune in for this mature conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat starts the show off with articles on menopause in the news and media. Pat read  articles that covered topics; how the female brain is affected during menopause, how menstruation can have effects on menopause, and also how certain exercises can have negative effects on your body during menopause. 

Pat segways into a conversation about crazy diets before starting the first break

Segment 2

After the break, Pat introduces her guest Coco Groothuis. Coco talks about being an accomplished student in cultural studies. She talked about overworking herself and becoming burnt out. After taking time to self reflect, Coco knew she wanted to create her own business and surround herself around inspiring people. She talked about listening to the seasons of the year to understand what is going on with her body. Pat shared a similar experience of having difficult months between September and December where she had low mood and energy. After years of having these recurring feelings Pat started to take time off work and use the time to self reflect and self care. She noticed that her mood was higher and she was more proactive. Before the break Coco explained the difference between time management and energy management. She simplified it to time management as looking at a clock or a calendar and planning for the day but energy management is when you become conscious of the qualities of seasons and plan your work-life around your menstrual cycle or moon cycle to be more intune with the energy.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break Coco talks more about integrating nature cycles into our daily life. Coco believes the best way to integrate nature cycles into your lifestyle is by tracking your cycle first or moon cycle if you don’t menstruate to be more aware of the energy flow. When you learn your rhythm you can start to plan a week ahead the things you want to accomplish. Coco says to plan with your body. Ask yourself what you want and need. Pat and Coco discuss the myths and facts of the seasons and how knowing when each season starts and ends can really improve your productivity.

Segment 4

After the break Pat and Coco continued the discussion on moving your focus from time management to energy management. Towards the end of the segment Coco shared her “top tip” for the week. She encourages women to pick their top three priorities to focus their time and energy on. Pat and Coco continued to discuss the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Before the end of the segment Pat and Coco shared links on how to reach them and more information pertaining to their work.


00:00:31.470 --> 00:00:47.820 Pat Duckworth: Good morning, America good afternoon UK and Europe, good evening if you're in India so welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause where did that weight go.

00:00:48.480 --> 00:00:52.800 Pat Duckworth: it's good job we're talking about time and energy today because that we just.

00:00:53.220 --> 00:01:08.160 Pat Duckworth: went by so quickly so on this show we dare to talk about everything about menopause that's not just the hot flushes that's about what you're eating how you're exercising your relationships your Internet relationships.

00:01:08.760 --> 00:01:15.900 Pat Duckworth: We want to talk about it all, and my guest today is Coco growth house hi Coco how are you today.

00:01:16.590 --> 00:01:19.950 Coco Groothuis: hi Thank you yes i'm great i'm doing great today.

00:01:20.670 --> 00:01:29.670 Pat Duckworth: Excellent so i'll be coming back to you, but the first thing we always do on the show is look at what's in the news and the media, this week, what we need to catch up on.

00:01:30.360 --> 00:01:43.590 Pat Duckworth: So spoiler alert the last two weeks we've had really good interesting news about food and drink last week we found out, it was there some research that says that beer is good for women and men oppose.

00:01:44.130 --> 00:02:02.250 Pat Duckworth: Excellent and week before that it was milk chocolate, so it was even more to celebrate so yeah spoiler alert is there isn't any more good news about food this week i'm, starting with the New York Times magazine that says, we need to know how many apples changes women's brains.

00:02:03.570 --> 00:02:13.650 Pat Duckworth: yep those of you in menopause know about the brain fog and the changes that are going on and there's some really interesting research going on about it at the moment.

00:02:14.100 --> 00:02:24.510 Pat Duckworth: So this article goes on this might turn out to be a crucial window to try and prevent outsiders and other chronic diseases that often accompany older age.

00:02:26.220 --> 00:02:37.950 Pat Duckworth: Women are more prone to outsiders and debenture than men are and it's, not just because we live longer and that's why this is really important research, so the article goes on.

00:02:38.820 --> 00:02:50.820 Pat Duckworth: Those reproductive hormones also regulate how the brain functions of the brain governs the release of the hormones, meaning that menopause is a neurological process, as well as a physical one.

00:02:51.600 --> 00:03:04.140 Pat Duckworth: Many of the symptoms of menopause cannot possibly be directly produced by the ovaries if you think about the hot flashes and night sweats the anxiety, the depression, the insomnia, the brain fog.

00:03:04.500 --> 00:03:15.180 Pat Duckworth: that's a quote from Lisa moscone who's an associate professor of neurology at weill cornell medicine and director of its women's brain initiative.

00:03:15.720 --> 00:03:25.680 Pat Duckworth: She goes on, say, those are brain symptoms and we should look at the brain as something that is impacted by menopause at least as much as your ovaries are.

00:03:26.310 --> 00:03:36.210 Pat Duckworth: Now Lisa moscone has done an excellent Ted talk if you go to and type in Lisa moscone it's m O se and I.

00:03:36.630 --> 00:03:40.740 Pat Duckworth: there's a Ted talk last about 12 minutes it's really worth watching.

00:03:41.100 --> 00:03:52.020 Pat Duckworth: don't give up halfway through don't think Oh, this is so bad i'm not watching the rest of it, because she gives really good news as it goes on it's really important to watch all of it.

00:03:52.470 --> 00:04:04.500 Pat Duckworth: I strongly recommend it i've put it up in my Facebook groups i've talked about it in the women's training that i've been doing in fact I showed it to a group of online attendees last night.

00:04:04.800 --> 00:04:19.320 Pat Duckworth: and talk through it, because it's just so important and, at the moment hormone replacement therapy is not licensed in order to help women with the the neurological effects of menopause.

00:04:19.800 --> 00:04:27.630 Pat Duckworth: But if this proves that estrogen is protective of brain function that might all change so really important research.

00:04:28.830 --> 00:04:42.000 Pat Duckworth: My next article comes from the UK from the Guardian, and it says there will be blood women on the shocking truth about periods and medicals, you see, we are not afraid to talk about this stuff it's important.

00:04:42.660 --> 00:04:52.320 Pat Duckworth: So the menopause brings an intimate situation, but in the lead up many women experience periods that can disrupt their lives and careers, so I think.

00:04:52.590 --> 00:05:03.900 Pat Duckworth: it's a bit of a myth, but as you move towards menopause you might expect your periods to get lighter less frequent easier to handle it is not always the case.

