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Thursday, July 29, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/29 - Frank About Cancer: The Integrative Perspective with Nathan Crane

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/29 - Frank About Cancer: The Integrative Perspective with Nathan Crane


2021/07/29 - Frank About Cancer: The Integrative Perspective with Nathan Crane

[NEW EPISODE] Frank About Cancer: The Integrative Perspective with Nathan Crane

This episode is Live From Las Vegas where Frank will interview Award Winning Director Nathan Crane whose Documentary entitled "Cancer: The Integrative Perspective" explores the many misunderstood causes of Cancer and the determination to investigate holistic and integrative approaches to prevent and reverse cancer entirely.

New methodologies, treatment protocols and discussions with top tier medical professionals are featured in the film and provide a paradigm to the audience that a cure is on the horizon.

The film has won 18 awards, including the prestigious Best Director award at the Rocky Mountain International Film Festival, the Award of Excellence: Documentary Feature from the The Accolade Global Film Competition, an honorable mention at the New York Movie Awards, Best Documentary including the Platinum Award from the Hollywood Film Competition and the Best Documentary award from the Eurasia Film Festival.

Tune in for this healthy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Nathan begins by talking about the gaps in medical knowledge when it comes to cancer treatment, and laments the lack of education on holistic medical practices when it comes to cancer treatment. He recommends watching his documentary to enlighten oneself on the real nature of cancer, and ways to treat it. He recommends empowering ones own immune system to fight off cancer.

Segment 2

Nathan shows the listeners a trailer for his documentary. He and Frank further talk about reception of the documentary, and misconceptions around cancer that it clears up. Nathan talks about doctors receiving minimal training in nutrition despite relying on it heavily for his theory about what Cancer comes from, and how to treat it.

Segment 3

Frank and Nathan talk about Nathan’s motivations towards his various different kinds of work in the cancer field. He mentions his grandfather dying of cancer, and being homeless and sick at 15, and how those experiences made him change his lifestyle. He talks about meditation and spiritual and emotional healing as a factor of physical health. He goes back to talking about his documentary, and his experience behind the scenes working on it for 5 years.

Segment 4

Frank and Nathan encourage people to seek out more information regarding cancer, and their general health and wellbeing. Frank brings it back to his own epilepsy, and to the covid-19 pandemic, and tells the listeners to research holistic medicine alongside traditional medicine to tackle their health conditions. He mentions integrative care, through which listeners should take advantage of all the information they have at their disposal, and being proactive in their own care.


00:00:26.010 --> 00:00:27.480 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody, welcome to.

00:00:27.540 --> 00:00:31.380 Frank R. Harrison: This special episode of frank about health live from las.

00:00:32.790 --> 00:00:33.720 Frank R. Harrison: Here at Hilton.

00:00:33.780 --> 00:00:35.910 Frank R. Harrison: Grand vacations lr resort.

00:00:36.630 --> 00:00:47.310 Frank R. Harrison: I am here with a very special guest, who has a lot to talk about with us today, especially if you're any kind of individual that knows family members or has suffered yourself directly.

00:00:47.760 --> 00:00:57.180 Frank R. Harrison: With the oldest known as cancer, what is unique about my guest today is he has an outstanding documentary that I had a chance to review over the weekend.

00:00:57.630 --> 00:01:04.320 Frank R. Harrison: called cancer, the integrative perspective, which is what we're going to be frank about on this very special episode because.

00:01:04.650 --> 00:01:14.370 Frank R. Harrison: Essentially, it is available for all of you on Amazon COM and after looking at it, this past weekend I had a lot of takeaways that I can only learn.

00:01:14.790 --> 00:01:21.450 Frank R. Harrison: Or, I can hope only hope to share with you all in the next hour Nathan crane is a very interesting individual.

00:01:21.900 --> 00:01:33.270 Frank R. Harrison: Having had a chance to speak with him over the last few days and preparation for the show I learned a lot about that he's not only an award winning director and also an individual that.

00:01:34.560 --> 00:01:42.840 Frank R. Harrison: Basically, is an inspirational speaker and educator and he has also the founder of the panacea community.

00:01:43.560 --> 00:01:59.460 Frank R. Harrison: Which is the creator of the global panthers symposium host of the conquering cancer summit and director and producer of the documentary film Kansas city integrative perspective Nathan, welcome to this episode of frank about health i'd like you to share a little bit about your story.

00:02:00.420 --> 00:02:09.600 Nathan Crane: frank Thank you so much for having me thanks for putting this great show together i'm really glad you enjoyed the documentary you know, the thing that led me to.

00:02:10.590 --> 00:02:17.130 Nathan Crane: becoming so passionate about cancer and prevention and reversal protocols and strategies and.

00:02:17.550 --> 00:02:26.760 Nathan Crane: And really diving deep into learning everything I possibly could about cancer was when my own grandpa was diagnosed and when I went to visit him.

00:02:27.210 --> 00:02:38.190 Nathan Crane: In Arizona after he had been utilizing the conventional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, I saw how much suffering, he was going through and he was in so much pain.

00:02:38.670 --> 00:02:43.380 Nathan Crane: His hair was falling out he could barely walk to the bathroom and shortly after he passed away.

00:02:44.160 --> 00:02:55.290 Nathan Crane: And I already having about seven years in the natural health field up until that point and not really knowing anything about cancer, when I saw that happen and saw the suffering he went through.

00:02:55.740 --> 00:03:01.980 Nathan Crane: I knew I had to find a better way, if not only for myself my own family anybody that I could help along the way.

00:03:02.700 --> 00:03:17.610 Nathan Crane: And so, in 2013 I started the first online, one of the very first online summits about cancer interviewed we started interviewing many world's leading experts doctors scientists people who've reverse cancer using more natural holistic integrative approaches.

00:03:18.300 --> 00:03:22.080 Nathan Crane: And, and that led to conferences and magazines and eventually to my.

00:03:22.110 --> 00:03:32.460 Nathan Crane: documentary and now the conquering cancer summit, as well as my becoming cancer free master class and i've just become so passionate about it for a couple of reasons it once you.

00:03:32.850 --> 00:03:40.350 Nathan Crane: learn what cancer really is once you learn what causes it and then what you can do about it, you are so much more empowered in your life.

00:03:40.680 --> 00:03:48.870 Nathan Crane: And I feeling helpless and hopeless and not being able to help my grandpa at that time feeling like I should have known, something I could help him I realized.

00:03:49.200 --> 00:04:01.260 Nathan Crane: I was, like most people we just don't know what cancer is and what causes it and so as I started diving deep into this field and interviewing hundreds of the top experts in the world, I realized, we really do know.

00:04:01.680 --> 00:04:07.440 Nathan Crane: What causes cancer, the problem is most medical doctors are not taught this in Medical School most.

00:04:08.460 --> 00:04:19.740 Nathan Crane: Most oncologists simply don't really know what causes cancer and really what to do about they're taught surgery chemotherapy radiation they're taught pharmacology which can be helpful to some degree.

00:04:20.100 --> 00:04:24.060 Nathan Crane: But they're not taught nutrition they're not taught lifestyle changes they're not taught.

00:04:24.270 --> 00:04:31.200 Nathan Crane: meditation they're not taught infrared sauna they're not taught holistic principles indigenous principles ancient Eastern principles, all these things that we have.

00:04:31.470 --> 00:04:42.330 Nathan Crane: So much evidence today of safety and efficacy for helping the body heal itself they're just not taught this in Medical School so unfortunately so many people suffer, and you know here's.

00:04:42.720 --> 00:04:54.120 Nathan Crane: here's a shocking study that I think everybody needs to know, and this is covered in depth in in my documentary they looked at 160,000 people from Australia and the United States.

00:04:54.450 --> 00:04:56.160 Nathan Crane: And they were doing and efficacy.

00:04:56.940 --> 00:05:12.240 Nathan Crane: study on chemotherapy and they looked at it across 22 major adult malignancies 22 major cancers and they found that chemotherapy only extended people's lives by five years.

00:05:13.050 --> 00:05:24.930 Nathan Crane: Up to 2.3% so it had a 2.1 or 2.5% effective rate meaning it had a 97% failure rate and that's one of our most prescribed.

00:05:26.880 --> 00:05:32.910 Nathan Crane: that's one of our most prescribed therapies for cancer today so that's really shocking, we have a 97% failure rate that means.

00:05:33.120 --> 00:05:39.510 Nathan Crane: You know okay if that's not working, that well, then we should probably do something else about it right, we should probably learn something else or use something else.

00:05:39.870 --> 00:05:49.470 Nathan Crane: And the problem is, we still have this kind of mainstream narrative today that cancer, just like any virus or any bacteria, for example, it's it's we look at it, as like a.

00:05:50.040 --> 00:06:00.300 Nathan Crane: localized incident right it's this thing that affects you like a tumor, for example, that that may appear on the breast we.

00:06:01.020 --> 00:06:09.450 Nathan Crane: look at it, as if it's its own separate thing, so we try to cut it out and radiate it and burn it and drug it and think it's as bad thing we have to get rid of.

00:06:10.050 --> 00:06:13.680 Nathan Crane: But when you realize that cancer is not something that is a localized.

00:06:14.550 --> 00:06:21.270 Nathan Crane: attack, just like a virus or bacteria is not a localized infection it's a constitutional issue.

00:06:21.660 --> 00:06:31.230 Nathan Crane: It is an environmental issue when you look at the blood, for example, and you look at the the tissues in the cells of the body you start to recognize that.

00:06:31.590 --> 00:06:38.010 Nathan Crane: Everything you put something I teach a lot of people is everything you put on your body and in your body becomes your body.

00:06:38.460 --> 00:06:44.160 Nathan Crane: And that's a huge takeaway because whatever's going on your skin are going in your body that's what your cells are.

00:06:44.610 --> 00:06:56.220 Nathan Crane: replicating and regenerating from, so we are polluting ourselves with toxins and chemicals and stressors you know constantly that's what our cells that's the fuel, they have to regenerate themselves.

00:06:56.520 --> 00:06:58.650 Nathan Crane: Right and so when you start to recognize that.

00:06:58.980 --> 00:07:08.640 Nathan Crane: Cancer is a constitutional issue and it is something you make in your body it's not something you catch it's not like a bacteria that you can.

00:07:09.150 --> 00:07:20.430 Nathan Crane: Get from outside in it's something your body is creating because of an environmental issue on the inside of your body, so when you start to understand this, the cancer is actually a week so.

00:07:21.090 --> 00:07:25.830 Nathan Crane: it's a cell that's dying itself has become normal it's a cell that starting to break down.

00:07:26.130 --> 00:07:34.710 Nathan Crane: chronically ferment and basically become very inefficient producing energy, so it has to you know use a ton of glucose, which is why.

00:07:35.010 --> 00:07:45.360 Nathan Crane: You know, we know that sugar threat, I mean cancer thrives on sugar, for example, and and one of the the you know the pet scan, for example, use radioactive sugar to find the cancer in your body, because we know it.

00:07:45.840 --> 00:07:59.370 Nathan Crane: It becomes so inefficient at a robot like call assist that it turns to chronic fermentation it doesn't process ATP very it doesn't create very much ATP so it becomes a very inefficient week, so we think of cancer as this.

00:07:59.820 --> 00:08:08.970 Nathan Crane: it's this crazy invader that takes over and and you know takes over your body, and to some extent sure because it's been given that perfect environment to do so.

00:08:09.330 --> 00:08:19.020 Nathan Crane: But I look at cancer quite differently, I look at cancer and and, as you, you know watch the documentary, for example, you start to have a totally different mindset about what cancer actually is what causes it.

00:08:19.320 --> 00:08:27.600 Nathan Crane: And what you can do about it, cancer is actually a weakened cell it's barely holding on for life it's just trying to survive that's all it's doing.

00:08:27.900 --> 00:08:33.270 Nathan Crane: Right it's an abnormal cell it's had DNA damage that's broken down and it's trying to survive.

00:08:33.600 --> 00:08:40.320 Nathan Crane: And so it hangs on for dear life like I look at it, as if you're hanging on the edge of a cliff just trying to survive you don't want to die.

00:08:40.620 --> 00:08:50.850 Nathan Crane: Cancer is like that it's just trying to hang on and survive and we are all equipped with immune systems that are designed to identify.

00:08:51.420 --> 00:09:01.890 Nathan Crane: Destroy and eliminate cancer cells from our bodies, you know, Dr Thomas loaded said it best in my documentary he said, there is a cure for cancer it's called your immune system.

00:09:02.910 --> 00:09:13.950 Nathan Crane: And if you have a fully functioning immune system, you will never have to worry about a cancer diagnosis and I would extend that to say, if you have a fully functioning immune system you never have to worry about any external.

00:09:14.520 --> 00:09:17.790 Nathan Crane: Infection as well, like this pandemic we're experiencing right now.

00:09:18.090 --> 00:09:27.420 Nathan Crane: people that have strong immune systems at any age are not affected by it and and that's a fact and so that's the same thing with cancer, because your immune system.

00:09:27.780 --> 00:09:37.920 Nathan Crane: creates something called T cells and b cells and NK killer cells, it creates the cells that go out and identify abnormal cells and cancerous cells.

00:09:38.430 --> 00:09:46.680 Nathan Crane: It destroys them and then it removes them through the lymphatic system, so when you start to understand these things that cancer is actually kind of a normal process in the body.

00:09:47.130 --> 00:09:58.170 Nathan Crane: We all have cancer inside of us every day, every single one of us, I do you do everybody does, even if you don't have a diagnosis, you have cancer cells, but if your immune system is working properly, meaning that you are doing.

00:09:58.920 --> 00:10:07.260 Nathan Crane: All of the things that we talked about in the film from mine and emotional health to physical health and nutritional adequacy and excellence to.

00:10:07.740 --> 00:10:10.650 Nathan Crane: Physical vitality and exercise the things that.

00:10:11.520 --> 00:10:20.670 Nathan Crane: That we teach it are incredibly important to keep your your body vital, as well as your environment your relationships and then everything that's in and around your House in your body.

00:10:20.970 --> 00:10:32.910 Nathan Crane: When you clean all this up and you really focus on a much more natural holistic healthy lifestyle you increase your odds of not only preventing cancer, but reversing cancer.

00:10:33.330 --> 00:10:41.640 Nathan Crane: And what you're doing along the way, is you are empowering your own innate immune system your own immune cells your own innate healing capacity I should say.

00:10:42.030 --> 00:10:54.030 Nathan Crane: Which is partly your immune system to take care of itself, the problem is so many people today through diet and lifestyle through toxic overload through.

00:10:54.990 --> 00:11:01.380 Nathan Crane: Massive exposure to carcinogenic properties from charred meats to processed meats.

00:11:01.740 --> 00:11:09.810 Nathan Crane: Dairy, for example, we know these are highly inflammatory and can be carcinogenic in the body to the toxins that are emitted from the carpets and the.