00:05:04.350 --> 00:05:13.320 Pat Duckworth: So in this article it features a woman called Mr pickett and she says she checks her calendar very carefully before she makes a long journey.

00:05:13.740 --> 00:05:22.800 Pat Duckworth: Sure oftentimes an emergency change of clothes, when she goes out and if giving a lecture for work has to ensure that it's no longer than half an hour.

00:05:23.790 --> 00:05:38.190 Pat Duckworth: Yet, she rarely hear anyone talk about the reason so many older women secretly go to all this trouble why they started to stick to black trousers give up the sports they loved or plan days out, especially with children meticulously.

00:05:39.420 --> 00:05:49.290 Pat Duckworth: If you have a bunch of 12 year olds in your car you can't say sorry chaps i'm just bleeding heavily today, she says, you can talk about hot flushes make a joke about it.

00:05:49.590 --> 00:06:04.470 Pat Duckworth: That because menstrual blood is gross in our society there's no conversation about it, there must be women around the world, just pretending they need to dash off for some other reason, so this is really important stuff.

00:06:05.010 --> 00:06:13.050 Pat Duckworth: Official guidance from the British national institution for health and care excellence which has a lovely acronym of Nice.

00:06:13.680 --> 00:06:26.850 Pat Duckworth: Is that changes in bleeding patents over the age of 45 should be investigated ruled out conditions, including fibroids so that's non cancerous growth in the womb polyps and in some rare cases cancer.

00:06:27.630 --> 00:06:46.080 Pat Duckworth: So it really is, if you suddenly get heavy bleeding when your post 4045 it might be your mentor pulls it might need investigation in case, something else is going on, so really important to consider that and talk about it it's okay we're women.

00:06:48.150 --> 00:06:56.490 Pat Duckworth: Another article from the Guardian MPs that's Members of Parliament to examine lack of support for working menopausal women.

00:06:57.030 --> 00:07:05.670 Pat Duckworth: across party inquiry, so if you're in the States that would be like the democrats and the Republicans coming together in this country it's a different political parties.

00:07:06.750 --> 00:07:13.020 Pat Duckworth: are coming together to consider if anti discrimination laws are needed to help women at the peak of their careers.

00:07:13.350 --> 00:07:19.440 Pat Duckworth: Existing legislation protects people from discrimination based on sex, age and disability.

00:07:19.770 --> 00:07:38.910 Pat Duckworth: But several calls have been made for further measures, including a workplace menopause policy so lots of organization organizations in the UK are now having menopause policies that set out how a business or an organization is going to support their employees.

00:07:40.050 --> 00:07:46.380 Pat Duckworth: That committees chair says three in every five women and negatively affected at work as a result of menopause.

00:07:46.680 --> 00:07:58.980 Pat Duckworth: The repercussions of that and not merely individually, excluding menopausal women from the workplace is detrimental to our economy, our society and our place on the world stage so important stuff.

00:08:00.420 --> 00:08:04.320 Pat Duckworth: An article now in the website eat this not that.

00:08:04.680 --> 00:08:19.800 Pat Duckworth: The worst exercises, you can possibly do after menopause say experts, so this drew my I what am I not supposed to be doing and really they were saying exercise is important but there's some exercises that if you have some.

00:08:20.190 --> 00:08:32.100 Pat Duckworth: health issues around menopause may not be so good for you, so if you have osteoporosis arthritis or just generally struggling with joint issues and suddenly get a lot of aching in their joints.

00:08:32.580 --> 00:08:37.920 Pat Duckworth: You should avoid high intensity interval training, which is known as he is it.

00:08:38.340 --> 00:08:54.090 Pat Duckworth: A try it workouts tend to be very jarring and can actually contribute to the weakening of muscles and bones, which can lead to osteoporosis, so if you've got arthritis or you've already got osteoporosis H I T is not the answer for you.

00:08:54.900 --> 00:09:14.850 Pat Duckworth: and sit ups and toe touches a classic moves designed to work your ads but multiple multiple trainers do not recommend them for menopausal women these two exercises increase the load on the spine and that might already be delicate again due to loss of bone density.

00:09:16.050 --> 00:09:24.150 Pat Duckworth: And the last one women should take care to exercise earlier in the day if nighttime workouts make falling asleep more difficult.

00:09:24.570 --> 00:09:32.970 Pat Duckworth: Intense exercise can stimulate the production of cortisol the stress hormone and if your cortisol levels are elevated later in the day.

00:09:33.450 --> 00:09:42.630 Pat Duckworth: Due to a strenuous workout it might be harder to fall asleep instead stick to working out in the morning, or the early afternoon as your schedule allows.

00:09:43.110 --> 00:09:52.740 Pat Duckworth: good advice, there also sometimes if you're doing a lot of exercise in the evening you're raising your core temperature and then you get to bed, and you just can't call down quickly enough.

00:09:54.060 --> 00:10:02.820 Pat Duckworth: My last item for today comes from news medical life sciences website, which is about sleep and menopause.

00:10:03.210 --> 00:10:08.460 Pat Duckworth: And come instantly if you've got a problem with sleep i'm going to be talking about that next week.

00:10:08.880 --> 00:10:15.600 Pat Duckworth: it's my show next week it's just me and i'm going to be talking about sleep, because it is often an issue so.

00:10:16.140 --> 00:10:30.900 Pat Duckworth: Medical life sciences so menopause and its associated symptoms, particularly climactic symptoms harm sleep quality, reducing the quality is connected to systemic disease mental illness and increased risk of accidents.

00:10:31.380 --> 00:10:37.320 Pat Duckworth: menopause and especially men nepal's associated symptoms like sweating and nocturnal hot flushes.

00:10:37.770 --> 00:10:46.680 Pat Duckworth: Often precipitate and accessible sleep disturbances the sleep sleep issues with common among women and their prevalence is increasing.

00:10:46.980 --> 00:10:56.010 Pat Duckworth: With more women seeking assistance with sleep problems as compared to men across all the age ranges and I know from doing.

00:10:56.820 --> 00:11:10.290 Pat Duckworth: So much work one to one and in groups with women around menopause that sleep is often the top issue and, of course, it can make the brain fog worse, so we really need to be getting a good night's sleep.

00:11:11.340 --> 00:11:11.580 Pat Duckworth: well.

00:11:12.450 --> 00:11:13.350 Pat Duckworth: That was all.