00:11:10.080 --> 00:11:16.230 Nathan Crane: fluoride that's in the water, and the formaldehyde that's in your bed sheets from this massive exposure to.

00:11:16.740 --> 00:11:27.600 Nathan Crane: Toxic overload and this lack of nutritional adequacy so there's lack of having nutritional excellence in your body so you're not getting your cells are not getting enough for what they need.

00:11:27.990 --> 00:11:33.750 Nathan Crane: And, and your your body is getting too much of what it doesn't need and gregg Braden talks about this eloquently.

00:11:34.110 --> 00:11:39.480 Nathan Crane: In the film is that, basically, when you get into balance of giving yourself everything they need.

00:11:39.900 --> 00:11:48.000 Nathan Crane: and reduce and mitigate and eliminate as much of what your body doesn't need then your body is equipped to do what it's designed to do.

00:11:48.330 --> 00:11:56.610 Nathan Crane: Which is heal and thrive at any age that's why you can see people in other countries around the world who live quite simple healthy.

00:11:57.000 --> 00:12:20.550 Nathan Crane: active lives, who live 8090 100 years old, with out cancer or other chronic diseases and we can start to really look at this is way beyond genetics, actually, I would say 99% of all cancer could be prevented, when you look at diet lifestyle nutrition, environment and mindset.

00:12:20.970 --> 00:12:22.590 Nathan Crane: Right and Bruce lipton.

00:12:23.190 --> 00:12:30.360 Nathan Crane: World leading cell biologist the grandfather of the the cutting edge science of epigenetics he's in the documentary.

00:12:30.690 --> 00:12:40.230 Nathan Crane: And he goes into depth about how cancer it, you know through epigenetics that cutting edge science of epigenetics actually you your genes do not have to be your destiny.

00:12:40.740 --> 00:12:53.910 Nathan Crane: And this is proven that the environment of your cells will actually help to determine whether those genes are turned on or turned off so basically whether they activate or not, and the great example that he gives and then maybe i'll hand it over to you if you have a.

00:12:54.750 --> 00:13:02.610 Frank R. Harrison: Night where I could see we're about to head for break, but basically you've already discussed but i'm going to ask you to do in the next session.

00:13:03.030 --> 00:13:10.680 Frank R. Harrison: Which is to show a trailer of your documentary which I know are many of our listeners who've heard me talk about nature versus nurture genetic.

00:13:10.980 --> 00:13:14.100 Frank R. Harrison: motivations for things like diabetes or cancer or epilepsy.

00:13:14.520 --> 00:13:23.790 Frank R. Harrison: You basically have covered that a lot of it is about a pandemic of misunderstanding, just like your documentary points out that it's a pandemic of cancer, we have been dealing with a pandemic of Kobe.

00:13:24.090 --> 00:13:40.020 Frank R. Harrison: But this show aims to uncover the pandemic of misinformation so when we come back here on talk radio dot nyc we will continue with Nathan crane and myself will get a chance to see a trailer of this documentary which some must have thanks for staying tuned we'll See you in a few.

00:15:54.450 --> 00:16:05.010 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody, welcome to section two of this special episode of cancer, the integrative perspective for being frank about cancer today, right here, live from Las Vegas Hilton grand vacations.

00:16:05.580 --> 00:16:17.040 Frank R. Harrison: wanted very much to see the integrative perspectives of the trailer you're about to show Nathan, because I understand it has won a lot of awards already and is leading due to other promising research correct.

00:16:18.090 --> 00:16:21.930 Nathan Crane: yeah absolutely so if if you want, I can share it right now is that.

00:16:22.080 --> 00:16:22.920 Nathan Crane: What you're gonna do.

00:16:23.250 --> 00:16:24.750 Nathan Crane: I mean here we go.

00:16:33.150 --> 00:16:39.180 Right now on Planet Earth, we are faced with the greatest pandemic in all of history and this pandemic is called cancer.

00:16:39.450 --> 00:16:48.810 it's believed that in 1905 only point 05 percent of people had cancer in 1950 that number rose to 10% and today in the United States and.

00:16:48.870 --> 00:17:04.140 other developed countries that number has increased 33% of women and 50% of men, the World Health Organization is warning that countries around the world need to take immediate action to stop what they call an impending quote tidal wave of cancer.

00:17:04.350 --> 00:17:11.400 The evidence is now clear our technological and mechanistic civilization has caused irreparable damage to our natural system.

00:17:11.610 --> 00:17:19.740 We are facing a global crisis, unlike anything we've ever seen before, and the question remains, are we going to be able to stop it before it's too late.

00:17:20.220 --> 00:17:26.730 So far, most of the cancer industry does not feel comfortable talking about the causes of cancer.

00:17:27.270 --> 00:17:37.800 They want you to believe in essence the cancer is spontaneous The good news is thousands of people have already reverse cancer and improve the quality of their life without toxic treatments.

00:17:38.010 --> 00:17:44.970 and many others are preventing ever getting cancer people think that cancer is It is this huge scary disease to me it's not anymore.

00:17:45.330 --> 00:17:49.050 The number one thing that we have changed in my family is a drastic change in our diet.

00:17:49.650 --> 00:17:59.760 Lots of wonderful things that conventional Western medicine has given us a way to utilize the best of all that and incorporated, with all the.

00:18:00.240 --> 00:18:08.880 integrative alternative medicine, you can start to recognize, can I treat it without interfering with the function of the body, there is a spiritual mental.

00:18:09.330 --> 00:18:25.890 and emotional side your odds of getting cancer can be reduced by learning how the natural and holistic evidence based medicine can work together in harmony with the latest medical treatments, to create a truly integrative approach to health and healing.

00:18:28.230 --> 00:18:33.180 Frank R. Harrison: awesome, as I said when I saw the video over the weekend I actually saw it.

00:18:33.630 --> 00:18:40.080 Frank R. Harrison: With my parents, my father is actually a prostate cancer survivor and a lot of it that I have learned, especially during this pandemic.

00:18:40.410 --> 00:18:47.730 Frank R. Harrison: was about the mindset of his treatment, especially in minimizing his risk to receiving the infection from co bit, but more importantly.

00:18:48.000 --> 00:18:57.240 Frank R. Harrison: While he was also getting the medication that was to help treat the hormonal imbalance to help resolve the high PSA counts, that he was coming into.

00:18:57.540 --> 00:19:06.030 Frank R. Harrison: A lot of it was about educating the whole nutritional value being in the right frame of mind thinking about what this is, is it a process of.

00:19:06.360 --> 00:19:15.660 Frank R. Harrison: Trying to make corrections in your quality of life, or to try to be able to understand that it's not just a disease that's going to take you out it's a disease that's reminding you.

00:19:15.930 --> 00:19:29.100 Frank R. Harrison: You need to improve aspects of your life, and when I had seen your video literally it was like a watching a mirror, I mean it was also for my father very enlightening because I can tell you, as a as if the next day he has changed his diet tenfold.

00:19:31.200 --> 00:19:32.160 Nathan Crane: that's awesome to hear.

00:19:33.060 --> 00:19:43.950 Nathan Crane: yeah yeah yeah, thank you for sharing that frank, you know there's a lot of people who have had very similar stories who've watched the film, I mean I i'm so honored to literally have received hundreds and hundreds of.

00:19:44.490 --> 00:19:52.410 Nathan Crane: comments and emails from people saying it totally changed the way that they're looking at cancer looking at their approach has given them hope.

00:19:52.620 --> 00:19:59.640 Nathan Crane: has given them, you know, a sense of possibility that they're not alone that there are solutions that they're not crazy, you know that they.