00:11:13.440 --> 00:11:27.150 Pat Duckworth: In the press this week there was lots more, but those were the ones that stood out for me, I need to go back to the food i'm gonna say Coco is there any food that you really wish somebody would say was good for you.

00:11:28.500 --> 00:11:32.490 Pat Duckworth: At the moment, your voice, I mean happy about the chocolate.

00:11:34.080 --> 00:11:39.600 Coco Groothuis: Well, I think, when I don't know if it's very Dutch, but I really do like minus minus.

00:11:39.690 --> 00:11:45.660 Coco Groothuis: Oh okay yeah so yeah they will be so great that it would be silly lb.

00:11:46.140 --> 00:11:46.530 yeah.

00:11:47.790 --> 00:11:56.790 Pat Duckworth: i'm sure you could find some research somewhere, but it says that melees is really good for you, because there's always a piece of research somewhere.

00:11:56.820 --> 00:11:57.870 Pat Duckworth: Which is why it gets so.

00:11:57.870 --> 00:11:59.580 Pat Duckworth: Complicated you know women.

00:12:00.090 --> 00:12:08.880 Pat Duckworth: Use Dr Google because they're not talking to their friends about menopause they're not talking to anybody about say, and then they start googling and they find all.

00:12:09.060 --> 00:12:19.830 Pat Duckworth: This is good for you and then always another article says, bad for you Oh, and this one says, you should definitely avoid it and this one says Oh, you can at least have a bit of it and it gets really complicated.

00:12:21.270 --> 00:12:37.080 Pat Duckworth: I mean, how many of those diets have you seen where you think is that a thing I remember when I was a teenager and you know it's a lot of years ago okay they're all kinds of crazy diets and one of my friends was on an orange is peanut diet.

00:12:38.430 --> 00:12:49.380 Coco Groothuis: Yes, you can imagine how many days do are yeah I know a girlfriend who did that carrots diet, as well as he got really orange because of character and so yeah.

00:12:51.540 --> 00:13:08.370 Pat Duckworth: So yes, if you're having symptoms it's a really good idea to talk to somebody professionally rather than just give them a cow i'll just eat peanuts and oranges, for a month and see what happens or i'll just eat carrots for a month and see if I can look a bit more time.

00:13:11.760 --> 00:13:18.840 Pat Duckworth: And Coco we're gonna be talking about time management and energy management more.

00:13:18.840 --> 00:13:31.980 Pat Duckworth: influence and I found you know in running online courses for women and I always check in at the beginning how's your week been what's been going on how you feeling.

00:13:32.550 --> 00:13:42.420 Pat Duckworth: And when you listen to groups of women of everything that they're doing during a week it's amazing they're still standing up at the end of it, you know.

00:13:43.170 --> 00:13:49.500 Pat Duckworth: they're running their businesses are dealing with the coverage requirements they might be home schooling.

00:13:50.130 --> 00:13:57.000 Pat Duckworth: they're taking the kids you know women become a taxi service, you know they're running the kids everywhere.

00:13:57.870 --> 00:14:19.170 Pat Duckworth: Keeping the House going there is so much going on at this stage of life so yeah having some energy to do it, and while i'm going to say the time management, because you're going to put me right on it, but i'm just amazed at what women do, are you amazed at what you get through in a week.

00:14:19.500 --> 00:14:35.400 Coco Groothuis: yeah yeah definitely so and it's so important, very why we are going to talk about well energy management, instead of time management, because I think that's a big difference and can make well such a big difference in somebody's life.

00:14:36.390 --> 00:14:44.130 Pat Duckworth: And if you're not getting enough sleep and you've got all these demands on your time then you're gonna feel so many women.

00:14:44.400 --> 00:14:52.980 Pat Duckworth: Experience fatigue at this stage of life and sometimes they describe it as cliff edge fatigue like they're all right, and then suddenly fan.

00:14:53.250 --> 00:14:58.740 Pat Duckworth: You know they've got to lay down they can't even stay sitting up anymore, so this is really important stuff.

00:14:59.100 --> 00:15:13.230 Pat Duckworth: So join us after the break when i'll be introducing the lovely cocozza you and she'll be telling us about how she shifted from time management to energy management to get more done we'll see you after the break.

00:17:28.860 --> 00:17:39.180 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause and women leaders at men couples tend to be very busy people.

00:17:39.480 --> 00:17:44.400 Pat Duckworth: i'm so glad to be having this conversation today because I don't know where this week's gone.

00:17:44.730 --> 00:17:57.690 Pat Duckworth: And they're always feels like so much to do, and I know that my guest Coco groups House has so many good tips for us now if you're watching us on Facebook, you will see that Coco is a very young hot woman.

00:17:58.350 --> 00:18:15.090 Pat Duckworth: So I can't wait to hear what she has learned so coco's a season Stewart student she learnt from an early age that success reward and results equates to discipline focus and hard work, how many times we hear about.

00:18:15.660 --> 00:18:27.030 Pat Duckworth: Go hard work hard to be successful if you could only manage her time properly and use perseverance, you would naturally experience balance and tranquility that's what she was told.

00:18:28.230 --> 00:18:39.630 Pat Duckworth: And she did manage to work hard to achieve success and keep focused only the balance and tranquility seemed like an eternal.on the horizon yeah who feels.

00:18:41.370 --> 00:18:53.520 Pat Duckworth: She just never had spare time pleasure for life disappeared and she just couldn't manage to work in a more relaxed way, instead of mounting just got bigger until the moment she found out.

00:18:53.880 --> 00:19:06.210 Pat Duckworth: that she could work much easier if she followed her own cycle and own pace so i'm going to be asking her lots of questions about that welcome again Coco it's great to see you.

00:19:06.450 --> 00:19:08.910 Coco Groothuis: yeah Thank you very much for having me on the show.

00:19:10.260 --> 00:19:20.340 Pat Duckworth: yeah so you were working hard as a student what What did you do when you left school when you went off to university.

00:19:20.910 --> 00:19:33.090 Coco Groothuis: Yes, yes, I did I did cultural studies and before that also have a touch management, so I was very much into the cultural well how do you say that the cultural.

00:19:34.320 --> 00:19:43.620 Pat Duckworth: departments yeah yeah So what did you expect to go and work in that area, what what were your plans, when you were studying.

00:19:44.550 --> 00:20:03.300 Coco Groothuis: Well, I didn't actually had a plan, and I just followed my heart and my interest and I really loved creativity, I really loved culture, and I really loved well working with inspiring people, so I thought, like Oh, that would be a very great area it work working.

00:20:03.750 --> 00:20:14.130 Pat Duckworth: yeah when you finished your full time study, did you go work in the area, or were you immediately thinking Oh, this is not working.

00:20:14.340 --> 00:20:25.740 Coco Groothuis: yeah the last one yeah I already saw I did some work, of course, before and I also was already in some museums and I already.

00:20:26.460 --> 00:20:37.050 Coco Groothuis: felt like well five or eight to five job wasn't really for me and especially around three o'clock where everybody was just a little bit like okay I don't want to work.

00:20:37.680 --> 00:20:54.660 Coco Groothuis: anymore, but i'm still going to be at the office that kind of mentality, I really didn't understand that, so I already knew like Okay, I want to do my own business, I want to do something for myself that was a very important thing that I realized already when I graduated yeah.

00:20:55.620 --> 00:21:03.510 Pat Duckworth: And, did you move straight into this area of looking at how we experience, time and time management or did you start somewhere else.

00:21:03.750 --> 00:21:11.490 Coco Groothuis: yeah I first well I just first worked in a restaurant and, besides, that I managed to have my own festival.

00:21:11.850 --> 00:21:18.210 Coco Groothuis: And it became a great success, a very popular, but the thing was that I worked 50 hours.

00:21:18.600 --> 00:21:37.290 Coco Groothuis: So it was of course a success, but for me it was like a lot of work, and I really got Indian depleted and I was really burned out and really unhappy, so I thought by myself, like how could that be, if I just pull up my heart, so there must be something that I do not see or do very room.

00:21:38.340 --> 00:21:45.990 Pat Duckworth: So, how did you discover what did you do to find your natural rhythm what what led you in that direction.

00:21:46.770 --> 00:21:55.590 Coco Groothuis: Well, of course, I did a lot of personal development so that helped me to get some more insights in my own, but behavior.

00:21:55.980 --> 00:22:01.290 Coco Groothuis: But also recognize that each year, there was some kind of pattern in my life.

00:22:01.710 --> 00:22:12.330 Coco Groothuis: And each year around April and around September, like a change of seasons, I saw like oh there's some better and also, I was tracking my inspiration more and more, and I saw like.

00:22:12.690 --> 00:22:30.570 Coco Groothuis: There are days that I really don't want to get up or that I really don't want to work so hard so I just because I well I worked for myself, I could manage that more and more, and I could really see like Okay, but i'm not really programmed to do the same thing every day.

00:22:31.770 --> 00:22:35.670 Coco Groothuis: So the realization came, step by step, actually yeah.

00:22:36.720 --> 00:22:55.140 Pat Duckworth: I yeah I mean I so relate to it because we kind of power through when we're not really feeling well and for me quite a few years ago, I discovered that sort of September, October were difficult months for me that.

00:22:56.490 --> 00:23:11.490 Pat Duckworth: I wouldn't say I was experiencing sad, you know seasonal adjustment disorder, you know I wasn't like absolutely floored by it, but I definitely felt really tired low mood low energy.

00:23:11.910 --> 00:23:24.270 Pat Duckworth: And sometimes at that time of year I would get sick, in fact, when I was a teenager I actually got pneumonia at that time of year, and I think that was like the start of the universe telling me I should.

00:23:24.900 --> 00:23:39.390 Pat Duckworth: Like pay attention and the crazy thing is I didn't pay attention, and I was very fortunate, but I got married and in September, I would say to my husband oh I don't feel very well, and he goes, you know this happens every year don't you.

00:23:40.440 --> 00:23:42.330 Coco Groothuis: yeah exactly exactly.

00:23:42.990 --> 00:24:02.250 Pat Duckworth: So I I actually took myself off to a acupuncturist and every year, I would have this one appointment, where he would stick needles in me and moxibustion kind of stopped system back up and to help me to feel better, so I noticed it.

00:24:03.510 --> 00:24:25.110 Pat Duckworth: But I think a lot of women it's just like Oh well, you know winter's coming, and I just feel like that anyway meanwhile back at us, so how did you kind of put together this system that you work with now from your studies what what kind of what system did you put in place for yourself.

00:24:25.530 --> 00:24:34.830 Coco Groothuis: Well, I use a lot of different systems and I read a lot about it but well, first of all it's just recognize that we are seasonal and cyclical beings that's.

00:24:35.130 --> 00:24:48.690 Coco Groothuis: Just step one and then go plan on it track it and plan on it and know the quality to be season and know the quality qualities of certain times in the year, so you can really plan according to it.

00:24:49.080 --> 00:24:59.970 Coco Groothuis: And then there's The next step if you're a business owner, then you can really build your business around cyclical of the seasons and your own ministrations well yeah.

00:25:00.120 --> 00:25:13.680 Pat Duckworth: yeah So what is the difference between time management and energy management, did you start off trying to manage time and then realize that wasn't whether the juice was.

00:25:15.090 --> 00:25:25.170 Coco Groothuis: yeah well time is a very linear concept, and especially in the Western society we think of time as the 24th 24 hour clock.

00:25:25.650 --> 00:25:44.220 Coco Groothuis: And, just a month and the year cycle, but actually time is more liquids and it's just a process of understanding time and the process of understanding, energy and how the creation and thoughts from just an intention into into form.

00:25:44.820 --> 00:25:52.980 Coco Groothuis: And the nice thing is that nature already has some kind of an invalid system that well winter is a very time of.

00:25:53.340 --> 00:26:04.170 Coco Groothuis: hibernating and really birthing new ideas slowly into reality and it builds up the energy so it's really we are actually, of course, energetic.

00:26:04.470 --> 00:26:17.940 Coco Groothuis: beings and cyclical being so if you just get put them together, then you can have a complete and very holistic time well understanding of time, so yeah.

00:26:18.960 --> 00:26:25.410 Pat Duckworth: So my feeling is that, as women, we have more understanding of time.

00:26:25.530 --> 00:26:26.490 Pat Duckworth: The men do.

00:26:26.880 --> 00:26:34.500 Pat Duckworth: yeah from a soon as we start menstruating we were made aware of every month.

00:26:34.890 --> 00:26:35.730 Coco Groothuis: Exactly.