00:19:59.850 --> 00:20:08.790 Nathan Crane: You know, are on the right track and and you know i'm just so humbled and honored that the film has been able to to really open that door for people into.

00:20:09.090 --> 00:20:21.120 Nathan Crane: A new realm of possibility and that's what it's all about, so the reason I did this film is because I wanted to bring this information to people so that they have more options right, so that they realize that they have.

00:20:21.720 --> 00:20:29.340 Nathan Crane: A whole smorgasbord of options available to them it's not only surgery chemotherapy radiation, if you choose that's totally fine.

00:20:29.610 --> 00:20:40.530 Nathan Crane: But you have so many more options and many of the people in the film who have reversed even stage for cancers, for example, and many more i've come to know and interview over the years for other various projects.

00:20:41.250 --> 00:20:49.110 Nathan Crane: You know, many of them chose a natural or holistic or integrative approach and they were able to reverse cancer and so it's just about.

00:20:49.440 --> 00:20:52.920 Nathan Crane: You know, we have this thing in the medical community called informed consent.

00:20:53.400 --> 00:21:04.140 Nathan Crane: Unfortunately, when you go to your doctor, you are not getting informed consent, because they don't have all the information to inform you about and most doctors are actually trained in medical school.

00:21:04.710 --> 00:21:14.220 Nathan Crane: To not direct anybody towards natural solutions they're actually told I had somebody watch my trailer online and she was.

00:21:15.390 --> 00:21:23.760 Nathan Crane: Just you know, two years into her Medical School degree and and she had watched something that I had posted and saying that you know hey.

00:21:24.060 --> 00:21:33.030 Nathan Crane: You know, you do have options there's a lot of solutions natural solutions that are non toxic that can help your body heal itself, and she basically attacked me and said.

00:21:33.210 --> 00:21:43.770 Nathan Crane: No we're taught in medical Medical School that's wrong there's no science supports natural medicine that's completely incorrect you're killing people and she went on and on, and she was dead set on this.

00:21:44.220 --> 00:21:56.160 Nathan Crane: And unfortunately, this is what our you know medical doctors are being taught today and the truth is there's not only decades of scientific research, supporting natural medicine, but there are.

00:21:56.460 --> 00:22:06.420 Nathan Crane: Thousands of case studies of people reversing cancer, when the medical establishment failed them, and there are thousands of people who have.

00:22:06.990 --> 00:22:20.040 Nathan Crane: Used natural medicine to heal from all kinds of diseases, so the reality is it's not about saying medicals bad or natural as good or whatever right it's about informing you so you know you have more options in front of you.

00:22:20.370 --> 00:22:27.210 Nathan Crane: And the reality is once you understand cancer at a deeper level and what's causing it and understand the six core causes of cancer.

00:22:27.450 --> 00:22:35.550 Nathan Crane: Then you can start to mitigate and reduce and even eliminate many of those causes from your life so you know their medical doctors are well intentioned.

00:22:35.970 --> 00:22:41.370 Nathan Crane: And they you know, are trying to save lives right, unfortunately, most of them just don't have the information.

00:22:41.610 --> 00:22:49.470 Nathan Crane: When I interview medical doctors and ask them how much nutritional education, do you have most of them are only taught about four hours in all their years.

00:22:49.920 --> 00:22:52.500 Nathan Crane: Of Medical School to get four hours of nutrition.

00:22:53.070 --> 00:23:02.550 Nathan Crane: Right, I have 15 years in natural health and in studying and researching experimenting with nutrition I literally have thousands of hours reading hundreds and hundreds.

00:23:02.850 --> 00:23:14.610 Nathan Crane: Of case studies and research papers and you know pubmed articles, and I still don't know everything about it i'm still learning right, and so you know you go to a doctor and they say well you know here's your options, the truth is.

00:23:14.970 --> 00:23:21.960 Nathan Crane: You have way more options and I always encourage people to build your integrative success team I teach this in my becoming cancer free masterclass.

00:23:22.260 --> 00:23:29.460 Nathan Crane: Which is have someone who's an integrative medical doctor on your team that has access to conventional medicine, when you need it.

00:23:29.700 --> 00:23:41.700 Nathan Crane: But they also understand natural medicine holistic medicine indigenous medicine other non toxic options that could support your healing along the way, and then have have somebody who's a nature path or a do a.

00:23:42.240 --> 00:23:54.180 Nathan Crane: doctor of oriental medicine in your corner as well, somebody or or master herbalist somebody who really has their hands deep in decades of research of natural medicine, who can support you along the way.

00:23:54.540 --> 00:23:59.580 Nathan Crane: And then you know it's really important to have somebody that can help you with the mental emotional side of it as well.

00:23:59.820 --> 00:24:01.740 Nathan Crane: And I know through Bruce lipton who we saw just.

00:24:01.740 --> 00:24:09.420 Nathan Crane: Briefly on the trailer has an entire segment about literally how your thoughts can create disease or help your body heal from disease.

00:24:09.630 --> 00:24:17.310 Nathan Crane: Right, and so you need to have that support mentally emotionally and so it's kind of like the trifecta integrative medical doctor someone in natural medicine.

00:24:17.520 --> 00:24:30.660 Nathan Crane: And somebody on the mental emotional side, and so, and you don't have to hire them all full time you can consult with some of them from time to time and keep your expenses low right but I had somebody talk to me, the other day, who was going for.

00:24:31.890 --> 00:24:40.440 Nathan Crane: Who was told by their oncologist because they had cancer on their face they had surgery to remove it, and they were told okay now, you need to you know chemotherapy you need to radiation.

00:24:41.400 --> 00:24:48.060 Nathan Crane: And they're going to do the radiation right on the brain right right on your face, and I said look you have time.

00:24:48.450 --> 00:24:56.190 Nathan Crane: You have time to research, you have time to get more opinions you have time to try some things before you do something that is irreversible.

00:24:56.460 --> 00:25:04.260 Nathan Crane: right when you choose something like radiation, if you choose it and that's the right path for you that's fine, but when you choose it there's no going back from that.

00:25:04.590 --> 00:25:13.560 Nathan Crane: Right, the brain damage that may happen from that radiation or the cancer that may occur from the radiation, we know it's well documented radiation also causes cancer.

00:25:13.890 --> 00:25:23.850 Nathan Crane: Right there's no you can't reverse time you might be able to help heal from that, but you can't reverse time you can't go back, but you could take the next 90 days hundred and 20 days.

00:25:24.030 --> 00:25:31.800 Nathan Crane: and change your diet, change your lifestyle start exercising eat a whole foods plant based diet, you know, take a lot of healthy nutritional.

00:25:32.220 --> 00:25:38.430 Nathan Crane: supplements that are backed in science, that are you know have anti cancer properties, you know get more opinions.

00:25:38.820 --> 00:25:51.060 Nathan Crane: You know, start meditating activate your parasympathetic nervous system, so many things you can do that are non toxic that when you go back in and this happens and many people six months later, the doctor goes, where the cancer go.

00:25:51.420 --> 00:25:52.950 Nathan Crane: What happened what you do.

00:25:53.310 --> 00:26:07.050 Nathan Crane: And then you go on and you tell them and you say well here's everything I did this or actually don't tell me, it was just a miracle, you know congratulations come back in a year for just a follow up checkup and i've heard that story again and again right so.

00:26:07.080 --> 00:26:12.900 Frank R. Harrison: That essentially is the pandemic and the conundrum at the same time, I mean, whether it is cancer or Kovac.

00:26:13.080 --> 00:26:21.360 Frank R. Harrison: or epilepsy or diabetes or cardiac problems or whatever you've got in western medicine, known as your PCP and they give you their specialist to go to.

00:26:21.600 --> 00:26:31.560 Frank R. Harrison: But they're all integrated in the science of how to treat the element which, as we know, especially from your video or the symptoms of the bigger problem, most people are going through.

00:26:31.890 --> 00:26:36.030 Frank R. Harrison: Which is unfortunate, a medical system that allows you to be reactionary.

00:26:36.240 --> 00:26:45.720 Frank R. Harrison: Rather than be production airy, especially when you can take a very more mindful approach for its understanding that you have a quality of life problem, based on the current condition.

00:26:46.020 --> 00:26:52.050 Frank R. Harrison: That needs treatment, but at the same time, you have to figure out or learn and ask the right questions as to how did that.

00:26:52.350 --> 00:27:01.680 Frank R. Harrison: problem even occur or why there are the genetic aspects, there are the environmental aspects, but there is also like you're saying the quality of your thinking, whether or not you have.

00:27:01.950 --> 00:27:08.760 Frank R. Harrison: Enough of the adequate information you've been sought, or maybe you ask the wrong you the right questions to the wrong people so.

00:27:09.000 --> 00:27:21.930 Frank R. Harrison: What I can see that this DVD teaches you, is whether you are a cancer victim or survivor or, if you have another ailment you have to develop this new integrative methodology and developing just an overall.

00:27:22.410 --> 00:27:34.020 Frank R. Harrison: top level of quality of life, so that if, ultimately, you know the cancer takes you, you did your best that's what I think is the biggest takeaway for for what the video that you offer.

00:27:35.700 --> 00:27:39.510 Frank R. Harrison: we're about to go into a break, but I have one question that intrigues me.

00:27:39.900 --> 00:27:52.290 Frank R. Harrison: it's very timely how this video came out during a worldwide pandemic and you got such impact and such praise and so many awards best director award best documentary award.

00:27:52.890 --> 00:28:08.700 Frank R. Harrison: I mean, do you think that the the high response is is a combination of quality work, as well as the current times we're living in that people are hungry, to find a better way to solve various illnesses that they're living with including cancer.

00:28:09.030 --> 00:28:15.420 Nathan Crane: You know that could be part of it definitely honored for those you know all those awards, I think a big part of is it's it's time has come.

00:28:15.720 --> 00:28:20.370 Nathan Crane: You know 10 million people die a year around the world, cancer and its treatments.

00:28:20.730 --> 00:28:31.530 Nathan Crane: And it's time has come, this is literally one of the worst pandemics we've ever had cancer is significantly worse than anything we could ever measure up to coven 10 million people, I mean.

00:28:32.400 --> 00:28:41.040 Nathan Crane: Here, that people tuning in 10 million people are dying every year around the world from cancer and its treatments and there are solutions.

00:28:41.430 --> 00:28:51.240 Nathan Crane: Huge nature study came out said 90% of cancers preventable I mean that's 9 million years at least we could save with this information that's how important it is.

00:28:51.330 --> 00:28:57.960 Frank R. Harrison: We are about to head for another break but everybody stay tuned where I have a lot more questions about Nathan crane himself.

00:28:58.260 --> 00:29:11.430 Frank R. Harrison: This is frank are Harrison being frank about cancer, the integrative perspective thanks for your users there on Facebook live ask all your comments and questions i'll try to get back to you on those and we'll be back after a few messages.

00:31:39.960 --> 00:31:50.370 Frank R. Harrison: Everybody, thank you for coming back to Section three of this episode of frank about health on frank are Harrison, right here on both Facebook live at talk radio dot nyc.

00:31:50.790 --> 00:32:02.070 Frank R. Harrison: And my guest today is Nathan crane award winning documentarian and, in my opinion, expert on cancer complete experts, so we were just talking before the break about.

00:32:02.640 --> 00:32:08.580 Frank R. Harrison: How my view about his work, as well as how everybody in general is looking for a better quality of life.

00:32:08.970 --> 00:32:16.620 Frank R. Harrison: As a result of understanding that illness and treating the illness is one aspect of improving your life but it's understanding how it all began.

00:32:16.920 --> 00:32:22.050 Frank R. Harrison: What other things, you could have done in your life to prevent it in the beginning, are now being explored.

00:32:22.440 --> 00:32:30.900 Frank R. Harrison: Among other kinds of realizations that I think something like the current pandemic we're all in has brought to everyone's awareness, everyone is looking.

00:32:31.170 --> 00:32:38.550 Frank R. Harrison: For a better quality of life, a better way of thinking, a better way of being mindful, a better way of using the right resources at the right time.

00:32:39.270 --> 00:32:47.430 Frank R. Harrison: With the right support and so Nathan, now is the time, I wanted to really explore a lot of your motivation in terms of not just the documentary.

00:32:47.700 --> 00:32:52.380 Frank R. Harrison: But the work that you have done with your various organizations in the cancer field, I know you mentioned.

00:32:52.680 --> 00:33:02.730 Frank R. Harrison: You had a grandfather that died of cancer and and that really brought you from a position of helpless this onto something more proactive which you obviously have shown the efforts of that Labor.

00:33:03.660 --> 00:33:16.320 Frank R. Harrison: Is there any other aspects of your own personal experience that you wanted to share with the listeners out there as to what made you become such a passionate advocate and to empower people, especially those that have suffered from cancer.

00:33:17.250 --> 00:33:26.130 Nathan Crane: yeah thanks for that question frank, you know, even though I get asked this a lot like did you have cancer yourself and even though i've never been diagnosed with cancer.

00:33:26.850 --> 00:33:37.020 Nathan Crane: I know what it's like to be sick, I know what it's like to have fatigue chronic fatigue to have digestive problems to be in pain to be.

00:33:37.950 --> 00:33:46.500 Nathan Crane: mentally emotionally traumatized to be physically sick, you know at at 15 years old, I was homeless.

00:33:47.220 --> 00:33:56.400 Nathan Crane: living on fast food addicted to drugs and alcohol and pharmaceuticals and I was going through a very tough time and it didn't look like I was going to make it even 18 years old.

00:33:57.150 --> 00:34:07.380 Nathan Crane: And so, through that experience and through making it to and then 20s and now in my 30s you know, I was able to.

00:34:08.040 --> 00:34:19.170 Nathan Crane: Not only overcome all of that pain all of those physical problems major digestive issues you know, chronic fatigue, you know sick all the time.

00:34:19.770 --> 00:34:30.450 Nathan Crane: Not only overcome all of that, but be healthier and more vital and happier and more fulfilled in my life now than i've ever been and it's only you know looking up from here, and it.

00:34:30.660 --> 00:34:38.640 Nathan Crane: It doesn't mean that I still don't have challenges right I just went through a massive challenge, a few years ago in my business with a business partner, and it was.

00:34:38.910 --> 00:34:52.350 Nathan Crane: You know, it was very challenging for myself and my family my wife and my kids but we made it through it and made me better because of it, and that is something that every cancer conquer or cancer, you know.

00:34:52.920 --> 00:35:05.880 Nathan Crane: thrive or somebody who has reverse cancer can relate to as they looked at that challenge of a cancer diagnosis, as an opportunity to become better to become healthier to be a better human being.

00:35:06.180 --> 00:35:13.620 Nathan Crane: And that's what i've looked at these challenges in my life is, how can I use this to become better and to help others and so when we get out of our own.

00:35:14.370 --> 00:35:23.280 Nathan Crane: You know egotistical poor me, you know self absorbed Why are you doing this to me kind of mentality.