00:26:35.910 --> 00:26:43.980 Pat Duckworth: And even if you took it like two shorter times than that because, during our cycles, we notice changes as well.

00:26:44.310 --> 00:26:59.940 Pat Duckworth: But certainly every month that goes by when monitoring it and you know for some women it's really important to kind of keep track of their periods what when you want to be pregnant or if you don't want to be pregnant you're keeping track of where you are in your.

00:26:59.940 --> 00:27:14.370 Pat Duckworth: silently and the ways and then that's like at the micro level at the macro level we kind of come into this time of being reproductive and then we start to head towards men or pause.

00:27:14.820 --> 00:27:26.280 Pat Duckworth: When we're becoming our reproductive yeah it's another point which we can reassess ourselves in a way that men don't get that prompt to.

00:27:26.850 --> 00:27:31.320 Pat Duckworth: yeah Nice that way you got to do with some of your studies as well.

00:27:31.380 --> 00:27:36.660 Coco Groothuis: Yes, definitely definitely be Emma thinking, I think the big difference about time and energy is like.

00:27:37.140 --> 00:27:44.130 Coco Groothuis: If you look at time you look at your calendar and you look at your clock and you think like oh it's two o'clock I can do this, I can do this.

00:27:44.460 --> 00:27:57.930 Coco Groothuis: But your body can feel completely different and it's a completely different situation if it rains, for example, the sun is out, so there are a lot of components and we women, we are just because we menstruate, we know that.

00:27:58.950 --> 00:28:09.180 Coco Groothuis: Each day, can be completely different, so we know we have to look at a broader perspective, if we look at time, so we can say Monday is everyday same.

00:28:09.900 --> 00:28:24.630 Coco Groothuis: They can say every Mondays at the same as every Monday, so we really have to be well keeping track, where we are in our cycle in our life it's a completely different understanding of time and business actually yeah.

00:28:25.170 --> 00:28:29.880 Pat Duckworth: yeah, and I mean the Mother Nature.

00:28:31.170 --> 00:28:44.520 Pat Duckworth: Has has this clock for us, you know she's got some to tell us the 24 hours a day she's a moon to tell us the 28 days she's got her moving around the southern to tell us the 12 months of the year and the.

00:28:44.520 --> 00:29:02.820 Pat Duckworth: seasons, so that bigger clock is always out there and tuning into it can make such a big difference, so I hope we have piqued your interest in how you can manage your energy in a different way join us.

00:29:03.300 --> 00:29:14.610 Pat Duckworth: After the break when we're going to be talking about the what it means that natural rhythm and natural cycles and how we can integrate natural cycles into our daily and working life.

00:29:15.090 --> 00:29:23.970 Pat Duckworth: And how does it relate to a sustainable business, these are all questions that we want to know join us after the break when Coco will be telling us more see you then.

00:31:54.690 --> 00:32:02.760 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at men apples, where this week my guest is Coco grotesque.

00:32:03.090 --> 00:32:14.220 Pat Duckworth: And we're talking about moving from time management to energy management and we have a comment on Facebook from Leslie fetish, who was a guest, a few weeks ago.

00:32:14.520 --> 00:32:21.330 Pat Duckworth: And Leslie went through menopause at only 36 so she's had to learn to manage her energy very well.

00:32:21.690 --> 00:32:33.540 Pat Duckworth: And she says that she's noticed that she's less productive in the afternoons and so she manages her workload around her most productive times, keeping the more fun activities for the afternoon.

00:32:33.900 --> 00:32:50.100 Pat Duckworth: So if somebody is already noticing and thinking, what do I need to do about it let's then talk about how we can integrate these natural cycles into our daily and working life.

00:32:50.790 --> 00:33:01.140 Pat Duckworth: How can we do that Coco and you know as entrepreneurs, as women leaders it's just so important that we're using our energy well, how can we do, though.

00:33:01.950 --> 00:33:21.630 Coco Groothuis: yeah well, the first thing you can do is actually very easy it's just track your own administration cycle and if you don't master it then check the moon cycle, so you are aware of the energy flows so tracking is really the first step to notice and really get to know your own rhythm.

00:33:22.680 --> 00:33:33.210 Coco Groothuis: And then just plan on it, and what I do, for example, is very easy thing to do is every Sunday look at the week ahead and predict a little bit about your.

00:33:33.570 --> 00:33:46.740 Coco Groothuis: rhythm already that you know, like Okay, what do I feel like when I want to do and what do I need to do, and just plan on it so really plan on your own buddy instead of what you think he should do.

00:33:48.150 --> 00:33:50.760 Pat Duckworth: So if you're.

00:33:53.520 --> 00:33:55.350 Pat Duckworth: i've got so many questions I don't know.

00:33:58.110 --> 00:34:11.400 Pat Duckworth: So even if i'm looking at the week ahead i'm also thinking about each day, because I know there's certain times of the day, as Leslie says when i'm feeling a bit more energized.

00:34:13.230 --> 00:34:23.700 Pat Duckworth: And so, probably too much information, but my husband is more of an afternoon evening person and i'm more of a morning person, and I think.

00:34:24.180 --> 00:34:32.010 Pat Duckworth: You could probably think the same about people that you work with as well that you notice they're kind of livelier at certain times of the day.

00:34:32.400 --> 00:34:40.380 Pat Duckworth: And I know, initially, I tried to like drag my husband kicking and screaming to do things in the morning when really he wasn't.

00:34:40.980 --> 00:34:53.220 Pat Duckworth: He wasn't ready for it and then over time, I thought Okay, so what I really need to do is I do the things I want to do, and then plan things response to do when we both got some energy.

00:34:53.700 --> 00:35:05.130 Pat Duckworth: Because he doesn't expect me to stay up until two o'clock in the morning when he's feeling energetic so it's looking within the day, as well as the overall pictures now.

00:35:05.370 --> 00:35:11.580 Coco Groothuis: yeah it's really keeping track on your energy and where you are and really take that seriously because it's your.

00:35:11.910 --> 00:35:22.260 Coco Groothuis: We all ever own inbuilt energy system, so we really have to know how we work inside and, from that point on, we can just relate to the outside world and if that's foreigner or.

00:35:22.530 --> 00:35:34.860 Coco Groothuis: Children or whatever or your work, for example, would you really have to know like how do I feel, what do I need and do I know the points in time, where I feel like this, or like this, like yeah.