00:35:23.820 --> 00:35:34.230 Nathan Crane: and get into what is this For how can this help me grow, how can I use this to contribute to others lives in a positive way when we shift our mindset.

00:35:35.100 --> 00:35:48.510 Nathan Crane: To that positive framework to what I can what I call solutions oriented mindset you focus on solutions instead of victimization This is true for anything in our life right when you get yourself out of the fear.

00:35:49.050 --> 00:35:57.090 Nathan Crane: And you quiet yourself, you know meditation has been a huge part of my life and a huge part of my own transformation in my own journey.

00:35:58.020 --> 00:36:06.420 Nathan Crane: learning to sit quietly and meditate and calm, my thoughts and then ask for you know, clarity and guidance and inner wisdom, we all have that ability.

00:36:06.750 --> 00:36:14.910 Nathan Crane: And when you sit quietly with your with your thoughts calmly and the meditation and you ask yourself whether it's through prayer through meditation or just sitting quietly.

00:36:15.180 --> 00:36:26.820 Nathan Crane: And you ask yourself what is this, for what is this challenge for whether it's a diagnosis it's a pain it's a cry it's a loss of a family member it's a cancer diagnosis, whatever it is.

00:36:27.210 --> 00:36:32.520 Nathan Crane: What is this for what's it here to teach me how can this help me in my life.

00:36:33.210 --> 00:36:43.080 Nathan Crane: And when you start to get clarity and answers from that and those answers when you listen to them and you take action will change your life for the better every single time it is so powerful.

00:36:43.350 --> 00:36:48.180 Nathan Crane: And so beautiful so it's not only happened to me, but now i've had the opportunity to work with and talk with.

00:36:48.450 --> 00:36:54.960 Nathan Crane: You know, thousands of people around the world and have been able to reach millions of people through all of our work and videos and summits.

00:36:55.350 --> 00:37:00.960 Nathan Crane: And you know it's a commonality among the people who say cancer was the greatest gift in my life.

00:37:01.800 --> 00:37:08.070 Nathan Crane: And I tell that to someone who's newly diagnosed and they go oh my God, how could you see cancer as a gift you gave me the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

00:37:08.850 --> 00:37:27.030 Nathan Crane: But the person who looks at cancer as a gift is the one who maybe they never reverse cancer, but the last years of their life are going to be highly their be full of quality they're going to be full of great experiences they're going to be full of fulfillment and richness right.

00:37:27.120 --> 00:37:27.540 Frank R. Harrison: I mean there.

00:37:27.810 --> 00:37:29.040 Nathan Crane: is a gift for me.

00:37:29.130 --> 00:37:36.930 Nathan Crane: Right and so that's why you know that's what my own experiences in my life have helped me to to recognize and be able to share that with others and.

00:37:37.140 --> 00:37:51.300 Nathan Crane: The experiences that people go through with cancer, who you know utilize cancer as an opportunity to become a better person in every way better relationships in their health and their well being and that simple mindset shift alone will change everything.

00:37:51.780 --> 00:38:01.230 Frank R. Harrison: Was there a person or an experience that you had engaged in at that point when you were able to pivot away from the sickness and the homelessness and go towards being more productive.

00:38:01.590 --> 00:38:05.910 Nathan Crane: yeah there, there were many there were many, but the first was I was living with.

00:38:06.360 --> 00:38:12.510 Nathan Crane: My best friends family around 1718 years old, the Davis family Dennis Davis and Martina Davis.

00:38:12.990 --> 00:38:21.690 Nathan Crane: And they were very spiritual people vegetarian a very healthy very loving wise people, and I would sit with Dennis.

00:38:22.020 --> 00:38:30.840 Nathan Crane: And just have philosophical discussions till the sun came up, and you know we talked about spirituality we talked about different string classical music and Baroque music and we.

00:38:31.050 --> 00:38:38.010 Nathan Crane: Talk about Jesus and Buddha and all kinds of spiritual ideas and meditation and and I just loved it I absorbed that I soaked it up.

00:38:38.340 --> 00:38:50.400 Nathan Crane: And then you know Martina Davis was like this angel is angelic woman who was just so loving and kind and compassionate and I got to live with them for a short time, but something between six months to a year I believe they.

00:38:50.640 --> 00:38:55.080 Nathan Crane: They took me in, and let me live with them and, as I live with them, it really.

00:38:55.740 --> 00:39:05.580 Nathan Crane: showed me a different way of life, something that I just just to hadn't known you know my own parents had gone through their challenges they divorced, when I was around 12 years old, you know my mom.

00:39:06.090 --> 00:39:09.900 Nathan Crane: Who, I have a great relationship with today, we were estranged for a number of years.

00:39:10.500 --> 00:39:17.490 Nathan Crane: You know she was doing the best she could, but I was so wild as a teenager she was just she couldn't didn't know what to do so, she kicked me out.

00:39:17.730 --> 00:39:22.530 Nathan Crane: You know my dad was having all of his struggles with addiction and trauma and all of that, and so.

00:39:22.800 --> 00:39:30.720 Nathan Crane: It was like I was you know going through all these challenges and just at the right time, it was like the universal line to me to be able to move in with this family and I.

00:39:31.080 --> 00:39:36.180 Nathan Crane: I took everything to heart and that helped me realize, you know Okay, there is a better way of living.

00:39:36.690 --> 00:39:41.790 Nathan Crane: And, and I want to discover what that is and so that's when you know at 18 years old, I drove to California.

00:39:42.120 --> 00:39:45.810 Nathan Crane: ran out of gas in oceanside California started my life over from there.

00:39:46.080 --> 00:40:00.150 Nathan Crane: And really got serious about meditation about health and healing about cleansing and detoxing about exercising and fitness and really made it, you know, a strong commitment to not only improve my own life, but then along the way, be able to help others.

00:40:00.480 --> 00:40:02.490 Frank R. Harrison: You went through a basic catharsis then.

00:40:04.170 --> 00:40:04.710 Nathan Crane: pretty much.

00:40:05.790 --> 00:40:11.340 Frank R. Harrison: time when you were working on your documentary was that when coven 19 came upon our shores of was that, prior to that.

00:40:11.730 --> 00:40:19.590 Nathan Crane: I started working on the documentary in 2015 or 2016.

00:40:20.070 --> 00:40:26.190 Nathan Crane: Council it was a five year project, it was a massive Labor of love there's a couple years where I couldn't even touch it for various reasons.

00:40:26.430 --> 00:40:35.040 Nathan Crane: And so it sat there not even knowing if it was ever going to get finished, then I had the opportunity to start working on it again, and then I did finish it and.

00:40:35.730 --> 00:40:45.150 Nathan Crane: Thankfully, I did and actually you know everything happens for life everything I believe in life happens for a reason, and when you start to live your life that way you can look at these reasons.

00:40:45.420 --> 00:40:53.670 Nathan Crane: As empowering right, and so I thought oh my God this huge project I started invested a lot of time and money and energy into is never going to get done.

00:40:54.000 --> 00:41:05.100 Nathan Crane: But that two year period, I went through my own massive transformation and so when I started on the film again I started from scratch, I wrote a whole new script in a weekend at a at a.

00:41:05.460 --> 00:41:08.370 Nathan Crane: Little kind of off the grid cabin in sedona Arizona.

00:41:08.880 --> 00:41:17.400 Nathan Crane: Through divine inspiration, I would call it, and it just came out of me in a weekend and it was totally different than how I had started the film a couple years prior.

00:41:17.670 --> 00:41:26.190 Nathan Crane: And it was perfect the way it needed to happen right because I went through my own transformation now this film, you know hadn't been done, the original way.