00:35:35.790 --> 00:35:47.070 Pat Duckworth: What do you do Coco if, because of other people's requirements like i've been teaching an evening class online from seven o'clock to nine o'clock at night, that is not my peak.

00:35:48.720 --> 00:35:59.100 Pat Duckworth: I was starting to get tired, but I have it that's the only time slot that's available, what do you do to manage your energy if you've got that kind of commitment.

00:36:00.240 --> 00:36:04.140 Coco Groothuis: yeah Well, first of all, you said, like okay if it's really not.

00:36:04.560 --> 00:36:17.160 Coco Groothuis: Never possibility to just change it, and it just affects all right, how to deal with it then change the circumstances around it, so perhaps take the day or the morning after just do it slow or.

00:36:17.700 --> 00:36:25.500 Coco Groothuis: just create the circumstances that's often that's a little bit extension you just got from that.

00:36:26.340 --> 00:36:29.190 Pat Duckworth: yeah because i've also you know i've got a lot of.

00:36:30.690 --> 00:36:32.790 Pat Duckworth: Colleagues in America so.

00:36:32.820 --> 00:36:33.960 Coco Groothuis: Like I quite often have.

00:36:33.960 --> 00:36:48.540 Pat Duckworth: to shift time zones and somebody said to me when I was first starting out my business, you know, remember that the day has three parts it's got morning and afternoon and evening so right to work in two of those parts, but not in all three of them.

00:36:48.930 --> 00:36:50.400 Coco Groothuis: yeah unless.

00:36:50.430 --> 00:36:55.350 Coco Groothuis: You just in your peak energy of the cycle that could be an option, of course.

00:36:55.710 --> 00:37:03.810 Coco Groothuis: And that's the I think the second step is first step is really look at your energy and how can you manage them during the day during the week during the moon, and during the month.

00:37:04.350 --> 00:37:10.800 Coco Groothuis: And, of course, during the year as well, and because we don't have less energy winter time then summertime, for example.

00:37:11.970 --> 00:37:19.890 Coco Groothuis: But the second thing is okay, how can you arrange according to your energy your life around it and your business around dates.

00:37:20.490 --> 00:37:38.610 Coco Groothuis: And perhaps change your business structure as well, so that it can fit more for your energy system and that's a little bit of article sometimes and it's not often or not always possible, but I think it's really important to realize it that also is a step.

00:37:39.690 --> 00:37:40.200 Coco Groothuis: You can take.

00:37:40.680 --> 00:37:53.820 Pat Duckworth: So I know that you have a different plussing of the seasons, which I found really helpful, could you say a little bit about when the seasons, or because I think it's quite radical.

00:37:53.910 --> 00:37:56.250 Coco Groothuis: yeah it's completely radical and it's.

00:37:57.300 --> 00:38:07.890 Coco Groothuis: yeah, so I will just explain it's very simple because we think of mid summer or no, we think of the 21st of June estimates as the start of summer.

00:38:08.130 --> 00:38:27.420 Coco Groothuis: Net and we think of the 21st of December as the start wintertime but actually like 21st of June is mid summer so that would be the 21st of December is mid winter, so that makes that our time awareness of time just shifts a little bit and.

00:38:28.410 --> 00:38:39.720 Coco Groothuis: That is that the 21st of September it's not the source of autumn, but mid autumn, so that makes that it's already right now beginning to.

00:38:40.560 --> 00:39:00.060 Coco Groothuis: To start with, autumn season, so you have to prepare yourself right now already for the autumn season, so the difference between seasons is very smooth instead of just an eruption like okay it's now in instantly know it was already it started already.

00:39:01.290 --> 00:39:07.380 Pat Duckworth: I think that is really important, because I already said, you know September has been a difficult month for me.

00:39:07.920 --> 00:39:27.600 Pat Duckworth: And one year, in fact, I can tell you what year 2018 I took most of September off and I went and did personal development stuff I felt great because, instead of working i've been with other people i've done things differently, and it just felt so much better.

00:39:28.650 --> 00:39:36.900 Pat Duckworth: do that work in September, rather than what normally happens for so many people in September is.

00:39:37.290 --> 00:39:48.120 Pat Duckworth: The school holidays are over the holiday season is over, and suddenly everything is happening everybody wants to talk some work and this and that.

00:39:48.870 --> 00:40:01.800 Pat Duckworth: And you're actually on on the calendar that you're talking about you should actually start well you're into going fellow you're like reaping the rewards of the summer.

00:40:02.340 --> 00:40:03.570 Coco Groothuis: yeah it's actually.

00:40:04.110 --> 00:40:05.040 Pat Duckworth: So, mostly.

00:40:05.910 --> 00:40:11.940 Coco Groothuis: yeah it's really a very smoothing and lovely time, if you look at from an energetic perspective.

00:40:12.270 --> 00:40:19.170 Coco Groothuis: Because you're really wrapping up the year and you're really reading the fruits and it's really a harvest time, so you don't.

00:40:19.500 --> 00:40:36.900 Coco Groothuis: really go and go nuts and just rush into new things you just wrapping up your just harvest everything you use blended earlier in the year so it's a very strange thing to really rush into another also healthy our year cycle doesn't make sense at all.

00:40:37.260 --> 00:40:50.100 Pat Duckworth: It doesn't make any sense, and I think it was so regulated by what the school holidays well, but you know we think we should be like Back to School in September, and that means gearing backup when actually we should be quieting down.

00:40:50.160 --> 00:41:02.310 Pat Duckworth: yeah and just widening that so women and men are pause This is also and not autumn in a bad way I used to dread awesome, because how I felt in September, I might say.

00:41:02.670 --> 00:41:13.950 Pat Duckworth: But the colors are lovely and you know you've got all this lovely fruit and I can now but it's also and now i'm kind of guy it's also and we're reaping the rewards.

00:41:14.010 --> 00:41:18.600 Pat Duckworth: And that's why in a pause, this is an incredible time for women.

00:41:19.200 --> 00:41:37.950 Pat Duckworth: Because instead of all the rushing around we can be reaping the harvest of all the time that we've invested all the energy we've invested in the summer of our lives, instead of going on in the autumn of my life like it's a bad thing we should be i'm reaping the rewards.

00:41:38.310 --> 00:41:49.950 Coco Groothuis: yeah it's a very rich and colorful time and I think if you look at it like exactly that, then I think you can be so proud of yourself and really celebrate everything you already did.

00:41:50.820 --> 00:42:01.710 Pat Duckworth: yeah absolutely So how do we bring this into a sustainable business, how does this move us into that sustainable business that we want as entrepreneurs.

00:42:02.610 --> 00:42:11.910 Coco Groothuis: Well, I think it's a be aware again at this of the seasons, but also look at your projects and your work.

00:42:12.420 --> 00:42:19.800 Coco Groothuis: Like a season, for instance, there are there are projects that are in really springtime there are projects that are ready to.

00:42:20.490 --> 00:42:36.690 Coco Groothuis: To have us so if you look at all the elements in your business and look at inverts kind of season, they are you can really build well little bit of a spiral around it and really reap the fruits at the right time of each project and its products.

00:42:38.040 --> 00:42:44.730 Pat Duckworth: yeah so in the springtime for a business which so, which was the springtime.

00:42:45.690 --> 00:42:48.990 Coco Groothuis: yeah well, let me explain a different niche like if you are like.

00:42:50.250 --> 00:42:59.250 Coco Groothuis: A middle aged entrepreneur and you're going in one minute bars then it's very interesting to really look at all the projects, you have already done and really.

00:42:59.520 --> 00:43:08.850 Coco Groothuis: Look at all the things you really want to harvest and let the rest go just focus on your harvest because it's your harvest season so be really picky.

00:43:09.420 --> 00:43:24.780 Coco Groothuis: We really like the value yourself, for instance, that and and really be picky on Okay, this is what i'm going to do, and then that is what i'm not going to do anymore that was that I did that years ago, you know so be very picky and.

00:43:25.410 --> 00:43:42.210 Pat Duckworth: I think that's really good advice Coco because I think when you're an entrepreneur this well I might just be speaking about myself here okay there's always bright shiny things you know Oh, I want to do a bit of that I want to do a bit of this and really it's that valuing.

00:43:42.600 --> 00:43:42.840 Coco Groothuis: yeah.

00:43:43.410 --> 00:43:47.070 Pat Duckworth: The things that you want to harvest rob.

00:43:47.070 --> 00:43:49.470 Pat Duckworth: yeah i'll have a go at this or go at that.

00:43:49.620 --> 00:44:00.960 Coco Groothuis: yeah and be in the receiving mode, especially in your if you're in menopause periods in that phase of your life receive set yourself up to receiving.

00:44:02.160 --> 00:44:14.370 Pat Duckworth: I love receiving because in most of women's lives they kind of gift gift gift gift gift gift and it's time to receive and yeah we're harvesting ladies, we need to harvest.

00:44:16.050 --> 00:44:32.610 Pat Duckworth: So come back and join us after the break when we will be talking about coco's practical steps to moving from time management energy management and using the cyclical nature of ourselves to get the most benefits see you after the break.

00:47:03.420 --> 00:47:17.490 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause were my guest today is Coco grotesque, and we have been talking about moving from time management to energy management.

00:47:18.630 --> 00:47:23.310 Pat Duckworth: And we've got a question which leads us perfectly into what we're going to talk about next.

00:47:23.700 --> 00:47:41.730 Pat Duckworth: So stephanie mcauliffe who was my guest last week says what a great conversation, how would you suggest transitioning from living by and letting go of the to do list to one of more natural flow, so I was going to ask you what your top tip was.

00:47:42.870 --> 00:47:44.670 Pat Duckworth: A way we go, how do we do it.

00:47:45.240 --> 00:47:46.080 Coco Groothuis: yeah well.

00:47:46.770 --> 00:47:56.130 Coco Groothuis: yeah I really love that question, and in my course I always start with okay just make a mind map of everything order to do is you have in your life.

00:47:56.670 --> 00:48:10.710 Coco Groothuis: Just really knew that if everything really, really crystal clear about your priorities like really, what do you want to do, and just private life and business life like what are your top three priorities and my clients they always.

00:48:11.370 --> 00:48:21.630 Coco Groothuis: Get immediate same answer always you have just like three top priorities, every week and the rest is not important, and if so, you really have to choose.

00:48:23.550 --> 00:48:25.650 Coco Groothuis: So I think that is.

00:48:26.790 --> 00:48:34.500 Coco Groothuis: Just really focus your your energy and your intention on some focus points in your life that are really priority and the rest is not important.

00:48:35.580 --> 00:48:45.390 Pat Duckworth: So sometimes when I hear people talking about both time management and energy management, it always involves doing something like Oh well, you need to plan your week and.

00:48:46.440 --> 00:48:57.570 Pat Duckworth: So I need to know what the payoff is what is the payoff if I actually put that time in on a Sunday and plan the week what what am I going to get from it.

00:48:58.590 --> 00:49:13.530 Coco Groothuis: Well, I hope you get a lot of insights a lot of inside of where your intention and your attention goes, because what I often see is that, especially women, we want to do with love and of course it's it's very okay do.

00:49:14.310 --> 00:49:24.000 Coco Groothuis: This do you do it intentionally and whose again that or was calendar, are you living and I think it's very important to be very.

00:49:24.510 --> 00:49:35.850 Coco Groothuis: aware of where do you put your intention on and what's your focus and your focus and, for example, I think, and that's also like.

00:49:36.630 --> 00:49:46.650 Coco Groothuis: If you look at the moon, and if you look at your menstruation cycle it's very good to have just a few points in time to reflect, like how am I managing how am I going.

00:49:47.280 --> 00:49:56.190 Coco Groothuis: And how am I sailing in my life so if you take just a few points in your month to really reflect on that, then you can make better.

00:49:57.180 --> 00:50:05.430 Coco Groothuis: choices, and I think that's a step we often forget because we just want to rush just wants to do all to do things but just.

00:50:06.000 --> 00:50:20.400 Coco Groothuis: breathe out and just reflect a little bit more that gets usually get you into a position of doing more actually because you're more focused and you can just choose like Okay, perhaps it's not meaningless to do data.

00:50:21.630 --> 00:50:30.210 Pat Duckworth: yeah I think that's a great tip but slowing down and reflecting because after my just going at life full pelt.

00:50:31.320 --> 00:50:45.480 Pat Duckworth: And then the lie, and then the universe can give us a bit of a slap and say no you've got to slow down, so what stephanie was talking about last week, what Sarah talks about in a previous week when she was talking about burnout.