00:41:26.670 --> 00:41:33.060 Nathan Crane: It may not have received the 20 awards or become the Amazon bestseller that it is, it would have been totally different and i'm so glad.

00:41:33.390 --> 00:41:43.950 Nathan Crane: I went through that challenging time for a couple of years, where I couldn't work on it, because I came out of that a better person and I looked at, that is, how can I use this challenges as an opportunity for growth.

00:41:44.400 --> 00:41:55.860 Frank R. Harrison: And in your career, do you find yourself more of a health advocate expert or more focused on the aspect of being a filmmaker or are they both together, I mean you're not going to make a film unless it's health related.

00:41:56.490 --> 00:41:57.870 Nathan Crane: yeah I mean I, so I.

00:41:57.870 --> 00:42:08.370 Nathan Crane: started 15 years ago, as I changed my life and started meditating hours a day and changing my own health within two or three years of that I was actually.

00:42:09.060 --> 00:42:14.280 Nathan Crane: invited to start speaking around the country I was teaching at conferences, I was teaching and retreats and Expos.

00:42:14.580 --> 00:42:27.750 Nathan Crane: I started writing books, I really fell in love with with the teaching process and the educational process and helping others right, so I feel like that's a huge part of my life purpose and calling and mission is being able to.

00:42:28.440 --> 00:42:39.690 Nathan Crane: Really, research and learn and experiment and then share that with others in every way possible that's why I have a nine module masterclass where I walk people, step by step, what I would do if I had cancer.

00:42:39.990 --> 00:42:46.050 Nathan Crane: done the film I do the conquering cancer summit that everyone can attend actually coming up in October of this year.

00:42:46.560 --> 00:43:00.150 Nathan Crane: conquering cancer summit so every medium that I can to help others improve their lives that's what I focus on whether it's me teaching or it's bringing other experts who have decades of experience and sharing their wisdom and strategies with people.

00:43:00.600 --> 00:43:16.380 Frank R. Harrison: We have another minute before we go on to break but are there any few points of contact people who are listening can reach you to see what the summit, or two to inquire about the documentary or any of your other work an email address any other information like to share.

00:43:16.710 --> 00:43:27.150 Nathan Crane: yeah I mean there's two places right the integrative perspective calm, is the best place to go get the film, you can rent it on demand, you can join the newsletter there and get behind the scenes clips you can.

00:43:27.630 --> 00:43:36.750 Nathan Crane: buy the DVD and by five path DVD you get a discount so you can hand them out to friends and family so it's the integrative perspective calm.

00:43:37.140 --> 00:43:44.130 Nathan Crane: that's the best place to go for the film and all the information about the film and then you can always find me at Nathan crane calm.

00:43:44.400 --> 00:43:52.080 Nathan Crane: And I have a free book for everyone, they can download called the five natural pillars for helping prevent and reverse cancer that's it Nathan crane calm.

00:43:52.620 --> 00:44:03.930 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, everybody, this is frank are Harrison, right here of frank about health we're being frank about cancer with Nathan crane will be back in a few right here on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live see in a bit.

00:46:33.780 --> 00:46:34.920 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody, thank you.

00:46:34.920 --> 00:46:35.970 Frank R. Harrison: For spending time.

00:46:35.970 --> 00:46:39.450 Frank R. Harrison: With me frank R Harrison and my guest Nathan crane.

00:46:39.480 --> 00:46:52.140 Frank R. Harrison: On this special episode of frank about health, it has been a very insightful 45 minutes I just been absorbing a lot of all the information that Nathan, has shared I did see the video, as I mentioned earlier.

00:46:52.860 --> 00:47:02.280 Frank R. Harrison: Nathan, I have to tell you there's a there's a friend of mine here with me behind the scenes, helping me with my Facebook activity and he just decided to download the video from your website so.

00:47:03.510 --> 00:47:04.980 Frank R. Harrison: We did we did a cell through right.

00:47:04.980 --> 00:47:10.290 Frank R. Harrison: There, but more importantly thought about the sales it's about the quality of the information that you're sharing I mean.

00:47:10.620 --> 00:47:19.320 Frank R. Harrison: We live in a world where everything is streaming today, so the fact that it's on DVD and selling well is is in itself great, and I think you were telling me that.

00:47:19.770 --> 00:47:31.560 Frank R. Harrison: You know the streaming profiles or the streaming platforms are not doing much streaming of documentaries these days I don't particularly know why but it's not about the way that information is delivered as long as it's delivered.

00:47:31.950 --> 00:47:38.400 Frank R. Harrison: So i'm glad you were able to give your website information I know your Facebook page is also another place people can get you.

00:47:38.730 --> 00:47:47.040 Frank R. Harrison: But I just wanted to share with you and the listeners, and everyone out there about some key takeaways from this episode that I have definitely.

00:47:47.400 --> 00:47:51.510 Frank R. Harrison: Applied towards my own life but i'm hoping the listeners out there will do as well.

00:47:51.990 --> 00:47:58.770 Frank R. Harrison: And that is is that whenever anyone is faced with any kind of illness that we have to live through whether we want to or not.

00:47:59.250 --> 00:48:04.470 Frank R. Harrison: It should be embraced as an opportunity, an opportunity to know who you are.

00:48:04.860 --> 00:48:18.030 Frank R. Harrison: Or what you may not have been clear about what it is that you may have available to you that for a real reason you now have to use if the time is necessary, your resources your networks your family your friends.

00:48:18.450 --> 00:48:28.650 Frank R. Harrison: Even the people used to work with, or just just finding you the use of your library card, so you can go and get all the information you need to about the disease or the disorder and the.

00:48:29.040 --> 00:48:32.670 Frank R. Harrison: Possible treatments and causes out there being.

00:48:33.360 --> 00:48:46.980 Frank R. Harrison: ill in a society like ours today, especially when we are still either in a in a pandemic recovering from it probably going to go back to it, the bottom line is only you can take care of your own life.

00:48:47.460 --> 00:48:57.600 Frank R. Harrison: Not your parents, not your friends that's your children only you once you do that, then you can help take care of others and Nathan crane is a perfect example of that.

00:48:58.500 --> 00:49:06.330 Frank R. Harrison: You have to be able to look at illness as a positive like like your friend who indicated that it was a gift.

00:49:07.140 --> 00:49:11.160 Frank R. Harrison: that she would didn't understand your reaction that it was a gift that she had cancer.

00:49:11.610 --> 00:49:25.140 Frank R. Harrison: I mean I developed epilepsy, when I was 16 years old, and I was a subscriber to all the conspiracy theories out there, but I was either a drug addict or was possessed by the devil or God knows what but here we are in the period of.

00:49:25.650 --> 00:49:35.910 Frank R. Harrison: genomic education gene therapy and understanding that epilepsy is a genetic disorder and it is that awakening I had several years ago that allowed me.

00:49:36.180 --> 00:49:45.750 Frank R. Harrison: to undertake advocacy in the various aspects of health that I do today, of course, living with my father's experience with cancer living with coven 19 I did get the desert.

00:49:46.110 --> 00:49:57.180 Frank R. Harrison: You know the infection and it was mild but I did learn a lot about how my life was impacting others if I had the disease and also, if I got the vaccine, but the point is, is that I just learned.

00:49:57.570 --> 00:50:08.910 Frank R. Harrison: You know, in a different way, but similar to your to your own experience that I had to be focused on health care as my impetus for the kind of work that I do such as this, show this show was born.

00:50:09.210 --> 00:50:19.410 Frank R. Harrison: First, five years ago, out of my whole research that I was conducting on epilepsy, and it was reborn and you know about 10 weeks ago, based on what has happened with Kobe 19.

00:50:19.800 --> 00:50:25.410 Frank R. Harrison: But, after having senior documentary after having talked with you this last 45 minutes or so.

00:50:25.920 --> 00:50:37.050 Frank R. Harrison: I really think that there's a lot more to uncover not just an area of cancer, but in other critical issues out there, that a lot of people are still blind to I don't know if it's because.

00:50:37.590 --> 00:50:42.960 Frank R. Harrison: just not enough information or they're probably not active enough to really seek out the information.

00:50:43.290 --> 00:50:50.400 Frank R. Harrison: I mean there's a lot of whole theories behind it, that could also determine the type of medical system you live under whether it's the Western medical system.

00:50:50.790 --> 00:50:55.710 Frank R. Harrison: Or the eastern of with acupuncture and meditation which I also have done in the past as well.

00:50:56.130 --> 00:51:07.920 Frank R. Harrison: I had my physical exam a few weeks ago and I found out that my big issue is cholesterol in a high a one see pre diabetes now it's better than I thought it could have been because I did have a scare at.

00:51:08.700 --> 00:51:17.640 Frank R. Harrison: One point with high liver count, but that has since been resolved The thing is, is that again my enemy is sugar but that's for a different disease yet.

00:51:17.940 --> 00:51:25.860 Frank R. Harrison: If we are having a commonality you talking about glucose when it comes to cancer and I talking about sugar when it comes to diabetes.

00:51:26.310 --> 00:51:33.150 Frank R. Harrison: It is the awareness that what makes things integrative is not only understanding that there's an integrative cure.

00:51:33.720 --> 00:51:47.130 Frank R. Harrison: But we live in an integrative world that, unfortunately, is constantly being split and divided with inappropriate information or not enough information or just people being unfortunately lazy and not wanting to explore the information.

00:51:47.550 --> 00:51:52.800 Frank R. Harrison: You know, so I think that what I want takers I mean listeners to take away from this show.

00:51:53.250 --> 00:52:04.830 Frank R. Harrison: This particular episode is to really become proactive at managing and taking care of your quality of life, no matter what the basis of it is whether it is an illness you're carrying.

00:52:05.100 --> 00:52:12.630 Frank R. Harrison: or managing your relationships or managing your finances or managing your work or just managing how you want to see.

00:52:13.140 --> 00:52:20.910 Frank R. Harrison: Your life plan going forward if you take an active stance which a lot of people have to just wake up if they have an active stance.

00:52:21.210 --> 00:52:28.470 Frank R. Harrison: At looking at the circumstances in their life as opportunities or little nuggets of possibilities I think that'll be another.

00:52:28.920 --> 00:52:45.510 Frank R. Harrison: healing process at play for any of the diseases that i've shared on this show but, more importantly, the disease we've talked about in the last few um I also know that you're talk to me a little bit about an upcoming series you're working on, did you want to share anything about that.

00:52:46.290 --> 00:53:00.030 Nathan Crane: You know before we do, I wanted to just illustrate something you said there that's so critical is is this Why do people not have this information and and this issue of misinformation that we're experiencing.

00:53:01.110 --> 00:53:07.680 Nathan Crane: Number one why people don't have this information is because it's not taught in schools that's number one if this were taught to your children.

00:53:08.100 --> 00:53:14.670 Nathan Crane: children grow up to be adults and adults, they would make informed decisions they're not being taught in schools, about.

00:53:14.910 --> 00:53:20.130 Nathan Crane: health and nutrition and diet, look at 99% of schools what's the diet, they give you it's prison food.

00:53:20.400 --> 00:53:29.730 Nathan Crane: it's the same trucks that deliver food to prisoners it's delivered to your schools it's the exact same companies and it's toxic it's polluted it's filled with chemicals and preservatives.

00:53:30.000 --> 00:53:43.020 Nathan Crane: And so you know already at a young age, we are being poisoned to death mentally emotionally and physically and nutritionally so number one, we have to get this information into schools at an early age, I have a five year old and a 10 year old.

00:53:43.290 --> 00:53:52.470 Nathan Crane: Right, when my 10 year old daughter was born, we were doing 100% organic raw vegan diet, so you know she grew up in that same with my son my five year old son.

00:53:53.160 --> 00:54:05.970 Nathan Crane: Who is you know a lot more pickier at the moment but he's still eating healthier than 90% of children out there who are now you know cancers number one killer and children under 1750 years ago it was unheard of the children had cancer.

00:54:06.390 --> 00:54:11.280 Nathan Crane: So you look at the diet you look at the lifestyle of the environment, right and who profits from that.

00:54:11.850 --> 00:54:18.330 Nathan Crane: Ask the question, who profits from your sickness and follow the money trail and you'll find out who's influencing.

00:54:18.540 --> 00:54:26.790 Nathan Crane: The information in the schools and the medical literature and the textbooks and so on and so forth, but and that's not conspiracy that's fact right so.

00:54:27.030 --> 00:54:36.240 Nathan Crane: We have to change it, the schools, we have changed in our own lives and then eventually we have to change it in the medical schools as well, but as people wake up and find real information.

00:54:36.990 --> 00:54:45.150 Nathan Crane: You can't treat when Facebook put something says this is medical misinformation you actually should believe the opposite they've banned my own personal account.

00:54:45.450 --> 00:54:48.840 Nathan Crane: For sharing scientifically based medical information.

00:54:49.080 --> 00:54:55.560 Nathan Crane: But if it goes against the mainstream narrative and against their funders well guess what they're going to call it, medical misinformation.

00:54:55.800 --> 00:55:08.040 Nathan Crane: And they're going to ban you so you have to do deeper research, you have to look beyond mainstream media and social media and go and learn from real experts who are getting real results for real people.

00:55:08.310 --> 00:55:12.990 Nathan Crane: for you to find the information that's why i've put together the health and healing club.

00:55:12.990 --> 00:55:21.960 Nathan Crane: Because they can't censor the information that's in there, and that is evidence based information that can change people's lives that's health and healing club COM.

00:55:22.260 --> 00:55:29.610 Nathan Crane: encourage everyone, you can get a free trial there and take a look at that and then also the conquering cancer summit so it's coming up in October.

00:55:29.910 --> 00:55:45.000 Nathan Crane: Just you know go online and look up conquering cancer summit you'll find it but you'll learn from world renowned highly regarded experts with decades of hands on experience, who will teach you in much more depth everything we've been talking about here some.

00:55:45.360 --> 00:55:45.690 Nathan Crane: me hey.

00:55:46.500 --> 00:55:56.190 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, we're right on point we have one minute left and either way, I know, we could save the discussion of your upcoming show for when it's released, which is in September but, ladies and gentlemen.

00:55:56.430 --> 00:56:06.990 Frank R. Harrison: Stay tuned for planet Puck Lobo with our own Johnny tsunami at six o'clock also thanks for entertaining me here in Las Vegas today at Hilton grand vacations the allow resort.

00:56:07.470 --> 00:56:11.850 Frank R. Harrison: It promises to be a topic on my next week's show which will be uncovered during the week.

00:56:12.270 --> 00:56:26.760 Frank R. Harrison: Thank you again Nathan, for the entire hour, I look forward to talking with you again next week, everybody on Facebook and talk radio dot nyc this is frank are Harrison being frank about health stay tuned see you next week bye bye bye Nathan.

00:56:26.970 --> 00:56:29.370 Nathan Crane: Thanks frank bye bye everybody.

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