00:50:45.990 --> 00:50:59.730 Pat Duckworth: Is that if you don't take that time to stop and reflect you might get a bit of a slap where the universe says, you are going to slow down, you are going to refinance because i'm going to make you.

00:51:01.320 --> 00:51:08.520 Pat Duckworth: For me, that moment in my life, you know when I was really busy commuting to London every day working you know.

00:51:09.540 --> 00:51:14.910 Pat Duckworth: crazy hours and and then I found myself crying on the way to work.

00:51:16.260 --> 00:51:26.100 Pat Duckworth: If i'd have ignored it and just gone oh don't be stupid, you know you can do this I wouldn't be where I am today I wouldn't be as healthy as I am today.

00:51:26.550 --> 00:51:43.980 Pat Duckworth: And for women than men or pause I really want to emphasize that, even though menopause is just a stage or transition, the decisions that you make now about your health and your energy are setting the foundations for the next 30 4050 years.

00:51:46.080 --> 00:51:49.620 Pat Duckworth: If you don't take the time to reflect.

00:51:50.670 --> 00:51:55.830 Pat Duckworth: On your day your week your month the year.

00:51:57.300 --> 00:51:58.680 Pat Duckworth: You might end up with a slap.

00:52:00.450 --> 00:52:07.200 Coco Groothuis: yeah yeah beautiful and I think we were really trained to just get a certificate or something or a trophy.

00:52:07.530 --> 00:52:18.960 Coco Groothuis: If we just do a lot of things in a day, and I think that's just really not healthy and I think, for me, for instance i'm young, but I really do like to have a nap every day or.

00:52:19.320 --> 00:52:24.630 Coco Groothuis: Well, perhaps not every day, but I really like to have my NAPs because I really know like okay.

00:52:25.380 --> 00:52:44.010 Coco Groothuis: If I just have a little break and a little horizontal time every day, I know I can be more of myself have more energy so that's kind of twist putting into your day more reflection time being very aware of what you read it very put your energy on makes a big difference.

00:52:45.150 --> 00:52:52.860 Pat Duckworth: I like a little nap after my lunch i've got a very lovely comfortable chair in my conservatory I have a little read a little nap.

00:52:54.300 --> 00:53:03.450 Pat Duckworth: And then the and then the afternoon feels so much better i'm seeing coming out Leslie so she likes a 20 minute nap too so.

00:53:04.530 --> 00:53:19.170 Pat Duckworth: There you are so first of all women we like in there, so you're going to be doing an online you're you're giving a free online session about this, and can you tell us a bit more about that.

00:53:20.040 --> 00:53:30.420 Coco Groothuis: yeah it's on the seventh of September, and I will just explain the basic principles of well how you can work according to your own natural wisdom, so I discussed a.

00:53:30.870 --> 00:53:41.490 Coco Groothuis: Few a natural cycles, there are and how you can just translate that into your own business or into your own work and live or daily life and she wants yeah.

00:53:41.970 --> 00:53:44.100 Pat Duckworth: So it's on the seventh of Sep tember what time.

00:53:44.100 --> 00:53:44.700 Pat Duckworth: Is that.

00:53:45.810 --> 00:53:46.320 Coco Groothuis: it's.

00:53:47.910 --> 00:53:51.780 Coco Groothuis: Three o'clock yeah it's so funny because now it is internationally so Okay, which time.

00:53:53.490 --> 00:53:58.890 Coco Groothuis: yeah I think it's it's Western time or central your time yeah I guess.

00:53:59.220 --> 00:54:18.330 Pat Duckworth: So we will put a link to it when I post this recording will put a link to that so you can join that that free session, hopefully, the timing will be right, whether you're eastern seaboard or Central European and and then you're running another course after that aren't you to go.

00:54:18.390 --> 00:54:20.250 Pat Duckworth: into much more detail.

00:54:20.520 --> 00:54:23.910 Coco Groothuis: yeah definitely Thank you get all the ins and outs yeah.

00:54:23.940 --> 00:54:27.390 Pat Duckworth: yeah we've really just graze the surface today.

00:54:27.390 --> 00:54:27.960 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:54:28.020 --> 00:54:41.790 Pat Duckworth: Very much to talk about on this and stephanie says Palin at football and yeah Leslie love certain that's too, so I think some of us are getting the idea about having a nap is a really useful thing in.

00:54:41.820 --> 00:54:50.730 Coco Groothuis: yeah it definitely is and also again, if you look at the seasons like there's a little part that is really in doing, I mean only.

00:54:51.150 --> 00:55:03.510 Coco Groothuis: The summertime is really high vibrational doing and the rest of just reflection, putting down or just planning, you know so it's not normal to work eight hours a day, and just full focus that's not healthy.

00:55:04.710 --> 00:55:11.310 Pat Duckworth: I totally get it, I am not going to do that, so thank you so much Coco you've given us some great ideas like.

00:55:11.550 --> 00:55:24.060 Pat Duckworth: just reflect reflect back notice your energy notice your cycles keep a journal so you're really tuned into it's really important and we'll be posting up the link to that.

00:55:24.810 --> 00:55:31.500 Pat Duckworth: To cocos free zoom so you can join that so thank you for that Coco now if you're having.

00:55:32.040 --> 00:55:43.260 Pat Duckworth: Problems with your menopause or if you just want to know more about it, or you need more assistance if you go to my website hot women cool

00:55:43.770 --> 00:55:55.170 Pat Duckworth: There are lots of free resources on there, you can sign up and i've done visualizations recordings some really good stuff there that you can just download for free.

00:55:55.710 --> 00:56:01.380 Pat Duckworth: And if you join us about I will tell you about an online course.

00:56:01.890 --> 00:56:11.820 Pat Duckworth: Yes, if you're feeling like you don't know enough, I have something online, so I hope that you will go and have a look at hot women cool

00:56:12.150 --> 00:56:35.700 Pat Duckworth: stay on talk radio dot nyc now for Dr tlc sees dismantle racism, the show today's is called I to sing America, and she has two wonderful guests on that so stay tuned for Dr tlc otherwise join me next week 3pm British standard time British summer time.

00:56:36.810 --> 00:56:47.850 Pat Duckworth: 10am eastern seaboard when I will be talking about sleep and i'll be giving you some great tips about sleep see you next week Thank you again cocoa and have a good week everybody.

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